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1) The Marc Staal injury. I don’t know what to make of it. You just hope something like that isn’t serious. Freakin’ scary though, wasn’t it. I was just mentioning to somebody in the pressbox last night that there were an awful lot of players on both teams with shields on, at one point everybody on the ice except Wayne Simmonds had one. Then Staal takes that shot. Nice gesture by Jakub Voracek, who deflected the puck, to skate over and tap Staal on the backside as he left the ice.

2) Barring this blizzard coming, I’m going to be involved in meetings all day today and tomorrow – somebody just please kill me – so though I’m sure I will be popping up the iPhone and the laptop and checking in here throughout both days, I will not be updating the blog. So you will once again have to rely on the widgets over there ————> for updates on Staal and Brad Richards and anything else that happens. I’ll join you in time for the game against the Fishsticks, pending the blizzard.

3) Nash=Beast. Is there anyone left who still would not have made that deal? I mean, how many games identically like that last year, the year before, heck for a decade or more, do they lose or have to go to OT or a shootout because they don’t have a game-breaker like that?

4) And how about the Captain, again? What a great game he had, other than the two goals. Opening minute he springs Marian Gaborik and Universe makes the best save of his career. Ryan Callahan’s showing some hands and some skills lately to go along with all the stuff that would make him a terrific player/leader even if he didn’t do those skill things.

5) Another big game for Derek Stepan, and Carl Hagelin, too, and a bounce-back for Ryan McDonagh.

6) Wow, Micheal Haley really wasn’t clown-ish at all … well except when he gave Scott (call me Scottie if you work for MSG or NBC) Hartnell a little head and neck massage from the bench. Didn’t mind Hartnell shoving back or Stu Bickel tossing a glove in his mug. That’s hockey. But I’d never seen Haley play a game where he wasn’t a complete sideshow. Would like to see him get another game or two, as long as it’s four minutes, and especially since Arron Asham’s more seriously hurt than we thought.

7) The thing about Hartnell – and I’m sure most of youse hate him – is he has a blast playing the game, and you’d love him in blue. During warm-ups, three Rangers fans by the glass were heckling him. He flipped the puck up on his stick a couple of times and baseball batted it right at the glass, making them flinch. He was laughing and so were they, and they took pics and continued to harass him. Then he flipped the puck over the glass to them and smiled.

8) I thought the two Philly PPGs were way, way too easy because of defensemen A) chasing the puck nowhere near the net and B) the other defenseman sliding on the ice, not blocking the pass across, and taking himself right out of the play to allow an uncontested goal. I know, I harp a lot on the Rangers’ D-men leaving their skates, especially defending (usually fruitlessly) against the pass. I don’t have a problem with going down to block a shot. But watch a Devils game. They never go down for a shot or a pass. Taught by Larry Robinson and Scott Stevens, and it’s kinda worked for them.

9) I know a lot of you don’t want to hear it, but Marian Gaborik’s getting closer. He really is.

10) The power play sure looks different without Brad Richards at the point. That’s all I’m saying. They do absolutely need Richards healthy and playing better – and his game was coming around when he got kaleted. They’re going to go as far as their top two lines take them.

11) And even John Tortorella talked last night about the trade for Nash costing them the middle of the lineup. It was worth it, and lately that middle of the lineup has improved. Taylor Pyatt’s not a long-term top-six guy, but he’s been OK there at times. J.T. Miller – who was on the second line and did just fine there – has added a lot. Brian Boyle’s still not near where needs to be, but he’s been a little better, was good on draws, strong on the wall.

12) The Rangers speed – with Nash, Gaborik, Hagelin, Callahan and Miller, especially – was sure evident in this game.

13) Forgot to mention that the NHL, NBC, Comcast, Gary Bettman, Mr. Snider and that piece of kaleta Bobby Clarke forgot to light up the Empire State Building in Orange. It wasn’t in blue, though, either.

14) Don’t even ask about what happened to the Three Stars poll, because I don’t have a clue.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash – GWG in 3rd period.
2. Ryan Callahan – Broadway Hat recipient.
3. Ryan McDonagh – Looked good quarterbacking the power play.
Kenny Albert Rules!’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. tie, Ryan Callahan and Rich Nash.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. I hope Comcast wasn’t too upset about Coatesy being pushed out of his between the benches spot by his co-worker Engblom, since the Flyers started it before Versus.

  2. I wonder if Gabby is still recovering from his shoulder surgery… when Jagr came back in really took a while for him to get going again… I wonder if this is the same thing

  3. For Those About To Evrock on

    I was saying the same thing to my pops about Girardi’s ” leap of faith” in front of Lundqvist on the Flyers’ first power play goal.
    I love watching Nash but I’m really loving Callahan’s game. Easily the best all-around player on the team. And how about that second Nash-esque goal he scored!
    Delzaster’s game is going to end up hurting us sometime soon if he doesn’t work on his decision making and shooting accuracy. How many times has he missed the net or shot right into a defender only to have the play turn right back around as an oddman rush against us? However I thought he got the shaft (pun intended) on that keep-in at the flyers blueline to keep the puck in the offensive zone when the ref called a high stick. For a player known for his inability to keep the puck from getting past him and out of the zone, that was a phenomenal play.

  4. I’m always amazed when you see these injuries like Staal’s that it doesn’t spur players to put on the visor. I’ve said this before, I can never understand why these defensemen don’t wear a visor, particularly young guys like Staal and Girardi who are playing for big money with multiple contracts ahead of them. Look at Girardi’s face, for half of any given season its all banged up. These guys stand to lose ten plus million dollars on an errantic puck, crazy.

  5. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I agree with JJP .
    Although a shield cannot protect the eyes in all cases (puck coming under shield) . why risk a serious injury and loss of ice time ?

    Nash looks like a runaway bull when he flies down the ice ,I bet the goalies are worried of a collision and may pay more attention to him rather then the puck.GOOD.

    I remember when Dubi and Callahan came up together , at times Dubi showed more spark and seemed to more tools than Callahan ( fighting , scoring , checking ) but 24 still shows a steady rise with his talent while dubi has seemed to fizzle out.

    Hartnell would be a huge fan fav in NY.. its nice to see a player have fun .

  6. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nash is a great player! He is just now starting to gel with his new team,so watch out NHL, the Nash man is cometh!

    Cally is and always was underrated with regards to his offensive game. He has always been good for 20+ goals a season. It seems that he has picked up some of Nash’s game simply by watching. He goes to the net more with the puck. He also is not afraid to make that Nash like move on te goalies. In fact during his post game interview, Cally made mention of that. But it’s not just Cally. Stepan has also show some great offensive plays latly. Hagelin, who has also added a bunch of different offensive moves since last year, has also benefited greatly from play with and watching Nash. Like I posted yesterday, the true defenition of a superstar. Making players around him better.

    It figures, just after I praise MDZ froma very strong game against Buffullo , he comes up with a bad game against the Flyers. That has been his problem. He plays one good game and 5 bad games.

  7. You could make a video of “this is why Carp says the defense should stay on their feet” from those 2 Flyers goals.

    Other than that, great stuff again – nice to see some skill from Cally and a bounce back from Mack but we should forever grateful to Scott Howson that we still have Hagelin, Stepan, Mack, DZ (i know some of you hate him, but i’m not one) and youngsters like Miller and Kreider on our roster to complement him, Nash is proving that trade to be a master-stroke, and i hope this continues for another few years.

  8. Given how bad the Flyers’ D looked, Paul Holmgren is surely on the verge of acquiring about seven more forwards.

  9. Admiral Akbar on

    I still feel the Nash trade may become the greatest Rangers trade since the Messier deal in 1990.

  10. Admiral Akbar on

    Flyers should hire someone to teach The Universe how to properly stick check the puck. He missed stick checks on Callahan’s and Nash’s goals…

  11. bull dog line on

    hope Staal is ok. was not a big fan of his game early in his career, but I have grown to enjoy his game more and more. Nash, Cally, and, Stepan, wow.

  12. If anyone could teach the Universe something i’d say the man who lead the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor could do it…….over to you Admiral, may the force be with you!

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Let’s all hope Staal is OK. The news that he didn’t go to the hospital is good news. If true, it indicates that they’re not concerned about serious eye or orbital injury. Things will be more obvious today. However, one needs to be worried about his concussion issues.

    Great review, Carp. Game breaker is right. In previous years we would worry about the opposition having a player who can make that play when the game is tied and going nowhere. In fact, the Flyers were pressing. Once they lost Grossman, their defense was thin, and Nash exposed Gustafsson’s mistake.

    Agree on Gaborik getting close. Callahan keeps surprising me, Stepan seems to be comfortable playing #1 center. Good news.

    Is it me, or is it time someone tell JT Miller to look for an apartment? He looks like he belongs.

  14. Rob in Beantown on

    Whenever I see Girardi get banged up or hit in the head I can’t help but think of his young wife and son from 24/7. If he won’t wear a visor for himself he should wear one for them.

  15. Win last night was big but the story is staal. If this long term we are in major trouble. Mdz eminger gilroy will be troublesome more minutes

  16. So I guess Zuccarello coming back isn’t likely. His team got eliminated so he’s available…

  17. AdamRotter Buzz: The Rangers Are In The Process Of Trying To Bring Mats Zuccarello Back on.sny.tv/VEH9KN

    ^Hobbit Wizard^ *IS* Coming back!

  18. Well played, LW. Well played.

    Before the game I said, “I just can’t hate Hartnell.” After the game I said, “I take it back Hartnell is a scumbag.”

    I think that turnaround alone is evidence that we/I would LOVE him on our team. He’s noticeable, he’s a leader and he plays with fire. Those guys that opposing teams hate are always fun to have on your team.

    And yea, we now have about 5 guys that can be labeled beast each night. And a few mini beasts in the making.

  19. That Staal thing sure is a great way to take the fun out of a big win over the Flyers. You just hope that it hit more bone than eye, but even then this is a guy with a serious concussion history. Just awful, and hopefully he’s gonna be. Second game in a row where a guy is convulsing on the ice. I know its a violent game but this is getting ridiculous.

  20. Good morning all! Get well soon Staalsie!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…as I heard from some other folks last night, Hartnell is just a swell guy. Meh. Some players just get under my skin in a bad way, and he’s one of them. I would not like to see him in blue. Nyet, not, no, non, nein….I would like to see him in golf clothes.

  21. Anybody got video of this Bryz save on Gabby? Carp called it “save of his career” but i missed start of game so id like to see video…can anyone help?

  22. Sure we want Richards back, but just not on the Power Play. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we’ve scored multiple times without him there.

    Nash is a god among men.

  23. So Carp and company, is Nash still not a top 10 forward for you guys? Btw, in fantasy for all players overall, he’s currently ranked 8, ahead of Kovalchoke! What a clutch performance!!!

  24. I know what you’re saying, Leetch. Nash still has to do this for a whole season. For now he takes absolutely ridiculously stupid penalties and then goes nuts in the 3rd Period. Kind of a Kobe Bryant type.

  25. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – what does Adam know? He just repost what Carp, Andrew, Zip, Brooks, & Cerney REPORT to us!!!

  26. Papa- Gabby still requires the opposition to deploy at least one of their better D-man. He isn’t scoring, but they are still winning. the goals will come. He’s been a streaky scorer all his career.

  27. Very unlikely that Staal is dealing with a concussion. Concussions are caused not as much by getting hit but by sudden changes in movement by the head causing the brain to “rattle around” inside the skull. The puck would be more likely to cause a skull fracture but less likely a concussion.

  28. Carp, Great review as always. But in watching Gaborik, I think him and Miller worked very well together, and it seemed like Gabby was more willing to do work along the boards, in front of the net, had better jump, etc. Do you think he was unhappy playing with Richards? Remember they didn’t play together last season until the last 2 months or so, and Gabby was playing with Stepan. It may be a coincidence, but something I observed last night. Great win, Hope Staal is ok.

  29. Hey Carp. Totally agree about the “D” men leaving their feet. Always takes them out of the play and leaves the goalie undressed. Both Flyer goals a result of poor defense in front of Hank. Those guys were all alone and could have had a cup of coffee before they pilled the trigger on their shots.

    MDZ was horrible. Not the same player he was lasy year and very close to the player who got sent down the year prior. Bad decisions and very sloppy. PP looks way better without Richards. More secisive with the puck.

    NASH does = MONSTER. Cally has really shown a lot of offensive skills I didn’t think he had. Stepan and Hagelin have really improved over last year.

  30. stranger nation on

    What’s their record with Nash in line-up? Prust saying…

    Cally played great – his goal celebrations are rivaling Vinny P’s

    Gabby getting close? – 3 points last 2 games – wish all our wingers had that production

    Staal should have nasty looking stitches – would sit him v Isles and bring up McIlbeast

    Pie-hat played really well last night – he, Boil and Kung Pow had some effective cycling shifts

    Need to win next two and we are on our way

  31. Manny

    Thanks, looks like I missed that. I think having the Hobbit Wizard back would be a nice addition as there is no question is he would be more productive than a lot of the guys we have now (including Miller and Kreider) and on the PP.

    Plus he would an asset for the Bettman bonus point which could/will be the difference in seeding

  32. I guess if they don’t claim Hamrlik today could mean good news on Staal too…..

  33. Miller shows promise…

    Agree, John on MDZ. His defensive play below the circles has been very inconsistent.

  34. Nice review Carp, but regarding item #13, since when is Ed Snider not a piece of davebrown himself?

    Regarding items #6 & 7, I totally agree. I gained an extra level of respect for Hartnell after seeing him be very active in the hurricane relief games. And yes, we would love the guy.

    Poor Bryz, no help from his D, the only goal he had a chance on was the wicked wrister from the crazy, huMANGEous Rick Nash.

    Nice win against a hot team. They will need a similar effort on the Isle and vs. the Sens to keep things rolling and pick up 4 more points. Marty on Thursday?

  35. All seriousness, I’m fine with the way Gabby played last night…No really, I really am.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s hope Marc Staal slept comfortably and everything possible that can be done is being done ..

  37. As a guy who was against the Nash trade, I have to say, seeing him play the way he is playing is making me come close to admitting I was wrong. The Rangers do have more upfront skill now for sure and everyone knows they lost depth, they just have to hope that they can stay healthy and young kids like Kreider/Thomas/etc. keep developing to give them more skill in the future.

    I knew Nash was a very good player, I’ve always thought that, I just thought people were throwing him out as a top 10 superstar in the league when he isn’t and was afraid Rangers fans would have these crazy expectations of him that he wouldn’t be able to reach. So far, I think he’s been playing a little bit better than he actually is, but with Gaby, Stepan, Cally, Hagelin, and Richards (despite what many say about him), there is a ton of open ice for these guys to show their skill, especially Nash. I think he’ll tail off a little bit, but hopefully he keeps playing close to how he is now because if there was ever a time for me to be happy I was wrong, this is it.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Keep the wins coming. Only thing that matters. Doesn’t matter who scores as long as we win…

  39. Leetchhalloffame on

    This injury blackout by the closed mouth Rangers brass is quite annoying. Nash, Callahan, Powe, Girardi “maintenance days” nonsense. This is BS. As concerned fans we have the right to know if one of our players is seriously hurt. How long do we have to hold our breath before we get a straight answer? Praying for Staal.

  40. Oh yea, was it just me or was Rinaldo so intent on concussing someone that he got frustrated and face-checked the glass himself?

  41. Nash playing better as St Paddy feast gets closer, must have some Ireland in him, no blarney.

  42. Frodo would be a good addiditon for depth in the bottom six and PP. Gabby has looked better the last couple of games. Maybe he is waking up from winter hibernation.

    Would love Hartnell in Ranger Blue. He would be a big fan favorite.

  43. Hartnell’s cutesy, “just having fun” act would be so much more believable if he didn’t start taking runs and throwing crosschecks along the boards in the 3rd period when they’re losing. And it wasn’t just last night, its every time. Win or get dirty.

  44. Devils hurting in goal, recall Jeff Frazee, no relation to Jane Frazee, va-va-va-voom!

  45. Regarding the Devils …. it’s crazy to think that the only thing that stands between them and mediocrity is a 40 year old goalie.

  46. _MDZ was horrible. Not the same player he was lasy year and very close to the player who got sent down the year prior. Bad decisions and very sloppy._

    This really feels like a case of getting on a guy who can do more, and because he can do more, he’ll occasionally do something gross.

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If you are still around, couldn’t agree more on #8.

    If girardi doesn’t do his penguin routine on either goal they wouldn’t have scored (probably not).

    If he stays on his feet on the voracek goal, he could have knocked voracek on his aasen before he got the second swipe at the puck (which is the one he put it in with).

    Love to have Hartnell on this team!!

  48. Eminger should have been the #6 from the start of the season. Don’t really understand why he wasn’t.

  49. nice recap..

    boyle was good on faceoffs and the wall, that is why he should be the 4th line center.

    zero production they cannot survive that.

    miller played well, got involved has a chance offensively.

    powe zero offensive ability also. to many PK specialist on thei steam; boyle, halpern, and powe….at least 1 too many.

    staal has been there best d man for 2 weeks….

  50. mdz confuses me like he confuses himself. play very erratic and he gambles to much for my likeing.

    4th d man on the team after girrdi, mcdonagh, and staal.

  51. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Whipping Boy Meter Check

    1) Boyle
    2) Bickel
    3) Gaborik
    4) Richards
    5) MDZ

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister, because Eminger has no upside and they were hoping Gilroy could provide some offensive spark and Bickel could provide toughness. While both of those guys did those things in varying degrees of success, they couldn’t do it without being a complete and total liability defensively. So now Eminger gets the job just because he makes the least mistakes, even though he brings nothing else to the table other than steadier defensive play. Frankly, I’d rather have Eminger over the other two for that exact reason.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I have no problem with win and/or get dirty. If you have the ability to do both, why wouldn’t you intimidate?

    I certainly don’t want to see anyone seriously injured or anything, but to me cross checks and such are part of hockey.

    If our team had the ability, I wish they would play the same way. My guess if we had top six forwards like Hartnell and Simmonds we would.

    So who comes out of the lineup if aasen goes in? You can’t take out toughness because we barely have any. So does powe come out? Miller? Pyatt?

  54. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on


    Whipping Boy Meter Check

    1) Boyle
    2) Bickel
    3) Gaborik
    4) MDZ
    5) Richards

  55. Hartnell is hilarious. I used to hate him, but once I found out A) he’s actually a funny guy and B) he stole his ex-wife from Adam Hall, I was a huge fan. Him miked up at the all-star game was one of the funniest things I’ve seen from a player during a hockey game.

    I thought DZ looked fine. Maybe tried to press a bit too much, but he was solid.

    Also it won’t get noticed, but Stralman had a very strong game on both sides of the ice. I’m a huge fan of him and Eminger as the 5 and 6 D-men.

    Leetch – sorry but I don’t think us as fans deserve to know if anyone is injured. That’s for the team to know, not for us. I know this is kind of extreme, but would you like it if you had to go to the hospital and somebody released your health records to the public?

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d rather have Bickel over eminger (especially if mza goes in at forward like some are musing about), and any of you over gilroy.

    That’s why I call mdz the mad bomber, guy is just all over the place and every once in a while he actually hits a long pass/target.

  57. _Frankly, I’d rather have Eminger over the other two for that exact reason._

    Same. Especially with our 4/5 D both the types who jump into the play a bit or prone to flaking out at times (although Stralman now versus Stralman before are really different players).

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Stepan has looked incredible over the last 10 games. Incredible to the point where if I hadn’t seen his 160 games before them I would think that he had #1 Center potential.

    Also, can we change the three stars to the three stars other than Nash? Because he’s basically been one in every game he’s played. And the other two spots are usually just a rotation of two of Callahan, Stepan, Hagelin, and Lundqvist, with the rare Gaborik sighting or defenseman creeping in.

  59. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I think about 28 teams would be happy with MDZ as their 4th defenseman.

  60. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Doodie, maybe Stepan is emerging…although hopefully not like the Fishsticks emerge.

  61. Del Zotto has the best +/- of the four top D. Not my favorite stat, but shows he’s surviving in his own end, and the guy can pass, period. It’s not just those flashy bombs up the middle, but the more important meat-and-potatoes passes out of the zone or in mid-ice that end up being third assists.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny D, if it was a serious medical issue, then I would agree with you. Like if Sauer was actually out all this time because he was battling leukemia, I could totally understand leaving it up to the player as to whether to make the info public.

    But when a guy is going to be out with an injury, not a serious illness, the teams owe it to the fans to keep them updated. We pay the money that pays them. We deserve better.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, I don’t think he will become that, ever. I was just commenting on how well he’s been playing.

  64. Should be whipping boy meter rule.

    Can only qualify if you play more than 6 minutes a game & you have received at least 1 shift in the 3rd Period during a 1 goal game at least once during the season.

  65. _I think about 28 teams would be happy with MDZ as their 4th defenseman._

    Yup. Same logic with “if Boyle were a UFA, every team would call”. But still they get slammed.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Not going to the hospital is good news for Staal’s face and eye, but still leaves a concussion open as a possibility.

  67. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Papa, agree, though I find it amusing how much negative focus Bickel gets for being just that.

  68. You’ve won me over….We can survive with MDZ and his mostly good but sometimes shaky play. I got no beef with that. As of now, He is off my WBM.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, because when he’s on the ice as a defenseman he is a complete and total liability. Just absolutely terrible. And he adds absolutely nothing as a forward. Slow with no hands whatsoever. It’s just a guarantee that for the 3 mins of icetime that he has the Rangers will not score a goal.

  70. mdz is a good player. the rangers top 3 are very good players…

    mdz is not as effective offensively as I hoped.. the guy is 22, and not exactly a terrible player. on many teams he be a top pair 25 minute a game d man.

    on the rangers he is the 4th best d man, far behind the other 3…that is a good thing real good…

    stepan looks to have improved on faceoffs quite a bit, that is a huge help…

  71. Just looked at the Staal incident and my guess would be he is cut above the eye. Obviously there will be swelling and such but he should be back soon.

  72. Hard to criticize a player in the role that Bickel has been thrust into. Kid has heart and I for appreciate that.

  73. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Gravy, I don’t think he will become that, ever. I was just commenting on how well he’s been playing._

    He may not become a top 15 #1, but his problem in his career has been consistency, not ability. And, the kid is 22 years old, so it’s possible that he may start becoming a consistently solid 1B/2A center.

    Same thing with MDZ, still only 22. I know a lot of people expect the world, but these guys aren’t even close to reaching their full potential.

  74. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Disclaimer: the Whipping Boy Meter (c) is not a display of my personal feelings, just the temperature of the blog.

  75. _Same thing with MDZ, still only 22. I know a lot of people expect the world, but these guys aren’t even close to reaching their full potential._

    Actually 3 months younger than Kyle Jean. That should resonate with everyone here except Manny.

  76. lets try a new meter: Players with the most heart meter (PWTHM) ( glass half full approach)

    1. Callaghan
    2. Hank
    3. Hagelin
    4. Nash
    5. Girardi, McDonough (tie)

  77. Papa – That’s right!

    Doodie – we don’t actually pay the money that pays them. We pay money for overpriced tickets that go into the pockets of MSG. Corporate sponsors pay their salaries (although I guess we pay money to make it possible for more corporate sponsors to keep paying all that money).

    Either way, I’d rather not find out what a player’s injury is because you know as soon as he comes back, the other team is going to send a Rinaldo, I mean goon, out there to go try to re-injure it or scare that player.

    I know it makes the media guys angry because they need to report news so they can keep growing their reader base, but I don’t think they owe it to anyone to give that information out.

  78. stranger nation on

    With Grossman out, that Filthy D was horrendous

    Who is tied to the Whipping Post today? MDZ?

    Cally – as big as the Garden – just win baby!

    Rangers PK Blues down low last night – play Simon’s ‘Slip Slidin Away’ – the nearer your destination, the more your…

  79. I hope Stahl is okay. I’m glad he didn’t throw his gloves off in that girly way Richie Rich did.

    I must admit, I’m kind of excited that the half man is coming back. Creative little guy. Shame he missed the playoffs last year.

  80. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Who is tied to the Whipping Post today? MDZ?_

    Please refer to the Whipping Boy Meter (WPM) (c) above.

  81. Was hoping after three hours of prepping for my trial only to have it adjourned there would be some news on our Hero and Alternate Captain, Marc Staal.


  82. Also I agree with Wick, as usual. Got to get out on the actual ice surface and mix it up. We dominate the Phlyers for over a season now. No reason to back off on the intimidation factor.

  83. Crazy|NYR March 6th, 2013 at 6:58 am

    _JJP: It’s cause they aren’t European or pussies…_



    Dumbest comment of the day and day just started.

    So Callahan must be one of those for wearing a visor? Right?

  84. _He’s noticeable, he’s a leader and he plays with fire. Those guys that opposing teams hate are always fun to have on your team_

    Unless, of course, your name is spelled this way – AVERY.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, Avery was not a leader. Nobody in any of his locker rooms ever looked to Avery for leadership. Dallas even basically voted him off the island.

  86. Good morning, Sally!

    VinceA was here?

    2Leetch, no, still not in my top 10. gotta do it for more than 16 games.

  87. bull dog line on

    the Devils are not going to make the playoffs. they are basically playing with two 4th lines, and have no depth to speak of.
    I actually do not mind Bickel as a 4th line forward. he can skate a little, and deliver the odd hit.

  88. Agree Bull dog, kid needs time to learn and grow in the position, it’s all new to him. I like him better at forward than D. I think Torts does as well.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, if it comes down to him or Haley, which it will once Richards returns, I take Haley.

    And the Devils, I have no effin idea what DeBoer is doing. He’s got Kovalchuk playing with Pnikarovsky and Loktianov. Great, I get it that they’re all Russian, but there’s a big difference between them: Kovalchuk is a superstar, and those guys are barely NHL players. How he doesn’t have Kovalchuk playing Henrique or Elias is beyond me.

  90. The problem with Avery @CCCP@ was that he was also disliked by his own team. Remember how the Stars waived him and then the Rangers did the same?

  91. There was nothing wrong with having both Bickel and Haley in the lineup. In fact, I was surprised how relatively well Haley can skate. I saw him fight a few times, and he can throw ’em very well with both hands, and he can take one as well.

  92. bull dog line on

    me too. I like having them both in the line up. you had the feeling if the Carcillo hit the fan, the Rangers would be in good hands.
    I watched the Devils a bit lately, and they are not a good team. they do not have a top 6, and they have 6 4th line types. they are in big trouble.

  93. I thought, in general, that was one of the better games the Rangers played all year long from a physical standpoint.

  94. Question my buddy was suppose to go with me to game Tom night and now most likely will have to work late.

    Anyone interested in going with me Tom night at coliseum.

    $56 for tix. Email me baum27@aol.com

  95. Bull dog, I think Philadelphia will get in. That leaves Ottawa, Toronto and NJ fighting for the last spot. I wouldn’t rule out NJ making it, considering the other two teams.

  96. eddie eddie eddie on

    Resign Avery …..Just win Rangers……next on the floor…we go for four

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, work has been terrible for me lately, otherwise I’d take you up on that. I actually have had to get rid of my tickets for last night’s game and Friday’s game.

  98. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ottawa’s injuries have to catch up to them at some point…they should fade by season’s end…

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Larry Brooks wrote a soapbox piece on visors and asked the question:

    “Can there be anything more precious than one’s eyes; anything more critical to protect than one’s vision?”

    Yes. And that’s why cups were invented.

  100. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Ottawa and Montreal with 4 BBPs and the Devs with 5 all will/have come back to earth.

  101. Good point, eddie….Forgot about Karlsson being out…Which reminds me, I had a horrible feeling last night about that lose idiot Rinaldo running around and eventually hurting someone bad.

  102. bull dog line on

    the Islanders may make a run at the last spot. they are better than the Devils.

  103. Great game and great write up as usual. Carp, I think it’s about time we get a Rangers Report Lexicon blog post.

    Here’s are a few suggested words/phrases only found here.

    – it’s go time – the start of a ranger game
    – bonehead – despite the name an endearing term for a diehard (perhaps jaded) ranger fan
    – to be carped – censored
    – to be Prucha’d (remember that guy? For a minute I thought calahans offensive ceiling was him. Shame on me) – healthy scratch c. 2009
    – beast – to play on another level with and against your peers
    – pancification – to make a call superficially or arbitrarily so as to appear compassionate about player safety?
    – BCATGE (enough said)
    – Betman Points – those achieved by an OT loss. Some consider a paradox.

    There are certainly more but that’s all I got off the top of my head.

    By the way #9 – Marian Gaboriks totally perculating!

  104. Rob in Beantown on

    I feel like Hank is the kind of guy who wouldn’t hold a grudge against Cindy Crosby or Max Paciorara but I could be dead wrong, I don’t know the guy

  105. stranger nation on

    No Boyle love after a very solid defensive game – oh – forgot – he didn’t score. 5×5 – neither did the Hartnell, Giroux, Voracheck line…

    The 3rd line played well – Pie-hat was very strong along the walls, Kung Pow is like the energizer bunny on the forecheck and not afraid to get dirty and Big Rig was physical, even cycled well.

    2nd period was no score – but their most physical period by far and set em up nicely for the 3rd.

  106. _Which reminds me, I had a horrible feeling last night about that lose idiot Rinaldo running around and eventually hurting someone bad._

    Best part of having Haley up is that I felt a little better about it all.

  107. That’s the problem people that work in city no train direct to coliseum. Anyone interested. Anyone live work on long island that can drive to game.

  108. Its amazing how you people seem to know what goes on in players locker room…amazing!

    Avery wasn’t a leader? Strange because i rememebr when Gaborik was being mugged by Carcillo it was Avery who went after Carcillo not your beloved PRUST but AVERY! and it was Avery (and Hank) who called for close door team meeting when this team was playing like a bunch of Europansys…but as always I am alone in this battle for the Avery justice!

    Ps, I don’t really care what he did in Dallas so save it. Thanks.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m actually OK with giving him a look. Honestly, how much worse could he be than Bickel or Gilroy on D?

  110. Don’t want to speculate, but that could mean Staal isn’t expected to return for a bit…

  111. stranger nation on

    for all the man-love for Hartnell; check out the Kaleta-like hit on McD during 3rd period – almost same circumstances with player facing boards with puck possession and opponent hitting him in small of back – McD did face-plant into boards – luck his neck is made of Kevlar.

    Hartnell is a dirt bag – perfect for the filth – much rather have Simmons who plays hard and does not cheap shot (to my knowledge.)

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    or it could mean that it’s too early to tell and he’s basically a free depth addition that we can discard as soon as we have some clarity on the situation.

  113. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    They can still pick up $10M in salaries at the deadline, but I’d rather have the additional $3.5M of flexibility.

  114. czechthemout!!! on

    So now we get to keep his 35+ contract status at 3 million per year. Dumb move! Also just as dumb on the hockey aspect of it. He is washed up! This is yet again why the Mcilrath pick hurts this team. After four years in development, he is still 2 years away . This of course is just the official talking points put out by them to avoid classifyinghim a bust.

  115. I just got tickets to see the CT WHALE play the Manchester Monarchs on March 16, 2013. I will let you guys know about all-star 4th line Right Winger, Kyle Jean!

  116. So I have just one thing to add….

    I see the Top 3 Stars each day…good stuff.

    We should start a “Worst Star” or “Dullest Star” or something. That goes to MDZ hands down. The guy stunk last night. You know how many times he shot a puck (on a PP or an odd man advantage in the O-zone) into a defender’s legs and NEVER getting anywhere close to the goal? I stopped counting after about 4 in the first period. And Torts HATED him last night. He excoriated him for missing the net so many times. MDZ gets my “Dullest Star” of the night. He was awful.

  117. bull dog line on

    good move. Hamrlik will help if Staal is out for a while, and is better than Eminger Gilroy, and Bickel.

  118. It wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the Rangers would’ve claimed Hamrlik even before the injury. Was the claim even made before yesterday’s game?

  119. They were claiming Hamrlik before Staal took a puck to the face. He’s going to play 3rd D-Pair minutes.

    I think it’s more of an indictment on Eminger and Gilroy and Bickel (the D-Man who has played 8 or 9 games at F and 6 games at D).

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not sure if he is better than any of those guys. I have to see him first. But he is definitely worth a shot, even if Staal wasn’t hurt, as those three haven’t really distinguished themselves, unless you mean Bickel and Gilroy, who have distinguished themselves as some of the poorest defenders we have had on our blue line in the past decade.

  121. @RealKyper@ #Rangers gathering medical info 2day regarding Marc Staal but early indications r his eye injury isn’t career threatening. Out indefinitely

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, who would they add that would take up more than that? Plus, you figure at least some salary would have to go the other way.

  123. We had the room to get Hamrlik and, even though I don’t think it directly relates to Staal, any long term injury to Staal means we had to make this move.

    Hope he’s ready to play against Hamonic.

  124. You may have a point there, LW…Maybe they did put a claim before the game. Could be that it has nothing to do with Staal…..

  125. If the Rangers can somehow get Ed Jovanovski, they’d complete the set of 1st overall picks from 1991 to 1995 having played (mostly badly) for them.

  126. I have seen Hamonic live before. At the Mausoleum. He was unimpressive but solid positionally. It was last season (which was probably the last time he set skate on an NHL ice surface). What more can we ask for?


    Who gets to wear #44? Hamrlik or Eminger?

  127. I’m ready for the Rangers to start dropping the Hamr on people.

    I woke up this morning with a grotesquely swollen and discolored right eye socket, out of sympathy for Staalsy

  128. ?@KatieStrangESPN@ #NYR Don’t immediately interpret Hamrlik waiver claim as direct causality from Staal injury. Team discussed putting in claim before incident


  129. czechthemout!!! on

    Thanks for clearing up the contract status guys.

    Unless he scores a hat trick, you will say nothing positve anout Jean so enjoy the game and remember, he was only ine of four that I stated was a better option not tge only one.

  130. Roman Hamrlik is nearly 39-years old and hasn’t played in a month. have to wonder what kind of shape he’s in right now.

  131. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Thanks, ilb. I was going by the capgeek AAV deadline number, but they said this and that could make it lower than the amount they had.

    _We should start a “Worst Star” or “Dullest Star” or something. That goes to MDZ hands down._

    UPDATE: MDZ movin’ on up, Bickel downgraded for playing less than 6 minutes

    WBM (c) Check

    1) Boyle
    2) MDZ
    3) Gaborik
    4) Bickel
    5) Richards

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Hamrlik was a healthy scratch for 17 out of 21 games on a last place team. THAT worries me.

  133. Hamrlik was playing 20 minutes a game only last year, so let’s hope his game (or fitness) hasn’t just fallen off the face of the earth.

  134. Doodie – as I said before. I heard from -podcasts- inside sources, Oates has a system that he felt POTI could understand better than Hamrlik who was more set in his ways. I don’t know what defensive system could be more complicated than, “don’t let the guy with the puck get behind you and if someone comes in your area without the puck don’t let them get it” but alas, Oates developed one.

  135. guys are being too picky – we are running out of bodies and choices, so we’re going with the Joe Torre method of “trusting vets”

  136. Is the cap hit pro rated for rest of the year. 3.5 cap hit or pro rated since 21 games have passed.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    The PP looked so much better last night without Richards.

    Can we just go over how good it has been in the limited non-Richards time it had? Sure, it gave up the shortie without him on the ice, but 3 PP goals in less than 10 mins of Richardsless PP time?

  138. Gravy- basically you subtract any new full contract from AAV on the day the player was added. As of today AAV at deadline would be approximately twice of that number…

  139. bull dog line on

    Kreider scored 2 goals last night. as impressive is he had 7 shots on goal. sounds like he nay have gotten the message, and wants to be back real soon.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I agree. Sounds like he has had more of an impact in his 3 games since being Whaled than he did for the entire first half of the season he played there during the lockout.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, either way, there’s more than enough space to make moves at the deadline.

  142. Eric- it is prorated, but if you look at AAV any given day, as well as at deadline, it is already taken into consideration. Just use those full numbers.

  143. if we get back the Krieder that gave us all wet dreams last Spring, then Bettman should just start printing our names on the Cup right now

  144. bull dog,

    how would you feel if you knew you were losing playing time to guys like Stu Bickel and Michael Haley

  145. Bull dog- both goals scored by Kreider were from right in front of the net. Good to see.

    Yes, Doodie, plenty of cap space. Also they can use Sauer’s LTIR if need to.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, Haley and Bickel’s 3 minutes a piece isn’t what is keeping Kreider out of the lineup.

  147. Kreider with not only 2 last PM but 4 goals in his last 3 games. Sounds like he’s getting there.

  148. Sather started out trying to get the rights to Rod Langway, then asked about Larry Murphy…he eventualy moved on to Joe Reekie, but then settled for Hamr

  149. I saw reports that Oates insists right handed shots play the right side and vice versa. So he would not use Hamrlik on the left side. Then he puts a 28 year old who has never played in the NHL and is a RH shot ahead of him on the depth chart.

    I didn’t think Hamrlik played bad for Washington last year. It does sound like Oates wanted nothing to do with him, but Dale Hunter sure did.

  150. Carp,

    Please don’t say blizzard. I am trying to get on a plane tomorrow to Florida. Will be at Yankees-Braves on Saturday.

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    if wer arent resigning Avery, Rod Seiling can still lace him up on D….he is only 60 something

  152. _Leetch might be pulling his #2 down from the rafters soon enough…_

    Coincidence that Del Zotto wears #4? Basically a double #2.

  153. Hamrlik has been steady his whole career and is a good locker room guy. A veteran presence. I have no problem with him.

    The part that’s a problem is that this means we may have lost Marc Staal for….a while.

  154. Now they just need to package Hamrlik with Nash and trade them straight up for Vinny Prospal and Brandon Dubinsky!

  155. Corned Beef Nash on

    Which game this week do you play Biron…Just curious as i am heading into game Friday.

  156. CCCP, I think it’s just a depth move and not a question of who is better than who. Since Torts took over he has seemed to “ride the hot hand” with his Dmen. These guys are going to be platooning bc the reality is that there’s no replacement for Staal coming so they have to use spare parts along with the depth they have/don’t have

  157. Don’t get excited about Kreider. He didn’t score in the Shootout. So the Whale ultimately lost. Thus, he couldn’t will his team to victory.

  158. Also, I don’t really care for the move. Even though we have a ton of cap space left, we just locked up a quarter (?) of it without recourse beyond hoping someone else would claim him.

  159. Well @CCCP@ the answer is simple. Hamrlik makes $3.5M whereas Eminger, Bickel and Gilroy don’t make that together.

  160. is Briere MIA or what?

    also – don’t youse guys agree that the Flyers should be better than they are? There is talent there, but what is not right about these guys?

  161. Lloyd – Kreider is *not*, I repeat *not* losing playing time to Bickel and Haley.

  162. Romer at 12:41 is precisely what I was talking about before that I got from -podcasts- inside sources. Oates was just not using Hamrlik. He chose Poti.

    How are those Caps doing?

  163. Why Jonny? What have you seen that makes you think that Mcllrath has no shot for the NHL? That would make me sad.

  164. eddie eddie eddie on

    Romeo – Besides, this year, next year, some other year…Hamlrik will be a Norris winner…i can feel it

  165. You’d think that by this time in his career, Hamr would have made enough money to buy himself a vowel

  166. I’m not sure he will. Maybe he’ll get one shot, but I’ve always thought he was a wasted pick by us. With Schwartz, Fowler, Tarasenko, and Tinordi still out there, I didn’t like that pick at all. Especially because if we wanted a hard nosed d-man with more skill, Tinordi was the guy to take. He’s physical and can fight if needed, but he’s a more skilled player. McIlrath is kind of useless considering he doesn’t have a much skill, isn’t a great skater, and loves to drop the gloves and ends up making you run with 5 d-men for more of the game than you’d like.

    It’s probably because I hate when d-men fight. It should be saved for 4th liners (which is why I like Bickel there instead of on D). Clearing out the crease is fine, but fighting ends up hurting the team if you are a d-man.

  167. _don’t youse guys agree that the Flyers should be better than they are? There is talent there, but what is not right about these guys?_

    Literally all of the talent resides on the top 2/3 forward lines.

  168. Poti’s snarl is from his helmet being 2 sizes too small – he’s just been too cheap to get a new one and have to keep repainting it with his next team’s colors

  169. _You’d think that by this time in his career, Hamr would have made enough money to buy himself a vowel_


  170. Mister D – Eve is its only on 2 or 3 forward lines, that’s alot of talent. Teams would kill to have 6-9 dangerous forwards. I guess their D has gone downhill and G continues to badly disappoint

  171. Yea. Mcllrath better make it. Or else that pick is a real kick in the butt. Tarasenko looks like a legit real deal player.

  172. Carp – Any truth to the rumor that Milbury pumped his fist when Staal went down?

  173. _Eve is its only on 2 or 3 forward lines, that’s alot of talent. Teams would kill to have 6-9 dangerous forwards. I guess their D has gone downhill and G continues to badly disappoint_

    Absolutely. I imagine you could make an easy argument that, factoring in salary and age, they have a top 3 desirable forward group and a top 3 avoidable defense/goalie group. The latter is probably dead last in the league.

  174. Manny – just from watching him play in Moose Jaw, he’s a pretty terrible skater. It’s one thing to just be big and slow because you are 6’5″ or 6’7″, but you are still able to move around and stay in position. McIlrath has had a problem with that.

    Plus if you waste your 1st round pick on a guy who only has highlights of his fights, I don’t see the point in it. That’s just me though. I like to use 1st round picks of guys who put up numbers and have skill. Not guys who are just there to be 4th liners/6th d-men who can fight.

    I still think Tinordi would’ve been a much better selection there if we were going for D-men.

  175. @drosennhl@ Eric Staal says Marc Staal is waiting for swelling to go down around his right eye b4 further determination can be made about his injury.


    So glad the ‘Canes no more about Marc Staal than the Rangers.

  176. Kenny Powers on

    Nah dude! This is a real job, not like teaching kids.

    You can’t get byfugliened up.

  177. I could be wrong, but doesn’t Hamirlk actually have a decent point shot (slap shot)? Might be a good 2 PP unit guy to release some bombs that hit the net.

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