Rangers-Capitals in review


Since there was no post-game, here’s John Tortorella’s presser from Blueshirts United.


1) Ryan Callahan=Beast. How about the two plays he made on the 5-on-3 (after losing the draw)? Stat line: Deflection goal, five hits, three shots on goal, two others missed, three blocks, a takeaway.

2) Another nice recovery by Martin Biron, who was really strong after allowing the early goal. I am not about to compare him to Henrik Lundqvist, but I will say this. He’s better on high shots — and he saw a lot of those Sunday — and he handles the puck better, which can help the breakout. And I’m not sure if that was a bad goal Biron allowed, or if he was distracted by being hit in the mask by Joel Ward’s stick as Ward was being taken out by Ryan McDonagh.

3) Speaking of McMonster, if he wasn’t the best player on the ice today, he was second, IMO. Loved the NBC guys, Eddie O and Pierre McGuire, making him a lock on the U.S. Olympic team defense after so many clueless writers in the USA and Canada had him as an afterthought or a longshot. He will be on the team, take it to the bank. Also, McDonagh is starting to add some offense to his game, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t with his skating, smarts and skills.

4) His partner, Block Ness Monster Girardi (five blocks) was pretty special in this game, too. Alex who?

5) And while we’re on the defense, I think Michael Del Zotto’s been really good for a while, and has even stepped it up another notch since Marc Staal’s injury.

6) The start of this game — the Rangers lost battle after battle after battle along the wall. Also, it appears to me that, since the middle of the Capitals series last year and through the Eastern finals, and all of this season, teams have made an adjustment in forechecking against the Rangers, taking away the wall as an outlet, forcing them to the middle. The first man in is aggressive on the Rangers D, forces the puck to the boards and then the opponent (Caps in this case) go to work and take that away. Again, though, last year the Rangers won more of those battles, as they sure did for the final 50 minutes Sunday.

7) On the first Rangers goal, I thought Derek Stepan turned down a great chance to shoot, and then he accidentally banked a pass meant for Marian Gaborik off Braden Holtby and in. No knocking a goal, I guess, but Stepan’s got to shoot it a little more, IMO. Otherwise he’s playing terrific hockey

8) As for McGuire saying Alex Ovechkin had mercy on Stepan at center ice before the goal, if Ovechkin gets even a little piece of him there, it’s an interference call, no doubt about it. … for anybody who’s been watching anything around the NHL this season. Ovechkin also had that dirty little slew foot on Callahan.  Ovechkin and that car seat sticking out of his pants really stunk in this game.

9) Brian Boyle had his best shift of the season, and he finished it off with his first goal. Was he great? No. Was he a lot better? Yessir, he was. Just to show you how maybe we shouldn’t pay attention to stats: Boyle was credited with zero hits.

10) I thought it was really unfair the attention paid to Marian Gaborik when he pulled up. I mean, he did, and that’s a bad play, especially on this team. But he wasn’t terrible on the wall all game long.

11) Brad Richards was not on the first PP unit, and not on the point on the second unit, and both PPs were very good. I really like Richards’ skill set on the half boards a lot more than at the point. I also have liked Richards’ game in both games since he was mugged by Patrick Kaleta, just not on the point.

12) Maybe faceoffs aren’t important after all (tongue in cheek). Nick Backstrom was 14-0. Brad Richards was 3-9.

13) J.T. Miller made one horrific turnover that resulted in the Rangers being pinned in their own end for a long time, but overall, I thought Miller fit right into this game and the wall play as it developed. Age 19.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Martin Biron.
Kenny Albert’s (the real one) Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Martin Biron.
3. Brian Boyle.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marty-Marty-Marty
2. Group Star-D Men
3. Cally-every minute-every game
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin Biron (26.02 %).
2. Ryan McDonagh (17.34 %).
3. Ryan Callahan (14.91 %).

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  1. Interesting presser. Torts very cordial. Will enjoy his filet and martini this eve. All re-cap points well taken. Re: #8, how can the boys in the booth not know that Ovechkin would be guilty of interference if he took out, or even effectively impeded Stepan on that play? They are living in the world of Christmas past. Not that there’s anything wrong in that.

  2. Stanger Nation on

    Blueshirts win and the usual R – *ANGER* – S will have to wait another couple of days to spew their caustic vitriol

  3. Now that Boyler has broken through, Sergio Garcia becomes the only name left in organized sports without a major.

  4. Inspector Clouseau on

    Rediffusor en response to Mr Coose post on previous fil:

    Inspector Clouseau March 10th, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Mr. Coose, my apologies for the mistake. I meant to ask did the Rangers play fair today. I do get confused with translation sometimes. I’m sure you understand an hope that you won’t hold it against me. Have a good day sir.

  5. Carp,

    your post-game is, as usual, littered with excuses as to why the Ranger’s opponents lost. Getting tired of it, really

  6. I apologize for any missed opportunities, just came back from Guam. Had to escort St Paddy there as a matter of national security. And he will be back in time.

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That was a great game to watch. New streak. Go for two in a row as we shuffle off to buffalo

  8. Carp, what has happened to Ovechkin. the guy was one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the game. Where has he gone?

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Biron is an excellent puck handler. Mentioned it during the game – but his little slide across the crease is so smooth.

  10. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nice win after a very slow start.

    Boyle- finally! I thought he played his best game in a long, long time. Hopefully not a one off.

    Hags- continues to play a stellar brand of hockey. Has to bury a few of those chances and we can start grouping him with as one of the better players in the league in his positions. Yeah, Pittsburgh wouldn’t trade Dupuis, Kennedy,or Sutter for him straight up! LOL!!!

    Stepan- continues his very impressive play. Starting to come real close to first line center status. Another play the Penguins wouldn’t trade, swap or anything else Hwrth wants to call it. LOL!!

    Cally- Hey, Glen, would you take Kennedy for Cally straight up? Pretty please? Seriously, he leads this team with his tenacity every game.

    Rick Nash- had a goal taken away. Why? I did not see Cally deflect it but who cares. He still had two more assists and is now more than a point a game player, something he never could be with the Jackasses because he NEVER had anyone to play with. I think he is on about a 95+ point pace. Not bad for a 28 year old superstar who makes anyone he plays with better. See Hags,Stepan,and now even Richards. Oh wait, we have him under contract until he is 33years old, you know just the end of his prime. Thats a bad thing. We need to undo that trade to bring back Dubi and AA back so that we would have enough money under the cap to sign future hall of famer Brandon Prust. But wait, Dubi is being shopped and we can have him back for a stick of chewing gum as long as we take back his contract. Oh wait, maybe we could than sign Mitchell ( lol ) and washed up Feds. He has not had a bad game all season. When was the last time you could say that about any Ranger?

    Gabby- poor game overall. Did not do much and needs to start. If he does, athan we are going to be one tough team to beat.

    Richards- kudos to him for a second strong game in a row. He is becoming noticable again for the right reason. Guess playing with Nash has a little something to do with that.

    McD- great game! Best since the hit to the head. This is the guy I am used to seeing night in and night out. He is so good, that even when his play tailed off a bit, he still was our second best dman. That is how good he is. Erik ( is being shopped ) Johnson is better. Of course. So is the other Johnson who is being shopped. Quick question, do you guys think the Avs and Jackasses would trade either of their Johnsons for MCD if they could? Of course he is # 8-9 dman on team USA. A couple of hack journalists from TSN and USA today told me so.

    Stralman- I thought he played a tremendous game today. In fact, he has been real good in most of the games.

    MDZ- was good defensively. Very poor on the PP. this kid just cannot get his shot to the net or on net. Too bad.

  11. coos, it is a literary equivalent of nerve gas, victims do not suffer. Aristophanes used it frequently in his “the Frogs”.

  12. Biron getting ink and deservedly so. As tangent players contribute, feel good about their contribution, the team comes together as a whole. This could be happening.

  13. Yes Trips e, I understand. but he has never failed a drug test, so I would like to give benefit of doubt. I think he needs to leave Washington. Fast. Like Nixon.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – do a pre-game, pre-blame Tuesday morning

    —then —– hide the garlic…… The coffin has opened

  15. wow Carp!!
    really really like and agree with your points today
    especially #6
    i usually refer to it as the Rangers Board Hockey
    boston, pittsburgh, nj also have developed ways to stop it, too.
    drives me nuts, especially when there are numerous times we just send the puck out of the zone and give it to opponent for a quick counter rather than use other options including
    breaking out through the middle.
    and pleased to see Brad not on point.
    look where he scored his goal today
    and some of his important goals from last year

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I think a storm is brewing in the nations capital. This is Irving R. Levine reporting.

  17. btw Carp

    was thinking about why Brad and Step are used on
    the power play point
    and i think the sad reason is
    based on Torts
    wanting to rest better options
    such as McD and Girardi
    until he finally gets comfortable
    with all 6 dmen
    we’re not going to see McD on the pp point

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – not sure Biron wasn’t tired late in the 3rd…. He played 60:00 minutes

  19. Stanger Nation on

    it only took Torts 120 games to realize Richards was no good on the pt. – very flexible…

    So some love for 4th line today- these guys are skaters – put pressure on other team – Dave Mo talking them up on broadcast

  20. does anyone know (or has it been covered)
    what Hamrlik is doing to get in shape?
    if he’s not playing
    then is he skating extra laps after practice or morning skate
    or riding the stationary bike during the game or…?

    i liked what he brought during the isles game and thought he could be a dependable
    presence on 3rd pair
    so sitting in the stands eating popcorn and hot dogs
    during games isn’t going to work

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    I get pretty excited there sometimes. It is a good thing I have an executive assistant at work.

  22. -Santa’s- St. Patrick’s in Guam? Well, one can only hope that he has himself a productive week. If he were in Bangkok, I’d worry.

  23. Stanger Nation on

    E3 – good thing no OT or the breakaway contest

    beer-on’s 5 hole = Holland Tunnel

  24. Chech, just kidding of course. Passion is my middle name. Just ask Lolita ( Coose ;-) ). I loves it, keep it coming.

  25. But you are NEVER wrong, Czech, so far as I can tell. On this blog, that is a gold star.

  26. but you don’t really think I made excuses for the Capitals losing? do you?

    I mean, Ovechkin sucked. But I didn’t say Holtby sucked or Green was out or any other excuses, did I?

  27. Carp… This is the only place to be. You must be proud. Im certainly honored to be in the company of such fine and fare persons.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – go for the triple ironical twist spin. Did you see the game? It was a dandy, yes?

  29. The flight ove Specific Ocean was great, though. A lot of reminders of that last war….

  30. if you’re referring to that post in moderation last night, I didn’t do that. You did that by using a banned word.

  31. Czechthemout!!! on


    Hwrth and MickeyM are at a bar somewhere tonight drowning their sorrows. Dubi is being shopped and Rick Nash was once again instrumental in another Rangers win. I wonder if MickeyM still wants Nash to break his leg or something?

  32. JPG – hammer last seen during the game banging down cheese fries and bacon bits, chased with a double fudge milkshake…..hiding from Torts

  33. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just busting you chops Carp. No biggie. But since you brought it up, what banned word did I use? I didn’t realize I used a banned word.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – funny thing about Mickey is the abuse she spewed on the delusional Avery fan club (of which i am a charter member) whenever we mentioned his name! Mind you I like Mickey.

  35. Well, to be honest, a lot of people didn’t like Avery, and not necessarily about his hockey skills. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember anyone complain about his athletic energy.

  36. Czechthemout!!! on


    I was also a big Dubinsky fan. I defended him on this blog and several other blogs. But that is no excuse. To wish that someone break his leg? Never mind that he is a new player on the team she claims to root for. I root for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back.

  37. coos, I was never a big fan, but said over and over again that Avery was better than a bunch of guys in the lineup last year. And named them.

  38. Avery entertained ME. But I could see why some Catholics might not…oh, wait, I AM a Catholic.

  39. Stanger Nation on

    Carp loved Avery’s marketing impact on blog – all you had to do was mention his name once, leave for five hours and come back to see 700 posts including some all time favs; RIR, Rod…

  40. Carp named names. It’s a fact. Avery’s problem is he managed to TALK, not play himself out of the league, and I still wonder if he fully comprehends that.

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    Eddie x 3

    I remember. Avery did a lot of good things here. Some of us appreciated him for that. Like playing with a ruptured spleen against the Penguins in the playoffs and helping them make the playoffs and giving a stale morbid team an edge. His overall tenure here was very positive. That is just the way I see it.

  42. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Here’s my review of today’s win:

    1. Good game for some unsung heroes like Boyle (man, nice shift and nice to see, Brian!), Biron, Haley (continued not being stupid), etc. MacD, Cally and Nash their usual selves.

    2. Funny thing, when da boys win, the trolls stay home.

    3. Funny thing, when da boys win, Torts is a smart coach. Eight days ago, he should have been fired and his game plan was awful.

    4. Funny thing, when da boys win, we’re gonna go deep into the playoffs.

    5. Funny thing, when da boys win, our team toughness isn’t an issue anymore.

  43. Sanitation Dept. Sometimes he forgets to clean up the late blog posters and Carp shakes he head and lights a Havana Roller.

  44. Stanger Nation on

    Avery was a hustler, hitter, pest, with decent stick handling and passing out of zone – could not, I repeat, could not shoot a puck in the ocean and I found entertaining.

    But he also was a distraction on a young team which Torts wanted to keep under wraps. Given the team performance last season, you have to give Torts his due with what he did to Aves, whether I like it or not.

  45. carp accurate analysis per usual.

    czechthemout, great observations per usual also…

    hagelins speed is so important to these team, they just loft the puck down on occassion and say fetch to Hagelin… missed a rebound wide by 6 inches today.

    boyle did have a nice game, time will tell if he can become more of a contributor….

    i play the d on the point on the PP, no more RIchards there;;; mdz, girardi, stralman, mcdonagh, or staal all are fine on the point, none have a big shot but neither does richards and they are better on defense….

    this is how the Rangers have to play, they just do not have enough scoring depth so they need to play this style.. if they used kreider, and others instead of the PK types like powe and halpern maybe they could role 3 + lines and see what happens. I do not think Torts wants to go in that direction, either he thinks that formula cannot win big or he does not think they have the talent to pull it off.

    getting staal back and his 23 + minutes a game is huge……

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery was terrific entertainment. Good wheels. Good forechecker. Not the softest hands in the world.

  47. Stanger Nation on

    Newbear – have to give the coach the reigns until he can longer lead these men.

  48. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, btw, great review, as always.

    That ‘car seat’ line in the back of Ovechkin’s pants, is hysterical!!!!!!If you watch the Boyle goal shift, that ‘car seat’ is definitely causing a breeze on the ice. Like they can turn the fans off in the arena during his shift. Perhaps this is ‘green energy’ at it’s best!!!

    Ovie needs to be traded. He needs a change of scenery. 2 (and it coulda been 3) penalties on ONE shift? Oh my!!!!!

  49. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Reportedly, engineers at RPI are working on a helicopter motor fueled by Ovechkin’s ‘car seat’ pants.

  50. Stanger Nation on

    E3 – loved watching Avery because anything could happen and usually did – classic agitator with great wheels and desire – he was Edward Scissorhands around the net.

    off ice -bad for a young team with impressionable lads in the naked city.

  51. Stranger thinks he can say whatever he wants if he leaves out the r. Then, blame any errors on Stanger. siinged cocoose

  52. Czechthemout!!! on


    True. I try not to get too emotionally involved with rooting for any one particular player. I am an equal opportunity ripper. I also give credit where I think credit is due. Look at My post earlier on Boyle.

    I just have a certain conviction about a player and whether he can make this team better. If I believe he can, I push for him to play or play bigger minutes if I believe he can’t I tear him down for his play and not on a personal level.Not that it does any good because the only ones who listen or read what I have to say are my friends, family members of which there are many who love hockey, and the guys on this blog.

  53. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    If you watch the replay, Ovie can’t slow down anymore. He just falls to the ice on his ‘car seat’. Sometimes he spins around.

  54. Czech- No, in fact I was NOT drowning my sorrows at a bar. As a matter of fact, I was not home today and did not see the game at all. Instead, I was out enjoying the lovely weather we had and planning out a Relay for Life event I am participating in, in honor of my numerous family members who have battled cancer, including those I have lost. So sorry I was not here salivating over Nash like you would like me to have been. Other things were more important. And that whole breaking a leg thing was three-quarter said in gest, the other quarter being serious since we all know that a broken leg isn;t a careeer killer.

  55. I am listening to Gregorian Chants while I post hockey vitriol. How eclectic can you get?

  56. stuart a

    nice idea about pp using dmen
    but i don’t see it ’til 3rd pair
    can play more than 5-7 minutes a game.
    i think Torts uses that time to rest
    McD and Girardi

  57. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Personally, I am disappointed by Boyle’s play this year BUT, I expect him to start playing better. I am of the belief that losing his roommate was a big hit to him, especially. They were connected. They had fun. THey played the PK together and same line usually. It’s a tough loss for him.

    The other thing Prust’s situation told him is that the GM wont go after him prior to his contract expiring. As such, he will likely not be a Ranger when his contract’s over. That’s a tough realization for a guy that likes it here.

    It should take him some time (no, not this long) to adjust. He will become a productive member of this team again.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hi Mickey – I will be sponsoring you :). I never liked the anti-Avery posts much either.

  59. When I starred in the John Wilkes Booth Story, my fellow actors told me to break a leg.

  60. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Seriously, how far does you head have to be up a certain part of your anatomy to commit 2 penalties and THEN fall and spin when Boyle’s shooting to score? Was that REALLY a superstar on the ice?

    Torts in presser said he has never seen 2 penalties, same guy, same shift. Pretty unusual.

    If I’m Oates, I rip the ‘C’ right of his jersey right then and there and bench the brat.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – the second penalty was weak – happy to take it – but a weak call

  62. Hi eddie- Did I send you the link to my page? If not, let me know and I can send it on to you. Thanks in advance. I know you didn’t and we had our battles over it, but you never said I was ‘dumb’ or a ‘stupid fangirl’ over it like I have been called over the Nash trade. I thought we had respectful arguements over it and in the end agreed to disagree. Appears everyone here is trying to get me to change my mind, which will never happen.

  63. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I thought the Boyle goal scoring shift he looked like last years pre-concussion Boyle. He looked like he knew what he was doing. Nice to see. It will come.

    Yes, E3, I like Boyle and want him to succeed.

  64. It should happen more often. Defensive players think they have a free shot in those situations and have been getting away with free (and nasty) shots for decades.

  65. Carp, I noticed the official post time for this post was 10:05AM on 3/10/13. Not sure if it’s a glitch and it doesn;t matter much, but I just find it funny that the review technically went up 2 hours before the game started, lol.

  66. Matty, seriously, do you really have to pump up Carp’s ego, he already knows he’s the best (confirmed), and here comes you with your sycophantic comments – please hold back

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – send me the link again. You know I lurve you. And you are not a stupid fan girl. You are a cool hip fan chick – my soul sister *smooches to you*

  68. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, in essence, Ovie is running around aimlessly. He is lost. And that ‘car seat’ has to make it toucher, too. Just IMHO. He is no super star right now.

  69. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sorry, Newbie, I call a spade a spade. Carpy is amazing. Totally insightful.

  70. eddie- Will do. And can you tell some yahoos around here that, feels like they think I am a ‘pink hat fangirl’. Which is far from the truth. Thanks.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – furthermore, I apologize for being part of the juvenile frat boy club here…. As much as I am the ring leader – I know it does bug you. But kooze, papa, and S.Nation are really to blame

  72. Czechthemout!!! on


    What I said was figurative not literal. I would hope you are not shallow enough to still be pinning away over some hockey player that is no longer on the team you root for. And no you were not 3/4 kidding about wanting Nash to break his leg. You made that quite clear at the time. You still want him to break his leg as evidenced by your post just now. Maybe you are also 3/4 kidding again? Or is it 7/8 kidding. Perhaps 5/16,3/32,1/64,kidding? I do not salivate over Nash. I am thrilled that he is on this team and will ultimately help take them to a Stanley Cup. That is the only thing I salivate over about Hockey.

    By the way, many kudos to you for the good work you are doing on Cancer awareness.

  73. The best post I’ve read here, by far, that I still laugh at no matter where am if it crosses my thoughts, is when ZzzzZZZZ GL got his back up over someone else who was posting and using a pseudonym on his pseudonym. You can’t make it up.

  74. eddie admirably searches daily for someone he has adamantly disagreed with and tries to come to terms. So far, success. Except when he reached across the Atlantic all the way from Monterey. His ‘adversary’ turned away like the Prince of Wales who just smelled something offensive.

  75. yeah, something screwy, Mickey. Must have something to do with the clock change. I tried to schedule it to go up around 4 a.m. and it published itself, then I couldn’t find it and had to scroll down past the game thread to find it, and then figure out how to get it to the top. Needless to say, there were several minutes of panic because a fair bit of work goes into that thing.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    To anyone within the sound of my voice. Mickey is a very cool babeola. She knows her sports and loves her rangers. Even though she is a mets fan – I lurve her….

    She was a huge Dubi fan (as am I) and that is why the Nash trade irks her….

  77. Carp – re your last post, if you can believe it, a (then) young editor I know, many moons past, lost Saul Bellows ONLY copy of his new novel. Luckily for all, it turned up.

  78. stranger nation on

    cooscoos March 10th, 2013 at 11:58 pm
    eddie admirably searches daily for someone he has adamantly disagreed with and tries to come to terms. So far, success. Except when he reached across the Atlantic all the way from Monterey. His ‘adversary’ turned away like the Prince of Wales who just smelled something offensive.

    post of the day – and thanks for throwing us under the bus, E3 ;;-p

  79. strager nations on

    A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

  80. Mickey, if you check the log, I am the one who actually proposed re acquiring Dubi. Coose and E 3 said no good cause of Cap concerns.

  81. Czechthemout!!! on

    Eddie x 3

    I was a big Dubi fan as well. I battled defending him and his game on many different blogs. On one particular blog there was this jackass who loved this one kid who we signed for one season. He wore # 8. His name escapes me for some reason. The kid wanted to go play in Minny and this joker thought that Sather allowed him to walk to give Dubi his spot in the lineup. When Dubi had his real good season, this guy would refuse to give him any credit for anything, he even discounted Dubi’s production by the amount of empty net goals he scored. The guy really had it in for him. He and I battled it out quite a bit. This guy was happiest when the Rangers won if only Dubi didn’t factor into the game. If Dubi played well and contributed he was miserable. Kind of like Mickey is with Nash.

  82. Carp, I hope you did not take an offense with my hasty assessment of your post-game, I confess I was aiming for a cheap effect, and it totally misfired, even the tertiary-education gents did not get it, so I am left with the offence, but forgiveness is the right way

  83. newbear escorted the Pope to Sierra Leone, left him standing in civilian clothes in front of a Hula shack.

  84. strangest note on

    Dubi was on his knees a lot. He and Boil were on the US Knee Hockey National U-15 team

  85. Czech- Shallow???? I can root for any PLAYER I want to, not matter what team they are on. There is no rule that says I cannot. I strongly dislike this Rangers team for many reasons, Nash and his loving horde being part of it. If they win, I am pleased. If they lose, I am more ‘meh’ and move on with my life. Call it maturing as a sports fan. And before the accusatons fly, I am FAR from a teenager or a puck bunny. And Nash will not bring this team a cup. If anyone does, it will be Lundqvist that delivers. Nash will jsut be along for the ride.

    WARNING: SARCASM AHEAD: And fine, if Nash does break his leg, I will a jig for joy. Does that make you happy?

    Thank you. It’s an issue near and very dear to my heart.

  86. Check Asham’s (who?) GRI, DSt, LWW, RWG, and STRVU, TOI, and get back to me. I’ll wait for the apology.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As a libra, and king of the zodiac, I love harmony. I also think leather feels good.

  88. srtrager, there is a competition raging, which is just good for a free market, except all competitors are Socialist phonies, so I stand back a little

  89. Well, Mickey M, if you insist on being one of the boys, I think you have your jockey shorts knotted.

  90. eddie- LOL. Good to know who are the ring-leaders of the frat house around here.

    Carp- Hah! I can just imagine you swearing at the computer “WHAT THE EVER LOVING HELL IS GOING ON?!” It;s like the Y2K thing, only 13 years late!

  91. stranger nation on

    Shelter line stretchin’ ’round the corner
    Welcome to the new world order
    Families sleepin’ in their cars in the Southwest
    No home no job no peace no rest

  92. Dean: Eddie, I’m afraid I have something I have to show to you,”

    “Oh, goodie, nudie pictures?”

  93. Papa- smart man. Though I dooubt Dubi would come back as long as Torts is the coach.

    cooscoos- what the hell does that mean?

  94. stranger nation on

    Got a one-way ticket to the promised land
    You got a hole in your belly and gun in your hand
    Sleepin’ on a pillow of solid rock
    Bathin’ in the city aqueduct

  95. stranger nation on

    Wherever there’s somebody fightin’ for a place to stand
    Or a decent job or a helpin’ hand
    Wherever somebody’s strugglin’ to be free
    Look in their eyes Mom you’ll see me.”

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – see what I mean. Bunch of immature, incorrigible, brats. I am embarrassed to be their friend.

  97. newbie flew the Archbishop of Canterbury to South East Asia and left him tied to a hootch pole for the buzzards.

  98. MickeyM, come join the forces of total comprehension to fight the collegiate humour, supported by the tenure atrocity

  99. eddie- I believe you are an active particpant in the tomfoolery…

    newbear- can you use smaller words?? It’s after midnight and I have to be up in 6 hours…

  100. I’m only on temporary assigned duty, MM. Bachelors’ Quarters. Even have a meal ration card while they dine in the Plaza Hotel.

  101. Hey Mickey, are you controlling the language? Very good move, a classic authoritarian stuff

  102. newbie kidnapped Lindbergh’s child and held him for ransom until they turned over two professors.

  103. Czechthemout!!! on

    MickeyM is a mature sports fan damn it! ( eyes Rollin )

    Nash sucks! ( traded for Dubi/ break your damn leg fool! )

    Torts Sucks! ( allowed Dubi to be traded for Nash )

    The Rangers don’t deserve Dubi! ( they Suck for trading Dubi so I will no longer watch or care if they lose because they traded Dubi )

    I am a mature sports fan! Did Nash break his leg yet? And if he does, can Mr Sather reaquire Dubi to replace him.

  104. newbear- no. it was just a request since my brain doesn’t compute large words after midnight.

    Not shocked that none of you yahoos know the movie…

  105. Whatever, Czech. Clearly you’re of the mind that I’m some teenaged fangirl and nothing will change your mind. So yeah, whatever you believe, go ahead and believe about me.

  106. Pop’s Mom been spending a lot of time at the church with Father Pat while you’ve been blogging.

  107. stranger nation on

    Dirty Dancing? that was with that ‘babe’ Jennifer Grey and the actor from Roadhouse.

  108. stranger Nation on

    E3 – I’ll have a Guiness draft please. Slow pour, no need to rush a good thing.

  109. There’s a kid somewhere that I heard good things about. Don’t remember his name or where he comes from.

  110. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Hi Mickey funny you asked that question & I just went inside to help my sister & guess what shes watching? Too funny. My daughter must have watch that movie a 100 times.

  111. Czechthemout!!! on


    I dont think anything of the sorts. Just having some fun. I think you are a good sport and a fine person because of your charitable work. So have a good night and take care!

  112. Czeck says good bye to Mickey and the hell with the rest of us. I never valued his opinion.

  113. eddie- I have to give it to other lady around here! Balance out the overwhelming male-ness of this place.

    Ria- Its on VH1 right now, lol. One of my fav movies.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – out of miller lite….. But I do have some extra watered down bud light

  115. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Yup Mickey thats what my sister has on .Sorry i’m slooow typer. )-:

  116. Oh lordy, you’re all going nutso again. With that and a 6am wake up, I’m off. Good night.

  117. St Paddy was a success, all the brown snakes are gone from Guam, how was that possible

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa bear – burn me once, fool on me…..fool me again and I’ll burn twice

  119. not playing girardi and mcdonagh on the PP to save them from addtl minutes i think is a mistake.

    the rangers have given up more PP goals then they have scored.. that has cost them games, the type of stress put on them during a PP should be less difficult then the PK I assume…

    they need to score more i assume 1 way to improve this is on the PP versus even strength which should be more difficult…amazing that they have this offense , like 6th worse in hockey.

    the lines are not exactly awe inspiring

    richards, hagelin, nash hagelin is basically a rookie

    cally, gabby, and stepan, stepan is 23

    pyatt, miller, and boyle miller is 19 and the other guy has 1 goal…

    dreck.. almost no production.

    look at those apples, not exactly the canadiens of lafleur, shutt, gainey, and others…. again how do you get 3 goals a game from this group?????????that is the key……….

  120. I’m not sure if Richards is turning things around yet but I do know that goal he scored today would not have been a goal prior to the Kaleta hit

  121. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Well e3 i’ve sent you 2 more don’t know where the heck they went. I used the address Carp sent me the first time.

  122. I’ve heard of people who can speak German after a hard hit on the head. Of course, most of them were Germans to begin with.

  123. Kill me, but I think McD is not only our best defeneseman, I think he could also be a PP force if he’s given some -leetch- leash.

  124. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Glad I didn’t put anything personal in them. Whomever is recieving them could at least reply & let me know “I don’t know who the heck your are”.

  125. hey Eddie, just getting some slight night work done after being away for the weekend. how are you?

    not sure if anyone else has noticed this but Emrick is obsessed with that Caps defenseman Alzner. I have no idea why since the guy is a non-factor in games but if you look for it next time he does a game involving the Capitals, he calls Alzner’s name more than any other player on the ice.

    also: I hate Mike Emrick and while the Rangers winning a game he’s calling doesn’t feel quite as good when the Devils would lose a game he and Resch were doing, I’ll take it.

  126. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I only got 1 e-mail from Carp with your e-mail address & thats the one i’m using.

  127. stranger nation on

    E3 and Rita may never email. I wish other technologies existed to facilitate communication.

    But alas, woe is E

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – I am good. Thx. Happy for the win. Biron looked good. Boyle had a great win. Now it’s on to buffalo and let’s win there…


  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone else want to connect via email – send carp an email and ask for mine…..

  130. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Only one I have e3 is the one Carp sent on 2/26 even checked my junk folder.

  131. stranger nation on

    maybe lies, damn lies didnt like the disparaging talk of the Orangemen a fortnight last?

  132. Boyle goal was crazy soft but the play McDonagh made was great

    guy just keeps getting better

  133. stranger nation on

    Ri(t)a – you had one of my fav posts last season when you called out behavior of daytime clique and all said incumbents were aghast and begged for your favor!

  134. carlson plays as many minutes as our 3 horses on defense…

    no choice but to play staal, girardi, mcdonagh, and when necessary mdz a ton of minutes. this is a team that is offensively challenged so keeping it out of the net is paramount importance…

    kreiders slow development has hurt the team. i think next year with; miller, kreider, lindberg, fasth, nieves, thomas, etc they should have enough forwards in the pipeline to help the offensive depth but this year is another story….

  135. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Did anyone see in the fishes game the ref put the wrong player in the penalty box ( Harmonic) & then MacDonald goes & talks to ref & out comes Harmonic & in goes MacDonald! Officiating at its best.

  136. stranger notions on

    well E as Groucho said, I would never join a club that would have me as a member.

  137. strangest nation status on

    Ria – refs were overjoyed at he prospect of providing Pissburg with yet another “man?” advantage and get Sydney another secondary assist. Only good thing is the Ice Mets were the dfeated party.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – when Ria made that post about the clique – I chimed in and agreed…. Papa seems to have noticed too….

  139. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I am as honest as the “night” is long Stranger. “You want the truth , you want the truth ,you can’t handle the truth” unfortunately I can’t seem to remember the movie thats from!! lmao

  140. yeah I hate the Pens more, too

    Devils and Pens have both blown by the Flyers for me

  141. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    You got that right stranger seemed like every time on the fly checked in they were on a pp pissberg thought they were showing a constant reply.

  142. strongest nation on

    E3 – seem to remember the heads rushing to woo Ri(t)a both leaving you to fend for yourself…

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Never spent time in the men’s club – still looking over both shoulders

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – oh totally – but I have found a home at last with y’all. It’s all good in my hood

  145. strangers nations on

    Lloyd – the Ice Mets def dont stir the passion anymore. Debbies are anti-Christs and Pissburg sold their soul to get 2 #1 picks

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ria – would you do me a huge favor? Send carp an email and ask he resend my email to you.. There is much I want to talk to you about…

  147. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Will do e3 tomorrow . ” I’m so glad we had this time together just to have a chat or sing a song ,seems we just get started & before you know it comes the time to say so long”.Night all.

  148. “war is like fire; people who do not lay down their arms will die by their arms”

  149. Rob in Beantown on

    For what it’s worth, Jack Parker, long time Boston University hockey coach, is set to announce his retirement today and Rangers assistant coach Mike Sullivan, a BU alum, is one of the names I keep hearing suggested as a possible new BU head coach. I don’t think Sullivan will take the job, but he’s certainly a short list candidate.

  150. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp. They did what they needed to do- beat an inferior team. Wonder what’s going on with Ovechkin. And how long will he last there. True superstar, a lot of teams would be interested, I’m sure. I do not think they’ll trade him. Also, his contract isn’t tradeable because of that cap advantage recapture rule. If he ever decides to retire or defect to KHL ( knowing how unpredictable he is, not a stretch), the Caps will be charged almost $10M through 2021.

    Boyle was very good before and after he scored. Torts said it well- they need him.

    I’m not certain Stepan didn’t bank his shot in by design, Carp. Holtby ( who you can’t really blame for two other goals), was so much out in front and to the right from his post that it may have been an obvious choice.

  151. Oops, forgot to change my handle.

    Gilroy may be nearing the end of his NHL career. He went deep twice, and both times didn’t get the puck which led to exposing their forward who had to defend. He just looks out of place. It maybe attributed to him sitting out a few games.

  152. Mertonian Norm on

    These reports are crack cocaine for any decent, law-abiding Rangers fans.

    Not much quibbling here, though I live to quibble, other than I thought Callahan embellished a bit on what others saw as a slew-foot. Looking at the replay, I though Ovechkin made minimal contact, though I suppose he is strong enough to have lifted Cally with his stick at the end. The subsequent call for touching McDonagh was just silly and ended up turning the game. But that would not have happened without McD’s brilliant read to jump the play on the delayed call, nifty one-two with Boyle.

    Loved Gaborik on the left side of the umbrella — good poise, good passing.

  153. Quibbling? I’m sure we will engage into a deep conversation about first 7 min of the game very soon :-)

  154. On number 10. Do you think Gaborik should be exposing himself to obvious hard hits after his shoulder surgery? He engages enough on the wall. I would like his shoulder to be used for wrist shots, slap shots and passing. Not defending him, it did look bad. But Torts gave him his usual TOI after that play, so that should say something.

  155. Amen. Can Ovechkin please tie his Jersey down? That thing is so annoying.

    And don’t look now but Richards has goals in back-to-back games.

    How is the “Go Time” post also after this post but also before this post.

  156. Agreed, ilb. Gaborik should not be exposing himself. That might play in Slovakia, but we have laws against that here.

  157. hi, ilb. actually have to get some work done today. As you surely can surmise, I’m WAY behind. :) Happy Monday.

  158. “Smokey, this is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.” – Walter Sobchak

  159. Coos said behind….

    I want to mention something…I keep reading everywhere, including on this blog, keep listening to Milbury and Cherry about europansies, and how soft European players are. It feels like it’s becoming a general notion that Europeans are soft. I laugh at it. I lived in Russia most of my life. What you see here is a type of players that make it to NHL. Physical, tough players do not make it. Predominantly because that type of hockey isn’t what’s played in Europe. They teach more finesse, speed oriented hockey. But, trust me, there are some tough, big SOBs that can make some toughest North Americans look like barbie dolls. I’m not offended by it, it just makes me laugh.

  160. Gilroy was the only shakyD man yesterday. Gabby was fine, not great but fine, ready to come on.

  161. in the picture next to points 2 & 3 above, is that Carp in the Messier jersey?

    I guess the Sens were able to build on what they learned about themselves in last year’s playoffs vs. us, but the Caps not so much. Maybe Dale Hunter was the right guy for that job.

  162. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!!!

    Nice to see Boyle get the monkey off his back. Good game by all don’t you think?

  163. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – what’s the pulse on Hamrlik? Out of shape? But he gets his prorated salary of $3.5 Million?

    Someone in the know, break this down for me?

  164. Sioux-per-man on

    How long does it take for a Pro Hockey Player to get in shape, if he hasn’t kept himself in “Game Shape” during the whole lockout?

    Weeks / Months???? Can the Rangers send him to the Whale for 14 days, then see if he can skate with the Varsity?

    Then explain to me how you get $3.5M, and you don’t keep in shape to be ready to play? You would think as you get “older” you work twice as hard to keep your job in the NHL. Crazy.

    Carp – don’t you think of all games for Tort’s to play him would be against the Caps? You would think he would want to show his “old” team he can still play!!!


    Is this Torts sending a message if you want to play against them the next game……. get back in shape ASAP!!!

  165. This team sucks. Total mirage you saw yesterday, got a lucky win. Biron is awful, giving up 1 goal after being smacked in the mask with a stick. NO FOCUS! Gotta stop that puck.

    Gaborik didn’t score again. He stinks. Trade him for Malkin straight up.

    Nash is terrible too. How did he let Callahan deflect his goal in? Not accurate enough. A real scorer like Christensen would’ve sniped that without assistance.

    JT Miller was -1. -1! That’s unacceptable for a 19 year old rookie forward. He needs to be at last +4 every game.

    5 hits from Callahan? I expect at least 6 from him. Very disappointing game, horrible leadership.

    Bickel was completely unnoticeable. It was like he was in the press box or something. Should’ve been in at least 2 fights.

    Just an awful effort and a lucky win…

  166. That’s our best lineup one that doesn’t include stu Bickel. Minus obviously staal being hurt,

  167. Sioux – he should’ve probably kept himself in better shape in the offseason, but game shape really just means getting used to the speed of the game. You can’t replicate that in practice at all. You could be in the best shape you’ve been in your life, but if you haven’t played games, it takes a few to get back the speed of the game.

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    It sounds like he didn’t keep his body in shape to play. That’s why the Caps waived him.

    How long will it take for him to be in “Tort’s” shape??

    Can he help this team?

    Will there even be a spot for him when Staal comes back? I find it odd that he didn’t get the call to play against the team that cut him.

  169. I think Hamrlik is just old and slow. Kind of like that *CABER* guy. Maybe not in the best shape but I don’t think he needs to play more than 12-15 minutes a night MAX. He used to play 20+ so he should be able to handle it.

    Yesterday was a day where Gilroy’s speed was apparently more appealing to Tort. His positioning and decision making is still horrendous though.

  170. Sioux-per-man on

    Bickel? Does he help this team win?

    Outside he might have the hardest punch on the team?

  171. Yeah that’s what it sounds like to me too Sioux. I feel like some guys really thought there wasn’t going to be a season, so they just sat at home, had some beers, ate a bunch of chicken wings and waited for the summer to come.

  172. You might be able to trade Gaborik for Malkin right now. Another Penguin that was dealt two concussions in a short period of time. Not that they don’t look great without him. Kunitz and Neal fill in just fine.

  173. McIlrath!

    Actually no, that’s a terrible decision. He’s just as slow as Hamrlik and he’s only 20…

  174. Yes, Sioux. Sorry for Gilroy but he is pretty horrible at playing Defense. What I see from Hamrlik is an old guy who is certainly slow but is positionally incredibly sound. The way he defends a 2-on-1 is worlds above anything Gilroy would attempt. Hamrlik completely takes away the pass and gives the goalie a clean look at the shot while Gilroy would probably attempt a poke check and then slide on the ice somewhere directly in between the two guys allowing either man to get a clean shot.

  175. Oh yeah, is anyone on here really going to say that Kunitz and Neal aren’t better than anyone other than Gaborik and Nash (and maybe Richards when he’s on his game)? Or are we past that? Kunitz and Neal are playing ridiculous right now, especially Kunitz. Flying sock-monkey hat trick last night.

  176. Anticipating a deflection? Odd choice of goalie tactic. I was hoping he would say that there were two sticks blocking his line of sight but no such luck.

  177. Kunitz is out of his damn mind. That hat trick? I think he has 17 goals on the season now. He’s a poacher extraordinaire.

  178. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – of all games to play the guy. You would think the coach would have put him in against the team that cut him!!!

  179. Sioux-per-man on

    Many I have Kunitz on my fantasy team. LOL. I hate the penguins, but his price was right :)

  180. malkin has a shoulder injury not another concussion.

    gaborik looks fine if he made $2 mill a year at $6 + not so much…

    he is paid to score, he is not there for his defense, zone coverage, or toughness that is obvious..

  181. Wait…am I hallucinating or the blog is tripping balls?! Why Rangers – Craps in review is before “It’s Go Time” and post game notes?! And why isn’t anyone talking?!

  182. Manny – yup. Hamrlik knows he’s slow now and plays simple straight up D. Gilroy’s problem, even in college, was that he always tried to do too much because he has a forward mindset. He’s still fairly new at playing defense considering he didn’t really move there until college. Parker saw how fast he was and needed speed in the back, so he threw him back there and he was able to dominate Hockey East. But his decision making was never great, hence why he was paired with Shattenkirk a lot in college.

  183. Me too, Sioux! Fantasy Draft Vibin’. My fantasy ego has been inflated from my early season pickup of Nazem Kadri.

    Stuart – I am not trusting anything about head injuries anymore. He was analyzed for a head injury and then sat out. Thus, it could be anything.

  184. stranger nation on

    In time expect Neal’s output to decrease without Malkin as his pivot 5v5

    Isles lack of checking line and refs charity combine to give Pens a feel good game

    Skid-knee with 4 secondary assists – should those still be a stat?

  185. Ok disregard the not talking part but wtf is going on? Someone should go to the post game notes thread and tell Sally to come here

  186. Stranger – I don’t know about that. In the 5 games Malkin missed, Neal still had 2 goals and 5 assists, of which only 2 assists were on the PP. So his numbers might not be affected as much as people think.

  187. stranger nation on

    Johnny D – in doing a regression analysis of Neal’s TOI – a surprisingly low 12:59 v. Ice Mets – Neal will get his output, just not at the same level IMHO if Malkinstein is out for an extended period unless you believe playing with Sutter as his pivot will provide the same scoring chances or his shooting % will increase dramatically from a currently ridiculous 19%.

    btw – Kunitz shooting % is ~29% – amazing.

  188. Jonny – it amazes me that Gilroy isn’t just moved back to Forward. His defensive positioning is horrendous. Why wouldn’t a team just try him at Forward and call it a day? I mean, we put Bickel there….

  189. It’s because every shot Kunitz takes is on the PP and from about 2 feet in front of an open net.

  190. I still don’t think that a big team that can match our speed – Pitt, Hawks, even Colorado – needs to fear us

  191. Sioux-per-man on

    Tatanka on Tuesday!!!

    Are the Rangers seeking revenge now that Richards is back playing?

    Or do we just beat them by 3 or 4 goals and call it good?

  192. Hopefully Richards continues his goal scoring streak. Netting 2 would be good revenge for him.

    Anybody watch Tyler Ennis once again turn into a hit which then resulted in boarding call. And then further resulted in Wayne Simmonds having to fight (which he won handily). Ennis is way too easy to knock over. That’s twice I have seen him turn into a hit (squaring up his back to the checker to protect the puck) then he gets hit in the lower back and collapses into the boards. He should get penalized.

    Simmonds makes me drool. He’s awesome.

  193. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Morning ILB, Manny, Doodie, Carp, Sally, and all!!!!

    So just to jump in to the rumour mongering/speculation game…

    I can somehow see a tough player we could really use end up with a physical team that at times physically abuses us…clowe to the bruins or flyers

    I would soooo trade for iggy, clowe, perry, or morrow. I would also take a flyer on antropov again.

    montador on waivers…uh oh, lock slats up lol!

  194. Manny – that’s essentially the same thing that McDonagh did when Pacioretty hit him though. I hate it when players do that. There is no point in turning your back and just assuming you aren’t going to get him. Push yourself up against the boards (like they teach you in pee-wees) and you don’t get hurt.

    I’m amazed they didn’t call that a boarding call on Simmonds though.

    I also agree about Gilroy being moved to forward. He clearly has the offensive vision, it’ll just take him some time to adjust to the fact that he has less time to work with when he has the puck.

  195. Amen, Wicky. So sick of that tiny little man turning into hits. The result of which is a PP (undeserved) and in this case a FIGHT that could result in further injury. Thus, many more people are put in danger by Ennis’ completely pansified method of playing. Kid is not going to get up one of these days if he keeps doing it.

  196. Jonny – one slight difference in those hits. Ennis was hit (by Girardi and Simmonds) *LOW* in the back. He fell over on his own pansy-accord. McBust was hit *high* with an elbow to the top of his spine / base of his head. That’s a different hit. Patches is a complete [word I can’t use here]. Eff Pacioretty.

  197. stranger nation on

    ‘heads talking about NHL talent from towns not too far away – Pacioretty (CT), Gilly (LI), and even Shatty (New Rock City)

    back in the day, those convos would be few and far between

  198. They still both put themselves in vulnerable positions. And McBust was actually hit in the back first, then up high after that. It was a weird hit because he made contact with the boards and bounced back so Patches made double contact (sounds weird). Either way, I hate when players turn their back like that at the last second. Both injuries could’ve easily been prevents if McBust and Ennis just stood straight up and took the hit instead of turning their back like a bunch of scared Parise’s.

  199. Don’t forget about the Giontas. NY boys.

    The most exciting local boy is Tim Erixon. Born while daddy was a NYR.

  200. I hate it too Jonny. It’s awful. I get the inclination to protect the puck with your body so maybe it just shouldn’t be a penalty. Even though it’s all going too fast for the Ref to really see.

  201. Good afternoon Carp and crew-

    on #-5 – Del Zotto seems to have stepped it up when someone important goes down since the start of last season. It’s nice to see him playing better.

    on #-6- Spoke briefly about this last month- all these teams get up and make adjustments to play them. It’s the coach’s job to make adjustments of his own to keep this team playing well. Maybe we saw some of that yesterday.

    on #-7-To quote Brian Leetch in an post game interivew of a game again FL where he scored a pretty break away goal back in the late 90s: “they’re all pretty as long as they go in the net”

  202. Cross Check Charlie on

    I used to be anxious whenever Ovechkin was on the ice. He was that good. Now…….not so much.

  203. Ovechkin looked terrible. His aimless skating in the offensive zone combined with his total lack of defensive effort is really odd.

    I can’t wait to see the result of that closed door meeting with McPhee and Oates last night.

  204. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – That name should be banned on this blog forever!!! Why the New York Rangers didn’t draft the Fighting Sioux Captain Zach Parise that year? Still makes me throw up in the back of my mouth.

  205. stranger nation on

    answer – need more room behind net aka Gretzky’s office. Would not get rid of those hits, but create more space to make plays, make it riskier for goalie to go play puck and widen some passing lanes back in front.

    While taking away some ‘prime seats’ behing the goals, would not sacrifice as many as a total rink widening.

    Better product, safer for players but slight potential financial downside means it will never happen…

  206. “According to Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe, if there are no “hiccups” the Rangers expect Marc Staal to only miss a 2-3 more weeks.”


  207. hate to say this but I posted that point about teams taking away the boards and forcing the Rangers to the middle of the ice about a year ago

  208. bull dog line on

    disagree stranger. moving the nets out is what has caused the Dmen to take a lot of big hits, and has caused the offense to decline in the NHL. Dmen used to be able to use the nets as a shield from oncoming forwards, since they moved the net out this is to much room back there, and they are sitting ducks. on offense, the hole game is behind the net now, it used to be only the real good playmakers went back there ( think Gretzky, and Oates), now everybody is behind the net grinding. playing behind the net is why the Rangers have to work so hard to score. move the nets back to where they were years ago.

  209. Sioux-per-man on

    Then the Rangers draft Miller in the 1’st Round, nice. Finally a Fighting Sioux Player as a Ranger prospect. Then all of a sudden JT drops the Sioux program late in the summer to play juniors.

    But he is playing now, but a part of me wanted him to play next to Grimaldi on our 2nd line. They won a couple of gold medals together, it would have been nice to see him win Championship #8 for the Sioux.

    But he is buring up his 1’st year of his entry level contract. So he made the right choice as far as getting paid in the NHL. Can’t really blame a 19 year old for living his dream.

    I just wanted “Miller Time” in the land of the Fighting Sioux before the Rangers. But it would be nice to see JT on a Stanley Cup Champion team this year :)

  210. Hate to say this, but the NBC crew (in a rare moment of discussing something interesting about the game) made a big point of the Bruins taking away the outlet up the boards in one of the games against the Rangers last year.

  211. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    WBM (c)

    1) Stu and his Bickels
    2) Boyle
    3) Gaborik
    4) Gilroy
    5) Richards

  212. Good work, NYR. I give credit where it’s due. And in this case, that person deserving of the credit, is you.

  213. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope Boyle has better days ahead, and I hope they are in a New York Rangers uniform. When he plays well he’s great and fun to watch, and seems like a good guy to have in the locker room

  214. Sioux-per-man on

    With the Rangers winning 5 out of 6 ending the 1’st half of the season. Have they turned the corner, and play this way the rest of the year?

    Does this team win as is? Can they win a 7 game series against Boston and Pittsburgh?

    Carp – what moves are left to be made?

  215. Where would he go, bull dog? Who would want to give us anything of value (meaning something we would want) for Boyle?

  216. Siouxpy – The real question is

    how was the bad, lacking-identity version of this team able to knock off the Bs twice?

  217. stranger nation on

    bull dog – not sure how position of nets impacted the play as you describe. The D-men moving back to get pucks were ALWAYS in a vulnerable positon – taking away off puck ‘interference’ and increased athleticism (size/speed) of attacking forwards seems to have more impact.

    My point is now with play behind nets and limited room there, the offense is for the most part stifled. The forward are not afraid to come down below the circles because they are willing to dive in front of pucks to ‘recover’ and block shots.

    It’s not apples to apples, but watch a lacrosse game to see how ball (and player) movement creates more dynamic offensive zone play – hockey, in its confined spaces, has become pretty predictable and limits play making ability.

  218. bull dog line on

    plenty of teams out there would give you something of value for Boyle. I do not think Boyle fits anymore with the way the Rangers are built. they are starting to become a team that relies on more skill then grit. a team that plays a grinding style would love to have Boyle. or a team looking for a checking center would love to have Boyle. don’t underrate his value around the league, plenty of teams would be interested if he were made available.

  219. bull dog line on

    there is to much room behind the net, that is why you see 6 players behind the net constantly. you don’t score from behind the net, thats what is causing the offense to be down. as far as the Dmen are concerned, the angles are changed with the net out. Dmen can’t use the net to protect themselves anymore. by moving the net out you are taking away more of the offensive zone ice, not less. move the nets out more, and it will turn into lacrosse, the NHL goalies are already padded like lacrosse goalies.

  220. Sioux-per-man on

    No one – Manny. He’s a Ranger for the rest of his contract. And with 2 pts this year, he won’t light up the phones. If Calgary wants to trade a player that might want to win a Stanley Cup at the end of the year, I could see him in some sort of package. Just not sure who,how,what, or when.

    But hopefully he can build off yesterday, and become the shut down defense player that hits the body hard, kills penalties, and score a few goals.

    If he would crash the net, he would get alot more points reaking havoc in front of the goalies, and knock in a few greasy goals.

  221. I don’t see it happening, bull dog. For two reasons, I don’t know who would want Boyle and I don’t know who would actually be willing to give us something we actually WANT for him. We aren’t going to do much better at the cost.

    Boyle is good and I think does fit in our system. As long as he’s a productive member of the 3rd line.

  222. bull dog line on

    they got Powe for Rupp. you don’t think they could get anything of value for Boyle?

  223. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Just because this is more of a skill team than last year’s does not mean they need to have 12 skill forwards. And the salary cap would prevent that from happening even if it did.

  224. My point is that we can’t get anything better than Boyle back for Boyle. We got a different type of player for Rupp. We got a 4th line guy who kills penalties. And we got rid of a guy who could not handle playing on our 3rd line.

    Boyle fits a role on this team and I don’t think we can get another “Boyle” for Boyle since we already signed Pyatt (the leagues other Boyle-ish guy).

  225. Sioux-per-man on

    Ft Gy – my guess – this team can beat anyone on any given night!

    But Boston is a very tough team to play 7 games in a row, and win. Pittsburgh can just flat out score us.

    We all know these are the 2 teams to beat in the East, then there’s Montreal we can’t beat them on the road, and they are playing like the Rangers did last year. No Super Stars, but they will out work you and good luck scoring on Price if he is on.

  226. been on and off here all day.

    for catching up no one will want boyle at his 1.7 mil dollar price tag. we overpaid him and no one will take him.

    boyle needs to win faceoffs score once in a blue moon be hard to play against and use his size for us to get what we want out of him.

    and he also needs to out perform stu bickel who shouldnt ever see the ice

  227. Sioux-per-man on

    Bull Dog – Rupper has helped the Wild. They had no grit, or size to battle. Now he is playing more and helped the team beat Vancouver last night to take 1’st in the division.

    So that was a win/win trade for both teams.

    Which is why we need Boyle to Battle against Boston and Pittsburgh. He has to hit people hard, and make it difficult to play against this team. It’s takes both to win a Championship don’t you think?

  228. Meh, lets talk about something interesting. Some have bandied about the idea of Brendan Morrow as a rental. But I’ll bet the big Czech fella on the Stars will also be available. Thoughts?

  229. Sioux-per-man on

    What you don’t like Bickel?????

    Well…… he is a Gopher, what do you expect :)

  230. Sioux-per-man on

    I kid, I kid. I still think he has value if we need to drop the Gloves. Just don’t know where he plays. Not as a forward, and he will only get 5 minutes on Defense.

  231. I’m a fan of Bickel. I think as a 13th Forward he’s a quality addition to our team. If someone goes down in the lineup then our 4th line gets a little tougher. Right now, Haley is outplaying him. I don’t want to see Stu on defense though. Ever. Just let him ride the Wing on the 4th line when necessary.

  232. Inspector Clouseau on

    Good day to all. I have a cousin who resides in Bayonne, New Jersey. He’s in the Plumbing trade, believe he cleans out septic tanks. I’ll be visiting him touring holiday and would like to surprise him with a hearty American meal. Would any of you fine Boneheads care to recommend a place as I believe Bayonne to be in the heart of Bonehead nation. Merci.

  233. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t see why Bickel gets played at Forward over Gilroy whose skills more offensively oriented than Bickel

    (cue “yes, Gilroy’s skills are offensive”)

  234. Inspector Clouseau on

    Merci, Mr. Ft Gy. But, fortunately, I have taken the pledge and no longer imbibe.

  235. Sioux-per-man on

    Doodie – He is the real deal. He scores almost every game. Absolutely flies down the ice. Plays alot like Hags, but trapped in a Zucc’s body, and has that Nash ability to score goals.

    He is my favorite player to watch. Very much like Toews, Parise, Oshie, & Tony Hykac were.

    If you get a chance to catch the NCAA tournament when it starts, look for the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota :)

  236. Clouseau, try the Olde Pipe and Drain, 227 Flushing Ave. You won’t get Clobbered.

  237. bull dog line on

    never said I wanted 12 skill forwards. I said the Rangers are beginning to become more of a skill team. they are also a faster team, and in my opinion Boyle is being phased out. Boyle needs slower, grinding type players to play with. I don’t see that he works with anybody to form a line that he can be successful on. I also think the Rangers need to add a little more depth on the wings. if you can move Boyle for a useful winger, I think that makes sense.

  238. Inspector Clouseau on

    Merci, Mr. Coos, how appropriate, Flushing Ave. Hopefully, the return on my Euros will be favorable at the time, further protecting me from any potential “Clobbering” you speak of.

  239. Bickel is a god awful. Beyond his being a physically large body in a uniform, he contributes nothing. Guy is a very soft defender, has no puck awareness and more often than not gets caught out of position. Considering how little he plays, the number of times the team his trapped in the defensive zone when he’s on the ice is absurd. I get that he dresses because he can fight but his holes in every other area makes him a liability.

  240. rangers need to improve there depth, like replacing better players for bickell and gilroy. I’m sure this won’t be the team after the trading deadline. I have a feeling sather is working on improving this team.

  241. bull dog line on

    how about Boyle for another San Jose player. Ryan Clowe. he is a UFA to be, and having a bad season. I think he would be worth the gamble as a rental.

  242. you’d never get Clowe for Brian Boyle, unless you meant the Rangers would somehow land Dan Boyle and immediately trade him back to the Sharks

  243. bull dog line on

    why? he 0 goals in 15 games. he is a UFA to be.Boyle would be a more than fair offer.

  244. Clowe is a 50-point forward, Brian Boyle is a 25-point forward. He can do everything Boyle does with double the offensive output. Rangers would have to add prospects to make that deal interesting to San Jose.

  245. bull dog line on

    for a rental? having a poor year? I would be shocked if when they trade him they get anything more than draft picks. Boyle has what? 1 more year left on his contract? does anybody here see Boyle being a Ranger past that?

  246. I would rather have Bickel out there than Gilroy. This team NEEDS a tough presence. Have to stay balance.

  247. I’m not averse to shipping Boyle out but I think you’re overvaluing Boyle if you think you’re going to land one of the teams better forwards for a guy who’s a glorified 4th liner without sweetening the pot.

  248. Lloyd is right. Boyle for Clowe would be a fleece of the century. I wouldn’t even consider Boyle as a center piece of that deal. For Clowe (priced at about $3.8M) you would need to add some serious value. Like Del Zaster or Kreider or something in the _serious_ trade pieces.

    Bull dog – that trade is not even in the universe of reality. Clowe is legit. They would ask for Stepan or Hagelin and a D-Man.

  249. bull dog line on

    maybe I am, but I think you are talking about Clowe from a few years ago. this year he not scored a goal in 20 games, and I no longer think he is a top 6 player for them.

  250. I don’t like wasting lineup spots on bums but I can understand why he plays. Still, if Asham wasn’t a waste of money, you have him dress in Bickel’s place and Gilroy is the 6th d-man. We haven’t seen enough from Haley to know whether he’s worth anything or not but we know Bickel is crap so I’d rather see Haley be the one to dress until the Rangers can find some other option.

  251. bull dog line on

    no way Manny! Clowe is UFA to be, and playing poorly. I think it is right in the ball park.

  252. That is true, bull dog. He’s having a brutal year. Maybe we can get him cheaply. I don’t think Boyle is even close to what they want but they may not want what I previously said. Maybe they do it for Pyatt and Halpern or something.

  253. if Ryan Clowe is having a poor year, Brian Boyle has been having the kind of a year that results in most players on most teams being a consistent healthy scratch. did all that change because Boyle scored a goal yesterday and now he’s on par with Clowe? come on.

  254. Bulldog I agree that Boyle may be on the move. Only problem I have is the lack of size down the middle if he goes. Not that he’s used it to any kind of advantage consistently enough, but they’d need some size to replace him @ center.

  255. I really hope you’re right, bull dog. Apparently we have about $6M in cap space to play with at the deadline and Clowe would be a marvelous fit on this team. Plus, off a down year we could re-sign him cheaply.

  256. If all we did at the deadline was Get Staal back, Re-sign the ^Hobbit Wizard^ and trade for Clowe. I would be a happy, happy man.

  257. bull dog line on

    of course he’s not on par with Clowe. if they both had the same time left on there contracts, it not something San Jose considers. I get that. what I am saying is Clowe is an UFA, who San Jose is not going to resign. Boyle would be good value for them for Clowe. he would become the checking center they don’t have. the Rangers would be taking a gamble on a rental. trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

  258. so trading away one of their best forwards for a 4th liner who amounts to 1 extra year of playing time is the move that puts San Jose over the top

  259. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to say Miller is surprising me, a lot. When they picked him, I hated the pick. To me, it was playing it safe and getting the guaranteed 3rd liner instead of aiming for the fences for a potential 1st liner. But watching him play, he has more offensive upside than was advertised, in addition to the size and strength that have come as advertised. He could be a good 2nd line player.

    Looking back at Rangers’ 1st round picks from post lockout:

    2005: Traded up to get Staal. I liked the gamble and the pick.
    2006: Sanguinetti. Hated the pick. Not that I thought there were particularly good options available, but I was really hoping for Chris Stewart, who went 4 picks ahead. I just didn’t like Sanguinetti, at all.
    2007: Cherepanov. LOVED this pick. Nobody spectacular left on the draft board and swung for the fences. Shame what happened to him.
    2008: MDZ. I would have preferred Carlson but was OK with the pick.
    2009: Kreider. He was third highest remaining on my draft board. The two guys I had ahead of him (Caron and Ashton) haven’t done squat in the NHL.
    2010: McIlrath. Will forever be tied to Cam Fowler, who I, and many others, thought was the slam dunk choice here.
    2011: Miller. Wanted Rocco Grimaldi here as I thought he was the only remaining player with 1st line upside left in the draft.
    2012: Skjei. Was totally off of my radar, but picking this late in the first round, it’s hard to really be in on anyone. I think Kerdiles was the guy I wanted here.

  260. bull dog line on

    he is not one of there best forwards. thats the point you are missing. 0 goals in 20 games. he no longer 1 of there top 6. Clowe is going to get traded, and it is going to be to somebody in the east. Rangers should try to strike now.

  261. You’re really starting to convince me here, bull dog. This might actually be so much more doable than I thought.

  262. sorry but that’s flat out wrong

    and while you’re at it, why stop at Ryan Clowe? Boyle scored yesterday, Ovechkin didn’t and is having an off year. Maybe we can land him for Boyle.

  263. Man. If Clowe can no longer find the back of the net then he’s even more perfect as a Ranger than I thought!

    I really wanted him before but I assumed the price would be too high. But I think you’re right. He’s prime for the taking and they will definitely try to move him. Therefore, we can try and get him for something reasonable.

    Too bad we ate all that cap space on Roman Hamrlik.

  264. bull dog line on

    sorry Lloyd,
    my mistake, I should not have tried to engage you in conversation. lesson learned.

  265. you’re not trying to having a conversation, you’ve made a ridiculous proposal and relying on the general manager of the San Jose Sharks to be a homer Ranger fan. that’s not a conversation based in reality.

  266. Even if we could get Ovechkin for Boyle I would say no thanks.

    I still don’t think Boyle for Clowe is doable but I think something similar could actually happen if we throw in two players on our end. Pyatt and Gilroy?

  267. ESPN ranked the Senators 10th and the Rangers 11th in the power rankings. So now it’s OK that we lost that game to them.

  268. these sound like the trades Met fans propose when they call WFAN, giving up their flotsam for the best players on other teams

    you’d have to throw in prospects, not healthy scratches

  269. Do we even have any prospects that the Sharks would be interested in? I was pretty sure that we are relatively depleted down there aside from Lindberg, Borque, Mcllrath, Kreider and Thomas.

  270. Rangers gave up two of their top six forwards and of their defensive prospects to get Nash, they didn’t offer Columbus Mike Rupp.

  271. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t believe how badly Howson Howsoned the Nash trade. He could have had JT Miller and Christian Thomas but instead he chose Artem Anisimov. As Charles Barkley would say: Turrble.

  272. Lloyd- I think what Bull Dog is saying happens to make sense here. Clowe has a close to $4M cap hit and the Sharks would probably like to move him before they let him go for nothing. If their plan was to lose him they would just waive him. Thus, I think they might actually entertain a trade. I think Pyatt is realistic because he’s another large, 3rd line RW that they would use. Boyle might even be reasonable because he’s a 3rd line Center or LW. I assume the Sharks will want a bit of a haul, as in two players, but why wouldn’t it be doable?

    I happen to be one person that _wants_ Clowe on our team because he adds a great physical presence to our 3rd line. One that is lacking right now. And not lacking for lack of overall size.

  273. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, Dubi and Anisimov were not true top 6 forwards. They, especially Dubi, were better suited as third liners.

  274. Sioux-per-man on

    The only thing we would get for Boyle would be Gomez….. LOL.

    Now considering we would save $1.7 next year, that might be worth it if we needed a speedy 3rd line center.

    I’m sure the Habs fans would get a laugh out of that, Gomez for Gaborik & McDonagh, and have Gomez back for the Cup run, and him on the team when we beat them.

    Say what you want about him, he helped build this team by getting traded. How on they let McD

  275. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny and bulldog,

    The Sharks would get more for Clowe than Boyle. If they put him on the market, someone will pony up a lot more than Brian Boyle. For instance, Minny could use some toughness (remember, they traded for Rupp). Or if the Sharks want to send him west, Montreal could use his size, as could Pittsburgh for some snarl.

  276. I was about to say what Doodie just said. Dubinsky and Anisimov aren’t top 6 guys (Wings only) on this Rangers squad. They are outperformed by Nash, Gaborik, Hagelin, Callahan and maybe JT Miller soon.

    Thus we dumped Dubinsky’s excessive cap hit to Columbus, where he has continued on his less than torrid pace. Anisimov has been pretty good. But none of them compare to Vinny Prospal and his 8 Goals and 19% shooting Percentage.

  277. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Lloyd Braun March 11th, 2013 at 3:54 pm
    these sound like the trades -Met- Yankee fans propose when they call WFAN, giving up their flotsam for the best players on other teams.


  278. Doodie – I literally said that Boyle was not even close to enough for Clowe. It’s going to take TWO players. Maybe Pyatt/Boyle and someone else that isn’t a healthy scratch 9/10 nights.

  279. So you think the Sharks trade Clowe to Montreal for Prust? Because then he would finally be able to hang with Jumbo Shrimp.

  280. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, even coming out of the playoffs, if you were to draw up the lines for next year (prenash), the top two would have been something like Kreider-Stepan-Callahan and Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik. Maybe you switch wings or centers among those six forwards, but those were the guys. Dubi and Anisimov were looking at third line duty.

  281. bull dog line on

    in a normal year Doodie, I would agree.
    Clowe is not having a normal year. his value has been seriously hurt.

  282. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, it doesn’t matter. The old addage applies- big guys have to prove to you that they can’t play. Think about Chris Gratton, who after YEARS of being terrible, was still getting huge contracts based purely on his size and potential.

  283. Per Andrew Gross, Rangers tickets will increase by an average of 4% next season. Somebody has to pay for the transformation.

  284. Doodie Machetto on

    That average increase stuff is BS. Last year they said it was like 6% and my tickets went up by 36%

  285. We acquired Jagr in the later part of his prime for Anson Carter and Roman Ndur and people still want to debate on whether desperate GM’s will occasionally pull the trigger and take what they can get? lol

  286. Doodie Machetto on

    James G, the Jagr thing was because Jagr was a cancer that NOBODY wanted, with several years left on his contract. The Caps couldn’t even move him without agreeing to pay half of his salary for the remainder of his contract.

  287. Timeout here. If you somehow think Boyle for clowe is a deal to be made you all ate nuts. With his impending ufa status and the grit that he plays with and his ability to play top 6 minutes at least 6-8 other teams will go after clowe. Keep this in mind the bruins have almost 11-12 mil in cap space after Thomas deal. They could offer more then Boyle. Watch the bruins come deadline day. Iginla clowe could easily be there.

  288. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, they don’t need a Clowe. They have plenty of their own guys that do what he does. Iginla, yes. Clowe, no.

  289. A Cancer that nobody wanted that’s still playing and contributing in Dallas and gone on to score how many points since then? I’m not saying it always makes sense or even trying to engage in this Boyle – Clowe argument. But facts are facts. Sometimes one sided trades do happen.

  290. Doodie Machetto on

    Nash deal was partly caused by Nash. With his NMC, the options for Columbus were pretty limited.

    As for Gomez, Bob Gainey.

  291. So, Eric. What’s reasonable? Everyone is always coming on here saying “that won’t work” without giving a description of what will. It’s like my Boss says, “don’t just tell me there is a problem find a solution.”

  292. Yes. Ft Gy. You’re clearly the problem. All you do is criticize around here. Why not take some personal reflection time and stop eating so much? Or at least take off that little coat!

  293. Doodie I was actually curious about it -Jagr since the pitiful season in Washington and the trade to NY that season- 153 goals 238 assists 391 points. Carter hasn’t played in the NHL since ’07….

  294. Doodie Machetto on

    James, nobody, and I mean nobody, was expecting Jagr’s resurgence after the lockout. His stats had been slumping for 3 years straight and he had another 4 years left on a deal paying him 11 million bucks a year. Not to mention, like I said, complete cancer.

    This wasn’t lopsided like the Joe Thornton deal or the Gomez deal where one side makes a bad move. Washington was under orders to cut salary, and the Rangers were the only team willing to take on 6 million dollars a season in risk. Jagr even had to agree to defer 1 million a year in salary for the trade to happen. Plus, there was uncertainty over the new CBA, so again, it was a risky financial proposition that only the Rangers stepped up to the plate for.

    The reason Carter went the other way was because he had an expiring contract.

  295. If I took a moment to look at my personal reflection, I may not be able to eat ever again

  296. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny I thought Rocco would get picked before JT Miller as well, and was hoping to see him as a Ranger draft pick. I guess the Rangers needed a Power Forward to play along the boards, I just thought JT would need a couple of years to grow into an NHL forward. Now it seems he is as good or better than Boyle.

    JT is a better pick for the NHL over Grimaldi. Just because Rocco’s size. He is only 5’6 ON skates. I’m affraid he would be just like Zucc. An AHL ALL STAR, Loaded with talent, but would have to score like St. Louis to stick in the Rangers system. Possible…… just not very probable.

    That said. He is my favorite player to watch, and I see a real chance for him to play NHL minutes for the Panthers.

    2003 Parise picked 17th. Ugh Rangers picked what 12th that year. With Brown, Parise, Getzlaf, Kessler, Mike Richards, Perry, Shea Weber, Patrice Bergeron all there at the time, wow just think if we had one of those guys on this team, as a draft pick.

    I guess we have Brian Boyle from that year, he was picked 26th. Ahead of have that list above.

    Now looking back 10 years is easy.

    Who do you pick this year? Who is the Byfuglien in the rough? Crazy how he was picked 245. The Chicago scout was at the game to look at a different player that night. When the pick came up nobody had a name for a player left in the draft, except the scout that seen him play one game. Kind of how we landed Henrik I guess.

  297. Grimaldi was fun to watch in the world Juniors. I hope he makes the NHL at some point.

  298. I don’t see us moving anyone in top 6 to get clowe. So what’s left 3rd 4th line guys they won’t want. Christian Thomas? Prob not

    Don’t see how we get clowe unless bigger package with multiple players from each team with gabby going back and Dan Boyle and clowe coming to us. Some crap like that

  299. I like the idea of getting Dan Boyle back in a trade. Right handed shooting D-Man playing top pair minutes in San Jose. I guess we could throw one of our D-Men into that deal since we would be getting a solid D-Man back.

  300. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bulldog – Clowe for Boyle will never happen

    Not that I would trade anybody but…….

    Clowe/Pavelski for Boyle/Kreider/thomas

    who wins that fantasy trade?

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