Rangers-Lightnings in review



1) Amazing how good you look when the puck goes in. Also amazing how much different this Rangers team is when most of its pieces are on the ice and somewhat healthy. Each line, each D-pair looks more like it should be getting the minutes it gets. And when the puck goes in, even the coach seems smarter :)

2) Rick Nash=Monster. Pretty good first outing for a guy who missed four games with what was almost certainly a concussion – Henrik Lundqvist was marveling at how good Nash looked despite barely working out and just sitting on his couch all week … in other words, he had a concussion or he was being treated as if he had a concussion.

3) … but the guy did everything, and after the game took it to heart that Martin St. Louis beat him to the slot for the beauty of a re-direction that was the only goal Lundqvist would allow to that dangerous team. Was accountable. Felt responsible. Gotta like that. Offensively, Nash just a force, start to finish, making space for Brad Richards and Carl Hagelin, taking a few nasty wristers, twice made those finesse moves around defensemen that we’re starting to expect. He doesn’t throw his body around like, say, Ryan Callahan, but he uses his size and strength as much as he uses his speed and his hands, and when it’s time to deliver a hit, he does.

4) So, the Rangers who gave up a fair amount of their team to get him, naturally, looked a little lost without him. And if he plays like that, he will score more goals, too.

5) That all said, I thought a lot of players (all of the defensemen, for example) played really well, much better than lately, in this game, including Richards, who had some extra jump – maybe it was the sweater on the other side as much as it was Nash? Whatever, he had the puck more, moved it, backchecked; he looked a lot closer to the 2011-12 Richards … except on the power play point, particularly on that short 5-on-3. Ugh.

6) Where was I going with that? Oh yeah, that all said, this was the Lightning which for the third time was just a mismatch for the Rangers, who let the Rangers skate, let them use the middle of the ice, let them impose their will on the cycle. Let’s see them do this against Pittsburgh, Boston (I know, they have grinded out two wins against the B’s) or the Devils before we get too  impressed.

7) Ryan McDonagh did talk briefly (listen to the audio in the previous thread) about an adjustment the team (the coaches) made to prevent Tampa Bay from taking away the wall as a lot of teams have tried to do since, well, since the Eastern Conference finals.

8) Looks to me that Tampa Bay doesn’t do that Guy Boucher thing at center ice anymore, or at least doesn’t do it very well anymore, and also it looks like the Lightnings, who were winning by scoring tons early and not winning nearly as much lately, still might have goalie issues.

9) Hagelin just keeps getting better and better. Not just with that amazing speed, but also with his smarts and his hands, and not a bad shot, either. And when he plays the wall, he doesn’t look or play very small.

10) Another big game from the Captain, who is still probably playing with less than two 100 percent shoulders. (another listen recommendation: Torts on Callahan post-game, in the previous thread). He made two big plays on the Derek Stepan goal, followed that with a big hit. He’s finding his whole game.

11) I know he could have put his feet up and had a couple of power bars and fruit smoothies during stretches of this game, but Lundqvist made an all-world save on Steven Stamkos on the 2-on-1, stopped a couple of his one-time rockets, too, got beat only on an all-world play by St. Louis. He took the game-winning goal against Winnipeg to heart. That’s the way he is. It is terribly obvious to say this, but the Rangers need a lot more games like this out of their guy.

12) There were some real pansification penalties, on Steve Eminger, on Alexander Killorn and on Eric Brewer.

13) The Rangers power play. I thought the first one was really good, had five or six shots. I thought the one that included the brief 5-on-3 stunk, reverting to the old “four guys above the circles can’t fail” strategy, and Richards getting that shot blocked for a 3-on-5 short-handed chance. The one on which the Rangers scored, they got a huge break with linesman Brad Kovachik keeping the puck at center ice when it was clearly going all the way down the ice, and would have allowed the Lightnings to change.

14) When Tortorella talks about the kids like he did pre-game last night, and explains why he sends them down or why he plays them, I don’t understand how people can still thinks it’s personal with him.

15) After being loud and savvy in the loss to Winnipeg, the place went mostly silent again last night.

16) Another way to dominate: Ya boys went 38-19 in the circle.

17) Stu Bickel. I know the rule of thumb is you don’t do one of those staged fights when you’re leading. But at home, I think it’s a different rule of thumb. Leading on the road? Let it go. Don’t get the crowd riled. Leading at home, why the hell not? Plus, frankly, it’s about time somebody in blue dropped the mitts.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash (31.25 %).
2. Carl Hagelin (25.0 %).
3. Henrik Lundqvist (16.35 %).


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  1. as somebody mentioned a while ago, it’s pretty hilarious that certain “fans” and “regulars” here almost never show up after a win … nothing to complain about, can’t hope the coach gets fired in the morning, can’t trade anybody who had a few bad shifts. Can’t blame a third- or fourth-liner.

    But fear not. The Rangers will probably lose a few games along the way and they’ll all be back with their predictable garbage.

  2. CARPED!! I luv this team win or lose ,I just can’t bring myself to tear them apart when they don’t play well. Well maybe Richie Rich funny that was my favorite comic when I was younger lol. Carp I will read your game review in the morning as always with my coffee . It was an honor & a pleasure to meet you too ! BTW dancing Larry was sitting in back of us :) I also got this close to Dave & Kenny but my daughter wanted to leave . :(

  3. torontonyrfan on

    Good effort. Won’t get excited yet though since the team has had Tampas number all season. Nash is a beast.

  4. there is always Boyle to complain about.
    he only left his feet twice tongith i predicted 4 times.

    they played very well tonight, do it for 2 weeks and then talk to me..

    not sure why eminger get 5 minutes, totrt is a piece of work…

    again still to many 4th liners..powe, halpern, boyle, and asham/bickell= zero offense.. 4 of 12 forwards 1/3 have zero offensive output/skills…. problem ….

    gabby on te h3rd line but i was picking on him for no reason. torts thinks there is a reason to put him on the 3rd line. his stats do not show his ineffectiveness….

  5. The NYR will always be my team, regardless of adversity by the management, and that is the bottom line…

  6. Miller played very well.
    Boyle didn’t.
    Halpern and Powe are good every game it seems.
    Richards is impossibly slow.
    Stahl was brilliant in his own end. His positioning on the walls and outlet passes were sublime. But he has such a slow release on his shot that they invariably get blocked often leading to odd man rushes.
    Pyatt was really good and has forechecked well all season. He gets his shots and redirects and has been unlucky not to have scored more.
    Will the Rangers have a game this season when they are leading after two and not get outshot in the third?
    Hagelin scored because he took a slapshot instead of that puny wrister.
    Stepan just keeps getting better.

  7. Carp, no writer sees the game better than you. Of note, I think Richards was 15 of 18 in the face off circle. Still, Torts should bring in Leetch to run the PP. Sullivan doesn’t work….

  8. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Great post carp. BTW, i think you left your ‘notes’ at the bottom of the post.

  9. For Those About To Evrock on

    Now that’s how you play a complete game! Hopefully we’ll see more of that.

  10. Sure the Rangers finally get a win and I didn’t see it thanks to Time Warner for broadcasting the Sabres game. Grrrrrr!!!!!

  11. Nice write up!

    Just two thoughts, the Rangers did not seem that good in the third. They did not carry the puck into the offensive zone through the middle as much and played much more dump and chase which led them to chase the puck more.

    And Richards seems to be a bit better indeed!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “Richards had jump, maybe it was the opponent’s jersey. Backchecks, too.

    SHots 20-1 an dup 2-0. Forecheck. Aggressive in neutral zone.

    Hagelin’s speed make that guy No. 3 go down?\

    Lundqvist made an all-world save on Stamkos on the 2-on-1. got beat on an all-world play by St. Louis.

    Callahan with two big plays on the Stepan goal, a big hit later. Captain seems to be finding his whole game, and his shoulder’s probably not 100 percent

    Nash had such a good first period, too bad he lost his man on the TB goal. Also happened on teh shift on which Nash-Ruchards-Gaborik were united.

    Some real pansification penalties, eminger , killorn (ppg).

    Huge break with linesman Kovachuk keeping puck in. First PP was really good I thought. The second one was awful, reverting to the old four guys above the circles “can’t fail” strategy. Richards getting that shot blocked on the 5 on 3 was ridiculous.

    Tampa Bay showed how dangerous it really is with the 2-1 goal.

    Gotta like what you’ve seen from Eminger. Stabilizes gthird pair and plays the body.

    When Torts talks about the kids like he did last night, I don’t understand how people still thinks it’s personal.

    Place went silent again.”

    Your notes?

  13. Great Review, it’s nice to stop here and see win or lose, a lot of what goes through the mind of a fan watching the game appears here in print the next day, as well as the stuff we miss.

    You can’t look away when Nash in on the ice, for fear you may miss something great. And Hagelin, for one brief moment early in the first- the nifty stick work, the jersey tucked in the back of his pants, the long hair, the left-handed shot, the wicked slappah- resembled 99 on the ice, minus the Jofa helmet.

  14. Love the “Carp’s notes: Work in progress edition”

    Now there’s our hockey team. Nash was incredible and its amazing how much better everyone plays when they are slotted in correctly.

    If Gabby and JT Miller are on the third line, wouldn’t we get more out of them if we moved Miller to center and found a wing with more offensive upside? You could probably get Boyle just as many minutes playing with Powe and Halpern on the fourth line and PKing if he’s just roll all four lines. Then again Boyle certainly isnt a liability defensively, far from it.

  15. Morning all,

    Here’s my Foxwoods Final Five:

    1. Great out of the gate – We’ve been waiting all season for the Rangers to ambush their opponents right from the opening faceoff. Twenty shots – very impressive. If not for Garon, the boys could have had another 2-3 goals in the first period.

    2. Nash earned his cash – Don’t know what it is about the Bolts that brings out the best in #61, but he had a tremendous game against them yet, again. Twelve shots on goal, including the final marker of the contest – a highlight reel special. The man can play, folks.

    3. 19 again – This was probably the first game all season in which it didn’t seem as though Brad Richards was skating uphill. He had some good jump, made some excellent passes and looked engaged throughout the match. Hopefully a sign of better things to come.

    4. From Hags to riches – After being in the coach’s chateau bow wow earlier in the campaing,
    Carl Hagelin has become a force for the Rangers. Hard to think of another player in the league that uses his speed to such a distinct advantage. He ripped that shot right by Garon, too.

    5. Absolute Bull Pit – I certainly mean this with no disrespect to the musical tastes of anyone who posts here. But how can someone with no talent such as Pit Bull get a recording contract, and on top of that, become a shill for Bud? Did Mick and Keith and Lennon and McCartney pave the way for that? Geez.

  16. As noted in #6, the true test will come when these Rangers face the more physical teams. This win was what the Rangers needed in terms of confidence, but if they can play to this skill level aGAINst the big B’s while playing with some grit themselves, they’ll be fine come spring. But that is a long way off.

    One thing I have noticed, along the lines of the team’s grit and “jam” as Torts like to say. Face shields, this team lost a lot of guys who go without the face shield: Prust, Dubie, Feds, Mitchell, Rupp, even #16. Replacing them with Nash, Miller, Halpern, Powe.

    Just another illustration of how different this year’s model is.

  17. I thought Richards was better too. He just seems confounded now about when to shoot. It is like he loses his hand eye coordination in shooting situations. But he made some nice passes and won faceoffs. I like the way miller hits—not trying to obliterate. He is focused on the puck when he is physical. Nash has ridiculous hands for a guy as big as a bear. They seemed coordinated in all three zones.

  18. Regarding Pit Bull: We may have finally found someone with less talent than a Kardashian. I swear he looks like some fictional, over-the-top Saturday Night Live skit.

    MSG Network does need to get some new commercials, I swear I almost started hoping that rock climbing chick would fall one of the twenty times per game I see that Chase ad.

  19. Noticed a similar phenomenon at The Garden last night, Carp. The place seems louder when the team is struggling. If they are having a tough go on a PP for example. Everybody loves to be a coach.

    People do buzz when Nash, or Mini Nash, makes a beautiful drag move to beat a D- Man. That’s fun.

  20. Couldnt believe what i was seeing those first 2 periods, was like they were playing a peewee team at times, bossing them along the boards, streaking past them in the neutral zone and a few good hard hits. You can see why they wanted Nash so badly, when he is there he is a complete beast of a player, almost undefendable, he carries the puck so far away from the reach of the opposition player and uses that huge body to shield it too – i literally blinked and missed his goal the move and his hands were so fast

  21. I know everyone is all over the PP but I thought the first one they had was kind of good and then they scored on the last one. Not bad.

    The thing is, our boys are trying to learn to work the puck low where they have a numbers advantage but this team always has trouble with passing and everyone is always passing a stride behind the guy they pass to. Makes it tough to get it going.

  22. Good win, and it’s great to get back Nash and others from injury, but I’m not getting overly excited. We’ve had our way with Tampa Bay this year. For whatever reason, they do not match up well with us (to our benefit).

    Like you said, let’s see this kind of play / scoring opportunities when we play someone like Boston or Montreal.

  23. Yea. Eminger got Bickel’d. Any wonder this guy can’t “make” it at the NHL level with some consistency?

  24. It was nice to get back on the winning side. Although, I think we should look a little big picture here. They embarrassed a really bad defensive team with an average goalie. The one good thing I did see that made me feel a little better was they actually made an effort to play along the boards more and dump it in and beat down on their defense. Hopefully, this isn’t a situation where they have confidence to do that only against the softer teams because that’s the way they MUST play to win.

    It’s two points. But, it didn’t change my opinion that they still will miss the playoffs. They played 12 home games (7-4-1) and only 7 road games (2-4-1) with two more home games coming this week. I’ll need to see them learn to play tough and physical on the road before I’m convinced.

    Not trying to be a downer, just not going nuts because they won one game.

  25. To summarize what CARP said: This team is utter garbage and smash is a not-talent-clown-for-the-ages

  26. As for the PP, the one thing I still can’t figure out is why the refusal to use Strahlman who has a shot that can get through to the net on the 1st unit at the point instead of Richards. Respecting his shot will provide Nash more room instead of what happened 3x yesterday where Nash was forced way above the circles to take 25 ft shots instead of from within 10 feet with on the move.

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Great review, Carp. Just really dig the way you see things. Dissect so much and right on!!

    Good win. I’ll go out on a limb and say ‘turning point’ to season. Sure, unlike Chicago, they will lose some. But this team’s now poised to move in a good way. I am excited to be there and watch.

    The ‘d’ they played last year was better but physically tougher. My dream is they begin to implement more shot blocking as this short season moves forward so in the playoffs they’re really tough again. The positive there is that they boys might not get hurt during the regular season and could surprise the opposition with something new. Just a thought.

    Very few guys were NOT working hards last night. Boyle still a mystery. Just there, had a few hits, but blaaaah. I still believe life is different for him without his buddy. Just me.

    The defense is better with Eminger. Fairly steady. But you will not win a championship with that and Gilroy. How about, a big strong point man, Sather? Been asking for it for years. What is it YOU are missing. They are out there, dummy.

    Two great points were:
    1. Nasher…. just how good is this guy? we don’t now. best we have ever had, I’ll say. Could be.
    2. Hank—– is back. best game? saved the big ones. How great to see Mr. Vezina return with the rest of them!!! A little less of family and more of the team. We need you to steal some, Hank!!! Please be there.

    I predicted 4th place and I am still there. We are gonna reach a dog fight over the next vew weeks.
    ITs’ all good folks. No injuries, all good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Carp – According to John G. between the benches, Bickel didn’t want to get in the fight. He was trying to play the puck and the Tampa Bay player jumped him. John said Stu was not happy about it. By the way, Bickel is a pretty good fighter.

  29. stranger nation on

    Love the Carp notes –

    That was a great first 2 periods to watch, helps when your 3 of your best players are in the lineup

    Notice the Pissburg and Debs struggling, but Filth playing better and then there is the Ice Mets…

    If Auntie Em plays well (only 4 mins TOI though) no Gilly helped solidify the back line.

    The post loss Donnie Downers have some emotional issues which are a little disturbing at a certain level – some can’t help themselves

    Gabby with Boyle is a Slovakain nightmare, however the goal against was scored when Gabby was with Richards and Nash – no surprise really

  30. Like I said, if this team can stay healthy for the rest of the season they will be fine. I can see this team going on a nice long point streak.

  31. Comment on the blueseatblogs says it all:

    Spozo says:
    Feb 28, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Holy crap I’m shocked! Who would have thought that the answer to a four game losing streak was to get healthy, not fire Tortorella.

  32. Carp, I know that I’m not one of the people that comment was about but I still want to state for the record that tue and thur nights I’m in school otherwise I’d be cranking out comments with yous instead of just collapsing on the couch when I get home :)

  33. boxcareddiehospodar on

    This team will be .500 the entire year.

    The coaches refuse to fix a very broken power play. Not hard to watch the penguins and learn something.

    When the coaches think it is best for kreider to play in the AHL and keep Boyle on the roster they accept being average. kreider’s worst night on the ice is far better than anything boyle brings.

    maybe we luck out and miss the playoff.s banish torts and bring in ruff.

  34. Carp I would prefer we win out and I’ll still be happy to visit ! As far as more traffic after a loss- chalk it up to misery loves company

  35. BTW spot on review as always I ,for one definitely saw an improved Richards- much more involved

  36. See Hwirth, I think that the Lightning are a perfect team for our team to play in this situation. They can build on that 3rd period against Winnipeg and they can do so effectively because they match up so well against the Lightning (who probably have borderline NHL goaltending at this point).

    Good win for the boys. Now they have to bring it once again against an only slightly better team in the Sabres. Then the Phlyers (tough game) and then the re-emerging NY Ice Mets.

  37. Cross Check Charlie on

    Watched the first period at the office. The Rangers had jump. They had jam. They had “it.” I don’t know what it is about Tampa, but it seems that they bring out the best in the Rangers. Now they need to keep it up during the rest of the homestand.

    Hagelin is becoming quite a player. It’s about the time Sather trades him for somebody like Teemu Selanne. :)

  38. I’m convinced that Pitbull is the No Talent Clown that Miami is always talking about

  39. I think at one point, the Rangers were out-shooting the Lightning 17-1… wait what?!

  40. Carp, your notes almost sound like a tragic poem: “everything’s great, Rangers playing well, oh no, Lightning scored, they’re dangerous. Place went silent again.”

  41. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Only got to watch a little of the game, but the thing that impressed me the most seemed to be the speed of our team attacking. I also really like the way Miller has been playing the last few games. He takes the body when he can, is patient with the puck and has had some nice chances.

  42. Nasher is really all world. I never knew how athletic he was. And, how uses his reach and strength to beat players is just marvelous to watch…

    And, JT Miller continues to impress. The kid plays a very responsible game…

  43. Vibin’ NYR. Right on. The only other thing I continue to say about the game is that Hagelin is my Mini Nash. Man he’s good.

  44. Love He-Man! I think it was ZzZz that said he looked like Gretzky on that goal….he did!

  45. WOW! has this effort been bottled up all season and during the lockout?

    Nice write up Carp.

  46. Sioux-per-man on

    What a SIOUXPER day after a win!!!

    Why can’t we play like that every game?

    Just goes to show how important Nash, McD, and Del Zotto are to this team. Nash alone can put this team on his back and carry it to a win, McD can shut half a team down with his defense (Hank doesn’t always have to pitch a 1 goal game, but it sure easier to get 2 pts when he does) Del Zotto is a big part of the Defense, he is only going to get better with time, you tend to forget he is the youngest DMan we have at only 22 yrs old.

    6pts behind Pittsburgh with 2 games in hand. Not such a big hill to climb. It can be done!!!

    Carp how could any Ranger fan NOT COME HERE after a WIN? People need oxygen ;)

  47. The play of Hagelin, Stepan and Miller gets better and better. Bodes well for the future!

  48. Did JT Miller buy an apartment yet? Hope they do what they did with Hagelin and just let him know he’s here to stay.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nash is the league’s MVP. Proved last night no player is as important to their team…

    12 game winning streak is my prediction.

  50. I think we are lucky as Ranger fans that despite Kreider’s struggles our youth pipeline continues to churn out kids like Miller – and those first 3 goals: Shaggy, Step and Cally – all home grown.
    No real surprise that the return of the Mack, Nash and DZ gave the team a lift – and Hank provided the 3rd period wall when the pressure was on.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider needs to play 20 minutes in CT. He must learn to play like a man. Love that kid. I really do. But was sent down for his own good.

  52. (Return of the Mack) it is
    (Return of the Mack) come on
    (Return of the Mack) oh my God
    (You know that I’ll be back) here I am
    (Return of the Mack) once again
    (Return of the Mack) pump up the world
    (Return of the Mack) watch my flow

    I think Ryan “McBust” McDonagh sang those words …..

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle still, amazingly, unleads all scorers with 1 point this season. He just might be the purest offensive force in the game today.

  54. I think Boyle had a fine game last night. He needs to be responsible defensively and he was.

    The lines, as a whole, were very interesting last night.

  55. Sioux-per-man on

    I did too FAN, too bad Boyle Gaborik Miller didn’t score!!!

    Gabby has been flat lately, Boyle only has one point, Miller seems to play at full speed until he’s out of gas. But this line could find some points. It will be interesting to see how long Torts keeps them together.

    Gabby could help Boyle’s game, if Boyle can keep up.

  56. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp how many games does Boyle get before Kreider replaces him?

    Better question, how many games at the Whale before Kreider can find his confidence?

  57. I thought they were pretty good defensively…and Gaby did have a few good chances….

    If you’re just casually watching, it is hard to notice Gaby if he doesn’t score…

  58. Carp, thanks a lot for your insights concerning the Star of the Game selection process early this morning. That is the kind of inside information that keeps me, and I’m sure many others, coming back to reading your blog every day. Please keep up the good work!

  59. Carp – so if the regulars here who show up win or lose are boneheads, what are those guys who only show up after losses to complain and whine called?

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr fan – gabby on the 3rd line is where he belongs…. He might even help Boyle double his season assist total by scoring a goal off a pass…

    Bottom line – just win baby

  61. Good point, NYR. It is hard to see Gaborik when the puck isn’t in the net. I thought he played fine. He wasn’t Nazem Kadri or anything but Tort thought he was good enough for 14 minutes (and change). He was fine.

    The top line was odd with Pyatt on it. Richards Nash and Hagelin made up another I think. Obviously they were juggled. There was one moment in the third when Gaborik, Nash and Richards were on the ice together but, it didn’t look good and didn’t last more than 30 seconds.

  62. Nash with his 16 shot attempts (12 on goal) shots on goal practically matched the entire teams offensive chances when compared to the Montreal game last Saturday (17 shots on goal by the entire team). So does this mean the Rangers are twice as good with Nash than without Nash?

  63. Oh. Even more hatred for Boyle. Who is a MUCH more responsible and useful player than The Kreider.

    Boyle played hard last night, threw some hits, killed penalties VERY well (the Lightning barely gained the zone on their first PP). This team is made up of Role players and Boyle fills his role. He’s doing that well right now.

    Kreider is supposed to fill a different role. And he’s not doing that.

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    Has McBust been elevated into the double digits on the U.S. defenseman depth chart yet? Think he will qualify for the U.S. team in 2022?

  65. Was it my “workers of the world unite” post from yesterday that has generated such attention?

  66. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, exactly. When Kreider doesn’t score, he’s not very useful (right now). Essentially, he’s like an unproven Gaborik, but there are some who beat him up and expect Kreider to get first line minutes.

    When Boyle, doesn’t score, at least he can bring some other things to the table. At least, when he’s playing like last year.

  67. Carp,

    Great review. Nash was the first star!! How could they not give Nash one of the 3 stars? What game was the media watching? Your point about Boucher and center ice. What do you mean by that? Clogging the neutral zone?

    For all the negativity Rangers are only 6 points behind first place with a game in hand.

  68. Great win. Carp – I’m here even when I’m not on the ledge. :)

    I think the frustrating part about this team is that we know they can do what they did last night. Now it’s staying healthy, sticking with the system and getting that effort each and every night.

    I truly hope they use this as a turning point. LGR.

  69. stranger nation on

    Gabby is Kreider’s mentor

    Halpern and Powe were flying out there last night on the PK

  70. I always love reading your reviews Carp. Very succinct! Nash is just such a beast and they need to keep him on the ice. Such a different team with him out there. Last night was a good start but we have seen it before this year, especially against the Lightening. Lets hope they get on a role here and start scaring some other teams again! Still need some scoring from Gaborik and I think he will eventually be back on a line with Stepan and Callahan rather than Pyatt. Only time will tell.

  71. stranger nation on

    Gabby was actually stationed in front of net on a couple of occasions and had a couple of tip in attempts and some rebounds in front.

    Upon further review, the Bolts Dman fell down prior to Hags move, but he finally ripped a slapper as opposed to the usual soft flip to the mid section. kids got some serious wheels out there

  72. Great review Carp!
    Honestly I love seeing Miller. Love that the organization is still committed to the
    How about Hags…guy’s turning into a stud.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – don’t confuse hatred for Boyle and matters of fact. He has scored 1 pt. this season. It is what it is. Sure, he could throw 5000 checks a game… That would be awesome. However, fact remains he has 1 pt. You can twist that however you want.

    If I make a mistake during a lecture and one of my students points it out, they arent showing hate towards e3, they are simply stating the obvious.

  74. carp, you have the best hockey blog by far. i hope your not getting tired of us. we wont get by with somebody else at the helm.

  75. I thought Gaby was solid last night. Didn’t score, but he had a few chances and he was hard on the puck on the forecheck. Like a few of you have said, it’s hard to notice Gaby when he doesn’t score since that’s the one thing he does best by far, but he played well IMO.

  76. I wonder if the concussion Boyle suffered has anything to do with his play?

    Pyatt has been great though…great signing!
    Carp was Gabby benched last night? Or demoted…I don’t remember seeing much of him especially in the third, but I could be wrong…

  77. carp, whatever happened to the live video chats? will you and mama be doing any soon?

  78. gabby will score like 4-5 goals, bunch of assists in like 2-3 games and his stats will skyrocket again. its always like that with him.

  79. stranger- yea that slapper by hags was pure awesomeness. hes now tied for the team lead in goals too. i’d love to see more of our guys taking shots like that more often. were usually on the receiving end of those.

  80. i’m sure youse guys seen it, but wtb is up with deepees suicide comments? hes a freakin millionaire!! poor guy right?

  81. Lots of Carp love on here after the Rangers win. We need to raise the Carp love index after losses…no one should get ripped just because they don’t agree with you…if he agreed with you, you’d both be wrong.

  82. Sioux-per-man on

    Swagilen Hagilen has caught up to Gabby with 7 goals each to lead the team in goals :)

    Gaborik is going to score his goals in do time, he will get his points.

    Just imagine how Dynamic this team will be when it starts to fire on all cylinders. Last night was Ranger hockey. Now like Carp said we need to see this type of game against the Pittsburghs & Boston type teams in the NHL.

    Stay Healthy my friends.

    Have a Sioux-per Day!!!

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR_FAN March 1st, 2013 at 10:00 am
    I thought they were pretty good defensively…and Gaby did have a few good chances….

    If you’re just casually watching, it is hard to notice Gaby if he doesn’t score…

    *NYR fan – even your eyes and ears are an inch from the ice, TV, radio feed, whatever……its easy to notice gabby isnt scoring*

    he some great chances no doubt….

    Bottom line…just win…..that is all that matters…

  84. Wasn’t referring to you, eddie. Plenty of people in this thread and the last two have said plenty about Boyle.

    And I didn’t say anything about the fact that he has 1 pt. I don’t generally care how many points my 3rd/4th line players have. There are other aspects to his game.

    If we lose because we don’t score enough I’m looking at Nash, Gaborik, Richards, Stepan, Hagelin and Callahan. You know, the guys that have proven that they can, and will, score for this team.

  85. anyone see the cover stroy and pics of Justin Bieber in Lindon last night? I am no old fogey, but hasn’t this sagging pants style run its course already? How much longer? He looks absolutely ridiculous

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, the inference was as I stated…..if i am incorrect….my apologies….

  87. Staal, I definitely saw Gaborik on ice shortly before the Nash goal, protecting the lead. i dont think he was benched, and (covering up for nonsensical backlash) thought he played pretty well.

    Good morning, Sally!

  88. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Here’s what I don’t get:

    Gabby + Goals/Points in bunches – Grit/Checking/D = stinks
    Boyle – Goals/Points + Grit/Checking/D = stinks

    So, by those formulas, Callahan is the only good player on the team because he scores almost 30 goals and can check/play D?

  89. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – if you scroll up, soiux and I mentioned “boyle’s 1 point” – no one else…then your hatred for boyle comment…..just sayin

  90. fat guy, its making a comeback i guess with the whippersnappers. that look would go great with the flip flop wearing metrosapiens

  91. if I see one more guy’s toes on the train, I’m gonna have to call him out on it. WTB?

    And, not to sound like seinfeld, but what is the deal with businessmen, grown-a$$ adult males, wearing backpacks to work the past few years instead of carrying a briefcase? Is 50 the new 15? How long before we all grow up?

  92. Nash = 16 shot attempts vse Bolts
    Ranger Team = 17 shots vse Montreal

    Rangers + Nash = Rangers x 2

  93. and when I say grow up, of course I don;t mean the posters on here…I mean everyone else, you know, out there, not us, but out there, everyone ELSE

  94. Nash’s new nickname should be “Ben Grimm”, or just “Grimm” because he is like some unstoppable Thing out there. He made a few moves that were even nicer than his goal. BIG MAN ON CAMPUS PEOPLE, makes some space and handover your girlfriends. No sense in complaining about it, just hand them over, it’s the way the world works.

  95. u never catch me wearin flip flops. i got a dead big toe from it getting crushed at work and my nail falls off every few months. its pretty sick looking.

  96. wish I had seen your comment earlier, re: me stupidly leaving my notes on the bottom of the blog post, Doodie. Thanks. Embarrassed. That’s what happens when I’m still working at 2:30 a.m.

  97. I should note that like I said yesterday and Carp said in his comments, lets see how the Rangers do against better teams. Tampa’s defense is awful and their goaltenders are both backups. I can’t name one quality defensive d-man on their team.

    There were times where they looked worse than the Rangers did against the Habs where they had 4 guys in the corner and allowed Rangers players to walk out to the slot completely uncovered. The top teams in the East won’t allow that to happen.

  98. oh that does suck carp. i’m sure i knew that already. i forget everything. its terrible

  99. the people saying Boyle sucked last night — and please, stop making me try to defend the guy, because I really don’t want to defend him — obviously cannot see past goals and assists. And to suggest that he’s the worst forward on the roster? He’s not the third-liner he needs to be, but he’s better than anybody on the fourth line. So if Kreider, for example, ever knocks him down, somebody else gets benched, not Boyle (as long as he’s playing the way he has the past few games).

    And for whomever asked about Miller playing center, Tortorella addressed that pregame. A) Miller prefers the wing and B) the defensive responsibilities of center are too overwhelming for him right now, as he stills struggles with the defensive responsibilities of being a winger.

  100. yea fat guy. it got crushed and ever since then the nail grows in slow and kinda nasty looking. but i can literally peel it off without any pain either. then theres a new tiny nail underneath ready to take its place. its fugged up. i dont wish to discuss it further though. im getting depressed. ;)

  101. God, I love these tweets that, Oooh, oooh, the Rangers have a scout at the Sharks game!

    Every team has dozens of scouts, and their job is to go to other teams games. The Blues have a pro scout, for example, who used to work for the Rangers. They play in the West. He lives on the East Coast, which is his coverage area. Every night he will be at a game in NYC, NJ, NYI, Philly, Boston, Buffalo, Washington, Pitt … etc. There are scouts from 10-12 different teams at every game, all the time.

    but these twitter newbies see a name they recognize on a seating chart and all of a sudden it’s big news in the stupid twitter world. Tweet a trade!

  102. Carp – Miller started off as a center, as did Kreider, but they are both better suited on the wing.

    BTW, I probably missed the O’Reilly offer sheet discussion, but did anyone point out how stupid Jay Feaster is?

    Even if Colorado let O’Reilly walk, because he started the season in Europe and missed the cutoff to come back as an FA, he would’ve had to have gone through waivers first before he could’ve joined the Flames and would’ve most likely been picked up by another team.

    If you think Sather is bad, be happy Feaster isn’t the Rangers GM.

  103. you should have your kid loop all those old nails onto a necklace and wear it to the beach. Tell the ladies you used to hunt platypuses or something. They won’t know the difference. They’re too worried about what you were wearing when you were staring at that OTHER girl at some party 6 years ago

  104. sather hasnt really been bad for the last few years now. yea, i know the richards contract was another stogeypuss special, but you know he’ll find a way to get out of that one too somehow.

  105. my daughter started crying one time she saw me peel it off! she said” daddy your foots gonna die”! i then calmed her down and told her what happened and she started laughing at me and calls me monster foot. shes so cute.

  106. and you use Grabby here instead of Monster Foot? Come on, that’s right outta central casting!

  107. Not sure that’s right, Jonny D, otherwise wouldn’t the Avs still risk losing him on waivers now?

    Either O’Reilly left his Europansy team early enough or the waiver rules changed under the new CBA – can’t recall which.

  108. it was either monster foot or zombie foot. i cant remember she was only 4 or 5 at the time

  109. JT Miller does take a few faceoffs before returning to the Center position though. I think he was at 50% last night. Because, you know, our boys were fantastic in that aspect of the game last night.

  110. I don’t blame Rotter for re-tweeting. The kid works hard and re-tweets a lot of stuff. I blame seasoned hockey writers in pressboxes for tweeting that there are scouts at a game when there are scouts at every game. that’s why they’re called scouts. That’s what they do … scout.

  111. Carp – Great post on Henrik, when he’s on he does make the difference; 4-6 great saves not made and the game can go the other way. Re: the crowd noise. We’ll never have that noise again (Remember the Play-offs vs the Isles in 78/79 & vs the Devils and Vancouver in 94 when at the end of the National Anthem your head left your neck) The people that made that noise can no longer afford to go and those that go are seated too far up while the suits like to be see and socialize. Man the life of the privileged – nice isn’t it. Also, compounding the noise abatement can be the new morphed configuration of the New Garden. I think we’re going to have the noise piped in.

  112. Rangers shoudl record the sounds of all of us screaming at our TVs during the games, good screaming and bad screaming, and pipe that in during the games

  113. stranger nation on

    Stamkos called the game “embarrassing”

    is it this years Thortonesque comment?

  114. stranger nation on

    is the picture up top from the Garden’s ‘House of Mirrors’? ^^^

    Girardi head looks oblong

  115. Apologies, Jonny D. Just read the article saying that O’Reilly would have had to clear waivers to join the Flames. Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought he had left the KHL in time.

    So you’re right, pretty incompetent of Feaster to not know as that’s his job.

  116. lone, loudest I ever heard it was at the end of the Islanders series in ’79. Scary loud.

    stranger, Stamkos should be embarrassed.

  117. Wow, if that’s true, Feaster is an idiot. Is he the guy who let Richards to go Dallas? I don’t think he was the guy who fired Torts in Tampa, though. Could be mistaken on all counts.

  118. Good afternoon all! I would have stayed to chat after the win, but I had to collapse in a puddle instead.

    Thanks for the thought grabby ! I was thinking about those chats just the other day…and miss them so :(

  119. … though I think Feaster was kinda forced to trade Richards (February 26, 2008: Traded to Dallas by Tampa Bay with Johan Holmqvist for Jussi Jokinen, Jeff Halpern, Mike Smith and Dallas’ 4th round choice (later traded to Minnesota, later traded to Edmonton – Edmonton selected Kyle Bigos) in 2009 Entry Draft, February 26, 2008.) and forced to resign by ownership interference in Tampa. And that the Bolts are still trying to recover from that.

  120. … so maybe the Rangers’ strategy was to be low enough in the standings so that when O’Reilly went on waivers they could claim him, signed and sealed.

  121. Ownership forced the Richards trade because of financial constraints. I posted a link a few days ago regarding that trade.

  122. Stamkos should be embarrassed. It wasn’t until the 3rd period that I pointed out to Mrs. Manny one of the most prolific goal scorers in the game because I finally realized he was on the ice.

  123. Sounds like there is some ambiguity over the rule and how it changed in the new CBA, Carp, so I guess Feaster could be forgiven for some confusion. But you’d think he would check with the league for clarification first.

  124. Yea Feaster is incredibly stupid. But, that includes the management team surrounding him who forgot to point out the changes in eligibility. OOPS

  125. And the change in the rule means MZA wouldn’t need to clear waivers to re-sign before the end of the NHL season.

  126. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I am glad the boys won, don’t get overly excited folks it was the ning and they are charmin soft.

  127. missed the entire game and didnt see the highlights. Predicted a bad loss the other day then chaos on the boards, then said i’m usually wrong on predictions. So i’m confused was my prediction wrong or right? Wow…. and did Boyle play like a 3rd liner or 4th? LOL

  128. Carp & LW3H – the confusion is with the following language:

    “All Players on a Club’s Restricted Free Agent List will be exempt from application of CBA 13.23 Waivers in case of a mid-season signing.”

    The confusion is between whether or not the mid-season signing includes offer sheets, which I’m not sure it does.

    Bill Daly did say though that he would’ve had to clear waivers because he was playing in the KHL on the 21st and 23rd as “Rayan O Rayli'” on the game sheets. Since the NHL season officially started on the 19th, he’d have to clear waivers.

    So definitely confusion, but like you said, he should’ve checked with the league. Either way he’s an idiot GM.

  129. Also stupid of O’Reilly and his agent to not consider the implications of playing in the KHL beyond 19 January, if signing an offer sheet was going to be a possibility. Unless he was happy about ending up in Columbus.

  130. have had time to post last two days much.

    great win last night saw lots of good things and was really impressed with nash after sitting out 4 games for him not to miss a beat. the guy is a monster. also i thought to myself how in hell is nash not a star of this game with 12 shots on net.

    if i have nothing to complain about today it must have been a good solid win and all areas came through.

  131. what i dont understand about colorado is they match the contract for that money and cant trade him for a year.. next year his salary is 6.5 mil. they will have to qualify him at that after next year season end if they want him.

    if you were going to match why not sign him earlier and have him for first 19 games

  132. Someone must’ve drugged me last night, because Richards looked like he remembered how to play hockey again. Sure he feels really bad and wants to perform, so good for him.

    Gaborik with Boyle? Really? Kreider should be on that line, eventually when he gets more engaged.

    Eminger deserves more minutes, he is physical and tough.

    Hagelin is the man!

    Carp, I remember you recently saying that Nash is a tick below the true superstars of the game. Especially after this performance, I wholeheartedly disagree. He is the total package one of the top 10 players in the game, at least.

  133. Isn’t that the same Calgary organization that had that jackwagon Murray Edwards belittle the players regarding salary during the CBA negotiations?

  134. eric – because they don’t feel he’s worth that much. They believe they can now trade him next year and get something better in return, something that isn’t as much of a gamble as the draft picks they would’ve received.

  135. An interesting quote from LeBrun’s piece today on Shanahan and the disciplinary process:

    _A new rule this season from the new CBA: a 48-hour window after incidents in which teams cannot call Shanahan to vent/lobby/complain. Nada, no communication, unless Shanahan himself reaches out to the team._


    Didn’t the decision on Pacioretty come down within 48 hours, with it being made clear that Marc Bergevin had gone to bat for his player?

  136. Top 10? Really 2Leetch? Think about that. I can name 10 players in the division who are probably better than Nash.

  137. There are 10 Islanders better than Nash, if you look at the macro issue, rather than being obsessed with micro.

  138. So Vancouver waives Volpatti and picks up Tostitoes? Huge downgrade in the fighting and hockey playing department.

  139. on the fringe of the top 20, if that.

    top of head: Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Giroux, Tavares, Datsyuk, Stamkos, Kovalchuk, Sedin, Spezza, Hossa, Karlsson, Thornton, Kopitar, Vanek. I guess you could argue with Zetterburg, Ryan, Neal, Kane, Toews, and others.

  140. man the building was awesome last night and Nash is so far and away the best player on this team it’s not even funny

    still, going to need to see if this carries over against Buffalo. it was a good win but considering that the Rangers have scored 25% of their goals this year against Tampa, I’m going to need some further proof that the ship has been righted.

  141. I couldn’t have said it better myself, authorben!

    Absolute Bull Pit – I certainly mean this with no disrespect to the musical tastes of anyone who posts here. But how can someone with no talent such as Pit Bull get a recording contract, and on top of that, become a shill for Bud? Did Mick and Keith and Lennon and McCartney pave the way for that? Geez.

  142. Carp – is that list people who are better skaters or people who are better all around players?

  143. Right, I got it from the radio broadcast on the internet. I will have my speakers checked. Or perhaps my hearing.

    My ears are still ringing from that silence.

  144. I get that your thing is to be deliberately contrary but it gets awfully tiresome

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if you’re referring to me as hating Boyle – please stop. I don’t hate Boyle. If he throws tons of checks, kills penalties, plays smart… All good things…

    But conflating hatred towards a guy and my observations that he unleads the team in points isn’t accurate.

    Bottom line / just win

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If Nash played like lucic, he would be top 10, at this point I think top 20 is very reasonable.

    Where is gabby? Top 30? 50?

  147. Nash reminds me of Phil Esposito. Not the ESPO we saw in NY, but the one who scored all those goals in Boston & who dominated the 1972 Summit Series with the Soviets.

  148. did your radio seat also prevent you from seeing Stu Bickel was goaded into that fight and clearly didn’t want to go

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, of your list, present day Ovechkin is not better than present day Nash. Also, I don’t believe either Sedin (individually) or Thornton are superior to him at this point.

    But I absolutely think Toews is, and probably Kane as well.

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    If you include defensemen, Nash doesn’t approach the top 20. But forwards only? Yes. For sure.

  151. What freaking list are we making up? Best all around skaters? Best all around players? Forwards only? Defenseman?


  152. FWIW, Pat Leonard also tweeted about how quiet the building was last night.

    It is entirely feasible that different areas are louder than others…

  153. biggest problem with Nash thus far is that he doesn’t seem to have a tremendous amount of options when it comes to shooting the puck. everything he does to get himself into position is damn impressive and he brings up the level of the guys around him. that he is capable of getting to the net ahead of the opposition means he’s going to open up scoring opportunities for his teammates so it’s not a huge deal that he’d be on pace for only 17 goals in a full season. and he’s easily the best player on the team so there’s no sense in worrying about him.

  154. it’s feasible, but when there’s no noise whatsoever for long stretches, it’s kind of hard to imagine there’s noise somewhere else in the arena. Maybe that Who concert next door?

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – no worries then…..if Bickel leads the team in scoring and Boyle and Gabby have a combined 7 goals at seasons end / and rangers make a deep run….. E3 be very happy

  156. boyles role can be filled by many others. he is filling a 4th liners role, PK and hitting but is on the 3rd line..

    his production is embarrasing. i assume he is embarrassed by his performance season to date. 1 point, – 7, not much going on….

    they need more the n6 forwards who can score especially since they do not have a forward who is top 20 in production. they need to score by committee and therefore 3rd and 4th line msut contribute offensively.

    why is this such an outrageous idea???

  157. that, Lloyd, is why I really like him with Hagelin. Because I thought Nash opened up things for Hagelin, and Hagelin in turn, gave Nash some ice. He’s been the whole package so far, depite a few lapses defensively — which are not from lack of knowledge of that part of the game. He’s actually quite good in the other end and away from the puck for a scorer.

    He’d be the last of my worries, other than his head.

  158. Thanks, Carp!

    Top 10 players in the LEAGUE (in no particular order…)


    I guess Nash would figure in about……18? 20?

  159. boyles role can be filled by many others..


    Within the organization right now, start listing them.

  160. stuart:

    you’re right but Tortorella is in love with him. Boyle should be on the 4th line and the Rangers should have another center to play higher up. just don’t know who that is or where he’s coming from.

  161. Lundqvist hasn’t been anywhere close to the top 10 players in the league this year, Manny

    probably not even in the top 30

  162. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think one of the dumbest things the msg crowds ever did was the we can’t hear you chant to boudreau and the caps…they proceeded to knock us right out of the playoffs lol!


  163. I heard the conversation between Bickel and Crombeen. It went like this:

    BJ: “Hey man. You wanna “go”? My team is soft and I don’t mind getting punched a few times”

    Bickel: “Hey. Come on, dude. I’m playing Forward now. I’m trying to impress my coach with my skating and stick handling*”

    BJ: “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease”

    Bickel: “Fine. Hit me first though.”

    *speaking of stick handling – Bickel didn’t see much ice time after that puck bounced right past him and, as a result, he failed to clear the zone.

  164. Carp – wait a minute. During the offseason, I said he’s not a top 20-25 player and you disagreed with me. Now you are saying he’s not? Are you flip-flopping on us?!?

    And for everyone else, like I said, Nash has done really well against Tampa because their defense stinks. He has so much room to do whatever he wants against them. Don’t expect him to be allowed to play like that against Pittsburgh or Boston.

  165. stuart, nobody disagrees with you on the issue that he needs to produce some offense. Nobody.

    But, even if only as a fourth-liner, he’s better than Powe, Halpern, Asham and many of the others who have played there this year (Rupp, Mashinter, Segal, Newbury, Ferreio or whatever his name was, etc). I’d go as far as to say he’s a more effective player than Pyatt. But of course Pyatt’s had a few go in … so I guess he’s obviously better.

  166. I don’t think anyone save Joe Micheletti and possibly John Tortorella believes Taylor Pyatt is a third-line player

  167. all the good of last night gets erased if we cant win on sunday vs buffalo. we need a streak now and these next 4 buffalo phil at isles ottawa is a huge strecth.

    after that 16 of 25 away from msg to end season

  168. oops

    I don’t think anyone save Joe Micheletti and possibly John Tortorella believes Taylor Pyatt is better than a third-line player

  169. So O’Reilly’s agent just admitted he didn’t know either that his client would have to go through waivers if the Avs didn’t match.

    Lots of people very thorough at their jobs…

  170. E3 – Nash is not better than Kopitar. Kopitar is a light version of Malkin and plays better defense. He’s a beast. Puts up more points, plays center, plays better defense. He’s one of the more underrated players in the league.

  171. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but perry won the hart a couple of seasons ago with 50 goals and over 100 pims, if that isn’t top 10, not sure who or what is

  172. Nash, Hags, and McD and Cally seem to have that inbred sense of where the puck is going to be as opposed to where it presently is that separates the gifted from the good. Gaborik did and no reason to think he won’t regain it. Nash takes the puck with him to where he wants it to be. Confidence has a lot to do with all of it, which can be hard won.

  173. Lloyd, best players in a league arent determined on a sample of less than 20 games. Henrik is Top 5 in this league.

  174. “top of head: Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Giroux, Tavares, Datsyuk, Stamkos, Kovalchuk, Sedin, Spezza, Hossa, Karlsson, Thornton, Kopitar, Vanek. I guess you could argue with Zetterburg, Ryan, Neal, Kane, Toews, and others.”

    Gotta disagree Carp. Ovechkin has been bad since he stopped using steroids 2 years ago, and I would never take Sedin, Spezza, Hossa, Kopitar, Vanek over Nash. And I think that if forced to choose between Nash, Giroux, Tavares, Datsyuk, Thornton, Stamkos and Kovie its a pretty big toss-up. I’m not saying he is the best in the league but inasmuch as you can rank these guys it is not at all silly to call him a top ten guy.

  175. Haha. I knew if I threw a goalie in there people would get angry. I know. But if you went by pure numbers the best goalie might be Crawford. And we all know that can’t be real.

    I was just having trouble choosing between the likes of: Parise, Sedin 1, Sedin 2, Perry, James Neal, Vanek (this year), .

    It’s actually probably (if you’re talking about RIGHT NOW then Karlsson is out and then I don’t have to do Defenseman):


  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart makes an argument. However, wins are that matter. If the rangers are losing then just criticism must be levied. Losing is not an option. As long as the rangers are winning, as fans, we should be happy. Pointing out players that are “underachieving” is somewhat reasonable, but not to the extent we lose sight of the big picture, that us, winning the cup.

  177. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    On a different note, anyone remember see miller just bolt to the bench for a line change last night while we had a great possession going in our offencive zone?

    Guess the shift length talk with the coach sunk in

  178. thing about Karlsson is he’s more or less the only guy at his position who can do what he does. among the better forwards in the game, you can find a larger sample of comparable stats.

  179. Vanek has been incredible this year, but he’s been really good since his first year when he was paired with Roy and Afinogenov and they were lighting up the league. His lowest point total since after his rookie year was 53, other than that he’s been around 70-75 and netting 30 a season. He’s better than Nash, but I’d put them in the same class of talented star and not superstar IMO.

  180. Corey Perry is not having a good season so far (goal scoring wise). In fact, he only has one 40+ season. He went 27, 50, 37. He’s got 5 so far.

  181. I’d take very few centers in the league, probably Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos, Toews and Datsyuk over Kopitar. Factor in age and I’d probably list him over Datsyuk and take Kopitar well ahead of Nash. He’s ever bit as productive and plays a better defensive game.

  182. Atta boy, Wicky. I believe I brought it up in a post last night. JT Miller does the little things well. He hustled like crazy to get Stepan on the ice there. That’s why he is staying.

  183. I will point out though that Kopitar has a cup, and you did say winning was the most important. Nash has won nothing!

  184. Vanek is easily one of the most underrated players in the game, if not the most underrated. Doesn’t help that he’s on a crap team but the guy puts very good numbers with hardly any fanfare

  185. Yeah, Vanek and Nash are very good comps. More 30+ G/60+ pt guys than the 40 G/80 pt reputations they carry.

  186. well that he’s no longer in the NHL doesn’t really keep his name in the conversation

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jonny – you are correct. Winning is everything. Put Nash on take Kopitar off, Nash has his cup

  188. Miller, though still learning, plays with a naked enthusiasm. I saw Kreider glide to the bench a few times at critical situations that called for a change. Not for nuttin’.

  189. Karlsson did that for just one year and most of those other guys I’d trust to hold a 1 goal lead in an important game more than Karlsson since they’re primary responsibility is to play defense.

  190. Karlsson had 10 points in 14 games before the injury (still leads the team in goals); he’s the real deal and will only get better on both ends.

  191. 10 points in 14 games translates to a 59 point full season. Not quite as good as last year.

  192. I think pyatt is better then boyle for 2 reasons. the goals scored is 1 and puck possession is the other. pyatt controls the puck much better then boyle and puck possession reduces teh strain on your defense.

    on who can fill boyles role. since i think his role is a penalty killer and to hit. many could halpern could, powe could and ferrerio probably could also. ferrerrio looked good but he does not have a big contract or the pedigree so back to the Whale you go.

    boyle does not posses the puck often, does not set up his teammates often either. he is simply a 4th liner and 4th liners are all over the place…

    nash is not a top 10 player. top 10 players produce year in and year out.. nash is a spectacular player with great moves but again it is all about production..i hope nash proves me wrong and pucks more pucks in the net over the next few years…

    my top players in no particular order is; crosby, giroux, malkin, datsyuk, zetterberg, toews, chara, sedin brothers, kovalchuk, stamkos, karlsson, tavares, eric staal, corey perry, and goalies are addtl.

    Nash is a very good player, but he has not as good as the 1’s above..

  193. Pretty sure when we got Pyatt a bunch of people on here described him as, “Like Boyle but a bit better offensively and plays his size better.”

  194. Vanek is actually more like Gaborik. Like Manny said, he’s really streaky. He’ll go out and put up a 3-4 point night, then go cold for a week and pop back up with another 2 points for a few games. He’s still the real deal, just like Gaborik is.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Many many players in this league – rather like arguing over your favorite meal or restaurant.

  196. I have a couple of old time uncles who still say Duke Snider was better than Mays. It’s called stayin’ blood to the hood.

  197. karlsson is the real deal. i seen him play a few games in binghamton a few years ago and he was a man among boys. pretty impressive.

  198. Not saying Karlsson isn’t a good D man, probably the best puck carrying D in the game right now, but there’s also a lot of guys that contribute offensively (albeit not as a high a level) and play a shutdown game.

  199. if i remember correctly he didnt score any goals, but had a bunch of assists. he could skate and pass extremely well.

  200. LMGO Carp compares hockey to baseball. “Elvis Andrus scratched due to soreness from tattoo.”

  201. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last night is a return to their expected form. Now it’s game on. Eastern Conference has been put on notice.

  202. I’d actually prefer it if they played a western conf team at some point this year

  203. Let’s pick it up, guys. This is getting like Poe’s ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue.’

  204. E3 – Eastern Conference just responded “ooooooOOOOOOoooooo, I’m soooo scared”

  205. by the way, in the picture above, what are these two guys still doing in the corner? You can see based on the other guys in the frame that the puck has already moved way behind the net to the other corner..these guys look like they’re fighting over an extra Big Mac that dropped out out of the drive thru window

  206. We should all go caroling with songs only about Hags and Nash…sounds like a country band

  207. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Ask a toad what is beauty? … a female with two great round eyes coming out of her little head, a large flat mouth, a yellow belly and a brown back.
    – Voltaire

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – Keats Boyer – Yankee 3rd baseman. Maybe the best fielding 3B ever.

  209. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp March 1st, 2013 at 2:20 am
    as somebody mentioned a while ago, it’s pretty hilarious that certain “fans” and “regulars” here almost never show up after a win … nothing to complain about, can’t hope the coach gets fired in the morning, can’t trade anybody who had a few bad shifts. Can’t blame a third- or fourth-liner.

    But fear not. The Rangers will probably lose a few games along the way and they’ll all be back with their predictable garbage.

    C’mon Carp you should know that bad news sells !!

  210. Wm Randoph Hearst to reporter: “I’ll supply the war, you supply the coverage.”

  211. Why didn’t we put Andrew Ladd on the list? He’s been fantastic.

    So has *Evander Kane*

  212. come on guys, let’s leave the “complaining about the complainers” for the LoHud Yankee site to master

  213. E3 – good luck with the TPA reports…mmmmmmm yeah, we’re goimg to need you to come in this weekend

  214. TPS TPA, I’m an idea guy, I can’t be bothered with details

    I bet Julia Childs can really pick thenm up and lay them down…ooops, I said lay

  215. He’s there almost every night, coos. Saw him around the lockerroom/coaches/GM’s offices afterwards.

  216. Doodie Machetto on

    JR “If something is definitely going to happen then it probably might.”

  217. “There are the knowns and there are the unknowns…” Anybody want to laugh and cry at the same time, look up that Rumsfeld dandy. Can’t believe I once …oh, well.

  218. bull dog line on

    I work late on thursdays, so I get the pleasure of hearing Kenny Albert call the game on radio on the way home. he is great. last night it was Don Le Grecca. wow is he bad. had no idea what was going on. for about 10 minutes of the 3rd period the only D man on the ice, according to Le Grecca, was Marc Staal. just awful. the Rangers need to do better than Le Grecca. on the other hand, caught the game highlights on NHL.com. it was the Tampa feed. there guy is really good. I could listen to him call a game.

  219. More news on the O’Reilly stupidity. I believe Colorado technically could’ve claimed him off waivers AND received compensation for the offer sheet since Calgary would be the team that he’d have to clear waivers with. THAT would be hilarious. Mind you there are 6 other teams before Colorado that’d have a shot at him, but would’ve loved to see Calgary lose draft picks and the player they signed to an offer sheet and be left with less than they had before.

  220. Jonny – I heard on Hockey Central today that a LOT of management types that work for Calgary worked for, and were fired by, the Colorado Avalanche at one point.

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    bulldog, I had the exact same problem because I got out late last night. I had to listen to the first period and half of the second on the radio and he was BRUTAL.

  222. if I’m Derek Stepan’s agent, I’m making sure my guy comes away with no less than $7 million per year

  223. why was it a lock O’Reilly would have been claimed should he have gone through waivers again? would his salary be half-price?

  224. Unless the team really couldn’t handle his deal, Lloyd, it’s simply getting a good player without giving any assets up. Somebody not very far down the waiver priority would’ve taken him. I’d have been shocked if Columbus hadn’t.

  225. It was played in MSG last night ..no? If not, then how does Tampa Bay’s pbp TV cast blackout over the Rangers pbp? It was quite trying following their insistent crabbing about all the unfavorable plays by Rangers went against the Bolts. They acted like the Refs were in the Rangers corner.

    True, they did pay homage to Rangers top players particularly team speed and the play of
    Nash, and Lundqvist, ( they were heap disgusted with their own goal tender), and sort of
    sneered at the idea of Rangers having traded away the “key” players of their team just to get Nash. All in all, listening to them was a struggle and they also seemed to be behind the action much of the time…I came close to turning off the voice, but just could’nt bring myself to do it.They also recalled some great moments in Bolt history, with the old Bolt players now with Rangers. Especially Richards.

    Hope there’s no more blackouts of MSG broadcasts to the opponent’s callers.

  226. fran, I hear ya. You must live in Florida, only reason I could see you losing the MSG feed. I go through equally painful blackouts as well. The Penguins Paul Steigerwalt and Bob Errey are the worst. Caps announcers are annoying but not nearly the homers the guys from Pittsburgh are.

  227. I believe I may have said the odd negative word about Steigerwald and Errey at times…

    One of my favourites from a writer was Rob Rossi describing Crosby as “astonishingly undervalued by the media”, or something like that. Which is possibly the most inaccurate thing I’ve ever seen from someone associated with hockey that didn’t come from Mike Milbury’s mouth or Chris Higgins’ stick.

  228. Can we play Tampa Bay 10 more times please

    Literally jumped off the the couch fist-pumping to $wagelin’s goal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYQPqWt8K_k

    Really liking how Hagelin and Stepan are becoming bigger impact players just when they needed to step up. And barring any more setbacks, I think the adversity this team is overcoming will be a good thing in the long run.

    Henrik is going to have to steal some games and be better down the stretch. He knows this.

    Rangers have some secondary scoring, but Nash needs to stay healthy. Even when he’s not scoring he can divert attention of the other team’s top shutdown lines and tire them out in the offensive zone.


  229. Lloyd – he would’ve been picked up for sure. And no, wouldn’t have been half price. That’s for re-entry waivers, which I believe they got rid of in the new CBA.

  230. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone see Rupp’s fight last night? He got a few in. No doubt he’s a big guy. But, Bis was cut more because Rupper hit his helmet into his orbit than anything else. Really was not a big deal.

    He still is slow as hell and can’t play the game anymore.

  231. Thanks LW3H, the Chosen (first overall) One needs all the help he can get from the media.

  232. Speaking of Squidney, too bad there’s no double-secret, behind-closed-doors draft lottery after this lockout, maybe the Rangers could get lucky and win it.

  233. Speaking of Pittsburgh, Pigface Kennedy is their third line center.

    How many of you would rather have him than Boyle? I sure wouldn’t. That’s a face not even the mother pig loves…

  234. Jpg's sister on

    carp, what can JT Miller do on casino night since he is not of legal age to drink or gamble? Does he just hang out with NYR fans?

  235. Fifteen jugglers
    Fifteen jugglers
    Five believers
    Five believers
    All dressed like men
    Tell yo’ mama not to worry because
    They’re just my friends

  236. Does anyone know an easy way to advance to the last post on a Kindle Fire? These marathon thread s are killing me!

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg’s sister – sorry for the late response.. c. more meetings than normal… Exams to grade… Not getting enough sleep…

  238. ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother..and gentlemen in England now a-bed, shall think themselves cursed they were not here!” Henry V

  239. Yes CC it appears our boys have decided to parade tonight as an aquatic flightless waterborne krill eating band of brothers

  240. You, flock of seagulls, you know why we’re here? Why don’t you tell my man Vincent where you got the $ hit hid at?

  241. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Night class is M/W – but I prefer the radio as I can get stuff done ….. I was weaned on WNEW with marv and sal Messina …

  242. American Airlines misplaced my D 28. Got it back this morning. I know somebody touched her cause she just don’t feel the same to me.

  243. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The path of the righteous is beset on all sides by the inequities of evil and the tyranny of men

  244. Old film of Geacomin makes him look like mini mouse compared to Hank with all his gear. They were probably close to the same size.

  245. Yes Koos, I speak it. Sometimes a whisper, sometimes a scream, sometimes coherent, sometimes not. How about you?

  246. Doc” ‘The big defenseman from Nova Scotia moves it down the ice.” “Now they’re jostling in the corner. 0000000h!” And a much needed Brodeurian clear.” …”slithers into the zone.”

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And then there’s Pierre “and Ryan McD who on September 16, 1995 ate 3 peanut butter sandwiches”

  248. Papa, Martin makes a D28 guitar. You were probably referring to a weapon with a silencer. :)

  249. The place just isn’t the same after victory. Happy campers equal boring bloggers

  250. Someone complained a few nights ago when we had about 1100 posts that it took him 1/2 hour to scroll to current and he didn’t even read the comments.

  251. Coos, I require no silencer with my weapon, for she only shoots blanks ….snip snip ;))

  252. Who’s that other jersey announcer? He actually talks normally. Then, soon as a goal scores he goes into Emrick mode.

    He sucks too.

  253. How about the commercial where the pig won’t put the move on the brunet when she practically begs for it while they are waiting for a tow? Come on piggy, go for it already. You only get so many opportunities to get sloppy.

  254. “Why don’t they pull the goalie in the beginning of the game to get some momentum going?”

  255. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags is playing incredibly well – dreadfully slow start – but Lordy is he playing great

  256. Those pig commercials are as pathetic as they come. They try to rip off the brokerage baby commercials with a porker.

  257. At the end of this game, you will be mystified that Nash did not get even a THIRD star.

  258. So tell me in the photo at the top, are Girardi and Stamkos doing the Harlem Shake on Ice?

  259. Bickel wants to hear no more of the Harlem Shake. I wouldn’t argue with him for two reasons. ->

  260. e – no one ever wants to take a test, but the next day, before you even get the papers out on the dining room table, six of them want to know their grade.

  261. Ex3 Kreider troubles me. Timidity doesn’t play well on the ice, no matter how fast you can skate. The rest of the leagues smells it, and he is going to be tested until he overcomes it or becomes a CPA.

  262. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like Bickel – wish he played more – mistakes? He’s made a few – who hasn’t

  263. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – totally – grading essays has to be as bad as math exams –

    Papa – dead on Re: Kreider – timidity is not in a good hockey player’s DNA

  264. Especially when they start out: ‘Their was something that bothid me about this novel…”

  265. Honestly, I’m not a fan, I am a objective observer, conscientious and unemotional. I swear.

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I envy the PE department – watching someone swims laps doesnt seem quite the same

  267. Wind and rain, tell me why
    Summers fade, and roses die
    The answer came
    The wind and rain

  268. Ex3 – do you believe in awarding the Gentleman’s “B”. Show up, do your work, keep it real, get a B

  269. Didn’t see much on this line today. Just got in at about 12 and logged in. So, I dunno.

  270. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No papa – my students are mostly engineering students. They are weeded out till the end. I have no mercy. The lower lever classes I have a tad more sympathy…

  271. Never did that, e. Had some complaints, but why are they there if not to learn? Join the Army or Goldman Sachs.

  272. Agree with Torts, the kid needs to go down and learn the game, but the team also needs to see if he has the onions to play. I hope he does, but not sure if its in the DNA. Meanwhile Miller, you can tell, has it. Perhaps not the talent level Kreider has but definitely the onions.

  273. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We are on this earth to help as many people as we can and to learn as much as we can…

  274. I’m sure that message has been privately delivered. Torts is sharp enough to not go public with that kind of stuff, because of fragile egos, and, too, not giving the opposition ammunition.

  275. I learnt a lot from Tiki. He’s lately making himself rare around these parts and I sometimes miss his moxie, though he can on rare occasions stretch it a bit.

  276. if we see it on the HD, the league knows it. That’s what really concerns me though, you know they are drilling it into his head. You know they are telling him to watch how Callaghan plays, but yet he doesn’t show improvement. Its almost like he is showing to much respect to opposing players. Son, your 6’3″ 230, respect no one.

  277. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But BC played the RPI’s of the world too (great engineering school btw)

  278. Rochester has a couple nice golf courses, little else except the campus. But, that’s true of a lot of places.

  279. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Meanness and snarl aren’t teachable me thinks – it comes from within

  280. sup kids! what’s cookin’? just got back from my clinical practice… freaking exhausted!


    i always do well on my exams! ;)

  281. Skidmore keeps Saratoga Springs alive once the ponies leave. 45 bars and hardly anyone over 21, but the cops let it be to keep the town breathing.

  282. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Blue bloods it seems papa – he should have grown up with having to fight for the extra crumb

  283. Boyle’s wandering around looking for something to hit. 12 brothers and sisters, I’m sure he learned early.

  284. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Omg – Lucic – we have had maybe 2 of that kind of player in 80 years

  285. A pocketful of jewels and a primo education, you can always leave in the middle of the night even if the martians invade and they can’t take them away from you.

  286. Boyle, skates like Bambi when he and Thumper stepped on the frozen pond. Nice guy, but c’mon you are a freak, start acting like it.

  287. Ex3 these fanatics who wouldn’t trade Gabby for Lucic! They know not what they speak.

  288. Kreider should probably just zoom up and down the wall alley, for starters. and arrive either angry or with the puck. Keep it simple for him.

  289. If he were to make a mistake, we all prefer he uses them on hockey. He’s too valuable elsewhere.

  290. I’ve been very down on team so far, but must admit, last night was a good sign. I thought Richard even looked okay

  291. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let me say its a pleasure talking with y’all – during the day I find myself arguing constantly

  292. I’m still gonna buy him out either this year or next, depending upon what other options I have to spend on.

  293. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Colgate good school

    Last night was great game papa – but they need to move up – 7th or 8th might not be good enough to win a round – sad as it sounds – I hope malkin is effed up

  294. The problem I have with people is that they keep talking while I’m interrupting!

  295. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I think it depends how it winds up playoff wise – we win 2 rds – everyone stays – even richards

  296. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sometimes it’s just the 3 of us talking while everyone else prattles on

  297. Interesting mix here, be interesting to get us all in a room and try and guess who is who. Me thinks we have some younger fans who perhaps are not yet tainted like I be.

  298. Bruins……only team to both win Stanley Cup and beat fan with a shoe at MSG during the same decade.

  299. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – you play with words the way I play with equations – impressive, really

  300. E3, I was very young then a new to the pro- hockey style, you know, I came to this coutry in the 60-ies with $200 in my pocket.

  301. Saw the Who ( half the Who) play at the Barclay Arena in November. 1st time they ever played in Brooklyn.

  302. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – I hear ya – I come from a poor family too – we had nada – Christ I’m from east ny. In brooklyn

  303. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I love the who – 6 or 7 times for me…. Great live great in studio

  304. Eddie, I am not kidding, I was so new to the pro-hockey in the mid-60ties, when I arrived here with $200 in my pocket, so any cheap entertainment was O.K.

  305. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I mentioned this the other day, greatest show I ever saw was the who at the garden 9/16/79

  306. Some internet sites are wrong about that rule’s date. Unless you go to a bone fide league site, they steer you wrong. That’s what I hate about the internet. No true fact check editors like in print. Even print is eschewing fact checking. Sad state. And then movie directors fake history to make it more interesting and topical and a generation of kids grow up with their azzes in their brain.

  307. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – when I cam out to CA I had $300 – no joke ….. Now, all these years later I’m a hundredaire

  308. Ex3 not sure where they are now, but if you get a chance, see this tour. Quadrepenia cover to cover, note for note. Ring Starr’s kid Zac Starky plays it just like Moon. I was bowled over.

  309. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The next night 9/17/79 Townsend rips his hand open doing one of his windmills

  310. The wind that whistles through the Barley, Yeats,
    Chills the short-sleeved eyes of Blake… (it goes on)

    That’s an original – no charge.

  311. Welcome to my life, tattoo
    I’m a man now, thanks to you
    I expect I’ll regret you
    But the skin graft man won’t get you
    You’ll be there when I die,

  312. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kenny Rogers who drummed for the faces took over after moon died – I saw shows on the 79 tour and then may 80 in Montreal – then SD and LA in 82 ( the clash opened in LA) then again in Oakland a few times later in the 80s

  313. Now, I am trying to teach my kid about tsunamis – when the water recedes on a sunny beach, do not be fooled, for a big wave is coming very soon, run for the hills. Sorry, no politics still. Just nature.

  314. eee, in case you missed it, some baseball player, his name now escapes me, was scratched yesterday because of soreness from a tattoo. Carp noted the difference between baseball and hockey. :)

  315. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We have alerts out here in the pacific

    Papa – I loved the clash

    Saw Joe strummer solo after clash broke up in SD around 83

  316. JS & the Mescalaros?? He lived out on the West Coast after the Clash me thinks??

  317. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Had a mini tsunami in Santa Cruz couple of years ago -friggen earthquakes constantly

  318. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He might have moved out west – it was in a little hall – 2000 tops

  319. I’d ask who you were arguing with, eee, but I’m sure you’re happy to forget it.

  320. The last time I had a dinner eating with my hands was in 1971 in Kuala Lumpur – the Paraguay incident was strictly Black Op

  321. With the talk Sather wants to bring back Zuccarello into the fold, how likely is this, and what do you think of him?
    I’ve always liked him, and didn’t think he received enough of a chance the first time around. I’d put him right on the 3rd line, and give him PP minutes. They could use his passing, movement, and shiftiness on the PP, because we all know the PP is always too stationary.

  322. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    GMen – I used to not like him – but he grew on me – he has skill no doubt – gets knocked off the puck easily – but so does Boyle

  323. I posted the blandest post this morning and I was blocked for moderation. I wasn’t even thinking a bad thought when I wrote it. Weird.

  324. Happens. I referred to Torts recently as , (to thesaur) a kittycat, and I was buried.

  325. Someone with a Kindel Fire asked how to speed scroll before. R u kidding? Read the instructions

  326. Papa, I was never “reviewed’, not for a lack of trying, can’t explain it. Even if you ask a question about who controls the NHL referees

  327. I am a passionate amateur with no allegiance, but I also suffer from occassional bouts of hypochondria

  328. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I have never been a fan of the passive/aggressive attack without specifying the opposition style of posting …. You dig

  329. There are words, PB, that the deus ex machina recognizes and ‘he’ expurgates the whole post. Some seem to get by that are worse than those that are flushed.

  330. Seems to me you always make other posters comfortable here, admirably to a fault

  331. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – I sit in a circle with the other 2 eddies and we hash it out

  332. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – thank you. That is my style – but I won’t put up with BS…. I ain’t looking for a fight – but I ain’t a weenie –

  333. coos – I haven’t been on the boards much this year yet. Are you the board dictionary? :)
    Eddie – Man, if Boyle could actually develop some skill to take advantage of his big body, but I don’t see any difference with him at all. Zucc at least has some skill. Bring him in. IMO, they are going to need a better than average 3rd line to beat the Pens, Bruins, maybe Devs in the playoffs.

  334. bird is the word. Tomorrow, Carp is going to post: “Would the late night cleaning crew please remember to empty the trash cans before you leave?”

  335. e must have some chips with the deus ex machina if like he say, his cock always get thru

  336. You killed the Prime Minister of Paraguay with a fork and you want a list of my maladies and address? :))

  337. The language is permitted after midnight, offensive still, the rules suck like always

  338. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Funny thing – when someone posts a funny – I give props – I think not so many do in kind

    Ilb is always very generous and affectionate –

  339. I think if Carp looks over the trash, if it’s okay, he passes it, but it gets lost in the shuffle, O’Mc

  340. Me sometimes slow on the up tic, especially after six or so glasses of water. Me thinks me herd the rooster crow, cock-a-doodle-doo??

  341. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You boys are up late – kooz will you be popping out of the sack by 2pm?

  342. I used to live on some acres in Connecticut and a distant neighbor had a damned rooster that started every morning before dawn. They’re like lions; You can hear them 2 miles away!

  343. I logged in this PM, and it was so boring, I checked out, Then, was out ’til midnight, and I looked in to see what was going on. Night time is the right time.

  344. Semiology? Speaking of semiology, I’m presently reading a book by Roland Barthes, “The Pleasure of the Text,” and I admit to wondering what in hell he is talking about half the time.

  345. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You guys ever check out SNLs the ambiguously gay duo?????

    Youtube it – that sit is hysterical

  346. I knew you would ask that. I looked it up in the county library on line index and they have 2 copies, but in rather distant towns. I will make my way to one of the sooner rather than later.

  347. He’s dissecting ideology, any ideology, for the wrong crowd – ideology only works for usefiul idiots and we produce them in droves

  348. Some scholars are show offs. Too many can’t write a paragraph without a self conscious need to display their…whatever it is they’re trying to display. Angers me.

  349. I give you credit. How do I not give you credit? You’re one of the few around here who can spell.

  350. Captain, yer overloadin’ her as it is. The power supply just isn’t built to take two hard drrrives.

  351. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – do you remember about a year ago – I told you to be polite to 4ever? I’m glad you listened….

  352. I promised then to polite to everyone, no exceptions, except to the fantasy league captains…

  353. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What time is it said the judge to Joey when they met…. 5 to 10 said Joey …… Judge said that’s exactly what you get…

  354. 4ever, yes, I remember him, where the hell is he? I once assaulted him for not posting more frequentle, is that it?

  355. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz check out SNLs the ambiguously gay duo – it may be the funniest sit ever made on tv

  356. I’m pretty sure he rubbed me the wrong way, but with a little Ben-Gay, I was good to go.

  357. Funny thing, I was once intimidated by CCCP, by when I looked for his weak spot, I found it and it was downhill from there

  358. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh yes, I remember u 2 feuding…. I defended you as we’ll I think, yes??

  359. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I remember engaging you a while back – before anyone else …. I think…

  360. You missed the “penismobile” – was that by Alexander Calder? Hey, they don’t get better than that impromptu!!

  361. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No, not too hard – just be true to yourself – being silly helps too

  362. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I always want everyone to feel warm and welcome – like a big party – where not everybody knows everbidy

  363. He posted from the Keys. I would find it difficult to do that. newbear, scroll up. I spoke to the issue and burned your holy card.

  364. Oh boy, I think I intimidate our Cooscoos ever since i mentioned Roberto Bolano’s “2666”, he is the Eng Lit maven

  365. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My good friends – I think I am not making sense – time to turn and burn

  366. If any of you folks who have quoted that Henry 5th statement enjoy reading historical novels but novels with a lot of historical facts behind them, try Bernard Cornwell, ( his latest is 1356;
    (what a hell of a year to have lived in) and his novel Agincourt wonderfully describes the way Henry with a small group of English archers, virtually wiped out the entire nobility of France, and their great steeds and long lances barreling down on the English position. He,s covered many great historical moments in his books.

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