It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Sabres; Live Chat Wednesday


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Game 25.
Rangers at Baby Buffaloes.

Ya boys have won five of their last six as they play the second of a four-game road trip.

They will go with the same lineup tonight, meaning that Stu Bickel and Roman Hamrlik are prucha’d. Marc Staal and Arron Asham remain out with undisclosed injuries.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Jhonas Enroth; Ryan Miller is out with a sinus infection.

Patrick Kaleta remains out serving the fourth of his five-game suspension for his assault on Brad Richards 10 days ago.

Reminder (first of many): We will do a Live Chat Wednesday at noon, so be there, or else.

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  1. Repost:

    If anyone on here Is in south Florida right now, I’ve got a free extra ticket to the Panthers game tonight. The only bad thing is you’ve gotta sit next to me! Lol

  2. Miller not playing because of a stuffy nose? Maybe my boss wont mind if I tell him I got a sunburn sticking my hand out the window on the drive home.

  3. They keep trying to make this shortened season seem more special or somehow different than a usual season. Isn’t the focus always the same? Win the game in front of you, it’s the only thing you can control.



    Lets gog gog go gog gog ogog!!!


  5. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Rangers got contributions up and Boyle the lineup the last 11 games.

  6. this is the type of game gaborik does well in because baby buffaloes defense is soft, hopefully gaborik puts one in the net tonight.

  7. The Sabes offered free tix to anyone who could successfully go over the falls in a barrel tonight.

    19000 entered, so far no one made it back to the arena

  8. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Hi Carp! i’m ruffin’ it here — can’t find a decent grinder but we have plenty of big gulps! yea boy!

  9. Almost as picking up Hamrlik, eh Carp? I mean, he’s our second highest paid Defenseman now (Cap Hit Wise)

  10. But John Scott was really effective during warmups in that one game against the Senators.

  11. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Time to commute home…hope there aren’t too many buffalos (the real ones) in the road. Gotta get home to my center ice pkg and get blacked out on the commericals and intermisson report. Never thought I’d miss Bill Pido…

  12. I expect longer TV timeouts. They need to allow John Scott an extra time to skate off the ice.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    So Enroth cant beat anyone in the league but he is akreay looking like an all star.

  14. I went to a hockey game and a wake broke out. Christ, this crowd is worse than the Washington crowd.

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    That Steve Ott would sure look good in Ranger uniform. Too bad Sather was a sleep for that one.

  16. The Rangers won’t be jealous if you guys want to switch over the NBC Sports Network to catch the Penguins/Bruins game.

  17. Carp
    another team set up at the point
    for our “passes” from the
    Half boards
    Board Hockey

    so far it hasn’t bitten us in the keester

  18. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    As requested…

    WBM (c)
    1) Stu Bickels
    2) Boyle
    3) Gaborik
    4) Gilroy
    5) Richards

  19. Everyone on the team is learning to use the one handed stick move that Nash uses (NBD but the ^Hobbit Wizard^ was also good at that)

  20. Steve Baker got hit in the Valdespins one time, was out for a couple of weeks, and in an unsuspecting moment he showed off his black and blue, ahem, area for all to see. Wanted to barf.

  21. LOL…Yeah, Manny. It’s too bad we have McDonagh and not Paul Martin, who is clearly a superior American d-man…

  22. Admiral Akbar on

    I was thinking the same thing, Carp. Fourth line seams to be getting the best chances…

    Gaborik also is noticeable.

  23. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Carpy, went to school with Baker. He was our number 2 goalie. Number 1 never amounted to anything, but he sure could drink.

  24. This game really must be grand is folks are talking about hockey….NOT realted to game!

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    Go to the effing net already with the Puck! Stop dipsy doodling behind the net!!

  26. Those paintings would look better if it didn’t seem like the artists spilled paint all over them…

  27. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Guess so Mannu. Not much of anything…aside from a few Hank saves.

  28. Hey NYR – I turn over to the Penguins/Bruins game and Paul Martin immediately takes a too many men on the ice penalty.

  29. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Yea, Bakes is a good guy, Carp. Had some size to him, too. He was good….till he got married. But he’s got an ok job and up home where he belongs. Man, what a Boston accent he has.

  30. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle is a wonderful person and great human being. Fanfargintastic! I couldn’t care less. I need him to use his big frame on the ice with some purpose. He is not running for Pope Joe!

  31. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Geez, SO surprised the Penguins are on NBC National broadcast. Can you believe it???
    Seriously 75% of there games are Cyndy and Evelyn. Need to rename the station.

  32. Guess Richards doesn’t have to conform to the team rule that guys have to wear Rangers gear in interviews.

  33. not a bad first period. sick save by hank. gabby needs to use a slap shot. sick of his soft wrister on 3 on 2

  34. After that head shot, he might have thought he was wearing Rangers gear, Carp. Can’t blame him for trying.

  35. I obviously knew Henrik was going to make those 2 outofthisworld saves before the game. That is why I predicted a shutout.

  36. not a lot of juice at this game…

    we need the points… pressure there d men and they will cough it up…

  37. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Occasionally, Carp. Will do.

    And yes, Papa, he had that one ‘run’. Was pretty fortunate. That’s what got me hooked on the Rangers. Got me into the room and all. Pretty cool.

    And, having lived a in a couple of doors down from him, Carp, you don’t want to know the views I had. What you described was typical unassuming Bakes. The way he was. Brings a smile to my face. :)

  38. LOL Manny. “What give, Brad?” “We’ll coach, rumor has it Kaleta was told to hit everything in Ranger blue”..

  39. just looked it up. He was 7-7 with a 4.00 in the playoffs. It was 0-4, 5.50 vs. Isles. Different game back then, eh?

    Duguay was the leading scorer 8-9-17 in 14 games. That team had some jam.

  40. tough guys in 80-81: Beck, Greschner (he could fight), Vickers, Laidlaw, Johnstone, Vadnais, Kotspoloulos, Hospodar and, in only two games, Fotiu.

  41. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    I remember him getting shelled. Almost to the point of embarassment. I mean, heck, he was playing Div 2 hockey (team was really good enough to be Div 1, but it was classified as 2) and steps up to NHL?? Crazy ride. Bigger jump than Kreider, come to think of it.

  42. Matty, the year of “Shoot the Puck Barry” by the Big Whistle, Bill Chadwick.

    PS… Big trouble with the kids birthdays!

  43. >>Teflon Neil at it again.

    The referees are still not allowed to call a penalty on him.

  44. Jack Klompus on

    Lots of Ranger blue here in Buffalo. Again 4th line has done the best at keeping possession in O zone. All lines have flown threw the neutral zone. So they got that going for them. Several Buek Jerseys…and a Prucha. Weather stinks, could use an executive.

  45. Carp, Neil and Kelly are apparently very close friends. Imagine if he didn’t like him?

  46. How much would you love to have a guy who can play dirty and tough and top-six minutes and never gets called for a penalty?

  47. I love how these MSG heads always promote Rangers “spectacular defensive play” whenever the offence is doing squat.

  48. @rangersreport

    Looks like Nash is the only Ranger who got the memo: Shoot the puck from everywhere on this guy.

  49. That crew in 81…beat the crap out of the Kings in the early round.

    Big brawl in LA…all the tough guys were out together

  50. Admiral Akbar on

    The Wendy’s Wendy is not too bad…

    I’m annoyed by the rock climbing “somebody left the gate open…” girl.

  51. Not that Miller did anything wrong but Haley needs to protect our future for the rest of this game.

  52. I forgave Greschner that year for declining a dance with me because his back was hurt. A non-fan would have taken that more personally :)

  53. I remember Hospodar beating the crap out of Dionne … who actually held his own. And of course, Fotiu trying to get involved from between the benches, and JD pulling him away.

  54. Czechthemout!!! on

    So we are a much better team than Buffulo. Why are we playing their game plan?

  55. How many first goals have been by Steps and Hags? Just curious, but it seems like a lot….

  56. Sorry boys but Callahan is outplaying what I and probably most everyone thought his ceiling could be. Awesome!!!

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    Puck possesion and using your skill damn it! Thats how you score? Just like that!

  58. I always hear how great John Tavares is. Now, how many of you would trade The Captain for him?

  59. Terrible plays by Nash (sliding out of the zone), Richards (doing nothing behind the net) and McDonagh (not taking the body).

  60. I heard Fotiu tell this awesome story to help people understand how much he hated the Islanders.

    So one game, the Islanders are having an intermission promotion where they put a car at center ice and bring out a fan who gets three shots at the goal and if one goes in they win the car. The goal is of course covered up with one of those boards with a hole slightly larger than the puck cut out of the center. I know that was long but it’s important…

    So Fotiu sees that they are doing this and gets scissors from the training room and goes and cuts a humungous hole out of the board so the opening for the puck is WAY bigger than usual.

    First fan comes out and BOOM. Puck goes right in. Islanders have to give away a car.

    He said it was one of the best games of his life. LOL.

  61. Admiral Akbar on

    Cool story, Manny!

    I remember going to Isles games and seeing that stupid car.

  62. “I always hear how great John Tavares is. Now, how many of you would trade The Captain for him?”

    Um…not a fair question really, JB. I don’t even think the Islanders would make that trade…

    (let the controversy begin!)

  63. Admiral Akbar on

    I love Callahan, but I would anyone on the rangers not named Lundqvist for Tavares.

  64. Gresch would have been as close to a sure thing in the shoot out as you could have.

  65. You guys think that, out there in the universe, there is a Sabres blog where people just said, *DECLINE!!!* ?

  66. Hey Carp.

    Admiral- I can;t even explain it.. It’s like Step-ohhhhn. But that’s not it exactly.

  67. Admiral Akbar on

    The fact Callahan can even be considered a trade for Tavares says a whole lot about Captain Callahan.

  68. Girardi needs to be more aware of Vanek there, and all the forwards were caught down low. Ugh.

  69. Admiral Akbar on

    Again, this game is not sitting well with me…

    The ledge is starting to look like the place to be.

  70. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Pretty much the one guy on the Baby Buffaloes you can’t let get behind you.

  71. Czechthemout!!! on

    Yeah, they certainly look good tonight! Three forwards behind the Buffalo net each and every shift
    Torts’ offensive system to a tee.

  72. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I’m willing to give them the benefit of the with the way they’ve been playing lately.

  73. Guys – calm it down. We are not going to lose to the stupid Buffalo Sabres. They stink.

  74. really hope this is the last time we ever see Gilroy. Was going to say this in the first period when he messed up that 4 on 2 we had. And when he got run over by Foligno.

  75. Halpern

    On ice together. PINCH MYSELF. Am I watching Hartford?

  76. this buff team is brutal in there own end yet we cant get the puck to see. ive had it tonight

  77. way to take advantage of an inferior opponent rangers. watching bruins pens game tonightd we cannot beat them in the playoffs. either team pitts or boston. next year!!! when we get duby back we will have a chance!;)

  78. Manny is staying Positive on

    In our defense, jpg, Vanek has everyone’s number. It’s like a rolodex full.

  79. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    In Game WBM©

    1) Gilroy
    2) Boyle
    3) Gaborik
    4) Girardi
    5) Richards

  80. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hwrth is getting his talking points ready for the post game debate.

    Dubi, core,Prust,salary cap,identity, blah,blah,blah, bad trade,blah.

  81. bull dog line on

    Gilroy has to go. the equipment Enroth is wearing is a joke. looks like a indoor lacrosse goalie.

  82. Christ Gilroy you need to play as the 3rd forward there, left up high wide open.

  83. Manny is staying Positive on


    Mr. Minor Penalty, Dan Girardi over there. Taking one for the team to keep us on the PK.

  84. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, starting to believe this may actually be their strategy.

  85. Manny is staying Positive on

    If we’re going to get open ice chances on the PK might want to just throw Nash out there.

  86. Manny is staying Positive on

    I love that we had three defenseman, all playing defense, and one takes a penalty. And a soft one at that.

  87. Manny is staying Positive on

    Good thing Nash hung back in the offensive zone to deliver that hit.

  88. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    We’re livin’ on the ledge, you can’t stop yourself from fallin’.

  89. may have bee the worst period played all year in terms of never having the puck

    rangers have zero pp joe mich because they dont have the puck ever. sick of him too and sam

  90. Czechthemout!!! on


    We have had a lot of those “worst period of the year” so far this season.

    Hot potato is Torts’ offensive system.

  91. eric, why don’t you just purchase some cliff-side property? I heard that they love Bryan Adams in Nepal. Maybe you could pitch a yurt and listen to Cuts like a Knife.

  92. Plenty of time. Need to apply more pressure. Stralman has been their best D-man so far. It’s sad on one hand. On the other- maybe he’ll become a real NHL D-man under Torts after all.

  93. Completely unwatchable piece of garbage for that period. First wasnt much better. Its OK its the Sabres, they’ve already mailed it in on this year. The goalie hasnt won in years. Lets not get in his face or move our feet or try to get lots of pucks to the net. We’ll just win because we’re the Rangers!!!

    Unwatchable hockey. Absolutely pathetic. I used to call this team “Tonic” because whatever is ailing your team, its nothing that a game against the Rangers wont fix.

    Can’t get a win in goal? No problem, the Rangers are in town. They’re the perfect Tonic for that problem.

    Good luck winning this game but even if they do it was garbage.

  94. and sully manny. gotta make sure we keep our power kill penalty play going strong strategy alive

  95. Look up “insightful s.o.b. in the dictionary and you’ll see Joe M’s picture,dc

  96. buffalo’s boards behind the net are very lively like Detroit, ranger d men should figure that out.

    girardi took away time and space ie Michelletti on the goal by Vanek, did not work out to well.

    as I always say the rangers problem is offense and the #3…

    how can this team score 3 consistently…..

  97. Manny is staying Positive on

    Well, looks like it’s time for a relaxing Caucasian (White Russian) boys…

  98. Toast some marshmallows, drink some Bushmills. I’ll see if Father Pat wants to come along.

  99. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d rather have anyone, not just mcilrath, from the whale playing instead of gilroy. Bickel is waaaay better than gilroy, which isn’t saying much

  100. callahan for taveras….

    who would not do that trade??

    islanders could not do that trade. commissioner would not allow such a lopsided trade.

    cally is a very good player, tavares a whole other level, anyone who cannot see that is blind……..

  101. bickel is not better then gilroy not even close…..

    emminger some bad plays last period also.

    the rangers cannot score, to whine about there defense is like a pat’s fine whining about there offense….

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    What ever became of the “Trade Lundqvist while he still has value” crowd?

  103. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Just realized I’m not wearing my jersey. Game over, season over for Baby Buffaloes in the 3rd.

  104. Czechthemout!!! on


    We need to bring him up . Why the heck not. Gilroy sucks! Eminger sucks in 4/5 games that he plays. At least he can add some JAM. I hate that word already.

    Need offense. Said it before and will say it again. Gabby invisible again tonight. This cannot go on like this with him.

  105. lw3h

    only can be 2-2 if we have the puck to shoot. maybe we can sustain a shift in 3rd per

  106. Thanks Manny! I am not a ledge dweller, despite my many cripes.

    Grabby…anyone!!!?? No. Way.

  107. Guys- what else is new…they never play their best in Buffalo…something about changing times zones and the prime meridian or something. Don’t toilets even flush in the opposite direction there?

  108. Enroth is apparently the Vezina winner this year. Kinda like the Yankees with how when they face a pitcher they’ve never faced before; they make him look like Cy Young!

  109. Long shift maybe but gilroys tripping call may have been the worst penalty I’ve ever seen

  110. I get that Torts is frustrated with Gaby…

    What I don’t get is if he thinks it’s a lack of effort or just results based…

  111. I bet Torts has a Gaborik voodoo doll, since he always needs someone to poke and torture.

  112. Hey, Carp, why do you comment everything you tweet when we can just look at Waseka? Or follow you on Twitter? I find your decision to do this arbitrary and capricious.

  113. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Yes, that’s WBM (c)

    Though Carp’s Terms of Service state that they’re his property, and he doesn’t have to pay royalties.

  114. 0-10-3 enorth last win i think in 2011. he wouldnt even be the 5th star tonight at this rate.

    what a surprise

  115. I thought the whole large soda ban was debunked. Must have been pretty, pretty, pretty bunk.

  116. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It wasn’t a “whine” it was a statement. Gilroy is terrible, at least eminger (hits) and Bickel (physical play/stands up for teammates) contribute in other ways if they make bad defencive plays.

    Gilroy contributes nothing else except bad d plays…

    So yes Bickel is better!!!

  117. ThisYearsModel on

    Gabby in the dog house again. Surprise surprise. Guess Torts was unhappy with his lack of production during the second period, that we were short handed 8 minutes for.

  118. Uh oh. Big Time PP coming up. With Nash, Richards (ugh) and Gaborik well rested…

  119. Capuano has no idea… He’s trapped in 7/11 on the Hempstead turnpike, stocking up on Big Gulps before Bloomberg bans them in Nassau county

  120. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This is one of those games where the team with one PP should get the goal after the other goes 0 for 5.

  121. while everyone is ripping Richards, no mention of that pointless giveaway to start the PP by the captain?

  122. leetchhalloffame on

    Dump Boyle, Gabby Halpern. Need a kid line of JT, Kreider & Christian Thomas

  123. Wow, did Richards really let that puck by him and then go to the bench with the puck headed into the defensive zone?

  124. Admiral, Father Pat wants to know if he could bring his housekeeper Hazel to the ledge party.

  125. ThisYearsModel on

    What a pathetic display tonight. They are squandering games against patsies again.

  126. “Wow, did Richards really let that puck by him and then go to the bench with the puck headed into the defensive zone?”


  127. Need a kid line of JT, Kreider & Christian Thomas


    We trying to make the playoffs or get a lottery pick?

  128. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Too bad we don’t have any physical d men to clear the crease area…2 of 3 buffalo goals at the net

    But the smart people on the blog want gilroy in lmgo

  129. What scares me is that we have been winning a lot lately and are still just 1 win in 8th. Most likely tied for last playoff spot after tonight. To get into the playoffs this season, this team will have to play far better and consistently than they currently are.

  130. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am sorry. But the only consistent thing about this team is their lack of offense. There is no excuse for playing Mike Haley on the wing instead of JTMiller with Stepan’s line.

  131. how many chances does mdz need before he can bury a goal? The guy hits the goalie about 3 times a night.

    ahem…hailey on the 2nd line!!!!!

    as i have said a million times not enough forwards who can score.

    boyle has a quick release. 1,2,3,4,5,6,.. takes him about 6 seconds to get the shot off.

    tell miller to ditch the toe drag move, shoot the puck moron.

  132. jpg's sister on

    did anyone see a recent shot of the bench? They look apathetic. Not energized. Torts wasn’t saying anything. I think it was 2-1 still or just before 3-1

  133. I feel if the Rangers will get another PP they could score. Too bad it could happened in the next game.

  134. haley has as many goals as powe and halpern, 1 less then asham and boyle..

    the plumbers brigade….

  135. So glad I’m broke and its a work night, otherwise I might have been at this dreck and then driving back at midnight.

  136. Admiral Akbar on

    Very few if any second and third chances for rangers despite rebounds from enroth

  137. 1 goal against this team… need rebounds ie guys need to be in front of the goalie,

    new concept..

  138. When you lose to a team like this… like this, it’s hard to find any kind of moral victory…

  139. You know, you guys can sit around and joke about “get away from the ledge” and act as though people are over-reacting, but the team is not a team we really have any reason to be especially proud of. At some point “relax everything will be all right” doesn’t work and it starts getting late and something has to happen. I’m not hoping for an 8 seed and a first round exit, great for you guys if you are, or worse, we’ll come in 9th. This is just a bad game? And so was the one against a vastly depleted Ottawa team playing without their best offensive player, their #1 goalie and their #1 defenseman? And the home game against Winnipeg, will we see another one just like that on Thursday? And how badly will the Penguins kill this team right now?

    You guys can say get away from the ledge all you want, but its the team that you’re watching go over it. .500 hockey since about this time last year, nothing more, nothing less.

  140. Shut your yap Joe. Every timeout is a “good timeout.” More like a commonsense timeout.

  141. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Bad night for a comeback ( me not the team)
    Bad night to show up in buffalo ( the team )

  142. Czechthemout!!! on

    Amazing! They pull the goalie and now have four forwards behind the net and no one in front. Tort’s offense on full display.

  143. I guess it really is back to the old days with this team

    The old days plus Nash and McD

  144. Peter, that would make perfect sense if people didn’t start each game on the ledge and creep out there in small groups with every single shot on goal, and stampede out there every time the opponent scored. I think those are the people who are being “mocked” with the ledge talk. You have every right to be ticked off by a game like this.

  145. The Rangers tripled the Sabres in hits. Boyle led the game in hits. Hits win hockey games.

  146. SOG are overrated. the quality of the Ranger shots is minor league..

    If Leetch had the chances MDZ had this year he would have 12 goals already.

    MDZ cannot score, our offensive d man cannot score, that is a problem.

    gabby with another yoemans effort. i wonder if they have to wash his uniform????

  147. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I guess Enroth was due. Ya know, since he hasn’t win a game in over a year. But he beats the Rangers.

  148. Knowing what we now know, I’d be happy to miss the playoffs if it means a better draft pick. This team is not winning anything this year anyway…someone rearranged their furniture and messed up the Feng shui

  149. games in hand matter when you win them not lose to this crap buffalo team who didnt have to defend all night.

  150. inconsistent. we can still fix this in time for playoffs guys. dont give up now. im being serious now. i know ive been a neg nellie before but we will rebound after this loss and kick carcillo next game

  151. why bring up Kreider? that would take away top 9 minutes from Haley or boyle, or pyatt…..


    THIS is the NY Plumbers… Try to eeke out 2 goals some how some way.

    Ottawa they should have gotten at least 1 point and the same tonight….

  152. chubs mcgee- yea that 1st rnder will be a mid round pick at best. we wont go down in flames although how ironical would it be if we do?

  153. i gave Step a vote for his goal
    since his shot didn’t go into
    the chest of
    Allstar Enroth (Vezina Candidate)

    otherwise, no votes were deserved
    should have gone to Asham and Bickel
    and Hamr

    they played just as good

  154. when you have a lot of hits, it usually means you don’t have the puck. and I believe the Rangers lead the league in hits.

  155. Duguay: Callahan and Stepan planned that short-handed goal in advance. So why didn’t they plan a few more?

  156. enroth with the game of his life!!!!

    alot of guys play the game of there life against the Rangers, I wonder why????

    mdz cannot put the puck in the net. look at his opptys. tonight, he is stone hands…..

    gabby is a joke, sorry gabby apologists.. wow he is a euro pansy who cannot score…he is semin from last year….

  157. at torts presser, hes asked about what went wrong, no forecheck etc.. and he says, i’ll have to watch the tape,and i havent talked to hwirth yet.

  158. Father Pat asked if we could make the campfire smoke white if there is Pope picked during the ledge party

  159. Czechthemout!!! on

    The idiot coaching staff will look at the tape of this pathetic game and try to fix the defensive mistakes that they made. Will they ever look to fix the pathetic offense that they have?


    Before you ask me, no, I don’t think they do anything at all to fix their offense. Torts said so last year when he said hey don’t really coach offense. Next chance you get, can you please ask them why they don’t have any offensive game plan what’s so ever? And why is it that they do not feel they have the need to do so? And I am not interested about throwing the puck at the net from all the angles, especially bad angles. That is not a strategy that is a nonsense comment by an inept coach if that is all he has to say. Thanks!

  160. rangers do not have the puck alot because they only have about 8 guys who can stick handle….

    they do not miss staal, can’t get enough of emminger, stralman, and the crew…..

    they have no significant injuries with the forwards and thsi is what they throw out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they have a top 3 goalie, top 5 defense, and a bottom 6 forwards… that is how bad they are offensively up front….

  161. ThisYearsModel on

    The Michael Haley breakout night. He replaces Gaborik when we are down by one, then 2 goals.

  162. haley going on the 2nd line shows ho consistently bad Gaborik has been.

    his #’s do not show how poorly he has played.

    he is a game breaker!!!Then I am a homerun hitter for the Yanks…..

  163. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I thought Haley did his job, well!!

    Ott was roughing up cally all night, I have no problem with him playing where he was in the 3rd.

    Gabby on the third line should work for a guy who has never needed a star centre to score against a third d pair… right?

    Ott calmed down against cally with Haley on that line, or it sure seemed like it

  164. What do Ranger and Jet Fans have in common?

    Halfway through the season, we start rooting for team to tank so the get a can’t miss draft pick. When they accommodate us and tank, usually blow the pick (see Huge Speciman and Vernon Gohlsten)

  165. Good luck with your game review, Carp. Glad I don’t have to wrote it. And make sure you rest your fingers before the charp tomorrow

  166. Agree, Wick. Haley was fine. And I think Torts wanted to naive Gaborik away from the third pair more than he wanted Haley on 2nd.

  167. a trip to winnipeg(who will be tied with us for 8th) and a trip to pitt. be lucky to get a point.

    tonight loss is brutal

  168. You laugh but Haley got himself to the right spots more than Gabby did and had better chances. And he was out there as one of the six guys with Henk pulled.

    Your best players have to be your best players, and the guys a level below them need to play well too. Nash, Hagelin, Richie and Gabby were all no-shows again tonight. And Pyatt has what, 1 goal in his last 22 games? Halpern has no goals, Boyle has one, Miller has 2, Haley has zero – I think out bottom six forwards tonight have a grand total of 6 or 7 goals all year.

    They are so busy defending that they never, ever have the opposition outnumbered. Unless there is a glaring breakdown, Rick Nash has to beat a minimum of 3 guys to get in on the goalie. It’s always a 2 on 3 with maybe a covered trailer coming in. Never a 2-on-1 or a breakaway or 3-on-2. Too much emphasis on defending when the best defense is often a good offense. Never a laugher for this team because they take no chances. Safe is death? That is nowhere close to how this team plays.

  169. Czechthemout!!! on


    100% correct on hits. They dont have the puck because they only play dump and change offense. That is the Tom Renney offense that Torts is having them them play.

  170. I would rather the rangers play the Rick potion offense than the Pat Riley offense

    I’m just sick of years of watching them struggle to score

  171. Just back from a late meeting. I take it that the game went well, Torts getting the best out of Gabby, etc.?

  172. bull dog line on

    they struggle to score because there offense is behind the net. the puck doesn’t go to the net, it gets sent behind the net.

  173. 6 or 7 goals from bottom 2 lines. i am not sure they have 6 goals total on the year from bottom 6….

    can they trade gabby already… he does not play hard 1/2 the tiem.. hates getting hit… never takes the hit to make a play.. sather miscalculated on the forwards… stepan and hagelin in my world are at least meeting expectations so this is all because kreider is not contributing??Pretty risky move by Sather if that is true……

    halpern is not even on the 1st PK unit, what is his role on this team? They need to move him out…they NEED TO SCORE MORE……….

  174. why dont pittsburgh and boston start playing a best of 7 now to see who comes out of east. no one else stands a chance

  175. ?@NYRangers

    Torts: “We stunk, and I’m not going to Buffalo any credit. I couldn’t be more disgusted and disappointed with how our top guys played”

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The sabres are not a good team. If the rangers were a good team, they would have stormed out and stepped on their throats. Up 1-0 after a shortie should have been enough……

  177. bull dog line on

    they better get Hamr in shape quick, because Gilroy should never see a Ranger sweater again. and if he’s not in shape then they need to call somebody up. can’t keep trying to play in the NHL with 2 1/2 Dmen. and the 1/2 is Stralman. MDZ has been just awful for most of this season. keep waiting for him to play like he did last year and its just not there.

  178. Is maloneys nose connected to his glaases? No really – is his nose rubber for st party’s day?

  179. bull dog line on

    you mean the 2nd line lost the game, because any line that Stepan is on is the top line.

  180. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts rips the team saying they suck? No Torts, it is you who sucks! All they think about is staying back and worrying about not giving up a goal. Either that or dumping the puck behind the net or around the boards. They are scared to death to make a creative offensive play. All they di is cycle behind the net to the point of exhaustion, they then change lines without ever taking a good quality shot. With the talent on this team, tey should have not even been in a close contest tonight against a poor team like the Sabers.

    Once again you suck Torts!

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Watch the rangers beat the jets and the pens adding to the utter lack of predictability this season.

  182. Yeah this pens team is special…ridiculous and can’t bet against them vs chi or Ana or whoever

    Richards ua shirt makes him look likecspiderdoosh

  183. bull dog line on

    agree with all you said except aboot Torts. good coach. not having his best year, but he’s a good coach.

  184. Well, I guess there is more to hockey than talent after all because clearly on paper the Rangers had the more talent going into the game. Plus, they had no Miller tonight. It’s becoming pretty clear this team has no chemistry, no heart, no ability to fight through the grind of this season. All the little things that DO matter other than just stats.

    You know where I stand so I won’t go into it anymore. I will react to the Haley stuff. They gave him a chance to move up tonight and used him to protect Stepan and Cally and I thought he responded quite well. Ott was going after Cally and once Haley got put there that quickly stopped. Little stuff matters.

    As for the Gabby stuff, I can’t see anyone taking his 6.0 mil for next year plus you still have to replace his offense. Like him or not. He’s their leading goal scorer over the last 3 years.

  185. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pittsburgh is winning because they play to score goals as well as prevent them. We play only to try and stop the other team from scoring and hope to create defensive breakdowns instead of forcing them with an offense that come at you in waves.

  186. Pittsburgh has three scoring lines. The Rangers have four scoring players, and one of those is Hagelin, who probably overachieved.

  187. thats a depressed locker room if I ever saw one, damn son

    I liked what Richards said, in that awkward way it came out…point taken.

  188. we arent in the same league offensively as pittsburgh. again if we should sneak into playoffs we will need someone else to do our dirty work and beat them. we wouldnt stand a chance

  189. Czechthemout!!! on

    Czechthemout!!! March 12th, 2013 at 8:30 pm
    Hwrth is getting his talking points ready for the post game debate.

    Dubi, core,Prust,salary cap,identity, blah,blah,blah, bad trade,blah.

    Told ya!

  190. Carp, can you explain to us why in the 1977 draft the Rangers passed over Mike Bossy TWICE and also decided to instead draft Ron Duguay?

  191. Pittsburgh plays to prevent goals? They’ve given up 78 goals this year. That’s most among any of the top 8 teams by a lot besides NJ. They score goals because they have GREAT not even good offensive talent throughout their lineup. NO Malkin tonight. Chara shutting down Crosby so Sutter scores two late goals from their 3rd line!! Quite the concept, guys on a third line and that can contribute a goal or two.

  192. bull dog line on

    Hagelin been quiet since he was taken away from Stepan. they need to add more offense to the team. I have never really been sold on MZA, but I think he is worth bringing back right now. I would also bring up Kreider. no need for Halpern anymore. Boyle should be 4th line center, that is all he deserves this season.

  193. This team just doesn’t get enough quality scoring chances which IMO, isthe result of a combination of skill level and system played.

  194. NYR FAN –

    Because Bossy was a chain smoker and they had the foresight to recognize that Duguay woud someday be spectacular in the studio, silly!

  195. we’re not in the same league as Pittsburgh offensively but we are better than them defensively and have a better goalie.

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Duguay was a good player. No mike Bossy obviously but he wasn’t their worst pick ever. A lot of teams passed on Bossy. Wasn’t big. Wasn’t fast. Monster fast release. Deadly accurate shot. He could thread a needle and right quick.

  197. Carp, Torts and you are correct the top guys are to blame for this loss. But you can’t rely on them every single night to carry the team. It’d be nice if they had anyone out their top 5 forwards that could even remotely contribute. Everyone likes to make fun of Tank, Mitchell, Prust, etc. of last season. Which one guy have they replaced them with is better than what they had before. NONE!

  198. Corey Perry should be looking at some significant time for that hit he delivered tonight. Although with this league you never know.

  199. bull dog line on

    Bossy did not fight, so Ferguson did not want to draft him. Duagay was a good pick. it was the Deblois pick that hurt.

  200. Czechthemout!!! on


    The Pens have 4 scoring forwards, we have six. If you count Dupuis, I can count Hagelin.

  201. Father Pat, looking for Hazel, wants to leave ledge….says it’s to depressing up here.

  202. I’ll admit it was before my time, E3. Just remarkable when you look back on it…could have changed a lot of things, obviously…

  203. Czechthemout!!! on

    Czechthemout!!! March 12th, 2013 at 8:30 pm
    Hwrth is getting his talking points ready for the post game debate.

    Dubi, core,Prust,salary cap,identity, blah,blah,blah, bad trade,blah.

    I repeat

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – that was a great line – trots/bossy/gillies. Hated that team with passion

  205. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Post Game WBM (c)

    1) Gaborik
    2) Girardi
    3) Gilroy
    4) Richards
    5) Eminger

    Carp, you picked quite a game to follow up with a charp.

  206. doesn’t get any better, Gravy … I do have a problem with Boyle not being on the WBM though … it was clearly his fault.

  207. Czechthemout!!! on

    We will never be more than a .500 team if we play this ridiculous grinding style. We dont have the players for it and that is a good thing. This style is conducive to .500 if you have a great goalie like Hank. If you only have a decent goalie, you have a new coach very fast cause you will be lucky to play .400 hockey.

  208. i also sign mza and call up kreider.

    the plumber routine does not work. if you make a mistake you lose…

    you cannot play hockey like that all the time..

    halpern adios, powe sit down… etc..

    gabby stinks, bottom line he does zilch in at least 1/2 the games. cally does not score like cally but he can hit, kill penalties, etc.. gabby scores only and he does not do enough of that.

    without staal they have 4 d men also….need 5 d men especially playing this type of game, low scoring cannot make mistakes etc…

    stepan has been there 2nd best forward to nash, cally has been 3rd hagelin 4th. richards and gabby not in the top 4 forwards for thsi team on the season and look at some of there forwards you are talking bad…

    pyatt, boyle, halpern, powe, haley, miller.. that is 6 forwards with a total of about 8 goals…..

  209. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Revised Post Game WBM©

    0) Boyler
    1) Gaborik
    2) Girardi
    3) Gilroy
    4) Richards
    5) Eminger

  210. You’re not my mom
    You’re not the boss of me
    I’m the star it’s my big d let’s shoot

  211. is gaborik alive??????????/

    i cannot believe he still has people on his side. the guy does not show up 1/2 the time….

    the guy is playing against 2nd pair d men and he has done almost zilch…….

  212. Anyone want to explain what happened in the presser with Torts and Sam? Thanks. “we sucked from head to toe?”

  213. Carp – Serious question for you. When Torts gets fiery on the press during post game does JR flinch, cringe or is it just “that’s how he is so just deal with it”?

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m not convinced this team sucks. This season cannot be judged fairly until their last game is played. Sounds obvious I know.

  215. nothing happened. torts said they stunk.

    why does giannone ask so many stupid questions all the time…

    shoot when a guy is near the net

  216. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The won 5 of 6 and played a stinker. Every team loses some games, even the Blackhawks. They bounced back against the Caps, so I expect a really good game against the NHL Hockey Jets.

  217. Sam followed up with a softball question, and Torts turned away from him and said, “anybody else got a question?”

  218. winnipeg loss was a bad 1, tonight a bad 1, ottawa the other night a bad 1.

    3 games zero point….

    they need to make some personal moves.. seriously Halpern, why is he on the team? they can’t deal without him.. that would be too shocking to the team….

    shake it up…………….

  219. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know their roster. It isnt the point. We have players that are excellent. Several of their top six greatly benefit from not only playing with Malkin and Crosby, but also playing for a coach and a system that maximizes their talent and doesn’t turn them into 3rd line grinders. And doesnt stifle them.

  220. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    stuart, who is killing penalties in your lineup? Can’t have Step and Callahan playing 30 minutes a game.

  221. Totally fair. Carp. That’s why i asked the question the way I did.
    I know you do not want to comment so I’ll speak for myself and say he’s one of the best in the business.

  222. Bylsma has the talent, Czech. The Rangers have four players, including Hagelin (not including Gaborik or Richards, who have had awful seasons). And they still have a decent record. Why? because they defend and grind.

  223. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    So, Gaborik is “done, can’t score”, and they should switch to run and gun hockey?

  224. bull dog line on

    or maybe there record is not as good as it should be because they spend so much time defending and grinding. got to let your skill players use there skill. Gabby’s game is not behind the net, neither is Richards. as Kelly Leak’s father said, ” Let them play”.

  225. Crosby, Malkin and arguably Neil are better than any forward the Rangers have. You could argue Nash over Neil. But Neil is better than the next Ranger. The Penguins third line … how many goals do they have? I don’t know the number, but I’d bet it’s 10 more than the Rangers third line. Does the Rangers’ fourth line have a goal?

    Want to talk defense? Letang and Martin are both way, way better offensive defenseman than any Ranger. Orpik and Engelland are both tougher than any defenseman the Rangers have.

  226. You know, honestly, it is just so maddening. We are Ranger fans because we are passionate about this team. And honestly, I am a season ticket holder and I spend a TON of money on this team. And then get to deal with this garbage lockout, and then of course the ever-escalating ticket prices, and then there are these now-becoming-all-too-frequent nights where the team doesn’t bother to show up and mails it in. And you know what? I deserve better than that. All I really want to do is take my kids or my friends to a game, forget about the real world and have a good time and then I get the aggravation of nights like this. It’s a good thing for the Rangers that they arent the Devils, but its also too bad for us. As soon as the Devils stop being good, that team will fold because nobody will go see them. And that knowledge is what keeps their organization on top all the time. Not ours.


  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk diggler – “it’s like Napolean. When he was king. You know, people were trying to conquer him… You know, in the Roman Empire”

  228. Carp just talked me into believing we won’t win even with this wave of aging guys who seemed to have such a bright future only 9 months ago… Wake me in 2020

  229. Sure, open it up. Tell Halpern to not be 35+ years old. Tell Powe to become more offensive (even though he’s never been a goal scorer). Tell Pyatt to stop being old and slow.

    Scotty Bowman couldn’t get more offense out of those guys. You have to the horses to play that way and even with that it doesn’t always work.

  230. As for krieder, if you watched him play in person this year, there were times where he literally looked like he wasn’t sure which direction the team was skating in. He was completely lost out there. He needs time.

  231. bull dog line on

    so because Halpern, Powe, and Pyatt can’t open it up, Gabby, Nash, richards, Hagelin, Stepan, and Cally shouldn’t? sure lets cater the team to the guys who can’t play.

  232. Czechthemout!!! on


    I am sorry Carp, but I just dont agree. He has the talent and so do we. He lets them play to their strengths, Torts does not. He stifles them. Therien tried the same grinding crap with them and they sucked after about a season and a half. They fired him, brought in Bylsma who changes the system and bingo, they won the Cup. They would have never done so with Therien.

    If Gabby played with either Crosby or Malkin he would score 50 goals. If Richards scored for Torts in Tampa under a different system. He scored for Dallas but he cant score here all of a sudden? I don’t buy it.

    If Neal played for the Rangers, he would do for them just what he did for Dallas before they moved him and that is not much. Nash would be a 60 goal scorer in Pittsburgh.

    Hags would get 30 and 30.

    Stepan would get 30 and 40

    Put Kunitz on the Rangers and he would be lucky to get 10-15.

    Kennedy has nothing their now, never mind what he would do their.

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You put Dirk and Chest Rockwell on the first line and scoring won’t be a problem…

  234. bull dog line on

    I find myself agreeing with most of what czech is saying. I think his goal estimates are a little high, but I agree with the point.

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – you make some interesting points. Ive often thought that Stamkos would average maybe 20 goals as a ranger…

  236. Yeah well Pittsburgh is one team that has alot more horses than the Rangers, and I get that. So be it. But I’m not ticked off that we are not as good as Pittsburgh. How does Buffalo’s talent stack up against the Rangers? Is “Poms” some kind of offensive beast? Or Foligno the Great Finisher? With Enron in goal? Please, give me a break. You want to get into a discussion about us being inferior to the Pens, you’re probably right, but that has nothing to do with the Rangers losing twice to Ottawa, once to Buffalo, once to Phillly (who stinks by the way), once to Winnipeg and basically not even coming close to the battle level they need to be at most nights.

    When the Rangers are really putting forth te effort and beating the etams they should beat then I will worry about how they stack up against Pittsburgh.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby, as a ranger, would be on the third line because he can’t play along the boards

  238. Sure open it up. Ok? How would you like them to do that? Where are their speedy puck moving defensemen like a Letang? Keith in Chicago? Please don’t make me laugh with Del Zotto. McDonagh? Has not shown enough consistency with his offensive game. To just say hey open it up forwards. Good. Someone has to get them the puck first. As for breakaways leading to 3-1, 2-1’s etc. That comes from guess what? DEFENSE! That’s what Safe is Death means. Go after the puck and defense will lead to offense. And when this team plays the right it does.

  239. bull dog line on

    thats how good a scorer Stamkos is, that he would score 20 for the Rangers. scoring 20 from behind the net takes a lot of talent.

  240. Czechthemout!!! on

    Martin stinks and is a walking giveaway machine.

    Orpik is a great defensive defenseman.

    Engllend is a statue. He is a tough guy but a statue.

    No one is better than Crosby or Malkin. If you take their next four guys and our next four guys, it isn’t even close.

    They do have letang, he is by far the best defenseman of the two teams.

    But one thing you refuse to admit is that the coaches let them play a system that maximizes their strengths. We don’t. It is that simple.

  241. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I’m not saying the Rangers are as good, but the Pens have lost 8 games. Teams lose, no matter how good they are.

    No need to peak now…just make it in. They are in decent position to make it. Last year’s team led nearly wire to wire and still needed 7 games in the first 2 rounds. Get to the playoffs, and it’s a new season.

  242. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think the rangers need a horse like Lucic. A man beast. Hoping Haley stays on the 4th line.

  243. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are totally wrong on what safe is death was. Lev linked and article to it from 2009 when they fired another idiot in Tom Renney. It is from Kuklas Corner. I watched that team play, they did not play the crap that we are playing. It is not that system.

  244. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Peter. Upon this rock I will build my church. well put._

    Is this rock on a ledge by any chance?

  245. bull dog line on

    you know who Haley reminds me of a little bit, Avery. minus the look at me stuff.

  246. That Gabby would score 50 anywhere is like waiting for General Motors to hit $650 a share again.

  247. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hey, E3. Thanks, bud. I’m down about a dismal loss, and now you got me laughing loud enough to make a scene. My cats are looking at me like I’m crazy.


  248. I am totally wrong coming from someone who calls Martin a turnover machine yet wants the Rangers to open it up. Guess what? Turnovers will occur when you open it up. It’s risk/reward hockey so to go after a guy for that when that’s the style of hockey you want just makes me laugh.

  249. Jack Horner to Dirk Diggler: I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out.

  250. _Crosby, Malkin and arguably Neil are better than any forward the Rangers have. You could argue Nash over Neil. But Neil is better than the next Ranger. The Penguins third line … how many goals do they have? I don’t know the number, but I’d bet it’s 10 more than the Rangers third line. Does the Rangers’ fourth line have a goal?_

    _Want to talk defense? Letang and Martin are both way, way better offensive defenseman than any Ranger. Orpik and Engelland are both tougher than any defenseman the Rangers have._


  251. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Bank heist = Brad Richards making how much per game? Dolan been ripped off again.

  252. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I think they’ll make it too. I think the general consensus was that they would finish 2nd in the Atlantic, which would place them from 4th-8th. And, they are still on track.

  253. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Carp, do you mean we need some size on ‘d’? Hmmmmmm…..I wonder who has been saying that for years….

  254. Colonel James to DD: I’m looking forward to seeing you in action. Jack says you’ve got a great big……

  255. Papa Bear, snorting Bushmills, playing those old Freddie Mercury 8 tracks. Come back to the fold, black sheep.

  256. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    But, our GM knows because he won a few cups back in ….the 1970’s? Ah, no, the 1980’s. He would know. That was before the laptop. Before the cell phone. When a computer was the size of a 4x4x4′ box. He certainly understands modern day hockey.

  257. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    He actually drafted, you know, Messier and Gretzky. Of course, when they were #1 rated players anyway and my Aunt Phyllis could have done the same. That’s besides the point. He’s a great GM. He drafted well 30 years ago.

  258. I’ve been saying for fifteen years that what we need is an offensive package. I think Johny Wadd could have provided that.

  259. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    some reporter asked the right question of torts in the post game, talk about the lack of clearing out around the net…and torts didn’t answer

  260. Sam: “Your team started off a little slow, but then started…”

    Torts: “When I want any crap out of you, I’ll squeeze your nose.”

  261. If Torts were playing, he’d give a Bobby Clarke spear to Chris Neil’s spleen, then duck behind Haley and Bickel, grinning.

  262. Torts to Sam:

    Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going into that cavity. That nerve’s already dying. A live, freshly-cut nerve is infinitely more sensitive. So I’ll just drill into a healthy tooth until I reach the pulp. That is unless, of course, you can tell me that it’s safe.

  263. Tough loss. The team had no bite tonight.
    Same guys, same lack of production.
    Count me as one of the guys who thinks Torts systems is stifling the offense of this team.
    He might be a great coach, and he has that ring from TB in 2004, but not sure how he can have this many offensively talented guys and not be scoring.
    And your right… more hits means more times that you dont have the puck. I’d rather lead the league in shots on goal (for) than hits!
    Safe is Life!

  264. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I wish the players would get a bit more emotional and animated. I honestly think torts (i’m not against torts, so please don’t turn it in to that) subdues them a bit too much.

    Hockey is a physical and emotional game.

    I think torts needs to let them get a bit more riled up and reel them in a bit less.

  265. I love conversations like this. The system is definitely part of the problem. A few years ago I found a youtube with all of Gabby’s 40-whatever Ranger goals from his first year. Practically all of them came from like 3 settings: 1. rebounds in tight and garbage goals where Gabby’s hands allow him to put the puck in (negated by a third man high/backcheck more please/nobody ever in the slot), 2. Off the rush especially odd-man rush where he either carries the puck in and his release is so quick he snipes one home or he takes a pass and buries it, and 3. breakaways. All makes sense, right? Gabby is fast as all get out, has great hands and has an uingodly release and deadly accurate shot, and those settings all work for him. He does not play well along the walls. He is not great defensively. He gets paid to score. He’s the kind of player you put with a playmaker – and I think we have a few of those – and the playmaker says “get open and I’ll get you the puck” and “go to the net” and “let’s see if we can cheat our way into an odd man rush. If none of those things are part of the plan, then Gabby aint gonna be doing much. And by the way, when he coughs the puck up at the blue line, that’s because carrying the puck in isnt his strength either.

    That’s just one example. Kreider is probably one also in some respects. Kid has ridiculous speed, size, great hands , saved out butts in the playoffs, and yet they cannot find a way to teach him enough basic defense to turn him loose offensively.

    Look, in this league, you score the most by forcing the other team into mistakes – whether they be coverage mistakes or a bad line change or a bad turnover – and capitalizing on those mistakes. The Rangers are not forcing anyone into making a whole lot of mistakes. I dont know what Torts means by safe is death. Does he mean the D needs to be more aggressive in the neutral zone to turn pucks over? And so maybe the Vanek goal is a consequence of that you accept because usually its not Vanek and that’s why you have Henk back there and presumably you’re going to score some goals.

    I am sold on Torts as a person, as a guy who relates to his players, as a great motivator and as a guy who holds players accountable for the most part. Not sure about the x’s and o’s of it, though.

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers certainly don’t carry the puck into the zone…. Dump and chase…. Dump and chase….more a recipe for a flu bug than scoring chances…

  267. “I feel cheated never being able to know what it’s like to get pregnant, carry a child and breast feed.”

  268. Wick, I think Torts’ rant to the press is his way of getting his players to care more and play with more emotion…I really don’t know…

  269. And say what you want abiout Dirk Diggler but at leat Burt Reynolds casted him to his strengths. (or do I mean lengths?)

  270. Richie Rich to Gabs: “Gee the coach really dissed Sam and the Press tonight; he say anything to you?”


    “Me Neither.”

  271. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter – the lack of a PP for Torts’ entire reign is enough to say he isnt too keen with X’s and O’s .

  272. Just saw the Torts presser on Blueshirts United. Finally got to see what Carp’s tweet about Sam and Torts was about. That was just simply disrespectful to Sam. “Anyone else have a question?” And he looks away in an annoyed way. Mind you Sam is older than Torts, how about at least respecting your elders. Few seconds later “Ye im sure you do Sam.” Didnt sit well with me at all. Of course come Thursday in Winnipeg before the game Sam will have to act as if nothing happened and interview him again. There are better ways to go about these kinds of situations.

  273. I think Papa Bear has been kidnapped by newbear. Can tell by the spelling eccentricities.

  274. Said it already Papa, at some point we are not over-reacting and at some point its the team on the ledge. It’s well past the point for these guys to start playing good hockey. Continuing to say everything’s all right, just chill is how you look up in a month and they’re done.

  275. Torts: “Now let me ask you guys a question for a change. Any of youse ever been mooned on tape? No? Anyone? Well, here it is! Womp! Anything else?

  276. Clouseau’s monqui to Torts: ooh, eeh, ooh, eeh eeh, ooh?

    Torts to Clouseau’s monqui: what kind of a idiot question is that? You stupid baboon!

  277. If anyone remembers, on July 1, I was against the Nash deal and for signing Zach Parise…I thought he was a better fit for last year’s team identity…

    Don’t even get me started but let’s just say Nash isn’t great defensively…

    But, I’m not really complaining now, because Nash is better than I thought he would be…he had been playing like one of the greats before tonight…

  278. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    (The colonel’s young lady friend is lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from the nose)

    Young stud: “I think she did too much coke”

    Colonel james: “oh, you think so, Doctor?”

  279. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk as Brock Landers : “you still hungry?”

    Jessie St. Vincent: “Starving”

    Dirk as Brock : “then feast on this”

  280. if you think putting Michael Haley on the 2nd line had anything to do with Michael Haley, I just, I dunno

    and Tortorella is usually classless in these press conferences but his treatment of Rosen was amateur hor

  281. “my daddy says you don’t play any defense.”

    “Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier down the court for 48 minutes.”

  282. Hard to defend the childish behavior by Torts…but again…I think it’s his way of motivating his players…and I think he was genuinely pissed…like all Rangers fans should be…

  283. I used to play the violin. Not professionally, but I was very good. I once played the Minute Waltz in 58 seconds.

  284. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eddie Adams: “when I close my eyes, I see this thing, a sign, I see this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name is so bright and so sharp that the sign – it just blows up because the name is so powerful…it says, Dirk Diggler”

  285. Maybe Torts should let the little guy who is always next to him at the pressors take a few of the questions once in a while.

  286. Next thing NHL goalies will have is size 30 shoes if the league doesn’t lace into them.

  287. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk – ” you’re not the boss of me jack. You’re not the king of Dirk. I’m the boss of me. I’m the king of me. I’m Dirk Diggler. I’m the star.

  288. Torts to Sullivan: “Don’t let them bully you. They’re a bunch of hissing snakes.”

  289. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This team is needs to hit the “consistent” switch. Too much talent to play great one game and crappy the next. That is on torts to get them psychologically ready for battle.

  290. Kin Jong un to Rodman: “Take off sockers, jungly man, I boil feets and eat for good luck.”

    “Whoa…look, let me go, I bring back Lanier, 22 WW’s

    “Hurry back.”

  291. NYR Fan Hard to defend the childish behavior by Torts…but again…I think it’s his way of motivating his players…and I think he was genuinely pissed…like all Rangers fans should be…

    Did you notice at one point they showed the bench and it didn’t even look like the team was paying atteniton to the game, no emotion to get back into the game.

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – prolly right… But they have more talent than some teams in front of them

  293. NY Headline on Cop Convicted of Plotting to cannibalize his wife and her girlfriend:


  294. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Shortening the bench would have been good idea this game…with the top line glued to the bench. Gabby must be hurt. No other explanation.

  295. “Why do I always have to answer your questions”. Because your the coach, and it’s your Press Conference.

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