Official word on Staal … not much info; doesn’t sound good


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, March 6, 2013 – Following an injury suffered in last night’s game vs. Philadelphia, Marc Staal was examined today in New York by Dr. Mark Fromer, ophthalmologist, and Dr. Mendel Markowitz, maxillofacial surgeon.  The injury has improved significantly and both doctors are optimistic that Marc will make a full recovery.  Staal will be sidelined indefinitely.

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  1. Remember the Maine, Pearl Harbor, and Chris Chelios? Old soldiers never die, they just blade away.

  2. Sioux-per-man on

    Staal is tough as Steel

    Patch him up, and send him out.

    Put a steak on it, and call me in the morning.

  3. Thought that signing Hamr could put a wrench in the MZA signing but I guess not…looks like they have more than enough space to sign him to a 1 way deal for the rest of the year…

    Can’t wait until Zucc is back in a NYR jersey…

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – how was the meetings? What are your thoughts on the “Hammer” signing today?

  5. When JT Miller scores: “It’s Miller Time”

    When Roman Hamrlik scores: “It’s Hamr Time”

    When Brian Boyle scores: “It’s a miracle”

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Don’t say that! Approach it like water off a ducks back.

    The sun always comes up tomorrow :)

  7. Did any litigant ever sue Lao Tzu? The journey of a thousand miles begins with one Step (and one Nash)

  8. considering the circumstances i dont get how it doesnt sound good. No concussion, no broken bone, and most importantly no life/career threatening eye problems.

  9. Sioux-per-man on

    I will bet you all Pints that Hamr time scores more goals (if played) than Boyle does this year!!!

  10. I wonder if Dubinsky and Anisimov combine their skills do they score either of those 2 goals Nash scored yesterday even once out of 100 attempts.

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Boyle is running out of time. He as 1 assist in 18 games.

    He looks slow out there.

    If Kreider can find his confidence by the playoffs, I wouldn’t be surprised if he replaces Boyle.

    But when you think of Boyle-Halpren-Powe, that’s a pretty solid checking line. The penalty kill was 5-5 the other night, so maybe he does keep his spot in the line up for the rest of the year.

    Carp – what are your thoughts on Boyle. Getting better – or is he still “flat” out there?

  12. Boyle at least still throwing his weight around and winning faceoffs if little else.

  13. Sioux-per-man on

    iManny – pints at Stouts!!! Order either one but it will have to be the game I fly in for :)

  14. Pretty sure this info is all gathered from ilb’s medical expertise as of 11 AM.

  15. I was just teasing, really, about Boyle…I like him as a player and Kreider can’t replace him yet or maybe ever….Boyle is excellent defensive player…

    He is having a tough year…He isn’t getting enough shots on goal…He averages just under 1 shot per game…

  16. Carp, Wouldn’t they have taken him to the hospital if they even suspected broken bone, etc., instead of waiting until the next day?

  17. what I meant to add, when I said I wish I was dead … is that if I can manage to kick the bucket in the next 12 hours I won’t have to go back for the much longer session of meetings tomorrow. So, yes, I wish I could croak.

  18. I literally can’t engage in another Boyle argument.

    I will say that I think he looks fine and just isn’t shooting a lot. He’s either playing with grinders or playing guys he _should_ pass to.

    He’s had more jump lately and been terrific on the PK.

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – just a little….. just the games he’s played since he got to sit a few out.

    Better vs Not so much?

  20. Pretty sure one of those reporters from your widget said no broken bone/no surgery required. It could have been a lot worse than “Marc Staal has greatly improved overnight and is expected to fully recover.”

  21. speculation, coos. they do have their own doctors there, and I don’t believe anybody said he definitely hasn’t gone to the hospital since. So I don’t think this sounds good at all.

    If it wasn’t bad, they might give us a timetable of some sort.

  22. When you’re rocketing along and also running a huge blog, you should be exempt from meetings. What do they think you’re gonna learn? Maybe if you ran the meetings, someone could learn something.

  23. Sioux-per-man on


    I’ll go with Better. We did go 3-1 on the home stand.

    Any thoughts on the new guy, before you get to meet him?

  24. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – just tell me they are NOT going to make us pay to blog with you, like they did with Zip!!!

  25. A broken facial bone requires surgery. They would need to stabilize the facial bones if there were any broken facial bones.

  26. NYDNRangers The Hamr arrives in New York tonight #HamrTime

    Stop stealing my lines, Pat…

  27. Carp, how do you think the league, and/or the Garden, would react if one of Staal’s brothers tweeted specific injury information? Is there some NHL rule of omerta that prohibits a member of another team to release injury info. about a player on another?

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    NYR – #HamrTime / #MillerTime it is time for me to hit the road. Lots of hours driving in snow covered roads in the oid field the next 2 days, good chance I won’t even get to see the game until I get home on Friday……. I would trade you the next 2 days Carp for just about anything, I’d even throw in my 1’st born. He’s starting to push my buttons.

    Have a Siouxper day!

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    wow. I was so upset when Staal got hurt. Then, after the press release, I was feeling better.

    Now, reading Carps’ words, I am down, down, down……..I, too, thought the press release was evasive. You, Carp, are around these all day long. If you’re reading into it negatively, that’s not good at all.

    Eminger, Gilroy, Bickel, Harmlik all of them combined does NOT equal Mark Staal.

    I feel like Eric.

  30. i actually think the original incorrect info about Staal going to the hospital came from his bro Eric.

    Sioux, that’s not what these meetings are about … these are corporate-wide video training sessions.

  31. Don’t be down. Mtty.

    Crp is just down because he had a miserable day hanging around “The Man.”

  32. @GMillerTSN@
    Ottawa Senators say that Dave Dziurzynski sustained a concussion in his first period fight with Toronto’s Fraser McLaren and won’t return.


    And that’s a concussion from a staged fight off a puck drop……

  33. Naturally I would say Girardi but with the arrival of Na$h….. Maybe he rocks the “A” for a bit.

  34. Imagine a paper bringing in Dave Anderson or the Vecsey brothers for consecutive eight hour days of “video training sessions?” The sclerosis of systems.

  35. I really hope that Torts doesn’t give the ‘A’ to Richards. Girardi would be my choice.

  36. I don’t think Richards is capable of wearing TWO “A’s”

    It would look weird.. “AA”

  37. I guess a situation could arise where Richards and Staal are out for an extended period of time (eeeek!) and they have to hand out both “A’s” to other players.

  38. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    How refreshing to see a franchise that ANNOUNCES what the injuries are. Kudos to Ottowa.

    I love Torts, but this policy is plain disrespectful to everyone else.

  39. I don’t think they have to give out another “A”. Did they do that when Staal was out the first half of last year?

  40. Only captains or asst capts. are allowed to discuss rule interpretations with officials. I suspect that Richie Rich is one because he does so much yakking to the officials, he might get called for something or other without that ‘A.’

  41. “And that’s a concussion from a staged fight off a puck drop……”

    That’s what I’m talking about, Manny. If these idiots want to act like show animals and fight for no reason then they need to wear cages…and ruin the fun for everyone…

    Otherwise it’s just UFC on skates…

  42. Sense I am over the cap here. Might return after eleven when the erudite vampires come out of the chimneys.

  43. If triple e wears the “c” on the late night, does Newbie wear the “A”?

  44. Fine, NYR. I agree. The staged fights are generally stupid. That’s why I posted that. It’s moronic.

    Just don’t like the full cages.

  45. Karma on Staalsie trending downward? When previously engaged before i supped, we were upbeat and thankful.

  46. Nobody likes Cages. If they did more people would watch college hockey. Sorry but Cages are awful. They will go away entirely before they make an appearance in the NHL.

  47. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Papa, see bummed out Carps notes above. He thinks its not good news.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    2 games. 2 writhing rangers on the ice. They say things come in threes…. Let’s hope not.

  49. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone know how long Manny Malhotra was out when he got hit in the eye?

  50. Trips e, After my initial evaluation last night,,,,, I’ll take next season and bevthankful. PTL

  51. Haha….remember when they had leather “helmets” in football…

    I liked Matt Gilroy with a cage better than Matt Gilroy with a visor…Just sayin!

  52. I for one am increasingly optimistic regarding Staal’s prognosis. Thankful a full recovery is expected and cautiously awaiting some good news re:timetable/anything this year.

    Scary stuff and with how thin halfshields are now, dont see why everyone wouldnt wear one (or why gown men need to be told what to do/darwin).

    Nice to see a mini series of wins and even nicer to see it continue tomorrow.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Full recovery might mean career over…. If so, I feel sick all of a sudden.

  54. Look – Hockey is dangerous. That’s one of the reasons we like the sport. Every single hockey player signs up for the chance of injury when they play the sport. They all accept it. No players are out there scared to get hurt. If they were they wouldn’t make it this far.

    Sorry guys. It sucks when a player on your team gets hurt and it could have _possibly_ been prevented. But it’s hockey. It’s a risk the players take when they sign up and it’s a risk we take by watching. Guys get hurt. It happens.

    Stop trying to make the sport adjust to every circumstance that occurs out there.

    Talk to James Neal. He got a stick in the eye while playing in Europe and he was wearing a visor. He only got hurt because the stick got stuck between the visor and his face.

  55. I wouldn’t say Malhotra every fully recovered from that injury. Wasn’t he forced to retire because his coaches saw that opposing players were afraid to hit him because they didn’t want to kill him?

  56. Much the same way that the optimism by some Staal in the media needs to be tempered, so does the notion that he is done for the year. We simply do not know.

    As Carp said “No news is good news, or is it bad news?”. When we gets news on Staal it will be really, really good or really, really bad.

  57. Manny, I know you feel strongly and I *respect* your position…

    I also agree to an extent. But, hockey needs to evolve NOT devolve. THAT is what I think Shanahan and the NHL rule writers are let happen…

  58. Irony hear is that Staalsie, who often places himself in high risk, vulnerable spots by diving to block passes and shots, gets injured while standing upright by a unanticipated deflection. You just never know.

  59. I thin equipment is a big problem overall in hockey. It’s is way too bulky and plastic. Players have become to fearless…less respectful…

  60. Oh god I agree with you there. Their lack of consistency is screwing everything up BIG TIME.

    I volunteer to head up my idea: A panel headed by an Attorney who acts as a hearing referee and writes decisions on suspensions and fines and other penalties and then makes suggestions about how to improve the rules. This way we have consistent case law and thus standards for which to base future punishment on.

    I will save the NHL

  61. It’s amazing the old time goalies who played without masks weren’t injured more seriously, more often.

  62. Pucks didn’t get lifted off the ice much then. Curved sticks and masks came around the same time…

  63. Btw, Braden Schenn for James Van Riemsdyke. Philly lost that one. Schenn not impressive at all.

  64. “expected to make a full recovery” “not expected to result in permanent damage” that deserves a cocktail.

  65. Actually…the quote is…

    “both doctors are optimistic” “out indefinitely”

    I don’t see the word “expected”

    I’m not sure that is good news at all…don’t mean to be a downer…

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One trait I cannot stand / stupid people that are arrogant – I am sitting across from one such human as I type….gouge my eyes with a newbear fork.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a sinking feeling Marc Staal may be done….

    Debbie downer – that’s me….

  68. Haha…no, Papa…

    It’s just doesn’t sound good…I’m going by the Rangers release (like everyone else)…I’m not sure even his own brothers know what is going on…

    Everything else is BS media spin..

  69. i never did get the opportunity to comment on the Hamrlik claim today, and I sure hope somebody beat me to this, but: “CABER!”

  70. iI(sometimes y)"Frag Out!!!" on

    If he is done he could become a figure skater with a hot chick like that one hockey guy did in that movie

  71. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Papa, in that article, like others about the injury, they are particularly evasive and vague. I think we have to hope it’s because they just don’t know.

    It is nice that they seem to rule out permanent damage and expect a full recovery.

    Those of us that selfishly (like me) care about the team getting him back, that’s another story. We will just have to wait and hope.

  72. Yes NYR, I understand…. and the opinions and speculation here hold water. Ok, I get it.

    BTW, statement from Ranger Management on a players status following an injury….yeah you can take that to the bank too.

    Only the big man really knows my friend…. Staalsie is in his plans, Praise The Lord

  73. iWck (and sometimes y)"Frag Out!!!" on

    And just for the record I have had a bone in my face broken and it did NOT require surgery

  74. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Roszival will definitely mess up Chicago’s season. They may think they are undefeated but it is a mirage. No team can win the cup with him.

  75. anyone intersted in ranger isles tix tom night at coliseum.

    email me or text me call me 516-749-3110

    section 325 row n aisle seats $110 for pair.

    i could meet in city around 1 or 2 pm or either in long island late in day

  76. CBR 2.0


    You can regulate sports (Hockey) as much as you want. You can force people to wear all sorts of protective gear but this is the real world and awful things just happen. You can never regulate sports into this perfect realm where things go the way they are supposed to. Accidents and tragedies will find a way to occur. (Depressing enough?)

  77. VIBIN….

    I guess that’s tough, Manny, because Hockey (sports in general) is an escape from reality for a lot of people…

  78. Yea. Hockey is my escape in that I bottle up all my emotions in real life and then lay it on sports. Also, I always find it funny that “Reality TV” has become a “new” genre when sports have existed forever and are 100% real (except wrestling, the WWF kind).

    For the players though it’s not an escape. It’s their actual daily life.

  79. jpg's sister on

    A little but, carp, don’t die. As Bela Karolyi said to US Women’s H Gymnast, K. Strugg ?) You can do it.

  80. I escape sports by going to work each day. Tell me that isn’t arse backwards.

  81. I think what we can infer from Staal’s situation is largely based on what actually happened after he got hit. If he was hit directly in the eye and there was any reason to suspect an open globe rupture or laceration, then presumably he should have gone directly to the ER unless they had an absolutely brilliant ophthalmologist present in the building (and even a brilliant one would send an All Star professional hockey player for every test in the book). Those are the types of injuries that are the most catastrophic and that you worry about the most in terms of permanent loss of vision. They also frequently require a surgical intervention quickly. Also though, in a case like this it seems you’d be crazy not to get a CAT scan of his facial bones, and orbital bones to look for and fractures or developing hematomas. He also could have had a simple hyphema, which is blood in the front chamber of the eye, and that usually resolves by itself with no visual loss.

    I have to say, I am not an opthalmologist or maxillofacial surgeon, and I don’t know exactly what he looked like on exam, but honestly, if they didn’t send him to the hospital or send him to a radiology office for CT scans and a full ophtahlmologic evaluation, then his injuries aren’t even remotely threatening to his vision. So either Staal’s prognosis really is that good or the press was outright lied to and he did actually go to the Hospital in which case it is anybody’s guess. But if we are going to infer based on the idea that he didnt go to the Hospital, and most likely that CT scans today showed nothing developing that would compromise his vision, he probably has some facial bone fractures and may be out indefinitely but will be fine. If they lied to us, then it is anybody’s guess obviously.

  82. jpg's sister on

    I meant to say, a little bit late to saying this, but don’t die, Carp. WE’D MISS YOU

  83. jpg's sister on

    Peter, hope you are correct and that it is more positive about Marc Staal than first thought, at least that is what I hope.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter – thank you…

    I was about to say the same thing but differently :)

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on


    Eric left his number…. I am gonna call him and ask if his refrigerator is running….

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As I kid, I watched every episode of Medical Center – with Dr. Joe Gannon.

    My professional opinion carries weight….

    Marc Staal’s head hurts right now – a lot.

  87. I’m sorry am I reading the reports wrong? It looks like Carcillo just banged home the winner for Chicago with 50 seconds left in regulation?

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter – it’s been decreed – the hawks wont Lise a game until the first round…. Then it’s all fir naught.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Mitchell with his 7th goal tonight. Tied with Gabby. Who saw that coming? Not me. He couldn’t score for beans last year…

  90. Sioux-per-man on

    Eddie – I agree Toews was and always will be one of my favorite Fighting Sioux Players. Such a humble guy. Such a stud. And all around good guy!

  91. I threw up while watching it. If he can do it then there is some destiny here. But then again, he’s re-made himself (re-emerged if you will).


  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sioux – total stud that Tays guy…. Smooth as silk…. Tough as nails….

  93. Dont go to the ER, they’ll kill you in there. My friend Staalzy came in for a routine puck in the eye, next thing you know he’s sitting in chair by a window going my name is Marc.
    Fromer, Markowitz…he should go see Tor Eckman. He’s a healer.

    Awful luck for Staal though, missed nearly a year to the hit from his brother. Now this. Been playing at top form lately too.

  94. Note to one of the Kennedys: If Elton John married Tommy John he’d be John John, Kennedy.

  95. Life is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of the buffalo in the winter. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    This kind of prose poem is what drove the indians to drink. Bears repeating.

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  97. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m not an opthamologist, nor a maxillofacial surgeon, but I do know that fractures of a healthy human generally heal within a 6-8 week timetable, assuming proper rest/limited activity..

    I dont know what the healing time would be for any eye injury that Staal may have suffered – but suffice it to say, if the doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery, yet without a timetable, I wouldnt be surprised if there was a high probability Staal suffered another concussion.

  98. Concussions are almost always accompanied by confusion and/or short term amnesia. If neither are present, odds are good you ain’t got one

  99. newbear! As Yogi said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. You never know when it will come in handy.

  100. But sometimes you get that from just being high….wait, what were we just talking about,?

  101. NHL ?@NHL
    DID YOU KNOW? @NHLBlackhawks Ray Emery is now the first goalie in NHL history to start a season with 10 straight wins. #Elias

  102. In the NFL, sideline investigation of concussions doesn’t work, because when you ask a DB what’s six plus three, he never knew the answer to begin with.

  103. Yeah, personal leave, he’ll come back from a week in Jamaica with this stupid beads in his hair and pregnant

  104. Faux Ranger fan: ‘Did anyone hear what happened to Stall last night? Hope he’s okay.’

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter Peter pumpkin eater….

    Bet he never heard that one before

    ‘sup newbear???

  106. Stanger Nation on

    E3 – just recovering from last night – never felt younger being 20 ft from Greg Allman

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S. Nation – I agree on the cages. Manny says no. Can’t get all draconian on the players but if several players step up and put the bird cage on – others will follow

  108. Stanger Nation on

    curious what they do with D pairings – mdz and stralman may never get our of zone

  109. Lotsa people in that Folksy family. One may have been banned, and I think it was the Mom, of all people.

  110. Stop with the birdcages, por favor. Next you’ll have them taking the ice in suits of armor, like Don Quixote.

  111. Stanger Nation on

    doesn’t need to be the bird cage – I use the new helmets with the full visors which allow better vision

  112. Stanger Nation on

    What Rangers do not wear any sort of visor now? I think Danny G and MDZ? on back line and Bickel, Boyle, Powe and Haley up front – maybe pie-hat too.

  113. On the occasional nice late or early semester day, I used to take all the eager young learners out to the football field to lounge on the benches and suck in the poetry.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    First time I saw the Bros, I had 2 hits of 4 way window pane – tripped harder than I cared – curled up into a ball on the way home –

  115. Boyle, Girardi, Bickel, Pyatt all go naked. Bickel’s Tweet photo shows how proud he is of his idiocy.

    Del Zotto wears a visor, as does Powe. Guess who does not — Hamrlik!

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – as I peaked I felt liquid pouring down my face – I though it was my brains leaking out my head – wasn’t pretty

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cher’s cherokee nation was a great song. Sonny Boner and Cher made a great duo

  118. Why? Worst thing that could happen to you is a member of the English faculty throws a Norton Anthology at you. And how many times could that happen?

  119. Just finished the Roland Barthes book, ‘The Pleasure of the Text.’ What he basically says after 50,000 words is that the text should be pleasurable. He should have taken his own advice. Some of these scholars drive me to drink. Hey, where’s my Tullamore?

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Leave Mr. Keating. I said leave Mr. Keating

    Oh captain my captain

    Thank you boys, thank you

  121. stranger nation on

    Staal seemed like he finally found his groove again over last two weeks.

    At least he will not be Tied to the Whipping Post

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  123. O’McBear is locked in the bathroom finishing his last few drops of Bushmills single malt.

  124. i think it should read “sheba” instead of “chiva” but whatever…cough cough… who’s next?

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cool water can quench my thirst, I’m in bed, send a nurse, I’m thirsty thirsty lord have mercy.

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  128. Hey, guys, would you campaign for Manny to become the NHL “qadi”, if he does it pro bono?

  129. Manny proposes to let a team of lawyers run the NHL rules committee. The owners would be glad and giggly to cede all decisions to them.

  130. Father McNulty: ‘I detect the scent of alcohol on your breath, Papa.’

    ‘And yours as well, Father.’

  131. unbelievable. I await moderation for mentioning that the time changes here Saturday nt.

  132. Three comments awaiting moderation. This is as bad as last night’s 3 stars vote

  133. Then it says, “you are posting comments too rapidly. Slow Down!” Not please slow down, ‘SLOW DOWN!”

  134. Even the NY Times came out against it. Last interview they get at the White House.

  135. OK, coos, I made it a little too complex – here it goes : I hit the Tullamore when it is midnight in Chicago, that way I know I am not already drunk before I start drinking, got to keep myself honest

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  137. I’m waiting for it to say: ‘You’re posting too fast. Slow Down, Chump!”

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You can’t also say the night before Sunday nights alright for fighting.

  139. Now, I see, the good Senator is reading eXcerpts from “Atlas Shrugged”, alternating with the quotes from “The Inconvenient Truth”. Awesome

  140. I guess I should be happy that my mind still works faster than this $1800 computer, wot?

  141. have to say the “doesn’t sound good” line is irresponsible at worst and poor journalism at best

    need to substantiate these things beyond playing guessing games – which is the kind of thing you take people here to task for constantly. to just throw something up because the team didn’t definitively state that he doesn’t have a concussion is something a random fan could do. and if you’re going to take a blind stab, at least say something more than something isn’t “good.” when the team states they expect a player to recover completely and that he’s improved considerably since yesterday it’s pretty lax to make an inference without trying to back it up.

  142. Ayn Rand was the most boring, inadequate writer of fiction. Argumentative ideas wrapped in a taco of little talent

  143. Hiyever, my taxes are too high! I blame it not on Washington, or Albany, but on the locals.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – I think the eye needs to chill before his head gets dealt with – he ain’t coming back fow the next foreseeable future…. No protocol seems necessary re: the concussion – IMO

  145. Yiz might be surprised. Could be 7-10 days of observation only. Unless the Staal family advises him to spend the rest of his life on the beaches of Bimini.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Funny tho as she was mega pro choice but Paul ” I lie about my marathon times and everything else I talk about” Ryan worshipped the ground she trod on

    Thank god that ticket lost – not that the president is without his faults….

  147. Oh, I meant to be presumptios a few days ago, then I forgot about it – here it is: just picked up a book by Salman Rushdie titled “Joseph Anton”, a memoir that I warmly recommend after having read only a 100 out of 600 pages. Title is a jumble of “Joseph” Conrad and “Anton” Chekhov, intriguing allusions or affinities. Thanks for your tolerance.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – I have great respect for Rushdie – he has a great wit and great taste in the womens

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – I was just teasin – we agree more than we don’t – especially re: torts and # 16. I’m still über pissed….

  150. When I finish the Library of Alexandra and am stranded on a distant atoll, I might pick up Rushie again. But, unlikely.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Imagine seeing a birthmark 666 on the neck of a guy standing in front of you in a store…

  152. Where in hell is everybody? There’s a guy sitting next to me in the adjacent Staal, reading the NY Post.

  153. Secretary, visiting boss at Danbury Correctional Facility: “I don’t know how much longer I can tell everyone you’re away from your desk.”

  154. It will take a player jersey number 666 to to stop Brodeur’s comeback, maybe #666 Nugent-Hopkins or others with compond German nouns for names. “Dasein” won’t do, sorry

  155. Ever expanding social programs rather than jobs, IMO. Not a good recipe. We’ll end up with a chubby, smiling Hugo Chavez someday.

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – you still here???

    Ria – where art thou?

    Papa bear – you are a dirty birdie

    Newbear – what shakes?

    Kooz – yo what up

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – don’t be spewing that jive fascist nonsense in here… We be a socialist blog – next thing I know you’ll be rapping with czechthemout

  158. Coos said “Chavez”.

    Sorry, the Tokyo and H-K markets are getting ready for action, so I am a bit slow multi-tasking.

    I believe that we have to celebrate “A Modest Proposal” type literature again, maybe Najpaul’s “Among the Believers” – I know his personna sucks, then pretend it was written by a Phillip Roth….

  159. Years ago, I’m flipping channels, didn’t know Pesci, and there’s this argument going on between him and DeNiro. I thought it was a documentary being filmed with real people. Zingo.

  160. Until the inevitable tsunami of inflation, unless Bernanke turns out to be the genius that I doubt he is.

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Apple’s stock is blowing my mind – analysts were saying 800/share as it hit 700…. In just a few months gave nearly everything back – mid 4’s – I guess on lower sales of apple 5

  162. Eddie, it will last as long as the Fed prints the paper money. When it ends we have to play our game “the right way”, identify the dregs of humanity “the right way’ and avenge our children accordingly.

  163. Ronnie, you dig my clothes here boy,
    One button low
    Well, you know I’m sharp, as a tack,
    Can you lend me your Cadillac?
    Gotta go, gotta go to a party – yeah
    Please lend me your short.
    Well if I can’t take it,
    You know I can’t make it,
    I won’t see my baby no more.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Interest rates are awfully low – dollar in high demand – nothing wrong with borrowing

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Debt is short term problem – I should have my women begin typing as she’s the economist …but she’s almost in dream land

  166. “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.” William Jennings Bryan. They made us memorize this in grammar school. Didn’t know what they were talking about then, know little more now.

  167. Don’t send me nobody with glasses. And don’t send me nobody takin’ night classes. You listening, Lord?

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Apple has decreased 40% in a short time – that drop is almost as fast as gabby’s drop off

  169. I guess I told you that I have a microwave fireplace. I can sit in front of it all night in five minutes.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Both played a good game last – Boyle needs to keep up the physical play. Chances are he’ll finish the season with 1 point – but I have changed my tune – solid 4th line player on a great team – 3rd line shut down center for us it seems

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I guess everyone else is nite nite – the night time is the right time

  172. Slackers. But, they’ll pay for my eventual Social Security, so I’m cool with it.

  173. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags step Nash

    Pyatt miller cally

    Kung powe Boyle gabby

    Haley halperen Bickel

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rand Paul McCartney is filla blustering the president’s choice to run CIA

  175. I hope we start drilling for oil and become like Norway. So long as everyone gets a piece, and they emphasize education, I be cool.

  176. E L Doctorow told me he kept teaching despite his large wealth because he liked to keep up with the thinking of the younger generations.

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Got it on big time that very subject – I say 2 years of civil service for all and institute the draft

  178. Too many kids automatically go to college. We have to start honoring trades again and not just with money, but with admiration.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – preach on…. God knows we need more 17 th century Italian literature phd’s

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Trades are good so long as you’re young. Not so easy on the bod as you age…

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My comment at 2:59 was directed at someone I know that has been looking for a job since forever….

  182. There are more Ed.D’s in NY State than in all of Europe combined. No real subject, just philosophizing about teaching methodology.

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My undergrad is EE – was an engineer – I have great respect for tradesmen, technicians, and the like….

  184. Had a colleague who taught and translated Italian poetry, and he was ruined by one semi-nutty coed.

  185. Finance and Marketing, and Banking even go after engineering graduates today because they know they were truly educated with discipline and then they learn to them their new field.

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Used to be coed crying about this or that…. Give her a hug – say its ok….now toss her a box of tissues and jump back 10 ft. It’s rather sad really…

  187. She said yes, he said no. She won, mainly because (I think) the college didn’t want the hassle, so they threw him a few bucks and said sayonara.

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh totally – engineers, mathematicians learn to think. A good skill set tonhave.

  189. I know Price Waterhouse, for example, has a distinct interest in graduate engineering students. Odd, but sensible when you think about it.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not odd at all – we solve problems – Dr. Has patient dying – that’s a problem – how do u solve it …lawyer has client – how to convince jury/judge – that’s a problem how do you solve it

    You’re lost hiking in Tahoe – how do u get found? That’s a problem how do you solve it?

    We learn analytical skills par excellence

  191. No, not at all. I remember when P&G and others would hire only young military officers for similar reasons of (I suppose) discipline and leadership probabilities.

  192. I am totally confused – listening to Violeta Para, no baroque, everything 20th Century

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I consider myself not stupid….. I worked hard, studied hard, learned so much…. Discipline – organizational approaches to solving problems/writing proofs……valuable traits forvsure

  194. In College, my group studied 4 or 5 hours per week per course at a minimum, and still had time for beer and some insanity. Today if it’s 4 hours total it’s probably a lot for most.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – it got me to a place where I walk into a lecture hall and 90 students hang on my every word trying to better themselves….- all of which makes me feel good about be – that and at end of term that rise and give me an ovation –

  196. As the recruiter head hunter said to Abe Lincoln: “You ain’t goin’ nowhere without that degree, son.”

  197. All great teachers hope for students who will one day exceed the teacher him/herself.

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have one class tomorrow 10:30. -12:30 then committee meeting at 12:30 for an hour..

  199. CCCP, kharoshiy vopros, I better sign out, before GasPutin’s masked men get to me

  200. One of my old colleagues was a History PhD and a former high government official in a land that I won’t mention, who escaped a coup on skis. He was called in by the Admin because he was giving out too many A’s. The next semester, he failed all the student brothers in his classes. He was tenured, they apologized, and he re-evaluated the grades. Never bothered him again.

  201. Seri9ous injuries have always bee withus. I go back to the old Whalers in Hartford when tbw and I had front row seats just outside of the Whaler goal mouth/. This was when the old nets were used with an extension of steel like a spear point in the goal mouth. An Islander player whom I cannot recall ( Italian name). cross checked Marty into the net but his two feet went flying out in front of him and he slid hard into that spear point which went up his pants leg and stabbed his lower body just missing his rectum. Gordie had a brother who tried for hockey ( Vic Howe, but he was neither a good player nor skater and he never went anywhere.

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