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1) I concur with most of the players in the lockerroom. I didn’t think this was a bad game. I thought, in fact, it was their best game in this six-game (1-3-2) streak, especially given the injuries and the fragile state of mind coming off those previous games. Not good enough, but much better.

2) I didn’t think they lacked effort. Yeah, they got scrambly defensively a few times. Yes, they sure made some mistakes. And absolutely, guys like Derek Stepan and Marian Gaborik passed up chances to shoot on odd-man breaks (and that speaks to the confidence level, too).

3) Fact is, their fourth line got lit up for two goals, one of those with the third D-pair on the ice, too. I’m not necessarily blaming those guys, because largely they were in position to make those mistakes because of the injuries. That’s a legit excuse. Like it or not.

4) I wonder if Rick Nash skating on his own while the team was in Canada, then taking part in the morning skate, are really positive signs as he recovers from what most certainly is a concussion (when asked point blank yesterday, he didn’t say no, and followed up with “I’m not a doctor.” So, yeah.). But if we know anything about concussions, it’s that we know very little, that every one is so ridiculously different than the next. A guy like Darroll Powe proves that, for sure. He got knocked unconscious and was back in a week. Nash didn’t miss a shift, and he’s been out longer. Who knows what Ryan McDonagh’s injury is, but you’d also have to guess concussion. Michael Sauer came back to practice a bunch of times and never could recover from the workouts. Marc Staal played the rest of the season and playoffs and then had the symptoms in the summer. So every one is very, very different. You just don’t know. So you don’t  know about Nash.

5) Olli Jokinen. Another guy the Rangers ended up getting in the No Gomez trade.

6) These injuries are opportunities for some of the kids, opps they might not be getting otherwise. J.T. Miller had some really, really terrific moments, created some stuff, bounced some bodies, looked like he belongs. Also had a few blunders. Chris Kreider was good and bad. Brandon Mashinter had a tough night.

7) The older guys, um. Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards were both better than they’ve been lately. But were both not good enough. Not nearly. Gaborik created some chances for himself, created a few for Carl Hagelin, and for Anton Stralman, who sure played a noticeable game. Still, he’s got to shoot on that 2-on-1 instead of forcing a pass to Richards. Again, is it encouraging that they played better? We’ll see.

8) I did manage a bad joke during the game about that line: Too bad Hagelin’s not from Finland, or you could have had the Finnish-Finished-Can’t Finish line. Relax. It’s a joke.

9) Miller also learned that what is probably not a holding penalty at any other level he’s ever played is a holding penalty in the National Lockout League.

10) That was about as good a crowd as the Rangers have had this year, save for a couple of loudmouth know-nothings. It booed at the proper times, cheered at the proper times, recognized important moments in the game, and made noise without T-shirts being cannon-fired into the stands. (well, the crowd made noise when that happened, too). But for whatever reason, on this night against Winnipeg, the crowed finally seemed to understand what it was watching.

11) Henrik Lundqvist. He’s still not all the way there. You have to love the way he takes responsibility, says that the fourth goal is a “shot I have to stop” and talks about how it’s going to be a tough 24 hours thinking about that one. He, like many others, needs to be better.

12) And while the Rangers still didn’t approach the way they played last year, this was a lot closer than most of their efforts in the last couple of weeks. The jury’s out on whether this group can play that way, and that is very doubtful if Nash and McDonagh, especially, and Michael Del Zotto and Arron Asham, are out long term.

13) Liked what I saw from Steve Eminger, Anton Stralman, even Taylor Pyatt. Eminger’s best game in a long while … of course he hasn’t played many in a long while.

14) Last and certainly not least, how about the Captain on this night? What a remarkable shift that was in the second period, three blocked shots, one of them shattered his stick, two of them throwing his body in front of pucks without a stick, a diving attempted hand-pass clear, and two body checks. Wow. That it took less than a minute for the Jets to score after that, and then that they scored again, was just criminal. And again, last year the Rangers take a shift like that and absolutely run with it, get all charged up, take over a game. This Rangers team came up with a couple of blunders and it cost them the game. Even the second effort on the goal Callahan scored was special.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Anton Stralman.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Taylor Pyatt.
3. Anton Stralman.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan (29.8 %).
2. Anton Stralman (13.91 %).
3, tie, Taylor Pyatt and Carl Hagelin (7.95 %).

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  1. stranger nation on

    stranger nation February 27th, 2013 at 1:52 am
    if I was King of France?

    wouldn’t do much unless I could unload age for youth.

    team is still 2 years away – solid D core, emerging young players, what successful NHL team has NOT built from within?

    Kings made some deals but cupboard was full of young talent, especially down the middle.

    growing pains are painful…

  2. Miller and Kreider don’t look to me like they’re ready to play at the NHL level. I think both are close (Miller may be a bit closer even though he’s on paper the less talented of the two) but would prefer to see guys with more experience as long as they are available. Hopefully Nash comes back and you can slot him right back in where he was. Kreider probably goes back to Hartford immediately as he’s completely wasted on the 4th line. I’d also rather see Arron Asham getting the 5 or 6 minutes Tortorella gives the 4th line than a 21-year old 1st round pick with a ton of upside. Let him get some conditioning in the AHL now that he’s had some exposure to the NHL in the regular season and hopefully you can build his confidence. I don’t think sticking him with Halpern and Mashinter/Bickel for 5 minutes a night will build his confidence. Miller appears to have a slightly longer leash right now but I think the place to develop these young guys when you don’t absolutely need them is the AHL.

  3. usual good post game summary.

    problem is the ygot zer opoints. ugly wins are better the npretty loses.

    again no ahsma is not a loss… they do not have enough guys who can score plain and simple..

    they need to remedy this problem and if it means adding quantity not quality and trading Gaborik why not???

    On the Nash injury front who knows. BTW Sauer also had a brother I think who had a concussion injury, I wonder if some people just have a higher tolerance against concussions or the reverse.

    montreal made a trade and the yare in first. nj have made 2 moves on the season so far. rangers the powe move only. I do think Powe is a big upgrade over RUpp but he is a legit 4th liner versus a John Scott 4th liner mu point being not a significant move.

    let’s make a move? WHy not? See what the market is for Gabby? See if trading a prospect will get them back some legit secondary scoring ….

    the bottom line is as constructed thsi team appears to be scoring defificent for the long term and they need to address this issue sooner versus later. Miller is more engaged the nKreider and therefore Torts is more acceptable to his mess ups and mistakes. Agai nMiller still needs help getting it out of his own zone but he is more involved versus Kreider who needs to be a better shot Hagelin… Not sure why he cannot figure out to use his speed and size to hound the puck…..

    disappointed with Kreiders development but he is very young…do not see hagelin or stepan becoming legit scoring threats this year if ever and having them be so important to the team because of gabby and richards playing so poor is the story of this team…

    $290 mill for the little 3; gabby, rihards, and nash.. when you bet wrong on big dollar guys you are screwed… i cannot believe the rangers woudl be better with aa and dubi and erixon on ths iroster then nash.

    boyle has been horrible, i know he is a nice guy, a stand up guy but really…cound how many times per game he gets knoked down…he is just a terrible player…he probably took off during the lock out, did not keep up his skating, and the nice guy cannot play…personally i rather my players be jerks but be productive jerks….

    the d is a top tier d but offensively they are challenged. no big shots at all.. how after all these years the rangers can never find a d man who can shoot????

    lundqvist has been pretty good but he is suppose to be elite…goal for was a bryzgalov goal, elite goalies stop that shot….

  4. 20 mill for the big 3…

    do not throw away the season make a move.

    henrik is 30 under contract thru next year only(I think).. you cannot rationalize they need more seasoning. Kings finished 8th and won the cup…

    girardi is 28, how long can his body stay healthy playing like he does..

    nash is 28..

    THE TIME IS NOW. management use your brains make some changes….

    i am dredding getting asham back really they miss a 4th line middleweight fighter..friggin unbelievable….

  5. if this is all mdz is going to be maybe you can move him for a d man and a forward.. other teams always think they can get more out of someone else prospect….

    guys who i would not be opposed to trading for the right deal are; mdz, gabby, boyle, and a prospect or 2..

    i do not trade mcdonagh for anyone….

  6. win the stanley cup. if the season ended today no way.

    things change fast in sports. a week ago they won 4 in a row and were 8-4-2 and looking good.

    they have 30 games…

  7. zach bogosian is 23, he does 1 thing mdz cannot do, he has a great shot..

    not sure he has as good all around game(not seen him enough) but he can shoot just like carlson and other young d men

    why can’t mdz shooter better, harder, more accurate?

  8. at 8-4-2 they did not look like the cup winner but again to thing the blakhawks are a sinch to win it all is a mistake.

    teams show there toughness during the season and management can make good decisions to help.

    sports is full of suprises.

    i am not overly impressed with anyone in the east, no super teams… boston is well rounded, big, good goaltending but again they are beatable…

    there are no montreal canadiens of the larry robinson, serge savard, lafluer days. those teams do not exist anymore…

    problem is our stars are not really stars…

  9. thsi team should not be blown up, they need some changes but no firesale.. no way you initiate a fire sale.. this team is young but not to young…

    torts and sather need to use there brains and figure things out..

    i like a team that rolls 4 lines, forechecks, keeps it simple and plays hard.

    this team roles 2.5 lines at best and there top guys are not top guys…..

  10. Tortorella doesn’t really roll 4 lines even when he claims he’s rolling 4 lines so I doubt that will be happening. They do need actual 4th line players, though. Boyle should be on the 4th line but Tortorella is convinced he has offensive upside. Losing Asham is a problem. Mashinter and Bickel are both AHL players. And on and on and on

  11. Without Nash this team is done. It’s scary that we actually might have a chance at the draft lottery this year and won’t be able to take advantage of it. Didn’t Columbus want MDZ too? Maybe we can sell him to them for our 1st round pick back. Another night where the best thing about being a Ranger fan is being a Panther fan. Was great to see the Panthers crushing the Pens 4-1 and then (as has become the norm) letting them tie it and then once agiain stomping on their hope with two more goals. THAT was an entertaining game. Rangers-Jets….. not so much.

  12. So you want to totally blow up the team Stuart and hope that a team that is already suffering from lack of practice time will somehow magically find a way to learn to play with each other and win?

    This year is a wash. You never trade DZ. His vision on the ice is rare. Gaby isn’t being moved until next year (if at all), once teams figure out their cap situations.

    Might as well just roll with what we’ve got to get the team prepared for next year, specifically the young kids.

  13. So lets trade our legit 4th D-man for a crapshoot pick? What would that accomplish other than set the team development back 3-4 years?
    DZ is the only D-man we have that can pick out a streaking Gaborik or Nash at the opposition blue line. If anything we need another like him, not to trade him and especially not to trade him for a chance to pick an 18-19yr old kid who one day might turn out to be Adam Hall II or (god forbid) Huge Specimen II.

    This year is a sprint to get into the 1-8 slots and hopefully if healthy and in form, do what the Kings did last year, no panicking and remember not to give up cap space that we need to keep Mack Truck, Stepan and others in Ranger Blue.

  14. been watching Boyle, and paying attention to how much he plays and when. he is as good as gone. they are going to trade him by the deadline, probably sooner.

  15. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had Callahan, Stralman, and Eminger. I thought Eminger distinguished himself pretty far from Gilroy and Bickel last night. Just a really solid game.

    You know what they say about a good loss during a losing streak. Let’s hope it holds true.

  16. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I just read larry Brooks in the NYP where Capt’ Cally ” says ” “It’s hard to be positive off of a loss, but we have to.

    “We have to hold on to something.”

    Wow ! Anyone wearing the C should never accept losing..!!
    They will never win until everyone’s attitude becomes a winning attitude.

  17. don’t you know, there developing Bickel. man he was awful, and Gilroy was not much better. there has to be someone, somewhere that is better than the mess they have as the 6th, 7th, and 8th Dmen.

  18. You almost made it a whole review without insulting the fans Carp, but then that last sentence of number 10….

  19. He’ll probably show me up by stinking next game, but I still don’t know why Steven E. Minger doesn’t always have a leg-up over Gilroy and Bickel to get in the line-up.

    He’s at least shown (last night and a few times last year) that he’s occasionally capable of playing 15-20 reasonably solid minutes if needed. Can’t expect that on a regular basis, but Gilroy and Bickel playing that much would only lead to a lot of center ice faceoffs.

  20. Bull dog totally agree. Now when u have a game when your big players are out you need your core to step up. The Capt did exactly that almost willing them. This loss is on Hank plain and simple, this is a game he need to steal, be the stopper, but he let a brutal one in. I know most games there is no room for error and the pressure mentally and physically is on him with our lack of scoring. But last night squarely on him, when we needed him

  21. AdamRotter Buzz: The Rangers May Try To Bring Mats Zuccarello Back This Season

    “The Hobbit: There And Back Again”

  22. Typical Rangers underachievement.

    We’ve seen this stuff all too much.

    That said, excellent write up by Carp – especially point #4, regarding concussions and how they play out is based on the individual.

    I wonder what difference Michael Sauer would have made last year, and this year?

  23. Admiral, Sauer was becoming a legit top 4 defense with nice combination of skill, size and nasty. He meshed very nicely with McD. They miss him. What a shame.

  24. stranger nation on

    Suggest looking at tape of first two goals against if you really love Strowlman – him and Staaal are a bad pairing, but don’t have many options with the injuries. Stawl has returned to his Zamboni ways – constantly going down to clean the ice in hopes of stopping the puck but just finding himself out of position

    Miller had some legit chances in the game – good stuff

    Gilroy – was he on his knees praying before the 3rd goal – has to block that pass if you are going down.

    Cally had a goal, should have had an assist on the beautiful feed to Step – heart of a lion

    Moving Hags with Richards and Gabby got them some puck possession but little else 5v5. King Richard has no strength out there – looks as strong as a squirt player.

  25. So the solution is get rid of tallest player replace with smallest player? Sounds simple enough!

  26. stranger nation on

    Geedman February 27th, 2013 at 7:53 am
    AdamRotter Buzz: The Rangers May Try To Bring Mats Zuccarello Back This Season


    *Somebody wake NYR*

  27. I will tell you this, if we do bring Zucc back, our PP will be better. Mark my words. The last time we had him in our lineup, our PP caught fire, then he broke his wrist, was out, never to be seen again, and our PP went right back in to the pooper. I would have no problem at all bringing him and his creativity back.

  28. stranger nation on

    Last night there was a lot of trade the Gabby Ghost. While he is no longer 25, guy is a legit scorer and will get something in return. If Avs are an option, and O’Reilly is on the table, you have to do that deal unless you believe this team will win the cup. With Landeskoog as his center, he may score 50.

    IMO – team still 2 or so years away. Last year was a tease as all the pieces fit into play, need a stellar Hank and it seems like that kid is keeping him up at night

  29. So if you replace Mash with Zucc or even someone else, and the line he is on doesn’t get major minutes, but he contributes on the PP, so be it. I am probably in the minority, but I am all for it.

  30. I said it yesterday, it would be really nice if Hank could get in a groove where he stands on his head and allows 1 or 2 a game over the next 20 to see if that could set us up to be in good position for the final 10 stretch run.

  31. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. If there is such a thing as a good loss, this was it. With all the injuries they have ( and we are talking your best offensive player, number 1 and number 4 D-man), this was as close to a full effort as they’ve played all year. I like what I see from Hagelin and Stepan, they’ve really improved, with a bit more confidence the goals will come. Callahan remains their best player since Nash went down.

    Having said all that, if Hank doesn’t get in his best form, they may make the playoffs but they won’t go nearly as far as they did last year.

  32. stranger nation on

    Hank will be more likely to ‘get in that groove’ if 3 of his D men aren’t gilly, bicks, and em

    Definitely sign Zucc – have to play him over Mashinter who should walk back to Hartford after that game last night

  33. stranger nation on

    How did Byfuglein look last night? Like Cooke if you ask me – slow and unable to play D down low

  34. This is going to be a tough room after a loss.

    But when a team can’t put away a lesser team, it becomes the lesser team! Trouble is they were never ahead in this one to even put them away!

    Last year the team played beyond its talent level and found a way to win a game they shouldn’t have. This year they have all the talent, and can’t beat a bottom 8 team in the conference!!

    Very frustrating!!! To think the Rangers are a bottom 8 team. They sure are playing like one. Just think how good that 1st round pick is going to be that they don’t even have. Ugh!

    We need to find Lighting in a bottle! Hopefully the Bolts will bring us a bottle on Thursday!!!

  35. ilb, what do you use your verizon dvr for? do you dvr anything other than Rangers games, and do you delete the DVR’ed Rangers games after watching them?

  36. I don’t get this move to trade Gaborik. Doing so puts the Rangers back to where they were last year: One line attack.

    I realize right now they have a zero line attack, but if you’re seriously pulling for a PO spot and subsequent run, you cannot trade any of your big cogs.

    Now if you’re prepared to abandon the season and look at recouping some prospects/picks that were lost in the Nash deal, that’s another thing altogether.

    Soooo, which is it?

  37. I don’t understand trading Gaborik suggestions. Without Nash at the moment, who is putting the pucks in the net? And who are you getting in return? I also don’t understand people complaining about him not going to the dirty areas behind the net enough. If I am his opposing team, I’m delighted he is there. Because any time he is at the boards, or behind the net, he isn’t scoring a goal. He was cherry picking last night a bit. I don’t think Torts had any problem with that. Without Nash, all need to be done is double team him, don’t let him release his shot, don’t give him any lanes to shoot. That’s what they did last night.

  38. And are we really pinning the season on the return of the Hobbit and bringing over 2 young Swedes??

    Has Sather even run this idea by his coach?

  39. torts welcome to the hot seat.

    yeah yeah you’ll all say i have no idea what i’m tlaking about.

    we’ll see

  40. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Callahan sulking is of no use.. let him play goalie if he wants to block shot :)

  41. stranger nation on

    The idea of trading the Gabby Ghost is getting something in return not just a bag of hockey pucks. With no first line center on the team, Gabby will not provide the value we need.

    If you feel this team will win the cup in the next two years, you hold on to him and hope King Richard finds “his kingdom for a horse”.

  42. #3: *Yup*

    4th line gets burned with a mismatched D-Pair on the ice. Most of those guys don’t even see ice time usually. What can we do? Those goals are a result of injuries.

    Overall there are a LOT of positives to take from this game. Hopefully they see the tape, get some confidence, get some guys back and come out banging on Thursday night.

  43. stranger nation on

    Gabby & Staal for Clowe (LW), Murray (D) and Pavelski (C)

    Clowe is an UFA this year, Pavelski is UFA in 2014 – and the Murray beast will allow McIlbust to develop in CT

    or just try to sign Getzlaf who is UFA this year and amnesty Richards

  44. Better game….Thought Eminger had some problems keeping up with speed but to be expected based on his playing time …..Bringing in Zucarello is a no brainer with depth and injuries right now….would be good for some life on PP and help in shootout

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “With no first line center on the team, Gabby will not provide the value we need. ”

    Yeah, too bad we don’t have first line center Erik Christensen back so Gaborik can score 40. Or maybe they can have Stepan center him like he did for most of last season when Gaborik scored 40 again. Or maybe they can get one of those great centers he had in Minnesota like Cliff Ronning, Wes Walz, Todd White, washed-up Pavol Demitra, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard.

    Oh wait, that’s right, Gaborik doesn’t need a 1st line center to score and all of the talk saying that he does is and has always been (like when they used it as an excuse to sign Richards and then he didn’t click with Richards until March) a fallacy.

  46. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thanks, Carpy. You are the best!!!

    Love the line name. Hags NEEDS to move to Finland!!!!

    I am not panicking yet. With injury players returning, this team can get it’s legs and streak. All that’s needed is to turn it up in the second half towards the playoffs and get on a run. That being said, right now, aside from Cally doing unreal things to try to spur the team, guys who should be leaders are not.

    It is very disappointing and downright unprofessional that players paid and expected to perform like Richards, Hank, Gabby, Staal, even Girardi, are not doing their jobs. Richards, the leagues highest paid player? That’s sad. Shame on him.

    Yet, I am still hopeful. For now.

  47. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Last year, this team started off with a team trip to Europe, then a long road trip out west. They were TOGETHER, married or not, AS A TEAM from the start.

    Only a theory, but this year, there’s limited travel, many new faces and a loss of some home grown ‘team players’. They play in clusters this year, or as individuals, but not as a whole team.

    The older players are married, some with kids. They want to go home at night. THe younger guys want to go have a drink or ‘pal’ around. This team is, like always, a hybrid of people at all stages of life. There has been no chance to gel as yet.

    The only way they can is on the ice. That will take much more time, if at all.

  48. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    IMO a couple of those “IFFY ” goals against Hank were a result of the D attempting to block the Shots.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Onecup, certainly not the 4th one that went five-hole. That was a back breaker and it was ALL on Lundqvist.

  50. I think he actually said as much himself…..Should’ve had the last one. But they are not losing games because of him.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    No, not at all. In fact, I thought he had played a pretty solid game up until that 4th goal. Some of the herculean efforts he made before Jokinen was left with an empty net were just simply breakdowns in defensive coverage that forced him to go post to post so many times in a row.

  52. stranger nation on

    Doodie – want to bet your salary this year on Gabby scoring a pro-rated 40 goals this season – 25 goals? comes to 18 goals in the final 30 games?

    Didn’t think so….

  53. If they can bring MZA, by all means. Mashinter yesterday showed why he spends most if his time in AHL….

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    The Kane shot was perfect. Henrik of last year MAYBE gets a piece of that, but honestly, that was one of the best shots I’ve seen this year and our D once again failed us because you can’t let him come off the wall into the slot unopposed like that.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    stranger, no, I wouldn’t, but it has nothing to do with Gaborik not having a center. It has everything to do with Gaborik just playing like garbage.

  56. There’s probably half a dozen teams with at least $15M in cap space this upcoming summer that will make a run at Getzlaf assuming he hits the FA market (that’s ignoring the fact that the Ducks have $25M+ in cap space themselves). Buyouts take place in June before FA period starts. It’s a big risk to clear up cap space for guys that might not even make it to the market.

  57. Have you noticed how some of D-men struggled to keep the puck, or clear it when they aren’t on their regular side? Gilroy, Eminger ( who I thought played well). They need to get McD and MDZ back

  58. Thinking that Perry and Getzlaf are on the market this summer is unrealistic. That’s why I doubt Richards is getting bought out this year. Next year- a very good chance.

  59. bottom line for the rangers is Nash, McDonaugh and Delzotto need to comeback soon or else this season is done.

  60. Definitely a good chance next year. The Rangers cap situation almost dictates it, and that’s before factoring in the cap recapture penalty to long term deals.

  61. stranger nation on

    For the record – Gabby has value – he is a goal scorer, but now we have three RWs with him, Cally, and Nash.

    He has been hurt in the last two seasons and will be FA in 2014 along with Cally, Kreider, Girardi and MDZ.

    After this season, the FAs are Step, Hags, McD

    We have to pay these guys, right?

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    stranger, in 2009-2010, would you have wanted to bet that Gaborik scored 40 if I told you that Erik Christensen would be his center for 49 games? Didn’t think so.

    Or what about if I told you last year that from November through February, his regular linemates would be Stepan and Anisimov? Would you have bet for 40 then? Didn’t think so.

    It’s the same problem Gaborik had in between those two seasons when he only potted 22 goals. Gaborik just isn’t playing well. Gaborik creates his own space and scores with that incredibly quick release. But he isn’t doing either this year. I don’t know if it’s still his shoulder. Certainly, the shoulder bothered him throughout 2010-2011, so saying that it’s going to bother him throughout the remainder of this year is a possibility.

    But I’ll tell you what the problem DEFINITELY isn’t: not having a 1st line center.

  63. Also, I can’t imagine that Toronto won’t be a major player for either or both of those two given Carlyle’s history with them.

  64. I know we are using alot of not-so-regulars, but this is about as bad a season’s worth of clearing attempts that I can remember…and a surprising number of them are ending up in the back of our net. I almost equate those to an unusually high BABIP in baseball, so it has to come down at some point, no?

  65. I was watching Hagelin play yesterday. One word came to my mind- slippery (yeah, I said slippery). He is very difficult to knock off the puck because he pivots on a dime with ease. Have you noticed at one point their defenseman ( forgot who it was) didn’t even bother racing for the puck against him because he knew he wouldn’t make it. Hagelin easily negated the icing. 2nd rounder in return?

  66. stranger nation on

    really thought they would win last night jumping on Cally’s back – Step buries that one timer in front and we win by 3 – have a team traveling halfway across continent playing last game of a 5 game road trip.

    Their goalie saved their assens – and Hank is not to blame for this one even though they put up 4.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I agree that banking on Perry/Getzlaf is not a wise choice. I don’t think Anaheim resigns both, even with their cap space, because they aren’t a cap team. But it is still certainly possible that they do.

    Either way, the Rangers have to consider buying out Richards this summer instead of next summer for the same reason that they sent Wade Redden home: what happens if Richards gets hurt next year? They have to make sure they can get him off of their books while they can. End of story.

  68. The New York Ryan Callahans

    It amazes me how someone without the size, speed, and talent of so many other players on this team is still the best hockey player on this team, by far. It’s like every time I see him I’m reminded of boxing, when the two opponents come out and they do this tale of the tape crap. One guy looks to be in better condition, has a reach advantage, has the height advantage, weight advantage. Then the fight begins and you watch the superior physical talent go down.
    Maybe this team needs to look more seriously at their effort. Yes, our guys are trying, but they’re still not trying nearly as much as Callahan tries. It amazes me that this team can look at the captain bring it like that, and they still cannot match his effort.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, you’re right about Toronto and Carlyle, but supposedly, that’s why Anaheim brought Brian Burke back as a “scout.” Maybe his presence helps keep them both around.

  70. and Im tired of coddling these multi million dollar earners like they’re the children of divorce, with their lack of confidence crap.

  71. stranger nation on

    Let’s agree Gabby is an enigma, wrapped inside a puzzle, across a chasm of uncertainty.

  72. We also had a few early, but slow developing one timers that the Rangers telegraphed, and the Jets were able to barely recover to tip away those passes (telegraphing is a realtive term, but at the speed of the NHL, .00000001 seconds of hesitation is a telegraph)

    But yeah, Step has to find a way to convert that extra point instead of placing it kindly into his breadbasket

  73. “2nd rounder in return” was a sarcastic remark to some suggestions to trade him a while ago, FG. I wouldn’t trade him, he makes this team much, much faster. He is good at retrieving the puck and holding on to. If could only finish.

  74. stranger nation on

    With Sharks having three centers – Jumbo Joe, Pavelski, and Logan Couture – can they keep all 3 under the cap and happy?

  75. Stranger Nation- this enigma scores around 15% of total team’s goals. Year in, year out. Including this year.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this about their offensive zone 5 on 5 play in the third period: I really liked getting the defensemen involved offensively, particularly in shooting the puck from the point. It changed the dynamic of the game. They need to keep getting shots from the point, obviously on the PP to keep the PK honest, but at even strength as well.

  77. The fourth line gave the game away. Mashinter seems lost. Have to send him back to Hartford.
    Gaborik has a great year every other and this is his off year. Hank gives up a softy. Need wins badly over Tampa and Buffalo. Do you guys want to see Zuc back? Here he may be back after KHL season is over.

  78. I know it’s been said 999 times, but it’s worth 1000

    In one game, Cally gave us one of themost memorable D shifts we’ll ever see, and one of the most memorable O shifts we’ll ever see. Really, we’ll be talking about those when his jersey is lifted to the rafters of the face-lifted MSG. I’m not trying to be melodramatic when I say that I can’t think of another Ranger other than Mess imposing his will on both ends of the ice by physicality alone…Leetch by pure skill, but not by physicality.

    Cally’s liek Jeter – everyone outside MSG will hate on him, because they don;t see exactly what he does. Their loss.

  79. doodie is right gabby when he is right shoudl create his own. bottom line he is not doing it….

    you do not need emga star scorers to win the cup.

    very good scorerswill do.

    nash, and some nice secondary guys would be fine if you had more then 5 guys who can score!!!!!!!!

  80. How did Giro possibly completely miss the net on that late game, open 35 foot chance from the middle of the ice?

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Carpm re: the crowd last night. Yes, it cheered and booed the right things, but when those things weren’t happening, I thought it was the absolute quietest it has been for any game I’ve been to this season. I counted exactly THREE legit “Let’s Go Rangers” chants.

    After they showed Nielsson on the screen, the “Potvin Sucks” chants had some good force for the rest of the game.

  82. stuart a February 27th, 2013 at 2:04 am

    usual good post game summary.

    problem is the ygot zer opoints. ugly wins are better the npretty loses.

    again no ahsma is not a loss… they do not have enough guys who can score plain and simple..

    they need to remedy this problem and if it means adding quantity not quality and trading Gaborik why not???

    On the Nash injury front who knows. BTW Sauer also had a brother I think who had a concussion injury, I wonder if some people just have a higher tolerance against concussions or the reverse.

    montreal made a trade and the yare in first. nj have made 2 moves on the season so far. rangers the powe move only. I do think Powe is a big upgrade over RUpp but he is a legit 4th liner versus a John Scott 4th liner mu point being not a significant move.

    let’s make a move? WHy not? See what the market is for Gabby? See if trading a prospect will get them back some legit secondary scoring ….

    the bottom line is as constructed thsi team appears to be scoring defificent for the long term and they need to address this issue sooner versus later. Miller is more engaged the nKreider and therefore Torts is more acceptable to his mess ups and mistakes. Agai nMiller still needs help getting it out of his own zone but he is more involved versus Kreider who needs to be a better shot Hagelin… Not sure why he cannot figure out to use his speed and size to hound the puck…..

    disappointed with Kreiders development but he is very young…do not see hagelin or stepan becoming legit scoring threats this year if ever and having them be so important to the team because of gabby and richards playing so poor is the story of this team…

    $290 mill for the little 3; gabby, rihards, and nash.. when you bet wrong on big dollar guys you are screwed… i cannot believe the rangers woudl be better with aa and dubi and erixon on ths iroster then nash.

    boyle has been horrible, i know he is a nice guy, a stand up guy but really…cound how many times per game he gets knoked down…he is just a terrible player…he probably took off during the lock out, did not keep up his skating, and the nice guy cannot play…personally i rather my players be jerks but be productive jerks….

    the d is a top tier d but offensively they are challenged. no big shots at all.. how after all these years the rangers can never find a d man who can shoot????

    lundqvist has been pretty good but he is suppose to be elite…goal for was a bryzgalov goal, elite goalies stop that shot….


  83. Rob in Beantown on

    I know I’m late to this party, but Callahan’s amazing shift in the second period was truly something to behold. When he blocked the last shot I stood up off my couch at home and cheered. It was a travesty that Winnipeg scored a goal about a minute later. Talk about squandering what should have been positive *momentum*. Is Thursday against Tampa Bay our Game 7?

  84. Ryan Callahan is incredible. He embodies everything that this team SHOULD be. How these guys don’t get inspired by his play his beyond me. Well deserved ovation last night.

    Yeah, the Rangers played okay at times, but look at the team we’re playing. They’re not that great and we still lost. I certainly don’t feel good about that.

    Carp, I was looking for you last night. I happened to be sitting next to the press box. Would’ve liked to say hello. Instead, I ended up meeting Kenny Albert. Really nice guy. Wished me a happy birthday on Twitter ha!

  85. I know the old cliche that injuries are no excuse but if ever there was a time to say injuries are the problem it is now. Our top forward by far is out. With him being out Hags has gone back to not being able to score. Probably our top Dman is out. And another of our top 4 Dmen is out. No wonder why we cant score or defend. If Nash and McD dont come back quick we are in for a lousy shortened season.

  86. People seem to forget that Gaby is probably one of the streakiest scorers in the league. He’s on pace for 30 right now and he hasn’t scored in 5 games. He gets his goals in bunches. Next game he can come out and get 2 and follow it up with another in the next game, which would put him on pace for 40.

    He’s been like this for the last 3 years with the Rangers and his whole career. Yet people are going to dog him because he isn’t Callahan. You can’t have a team full of Callahan’s, you’ll never win with that. You need guys who change the pace and get to the open areas to score. I think Doodie said it earlier, if Gaby is in the corners and on the boards fighting for the puck, the other team is happy because it means they don’t have to find him and he’s not open to get off a good shot.

  87. And now even though the team has a ton of injuries and make a bunch of moves in the offseason and had no training camp to get the team together, people want to trade away the core young talent that has been here and helped lead them to the ECF last year?

    Trading away Del Zotto and Staal and even Gaborik isn’t going to win the cup this year, or next year, or the year after. It’s going to set us back into 1998-2004 territory where we’ll be mediocre enough to miss the playoffs, but not bad enough to get a top lottery pick. But you guys are right, we should trade away everyone. I’m sure the Ducks will give us Perry and Ryan or Getzlaf for Marc Staal straight up.

  88. Fat Guy…amen to Cally. Like I said earlier after some knucklehead was complaining about him, I’d like 6 more please. Talk about trading this guy and that guy, I’m sure opposing GM’s would be lining up for weeks to get a shot to acquire Cally, Gaborik not so sure.


  89. Well that was my first game of the year last night. The Gardeb looks AMAZING. Not a dump anymore thank goodness. Good food too.

    The crowd was def loud. I got chills watching Callahan on that terrific shift in the second period. Loved that the crowd stood up and applauded and cheered. He deserves it. We need 10 more like him.

    Brad Richards has to go!!!! He is so LAZY and lackadaisical with the puck. And one thing he does that drives me nuts…..just throws the puck at the net from bad angles. In the last mjnute with the goalie pulled he got the puck in the corner and threw it in the slot and ended up out of the zone. Terrible decision making. He’s terrible! After all these years we still don’t have a number one center. He must be bought out this year and after next….let gaborik walk in free agency.

    He refuses to go to the dirty areas. He disappears in the playoffs. He’s supposed to be a sniper with one of the best writers in hockey….and he tries to sauce a pass to Richards???

    I also think the team is badly coached. How can they still stand around on the power play with 3 guys at the blue line?? I never once thought “fire torts” but I think his time is up. He can’t play tough grind hockey with this club. If he wanted that then then should have kept dubi and anisimov. I really don’t think they will even make the playoffs. Hope I am wrong.

  90. Ryan – if Gaborik is in the dirty areas, how is he supposed to be in position to score? People dogged Jagr for that even when he scored 54. He’s not a grinder type of player. He floats around looking for open space on the ice so that he can have an open look at the net.

    Asking him to go around and checking everything that moves puts him out of position from where most of his scoring chances come from. Not to mention, it means that the Rangers don’t have the puck, in which case he can’t be useful anyway.

  91. Lundqvist isn’t helping, but a lot of that is because he isn’t being helped. Last season, Prust/Feds/Mitchell/etc. were dropping low and forcing the puck to be moved up high, then they’d dart out and block the shots. Even if they didn’t get a piece, the shot was from 75 feet away instead of 35 feet, so Henke could stand deep in his net and wait for it to come to him.

    Now, with the forwards running around like chickens with their heads cut off (Taylor Pyatt, for example, who I do like as a player, but he’s confused in the d-zone), the other teams D-man or winger is allowed to walk in and rip a shot from up close (i.e. Carlson’s goal in the Caps/Rags game). So he’s seeing shots from much closer range, which obviously means a higher percentage of them will be going in due to the averages from that area.

  92. He’s not stealing games, but scoring a total of 8 goals in their last 5 games isn’t giving him much of a margin for error.

  93. Yesterday was Optimistic Tuesday.

    Today is Benefit of Doubt Wednesday:

    Missing 3 of top five defense ( McDonough, MDZ & Sauer) top forward (Nash) several players still not in top shape because of lockout including Hank (who is the most important player on the team) and Richards (we hope he is not in shape as opposed to finished).

    Benefit of the doubt?????

    But the clock is ticking and as each point falls off the table we are getting closer to disaster.

  94. Btw, how about some props to Girardi and his 28 minutes of ice time last night after crawling off the ice in Montreal on Saturday. The guy is a warrior in the Callaghan mold.

  95. This season is over. The clock ticked out. I’m fine with that. The only thing I’d like to see this team do is start to build some team unity and get on the same page. They don’t have to be like last year’s team, they aren’t last year’s team, and they never will be last year’s team. That doesn’t mean they can’t get used to playing with each other and define their own identity going into next season where they will have the benefit of being in shape and playing together through a full training camp.

    I feel like most people are just angry at this team because after how close they were last year, everyone thought getting Rick Nash was the key piece to lift them over the hump. That neglects the fact that they lost key role players who were used to playing in the system and that the lockout killed any chance of having the team get used to each other (both on and off the ice).

    I personally didn’t think they’d be as successful as last year, I had them finishing in 5th-7th and losing in the 2nd round to the Pens. So I will say this awful start is a bit surprising, but it’s not surprising based on that and all of the injuries they’ve suffered.

  96. This team looks like it doesnt want to play for Tortorella anymore. His barking has turned them off and our Power Play is awful. Bring in a third Coach to run the Power Play exclusively, a power play specialist PLEASE !!!

  97. Does Bogosian have a great shot like Erskine, Stewie?

    MZA = Total desperation move by Slats. I’m not against bringing him back though.

    I wonder who the NYR scouts were watching at the Sharks/Avs game last night. Fire up those Stastny rumors again!!!

    I hate to say it, but I kind of wish Hank got Mrs. Lungfist pregnant *after* they won a Cup!

  98. BTW, did anybody hear the story about Perry Pearn helping Zach Redmond after he was cut by a skate in practice last week? Thought that was a cool story that Sam and Joe shared. You can say what you want about his PP coaching, but Perry was always a great guy when he was here.

  99. Ponder this thought ???? Tortorella is here now longer then Renney, we have more talent but are we a better team ????

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, saying that the team is missing Sauer is a stretch. The guy hasn’t been on the team since December 5, 2011. I think it’s safe to say that management has been operating as if he was not a part of the team and has been since early 2012. Honestly, it’s merely by virtue of him having a contract that he is still a Ranger. If that was his UFA walk year, we wouldn’t be talking about him right now.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    MG: we were 1st in the East and made it to the ECF last season, so I’d say yes, markedly so.

    Also, that first half season for Torts is kind of a wash since it was basically him inheriting Renney’s lousy team.

  102. MGB, last years team is proof that they are a better team. They’re off to a rough start this year, but I’m not giving up on them. Especially in a shortened season, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    I wish they would bring in someone who has some success with the PP, cause clearly Sully with his shiny Jersey Shore hair is fuggin clueless.

  103. More talent overall, but Shanny, Nylander, Straka, and Jagr were extremely talented as well, they were just old. But the 3rd and 4th line on this years team (and last years) was much better. I mean the fact that Hollweg, Orr, and Betts were an actual line was kind of an embarrassment.

  104. @ Doodie Machetto, history last season tells us yes so I agree there, but looking at our team today are we really better then what we were 4 seasons ago ????…..Very Frustrating.

  105. Orr – bringing in a “PP specialist coach” isn’t going to help the PP. They don’t have the players for it. Not even that, other teams know they don’t move the puck quick enough so they challenge them more. They should keep the puck low like they would 5-on-5 and force the PK to drop into the corners so they can get it up top for a point shot.

    Either way, last year’s team had a PP that was just as bad and it didn’t seem to matter. Simple answer is tighten up the PK and keep pushing the pace 5-on-5. They don’t need a PP in order to win games. It helps, but it’s not necessary.

  106. MGB – Our bottom 6 now includes 1st round picks in Miller/Kreider, Taylor Pyatt, Brian Boyle, Jeff Halpern, and Arron Asham.

    Our bottom 6 then rotate a mix of crap like Jason Ward, Marcel Hossa (who might be my favorite Ranger ever), Jed Ortmeyer, Blair Betts, Ryan Hollweg, Colton Orr, Enver Lisin, Fredrik Sjostrom, Adam Hall, and probably a bunch of other worthless players, most of which aren’t in the NHL anymore. We had Matt Cullen playing 2nd line center when he’d really a 3rd line guy.

    So I don’t even get where you can say we aren’t better than we were 4 years ago.

  107. Jonny, Rangers have Nash, Gaborik & Richards. They alone, on the top unit, should be dangerous enough. Hell, even with an aging, depressed over being dumped by Olivia Munn/Erin Andrews, weighed down by horse teeth, Brad Richards, that’s still dangerous on paper.

  108. People who are still in love with Prust are probably the same who are still in love with Betts or any number of those players you listed.

  109. @ Jonny D………just look at our record and the way we play, besides, naming the players you just named from the Renney years proves my point. Tortorella has more talent to work with 4 years later with a better club and the job is not getting done. It’s very frustrating

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    MGB, yes, both in the short and long term.

    Think of any young players that Renney developed. Maybe Dubinsky? And he ruined Petr Prucha and Fedor Tyutin. And Renney had no qualms when Sather would sell our future for lousy rentals.

    Now look at Torts. Look at the HUGE jumps in guys like Callahan, Girardi, Staal (prior to his injury), Anisimov, Boyle, McDonagh, MDZ, Hagelin, Stepan, etc. And Torts fights Sather’s itchy trigger finger every deadline.

    Now, you might argue “Renney didn’t get a chance with those young guys” which is totally true. But then he went to Edmonton and was basically given 7 or 8 blue chip forwards and he couldn’t go a thing with them, instead overplaying guys like Horcoff and Smyth instead of giving the kids meaningful chances.

    So when I look at how young the core of our team is and how it has been progressing, yes, we are worlds better than where we were under Renney.

  111. Tiki – valid point. We should just bring all those guys back. We’ll lead the league in hits, PIMs, and PK %!

    MGB and Orr – Nash has been injured. Richards is shaking off the rust from an offseason where he was busy being in meetings and not on the ice. Gaborik is coming back from shoulder surgery. Plus yes, on paper they are dangerous. But you have 6 NEW players coming onto the team (Nash, Asham, Powe, Halpern, Pyatt, Miller) and none of them had a chance to practice/skate/watch video in Torts system for the usual 3-4 weeks they get before the season starts.

    It’s not just about the talent, it’s about having the time to put them all together and get them to play in a system. That’s the main reason why last years team was successful. Torts had more talent last year and got them within a game of getting to the cup finals. That team got blown up (the bottom 2 lines did at least) and there was no time to incorporate guys into the system. That’s why I’m not sure why this is surprising to anybody that they are having a slow start.

  112. “That was about as good a crowd as the Rangers have had this year.” The worse the Rangers are, the better and more hockey savvy the crowd is. When the team is good, the people that actually know the game get pushed out by those with large amounts of disposable income. As soon as they lose a few, those people bail, just like typical NY fair weather fans, more tickets open up, the prices drop, and the real fans come back. Some of the best crowds I ever saw were in the “Lowe must go” era…they sucked so bad but the Garden just got louder and prouder. The Rangers have really good, smart fans but because of the way this town is you only get to see it when they’re bad.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, as far as bringing someone in for the PP, why not bring in a former player to just work with guys who play the PP, like Leetch, Graves, or even Zubov? Or maybe go outside the organization and bring in a guy like Dave Andreychuk?

    Honestly, I’d create a whole staff of coaches specifically to work the PP. One guy to come up with schemes, a specialist for the point, a specialist for the wings, and a specialist for the man in front.

    The cap limits how much they pay players but why not pay a bunch of coaches to make the PP hum?

  114. @ Doodie Machetto…….not arguing with anyone here in a bad way, just frustrated that we have better talent then we had 4 years ago and we are still not scoring goals, have no power play and still fighting to get a seed in the playoffs. I thought we were alot better then that.

  115. anyone with any ideas why we are so often so far out of position in our own zone?

    I guess it could be “lack of talent” if you consider slow skating inability to make up ground a “lack of talent”

    But even in those cases, why are we so far out of positon in the first place?

  116. If you notice, all of the top teams in the league right now barely made any moves in the offseason. They might’ve added a piece or two, but a majority of their roster is still the same. Yet the teams that made big moves or coaching changes (Washington Capitals are a great example) are at the bottom. This will even out as the season goes on and teams like the Caps and Rangers will improve.

    Curious, how many of you remember the 94-95 season. This is essentially what happened then and why it was such a weird season. The Rangers had a boatload of talent (pretty much all of the key pieces of the 93-94 cup team), but they lost some key 3rd/4th line guys and it took them awhile to get going. They put it together in the second half, got the 8 seed, and steamrolled Quebec in the first round.

    Not saying this team will do that, but this slow start can be attributed to something. I think people just need to adjust their expectations based on the circumstances and be patient.

  117. Doodie, because Sauer is on IR doesn’t mean this team doesn’t miss him. That would be like saying if either Nash or McD are out for the next year and a half we wouldn’t miss them on next years team.

    When you lose an asset to injury, you lose that asset and any contribution they would have made. I believe Sauer would be contributing to the team and bringing a higher return than MDZ, Gilroy, Stralman, Eminger,

    Sauer wasn’t coming up on UFA but, if he where healthy and was, why do you think we wouldn’t of sign him?

  118. Fat Guy – unfamiliarity and lack of video session time. So you have guys trying to over commit and puck watch rather than worrying about where they should be on the ice. They are trying too hard to make defensive plays because they aren’t truly comfortable in the system, so they are thinking too much.

  119. That’s a good point, Doodie. As long as they have more success than Messier did getting through to them. Mess teaching them how to win faceoffs went through one ear and out the other!

    I think Andreychuck works for the Bolts.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    MG, it’s a losing streak. Everyone was all optimism when they went 6-3-1 in the 10 games before it started and we were still in only 7th place. Now we’re 1 pt out of 8th. Did we really fall so far during that time?

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, because Sauer is on IR doesn’t mean this team doesn’t miss him.”

    They would like to have Sauer on the roster, obviously, but they have constructed the roster with the knowledge that he would not be there. You can’t miss what you weren’t expecting.

    And Nash being out is very different than Sauer because we gave up a lot of assets to get Nash.

  122. I’m not looking for Gaborik to throw 10 hits a game. I’m talking about working along the boards. He loses almost every puck battle. He skates into a corner and stick checks once or twice and the battle is lost.

  123. Well, the team certainly hasn’t taken the Nestea Plunge in the standings, but you can see that inevitability in their play and positioning.

  124. That’s not true. There were many people on here that were still not sold on the team even during that 10 game stretch. Personally, I thought we turned the corner. But there were others that didnt.

  125. Jonny D Curious, how many of you remember the 94-95 season.

    I believe they squeaked in on the last day of the season against the Flyers. Glenn Healy in net, too.

  126. I bet people on here would be saying that Brett Hull needed to be grinding it out more in the corners rather than finding open ice in the circles or the slot with his stick ready for a one timer. Gabby is not a grinder. He doesnt dominate games like you see nash can do. He is a sniper who finds the open ice for the quick strike.

  127. I understand gabby is a sniper but wha sniper over oases like he has been doing? If he won’t play the boards then people need to stop throwing it in the corner and have him chasing it down. So many dump ins last night that were basically free giveaways because he does not fight for the puck.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, my point is, on the list of things the Rangers can blame their woes this season on, not having Sauer is probably the weakest one.

    That would be like the Flyers blaming their poor start on not having Pronger, or the Bruins being upset about not having Savard.

    When guys are out indefinitely, you move on like they aren’t there at all.

  129. Exactly, Cristobol. If I have to defend him, every time he is on the boards grinding it out, I’m happy….

  130. first post for today. was at game last night. carp is right in fact about one of the better crowds last night. booing was called for and cheers at times were appropriate.

    my problem with last night is after cally gives you the type of shift blocking shots and ignites the crowd and team what happens in the next 2-4 shifts winnipeg nets 2 goals. last year that would never happen. the rangers of last year respond prob take the lead and shut it down from there. this year team to me makes me think of 92-93 the year after presidents trophy we miss the playoffs. leetch gets hurt and the rest was history. messier gets nielson fired. maybe this year we are going down that track.

    hank on the 4th goal is inexcusible at time of game.

    richards and gabby = del zaster. looked a tad better but not much. if they dont respond soon it will get real late for us.

    injuries are all over the league so no excuse

  131. Kovy is a sniper. Stamkos is a sniper. You see them battle game in and game out for pucks. They don’t need to lay big hits but in the corner they have strength. And it’s tough to get them off the puck. Right now the wind would blow gaborik off a puck. You don’t have to be 6’4 240 to be a good puck battler. You just have to have determination. I think he’s lacking it for some reason I don’t know.

    You talk about open space. Good plays find open space or make their own space. Gaborik has done neither this season.

  132. Geedman – close enough. They beat Philly in the 2nd to last game to give them a 3 point lead over Florida. They lost to the Panthers on the last game of the year, but they clinched already so it didn’t matter. Not sure if Healy was in for that Philly game, but I believe you are right. But they got off to a terrible start that season.

    So they lost Anderson, Lidster, Tikkanen, and a few others I believe and brought in Verbeek, and a few scrubs, started off 2-4 in January, had a much better February, awful March, then went 9-6 in April to barely make it into the playoffs. With all the moving parts and no training camp (plus the cup hangover from 94), they were not the same team they were in 93-94 when they were the best in the league.

    This team reminds me of that team, minus the defending cup champs piece. And lets not forget what happened in 95-96, they finished 3rd in the East (mind you, they did lost to a ridiculously talented Penguins team).

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Kovy is a lot bigger than Gaborik. Funny you mention that you don’t have to be 6’4 240, but you listed an example who is 6’2, 235.

  134. Also somelne mentioned Jagr being a sniper….when Jagr had the puck you couldn’t get it off him. He knew how to use his size and reach to his advantage.

    He never creates or goes to open space. Why do u think he disappears in the playoffs????…..because the playoffs are tightly played defense first games and you get little to no space….its not good to have a guy in the playoffs who is a one trick pony. Unless he gets a breakaway and uses his speed he will never get much done in the playoffs cause he won’t battle.

  135. Ryan – Gaby is similar to Hossa (a smaller version mind you). Kovalchuk is arguably one of the 3 best players in the league. Stamkos is top 5. Those guys aren’t solely snipers either, they do much more than that and are superstar talents, and as Tiki said they are much bigger/stronger. Gaby is 6’1″ and maybe 190 if he’s lucky (he’s listed at 200, but I don’t think he is). Kovalchuk is 6’3″ and almost 230 pounds.

  136. Since the 09-10 season:

    Gaborik 112 goals
    Kovalchuk 116 goals

    big bodies, banging in the corners, blah blah blah

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I think there is some truth to Gaborik having to fight for the puck. He has to create his own space and make things happen with the puck on his stick. Gaborik has never been a pure sniper. He’s always been best with the puck on his stick, not just setting up for one-timers. His great hands and skating help make his quick release so deadly. And it’s not a slapshot release, so one-timers wouldn’t really be his thing anyway.

  138. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just wondering. Do they get some sort of award for playing well and losing vs. playing lousy and losing?

  139. Ryan – I didn’t mention that Jagr was a sniper. I was just saying Rangers fans used to say he went missing in key games/the playoffs, same thing they say about Gaborik. Jagr used to fight for those tight spaces by the defense and would hide so that the defense would kind of forget about him. Then he’d pop out, get the puck quick and rush to the net to score.

    Gaborik doesn’t have that strength that Jagr did, not even close. But he’ll go hiding for a bit then pop out into the open space when he gets that split second to score. Last year’s playoff run was a bit of a bad year for him and we found out he didn’t have much of a shot because he had an injured shoulder. He had chances though.

  140. Gabbys got the most goals and the most shots on the team. One of the highest shooting percentages. Unfortunately hes not a large physical presence like a nash, Jagr or a kovalchuk, but its up to the coaches and management that if they want a gaborik on their team they need to play him with players who can control the puck and get it to gabby.

  141. What a about stamkos? He isn’t huge. Marleau isn’t huge. Neither is Pavel Datsyuk.

    Datsyuk and Crosby are both 5’11 199 lbs
    Gaborik is 6’0 200 lbs

    All three can snipe but the difference to me is Pavel and Crosby shoot, pass, deke, use speed well, battle for the puck, create plays from nothing, and actually back check.

    All gabby does is shoot well. One trick pony. That doesn’t get it done in the playoffs I’m sorry. I love gabby but I think they let him walk after next season or trade him before then.

    Again I’m not putting all this blame on gaborik. I’m just giving my opinion on what I saw at the game last night and all season.

  142. ilb – we’re going to let Lundqvist be the PP QB now. Bickel is going to play goalie. Boyle is going to be the 1st line center/elite playmaker.

    CTB – forget your numbers. stats mean nothing! Seriously, people will see what they want to see. When they do well, it’s all gravy. But when the team struggles, it’s because Gaborik is soft and floats, Richards always turns the puck over and needs to retire, Staal can’t play defense, Lundqvist goes down to quickly, Boyle can’t stay on his feet, Torts and Sullivan can’t coach anything, DZ needs to be traded, Stralman is weak and never hits, etc. The list goes on.

  143. loads of skill guys get shut down in the playoffs, and we saw that last year for sure, first-hand. Spezza, Michalek, Semin, Backstrom, Gaborik (who had the shoulder issue). I believe Kovalchuk had two goals in six games vs. NYR. I think Ovechkin had three in seven.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ryan from NJ – you are making way too much sense. Stop bashing gabby. Don’t you know he used to be a goal scorer? Mickey Mantle averaged just under .300 batting average in a ling career. Yanks should sign him due to this great career average…. But wait…. He’s dead…never mind.

    You are right. Good players find open space or create open space…. Gabby? Not so much.

  145. Jonny, I haven’t scrolled down too far, but I imagine you’re not comparing Datsyuk and Gaborik as players, just as goal scorers, right?

  146. i also thought Gaborik created quite a bit last night. But, as someone who’s not emotionally invested in the team, I probably shouldn’t say that because somebody always has to be blamed.

  147. Yes Carp. Datsyuk is a much more complete and dominant player than Gaborik. I’d have to be crazy if I thought Gaborik was better overall.

  148. That’s why they brought in Nash, Carp. Shutting down two goal scorers is a much more difficult test. Unless, of course, you decide to trade on of them mid-season when things do not go well.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryan, Gaborik isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Crosby and Datsyuk, and I don’t think anyone has ever even imagined that they should be compared.

    And Gaborik probably isn’t in the same realm as Stamkos either. Stammer is a 60 goal scorer. Gaborik’s career high is 42.

    And you mentioned Marleau. Gaborik outscores Marleau pretty regularly, and certainly on a per game basis. And if you want to talk playoffs, you should probably find a better example that Patrick “Gutless” Marleau.

    Better comparisons for Gaborik would be Kessel and Vanek.

    Nothing you said about Gaborik hasn’t been true of Gaborik his entire career. He’s a purely offensive player. He’s not a Crosby or Datsyuk. Nobody has ever expected him to be one.

  150. Carp – all you’ve missed is that Gaborik, Staal, and Del Zotto should be traded for draft picks, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Ryan O’Reilly. Lundqvist has been terrible. Boyle can’t skate. And Torts needs to be fired.

    Oh, and the typically “this PP sucks” comments. You’re all caught up now!

  151. last nights game loss in my view was strictly because McDonaugh, Nash and delzotto were out. Hopefully nash, mcdonaugh and delzotto get back real soon. If they do, I feel the rangers will start putting together a streak that will get them in the playoffs, after that, anything could happen.

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    “Richards always turns the puck over and needs to retire”

    This was also true when the Rangers were doing well before the current losing streak.

  153. the Rangers sent Mashinter back to the Whale. why haven’t they sent Kreider back as well? he’s not playing much, why not let him play a lot in the AHL so when they may need him he’s hopefully ready.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Kovalchuk had a pretty bad back injury during the Rangers (and Kings) series. I was impressed that he was even on the ice.

    Also, 3 in 7 for Ovi was about his season’s pace last year (35 goals over 82 games, he scored 38).

  155. Pie-hat had some game last night – Step with Cally and Pie-het – they were dominant at times

    On 3rd goal – Gabby is in front of goal (dirty enough for ya?) and deflects shot which Straawlman deposits in the net.

    Richie was moving his feet and got off a good shot that Gabby could deflect – repeat – Richie was moving his feet – repeat – Richie was moving….

  156. Test worked there too, as well as task.

    That was the purpose of bringing in Nash.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish (Mashinter)

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it’s pretty clear right now that whoever is playing with Stepan is going to have a good game. The kid is playing great right now.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    No surprise they sent Mashinter down. After last night’s game he was going to be ass-splinters from how much time he would spend on the bench.

  159. Ok forget Gabby for a second. Can we all agree Brad Richards has been the absolute biggest disappointment on this team? Lol

    Does anyone else notice what I mentioned earlier?…that he just chucks the puck at the net at the worst times? Especially when he is behind he net throwing blind passes to the alot when two opposing players are tying up one ranger? I love the mentality of getting the puck to the net but it always seems like he kills a great forecheck with his turnovers. I also notice he’s always the last one back and loves to coast.

  160. On Boyle- the fact that Torts didn’t sit him after his penalty ( in fact, he was right back on the ice next shift), indicates to me that Torts was encouraged by his more physical, and more aggressive play in general last night.

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – creating is start …. Producing a bit better…. Especiall given his contract. highest paid player needs to be the best player…. Why is that arguable??? I am not saying trade him for some picks…. But he shouldn’t be picked up after this contract unless he is offered a boat load less money

  162. so far, as far as I see it, the rangers lost a bunch of players through trade or free agency. Because of the lockout, there was no training camp to help mesh the new guys in the lineup. Than when the season started, it showed and than the injuries started which killed any progress the rangers were making. Until this team is 100% healthy they will strugle.

  163. Reason the snipers are not as effective in POs is the opponent is focused on stopping them, usually using their top checking line.

    this is not rocket surgery…

  164. ilb,
    Boyle played 9 minutes last night. last season, when there were injuries, a game like last night Boyle would have played 20. he would have been part of the top 6. Torts has lost all confidence in Boyle’s game. I want him to succeed with the Rangers, but my gut says he’e gone.

  165. hopefully JT Miller can grow into a second line center so when the time comes to buy out richards the rangers will have Stepan as the #1 and Miller as the #2. One can hope.

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – true the opposing team is always intent on stopping you. At which time, you need to better so as not to be stopped…

  167. Gabby.

    *There will be a teams willing to take a run at him at the trade deadline. Sather has to make him available and field offers. He doesn’t have to trade him.*

    Doesn’t travel well with the puck on his stick especially when pressured and especially at the offensive blue line when he needs to make a move.

    He doesn’t do well in the corners and along the boards.

    He back checks and plays well defensively, understands positioning

    Has a good wrist shot, but scored most of his goals last year in the garbage area around the net.

    As a passer, I would say bad when he is on the move, better when standing still.

    He is not a superstar or a sniper but he is not a defensive liability either.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle still in the hunt to be the unleading scorer with no goals, 1 assist. He is checking out his rear view mirror as Emminger is now on the board….

  169. Gabby also had nice deflection on Staal shot in 3rd – would keep him in front of net and not have him behind boards at all – let hags drive D crazy behind net and look for Gabby in front.

    Not sure what to do with Richards however…

  170. Stepan had a chance at a shot on a 3 on 1 last night, decided to take the puck behind the net, and then passed the puck out towards the blue line. An unbelievably unintelligent decision.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Maybe the best thing is just do nothing….. Miss the playoffs this year…. Next year…. Year after…..Sather is great…. Torts is great….. Players are great……fans are loyal…..

  172. Final thought on Gabby, given the option, when it comes time to decide “shoot or pass” he needs to shoot, always.

  173. Step lost puck handle thanks for Garden ice which was worse than usual last night

    At 4 different times a puck was lofted down ice and fell like a wedge shot, some even had back spin – crazy bad

  174. Boyle, good guy, gotta go…..best for him and the team.

    When Dubi wasn’t scoring last year, he was contributing.

    Boyle not contributing. Boyle and Gabby in package might work for a team with Cup aspirations.

  175. I think the moment Mashinter turned around and went deep into his own zone instead of just clearing the puck, he knew he’d be driving this morning.

  176. Gabby has been 6th in the league in goals since he joined the Rangers, about 50 more goals than the next best Rangers goal scorer, Callahan. But yes the Rangers need less goal scoring threats.

  177. Jonny D, ahh, second to last game, ok. It was the first game I can remember watching so maybe I dramatized it a bit. Still time for this team to get its act together too.

  178. Eddie, he scored 7 out of 44 goals this season. Exactly what he’s done in prior year. Between 15%-16% of total team’s production.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    At some point, you say the past is the past. Gabby makes $7,000,000.00 this year. He is getting paid this year to score goals.

  180. The Kreider – realize the kid needs to learn to play all 3 zones, but not to have him out at PP time does not make sense. could be a good way for him to build some confidence.

    he has to be less communicative then his monosyllabic self these days.

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    So Ilb – if the rangers score 20 goals as a team in a season….and gabby gets 3 of them…. Do you rejoice???

  182. Nash is getting paid to score too, he’s got only 3 and then had the nerve to go out and get allegedly concussed.

    Are there better goal scorers than Gabby? Sure, that guy in Tampa a couple of guys in Pittsburgh. Are any of them available via trade, I’d say no. Does this guy in question have a no trade clause? Yes.

  183. If they score 20 goals, Gaborik is the least of their problem. Your attempt to convince anyone that his production is declining doesn’t hold water. The numbers support different picture.

  184. Every catch that promo aboot Hockey Night – are we not in the media capital of the world – this whole production is second rate and the on air personnel is atrocious – Pee-do, Duugay, Trout face,

    Why not just have Leetchie with kenny albert?

  185. Cross Check Charlie on

    Stranger Nation – Last season’s playoffs, Kreider was an offensive threat because Torts just let him play and “didn’t want to mess him up.” I guess he got what he wanted this year. He got him messed up.

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – rangers aren’t scoring – where are they as a team league wide? Gabby is their highest paid player and is getting paid to score goals that help win games…. Gabby isn’t getting paid to score 15% of the team’s total…..

  187. did I read someone say trade Gabby and Boyle to a team “with cup aspirations”? I have news for you, the Rangers have cup aspirations. they are not going to dismantle this team because they are struggling right now. they are not going to rebuild. they are going to ride it out this season, and if they don’t make the playoffs (I think they will) come back with the same core next season.

  188. Ryan – I agree. Richards is playing like Gomez. Shoot from any angle. It’s what happens when guys lose complete confidence in their games. The difference between him and Gomez is that Gomez was 100% confident in his game, and shooting from odd angles was all he did anyway haha

    Stranger – please tell me that’s a Ray Hudson impression. You would be my favorite poster so far this year if it is.

  189. CTB – plus Nash is paid to score goals. He has 3. I still hate his cap hit because a 60 point player should not have the 6th highest salary in the league. He was worth way more to Columbus than any other team.

  190. How do you measure that, eddie? Give me a mathematical equivalent. Goals per dollar of yearly salary? Cap hit?

  191. Ignoring the limitations of his no trade clause, who do you trade Gabby for? And not just “someone the cares, grinds, etc.”.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – if the rangers could win 82 games 1-0 then they only need 21 players that can score 4 goals each. The rangers need players that will help them win games…. I don’t see gabby as that effective…. Sorry…

  193. Cross Check Charlie on

    What would be the sense in trading Gaborik? You don’t trade your leading scorer unless you’ve got other scorers to pick up the slack and you’re looking for help on defense or goaltending.

    Who would they get for him? Somebody that scores less because the ones that score more aren’t on the market. Yeah, good deal there.

  194. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – it is hard to quantify, I agree…. But it’s like Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said 35+ years ago…. I cannot define pornography, but I know it when I see it

  195. If you guys are going to insist on talking about hockey here, I’m gonna hafta excuuuuuuuuze myself

  196. @Ryan in Jersey ill admit that at times Richards has looked awful, particular on the pitiful-play. But he’s the biggest disappointment on the team? He’s tied for the team lead in points. I can think of more disappointing things thus far. Henrik letting in some bad ones. Boyle sitting with no goals on the year after somehow scoring over 20 a few years ago. Mcd and Nash both having their heads driven into glass with no response from the team or league. These are all bigger disappointments than Richards.

  197. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Nash out there on back to back days…good sign. And McD is out there, so hopefully he’s back by the weekend, if not tomorrow.

    I think it’s fair to say that they do miss Sauer. Sure they have been operating without him for the last year plus, but it takes away from their depth, especially since he had a very affordable $1.25M cap hit. If you were to sign a comparable FA, it would cost twice that amount.

    Off topic, how did the Flyers add $3.5M Simon Gagne when they had no cap space?

  198. bickel was way out of position on the 3rd winnipeg goal. came up chasing by blueline led to a 2on 1 down low.

    i for one rather eminger over gilory and bickel

  199. They attempted this approach last year, eddie. Looked promising, grinding out 1 goal games. Until they got into the playoffs. Ottawa matched them physically, and they had to go 7 games. Ditto Washington. Couldn’t score enough to go through NJ. That’s why they added Nash. apparently, having one legit goal scorer isn’t sufficient. Easy to cover. That is why I do not understand the idea of removing the second goal scorer this year….unless you get something equivalent in return. These players aren’t readily available.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The leading scorer on the team has 7. That isn’t that many relative to leading scores on other teams in the league ….certainly we should expect more from a 7 M per year player…

  201. CTB – Not for anything, but Richards is actually on pace for the same stat line he had last year in regards to points, just less goals and more assists. Gaby is slightly off pace from where he was last year, but still on pace for 31 goals and 65 points per 82 games. Nash is on pace for 18 goals per 82 games (70 points).

    So technically all three of them are overpaid, but Nash more-so since his cap hit is the highest and his production has been about the same.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CTB – at 12:54 bingo!!! Ok let’s move off of gabby…. Who shall we dissect next? The entire team save Nash, Hags and McD are in play here…..

  203. Richards is by far the biggest disappointment on the team. supposed to be the top scorer and top center. he is neither of those. his poor play has dragged many down with him. they need him to be way better if they have any chance to win this season. if Richards gets going, the team will get going.

  204. Big difference between pointing out that guys aren’t getting it done the way they should right now and calling for dismantling the whole team. Pretty much what we are seeing is the Rangers playing about as poorly and inconsistently as this group can play, with injuries, and they are still very much in the mix. They’ll go on a tear, one is all they’ll need, and everyone will forget this rough patch.

  205. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’ve said it all along, I’d rather have a perennial 30 goal guy that plays all 3 zones like iggy than a potential 40 or 50 goal guy that is streaky and only plays one zone, ie gabby.

    That being said, virtually impossible to replace gabby and what he brings whether he is one dimensional or not. I think for the most part he has bought in to torts’ system and has proven that he doesn’t even need a top centre to produce

  206. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Not going to get myself dragged into the Gaborik argument again, but I still think the comment of the night was that he’s the worst 40 goal scorer.

  207. Eddie – Ilya Kovalchuk has 7 goals so far this year. So does Jonathan Toews. Should they be traded?

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – I am not saying leave gabby at the bus stop and drive away…. Package him and Boyle and get someone, if possible…… If not – status quo….. This team is as far from an EC final as any Renny team was….

  209. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Not sure who in the NHL earns their salary when 40 goals isn’t enough.

  210. Shanny, Shanny, Shanny…

    So thoughtful and proactive on the part of the NHL Player Selective Safety Department to produce that how-to video on tripping slewfooting. Yet somehow, this video was not included. Based on Shanahan’s description of what constitutes a slewfoot, this play is the perfect example.


  211. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Johnny – do those two players play on losing teams? Is Chicago’s record close to ours…. Good point tho

  212. So who are we getting in return? Who wants Brian Boyle at this point? If Gabby is so crappy, why would any team want him? You can’t just trade away struggling players for the hell of it and realistically think that teams are going to give you superstars in return…

  213. I agree with the guys defending Gabby. he was brought here to score goals, and he has. I also agree with eddie. don’t look at the STATS, watch the player with your eyes. Gabby has not played well that often this season. they need more from him.

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jonny – there must me a GM as stupid as Sather somewhere. Perhaps gabby’s skill set is better suited somewhere else… Just sayin

  215. Eddie – we’re talking about production though. Kovalchuk isn’t producing at his usual clip, yet his team is still having success. Same with Chicago and Toews. Fact is they have teams that can pick it up and they don’t need to be the focal point all the time. They have dangerous TEAMS (keyword). Gaby can’t do everything himself, he’s not as good as either of those two players, but he scores goals at a similar or better pace than they do on average. Yet the Rangers as a TEAM are not as good as those teams. Trading Gaby (arguably our best scorer) certain won’t help the team get better.

  216. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Do we instantly have to trade/release a player every time they slump?

  217. And I wish their was, but Scott Howson got fired. But it’s not worth trading your leading scorer just for the hell of it because he isn’t performing up to your standards. It’s just not worth it. Then you know you’ve tanked the season.

  218. Tortorella’s act has played itself out. Get a guy in here who puts the name of our team first. Watching this guy think its about him is getting painful to watch. His ego along with having no power play specialist behind the bench speaks volumes. 2 guys back behind that bench isnt cutting it although we havent had a “too many men on the ice” penalty lately so thats encouraging.

  219. Bull dog. Lets be real. If they have Cup aspirations we need to remove the psychedelics from the executive offices at the Garden. They are hoping to stay in playoff contention. there not even thinking about next year. If they don’t make the PO, Torts and staff will probably be looking for a job.

  220. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jonny – exactly…. If the rangers were winning we aren’t having this conversation …

  221. I agree with you guys that they need more from him. But I disagree with saying “OMG WE NEED TO TRADE HIM”. He needs to step it up, but trading him would be stupid.

    Plus I find it funny that the same people asking to have Gaby traded nearly killed Sather when he traded a struggling old Brian Leetch for the pu-pu platter of picks and prospects. It’s essentially the same thing, but even worse since Gaby is actually still in his prime.

  222. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    The thing is, nobody has said that Gabby’s production *this year* has been good enough. That doesn’t mean he should be traded. And Kovalchuk and Toews are on good teams, but so was Gaborik last year. And still, 40 goals wasn’t good enough. Because it was the worst 40 goals anybody has ever scored.

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alright my friends – I need to go preach to the willing… Enjoyed the discussion – see youse later on….

  224. Torts is not going anywhere. you can’t overreact to a lockout season. believe it or not, the Rangers are a well run organization. they will not panic over this season. playoffs or not.

  225. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    If you replaced Gaborik with a 25 goal scorer and another D-man, last year’s team wouldn’t have even sniffed the ECF.

  226. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Good thing we’re only blog GM’s here because the Rangers would be selling low on a lot of their players.

  227. gabby needs to play much better but what are we getting back by trading him draft picks. who will replace him right now the answer is NO ONE. let his contract just expire at end of next year.

  228. They don’t understand what winning entails, they think hard work and effort are the sole factors of success.

  229. stranger nation February 27th, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Geedman February 27th, 2013 at 7:53 am
    AdamRotter Buzz: The Rangers May Try To Bring Mats Zuccarello Back This Season

    Somebody wake NYR


  230. You don’t let his contact expire at the end of next year. You either try to extend his contract with reasonable terms or, if the Rangers are out of the playoff picture at the deadline next season, you trade him then as a rental to a contending team for draft picks/prospects.

  231. @ bull dog line……..I go back even past the Bulldog Line with Tkaczuk, Fairburn, and Balon. The Rangers are my team but i would disagree with you about they are a well run organization. Just look up their history and their present day GM, lets not go there.

  232. *Sather said that he has always liked Zuccarello as a player and Zuccarello is apparently willing to explore the idea of returning to the NHL.*

    *In Russia, Zuccarello played around 15 minutes a night in the regular season and nearly 20 minutes so far a night in the playoffs.*

  233. Shhhh….there is a good chance McD is playing tomorrow—–>

    I can bet that if he was playing last night, at least one of Kane’s goals wouldn’t happen. He could match his speed and wouldn’t allow him to come off the boards that easy….

  234. Stanger Nation on

    hard work and effort does not equal success – perfect – my time on this blog is not wasted then

  235. Stanger Nation on

    MG – sounds like a great retirement plan, too bad you have to spend your winters in NYC

  236. Stanger Nation, Im hoping my fantastic resume here will get me to FLA or Tampa real soon, can you help ?

  237. Glen Sather built quite the team. Say what you will about his early experiments, but Neil Smith left the franchise in a complete mess. He tried to use money to do a quick fix, it didn’t work, then got bailed out by the lockout and started over. The Rangers have been successful since then. Are you really going to bash a GM who drafted and kept a young team of players around that got them in 1st place and an ECF berth last year?

    I’m not the biggest Sather fan, but he’s taken Neil Smith’s mess and finally turned it into a competitive team.

  238. MGB, if you think the Rangers have ever had a coach who cares more about the logo than the current guy you are terribly mistaken. I dare you to name one. About him? He won’t even talk about himself. He wants no credit.

    Here’s another thing, the core guys, the important guys — Callahan, Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Richards — they love him. Gaborik’s not nuts about him, obviously. Lundqvist understands that he needs to be pushed and I think he appreciates being pushed by him.

    Cares about himself? Don’t know what you’re seeing there.

  239. Smith’s biggest mistake, besides some terrible drafts at the end, was that he knew he compromised the franchise to win that Cup by making the trades leading to 1993-94, then bowing to Keenan’s demands during that season.

    He got the go-ahead from Checketts to rebuild after kicking out Messier and after the Gretzky PR move failed. But he thought that, while they rebuild, the team could use its money (no cap) to buy a bridge until the rebuild could begin being fruitful. So he bought those six free agents that year and that was a disaster, further hindered by the coach he had mistakenly hired. Then the rebuild bombed because the Malhotra/Brendl/Lundmark drafts never came close.

  240. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Let’s all just agree to agree to disagree to some degree about the pedigree and e3.

  241. Carp, I agree with you.

    But I see what the guy is talking about. You could conclude from Torts’ behavior, from acting like a jerk to the media occasionally, to calling one of his players dumb in a presser, to squirting opposing fans with water bottles. Making himself the object of attention.

    Again, I agree with you. But I can see how someone might think differently, especially without having firsthand knowledge of the coach.

  242. I was making jokes, Carp. Im sure Boyle could fetch a 4th round draft pick, maybe a 3rd. He’s not a useless player like Mashinter.

  243. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, the Rangers want Zucc back? What’s the matter wasn’t Christian Thomas small enough? Are they marketing to the vertically challenged now?

  244. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    48 game season magnifies the losses.. I think the players are feeling the pressure some Vets included (Richards , gaborik ) usually the vets inspire calm and confidence .

    Nash seemed to thrive until his recent ( concussion ?)

    So I blame Joe Micheletti with those preseason Cup win it all predictions MSG ran for a while..
    Just kidding …

    Maybe a new veteran face is needed ?

  245. So to chime in on trades…if we could trade Gabbi and some combination of a 2nd or 3rd round choice, and Thomas or Mashinter for O’Reilly and eith Downie, McLeod or Shane O’Brien, that would be a great trade for us bringing back some Brandonness.

  246. Rick, how could you , a member of the media, after the way he speaks to you gentlemen during press conferences state that he is not about himself? How is Gaborik suppose to score from the end of the bench ? How is Kreider going to become a better player playing 4 minutes a night ? How is there going to be any kind of consistency changing lines around in the first period ? I respect that you are around him more then we are but C’mon Man. lets not paint him as Mr Rogers. He shouldnt talk about himself and he has nothing to take credit for with this team. If he turns this team around i’ll be the first one to eat humble pie but until then right now he has done nothing but frustrate alot of people with his attitude.

  247. Carp – great insight on the Smith era. Based on his handling of that situation though, it’s no surprise he hasn’t gotten another shot with an NHL team (outside of the summer he was with the Islanders).

  248. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just a guess, but I’ll bet Zucc doesn’t come back unless they promise him a regular shift. I doubt that he wants to come back and ride the pine most of the game unless there’s a power play.

    So, where do they play him? First line? I doubt it. Second? Probably not? hmmmm.

  249. Matts would be good for the power play but we do need to find quality bottom six. Last year the Rangers had middle of the road top six forwards and really good bottom six players and they were scoring about the same but a much more difficult team to beat. All Boston has to do to beat us is dress Lucic, Thorton, Chara and Rask. Sit the rest of the team and the Rangers will fold. Wow, I have become very sour on this team. Sorry. I will try to check myself before I wreck myself.

  250. very surprising to see Carp mention Muckler and a railroad and not have it be structured as Muckler being tied down to one

  251. So, the team needs more toughness and grit, and Sather is going to answer that by bringing in little fancy euro prospects?

    They lost 5 guys who, like them or not, provided some grit to the team, some “jam” as Torts would call it. Prust, Dubi, AA, Feds, and Mitchell. btw, both Prust and Mitchell are looking real good on their new teams. Prust’s value is being praised in Mtl, just as it was here. It was a major mistake to not give him a piddling $2.5m per yr/4 years. He provided so much in the way of intangibles that it cannot be overestimated. Boyle is crap without him.

    This team needs to bring in more size and grit to replace what was lost, and get back to the grinding team they were last season. Fancy ain’t gonna get it done.

  252. MGB, I definitely don’t want to debate this because like debating Boyle or Gaborik, I don’t want to come across as having a bias toward any of them. I don’t. I couldn’t care less if Tortorella is here or not.

    But his handling of Kreider, how could you or anyone not there every day know what’s behind it. And let’s be honest, the kid stunk at Hartford this year and hasn’t been good at all here. He’s going to be a really good player and they’re being careful with him. That’s so terrible?

    The way he treats us in his pressers is irrelevant, but honestly, 80 percent of the time this year he’s been pretty good, patiently and intelligently answering questions.

    He changed lines every five minutes last year, too. How’d that work out? Oh, right, I forgot that those 102 games are supposed to be erased by what’s happened the last six.

  253. Hell, Tortorella says (or doesn’t say) a lot of stuff to the press that can be complained about, but when does he talk about himself?

  254. Stanger Nation on

    Don’t we have a better record against Boston this year?

    it’s those damn teams from North of the Border giving us fits (sans Loafs).

  255. Stanger Nation on

    Jan – 7 games – 6 pts

    Feb – 10 games – 12 pts (w/ 1 remaining)

    March – 15 games

    April – 14 games

    Lot’s of hockey to be played (on bad ice, albeit)

  256. Stanger Nation on

    They need a PP specialist with canon shot and a veteran presence to bring them to the promised land….

    dare I say….

    dare, dare…


  257. tell you what, Jonny. If they fired Tortorella (not happening unless he loses the final 30 games), the next guy in line would be either Gernander (huge gamble) or Lindy Ruff. And if you think Tortorella bangs square pegs into round holes and thinks defense too much …

  258. I like Torts, but his handling of Kreider has been poor. play him, or send him back. 4 to 6 minutes a night with 4th line players makes no sense.

  259. I won’t be sold on Tortorella until he masters a Tarantella, and even then I’d like to see him do the Bossonova wearing a guayabera

  260. I’d love bringing Lindy Ruff back. He hasn’t been here since what, the mid 80s? Mind you, I don’t want them firing Torts haha

    And Carp – agreed. I didn’t think Thomas was bad, but I didn’t think he was good either. Young kid playing his first game in a tough environment, he held his own. He has so much more work to do though. Kreider is just working through a tough stretch. I don’t think he’d actually gain anything going to the AHL unless they had guys on the NHL roster who were going to play over him and he’d be in the press box. The kid is an NHL player right now.

  261. I like Torts, but his handling of Kreider has been poor. play him, or send him back.


    What part of “injury crisis” do you not understand?

  262. Fair point Rick, just voicing an opinion not a fight or debate….and no I dont want Lindy Ruff. Last year is last year and unless you won a cup (LA Kings) it was not worth anything but the media guide for 2012-2013 season. LETS GO RANGERS for 2013.

  263. FotiuNYR nice to here from you Nicky my fellow New Dorp High Alum! Sorry I broke all your scoring records.

  264. whats to understand Salty,
    yes there is an injury crisis. Kreider is up. play him. if you going to use him for 4th line minutes, well than bring up somebody else. Kreider is all about development this season. are you going to tell me he is developing this season? I think I understand a bit better than you.

  265. P.S. In the picture above, I am NOT the guy in the yellow seater in the stands…but dig the usher sitting next to him enjoying the game and letteing all hell break loose in the stands behind him. The fan in the top middle with the jersey, hat and goatee is PISSED

  266. Carp-not to harp too much on the Smith era, but why would he have hired Muckler? Do you think he was told too? Seemed like such an odd choice after Campbell.

  267. _Why would he have hired Muckler?_

    The NHL’s equivalent of the Rooney Rule – teams must interview at least one dead candidate.

  268. Salty – I agree with you, but only if there are players to replace him. I’m fine with him going to the AHL for a bit this year, but he can play in the NHL and has proven it, unlike Thomas (which is who I was comparing him to).

  269. No, I’m long gone, Papa. In Westchester now, where parts look like SI used to before the bridge went up

  270. and for the record, I won;t eat rocks…well, at least not if there’s another choice. Otherwise, they’re good for ruffage

  271. I’ll never forget him scoring that one-handed tie-breaking goal on Melanson…probably his in-game career highlight. The crowd exploded

  272. I thought Thomas looked overmatched. Not unusual for a kid in his first NHL game, but much worse for a kid in his first NHL game when the team’s going like this. … If this were a rebuilding year, or a low-expectations year, I think Kreider, Miller, Thomas, all of them, should be playing here and now.

    But it’s not, and I think when a kid makes mistakes on a team that’s struggling and not meeting expectations, it can really derail a career or delay it.

    Again, I’m not saying I know all or understand all — I certainly do not, not even close (some here would happily tell you that, and it would be the only thing on which we ever agree). But I do watch what’s going on without any emotional attachment that you guys have. I understand and try to appreciate that you do. I don’t.

  273. ANF, I have no idea why he did it, other than he bowed to the MSG crowd’s pressure to fire the guy (the players weren’t thinking he needed to be replaced), and was fooled by Muckler’s resume, which was to ride the coattails of the greatest team ever assembled. And Muck sold himself as this teacher of young players, when he actually wanted nothing to do with young players.

  274. is this a new excuse for this season? “At least they look good losing”

    ok then….still ZERO points at the end of the game, tho…

  275. I would like to see a combo of Muckler and McGuire. One will have a disdain for young players and the other will be reciting where everyone went to nursery school.

  276. Carp. I’m worried about Kreider. He doesn’t seem to get the physical requirements of finishing your check, get in on the forecheck, put the defenseman through the boards, be the first to the loose puck. I’m sure they go over it with him. Why hasn’t it snuck in yet? He seems to timid. Should we be concerned?

  277. Agree, Carp. If Nash was injured and McBust was out for the year then by all means get Mcllrath up here and see what our big 4 (Thomas, Miller, Kreider, Mcllrath) have got. Heck, call up Cam Talbot to back up Hank and trade Biron. What does it matter?

    But if those guys are coming back then only one youngster should remain and that is JT Miller

  278. C3, would you rather they not make incremental improvement over those two fine performances against Montreal? Zero points=zero points. but there is room for critique, isn’t there? and not all losses (or wins) are the same, are they really?

  279. You should worry about The Kreider. He played 4:33 last night. That’s almost as little time as Mashinter.

    Boyle = 9:55
    Callahan = 26:02
    Stepan = 26:12

  280. Cross Check Charlie on

    “and not all losses (or wins) are the same, are they really?”

    In the standings they are all the same. You get no points for moral victories.

  281. Then what’s the point of even discussing, or watching, the game? There was a TON of positives from this game. Especially in the 3rd period. Really good stuff to build on.

  282. but you try to improve as a team, and learn from losses, and correct mistakes. the loss to Winnipeg wasn’t terrific. It was light years better than the Montreal games, especially given the lineup.

  283. Carp – I don’t have any emotional investment with this team (or any other of my favorite teams). I lost that years ago when the reality hit that sports is a business. I still want my teams to win, but the finance guy in me looks at everything in terms of business and numbers. If they don’t win? I don’t really get all that upset.

  284. Ryder has one year left on his deal, Cole has a couple. Montreal has a few contracts that are up after this season.

  285. Yea, CT. I get Montreal’s side of the deal.

    I was asking why the Stars think that Cole is going to be anything aside from what he has been. And I know he scores around 30 for the past few. But he’s a garbage player.

  286. Papa – Kreider is a big kid, but he’s not a physical player. Never really was. He’s a speedy winger who can hold onto the puck, but scores most of his goals off the rush using his speed to blow past d-men. That’s what he did at BC. I never got why Rangers fans thought he’d come in and be this Eric Lindros type of guy who is big, fast, aggressive, and offensively gifted. He’s kind of like a JvR type guy, where he’s got the big frame, but he plays more like he’s a finesse 5’9″ guy.

    Manny – Cap move. Ryder was gone at the end of the year and they needed to fill up some cap room with a guy who can score (Cole did have 30+ goals last year). So going into next season, with all the UFAs they have this summer, it’s less cap space they’ll have to fill next season.

  287. Carp – not really. Just because I like the Rangers and hope they win doesn’t mean I care if they do or don’t. Fact of the matter is, if I lost my job tomorrow, the Rangers wouldn’t care. If I get a promotion or some sort of award, they don’t care. So whether they win or lose, I don’t really care that much since it doesn’t affect my life. I don’t see that as having an emotional investment, but that might just be a difference in perspective.

  288. How can you easily dismiss a guy that has the ability to put pucks in the net, as opposed to guys like Boyle or Prust that dont?

  289. Kreider should be sent down because he’s not ready to play in the NHL. That’s not a knock on him; few guys are ready to play in the NHL at 21. What we saw in the playoffs was an aberration, not because Kreider isn’t really good, but because opposing teams knew nothing about him and the kid was able to ride a high after winning a championship. Let him get time in Connecticut now that he’s got some NHL games under his built and allow him to develop. It doesn’t happen skating 4 minutes a night with Stu Bickel unless your idea of development is learning how to be slow and stupid.

  290. Tiki, with all the discussions I’m sure you’ve had with Yankeess fans about ARod (mostly his on field performance), you should know it comes with the territory that when the highest paid guys don’t live up to ridiculous expectations during specific moments they incur the wrath of the fans.

  291. OK, I understand Jonny. But that makes you a rarity here. Emotional investment would be a gross understatement for most of our great readers and commentators.

  292. I would love to see a list of big-money free agents (who actually switched teams) that didn’t work. Because most don’t come close. And Gaborik would be on the plus-side to date. We know the Rangers’ laundry list: Kamensky, Quintal, Holik, Kasparaitis, Drury, Gomez (though no Gomez worked).

    Can you guys name some that have worked?

    Ed Belfour, Marian Hossa? Most haven’t.

  293. Did you have to, Carp? Kamensky….I’m going to tell my wife the dinner is off for tonight….

  294. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Werd.

  295. Carp – technically those guys did “work”. They put up their career averages while they were here, only different was they got paid twice as much haha

  296. Jonny..not looking for Lindros, just looking for the type of player this Ranger organization has professed they want to build with; strong skating, hard forechecking, aggressive on the puck, aggressive on the back check. I’ll call it skill with jam.

    Kreider worries me because you know that they are in his ear all the time about it, but it has not appeared consistently in his play. No Jam. Not looking for Lindros either. Like to see a bit of Callaghan in his play, just a bit.

  297. I don’t discuss any other teams elsewhere on the internet. I only stick around here because of Carp’s leniency with me (for which I am grateful), and the friendships Ive made with ilb and others.

    I wish we didn’t have his contract, but ultimately, money shouldnt be an issue for Hank and Hal Steinbrenner. Unfortunately, they treat the Yankees like a business and are only out for the almighty dollar. George Steinbrenner would most likely be more proud of having me for a son than those 2 idiots.

  298. you both right. Graves was a free agent with compensation. so when the Rangers signed him, an arbiter decided whether the Rangers offer of Mallete was comparable to Graves. I forget who Edmonton asked for. that is how the Devils got Scott Stevens. the Blues signed Shanahan as an FA with compensation. the Blues offered CUJO, and Rod Brind Amour. the Devs asked for, and were awarded Stevens.

  299. Yeah but you get what I’m saying about high paid players and having an entire team’s failures pinned on them?

  300. Some guys don’t have that in their game though. While it would be great from a fan perspective to have a bunch of Callahan’s on the ice, the Rangers would be one of the worst teams in the league if that was the case. You need to have some guys that are different just so you become less predictable (which, to be fair, was something that caught up to them in the playoffs last year).

    What Kreider really needs to work on and why he should be in Hartford is his ability to pick his spots on when to use his speed and when not to. That’s one thing Gaborik is great at is sometimes he’ll coast and cruise around, then BAM he turns on the jets and blows past the d-man. He also needs a bit of work on his defensive coverages, but as long as he’s netting some goals, that kind of makes up for some of his defensive deficiencies.

  301. Doodie Machetto on

    Semin and Parise look good so far. Parise has a long way to go on that contract, though.

  302. Probably because by the time the top guys hit UFA their upside has pretty much peaked, especially forwards. You’ll get some guys that can maintain a high level or have a modest drop off, but by the time a lot of these guys are UFA they’ve been in the league 8-10 years.

  303. While I’m sure he has, I have trouble remembering Gaborik, while carrying the puck, ” turn on the jets and blow past” anyone, let alone a d-man

  304. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, how about the OT winner against Boston? Had possession and pushed the puck ahead a little bit so he could blow by Andrew Ference, then broke in against Rask and ended the game.

  305. He did it against Boston last year too, in that game where all you could hear on TV was Tim Thomas banging those goal posts.

    And I think he’s done it to Nabokov a few times in the 99.9% of his goals goals that come vs the Islanders.

  306. If I were on the opposition, I would be delighted to have Gabby battling behind the net. Sayin’.

  307. Like I said, I’m sure he has. Sure wish we could play 4 on 4 every-time he was on the ice. That particular play, not sure if he carried it around or pushed it forward and caught up to it. I have no problem with his speed. Consistent effort, that’s my beef.

  308. Stanger Nation on

    given the absolute joke our PP is – why not play the Kreider and that shot of his on the second unit, especially with Nash out????

    Pie-hat is a great plumber, but should not be on the pp

  309. He did have that good slapper vs Montreal at home last week. Probably went against Torts’ orders though.

  310. Stanger Nation on

    1 – Gabby, Richards, Cally, Stralman, Staal (MDZ)

    2 – Hags (Nash), Step, Kreider, Girardi, Gilly

  311. @NYDNRangers@ McD wanted to come back to MTL game but said #NYR trainers/#Habs docs didn’t want to risk anything & now he’s glad they made that decision


    What’s not to love about the kid?

  312. And by the way, he’s paid like a superstar offensive player, and I stand by my statement I’ve made here ad nauseam. He does not carry the puck well when challenged. He has no school yard one on one moves, seldom if ever beats an opponent with a one on one move. You guys found an example this year ( debatable) and one last year. I stand by my evaluation of this player.

  313. Just for the record, I’ve also said here, make him available, see what kind of offers you get, hold onto him if you don’t like the offers (although he may have a no trade clause). He is not an UFA until the end of next season.

  314. Papa – who says he’s not trying though? Just because the guy isn’t going balls to the wall every shift doesn’t mean he’s not trying.

  315. manny

    maybe the stars need the salary from cole because he will be one of 7 players dallas will have on the books in 2 years

  316. I’ll agree with the fact that he doesn’t carry the puck well. I also agree that he’s paid like a superstar.

    However just like the Rangers usually do, he’s not an offensive superstar. He’s an offensive star. He gets you 40 goals, and thats about all you get. Similar to Hossa, Perry, and even our very own Rick Nash. There are probably 15-20 better players than Gaborik in the league, so he is overpaid (as is Nash). But that is thanks to the FA market. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a consistent 40 goal scorer in the NHL, which is something that only a small percentage of players can say about themselves.

  317. So the Rangers paid superstar money for an offensive star. That’s what happens when you have to buy in the FA market rather than build from a lottery pick.

  318. and when we finally get a Hossa, we get the wrong one…just like a Stall…yes, that’s a double L

  319. Marilyn: “Joe, I’m so sorry you missed the premier. There must have been a thousand people standing and cheering a the finale. You’ve never seen anything like it.”

    Joe: “Yeah, well…”

  320. Hey, Marcel had that great month of February with Jagr and Nylander when he was a point per game player. Plus he’s a beast in the KHL!

    Seriously though, he’s a skilled player, but his game was not suited for the NHL. Much better with the open ice since there is more room to move around.

  321. bull dog, Slats wanted DeBrusk and Rice instead of Mallette, or the other way around, I forget. But he got Mallette, and then ended up getting DeBrusk and Rice in the Messier, ahem, deal. So both really worked out well for Edmonton.

  322. Stanger Nation on

    Carp – to be fair Kreider played :29 in first period PP and did not play on the 3rd period PP – in fact, he never saw the ice with just under 6 mins to go in 2nd period.

    amazing the rangers only drew 2 penalties – seems to remember Richards getting slammed from behind into boards in corner on one play.

  323. Of course the Habs doctors didn’t want to risk anything.. that franchise has already screwed up with McDonagh once before.

  324. Jonny

    It’s really just my opinion based on observation ( I did not see last nights game) although Torts has benched him recently, so he may have some issues from time to time as well.

  325. OK, I didn’t know it was so little. I just knew I saw him and Miller on the PP, and I think they (Miller) created a chance.

    CTB, first of all, how the byfuglien do you do those searches? You’ll have to tell me one day. Second, how many on that list have been unrestricted FAs to sign with another team?

  326. Jonny, agree on the overpaid FA types, and that Gaborik is one-dimensional, and I’d dare say he’s not nearly in the top 15-20 best players in the league. But his centerman is much lower on that totem pole and barring compliance assistance, he’s making more money and will forevermore.

  327. Martin Straka was a great free agent signing by the Rangers. Not exactly a big money free agent but a great player and worked out great for this franchise

  328. Regarding Kreider – I went to a BC game two weeks ago and now have a somewhat different outlook on him. He’s going to be a project. Not because he doesn’t have the physical skills but more that he’s going to have to learn to play the NHL game.

    What I noticed at this college game was 1) there was minimal hitting, and 2) size is definitely a factor. Kreider has never played the type of physical hockey thats played in the NHL, AHL, or heck, even Juniors.

    Out of curiousity I also checked out BC’s roster, the average forward is 5’11/189lbs and the average d-man 6’1/194. BC is a premier program so I imagine they’ve got a bigger team than most. Now these are kids, I get it, but contrast that to the Rangers roster – the forwards are 6’1/207lbs and the D 6’2/204.

    Kreider’s a big kid but for college he was a monster and easy to see why he put up great numbers – he’s not going to be able to use his size like he did in college.

  329. The Willowy Blondies Association of the Golddigger’s League had six scouts at the Garden last night evaluating Richards’ Buy Out Clause.

  330. Carp,

    Depends what type of search you want to do, but it’s in the play index tab on hockey-reference. Afterwards it lets you tailor the selection criteria based on pretty much whatever you want.

    From that list, just from memory Gaborik and Selanne are the only 2. You can take or leave Kovalchuk off since he hasn’t scored 40 as a Devil, but hit over 40 in the year he was traded. Likewise, Hossa hit 40 with the Wings but his other 40 seasons were Atlanta and Ottawa. Other players were either traded, never left their original team or never hit 40 after signing with a new team.

  331. JJP – BC is historically known for having a small program. They are all talented, but big guys like Kreider and Boyle rarely go there. They usually go for the small speedy guys like Gerbe and Atkinson, who were absolutely beasts there and are both under 5’9″. Most of the bigger players come from the Midwest and go to UND (exception was Parise), Denver, MSU, Michigan, and most of those schools.

    College hockey is pretty physical at times, depending on the rivalry and I’ve gone to a few back when I was at school where it was more physical than the NHL. The difference for Kreider is the speed. He was so much faster than everyone in college and so much bigger that he just went past everyone and they couldn’t stop him. In the NHL, he’s still fast, but the guys he’s going up against are bigger, stronger, and faster than the kids he played against in Hockey East. He never had to be physical, and to be fair he probably still doesn’t. But he needs to learn to pick his spots when he turns on the Jets.

  332. The guys on the Backhand Shelf podcast are all over Tort for the Rangers season. Definitely of the opinion that the team is underachieving and that is solely to be blamed on the coach. They also mentioned that he *lost the dressing room*

    (thought this would be good for discussion)

  333. I just noticed in the picture on top of this post, the fans in the background — you can tell which ones are the real Rangers fans. They’re dying. The others are thinking what they’re going to order from the waitress, or if they should check their stocks app.

  334. Guy in the green sweater, right above I think Stralman is doing like a buddhist meditation pose

  335. We call this photo “the emotionally and unemotionally invested attendees of a Ranger Hockey event at Madison Square Garden.”

  336. Oh, and on that list I posted you coud technically add Martin St. Louis since he was signed by Tampa after he was pretty much left for dead by the rest of the league.

  337. It is laughable, Carp. Just thought it might get the discussion thread here up to 1,000+ posts. Maybe bring some of the idiots out of the woodwork.

    It’s an ABSURD statement. Especially since, as I always say, a team over achieving or under achieving can be blamed on, or credited to, the coach, and other factors. So last season Tort completely overachieves to the ECF and a few business weeks later, he’s lost the room? Come on.

  338. My favorite guy in that photo was the guy immediately to the right of the guy in the white sweater. He’s wearing a hoodie with a Rangers Sweater over it. And his hand is on his head. Utter disbelief.

    That’s how I felt.

  339. Least favorite are those guys the row behind buddhist pose guy, the suit and the green sweater. Must be Jokinen’s dad and agent.

  340. Also, the guy standing up with the chimney sweep style cap on, screaming at the team is awesome. I can hear him yelling ” YOOOOOOUUUU SUUUUUUUCK”

  341. CT …….So Malkin made the list twice and Crosby once. So I guess Gabby > Malkin. and Gabby >> Crosby. Plus no Giroux, so Gabby >>> Giroux. ?????

  342. That list was solely based on 40+ goals since the previous lockout.

    I never said he was better than Malkin or Crosby. I think we’ve discussed that his best skill is scoring goals and he’s been in the elite category in the league in that department for several years. If the Rangers had better options either internally or could trade for one without ripping up other key parts of the team, then by all means go for it.

  343. The sad part is that Gomez’s first year with the Rangers is the 3rd best out all their FA signings in the cap era.

  344. CTB – The sad part is that Gomez’s first year with the Rangers was actually his second best season in regards to point in his career.

    That is what I was saying about the Rangers just overpaying for guys because they were the best FAs out there rather than them being a disappointment. Scott Gomez didn’t disappoint me because he did exactly the same thing he did for the Devils (15 goals, 45 assists, 60 points). So did Drury, Holik, etc. Had the team sucked for any one of those years, we could’ve had the top pick and not had to overpay for an elite superstar talent. Rangers fans would never accept that horrible losing season though.

  345. duckbill platypus on

    Let’s expound without frivolity the supposed lack of toughness which leads to the subjugation of the volition of the Rangers of NY. Last season they fought all year along only to see the fisticuffs dissipate once the clock turned towards 7 games series. With glee I lauded the dismissal of the rock ’em sock ’em Rangers. I remain steadfast that the team is better constructed for playoff hockey (with Nash, of course). However, in a truncated season, buffoons, like the Orr of Toronto, force imprecation upon those of us frustrated with our teams lack of tenacity or temerity. I would love to see fighting banned entirely.

    Warmest regardings,

  346. have to point out that Sather’s really got an abysmal record when it comes to signing 4th line free agents. I like Asham as a player but if the guy is going to miss a third of the season he’s a waste of money.

  347. stranger nation on

    pit bull is a lyrical genius – a true bard of the barrio, the Puerto Rican poet marstro

    who knew?

  348. Dale? whatever left of my brains after studying since 3am nonstop just exploded all over my keyboard.

    can’t believe this no-talent clown like “Pitbool” is making godzillions singing crap like “Dale get on the floor” while some of us on this blog every night come up with priceless material like songs, poems and just plain superb G(j)ibberish that goes unnoticed!


  349. mcdonagh got a certain amount of stitches for a bloody lip but the refs did not see blood and add another 2 minutes to the penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  350. *DUCKBILL* !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey buddy. I don’t agree about banning fighting but gosh is it great to banter with you.

  351. You know what’s funny about that ^hobbit wizard^ text? If we have the ^Hobbit Wizard^ we might have 2-3 more points to date since he might have won a few of the shootouts.

  352. ^Hobbit Wizard^ has nothing to do with The Prust. But if we did have The Prust we might have a team identity. And yes, I love the guy. But as I have said to you over and over and over, my love for the guy does not trump the fact that I would not give him a 4 year contract. 2 tops.

  353. Also, we couldn’t really celebrate a cup victory yet since they haven’t awarded it to any team yet. Probably because the playoffs haven’t started. Which is probably because the season isn’t even half over?

  354. I still contend that last night’s *loss* was a turning point in our season. Just get the big boys back and Chaaaaaaaarge!

  355. If we can afford him I think it’s a move you absolutely make. But he’s going to want some sort of guarantee that he’s not going straight to the AHL. But I would do it. That’s a “depth” signing I would take. Could you imagine his gigantic stick (I said it) flying down the wing opposite Nash/Gaborik (however they work out the lines)

    Remember, he was the ONLY person on the team that could actually PASS.

  356. Exactly. I tend to think we need players that can PASS. He’s also a GREAT teammate. They all love the kid…especially Tort….

  357. Yeah, and he plays with more snarl than some Rangers who are huuuge i.e. Pyatt, Mashinter, etc….

  358. Say what you want about Prust, but he is missed dearly on this team. This team has no fight left in it, it has one player with Heart and that is the Captain. Nash will have to put the team on his shoulders if they are going to make it. Hank has to dial up his game, he can’t be giving up 3 or 4 goals a game.

    Habs are playing like the Rangers did last year, and winning. Prust might not have been worth 2.5Mx4, but he sure has made a difference to the Canadians. If they make the playoffs he has earned his contract. Plain and simple. Can’t say that about Richards or Gaborik right now.

    Pleanty of time to turn the season around. Nash and Del Zotto back should help.

    I’m a Fan of the Hobbit. I don’t care who sits. Zucc can score. Nash and Zucc with Cally on the power play. With Del Zotto and Stralman on the blueline. Put Gabby, Richards, Miller on the 2nd PP line.

  359. Before the boos start, I was momentarily distracted by a call for assistance. Oh,… what made me start thinking was that if fighting were banned, we might (ironically) have ourselves a more physical game, and real talent replacing goons.

  360. It would also make the Prusts of the world (not that I didn’t appreciate Prust) less valuable and thus, less expensive against caps.

  361. “Everyone has to have something to believe in. I believe I’ll have another drink.” – WCfields

  362. Also, we might have the Hagelins and the Kreiders and other non-pugilists lining up the Lucics, et al for punishment so richly deserved.

  363. Cross Check Charlie on

    Banning fighting would only work if the rules came down hard on the cheap shots. They would have to make certain penalties automatic 5 minute match penalties or else the cheap shot artists will get away with murder.

  364. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    According to one of CTB’s factoid sites…. If gabby can take a carp by 9am, he is good for two goals…. Where does he get this from?

  365. 600 posts after they lost?

    I’m starting to get suspicious that Carp has sometnig to do with their injuries this year

  366. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I find it ridiculous to state that players making a ton of money are expected to produce…..

  367. IMO, brawlers like Chris Neil are given too much room on the ice by some because of his Silver Gloves rep.

  368. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa bear – great call out on gabby > malkin. And gabby >>crosby

    Cause that certainly was the implication

  369. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Apparently expecting gabby to score goals, cause he sure doesnt play in the other 2 zones, for 7 M per year is unreasonable

  370. E3, presumed that you mis-typed, but autocorrect can inadvertently create some odd outcomes. :)

  371. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    OJ still looking for the real killers….. I guess he isn’t around any mirrors in his new crib

  372. Thought I’d get hammered for proposing a ban on fighting, but either we have a reasonable crowd here, or no one is paying attention.

  373. OJ checked every sand trap from Winged Foot to Pebble Beach and hasn’t yet come up with any clues. I guess he’s still in the slammer for his other various peccadilloes.

  374. sorry I can’t participate in the fighting ban discussion. I’m too busy finding out what Dale! means and why he says that instead of Dial It!

  375. Considering the strange success of MMA, Bettman will probably push for MORE fighting. (As he gets his manicure and pedicure)

  376. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It would be nice for the rangers to win 10 in a row…. Certainly would slow down “everyone sucks” posts

  377. Imagine Torts reading this thread top to bottom? “Effen Idiot,” “Effen Idiot,” “Effen Idiot,” 600 times?

  378. My brutha…it ain’t as bad as it seems. Rangers brass are smart…

    I think the sport, specifically the NHL rulebook, is a in mess with this concussion business…

  379. “Well, it’s been eighteen years and a thousand tears
    And look at the mess I’m in-
    A broken nose and a broken heart
    An empty bottle of gin
    Well, I sit and pray
    In my broken down Chevrolet
    While I think to myself
    There must be a better way.”

  380. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – something needs to be done about head injuries…… No two line pass might need to return… NYT has an article on the NFL looking at bringing Neuro MDs on the sidelines during games…. But it seems too late by then…

  381. First thing they need to do is learn how to call a byfuglien boarding penalty the right way. And, boarding should always be a major…

    Next, they can learn what “holding” really means…

  382. “We told your mama that we’d be in by ten,
    Well, Suzie, baby, looks like we goofed again.
    Wake up little Suzie and weep
    The movie’s over, it’s four o’clock
    And we’re in trouble deep.”

  383. These guys are so agile, there should never be a need to call a boarding. It’s intent to injure. Who are they kidding?

  384. I actually read somewhere recently that Chara was quoted as saying after a game when he took Cally a little too hard into the boards that he regretted it because he likes and respects him.

  385. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a black and white photograph of the Dakota from 1888. Taken from the park…. At the time, it was the only building on the upper west side….

  386. John Lennon’s demise. (They called it the Dakota for just that reason – it was so far away from everything) You probably know that since you have the pix. It was sandblasted a few years ago and is no longer black. Don’t know when you’ve been back to NY lately.

  387. ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,’ Papa, scored by Ennio Morricone. I have a funny Becks story that I’ll tell you maybe after midnight if we both are around. Nothing salacious.

  388. if leafs beat habs they will be 8 pts clear of us for 7th. a lot to be behind. dont want to be in a position where 4 teams fight for one spot

  389. Milbirry’s rant was pretty funny. inexceptable!

    I didn’t watch the game, but Ovechkin looked pretty sad on those clips he showed

  390. Ovechkin crucified by Millbury, passionatelly hilarious.

    @ NYR_FAN, Hobbit will be back…

    ??? ? ??????? ??????? ????? ????????? ?????? ???????? “fasthander”?

    Damn auto correct, switched to Russian on me !?!?

  391. Maybe he should attempt to learn Russian from the Eurotrash he’s so fond of, so he can misspeak in that language too.

  392. stranger nAtion on

    did he pitchfork the puck after it was knifed thru the zone prior to the waffleboard?


  393. stranger nation on

    E3 – two great pics of Gabby above..^ it was the best of times (NYR celebration) and the wort of times (Jets celebration)

  394. The Wings – Kings battle in the 2nd now, great game, great warriors, speed skill, much better than disecting the Rangers’ mgmt.

  395. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – what I don’t get about many people here : if someone expresses concern, disappointment, exasperation, displeasure, etc etc about a player ( gabby as example)

    Then all you get is “he does this he does that blah blah blah – how do you replace his output blah blah blah blah blah”

    I just want gabby to do more – be better – not necessarily trade him – unless something very very good came back…

    Strikes me as bizarre…

  396. I was once stuck by a bazaar. Two of us were in tents at the time. Too intense.
    Who’s on the damned power play? Get that fool off the power play! Lord, give me chastity and give me obedience, but do not give them yet. I will let you know.

  397. I think what we got here, time to time, is a paucity of understanding of the subtleties and tough love of criticism, E.

  398. After a tough loss or two, I have flown off the handle myself trying to play GM and re-arrange this lineup. Happens.

  399. This blog has earned you, boneheads, an official upgrade to “ruminants”, just because of all of the Gaborik stuff.

  400. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers are clearly underperforming. One or more are not doing what they are being paid to do…

    If I am paying a lawyer $700/hr. I better win my case.

  401. Yes, E^3^. But, the Duckbill Platypus is a mammal, my curious friend…that’s what I meant…

    I don’t think Thommy likes me.

  402. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – one of my students came to see me today and told me he is having trouble hearing me cause of the voices in his head – NO JOKE

  403. I’ve had a few in the past, maybe not quite that scary. One guy was an older Viet Nam Vet returning to college and everything, EVERYTHING, he related to some grizzly war story.

  404. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYU is home to the Courant Institute – one of the best centers for numerical analysis is this or any other world

  405. Had a girl friend who took a Nutrition Masters at NYU. She literally weighed her food on a postal scale kind of thing. Needless to say….

  406. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    About 15 yrs ago I am giving an exam – about 60 people…. And all of a sudden I hear “stop that” – dude is screaming at me… I’m just sitting there reading a chess magazine….

    He said I was interfering with his brain by telepathically sending him the wrong methods to do the problems….

  407. Portions of food for Dustin Byfuglien are weighed by the metric ton…

    By the way, that is one LARGE dude…

  408. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is he really out of shape NYR fan ? Maloney on radio didnt mention his Christie like proportions

  409. Looks like he could eat Boyle, have Girardi for dessert, use Hags as a breath mint, and pick his teeth with Tortorella.

  410. Heard a story about a Prof, E, (may be apocryphal) who had three kids miss his final and asked for a make-up because they said they had rented a distant motel room to study over the weekend and they had a flat tire coming to campus. He sat them in three separate parts of the large room, gave them their test, and the first question was, “which tire?”

  411. Problem with “awaiting moderations” is that when approved, they eventually fall into the 12:47 text and are for all effects, history.

  412. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My recurring nightmare is – as an undergrad riding my bike to an exam and – flat tire….. Never allowed make-ups – which meant – you fail the class

  413. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – if you be axing where I be professin – I’d rather not say – at least in public….

  414. You’re not prying. I taught Eng Lit and Creative Writing, and E teaches Math, but his field of expertise is wicked high.

  415. I sincerely bow to anyone who can teach Math, and for English lit, coos, most of this lit comes from South america now, just finished “2666” and was stunned that even the person who gave me the book could not finish it.

  416. I’ve heard of that book, bear, but not conversant. For South of the Border, I like Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Eerie, funny, smart. Garcia Marquez employs a thing called ‘magical realism.’

  417. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Actually, teaching math is the easiest …. Just know your subject and like people….

  418. “Basho would have liked
    A lake like this
    Back roads to far towns
    Reflected in it.”

    Larry Ferlinghetti

  419. Eddie, I was a bit worried, intimidated perhaps, but thanks for quieting my heart.

    Coos, this book you have to read, Roberto Bolano did not even finish it, but neither did Musil finish his “Der Mann Ohne Eigenschaften”. The fascination comes in at the time when so many people write “small” novels with the lame excuse that “the novel is dead”, but still take a Peabody, huh?

  420. Coos, not enough limericks though, the haikus appeared almost subconsciously as the Ranger started playing “kabuki” hockey.

  421. Just looked up Musil (forgive my ignorance) and I see that his definition of a soul is “That which crawls away and hides when someone mentions algebra.” I must then have a soul because I do the same.

  422. Good evening e3 & dare I say good morning coos. As always i’m lmao & smiling with youse. Carp sent me your e-mail e3 I will try to catch up with you tomorrow. I agree with your 12:51 a.m. post eddie some of these commenters make me want slap them upside the head . I was at the game on Tuesday evening but from what i’ve read here I thoght maybe I wasn’t & I dreamt what I saw. Please keep up the gibberish I so look forward to it . Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  423. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – you are always welcome to play along with me and kooz. Also stop fighting with cccp. He is a good egg… As you are….

  424. Unfortunately, bear, the best limericks end up in the slush/spam file here. Hard to write a really funny one without some scatology.

  425. Coos, Nietsche had gone mad before he was dead, the best way to go, because you don’t know.

    But, as I am fond to repeat : Thank God I am an atheist.

  426. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ria – you are sweeter than sugar. Kooz cracks me up constantly. I am flattered that you find us funny. I know there are many on here that don’t…..but it’s ok… I think gabby floats too much and doesn’t score enough but others disagree …

    Can’t please everyone….

  427. ‘But it’s all right now
    I learned my lesson well
    Can’t please everyone, so you gotta please yourself.’

  428. BTW I got 2 marriage proposal at the game , I figured it was so dim they couldn’t see how old I am. Great for my ego.

  429. Actually coos my daughter helped me to “smuggle ” it in she saw them take a bottle of water from someones purse so I stuck it in her coat pocket! Yes thats right I said smuggled.

  430. I think I told this true (according to Cary Grant) story before, Ria. After an interview way back, the girl who had a deadline realized she did not have Cary Grant’s age, so she telegramed him, “How old Cary Grant?” He replied by telegram: “Old Cary Grant fine, how you?”

  431. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I shouldn’t let my 12:51 post make me so crazy….. No need to bang my head against the brick wall except to say – its just pain

  432. Hey Eddie, I’m not fighting CCCP, nor anyone else on this blog, we are all good people here with different misguided notion what is our place in this cyberspace. But sometimes the Tullamore gets the better of me…

  433. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – no worries…. As I said, I have always enjoyed your posts…… But I should talk about fighting others…. I argued with a boatload today,,,,,

  434. You know, I think CCCP is one of the funniest people on here, but I remember early on he kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I know now that I was misinterpreting him.

  435. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Taking someone’s water from their purse???? That is really sad!!!! MSG needs to chill-lax

  436. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp=Brooklyn pimp is very clever… He cracks my assen up…..so does S.Nation… Those be funny bruthas…..

  437. Got a daughter lives now in SF. Glad they don’t have a hockey team. She likes to get my goat with the Niners and SF Giants.

  438. Have a bunch of blues LP’s and R&B as well, so yeah, I also have a copy of the movie “The Committments”, the great Irish R&B reality show.

  439. Would like nothing more,e. One daughter in London, on in SF and I have to plan and separate the infrequent visits so that all is equal. :) Usually, my laziness forces me to offer air fare so they do all the work and come here,

  440. Kind of a low budget cult hit. Irish kids starting a band, covering (and covering well) assorted classics, and some original stuff.

  441. Oh, I have no secrets, I dwell at the confluence of the Rondout Creek and the mighty Hudson River, so strategically positioned to observe the Climate change that happens every year

  442. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes… Papa bear is relatively new… Newbear doesn’t post as often as he should…. A late night critter. Another left coaster me thinks

  443. Mao Zedong to Dan Quayle: You’re as skinny as a communist and I’m as fat as a capitalist. What’s up with that?

  444. By Kingston, NY, now but I have lived in all 4 boroughs except the Staten Island before Guliani clean up the City, I did not like that at all, fascist!!!

  445. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – did I tell you one of my colleagues bookmarked our Chris Christie exchange and laughs his assen off still…..

  446. Nice to hear that there are still a few PhDs with a sense of humor. My old Department Chairman had a sign on his office door, “Please Don’t Squeeze the Chairman.” I liked him.

  447. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He cracked up over something else we riffed on – I forget…. He be a biologist —- brilliant DNA researcher…

  448. Seriously? 875 posts? The battery on my phone was fully charged when I started scrolling down the comments. Now it’s down to half that. Lmao

  449. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    His wife is in astrophysics… They have the house in napa we went to….good friends….

  450. I have a large book titled “What If?” It tells of different scenarios in history had certain events been slightly different. Intriguing.

  451. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Evrock take stock John Locke, down by the dock, pair of socks, Courtney cox , Hitchcock , Babcock , that be a lot of pecker Rinney


  452. At the Kings Wings game tonight in LA. 5 rows behind the goal the kings shot at twice.

    Kings had 2 long 5 on 3’s scored on the 2nd one. scored late, Kopitar scored, ericcson was freelanceing to much. out of position like Bickell last night on the 3rd goal.

    Kings last 10 minues were grinding the wings down, most of the game wings outplayed the kings. Datsyuk got the hand on the puck delay of game penalty off a faceoff and that really hurt..

  453. We can write alternate chapters of a book on ‘The Poetry of Chaos,” drinking wine on the sidewalk in front of Ferlinghetti’s.

  454. Eddie, I feel outmatched here in this chaos, Coos is badgering me, I don’t know what to do, I feel like Gaborik on the offensive blue line…

  455. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – city lights is kitty corner across the street from Vesuvios (sp) a great pub to hang ten – north beach many fine eateries…

  456. Coos, come on, you can learn a few nasty words in Spanish, I heard that and more on many a soccer fields as a referee and learned to respond in kind

  457. Now we confessed as to the geographical location, let’s not pigeonhole ourselves, let’s be very careful, OK?

  458. “And bring me a large, large bottle of something to wash this stuff down. You have those big, big bottles?”

    “A jeroboam, Governor?”

    “Aha, That’s the word that escaped me. And one glass.”

  459. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie on a school bus…

    Driver : “Chris could you come up front – we are going up a hill…

  460. I am sorry guys, with this J.R. and Christie, I am lost. Why not a Linda Ronstadt joke ever?!?!?!

  461. bear, JR is Jermy Roenick, former NHLer, now commentator, whose english gets jumbled up. Chris Christie is the whale sized governor of NJ.

  462. Asked why, for safety, players always wear a cup, but not a helmet, Gordie Howe said, “You can always get somebody to do your thinking for you.”

  463. How close are we to 1M? I been sleepin till the crack of noon, but I can’t sleep ’til 2 like a bum!

  464. The “Moonbeam” is a sobriquet, not quite deserved, as the Cjnese poet Li Po observed. In Cal context, the “Moonbeam” is an outrage and a parody of 3000 yr classic.

  465. I did a Dead Poets once. Told the class to rip out a page, way before Robin Williams. Won’t bore anyone with the details. Your reference just reminded me.