Garden of Dreams Night tonight


from the Rangers:


New York, February 28, 2013 – The New York Rangers will host a special “Garden of Dreams Night” on Thursday, Feb. 28 at Madison Square Garden to raise awareness for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization that works closely with all areas of The Madison Square Garden Company, including the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, MSG Media, MSG Entertainment, and Fuse to make dreams come true for children facing obstacles.

Children from the Foundation’s partner organizations will participate in a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the Rangers, both before and during the game.  A teen from SCO Family of Services will kick off the evening by performing the national anthem, and will be followed a child from Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley, who will be part of the ceremonial puck drop.   Children will also have the opportunity to serve as the PA announcer in charge of welcoming fans to the game, fill in as guest reporters on MSG Network, alongside Al Trautwig, Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti, and help Blueshirt Buzz Host, Mike Pullano, with all in-arena activities.  In addition, several lucky children from the Foundation will get to be a part of the action by serving as honorary game director, game drummer or as a member of the Rangers starting line-up, as well as by riding the zamboni during intermission.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that works with The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) to positively impact the lives of children facing obstacles.  Through ongoing programs that use the magic of MSG – including the Knicks, the Rangers, the Liberty, MSG Entertainment, MSG Networks and Fuse – the Foundation develops strong, long-term relationships that truly change lives.  Since its inception in September 2006, Garden of Dreams has created thousands of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that have brought joy and happiness to more than 225,000 children and their families, including those facing homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care. For more information, visit


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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    i can imagine JoeM’s eyes bugging out of his head with all those hard firm men bodies in Tuxes at the garden of dreams gig

  2. JR: “I went to see Keith Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.” He must have made that movie before he died.”

  3. Haha. FLAMES. Their fans should be happy since management decided to try.

    That’s a *LOT* of coin.

  4. Flames sign Ryan O’Reilly to offer sheet, two years, $10 M. Key is Year 2 at $6.5 M; that’s big QO in two years

    who the hell is this guy to get that kind of money

  5. At least Bickel isn’t playing defense. I actually like him as a forward. Maybe he can get Vinny LeCav to drop em. I think he’s fought twice this year.

  6. Barnaby, who’s usually an idiot on twitter, said “We wonder why there are lockouts?? There U have it. Ding, ding” re: the O’Reilly offer sheet.

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “One game i was so concussed, I died and was then living again….not hard to believe when push and shove come together”

  8. Czechthemout!!! on


    How could I watch him play? He has been saddled playing with super center Bryan Boyle or that offensive wiz Jeff Halpern. Which means he either can’t ever recieve a pass,which for someone known to be a finisher with a good shot is a bad thing. Or he gets 5 minutes a night playing on the fourth line. When he played with Cally on one wing and JT Miller at center, he certainly did ok. But that was only 4 games. I didnt see the last three games, still in Milan until Sunday. By now though, the kid’s head is all screwed up and he is playing like he is afraid to make a mistake.


    Boyle has 1A in 14 games. As that translates to 6 A assists and ZERO goals in an 82 game season. Not exactly stellar numbers for a number 3 center who gets a ton of ice time.


    He earned his spot on the team by virtue of his being the best forward in the Devils series and the best or second best forward in the Caps series despite that one game where the lunatic coach benched him for trying to make a play that resulted in a goal that Lundquist should have easily stopped.

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    czech – kreider was sent down because Romney/Ryan lost the election…Torts had nothing to do with it :)

  10. Hey guys! Great news! This awesome reporter tweeted it:

    @rangersreport@ Nash, McDonagh and Del Zotto return to the lineup. Gilroy and Asham out. Lundqvist in goal.

    Better, Carp?

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boyle still unleads all Rangers with 0 goals and 1 assist…..nearly possible to match that…

  12. Did the flames overpay, sure. Good for O’Reilly. Played his cards well and he’ll get paid. And if he gets a ton of resentment from players in the lockerroom (either in Colorado or Calgary), then that’s his problem to work through it.

    We spend so much time whining about the lockout and CBAs and this is the system. Both sides should try and pursue their goals within the system.

    Time for players and owners to take responsibility and deal with consequences of their actions.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    And there you have it. Another small market phony owner crying about the unfairness of the large market teams making a ridiculous offer to a one year wonder and looking immediately to message the rules of the salary cap that this clown himself wanted iron clad. What a jackass!

  14. Czech…the hypocricy is undeniable. Ridiculous really but then again, compared to our “leaders” in Washington, they fit right in.

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    This is why the salary cap is bullkaka as a system. If you cant compete, you shouldnt be in the league.

  16. Czech, sounds to me like this “I like Kreider, I want him to play no matter how poorly he plays or no matter what’s best for him to develop, and I don’t like this guy or that guy, so I don’t want him to play no matter what role he fills … wah-wah-wah.”

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    Eddie x 3

    O’Reilly makes excess income. Way more than he needs to comfortably live on. The only people that should make money are the current and former politicians like Harry Reid, who turned a 180k net worth as a freshman senator into a 20+ million net worth in 18 years by making ” good investments” or any former polutico who after his term is over, gets a cushy board of directors seat at 250k+ stock options because of his supposed vast knowledge in a specific industry that he knows nothing about.

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