It’s Go Time! … Senators at Rangers


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Game 23.
Senators at Rangers.

Ya boys on a four-game winning streak and can jump over the Devils and Senators and into the top six in the East with a regulation win tonight.

They then begin a four-game road trip, and will play 16 of their final 25 on the road. (Can you believe there will be only 25 games left).

Brad Richards returns after missing two games with back/neck injuries from that assault by Buffalo’s Patrick Kaleta. He is on a 15-game goal drought.

Marc Staal (eye) remains sidelined indefinitely. Looks as if Brian Boyle might be scratched to keep Micheal Haley and Stu Bickel in the lineup.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Robin Lehner.



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  1. Yes, everybody skated in warmups (other than Staal and Asham).

    Saw Manny and Mrs. Manny again. How awesome.



    Three periods of non stop Ranger hackey comming your way folks!!!!

    LETS GO BOYS , lets make some NOISE!!!!

    Lets gog gog gog og gog gog ggogogo!!!



    LETS do this AGAIN!!!!!

    and again and again….

    lets go lets go let s go lets go lets go lets go lest go!!!!!!!!

  4. Was it just me, or did Duguay look like he had finally taken a shower last night?



    Richards is back!!!!! AWSOME!!!!

    Big game !!!!


  6. All this supposed blind favouritism towards Boyle by the coach manifests itself in strange ways this season.

  7. yes manny got a deal on seats tonight. thank my brother in law who is stuck in detroit for work due to weather.

    boyle odd man out tonight. thought bickel would be the guy little surprised

  8. It wasn’t just you, coos…I think he also forgot to take off his bathroom robe…

  9. torts probably didnt want to announce boyle scratch earlier to avoid media circus before game


    Gametime!!!!! Im superdeduper PUMPEDED!!!!!!

    Love The Rangers !!!! Love ’em!!!


  11. Hasn’t realised how much Boyle’s faceoff winning % had increased so far this year. He’s running at 57.2%.

    Stepan’s numbers are much improved too, plus Halpern is still above 56%.

  12. Did Joe Mich just say Ottawa’s players were injured with a terrible rash? Got too close to Asham last time?

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle will not score tonight.

    But seriously, kudos to Torts for sratching the worst of the forwards last night.

  14. He may have to drop ’em with both Haley and Bickel if this game becomes one-sided one way or another

  15. Just praying for Neil to receive his just desserts tonight!! Glad to see Hank back in there too…

  16. I do want but think as well, that Neil is a target tonight… Hopefully more than MDZ he really gets under Neil skin

  17. Haley’s thinking if he kicks Neil’s arse he’ll get at least 5 more games. It’s gonna happen.

  18. Micheletti tonight dressed courtesy of the Lord and Taylor Frank Nitti collection.

  19. This games gonna be great!!!!


    lets gog gog og goggoo!!!!!

  20. Czechthemout!!! on

    If Boyle doesn’t improve his play really soon, the next place he is going is on the waiver wire to clear cap space.

  21. _The Senators have awful goaltending, don’t forget._

    Does 2 games from Lehner lead you to believe otherwise?

  22. _If Boyle doesn’t improve his play really soon, the next place he is going is on the waiver wire to clear cap space._

    Do you believe Boyle is capable of improving his play?

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    You could see it coming. Very little energy. I dont understand breaking up the first line. Torts should bench himself for that one.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on


    No i really dont but i hope he does because he seems like a decent guy who really loves playing here.

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    And there you have it. The star of he team said it is time to wake them the f up

  26. What radio station is kenny on?? My son is about to smash my tv listening to Joe and sam

  27. Just caught the replay of the 2nd Ottawa goal and saw just-as-good-or-better Halpern was on the PK. That’s cool.

  28. Only thing wrong with that call is giving Phillips 10 extra minutes. Either give both 10 or neither. Id give neither.

  29. What’s not to like we deserved a PP and Ottawa got another 10 come on Carp… Let’s drop em

  30. Phillips didn’t even drop his gloves, Czech. There’s not a chance he should have been the instigator, and they weren’t going to call charging until the fight broke out, probably because htey didn’t want a four-minute PP to come out of that.

  31. Yeah, Haley had his gloves off before Phillips there, even if Phillips was the one who confronted him first.

  32. >>should be instigator for Haley

    Really? He didn’t start the fight. I don’t know why he’s even getting two minutes for charging; the referee never called a penalty before the fight.

  33. He’s got a shield on after a big hit? What was he going to do kiss him with his gloves on? Good calls

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Actually, Phillips was coming right at Haley to fight him, it was obvious.

  35. And Haley might’ve left his feet a bit, but it wasn’t high or dangerous at all, so good calls all round there.

  36. Carp right about the 4 min they didn’t want. Wrong on the instigating he made a bee line to Haley after a big hit and engaged….. Badly

  37. You can’t call instigator for confronting somebody. That’s a horrible call. Also a bad job by the linesmen to let a minor-league goon beat up a non-fighter.

  38. Lundqvist musta been told hes going tonight although biron was scheduled. He’s fighting it

  39. Sidenote: everyone is suggesting that everyone wear a visor but when something like this happens (player coming to defense of teammate) and you get an instigator you can get thrown out of a game or at least a huge part of it.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    So Haley is supposed to wait until Phillips hits him in the face before he defends himself? It was obvious what phillips was going to do.

    This wouldn’t have anything to do with your dislike towards Haley, would it?

    Oh and great goal!

  41. Thom, how simple is it. Phillips didn’t drop his gloves. Haley attacked him. Ridiculous.

    Also, I don’t know why Torts broke up Stepan and Hagelin.

  42. Why did Phillips get in Haley’s face if he didn’t intend to fight? He got what he deserved.

  43. The instigator was obviously the right call. Didn’t fighting with a visor used to be a game misconduct? When did that change?

  44. He got in Haley’s face because he’s a good teammate and that’s what you want a teammate to do in that situation, get in somebody’s grill. But if he intended to fight, he would have dropped his gloves. And if he didn’t drop his gloves until Haley threw about dozen punches, then he can’t be the instigator. Bad call.

  45. Still think it was weak, but as Dave Lozo just tweeted, the instigator rule doesn’t just cover gloves dropping first. Rather comically, it includes criteria such as distance travelled, menacing attitude or posture and conduct in retaliation to a prior game (or season) incident.

    Can’t believe that last one has ever been used as justification for an instigator call.

  46. No fighting with a visor was never ever a misconduct of any kind. instigating with a shield is a four-minute minor. Has been for a long time.

  47. Carp hates Haley? Since when? I remember him saying he hopes Haley gets a few more games to prove himself and being impressed with his skating.

  48. Ye I 100% disagree Carp. If Bickel and whoever he was trying to get to fight would have fought during the Haley-Phillips thing then Bickel would have deserved the instigator there. Dont know what you were watching there. Im assuming this will be point number 1 tomorrow morning though.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on


    Please don’t be offended. I didn’t mean the question that way. Honestly. Phillips was clearly coming over to Haley to fight him. The thing hats bad about hat is that it was a clean hit Haley delivered and that charging call was bogus. Bottom line though is Haley did his job there.

  50. Was that Gaborik in full flight in last 30 seconds? Man, if he gets back to flying like he used to, add that to his good shooting… bring on the streak!

  51. Maybe impressed was the wrong word…..happily enticed? Surprisingly ambivalent?

  52. the rangers got there legs last 10 mins of first. should have known be flat at beginning after last night

  53. BOyle sitting wow. As much as i dislike his play, he is better then Torts buddy Bickell. Not even close…

    Not sure on that but that is a minor issue.

    nice shot by richards, shockingly good shot.

    rangers forecheck well they win this game if they don’t who knows….

  54. Justification. Haley is justified to take the necessary steps to prevent an Assault. He had reasonable cause to believe he was about to be Assaulted.

  55. It’s all about this fairly new phenomena after every hard NHL hit somebody thinks they have to run to a teammates defense. Imagine this going on when Barry Beck was bouncing guys into the 4th row at MSG. He went after Haley WITH a visor and Haley was ready and willing first. Good calls not emotions from me.

  56. Carp, I don’t get emotional over these sorts of things; I’m only speaking from experience. I’ve had players charge me on the football pitch after a hard tackle. I usually stop them in their tracks with a chop to the throat; I can’t afford to wait to find out their intent.

  57. I’m sure everybody in the building, including the officials and Haley, thought Phillips intent was to fight him. But he didn’t fight until after Haley dropped his gloves and started throwing them. That’s all I’m saying.

    And the officials should never have let a legitimate non-fighter take a Dale Rolfing from a goon like Haley.

  58. I still think Haley left his feet on the original hit. But that was 100% instigating on Phillips. Stupid rule in this case that that gets him an extra 10 though.

  59. Czechthemout!!! on


    Maybe the numerous times Carp referred to Haley as a clown in our discussions about him gave some of us a clue? But Carp can like or dislike whoever he wants, its his opinion and thats that.

  60. And the officials should never have let a legitimate non-fighter take a Dale Rolfing from a goon like Haley.

    So basically if Girardi stepped in for Gaborik against Carcillo when he had the chance the officials shouldnt have let that continue?

  61. well, I would have been OK with it, and I’m sure Haley would have been OK with it, if they called five each for fighting, no instigator, no charging (which was ridiculous).

  62. I get that it’s automatic, just dont agree with it. Anyways….didnt really notice Neil that period.

  63. Officials also shouldn’t let guys antagonize other guys after clean hits. In fact, they should make use of rules in the official NHL rule book to penalize people who… what’s the word… start? begin? initiate?… a fight.

  64. I noticed Neil a lot. But I’m in attendance and a lot of his stuff goes on away from the puck. And of course, they’re not allowed to call anything on him.

  65. Czechthemout!!! on


    Phillips is not a goon but he can certainly fight. He has done so enough times and very well I might add. Carcillo on the other hand started punching a player who may not have a single fight in his life in Gabby. I dont think you can compare.

  66. I didn’t bring that up, somebody else did. And Phillips hasn’t had a fight in years, and still hasn’t.

  67. Philips was sticking up for his teammate yes Carp he was…did he drop his gloves to fight but the refs have seen this a million times and everyone in the rink knew what was on philips mind. Haley being a pro wrongfully dropped his gloves first but in his defense Philips didn’t go after Haley to play patty cake. He was going there to fight Haley and even the Ottawa announcers on my TV said Philips say the hit and came to the aid of his teamate. He didnt drop his gloves because he waited for haley( smart move by Philips) but the ref saw through Philips move and got him anyways.

  68. Anybody interested in the hockey? It’s like teenagers here — he started it, no, he started it… Who the hell cares? I mean, good luck that Phillips is out, but more goals than them, please.

    (Apologies to any actual teenagers)

  69. Just because you’re sticking up for your teammate doesn’t mean you suddenly become immune to the rules. I’d hope the Rangers would stick up for each other in situations like that, but if one of them changed directions and charged head on to start a fight I’d hardly be surprised that they got called for it.

  70. _If Neil had hit Hagelin like that, you’d want somebody to get in his face, right?_

    Yes….. and that would be an instigator penalty for the Gers if it turned into a fight.

  71. And I am admitting I am wrong about the instigator given what Lozo tweeted. It did meet those criteria.

  72. Completely different team than the one that played the first half of the first period.

  73. NOW that’s what I like!!!! Nash take a line change while we have the puck deep in THERE zone!!! Gaborik come over the boards and is in the attack zone right away!!!! Great unselfish SMART line change WTG BIG GUY!!!

  74. Carp, ur a good man n ur right about Torts, MDZ, Gabby, Haley, Muckler, Cally, Hank n most stuff on most nights! Sucking up but true. Maybe off on BB but I don’t want to start tonight on that one.

  75. 3 minute discussion about how Spezza will help Turris when he returns. Anyone know when the Rangers announcers are back on?

  76. I’m not defending Boyle until/if he starts playing way, way better than he has. But I still think he’s better than Pyatt, Halpern, Powe and Bickel/Asham/Haley. He’s just played like crap this year.

  77. Richards is skating well. Any chance Duguay attributes it to him hitting his head against the boards the other day?

  78. AGAIN , another line change by Nash while were in the offensive zone!!!

    Thats how the great Russians did it Makarov Krutov and Larionov!!! WTG NASH!!

  79. Great two-way game right now — Torts must be hating it… Yep, there’s Bickel!

  80. What the hell is with them playing the NYR Victory Song before we win? This is about the third time I’ve heard it this season.

  81. I say Haley’s better than Boyler, unless he doesn’t kick the tar out of Neil. In that case, I’ll say Boyler is better.

  82. Boyle will be back , Carp is just punishing him for playing like an idiot and a pansy. Boyle on some nights can be the best Ranger untill Nash showed up. Boyle lately has taken his spot for granted , Torts will make him pay and he will be back. Boyles a 3rd line center.

  83. Boyle must be sick, mouthed off… something, please, to explain. He’s not going well, but he can win a face-off, make the occasional play. So hard watching the goons play with him out.

  84. _they play that song when they show the old-time Rangers._

    Do they play it on every Hamrlik shift too now?

  85. Carp glad to see you survived the meetings marathon . Perhaps you could leave a real estate pamphlet by Miller’s locker after the game? He’s gonna need a place with the way he’s playing

  86. I think Hagelin overhandling the puck to Latona . He probally upset Nash isn’t passing to him much. I saw Nash look by him a few times.

  87. Fair to say 1-on-1 defending isn’t the strongest part of Strawlman’s game. Gets beaten like that quite a bit.

  88. >>That could’ve been 3 hooking calls against Ottawa

    Thank you! Also, Hagelin is being hooked and held all night long, but no calls.

  89. Don’t worry, Carp. They’re simply summands which will eventually be summed in triple OT of the Stanley Cup Finals when Rozsival has the puck on his stick.

  90. Stanger Nation on

    the Sens D has been playing one glove off all night behind goal esp on Hags w/ no calls – make up on Philip’s obvious penalty ;-)

  91. naa naa naa

    NASH TIME!!!!!

    No pressure on the big guy BUT it is HIS TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


    LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!!!! Big time period comming up folks !! Grab your hat put the kids to bed , kiss the wifey and put out the cat!!! CUZ its NASH TIMEEE!!!!!

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    Duguay just said Yashim was brought in to fill the role of Brandon Prust. Who is Yashim? Anyone know?

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have to say that Yashim guy at RW has played well tonight. Really good on the PK.

  94. Duguay should’ve worn helmet back in his days. Could’ve had less hair perhaps, but certainly more gyri left

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Out of the darkness, stood one man. A man of heroic actions. A Greek god.

    His name? Rick Nash. And he will win this game

  96. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Have they done the Alfie Sucks chant tonight? He does seem like a true professional, but I liked it.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Counting flowers on the wall
    That don’t bother me at all
    Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51
    Smoking cigarettes and watching
    The senators coach
    Now don’t tell me
    I’ve nothing to do

  98. When Stepan starts burying those types of chances, we can really start talking about him being a 1A C

  99. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Not really sure what else Stepan could have done there…sometimes you have to credit the goalie.

  100. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Yeah, but he elevated it and didn’t shoot it back into the goalie. It was a great save.

  101. Admiral Akbar on

    I like Haley – he has been very physical and hasn’t hurt the team at all.

    Torts wouldn’t play him if he was going to goon it up all night.

  102. Great job. Two hander across Gabby’s arms in front of the ref. yeah great job.

  103. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Hagelin wasn’t that type of player either, but, you know, three games.

  104. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, think they responding much better as a team in this one.

  105. Bad play by Stepan there. Didn’t get the puck deep and didn’t change when he was tired.

  106. Admiral Akbar on

    It looks like the 2nd of back-to-back games has the rangers tired here in the third period.

    Two tough games.

  107. Rangers had a chance to win this game when Gaborik made that beautiful pass to Stepan. Simple as that. If that was Gaborik or Nash or even Callahan receiving that pass the puck goes in.

  108. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Marc Anthony apparently does a lot of stuff with his hands when he’s singing.

  109. this freaking team was on fumes the last half of 3rd period.

    got to bear down there and force ot.

    christ a freaking goal with under 5 mins left hurts

  110. Czechthemout!!! on

    So Torts wanted to grind this period because he didnt want to trade chances against an inferior opponent with a vastly inferior goalie and defense. Keep grinding Torts, soon you will grind your way out of a job.

  111. we played least amount of games this year. but we cant win them all. especially against the all might senators at home

  112. Czechthemout!!! on

    Also, great job Torts putting the first line back together with two minutes left.

  113. oh Olga , sure sure I mayyy sound stupid when I type thats because im not a fake. I’m real . I don’t try to be someone im not. I don’t come on here like you do and starts stuff with a fake name. You seem scared of you own identiy , sad .Very sad . Your too scared to talk behind your own name . Anyone can be all yappy when there hiding behind a name that should be banned.

    Rangers too tired to finish BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  114. _I’m going to be controversial and say this last 10 minutes has not been very good by the Rangers._

    Is this sarcasm?

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    I never said you were a fake, greg. I know you’re genuinely stupid. Be proud of it.

  116. these non points may be the difference between a playoff spot and … hold on, (bites into a slice of papa dru’s pizza)

  117. Inferior team? Inferior goalie? The Senators are fast, young, have had good goaltending all year and are, uh, ahead in the standings. They were better than the Rangers tonight, and better on the season so far. Rangers were good but not as good as the other team.

  118. What the update in the Chicago game??????? COME ON OLGA do your job!!!!!!


    IVE been dying to hear the score of the Blackhawk game!!!!!

    OOOHHH please OLGA I DONT HAVE CABLEEEEE , plzz plzzz tel me the score every 5 minutes.

  119. no excuse norm. no spezza, no karlsson, no anderson, no philips for half a game. its just not acceptable for a team with our caliber of talent

  120. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    WBM (c)

    1) Boyle
    2) Bickel
    3) Haley
    4) Stepan
    5) Gaborik

  121. i dont give a crap that we played last night. have to beat them and win against an injury depleted team at home.

  122. Last night’s game showed up in the 3rd period. Forwards were gassed the last 12 minutes.

  123. _have had good goaltending all year_

    They have played less than 30 games. Their goaltending should not be lauded for less than 30 games. Consider also much of their good goaltending came from Craig Andersen.

  124. ohh god. the worst part of this loss is now were gonna see al the boyle lovers lobbying his return for sunday.

  125. 3 Stars

    #1 OLGA ( for telling us the score on the blackhawks game every 5 min)

    #2 OLGA ( For always saying to fire the GM whom got Nash..dumb)

    #3 OLGA ( For getting away with swearing in its name)

  126. Czechthemout!!! on


    Your coach jumbled the lines, especially the first line causing a disruption in the offensive flow and momentum that was built up the last several games. Part of the reason they are ahead is because they played two more games than us and that Torts continues to grind with a team that has few grinders. Do you doubt that we have better goaltending, defense and offense than Ottawa? We should have traded chances with them tonight, we would have won going away.

  127. when eminger is getting shifts with under 10 min in tie game in 3rd per we desperrately miss staal tonight especiallly with hamilik not in shape

  128. well, you can’t win them all, especially after last night.

    btu for a team with as many offensively talented guys, the Rangers convert the lowest % of their scoring opportunities (I know, hard to quantify) of any team in NHL history. Stepan’s agent should work a clause into his next contract that he gets paid by the number of times he is set-up beautifully and DOESN’T score…he’d be a rich man..all day long he’d bee dee bee dee dum

  129. Doesn’t excuse that third period, but the Senators have still been a good team even with all the injuries. It’s not like every other team has been pounding them.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts shortened the bench last night – played 2 lines – caught up to them tonight / they were gassed in the 3rd

  131. jpg's sister on

    I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but I guess Lenner is good advertisement for Lundqvist’s goalie camp

  132. Czechthemout!!! on


    Not for nothing,but I would rather have Boyle in the lineup over Bickel any day of the week. And I think Boyle has sucked big time this year.

  133. Carp, read the blog all the time but I usually don’t comment, but rangers lack of grit forces me to. Hank got sprayed and bumped all night and the rangers do nothing. A couple of pushes to silferberg after his spray but that’s it. Serves them right that he scores the game winning goal. He should have gotten dumped or dropped. A team that can’t stand up for themselves will go nowhere and I haven’t seen any of that type of grit all year

  134. Think we might be a little oversold on our caliber of talent. Our caliber of salary, perhaps, and pedigree, but the Senators played better hockey when it counted, and their goalie has been waiting in the wings a while now, showed his stuff. Our caliber of talent includes Stu Bickel, remember, who tries like hell but has no business being in the NHL.

  135. I love Stepan, and I know it takes talent just just get into good position to score, but he’s really got to start hammering some of those hime if he, and the team, wants to go to the next level. Every game alone in front and shoots it into the pads or puck dribbles off his stick or something. He should bend down and ask the puck why it doesn;t want to just go home

  136. Actually eddie eddie eddie it’s Saskamoosinian french style. weird huh?

    WHATS THE SCORE OLGA!!!!!!!!?????

    COME ON !!!


    NO CABLE OVER HERE and we just got our internet cut off!!!!!!!!

  137. boyle over bickel any day of the week bottom line both suck and boyle wouldnt have mad difference either.

    i have a much diff outlook on this game if we lose in ot. late goal cant happen like that. its deflating

  138. Stanger Nation on

    Sens controlled neutral zone, were a Step behind all game

    seemed like they were in our mug all night

    how did pp do with bucky back?

    even the goals were one timers –

    little offensive push in 3rd

  139. Again, not excusing tonight, but the bench wasn’t really shortened much last night, until the last 10 minutes and Eminger and Hamrlik played 15 minutes each, which is way above what the bottom pair has been getting all season.

    And I’d love to have seen the comments if the coach had been sending Bickel and Haley out for regular shifts in the third period when 1-0 down.

  140. Oh come on boys grit shmit. The Rangers came out in the third and threw everything they had at them and after that, second game in 2 nights and 3rd in 4 and they were totally gassed and Ottawa took it to them. They missed Staal, and they still need more depth at forward. I actually thought Haley was pretty good, better than Bickel.

  141. Duguay with the dual shirt /pajama top working tonight for a quick change when he hits the hay.

  142. I agree that Torts is married to the grind when he doesn’t need to be. He’s got the best breakaway goalie in the league, or one of them anyway, and our best forwards are our fast forwards. Del Zotto can fly as well, as he did tonight. I would love to see him trade chances, but it’s not in his coaching DNA, and he sees grinders where I see flyers. He was successful with it with last year’s overachieving group, but that’s not this year’s group. That two-way hockey in the second was great, and the Rangers looked more dangerous I thought.

  143. Stanger Nation on

    oh, I almost forgot – we lost because of the 4th line, NOT

    a line which drew another penalty tonite…

  144. Would the defense please stop backing up? And Sam and Joe, after Gaborik takes wicked, obvious,nasty slash, “Officials doing a fine job tonight, Joe.” “Yes, they are, Sam” Gimme a break, por favor.

  145. Czechthemout!!! on


    Hags – Stepan-Nash

    Cally- Miller- Gabby


    Powe-Boyle-Haley/Asham etc..

    Those should be your forwards. Lines of course will be different every night with the Torts changing wheel of fortune.

  146. Couldn’t agree with Eric more. Bickel is a waste. He’s like a pylon with skates that gets a penalty every third shift. Also, not necessarily jam. Just a bunch of guys willing to stand up for each other. You trade for bash always but rangers miss guys like Proust and Dubi who would drop the gloves, fire up the team and create that tough identity

  147. HockeymanRangers on

    It looked like to me that the boys were beat after the playing last night and the mad rush start of the third I think they were wooped. They basicly did nothing after the heavy presure start of the third. Were OK yet, come end if the season you got to win that one. GO RANGERS

  148. Not getting enough minutes out of the fourth line and bottom pair generally is still an issue, PB. Just pointing out that the allocation of TOI last night wasn’t indicative of the bench being shortened any more than normal.

    And 1-0 down in the last 10 minutes is precisely when you have to shorten the bench.

  149. Senators own MSG. Do land should change the arena name to Roman Coliseum. That night fire up Hamr too

  150. The 2nd period today and the 2nd game we played against Tampa (in Tampa i believe) were probably the most exciting 4 periods of hockey of the year. They were unique in the sense that the game was wide open. Back and forth chances. Breakaways and odd-man rushes. We have one of the best goalies in the league. A top 10 at the very least defense. I think the system can be changed a bit. Havent seen much of safe is death.

    We win this game if Stepan scores on that pass.

  151. _Lw – do you ever agree with anybody? Are you always so contrarian?_

    That is how it appears.

  152. Spent tonight’s game with a Hawks fan(no, not Atlanta, dumasses). He said biggest difference between last year and this is their pk. I told him us too

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last night they won – great effort – but the bench was shortened. The rangers gave a good effort tonight – but obviously were tired in the third.. Win on Sunday and all is good!

  154. Anuther update!!!???? Thanks alot OLGA!!!!!

    Thanks very much!!! I appreashhhh!!! Werd up!!! That amazing how you think people care.

  155. Er, I agree most of the third period sucked, Eddie, if that helps.

    Not really anything to do with disagreement. Referring to factual information about TOI isn’t opinion.

  156. Hawks don’t bang, play fancy like old Russian Army teams. In playoffs, should catch up to them.

  157. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally agree. In the second, we dominated because we played an up tempo attacking style. In fact, we dominated from the second half of the first through the second playing that way. At the beginning of the third, John G said that Torts wanted to grind the rest of the game because we were trading chances with them and that we cant do that against them. Total nonsense.


    Those forwards dont grind, they can play puck possesion and can be tough when needed but they dont grind.

  158. Top 2 lines couldn’t get out of our d zone for most of the last 10-12 minutes. They were gassed. Jelly leg and burning lung. It happens.

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Greg – what am I starting? You said Olga hides behind his name and that your screen name is your real name. I merely asked if ZzZz was Irish.

  160. _@AGrossRecord: Torts not happy with how Rangers defended under the hashmarks. “We weren’t hard enough.”_

    Team hits leader, despite missing 3 games, in the press box.

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Maloney on radio said the rangers shortened their bench with about 12 minutes left last night. It had to have some impact on their legs tonight. Not looking to make excuses. Seems like a reasonable statement to me.

  162. Olga Folkyerself on

    ZzZz. That’s got to be the last name in the phone book. Or in Saskatchewan… third.

  163. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle in the press box is not why we lost tonight. His absence had as much impact tonight as Duguay’s absence. He simply cannot play right now for whatever reason, so he belongs in the press box.

    By the way, every team has a bunch of back to back games. They had enough rest when they were half the reason for a ridiculous lockout.

  164. Tried it earlier, daytime crew didn’t agree. Top 2 lines had 15 of 19 shifts in 3rd pd last night. Sounds real reasonable.

  165. Ooh, just watched the replay of the last goal — you know, so I can get some sleep. Nobody is going to be happy with what they did when they see it: Stepan late to his point, ‘qvist coughing up a bad rebound and not following it to his near post, and worst of all Del Zotto discarding Silfver, having stuck with him for the whole play. At least Girardi didn’t try to help by diving at the puck face-first this time. Need him.

  166. Eddiee eddiee eddieee edddiee I knew ya were joking and I thought it was funny .

    I was just jokin with ya about what I said . I wasn’t being sarcastic to you just to OLGA ,

    WHATS THE SCORE OLGA!!??? 4 – 1 !!?? That can’t be right!!! wow I hate that . Thanks . I really love it.ty.

  167. _boyle lovers hasnt had a goal since concussed by neil_

    When’s Halpern’s last?

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Werd up Greg

    Papa – you must be getting your facts from a different source than LW

  169. Stanger Nation on

    Hank’s glove hand – high side has been his on doing recently – the 3rd goal was a nice shot from in tight, but prior blast in period he had cross bar to thank – high glove side, no screen.

    this home game, the jets home game and probably some others we will want back (though these teams are good) Just have to counter on this trip and win some on road that are toss ups (including jets)

  170. Bickel, Halpern, Powe, Haley, Hamrlik, Eminger, Pyatt crackin’ the Blackhawks’ line-up any time soon? Just a reminder that we’re closer to last place than to first place. Maybe the road will help, fan pressures off, some better ice, Kreider back…

  171. Stanger Nation on

    O’Reilly’s first game back tonite for Avs – guess he is worth the money…

  172. As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.

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