It’s Go Time! … Flyers at Rangers


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Game 21.
Flyers at Rangers.

Ya boys have won two in a row, one of those in a contest unrelated to hockey after the hockey game ended.

Brad Richards, cheap-shotted by noted cheap-shot artist Patrick Kaleta on Sunday (Kaleta was suspended for five games) is out tonight with what is suspected to be a back injury.

Micheal Haley, the former Islanders goon, has been called up from Connecticut (AHL) for what is expected to be a typically rough game against the Flyers. As Pat Leonard noted earlier, in that infamous Islanders-Penguins brawl, Haley initially fought Max Talbot, who not only is now with the Flyers, but who also injured Rangers captain Ryan Callahan’s shoulder in a tussle last time the teams met.

With Zac Rinaldo in the Flyers’ lineup, I imagine we’re in for a sideshow tonight. And I predict that if the sideshow materializes and the Rangers win, Haley will become a cult hero very quickly here. But this is exactly why they signed him, right? And there’s probably a need for this type of player given the recent Max Pacioretty and Kaleta incidents.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal.


Don’t forget to vote for the Three Rangers Stars at the end of the game (and that J.T. Miller is not Ryan Miller or any other Miller on any opposing team like somebody did Sunday) and to follow me on Tweetland: @RangersReport.

Also, “other job” stuff looks like it’s going to be preventing a Live Chat this week, again. Sorry.

Next week, during the road trip, I’d say we’ll definitely do at least one.




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  1. Cross Check Charlie on


  2. This may just be lost in Anglopånsy translation, but why the hell do American sports broadcasters always “visit with” somebody, when they mean “talk to”?

  3. Good question, LW. I would assume it’s because Americans love to use phrases that don’t actually mean what they are being used to represent. That is something we love because caring about grammar is so Europansy. It’s the verbal equivalent of wearing a visor.


    lets go gog gog ogg og ogog!!!



    Come on boys lets make some NOISE!!!!!!


  6. Good evening all! I made it! I don’t know now Miller’s stomach isn’t a ball of butterflies tonight….holy hartnell.

    Kaleta = Cooke = Hartnell

  7. Well at least chat is a synonym (Hi, nnsnse!) for talk. “Visit with” means to go and visit something with that person.

  8. Right, LW. Visit means sit down and have some tea with the guy. Maybe chat about your lives and what’s new.

    Awesome PP goal. Sorry Brad.


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!



  10. Actually, CCCP… better than 1 for 1

    As Latona pointed out, they scored 2 PPGs when Kaleta crunched Richards…

  11. Every time Bickel touches someone he gets a penalty. Didn’t see that one as such.

  12. Does this Bickel guy do anything lately but take dumb penalties? I like the kid but c’mon…so dumb.

  13. Hartnell being Hartnell already. I guarantee he crosschecks ice girls during commercial breaks.

  14. Hello. A few quick ones….Where can I find the starting lines for each game?
    Also, with Zuccarello’s season ending today in the KHL, what are the chances he gets signed soon?

  15. It was? Thanks for the honesty, Carp.

    I think the NHL’s rules are really hamstringing Bickel’s development.

  16. Haven’t posted here in quite some time. Looking forward to following along with everyone. LGR!

  17. GMen – Check the Twidget thing to the Right (the middle one will have lines) —————>

    As for the ^Hobbit Wizard^ well I think the chance we sign him is near 100%

  18. I know I am in minority, but I feel that the hit on Richards (Kaleta’s reputation notwithstanding) was a penalty- but not the near death blow that most peole believe it was. I though Richards went down suprisingly easy….glad it worked out for us, and I suppose the fact that Richards is out tonight certainly doesn’t support my opinion, but that’s how I saw it…a moderate shove-not even a cross check. Sure Richards got hurt- I assumed had the wind knocked out him, judging by that look, but I just dont think it was as egregious as everyone else seems to.

  19. girardi diving took himserlf out of position, left simmonds all by himself in front of net.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    Sean, “moderate shoves” in the numbers by the boards are exactly what the NHL is trying to get rid of.

  21. Hartnelll has a special pass from Office of Player Safety that he showed to the refs before the game started…yikes, if that was not cross checking on Gaborik, what is?

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    Keep dressing Stu Bickel and that is what will happen. All on Torts for a dumb lineup move!

  23. Girardi was cross-checked down. Not a dirty one, a smart one, but he didn’t just launch himself into the passing lane.

  24. Haha. Bickels penalty is on Tort, Czech? Who should he have called up to replace Bickel since we have no extra forwards with Richards hurt?

  25. Bickel has pictures on Tortorella — there’s really no other explanation possible.

  26. Thanks Manny. I looked over there >>>>>>>>>, but I still don’t see them.

    Now that’s how you run a power play. Hate to say it, but that was really good and efficient.

    After all the trades the Flyers have made in recent years, how come they still have more talent and depth than us?
    Gagne could turn out to be a sneaky good trade for them, and Reade is not even in the lineup.

  27. Bickel isn’t playing D today, Grabby. With Eminger as 6, I think its pretty damn solid.

  28. Here *GMen* :

    @stevezipay@ Hagelin-Stepan-Nash, Gaborik-Miller-Callahan, Pyatt-Boyle-Powe, Haley-Halpern-Bickel

    and D-Pairs

    @stevezipay@ NYR d-pairs, FYI: 18-5; 27-6; 4-44

  29. _After all the trades the Flyers have made in recent years, how come they still have more talent and depth than us?_

    More forward talent and forward depth, maybe.

  30. Bad News in CT. Whale down 1-3. Too bad.

    Grabby: Can we make a trade before the game is over? Trades are awesome.

  31. i wanna see boyle lay some bone crunching hits out there. cmon dude if youre not gonna score at least hit somebody hard.

  32. Amen, Joe Mich. Amen.

    Another dumb penalty…this time by the other guy that takes too many dumb penalties…

  33. The Flyers might have forward depth, but their depth chart on D and in net is as long as Zac Rinaldo’s master’s thesis.

  34. Actually Grabby. Spoiler alert. King in the North gets lured into a bad spot and killed at the Red Wedding in Book Three ( _Storm of Swords_ )

    So I wouldn’t call him that for now.

  35. manny! the king beyond the boards, king torts, needs to give the duke of pickles stu bickel a big slap on the back of his head

  36. I might even say that Nash is trying to do too much. The team isn’t all about him now so he doesn’t have to do all this crazy penalty crap with the hooks and the holds and the other dumb crap he does trying to make an amazing coast-to-coast 1-man play.

  37. IPAs don’t age well but Flower Power really doesn’t age well, even like 5 months. I really should have checked that before I bought it.

  38. Yea. Kyle Jean. There’s an elite prospect.

    But seriously, Czech. Those guys are going to come up and play 4th minute lines? Three of those 4 guys (initially you said 5) are not 4th line players.

  39. weve been outplayed all period. king richards needs to adress his bannermen in between skirmishes

  40. It’s okay to take these penalties but you have to kill them off with authority…last year’s Rangers did that…

  41. See…you can’t stand around with a thumb in your aasen…What the heck is McD doing?

    Is McD OK? He looks off lately…

  42. THREE idiotic o-zone penalties. Playing with fire… Almost got a goal off it, but ref not blind.

  43. Czech: Do you live in CT? Are you a season ticket holder to the CT Whale for the last 3 years? Because Kyle Jean has never played in the NHL. So…….. how do you know this?

  44. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but ever since McD got face planted into the boards in montrteal he hasn’t been good. This is the same guy who was very good every night. It’s a little concerning.

  45. Oh. So Czech, you put Pow! on the 4th line (which I agree with) and then you call up Kyle Jean to play in Bickel’s spot? Then what? Haley on the 3rd line?

    I need details for your plan here…

  46. Oh, come on tommy. Those were three undisciplined penalties. Callahan’s was less so but I don’t fathom why ANY player gets his stick in that position with the way hooking gets called nowadays.

    McDonagh hasn’t looked the same since his return from the Pacioretty hit, NYR. I wonder why.. maybe because it was dangerous and injury-inducing, but those are allowed in the NHL, so it can’t be so.

  47. Czechthemout!!! on


    Before you talk, get your facts straight. Kyle Jean was signed after this years prospect tournament and he is a rookie this season.

  48. Philadelphia should amnesty Bryz and sign a cardboard box for the minimum. Will play the same “if it hits me, great” game in net.

  49. I know Czech. I am referring to Bickel. To see enough games played by Bickel at the AHL level and compare him to Kyle Jean you would need to go back a few years. I know who Kyle Jean is. Thanks.

  50. As much as the Rangers D have been sliding, the slides by Grossman and Schenn on the two Rangers goals were a million miles worse.

    And Bryzgalov should be poke-checking Callahan there.

  51. It wasn’t only just a hook, but an effective hook leading to a great opp. Terrific response though, great comeback goal!

  52. duckbill platypus on

    Many thanks for the pertinacious captain of the Rangers of New York!!! Many thanks for the Latona as well!! Many reasons to be thankful on this starry night.


  53. callahan is having another one of those out of body games. Hopefully this game the rangers will win.

  54. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dont be foolish. Why do you focus on Kyle Jean? I also brought up Thomas , Kreider , and Ferriero. Clearly if you bring up Thomas or Kreider, you play them on the third line. If you bring up the other two, you play either on the fourth instead of Stu Bickel.

  55. Does Cally remind you of Messier? What a tremendous team leader…and what an inspiring goal!

  56. love the pace of the game.

    hey bickel do me a favor never play anymore. anyone who thinks this guy is worth a uniform is nuts.

    stay out of the box and we will be fine

  57. Are you proposing a goon league trade there, grabby? I’m not interested in those pånsies, but wicky will probably listen.

  58. Ok. Let’s take them one at a time Czech:

    Thomas: Um. We saw him up here. Kid was LOST. Next?
    The Kreider: Not being called up to play 3rd line or 4th line minutes. Remember how he just got sent down because he wasn’t playing enough?
    Ferrari: Well, he had a stint up here and played himself from 3rd line to 4th line and back to the AHL.
    Kyle Jean: The only logical choice for 4th line play. He’s like Mashinter except not as good.

  59. thank g-d for callahan.

    so in bickells minute and a half or less he has already committed 1 useless, moronic penalty.

    on the girardi dive on the PK, the reward was not worth the risk and he got burned.

    2nd flyer goal, Henrik controlled the rebound so it was right at VOraceks skates.

    No PP for either team the rest of the game, I am up for that arrangement.

    Miller looks bad on faceoffs…..not enough offensive talent on the rangers, they actually miss richards. Oy vey

  60. I should have known better than to think that they would broadcast an actual rivalry, anyway.

  61. is gabby playing tonight or just another nice stroll in the park for our $7 mill man.

    I forgot he is elite….he just does not play like it very often… how about 2 great periods rest of the game Marion then you can go back into coast mode……..

  62. Czechthemout!!! on


    Actually Manny, you have no idea what you are talking about. I bet you have not seen a single game that Kyle Jean has played, yet you bad mouth him. He is a better forward today than Stu Bickel. But again, he would be the fourth of the four players I mentioned that I would bring up instead of having Bickel in the lineup as a forward.

  63. stuart, Henrik controlled the rebound so it was more or less right in front of him. Would have been a tidy coverup if not for no Rangers being near Voracek.

  64. Milbury is a fat wus…… Just saying, horrible fighter worse coach, even worse if possible GM. Finally even worse human being. Ugh

  65. forecheck well on this tem Philly’s defense stinks.

    grossman stinks, 29 is soft, and bruno gervais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rangers had what 6 shots in the first…….

  66. Thanks again, Manny. I thought I needed a tweet account to see the lines, but I don’t have one.

    Is Gilroy hurt? I think he brings a little more to the table than Eminger, and Gilroy has a pretty good shot – would prefer to see him play more.

  67. stuart a March 5th, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    thank g-d for callahan.

    im sure “Gods” not illegal here stewie

  68. Speaking of The Whale….anybody have an update on Marek Hrivik? I would really love to get that guy up here since he’s a perfectly stupendous fit for our 4th line.

    You got it GMen. GO GIANTS!

  69. the bloom is off on the bickell rose. again he cannot play and committs stupid penalties.

    callahans penalty was very questionable, bickell came in high, he did not hit the guy solid but that is only because he stinks, he tried to hit the flyer high.

  70. No, Czech. I watch Kyle Jean highlights all day on my computer. I was nearly fired for it at my last job. It’s an addiction.

  71. latona right on…

    hrivik has been out for quite a while with a concussion..

    concussions are killing the sport..

    sauer, 1 year + jeez.

  72. Correction. Jews do not write the name GOD in vein. If you do, then that piece of whatever you wrote it on becomes holy. Therefore, you now have to go ritually bury and bless the entire internet. Thanks a lot, Clowns.

  73. Grabby – don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong. You rule. Keep on being funny.

  74. amazing, brodeur goes down with a injury and the devils can’t win a game. I’m actually enjoying it. I wonder how good the devils are going to be when ol’e fatso retires.

  75. gabby is not banging my wife, if he tried he would shoot high and wide..

    the guy is so talented and not doing much…this team is offensively limited so his slump hurts that much more….

    you know me, i trade him for 2 younger, cheaper, and guys with upside.

    this team tonight has about 8 forwards that know where the net is…….

  76. LW – I think that means that the interviewer and Chipchura became siamese twins by being surgically attached.

  77. grabby. no problem. no offense taken. I do not push my religion on anyone.

    the friendly comments are great….

  78. Chavez is out with an undisclosed injury. The CIA has a telephone hearing with Brendan Shanahan tomorrow afternoon.

  79. Czech, don’t listen to Manny. He just emailed me and admitted he’s never seen _anyone_ named Kyle play hockey.

  80. I told you those things in confidence, The Doctor. I thought we had Doctor/Patient confidentiality or whatever?

  81. So if Gabby “tried hard” more often, he’d score, what, 80 goals per year? More?

  82. There was a bloom on the Bickel rose? I was travelling — did he do something not-awful recently? I only see negative plays from this guy.

  83. It’s not about Gaborik’s effort then. He’s just not a gamer? Does that include his playoff performance while missing a shoulder?

  84. As we have said many, many times. If Bickel is our biggest problem….This team is going places!

  85. manny, gabby is healthy now. it is not that he is not scoring it is also he does nothing.

    get some shots on goal, make a steal, effort…

    i look at more then goals. gabby should get at least 3 shots on goal a game, he is that talented….you should notice him out there.

    that is not a outrageous expectation.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are making an assen out of yourself. I didnt just toss out a name from the roster. You have no clue about what you are talking about. But I could just as well toss a bame out from thier roster. That is bad of an option Bickel is at forward.

  87. Bickel is a small problem, true, and one that can be overcome. I have an easy solution, though…

  88. ilb is my doctor. where is he anyway? hopefully spending time with his little baby girl

  89. _i look at more then goals. gabby should get at least 3 shots on goal a game, he is that talented….you should notice him out there._

    Averages over 3 per game this year, has 1 in 1 period today. On pace.

  90. Does the MSG feed have the same attractive shot of the top of a ledge every time the camera pans left, or is this exclusive to NBC?

  91. im starting to get tired of gabby myself. whens the last time he scored? how many games is it?

  92. That was Kredier’s second goal of the night. He’s a regular Callahan down there.

  93. “We have received the toughest and tragic information that… Comandante President Hugo Chavez died today at 4:25 pm,” Mr Maduro said.

    “But I haven’t spoken to Rammer yet,” he added.

  94. Whoa, seems I missed an intermission thread here….not so unhappy about that…..

  95. Gaborik’s looked pretty good to me … couple of really good shots. robbed early in the first, smart assist on the PPG. I know, he has to score four goals for some people to appreciate him. but …

  96. Gaborik is only 1 SOG behind the benchmark that Stuart has set for him. Come on Gabby! One more buddy. Get that 3rd SOG!

  97. MDZ has these games every so often, where he looks to be a minor league call-up

  98. So my nephews are at the game and they tried to go down to the glass tunnel and the security guy wouldnt let them in saying that if you didnt buy the more expensive tickets you cannot go!! WTF IS THIS?! Is that how they treat kids at the MSG?


  99. i would like gabby just to be more decisive in his shot. seems tentative at times. unload a slapper like before. looks unsure at times. not picking on him just want him to be assertive

  100. Del Zotto one of the only creative passers on this team — you’ll get turnovers with creative players. And assists.

  101. i love gabby. hes been the best FA signing since jagr and those 2 are about it in sathers era. ok, girardi was a great one too, but for top line players, hes done what hes been expected to. as long as he shows up for the playoffs, and obv. help get us there, i have no problem with him

  102. “Boy that bench interview with the head coach sure was interesting.” said no one ever.

  103. Money has its privileges C3, and that’s never been more true at MSG today than it ever was. Sad

  104. Gaborik is leading the Rangers in SOG.

    Which means Callahan’s Shooting Percentage is 100%

  105. rangers are playing very well so far. as long as we dont take any more stupid penalties we could be lookin at a buttman special. carps fave

  106. This game has gotten really ugly. Which means we’re playing our best 2nd period of the season.

  107. Maybe Gaborik isn’t sure of whether or not he wants to actually score on his shots?

  108. Carp,” Jagr was a trade”…c’mon Carp, why ya gotta bring facts into the argument??

  109. yea he was a trade. seemed like a fa signing cuz of the lockout for some reason. ohh yea, the great anson carter was dealt for him!

  110. “Mr Duguay? This is Garden security. We have two kids down here who say they are related to you, calling themselves Spartacus and Ronald Junior. Can you vouch for them?”

  111. Ha! Maloney just said, “I hated the Flyers, and I still hate them.”

    Reason number #649 why I love him.

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    No ties Carp. But they are going to suspender another Cup Banner in the rafters this year.

  113. So maybe we should just add one extra “L” to Bickel’s jersey. Then he would be great.

  114. Hey! We didn’t give up a goal in the 2nd Period! That’s got to be a first this season.

  115. I got no problem with that Olga. But I thought the West wasn’t playing this year.

    Dave’s the man, Mama. Don, too.

  116. >>Brian Boyle – 0 goals 1 assist on season. You’ve got to be kidding

    Funny, I also checked his stats a few minutes ago.

  117. grabby, i been here all night! definitely no cookies for you!

    Carp, back in my day, the Maloney brothers were one of, or I should say two, of the draws for me to the team. Mucho mama love…..

    When Fozzy and I met Dave, he was way beyond wonderfully gracious in chatting with us and taking pictures….great moment

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    A girl in the stands with a low cut Hawks jersey. What a Setoguchi’s.

  119. they need more offense.

    sit bickell and play kreider really is that a controversial comment???

    the rangers need to bore us to death and try to score a goal and hold on.

    mdz, cannot get the puck on net. i am not sure why engblom says he is playing good. risky but not good.

    bryzgalov has had to make very few difficult stops if any……….

  120. boyle is our 3rd line center and halpern is our 4th line center… think that is a weakness on the team??

    nah goals scored are overrated…

  121. How’s Hossa doing, Olga? He’s been one of my favorite players since he’s been in the league.

  122. Pansy calls away from the puck, but hooking guys to break up scoring chances no calls. Welcome to the new NHL

  123. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Yeah, Kreider would sure add a lot of scoring with his .091 goals per game.

  124. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just passed a thousand games Latona. 427 goals.

    9 this season. Not too shabby…

  125. Del Zotto — actually watch him on any shift. He makes pass after pass to tape. Yes, he misses one every now and then, but without him it’s everything up the boards. Need him.

  126. OK, some people on a Rangers FB group I visit are saying nice things about Hartnell. I’m gonna boudreau….WTB!!!! I may have to exit this group….

  127. Yea! Let’s inhibit Kreider’s development by putting him on an NHL 4th line and telling him to hit everything in sight!

    Segal scored to tie it up for the CT Whale. Headed to OT. 3-3 (two of them Kreiders)

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    Atlanta Thrashers traded Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Angelo Esposito and a 1st-round selection in 2008.

    And that’s why they are now in Winnipeg.

  129. CT Whale headed to a Bettman Bonus point in the AHL. What’s it called down there?

  130. kreider scored a few goals and everyone thinks hes THE KREIDER again. 1 of those was against deepee. he wasnt exactly anson carter during his time here this season!!

  131. Normie,,,,it’s his defensive play, his play without the puck that Sachs tonight.

  132. huge 3rd period ahead. this is a huge 4 pt swing in standings. would love to point ahead with three games in hand

  133. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Both flyer goals a direct result of girardi’s penguin routine.

  134. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Awesome news on Kreider… hopefully he lights it up for a few weeks and can come back.

  135. Chavez one of many Florida Panthers D-men out injured. He was playing well too, paired up just to the left of Kuba.

  136. Great pass to Miller. Big miss, wanted to take that across Bry. as Cally did.

  137. No big deal but that was JT Miller streaking down the LW there…..

    Huge ♥ for Stepan there

  138. Grabby: If I can help you calm down by using a quote from the fantastic 1996 film. The Birdcage:

    Armand: You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!… but you keep it all inside.

  139. Looks like the Islanders have re-re-re-emerged from emerging tonight against the Habs.

    Stepan is back on. Phew!

  140. Oh god. I hope he gets to keep his eye.

    Huge tough guy points with no visor there.

  141. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Looks like it may have missed hitting the eye directly…he seemed much calmer getting to the locker room.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Barry Ashbee, Manny Malhoutra, Marc Staal…. Not good…. I feel sick

  143. Looked like it caught the upper half of his eye with the edge of the puck. Looks to me like it could be real bad. Hope I’m wrong.

  144. I really thought that was his throat the way he first reacted on the ice. Hopefully eyebrow, I guess.

  145. cripes….my stomach hurts…what must he be like now … remember Prust Staalsie….

  146. Amen, The Doctor. Let’s hope Marc just reappears with a few stitches above his eye. Girardi style.

  147. Gagne never should have left the west coast. Best nickname ever. Gagne West.

    It’s right up there with Marc Andre Vlasic being called “The Hot Pickle”

  148. The guy can skate through people to score. That’s what separates him from the likes of Gaborik and Richards.

  149. gabby aint a patch of hair on nash rear end. nasherrrrr

    no shots blocked on the pp now

  150. So typical Hartnell. I’m pretty sure he creeped into position for the perfectly square-from-behind board.

  151. Gaborik is quick and a great shot BUT Nash is a force out there !!! game in and game out.

  152. Was someone on this blog actually comparing Rick Nash to Artem Anisimov earlier today??

  153. Wonder what Nash would be like now if he’d had a whole season with us. Bettman!!!!!

  154. Blogmama, I could complain, but chances are nothing will come of it. So, for blog sake, I’ll say everything is fine. How about you?

  155. _Haley’s looked good sitting on the bench_

    And he’ll look good on the ice if Rinaldo decides to be a poophead late in a decided game.

  156. The amount of courage these players have is unbelievable. Stand in front of the net while someone is winding up to blast from the point. These guys don’t get paid enough. Put an owner or to in the slot.

  157. and he acts shocked that’s he’s kicked!!!! I think Haley called him a little carcillo….

  158. I take back anything and everything nice I have every said about Hartnell. He’s an absolute scumbag.

    Still take him on my team though.

  159. I just seen a snapshot of the puck hitting staal. I hoipe I’m wrong but it look like it hit him in the eye.

  160. Come on…Bickel did not deserve the same….SOOOOO glad we are beating these bastages….gonna be the best stick salute ever!!!!!!!!

  161. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    1 point behind the all mighty Debbies with 2 games in hand.

  162. Tommy, I *think* the still that’s all over twitter is the puck on the way down, not the impact. Atleast that’s how I want it to be and how I think the NBCN slo-mo looked.

  163. wow, I think Steppers should get a star….and did I miss something….did a Flyer get a star????

  164. Ive heard some players don’t wear shields because they are concerned that a stick could get wedged underneath and gouge an eye out. Anyone who doesn’t should be made to watch the super slow mo video of the Staal play……………. I hope I’m wrong with what I think I saw…

  165. The Staal injury-once again I dont why anyone goes out there without a face shield

    And Carp is gonna say, hey things are better when you score a few and he’s right-this team has the big gun now, but he also makes other guys better-this team ain’t like last years but it doesn’t have to play exactly like they did to win, this team can and should be a bit more offense minded

    The boys are gellin’. . .

  166. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Well Haley didn’t hurt us lol, but he probably has splinters.


    No fights was a true letdown though

  167. Gravy, I think I heard Voracek…..aristophenes!

    and it was cause MSG showed the replay of Steps saving the goal instead of the salute….they always salute after a win at home.

  168. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope Staal is ok and eminger is leaps and bounds better than gilroy, which isn’t saying much

  169. Czechthemout!!! on

    What defines a superstar?

    Leads his team in scoring/ check

    Makes players around him better/ see Gabby before taken off of his line, also see Stepan and Hagelin.

    Can take his on his back and be a difference maker in crunch time/ check.

    Is Rick Nash a superstar? Your darn right he is!!!!

  170. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Mama, you’re probably right…I just threw a name out there.

  171. I never thought I’d hope that a shot hits a guy in the orbital bone…..but I sure as heck hope it hit more bone than eyeball. That was horrific, watching him squirm…and we know about his concussion history…

  172. happy 26th birthday mama jpg!!!

    how the hell does Voracek get a star, and Nash didn’t the other night? Carp, wtb goes on in that box????

  173. Honestly, at this point, you’d have to take a guarantee that Staal would be ok for 2013-14, right?

  174. I understand the enthusiasm over a great win vs the Orange Crud, but looking at big picture, Staal could end up having much more to do with remainder of season than these 2 points.

  175. Time for a celebratory Bushmill’s Irish Honey, a blend of triple distilled Irish Whiskey, real Irish Honey and other natural flavors. Top of the Morn

  176. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m afraid that Staal is out for a long time

    Please don’t use gilroy on d, use Bickel, bring up a ct guy or trade for obrien

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mister D is correct – I would be thrilled if he is ok going into next season…… That was horrible…

  178. True…but you gotta admit, it doesn’t look good. Nobody as tough as these guys, particularly D-men….By the way, making masks (half-shield) mandatory isn’t a cure-all. Not even close. Most pucks at that level are tipped upwards, not typically shot head-high…just adding my 2 cents on Trautwig’s question to Leetch.

  179. I wore the bird cage through my 40’s. but… I also played with contacts when I played.

  180. You might be correct…just have a sick feeling…time will tell. I was a big Sauer guy…still holding out some hope for him, though probably in vain.

  181. Admiral Akbar on

    Scary stuff with Staal, for sure. And of course, it happens as he has been playing his best hockey.

    I just hope it’s not his eyeball, or concussion symptoms… given he has a positive concussion history. Geez-Louise.

  182. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sean – I, too, was a huge fan of Sauer – but it might be best that he retire…..he just afford to take a chance…

  183. Cause he posted about it sister :) I’m smart, but not clairvoyant…..

    OK, all, early day for me…except for Staal, great night (hartnell you Hartnell). Hoping for positive news tomorrow. Niters all!

  184. Gaborik was fine, got some shots off, forced one very good save, nice pass to Miller for near-goal, some good plays in-zone. Need him to get on one of his scoring streaks, though.

  185. Seeing Staal’s injury reminded me of Walt Tkaczuk. Was watching on MSG the night that a puck in the eye ended his career. Hoping for the best.

  186. jpg's sister on

    why could NHL mandate helmets and not shields? time has come for at least all wear half shields IMO protect their eyes

  187. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Rick Nash is best trade acquisition since Messier in 1990._

    That’s still Jagr. Nash has awhile to go.

  188. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Why don’t the Rangers make in manditory to wear shields? Players like Staal are too important to lose. You just can’t replace them.

    What’s the saying – it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!!

  189. I am far from a tech savvy guy, but the more I look at Staal still photo, the less legit it looks.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone remember the Flyer’s Barry Ashbee? Dale Rolfe blasted a shot from the point game 5 (i think) 73-74 playoff semi-final….hit him in the eye…ended his career….

  191. Sioux-per-man on

    Gravy – Best Trade is Gomez for McD, Prust, and no Gomez – $ for Gaborik. Sorry this trade acquisition will never be topped in the history of New York hockey!!!

  192. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    New York Rangers ?@NYRangers
    Great Stat (credit to @KennyAlbert): all 7 of Rick Nash’s goals this season have been scored in the third period

  193. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    SPM, that is the best trade in Rangers history, but not the best acquisition by trade. It was also the best subtraction by trade.

  194. Yes, I remember the Ashbee play. That was at MSG in the playoffs I think it was an NBC game. I know that Tkaczuk wore a helmet, not that it helped him, but Ashbee did not.

  195. _I am far from a tech savvy guy, but the more I look at Staal still photo, the less legit it looks._

    Watch the NBCN video, the pic is just a still shot of it. Sadly legit.

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – no need to even watch the hawks… They win before the game begins….

  197. E 3 also, Donny Maloney accidental stick to the eye of Bernie Parent ended his career .. Bad Karma Philly- Ranger eye injuries

  198. Sioux-per-man on

    3 Stars

    Nash – GWG in 3rd period
    Cally – Broadway hat winner
    McDonagh – Quarterbacking the power play, and playing extra minutes with Staal out.

    Now we could put Stepan in there for his 1’st line Center role, key minutes on the power play. You could go either way both McD & Stepan – flip a coin.

  199. Sioux-per-man on

    Henrik gives the best interviews.

    Carp – who have been your favorites to interview after a game?

  200. Admiral Akbar on

    Gravy – yes, the Jagr trade was fantastic, and the Gomez for Higgins/McDonagh was a steal..

    It may be a bit premature, but I really feel this Nash trade working out big time. Jagr was great, but was never clutch with the nyr. And his effort seamed to always be suspect. (And… Jagr was essentially useless on shoot outs too.)

    Nash will never have stats a gaudy as Jagr, but seams to have a knack for a big goal. He also plays big, he plays physical. I don’t see his effort ever being an issue.

  201. Cube… Parent ripped his mask off, threw it to the ice, held his hand over his eye, and sprinted to he bench.

  202. wishing Marc well.

    also wish they’d grandfather helmet safeguards
    — shields, more cushion, tight chinstraps —
    just like they grandfathered helmets into NHL


  203. Sioux-per-man on

    I missed Hartnell’s Dust up from the bench. Too funny!!!

    Way to get the new guy into the game :)

  204. thinking/hoping that the puck
    hit Staal a little above the eyebrow
    there hasn’t been an update because
    they’re doing x-rays on him
    maybe there’s swelling
    and maybe they’re doing
    concussion protocol on him

  205. Sioux-per-man on

    Chech – I don’t know I stopped it in super slow motion. It hit right in the eye. If it was above it would have cut it and more blood would have been all over. It couldn’t have looked any worse. Seriously I hope the Rangers Management demands their players wear the visor.

    In fact it wouldn’t mind seeing the NHL make in manditory to wear them for everyone.

  206. Sioux-per-man on

    I have a Question for the fans in New York watching the game on MSG. Do you get blacked out and forced to watch the game feed from NBC sports / Verses?

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa bear – just watched the Parent injury on youtube…. Jimmy Watson hooked Donnie Maloney and then Bam

  208. jpg's sister on

    are you sure it was Staal’s eye? I thought it hit on his eyebrow just above his eye

  209. Sioux

    i thought the corner of the puck got him on
    or just above eybrow

    at the very least his vision has to be blurry for
    some time………..and hopefully gets better asap

  210. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Great to see Michael Haley tied for first in Carp’s poll for 3 stars of the game. Much deserved.

  211. Sioux-per-man on

    Man NBC has to be the worst play by play in the game.

    Sam is so much better, it’s not even close. Tonight was miserable listening to them, then they black out some of the post game, and the screen went black.

    Anyone else have those issues?

  212. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sioux- I live in West NY. MSG was blacked out. But we get a local feed for Ranger games, but not in HD.

    NBC was in HD so I watched that instead of the MSG crew.

  213. Coos…Top of the Morn.

    Bushmill’s Irish Honey, a blend of triple distilled Irish Whiskey, real Irish Honey and other natural flavors. A gift from a leprechaun whom I used to hunt for gold with.

    Going down really nice, with ice.

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