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Please join us for what should be a lively Live Chat at noon. Tell your boss you have permission from me to stop working for an hour or two. Tell him/her about the game you watched last night and that you have to go talk about it for the welfare of yourself and all of your co-workers.


1) Jhonas Enroth. Jeepers freakin’ Christmas.

2) While I agreed with everything John Tortorella said about his team sucking, there is no reason in the world he should be so disrespectful toward Sam Rosen.

3) Maybe the Rangers should have taken more penalties, because the Baby Buffaloes looked so lost, and the crowd at Whatever That Arena is Called These Days sounded so on edge during Buffalo power plays. The Rangers scored their only goal short-handed and only appeared to have anything at all going during those penalties. Because they sure stunk at even strength.

4) And anybody complaining about the power plays being 5-1 in favor of Buffalo: A) Shut up, Jack Capuano and B) The Rangers drew none, against a team known for taking a lot of penalties. That kinda tells you how poorly the Rangers played in their offensive zone. And Captain Callahan admitted that you end up taking a lot of stick penalties (hook, trip) when you’re not moving your feet that extra step.

5) Say anything you want about this game. You are NOT going too far in games where your No. 1 line and No. 1 defensive pair play like that. I’ve said all along, the bottom six is worse this year, by a fair amount, than last year’s bottom six. But this game was lost in the top six and the top D-men.

6) The first goal was an awful play by Brad Richards, Rick Nash (sliding out of zone) and Ryan McDonagh, who didn’t come close to tying up Marcus Foligno. Give Foligno credit for a nifty stick-between-his-legs shot on the goal, but it wouldn’t have taken much to prevent it.

7) The second goal was even worse. Tomas Vanek gets behind Dan Girardi on a touchdown pass. I mean, he’s done that to a lot of defensemen and goalies this year. But you have to be more aware of him and you can’t let him beat you that easily because he’s that good.

8) On the third goal, Richards watched the puck go past him on the wall, then went for a change as the puck was headed into the defensive zone. J.T. Miller made a bad play off the bench, and McDonagh again failed to tie up Foligno in front. Bing, bing, bing.

9) And that sick save Henrik Lundqvist made on Vanek early on, McDonagh fumbled the puck, Girardi and Carl Hagelin did drive-bys.

10) Not to spread the blame — because it’s a pretty bad game when Micheal Haley has to play on the second line (and he did fine there) but it was a pretty awful game for plenty of others, too, including Steve Eminger and Matt Gilroy.

11) Marian Gaborik. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Guy has a couple of chances every game. Doesn’t do much else. Disappears. Gets too much blame where others don’t, obviously. Needs to be a lot better.

12) That all said, this game is on the offense, or lack thereof. You have to make a goalie like that make some saves, and they didn’t.

13) I thought Micheal Del Zotto was decent, but he made a mind-numbing play in the second, with the Rangers going for a change, he stepped in front of the bench and into the Buffalo zone and fired a shot wide, which could have been a 4-on-1 the other way, easily.

14) When you have a lot of hits, it usually means you don’t have the puck. and I believe the Rangers are in the top three in the league in hits. Same thing for blocked shots

15) How come MSG’s “fastest 150 seconds in the National Hockey League” always includes so much basketball?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Micheal Haley (I couldn’t think of anybody else).
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Stepan.
2. Cally.
3. Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan (25.23 %).
2. Derek Stepan (20.56 %).
3. Henrik Lundqvist (14.02 %).

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  1. NYR_Fan,

    If Tortorella needs to motivate his players by treating Sam Rosen like a 15-year old intern, both he and his players are morons.

  2. I give Rosen credit for being a class act when being treated like a punk by a punk but Tortorella’s whole demeanor was inappropriate. I don’t want to hear any crap about him protecting his players. When you tell the press they should ask the other team about why the team he’s being paid to coach didn’t play well you’re doing the macho a-hole version of waiving a white flag.

  3. Pretty ugly. As for Torts, I get that he ‘cares’ and all that, and ocasionally shows that he’s not completely low class … but it’s very occasionally. I don’t get the guy, but I obviously don’t know him except from his public utterances. But honestly — suck it up and be civil for God’s sake. It’s not the media’s fault this team coughed yet another one up to some AHL-bait goalie and crap team.

  4. also, the comments to Rosen are made that much more gutless by Tortorella knowing full well that Rosen isn’t even allowed to say anything critical back to him. Tortorella can play it like Rosen is being too passive with his questioning but he’s totally aware that Rosen has no chance but to sit there and take his b.s. be nice if one of these guys (other than Brooks) would actually tell Tortorella off – of course he’d be risking a blacklisting for the next 700 years.

  5. I think to make up for the Sam Rosen interview, MSG should have Dave Maloney ask the coach questions in the post-game presser!

  6. “Why do I always have to answer your questions”. Because your the coach, and it’s your Press Conference.

  7. Lloyd, Pretty sure Torts is refering to his players and answering questions about their play, instead of the media coming to him looking for answers. John Tortorella is John Tortorella, maybe he should have been easier on Sam, but it happens with him obviously. He did hit the nail on the head though…”We sucked at a time when we cant suck”.

  8. I couldn’t with good conscience vote for stars of the game tonight. For me, there was no honor worthy play tonight.

  9. not buying the “Torts being Torts” b.s. guy has every right to take his players to task and given the garbage we saw tonight, he should. but teeing off on Rosen has nothing to do with that.

  10. I like what Torts said about the team, but I don’t know if I could take him if I were Press. One night, a lectern might be overturned and I’d be looking to take a civil service test.

  11. Apparently the Rangers are in daily contact with Zuccarello’s agent about a contract.

    He wants a 1 way, 2 year deal…the Rangers are mulling it over…

    I don’t see the harm in bringing the guy back…

  12. coos, it’s only because he’d freeze them out that one of those guys doesn’t tell him off. they’re really not paid enough to take the high school football coach b.s. Tortorella spews in their direction, but they’d basically be unable to do their jobs if they called him on it.

  13. He took a guy making 7.5 mil this year and switched him with a guy making 600K, who has spent most of the year playing in the minors. I’d say thats being taken to task.

  14. and Sam Rosen figures into that how exactly

    also, I give him no credit for making an example of Gaborik since Gaborik is the first and last guy he goes to whenever he feels like showing up a player

  15. I have zero problem wiith him taking players to task for poor play. I do believe there is a proper time and place for it. with the psyche of this team being questionable, not sure if the post game pressor is the place. And by him jumping on Rosen, he looks like a bully to a loyal guy who has been supporting him since he arrived on the scene.

  16. it also makes him look like a bully because he’s basically humiliating a guy with a gagging order

  17. stranger nation on

    He was a Buffalo soldier,

    Dreadlock rasta

    He was a Buffalo Soldier

    To the heart of America

  18. This team is an absolute horror-show. Unbelievable display of ineptitude tonight by these clowns. Send this sinking ship to the graveyard.

  19. And yes, Lloyd. Matter of fact, if I’m not wrong, that the Mets froze out a young sportswriter for this paper for being involved with a book critical of the Wilpons. I think they finally had second thoughts and took him back in fold, but they sent their message.

  20. gag order

    plus Rosen’s one of the nicest people ever and doesn’t deserve to be talked down to by a man who’s 5’5″

  21. And I’m sure he can be charming when he feels up to it. I would expect he’ll apologize to Rosen.

  22. Typical errors and apologies appear on Page 6. This is basically live TV. Cheap out for Torts. AND he’s done this before to Sam.

  23. Coach temper tantrum… childish… maybe its time to look in the mirror at himself before he opens his mouth on someone like Sam Rosen.

    Torts says that he never goes to players’ locker after games…well, maybe he should go and maybe he should give it to them right after each game like this… maybe it’ll make a difference.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts would be served ripping into his players in the room. Or maybe getting them to play inspired hockey night in night out. I am not convinced this season is lost however.

  25. stranger nation on

    Mumbles Sam is Tort’s bee-atch

    What a idiot – Sam has been there through thick and thin, Torts is a new rider of the purple sage

  26. Re-Post re-hash

    Richie Rich to Gaby: “Coach did a number on Sam tonight. Say anything to you?”

    Gaby: “Nope.

  27. On the other hand, it nice to see a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and hold players accountable. But not sure if the Vince Lombardi of the 60’s would play as well today.

  28. really should have put anyone other than Gaborik’s name in there – Gaborik is Tortorella’s tackle dummy

  29. Season not over by a longshot, but come on, gentlemen, anyone here know how to play this game?

  30. It’s been a frustrating, up and down season,,,,,,but the bloggings been really good.

  31. stranger nation on

    hmmmm – what we REALLY different about this game…..hmmmmm

    Maybe it was Torts breaking up their most successful offensive line over the last 2 weeks to appease his boy Richie Rich. Moving Hags and Nash to play wing to King richard was a sheeeeaaat show.

    Richards is a mess and is bringing the team down – cannot play on the defensive side of the ice and is just not meeting any minimum level of expectations.

    And where is Sauer??

  32. Richards’ comment could have been made between any two players, just using them as placards.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cold water can quench my thirst, I’m in bed, need a nurse… I’m thirst thirsty lord have mercy

  34. Far away, across the field, tolling on the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    And hear the softly spoken magic spell

  35. Richards actually threw a wrister at the net tonight. Usually, he loads up for three seconds for a flat footed slapper twice a game. What’s happened to his hand speed, among other things?

  36. stranger nation on

    coos – decision making has been slowed incredibly. Man looks like shell of former self.

    Jack Armstrong is kicking sand in his face

  37. when’s it’s loose by the crease, we have trouble getting hold of it and slamming it in.

  38. I like Torts, but this unprofessional crap needs to stop. You are the head coach of a professional New York sports franchise, not some minor league team in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Act like it!!
    Next time he pulls that BS, Sam should pull that suit jacket that Torts bought in the boys dept at EJ Korvettes over his head and pummel him!

  39. Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Say you just can’t live that negative way
    If you know what I mean
    Make way for the positive day
    Cause it’s news ( new days)

    Positive vibrations, yeah positive

  41. stranger nation on

    agree Hank – Torts lost his shorts

    Dude just gets frustrated and cannot deal with the drivel from the media

    Lloyd is right – picking on Sam when he is a corp man and cannot push back makes it really sad, just sak

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too many games this team has played down to their opposition. That’s why they win on Saturday. Be kool beans to beat the jets first.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – explain it to everyone else what I didn’t not meant when I won’t say it

  44. Note in Haley’s locker when he arrived from Hartford: “You take stupid penalties, hold on to your return ticket,”

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And when I’m home, we will see how it feels I’m going mobile

    Play the tape machine make the toast and tea – going mobile

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    Mobile mobile yeah

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He’s in a quiet vibration land
    Strange as it seems, these beautiful dreams ain’t quite so bad

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sis – he practically bit sam’s head off as tho it was his fault they lost.

  48. Renne has 5 shutouts on the season, Henrik has zippo.. I think he has played good but not great.

    maybe this grind, block shot, defense first style is to hard to do game in and game out.. not sure but some changes need to be made in style or roster, SOON.

    they just do not have enough scoring, gabby is a joke, and richards obviosuly is far from a $7 mill a year player. they jsut do not have enough offensive talent as is…

  49. The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
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  50. She’s the gypsy, the acid queen
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  51. michael haley played on the 2n line for the 3rd period, think about that for a few minutes. he actually played ok better the maryanne…

    they have 4 d men presently that Torts trusts, the 4th line could not score if there shifts did not have a goalie on the ice for the other team.

    mcdonagh followed last game where he was great with a real stinker tonight.

    girardi getting beat on the homerun pass was like taking candy from a baby….

  52. He’ll apologize on Page 6 in small print. This is hardly the first time that he has dissed Sam, just maybe the worst.

  53. Tortellini wants Gaborik off the team. He seems to forget 2 things:

    A: Gaborik was the only offensive threat they had the last 3 years

    B: He’s still under contact for another year after this.

    C. Why wouldn’t you hustle your arse off if you were constantly put on your off-wing and demoted to the 3rd line(playing with BOYLE!!!) when you’re a proven elite sniper? Shouldn’t that be a motivator???

  54. stranger nation on

    Tough to create offensive break out when all are sprawled on ice playing goalie

  55. on the torts apolgy tour. get friggin real, who the hell cares.

    rosen and giannone and actually almost all the reporters ask silly questions in chich the coach actually cannot tell yo uthe truth anyway.

    what is torts to say gaborik a a overpaid woosy who hates to get hit, or gilroy is weak and get’s knocked off the puck like a 15 year old, or boyle cannot skate and falls down on the ice like a drunk sailor…

    be real, the post game analysis of michelletti, duguay, and others is as insightful as our blog posts…giannone has no clue..game in and game out his questions are so cliche, classic hockey fables….

    they lost because they did not put enough pressure on a terrible defense. did not have a body in from of the midget to tip a shot or impair his visibility, and they need not give the required effort in to achieve those goals based on this grind it out offense the rangers run.

    the first period was like a scrimmage between 2 teams that wanted to go home for dinner…

  56. dunno if you guys talked about the Corey Perry hit earlier but it was announced he’s only getting a telephone hearing (so no more than 5 games max):


    I dunno, I think this is a pretty dirty and intentional shot

  57. jpg's sister on

    I’ll have to watch the press conference. Maybe see ya’ at carp’s chat.

    Night all

  58. stuart a,

    being asked “silly questions” and responding like some belligerent drunk in a parking lot are two different things. the guy is a jerk, always has been. it’s just moments like tonight where it’s that much more obvious.

  59. i could care less if torts is a jerk. you do not know him neither do I. also is he less of a jerk because he does not give good copy like don cherry or another mega windbag, again who gives a crap.

    let’s discuss how to trun this team around. is halpern, powe, haley, boyle, etc all of a sudden going to become more skilled? not happening.. is there a coaching decision or strategy torts can implement that will help gaborik play like callahan not like valeri kamensky? doubt it.

    i bet Bickell is in the lineup thursday in WInnepeg, that is considered a thoughtful move in Rangerland today…That MEANINGLESS IRRELEVNT CRAP IS CONSIDERED A LINEUP CHANGE…

    again how that will help this offensively corrupt team score is beyond my knowledge….

    again stepan has played great in my eyes and nash since his injury the same..

  60. stranger nation on

    Lloyd – pretty BS hit. Zucker had released puck, was out of play and Perry blindsided him and even seemed to jump into him. Any history there?

  61. Mean and high and left his feet. 5 games, depending on Perry’s history with the league.

  62. cory perry is a cheap shot artist who plays on the edge, that’s the history there.

    the clown will probably get 3 games after all this is the NHL…

    if the fans could not talk about the penalties and fights what the hell would we talk about……….

  63. stranger nation on

    Stuart – comes down to Richards and Gabby for better or worse. Richards inability to perform as a solid pivot is just killing this team’s offense. He is not creating for others and seems to have the strength of a 14 yr old girl. WTB?

  64. Kreider is even more lost than the rest of them. What’s he bring? Speed and a shot, but from what I’ve seen this year up here, he uses neither.

  65. stranger nation on

    Kreider is a China Doll. Needs to stop playing like Donald O’Connor and start throwing his weight around. With hose jets, he could lay it on!

  66. stranger nation you probably are right becuase torts and others are in man love with; halpern, bickell, powe, and boyle for no friggin reason.

    try some other options, why the hell not..mza, miller, and kreider, on the 34rd/4th line.. sit powe and halpern….hagelin, stepan, callahan, and boyle can kill penalties…..

    the devils do more with less then the rangers. they are sitting guys, left and right. calling guys up, sending guys down, 2 trades on the season already. why zilch from the rangers???

    loktionov looks good on the devils, you think the rangers could use a 24 year old with speed for a 5th or 6th round pick???? i bet they could…..

    expecting halpern, powe , and others to contribute offensively is laughable and not seeing what richards looks like with your eyes help you rationalize they need more horses….

  67. Rupp and Bryan Allen got coincidental 2-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalties a period later

  68. cooscoos the rangers are bad because they got rid of rupp another plumber who cannot skate.

    haley can skate, he has no skill but he can at least skate….

    don’t worry all asham another no skill plumber will be back soon all is good in gotham, good night all. talk about some meaningless fight and some other hockey code bulll, you cannot score you are not winning..

    they need to avg about 3 goals a game if they can’t they are screwed.

    btw Pittsburghs d and goalie stink, they are beatable also….

  69. sleepin’ ’til the crack of noon
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  70. Michael Haley is a minor leaguer who wound up on a 2nd line because Gaborik is Tortorella’s blow-up doll

    On the plus side he’s more productive than Arron Asham has been for more than half the season

  71. what in hell is stuart hollering about? us? back to the Ted Kaczynski cabin in the woods!

  72. For Those About To Evrock on

    Watched the Panthers goalie of the future, a.k.a. stinker of the present, tonight and got to see a team outshoot their opponent literally 3 to1 (39-13) and lose. I was on my way out of the arena, ready to watch the dvr’d Ranger game and expecting to have my hopes lifted. But it seems I actually got lucky running into a Ranger fan on the way out who told me the Rangers lost. I still watched it (I didn’t know the final score) but it didn’t bother me as much already knowing the outcome. However, if it was a good/close I’d have been pissed. But it still holds true that best part about being a Panthers fan, is being a Rangers fan!

  73. If his shoulder’s not right, why the Tortorella torture treatment? There are a few others he could ride while this horse is lame.

  74. Gaborik has the shortest leash of anyone on the team and it grows shorter by the day

    Contrast that with Brad Richards whose leash stretches from Madison Square Garden to 2004.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts plays favorites – and won’t go well long term. These guys see how it goes..

    Avery should still be playing

  76. newbie will appear at 2 AM and say, ‘why are you all leaving when I log on? I thought we were friends, but that’s okay.’

  77. Hi Carp,
    Just popping in to say I love reading your reviews and it is the first thing I do in the morning,especially when I couldn’t stay up for the game. So you get my first star! ;)

  78. Wasn’t the acquisition of Nash supposed to make them more skilled overall and more of a scoring team? I just find that they are still grinding out too many games, when I thought they’d be scoring more and be a little more wide open this year, even though that’s not their philosophy. Grinding out games takes such a toll on them, as we saw last year running out of gas against the Devils. If only they could take care of business easier sometimes, they’ll be that much fresher in the post season.
    As for Tortorella, he wears his heart on his sleeve, but there’s no need to embarrass Sam like everyone has said. Rip your players behind closed doors and during the game if he thinks that’s going to fire them up. Don’t take it out on the media unless someone asks a really dumb, irritating question.
    I know it’s a short season, but it sure looks like a dog fight to even get the 7th or 8th spot right now.

  79. I smell grass and Flowers on

    The team is missing heart and determination. For some guys its a job that pays well. The legs coast they don’t work and battle. Won’t be a long season if you do not throw your heart and energy into a game. In a 48 game season there is no ability to take your foot of the gas.
    In the end they had time off Nov-Jan might as well get ready for more time off and regroup for next season. Its one thing to make a mistake but to not show up is bad. No showing up hang on Torts and unproffesionalism on the part of players who have licked a stamp-put it on an envelope and mailed it in.

  80. bull dog line on

    I will say it again. any line that Derek Stepan centers is the first line. stop saying it was the top lines fault, when it was the 2nd line that had the troubles. I see that Nash is immune from blame here. well I will say it. he did not show up last night. he was god awful.

  81. bull dog line on

    and Carp,
    please stop saying in everyone on your game reviews that MDZ played well. I don’t know whether you are trying to convince everybody here, or yourself, that he is playing well. I have news for you, he’s not playing well, and you can count on one hand the amount of games he has.

  82. Its amazing that McDonagh and Girardi can dominate against Washington, but play so terribly against Buffalo.

    Hagelin hasn’t been that good lately either…

  83. Strange Nation on

    When King Richards was asked in an interview between periods (paraphrasing here) if sitting out and watching allowed him to learn what he was and was not doing (via twitter, not interviewer), he responded that “you are always want to be part of the action and help the team, blah, blah, blah…” that was not the question –

    Not sure what the #1 line is, but let’s assume based upon performance that any line with Step as first center is #1 and Richie Rich centering is line #2, then why is Gaborik on the first line and Nash on the second?? In fact, Haley was playing on the first line last night in the 3rd period down a goal.

    One can moan about the bottom 6, but if we have $15M in salary (Richards, Gabby) not playing to par this team becomes a paper tiger.

  84. The key difference from last year to this year is the bottom six.

    If I’m not mistaken, our 3rd/4th line has combined for 2 goals this season Asham and Boyle. Both of Miller’s goals and all of Pyatt’s goals came while being moved up into the top 6

    Hard to win games with such little production by the other half of your forwards, whereas last season Boyle, Prust, Fedotenko, Mitchell, Dubinsky, Rupp and even the immortal Erik Christensen and Sean Avery managed to help out with the offense.

  85. Mertonian Norm on

    Del Zotto at least tries to play hockey the right way, meaning the first thing he looks for is an open teammate’s tape rather the “safe” way out of the zone, off the boards to a waiting opponent. Different sport, different level obviously than the mediocre Rangers, but Barcelona reminded me yesterday of how you play when you think you’re better than the other team, and that’s by imposing your will and not living in perpetual fear of being scored upon. Tortorella needs to figure the team he has, and soon, or the club should bring in a coach who knows how to bring out the best in his star players.

  86. Good morning, boneheads?

    Hard to comprehend why so many players decided to take the night off…How they respond and play on Thursday and Saturday will tell us which way this season is going. I expect a much better effort.

    I understand Torts is an emotional coach, but Sam didn’t deserve it. I hope John apologizes to him. Don’t care if he does it officially, publicly, or just simply calls him.

    Say what you want about Haley, but he brought a lot of energy, Steve Ott became non-factor in the third, and if the-new-world-class-goalie doesn’t make a great save on him from right in front of the net, he gets a 1st star. He earned his minutes in NHL. Clown no more, imho…

  87. At least TEAM USA beat Puerto Rico in the Baseball Classic last night.

    I”m happy to report that there were many “USA, USA!” chants in the Miami crowd … it was (surprising) and awesome to see.

  88. IMO, Torts continues to hold Gabby more accountable for his play than Richards. I am starting to wonder if his objective is to bring Gabby to the point of either asking for trade or waving his no movement clause if Slather finds a deal to move him.

  89. The Whale were in town on friday. Kreider played an unisprired, average game. If he wants back in the NHL he’s not getting there playing like that. He did nothing to stand out amongst his peers besides take a couple of stupid penalties.

  90. Does anyone know if the league keeps a time of puck possession stat for each team ?

  91. Yea. Haley is one of the few players not named Callahan that showed up to play. Richards sliding on the ice to block a pass behind *their net* was frustrating. Nash doing his best Ovechkin impression in his own end by inexplicably ending up at Center Ice by himself while the Sabres are putting the puck in the net.

    When you get your best chances short-handed you know that your bottom 6 are the only guys showing up. Along with, of course, your Captain.

  92. Pyatt was moved to the fourth line, Gaborik was moved to the third for Haley to the second. Seems like it was worse for Pyatt.

    Kenny Albert seems to over-pronouce the P in Halpern.

  93. Asham’s back spasms problem is taking more time to recover from than some people take after full back surgery. Not that he’d make any difference…

  94. Con we get a consensus on whether Enroth played a great game or the Rangers offense played a bad game? 32 saves, one great save on Haley of all people, plus high pressure on the one penalty kill, but most of the Rangers’ shots were pedestrian, IMO. As a point of comparison, Biron made 28 saves in Washington, and I feel like he was a big reason for the Rangers’ success, especially to come out of the first period not losing by a couple.

  95. Well, that was a dud. I thought Henrik played great. Too bad nobody else did. Next game.

    P.S. Relax with Torts. If you were in his shoes, a majority of you would lose yourself in the heat of the moment and probably do the same thing. I have no problem with the way he handled himself after the game, because honestly, weren’t we all feeling that same frustration and anger after the game? I never met the guy, but I’m sure he’ll apologize to Sam. Whatever. He was angry, and Sam happened to be in the line of fire. He has every right to be angry, and I don’t think he really treated Sam that poorly. It’s not like he cussed at him or hit him. Geez. Sam gets it. It was a bad bad loss and Torts is emotional. This stuff will happen.

  96. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Carp!

    Why is it when we are playing against a weaker team, against a goalie that hasn’t won a game in 1 1/2 years, we have to lay an egg?

    Renny’s teams always played to the level of a lesser opponent, and found a way to let them win. I was going to say it before I left work last night. 0-13-3 for Enroth, kind of scared me, thinking if he picks a game to win, watch it will be against our favorite team.

  97. only the people in that lockerroom know for sure whether the players are now tuning out Torts, but from a fat outsider’s point of view, it is sure starting to look like a possibility. The current roster just isn’t built to bring the Tortsish pain night in and night out. We should have been storming the beaches last night and instead we chirped around behind their net like some of those sugary Peeps.

  98. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Well there’s plenty of blame to around, from the GM, Coach and the players.

    Maybe time to reshuffle the deck after the season..

  99. Hey Carp…….Tortorella is a real class act just like I said he was 2 weeks ago. Dont let 6 out of 7 fool you. What he did to Sam Rosen was a disgrace. Part of a coaches job is to have his team ready to play from the start and there have been too many times this season that they are not. Dont want to argue or stir the pot, but he is not the right guy for this job and his demeanor stinks.

  100. Hopefully just another 23 games in the gaborik era. He is mr softie.

    Last night is a disgrace from top to bottom.

    Cally Hank step only ones with pulse last night.

  101. I have to agree with Eric (who was tellingly spot-on prior to the game) regarding the play. I didn’t expect them to whitewash Buffalo, but come on. We had an opportunity to leap into 7th (and keep three points ahead of the Jets prior to Thursdays’s game).

  102. Sioux-per-man on

    If I have one RANT it would be Gilroy last night. Drop to your belly, have the guy skate around you so you trip him with your stick? Give them the power play that breaks the game in their favor.

    Play the Hamr! Gilroy doesn’t set the bar to high.

  103. Strange Nation on

    Eastern Conference – NYR LAST in GF – that is ‘goals for’ as in goals scored.

    Safe is death…we’re dying here

    Yes we are not getting any secondary scoring, but we are not ‘programmed’ to do so. cycle, cycle, cycle – burn out other teams top line in our zone…blah, blah, blah

  104. Captain Callahan is immune from criticism i see. How about that spin-o-rama blind pass to the Sabres sticks to start an odd man rush on a Rangers PP?

    No top guy had a good game. Torts owes an apology.

  105. boy was i ever wrong about this team. I thought this team was going to take off. After last nights game this team isn’t good enough to make the playoffs. Unless sather makes some magical trades to make this team better they will struggle to get the eight spot.

  106. Strange Nation on

    Given Eric is generally pessimistic before game, he is right after every loss

  107. Sioux-per-man on

    Anyone else switch over to watch the end of Boston/Pittsburgh?

    Just to watch the Penguins come back in the last 15 minutes down 2-0, to win 3-2 in regulation.

    Sorry to say it boys, I honestly don’t belive this team could beat either one of them in a 7 games series. Hank would have to stand on his head EVERY night to have a chance, and that’s alot to ask of him when he hasn’t had a shutout all year.

  108. Strange Nation on

    Put Cally in 3rd line with Miller and Boylw and move Gabby back to RW. Hopefully moving back to RW gets him going b/c it can’t get worse at LW…


  109. Let’s slow down with “Torts lost this team” and “time to make a change” suggestions. It wasn’t very classy what he did to Sam, but it has nothing to do with his ability to coach. Lest we forgot he was a coach who brought them within 2 wins from SCF. Unless you’re willing to take Ruff as his replacement.

  110. The current scheme isn’t working consistently, so let’s take off the harnesses and let the dogs run! Some good old fashioned Quebec Nordiques 6-5 games…but I’m still not sure we’d be able to score 5.

  111. SN- I agree on RW for Gaborik, he doesn’t look comfortable out there on the L, he is used to different angles…

  112. Ruff is overrated (look at the past 5-7 years). Especially the ’07 Buffalo team who, if not for Capt Clutch’s goal with 7 seconds left, they would have lost in the second round. I am surprised it took just five minutes on the pre-game to again discuss Ruff’s dismissal.

  113. I was kidding, ANF. Ruff shouldn’t be anywhere in the vicinity of this team. He’ll find his job, but not in NY. Torts isn’t going anywhere. Nor he should.

  114. Rangers have no grit except for a few players . gaborik & Richards should be traded if possible there perimeter players and never go to the net or come out of corners with Puck. last night game was a disgrace all buffalos ott had to do was hit a few rangers and instead of returning some hard hits on ott rangers folded up their tent and gave up.
    Rangers need to play game with some urgency or playoffs are bye bye and us fans will be glad its a shorten season.

  115. I’m already glad it’s a shortened season…I’m sick of going into games expecting to be disappointed, its very unlike me

  116. Strange Nation on

    If looking at Goal differential as a key metric for a EC Power Poll we are 8th at +3 behind
    Ottawa +7
    TB +7
    Toronto +6
    and NJ at -10 which is dropping like rock would drop out of top 8 (from 7)

    In depth Season Analysis: we must score more than the other team!

    next game is big for standings – *MUST PLAY* game!

  117. Sioux-per-man on

    Ottawa has 3 less goal than the Rangers, but we can’t beat Ottawa’s goalie this year either.

    What scares me in that Stat isn’t the Rangers can’t score goals, is that Pittsburgh has 100 goals already. 156% of the Rangers total.

    Pascal Dupuis is out scoring Gaborik in goals, and Pitt has 5 players scoring more points than Nash!

    So lets see how Torts stirs the pot for Thursday.

  118. No worries Ilb. Torts should be given more time, he has helped to re-shape the organization. However, should they fall far short of expectations, upper (cigar chomping) management needs to be held accountable.

  119. Sioux-per-man on

    Torts is the PERFECT coach for New York. He calls a spade a spade. He gives the best post game interviews. Yes he was rude to Sam last night, but this is minutes after a terrible loss. Torts was spot on, WE SUCKED!!!

    I missed it last night so I had to watch the clip of the interview this morning.

  120. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – when you lose to a team you should have beat, coming in winning 5 out of 6. Do you hang your hat on 5 out of 7. or just go to 1-1 on the road?

    I guess if we beat Winnipeg and Pittsburgh and go 3-1 on the road, that would be a nice way to answer this lose to the Baby Buffalos.

    It could happen. . . . .

  121. Good morning, Sally!

    Thank you, Krisy!

    bull dog, I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it.

    and, no, the No. 1 line is the one with Richards and Nash on it. Together they haven’t played like a No. 1 line. That’s why the record looks the way it does, more than any other.

    But some of this stuff is outright comical, considering they had just won five of six and had scored some goals in that game. especially liked the guy who said they’ve stamped and mailed it in.

  122. You have to have a short memory, in truth, Sioux. You want those guys to be embarrassed and motivated by that performance, or lack thereof, in Buffalo. But you also want to wipe it out of the memory and get on to the next game.

    People who think this team is suddenly as bad as it played last night are terribly mistaken.

  123. Accurate, dead-on review Carp. I turned to the Bruins-Pens game, which proved much more interesting and more exciting, better hockey. The Rangers were not worth watching last night…caught the Lundquist save on video…otherwise, I don’t think I missed much of note in my dinner time channel surfing.

  124. Sioux-per-man on

    Agreed. This was one of those games you reach back and hit flush. Plug your nose and get out of there!!!

  125. The Bruins / Penguins game was awesome. What a finish. Nikolai Khabibulin was phenomenal until the end.

  126. This just seems to be a frustrating yr. Let’s get in avoid Boston/Pitt then lose to one of them in the 2nd round. Re-group and buy out Richards! Just dont see any other way cap wise. I know Torts likes him but you cant tie up that much $ cap wise and why wait 1 more yr for the inevitable?

  127. The team probably was just sad because Buffalo is the last place they spent time with Sean Avery before he was sent home by the CT Whale.

  128. After last night’s drama, it would be great if Carp could get Sam Rosenblum on the Charp today

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    As bad as the loss was, the 1’st period was pretty good. I thought the Rangers had control of all 3 zones.

    I was watching Haley play on every shift, and was thinking to myself that we my have our “Pruster” replaces. He was playing the body and boards really well, wasn’t taking any stupid penalties, and didn’t drop the gloves just to drop them.

    I was happy to see him up get moved up to the 2nd line, lets face it Gabbys line had no “Jam” what so ever.

    So it will be interesting to see him play the next game.

    Boyle and Pyatt can’t play on the same line, they both look to much alike. Maybe put Cally on a line with Boyle & Miller. Cally and Miller can score together, Boyle can bang away on the boards, or find his old self and score a goal like he did in Washington.

  130. czechthemout!!! on

    Bottom line , two 40 goal scorers. Three 20 goal scorers. One 80-90 point center.this coach still plays defense first. Safe is death has become death is certain.

  131. Rob in Beantown on

    I hear you saying they’re not as bad as they looked in Buffalo and that its just one game, but you also can’t pretend that the 5 out of 7 stretch they were on is somehow representative of the season as a whole, and I don’t think the ledge huggers among us are overreacting. We won 5 of 7 and we’re still barely above .500. The season is HALF OVER and we’re BARELY above .500. There is NOTHING to indicate this team won’t be fighting for the last playoff spot the rest of the season. This has been a disappointing season so far, to say the least, and last night was just one among several extremely disappointing performances where the team just didn’t show up against an opponent who is worse than them. Maybe we’re not as bad as we looked last night, but we’re bad enough that performances like last night in BUffalo should surprise nobody.

  132. Sioux-per-man on

    Relax this season isn’t over!!!

    Rangers are going to come out hard against the Jets. Half of me wants to drive up there and buy a scalped ticket and watch them. I have yet to see a game at the Peg. Then just to drive me more nuts a buddy of mine on our Wednesday night Poker night, gets invited to a Jets game and he’s not a hockey fan. When asked what game he wanted to see, he asked for the Ranger’s game and got it.

  133. Sioux-per-man on

    Rob – I think everyone feels the same way. Especially after a loss to the “lessor” team.

    Use it as motivation for the next 23 games. Don’t look past any team, for any reason.

    As a fan, it’s hard just when you think your team is on a role, turned the corner, in the playoff picture, winning 5 out 6, then to lay an egg against one of the worst teams in the league, against a backup goalie that hasn’t won in the last 16 games…….. just hit FLUSH. LOL. what else can you do?

  134. Rob, I sure didn’t say this has been a stellar season. Since Boston and Pittsburgh are givens, and the Southeast winner gets the third seed, you can pretty much expect that all the other teams in the conference will be fighting it out for 4-15th place. And because of the shortened season, some surprisingly good starts by worse teams, and a luke-warm start by the Rangers, they will be in that fight. I certainly expect them to have a winning record and be in the playoffs.

    that said, if two of your top six forwards, and two of your top three paid forwards, play like that, they go nowhere, because the bottom six are all playing like fourth-liners.

  135. czechthemout!!! on

    I know many of you won’t agree with this comment but here it goes.

    After this performance and Tort’s post game tirade, if the tean comes out flat against the Jets in a big game, than it is safe to say that Torts has lost the team. Lets just say that it will be intersting to see how they play tomorrow night. It will tell us a lot about where Torts is.

  136. every time you guys flippantly used the word FLUSH in one of your gags, it offends every plumbing technician worldwide…please be more sensitive next time.

  137. Let me see what the rangers show Thursday in Winnipeg in that type of setting with a crowd that will be nuts as always. Tied for 8th going in. There all big now. But when you play a team you have to beat out this game is huge.

  138. So, CapGeek has been talking about the cap benefit recapture clause in the CBA, which I had no idea existed until now. If Richards were to retire in the 2019 offseason, the Rangers would be on the hook for a cap penalty of $17,000,000! It seems like they might want to keep that compliance buyout in case Richards wants to retire before his contract ends.

  139. not sure I understand that, Spider, but wouldn’t it be solved if they use the compliance buyout on Richards this summer or next? Wouldn’t that expunge the contract?


  140. czechthemout!!! on

    Alternate reality.

    The Rangers sign a 25 year old Sydney Crosby to a multi year FA contract.

    Coach Torts comments ” I know that Syd has some offensive ability and all but he has to lesrn how to play the right way. We want him to grind an block shots because thatt is our team concept”

  141. It’s a continuum, really – you see the team not playing great early in the year but you expect it to come eventually, and so while the whole year hasn’t been great, by this point in the year you expect a team with the Rangers’ level of talent – and comparisons with Pittsburgh aside, this team cannot use lack of talent as an excuse – to be beating the teams in the bottom half of the bracket on a consistent basis and putting some distance between themselves and those teams. The Rangers come out and play Pittbvurgh, that game can go either way and if it doesn’t go the way you hope, it is understandable nonetheless. But that kind of effort or lack thereof at this point in the season against that opponent is really inexcusable.

    I mean, if you’re going to take a night off, maybe better to do it against a Pittsburgh or a Boston in a game where you could easily lose anyway. Make sure to grab the low lying fruit or it really costs you. Now in actuality this year that’s what the Rangers have done – their wins are actually almost all against teams out of the playoffs and their record against the other teams in the top 8 is abysmal, which is also pretty telling.

  142. If hey buy him out, the recapture benefit rule doesn’t apply. He is off the books. It only applies if he is traded, send to AHL, goes to KHL etc.

    CAP ADVANTAGE RECAPTURE (Roberto Luongo Rule)

    Teams receiving a “cap advantage” from long-term contracts — defined as seven years or more for contracts signed prior to the January 2013 CBA — will be penalized in the event the player retires or “defects” from the NHL before the contract expires. A team receives a “cap advantage” when the player’s actual salary exceeds his cap hit in a given year.

    Following retirement/defection, the “advantage” will be “recaptured” and charged against the club’s cap in equal amounts each year until the contract expires. This penalty applies to any team that received a cap advantage from the contract — ie. a traded contract — except in the event that the trade occurred prior to the new CBA coming into place in January 2013.

    Please note, contracts that fall under the “over-35” rule do not qualify for cap benefit recapture, the NHL has confirmed.

  143. Strange Nation on

    Watch the first goal by Buff and just keep your eye on Richards in the defensive zone for about 30 secs and it is a *TOTAL LACK OF HUSTLE!*

    He is killing this team in the D zone – just flippin’ horrible because defense is all about heart and hustle – just a professional embarrassment. he makes EC seem like Messier – should not be playing center.

    Torts is going to live and die with this guy…

  144. Leetchhalloffame on

    This team has no grit, grime and although we have Nash it has no gnash. Think they would pay Prust now?

  145. In other words, if he is bought out, he has *NO CONTRACT*, hence it isn’t applicable.

    Would be shocked if he isn’t bought out after 2013-2014

  146. i for one usually hate torts in postgames however last night i was pefectly fine with his attitude unfortunately sam had to take the blunt but seriously the players last night were a joke. half of them played dead. the only heartbeats out there was cally and step and hank.

    listenting to joe and evan on the fan there killing torts again and saying enroth stoned them.

    joe get a clue enroth wasnt the reason this was a 3-1 loss last night. 32 saves but what 3 of them were difficult. please the rangers let this midget off the hook.

    whos next al montoya tom night.


  147. Dear Glen Sather

    if you are looking for a driver i would be interested. my first trip would be to drive gaborik anywhere he wants to go besides here. i have had it with his non chalant play and his soft wristers. look to move his 7.5 in the summer

    eric section 214

  148. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for your kind offer to transport Marian Gaborik wherever he wishes to go. Please stock the back of your car with a cooler full of Coronas. I hope you like strip joints!!

    I have another offer for you. Go out and find 40 goals. I don’t care where you find them, or how they are scored. But you see, if we put Marian Gaborik on the next plane to Manitoba, we will desperately need goals.

    You see, just the threat of Marian on the ice helps everyone else. And the problem is, we don’t deploy him properly. I didn’t sign Marian to play tough along the walls, or to be a hard nosed defensive player. I signed him to – wait for it – score goals!! And he does that much better when we play to his strengths. Marian uses his speed to get open for shots, to create odd man rushes and breakaways, and to get to rebounds. And then he uses those magnificent hands and that ungodly release to snipe, snipe, and snipe again. When we play in a way that suits his game a little more, you won’t notice him coasting at all, you’ll assume he is simply waiting to pounce.

    Maybe you could have a chat with “Torts”, who has insisted on trying to turn Marian into Brandon Prust for the last 3 years, so that I don’t have to? I will pay you well. In cigars, of course.

    Best wishes,

    Glen Sather

  149. Torts seems to have lost his team.

    How many times can you hear your coach bad mouth you to the press and public?

  150. vogs – uh, as many times as you decide not to show up- for a professional hockey game that you are supposed to be playing in.

  151. So, is there a diagnosis on Mark Staal? 3-d image scans, cat scans, mri’s and NO diagnosis told to us fans? Awful treatment by Rangers management.


  152. I am still on the train of, “we can’t trade Gaborik unless we replace him with another 40+ guy.”

    This team is not playing up to its standards. But they easily could/should have won a game like that against a sub-par team like the Sabres. And for the record, they had enough chances to at least hit OT 2-2.

  153. Seems that happens a lot this year, Peter. Not showing up for games, picking on players, singling them out in the press.

  154. Interesting how that embarrassing Penguins franchise was able to publicly state that Malkin had a concussion and short term memory loss. Then last week said “health update after the game” and actually delivered saying what was bothering Malkin and how long he will be out.

    But again it’s “none of our business.” Right? Anyone else have any questions? Im sure you do, Sam.


  156. have meeting cant make chat. i’ve said my piece on this crap team for today. wake me up when boyle and clowe are here with gabby heading to san jose as part of a package

  157. Manny, au contraire,what standards are you speaking of?

    This is the textbook franchise for average that had a fairy dust season mainly due to fantastic goaltending last year.

    Note the critical comments about no clear out D and think of all the FA’s and drafts and trades that still have not produced one.

  158. Eric my man, you will want to undo that trade before those 2 clowns even get off the plane.

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