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1) Most of the time, you can analyze a game and say this team deserved to win, or this team deserved to lose. Last night was one of those games that, seriously, could have gone either way, no problem. The only thing that would concern me a little bit, if I were you guys, is that last year and during their little four-game winning streak, the Rangers won those games.

2) Even more to the point, the Rangers last season always, always (well, maybe not in St. Louis) played better when the game got nasty. And this game got a little nasty, but the Rangers didn’t win. In fact, they were the worse of the two teams in the end.

3) About the nastiness. Teflon Chris Neil, on whom NHL refs are not allowed to call penalties and NHL disciplinarians are not allowed to suspend, spent the night doing his usual routine with one noticeable difference. He really spent a lot of time hammering, hacking and going after Carl Hagelin, at one point plastering Hagelin in front of the Rangers bench, at another squishing him with a clean hit, then spearing him in the back as they both went to their benches. And of course, you have to think that had something to do with Hagelin’s elbow that concussed Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson last spring, right?

4) I’m going to admit I was wrong last night. I thought that Micheal Haley should have gotten the instigator in his “fight” with Chris Phillips. I thought Haley’s original hit was clean, and that Phillips was just being a good  teammate and getting in Haley’s grill, and that Haley surely dropped the gloves and started the fight, throwing several punches before Phillips figured he’d better fight back. But I was reminded (by NHL.com’s Dave Lozo) that there are other factors that go into the instigator call, such as the distance traveled by the aggressor, and the perceived attitude of said aggressor, and on those counts, then, yeah, Phillips was the instigator. On some, he wasn’t:

46.11 Instigator – An instigator of an altercation shall be a player who by his actions or demeanor demonstrates any/some of the following criteria: distance traveled; gloves off first; first punch thrown; menacing attitude or posture; verbal instigation or threats; conduct in retaliation to a prior game (or season) incident; obvious retribution for a previous incident in the game or season.

5) That said, the officials still mishandled the situation because A) they weren’t going to call the Haley charging penalty until they realized that they would have to award the Rangers a four-minute power play because Phillips instigated while wearing a shield and B) the linesmen should have interceded earlier since there was an obvious fighter vs. non-fighter fight ongoing and one guy was just holding on.

6) Brian Boyle. He got what he deserved. Another benching. I don’t think it’s effort, but I don’t know what it is. He’s not the same player he was last season. I don’t expect him to score 20 or even 10, and I don’t expect him to be the dynamic player he was in Games 1, 2 and 3 of the playoffs, pre-Neil concussion. But I couldn’t imagine he’d be this. That said, I think if he figures it out he’s better that Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Halpern, Darroll Powe, Stu Bickel and Haley. I do. He hasn’t been.

7) Brad Richards. Maybe that monkey’s off his back now, with his first goal in 16 games. The Rangers absolutely have to have their No. 1 center going.

8) It did seem like Henrik Lundqvist was fighting the puck a bit. But he had zero chance on the first one that ricocheted off the ice, and though he left a rebound off a shot off his chest on the game-winner, with a little bit of help he’s out of there 2-2.

9) The guy down the other end sure made one whale of a save on Derek Stepan in the third, didn’t he?

10) Back to Haley. This was his first fight as a Ranger, so I’m a little shocked at that. But I am surprised that he hasn’t been a sideshow at all, and that he actually can skate and deliver a hit, and has some (limited) skill. Honestly, all those times I saw him with the Islanders, he did nothing but act like a clown. Last night he had the fight, the big, clean hit that started the fight, was credited with a team-high six hits and blocked three shots. Pretty nice stat line for eight shifts and seven minutes of ice. Good for him.

11) Del Zotto. For some reason, this guy loves to go head-to-head with Neil, dishes and takes and dishes. He had a really good assist on the first goal, six shots on net (not including the post-ringer), four hits, two blocks. I gave him my first star.

12) Anton Stralman. He lost his socks and jock on that one play where he ended up taking a penalty, but just a little while before that he made a great play to break up a 2-on-1 without a shot after Michael Del Zotto’s shot hit the post and resulted in a long carom.

13) Marian Gaborik. An up-and-down night. Very bad offensive zone penalty, after he stopped moving his feet, that led to the Ottawa power-play goal. Took a wicked, uncalled, slash across the forearm later in the game. But if you tap a guy’s stick, or hook his glove in the slightest, that’s a penalty. What a league.

14) So I’m at one of the concession stands and the couple in front of me orders large Sprites with their meals, and are told – I swear to God – they can’t have large Sprites. Why not? “Mayor Bloomberg’s law.” Holy mackerel. I’ve read and heard about this, but I didn’t think it was actually happening and being enforced. And the large soda cups really aren’t all that large. The end of the world.

15) So Ryan Getzlaf is the best player in the NHL now, right? So the owners are going broke and need to lock out the players every eight years or so? So idea of five-year contract limit — the infamous “Hill we will die on” — is kinda out the window because, you know, the player has a gun to the owners’ head. Eight years, $8.25 million cap-hit per, for a guy who’s never scored more than 25 goals and is not in the top 10 forwards in the league? What a bunch of hypocrites.

16) Just want to ask again, I may need somebody to do the game review of the Pittsburgh game next Saturday afternoon. Hoping one of our regulars will volunteer. If you’re interested, regular or not, please drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Michael Del Zotto.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash (21.51 %).
2. Brad Richards (18.28 %).
3. Henrik Lundqvist (10.75 %).

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  1. Boyle needs to get traded to mtl to play with Prust…
    Gabby for Perry…. Sather Make it happen! Or Even Gabby, Kreider and McIreth for Perry and Fowler!

  2. bull dog line on

    on number 7.
    I think it is pretty obvious right now who the number 1 center is, and is going to continue to be. that would be Derek Stepan. what the Rangers need from Richards is to be a good number 2 center.

  3. Nice review carp…I respect that you admit you were wrong about the penalties and even about Haley . I really believe the Rangers just were gassed by the end last night and will rebound Sunday afternoon.

  4. Cross Check Charlie on

    “during their little four-game winning streak, the Rangers won those games.”

    As I mentioned yesterday, the winning streak was against four teams with losing records. As much as I enjoyed the wins, especially against the Islanders, I wasn’t getting all giddy about the streak. All it showed was that they were better than the bottom feeders.

  5. I wonder when Bloomberg will outlaw premium gas because cars needing it hurt the environment. What an absolute-joke.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp. Honest too.

    They caught a couple of teams on back-to-back games this year, and won those games. Time for a payback. They had no legs last 12 min of the third. Couldn’t even chase properly.

    I have no problem with what both Haley and Phillips did last night. Btw, Phillips did exactly the same thing about a week ago, forgot against which team. Jumped to protect his teammate, but his opponent didn’t fight him, they just pushed each other. Well, if you want to do that, get ready to drop the gloves, wearing visor or not, no? Haley did what he had to do. Right call all around. Haley should stay in the line up.

    Welcome to NY, Roman Harmlik. And get in shape!


  7. More seriously, for Eddie:

    I’m slightly baffled as to why an innocuous statement about the distribution of TOI in the Islanders game seems to have rubbed you up the wrong way (“LW said rubbed”) and triggered the bout of late night psychoanalysis. Couldn’t respond at the time because, whaddya know, I really am from England.

    Won’t comment on newbear’s contribution other than to observe that the idea that I’m “angling for authority” (like a Government fisherman?) is a steaming pile of equine carcillo.

    Yeah, I tend to be caustic and probably don’t pump the tires of others when I agree with an opinion, but that’s probably more to do with my native emotional repression and because that’s the nature of a discussion forum; doubt I’m alone in posting more when I disagree with something.

    I’m definitely not wilfully contrary. Not even sure where that comes from, given I’d say I’m pretty moderate and considered on the rare occasions I do offer more than a Brodeur fat gag.

    As I said last night, I wasn’t even offering an opinion on the issue you seemed to take umbrage at, rather than reading TOI numbers off a page. Only other thing I remember discussing yesterday was the theoretical Gaborik-Perry trade, when I said nothing less anodyne than that I couldn’t see that trade happening and that I wasn’t aware of many instances of impending UFA being acquired as a rental and signing with the new team before free agency. For some reason that got interpreted as (paraphrasing) “high-priced UFAs never move at the deadline, never will and the Rangers should make no inquiry about Perry whatsoever.”

    No hard feelings over this, just a bit confused…

  8. iDoodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying this for a while about McDonagh but it bears repeating: he can be Scott Niedermayer. The long, smooth strides, the perfect and direct lines that he skates in, the ability to dispossess any forward without using brute force, all Niedermayer-esque. He has shown flashes of the offensive potential, but if he can tap that potential, he will be an all-time great.

  9. I think McD needs to gain more confidence, Doodie. But I agree, he could be their hidden PP quarterback. He may also need a little more of a green light from Torts, I suspect.

  10. Saw that, LW. Not sure newbear himself knows what he meant. His best work in terms of “analyzing” people comes when there are very few around. Go figure. Talk about having bickells.

  11. iDoodie Machetto on

    What can make McD so dangerous on attack is that he can get caught deep but still be able to get back to break up the counterattack because of his immaculate skating. When you can skate like that, you can take more chances in the offensive zone.

    I once heard Daryl Reaugh describe Niedermayer skating as watching a leaf float downstream. That’s how smooth McD is.

  12. I’d like to see how many teams use the new rule and retain salary and salary cap charges when trading players this year. And whether more players are moved this year because of it.

  13. Del Zotto is your #1 star of the night?

    Did you forget that he left Silfverberg all alone in front for the game winner?

  14. And to expand on the *fatigue* / bench-shortening point I was trying to make:

    Not disputing they looked tired late in the third last night. (Though I’m not a great fan in general terms of the *fatigue* narrative explaining away every third period that goes wrong.)

    As I did post last night, in general, while i think the importance of the worst five players in the line-up each night is overstated, there is still an issue over the course of a season about how much the coach can (chooses to) get out of those players. As a specific, I’d play Boyle (or pretty much anyone) over Bickel as a forward every time – I don’t know quite what the Bickel experiment is achieving.


    The overall distribution of TOI in the Islanders game wasn’t as top heavy as it has been most of the year (and last year). No forward played more than 23:10, no D-man played more than 23:27. Bickel got six minutes. Eminger and Hamrlik got 15 each, which is way up on what the bottom pair has been getting all year.

    Yes, the pattern was different in the third period. But as Carp said yesterday about the stat saying 15 of 19 shifts were taken by the top two lines, if that was split 8/7/4 across the top three lines, that doesn’t strike me as being massively skewed, so isn’t inconsistent with my interpretation of the TOI balance. (And as Carp also noted, Sam and Joe yammering about two lines exclusively being used was bizarre and misleading, as it came a few seconds after Powe had just been on and got a prime scoring chance.)

    To end my thesis, I repeat my assertion that being 1-0 down late in the third is exactly when you’d expect the bench to be shortened. Putting Haley and Bickel out for shifts at that point, barring a miracle, wasn’t going to lead to it being 1-1. I imagine the coach might have been the subject of a critical comment or two on here had that been the strategy.

    I’d love for the Rangers either to not be in one-goal games all the time or for them to have a fourth line capable of being on the ice late in those situations. (As an aside, Lozo’s take on Twitter last night about the Rangers’ style how it leads to that made a lot of sense and wasn’t a million miles away from some of the views of the more vehement “anti-Torts” crowd.) But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the way the players were utilised on Thursday earned two points, even if being to the detriment of last night’s result.

    Now back to the scheduled Wang jokes.

  15. Did you see Getzlaf’s contract? It includes $3M signing bonus in 2020 to protect him from a potential rollback when the current CBA expires. And a full NMC. Well, guess what. The mid-level players are going to suffer.

  16. Yeah, I’ve thought the same, Doodie (there I go agreeing again…)

    Not sure he’s got the same offense in him that Niedermayer probably had (though not sure Niedermayer was able to show it much as he could, being in the Devils system), but he shows you can be -16th best US defenseman- damn good on mostly skating, stickwork and intelligence.

  17. Del Zotto had a great game and made big mistake at the end. That said, no other Ranger really stood out. Stepan and Callahan both part of that last run-around, both -2 for the night, Nash a bit subdued, Lundqvist with two he’d like back…

  18. Nice review again, Carp. Rangers seemed to be skating in the sand starting a third of the way through the third period, and Ottawal took advantage. Don’t know if it was the pace of their game or conditioning, or whether someone on the Rangers should have plugged Chris Neil and Gryba for their unpunished nasty beating up on valuable Blueshirts, and that demoralized some key players toward the end of the game. Don’t underestimate the teambuilding exercises that the team had been engaging in at the start of each of the past few seasons….they didn’t do it this year, and they have a lot of new faces. Also felt Nash didn’t deserve the start of the game listing, he could have passed off to Hagelin (who had an easy plunk in on the open side of the net) on one of his shots, when he tried to take the game into his own hands. the first game I felt Nash was selfish in his play, perhaps trying to shoot more as per the coaching staff’s instructions. I agree, these are the games the team would have won last year. That’s my farthing’s worth.

  19. It was MDZ’s fault, though. He released him and turned around. Girardi was too far to the right to cover him. Stepan just got up after attempting to block a point shot. He was too far from him to cover too.

  20. It’s probably past the point of noting that this year’s team is not as good as last year’s. Kind of a ‘duh’ observation if you look at the results, though this year’s group could get hot down the stretch, but you don’t sense that happening. A lot of that is on Lundqvist, and I refer to last year more than this. He’s been good, but not great. And the depth issue is real — I remember when Torto put Fedotenko in the doghouse last year for a few games, thinking, Wow, we’re deep enough to drop a solid, two-way, double Stanley Cup-winner and and still have cover. Now he’s gone, with Prust, Anisimov, Dubinsky also having left for whiter boards. Mitchell was replaceable, but you could argue that in effect it’s Nash in for those other four, and as great as he’s been, that’s ends up not being a good trade. Yet.

    I still think the coach needs to adjust, to figure out a better way for this more top-heavy team to worry other teams, and to lose his love of grinding. I speculate he was a grinder as a player and understands that game well, but this is not a grinder set of forwards, and those that he does have, with the exception of Callahan, are not very good. I would never have Gaborik, Hagelin, or Nash below the dots in-zone, for instance, and force the opponents’ D to think twice about pinching or having so much space, as they do now, to operate. I’d leave the shot-blocking ethos behind, to get them blocking by the book, on their feet, and let Lundqvist see the puck more. Whatever the coaches do to adjust, though, needs to result in Hagelin, Gaborik, Del Zotto, Nash, even Richards out in the open ice more with the puck. More trust in the players this year than in the system, please, at least for the top two lines. And when was the last time we saw that toe-drag from McDonagh? Freedom!

  21. If they could have Nash instead of those four last year, they’d be playing LA in June.

  22. Didn’t get a chance to post last night after coming home from game. Not a fan of Friday night games (basically because there are usually like 3 or 4 games and they are in the West coast – which means I can nap after a long week at work) but anyway.

    Thoughts on the game. I know I was the guy on here bashing the Nash trade and again I am well aware how great Nash has been and I am not bashing the player in the least. In fact, without him they’d never win. BUT, that trade had consequences in terms of personnel and cap space and it clearly shows. They are simply just not deep or tough enough. Their bottom 6 is much worse than last year. You can bash guys like Mitchell and Tank all you want. They are better than Asham, Halpern, Powe and even Pyatt.

    And don’t get me started on Prust. One of the dumbest decisions this organization has made in a while, which is saying a lot from this group.

    They are now a skill team and not a grind it out team and with skill teams they will lose games like last night where the puck doesn’t go in and can’t find a dirty goal off a forecheck. So yes Nash is amazing but at what cost? It’s now 1/2 way through the year and they are a much worse team. So while the player is great, it DID NOT make the team better.

  23. My guess is 54-58 points gets them in the PO. Look at the standings. Teams that are below .500 at the moment will have to really get hot in order to get there. i don’t see to many of them capable of doing so. The Rangers are fine, barring a major disaster.

  24. If they had Nash over those 4 last year they are an 8th seed. I’m sorry but Nash is a GREAT talent. Take nothing away from him. But the lose of the 4 guys defensively has been stark. For starters, their PK this year is brutal compared to last year. Other than the BUFF game (worse PP than ours) they almost never get a clutch kill and it has turned wins or at least OT games into loses.

    As Torts correctly pointed out after the game. They are soft below the hashes. What he should say is they are too soft along the boards all the time. They lose too many pucks on the boards, especially in the defensive zone, and don’t win enough 50/50 pucks in the neutral zone.

    Now if you want to say if you ADD Nash to last year’s team I’d agree with you. But they’ve changed the make up of this team and not for the better.

  25. hwirth- you’re trying to maintain your point of view from day #1. But even you have to admit that you’re losing your grip on this one.

  26. ILB – How? Last I checked they are hanging on the an 8th seed. Last year, by the half point they were beginning to pull away from the Conference. It’s actually making my point stronger that they got a better player but not a better TEAM.

  27. Last year’s team had to grind out two 7 game series against much lower seeded opponents because of their personnel. Don’t you think having Nash would shorten both series? And grinding only got them 2 wins against NJ.

  28. Anyone who thinks the Rangers are in any sort of comfortable position needs to look again. As an example, if they lose to Washington — a possibility — the Caps will be 3 down with a game in hand. Unless they get on a winning streak soon, in this format it will go right down to the wire for the 8 spot. You’d rather be us than them, but…

  29. I don’t like to use stats because they can be manipulated but to be fair. They are averaging giving up more goals than last year (I admit not by a ton but still) and are actually scoring less but a good amount with the better skilled player. Hockey is the highest example of a team sport because your best player only contributes to about a 1/3 of the game and to me I’d rather 4 really good players over the 1 star and 3 weaker players.

  30. Leading the conference didn’t make it more comfortable. Their record over the last two months wasn’t that stellar. Norm- nobody says they are in comfortable position. But in a position to make the playoffs nonetheless.

  31. Without the defensive toughness of last year’s team and willingness to keep battling, they would have lost the series to Ottawa. I’m sorry but you are discounting team toughness and defense too much over a goal scorer. A lot of guys can score goals but a team with physical and mental toughness along with chemistry like they had GM’s would pay more than Getzlaf $$ for.

  32. ILB – Let’s be fair about a game like last night. They find a way and win that game. This team doesn’t find a way. They are relying too heavily on their top 6 forwards and teams that do that rarely win because they can be shut down.

  33. If Stepan and the rest of the scooby doo crew can’t start burying the few beautiful set-ups we’re able to muster, we won’t even win one round. Nash is the only guy that’s fluid in the O zone, so if the rest of the rag taggers can’t convert their few chances, it’s gonna be short half-season

  34. I’m surprised Neil gets so much grief here…every one of us would take him on this team in a second.

  35. he really does look like Michael Chiklis had a baby with Sean Avery, and that baby did 5 cycles of steroids

  36. Hwirth- come back when they win a similar game because Nash scores his highlight goal out of nowhere when the game can go either way, or when the opposition is pressing. Like he did the previous two games. We’ll talk.

  37. The ref’s were awful last night. I am not saying that’s why we lost but man were they horrible.

    Say what you want about Bickel but when Haley fought Bickel was there cheering him on and facewashing Senators in the area. Then he stick tapped Haley in the rear end and cleaned up his gloves and helmet for him. He’s a good teammate I guess. He is pretty slow though. But his positioning as a Forward has been better as of late. Decision making still lacking.

    Game could hve gone either way. We aren’t the same team as last year. That’s clear. Let’s not lose back-to-backs. Hope the Capitals take it all out on the Islanders today. Neuvirth is still sick by the way so Holtby will have to play the back to back.

    That’s right Ft Gy. I even was talking to the people around me last night about how we would all love to have him and how noble it is that he took less money to stay in Ottawa.

  38. That’s the problem though. They are relying too much on 1 guy. It doesn’t work! So basically if Nash scores they win and if he doesn’t?? The what? They don’t have nearly the depth. So basically he’s back in Columbus where the team completely revolves around him. It worked so well for him there. Remember, they only added 4 goals in that trade.

  39. Manny – Totally agree on Neil. Would love to have him here. In fact, they desperately need to find a guy like him before the deadline if the team think it’s beating anybody IF they make the playoffs, which is no guarantee with Phily and Wash still sitting behind them. Both are plenty capable of going on a run. But hey, let’s have a parade down the canyon of heroes because we have a Star player!

  40. Torts knew his team would be tired in the third
    But still shortened his bench. They needed everyone skating not just 2 lines and 4 D.
    He lost the game with that decision.
    And why does he leaves garborik out in a tight game. He cannot work the boards in any zone
    Without giving up the puck.

  41. Wasn’t Boyle’s concussion in last year’s playoffs a result of a hit by Carkner, not Neil?

  42. Hwirth- I apologize in advance if I’m wrong. And I well may be wrong. But have you posted a single post after their 4 game winning streak? I don’t recall any.

  43. Rayp, you’re suggesting everyone needed to skate, but then you don’t want Gaborik out there? I’m confused.

  44. Let’s have some real perspective here: Everyone on here is so sure they got so much better offensively because they added Nash (forgetting they traded 2 roster players for him) so I decided to break it down for everyone.

    2011-12 Dubi (an awful year according to everyone here) 10-24-34
    Artie 16-20-36

    That’s a combined 26-44-70
    Rick Nash 30-29-59

    2010-11 Dubi 24-30-54
    Artie 10-20-44

    That’s a combined 34-50-98
    Nash 32-34-66

    2009-10 Dubi 20-24-44
    Artie 12-16-28

    That’s a combined 32-40-72
    Nash 33-34-67

    Now it’s great that Nash stats are almost but not better than 2 guys but how exactly did they replace those two players with one guy. Looks to me they made their offense worse not better.

  45. stranger nation on

    For everyone looking for rlational discussions on player performance or in game coaching decisions during games when the Rangers are losing or not playing well…it ain’t happening for the most part.

    Your points may or may not be valid, objective or fair and one could probably argue either side but the timing may be preventing an impartial look. We all see what we want to see in the end. just read some post-game rants from the usual suspects, entertaining as it is disturbing.

    We are all just sharing opinions on facts – the whole lies, damn lies, statistics thing. very passionate and informed Ranger fans who share a common bond – one cup in the last 73 years!

    plus we all know the biggest problem with the Rangers is Bickel and not Richards…

  46. ILB – I’ve posted after wins but no I didn’t post after the Isles because quite honestly I was going to make the same argument and did not feel like dealing with being called an Isles troll and that garbage. But let’s be honest about the winning streak. The Buffalo game they did nothing until Kaleta acted like a moron and cost his team the game. And Thursday was not exactly a convincing win getting a late tying 1-1 goal and the OT winner to a team that has 2nd worst GA average.

  47. Czechthemout!!! on


    Their defense is no dofferent than last year in terms of goals alllowed. And Hank has not been as good as he was last year. To me that says that the defense in fact is actually better this year than last, given a similar performance from Hank. As for the offense, the problem is in the coaching. Torts insists on playing a grinding style of game with players who are not grinders for the most part. This team can easily play an up tempo game with any team in the league. We can roll 4 lines given the right line combos, and never use an excuse of back to back games as reason for a loss. Our lack of power play is another reason for lack of scoring. More PP goals helps you gain a lead, which would cause the opposing team to have to open up to try and tie. That of course give us plenty of high quality chances to score goals.

    As for last years team, they had a very pedestrian record the last 2-3 months of the season and only finished where they did by virtue of their strong start. If you recall, they blew their chance for the presidents trophy because they played very poorly towards the end of the season.

    As for the Rick Nash trade, we gave up two third line players and a decent prospect on defense for a great player in his prime that makes the players around him better. What is missing this year is not mostly junk that we gave away for him but lack of production from last years top two pffensive players, Gabby and Richards. If they had produced so far at last years clip, we would have at least 4-5 more wins this year without question. And dont forget, it is still early enough for them to catch fire and go on a huge run. To me it seems they are on the cusp of doing just that if Torts ever releases the leash he has them on.

    As for Prust, stop with the non sense of paying a fourh line player 2.5 million a year. Is he of more use than Boyle, definately. But please, the implication that Prust is a reason for the what currently hurts them is silly.

  48. I have a serious question for everyone since everyone is so 1000% sure they make the Nash deal again. If the Rangers sneak in as the 8th seed and lose to either MTL or BOS in the 1st round, remind me how exactly the team got better in the trade? It’s about a team not about individuals. While Nash might be a better player his acquisition did not make them better because the moves it took to get him here under a salary cap system made them weaker in other key areas of the game. Hockey is more than just goal scoring.

  49. That’s a lot of “ifs” there. The only certainty I have at the moment is that I was dumb enough to give my baby fruits before cereal.

  50. “why does he leaves garborik out in a tight game” ? So he can set up Stepan for a dunk-shot goal. Goalie blocked the dunk.

    And Prust is not a fourth line player. Maybe he used to be, but Montreal got that one right, New York got it wrong.

  51. Prust a 4th liner HAHAHHA!! He’s played on MTL 2nd line all year. He started the season playing with Gallagher and Galenchyk and now he’s playing with Eller and Galenchyk. That’s not their 4th line. SORRY! Nor did he ever play on our fourth line! And by the way he’s got 9 points, which is only one less than Cally. Guess he’s a 4th liner too. I love how on this board, you are either a 30-goal scorer or a 4th liner with no in-between.

    As for blaming the coach for the offense and open it up. Really, how should they do that exactly when they have a 3rd and 4th line that can’t score and are not fast.

    As for the record comment, Pedestrian carrying the 1 seed! HAHAHA! What’s barely being the 8th seed. A JOKE!

    Blaming Gabby is funny too considering he still has 8 goals one behind Nash.

    Sorry folks, but the NHL is about depth and the Rangers gave that up to have a Star that has not made their offense any better.

  52. Yeah who needs guys like John Mitchell when he has 8 goals making 1 million dollars. At the pace he’s going he should start asking for Rick Nash money!

  53. Czechthemout!!! on


    Do you think last years team would replicate this season what they did last year? An even better question is, do you think they are a Stanley Cup team with last years squad? I don’t and I also don’t think they come anywhere close this year to what they did last season. Remember the objective is to win the Stanley Cup and there is no way in hell that last years team would have a prayer at the Cup this season, even with adding JT Miller to the lineup. In fact they were very fortunate to do what they did last year. They got a lot of bounces that are not guaranteed to ounce your way every year. In fact, Carp made this point a number of times tis year and last and I completely concur with him on that point.

  54. Only in New York, would a fan base hate on a team that made it to the ECF because they weren’t offensive enough but applaud and make excuses for an underachieving team barely hanging on to a playoff spot but has a Star player doing great things.

    I’ll take the hard nose, gritty, tougher, find a way to get it done team any day over this.

    What happen to all those “The Right Way” comments we used to hear last year. Just wondering.

  55. Do I think last year’s team could have won a Cup? Yes, if that core group added a scorer threw a trade that did not require giving up talent from the current roster or by UFA? Yes, no question.

    As for this group? Not a chance. They are not tough enough, physical enough, or deep enough to compete in this Conference in the post season with this current group. They could not beat the Bingo Sens last night, were getting it handed to them by the Sabres who everyone beats, and again were tooth and nail and got a call in OT from losing to the Isles.

    Again, how is this team better than last year’s? If the only answer is NASH. That’s a problem considering all you did was add 4 goals.

  56. Someone here hates the last year’s team? Interesting. Trying to bend stats either way just to prove your point hasn’t gotten anyone in the upper echelon of science. See dr. Andrew Wakefield. Also, see my posts from 10:32 and 10:44 am.

  57. Czechthemout!!! on


    John Mitchell ? Bwahhaaawaaahahahaha!

    Brian Boyle also scored 20 goals in one season. What’s your point?

    Prust is on the Habs third line, not first or second. And he is only there because because they need him to protect the rookie. Their bottom four forwards stink and that is why Prust is playing as high as the third line. And yes, he played on our fourth line because we played with two of those last year. Talk to me at the end of the season when Prust finishes with his normal 15-17 points.

    Cally’s lack of offensive production is also partly to blame for the slower start.

  58. Last year ‘s team, out of nowhere, had a great regular season, a great shot at the Cup and a great run at the Cup — two games from facing the Kings, whom they obviously could have beaten. Or lost to. This year’s team has shown no indication that they are in that league, but all it takes is a hot goalie, if we get in. Pedestrian so far, but if the coaches make the adjustment (my hope) or if the team buys and executes the grind system, all 18 of them, then they’ll have a shot. Can’t help thinking that last year presented the better opportunity.

  59. Czech – Except everyone, including the head coach on HNIC, has said Prust is one of the main reasons why they have jumped from bottom feeder to the 1 seed. But, it must be dumb luck for the guy going from 1 seed to another.

  60. Again, this guy is a 4th liner. That guy is a 4th liner. Well based on that theory, the Rangers right now have 7 4th line forwards because Prust’s 9 points would put him 8th on the team and his 4 goals 6th.

  61. Well, it was not the master plan, to be sure, but in effect we now have Pyatt as our third left wing instead of Prust. Pyatt’s been OK, but Prust did much more, energized the arena most nights.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – no hard feelings whatsoever. I saw only 2 lines rolled into the third period. Six ranger forwards glued to the bench. Even though the rangers won, there were going to be tired legs abound and it showed. Maloney on Radio during the Islanders game also mentioned that 2 only seeing the ice. Papa tossed out a stat that verified Maloney’s comment. That’s where that came from. As for the pseudo pyscho babble, it just seems that you fancy scolding and criticizing more than not. There are many good points made here, tho few by me, and yet those posts rarely, if ever, garner the your attention. Nothing personal. Just business. As for the remark about you being a Brit – I was just being a jackwagon.

    Moreover, if you ever read half of what I post, you know that if anyone is ripe to be criticized it’s me. My posts are often immature, sophomoric, and puerile. Thus, I am hardly the qualified expert to rip on others.

    Your TOI remark rubbed be the wrong way because my eyes and ears were not seeing evenly distributed times regardless what the stat sheet said. Papa voiced a similar thought with a stat that supported my thinking….

    Handshake mate…. My humblest apology…..

  63. Team wins 4 games, everyone is happy. Team loses 1 game, all the cliff jumpers come back.

    Guess I should expect that from fellow Rangers fans though. Unless this becomes a trend, I wouldn’t be too worried.

    (And this is coming from someone that doesn’t like this years team that much).

  64. I am not a cliff jumper in the least. Said it from Day 1 and will say it all year (until they prove me wrong which means Stanley Cup Finals). Just because I don’t have time during the week to post, especially when I get home after 1130 from home games doesn’t make me a cliff jumper. Means it’s a Saturday and I have free time.

  65. Eddie, do you really think someone is crazy enough to read *half* of your posts? :-)

  66. Czechthemout!!! on


    So by your logic, Bradon Prust is last years’s Rangers MVP and this years Habs MVP. Got it.
    Let us set up shrine for him in the hall of fame. Why do I care what an unemployed former head coach says? Barry Melrose, Mike Milbury are two former head coaches. One took his team to the Stanley Cup finals. Have you not heard some of the ridiculous and outrages things those two clowns have to say about hockey and hockey players? Come on!


    We were lucky to beat the Sens last year in the playoffs. They dominated large stretches of games against us after the first game when McLean adjusted. Only Hank was the difference. The Cap series went on way longer than it should have because of our lack of a PP and a decent attack. The Devils series we played like we were in quick sand against them . We had very little offense as well. The problem on this team again is not defense or goaltending. It is a lack of offense. Nash has been great and made Hags and Stepan better players. The problem is nothing from Richards and next to nothing from Gabby and up until the last few games, Cally sad to say. We need JT Miller to convert some of his chances and for Kreider to come back up and start producing. Then and only then will we be serious contenders for the cup.

  67. Prust is not the main reason why Montreal is in first place. Just part of the reason…

    They have a healthy Markov (biggest factor IMO) and added young players like Gallagher and Galchenyuk while deleting the Europansy brothers

  68. Not necessarily agreeing with anything hwrith is saying, but the troll argument is weak. He posts here with some regularity.

  69. simply not enough secondary scoring.

    this is literally a 2 line team. but the 2 lines are not the GAG line..

    they have 6 or so forwards that bring nothing offensively and that is killing them….

    nash, richards, gabby, callahan, stepan, and hagelin are playing ok or better offensively. you throw in a 19 year old rookie and pyatt, then what do you have???????????

    nothing; boyle, halpern, powe, haley, bickell…..give me a break……..

    bring back zucc, sign the 2 guys from sweden, bring up Kreider, why the hell not……………

  70. Czechthemout!!! on

    And this ” right way, Grinding crap” is pissing me off as well. The Red Wings won a whole bunch of Stanley Cups with a prolific puck possession attack and a strong TEAM defense which asks every one including the Star forwards to back check. They did not then nor do they now play board hockey or knock hockey like we do. Of the boards, use the boards, boards boards boards, sick of it already. This team has the skill to do much more than that. But do they have the coaching? That is the question.

  71. Lies, damned lies and statistics and all that, Eddie, but I struggle to reconcile a stat saying the third line got 4 shifts out of 19 over the stretch in question with Maloney or anyone else saying “only” two lines saw the ice, that’s all (aside from the other 5,000 words I posted earlier). Not suggesting that is “evenly distributed” in any case.

  72. Amen, HWirth. That whole, “Build the team around Nash” idea freaks me the heck out. That’s how Washington is built. Everyone around Ovechkin. Coach doesn’t play Ovechkin the right way? Fired. Ovechkin doesn’t score enough or play defense? Captain!

    It’s a horrendous plan. Nash needs to be a part of our offense but he can’t *be* our offense. Capiche?

  73. Prust, Dubinsky, Fedetenko, Artie, are ALL replaceable. Rick Nash is NOT replaceable.
    Please, enough already!


    But only last years Rangers cuz the year before they kinda sucked and the year before they kinda sucked they sucked even more AND DIDN’T EVEN MAKE PLAYOFFS! …so give me the Rangers from the year when they didn’t suck! :D

  75. They need a in season tryout for depth scoring; try kreider, lindbergh, MZA, Fasth, BOyle, try them all… they need secondary scoring, Pittsburgh has 3 (malkin, Crosby, and Neal) big time scorers so there need for 3rd and 4th line contributions are less, the Rangers need some contribution from the 3rd and 4th lines, they have gotten literally NOTHING…

  76. That the Rangers should have beaten the Caps and Senators more easily, if that’s true, is a testament to how good last year’s team was. They actually set up that expectation in the regular season. And that Lundqvist was the key is the same as saying Quick won the Cup for the Kings, as so many goalies have done in the modern game.

    This year’s team has a shot if they get in, no doubt, and maybe even a better shot by the time that happens, especially if Lundqvist gets as hot as he can, and if Tortorella can figure out how better to use his new cast of characters, to put them in positions where they can succeed. And definitely, some tweaking of the lower order through trades a la Rupp-Powe or by bringing up some babies, as the Sens have been forced to do, would help.

  77. Czech – don’t laugh at John Mitchell. If you laugh at what the kid is accomplishing in Colorado then you just don’t pay enough attention to the NHL as a whole.

    HWirth is right that only here would people hate on a team that made it to the ECF. So something must have changed. What could that be? Oh Yea! we got rid of ALL of our glue, JAM, grinding guys and replaced them with Pyatt, Nash, Halpern, Pow! and Asham. That’s not as good as our JAM last year. Sure Nash is hella talented and he’s worth whatever we dropped to get him. I make that deal again in a heartbeat.

    But, last night, in a game that could have gone either way (and I am OK with losing it even though it sucks) we really wilted under the agitation of ONE player on the Senators. ONE. Neil completely turned that game around by pushing guys, specifically little ole Hagelin, after the whistle and instead of turning on the Jets we shrunk back. Started shying away from hits and trying to make outlet passes because no one wanted to get bumped.

  78. NASH IS 28, HE HAS MADE EVERYONE AROUND HIM BETTER, nash is the least of the rangers problems…you miss john mitchell??

    if Boyle had 4 goals, powe 3, halpern, 2, etc etc they would not miss john mitchell and the other nothing players…you need more then these guys being responsible defensively and taking the body..they need to score on occassion…

    rangers cannot score 3 goals consistently, that needs to be the goal……………………..how do you get there……..score by committee and there committee is about 6 or 7 guys…………thats it……..

  79. Kern – who is Prust replaceable with? Who is available and, even more importantly, who do we have on our current squad to replace him?

    I can answer for you. We have no one to replace him. It’s why we have to go get a guy like Wicky’s hero, Ryan Clowe.

    And as I have said a million times before. No way I re-sign Prust at 4 years and that kind of coin. 2 years tops.

  80. I don’t see the trade as an attempt to built around Nash or top-load the offense generally. Definitely an argument that how Anisimov, Dubinsky and (to a lesser extent) Prust have been replaced has not paid dividends.

    But that’s more to do with Kreider’s perhaps unexpectedly slow development and Boyle’s regression than any plan to have Halpern, Pyatt and Asham producing offense.

  81. Who said Nash was the problem?

    I thought we were, once again for the millionth time, talking about the bottom 6, or, tertiary scoring guys.

    Because Mitchell makes less than Asham. Fedotenko is better than Pow! etc.

  82. Czechthemout!!! on


    No Norm. What it shows is that we were nothing better than a seventh or eighth seed team disguised through some fortunate bounces, strong play from Hank as a one seed. That is all it shows. It also shows that last year’s team could have and might have just as easily missed the playoffs this year year.

    The Kings went out and brought in the scoring needed for the stretch run. And they had better scoring type players than us to begin with. They brought in Carter because yhey knew they didnt have enough to make the playoffs never mind contending for the cup.

  83. i agree if kreider was contributing and boyle not regressed so much things would be much better.

    fedetenko stinks on philly btw. he is done…..

    torts has to short of a leash with Kreider… torts love for powe is unfound.. he is a nice 4th liner with good sppeed, who does not fight. so he is a dime a dozen player…halpern same but slower and his faceoffs have not been overwhelming….

    again zucc, kreider, and another body would help.. trade boyle for a 6th rounder if the logjam needs to be eliminated….they need to figure this out soon…

  84. Manny

    he’s not retired but he’s an enemy and played an important role in defeating the Rangers both times they played Le Herbs…. that’s even worse.

  85. On another, less sensitive subject, anybody think that Hamrlik is really excited to play against the team that waived him?

  86. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know what Mitchell is doing in Colorado. I pay very close attention. Mitchell is having his career year, just like Boyle did. Except Boyle was lucky enough to do it in a contract year, Mitchell was not. And he is not a kid. He is a 28 year old journeyman who failed to crack an awful Leafs squad for years.

  87. Some math: the players who left, Mitchell, Dubi, Arti, Prust and Fedotenko have totalled 20 goals and 24 assists so far. Those who replaced them, Nash, Pyatt, Halpern, Asham and Miller have 16 and 19, the lion’s share Nash’s, of course. So pretty even trade by the end of the year, perhaps, but a little behind for the moment, especially when the coach is lovin’ on them one-goal games.

  88. Have to say that the Blackhawks for example play much more exciting/better hockey. Better players? I dont think so. Better system. Im getting pretty tired of the system here. What happened to safe is death? Game against Tampa earlier this year and yesterday’s 2nd period (somewhat) were the most exciting of the year. Why? End to end action, breakaways, odd man rushes. We have one of the best goalies on the planet. Pretty high skilled guys. No need to sit back and continue cycling around the boards. That’s basically constraining the offense and hoping that eventually the high end skill of Nash, Gaborik, and Richards will lead to a goal while the rest of the team plays “dont let the opposition score.”

    Haley > Bickel. Bickel can work as a secretary if he likes “assisting” during fights. Or as a garbage man if he enjoys picking other people’s carcillo up.

  89. Carp, great review.

    I agree about Haley…The guy can actually play hockey a little…


    HW, you make the Nash deal everytime. I think in hindsight not signing Prust was a a bigger deal than everyone thought, but you simply can’t waste cap space on 10 or so goals. I agree that they need to toughen up but with Nash they are so much more dynamic.

    Clowe would be an absolutely perfect addition to this team (i’d almost prefer him to any other FA). Toughness, skill, character…everything…but, I’d imagine he is going to take a large return in any deal… Might make more sense to target him in the offseason

    And, I still think Zuccarello is somebody the Rangers should bring back….

  90. we saw mitchell play last year for the rangers over 50 games. he is a guy. he may be a nice guy but he is another player….

    your eyes do not lie, not looking at 1 or 2 games but watch a guy for 30 games and he is what he is..

    john mitchell is a 3rd or 4th liner like brian boyle.. just boyle is a worse 4th liner…

  91. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yesterday had nothing to do with Neil at all. Hags didn’t shy away from anyone. What are you talking about? They lost because they looked dead in the last 10 minutes of the game. The notion that Neil intimidated anyone is a joke.

    Also the coach decided to break up al the lines for some inexplicable reason only to reunite them in the last two and one half minutes.

  92. why torts plays bickell is gross negligience. this team cannot score and he plays haley and bickel and bickel is playing forward…i play gilroy at forward over bickell. i play kreider or thomas or someone else over them also…

    haley can do the nonsense and he is a better skater….

    i just do not understand torts enfatuation with bickell, he is a horrible player who makes bad decisions…

  93. stranger nation on

    if we look at

    pie-hat or Judas Prust – give Pie-hat edge on offense zone play and Prust for PK, toughness and off ice man-love intangibles. Prust love reigns…….for now

    Kung powe or Feds – based on this years Rangers-Flyers game, even to slight edge for Powe for PK, but both dont see much ice – has anyone really noticed Feds in those games or any game?

    halpern or last years 4th line C fmr AG – J Mitch by a landslide if you look at this yrs offensive output but he never would have that TOI here, so tough to compare, give early big edge to J mitch, but Halpern solid on PK and supposedly FOs (big prob last year)

    Ass-ham/Haley or Ruff-Ruff – scratch as in both are not giving much due to injury/age but Haley showing some life since call up.

    Bickel as 7th D man or Bickel as 12th forward – slight edge to Bickel…

  94. Good morning, Sally!

    funny how nobody complains about the system … or about the fourth-line winger being responsible for the difficulty in scoring goals during a 51-win season or a four-game winning streak.

  95. I also wouldn’t mind the offensive shackles being loosened a little, but there hasn’t been any pretence of Safe Is Death since Tortorella arrived, so not sure why that in particular should be used as a stick to beat him with.

  96. Lucky bounces got the Rangers the one seed? Over 82 games? They overachieved, to be sure, and not the greatest one seed in the history of the game, but calling them a lucky 7th or 8th seed in disguise is to insult all the teams they beat, all year long. 109 points is dominant. And Conn S. Quick won the cup.

    I like the Nash trade, truly. But now the Rangers need to start playing like a team that has Nash on it. So far, they’re not as good as last year’s team — that much is not debatable. Hope it becomes so, though.

  97. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ryan Clowe would be a great addition to this team. He may come cheaper than you think NYRFAN.

    He has yet to score a goal this year and is of course a UFA next year. I believe he is 30 years old. That in of itself is not a concern but his total lack of production is. If this season is just an aberration than he maybe acquired on the cheap and worth it to sign for about three seasons.

    I would also look at Brandon Morrow. He is older and I dont know where his contract is in terms of dollars and years but he is a good hard type player that they can get for the bottom six to rplace so many of the dregs that play there now.

  98. stranger nation on

    Hags may be the most impressive player on the boards given his ht/wt that I have EVER seen. Is he part of the Matrix, because he seems to become one with the boards behind the goal.

    Amazing stuff

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – how long was the third line on for their 4 shifts in the third? It didn’t seem to me like it was much …..the only reason I even brought any of this up is because as I was thinking only 2 lines are playing (and a game the next night, – and 3 in 4) Kenny Albert stated same and Maloney followed up –

    What I then said last night was that they looked tired in the third and possibly because of the shortened bench against the Fishsticks.

    Have we had a handshake yet????

  100. Not important, but I’ve been knocking the system, win or lose, from the day I jumped into this swimming pool. It’s why I started writing and not just reading. I don’t think it’s the right system for this group, but if Tortorella can make it work, all power to him.

  101. I like the nickname Kung Pao, Stranger. That’s a good one.

    Atta boy, NYR. All praise the ^Hobbit Wizard for he is Lord of the Rink^

  102. Just because Krieder scored a goal or two in the playoffs did not guarantee anything over a long grind of an NHL season. (Again, an example of over rating goal scoring). If you watched his game this year, he was terrible. Things like board play, neutral zone protection do matter and he was not doing it. There’s more to the NHL than goal scoring.

    Everyone loves offense right? Open it up you say? TB 2nd in NHL in g/g 12th seed. Car 7th would be tied for 7th in pts. Wash 8th.

  103. Czechthemout!!! on


    Because safe is death is a system that won a Stanley Cup. Thats what I thought we were getting when Torts was hired. And I Bought into the fact that we did not have the talent to play that system at the time. But we do now and instead continue to play a variation of the Tom Renney prevent offense system that will never lead to a Cup.

  104. Czech – you’re having a serious *Vibe* with Wicky right now and he doesn’t even know it.


  105. also, once again, just to be clear about the two-lines thing in the third period of the Islanders game. The top two lines saw 15 of 19 shifts down 1-0 in the third period. So if the Nash line saw 8, and the Callahan line saw 7, then the Boyle line saw 4. Which means that the top two lines maybe got two extra shifts each. How is that a reasonable excuse for them to be tired the next night? If they’d rolled the three lines for 19 shifts it would have been Nash’s line 7, Callahan’s line 6 and Boyle’s line 6. That’s one extra shift for the top two lines at the expense of the third line. It really isn’t that big of a deal.

  106. Kreider was very, very, very bad and even worse very, very, very lost out there. He seems to be better right now in Hartford since he’s putting up better numbers than he was during the lockout but only time will tell. His age and his lack of “getting it” are starting to scare me.

    But on the other hand, JT MILLER.

  107. Open it up? Hey Pyatt get faster, Halpern get younger. Powe – become a 20 goal guy. Boyle – develop a better shot. Kinda hard to open it up without the talent to do it.

    You know because we have fwds like Kunitz, Dupuis, Kennedy, Sutter behind our top guys of Malkin, Crosby, Neal.

  108. can anybody here actually explain “Safe is Death?”

    because it isn’t run-and-gun, just so you know. it isn’t track-meet, trade-chances hockey.

    and if the Rangers trade chances with some teams, they’re going to lose 4-2 more often than win 5-4.

  109. Telling Torts to open it up is like these NFL fans that think everyone team should be the 2000’s Rams. Just keeping throwing it. Even though we have 1 quality WR, a poor passing blocking o-line. But just open it up.

  110. Czechthemout!!! on


    Tampa is getting terrible goaltending, bad example, and I dont understand what you wrote about the Cpas and Canes.

  111. My take on opinions:

    If we share the same opinion, I concede, you are right and You are the Maven.

    If our opinions differ, you are wrong and I am the Maven.

    This of course, is just my opinion. (See above). ;-p

  112. There is *never* ever an excuse for being tired. If the idea of winning doesn’t get you going then nothing will. They were simply flat last night.

  113. Czech – Very simple. 3 of the top 10 goal scoring teams are not playoff teams right now. Just because you say score more goals, open it up doesn’t guarantee winning for starters. Plus, they don’t have that kinda lineup or talent. Their 4th best forward Cally is a great all around player but not a 30 goal run and gun guy.

  114. What’s funny is you still considering Bickel a viable NHL player. Last year’s team was certainly built for the cycling, grinding crap and we were successful at it. This year’s team is clearly built differently. Maybe it’s not the 20 players that have to adjust but the coach? It’s ok I wont ask any of the reporters to even consider suggesting that. More likely to have an answer by tweeting to Tortorella myself.

  115. So I had a thought about the Visor, Kevlar Sock, Kevlar Wrist guard situation.

    What if the Pension and Insurance for the players had a rider added on that says, “if X injury occurs while not wearing X protective gear, then X injury will *not* be covered by policy.”

    That will get the guys wearing their protective gear pretty quickly. That’s a good comparison to real life I think.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – not disagreeing with your 12:20 post. But for whatever reason, they looked burnt late in the third. Why? Heaven knows !!

  117. Doubt anyone is advocating opening up to try and score as many as the Lightning, HW (I suspect their record has as much to do with pretty bad personnel on D and in goal than necessarily style or lack of grit anyway).

    If you are going to be a team that almost always plays close games, like the Rangers, then I think you also have to be careful about making conclusions about the direction of the team when it might be the case (might not) that a few more of those close games are just going the wrong way than they did last year.

  118. “Safe is Death” is a critique of a certain style of play in there is more focus on keeping the puck out of your own net then establishing any kind of persistent offensive attack or forecheck….

  119. Just to compare. Today’s bottom 6.

    NYR: Pyatt-Miller-Powe, Boyle-Halpern-Haley
    Pitt: Cooke-Sutter-Kennedy Glass-Jeffrey-Adams

    Sutter and Kennedy are miles better than anyone from the NYR.
    Plus, I see a little more toughness than can play a regular shift with Cooke, Glass and Adams.

    But hey Torts open it up.

  120. Thanks, HWirth. I agree with your point. The high flying offense system of the Lightning and Capitals and Maple Leafs (to some extent) doesn’t translate to Cups.

    Stanley Cup championship teams need to be BALANCEd. For example, Bruins, Kings, Blackhawks and Penguins.

  121. They were balanced last year which is why they could have added the needed offensive without changing the entire makeup of the team. Again, all the Nash trade did was add 4 goals.

  122. I can say, from personal experience, that @CCCP@ is a horrifying and threatening individual full of malice aforethought.

  123. Czechthemout!!! on


    Right, because Kunitz,Dupuis,Kennedy,and this is funny, Sutter are better than Stepan, Hagelin, and Cally, and even young JT Miller is already better than Sutter who’s last name is more impressive than his game.

    I have been ViBEN with Wicky and Doodie quite a lot lately. But in all seriousness, Clowe maybe a great pickup for us.


    Safe is death is a system that often was like a track meet, what ever that means in hockey. Habibulin stood on his head every night in order for it to be effective. Hank stands on his head almost every night anyway. So maybe it is time to take the leash off?

  124. Czech, I just mean that Tortorella hasn’t made an attempt to sell “Safe is Death” as an aim, strategy, whatever since he’s been in NY. Just don’t think anyone should be surprised, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong.

  125. Czechthemout!!! on


    Got it. Too bad though because that is what I hoped we were getting, not more Renneyaid.

  126. He’s gone from an up tempo style offensive game to a mistake free defense-first game. He’s a great coach, and probably the perfect coach for these specific players (most of them)… for guys like Bickel it doesnt matter who the coach is he just isnt any good….but the system for these guys may not be ideal.

  127. Well after reading this defense of an 8th place NYR team that made a trade for THAT final piece. Why should the NYR ever try to build a winning for the long term team when the Fans will just be happy with Stars.

    We are making excuses to bash a team made it to the ECF and trying to find ways to defend a team that made a trade for a Superstar and is barely holding on to a playoff spot. WOW! What a fanbase!

  128. Czechthemout!!! on


    Torts, through his work on TSN was brainwashed by the stench that has permeated the NHL with boring trapfest hockey.

  129. If Kunitz, Kennedy, and Dupuis are better than Stepan, Hagelin, and Kreider/Miller we have more issues than we first thought.

  130. Eddie

    1. My hand belongs only to CCCP
    2. Might look a bit more closely later, since this subject is riveting us all, but a quick look says Powe played 2:51 in the four third period shifts before the Nash goal, Boyle and Pyatt the same, give or take a few seconds. Fairly normal average shift length.

  131. Czechthemout!!! on


    No, you are trying to defend your anti Nash trade position. The season is not yet over and if they had won yesterday, they would be in 5th place with two games in hand and two points out of fourth.

  132. CCCP – If you think Kunitz and Dupuis are not better than Hagelin and Stepan I can’t even continue to answer your posts. You are kidding right?

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As long as they play hard and compete on every shift, I am happy. Effort is paramount for me.

  134. I apologie CCCP I read the comment too fast. I realize that was Czech that posted that. Sorry bro.

  135. Small gripe (not big enough to be considered “Hater” level) apppeared to be chemistry building between Step/Nash & Caly/ Miller. IMO, Torts should have started last night with Richie on line # 3.

  136. Who in the East is comfortably in a playoff spot anyway? The Habs, Bruins and Penguins and they aren’t exactly out of sight.

  137. Again – if they won yesterday. I’d still have the same opinion. And for all the cliff jumping comments and other garbage.

    Bottom line to me: If they DO NOT MAKE the Cup Finals remind me how they are a better team with Nash and less depth on the 3rd and 4th lines. So you can keep telling me how wrong I am and all that junk. They were projected by the majority of people on here and around the NHL to be a Final Four team with Nash. Now let’s see it.

    Because right now I see a team with less balance, depth, toughness both mental and physical.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – 1) how about a leg shake then?

    2) Riveting indeed….I couldn’t sleep last night

  139. “why should NYR ever try to build a winning for the long term team when the Fans will just be happy with Stars.”

    If you’re talking about finishing in the basement and getting a #1 pick, than…how is that different from acquiring a proven elite player like Nash…

    I’m sorry but Brandon Dubinsky had a terrible year overall last year…he was pretty good on defense…That trade is probably the best in their history….Rick Nashes don’t hit free agency…they are drafted once every 10 years….

    Prust was the biggest loss. That had to do with cap constraints….

  140. LW – HUH? They are 6 behind PITT, 7 Behind BOS 8 Behind MTL. And you say that could change. Well by the theory they could easily drop to 13 because Peg is 1 pt back. Isles and TB 3. And WSH with a win Sunday would also be 3. So that argument does not work.

  141. that’s not what Safe is Death is.

    and in case anybody hasn’t noticed, they’ve probably already scored more goals off the rush this year than all of last year.

    also, not to nitpick, but Richards looked pretty good and Nash and Hagelin, too, with that line reunited.

  142. Nash – Best trade in their history? Nash has this team as an 8th seed and we are putting him on the Mark Messier level. WOW!! NYR fans have gotten softer than ever.

  143. Another cheery thought: anyone noticed Tim Erixon and his 4 assists, +3 on a crap team, and evolving 20-minute TOI?

  144. That argument actually does work Hwirth… First off the Rangers have games in hand. Second, especially in this year, way too many head to head matchups. Plenty of opportunities to make up points. Thirdly, they wont drop to 13th because they are better than those teams you mentioned. They may not catch most of the teams ahead of them (they will pass Ottawa and NJD at least) but Pittsburgh with their stars of Kunitz, Kennedy, and Dupuis havent exactly run away either.

  145. Papa – I agree. I told Mrs. Manny the same thing over our shared dinner of Chicken Fingers pre-game. I was hoping Miller would remain on the 2nd and roll Richards back in slowly. but Richards scored a pretty important goal and the celebration following made it pretty obvious how important that goal was to him.

  146. but feel free to let your anti-Torts bias force you to see what you want to see.

    the bottom six have, for the most part, stunk; or at best, been worse than last year’s bottom six hands-down.

    you want those guys running and gunning?

    Safe is Death means countering aggressive defense with aggressive offense, and D-men joining the play.

    it doesn’t mean Helter-Skelter, Messier-flying out of the zone in the early 2000s or in Vancouver, defense-last hockey.

  147. Cross Check Charlie on

    If you’re comparing this year’s team to last year’s you are assuming that the players are playing at the same level of effectiveness as last season. It’s not the case. You can’t compare the two teams with and without the players that are gone unless the players that are still on the team have a constant level of effectiveness.

    Is Richards playing the same as last year? Is Boyle? Is Henrik?

    Hmmm, so the problem being the loss of Mitchell (yeah, right), Prust, Feds, etc can’t be the cause of the worse record because there are other things to factor in.

  148. Fine HWirth, become a Blue Jackets fan then….

    They have JD, Dubi, Artie, Umberger….a whole TEAM of guys who play the #rightway…

  149. And NYR….Brandon Dubinsky is having another awful season in Columbus while Erixon re-emerges and Anisimov bounces from injury to GWG to injury to GWG.

  150. again with the anti-Torts bias stuff. Did you conveniently skip over the part where I said he is a great coach blah blah blah for this group of players but that this system he’s trying to imitate from last year is not the best for this group of players this year?

  151. Not sure what you think I’m arguing against, HW, but I wasn’t especially relating them to the Rangers’ position. (Not sure what the official definition of “out of sight” is, but I’d pitch it somewhere above 6-8 points anyway.)

    Do I think the Rangers will catch those teams? No. But if we’re going to characterise the Rangers as barely hanging on, then there are four other teams doing the same and another seven barely getting close to being in. Only a crushing disappointment if you expected the same record as last year.

  152. Only 2 d-men that have shown any signs of joining the play for any stretches of play this year have been Stralman (fairly consistently) and MDZ (not very consistently)

  153. Become a CBJ fan? That’s your answer? Hey, but at this rate Nash will still not have a playoff series win in his career.

  154. Del Zaster, despite having one near Del Zaster, did play solid last night. He’s not “tough” but he can hip check with the best of them (_see_ Stralman) and he can facewash with the average of them.

    Anyone see which Ranger it was that slammed into Stralman behind the net and knocked his helmet clean off?

    Has Nash ever won a playoff *game* ? Let alone a whole series…

  155. If Nash or Gaborik dont score on that Stepan chance last night we arent talking about that whale of a save (more like a pretty big chance considering he was all alone in front of the net) but more of how not elite they are and throwing them under the bus.

  156. Let me get this straight: NYR fans are now fine with going from being a 1 seed to being back to a 6-12 hockey hell not good enough to do anything in playoffs but not bad enough to get a top pick (but of course they traded it anyway) team and are bashing the guys that made them the 1 seed. What a fanbase!

    Carp, this team would want the early 2000’s Messier, Lindros, Bure team. Lots of style absolutely no substance.

  157. Well, considering we only see you around here after losses….

    The Blue Jackets lose a lot of games…

  158. I thought Del Zotto was the most physical d-man last night. He certainly wasn’t shying away from Neil…not sure that Neil even cared…but still….good job by Del Z…

  159. carp, I have an idea as to why Torts did the remix and I still disagree. Not a fan of remix if things are going well. Not sure if he was questioned on it in post game pressor.

  160. Lev – I’ll say it again. If they do no make the Stanley Cup Finals the season is a disappointment. Nash was not brought here to be another guy. He was brought in as the FINAL piece. Isn’t everyone saying if Nash was on last year’s team we beat NJ? So prove it and make the Finals.

  161. Get what straight? They went from the 1 seed to the 8th seed by taking away all of their intangibles and chemistry they had built the 3 years prior. I have it very straight.

  162. Del Zaster also hit a post. We were pretty close to a W or OT.

    Although, Stepan had about 4 chances to bury a puck and he was Captain Stone Hands last night missing crosses all night.

    Vibin’ NYR.

  163. Following the success of last season, it is a major disappointment to not be in the race for a top 4 playoff seed. At this rate, we may not qualify for the playoffs.

  164. I see not being in an outright panic about being in 8th (with games in hand) after 23 games as something marginally short of being “fine” with seven years of high-priced, non-playoff mediocrity, but that’s just me.

  165. All they did was get a Superstar, YIPPIE!!! Who cares. I’ll take a team with 20 no names as long as they win. I’d take a team with 20 guys who all score between 7-20 goals rathe than the top heavy rely on 5 guy team they are now EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  166. Said it before the year will say it again. Do not think anything less than a Cup birth is a disappointment. No playoffs? Yes that would be 2 steps back. But that wont happen.

  167. I don’t think anyone is advocating for the fourth or third lines to open it up. As constituted, they’re there to defend, dump and kill clock. I, for one, am advocating for anything that allows the fast forwards on the top two lines to say to the other team: we’re better than you. You are here to try to stop us. I don’t care what it’s called or whether Safe Is Death is stenciled on the locker room wall, but I’d love to see more open play when the skill guys are on. That said, if all the dump-and-cycle practice begins to pay off, great news. Doesn’t get my meaningless vote is all.

  168. Lev – So wait we are paying Nash 7.8 mil a year to just make the playoffs? WOW!! And people bash Sather. You guys give out more $$ for nothing than he does.

  169. I care way more about winning a cup than getting a top 4 seed. Getting the high seeding we got last season almost cost us when we opened up against the Senators who, as I always say, are a horrendous matchup for our team.

  170. Im still trying to figure out if youve finally understood that not re-signing Prust, Fedotenko, or Mitchell had nothing to do with the Nash trade. Anisimov and Dubinsky were all the intangibles that made this team what they were? Really?

  171. And if it’s any consolation to people complaining about Gaborik. Man, that guy is double teamed all over the ice. The minute he gets the puck two guys charge him and he has no space to work, which is what he needs (as we saw in the 4-on-3).

    So, the team has to be able to take advantage of that byt using the space Gaborik leaves for other players.

  172. Yea, im done here…

    Go root for the Canucks who win the Presidents Trophy every year. Or Columbus if you miss your intangibles.

  173. If you guys are interested in watching an unbalanced team turn on MSG+. The Capitals are on there with their “high flying offense” of Their Capt., Backstrom and Ribeiro.

  174. If they are in the hunt for a top 4 seed, then there is less of a possibility of them missing out on the playoffs altogether.

  175. stranger nation on

    manny – I believe E3 first came up with Kung Pao or maybe it was Come Pow…

    last year the Sens slapped us around like a red headed step child and we won because our top 6 scored some clutch goals and the King played superb at times. and that with our tough as nails 3rd line which produced what in that series?

  176. Nothing to do with Nash trade. You see his salary? You realize the Cap is going down? They are totally linked. He’s an 8 million dollar cap hit. That means you are using money that could be spent on better 3rd and 4th line guys on 1 player.

  177. HW, there were quite a wide spectrum of opinions about the Nash deal on here (I tended towards the cautious side myself).

    The “you people just want a superstar” stuff pretty well misrepresents most of them.

  178. The Bruins, a much better balanced team than us, does not have a forward making over 5.2 mil.

  179. I just don’t think there is any reason to panic or be upset with the seeding. We lost Nash for a number of games to a head injury. Richards has looked 85 years old and Staal is now out. We are competing with a depleted lineup. We have 3 games in hand and we just came off a 4 game win streak. Let’s just keep getting points and not losing two in a row and we will be fine.

  180. Very noble of you stranger to admit the originator of that term. Kung Pao! is pretty funny. I will now take it as my own since I love giving our guys nicknames that only we get.

  181. Nash is a complimentary piece to the core of this team.

    HW, have you noticed how much Stepan and Hagelin have raised their respective games this season when playing with Nash? They play with more confidence now. They are both blossoming into real top players for this team…They have manageable cap hits

  182. HWirth: There is nothing we can do about Nash’s cap hit. That was on Columbus. And as we saw, from the Getzlaf signing, the diminishing cap does not mean diminishing contracts. We will probably buyout Richards in 2014, continue to re-sign our RFA’s to reasonable deals and pick up role players along the way.

    Also, down the road, 2014 we lose Gaborik. Between Richards and Gaborik that’s $14M in Cap space to spend on RFA’s and new toys. Like Zenon Konopka and the guys we should have signed instead of “Oh, My aching back!” Asham.

  183. Seriously, Adam Oates dresses like a Prohibition Era mobster/card dealer. Are the Capitals a hockey team, a speak easy or a hip NYC prohibition era bar?

  184. In a hypothetical situation, there is $14M in Cap space, and the player being focused on is Zenon Konopka?

  185. Well said, Cross Check.

    Not sure why are we even talking about 8 seed as an ultimate outcome while the season is barely half way. They were .500 team after 9 games last season. Let’s talk about that team.

  186. On the road with Mamma. Just left a WAWA which recently opened in NJ. Store is running a promotion providing free coffee until March 17 for any one who is of Irish lineage. Curious, I asked the cashier how he verifies a persons’ “Irishness”,,,we both laughed.

    Luckily, before i was able to produce my “verification” he further explained that until the 17th, everyone who enters the store will be considered to be Irish descent. Whewwww

    Tis a great day for the Irish!

  187. czechthemout!!! on


    So lets play make a trade.

    Would you trade Stepan for Kunitz straight up?

    Would you trade Kennedy for Hagelin Straight up?

    Would you trade Cally for Dupuis straight up?

    And lastly, even after only 15 games, would you trade Miller for Sutter straight up?

    If you amswered yes to any of those proposals, you understand this game very little.

  188. Hwirth you’re right on about Prust. But wrong on Nash.

    I can’t even believe anyone still defends Sather letting Prust walk. Or still tries to paint him as a “replaceable” player. Nash alone does not change the team’s character. In combination with letting Prust go it does. One of the worst moves in the Arrogant One’s tenure and that’s saying a lot.

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Trade Biron for a good D man and go after Tim KKK Thomas.

    Scrap t-shirt toss for sheet toss.

  190. Kreider, Boyle, and Zuccarello (hopefully) will push this team over the hump when the time is right…

    Hagelin – Stepan – Nash

    Kreider – Richards – Gaborik

    Zuccarello – Miller – Callahan

    Pyatt – Boyle/Halpern – Haley

  191. We lost a lot of players that made shot blocking successful. The feistiness that you feel we’re missing left with these players. We’re not the same team as last year and need to adapt. Look Nash is everything we thought he would be and much more, but plays on one line. Coaching sometimes has to have a system that complimnets the chemistry of the team not the other way around, Still need to get Kreider and Boyle back and roll four lines and maybe slightly adapt our system. Also, mind games work with most players not all. Torts and his doghouse and inability to treat the press with respect. Nice post Carp. Love the dialog between Norm and Czech. Good stuff

  192. Yes…he does…maybe over Pyatt

    I’m sorry but Pyatt (while being a strong skater) is so slow…he couldn’t beat HAMR or CABER in a foot race…

  193. czechthemout!!! on


    There you go. That lineup with those lines gets it done. With of course the right style of play and it ain’t grinding. And you can be just as tough and hard to play against without playing a grinding board hockey/knock hockey system.

  194. We better hope the fatigue displayed in the final 10 minutes of last nights game is directly related with the 2 games in 2 nights premise because if it isn’t, we have much bigger problems.

  195. The “Stu Bickel as a NHL forward” experiment should draw to a close soon…

    And, I think Marian should go back to RW…I’m not sure he is as comfortable on the left side…

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I see your emails and raise you one more!!


  197. the captain asks for j(g)ibberish and you guys deliver.

    I do like the hockey talk, though, even if I disagree with some of it. Good stuff guys and girls.

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I bet Crosby likes stories read to him at night as he gets tucked in…….

  199. Czech you realize Kennedy and Sutter play on their 3rd line and you are comparing them to our 2nd line. That should say it all really.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “hard to say furtively, but depending on discovery leaves little room”

  201. Nash is the cash. Everyone who bade ta-ta can be replaced, (and will be) including Proust. He is a “Remembrance of Things Past.

  202. Ovechkin is not even the best player on the Caps anymore?

    I’d also take Chimera into our boys in Blue

  203. Czechthemout!!! on


    No, I am simply ripping apart your post from earlier about how their support players under the top three are better than ours.

    And Sutter and plays on the third line while Kennedy plays on the second.

    But you did not answer my previous questions about whether or not you would trade any of our players for theirs. And I dont mean our top three versus their top three. Because you know that a yes answer to any of those choices would be nuts.

  204. What will all the Nassau Veterans do without their Memorial Coliseum to fall asleep in during games?

  205. don’t get me wrong – I’d still love to get Jennifer Love Hewitt into a figure-four-leglock, but is she starting to look weathered from all the years of makeup and weight gain/loss?

  206. Czechthemout!!! on

    The biggest difference with the Penguins is they have scoring from their defense and we dont. No one on this team is anywhere close to the player that is Kris Letang.

  207. Try weather.com, you lazy slug! Sorry, FG, just trying to stimulate some controversy. :)

  208. eee extends the hand of peace, rebuffed with leather face wash from across pond.

  209. Actually Czech – Kunitz is better than Stepan and Hagelin but not of course not Cally.

    Sutter vs. Miller. Miller has not proven anything yet. He scores 2 goals vs. Isles now he’s a top line player. And I like Miller but let’s calm down. Sutter has already had a 21 g and17 g season along with a 14 goal season. Miller has 2 career goals.

    Dupuis vs. Cally of course not but he’s better than Stepan and Hagelin.

    As for Kennedy, he’s a third line player. You can say whatever you want to help your case but I actually posted their lines for tonight’s game. And Kennedy is better than anyone in our bottom 6.

  210. up here it’s currently
    Hungover, with a slight taste of last night’s vodka
    chances of perspiration 110%

  211. Czechthemout!!! on


    Stepan has stats no deifferent than Kunitz at the same point in their career.

    Dupuis had his best season last year at the age of 32. It would be an insult to even compare the two. The Penguins would think Sather became senile and check Hags for a terminal disease making that deal and then laughing uncontrollably.

  212. When Sunny gets blue, she breathes a sigh of sadness,
    Like the wind that stirs the trees,
    Wind that sets the leaves to swaying
    Like some violins were playing weird and haunting melodies.

  213. Kunitz has already had 5 20 (ok 1 was 19) goal seasons in his career. Stepan and Hagelin? Let me see it first.

  214. Trading and comparing them are two totally different things! To trade for them, you would have to then discuss age, contract situations, how they’d fit into a roster. It doesn’t work that way.

    I am comparing them as players.

  215. Hags has opened eyes. Tough little mouseketeer. Only upside seen in crystal ball.

  216. You are going to tell me about their ages and crap like that. Doesn’t make Stepan and Hagelin better players.

  217. Yes, it’s possible Hagelin and Stepan could really good players but today at this moment, they are not as good as Kunitz.

  218. That’s the problem with talking about the Nash as well. People think it’s fantasy sports. I’m adding goals, giving up hits and adding PIMs. But these are actual people not computers and things like chemistry, salaries, where guys fit in lineups all play a role.

  219. Lucic-Krejci-Horton

    Those are the Bruins lines today. Please someone give me the good laugh and tell me which Rangers forward from last night you would put in those bottom 2 lines and which Bruin you would take out. Because not 1 of miller, pyatt, powe, halpern, bickel or haley would play over those 6.

    Maybe Miller over Pandolfo, and that’s a maybe.

  220. Papa Bear – LOL thank you but I didn’t want to deal with the hate of saying Peverly being better than certain guys.

  221. Peverle is a heck of a role player. I mean. That’s why the Bruins are so good top to bottom.

  222. Bickel is a better fighter than Shawn Thornton. Thornton is better at the hockey part though. But Bickel is less likely to get concussed from being punched in the head tough.

  223. And the Bruins have no fwd with 5.2 mil cap hit. And it’s only two guys over 5 mil. That’s why they an afford depth. That’s my Nash point and why I am not bashing the player but the bashing the trade.

  224. Kunitz is playing out of his mind right now. Not really fair to compare to Hagelin and Stepan. He’s on pace for a career year. And he spends plenty of time on the ice with Crosby who happens to be the single best player in the NHL. He can do everything.

  225. Hwirth, , I find when i add a disclaimer isomewhere within my post like… “not hating here, just articulating a personal observation or opinion” the “hater” attackers lay low.

  226. Manny – More interested in fact that Thornton has had a 10 goal season to go with the fights.

  227. How many Defenseman are Kris LeTang that haven’t had their Achilles’ tendons cut?

  228. Manny – Ok about Kunitz/Crosby but what if I say Nash is pumping Hagelin and Stepan’s stats.

  229. But Manny that the Rangers fault. They are so willing to throw $$$ at forwards yet have not even considered spending money on a legit number 1 D. Makes no sense.

  230. For reference, Kunitz has 14 Goals. That’s on pace for 30 in a 48 game season. That’s like a 40+ Goal season for 82 games. It’s a bit off from his career numbers.

    I know HWirth. The Bickel comment was tongue in the cheek.

  231. I really doubt our Defense is our problem. Our defense is fantastic. It could have more snarl and more fire power but its very solid and quite exceptional across the league (When Staal is healthy).

  232. Imanny – I like our Defense too. But they do not have a legit number 1 defensemen that the championship calibre teams usually do. Keith (chi) Chara (bos) Letang (pitt) Doughty (LA) and so forth.

  233. Yea. I was telling Wicky last night that the ‘Hawks defense makes me drool. It’s so good all around and their toughness is exceptional.

    I’m assuming McDonagh will turn into that though.

  234. Stanger Nation on

    The are we talking about the Bruins team we beat this year or their lineup?

  235. Stanger Nation on

    No love for Pie-hat, probably our most effective 3rd line player. Is he fast, no, but against the boards things don’t move so fast (unless you are part of the Matrix like Hags)

  236. Miami, you mean other than E3’s Boyle for Perry?

    I honestly don’t. To get somebody who will upgrade this team will cost a Kreider and/or a Miller or one of the top d-men. They don’t have a first-rounder to trade. and in a short season, everybody’s in it, nobody’s selling. Gonna be difficult. Probably a rental, and even then, not a significant one.

    and I’m really, really jealous of that photo, though it’s about 50 here. Haven’t seen eight inches of snow melt so quickly in my life.

  237. Stanger Nation on

    how did the Pens do last season in the POs with that great D and bottom 6? that’s what I thought…

  238. Brad Richards on

    All this talk about the team not playing well and I don’t get mentioned.

    These fans love when you score a goal!!

  239. Stanger – Both teams have Won Cups in the last 5 years. What exactly have the Rangers done? I am sorry but I’d like to be them having a Stanely Cup Banner on my ceiling that starts with something other than 19.

  240. You mean the team they blew 3rd period leads to twice. 1 win was in the Shootout, Which I thought around here doesn’t count.

    And last I checked, they are 9 points better in the standings with a game in hand.

  241. Brad Richards on

    the comparison was from this and last season, correct? Or are we know going to relive the Ghost of Tom Renney

  242. What have the B’s done? What have the Pens won? WIN CUPS! That’s what they’ve done. But I’ve already been told that it would be ok to JUST make the playoffs this year. And people want to know why Dolan makes trades for stars and could care less about winning.

  243. When I refresh (refresh, refresh, refresh) the page goes to the last post that I make on this thread. So when this gets posted this will be the post that I will get when I refresh until my next post. Before when I refreshed it went straight to the last post that I had read which made it easy for me to scroll down and read what I havent yet read. Any idea why this is happening?

  244. Do you remember how the Pens traded for Hossa when they already had Crosby and Malkin?

  245. Always interesting when someone floats around, won’t hit, can’t come out of a scrum with the puck, stands still half the time, rarely stymies or throws a center- ice boards check, scores a PP goal and is voted the first star. Not so much criticizing any certain player, but commenting on some palpable irrationality. That should get some bile to the surface!

  246. Carp, have you ever been/played/watched/covered Franklin Templeton Shootout? I think it used to be called Shark Shootout.

  247. I’m with you on almost everything HWirth. I like the Nash trade and make it 100/100 times. It’s a must.

    I do agree we lost our identity, plenty of guys in non Nash deals. Just UFA bull.

    It’s great to have you around. Really. Even in disagreement it’s a better level of convo from my usual garbage here.

  248. Lev, if the scroll doesn’t go to your last post, you can miss two or three responses to your post.

  249. Manny – I think the UFA bull had some to do with accounting for the CAP going down and having 3 guys making 22 mil combined.

  250. i think the first time ilb and i talked here, he was calling me out on something stupid i said. i know, it happens often, but yea, wer friends now. no big deal. right buddy? dont be hatin yo!

  251. Good afternoon all!

    Lev, that comment confused the heck out of me, but Tony from AZ would be proud.

    I sadly admit, I was so pooped (mama said pooped, heh heh) I fell asleep. Torn between being glad and sad. Looking forward to next game….

  252. Totally HWirth.

    But it seems like they have to buyout Richards in 2014 and who knows if they being Gaborik back at his age. Probably depends on Kreider an Co.

  253. And you have to wonder how this team looks long term when after the 14 season. UFA’s Gabby, Cally, Girardi, AND HANK! That’s a lot of $$$ for 3 guys who will get raises even if Gabby leaves to go with Richards and Nash’s almost 15 mil.

  254. Not to mention Hagelin and Stepan will be due raises. Doesn’t leave a lot to add depth to this team. Hence, why, while I think Nash is a great player, his 7.8 mil cap hit has to be dealt with.

  255. Although, the next game is going to kill a perfectly good early spring day….I hate 12:30 games!!!!!!!

  256. hwirth, totally with you on the Nash thing and how the trade affected the team. I’ve been saying the same thing from day one and been called an ‘idiot’, ‘dumb’ and ‘typical girl’ around here for not liking the deal. So props to you for fighting the good fight, when everyone else is salivating over Nash/ almost giving away their signifcant others for the guy.

    And that reason is one of a few why I am not around much any time.

  257. I traded an ’10 Accord with 9,000 miles for a ’57 TBird. Now I root for the TBird. No backward glances.

  258. MickeyM – Hey listen. I wasn’t going to be one of these people who chanted “we don’t want you” and then fall all over themselves when they get him. Didn’t want him then and don’t want him now for the same 2 reasons and neither have to do with the player.

    1. 7.8 mil cap hit with lots of guys still to sign
    2. Broke up a team that was building an identity, style of play and chemistry.

    And when i say they were progressing nicely to the ECF and now will never know. Don’t tell me how it’s ok that they are struggling with Nash.

  259. Struggling *with* Nash not *because* of Nash. Rangers were pretty fortunate with their injuries last year as well.

  260. Dont know who/why anyone would call you names Mickey but do hope you stop by more often. A bit too much testosterone around here.

    Was anyone watching the Islanders postgame by any chance and caught a glimpse of Nabokov basically sitting on Santa’s (Stan’s) lap?

  261. hwirth, I am agreeing with your points, if that wasnt clear enough. I have said he was a good player, just hated how it affected the chemistry of the team and his ridiculous cap hit (especially when everyone knew the cap was going down).

    I NEVER said it was ok that they are struggling with Nash in the lineup. In fact, I dislike it strongly and really abhor the team this year.

    Again, I AGREE with you on ALL your points.

  262. It’s amazing how to just to protect everyone’s man love of Nash people are bashing a Ranger team that was one of their best ever that got to the Conference Finals and have no problem with being a barely hanging on (isles and jets within 1 pt now) playoff team. WOW!

  263. MickeyM – I know you were agreeing with me. I was enhancing your points by saying my two reasons why i did not like the trade.

  264. bull dog line on

    again with the Prust love, I see. the reason you can’t pay Prust what he got from montreal is the cap. if you give Prust 3 mil for 10 or so goals, what do you give Stepan when the time comes,. what do you give Hagelin when the time comes, or Cally. its not just they should have given Prust what he wanted. its if we give Prust this, what do we give the other guys. like it or not, points get paid.

  265. hwirth, what do u want us to do? i love nash and didnt want him here last year but i do now. richards was way better last year, so was gabby, boyle our d, even hank. its a shame we let prust go but thats the only guy i want back

  266. MickeyM – Because people are equating not liking a trade with saying someone is not a good player, which isn’t how life or sports works.

    It’s like the stupidity with Yankee fans in the late 90’s where you say AROD is a better player than Jeter and that means you think Jeter is bad. No dummies, I’d take Jeter over AROD everyday but Arod is the more talented player. There are more to sports than just talent.

  267. grabby, I meant by showing you my driver’s license, hahaha :P

    Lev- Oh I have no desire to name names, and a lot of times it hasnt been those exact words, but that has been the meaning behind whats been said, imo. Well maybe myself and some ‘old’ regulars would stop by more if we didnt feel like things were too ‘frat partyish’ around here a lot of the time.

    Manny- yes, as in ‘you only like the team because you think Player X is hot and want to get his jersey in pink’. In short, fangirls.

  268. Bull Dog – It’s not ALL about goals. This obsession over goals. GM’s actually look for things other than goals. Bad news for ya. Agents and GM’s use comps. Prust’s comps are not Hagelin and Stepan. It doesn’t work that way. Prust comps are guys that play like him.

  269. hwirth, oh Ok. My bad for misunderstanding what you said. Sorry.

    And your are right about the sports and talent thing. I always think that how the players as people come together is just as important, if not moreso, than the individual talent. Especially in hockey, which is more of a team sport and any other. Talent is important, but as has been shown time and time again, it takes more than talent alone to win consistently.

  270. bull dog line on

    do feel if they kept last years team together they would be cup contenders today? last years team was not built well for the playoffs. every game, every period, every series was a struggle. last years team peeked. better players were needed to be added to advance to the finals.

  271. MickeyM – Best way to put. You best forward in hockey will only play a 1/3 of the game. Who is playing the other 2/3’s will let you know the outcome.

  272. as the great hulk hogan once said, something something, eat you vitamins and 90%perspiration, 10% constipation

  273. Yes, I think if they kept last year’s team together they were cup contender by adding through UFA or a rental to the offense that was needed. Instead they blew it up.

  274. bull dog line on

    if you give Prust 3 mil a year for 10 goals, what should Stepan get? who is the more valuable player, who would you prefer on the team?

  275. Concluding that anyone who thinks it’s premature to determine that the trade was a franchise-altering disaster based on a 23-game sample is simply blinded by offensive stats, star status and OK with with merely making the playoffs doesn’t really work either.

  276. bull dog: Guys who get paid a lot of dough to do the thinking agree with you. Everything else is just grand and fun debate

  277. Again. One has nothing to do with the other. Stepan comp is not Prust. They do not do the same things. It doesn’t work that way.

  278. amen the great LW breakin off a slice of wisdom for ya’ll. GOD save the queen my brudda

  279. LW – I am not sure what you mean by that? Because it’s not good enough for me for them to JUST make the playoffs. Last year’s team was closer to a Cup than this year’s by a lot.

  280. Grabby, LOL. Finally got one over a guy :P

    hwirth, good explanation, simple and clear.

    and for the record, I think with a tweak for a goal scorer not named Nash in the last off-season (don’t ask me names, I can’t think of any right now that were available, but I am sure someone was) and keeping the rest of the team relatively intact- the team would be in much better position than they are right now.And a more dangerous team in the playoffs. But alas, Torts and Sather wanted Nash and so we got an early 200s=esque team instead. Serves them right, imo.

    Gotta jet, but will be back later to see you all rip me around and call me stupid and ignorant.

  281. By this theory that adding Nash makes this team better. How does Ov not make the Caps better. He’s an offensive superstar like Nash. And by the way, Ovie can be more physical at times than Nash. Although right now, Ovie is completely disinterested in Washington.

  282. bull dog line on

    I am not comparing Stepan to Prust, but you can bet his agent would have. the Rangers give Prust 3 mil a year for 10 goals, Stepan agent is going to ask for 6, and he would be right to do it.

  283. bull dog line on

    by the way, I am not saying they do not miss Prust, they do ( as does Boyle), I am saying for the long term it would have hurt them trying to sign the guys who score the points.

  284. Again, it doesn’t work that way. Agents use similar players around the League not within a team. Just because they give one guy on a team a contract doesn’t effect other guys. Prust got paid because MTL was correctly in realizing he bring a TON to the table. He’s not just some fighter. He scores enough pts. He’s a terrific Penalty Killer (no surprise ours has been terrible for long stretches). Smart defensive player who does all of the little things well.

    As for Stepan, 6 mil? WHY? How has he proven to be anything but a 3rd line center?

  285. Prust is your ex-wife who took the house. Be nice to her because of the children, but never forget she’s not rooting for you.

  286. Fine, HW. Don’t think anyone else has said they are OK with just making the playoffs (implication being that they have no success in the playoffs), but that seems to be your judgement of anyone who falls short of thinking the trade was a disaster.

  287. No LW, People have already said today last year was an overachievement and therefore their place in the standings should be ok. Go back and look.

  288. bull dog line on

    so Stepan’s agent will compare him to a different player who does not make as much as Prust? why would he do that? he wants his guy to get as much as possible. you are giving this guy 3 mil a year for 10 goals, and 20 points. well my guy scored 20 goals, and had 54 points. he deserves more.

  289. There’s a difference between people saying they will be “OK to make the playoffs”, as in they don’t think they will miss out entirely and interpreting that as saying just getting in and being one and done is a successful or acceptable outcome overall.

  290. True Blue Mike on

    Carp, in Getzlaf’s defense, he has been one of the better players in the league this year.

  291. Lev March 9th, 2013 at 1:09 pm
    Said it before the year will say it again. Do not think anything less than a Cup birth is a disappointment. No playoffs? Yes that would be 2 steps back. But that wont happen.

    So we make a team chemistry, cap changing trade and it’s ok not to have a better result.

    I’m sorry but no matter much you like the NASH you know it wasn’t done to just be good. It was done to be the difference of why they didn’t score that extra goal or two vs. NJ and therefore I think I am fair in saying short of the Finals is not good enough.

  292. True Blue Mike on

    And it’s not all about the stats with him. He’s a big body center that throws around his body. Plus, he puts points on the board and he is their captain. Im not saying he deserved 8.25 but he deserves around that number.

  293. LW – Remind me again. Did they make the Nash trade to stand still or get better? How am I being unfair in saying anything short of ECF at worst is a disappointment.

  294. In reality, no matter how the season ends, the result will be “acceptable” because we will all be back on here in the off season talking about what to make better/worse and then we will all root like crazy and cry and scream with our favorite team (even though it might not be full of heroes anymore).

    We love this team.

  295. Personally, I’d subscribe to the view that last year’s position in the standings (not necessarily the outcome in the playoffs) was something of an overachievement and dropping in the seedings was a better than evens chance. Would’ve said the same had the roster been unchanged.

    That’s a long way short of saying 8th place and a first round exit is an adequate season.

  296. Manny – Speaking of teams that spend too much on top end talent and then use clowns on their bottom end and can’t figure out why they give too many goals. I watched that entire game. As Neil Smith correctly pointed out, Bryz isn’t a miracle worker. The other 5 guys are supposed to cover their men in the D zone.

  297. Yea. My idiot best friend is a Phlyers fan after attending UPenn undergrad and Veterinary school. It sickens me. But I never get over how funny it is that his team NEVER plugs holes and becomes complete.

    Although, they have been to a Stanley Cup Final in the last few years…

  298. They trade a good young player in JVR because he didn’t score enough for a 3.6 mil dollar defensemen who is terrible at best.

  299. Never said that expecting another ECF appearance was unfair, HW. Merely that approval of the Nash trade or anything short of outright resistance to it is in no way the same as being OK with significantly lower expectations.

  300. LW – They didn’t make the Nash trade to lose in the 1st round. At least be honest with that because they themselves would tell you that. And the Garden admits to nothing.

  301. They made the Nash trade because they thought he could be the Final piece to get over the top. Otherwise why trade 4 for 1 and add 7.8 mil to the Cap? Wouldn’t make sense.

  302. I dont get if youre putting words in my mouth hwirth or youre reading what you just want to hear.

    By your standards anything less than Stanley Cup is a disappointment.
    I said that I have different standards. No playoffs would be a disappointment and 2 steps back. But that wont happen. Getting blown out in a first round series against Ottawa for example will be a disappointment. Losing a competitive series against a team like Boston or Pittsburgh wont be. There’s a difference.

  303. And by the way, I am the crazy one when the Team has a worse result after the trade for saying why not give last year’s group another chance while adding a cheaper offensive addition.

  304. Absolutely. Again, don’t think anyone has suggested otherwise.

    Running out of ways of expressing the same point now…

  305. I actually directly quoted you for one.

    So the trade is a Must and it’s ok to have worse results. By those standards What a great 1997 off-season Neil Smith had!

  306. I think LEV just did. He just said a first round loss to a PITT or BOS is now acceptable. Didn’t we get Nash to beat those teams?

  307. anything less than 3 straight cups will be a disappointment!


    …suddenly i don’t feel safe around Torts.

  308. I think they made that trade because a) they realized they didnt have enough last year to get all the way. They had a lot of sutff go their way last year primarily with injuries. b) Rick Nash is a star. c) Rick Nash is a superstar that wanted to be in NY and ONLY in NY. I disagree that they viewed him as the final missing piece. The team would be different this year and they knew it. How much different was the question. We’re still finding that out.

    A team that considered a star as the missing piece was Pittsburgh with Marian Hossa who later showed he had no intention of resigning there.

  309. Yea I did not say a firstround loss to Pittsburgh or Boston would be acceptable. I said a loss to them in a competitive series (ECF for example) wouldnt qualify as this catastrophic disappointment that you make it out to be. 2 times in putting words in my mouth. Pretty much done here.

  310. hey grabby….

    Carp, we *e-mailed* remember…..:)

    btw, BANJ, if you’re reading….thanks for the shirt!

    and happy 26th (day late) birthday mrs. Tony from AZ!!!

  311. newsflash rangers d and goaltending is much better then the cindy’s much better.

    only d man I any good on the pens is letang..

    mcdonagh, staal, girardi, and mdz would be there 2nd best d man all of them…

    dupuis is not better then hagelin and he is 9 years older….

    stepan has had 20 goals twice the guy is 23…kunitz is 32+….

  312. Lev – Notice you used the word Star in both points B and C.

    Guess what, just because you are Star doesn’t mean you are a winner. Ovie is a Star. Waiting for him to win. And no I am not comparing the two. I am making the point that paying a guy an 8 mill dollar for many years because he scores goals doesnt guarantee success for your franchise.

  313. Where have you quoted me, HW? Because I haven’t come close to saying anything like the trade being a must. And saying a lower seeding wasn’t unlikely *is not the same as saying anything short of ECF is OK* – not sure how more bluntly I can put that.

  314. Lev – Now you are saying losing to BOS and PITT in the ECF is not a disappointment. OK, but that’s what we are talking about. Yes, if they lose a Game 7 in the ECF sure. But right now, they don’t appear to win a round and are barely making the playoffs. So let’s get to that ECF.

  315. Obviously not but you dont admit that he IS perfect for this team and has done everything asked of him AND made Stepan and Hagelin look way better than I think they are. Ovechkin hasnt looked interested in about 3 years. You wont ever see Nash looking like that.He isnt the problem, a lot of people below him are. That is why I think Boyle will be gone for some 3rd line help. I could see 2 or 3 3rd/4th liners coming in here on deadline day.

  316. LW – I didnt say I quoted you. I said I already quoted people who are now backtracking of course than losing in an earlier round would be ok.

  317. Boyle for 3rd line help. They’d be lucky to get a 3rd round pick for him.

    As Carp said correctly earlier, if this team intends on getting better say goodbye to Krieder. Cause that’s who teams will be asking for.

  318. If playoffs start right now they get by Ottawa, Toronto, and New Jersey. I say that with pretty good confidence. Carolina is a toss up but I think they beat them too. Would lose to Boston and Pittsburgh.

  319. Well by those standards we lose in the 1st round to BOSTON. Wow what an impact that Nash trade had!

  320. No I am reading you correctly. You said it would be ok to lose to pitt or Bos and since we would currently be playing bos. We go from ECF to 1st round loss and I am supposed to be giddy about changing the chemistry and cap challenges of the team.


  321. Not to fan the flames but….Last years team was really _likable_ . Rooting for them was an absolute pleasure. Now we have a “why can’t you play the way you’re supposed to?” type team.

  322. Doesn’t the whole “shortened season” thing kind of mitigate the results of this particular season? I think it’s way more of a crap shoot than we are used to (which is also usually a crap shoot).

    Also, -No- Gomez scored.

  323. Manny – I do get the shortened season thing. I do think that has been a factor. Torts hasn’t had the chance to beat the crap out of this team and get them to play the way they need in order to win over the long haul. No accident Torts consistently uses “hard on the puck” and “conditioning” in his pressers.

  324. Yep I did say that losing a competitive series against Boston wont be an end of the world type of thing for me. But I also am not, clearly unlike you, thinking that this team will miss the playoffs or finish in 8th place. Youre judging a team that has played (just less than) half a season and thinking that’s where they will end up. I do not agree at all that this is their ceiling.

  325. I’d also be a lot happier if the garbage on the bottom 6 were not under contract for a second year. Pyatt, Asham, Powe, Haley, Bickel and Boyle (who I actually don’t mind) all have an additional year. Which means another year of their OLD, SLOW no toughness or talent 3rd and 4th lines.

  326. I do agree that conditioning has been a huge issue. Maybe has affected this team more than any. Those 10-14 days before the season starts are what gets everyone going.

  327. Lev, since I have beloved family from Boston, it is hugely important to me that we beat those beaners…:)

  328. Have no problem with Pyatt and Powe being signed for next year. I get that Pyatt is slow. He’s been one of the better players overall though. What issue do you have with Powe? Are you expecting him to score 20 goals?

  329. How about that Nazem Kadri? Glad I picked him up way too early in my fantasy draft.

  330. I, like Tiki and you, Mama, hate Boston (mainly Yankees-RedSox thing), but they are a GOOD team. Losing a tough series to someone that is as good or better than you is ok in my book.

  331. But everyone had the same shortened camp/conditioning….believe me, I think the short season is for carcillo….but I don’t think that’s an excuse…..everyone had the same amount time to condition on their own…..

  332. Lev – here’s the problem with that. You just assume they will move up. That means someone has to come down. Yes, maybe the devils go down if Brodeur is slow to come back. I’ll give you that. But, OTT is showing no signs of coming back to us and that loss last night didn’t help. Toronto – We will see. If Reimer holds up, they are good and tougher. And that’s abt it. With that Bettman loser point 8 points is not easy to make up to catch the top 3 of MTL BOS PITT. It takes a team to collapse or go on a HUGE winning streak.

  333. The shortened season thing was Mrs. Manny’s point. Not mine. She mentioned the crap shoot AND the conditioning given the usual Camp that Tort likes to run.

  334. I hate the Bruins from being a Whalers fan. Really don’t keep “rivalries” in baseball. Yankees win the world series nearly 27% of the time. What’s to compete?

  335. I think Powe is alright. But he’s a slower, not tough, less offensive skill version of who Prust? He’s a 4th liner being asked to be a 3rd liner because of bottom 6, especially 4th line couldn’t compete in the AHL.

  336. :) Lev…I like the city of Boston….hate the Bruins…they are a great team! Means even more when we kick their aasen!

  337. It doesnt take any HUGE winning streak. There are way too many 4 point games in this short season. Things can easily change in 1 week. If the trend of increasing number of OT/Shootouts continues it will be harder I agree.

    Mama, that is true, but I dont know any other coach that runs these guys as hard as Torts does. He had veterans tell him not to run his usual drills because some people were so out of shape. Not an excuse, just like injuries, but still…

  338. Lev – As we get closer and closer to the playoffs, teams just like we did on Thursday, will stop playing in the last 5 min of tied 3rd period games. It doesn’t pay to take a risk.

  339. Manny, then the post should have been from mrs. Manny…..hmmmmm…..don’t hide behind your beautiful wife!! :)

  340. Yup. Great point HWirth. A lot of 4th line players (Boyle) are being asked to play 3rd line minutes. Last year the bottom 6 guys all overachieved to the point we had two 3rd lines almost. It was magical.

    Honestly, I have never loved any team in any sport as much as last year’s squad. Had they won the cup I might still be emotionally broken as a human being.

  341. It does take a huge winning or losing steak. Devils win 2 in 10 and ARE STILL in the 7th seed.

  342. I’m not hiding. Mrs. Manny threatens daily to join the blog as “Mrs. Manny Pacquiao” . You may see it one day.

  343. Ahhhh…lovely….off to change the clocks all….don’t forget to spring forward and see you tomorrow. LGRs!!!!!

  344. There is no doubt the rangers lost depth when they traded for Nash and lost other players to free agency. Mitchell and prust are having very good seasons. One would think sather is working on moves to improve the team.

  345. Judge to hwirth: “What do you have to say for yourself?”

    ‘ Your honor, did you bring your pajamas, five gallons of gasoline and a match?’

  346. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I have been trying to catch up but forget it too many posts to do that.

    I agree about most posters think everyone is a HOF offence force or a 4th liner. I also agree with your point of Prust is NOT a 4th liner but a solid 6-9 forward on any team.

    I do question one thing on the Nash vs dubi/AA thing which is to be perfectly fair in the comparison you not only have to take into consideration Nash’s stats vs dubi/AA, you must also include the other player that is now on the roster taking one of the dubi/AA roster spot (two spots opened in the deal, only one was filled by nash). A little tougher to do in past seasons due to not knowing who would have filled that other spot, but it needs to be considered.

  347. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Also if the panthers keep losing do we have an over/under on yet on how long before slats adds parros?

  348. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    also leave haley here and in the line up, he’s earned it!!

  349. Can someone please explain to me why the new and improved Gordie Clark run drafts have not produced a defenseman we can promote to take the place of Staal, instead of going out to sign a 20, yes 20 year over-the-hill veteran in Hamrlik?
    I’m not talking about promoting the next Mark Staal or McDonaugh, but don’t they have anyone better and younger than Hamrlik in the farm system?

    Please sign Zuccarello, put him on the 3rd line and let him play in all situations. He’s no savior, but he’s an inexpensive upgrade over Boyle for the time being.

  350. Manny, agree with you on last year’s team being SO likeable. This year’s team? Not even close to likeable.


    In 1991 I was the first NHL player to record a short handed hat trick against what team? And what is my name?

  352. CCCP, you played in 1991 and recorded a short-handed hat trick?

    I have no idea against what team.

    but your name is CCCP.

  353. Why is everyone killing our bottom 6? Halpern is doing a great John Mitchell impersonation and Pyatt is having a great year compared to how little we all expected from him. I’d like to see them give a more solid pk, pk chances and even pk driven momentum, but we’re not in 8th because of them. Guys like Stepan have to start lighting the lamp when guys like Gabby deliver the best passes of their careers

  354. Shorthanded? It’s either Frodo Baggins or Jerry Garcia. Against the Seneca Fingerlakes.

  355. I’m taking a greyhound on the Hudson River Line……I’m in a New York State of mind

  356. Blues
    Yes, thank you search engines
    None of us ever need to actually know, remember or memorize anything ever again

  357. She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes
    And I knew without asking she was into the blues

  358. I don’t even remember the joke about the Orange sweatshirt wearing kid who wasn’t allowed to visit?

  359. I got the 12 and a halfs, (great rejoinder, by the way) – the Orange just struck me!

  360. Stepping out with Mama for a bit. Check in later when the night creatures are stirring.

  361. Conversation early, other than the neverending arguments, revolved around which team was more likeable 2012 or 2013. I think likeability has to do with wins and competitive level nothing else.

  362. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – his other nickname – “isn’t that right Sam ”

    I like the early 70’s teams. Last year’s team was easy to love. This year’s team still a work in progress.

  363. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Effort and passion. It’s like courses in school.,… The grade matters not. How much did you learn? How hard did you work? Nothing else matters.

  364. What is sams nickname?? Toucan Sam ? No trouble opening soup cans with sam around .

  365. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – entirely possible to go 4-0-78 lose all 78 in the shootout and make the playoffs. I like it.

  366. I think the shootout should begin before the game so there would be fewer after game shootouts.

  367. Yup hysterical historical and a joke. I can see Christensen, or Malik with the cup winning goal in a game seven shootout

  368. If the rangers went to78 shoot outs, can you imagine how chaffed Biron’s 5 hole would be by the time the season ended? P.s. what a pleasure to listen to Jim kaat announce the wbc

  369. Anyone trying to throw Biron under the bus would be unsuccessful. The bus would go through his legs.

  370. NHL guys should just get an EZ pass for when they face Biron in the shoot out, to save time and avoid waiting in those long lines

  371. For Those About To Evrock on

    Since there have been around 1000 posts since the Ottawa game ended this has probably already been said numerous times, but here I go anyway:

    1. Callahan out = Lose all games without him
    2. Nash out = Lose all games without him
    3. Richards out = Win all games without him, scoring power play goals every game (including the 2 power play goals scored while he was getting medical attention for the krapleta hit)
    4. Richards returns = Lose in regulation, power play is impotent
    Anyone noticing a trend here? I was happy Torts finally took him off the point as well as the first power play unit initially. I kinda figured he’d just return to (bad) business as usual.
    Anyone know if Richards was on the ice for the shorthanded goal against in the Buffalo game?

  372. I’m just amazed at all the effort that goes into those hockey debates when a simple witty barb would suffice

  373. The most famous Eddie in history-
    Van Halen?
    The kid whose father Bill Bixby had a courtship?

  374. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you went right to the shootout, game could be over inside 10 minutes. They’d have fresh legs and Foxwoods 5 gets mucho airtime.

  375. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crab legs best when their TOI ( time on in-the-boiling-pot-of-water) is 14:04.

  376. “What’s wrong, dear, you don’t seem to be enjoying the opera tonight?”

    “Some azzwipe called me a goof on a hockey blog today.”

  377. I want to spend less time talking about myself, and more time listening to what other people have to say about me.

  378. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – when I look in the mirror, I see a reflection of the person whose image is visible to what is projected by the person seeing what is in front of the likeness staring back at that person.

  379. When I look in the mirror, I suspect I’ve aged from the time I first appeared in the mirror until the image has pupilized. Therein lies a dilemma.

  380. Czeck, I know you are a busy man. but type the day that is the day before Sunday in your box. That would be today.

  381. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    just for S&Gs (and cally and step are both out for a month) in my NHL 13 season I proposed a trade to calgary for Iggy…Sauer and a 3rd round pick for Iggy…AND THEY ACCEPTED!!!!

  382. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – if you could time travel, and I do often, where would you go? Follow up question: if you were a tree, what kind would you be?

  383. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – in NHL 13, Sauer’s noodle is healed. Not sure if I’d take the 2013 Iggy. Now go back 6 years, and I’d love him. Plays all 3 zones, tough as nails, commands respect, in a monster….

  384. Well, if I were a money tree, people would always be picking on me, so I would choose to be a shoe tree.

  385. Father: The mill’s closed. There’s no more work. We’re destitute.

    Children: Ohhhhh.

    Father: I’m afraid I have no choice but to sell you all for scientific experiments.

  386. A Daylight Savings just opened up in my area. My boss gave me an hour off to check it out.

  387. Hey…any of you punks want to stop by the Irish Times on 254 West 31st Street tomorrow to watch a game? I’ll be there… bunch of cool and crazy Rangers fans will be there as well… stop by

  388. Sorry boys, my son is teaching over in south Korea- one year- and wants to SkypeEnjoy the night

  389. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – sounds like a hoot, but I shan’t be able to attend. Tho anywhere near the fashion district is aces by me…

  390. Lotta hockey talk? My foot went to sleep and I joined it somewhere along the way. How many ways can you say the same thing?

  391. Just my dumb opinion RE: Boyler … for starters ..
    No, it’s definitely not effort, he’s stretching himself out of the play to hit people

    Cally TOI 429:28 79 hits
    Boyle TOI 262:28 76 hit

    says something, no?

    When Torts says other guys are playing better IMO he means they are playing closer to the upper end of their ability

  392. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dde – boyle is horribly confused. I don’t think he understands what he is to do.

    Papa – not to get all frat boy like, but bushmills’ black bush contains a lot of the word bush.

  393. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – this is for you…. I know you are bummed by the Dubi/AA for Nash deal….. I totally understand why you are saddened. But you know what, there were several of us that valued Sean Avery’s role on the team and you as much as anyone (along with Orr) mocked and derided all of us St. Sean delusional Avery lovers…..Welcome to our world.

  394. What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’…….

  395. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This here is between you me and soon to be spending the rest of his short assen life in agonizing pain rapist here…. It’s no one else business

  396. Back…so any preference on those papa? Paddys day party next weekend will have Jameson,Bailey’s etc,but wanted to offer something new…reasonably smooth for the puss er rookies

  397. I make em drink black and tans either way – how bout Irish honey ? Yes- I’m aware they can be fiesty :)

  398. dc, I ve been nipping at the Irish Honey. I’ll go with the Tullamore next and finish with my favorite son, the Black Bush on the holiday.

  399. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DDe – and the fact that he can’t register a shot on goal has to be blowing his mind.

  400. Papa Bear Your comment is awaiting moderation. March 10th, 2013 at 12:01 am

    Coos pack it in? My scroll tells me he had a busy ” day before Sunday”

  401. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    See the thing about TOI is that if you are on the ice for 40 seconds and you scrumming along the boards or are able to stand still – compared to skating up and down the ice – hard – then it’s really a misleading stat. My eyes saw a different 3rd period than others – maybe I’m the crazy one – that’s fair.

  402. Irish Honey, a little too sweet, so if you are going to make a cut, that would be my choice. Some southern lads might suggest Jameson’s. tough choices.

  403. Some were slumming along those boards.

    Your eyes were clear, or I was seeing the same difference.

    Much a do do about nothing

  404. Don’t know if this was discussed but the picture at the top, Linesman looks to be receiving some form of pleasure from Block head Neil

  405. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I agree – I think the post post mortem rustled feathers. For that, I apologized.

    Kooz is definitely a Thurman Munson

  406. stranger nation on

    you cannot judge a game looking at he stat sheet – there is flow, ya know, string theory and all that mumbo jumbo

  407. stranger nation on

    papa – it all comes down to B Rich. If he cant produce, it will be over in a blink.

    There was an exchange in neutral zone in 2nd per last when Gonchar and Richards were “battling” for puck. it looked like old timers day

  408. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Numbers tell a story. But your eyes see another. Can’t wait to hear how I wrong I am again.

  409. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Me too papa – I like him. Bickel too. Would love to see Stu score the first goal and win 1-0.

  410. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards needs to be better. Gabby needs to be better. These 2 guys catch fire then we can make a run. If not, well, always next year.

  411. Debbie’s in free fall. Thank g-d for that. Hope Marty stays out a couple more weeks.

  412. Saw the 3rd period of the Isles game.. Tavares is scary good. On par with Sidney. Be nice to have a young 21 year old stud like that.

  413. Ovechkin, not so good. Missed the net on wide open one-timers from left wing circle on at least 5 times.

  414. Didn’t really see much of Nash before the trade except in Olympics. Didn’t realize he was this good at carrying the puck and beating defenders one on one.

  415. Think I figured it out. Team is less loved because they don’t carry the snarl top 3 lines. Simple as that. Plus, we’re used to winning 2 out of every 3.

  416. And I thought, my God… the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure…

  417. suddenly a patch of garlic took root, emerged, flew as chestnut sized ghostly apparitions through the graveyard, causing William Blake to shudder.

  418. The will to fight all forms of tyranny and injustice, to strive, to seek, and not to yield!

  419. Have you ever considered any real freedoms? Freedoms from the opinion of others… even the opinions of yourself?

  420. Triple e is endeavoring to protect his Queen from the peasantry of pawns, bishops, knights, rooks!

  421. I am the opinion.. It is mine.. And it is just and true……I am truth….lies and liars be damned.

  422. ah, what, after all, is freedom, me boy? Just another word for nothing left to lose. Learned that from Bobby McGee.

  423. Pushing wood… A noble pastime. Not for the faint of heart, nor the wrestles wanderer.

  424. And the Queen, abandoning the castle of the King, flees, takes the offensive. Could this be the end of Johnny Rico?

  425. Trips E seems to have an active soul. One which moves about and has trouble with rest.

  426. I will set my clock any damned way I want! Back, not ahead, I say! There are only a finite set of heartbeats allowed per person, and I will not be pushed.

  427. Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life.
    Make the white queen run so fast she hasn’t got time to make you wise.

  428. Don’t surround yourself with yourself,
    Move on back two squares.

    As you can see, I learned my chess. Yes.

  429. I left the wedding reception last week at ten. I remember when the party never ended. When the band shut down, a relative would open their house ’til sunup. Oh youth, oh beauty!

  430. I’m honored to follow trips E. the man is brilliant, perhaps traveling at a speed much to fast for this place comprehend.

  431. Coos, you cross this bridge a youthful soul. Perhaps it is time for you too now assume the roll of the generous relative who opens arms, doors and cabinets for his clan.

  432. He’s top banana. He’s the Mona Lisa. He’s the Tower of ‘Pizza.’ He’s the straw!

  433. Coos, I sent this along earlier while you had left to play catch with your pitcher. It is the only stat which matters. View it at you leisure.

    Check it out. except for the occasional exception ( like Tamps) a stat which usually reflects your place in the standings is goal differential. Check it out link below:


  434. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Your compliments of the e3 are much appreciated – even tho you are all leathernecks, I appreciate it

  435. And then there were 3. It’s a pleasure to be here, but I miss the other creatures who we find here on occasion.

  436. Have you heard from Newbie, the Admiral, Clouseau and other bloggers of the night?

  437. I have been in and out, but I don’t recall seeing any offerings from that esteemed crowd.

  438. Good choice. Be clear when you analyze. It is the key to understanding the bottom….really, the absolute bottom line.

  439. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It isn’t what you don’t know…. It’s knowing what you do know you don’t know you know what you know… You dig?

  440. Papa Bear feels his presence when he lurks for sure. But he can only speak for Papa Bear (rules of the blog …no?)

  441. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You don’t go to war with the army you think you have… You go to war with the army you don’t think you don’t not have not. In other words, it is or it isn’t. As a result you think what you thought when thinking thought that you were thinking you thought!

  442. When I want (j)gibberish, I can find it in any mental institution, I don’t gotta come here. Nash is a bust. Bring back the other guy. And the girls think he’s cuter.

  443. Hwirth, he could manage my team, always. The lad has a bright mind for all things ice.

  444. Rummy had these boxes of stick em notes. People around him called them snowflakes. He shot off hundreds a day to all under his pervue.

  445. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – you be speaking, and or not not speaking…thus as a result, therefore it etc etc is as examples I.e. e.g. Et al.

  446. I do not mind his opinions, and he obviously studies the game, but…jees. How many ways can you say the same thing for eight consecutive hours?

  447. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If your enemy runs – hide

    If your enemy is quicker – surrender

    If your enemy attacks – play dead

    If your enemies enemies is your enemies enemy then you enemy is your friends enemy

  448. I am a follower of trips e, Coos Coos and Hwirth, though not necessarily in that order.

  449. Mama likes Sangria, being from the Mediterranean region. I have no use for grapes.

  450. Yes. They’re good. All are good, actually. Just can’t take constant arguing about the same thing. Hey, it’s not my business.

  451. I’ve had trouble eating with silverware since my introduction to newbie, nice Lad that he is.

  452. Coos, there you go again. Blog rules forbid multiple identies. Trips e is not newbie.

  453. Though it says 3:44, me and Carp are at 1:44. I can’t go with these Taliban times.

  454. What a racket that guy ha. He’s the white, puffy I Say A Thomas. Dolan’s in love.

  455. E3, you’re fading?? Guess what, the thang you drank just before you faded, was a revenge for your “coffin” reckless remark.

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