Post-game interviews: Tortorella, Nash, Callahan, Girardi, Lundqvist


Don’t know if this is good or bad news, or no news, but I’ve confirmed Marc Staal was not taken to a hospital. There are reports that he was.

John Tortorella:


Rick Nash:


Dan Girardi:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan Callahan:



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  1. It feels so bad about Staal, like all Rangers fans do right now…

    I am praying for the guy…I could only hope he didn’t lose any vision in that eye…and of course, there is always the concussion factor…

  2. I’m really staying positive about Staal. I am hoping it hit him above the eye. Freaked him out and he’s back in a visor in no time.

    Go Staal!

  3. Beauty school dropout,
    No graduation for you
    Beauty school dropout
    Missed your midterms
    And flunked shampoo

  4. Good job, Manny. Still trying to get an update on Staal … but not expecting one. Other than he was not taken to the hospital.

  5. Lucky that was a deflection and not a live drive. Either way, he was in beaucoup pain.

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    NYR_Fan – I think we should all say a bed time prayer for Staal tonight. One can never have too much help from the man above!!!

  7. Rick Carpiniello ?@RangersReport

    Don’t know if this is good or bad news, or no news, but I’ve confirmed Marc Staal was not taken to a hospital. There are reports that he was

  8. Coos…Top of the Morn.

    Bushmill’s Irish Honey, a blend of triple distilled Irish Whiskey, real Irish Honey and other natural flavors. A gift from a leprechaun whom I used to hunt for gold with.

    Going down really nice, with ice.

  9. Sioux-per-man on

    Do you think we could trade our Bickel for the Blackhawks Bickell???? He scores more goals :)

  10. If shields do ever become mandatory, they’ll have to grandfather them in, as they did with the helmet. Mandatory only for newcomers.

  11. As Per *CARP* Staal was *not* taken to the hospital. Probably good news. Meaning his eye is not falling out.

    I think we just need to add one “L” to Bickel’s #41 Sweater, Sioux.

  12. saw it again on NHL post show whatever
    still going/hoping
    that puck hit eyebrow (or just above it)

  13. If he didn’t go to the hospital, as Papa says, it’s definitely not eye related.

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    He’s going to be out for awhile. I just hope Staal doesn’t lose his vision in his right eye. It was nasty, Mama wouldn’t even look at the replay. First thing she says, “I wonder if his Mother is watching”.

  15. Admiral Akbar on

    I wonder Staal’s vision is ok? Is the eyeball functioning?

    I also wonder about concussion symptoms…

    Any fracture?

  16. yes coocoos
    that’s what i said near the end of the game thread

    grandfather player safety standards and make ’em uniform
    — visors
    — type of helmet with strong cushion
    — stronger chinstraps that MUST NOT be slack

  17. Honestly, I don’t think Staal is out that long. I bet it’s a few stitches and he’s back in on Thursday night with a visor. Staying positive.

  18. He would have been taken to the hospital, would he not, if it were more than just stitches?

  19. What I’m most mad about is Bickel getting a Match penalty for defending his teammate who was on the bench and assaulted by that pirate Hartnell.


  20. Many tough guys think it’s a sign of femininity to wear the shield. They might be happy if it were mandatory; they’re off the hook for woosing.

  21. I think screaming for mandatory visors is not only reactionary but stupid. Have you ever seen a broken visor? That thing will decimate someones face. Way worse than the visor just not being there would. It’s hockey. Injuries are going to occur and they are going to occur to people’s faces. Have to just accept it. You can’t prevent it. You can be harmed with a visor and without.

  22. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa – why can’t they release this information?

    I can’t sleep not knowing about the health of #18 in Blue……

  23. Sioux-per-man on

    jpg – just think if we had helmets like that. We would still have Sauer with us.

  24. Is there any question after watching tonight whether or not we should buy out Richard?

  25. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – it’s not worth losing your vision! I don’t care how tuff you are.

  26. I always admired Admirals, because they will go down with the ship. Generals like to watch with field glasses. Get ’em boys! Not that Generals are a bad thing.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JPG – NHL channel NEVER shows ranger highlights – I have screamed at my tv for years now…

  28. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa – Richards = Drury II

    Richards is a nice player who may chip in the odd goal, and can be valuable in locker room (like Drury, Rupp). But please for G-d’s sake get him off the friggin point on the power play!

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    “What I’m most mad about is Bickel getting a Match penalty for defending his teammate who was on the bench and assaulted by that pirate Hartnell.”

    Manny? Switch the uniforms and then give me your reaction.

  30. Admiral Akbar on

    Richards is the New Drury…

    Not Papa-Richards=Drury… Not meant to be algebraic!

  31. the puck hit above staals eye not directly on the eye.

    maybe orbital bone.

    staal has been playing great lately, having a great game tonight btw.

    hope he is doing ok….

  32. But, Olga, the whole thing was minor league. Officials just wanted to get rid of those two, IMHO.

  33. I bet there were plenty of MLB players who argued helmets affected their vision. And who argued earflaps affected their vision. Etc …

  34. So Richards is Gomez on the ice and Drury in the room? That’s not comforting.

    (Comforting is Staal not in the hospital. Feels like awesome news.)

  35. Carp if he was not taken to a hospital it is 100% good news. If there was any threat to the eye itself at all, he would have whisked directly to the hospital from the ice – after a trauma like that you have to get right in there. So if he wasnt taken to a hospital that is excellent news. As cooscoos said.

  36. Admiral Akbar on

    Only difference between Drury and richie rich is that Richie never killed us with a late playoff goal.

  37. That’s a good question, Papa. If so, I would certainly challenge it with F Lee Bailey’s Irish Cream. Nothing happened!

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yeah we cool…2 things.

    1. You leave town tonight. You lost your LA privileges.
    2. You tell no one. It’s no one else’s business…

    You hear me hillbilly boy?

  39. Coos good to see you too. Oddly, the above post asking if we are cool was not me. But the first one was. But I already knew we were cool.

  40. Coos is right. Refs wanted to do something there.

    Switch uniforms? A guy on the ice assaulted a player on the benc after he put himself in a position to be near our bench.

    Hartnell out for touching a player on the bench and Bickel nothing. That’s hockey.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is between you me and soon to be spending the rest of his short assen life in agonizing pain rapist here…. It be no one else’s business.

  42. After watching the replay like 25 times in slow moe high def…It looks like it hit just slight above the eye (temple) and the top side of his nose…

  43. People who get hit in the eye with a 95 MPH puck generally visit the local med facilities and don’t have some trainer from NYU tell them they’re okay, wot?

  44. Dunno. Great time tonight – my five year old got a puck during warmups. Was very psyched. Couldnt see what happened w/ Hartnell form our seats but on the monitor sure looked like he took a swing at Bickel. And dont know if they showed it on TV but the whole place was chanting a not very nice name that begins with a and ends with hole and as he left he gave the whole crowd the thumbs up and waved. Pretty funny dude. Probably a lot funnier if he is on your team.

  45. sorry Manny
    the calls weren’t surprising
    hartnell hit Haley on the bench
    Bickel took a swipe at hartnell from the bench
    almost like a leaving the bench penalty
    i think ref just wanted to get rid of ’em
    and didn’t want anything to escalate
    we’re actually lucky
    that the ref didn’t give
    anything to Haley
    who grabbed hartnell by the back of the neck
    to yank him down into the bench

    did it seem like Torts just walked over to the incident
    and was smiling and/or laughing about when he walked away
    shows what a 2 goal lead can do

  46. It’s great to be a five year old. All you really hear are roars and static in an arena. Sort of like for an adult traveling in a foreign land, all the profanities and vulgarisms pass right by you.

  47. not going to the hospital means there wasn’t a serious injury to the eyeball itself, and no serious fracture of the orbit. it doesn’t mean he won’t miss time, as you can still have vision loss, swelling and massive pain after an injury like that. but it most likely means that there will not be any risk or permanent damage. PHEW!

  48. Holy Cannoli, Cally has been watching Nash and Nash’s close calls are starting to go in the net. Four goals in three games for The Kreider. It will be interesting to see how he does over the next few games. Does he force them to call him back up or does he refine his game in CT for the remainder of the season.

  49. I thought both Bickel and Haley were relatively well-behaved, actually. Torts must sit them down, like with Asham when they come in and tell them that he wants discipline unless mayhem is called for. Certain he wasn’t happy with the Bickel penalty, but that call seemed ticky tacky, too.

  50. Oh, HE has the golden apple. That’s because he somehow gets away without moderation for the filthiest, filthiest comments. And, I’m sure we’re due for one right now……

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s what I meant- about Haley reaching out to push Hartnell in the head. So switch uniforms.

    If a flyer did that to a Ranger, you would be all “Did you see that @^#$(*% flyer from the bench grabbed our guy, and when he righteously defended himself another flyer jumped him. They should throw out both those flyers…”

  52. that Bickel penalty was an elbow and given where he was when he took it, just shows a total lack of hockey sense. not surprising since the guy is a minor-leaguer but he shouldn’t be dressing.

    anyway, this was probably the best win they’ve had in a while and the first really meaningful nearly top-to-bottom performance they’ve put in since that losing streak. a good effort and to anyone who tried to claim Nash was a bust, y’all can kiss my tuchus

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – why are you giving us facts???? Some men see things as they are and ask why…. I dream of things that never were and ask why not…

  54. Olga, if a Ranger fell half way into a Flyer bench years ago, he would come out nude and beaten with a stick rammed into an inaproppriate place and there wouldn’t even be a whistle.

  55. yeah given the way he was bleeding I seriously doubt the puck struck his eye…more likely struck him in the eyebrow which bleeds like a mofo

  56. Suferringsince79 on

    Leetch said it was Espo that told him to wear the shield. A guy who never wore a helmet. That makes sense. Cautiously optimistic that Staal’s eye is ok. I’m almost more concerned with the concussion. Either way, staying positive. Great game tonight. Can’t stand Hartnell or Simmonds. Think they would be both be gods in NYC.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My iPad has an anti- moderation key. I simply say my filthy filthy comment and then press it.

  58. I bet, while sitting there like a choirboy, Haley had some choice words for the goon hanging in his face, which made Torts chuckle.

  59. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Current Whipping Boy Meter:

    1) Boyle
    2) Bickel
    3) Gaborik
    4) Richards
    5) MDZ

  60. didn’t think Haley was all that bad. disciplined. hit people.
    wasn’t too bad on forecheck

  61. Suferringsince79 on

    Rags at 12:23am…doesn’t look as bad for the eye but not so good for the brain. Watching that play over and over and over again is painful though.

  62. good that Staal didn’t have to go to the hospital
    i would imagine that there’s also a concussion concern
    due to incident and his history

  63. Gaborik had some good moments in this game. people just rip on him for the sake of being contrary.

  64. And I agree, jpg. Why are so many people down on Asham/Haley? They think they’re here to distribute Communion? They have a job. If they couldn’t do it, they’d be gone.

  65. I mean there are people here talking about Michael Haley so I tend to doubt a lot of people are really even paying attention to Gaborik beyond, “He didn’t score a goal!”

  66. Suffering, try to look at Nash’s two 3rd period goals…. May leave you feeling a little better.

  67. I’m down on Arron Asham because he’s proven to be a complete waste of money. That you’re putting Michael Haley in the discussion after playing 4 inconsequential minutes is kind of odd btw.

  68. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I’ve never seen a comment go through and wait for moderation at the same time.

  69. Miller has cojones to try things. not always successful but….cojones

    i have no problems with Asham or Haley. just look for a 4th line with energy
    and a good forecheck.
    sure it would be nice if the occasional goal was put in the net.
    so far 4th doesn’t look that bad

  70. so cooscoos

    did it look like Torts was angry about bench incident?
    like i said it seemed as if he thought it was kinda funny

  71. I saw it, eee. That post and the other one made me remember the old Flyers and how they would manhandle anyone even near their bench.

  72. Miller is a ball of energy, maybe a baby Hags in the making. NO faceoffs, though. He’s not a center.

  73. No, jpg, as you said, he looked amused, like he did the other day when Nash fell into Henrik ( he waited until it was all over, thought, to crack the smile(

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    Those days are why the flyers will always be the worst team in hockey, to me.

  75. Suferringsince79 on

    Papa – You are correct sir. Satellite dish was out here in Chi-town while DVRing game. Just catching all the highlights now. Man Nash is something to watch. Would love to see him in person. What a specimen.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Some people always complain about something. You could give them a brand new BMW and they’d complain about the color.

  77. is it common practice for teams not to send a guy to the hospital if he had a damaged eyeball

  78. cooscoos:

    go back a matter of hours and I’m sure you’d still find some nitwit here talking about trading for Nash ruined the “chemsitry.” right.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – some men see things as they are and complain. I dream of slats being fired and ask why not.

  80. Games 1 – 12 , I was hating on the Step Man. Now, I want to take him to the prom. Lucky him.

  81. Yeah, Lloyd, I’m sure someone said ‘he wasn’t good in the room at Columbus.’ ha

  82. How does Stepan suddenly evolve into celebrity? He deserves it, but how is he suddenly actually fast, or do I imagine? He also smiles the most after a win. I think he’s delighted with the playmakers here.

  83. Stepan has looked considerably quicker of late – I guess it’s possible that it just took him a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Same is true of Callahan who let’s face it looks like an elite forward right now.

  84. Boyle was good on faceoffs. Guy is an excellent 4th liner.

    Also, he only has 1 fewer goal than Dubinsky this season.

  85. Suferringsince79 on

    I noticed Nash’s shooting % improved a bit tonght. Still has a long way to go…246 in the league. Not convinced he’s the real deal.

  86. Boyle did save our assens with faceoffs tonight, no doubt. That must be said and understood.

  87. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I sure miss Milbury as Fishes GM. As long as he was there I could say Sather wasn’t the stupidest GM in NHL.

  88. more often than not I’d be pretty happy if Nash had no intention of passing the puck

  89. In the old days, the con returning to the neighborhood would say he had been away at college.

  90. After we signed off the other night, someone here lit us up ” laughing” at the Ritchie Alligator Arms. Called us closet Baby Buffalo fans. I Lol at the time

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – totally agree – Milbury/Millen are arguably the worst two GM’s in the history of sports

  92. When I meet someone who has tattoos all over his neck, has arms like Ray Lewis, and is good at chess, I know where he’s been.

  93. Coos,,, college??? Lol. My uncle went away to college, I always thought it was weird for a 30+ adult male to go away to college.

  94. They used to call it college, Papa. I think they came up with the epithet “punk” too.

  95. Suferringsince79 on

    Slatsko…Bunny Larocque got hurt in warm ups in game 2 of the finals vs. the Habs.

  96. Gross saying Zuccarello’s agent has reached out to Sather and they’re waiting to hear back from him. No idea what the point of bringing him back is since he won’t play but he’d be improvement over about one-quarter of the lineup if he actually did play.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Suffering – and we were up 2-0 in game two against those Habs as well

  98. Suffering, and we went up 2-0 in game two. I remember at the time thinking, holy Carcillo , we’re gonna win the cup!!!

  99. for as inept as Richards has been, they’re probably better off without him. I think the guy will turn it around but he’s contributed nothing this season.

  100. stranger nation on

    Fact – Nash has 7 goals – all scored in 3rd period – plays the whole game, eh?

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    I remember game 2 in ’79. I was fixing a dryer and trying to watch the game at the same time.

    The dryer never worked again.

  102. Hey, Papa, I think you missed Tiki last night with his Korean toilet thing. Semi-hilarious

  103. Suferringsince79 on

    Those were the days. It was all about the tease and the gigantic let downs. Got to admit, we only had to wait another 15 years. Out hear in Chicago these Cubs fans really know the meaning of suffering.

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Alright Eddie but I bet it’s an empty warehouse by now.

    Or maybe a full horehouse?

  105. E cubed, we were probably thinking the same thing at the time – holy shucks, the Stanly Cup is ours. Game was on Channel 9 in NY.

  106. stranger nation on

    Love Haley pulling down on Scotty’s head in 3rd – you do not byfuglein with our star Nash mofo

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In 79, after they beat #1s seed islanders – win game 1…. Up 2-0 in game 2…. I’m thinking – we are gonna take the first 2 in Montreal …,

  108. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sufferin- you’re in Chicago and haven’t mentioned the Black Hawks?!?

    The only bad thing I can say about them is that they don’t play any better at home than they do on the road…

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have my skin tight Calvin Klein jeans on…. Can only get up to my knees tho

  110. Chicago needs something to cheer about. Now they have a mayor from Sarah Lawrence.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks haven’t done much this year – most teams can go half a season without losing – just not widely reported.

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you’re in Studio 54 you should be taking those Calvin Kleins off, not on.

  113. We briefly years past had a kid named Beaton who used to beat up gas station attendants. Those was the daze.

  114. kreider on fire at the whale 3 goals in 2 games….

    rangers talking to zucc, his KHL team lost.

    if staal did not go to the hospital that has to be good news…

    has to be….

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    Did you know Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were divorced? She saw him mounting Trigger…

  116. posted the zuccarello thing about 15 minutes ago

    the Kreider news is good but the real question is how is his board work coming along since that’s all that matters when you’re a first round pick with speed and hands

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Frank Beaton – I remember him – his sister married a dude named Johnson.

  118. Suferringsince79 on

    I throw in a Hawks comment here and there. Fun to watch when I have the time. Pretty good fans out here too but I keep telling them it might be good to drop a game here and there. Brought up the Red Wings from ’95-’96. Went 62-13-7 but lost to the Avs in the Conference Finals. Won the next year but there’s something about not peaking too early. Would love to be playing like they are. The band wagon will start getting a lot more crowded here when the playoffs come around.

  119. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was on an adult hockey team that peaked too soon. Went 17-0-1. Finished the season 17-0-3. Lost the first game of a single elimination playoffs 5-3.

    Drank heavily.

  120. Attention, if Mike Hunt is is the parking lot, you have a lot of ketchuping to do

  121. On the tullamore kick, again. What a game and what a Staal shame, hope for the best.

  122. stranger nation on

    Saw the Bros at the Beacon tonite – ears are still ringing –

    those guitars (Haynes, Trucks) were melting my face off

  123. stranger nation on

    played a 20 minute version of ms. liz reid – which ripped up the set – awesome

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – I bet it was more than those guitars making your face melt… Did you have mushrooms on your pizza?

  125. stranger nation on

    E3 – natural high save for having a fine bottle of Pinot from Oregon and then had a couple of absolute sodas for dessert at the show – love to wander down Penny Lane again at some point with Lucy and Mr. Kite…

  126. Did anyone notice that Henrik has all these pictures of Bergman women on his helmet?

  127. stranger nation on

    later gents – can we keep richards out for a while…why the hell did he come back so soon last game – crazy

  128. Just finished watching game…damn recording shut off before the bench thing with Hartnell

    Richards was missed tonite…Ha
    Hope Staal is OK
    Captain finding his offensive moves
    Gabby…fading fast
    Miller…looking better and better

  129. No forks, anymore. I apologise for the last nigh absence, I was busy drilling holes in the Hugo Chavez’s bobble head, which I purchased in the Argentinian Embassy.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hey serious question…. Who should we draft with the 6th pick in 2019?

  131. Thank you Olga. They remind me of cmonsns, or whatever his name was, always a wink after an insult.

  132. Thanks coos
    wasn’ t sure we were still talking about the game or if we moved on to pooping in the lake.

    Either way…I’m good!

  133. Conjunction junction, what’s your function?
    Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.

  134. Henrik has to loose that Greta Garbo on his mask, it is a blasphemy, good luck never comes. And get off your knees. please.

  135. newbrear made a purchase at the Venezuelan Embassy. What happened, bear, you left the fork in the Ambassador and had to pay cash?

  136. As long as we are on the Scandinavian theme, The Traut-Face reminds me of Von Sydow in “The Seventh Seal”.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As long as the rangers win, Bickel could lead them in goals…..but gabby needs to break out at some point ( I hope)

  138. Newbear! The Seventh Seal! eddie, did you see that one where Von Sydow plays chess with the devil for his soul?

  139. Yea…that magic snake thing on TV

    You can a second one free…just pay separate S&H

  140. “I am from Papal New Guinea but now I live in Junkers. I have been here for a long distance now.”

  141. I get a kick out of that, ‘just pay separate shipping and handling.’ The two magic chamois are $9.99 and S&H is $235.00

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Steinitz – a 19th century world champion claimed to have played God and won….

  143. eerie move, as are all of Bergman’s flicks. But you’d like the chess, I think

  144. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    Nash and Cally better stop having multi goal games if they want to continue to be liked here.

  145. The entertaining game tonite, until that Staal incident, wish him a good luck.

    I got hit with the puck above my right eye playing goalie when I was 15 without a mask, of course. My mother cried, seeing the stitches hanging down. My canvas clad pads got heavier and heavier with water as the game progressed, and I finally could not duck the shot – I was exhausted, friends, it was probably the fault of the equipment.

  146. Someone tomorrow will say about Nash, “Sure, he’s fine in the short run, but let’s see him…..”

  147. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mother has been banned from posting on the blog. Apparently there is only so much with which Carp will put up.

  148. More Nash splash…. Where was he in the first two periods, while Gabby was breaking wind???

  149. “Sure Nash is good when the money’s on the line, but where is he when the money’s not on the line? You retards!

  150. That’s as I saw it.

    I see that the last night some accussed me of vampyrism, talked about garlic, sunrise, wooden stakes and such. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  151. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now Father has not been seen for some time. We think he committed suicide. Rumor was that he was hanging around Binghamton.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nah needs to make everyone better – gabby isn’t scoring because of Nash’s inability to help gabby score because its Nash that isn’t helping one bit….

  153. Inspector Clouseau on

    John-boy, lemme tell you something. You know, them chains ain’t medals. You get ’em for making mistakes. And you make a bad enough mistake, and then you gotta deal with the Man Boss Godfrey. And he is one rough old boy.

  154. newbr, we were baiting you to join in, but you never did. We thought you were on a mission in Haiti

  155. here’s a totally unrelated comment

    any of you folks ever been to Holsten’s in Bloomfield, NJ.? recently started watching The Sopranos again for the first time in about 5 years and thought it could be fun to make a pilgrimage to the place the series ended. for any who’ve been, how’s the food and whatnot

  156. Okay. I didn’t get to see tonight’s game. But if Richards is back next does Haley go back to the Whale? Was he good enough to replace Bickle on the 4th line? And if The Kreider continues to rip up the AHL how long is it until he returns and who sits. Just curious as to what folks think.

  157. What is this crap? I log in here for my hockey information, not to listen to a gang of fools acting like monkeys! Die!

  158. Papa Bear : Listen and you will find out that we can create stuff outside Carp’s iron will.

  159. Rangers West,

    I think my grandmother is good enough to replace Bickel on the 4th line

  160. First of all, Lloyd. Know nothing about Holsten’s but do know Vinnie Pastore.

    And, RangersWest, dunno, honestly

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Richards could miss another game,,,, if not sit Boyle – he scored his 1 point…. Haley looks hungry and eager….let him play…

  162. eee, I purloined your line today about Marchant’s nose creating an offsides as he crosses the red line. I substituted Richie Rich’s upper overbite. Gave you credit, tho

  163. Hey guys, do you feel that a hockey game is the closest to real life than anything else out there?

    No politics, please !!!

  164. Haley can get crazy…but you run a star..he’ll kick some ass

    Need that protection to keep up the offense

  165. sorry but absolutely refuse to believe (unless you were at game and stared at no one but Michael Haley for the 4 minutes he played) you are basing your opinions on Haley on anything but his scuffle with Hartnell

  166. Haley looks fast enough, hits. Has some goals in Ct. Dunno enough. Asham looked representative for what he does, some speed, too. Problem is making up for all those faceoffs that Boyle is garnering lately. I noticed he cheats, but you have to.

  167. Based my opinion on Haley from his Fishstick days

    Guy can get totally out of control…but can kick some ass if needed

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd I have watched a ton of Haley’s scrapes on hockey fights… He sticks up for his mates and has no fear…

  169. FlaR – I’m amazed how Torts has Ash and now Haley on the short leash so far. He doesn’t want them biting the mailman, but keeps them ready for when the Feds show up. And they’re not taking dumbo penalties like Bicks, who I like for what he does, but he can be an impediment.

  170. That’s the risk with type guys coos…but without someone like that no answers hits like
    Lucic and Pacioretty”s

    Oh wait…..

  171. RangersWest – if our other lines keep picking it up, there will be a role for our friendly goons at the end. Not penalties, but taking the other guy off with you.

  172. Oh, Dr. Strangelove said that. My bodily fluids must be in disorder, as it were.

  173. Imagine the load that eee is presently dropping in the lake and is about to inform us about?

  174. Coos….Clouseau…what does he know about Hockey, the Rangers and the NHL? Can’t he find another blog to post too. We are to advanced in our NHL knowledge to waste time with him. Lets ignore him, no? I mean, we have some rally knowledgeable experts here, especially in the daylight., no?

  175. Soon back to Guy de Maupassant. I go from hockey to hockey follies to de Maupassant. Eclectic, I must admit. Or, is it eccentric?

  176. Those daytime jock sniffers wouldn’t know a hockey puck from a urinal block darkened.

  177. Clouseau is a bumbling imbecile. Were I on the City Council, I would have his badge!

  178. He drinks hair dye to put himself to sleep, that’s the kind of b…ls he has!

  179. Stuart is opinionated, but when he’s civil, I like him. Sometimes he likes to end his paragraphs with “Fools!” ha ha

  180. Really, Papa Bear did it, and it’s from a movie, damn, I thought it was so original – well, I deeply apologise.

  181. St P’s day, I take my mom and aunt to the parade. I have friends who are able to get us in the . mass and on the Cathedral steps to watch the parade. . They are 81 and 79 years old, and we stay the whole day. Irish blood is dark and thick.

  182. What a great day, especially for the old timers who have heard and remember all the old stories re: the olde sod.

  183. Do you know the Clancy Brothers rendition of “Isn”t It Grand?” If not, you must seek it out around the 17th.

  184. I sincerely hope that a snapping turtle didn’t take a liking to e3’s appendage.

  185. This year a good Italian friend called and invited me to the Allman Brothers show at the Beacon on the the 17th. I love the Brothers but told him I can’t do it until I realized the parade was on the 16th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. St Paddys Day 16th; Allman Brothers the 17th.. Good weekend, no?

  186. I truly enjoy Busmills from the end of January to St. Paddy’s. after and before, Becks is fine.

  187. Very good friend was an original member of Black 47 and for years, we were so engaged throughout the holiday.But I do enjoy the old drinking songs that I learned so well from my Da and his brothers.

  188. Enigmatic for the masses
    Tlayfully with life we fool.
    That which humans wits surpasses
    draws our special ridicule.

    Call it infantile vendetta
    on life’s deeply serious aim–
    you will know existence better
    once you understand our game.

  189. Enigmatic for the masses
    Playfully with life we fool.
    That which humans wits surpasses
    draws our special ridicule.

    Call it infantile vendetta
    on life’s deeply serious aim—you will know existence better
    once you understand our game

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