Post-game interviews: Tortorella, Richards, Lundqvist, Nash, Stepan, Callahan


John Tortorella:


Brad Richards:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Rick Nash:


Derek Stepan:


Ryan Callahan:



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  1. 1st

    I liked the toughness of last year’s Rangers better than the toughness of this year’s Rangers! Last year’s Rangers would have made this a very nasty game…

    But this year’s Rangers have much more speed and skill…and they still need time together to gel…

    I can’t believe how dead the Garden was on Friday night. Even after 2 tee-shirt tosses!!

    Blackhawks are about to lose.

    Ya hear that? Yes, that is the sound of hell freezing over…

    It’s bird! It’s a plane! No! That is Olli Jokinen flying…

  2. May your dilly never dally, may your stream run strong and steady and be filled with fish

  3. The Rangers not only didn’t convert, they jettisoned Rupp, their only chance at salvation. before I was briefly interrupted/

  4. C’mon, fellas, may the fire in your bathroom not reach the house. What do we got, a room full of dead people? The night of the living dead.

  5. My whole house has been Carped, wall to wall. 2 more ‘awaiting moderations’ where the most evil word was “who.’

  6. I did NYR.

    Hamrlik really is Caber 2.0. Lets hope he gets his conditioning up before Staal gets back.
    Eminger was a bit tough until the 3rd. When the snarl completely flew out of the building.

    Go Aves!

  7. I got a Hamr on my team, he plays like finely tuned fiddle. He’s quite a fiddler.

  8. For the record, I thought Haley actually handled himself very well there tonight in the Phillips confrontation…

    But, Phillips isn’t really a fighter…

    Perfect example of why you need to get rid of the instigator…

    I mean….Is Phillips supposed to take his helmet off in that situation or just unscrew the visor off?

  9. Seemed like comet Haley did a number on his knuckles on that helmet and visor. Where in hell is Ash?

  10. If you want to be an instigator, and play with the big boys, jettison the goggles or drop the gloves simultaneously.

  11. I really can’t believe that Neil got out alive tonight. I more upset by his escape then the loss.

  12. O’Reilly is quite card, crushes the Black Hawks, the other namesake aka HellFox either flew to Rome to watch the “smoke” or to Caracas for Chavez’s funeral

  13. Beginning to think Bickel will be history. Haley and Ash can at the very least, skate and drop the odd one in ropes.

  14. Stanger Nation on

    O’Byrne took out Sharp – big body squeeze along the boards

    watch out for those Irish Avs…

  15. Hawks, when I’ve seen them, play skilled but soft. Tough to get through the NHL rounds that way. Maybe I’m wrong.

  16. The Family secret is out, Papa must rest before he goes to work, while I, at 41, still live with Papa and Mama Bear, WTF, the economy is baaad

  17. Stanger Nation on

    I don’t mind Bickel – every team has 4th liners who can’t skate – just painful to watch

    Step buries it and we are talking EC Finals

    Problem when Nash scores so early in game…bad omen

  18. Sometimes you’re up late, sometimes you’re not. That’s the sign of someone who has some rhythm to his life, which I, of course, have never attained.

  19. I have Catholic friends who utilize the rhythm method. They won’t make love unless there’s a drummer in the room.

  20. Thanks guys, it’s for my cousin. I haven’t needed a barber since my gender change.

  21. Sure, it’s a grand old shillelagh me fadda brought from Ireland
    And many a time he used it on me to make me understand

  22. Oh E3, watch out, Coos lied, there are no lakes of Vitriol.

    It is only availlabe in powder form – the law enforcement cannot tell it apart from illegal mollasses, similar to our hemp problem.

  23. Deputy Chiefs have chauffeurs. Clouseau even has a chauffeur. Don’t you, Inspector?

  24. Rangers just have to do what we did last year now. Don’t lose back to back games. Keep winning. Keep winning.

  25. I do not strike a person of rhythm. I strike you as a person of rhythm. If I were to strike a person of rhythm, I would assault Donald O’Connor.

  26. That’s what I like about the nite creatures. miss a key here, misplace a comma here,, but you still get the gist of my mist.

    The early crew, on the other hand, they start screaming about grammar and spelling, like they are all teachers or professors. My school days be over.

  27. I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

  28. Eddie would rather not say. He rarely speaks for publication unless he has closely studied the petitioner’s bona fides.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ” my school days be over” is not correct ……. “My days serving in the man’s jive educational system be over” is correct

  30. lololo, PB This blog is the only place lately I actually laugh with sound. Smile a lot, though.

  31. Papa, ain’t that the truth, a bunch of pedants who frequently confuse strategy and tactics, and vice versa, laughable, no?

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a word are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseaethe huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe.I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg.

    Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

  33. The Bushmill is flowing. My eyes lids be drooping, but I’m still hanging on. I need some late night sensibility.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – happy bday – you and my brutha from anutha be born moments apart

  35. Olga, a typical Columbia School of Journalism rant – surely inspired by the great Jacques Barzun, no?

  36. Trips e, you be spending 2 much of your precious time with the early shift. You Wanged them up today.

  37. There’s to much school vibes channeling right now. I’m to educated for this drivel.

  38. Papa, please, go to bed or go to work, sothat I can stay in your house until I find work, pretty please…

  39. Bushmills is in Norther Ireland. They will not drink it in the South. Only Jameson.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I don’t be thinking that the day shift be diggin my assen…. If you be axein me

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Actually my sister sent it to me. I don’t know where she stole it from. She’s the plaigerizer…

  42. Has momma found a new blog where she can express herself without fear of scatological correction?

  43. I have ’em both sides, Papa. Used to be some barbeque problems, but it’s died out.

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mother is still held hostage to the archaic restraints of the Carlin inspired Supreme Court decision.

  45. Trips e, you still have some crossovers on the day shift. I hang in both places from time to time. Different place in the daytime. Tension reigns.

  46. “Gaby on the first line, what are you, a moron?” kinda kills the give and take a bit.

  47. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carlin got quite a bit more cynical towards the end. Not that I minded. Mostly he was right.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    More anger in the day shift papa – argue galore – here we just laugh and laugh

  49. The Day shift is resembling of a fantasy league stuff, very reverent of Carp as they should be, and he never badgers them to much, it’s touching to observe

  50. little tough in mixed company for me, sometimes. Had two daughters, had to tame the primordial beast. Now that they’re in Frisco and London, I can revive my filthy phonics.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    I want to apologize for that last comment. However it was not the worst joke I could have made at that particular time. That’s my defense, and I’m sticking to it.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby hasn’t scored in 32 games – .. ………… Yeah but he scored 40 + 5 years ago

  53. funny is funny. damn the torpedoes, Olga! Hiyever, since I am a “person of color” hand me my Crayolas.

  54. Papa wants to die in bed at 92, killed by a jealous husband, not forked to death in some Bolivian outback.

  55. Coos, I thoroughly emphatize, I was lucky to have had a son whoom I drilled in the skating skills in the local rinks, so he was ready to actually play a travel hockey.

    But I know mothers in Manhattan who forbid their sons to pee while standing up for fear of male aggressive stance

  56. Coos, you’re a master of language, a most learned man. Well read and schooled in the art of communication. It is an honor to be in your presence here among the boneheads.

  57. My mother used to wrap my grade school lunch in a map and she would say, “take chances.”

  58. Papa Bear, you’ll always be my Papa, just please don’t trow me out there into the cold, cold marketplace

  59. Would you think less of me if I told you my true occupation was policing, Papa. After all, I may be the cop! But, what a truly welcoming statement.

  60. Not a problem, e. I have huge triceps from lifting and replacing that damned toilet seat.

  61. Newbear, you are free, emancipated and self sufficient. I no longer control your destiny. Enjoy your freedom, but please, don’t eat all the salmon.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sometimes I pee laying down. But fortunately, I don’t know it at the time…

  63. Truck, written on side: ALEX AND SONS. Coos: “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ticket you for a lack of possessive.”

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I used to stand… But one time I dropped it and it cracked the tile…. Now I just wrap it around my waist 8 or 9 times then drop it underwater

  65. Papa, I never touch the salmon, remember that movie, The guy said “it was the salmon”, what was the movie?

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    My wife complained about me not putting the toilet seat down. So I did as she asked. Then she complained about pee all over the seat.

    How do you win those arguments?

  67. Coos, learned and educated men may serve their communities in many different ways. Who am I too judge? If you are happy in your service, I am pleased.

  68. Mother to son who is urinating on family pool table: “Harold, mind your pees and cues.”

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – thx for the backup on the shortened bench last night argument earlier…

  70. I am not suited to serve any community whatsoever. I am a misanthrope. I hate mankind, but love individuals. I shouldn’t say hate. Perhaps I am too easily disappointed. Send money, guns, and lawyers.

  71. Madam, you are probably wondering why I pulled you over. May I see your -brassiere- license?

  72. Trips e, bought the argument to surface in the day time, that the rolling of two lines last night may result in diminishing returns tonight. It was met rather rudely by the blogger experts. It was affirming of my own hockey knowledge to learn that you saw a similar rationale for the drop in energy tonight. It was my pleasure to get your back.

  73. And yet, I am very social. Just have a distaste for repeated and flagrant, arrrogant incompetence. Send flowers and firearms.

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    Are we talking hockey now? Yes, Torts shortens the bench too much, thus in a regular season, burns out his stars and they run out of gas in the playoffs.

    See last year.

  75. Preamble to my first book:

    Every life is in many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.

    (James Joyce)

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thx papa – I owe you – I swear I saw only 2 lines rolling in the third – who you going to believe? LW or your own lying eyes?

  77. Coos, I know – a fool is in danger when you be present, I will be careful the next time

  78. I am sure that if I were to manage this NHL franchise, we would be carrying the Cup along the Canyon of Heroes this June. I am sure…….. For I am the most knowledgable and talented GM not currently working for an NHL team in the land. Why don’t these boneheads acknowledge such?

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – too many on here fail to see any connection with the shortened bench and last year’s drop off vs devils. I think mcD and Girardi playing 300 + minutes each in the 3 OT game had serious residual effect – no matter what anyone says – win the game – lose the war. Even they beat the devils – the kings would have swept the rangers…

  80. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Papa- You can beat Sather with both hands tied behind your back.

    And I wish you would…

  81. E3 and Papa, my observation: LW is forever angling for authority, but it may be that he never skated, held a stick, shot a puck, in his whole life. He was never hit so hard that it rattled his soul and he had to smile with clenched teeth, because it was a good hit and just said : Wait for the next time!!

  82. Doctor: You need surgery

    “What’s it gonna cost?”

    “Twenty two thousand dollars.”

    “What do I got?”

    “Twenty two thousand dollars.”

  83. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    How many seasons did Ranger coaches rely heavily on Lunqvist just to get into the playoffs? He was gassed before he ever reached the playoffs.

    They solved that with Biron, but they still don’t use him enough.

  84. When Torts didn’t send out Powe with that second line late in the first, I said,’game over.’ And I was right!

    “You were right, AstonshedRangerFan. I saw it, too.

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    Doctor said I only have six months to live. I said “Doc. I can’t pay you right now”. He gave me another six months…

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think LW has a good wit. Busts cajones with more of an edge that I care for – rarely appreciates another’s good line – but if he’s really a Brit ( not convinced he is ) that explains it…

    You never wore orange inside my house or my father would break you in two

  87. “Are you both blind? Torts ran the first line out with the third line and substituted Bickel, and for a reason. Nitwits!”

  88. E3, I was a prisoner in many a house, and they liked it very much, just fir savings on the cable TV charges

  89. “Doc, I’ve been losing my memory. What do I do?”

    “Pay me in advance.”

  90. “Papa said oy, if I get that boy,
    I’m gonna stick him in the house of detention.”

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    I went to see my doctor.I told him, “Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror I feel like throwing up.  What’s wrong with me?  He said, “I don’t know, but your eyesight is perfect.”

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kid wore a Syracuse hoodie in my house one time – pops nearly shoved – 12 and 1/2 triple E up his assen

  93. stranger nation on

    Torts: hey boyle, you dum-ass, youse sittin tonite, gots it?

    Boyle: okay tortles, is it because Bucky’s back?

    Torts: no, I mean, yeah he’s back, but Haley be playin over your dum-ass

    Boyle: wow, you really do think I’m no good…

  94. You gots a mouse with its azz on fire running around your brain. Turn yourself in!

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – st. Paddy’s is big day for us – Irish stew ( no lamb) corned beef and cabbage…. Potatoes au gratin – onion soup – lots of Guinness

  96. stranger nation on

    someone said last years team would had made this game a nasty one but I remember this same team kickin our assen for 7 games and basically having their way with our women and the livestock. and not necessarily in that order…

  97. Stranger, I said that during the game. 3rd period looked like the playoff series last year.. We were lucky to win that series. Ottawa is a good young team.

  98. Everythin is on hold this year, St Paddy must wait till they elect the new Pope, no alcohol poisoning, no clan murder in the streets….

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    None to speak of papa – Monterey largely Italian. Most of the pubs – are Brit – few good places in SF – but no real parade like the city

  100. stranger nation on

    Pap, very true

    very well coached by Teddy Roosevelt (Mt. Rushmore version). those bang and bang, charge the net, clog the neutral zone…

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Binghamton had their St. Patrick’s day parade on March 3rd.

    Dumb Irish. Or is that redundant?

  102. How many of the boys do you think are out hounding right now? Probably just the married guys.

  103. St Patrick drove the snakes our of Ireland and they all came to NYC and become police officers.

  104. Coos, stop trying to pin me with the ” filthy raucous one” rep here. I haven’t been modded in more than 3 days. I approach this like I’m talking to my daughter.

  105. stranger nation on

    Indian? That Speaker Tris or that Feller Bob?

    Bang the drum slowly please…

  106. I believe that long ago, I was called a “maroon” on these pages. I interpreted it as a slur on my Native American Heritage.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boomtown rats ” it’s a rat trap, and we’ve been……..caught”

  108. stranger nation on

    re Olga/Slatkos/Hugo’s earlier about typos – too many from using this device to fix in real time. I thought the interweb was makin us smarter.

    Communication is about intent and impact, Strunk and White be damned!

  109. Coos, “maroon” is a compliment, a term of endearment in the John Birch Society book

  110. stranger, it all lies within the pleasure of the text. Faulkner couldn’t spell worth a damn.

  111. stranger nation on

    The Rat Race – even if you win, you are still a rat! Lily Tomlin

    As Robert Nester Marley said, its a human disgrace, bring down the human race, rat race…

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cold water can quench my thirst, I’m in bed need a nurse, I’m thirsty thirsty lord have mercy

  113. Olga Folkyerself on

    “What a maroon” comes from Bugs Bunny cartoons, where he mispronounces “moron”.

  114. “I was guilty for oh, so long
    Lived in sin too long
    But, Jesus dropped the charges…”

    none of this is true, by the way, but I like the song. – The ONeal Twins

  115. stranger nation on

    newbear, your concern is welcome but I have walked these halls before although rarely in such fine company.

  116. Hey Stranger,

    they don’t like Proust, Rushdie, Bolano, around here, how can you hope that they even know about E.B.White.

    Can you imagine they mistake Proust for Prust…. Scandalous

  117. Anyone with length, has been marooned at certain times in their life. Don’t fret my brutha. Move on.

  118. stranger nation on


    If I go
    Before I’m old
    Oh, brother of mine
    Please don’t forget me if I go

    Bartender, please
    Fill my glass for me
    With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free
    After three days in the ground

    Oh, and if I die
    Before my time
    Oh, sweet sister of mine
    Please don’t regret me if I die

    Bartender, please
    I’m on bended knees, I pray
    Bartender, please

    When I was young, I never think about it
    Now I can’t get it out of my mind

    I’m on bended knees
    Father, please

    Oh, and if all this gold
    Should steal my soul away
    Oh, sweet mother of mine
    Please redirect me in this gold…

    Bartender, you see
    The wine that’s drinking me
    Came from the vine that strung Judas from the Devil’s tree
    His roots deep, deep in the ground

    I’m on bended knees
    Oh, Bartender, please

    I’m on bended knees
    Father, please

    When I was young, I never think about it
    Now I just wanna run and die

    I’m on bended knees
    Oh, Bartender, please
    Bartender, please…

  119. newbie, the Proust thing was funny. I responded by saying that Proust would never drop the gloves, was too busy dipping madeleines in his tea. -‘In Search of Lost Time.’ Day crew had no clue.

  120. I have a kindle fire and time on my hands. Any recommendations for a good biography on a 20th century icon?

  121. Coos, they did not know that Madeleine was actually dropped in his bed, not in his tea

  122. stranger nation on

    All this St Pddy’s Day talk had me thinking of the big Bartender in the sky.

    my lineage comes three clans from the ol sod located Listowel, lovely Lietrim and Cork.
    Used to attend Friendly Sons dinner every year, now just keep it on the down low

  123. stranger nation on

    interesting watching Carp trying to rationalize with the irrational. Some have real anger in their prose.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have told carp to let to go – he knows he can’t right the crazy – emotional fans are not rational thinkers.

  125. Carp, do you think that they will start Biron next Thursday?”

    “Frankly, I could give a…”

  126. you guys who stuck in last year need to wake up and join us in this year…. kinda annoying already hearing “oh last year Rangers were this way but this year Rangers are that way”…

    If we wanna talk about what was before then let’s remember that the year before last year they BARELY made it into the postseason… and the year before that they DIDNT make the postseason AT ALL and we had THE PRUST! so yeah… blah blah blah last year.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thank god ria finally has my correct email – now she need only send me one…

  128. stranger nation on

    Rudy was just about to be rode out of town on the rails when 911 happened

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz for my own edification I need to hear why… Strangest damn thing I ever saw

  130. Ever read Flann O’Brien, Papa? Crazy man linguist, better than Joyce. See “The Third Policeman.”

  131. Papa, I remember, I was treared in some Queens hospital for a sever cut to my tendons, while I slipped inside the oil truck, welding the holes, just under the Queensboro Bridge,

  132. stranger nation on

    Cosell call on those fights were iconic.

    Equally strong call in Woody’s ‘Bananas’

  133. Coos, Do you celebrate St Paddy’s in NYC? More people come to NY than go to Ireland to celebrate. Took ma back to Belfast on St Paddys for her 75th Birthday. what a time it was. Saw the cranberries.

  134. Solidarity my ass, come on y’all, laugh at me, I was a fool at the time and I knew it, just did not stay that way

  135. That’s a wonderful story, Papa. (I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen) Are you not in NY?

  136. stranger nation on

    3CPO carefully walking around the pool’s edge and then says, “screw it” and makes a big splash with a verbal cannonball.

  137. stranger nation on

    great quote…change always looks better over there, not so much over here

  138. Step Boyle Richards
    Nash McD Delz
    Girardi Nash Asham
    Bickel Henrik Biron

    Let’s improvise!

  139. gagazzote, come to life, or I have to go to sleep. You know the humour can only be forced for so long.

  140. Nash. Step. Hags.
    Cally. Miller. Gabby
    Poe. Richards. Pickle
    Eat . My . Shorts.

  141. stranger nation on

    last season we joked about the Torts Line Shuffler whoch is broken out after four consecutive shifts without legit scoring chances.

    he definitely runs the war like Grant. just dont have as many productive bodies to replace the wounded and weary.

  142. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Rangers all got drunk and didn’t show up for a game? Mostly kids. Should have happened by now.

  143. jsut watched the 3rd period.

    just not enough players who are contributing. I am a broken record… 3rd and 4th line nothing.

    Stu Bickell is playing for what ereason???

    no staal is killing us.. man the senators may not have as many high end players but there 3rd and 4th line depth is much better then the Rangers…

    boyle is killing us…boyle, halpern, powe torts new favorite, bickell, halpern, and a few other guys have contributed nothing offensively.

    gaborik had a few nice passes tonight to stepan but he could not bury them. gabby wins very few battles on the board and did not get any shots off of significance that i saw tonight.

    right before the Sens 3rd goal Rangers had 3 guys watching the puck…there defense has been very good fro 3 years, they cannot score enough. magic # is 3, can this team score 3 goals enough times!!!!!7-3-2 in 1 goal games….

  144. Eat is very large on the wing. My is a nifty Vietnamese sniper. Shorts is vertically challenged, but evasive.

  145. Newbear, give up what? my money? my salmon? If you need, my fellow furry friend, tell me what it is and I will do my best to get it to you.

  146. DZ’s shot off the post, Stepon right in front of the net and Henik with his stupid rebounds, what a shame a games of inches. That’s what you get when you roll two lines the night before. Our jackass coach will never learn. Boyle & Kreider still not playing ummmh both later day Avery and Dubie.

  147. Bon Scott or Brian Johnson on

    Was there ever a better rock and roll vinyl than Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

    Well maybe it was Back in Black.

  148. the third line had a few chances tonight. The fourth line almost got scored on every time they were out there.

    if only we had Asham we could have won this game………………just kidding

  149. Can someone please explain to me why the new and improved Gordie Clark run drafts have not produced a defenseman we can promote to take the place of Staal, instead of going out to sign a 20, yes 20 year over-the-hill veteran in Hamrlik?
    I’m not talking about promoting the next Mark Staal or McDonaugh, but don’t they have anyone better and younger than Hamrlik in the farm system?

    Please sign Zucc., put him on the 3rd line and let him play in all situations. He’s no savior, but he’s an inexpensive upgrade over Boyle for the time being.

  150. Zucc wouldn’t get played. Never. even if Sather signs him, Torts has no use for him, he proved that already. I would rather see Thomas or Kreider, at least they can play some defense.

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