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1) That’s at least five OT goals by Gaborik the last two seasons—including the triple-OT winner—and three of those on the 4-on-3 PP. He has eight goals, same as Rick Nash. He has four game-winners this season, FWIW. I know some of you don’t want to hear it — because if he doesn’t score a goal every single game he’s a bum to the haters — but not all of his scoreless games lately have been bad. I said it was coming along vs. Philly the other night, and he was good again on the Isle.

2) How about the Rangers taking advantage of an icing for the tying goal by Rick Nash? Even though skinny Jack Capuano called timeout, his guys were out there a while. And, seriously, does Capuano have any legit beef (no pun intended) about the call on Michael Del Zotto being taken down in OT?

3) I honestly think this Rick Nash stat, all his goals in the third period, is somewhat coincidence. I mean, he’s had a lot of chances in first and second periods, too. But it’s pretty cool that all eight goals are in the third. And that the Rangers are 12-5-1 when he plays.

4) Not putting blame, but the Islanders goal, I thought, was all on Nash and Derek Stepan. So they really atoned and, with Carl Hagelin, had another strong game. Stepan’s been fabulous.

5) The stand-around and wait for somebody to do something power play was back in regulation. And almost gave up another SHG because of a forward at the point.

6) Wait, there was a delayed penalty and Stu Bickel and Micheal Haley don’t go for a change immediately?

7) I will wait before drawing this conclusion conclusively: Roman Hamrlik=Bryan McCabe 2.0? He’s not going to be able to play Marc Staal’s minutes, and I certainly am not expecting to see Staal again any time soon. Hamrlik isn’t, and shouldn’t be expected to be in game shape (scratched for 16 of the last 17) and can’t have much left if Washington is scratching him night after night. Can he?

8) This I don’t get: Fighting is allowed in hockey. Yet the linesmen break up legit fight — when Stu Bickel and Finley wanted to have at it — but night after night the linesmen let staged fights go.

9) What a waste it is to have two talented guys like Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney working the radio broadcast and just a few miles from New York City you can’t hear them because the Knicks are playing on their channel.

10) Good thing about the lockout: Only 48 games of the same commercials over and over, instead of 82. Though I finally figured out who that guy is in the tow truck trying to hook the Quatro in the snow. He’s the H&H Bagel guy from the Festivus episode!

11) Really liked the Anton Stralman-Del Zotto pair in this game; Del Zotto in both ends.

12) And of course, Block Ness Girardi and Ryan McMonster did a great job on John Tavares.

13) Thought the Rangers actually played a pretty decent game, but that the decision to play Henrik Lundqvist really paid off, because there were a few major breakdowns and Lundqvist bailed them out.

14) I imagine Martin Biron gets the start tonight against Ottawa.

15) Some of the Rangers’ bottom six are having a nice little run during this win streak: Darroll Powe and Jeff Halpern among them.

16) And it seems impossible for the Rangers to win and not mention Ryan Callahan … though I don’t know what else to say about him.

17) Man, for pure fun and entertainment, is there anything better right now that Philly-Pittsburgh?

18) Realignment. I still think it’s a ridiculous plan to play fewer games with playoff implications. But … a topic for another day.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marian Gaborik.
3. Rick Nash.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist-kept us in there
2. Rick Nash-knows how to finish
3. Derek Stepan-solid, solid effort
HM-Gabby-loves those Isles

NYR1979’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Marian Gaborik.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash (29.66 %).
2. Henrik Lundqvist (24.33 %).
3. Marian Gaborik (18.25 %).

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  1. I have been a staunch defender of Gaborik against the legions of haters but I was even getting worried. I just have been telling people he will get hot and have his chance to carry the team. I really feel this guy has been the most productive whipping boy in Ranger history. I think he’s like one hat-trick behind Rod Gilbert as a NYR all time.

    Any who. talk about a baptism by fire, Hamrlik played 15 minutes after not playing for a month and even played the PP. Speaking of which, why does the Boyle line play the last 20 seconds of every PP, even when there is a faceoff deep in the opponents end ?

    Maybe because Boyle is so good on faceoffs, we can prevent a SH goal ?

    I thought JT Miller had a Jekyll and Hyde game turning the puck over but taking a lot of initiative and showing a lot of confidence. He’s got a certain swagger about him.

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    Carp I would love to see you there as well as all the great boneheads from this awesome site.

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  2. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think Nash’s 3rd period goal streak is both coincidence and a result of wearing down the opponents.
    The Rangers radio broadcasts are hard to pick up North of I 287 forget upper Westchester and beyond.

    What is the guy yelling at the end of the Audi commercial ?

  3. gregm_oldsection403 on

    18) Realignment. My lord. Columbus in the Atlantic? Any chance the NHLPA shoots down realignment? I certainly hope so. It’s insane.

  4. Carp- the Rangers fans sounded louder last night then they do at the Garden! Way to represent in enemy territory!

  5. Can’t imagine this happens too often, but, going to see the whale vs baby Sens in Bingo tonight while the parent teams are playing. Hmmm

    That was a last year win… Need those to keep rolling.

  6. Was expecting “Nash= Monster” comment, and if there ever was a night he deserved it, last night sure was it. Listened to the game in the car and every time he touched the puck, Kenny’s voice would naturally rise in anticipation and I would lean forward in my seat. Couldn’t see what was happening, obviously, but you just knew he was a force out there.

  7. Nice writeup, Carp. Gaborik has always been a streaky player…hopefully, this is the start of a streak! Agree he’s been playing well lately, and the goals will come. Nash brings electricity to every game. He came close to scoring on his power move…pray that King Henrik stays healthy. Without him, the Rangers are lost.

  8. Thought Girardi and McDonagh were much better last night. Quietest game from Tavares against the Rangers in a good while.

  9. Going to Sundays game in DC with a whole lot of Ranger fans…totally pumped, win tonight n it will even be better

  10. I’m one of the more optimistic people around here and even I was becoming frustrated with Gaborik. And that’s after staying patient with Richards through 20 games. It’s tough watching this te struggle every game and not get anything out of multiple “go to” guys. But he definitely had been playing better and this was big for him.
    Like I had said about Richards a couple weeks ago sometimes an OT goal or a clutch goal is just what it takes to get a guy his confidence back and have him heat up. I hope this did the trick because they need him.

  11. Gabby is streaky, we know that. When he’s on though, he’s one of the best players in the game.

    Just imagine how good this team can be if Gabby is on a hot streak, Richards is playing well and Nash is in the lineup.

  12. Nice review especially items 3, 5, 6, 11 ,12, 13 & 15.

    Regarding 14: I hope after an emotional win like that, with a lot of double shifting by key players, they can get it up for the Sens tonight.

    Regarding 18: How can you break up Chicago and Detroit? Why isn’t Nashville moving instead? Maybe Mike Illitch is envious of the Northeast Corridor teams and their 30-minute-or-less travel.

    Regarding 7: Speaks volumes about Torts opinion of Gilroy.

    How about Stepan last night? It’s looking more and more like he is rounding into a number 1 center. He looked, at times, like a different player (not that the regular Stepan is bad), like he added another gear. Using his legs to force things up the ice.

    Playing with Nash and Hagelin really brings out the best in him and he looks 100% up to the task of centering for an elite winger. I’m sure Torts will remind him and Nash in film session about minding the defensive side, but that line has to stay together.

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    I cracked up when I saw the Fishsticks’ coach complaining to the ref after the game. That would have been a penalty before pansification.

    Good to see Gaborik get one.

    Half way through the 3rd period I was saying is this team really going to be shut out by the Fishsticks? Really?

    Remember last season when the Garden chanted “We don’t want you!” at Nash when Columbus visited? Do those people remember how dumb that was?

  14. was at the coliseum last night pro ranger crowd and when they ties it it feel like 80% ranger crowd.

    when i look at the even distribution of the defense in terms of minutes thats what we need to see a little bit more. not every game but especially in a back to back. if hamilik and eminger can provide 12-14 mins a night more then 8-9 that will help big time for guys like danny g and mac.


    stepan has been off the charts lately. can he keep us this play?

  15. Ilike BR but the PP looks so much better without him and Miller at center on the 2ed line has more jump to it . Just saying when BR is ready to step back into the lineup , what do you do with the lines . Especially if Zucc comes on board
    Zucc BR Gabby
    Hags Step Nash
    Cally Miller Pyatt/Kreider
    Haley Boyle Halps/Powe
    If Zucc comes and Kreider comes back we will have plenty of depth on the wings . Still need a PP QB and a crese clearing D Man

  16. I think that Del Zotto can be that PP QB! I also think that McDonagh has the talent to do it. What a shame about Sauer. (any update Carp?) He was that crease clearing mean defensive defensman.

    Hopefully Dylan McIlrath will be worthy of the high pick spent on him and turn into that mean physical presence that can clear the crease.

  17. Cross Check Charlie on

    17 – I don’t see Zucc coming back this season. I think they’ll talk to him during the off season. Even though I like the little guy, I don’t think the Rangers should mess with the roster any more unless it’s out of necessity because of injuries.

    This 4 game winning streak is great. It beats the alternative. But, before I get too giddy about it, all four teams have a losing record. Yeah, I know, I’m a downer, but let’s not think the Cup is theirs for the taking now just because they beat the Islanders in OT.

  18. Where to begin:

    JT Miller = Mini Monster/Beast in the making. Man that kid has really stepped up and developed quickly as a center. I am amazed at how unafraid he is to go to the net and fight for positioning.

    Gaborik = As Carp said, a bunch of people here have been saying he’s about to break out and when he got that puck you KNEW the game was over. He was hunting for a shot.

    Nash = Yadda yadda yadda, Defensive lapse yadda blah blah Guy is a beast.

    Girardi = So glad to see that “A” back on his chest where it belongs. Guy is a leader.

    Hamrlik = Really liked his positioning. Especially during that 2-on-1. Our other defenders could learn something from him since he took away the pass beautifully and gave Hank a terrific opportunity to make a clean save.

    Star of the Game = Nit Picky but how does MSG pick Grabner for the Isles? Did they Watch Nabokov at all? That guy really turned back the clock last night. I even fell badly for Nabokov because he hates the Islanders as much as we do. But, seriously, Grabner scored but also took the penalty that lost the game. And he wasn’t the best Isles player on the ice. Whatever though.

    “Can we still make bagels?”

  19. Hey Carp. Don’t really have a problem with the lack of Gabby goals recently. THe problem is with the effort he puts out. (Rather lack of). This is a guy who seems to play only when it suits him. Not the style of player I like to see on this team.

    As far as PP. It looks so much better without Richards. I do not think MDZ is a good PP quarterback. Too many bad decisions. Would really like to see Torts give Mcdonagh a LOT MORE pp time. He looks to have the offensive skills as well as the smarts to QB the power play.

    I think that when Richards comes back he should be 3rd line center at least until the 1st and 2nd line combos prove to be ineffective.

  20. Hamrlik probably got caught up in Adam Oates’ system in Washington. According to CBC’s Elliotte Friedman (his 30 Thoughts column is a weekly must read – as are all of Carp’s columns :-)), Oates wants to dress a balanced lineup. In other words, three lefty shooting d-men and three righty shooting d-men. All of his LWs shoot lefty and all of his RW shoot righty. His Centers are split – two lefties and two righties. Oates is not a big proponent of having players play on their off-wing.

  21. Morning all,

    Is there a better one-one-one player in the entire league that Rick Nash?

    Seems as though whenever he has the puck – he’s a threat to score because of his size, skating ability and body positioning. The only other Ranger player I can remember who used his body to such advantage was Jagr – who is still doing his thing in Dallas.

    Good win last night. Tough test tonight at home. The Sens will not go quietly.

  22. Oh yeah one last comment. I can’t believe how SLOW Emminger is. Looked like he was skating in quicksand last night.

  23. Sioux-per-man on

    When Gaborik & Nash are both scoring goals this team will be tough to beat. And even tougher when Hank is getting better with each game!

    4-0 this is Ranger Hockey !!!

    Have a Sioux-per Day!!!

  24. Great point, Romeo. I didn’t even think of stupid realignment like that. Breaking up Detroit and Chicago is a stupid idea.

    But it will probably work. Just like the lockout worked for the NHL. Attendance is up across the board.

  25. the problem with re aligment is the playoffs. playing in your division. essntially all that matters is the 7 teams in your conf besides rangers. the other east conf division means squat to the rangers now. why would i care about the outcome of a boston/montreal game now when it will have no bearing on standings as it does now for the rangers

  26. Anthony – I have heard similar things about Oates’ completely odd defensive system from -podcasts- inside sources.

    Maybe you know, is the reason that he wants those defenseman on their shooting side because he wants them to join the offense? I would think that the Caps need D-Men who can PLAY DEFENSE in front of their AHL goaltending tandem of Neuvirth and Holtby. I am just wondering because normally D-Men spend a lot of time skating backwards and thus are in a shooting position when skating backwards on their off-side. Maybe that makes sense to you (it makes sense in my head).

    Because Hamrlik shoots leftie but I thought he usually played the right side before Oates.

  27. This might be a stupid question but, eric or others, does the new realignment plan include dropping divisions and just having two conferences? I remember that being talked about in the discussion last season pre-lockout #3.


  28. I don’t like the fact that 3 teams from each division are guaranteed to make the playoffs. It should be two, tops. They’re making it more likely that a team will get in with less points than a team not making it.

  29. So Hamrlik = HAMMER?

    At least he cost us nothing, instead of nothing of consequence like CABER.

  30. JT Miller is really turning out to be a great kid. I think it’s only a matter of time before he starts burying some of his chances. I love how he isn’t afraid to hit like Callahan.

    Stepan…how many folks wanted to trade him last year? IMO he’s really turning into a fantastic center. Would love if he played with a bit more of an edge but wow can he make a pass.

    All night long I didn’t have a good feeling about the game. Then in the third period they just kept pressing, and pressing and it seemed like it was only a matter of time before someone scored…sheesh Nash can make some sick moves with the puck…

  31. As I was watching DVR of the game last night after a meeting, I saw that MSG Network opened with a wide angle shot of the empty parking lot in Uniondale. All I could think of was Rodney Dangerfield: “C,mon Wang, It’s a parking lot!”

    I haven’t been there in decades, it still looks depressing.

  32. Not exactly sure where the praise for Halpern is coming from since he played 5 minutes last night. Not that he played poorly in those 5 minutes but to give him notable mentioning is a little far-fetched.

    Hamrlik played 15-16 minutes last night. That is after a month of not playing. And already he’s being criticized. Hey maybe we can get Stu Bickel out there, you know how productive those 2 minutes will be.

    So Gaborik is good again because he scored a goal?

  33. Manny, 2 eight-team divisions in the east and 2 seven-team in the west. I think what Jacobs, I mean Bettman, proposed before LO3 was four “conferences”, basically the same thing.

  34. JT Miller played nearly 18 minutes last night. Bickel cracked 6 minutes for the first time in a while and didn’t take any penalties of consequence (only that absurd canceling penalties with Finley).

    Which, speaking of, how is it possible that the Refs stop that fight? Staged fights ONLY? Go NHL. Idiots.

  35. fivefootzero on

    One Cup – he’s yelling Q-U-A-T-T-R-O….as in Audi Quattro.

    I thought I was the only one not finding the game on the radio last night. While searching I heard the Capitals game…who were they playing? It was on some AM radio station…FWIW I’m in central NJ.

  36. The Mouth

    _I really feel this guy has been the most productive whipping boy in Ranger history_

    uuummm.. wrong! that would be Jagr! But thanks for playing :)

  37. I thought Gaby started a little slow last night, then picked it up as the game went on. Glad he got the game winner to hopefully shut up some of the haters.

    Also, glad that Torts is in agreement with me on the whole disclosing injury subject. He also thinks played need to both police and protect themselves. They don’t think they’ll get hit when they should expect it anyway, and if a guy throws a cheap hit, they should handle it on the ice like they used to.


  38. manny

    2 divisions in each conf. 8 teams in east in each div and 7 teams in west. you need to survive 2 rounds in your div playoffs before conf finals vs bost montreal detroit ottawa.

    a regular season toronto/ottawa game next year doesnt have impact on rangers like it does now when top 8 in east qualify. i hate it

  39. stranger nation on

    The Gabby Ghost – WHITE WHALE!!!

    Last few games, thought he was playing much better on PP – very crisp, flat passes to the tape of teammates – very necessary for the PP to be productive. Also was in the dirty areas – not just floating around the circles

    He is our best 4×4 and 4×3 player – too bad its 5×5 the rest of the game. Remember he is playing with a 19 yr old as his pivot or Boyle.

    Seriously, watching Nash has put Gabby’s skills in perspective – no new news here – but they are being paid a similar salary and the output is soooo much different. Need both of them and IMO if Gabby had the 2006 – 2010 Richards, he might score 50 in a season.

  40. carp a lot of diagreements with your analysis of last nights game which is unusual.

    i do not see the bottom 6 good games that you see….sure defensive they have been pretty good, but really zero offensive production for theyear from the powe, halpern, boyle, etc gang…

    gabby 1 of the 3 stars he scored goal on the PP in OT many could of scored rest of the game he was invisible….

    stepan has been huge.. with out him and their weakness up the middle this team would be in big big trouble.

    i call up kreider for tonights game if richards is out, they are counting on a very few to do so much offensively…..

  41. 1. I think all the “haters” (frustrated fans?) will convert and criticize less if Gabby consistently puts forth the effort like he has during the past two games. I thought his “close but no cigar game” verse Philly was, start to finish, better, but the game winner last night was clutch. He is a better option on the point than Richie.

    2. Wasn’t sure if Hags looked a little sluggish at times or it was more an illusion because of the unbelievable speed of Grabner. That guy can fly. Hags is fast, quick and shifty, Grabner is lightning on skates.

    3. Miller, as described by Torts, “continues to try and make a difference”. Hope you heard that Chris, because it was a message intended for to reach you.

    4. Hank is rounding into form. He has that spark in his eye, similar to last year ( although I hate to go back to last year, I’ll make an exception for him). Last 4 games, all 2 goals or less, 8 points. He’s made some really clutch saves over that span, saves both we and the team have come to expect from him.

    5. Our 4th line not bad last night. Our 3rd line got pinned in the “D” zone too often.

    6. Gutsy call by Torts to alternate top 2 lines during the 3rd especially with back to back games. But, the team is finally rounding into “torts shape” and they handled it well.

  42. i thought miller played well, he gets good scoring opptys. off, he is engaged..

    he may turn into a really good player, time will tell…

  43. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Hamrlik is the equivalent to a left hand pitcher , they always find a spot somewhere.
    Not a bad career..

  44. Manny – This is what Oates told Friedman. I do have to make one correction, the Caps are not balanced lefty/righty in their lineup. That is his goal. The team that is set up that way is the Boston Bruins. It kind of explains Oates belief. In a perfect world, he is right in terms of balance in hockey. But I think lefty shots are more used to playing on the right side (especially on defense) because there seems to be more of them. The Rangers are a rare bird that has an abundance of righty shooting d-men.

    Here is Oates’ quote to Friedman, “Had a terrific conversation with Oates last week about his dislike for players lining up on their off-wing. He is 100 per cent against it and explains why with an MLB analogy. “You look back through the history of baseball and every shortstop throws right. Why?” “Because it’s too hard to make the throw left-handed,” is the reply. “Right,” he says. “How many plays won’t be made because a left-handed shortstop isn’t able to turn, get set and make the throw with strength or speed?” He believes the same theory applies to a winger on the wrong side.

  45. I want to see Haley verse Neil tonight ( if Neil accepts the challenge), and I don’t care if it’s staged!

  46. Please, it’s *could have* not *could of*. One of my biggest pet peeves. Almost as bad as people not knowing difference between then/than, to/too/two, your/you’re.

  47. Yea, Gaborik is great in a 4 on 3 situation because of the open ice. When he has space he’s a terrific player. Terrific/Elite/Exceptional, etc.

  48. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I think Hamrlik is a 6th/7th d-man. A $3.5M 6th/7th d-man, but I don’t seem him playing pivotal minutes unless, like now, there is an injury.

  49. agree with stuart. i dont think gabby was good at all last night to the winner. he was much more involved on tues vs phil. last night it seemed like he was gliding around the ice in half speed.

    boyle needs to hit the scoresheet once in awhile

  50. Stuart – that’s what we signed up for in the Nash trade though. Losing offensive production from the bottom 6 in favor of getting more offensive production from the top 6. When you make a trade like that, you can’t have it both ways.

  51. stranger nation on

    The offensive players want to play off wing because it increases the shooting angle – the checkers would rather be on strong side for forecheck – it is a matter of ‘style’ as much as anything else.

    Also Ray Liotta’s, I mean Oates’ baseball analogy is apples and oranges. Those two sports could not be more different, but I get his point –

  52. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Some people will just never be happy. I mean, now we’re going to complain because Gabby scored the goal 4 on 3? And he’s “supposed” to score there? You guys know this is the Rangers PP?

  53. Jonny D March 8th, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Stuart – that’s what we signed up for in the Nash trade though. Losing offensive production from the bottom 6 in favor of getting more offensive production from the top 6. When you make a trade like that, you can’t have it both ways.

    Yea, except we didnt really get any production from the bottom 6 before the trade. Hence why you make the trade any day.

  54. Lev

    yeah i know what you mean. I learned English on my own but i could of gone to ESL classes and English would of been easier for me learn then learning it on my own. But i was to lazy to go to classes but i know exactly what your talking about :)

  55. Isles have some talent… Thank g-d, they have a minor league coach and not a young Al Arbour.

  56. stranger nation on

    Nash was traded for two ‘top 6’ forwards (Dubi & Artie party)- not bottom 6 guys –

    Pie-hat, Ass-ham, Kung Pow, Dr. Halpern and even Haley were brought in or traded for to replace Judas Prust, Feds, Ruff Ruff, and the former AG (J Mitch)

    Pie-hat and powe have played well and the 4th line drew 2 penalties last night.

  57. Am I the only person who believes that if the Isles ever get another owner other than the guy who was Rodney Dangerfield’s friend in “Caddyshack” (think about it) that they would go from a sleeping giant to a dangerous team?

  58. Anthony, That Oates sounds pretty nutty. Great player, but wow. The analogy he uses is just wacky; apples and oranges.

    Oates was behind the bench last year for Washington in the playoffs when Staal beat them in OT, game 5, from the right side with a lefty shot.

  59. Anthony, I think they could be dangerous with the right coach and a couple of more defenseman. Wang is Wang.

  60. The players policing themselves is a charming notion, but not a practical one for an incident like Richards’, who just as easily could be paralyzed as not (see yesterday’s Swiss boarding tragedy referenced above — that’s it for Keller).

    So what if the injured player’s teammate exacts retribution later? Nice to know on your way to the hospital. The NHL needs to remind its players that it’s not a constitutional right to play in the league — there are hundreds of players who could replace Kaleta tomorrow. Ban Kaleta permanently and players will actually think about stopping the horsecrap.

  61. Doh, you’re right Lev. My mistake, I knew I saw the balding Liotta-look-alike during the playoffs last year….I had the wrong round.

  62. _Am I the only person who believes that if the Isles ever get another owner other than the guy who was Rodney Dangerfield’s friend in “Caddyshack” (think about it) that they would go from a sleeping giant to a dangerous team?_

    Nope. Good location and maybe ol’ hipstery Brooklyn can decide hockey is the new cool thing. Plus Malkin’s free agency comes just before (I think) the move off the Island, which would be massive if he’s looking for nothing more than maxing out his AAV.

  63. I am taking a sabbatical from engaging in discussions about certain players with certain people who obviously can’t see past goals and assists, in case anyone cares.

    He scored, he’s playing well. He hasn’t scored, he sucks. Or he sucked until he scored. Or he was great because he scored.

  64. I would love to join you on that sabbatical, Carp but there’s a lot of snow and I don’t have much to do at work today so…….

    The bottom 6 guys are defensive players first, puck possessors second and scorers third. They are what they are and will be what they will be. We won 4 in a row. Let’s make it 5 tomorrow night and maybe everyone will stop hating them for basically doing their job and not over achieving to a historic level.

  65. also, while Tortorella went down to two lines for a series of shifts, he didn’t do it the entire period, or even for an extended time. In fact, Powe had the best scoring chance of anybody for about a seven-minute stretch when the Rangers started to take over. I’d guess that the top two lines each might have had two or three more shifts than normal. The fourth line was out of the equation in a 1-0 game no matter what. I don’t believe either of the top two lines should have been taxed whatsoever by that maneuvering, nor that it was a gamble.

  66. Devils had twice as many lefties on D last year as they did righties. Must have drove Oates crazy.

  67. I know, we got about 7-8 inches of snow here and it’s still coming down.

    Also, Manny, the game is tonight.

  68. And, Carp, the 4th line was out there taking a shift in the third, late with the score tied 1-1. I don’t think everyone understands how the top 6 guys need to um, rest, from time to time and other guys have to go out there and hold even until they are rested up to get out there.

    Right Senators tonight. Don’t know why I said tomorrow……

  69. Three hours west of the city and we haven’t gotten even a flurry. Good thing, first baseball practices tomorrow and they’re calling for sunny and high 50’s.

    And Carp, no more photos of Wangs please.

  70. Carp

    You *should of* used Wang photo on top of the page…first i thought it was Tavares next to wang…


  71. Carp, just read LB in Post, he states the top 2 lines received 15 of 19 shifts into the tying goal.

    Not a gamble, gutsy because of game tonight.

    I liked it.

  72. stranger nation on

    Radek Martinek replaced Lubomir Visnovsky (personal reasons) in the lineup.

    we were somewhat lucky he did not play, leads Isles D in TOI when in the line-up

    heard he had personal issues with a bookie in Brighton

  73. Oates is insane. He also looks like an extra on Boardwalk Empire with the suits he wears back there. Also, I think he wears makeup.

    Interesting to note I think the Caps have won 7 of their last 8 and are close to a playoff spot since their division is a joke.

  74. stranger nation on

    “I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish, okay?”

  75. Romeo beat me to the “Wang” joke :-( but great minds do think alike :-)

    I like the way team is beginning to jell as they show more jam (sorry, couldn’t resist). I would feel a lot more comfortable about the Blueshirts if we could get some scoring out of a third line. I would expect Sather to start burning up the trade lines the closer we get to April. I read somewhere online where a Blue Jackeys fan wanted a 3rd round pick for Vinny Prospal. If that is all it took to rent him, I do it in a minute. Rangers own Florida’s 3rd, but are without a 1st, 5th and 7th.

  76. LMwanGO at

    *AnthonyM* March 8th, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Am I the only person who believes that if the Isles ever get another owner other than the guy who was Rodney Dangerfield’s friend in “Caddyshack” (think about it) that they would go from a sleeping giant to a dangerous team?

  77. Actually, Rangers could have a third 3rd round pick if they don’t make the Stanley Cup Finals (we would get the Bluejackets pick if we fall short).

  78. Good late morning all! That leap by Cally last night on the Gabby goal was just sick!!!!!!

  79. Jonny D, disappointed Torts didn’t say, ” Because of HIPAA, it’s the law!”

  80. Right, Papa. So 15 of 19 shfts. So split them up, say Nash’s line got eight and Callahan’s line got seven. That means four for Boyle’s line. Not that far out of whack. Just a couple of extra shifts for each line, two or three more than normal during that stretch.

  81. Sioux, on the Cally Jump. Great photo in today’s Post, Cally airborne as the puck passes through Nabokov on way to net. Cally’s skates are parallel to Nabokov’s head and chest.

  82. Callahan’s jump totally won the game for us!

    Did anyone see the determination in Gaborik when he got that puck with only 7 players on the ice (not counting goalies)? He was just salivating at the chance to win it.

    Also, he has as many goals as everyone’s hero, Nash.

  83. Good morning, Carp!

    I was sidelined by a bad pastrami sangwich. Back it now though.

    Also, I think it’s time to ban LW.

  84. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp. Like is said I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, stuck out here in the Wild Wild West of the oil field. Now if you want to talk about snow……

    I noticed there wasn’t much about Boyles line in the review? Did they look good tonight?

    #7 – I was thinking the same thing. Bring in an older player that will not be in “Torts” shape. But the coach did say he made some savy plays out of our own end. Is he a step up from Bickel?

    Thoughts on Haley’s game…. we are 2-0 with him. Is he as good as Asham, or will he offer us more?

    Carp did Haley get enough minutes to notice him?

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    After being so close to that wang, the girl in the pic went to church and lit a candle

  86. We will only know if you try Papa. Please write a 1,000 word essay on Callahan jumping.

    Did someone say Photoshop? Call LW. Don’t forget to dial +44

  87. Remember the time THE PRUST read the blog because we had all those Prustisms going? I wonder if he misses us up there in Montreal? Probably not. He has 10 Million reasons not to.

  88. I remember the time it was falsely claimed that Brandon Prust read this blog

    Christopher Reeve read this blog.

  89. What a relief for Gaborik to finally get one. The OTGWPPG at that!

    I’m not POSITIVE, but I think Nabokov had something to say about Del Zotto’s skates coming a little too close to comfort after he was taken down and crashed into the net. Del Zotto was steaming about something when he went to the bench.

  90. stranger nation on

    4) *Not putting blame, but the Islanders goal, I thought, was all on Nash and Derek Stepan.* So they really atoned and, with Carl Hagelin, had another strong game. Stepan’s been fabulous


    would hate to have Carp put blame on someone – that is my favorite line all season!

  91. Neil won’t fight Haley cause Haley can take a punch and Neil doesn’t like to get hit.

  92. *LW3H* March 8th, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I think if stgtts posts often enough, nobody at all reading this blog will be a self-fulfilling prophecy


    Well said, LW. I was impressed, though, that his name was in the Hamrlik style.

  93. Sioux-per-man on

    Just noticed Ottawa is 3-7-2 on the road. Both teams are 12-8, but Ottawa has 2 more Bettman points.

    This should be a close game tonight.

    Carp – do you think Hank get the net tonight?

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    giant oak tree swinging outside in the wind….oh wait, that’s me….

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    it wont be long yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it wont be long yeah, yeah, yeah….

  96. wow getzlaf 8 yr extension

    perry on the market. i trade gabby and his year left at 7.5 mil to anaheim for perry. anaheim may do that so at least they have gabby for one more year

  97. 8.25 per year for getzlaf. he got the most in terms of years for a player under new CBA

  98. Good thing they had that lockout to protect all these teams who are going broke … and good thing the term limit was the hill they died on.

  99. Eric, love that trade. But not sure Sather will unless he can negotiate with Perry first.

  100. papa

    but even if perry walks this year we free up space of 7.5 mil for next year and keep in mind gaborik ranger tenure only has next year left because after next hank danny g and cally need new deals and gaborik wont be a ranger past next anyway.

  101. Oh. Already reported. Well that’s a lot of coin for Getzlaf. Pretty much sews up their plans with Perry.

  102. Atta boy, Eric. That’s the plan I like. Trade Gaborik for Perry (the only guy I would trade Gaborik for) and then sign Perry to an extension and buyout Richards in 2014.

  103. @theroyalhalf@ Ryan Getzlaf makes 2.977273 million dollars more per season than Jeff Carter.

  104. Perry to the highest bidder or can they afford to sign him to an extension if Selanne plans to retire?

  105. Who cares about Getzlaf … we want Perry. It does set the bar rather high for Perry.

  106. With the cap going down doesn’t that mean they essentially locked him up for what would be over $9M in today’s NHL?

  107. It may take more to get Perry than Gabby because of the age difference in the players and/or the competition with other teams in the market.

  108. Well Papa, I think the leverage we have in getting Perry is that they have to use him or lose him. They can make a cup run with him but he’s leaving after that. Unless they want to suck forever like the Minn. Wild because they lock up two guys at way too much money.

  109. manny

    even if perry walks and we couldnt sign him i still make the trade with anaheim and have the 7.5 for next to play with it.

    if anaheim is going for the cup this year wouldnt gabby make sense as opposed to a number one pick top prospect and whatever else for perry at the deadline

  110. Papa Bear: It’s funny you mentioned Gabby & Kreider. That’s exactly what crossed my mind.

    Gabby, Kreider and one more prospect or pick might do it.

    Teams around the league are very high on Kreider.

  111. I would only do it contingent on locking up Perry. If we lose Gaborik and lose Perry…then what? I don’t think we need the cap space for our youngsters do we?

  112. Not Happening = never. No such thing as never in the Capped NHL today. Unlikely? perhaps. No more never.

  113. Anybody know how many players have a cap hit of above $8M?

    Answer: Four (4) – Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, Eric Staal (and now Getzlaf)

    That lockout sure brought contracts down!

  114. Other Consideration. Landscape of available UFA this off season unknown due too pending compliance buyouts. Plus if there is any chance Malik hits UFA after next season… Do you hold on and wait? Just for consideration, not likely to occur.

  115. I think what the lockout will do is squeeze the middle to lower tier players from getting 2-3 mil / year into the 1 – 2 mil / year. The stars will get their money. More money than before. The rookies and journey men will get their low end contracts. There won’t be enough for the middle tier. They will get squeezed into the lower end of the pay scale.

  116. How many examples of a player being allowed to (or wanting to) negotiate a deal with a team wanting to trade for him at the deadline have there been?

    How many examples of a deadline rental re-signing with the new team before hitting UFA status have there been?

    OK, maybe not impossible, but I really really can’t see it happening like that.

  117. Yes. It’s not happening, LW. All I am saying is that if we were to trade Gaborik I would only entertain the entire conversation and junk that goes into it, like getting around his NMC, if the return was Corey Perry and a contract extension.

  118. Vitally, Gabby and Kreider is whatbI ask for if I’m Anaheim.

    If I’m Slats, not sure on pulling the trigger, but definitely leaning towards no. If Ranger brain-trust are still as high on Kreider as they were before the season started, they probably won’t.

  119. Pretty *bald* move signing Getzlaf. If he doesnt live up to that contract there will be hell *toupee*.

    Lev said pee.

  120. Agree. LW. poor strategy waiting on Malkin. For some reason though, Malkin strikes me as the type of player who would like to play in New York.

  121. 2014 capgeek free agents scary good. was just looking at 2013 to see if gabby was moved and perry walked from us the only guy would be horton but not in replace of gabby and not for big money either

  122. The only way to get Malkin away from the Penguins (which won’t happen) is to say, “Hey! Gino! Sick and tired of being second fiddle to Cindy CrossBee? Well come over here where we will build a team around you!”

    Problem here is that he wouldn’t walk in and be Captain and have the team.

    Maybe he goes to Washington to play with his buddy Alex?

  123. LW, offer sheet closer to never than deadline trade of a pending high tier free agent. And it would be outright dereliction of duty if Sather doesn’t inquire.

  124. Re: Not hearing the Ranger Game last nite whenever the Knicks play the Rangers could be found on 1130 am.

  125. Surprising move, imo…I thought they’d sign Perry before Getzlaf. Unless they plan to give Perry similar contract. The other possibility, Perry pretty much told them he is going to test the market. Which means he isn’t signing with any team he is traded to. That’s why giving up anything of value, let alone Gaborik and Kreider, makes zero sense.

  126. If our decisions to act or not to act were based on the philosophy that states “it never happened before , so why bother now” …..would we even be debating this nonsense?

  127. the term limits of the new CBA, where a player can sign for longer with his current team, means A) more FAs will stay put and B) more rentals will re-sign with the team that trades for them. Talking about high-end guys here.

  128. Perry can get 7 year contract any place he wants…

    I’m not sure I fully understand what you are proposing, Papa Bear

  129. _Trading Gaborik for rental of impending UFA = Offer sheets = Not happening_

    Offer sheet = Did happen

    Trading Player Y for impending UFA Player Z, Rangers granted 48 hour window to sign Player Z to contract extension, trade conditional on contract extension agreement = possible

  130. PB

    Not saying that at all. Just saying Gaborik won’t be getting traded for an impending UFA.

    And of course deadline rentals happen. My point is that they generally don’t involve the player agreeing terms with his new team before becoming UFA, especially not as a condition of the trade.

  131. possible, Thom. Not likely. And it can’t happen at the deadline.

    Gretzky was technically traded, but he was basically sold.

  132. Jeez, last time I use Carp’s “not happening” meme, if its going to be interpreted either literally or to mean “absolutely impossible”.

  133. Pretty simple ILB: each opportunity to improve the team should be explored by Sather and brain trust. The Getzlaf signing may or may not present that opportunity. Due diligence therefore is required.

  134. For Those About To Evrock on

    When I hear everyone complaining about the weather I don’t feel as bad that it’s a little chilly here at 72. lol

    1. Lundqvist was hands down the number one star last night. Nabakov didn’t nearly have the same quality opportunities on him than the King faced.
    2. I had Nash at number two and, surprisingly Anton Strahlman at the third spot. Every time I saw a defensemen do something impressive, when I checked the number on his jersey, it was #6.
    3. Miller had a tough game, possibly his worst so far.Everyone I saw a forward (or defenseman for that matter), when I checked the number on the Jersey, it was #47. But none of it shook his confidence. A lot of players would any off the puck and pass it rather than keep it if they’re having an off game. Not Miller. He’s definitely ready for primetime. I think that year in the AHL was great for him.
    4. The only thing that made the Icelander feed on left of center ice was imagining Howie Rose screaming Matteau and then Gabby scoring in overtime.

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    Gaborik has been our best player, until Nash came aboard!

    We are not trading any of the top 6 forwards, until After the Cup Run is Done & Delivered at the end of THIS YEAR!!!

    You have to be NUTS to even want to talk about trading him. Why? Why? Why?

  136. Miller had a tough game? It’s amazing how two people can see the same game and come to opposite results.

    Isn’t that what makes this blog a great place?

  137. But then there was like another half hour of proposals. Seemed like a good spot to reacknowledge.

  138. I don’t think its nuts to trade Gaborik for a 1st liner who fits the system better, I just can’t see how it happens. Or how Sather even considers it knowing Gaborik blocking could cause just a little bit of turmoil.

  139. _offer sheet=not happening._

    offer sheet = have happened and will happen

    _Can anyone think of any examples?_

    Cannot think of any in NHL. Has happened in other sport (American) within week of trade deadline. Examples elude me for moment.

  140. I do not believe it’s a smart trade regardless of his NTC status.

    Give Sather some credit. Over the last two years he was asked to give an arm and a leg for a rental, and for an elite player. Both at trade deadline. He didn’t do it, and he got both of those players. On his terms.

  141. For a high level player …With compensation, yes. Without compensation, not sure.

  142. Agree Ilb. Sather does deserve credit for this team. The last 3 years have been pretty good on his part.

  143. If they were in the position to go for it this year, it’s a trade to make, no questions. You win the Cup and if Perry walks, so be it.

  144. _Give Sather some credit. Over the last two years he was asked to give an arm and a leg for a rental, and for an elite player. Both at trade deadline. He didn’t do it, and he got both of those players. On his terms._

    Suppose it took Anisimov and Dubinsky (+Erixon/pick) at last year’s deadline to acquire Nash. Would you still give credit to Sather?

    Keep in mind, there is no way to know for certain what it would have taken at prior season trade deadline. Unless we are to treat rumours with validity.

    ‘Gers could not score prior season. Kreider played well in playoffs, Richards played well. Boyle was at top of his game. Prust still on team. Add Nash to mix with only departures being Anisimov, Dubinsky, ‘Gers could have won it all.

  145. Sioux-per-man on

    Mr D – Agreed. But when Gaborik starts flying up the ice and burying his wrister. He is one of the games best scoring forwards. He is always a scoring threat, and proven last night with the game winner in OT.

    This year Nash has proven he can take over a game in the 3rd period, and will this team to a win. How he hasn’t scored in the 1’st two periods is beyond me. We are so lucky to have him on this team. It is pure Joy watching him PLAY on Ranger Ice.

    Then we have a 3rd wave of scoring support with Richards, Cally, Step, & Hags. With Miller & Kreider on the cusp of contributing.

    This is the team we’ve all been waiting for. . . . . don’t even talk about messing with it.

  146. I guess I should’ve added that, luckily, this team isn’t in a position where they have to go all in this year, and then go into rebuild mode. They can contend for a few years. Hopefully, they are thinking long term.

  147. _If they were in the position to go for it this year, it’s a trade to make, no questions. You win the Cup and if Perry walks, so be it._

    ‘Gers are in position to win this year. It still is not trade to make. Unless contract extension is reached with Perry.

  148. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – thoughts on tired legs tonight? Ottawa didn’t play, any advantage for one team or another?

  149. If we do we can put him on a line with gabby and Richie,

    call it the Grabby, Gabby and Flabby line.

  150. every time an offer sheet does happen and gets matched makes it less likely another one will happen. Most GMs won’t do it because other teams will then do it to them, and it never gets anywhere other than giving the player a huge contract with his old team.

    Imagine if they offer sheet somebody and that team matches then decides to offer sheet a Callahan type?

    how does that help you?

  151. Sioux-per-man on

    Alright boys time to pack up head for home!

    Have a SIOUXper night at the game.

    Rangers Win & the Sioux Sweep this weekend.

  152. if they had sauer best d in the league by far……

    no news on staal or richards…

  153. _how does that help you?_

    Drive up the price for a division rival. By driving up price, the team’s salary cap space is lessened. This makes it less likely for a team to keep multiple stars, upgrade other positions, a whole host of other detriments.

    It is a calculated risk. To avoid such happening to own team, GM (in this instance, Sather) would attempt to lock up certain players before hitting RFA.

  154. anyone want tix tonight. my brother in law has my season tix for tonight but is stuck in detroit for work due to bad weather.

  155. What about when teams do it back to us, Thom? Because we are the “rival” to a bunch of other teams.

  156. _What about when teams do it back to us, Thom? Because we are the “rival” to a bunch of other teams_

    Repeat: To avoid such happening to own team, GM (in this instance, Sather) would attempt to lock up certain players before hitting RFA.

  157. no but he will give discount since last minute.

    146 for pair. is face 73 per seat

    100 for pair

    these are my seats in section 214

  158. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – don’t you think the Power Play looks better without Richards at the point. Seems like they are scoring more goals.

    Do you play Richards on the power play? Where?

  159. $100 for pair discounted down from 146. anyone intersted in my seats. my sister could email them to you as she and her husband was suppose to go but hes stuck in detroit for work

  160. Allow me a question.

    Do you think the Flyers are going to receive payback from the Predators for the Shea Weber offer sheet? Keep in mind, any offer sheet or roster move the Predators make is going to be in the best interests of the Predators (in the eyes of Predators GM)

    Teams do not operate with revenge in mind. Teams operate with best interests of club in mind.

  161. Difficult to lock up an RFA early without grossly overpaying, which is same as matching. RFA doesn’t want to give up UFA years unless it’s for UFA type $$.

  162. _if they had sauer best d in the league by far……_

    Pretty confident that if we had Sauer, any combo of our top 5 would be the best top 4 in the league or right next to it.

  163. With the new lower cap, if there’s a gamechanging RFA out there and a GM thinks he can present an offer the other team can’t or won’t match, its dumb not to. And if matching is crippling to that team’s cap, even better. A guy like Pietrangelo next year should get a massive offer because the worst that happens is you don’t get him and someone is mad at you. The best is you have an awesome top pair D-man who is like 24 years old.

    (Kane last year is another guy. He’s getting $5.25MM per and is worth more than that so why not offer him at his true market amount?)

  164. (For the record, I know the real answer is “gentleman’s collusion” among most of the GM fraternity. Its still dumb.)

  165. _Difficult to lock up an RFA early without grossly overpaying, which is same as matching. RFA doesn’t want to give up UFA years unless it’s for UFA type $$._

    I like your reasoning. It has validity.

    Conversely, long term financial security for a player yet to reach RFA in some cases outweighs the extra millions (depending on the number of extra millions) sought after in UFA.

    This is commonplace in all American sport.

  166. _With the new lower cap, if there’s a gamechanging RFA out there and a GM thinks he can present an offer the other team can’t or won’t match, its dumb not to. And if matching is crippling to that team’s cap, even better._

    Spoken like a génie

  167. >>Roman Hamrlik=Bryan McCabe 2.0?

    That came to mind as soon as I read about the signing.

  168. Mazel Tov, Manny. L’chaim. I was going to go yesterday but friend bailed at last minute because of the europansy weather. No worries. Ill wait till next free ticket contest on here :)

  169. I will *not* cause problems.

    Thanks, Lev.

    That weather was totally Europanst. Especially with the 50 degree weather around the corner….

  170. Thanks, Carp. It’s going to be a real “Summer of George” style weekend. Really heavy on the decompressing.

  171. no, not 86, just a joke, but I am building a nice collection of gray hair that I might put on Ebay

  172. I plan to have a few goblets of wine tonite, a la Spartacus, and then giving the Mrs. my Foxwoods Final Five

  173. FatGuy,

    Hey, me too, but I think silver fox status is something to look forward to

  174. Prediction – Hamr scores tonite and I get my vowels back!

    Plus, Bickel-Neil at 6:10 of the first

  175. Ft Gy…..I gonna have a Bushmill Irish Honey with my Italian Sweetie before I show her my Maxwell Silver Hammer Head, like I do every Friday night…… After the game of course…….if she’s still awake of course….

  176. Papa Bear fluctuates from hockey guru to filth maven. Clean it up. Two strikes!

  177. e3 reads this blog while teaching the philosophy of math particles which may or may not exist, while he drops moonpies in the lake.

  178. New bear reads this blog while trolling through the deep dark rainforests of South America, lite in step, with fork in hand.

  179. Seems like the government gave James Bond more than a fork to get his ops done. Hey, whatever your implement, just win, baby.

  180. Rob in Beantown on

    I’ve been out of the loop all day until just now. WHo is in goal tonight for the Rangers?

  181. I believe in some shape or form, NewBear is always here Coos. I have this strange sense that he is always close by…..watching…..listening.

  182. newbear has a pretty good sense of humor. However, he wanted to know where I lived and I told him, sure, I’m going to give up my location to someone who just plunged a fork into the chest of the Foreign Minister of Paraguay…

  183. I have a couple of Met Spring Training Tickets available……. I’ll pay you. ….If interested email at I’m a fool.com…….. Won’t last long

  184. I asked the ticket office what time the Mets game started and he said, ‘what time can you get here?’

  185. He needs to show up earlier………I got a day time job, and I’m doing alright.

  186. He can’t turn on his laptop until all the lights have gone out in the jungle perimeter.

  187. You got the “what time can you get here” package? I was up in the air on that one.

  188. carp, arent you coming up on your 5 year anniversary since you took over the blog? (of course made better by you), but do you ever get to chat with sam and i cant remember her name but she was around when you first started. jill? i cant remember. any bonehead help here?

  189. Mama just called with my dinner order. told her Baked Ziti,,,, lots of garlic.

  190. Swinging with Tarzan,last we heard, grab. Oh, THAT Jane. Dunno. Carp will surely fill us in in due time.

  191. grab, it was Jane … she’s at ESPN-NY doing football.

    I took over just a couple of months or less before Renney got fired. I can’t do that math.

    I speak with Sam from time to time. Not nearly enough.

  192. Guess I picked the wrong week to store my new roof rake in the distant shed. Go Rangers!

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – Ria was to get my email from carp – something misfired. Can you forward her mine or send me hers ..


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