It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Islanders


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Game 22.
Rangers at Islanders.

Ya boys have won three in a row as they start the road-heavy portion of their schedule at MSG East. They will play 17 of the final 27 on the road. After Ottawa at home tomorrow, they go on a four-game trip.

Roman Hamrlik will likely make his Rangers debut against his former team, and Micheal Haley will also play against his former team, which will employ Officer Joe Boulton, who was quite active in the slashing/fighting festivities in Rangers-Devils last season.

Brad Richards (back/neck) will not play.  Marc Staal (eye) is out indefinitely.

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  1. Blogmama, it was meant to be,,, congrats on the win…. A very smart play by a very skilled player!

  2. Do you think anyone puts on a visor tonight who hasn’t worn one in the past????

  3. No new visors, nope. Sign of weakness, can’t have it. Maybe when no one’s looking. :)

  4. Three periods and maybe even a shoot out of non stop Ranger hackey!!!!

    We need to win…NOW!!!!


    Lets gog go gog gog gogogogo!!!!


    Three periods and maybe even a shoot out of non stop Ranger hackey!!!!

    We need to win…NOW!!!!


  5. Coos, sorry I missed the late nite. Read it in reverse, mad a lot more sense than usual. I think I’m holding the late nite pack back.

  6. Lloyd, back to the last one (and the final baseball related comment), “catching his singles” meant just that. There’s a wide variance in hit luck from year to year, most of it not attributable to anything beyond random luck. Melky had a very lucky year last year so, even if he took more super PEDs for this coming season, he’d likely play worse. Its basically the same as Boyle’s peak goal season; he probably wasn’t any better, his shooting percentage was just randomly high for one outlier period of time.

  7. Do it for Staalsie!!! Do it for NYR_FAN’s birthday !!!! DO for the streak!!! DO IT for Haley!!!!!

    LETS go gog og gog gog oggo!!!!


  8. eee doesn’t feel completely verbally unsheathed unless you are in attendance, PB. newbear, smiling, scurried out of the jungles, un-forked.

  9. THats why this blogs the best , everyone hilarious!!!! Everyone. Awsome!!!

    Thanks Papa!!!


  10. Jeff in South Dakota on

    GO Rangers! Bad part of being out here in the hinterlands — the game starts at 5 PM — I’m still at work!

  11. MSG+ is showing the devils and Sabrers …….WHEW , im on normal msg super sweeeeet!!!!!

    RAAAAAAAAAANGERS!!! Lets go boysss lets make some NOISE!!!!!


    BTW NASH is a beast. Did anyone know?

  12. Jeff in South Dakota on

    How’s the traffic on the LIE? I could be there in 3-4 days if I left right now…

  13. since when this place is so sensitive?

    ok i guess im done for tonight…none of my comments get through


  14. Remember the alexi Kovalev commercial from many years ago: nothing I hate more than a long island accent ( in his barely understandable Russian accent)

  15. he’s got lousy numbers but that’s no indication of how well he’s played

  16. Jeff in South Dakota on

    So, I’m 2 hours behind…that means the game is already over before I tune in? I hate these time-travel paradoxi!

  17. Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C3, you’re getting through….amazingly :) come on back….

    LIE = hartnelling carcillo!

  18. What the holey hell is going on here!!!!????

    First Nash shoots from the blueline , then every Ranger is shooting from the slot!!!??? NO passes?????

    NO PASSES!!!???? COME ON!!!!

    There azzlander SUCK!!!!!!


    Stop playing like an idividuals , alot of Rangers look SLOPPY!!!!!

  19. FCK isn’t acceptable, CCCP. I can explain why your other comment went to spam if you want to know, via email.

    you didn’t do anything wrong. It has to do with the spam filter.

  20. Looks like the Islanders are playing in the Stanley Cup and the Rangers playing the last game of the preseason.

  21. need gaborik to do something..

    boyle score tonight, i would not make that bet.

    i can’t believe we miss richards..literally we have 5 forwards who could not score with no goalie in the net….

  22. Czechthemout!!! on


    It is not his fault. But when when you are in scoring position down low, you should not be out muscled by a player 50lbs less than you, no?

  23. They didn’t give them an easy outlet from their zone, and didn’t give them free pass through neutral zone the last few minutes. And that’s why they looked better

  24. bickell with only 1 moronic play. a icing that could have been eliminated if he moves his body about 2 more feet. someone may try to explain the rules to him…

    gaborik and bickell played about equal level in that period and it is not because bickell increased his play….

  25. eminger is not scoring from the slot unless there is traffic in front…

    stepan best ranger forward in the 1st, not saying much….

  26. Great 3 stars Papa bear!!!!



  27. Yeah, PB, due to the game tomorrow, I guess. Just can’t remember the last time Bickel played four minutes in a period.

  28. Carp’s getting the shoeshine box out for CCCP hahahaa!!!

    Ease up Freddy Krugar its a family show…

  29. Everything is gonna be alright…

    It’s not third period yet…so Nasher has time to win this game…

    And, we know Callahan can take over a game…

    And, Gaborik is overdue …he will break out….

    This is game 7 for the Isles…at home…let’s win the Cup in their building tonight…

  30. iWck (and sometimes y)"Frag Out!!!" on

    I just remembered where I recognized hamerlik from, he’s that guy that turned around in this scrum to be all tough and then crapped himself when he saw it was Simon lol

  31. ok ok what foes this guy mean by that ” ekjls ldskl ” ????

    Doing great here Freddy , nice n Snowy BOOOOOOOO!!!!

    LETS GO NASH LETS GO NASH… Gaborik has lost the puck 2,534 times since hes been here and Nash has taken the puck away and has kept it 2,543 times!!! What is wrong with this picture!!??

    Wheres Olga ? Watching the blackhawks?

  32. Miller just GIVES the puck away!!?? NO puck possesion , him and Gaborik NEED to goto control the puck school.

  33. They’ve decided to make Hank earn his check tonight. Might work, if they score

  34. ahhh Wicky , thats how its speelt. hahaaaa!!

    Orr would say something right about now…

  35. that whole flurry was because Pyatt didn’t get it deep, turned it over as the Rangers were changing with the long change in the second period.

  36. That’s it boys..just keep giving guys who can score goals every chance possible..see where it gets ya

  37. Pyatt is one of those guys playing top 6 minutes but doesn’t do the things nearly as well as most players did on last year’s team.

  38. The linesmen are a joke. They let staged fights go, but when two guys in the limits of the game want to get at it, they break it up.

  39. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gabby needs another benching. That entire sequence in the zone was a direct result of his not getting the puck out when he easily could have. He is just not engaged in the game.

  40. This team is an epic-disaster. pure garbage. Can’t get ONE past this clown Nabakov.


  41. Islanders take a penalty and Islanders fans cheer knowing another 2 scoreless minutes are upcoming

  42. This power play really does suck. These guys stand around. they rarely know where each other are and the guys playing the point act like there blue line is on fire.

  43. Hate to state the obvious but Ranger’s PP looks terrible and Hamrlik does look slow – but in fairness to Hamrlik, I think this is the 5th game he’s played – will he get his legs under him or is he just too old?

  44. Hamrlik didn’t play in like 16 of Washington’s last 17 games. So, yeah, he’s got to be out of shape … and yeah, it’s always a good idea to pick up the garbage from a mediocre team.

  45. no offense if any of you are related to him, but Girardi has to be the worst offensive defenseman in the history of the NHL

  46. Thank goodness this period is over. It was like watching a documentary on the Bay of Pigs.

  47. I can’t wait for the 15 minute alarm I just set to go off, so I don’t have to see MSG 150.

  48. Felt like the Rangers had a lot of offensive zone time in that period, but barely a scoring chance, while the Isles got in the Rangers’ zone about six times with a scoring chance every time.

  49. I Know the Islanders aren’t as bad as we all still wish they were, but for a team with some talent the Rangers sure know how to make it look like they’ll never score again

  50. Carp, I’m so frustrated with these guys right now I forgot not to do what I just did lol.

  51. Czechthemout!!! on

    The problem is that once again we have 7 fourth line forward players in the lineup. And yes, I am including Gabby in hat group by virtue of his play tonight.

  52. Gaborik hasn’t been the same since Torts tore a strip out him last year. Or it could be that he comming back from a major surgery.

  53. With Staal out indefinitely, is it too early to start looking for a rental D-man we could acquire by only giving up a mid round pick for or stick with Eminger, Gilroy, and Hamrlik?

  54. Nash has the puck alone at the end there and he actually pulled a gorik and lost it. Bad ice cost us a goal : (

  55. nabokov has not been sharp. rangers with very few high level opptys.

    my whipping boys are giving me a lot of ammo.. boyle nad gaborik SUCK…

    seriously you have to be drunk not to see that.

    gaborik is a floater, europansy, joke.

    boyle can’t even skate… his hardest hit tonight was on powe.

    so the yhave powe, boyle, halpern, bickell, and haley with a grand total of zero goals on the season. they need to bring up more skill ie; kreider…gaborik is 1 of the top 6, he has done zero in games….

    what a joke….elite.. how about drop the e lite… he plaiys a lite game, almost invisible……..

  56. my nightmare is the islanders get a PP and score in about 5 seconds.

    lundqvist has been great in the game so far , nabakov can read a boook out there…..

  57. Fat guy- here’s my problem with them:
    They never seem to be “up” for ANY opponent. People say the rivalry between the Isles and Rangers is dead. I got news for you it’s dead for the same reason the Rangers- Devils and Rangers- Flyers and Rangers- Penguins games don’t define “rivalry” because they do not come out with fire in their step against divisional opponents or any other opponent for that matter. It took Richards getting split in half by Kaleta for them to show any kind of testicular fortitude against Buffalo..They were neck and neck with Philly until Nash owned the third and now they’re going into the 3rd period where if they let up an early one it’s going to be over.

    And apparently the offensive philosophy is now going to be “look for Nash he’s got sick hands”…the power play looks as awful as it did back in the GET IT TO JAGS days..

  58. Is this thing on?…

    NASH TIME!!!!!!



  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    You’d think with all the ex-islanders on the team, we’d be playing them more even…

  60. GMen, as I recall, the price for D-men better than Eminger was pretty steep last year, and they weren’t clearly better than Eminger.

  61. Good game after 2. Looks like Nash is the one who is going to do something. We need somebody else to take charge to get at least a point.

  62. Nash walks late into the dressing room after the 2nd period …he interupts Torts as he tells his team ..IT IS MY TIME!!! Torts does not say a word.

  63. my bad Greg…I figure anybody’s goal is good…but you’re right….third period!

  64. Hagelin having a rare bad game.

    Something’s wrong with Gaborik. He’s not even scoring against the Islanders!!

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    Two lines. That’s 50% waste.

    Watching this game, that’s a total waste.

  66. Admiral Akbar on

    If it wasn’t for Lundqvist, this game should’ve been over lonnnnggg ago….

  67. Admiral Akbar on

    Gotta give the Brooklyn Ice Mutts credit, they are focused and haven’t given up much.

  68. lower body injury on

    Boyle is absolute garbage. How is he a better play than a young, hungry kid with big upside? I’m talkin bout Kreider (shut yo mouth)

  69. yes!!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as i stop wwatching, we tie it!!!!!!!!!! i knew i was bad luck

  70. eddie eddie eddie on


    eddie eddie eddie March 7th, 2013 at 9:15 pm
    Rangers tie then win this game….season changer….LGR

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    I just bought 3 tickets bearing the same lottery number….that’s how I roll

  72. The villagers should now riot and torch the Coliseum to the ground, thereby killing Dracula AND Frankenstein

  73. Viva Slovakia!

    Great, great, great to see that “A” back on the chest of Girardi!

    JT Miller = Mini-Beast
    Stepan= 1st line Center
    Nash= Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
    Gaborik= Not hated by jackwagon fans (for now)

  74. That’s at least five OT goals by Gaborik the last two seasons — including the triple-OT winner — and three of those on the 4-on-3 PP.

  75. Admiral Akbar on

    The rangers fans in the mausoleum are louder than the rangers fans at MSG!

  76. Capuano looks like he lives next door to Borat and just came home off a bender. I mean, if he wants to change culture, he should start with a shave and a suit/shirt that fits

  77. E3…..can you tell us the final score of tomorrow’s game?
    I’d like to place a bet

  78. hallelujah gabby got a goal….finally he shot the damn puck…

    he still is not elite. score 6 goals in 4 games, score 12 goals in 16 games and then talk to me..

    stepan, nash, and hagelin by far thee best forwards.

    take the points and move on…. stole 2 pts.

  79. admiaral akbar , i say gabby has been playing horrible. that point is not disputable. that was a 4 on 3 PP.. you are suppose to score…….

  80. Isles can’t wait until they officially change names to the Brooklyn Bullet Shells

  81. Czechthemout!!! on

    What shame that the GREAT!!!!! Rick Nash had to languish and play with a crap of an organization for so many years. But that is the only reason why we got him. Oh and a big kudos to him for holding firm and not excepting any trade other than to us. This is a kid who wanted to play here and only here.

  82. Stupid, Stupid point but how is Grabner the Islanders Star of the game? He took the penalty that lost the game for them.

    Did MSG not see Nabokov? I feel bad when Nabokov loses because I know he hates the Islanders as much as I do (and slightly less than Visnovsky)

  83. Thoughts on Hamr? I didn’t see any glaring mistakes or chasing…invisible is good?

  84. *Ft Gy* March 7th, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Capuano looks like he lives next door to Borat and just came home off a bender. I mean, if he wants to change culture, he should start with a shave and a suit/shirt that fits


    This is so funny I read it to Mrs. Manny and even she laughed for a good 20 seconds. Good one Duberstein.

  85. MSG says the Rangers have a point in 19 straight games against the Islanders and then shows a record of 13-3-3. huh?

  86. My daughter’s diaper has lees colors than Duguay’s shirt. Even after I have to change it.

  87. Gaborik loves scoring against the Fishsticks. He’s now going back to hibernation.

  88. Nash and Gaborik can play on the same line on the PP if Stepan is their center. Other than that Hagelin-Stepan-Nash has to stay together.

  89. capuano and opKoso yapping over the call. that was a penalty on the mdz play obvious call.

    the key was the rangers had zero PK opptys.


  90. I love that Rangers never said what Nash’s last injury was. That’s the way it should be.

  91. except for MDZ’s Bonehead pass at blueline during pp and Girardi’s no look pass after him and McD played pattycake with the puk in dzone……i was pretty calm
    and non-yell-y.
    anyone else notice this? we just played the flyers and islanders and there were no fighting majors!

  92. Is Duguay serious that the injury to Nash was the best thing that could have happened to him? Does this guy ever make any sense?

  93. Admiral Akbar on


    No fighting majors — Haley’s presence is an equalizer. Pax Atomica.

  94. Funny…they were playing Funeral for a Friend in the Mausleum during the Fishsticks timeout
    Sucks to be them!

  95. hey
    eddie eddie eddie

    went to meet mrs. jpg and jpg’s mom-in-law
    for dinner tonight
    and when i got to restaurant
    radio was playing the Smiths’ “Sheila Take a Bow”
    dinner over
    got in the car
    the Smiths’ “Ask”
    just started

    felt like good omens.
    didn’t make me feel sad….at all

  96. Admiral Akbar on


    Doogay inferred that Nash needed a few games to rest. Not that the injury was a good thing per se..

  97. Is this a new golden age for original six teams? Maybe not Detroit, but they haven’t truly sucked in 30 years

  98. also, Duguay wouldn’t know this because he’s never around the team at all, but Nash isn’t a “happy camper now.” He’s been the same way all year in terms of temperament, and he played darn good hockey even when he only had three goals.

  99. Umm… 4 games on IR was the best thing happened to Nash? I’m having hearing problems I’m afraid

  100. Admiral Akbar on

    The Mausoleum is louder than MsG –

    More die hard rangers fans show up at the mausoleum than at MSG.

  101. The epic game ends at last with a much fought for victory’

    Yet I cannot help but say that it was the strangest game I’ve watched in a long time. It was like the Rangers playing against the rangers. They seemed almost like mirror images of one another in their stye, speed, puck handling and shooting with one small ecception….I felt that the REAL Rangers were dping too much soft wrist shooting from way out rather than barreling in and attacking the goal area. Resting on their laurels perhaps? But Lundqvist alone saved them from totally embarrassing themselves with his one after another fending off one tough shot after another. He was my personal star of the game.

  102. What makes Duguay even worse is that we lose Leetchie when he’s on. I want Leetchie for my post game!!

  103. Really – cant MSG get anyone better than Doogie Howser? He was a disappointing player on a series of bad teams. What about Gresch or, gulp, one of the guys from 94 that actually has a Cup pedigree

  104. Admiral Akbar on


    Perhaps doogay was implying Nash needed a “mental rest”

    I don’t see Duguay’s logic as very sound.

    Ooh la la Sasoon.

  105. Duguay tries to go toe to toe with Daneyko and Goring but when he leaves the set they must just laugh at him and fist bump their Cup rings. At least Maloney seems to show some deference and respect

  106. ya know eddiex3=eddieeddieeddie

    since my white noise machine needs batteries
    i might have to just set my Pandora
    on Smiths station and go to sleep with that playing

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Drinking a lovely Piper-Heidsieck extra dry champers with raspberries….

  108. i know i’ve gotten into late night commenting mood
    i think because i’m just fairly calm right now.

    there wasn’t a major nasty aspect to this game
    so there wasn’t much to get me riled up
    already mentioned the 2 things that did
    wasn’t surprised by the isles goal
    because they were 1/2 a step ahead of us
    but we never quite looked out of it
    especially as the game went on

  109. Yes and he thinks its still 1979 and that he matters

    Goring has 4 rings and the isles get bowed to but Daneyko has three that could easily have been FIVE and the bums from Joisey get Ming…bupkus

  110. Admiral

    i worked at a record store (yeah, i said record!)
    and a bunch of the Cure’s Disintigration cassettes
    were manufactured incorrectly
    tape was flipped so it kinda played songs backwards
    didn’t sound too different
    i enjoyed playing it that way

  111. love when gabby scores and shuts up the haters. after like 120 goals this guy has scored as a ranger too

  112. I’m saying the debs are never talked about as a latter day dynasty like Detroit and Colorado, I hate to say it but those Stevens teams were awesome…we begat them

  113. Admiral Akbar on


    That is an awesome story!

    Disintegration is one of my ‘desert island’ discs. I wore out my first copy whilst still in college. Great music, from a grossly underrated band (like the Smiths)…

  114. Papa, i just don’t think Leetch wants more games. he’s only about 1,000,000 times better. Spoke to Leetch a few days ago. He reads the blog.

  115. Admiral Akbar on


    Does Leetch also read our comments? I think he may be the most beloved and respected Ranger of all time. Including Giacomin, Messier, Graves, Richter, Gilbert.

  116. Grabner might have been beaten by Del Zotto, who made a great rush, but he took a “good penalty” to stop the goal, and his own goal was a highlight reel release and shot. Goalie should have got the star, but Grabner was good. I would like him on my team.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fat guy – *i am getting some vibes ….. You are breathing right this moment*

  118. Doogie Happy Days was better than Goring and the Gorilla put together, if you’re talking about Goring as an Isle. Give the little Sassoon devil his due. And he did say “no” when the little gremlin sitting next to him asked if Staal’s injury was a “motivator” in tonight’s win. What a nerdo.

  119. Admiral Akbar on

    I’d take Grabner, the guy wearing #91, Streit, Moulson, and/or Okposo on my team any day.

  120. >>Dugay…Does this guy ever make any sense?

    I couldn’t tell you; I tend to mute the TV when he’s talking.

  121. back from the coliseum 70% ranger fans in building. we winnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    thought hamilik was the veteran d man we need and if he could play 12-15 a night like today he will be fine.

    nash= beast

    hank did the job

    we winnnnnnnnn

  122. You can tell Gaby is returning to form and to confidence when he utilizes patience with the puck.

  123. Brian leetch – if you are reading this right now, get with the program and become Brn Ltch

  124. okay this will mix up the two
    saw the Cure in an arena in Cleveland
    Robert Smith was wearing the hockey jersey of
    the city’s minor league team, the Lumberjacks.
    got a good photo of that!
    he made efforts to tell jokes as his between song banter
    he was so nervous that he’d zip through the punchline
    you’d end up with thousands of people kinda laughing/cheering
    to be nice while at the same time
    they were turning to their right and left asking
    “What did he say??!?!”

  125. I was in bay ridge for that goal and I think shots got fired into the air like at a Taliban wedding

  126. Haha, stgtts.

    Hey, maybe Stan can ask Skinny Capuano why he called timeout after the icing and immediately before the Nash goal.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – meetings go well today?

    I had an incredible day :). Capped with a ranger win

  128. What’s Paul Revere doing in the “charades” Geico commercial… Anyone guess?

  129. Messier to Zubov to Leetch — I was in a bar in Philly pretending to be a Canucks fan so they’d turn off the Phillies-Mets game. I sold it to the last three final whistles.

  130. Admiral Akbar on

    “It’s unfortunate that it came down to a power play goal in overtime.” — Capuano

    —would you rather have lost in a Bettman Skills Competition after the hockey game???


  131. Nasher = Soon to be All-Time Ranger Great

    How do you guys like Gaby now? Sick shot.

    LOL @ Skinny Capuano saying the refs didn’t give them any power plays even though they deserved them…

  132. SufferingSince79 on

    Rangers-Islanders In Review (Bonehead Cliffnotes)
    1) Damn, Fishsticks score
    2) Damn, Nabokov shutting us out
    3) Damn, Gabby, Boyle, MDZ, blah, blah, blah
    4) Yay! Nash trade best deal ever.
    5) Yay again! Welcome back Gabby!
    6) Four in a row…Rangers- Hawks final
    1) Yay! Flyers lose, Luniverse pulled
    2) Damn, Devils come back to win

    Bring on the Sens!

  133. Nashturbator on

    loving the cure love here on the blog..good job boneheads. the cure is just that

    nash is king

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