It’s Go Time! … Sabres at Rangers


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Game 20.
Baby Buffaloes at Rangers.

Ya boys have won one in a row as they play the third of a four-game homestand and hit the 20-game mark in this 48-game Bettmaned season.

By the time this homestand is done, the Rangers will have played 14 of their 24 home games, meaning they will play 17 of their final 27 on the road.

Looks like the same lineup that won on Thursday, which means Steve Eminger on defense, Stu Bickel up front, Henrik Lundqvist in goal, Arron Asham still out injured, and Matt Gilroy prucha’d.



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Looks like a rough schedule for me this upcoming stuff, with more hoops, a few hockey games and a couple of days of corporate, ahem, stuff. So could be another week without a Live Chat. Dammit.

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  1. Most excited ive been about a rangers game since ecf last year. Lets build on last win.

  2. @KatieStrangESPN@ #NYR Lines: Hagelin-Richards-Nash, Pyatt-Stepan-Callahan, Miller-Boyle-Gaborik, Powe-Halpern-Bickel

    @AGrossRecord@ Same #NYR lines, Gaborik still on third line, Staal-Girardi, McDonagh-Stralman, Del Zotto-Eminger on defense.


    Not the same lines. Pyatt was on the first line the other night….But no big deal. Similar idea.

  3. the first of a very important week. we need a string of wins. sick of seeing us 9th and 10th in conf. buff phil at isles ottawa. its time to roll lets go

  4. Atta boy, Tiki! Glad to see the mood swings are on the UP SWING!

    I’m with you.


  5. IT



    Three periods of Sabre bashing hackey!!!!!

    Lets go boys lets make some NOISE!!!!!


    lets gog gog gog gog gog goggoo!!!!

    lets go Rangers lets go Rangers!!!!!!!


    Lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go!!!!!!

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    and given that Tim Kennedy, a 60 goal scorer if there ever was one, plays LW with Pavelski on the RW…easy to see how pavelski pads those stats….




  9. I dont have mood swings, Im not pregnant… or am I? My baby’s name shall be NY Pizza.

  10. Just to clarify, I’m not being critical of Pavelski, e3, just pointing out some parallels to Captain Clutch (who also couldn’t really be criticised for lack of effort).








  12. actually, I had Pyatt on the Stepan-Callahan line last game, with Hagelin-Richards-Nash most of the night (and Gaborik-Richards-Nash for the GA).

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    lw – i always thought Drury was a clutch scorer….i never fancied him as a blue collar lunch pail kind of player…..never much of a skater….drury had great hands………pavelski is a much different player……

  14. Incidentally, the basketball game I did this afternoon had the weirdest, wackiest ending I have ever seen, and it has already gone nation-wide viral, will be on ESPN and Deadspin and everywhere in between.

    Suffice it to say the QB from the state football championship made a buzzer beater, but that both teams thought they had won, and both celebrated the championship in simultaneous dogpiles.

  15. Just to be contrary, I could point out that Pavelski has two points in the last eight games in which Kennedy has been in the Sharks line-up and that 37% of his career points have come on the PP, which presumably does feature more Thornton, Marleau et al…

  16. first game with gomez and drury, i think was panthers, msg crowd chanted We want the Cup. lol joke was on them (and me, i chanted along at home)

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – all well and good….i see a guy busting his hump in all three zones….

  18. That is nuts, Carp. I like how the crowd knows the ball is going in before it actually goes in.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – he plays the point on their PP…something the rangers obviously dont need

  20. Evening gang.

    I get to watch on tv and hence hang with you all tonight. Have to deal wth Jeanneart, but whateverrssss.

    So, Vanek out=Miller shutout, correct?

  21. Again, Eddie, not suggesting Pavelski isn’t or wouldn’t be a good player. Merely floating the theory that he could be hump-busting for 10 goals, 35 points three years into his lucrative seven-year UFA deal.

  22. 17 of their final 27 on the road….and I was so happy there for a while Carp….:)


  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    …well, he could sign a contract and have a meteor land on his head too….what can you do?

  24. I think a meteor landing on his head puts him on IR with “soreness” and the meteor escapes a hearing with Shanahan because it wasn’t a repeat offender and it was the head wasn’t the principal point of contact.

  25. Liked what I saw from Gabby on his first shift. Feeling a good game from him tonight…

  26. if either one of u want to watch game on msg in hd, ill let u access my computer. i have it streaming on there.

    oh blunder boyle!

  27. Rookie question…is it necessary to hit refresh constantly, thn scroll down to comments?

  28. Carp, I just saw the video of NR/MV. Wild!! Did you think the NR shot should have counted? Looked like the back board lit up before the shot left his hands. Very close though.

  29. Yes, Sean.

    After time you will realize its a better system because you never get behind on the g(j)ibberish.

  30. don’t mind that penalty there. Just a tad late.

    2 good shifts by Gabby so far. He clearly has his legs tonight…

  31. Torts: Bicks, c’mere.

    Bickel: Yeah coach?

    Torts: You know that was byfuglien stupid right? (as Rammer is applying superglue to Bickels pants)

    Bickel: Uhh, yeah.

    Torts: Good, Now sit down (shoves Bickel onto the bench)

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m pretty sure they always wear the heritage jerseys on Sunday at home Mickey.

    Bad pass by Boyle

  33. No commercials again? Do I have to arrange my own sleazy party, fuelled by weak beer to shout “Dale!” at?

  34. Every team Rangers play seems to have someone with a “tremendous shot from the point”. Who’s the Rangers’ guy?

  35. Sean, if you post, you’ll get refreshed (in the computer sense) but if you don’t, yes, refresh then go to bottom…

    but as an old bonehead always says, refresh, refresh, refresh…..!

  36. My favorite moment involving the Sabres came in the double overtime game at MSG. A particularly unruly Buffalo Baby Buffaloes fan was causing trouble and ended up getting tossed by security. On the way out, some equally plastered Rangers fan told him to “go home on your tractor.”

    Classic. And they won, so that was great also.

  37. Not sure if it is PC to ask on here, and forgive me if it isn;t….been trying like heck to get 4 seats for my kids. Next to impossible, absent a third mortgage. If anyone has them, and can’t go I’d be interested. It is criminal to have to pay $500 to take the kids. Though I am sure that isn’t news to anyone here. Thanks.

  38. Devils have that interference thing down to a science; they rarely get called for it.

  39. Most of you probably haven’t noticed this but Brad Richards sure hasn’t looked very good recently.

  40. Yea, Tiki. Nash should have driven the net there in my opinion. But he’s a great player and I’m an idiot, so…..

  41. He’s off his feed Jeff…needs some pizza from Drury’s place in his feedbag

  42. Has Stepan tried the feigned dump-in slapshot since his near miss against the Habs?

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    Somebody at the Garden tonight is really good at the Potvin Sucks whistle

  44. Thanks, Blog. Don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I tried the day the went onsale, and as appealing as the $650 seats available were…..and as far as Stubhub, etc….aint no bargains there.

  45. “Looks like a rough schedule for me this upcoming stuff” Carp, i think you confused your stuffs. I’m guessing this is supposed to be “upcoming week”?

    Similar to the first period of the last game, but a little sleepier, and no goals, of course. Sabres are still actually bad.

  46. Getting two for a decent price is somewhat easy…four, I don’t know about that….and call me mama, Sean…nobody calls me Blog :)

    btw, you have my fave Rangers name (sorry all!)….Sweet 16!!

    wow, been a while for that eh….

  47. need a lot more pressure on the sabres d. if pressured they are not that good.

    sabres did exactly what they wanted to do on the road. keep it close and count on miller.

    rangers need t opick up the intensity in the 2nd big time.

    bickell contributed his usual stupidity. again really why is that dope in the lineup??? meanignless futile late hit, accomplished absolutely nothing….

  48. What’s worse the a boring Ranger game?????

    Sam and Joe calling a boring Ranger game.

  49. favorite play of the 1st period was Brian Gretzky Boyle trying a impossible pass to Gaborik instead of taking a shot from maybe 20 feet away.

    boyle continues to show me how friggin bad and stupid he is….

    really…like he is going to make a great pass!!shoot the puck, look for a rebound deflection er something good.

    boyle totally useless but not as bad as bickell…

  50. Phew, they’re playing Pitbull during a stoppage in the Oilers-Wild game that I’m forced to watch during intermission.

  51. hahahaha…radio says Marty “won’t be available” for next two Debbies games….what, he has a dentist appointment?

  52. the way this game is going we will be the one who will crack with a bad turnover. happens a lot in games this year

  53. i wish we could get a japanese guy on our team. maybe then we’d score with japan-ease.

  54. someone want to tell gabby we pay him 7.5 mil shoot the damn puck from the slot no look to make an extra pass. this team makes me sick.

  55. goal on stralman for a totally unnecessary icing. he did not need to shoot the puck down the ice. could have lofteed it, held onto it, etc.

    this team cannot win unless they play there asses of because else they cannotscore.

    as i stated after the 1st perfect road period for the sabres.

    i have bad feeling about this game, for a change. hope I am wrong.

  56. At the same Devils-Sabres game I puked at a couple of years ago, there was a Sabres “fan” sat behind me who was ripping on Drew Stafford every time he touched the puck. Only problem was that he wasn’t in the line-up, so it was the older, differently-numbered, significantly more left-shooting Rob Niedermayer that was touching the puck.

  57. don’t pick on gabby you will hurt his feelings……

    you know those big time talents are very finicky….

    he looks good during warmups….

  58. Not for nothing but we are being buffaloed here!! Can someone please show up other than the captain ?

  59. another poor effort..

    thsi team things are better then they are. our 4th line almost got a shot on goal…

    powe and halpern continuing in a long line of 4th line junk for the rangers…….

  60. LW, you mean your boudreau’d :)

    OK, I see the ledge is getting crowded here….

  61. Sooo.. where is the amazing team I heard about in the first period on Thursday night? Cause this team sure looks like the crappy team its been all season long.

  62. the struggles just continue.. i must have shook my head in disgust 100 times tonight

  63. Buffalo is like a totally different team defensively. Their collapse is really tight.

  64. Admiral Akbar on

    Emelin vs.Chara….

    Gotta give Montreal credit – they are MUCH tougher than last few seasons….

  65. montreal has some sneaky dirty players. I’m enjoying watching Lucic and chara beaten the crap out of the canadiens. Oh yea, prust fought Lucic, mistake.

  66. Admiral Akbar on

    Montreal is toe-to-toe with Boston in toughness in this game. Wow. I miss these types of games from the rangers this season.

  67. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t see the rangers matching up well in a long, physical playoff series with their current lineup.

  68. the rangers have no JAM. if you hoping for bickel to be that guy complete waste of time.

    go get matt hendricks in washington.

  69. I dont see the Rangers making the playoffs this season with their current soft lineup.

  70. Sorry, late to the (Habs/Bruins) game. Guess Chara got 5 + 2 and Thornton serves the Instigator.

    Good for Chara. Emelin is a guy I would love to see roughed up (in that OLD TIME HOCKEY sense).

  71. the difference between the bruin canadien game and this game is night and day…

    i am starting to think I am wrong about this team and they are not going to turn it around…

    boyle as good as ever tonight, ditto with mary jean gaborik.

    btw no need for the rangers to trade a 5th rounder for loktionov they have a ton of scoring fro mthe center postition already.

    whining about our defense is a joke. the rangers defense is not the problem and has not been the problem all year.

  72. stralman del zaster gaborik out for 1.36 on the shift that led to icing then faceoff loss goal

    torts: how bout a timeout there. STOP COACHING ERIC

  73. The Caps now have a real glove dropper in Aaron Volpatti. He was on waivers. Could have grabbed Tostitoes and ruined our locker room *chemistry* even more.

    If the Rangers were going to fight they would. Bickel is plenty of glove dropping thunder storm fury.

  74. Absolutely correct Eric. I have been saying this since the Boston game and Carp has been saying it since this summer. They are not hard to play against at all. Pyatt has some offensive upside but he is not nasty at all. Asham is another in a long line of goon retreads who is as old and broken down as Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. We are 20 games in and Boyle, Asham, Powe, and Halpern have 2 points between the four of them.

    They are back to exactly where they were 2 games ago.

  75. main prust is so much better then boyle it is unreal…

    i never knew a guy 6 ft 7 could me so innefective and such a pile of manure…

    hagelin not having his usual great game and gabby having is usual head scratching game.

    do all teams miss the net from 40 feet away as much as the rangers???

  76. they do not have any jam and jam and thuggery are 2 different things…

    asham does not have jam he is just a middleweight…

  77. Sorry, Stuart. I grew up around a bunch of dairy farms. Manure, after a day or two, is much harder than Boyle.

    Prust > Boyle.

    But get off Boyle’s back. At his best he’s a 3rd line Center/LW. That’s what we pay him to do. That and kill Penalties.

  78. Admiral Akbar on

    Yeah – I’m not so sure rangers make playoffs either.

    But if they do, they will not match up well in a long physical series.

  79. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    wooohooo, Boyle!!!

    A shot is like a goal (even if it was from the perimeter)

  80. Wow, that was nasty. I wish they would not sit Richards up. That could be a spine injury.

  81. That’s a bush play. CEOs check from behind while the plying is reaching to the boards for the puck

  82. This sucks. As much as we say negative about Richards. That sucks. That looked really bad on his wrist/back/head/forearm. Good luck Brad.

  83. Wow….on phone for work…missed that…hartnell you Kaleta!!! Prust would blow the building apart!!! Way to respond Steppers!!!!!!!

  84. That’s one part of avenging that awful crap. That hit better be a turning point for these boys.

  85. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Question is: will Shanahan even review that play? It was a hit on a Ranger. Not sure. THen again, it wasn’t by a favored team, so maybe he will.

  86. Way to respond. Stepan scores that same goal in two consecutive games. Now do it again

  87. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The good news, and sorry… Richards on the point here. (sorry)

  88. Let’s score a few more. The major is rare. OLD TIME HOCKEY. Let’s be like the Habs of old and net 6.

  89. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oh, man, no Richards on the point, please? Like pouring water on a fire.

  90. Richards is back out there? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????

    I mean its a good thing, but get him off the PP!

  91. Anyone remember when I was talking about that one moment last year where something happened and it caused the team to wake up and get hot? (against SJ?) I’m praying this was the incident that sparks them the rest of the way.

  92. All kidding aside, they are crazy to put Richards back on the ice so soon after taking a hit like that.

  93. poor coaching. u succeed without richards on pp so u put him back on immediately following success.

  94. Two things: how does a guy as great as Hank suck so bad when he’s gotta use the stick when he’s out of the net; and can someone whose played or coached or even sat on really good seat please explain what torts sees that makes him keep putting richie on the pp?

  95. Admiral Akbar on

    Thus far little or no physical response from the rangers on the Richards boarding

  96. 4generations 4 cups on

    Admiral, the 2 goals hasn’t been enough for you? Do we need to drop the gloves on a 5 minute PP? lol..

  97. Hank – it was McDonagh and Del Zotto who couldn’t stop the puck or Gerbe getting past them at the blueline. Forwards on the point not really the problem there.

  98. Admiral Akbar on

    4gens –

    I was waiting for someone to remark about the 2 goals. No it’s not enough once you give up a shortie. The ranger power play, which is usually impotent, cannot be counted on to make opposing teams pay for dirty play.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Once again, my watching the game affects the outcome. I went and walked the dog after Richards was felled (although I continued to listen to the radio broadcast on my phone). Boom! two goals. Got back inside just in time to see replays of the Gerbe shorthander (my phone was about two minutes behind the actual action, so I hadn’t heard it yet).

  100. Admiral Akbar on

    If only Hagelin could have gaborik’s hands, we’d have a near perfect player

  101. Ridiculous call. I wish someone would hit Bettman into the boards like they hit Richards.

  102. well at least the rangers get a point but Nash with the penalties at the worse time of the game.

  103. admiral

    solid point we let up a shorthanded goal on a major penalty. now we are just satisfied with getting a point. if thats the case we wont climb in standings

  104. Ok. Maybe it’s a penalty. But that is NOT a square hit to the back. Come on. Pansification.

  105. Admiral Akbar on

    Nash looks like a beast in that penalty box – if he gets out, look out for him in this game

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Crowd sounds good right now. Snoozed through most of the game but are alive now.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Lundqvist gonna get smoked in the shootout and none of our shooters will score, and that’s if we are even lucky enough not to get scored on in last 10, or on ourselves.

  108. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    thats what happens when you play a bball game in the afternoon and hockey at night.

  109. Admiral Akbar on

    This game really should end in a tie.

    Where is Christenson, Zuccareloo, Prucha?

  110. blogmama

    i try to be optimistic i just CANT be. this is the RANGERS. something always seems to go wrong

  111. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Aside from Nash, I’d like to see JT get a chance at the Bettman skills competition. He had a great move last time out. Just couldn’t finish. Let him go.

  112. I don’t know, eric. Did you watch that Patrick Kane slowdance annoyance earlier today?

  113. Just prior to the 2 PPGs I was going to make a joke about Sather needing to fire Tony Sparano as OC….and when Nash went down in the crease, all I could think of was Sanchez running into Moore’s butt and fumbling. It aint easy being green, I tell ya.

  114. at the end of the day, one thing and one thing only matters, get the 2 points, the rangers got the two points.

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    This team has a lot of players. When they gel, they could be pretty good. It’s coming slowly.

  116. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Powe and Halpern and even Boyle on the PK did quite well. Staal, too.

  117. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, our PP looked great for the 30 seconds Richards wasn’t on the point!!!! There’s hope.

    Watch the tapes, Torts!!!!!

  118. Let me get this straight. We go down 2 men- can’t be a 4 on 2 in OT, so Sabres get to put extra (5th) man on ice, to make it a 5 on 3. So, that being said, their man advantage can end up being significantly longer than the original length of the penalty, should there be a long time before a whistle. Interesting, don’t recall seeing this before. Kind of unfair, no? At least with the coincidental penalties, neither team is at a disadvantage (manpower-wise), when waiting for a whistle after initial penalty time expires.

  119. JT Miller did fine tonight, but Staal deserved a star for his PK play at the end of the game.

  120. Admiral Akbar on

    Tiki – Montreal comes back down 3-2 in Boston.

    Prust fights Lucic….

    Any coincidence???

  121. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Admiral, cool point!! Yet, Nasher wasn’t on the team then. Interesting, though.

  122. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, LW, his demotion could be weighing on him. He had a rough game, agreed.

  123. i said before winnipeg game we need 9 0f 12 pts 4-1-1

    we have 4 of 6. need 5 of 6 next three

  124. No Duguay tonite? Is he out shooting some couches and drapes to make some new shirts?

  125. Admiral Akbar on

    I wonder if Sather had been able to look into the future and see what losing Prust/gaining Prust has done for the Rangers and Monteal, if he would have ponied up more money and retained Prust?

  126. RICHARDS = star of the game

    Funny that with him OFF the PP they score 2 goals right away, he trots back on the ice and zero….

  127. Mrs. Manny reports that the Hit on Richards was as bad, and unwatchable, as the “Somebody left the gate open” commercial.

    Suspendable? Probably. But watch Girardi get suspended instead…

  128. Stanger Nation on

    Life is irony Dept.

    richards goes out, we score 2 on pp, richards comes back on same pp, we cannot generate chances and they score SHG

    Nash is a friggin Monster

    the Gabby Ghost had a beautiful pass to him on both pp goals – that Step-on goals was a beat – tape to tape to tape

    thought Boyle was more effective and Staal played best game of year

    is that team tiny or what?

  129. Kaleta will get the fine – Shana-ban will note that the player was NOT seriously injured on the play and returned to action, no suspension.

    Kaleta is not a repeat offender and one of the cleanest players in the game next to Cooke.

  130. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa – does Sather have any second thoughts about not retaining Prust? Is he worth Montreal’s money?

    Sather doesn’t have crystal balls. He’s lucky he still has a job.

  131. A few observations from a game that wasn’t very exciting until the third period:

    1) I left after OT. I really had no desire to watch another Human Puck Race…er…I mean BCATHE…

    2) Steve Ott got thrown out of the faceoff circle twice consecutively in the first period. He’s probably the most aggressive guy in the faceoff circles in all of the NHL. If you don’t believe me, you could check out the game stats on…

    3) Nash’s 1st penalty wasn’t really a penalty.

    4) When Richards went down, my fanship flashed before my eyes. Imagine if that was a career ending concussion? And, we were stuck with the cap hit for the next decade? This is why it is very important that the Rangers just cut ties with Richards this summer. You aren’t getting enough out of him to warrant that risk.

    5) Anybody else notice that the Rangers had too many men on the ice in OT because Nash came out of the box when his penalty ended. It was a good 30 seconds and I’m sure the refs hadn’t noticed… The guy that opened the penalty box is a dope and should have realized it was OT…

  132. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I was a period behind on the DVR.

    1) Nash is still a monster
    2) Staal is way back
    3) McD not looking so good
    4) Richards hurt, PP comes through. Richards back, PP looks like Carcillo again. Glad he’s not hurt.
    5) Thought Nash was gonna bash his face into the ice on the sliding block
    6) Loved Cally faking the patented shoulder dip and then the deke
    7) Kaleta is a Cooke…another guy that probably should be out of the league by now

  133. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    NYR, it wasn’t too many men in OT. They have to let it be a 5 on 4.

  134. Carp – Ask Torts what it’s like living upstairs from Mr. & Mrs.Cunnigham. From the coolest Milwaukee bike mechanic to the coach of the NY Rangers

  135. The OT rules are seriously insanity. How do they ever expect to get new fans? 4-on-4 unless a penalty then 4-on-3 and if the PK team takes another penalty then 5-on-3 and then the first guy leaves the box then 5-on-4 until the first whistle then 4-on-3 until the end of the penalty at which point 4-on-4.

    I mean….really NHL? We can’t just have OLD TIME HOCKEY and ties?

  136. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice to see the team get a bit pissed off, a little swagger, after Richie Rich got plastered. They need to check more. Get some swagger.

  137. Agree Gravy. Kaleta is another complete moron that is being phased out of hockey, supposedly.

  138. Don’t be surprised if Richards missed time. His last season with Dallas he missed time w a concussion that seemed to have people weary of him and his recovery. His head definitely took a nice shot when he went into the boards

  139. I don’t thin they need pissed off swagger – we already know they can;t beat MOntreal at that game

    They just need to score more and stop giving up so many odd man rushes

  140. jshim – you forget that in the following video, when Shanaban suspends Girardi for his hit, he will note that injury is not always taken into account when determining a penalty.

  141. given what a joke this league is, I fully expect Girardi to get suspended and Kaletta to avoid punishment

  142. Wait, no….I’m so confused and I don’t care…

    Bring back ties and 5-5 OT and enough with the Europansy stuff…

  143. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    SO, a quick look at the standings, and we are in 9th place with 3 games at hand on Philly, in 8th. We have games at hand on all but one team above us. We are fine. I am telling ya, we are fine.

  144. NYR_”Fan”

    You saw a guy go head/neck first into the low boards and your first thought was about the team’s payroll? Time for a reality check

  145. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nash, the quintessential politician. nice things to say about everyone. And, all his goals are ‘lucky’.

  146. That’s funny, Fat Guy. Mrs. Manny actually made the comment and I told her your retort and she loved it.

    Night guys. Vibe on, NYR.


  147. On a percentage basis, are the Islanders the best home run derby team in hockey history?

  148. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Our top 4 d-men have more points than Boyle. Ben Ferriero, in 4 games is tied with Boyle. Asham has the same amount of points as Boyle.

    Think he wishes Prust was signed by Slather?

  149. and you knew he was perfectly fine when he was flat on his back making sure he could still move his fingers and so your thoughts immediately went to the salary cap. well done.

  150. I know these things don’t matter but Staal was pretty clearly the best player on the ice tonight. He didn’t get a star but J.T. Miller was the 2nd star. What?

  151. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    JT deserved second star tonight. And, Cally deserved first star last game.

  152. Admiral Akbar on

    I think we all wish Sather resigned Prust…

    I think Boyle wishes he never was concussed in the playoffs last year. He has not been the same player as before the injury.

  153. No, actually. I was the one of few people in my section standing up to see if he was OK…

    When he got up and skated off on his own power, I thought it could have have been way worse…so maybe my choice of words was wrong, OK…

    And, he didn’t miss a shift…

  154. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    If there is a bright side, it doesn’t seem to be Richards’ head that was causing him problems…just everything else. Of course, concussions don’t always have an immediate impact, as we’ve seen already.

  155. JT Miller deserved 2nd star if Callahan, Lundqvist, Staal and Girardi weren’t actually playing tonight

  156. Shanny’s brainstorm will be to mandate that players start wearing the airplane neck pillows during games

  157. miller played good tonight but #2 star, get real.

    staal was the best ranger on the ice by a ton.

    mcbulldozer has been fairly average the last few games.

    they did score 2 PP goals but they gave up a shorty when mcdonagh and mdz were knuckleheads.

    great win…still need more scoring depth..boyle still 1 point on the season.. gabby can’t score with any of the other forwards, at some point it is him not his linemates…..

  158. let’s be fair: McDonagh had a disastrous game

    could be the worst game I’ve ever seen him have

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