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  1. Jim, back to reading body language?

    And, seriously, you didn’t see an effort or energy out there, and that the fourth line and third D-pair made some enormous mistakes, otherwise this was probably a tidy win?


  2. On the train on the way home from the game. Some drunkard locked himself in the bathroom and missed his stop. Took 4 conductors to bust him out. Brought a little joy to my otherwise joyless evening.

  3. carped:
    I just got back from MSG.

    That was by far, the loudest it was all year, when Callahan blocked those three slapshots consecutively. What a huge disappointment it was that they couldn’t feed off that energy and allowed the Jets to score…

    Simple analysis of the game: Their kids were a little better than our kids. Pretty sloppy all around and on terrible ice…

    Thought JT Miller had a good game. Hagelin made a few good plays. The defense was awful as they sorely missed Del Z and Mc D. Kane’s 2nd goal was a softie …that is going to keep Hank up tonight.

  4. Rangers, at one point in the 2nd, were being outshot 18 to 9 overall.

    This team is not nearly good enough to play 1/2 game or less…to me going on after the game about the great 3rd period when they are mired in a 4 game losing streak, are out of the POs right now, and have yet to string a single 60 strong minutes together is meaningless.

    Of course, I don’t expect to hear anything else from the players, but coach, I maintain, looks desperate…

  5. Stay positive guys. So many good things to build on from tonight.

    Sure, some gaffs from guys that normally don’t play at all. And on the other end of the spectrum saw some real stepping up from a few guys that normally don’t play that much. (Example: Eminger bought a get out of jail free card from me)

    Definitely stuff to build on. Lets get our team back (maybe our two best guys on either end of the game) and get some wins.

  6. How ironic, though, the lamenting of no MDZ, arguably (after perhaps BB and Gabbie) the most maligned Ranger on here (although Richards is rapidly catching up, but he’s only had this year to be ripped – MDZ since he turned pro).

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    This season is not going as planned. Or was last year a fluke? What constitutes a good season? Even though they lost, at least they were trying. I am ok with that. If they lose a lot more, but it’s obvious they are working hard and they are protecting each other but just don’t get the bounces…. I’m ok with that. If gabby never scores another goal but busts his assen…. I’m down with that…..

  8. I know Jim. And people want to trade him for a forward with the belief that Gilroy can fill his skates. Ridiculous.

  9. I just don’t think it has anything to do with how hard he plays or if Torts likes his jam. At the end of the day, Eminger is a borderline NHL player who sometimes looks like he belongs…perfect for a 7th or 8th d-man that can come in when someone needs a night off or gets hurt…

  10. Gilroy, IMO, is terrible defensively.

    The guy I really like is Stralman. What a great story that is going under the radar IMO. Almost an after thought signing last year (to the point where the coach publicly stated he knew nothing about him) and now he’s taking a regular turn on the Ranger backline to the point where he’s proving to be a legimate top 4 d-man.

    Definitely a significant plus, especially when you consider, like Girardi, he cost the Rangers nothing to acquire.

  11. Tort really sounds (in the post game audio above) like The Kreider shouldn’t be up here in the NHL and won’t be when the team is healthy again.

  12. Totally, Jim. Great point. The reason I said Del Zaster was 4th or 5th was because I originally said 5th (putting Stralman above him). I mean. That’s how good he’s been. Without McBust he (Stalman) I thought, has been our beest all around D-Man.

  13. Manny, he certainly isn’t doing much of anything right. Miller, on the other hand, looks really good defensively and of course, plays with speed. That kid really can back check and steal pucks… Though he is a little soft on the puck right now, he’ll only get better with more playing time….

  14. I find it odd that he’s been soft on the puck, NYR, considering Miller’s delivered some great hits. Wonder how that works.

  15. Latona, no knock on Miller. He is still a 19 year old kid. He’ll get pushed around off the puck when he has it…but he certainly isn’t afraid to throw his body around…

    A little man muscle and more experience will fix that….

  16. “That’s so when I forget how to spell my name, I can still find my (expletive) clothes.” – Stu Grimson when asked why he had a picture of himself above his locker.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – he busts his butt, IMO, by simply not floating…..play some defense…. Good enough??

  18. “The only difference between this and Custer’s Last Stand is that Custer didn’t have to look at the tapes afterwards.” – Terry Crisp after 10-0 loss

  19. I’m a big, big fan of Miller. Not just from his time here but I liked his play before the AHL/NHL. His time here got me excited to speed up his development. I don’t see a reason for him to leave.

    I do wish he was stronger on the puck but he showed some flashes of that tonight.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby likes to take off out of his zone even if the other team has possession a little too much – to be honest that is my main beef with him – he looks for the HR breakout pass even if its not forthcoming…. Should he put an end to that – I’m happy….

  21. The King will sleep like a baby tonight. He’ll wake up crying every two hours remembering that fourth goal.

  22. Tough loss…

    Callahan was an inspiration tonight. Too bad it didn’t convert into a “W”.

    Stralman was real impressive, and Eminger wasn’t too bad.

    I thought Eminger was a better than Bickel, for sure.

  23. Eddie, you what Gaborik’s biggest problem is right now? He can’t find a lane to get a shot.

    I was watching him tonight. He is almost forced to consistently come in the offensive zone with puck on the wing and stop, then look to pass. He rarely, if ever, comes into the slot or top of the circles with the puck looking to shoot, unless he gets behind the d-men. Thus, he has no chance of getting real Gaby shot on goal on the outside. I feel like every team in the East knows that you can’t let Gaborik have any open ice…because he will score easily if he does…That’s why you need someone on his line that can take some pressure off of him…nobody is doing that right now…

  24. Powe is a nice player. I’d like to see more of him – Fred Sjostrom-esque…

    Boyle seamed to be throwing a few more hits.

  25. That fourth goal was a softie but its the only goal that’s on Hank. The other Kane goal is insanity. No one can do anything about that. The Jokinen goals were karma-laden defensive breakdowns where panic ensued and it was only a matter of time until the puck found the back of the net.

  26. Don’t want to give Hank a pass on the soft goal, but it’d be really nice if we had it within our power to win a game in spite of a Lundqvist error. Always seems we come out on the losing end of those ones..

  27. NYR Fan

    I agree with you – Richards should be opening up space for Gaborik, in my opinion.

    Richards has been the difference maker this season. He has not been good, and as a result, neither has the team.

  28. Yes NYR. Vibin’. Gaborik needs someone to get space for him and then he will go back to Mr. 40+. Which is near irreplaceable in this league.

    Eddie Olczyk’s don’t just grow on trees anymore!

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – yes, gabby has a great shot but he needs someone to get him the puck. He can’t create his own shot and the rangers have no one to support his skill…. He can’t succeed on this team as comprised…… Is that your take? Or am I putting words in your mouth? Just asking

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – and if I could just just win the powerball lottery, I’d never have to work again…

  31. I’ve always liked Eminger. I remember he had 2 fights in one game a few years ago…which is why he’s nailed to the bench. Makes sense.

  32. eee, do you have any idea how hard it is to efficiently manage 200 million dollars? Your GM stock goes down a point and you lose $150,000 for the day. Who wants that kind of aggravation?

  33. Carp or anyone, timetable for Nash return? 10 game winning streak when he and McBust arrive on their white horses!

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I understand manny’s point…but if I could just sprout wings I could fly to work and never hit traffic ….

  35. Eddie, I am saying that when he is on the ice, he is double- and triple-teamed… and can’t find a lane to shoot…he is not getting help from Richie or Hags…

    Unless you want Gaborik to hog the puck all game, like he did when he scored 42 in 76 games in his first year here, we weren’t very good then…he didn’t have anybody then on his line (unless you count Olli Jokinen and EC)…

  36. Or you could eat $50,000 a day in cash and tell people you have money coming out of your…No, I won’t finish that.

  37. The Rangers have money coming out their Nash, Their Gaborik, and their Brad and it doesn’t look good.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NyR fan – he isn’t going to score 42 in a season even if he hogged the puck for 60 minutes. Me thinks his 40 + days are a thing of the past.

    When Nash does come back, does Torts have to put him and gabby together to lessen the double and triple team he is seeing? If not, what happens then? Cause he cannot create by himself and no one is helping him out as I see it from my comfy chair.

  39. My brutha E^3^….I think that was his plan from the start. Nash-Richards-Gaborik

    I think Richie Rich is the biggest problem

  40. I like that idea, Rangers West. Gaborik and Richards looked better tonight with Hagelin than they have with anyone else, and Stepan and Nash have shown chemistry, as have Stepan and Callahan.

  41. Here’s the scary part. If Richards were to get the next serious concussion, we are stuck with his cap hit. I know you can’t think that way, but if he continues to slide, I’d jettison him this summer rather than next.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nash – step – gabby

    Hags – miller – Kreider

    Pyatt – Richards- cally

    Whoever you want on 4th line

  43. Pyatt seemed to be digging it out pretty good tonight and, despite hands of stone, isn’t afraid of the crease.

  44. Winnipeg was definitely sagging in the third period. We had a little more room in their zone, and we were getting a little more time to take shots.

    Was it a combination of the Rangers being more assertive and desperate and the Jets tiring? It was noticeable. Also on a couple of those goals, I saw Emminger and Gilroy get beat.

    what does that mean? with a full roster we can beat the mighty Winnipeg Jets.

    I guess the strong finish cheered me up a little bit.

  45. Of course you play Boyle (due to the injuries) when the next fill-in on the roster is Mashinter. He has to better than Mashinter, right? My Italian grandmother would be better than Mashinter.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    3 years ago missed the playoffs…. 2 years ago first round exit……last year EC finals….. Good teams keep inching closer to the trophy……Theory says, we at least win one round this year or last year was the anomaly…..will we make the playoffs? Can we win a round?

  47. this was not a good game. not buying the lemons and lemonade angle of their effort in the 3rd period since I never really felt that despite trying hard they were going to get over the hump. the 4th goal was a killer. it’s one Lundqvist obviously should have stopped but he has not been reliable enough this year to expect saves when they matter. thought this team tonight looked a whole lot like the Ranger teams of the late 90s where they gave an effort but never really had a chance of beating anybody.

  48. eddie newsflash pyatt is not that good.. he is friggin slow. tonight pyatt was good on the boards some nights he stinks.

    mdz is maligned because he makes bad decisions. yes he is 22 but 3.5 years in the NHL…

    they need aguy who can score from the point and get shots on goal from the point on the PP, that is MDZ and he has been fair at best.

    your lines are not that good and that is the problem.


  49. If we play full games like we did tonight in the last 15 minutes, loaded with kids and semi-scrubs, when healthy, and with the King at top game, it still can be done. (he said, with hope in his heart)

  50. I sincerely love watching Steve Eminger play. He plays tough and physical. He works and tries so hard. Practicing months on end for that one shot at making the lineup. He has the heart of a Nicklas Lidstrom. It really is somewhat inspiring. Unfortunately, he probably is the worst defenseman in the league :(

  51. in a nutshell the inability to play a complete 60 minutes has been the reason this team hasn’t eked out a few more wins; they’ve not played a full game this season. I don’t think having Nash in or out of the lineup makes a difference in this respect since they didn’t play a complete game when they had everyone available.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart – I am trying to play the hand I was dealt…. I don’t like it much either, but what am I supposed to do?

  53. Geez, Michael, that post eerily reminds me of an editor I once had who said about a book, “you made me think, you made me laugh, you made me cry, but you didn’t make me any money.” It all sounded good for a while.

  54. did Carp actually say this was a tidy win without mistakes from the 3rd and 4th lines

    was he even watching the game

  55. stats are misleading your eyes see the truth.

    look at nyrangers.com leading scorer is a guy with 12 points and a + 1 for the season his name is brad richards….that sta tline looks ok but we all know the reality.

    he has been awful…gabby and richards avg .66 points per game, but in reality they have been horrible….

    emminger has the same # of points as boyle and halpern o nthe season in 5 games…….

    wow.. imagine how bad this team would be if hagelin had not played as well as he has….

  56. Reminiscent of Terry Collins with the Mets, Lloyd. One night after a loss, he says he will not stand for it any longer; the next night after a similar loss, he praises the team. It’s what you do when you don’t know what to do.

  57. that Richards is tied for the team lead in points and has been a factor in maybe 2 out of 18 games this season is the most damning indictment of the 2013 Rangers

  58. On top of everything else, Richie is single and shouldn’t have a thing on his mind right now for a few months other than hockey.

  59. lloyd braun don’t worry we have gabby and he is elite just ask his minions of supporters on thsi site.

    after all who can miss a shootout oppty as consistently as he does…who looks as good as he does while not getting a shot off or on net???Gabby is elite let’s sign him to an extension because of his ability on the boards and in the d zone is also so outstanding. he also takes the body as much as great physical players like michale ribero or others…

    gabby has been the glue keeping this ship together and he should be rewarded. also get ready for a 3 to 5 game injury from him, he is good for that every year also.

    my bad I am being unfair after all gabby has 7 goals on the season, stats do not lie, he is 2nd on the team in scoring to the perennial all star brad richards…

  60. was talking about Carp and not Tortorella btw.

    I think Tortorella is grasping at straws at this point and is worried about shattering the confidence of a team with basically no confidence left

  61. torts has no choice. he can’t say gabby is a woosie and overrated and overpaid and i think richards jsut aged 10 years before our eyes..

    coach’s for obvious reasons are not going to blast their players often in person..

    the guilty parties for this debacle are in order of dissapointment; richards, gabby, nash(hurt and 3 goals), boyle(should be productive 3rd liner), mdz (1st round pick, offensive d man), henrik(stolen zero games so far and 4th goal tonight ouch), staal(not taken next step offensively), and 4th liners(zero production ZERO)..

    players who have exceeded expectations; hagelin, mcdonagh, and stralman(legit top 6 d man), and that is about it…..

  62. ok, going to respond to those disappointments

    Richards has been terrible
    Gaborik hasn’t been as bad as Richards but he’s got his head up his butt and he desperately needs someone to get him the puck
    Nash should score more than he has but he’s been the only real offensive force on the team by a pretty wide margin. Not going to criticize him until I’ve seen him play more.
    Boyle is a 4th liner and should be expected to do nothing more than block shots and kill penalties
    Del Zotto is an average defenseman and a below average offensive player. He’s a third pairing D-man at this point and I’ve got my theories as to why he’s not as good as he was a few years ago.
    Henrik has been very mediocre and you’re right that he’s not really stolen any games but rather has cost them several
    Staal is no longer an offensive d-man. He’s more than adequate as a defensive defenseman and I think his game would benefit if he jettisoned most of the offensive part outside of an occasional point shot.

  63. stranger nation on

    That should have been a 3-2 win

    Mashinter pooped his pants and if he plays another game for the Blueshirts, they may never win again – he is down right horrible, can’t hit, can’t skate and is probably borrowing Boil’s stick with the dreaed puck repellent on it.

    Eminger – played like Cooke – that ‘sick’ goal by Big Daddy Kane was all on him – he has a very bad tendency to go forward playing D and try to play the body in open ice which may have worked 10 years ago, but not now.

    Cally – wow – as big as the building…what a captain

    Nash – you still don’t want me? What’s their record without him again?

    Hank – have to steal one of these days – mediocre will not cut it this year

    Mashinter – did I mention how flippin bad he stunk up the ice? That second goal is on him – he is on the side boards with his man and the guy rides him down the boards like a rented mule and starts the D zone chinese fire drill

    Richards – still on point – Sam was screaming about his ‘blast’ from point – really, really?

    Pie-hat – best game in 10 days – rode the boards, cycled the puck, played aggressive, solid, solid…

    Cally – blocking shots, killing penalties, scoring goals, playing HARD on the puck!!

  64. the standard gabby excuse someone needs to get him the puck.. why can’t he chase the puck like hagelin? gabby has exceptional speed. he does not need to knock guys over but he needs t ochase down pucks if no 1 can feed him..

    i think mdz should be plain better, i think his issues are between the ears not in his ability. they simply have about 6 4th liners…

    they gave up depth to trade for nash and sign the high end guys liek gabby and richards and the high end guys are not giving them the productivity they need.

    3 guys cost them $20 mill(nash, gabby, and richards)…… the whole 6 man d core costs them about $18 mill or so…. not including Sauer…if Sauer was healthy the number would go down……

  65. stranger nation on

    Kreider – watched him when he was on ice and he may not need to sharpen his skates, because the guy is skating like Peggy Flemming out there. He must be allergic to human touch…

  66. they did not lose the game because of emminger.. mashinter was bad and therefore he played about 4 minutes…. the guy is 24 or so, probably and career AHL player…

    they jsut do not have enough gusy who can score.

    they scored 3 goals tonight more or less there max… henrik gave up a bad 4th goal….

  67. only way that game should have been a 3-2 win is if the first 40 minutes of the game never happened

  68. I think Mashinter managed to be a minus-2 despite playing only three-and-a-half minutes. that’s impressive.

  69. kreider is probably going down with mashinter once they get back the great asham..

    think about that logic they get to add another guy who cannot score named asham in the near term, after all they have to much offense already.

    i know asham is tough, with the 2 staged silly fights on the season. after all the jets pushed the rangers around all night tonight without asham!!!!Not……

    i cannot believe they cannot find guys who can score at a 15 to 20 goal pace to be on the 3rd and 4th lines…..

  70. biggest problem with Asham is that he’s a guy who plays 6 minutes a game but has managed to miss one-third of the games due to injury. that’s a problem.

  71. boyle also – 7 for the season. so boyle leads in falling on the ice and also – # for the season..

    i have to stop picking on Boyle…

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am the GM. What do I do? Nothing…. I get paid the same no matter what and I have a job for life…. Why should I do anything?

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have not given up on Kreider. He needs to keep playing. Mistakes? He’s made a few….. Got to learn by playing….. He could ratchet up his physical game tho…..

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would let hags, miller, and Kreider play together. Tell them to fly around and that speed – be creative no matter what the outcome……

  75. hi Eddie, I’m back

    if I’m the GM, I probably do whatever I can to locate a center and a defenseman with a point shot – Michael Del Zotto would be the first name I offer in any trade package followed by Carl Hagelin who is probably the most viable tradebait on the team right now. I don’t really want to move him but I think you move him for the right player(s). If those pieces are available via free agency, even better, but I’m not sure there’s anything that enticing out there. Also, I would begin setting the Richards buy-out exit strategy in motion even though I don’t believe he’s finished. I would also seek out a replacement for Asham since he’s proven completely unreliable and locate any able-bodied 4th liner to replace Bickel/Mashinter. Oh, and I’d probably send both Kreider and Miller to Hartford. They’re not ready for the NHL yet.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What is wrong with Richards? Dave Maloney says its between his ears. Too much thinking. I sure would hate to see hags go somewhere else ala Rick Middleton …

  77. stranger nation on

    if I was King of France?

    wouldn’t do much unless I could unload age for youth.

    team is still 2 years away – solid D core, emerging young players, what successful NHL team has NOT built from within?

    Kings made some deals but cupboard was full of young talent, especially down the middle.

    growing pains are painful…

  78. Item #1 No it wasn’t a bad game, it was however a game that an average team in this league will lose more often than not.

    Accept reality, average roster, average organization, bandaid approach to success and fans willing to pay top dollar for ………………being average!

    Would anyone continue to patronize a restaurant with the same performance?

  79. Manny

    I still think that Torts doesn’t really have a clue on how to handle certain players on this team,and that includes the defensemen. Remember that defensemen do their best but eventually the opponent will always score a key goal here and there no matter who the D man is. Now I mentioned to you in the past that he had Gilroy playing on the left when he’s a righty shooter and does his best from the right. So where does he wind up…left side and
    he’s got a gun from the points, and displayed it the other night on several terrific drives.

    But it’s a wonder that either Gilroy or Emminger aren’t confused about their status the way he uses them. Gilroy was put out there for a few minutes early on, then sat for much of the rest of the game, and he does toss his weight around on defense, regardless of the
    common belief to the contrary. If he’s that bad, get rid of him. He is probably doing the same with some forwards, but it eveidently hasnt been as noticeable. And I still don;t see what the big problem is about Boyle. He does the best he can, and doesn’t hesitate to get physical.

    And those are my opinions….I don’t get the info that you folks in NY do, but I know a
    bit about the game and how it’s played.
    and yes I’ve played the game on pickup teams around the greater New Haven area years
    and I was not much of a skater, but I had a good time…same with my stint in Duluth.

    And remember, NO ONe wore helmets in those day, and goalie mask was unknown.

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