Rangers 3, Sabres 2 (SO): Post-game notes, quotes


Courtesy of the NYR:

March 3, 2013 (Game 20, Home Game 12)
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Rangers 3, Sabres 2 (shootout)

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers defeated the Buffalo Sabres, 3-2, in the shootout tonight at Madison Square Garden, to improve to 2-1-0 on their current four-game homestand.

–        The Blueshirts are now 10-8-2 (22 pts) overall, including an 8-4-1 mark at home this season.

–        The Rangers and Sabres have been separated by one goal in nine of their last 13 meetings, including five that required overtime (two in the shootout).

–        The Rangers held the Sabres scoreless in five power play attempts against (9:28), and are now 32-34 (94.1%) on the penalty kill in the last 11 games. New York improved to 6-3-1 when holding opponents scoreless on the power play.

–        The Blueshirts tallied two goals in four power play attempts (7:33), and have now recorded a power play goal in five of the last eight games (6-27, 22.2% over the span).

Player Notes:

–        Rick Nash tallied the game-deciding goal in the shootout, and registered a power play goal and power play assist in 21:29 of ice time. He has now recorded a point in each of his last six games (three goals, six assists over the span).

–        Derek Stepan notched a power play goal and won 16-27 faceoffs (59%) in 24:28 of ice time. He has now tallied a point in six of the last nine games (four goals, two assists over the span).

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 28 saves through regulation/overtime and stopped 2-2 shots faced in the shootout to improve to 9-7-1 overall, including a 7-4-0 mark at home this season. He has held opponents to two goals or less in 10 of his last 14 games, posting a record of 8-5-1 with a 1.98 goals against average and .927 save percentage over the span.

–        Marian Gaborik recorded two power play assists in 18:00 of ice time. He has now registered three assists in the last three games.

–        Michael Del Zotto tallied a power play assist and was credited with two blocked shots in 19:29 of ice time. He is now tied for second on the team with three power play assists this season.

–        Ryan Callahan converted his shootout attempt to improve to 3-3 in shootouts this season, was credited with a team-high, six hits, and led all forwards with 26:04 of ice time.

–        Dan Girardi was credited with a game-high, five blocked shots and logged 27:13 of ice time.

Post-Game Quotes:

–        John Tortorella on the Patrick Kaleta hit… “I’m glad we made them pay. It’s disgusting. It’s a lack of respect. Each team wants to beat the other team, but you have to respect what’s going on, on the ice.”

–        Rick Nash on tonight’s game… “It’s a big win. I think we can come out a bit sharper. There wasn’t much there at the start. They played a good road period for the first two (periods). I’m proud of the guys, they stuck with it and we got a big win.”

–        Derek Stepan on the penalty kill… “Special teams is a big part of the game, especially tonight. Our PK’s been better and better as the year has gone on. It stepped up tonight for sure.”

Team Schedule:

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 4, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday, Mar. 5, at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), as they conclude their four-game homestand.



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  1. how much does it cost to stand up against the glass in the player’s runway? Like $10,000?

  2. he WAS the best – he seems to have jumped the shark, but I bet alot of that is working with Joe vs. JD

  3. Fat Guy, if you didn’t say it, I was going to. Nice one.

    I think the best thing to come out of this game was that MDZ and Cally (I think it was those two) went right over to the Sabres after Kaleta cross checked Richards. Finally..

  4. Waffle board success on

    Oh and mike Harrington, sabres writer, calling for a 2 games suspension for girardi

  5. come on guys…I know I’m killing it on here right now, but if I wanted to talk to myself, I’d put on some old episodes of Robin Byrd

  6. Thought the call on Girardi was correct, and there should be no further discipline. Ennis turned at the last second but he still nailed him so, whatever. Kaleta needs to sit for several.

    Bothers me that Richard looked crippled on the ice and hardly missed a shift, though.. wonder what that was all about.

  7. Kaleta’s last suspension does fall within the 18 month threshold that the CBA establishes as a “repeat offender”. Looks like it was November 2011….

    So, hopefully he does get 10 games…

  8. asham is just 1 of many bad 4th line signings which include; boogard, brasheas, halpern, and many many others.

    lucky we traded korpedo fo rthe upside of lisin. that trade worked out tremendously…

    we have so much production on our 3rd and 4th line we could not use korpedo’s complete =, nice game….i take that back now that we have mary jean gaborik on the 3rd line…….

    $7 mill plus for a 3rd liner.. no way they can trade him with boyle they make to dangerous of a line to break up……

  9. btw steve ott is damn good player….

    man the rangers could use a tough guy who could play real bad and yes they did not sign 1 names Purst. prust is not as good as Ott, not close, and neal is not as good as Ott either….

  10. As I wrote during the game, after a hit like that where his neck and head took the brunt of the impact, I think the Rangers were crazy to let Richards get off the ice without a doctor taking a look at him. At least put a collar on the guy and get him checked out before letting him go back in the game. I love the “hockey player mentality” to shake off almost anything to go back into the game, but this was different. That could have been a paralyzing injury. Hopefully, Richards is ok and will not have any further difficulties. I want him back playing healthy, just not on the PP!

  11. stranger nation on

    Kaleta push was dangerous, but is there any other player weaker on their skates than Richards?

    Difference with Girardi hit was Sabre was face first against boards and chose to stay in that position. Richie was 5 ft from boards so head hit on way down. similar to McD last season vs Boston

  12. Girardi met Ennis as the latter went to the glass, so while it’s a dirty hit, it’s not premeditated to the extent Kaleta’s was

  13. I agree, Stranger.

    Ennis has to be responsible, too. He puts himself in that position…

  14. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Prust fought Lucic with his team down 3-2. Montreal scored 2 goals after the fight to win the game 4-3 in regulation, in Boston…

    Any Coincidence??

  15. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Other bad 4th line signings: John Scott, Rupp ( altho good in wibter classic)…

  16. Richards was quick getting back and was also receiving back-rubs on the bench, indicating not a head/neck injury. But, without luck, could easily have been.

  17. _NYR Fan_

    Are you putting us on?

    There was not too many men on the ice in OT.

    If Richards suffers a long term injury, he would be placed on LTIR and be removed from the New York Rangers salary cap.

  18. prust held his own in the fight and was throwing them to the end.

    canadiens have not had a guy like Prust for a long time…

    prust is so much better then BOyle in so many ways it is ludicrous…

  19. scott was a trade rupp was a signing.

    the toal output of these signings is maybe 8 goals…rupp, boogard, brashear, halpern, asham, and the hit of other retreaads and no skill bums….

  20. No, I am just a confused fan…

    and, LTIR doesn’t remove a anything from a salary cap, relief is provided only if a replacement player cap hit causes a team to go over the cap. Perhaps I should read up on the rules of OT and you should read the CBA…

  21. CraigWeather on

    Question- anyone else besides me concerned with the fact that nobody jumped kaleta? This team is way too soft. Reminds me of when Gaborik got mauled by carcillo while everyone watched and did nothing… Thoughts?

  22. They probably didn’t jump Kaleta because they knew they were getting a 5 on 3 and desperately needed a goal.

  23. Even though they didn’t jump Kaleta, they did respond by roughing it up to some degree with nearby Sabres. Which is more than anything they’d previously done, so I’ll take it.

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Kaleta ran to the penalty box to hide. He would have turtles anyway. That’s the way he rolls.

  25. I have to admit I thought it was curtains for certain when it was 1-0. I do miss that, “They’ve got this” feeling even when down 2 or 3 goals. Right now I am way to quick to quit. The Kreider has 2 goals in two games. St. Father on Fire, is he coming back?

  26. jpg's sister on

    latona, I know it was definitely MDZ that stepped in after Richards hit. Make sense be Captain Cally, too. You’re right at least they are looking out for each other again more team mentality.

    I read Boyle was yelling loudest at Sabres bench, no response and Ott asked Richards if he was okay?

  27. jpg's sister on

    Concerning Sabres writer saying Girardi should be suspended after Ennis hit, No way. I’m bias but Bob Makenzie said not even in the same area code.

    If I remember correctly, when Lindy Ruff coached Sabres wasn’t he always acting like all the calls were against them, and that the other team always did something wrong not them? Maybe it rubbed off on the media there.

  28. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I recorded the mtl/bos game and that prust fight absolutely changed the game.

  29. For Those About To Evrock on

    When I saw that charge by Chara, although it was awesome how he stood up for his teammate, the first thing I thought was “suspension”. I understand confronting a guy after what he did and beating his head in but, c’mon, Chara made a beeline to clobber an almost unsuspecting player. If that’s not considered dangerous and/or suspension-worthy I don’t know what is.

  30. For Those About To Evrock on

    About time Richards showed he was good for something this season. Way to take one for the team Richie! Anyone notice how phenomenal the power play looked without him? Was he back on the ice when the shortie was scored? It sure wouldn’t surprise me. Anyone want to take bets on whether the coaching staff noticed the improvement and changes the power play strategy (aka no Richards at the point) accordingly going forward? I’m taking “no”. Anyone want to bet against me? I didn’t think so.

  31. It was a good win, should have been in a regulation, but we will take it as it is, hate it for the point given to the opposition, The 2nd period was truly awful.

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