It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Capitals


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Game 24.
Rangers at Capitals.

Ya boys begin a four-game road trip as they hit the half-way mark of this Bettmaned 48-game season.

They lost a four-game winning streak with that loss to Ottawa Friday at the Garden. They can jump over New Jersey into seventh place in the East with a win or a Bettman Bonus Point for losing.

Martin Biron starts in goal. Roman Hamrlik is prucha’d, so Matt Gilroy goes back into the lineup on defense. And Brian Boyle, who was prucha’d when Brad Richards returned Friday, gets back in, in place of Stu Bickel. Marc Staal (undisclosed eye-related injury) remains out indefinitely.


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Thanks to all who volunteered to do next Saturday’s review of the Rangers-Penguins game. I was overwhelmed. I might have an opening for one of the night games during this trip, too, thanks to, you know, my “other” job. I’ll let you know.

Also, we hope to have a Live Chat at some point during the week.

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  1. lets go boys. i would like a 500 roadtrip minimum 4 of 8 pts. can biron deliver today. im worried about him today

  2. Gilroy and Boyle in; Hamrlik and Bickel out. Phew! Hard to watch such slow skaters. Last chance for Boyle to get himself going? To the net, maybe? Does he know he’s big?

  3. Boy, do we give up that goal a lot. Down early, and on a shot from the point, forward late to block.

  4. I need someone to explain the term “home and home” to me. Why isn’t it “home and away”?

  5. besides ganbby triple ot winner last year in game 3 this building is like the second coming of the house of horrors like montreal

  6. Yea Pimp. Looks like Eminger is going to have one of his good games today. Tons o’ Bickels.

  7. So I’ll actually miss the whole game because the NHL still can’t apply their blackout policy properly.

    UK broadcaster insists it does not force blackouts on delayed coverage games. Either the NHL is ignoring them or they are lying.

  8. That stinks, LW. But on the plus side you don’t have to worry about watching Eminger on the PK.

  9. wow!!! rangers look soft today. There is no energy in there game at all, looks like there taking the day off, daylight savings special.

  10. Yes eric. Holtby will have to shower after the team dumps champagne on him for the shutout he is about to put up.

  11. I like how NBC went to the home bench first for their amazing interviews. Probably figured that asking Torts for his thoughts right now isnt the best idea.

  12. Ice capades by the white shirts so far. Beautiful rink turns up and down the line-up. Move your feet!!

  13. I love that their Capt. has a total defensive breakdown and our Capt. is down at the other end distracting the goalie.

    Great goal for stonehands Stepan.

  14. Comepletely undeserved.

    First NYRangers goal that I haven’t cheered for.

    Although it was actually a smart play.

  15. Hasn’t Pierre watched any hockey this season. That’s interference, every single time this season, if Ovechkin even nudges Stepan there without the puck at center ice. The one consistently-called penalty in every game.

  16. this team needs to show some more emotion. sense the urgency in these games. game 24 of 48 its not early anymore

  17. CARP,

    McNugget is the ultimate clown. He thinks he’s watching synchronized swimming right now.

  18. Pierre didn’t get the new rule memo. You can’t even Friend the guy if he doesn’t have the puck.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    nice whistle…sort of like 2 yrs ago in Washington game 1…anyone remember?

  20. So, just listening to Dave and Kenny….

    HAMR told them that the Rangers practice he had the other day was the HARDEST he’s ever had in his career…

    He compared it to the Capitals which is like country-club atmosphere…

    Torts told Maloney that he’s in better shape than HAMR…LOL!!

  21. The Rangers just don’t get it. They can pound this Caps team into a loss. They are even softer than us.

  22. Oh boy, once these talking heads start yapping about something, they can’t stop. This Ovechkin non-hit would be a non-issue if the goalie didn’t gift up a softie.

  23. There really is no excuse to losing to this team. Seriously. We need to be able to best crap teams like this. It’s halfway through the season, there’s no excuse.

  24. The Caps are soft, Pimp. But I’m sure Volpatti is looking for Haley out there. They may Tango later.

  25. rare to see what Gilroy brings anymore.
    a little sad each time i hear
    Kundratek’s name mentioned.

  26. better last 10 mins still have zero condience in biron today. he settled in but he worries me

  27. Thank goodness they weathered that terrible start. They woke up and starting playing! I really can’t take Doc.. Shaaaaaaaaaattttttt.. DRIVES ME NUTS!


  28. not sure i agree that Caps are soft. Chimera, Brouwer, Hendricks, Beagle … Ovechkin when he wants to play … not soft. Their D, other than Poti and Green, are not soft.

  29. Not only is McDonagh a great skater; I think he has untapped offensive talent. The points on the power play should be MDZ and McDonagh. End of story.

  30. Soft goal by Biron to start the period, but he looks solid now. Made a couple of real good saves or it could have been 2-0 or worse. Glad the team woke up, let’s see how long it lasts…

  31. Holtby is garbage. One of my “friends” who likes the Caps was telling me that in 3 years he thinks Holtby will be the best goaltender in the league.

    I had to remind him that they might not have him in 3 years (FA) but you know. Apparently this guy thinks he will be better than Hank, Price, Quick, Rinne and Co.

  32. the caps goal should have been interference. wards stick hit Biron in the head…

    softie but rest of period just fine.

  33. You’re right Carp. In name and roster they shouldn’t be soft. But they tend to play soft. Hendricks has been knocked over twice by Pow! Chimera is falling down everywhere.

  34. sure miss Staal..
    another stud d man changes everything.

    gabby win a board battle yet? did not see 1 yet.

    lucky they got darell powe on the 3rd line.. total joke and all you need to know about rangers offensive woes…

  35. Oh, and the Caps have the softest guy in the NHL in Mike Ribeiro. He dives like a Europansy soccer player.

  36. Gabby threw a pretty good forecheck body check, Stuart. That has to count for something.

  37. someone should tell emminger you only need 2 or 3 players behind the net not all 4…..

  38. Pretty good 2nd half of period. 1st half could have been worst start of year. Or at least one of. Good sign that they woke up.

  39. eddie eddie eddie on

    mcd has the talent and speed to go end to end…just needs the confidence now

  40. NBC boys, especially Dingleberry Milbury love to beat up Ovechkin. Sometimes with merit, sometimes it’s a stretch.

  41. Of our 9 guys with a SOG, 4 are Defenseman including 2 from McDonagh and 2 from Girardi. Those guys are joining the plays today. I like it.

    McDonagh is really developing into a #1.

  42. czechthemout!!! on

    Still playing knock hockey on offenseband defense. Is Gabby playing tonight? I am not sure.

    That first goal allowed was ECHL quality by Biron.

    Boyle was very inactive despite playing a regular shift. Trade bait for Dubi.

  43. Someone should tell Del Zotto not to take Penalties with depleted Defense because then Eminger has to play the PK and gets lost out there, Stuart.

  44. I really hope that Mickelson doesn’t win this tournament. I bet the tax consequences if he wins will be tremendous.

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    first 10 minutes the rink was tilted……happy with 1-1…….this isnt game 7, but maybe a game 3

  46. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    you guys should be VERY concerned that eminger is our most physical D man and its by a mile.

  47. You guys worry to much about cap. Are we boneheads or accountants? Down with the cap!

  48. Was going to mention it earlier. Miss ORR the most around here. He probably went away for college or something. He used to be on here more than most of us.

  49. czechthemout!!! on


    We can get CBJ to eat half the cap, it would be worth it for Boyke and a two mikkion cap hit. The worse hit for the rest of this season is the Hamerlik cap hit. Like I said, dumb move.

  50. We need too find a capologist for the blog. Who is good with numbers? Any volunteers?

  51. there is no way dubi is coming back to the rangers. The new gm for the jackets wants to dump his salary 100% because he is making to much money for what he brings to the table. It isn’t happening.

  52. Meant to tell you guys: I was at my birthday dinner last night at ACME Restaurant in NoHo (I think that’s a neighborhood in Manhattan, right?), which was amazing, and Mrs. Manny and I were discussing whether the Nash trade is a good idea in the long run. Also talking about how much we miss Prust and toughness and ended up meeting a future bonehead at the table next to us. Really great dinner all around and great to meet someone else who can’t focus on anything when the Rangers are being discussed. He mentioned he reads the blog but doesn’t comment (yet). Hopefully he joins us soon. Insightful Boneheads are few and far between.

  53. Gaborik = 1 SOG.

    How many more does he need to equal 1 win, stuart?

    Czech – That isn’t true. You can’t do that under the new CBA. You cannot have a team hold onto part of the cap. (I think)

  54. Gaborik locking his skates and shooting from a bad angle. Drive the net! Score! Draw a penalty! Can’t wait for the playoffs this year.

  55. _Dubinsky=not happening_

    Players have moved between teams before. Hence, your position that this is a 100% impossibility is clearly incorrect.

  56. there are shifts where gabby is gliding in half speed thats what drives me nuts about him

  57. “Probing, warming & jostling”. From another room, you might think I was watching porno.

  58. Hate when a juicy rebound comes to the high slot and passes every one by. Position integrity weak.

  59. I don’t believe he played the whole two minutes, Edzo. First unit, if I’m not mistaken, was 10-61-24-21-4.

  60. Great work by Boyle. Huge.

    McBust now 16th best US born Defenseman.

    More great Def. by Ovechkin

  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    eddie eddie eddie March 10th, 2013 at 1:02 pm
    Boyle with a shot on goal….i think he scores a goal today


  62. Great PP! Nick Rash baby!

    Now we will see if Haley entertains Volpatti.

    Holtby = Garbage

  63. I hate everyone who doesn’t score.

    I love everyone who does.

    I have character flaws.

  64. *I see another goal this game*, just can’t read the number yet, but it’s coming to me..

  65. good timeout. manage these 7 mins.. need to get out of period up 2 with the long change. no momentum for caps. lull them to sleep

  66. How long to the make-up call. That double-Ovi was terrible by the refs. Added up to 2/3 of a penalty maybe. Nancification.

  67. I wonder if HWirth is watching this game and crying and missing Dubinsky and Erixon…

  68. HWirth may disagree with people sometimes but, in my opinion, he’s a breath of fresh air around here and usually engages in thoughtful hockey discussion. Disagreements lead to good discussion here.

    But you forgot to mention Anisimov, NYR.

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    not sure i make the nash trade…..nash is only leading in goals, assists, pts, shots, blah blah blah balh

  70. How was that NOT supposed to be a call(s) on Ovechkin? They should call him on “stupidity” alone.

  71. OK since I’m reading while watching the game. I’ll explain again since clearly posting it 20X yesterday didn’t get through to people on the board. I have NEVER once said anything bad about Nash. Never called him anything but a Superstar. So when he scores – GREAT he should he’s making 7.8 mil dollars a year. He’s SUPPOSED to lead the way.

    My issue with the trade is:
    1. It changed the makeup of the team. Which it still has. No matter have many goals he scores
    2. His long term 7.8 million dollar will hurt them to have balanced scoring down the road

    He’s a GREAT player. DUH! That was never my argument. So fire away when he scores. Won’t change my opinion.

  72. Playful teasing? You mean like the “forearm shiver” move that Pierre and Doc were talking about earlier?

  73. I’m glad you are reading, HW!!!

    No problem with that…I guess nothing short of a Cup birth will change your mind…

  74. “Our Wall Play”?!?! Well, he’s the NHL coach, and I’m not, but… Really? Which was our wall goal? Why is it 3-1 and not 1-1. The wall play? Oy.

  75. And by the way he could lead them in pts, assists, shots, breathing I could care less. It’s about the team. If the team doesn’t have better results he could score 70 goals and I wouldn’t care.

  76. Hwirth, IMO, you the man. .don’t let these over the hill clowns, like me, bring you down.

  77. Nothing will change his argument unless they win the Cup. Which as I said yesterday is ridiculous in my book. No point in arguing this further. Hey maybe we should get Dubinsky at $4 million back? Nash for Dubinsky?

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you can’t comprehend what hwirth’s point is, let it go…

    There’s a lot of one-dimensional thinkers here.

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    that was a fantastic period….Boyle will score 30 this year,,,,,his fuse is lit

  80. sorry carp for no chance comment after 1s t goal he seemed lost. its me though u know im ready to jump any moment lol

  81. boyle scored. thank you lord. I do not expect him to be a big scorer but at a 12 to 15 goal pace for a full season is not asking too much.

    gabby being exposed by nbc for his inability to take a hit to make a play. as I have said for a while he is soft..too bad…

    btw Gilroy is better then bickell not even debateable…

  82. This is why I wouldn’t have now 3 guys over 6 mil on the Cap. This stuff happens.

    Pat Leonard ?@NYDNRangers
    Good pt 1st time since Gm 11 (Asham) @TheBroadwayHat “With Boyle scoring, is that the first time the 3rd or 4th line has scored in a while?”

    Sometimes less is more in sports.

  83. Both Ovi’s phantom penalties NOT on the wall, but in open ice. Good play on the wall is always good, but that’s not where the goals came from.

  84. hwirth- can u elaborate on our convo from hstreams about richards and u love his contract yet you hate nash’s?

  85. I do not worry about nash’s contract for 3 more years.. the guy is 28. again rick nash is the leat of the rangers problems…

    get staal back and they have 3 horse d men….

    the PP has been better, they actually have been moving the puck around….

  86. Grabby – I hated the Richards contract too. By the way. Thought that contract would be a problem on the back end.

  87. I’d rather Gaborik avoid huge hits to dump the puck in then screw up his shoulder again. Gaborik is his shot. And his shot is needed for winning overtime.

  88. Hey we’re winning w/o Prust and Mitchell! :)

    At the Itish Times having a great time with bunch of crazy Rangers fans!


  89. nash is 4 years younger then Richards….

    nash contract is not a problem for years. nash is better then getzlaf, not even close…

  90. NBC…..more Ovechkin criticism…..never hear any of this about Cindy and his diving, etc.

    NBC= Never Berate Cindy

  91. Rod Langway just came over to us n was busting our chops on all the Ranger fans with us. Great guy great stories spent over a half hr with us.

  92. And to finish the pt before I get the “What do you want? A bunch of 3rd and 4th liners”

    The Bruins have no player making more than 5.2 mil this year and with extensions have no one making over. Lucic is at 6. Seguin is at 5.75. It’s allows to spend a little more on guys for 3rd and 4th line so guys like Stu Bickel don’t have to play there.

  93. I love watching NBC. I love constant stories about the Flyers and Capitals. I love it. Really glad Comcast is so closely involved with the NHL. It’s great. Love it.

  94. Biron has been tremendous!

    Rick Nash does EVERYTHING well. He is an absolute BEAST.

  95. Now back to the game. Nice to see how much faster the puck moves on the PP when Richards is not on the point. I can only think of one team that was great on the PP using a forward on the PP point and that was Francis in Pitt sometimes played the point. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  96. Nash’s goal scoring streak ties the longest goal scoring streak in Rangers history since Jaromir Jagr had 6 straight games with at least a goal and Petr Prucha had 9 goals in 6 straight games in 2005-06…. (#kennyalbert)

  97. nash’s goal given to Callahan on a tip.

    nbc loves to berate ovechkin.

    Crosby is the golden child…

  98. That ’79 team … could you imagine them playing today? They all smoked and drank in the lockerroom after games, none of them were in shape, just a bunch of characters.

  99. Are we still trading BOyle ($1.2M, 1G) for Dubinsky ($4.2M, 1G)?

    We have 22 SOG. Brian Boyle wears #22. WOW. Mind Blown.

  100. carp

    been selling my pair a lot by press box and sititng in bar stool with a friend. easier on the wallet paying for one seat at 50 bucks then two seats at 145 for the pair i own.

    be in my seats come playoff time though if we somehow sneak in

  101. ThisYearsModel on

    I was surprised not to see Mr. Snider on. After all, he is the patriarch of the NHL.

  102. Board play did lead to the first penalty, directly. The ensuing power-play was pivotal, perhaps, even if they didn’t score. I love it when the Rangers work well on the boards, and Tortorella knows what he is doing, says things for a reason. I just find it frustrating, when we see goals like Boyle’s and Nash’s off nice passing in both cases, to hear that it’s about the boards rather than the movement.

  103. Grabby – I never take it personally. I have a strong opinion. I know it’s going to get ridiculed at times and there is going to be plenty of times I am wrong. It’s all good.

    I don’t like these long term contracts for huge money. Very rarely works out for the team. And the compliance buyout I believe (ILB correct me if I am wrong) is only good for this and next off-season. Then it’s like the Yashin Islander buyout when the cap hit goes down but stays on for longer years.

  104. I don’t hate forwards on the point in all cases, but I think Richards has been awful there. These past two PPs, and many lately, have looked fine with Stepan or Gaborik (during the 4-on-3) on the points.

  105. I did not even see cally tip nash’s shot!!!wow.

    kill this Pk and we can settle in…

  106. lf the time the 79 team didn’t even watch the game…..they were constatntly looking at the girls that would come up behind the bench…ooh la la sasson!

  107. hwirth the long term contracts do not work out about 96% of the time.

    nash’s is deal is not horrible,

  108. We have scored 3 goals and all have been totally different goals. This is how a balanced team should score.

  109. Fair enough on the boards debate. Boyle scoring is best thing that’s happened today in any case.

  110. “We have scored 3 goals and all have been totally different goals. This is how a balanced team should score.”

    Exactly, Manny. That is why is STRONGLY disagree that this just the Rich Nash show and not a team…this is A FAST TEAM…with VERSATILE SKILLS.

  111. Rob in Beantown on

    Nevermind, I thought I heard them say they changed Boyle’s goal to Callahan, but I was wrong.

  112. I agree with that, NYR. We are playing the example of why I HATE the idea of a team being built around one guy.

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    The old forum would rise and roar GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY when the flower began the rush

  114. I don’t want to fight with you NYR. But Boyle scored their first 1 goal from the 3rd and 4th line since game 11. That’s 12 games. That’s not balanced.

  115. Flower Scored the OT goal against B’s in game 7 of the 79 semi’s which ultimately sealed our fate. Agree Eddie, what a player.

  116. Totally agree Eric – They played less than 24 hours ago. Dump it in pound their D and put them to bed.

  117. I don’t want to fight with you either, HW. You are entitled to your opinion…

    But, Boyle nearly scored another right there….

  118. George McPhee looked like GM of the decade several years ago. What the heck happened???

  119. Either Boyle is getting in game shape, was nursing an injury or FINALLY got the message from the Coach. Much more aggressive to the net today.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boyle having a great game…but to say he has been even ok for nearly all this season is wacked

  121. stranger nation on

    lets trade Nash back to BJs for Dubi and Arty!!

    what is Chara’s salary? they won cup with Thomas – what was his salary?

    If our other three top earners (Richards, Gabby, Hank) were playing as high a level as Nash, we would be better than last season and that is the TRUTH!

  122. He has been terrible. But, I never stopped believing in the guy…he’s a very good player when he’s on…today shows…

  123. Check that , Yvonne lambert scored OT winner vse B’s in 79. The Flower tied it late in regulation.

  124. NYR – There’s something we do agree on. I don’t think Boyle is as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He was playing terribly to start the year. But I think he is better than he was playing.

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boyle is playing a great game….most of the team is playing well…..gabby the lone exception….

  126. Stranger – His cap hit was 6.9 which is below both Gabby and Nash. Plus, I have no problem giving money to top D man. I am talking about forwards. Number 1 d-men are like left handed pitching in baseball. Hard to find top guys. We haven’t had one in years. McD and Girardi are extremely good numbers 2 but they are not number 1 guys because neither has the offensive game.

  127. OK, I don’t think Backstrom is going to score fifteen goals in fifteen seconds in the match.

  128. For those that want fighting out of the sport. You do that and crap like Ribiero just did will be rampant and he would never have to answer for his behavior.

  129. HW – Last year, yes. This year, I’d rather spend the cap hit on some grit and toughness like a Morrow from Dallas if available. Good part of him, he’s our property no matter what. We can bring him back anytime. Wait till deadline day. Nothing opens up to add depth then yes he’s an option.

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    MZA’s shootout skill faded fast….he didnt do much after the great start

  131. Great job by the whole line. But that must feel great for Brad. Back to back games with a goal.

  132. Lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon I must say…..I have a mental stick salute ready to go….

  133. Way to turn this game around boys! later all… to see the light of day for a while…

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers Win!

    (sing along)
    Everything is beautiful in it’s own way.
    Like the starry summer night, or a snow-covered winter’s day.
    And everybody’s beautiful in their own way.
    Under Tortarella, the Rangers gonna find the way.

  135. way to start the roadtrip. classic road game. rest of the day is bright now. taking the 2 year old to play now

  136. I hope this game shows the coach Stu Bickel CAN NEVER EVER play forward again. Haley, when not acting like fool, is at least of NHL calibre. The 3rd and 4th lines today at least looked like they belonged in the NHL.

  137. That’s it. Gotta beat the teams everyone else is beating and move on. Same applies for Tuesday against a really bad Buffalo team that we kinda owe one to as well.

  138. Biron sucks. Buyout Richards. Trade Gaborik. DZ is terrible. 4th line is the worst in the league.

    Anything else I can add to this list that people probably won’t say after this game? Haha

  139. I guess kevin allen of usa today saying mcdonagh is not a US Olympian does not jive with the 3 blind mice announcing today!!!

    mac truck looks like he is back in a groove. get staal back and the yare loaded on the blueline…..

    biron has been surprisingly good… other teams are playing there #1 goalies every game rangers still managing henrik

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    FLA – oats has some wacked peepers too , but neil is hypnotizing me with his…..

  141. Outside of the first 10 minutes, that was as good as they’ve looked all season

  142. Rob in Beantown on

    Not-so-dominating performance by Braden “The Dominator” Holtby in this one. Rangers made him look mortal for a change

  143. none, eddie. the Rangers were upset that I was the only writer who said the news “didn’t sound good” when they made that generic statement about Staal a few days ago. To me, it didn’t sound good at all, and I don’t have any idea if we’ll see him again this season.

  144. We did not suck in the second period today. That’s a plus. Hope Dan Girardi’s son was there to watch Pops.

  145. I didn’t see the Kevin Allen story but who did he pick to be the 7 or 8 D over him.

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still think when they use the term will make a full recovery that it can only be something serious and he is out for an extended period.

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    still, took a 2-0 lead in the first against Dryden…then shaboom…..back at MSG they lost game 3 or 4 in OT…that wast that

  148. Exactly Carp. I remember sitting there early in game 2 up 2-0 thinking, Holy Carcillo, we’re gonna win the Cup!!!!!

  149. mcdonagh is very good already and he has a chance to be great. need to work on his offensive game and he can be elite…..

    such a talented skater…learning subtle stick moves from Girardi….

    a pleasure to watch…emminger has been a good 3rd pair d man, plays more physical then Gilroy…

  150. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – it didnt look good…no crime in saying that…..i wonder how he’s feeling…upbeat?…worrried?…..

  151. hwirth I forget allens usa d picks but he had mcdonagh 8 or 9.. he had jack Johnson over him.. Johnson is not remotely as good as mcdonagh….Johnson is significantly overrated and inferior in the d zone for sure…

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    papa – that team had 15 HoFers…..I could have played goalie and won the cup

  153. USA D-men. 1. Suter 2. Jack Johnson 3. Eric Johnson 4. Shattenkirk 5. Paul Martin 6. Yandle 7. McDonagh 8. Orpik

    Just misses: Goligoski, Carlson, Ryan Whitney,

  154. Looking at the box score and it lists Staal as a scratch due to a “Facial Laceration”. First I have it categorized as such.

  155. Looking at it. You can’t have 8 offensive guys, so I’d think you’d put Orpik and McD on for some defensive conscious, no?

  156. stranger nation on

    do Staal’s parents know how he is doing or are they just not letting the fans know?

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    papa – the HNIC canada crew loved Rajean Houle

    Houle with the puck…Houle moves in…Houle…Houle shoots…..Houle with the goal

  158. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think we should make a 3 stars rule that cally and Nash are given and it should be the other 3 stars

  159. Trips e, hold on to your good stuff , where do for a post game “Carp” from the man.

  160. stranger nation on

    re McD – he is on the shut down D pair, his first and foremost responsibility is to stop the opponents top line. Mostly paired (awaiting TOI stats to be proved wrong…) with 3rd line. One never goes against Commandant Torts first rule, thou shall play from your own goal forward.

    That being said, would love to give him more freedom because he can skate with anyone. Anyone? Yes, anyone!

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    78-79 was magical…..the rangers were so much fun to watch that year…..the series against the Islanders was such a treat…..i idint think they could beat the habs…and wasnt too bummed when they lost in 5

  162. bull dog line on

    Dryden was real good. would get bored from time to time and let in some bad ones.
    Gilroy was awful today. McD was great. like Hagelin better with Stepan. also like Nash better with Stepan.

  163. -My Friend- A guy I know, who is a Caps fan was at the game and just txted me (No txt) that the game was “really boring”

  164. And since we are on the topic. Forwards should be fun:

    1. Dustin Brown 2. Pat Kane 3. Parise 4. Backes 5.Bobby Ryan 6. Ryan Malone 7. Kessel 8. Pavelski 9. Cally 10.Statsny 11. Kesler (if healthy) 12. Oshie 13. Pacioretty 14. JVR

  165. McD made it look easy today. There isn’t a league out there that can hold him. Caps fought the law today, and the law won

  166. The Blues have 3 players that are for sure on the US Olympic Team (Oshie, Backes and Shattenkirk). Shouldn’t they be better?

  167. bull dog line on

    Malone (age), and Kessel (not liked) will not be on team. you are overrating Statsny a bit. otherwise like your list.

  168. both johnsons are not as good as mcdonagh, neither is paul martin or orpik.

    shattenkirk is better offensively at present by far but doubt defensively.

    sutter is better based on resume have not seen him play yet this year.

    bottom line mcbulldozer should be on the team… have the team be based on merit not resume.. ie stastny, Malone, etc…..

  169. For me, I think once we take into account the ice size in the olympics McBust and his skating ability is a no brainer. But I think a lot of the analysis about who is on the American team is just Hockey writers looking at stats. McDonagh is not, statistically, that impressive yet.

  170. Big Papa – I haven’t heard from Coozinski or anyone. I’m not big on e-mails and I barely text, maybe 50 in my life. The only times I talks to youse guys in on here. Maybe he didn’t know it was an afternoon game EST?

  171. Bull Dog –

    Kessel can score, even though he plays no defense.
    Malone – He’s a little old. I thought same thing. But, he’s really good on the PP in front of the net.
    Statsny -I couldn’t find a better center to take him out. Maybe Wheeler or Legwand (he’s old too though) or maybe Eric Cole (not my favorite).

  172. Manny – great call. Completely brain cramped about the change in ice. Gotta have more speed and puck handling skill over size to account for change. Therefore, MCD has to be on the team. Orpik will probably not make it then and I’d have to add Gogo for his skating.

  173. I like Big Buff but for the tourney, but I’d put him back to forward. Can’t play D.

  174. bull dog line on

    based on talent, Kessel would be a no brainer, just don’t think he is a very well liked player. you are not going to like my choice over Stastny, but here goes, Derek Stepan. better player than Stastny.

  175. Amen, HWirth. That fatso can play but he can’t skate on that huge sheet of ice.

    If Stepan continues on the path he’s on he will definitely make the team.

  176. Bull Dog – Team USA loves him. Won for them before in WJHC. But I don’t know if Burke (assuming he’s the GM) would take him over vets like Statsny or Cole.

  177. Ft Gy, thanks. I had no idea his name was Coozinski. I thought he was Irish. Not that it matters.

  178. bull dog line on

    I take back what I said about Stastny, I am probably underrating him. I still like Stepan to be on the team though.

  179. NHL Network expects the Bruins to make a substantial move to bolster their roster. You just know they will somehow get Perry.

  180. If we don’t have at least 4 Rangers on the USA squad, I’m rooting for Ireland.

  181. Anybody look at CapGeek lately? Phlyers have $0 in cap space. Hysterical.

    Supposedly we still have about $6M to play with at the deadline.

  182. HWirth – who do you think gets the nod behind the bench? And which goalie will perform well enough to be in net. I assume the group competing is: Quick, Howard or Miller with Schneider and Anderson a long shot to make it.

  183. Torts will be on the bench but I can’t see them having them as the Face of the Team. Would love to see Lavy and Torts for my own amusement. They can scream and curse at each other all game long.

    Blysma – will probably get it though. With Torts and Lavy.

  184. You guys don’t think Tom Poti will be a defenseman on the US squad? Heads in the sand.

  185. Goalie is interesting. I’d think it’s Quick job to lose. But out of that group, in a short tourney, I’d give Anderson a chance. Seems to be the most mentality tough of the group. But I don’t think they do that. Probably Quick Howard and Miller

  186. Lavy and Tort would be hysterical. I agree that Bylsma will, for some reason, get the nod even though Tort is the winningest US born coach actively coaching.

    Can you imagine Tort handling an Olympic Presser?

  187. Yea. I like Anderson a lot actually. I assume Howard’s age gets him a spot on the bench as the veteran or whatever. And yea, Quick’s job to lose. Speaking of, he is losing a bunch of starts to Bernier this season. Bernier has been phenomenal.

  188. Tort – yelling at some Swedish reporter asking him about choosing Quick over Miller. Classic.
    Or his whining abt. some Czech ref to a Russian reporter.

    Torts to Russian reporter: “How do you say “JAM” in Russian”?

  189. Hahahaha. Yea. Tort doing Olympic pressers would be (and hopefully will be) classic. Can’t wait until he benches Parise for not skating hard enough or complaining about Byfuglien’s lack of physical condition.

  190. New York Sports Franchises – lead the world in former GM’s as talking heads on sports networks.

  191. Had my 10 yr boy there, brother 3 nephews down from NJ and a win, Great Sunday. Thought it was going to be a long day once Hank wasn’t in. But oh so wrong. Fun

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