No word on Nash, McDonagh, Asham; but Girardi, Del Zotto Powe skate


I know this is all old news … but I figured you guys needed a new thread.

So for those joining late, Dan Girardi (ankle/foot) and Michael Del Zotto (guess: hip) skated today, as did Darroll Powe, who has been cleared to return.

Not a word about Rick Nash (at this point you might as well jump to the concussion conclusion), Ryan McDonagh (not yet?), and Arron Asham (reportedly back spasms).

So Christian Thomas was reassigned to Connecticut (AHL).

Here’s that official announcement from the NYR:


NEW YORK, February 25, 2013 –New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned forward Christian Thomas to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Thomas, 20, was credited with three hits and registered two shots on goal in 12:46 of ice time while making his NHL debut on Saturday at Montreal. He returns to Connecticut where he has registered 13 goals and 11 assists for 24 points, along with 13 penalty minutes in 52 games with the Whale this season. Thomas leads all Connecticut rookies in goals, points, power play goals (three) and shots on goal (104), and is tied for fifth on the team overall in points, ranks fourth in goals, and is tied for fourth in shots and power play goals. He has posted four multi-point performances, including multi-goal efforts on November 10 at Worcester (two goals) and February 15 against Portland (two goals). Thomas has tallied four goals and three assists in his last six games with Connecticut, including a career-high, three-point effort on February 9 at St. John’s (one goal, two assists).

The 5-9, 170-pounder registered one goal and one assist in five games with Connecticut last season. He made his professional debut with Connecticut on April 7, 2012, at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and recorded his first professional points with a goal and an assist on April 13, 2012, against Manchester. Thomas also skated in six postseason contests with the Whale during the 2012 Calder Cup Playoffs.

The Toronto, Ontario native was originally selected as the Rangers’ second round choice, 40th overall, in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. I won’t even sat it: (recompost)

    I agree that Richards has been pretty bad.

    I never thought any of his physical attributes were world class. i.e. speed, skating, shot, etc.

    His greatest asset was his mind. not Gretzky-like but he has definite ability. I am not an expert on Richards but these are casual observations.

    I think he can come out of this slump, I don’t see huge differences from last year except in his decisions. We just need a team head shrinker.

  2. i think this covers it, “We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service or to impose new conditions “

  3. Carp, if they are you should be getting a call any day now from the Chinese Consulate. I’m sure they’ve been monitoring all the Wang talk.

  4. I mean if you think Richards is done after 17 games do you also think the Rangers should just forfeit the remaining 31 games

  5. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty, but Not Beacuse You're Heavy on

    It said something about you owning our posts without paying us royalties.

  6. Carp Gabby leads the team with 7 goals, and it feels like he hasn’t scored a goal forever????

    Gabby needs to get off the pine, get in the game, and start scoring. Do you think he has issue’s with his shoulder? Outside of the one Boston game, he has almost been invisible. And I’m a HUGE Gaborik fan.


  7. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty, but Not Beacuse You're Heavy on

    If only there was a way to trap him there in some Twilight Zone posting fish bowl.

  8. Carp, I have every intention of hanging on every printed word from you that flows trippingly off your silver tongue.

    To whom were you referring about ethnic slurs and btw I’m happy to see you approve of those “silly acronyms”?


  9. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    I wonder if Brian Boyle knows his poor play sent this blog into a left wing tizzy

  10. Don’t think it’s shoulder related. Not moving his feet, not using his speed. Perhaps conditioning because he was rehabbing all during the lockout and possibly not skating a lot? I don’t know. I think conditioning is a huge, huge issue all around the league because of that greed-driven lockout.

  11. I always thought Gaborik was the fastest man in the NHL, but you don’t seem to notice his speed on the ice as much as Hagelin’s speed. Is Hagelin that much faster???

  12. Hagelin thinks Gaborik is faster straight ahead. But Hagelin has learned to use his wheels to get to pucks, not just with the puck.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    Czechthemout!!! February 25th, 2013 at 4:33 pm
    Greetings to all from Milan, Italy. I am here to watch my daughter compete in the world junior figure skating championships!

    Heard about the bad game in Montreal, very disapointed! I was told Thomas played well, suprised he is being sent down so fast since we cannot generate any offense.

    I see zero Mashinter is still playing while Kreider, who since Torts “got a hold of him”has regressed is an extra while Brian 1 point in 13 games despite way too much ice time Boyle is still in. Torts is upset because Kreider has way too much skill to play his board hockey style. Therefore, he needs to be benched.

    Who ever said earlier that Torts is trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, BINGO!
    I was a big fan and supporter of Torts when Renney was fired. In fact, I thought we were getting the safe is death Torts. But instead what we got is just alot of talk and more Renneyade! No power play in four seasons. No offense or any clue of what offense is. The players have begun to tune him out it seems. His message, what ever it is ( dump and change,block shots,use the boards first and foremost or board hockey ) falling on deaf years. We are wasting Hanks prime years and that just wont do. Not to mention Cally,Nash,Gabby,DannyG,Staal and yes even Richards. Our prized prospects, Kreider,Miller have either regressed or are regressing. MDZ came into the league with a bang. He showed a tremendous amount of promise and poise as an offensive weapon, now he is a scared shell of his former self. Any player that comes in here with any offense is stifled. Amd that just won’t do. This is still a game where the purpose of it is to score more than the other team and not to give up less. Yes defense is extremely important but it is NOT 90% of the game. Torts acts, speaks and coaches like it is.

    Unfortunately it is for that reason that I have come to the conclusion that it is time for Torts to go. I come to this conclusion not lightly because I was a big fan of his. A fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning Torts not the Tom Renney New York rangers version of him.

    I am also calling for Lindy Ruff as his replacement. No coach has done more over the years in Buffulo with less. That team had no money and allowed or traded any player who was up for a raise to go. He also played three years here with the team so he knows what the pressure of the NYR coach is like. I know some people will rip me a new one for this post, but this is me just expessing an opionion. Cao from Italy!

  14. Czech, I am very jealous. Have a great time! and good luck to your daughter!

    You didn’t miss anything but aggravation Saturday. And, no, Thomas did not play well. I mean, he looked fine for a kid in his first NHL game. But he looked like a kid in his first NHL game. Not ready.

  15. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    Czechthemout – More importantly – do you think I should be allowed to call myself Fat?

  16. The Rangers are home for the next 6 games, against “weaker” teams.

    Can Torts coach Richards and Gaborik out of their shell and get them going? Seems to me they didn’t really produce last year when they were together, do you think they should be split up again?

  17. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    The booing is gonna get intense if things don’t improve

  18. Hagelin won the speed contest All Star wise last year, as Carp said and did opine he thought “red” could be as fast or faster. Hags zooms without the puck, no doubt. Why should a crusty veteran have to watch Hagelin tapes to figure it out?

  19. My gripe with torts is there is always someone in his dog house. The way he handles kreider is a complete joke. If he thinks dressing mashinter and Bickel at forward is more suitable he’s a complete putz.

    In one game out the next isn’t the way to handle kreider.

  20. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    Carp – Is there ever a good moment post-game to tell Torts he looks like Henry Winkler?

  21. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    yeah, the acronym is not working for me, it’s not your fault, I’m gonna have to come up with something else

  22. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’m half Macedonian half German – shouldn’t you call me a Bohunk-Kraut? BTW, that combo makes for interesting genes — lotta marching across the globe expanding empires there — just don’t let me start singing and marching…. ;-)

  23. Coos, “the big water lily”? Hmmm.

    Can’t place it but would love to know. Would explain the aversion to witty repartee’!

  24. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks Carp! I really appreciate it! If anyone is ever in Milan, please go and have dinner in a restaraunt called Al Porto. One of the best sea food meals I have ever had! Fantastico!

  25. Hagelin is the kind of fast that this team needs an wants. Gaborik is the kind of fast that doesn’t necessarily translate.

    Maybe we should have them race?

  26. Old French medical wisdom. Roughly translated:”The best way to deal with a poop that’s too thin or too green, is not to look at it”. Wonder is it’s applicable to Internet trolls….

  27. I think Miller has played better “Ranger” hockey than Kreider.

    Kreider was having a tough start at the Whale. I almost think he should be playing a full season for the Whale, he needs to start scoring, make some hits, get his confidence up and running.

    Would you think they would pull up the Vet with the most points than taking a look at the kids one at a time?

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, good luck to your daughter, all the best my friend.

    But after an ECF appearance, I think you have to give Torts a little bit longer of a leash than 18 games. I know you like results, but he’s earned that, especially since your proposed replacement (Ruff) has failed to take one of his teams to the Stanley Cup Final in almost 15 years, including when they were considered favorites in 2007.

  29. Just watched the Torts post-game presser – the last question was about how he felt he team responded to the Pacioretty hit… and Torts basically said “we are fine… I have full confidence in the toughness of our team…”

    Wish we all felt the same way. He’s right though, you can’t just run around an goon it up… but damn, stick up for each other!!!

  30. Eight triple Zombie Long Island Iced Teas for the price of four! “Across the River and Into the Trees.”

  31. I think talking about firing Tort at this point is completely absurd. Doodie’s right. He got himself a leash. It’s this season and next. Nothing is happening before that.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, you know I give fair reviews of players and I’ll say that I think Thomas still looks a bit raw. I think if that if their position in the standings was either a little further ahead or a little further behind they should have just let him rip, but when they are just outside of the playoffs it’s hard to just roll an unknown quantity.

    As for a more indepth analysis, his (lack of) size was a bit issue in the offensive zone if he didn’t immediately release the puck from his stick. That said, he was very quick to take a shot if he had one and the kid has a pretty good release. I found his raw skills to be promising although his passing accuracy was a bit below NHL standards. Without looking at things like zone starts or any ice time tracking, it looked to my eye that Torts managed his game well to try and keep him away from defensive situations, giving him a shot to do his thing on offense. It also looked like a little bit of practice with the team (especially his linemates, including the PP) would have gone a long way.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a recall later in the season, but unlike guys like Kreider or Miller, I really wouldn’t want to see Thomas playing at the NHL level this season in a bottom six role, at all, purely as a size issue.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thank you very much for the kind wishes!

    As for Torts, I think I’ve seen enough. They play a style for a team that has very limited talent. I truly believe we are a very talented and fast team. Can we use a tough guy that can play a little on the fourth line? Or even better, a guy like Steve Ott who can be a beast physically? Definately. But we put our eggs in the Brian Boyle, Aron Asham, Mike Rupp basket. Bad move. Buffulo got him for a washed up Roy. Sather needed to act there and failed. Too bad.

  34. I really want JT Miller to remain up here. I think he’s really shown that he has the raw talent and I think he’s progressing very quickly into this style of hockey. You know, not scoring and just trying to pin the puck against the boards.

    My new extra dark sadness is probably due to the cold I have.

  35. So what happened with Ryan out in Colorado. Has he sign yet with them, are they taking offers? Should the Rangers be looking at him?

  36. I hate when people refer to players as a multiplicative name! It’s numeral and completely irrational!

  37. Czech –

    Enjoy Milan! I always wanted to go to Italy (and Sicily too – that’s where my mom’s family is from!)

    I brought up the square peg / round hole thing yesterday, and was hoping Carp would chime in on the following:

    MattLear February 24th, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    Carp, serious question here…

    I was thinking about Scotty Bowman, who is obviously a hall of fame coach.

    Did Bowman’s teams all play the same style, or did Bowman adapt to the talent he had?

    I know it’s not that black and white, but I am seriously wondering if Torts is trying to square peg – round hole some of these guys?

    I didn’t watch much of Tampa when Torts was the coach, but did they play a similar style to the current Rangers team?

  38. Congratulations and good luck to your daughter, czech. You must be one proud papa! I said the same thing the other day regarding Torts, Manny.

  39. Not so sure that Tortorella’s leash is so long that if the team stay in free fall and miss the playoffs entirely that his job security doesn’t at least start to be compromised.

    I’ll put it this way, you get a whole string of efforts like we saw Saturday in Montreal and no coach is safe

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, again, that’s a failure of the GM, not the coach.

    And we know Torts can coach skilled players. Look at the Lightning. Look at what he got out of guys like Lecavalier, St. Louis, Richards, Boyle, and even lesser skill guys like Stillman, Modin, Prospal, Kubina, and Kuba.

    I’ll grant you that the PP is atrocious and that’s like 95% Torts (1% players like Richards and Gaborik not playing well this year, but extra blame on Torts for continuing Richards on point). But you can’t tell me that if guys like Richards and Gaborik were playing as well as they were supposed to (and don’t tell me that for them it’s a systems issue, because it’s not, they just look like crap), that anyone would be complaining about the team’s offense at 5 on 5.

  41. Czechthemout!!! on


    As for Thomas, I will defer to you and my brother who watched him play that game as well. He thought Thomas did well and at the very least deserved another game or two. His logic being that we cannot score and to infuse the lineup with even more forth line/ AHL caliber players is just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Our ship is sinking and it is a quite expensive ship in terms of the wasted talent that Torts is killing. We need to score goals! Powe coming in is a good thing. Mashinter staying in is a bad thing. Boyle playing anywhere other than the fourth line is a stupid thing. Kreider not playing in favor of scrubs is also a really bad thing. I believe Torts is ruining Kreider and that just cant happen.

  42. Doodie,

    good point on playing thomas not in the bottom six – it would put thomas in sort of the same role that zuccarello was in and make it hard for him to flourish. Smaller guys aren’t generally relied on to bang people (unless their last name ends in Verbeek), and Thomas is a shooter.

  43. Funny thing …. P A Parenteau would be the point leader for the Rangers now if his points were the same. 8 goals – he would be ahead of Gaborik, Nash, & Richards in total points and goals scored.

    Perhaps the Rangers should have played him more…..

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Mattlear, Bowman’s teams played all the same style. Get the best players in the world available at the time to play a puck possession game.

  45. Did they? I thought Detroit played the left wing lock when Scotty was there… and I thought the Canadiens also played a trap game.

    Can’t comment on his stints in Buffalo and St Louis, but I’m pretty sure the Pens didn’t trap the two seasons he coached them.

  46. Czechthemout!!! on




    Thanks very much guys. Really appreciate it!


    Thats the problem I have with Torts. He isnt the same guy or coach who coached those players. Our offense cannot score, period. With the talent we have on our team, that should not happen.

    But anyway, have to wake up at 5 : 45 am to watch practice at 7:15 am. Since it is 11:15 pm here, I bid you all good night!

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I hear what your brother is saying about Thomas, but Thomas can’t be put into a third or fourth line role and be expected to do well there. So right off the bat, he has to go top six. Hagelin, Callahan, and for better or worse Gaborik have three of the top 4 winger spots. If you put him with Richards and Gaborik, we might as well just have him save the time of being pinned in our zone and just score on Lundqvist himself because a Thomas-Richards-Gaborik combination is just begging for a goal against.

    So that leaves putting him on the right side with Hagelin and Stepan, which would be an interesting experiment, but since that’s the only line producing any offense right now, how long can you try that during a game if it doesn’t work?

    Like I said, if the team was a little bit further ahead in the standings, they could afford to sacrifice a couple of points to see if they could catch lightning in a bottle. Conversely, if they were further down, they would be desperate enough that the risk wouldn’t be as great since they were losing anyway.

    Just a tough spot for him right now given where the team is at. But he was admittedly much better than I was expecting. I think the taste of the NHL speed and some time with the coaches will help him in his development down in the AHL.

    As I said before, I think a recall later in the year is in order.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt, in Montreal, he just had some of the historically best teams ever assembled. Sure, he coached them well, but honestly, I could have coached those teams to at least two Cups, and I wasn’t even a glimmer in my father’s eye.

    In Pittsburgh, another roster littered with Hall of Famers. Not to mention it was the same team that had won the Cup the year before.

    In Detroit, it was another HOF-ridden roster, playing pure puck possession. Gather all of the best Russian-trained players in the world, put them out in a unit of five, and watch them control the game. Not to mention they also had this Lidstrom kid, a prime Shanahan, a great captain in Yzerman, who adapted himself to play more of a two-way game, and a bunch of great role players in guys like Maltby, McCarty, and LaPointe. Honestly, the fact that they didn’t win MORE Cups under Bowman is a surprise.

  49. Doodie,

    Can’t argue that the guys he coached are hall of famers, and you are correct that he took over a cup winner in Pittsburgh.

    Still, I would like to think he played a part in the success of those guys, and even putting some of them in a position to be hall of famers.

    I’m really asking if Bowman adapted to the guys he had, and that’s what helped to make him such a great coach.

  50. Comnsnse February 25th, 2013 at 10:58 am

    To those posters with an aversion to multi syllable word usage..

    To revel in your ignorance is childish, (rhetorical), when a modest investment in a current Webster’s might relieve your infantile mindset!

    Act like adults when in the presence of the superior intellect!!! LOL


  51. Grabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Well, Fat Guy came up with Olive Oil, and I added the B, so Id think 92.78% of the credit goes to Fat Guy.

  53. Slow Metabolism Guy on

    Lets all share the credit because if it wasn’t for the overall ridiculous stream of consciousness here, I’d never have let myself F off for so long today at work

  54. Czech, good luck to your daughter. Make sure to eat some good veal and risotto…

    The thought of Torts getting fired is very depressing and almost surreal to me. If he gets fired, it would have to be for a damn good reason. Even them, I think he has more leeway than any coach in my mind. This is his team. He has a lot to do with player personnel and who gets brought here and even who gets drafted. Why bring someone else to coach now? That is a huuuge step backwards…

    If you think we need to fire Torts, then that also means that the Rangers need to rebuild…which is ridiculous…

  55. One thing is certain:

    Brad Richards, the New York Ranger doesn’t remotely resemble Brad Richards, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

  56. Torts isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t. Powe cleared is huge news, one piece back at a time. Kreider will improve, Boyle hopefully will, Richards has nowhere but up. I’m optimistic for some reason, one game at a time.

  57. >>Greetings to all from Milan, Italy.

    Are they still celebrating last week’s big win over Barça?

  58. Yes, Powe cleared to skate is great news…

    After he got his clock cleaned on that accidental play, I didn’t think we’d see him again this season…

  59. >>New York Ranger doesn’t remotely resemble Brad Richards, the Tampa Bay

    Isn’t that the case with most Rangers free agent signings? There must be something in that MSG water.

  60. _If you think we need to fire Torts, then that also means that the Rangers need to rebuild…which is ridiculous_

    That is true. Your idea is ridiculous. Firing a coach does not equate with a need to rebuild.

  61. manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m here man. dirk diggler and reed rothchild back in action baby. were just gonna keep rockin and rollin dude.

  62. Firing a coach after he took his overachieving team to game 6 of the ECF is quite ridiculous…

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Something needs to happen if the rangers don’t make the playoffs because it means this team, as composed, is not good enough.

    This means some players need to go and others brought in and/or new coach/coaches brought in. As example, richards is bought out, Boyle sent packing and Leetch hired to run the PP.

  64. _Firing a coach after he took his overachieving team to game 6 of the ECF is quite ridiculous_


  65. Grabby, try this version, thesaurus ( note correct spelling),but why bother when in the presence of terminal dumbing down!

    The Saur as, now add the S at the end and you and your ilk are described perfectly!

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – I have to agree with thom on this one…. Sending torts packing simply means the trainer thinks the horse is fine and the jockey isn’t ….. In sports, easier to fire the coach than the team…not saying fire torts, mind you….

  67. Torts is a very good coach who absolutely deserves into next year. A convincing win tomorrow and we all come in off the ledge…til Thursday

  68. If Leetch (the Great One) is to be brought in to run the PP, Dolan is going to have to spring for two dozen hearing aids. I’m racking my brain to try to think of someone so humble and yet so dynamic.

  69. Correct me if am wrong…

    Rebuild = getting rid of Boyle, Del Zotto, Gaborik, etc…

    (There are other names being thrown around, too)

  70. i know how its spelled i just wanted to see if you would comment on it, which of course u did, cuz thats your job here i guess. u get paid to be here or what? why are you spending time here? you do nothing but criticize people. u need a life man.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ok – I will correct you….a rebuild means out with nearly all of the old and in with the new (usually lots of picks)…. Dumping Boyle and Richards hardly qualifies as a rebuild. Otherwise, what happened at the end of last year is considered a rebuild…and I don’t…

  72. Rebuilding is..I’m sure- much more prevalent on the Mets blog and that comes from a suffering fan( as if there are any other types).

  73. I think we are attending Richards’ funeral a bit prematurely. 17 games without a camp and after 7 months layoff. And will take much more than just simply missing the playoffs this year for them to fire JT. Same goes for rebuild.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would trade Gabby for Lucic. No way Boston does it though. As I said yesterday, gabby plays too delicate a game for my tastes. Too soft too injury prone. Floats far more than I care to see. I want hungry physical passionate players on my team.

    Torts said earlier this season “in the past gabby didnt seem to *WANT* to be on the ice…”

    That kind of player is not for me…. Just sayin

  75. Eddie – sometimes you have to take a player for what he is, especially if you know he is good for 1 goal every other game year in, year out- that is Gaborik’s exact stat. Regardless who he played with.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – Richards needs to be better – a lot better a too much $$$$$ tied up in that contract given his production.

  77. Eddie- I doubt Leetch would want to be payed by the team so long as Sather is a GM. Not after 2004.

  78. question to which I do not know the answer … but I think I might … would Leetch ever work for Sather after what happened in ’04 or whenever that was?

  79. Great analogy about horse and jockey. I just think Torts is lucky to have a very, very long leash and isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future…

    Thanks, Eddie. It was really part of larger point about Torts being the guy who constructed the makeup of the team. If all three guys I mentioned are dumped around the same time a new coach is brought in, I would consider that a rebuild because then you are dumping “Torts guys” for players that the new coach wants to bring in…

    It’s a “mute” point, anyway ;)

  80. I don’t, Eddie. Because now I need to find someone who can score 40 goals. Dime-dozen? Hardly.

  81. Neil challenged Prust and he skated away. Next shift Neil put 2 nice hits on Pacheriety (?). Its getting chippy.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I imagine there are hard feelings…. I am sure a Mea culpa is in order…. I can’t see Brian Leetch saying “I am still mad and gonna hold my breath”

  83. If you remember Leetch’s speech when his number was retired, you just know he won’t want anything to do with Sather. Even with his big heart, I doubt that wound will ever heal. He’ll work for MSG, but not for Sather.

  84. I take lucic the beast here I’m sure opposing teams and players worry more about lucic than gabby,at least at this point in his career

  85. Apples and oranges. You want to have both. Last year we needed two Gaboriks, not two Lucics.

    Can someone look up in thesaurus thingy whether those two names qualify for plurals before I get chastised?

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – hank Aaron hit 700 plus home runs in his career – averaged close to 40 + that doesn’t mean the Yankees should sign him up

    Again, how many did gabby score 2 years ago?

  87. … but, IMO, Lucic is a pretty unique player. I wouldn’t trade Gaborik for just any 20-25 goal scorer. For example, if Callahan was on another team, I’m not sure I would trade Gaborik for Callahan, and I love what Callahan does.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – exactly. My point being players like Lucic are far more valuable and necessary than floating snipers.

  89. I’ll take Gaborik over that dirtball Lucic…any day…

    Not sure why Rangers fans are drooling over the guy that concussed THE NASHER…

  90. it’s also ridiculous, IMO and with all due respect, to judge Gaborik just on what he did two years ago. Two years of 40+ is a better sample of his career. He was coming off surgery in that 20-goal year, playing with Erik Christensen, for God’s sake. It was still mostly on him, but geez. It’s not like he’s had two years of 20 and one of 40.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally for gabby??? I think I agree w/ you,,,, need someone coming back along with cally in that offer… Tho, it’s very close – heart and soul > floater IMO

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – injury prone plays into that equation… Surgery 2 years ago…. Major surgery this past off season…..Prust might outlast gabby at this pace….

  93. I despise Malkin, but that was scary to watch. Hope he comes back ok- you just don’t know with these.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – here, we just disagree. I take Lucic any day….. He is the kind of player I ALWAYS want on my team.

  95. Oh yea. The Malkin story is horrifying. Not knowing where he was or how he got there? And now they say, “well his memory is coming back in patches.” Which is SUPER scary as well!

    I hope Nash isn’t drooling on himself in the corner.

    Sounds like McBUst might not even have a concussion?

  96. Still no Internet or TV, dammit…Does anyone know Rangers vs Boston stats last 4 years? Something tells that the Rangers won more than 50% of those games. Something also tells me that Gaborik had more GWG than anyone else on both teams.

  97. No shot from the point? Your problem solved with Chara…

    Somebody needs a lesson? Your problem solved with Chara…

    Need someone to screen the goalie? Your problem solved with Chara…

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not to be a total jerk – but malkin is learning about karma. The universe gives you back the energy you give it…..

  99. Let’s face it- if we traded Gabby for Lucic- Gaborik would regain the dynamic flair that made him one of the leagues most exciting players while Lucic would be riding the pine in the third period for taking another “dumb!… dumb!” offensive zone penalty or, worse as it’s known around the league, a “Rangers’ special” (too many men on the ice).

  100. yeah, all that, NYR Fan, but then you still end up like last year … where your downfall is the inability to score a goal when you need one.

  101. 2 sheets 2 the wind bear on

    Happy Hour Bear
    21 hrs, 32 mins ago
    The Gabby Dilemma:

    I am tired of watching this guy float 50% of the time. However, I also realize that he may be a critical piece if we are to make the playoffs this year. Knowing this, if I’m the GM, here is what I do.

    Hold onto to Gabby until the deadline. If things are continuing going south as we approach the deadline, I would put the word out to all, Gabby is available if you are willing to meet my price.

    Here is my price. In return I want:

    1) a “cant miss” already drafted prospect who scouts project as a 1st line forward or 1st pair defenseman plus two draft picks; a 2nd & 3rd rounder. My option when to use the picks in either of the next two amateur drafts. I’ll also try to grab a second tier prospect as a “throw in” by sweetening the pot with Boyle or someone similar.

    Or I’ll also take:

    2) an already drafted prospect who scouts believe to be a 2nd line or 2nd pair Defensman PLUS two draft picks; a 1st and 2nd rounder. My option when to use the picks in either of the the next two amateur drafts. As before, I’ll also try to grab a third tier prospect as well by sweetening the pot with Boyle or someone similar.

    I believe there will be a team willing to pay that price especially if they can take a run at the cup.

    The key though, if I do trade him, I really need to do my homework and identify teams with already drafted prospects I must have in return.

    Sandy Alderson did this with Beltran and Dickie and it appears he received some really top notch prospects in return.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – in dog years 63 is only 9 human years.

    Ilb – I trade gabby for Lucic no matter what stats you share… No offense….

  103. yeah, Malkin clubbed Staal on top of the helmet … could have concussed a guy with concussion history. Could have been disastrous for Staal. Malkin, no penalty, no hearing, no nothing. Karma Kramer.

  104. The only problem Chara doesn’t solve is youth. He’s kind of old.

    But Lucic is a guy I would take any day of the week. He’s a difference maker. His name comes up in every single game they play. He’s tough. He agitates and he can score. What’s not to like?

  105. You guys that are angry with Tort: You really think he just has a leash on his players? You really think he just needs to “let them play” and that would make us better? In a 7 game series?

  106. Oh, no, Carp. I’m not saying trade Gaborik for him! I would want them on the same team! Did you know that they are friends? I think I heard Joe Mich say that once…or…many times….

  107. Speaking of short-term memory loss, Manny. … lots of people have that with regard to what this coach did last year, and what every other coach before him did since 1997.

  108. Good point, Carp. You think this blog has a concussion epidemic?

    Chara and Gaborik are both Slovakian, right?

  109. That stat’s not really fair, Eddie. Gaborik played in Minny so he had no shot. And I’m sure Boston would have traded plenty of its Cup winning players for Gaborik that year.

  110. Oh well then. I guess Gaborik is headed to Boston next because Chara sure ain’t coming here.

    I know the feeling, Carp. If only I could remember why….

  111. SufferingSince79 on

    I know its juvenile but can we refer to the flying Hab as Maxi Pad-cioretty from now on?

  112. Lucic is a unique player. Id love to have him. However, on this team with this roster, Gabby is imperative. 40 goal scorers dont grow on trees, they’re not dime-a-dozen. The team needs someone that can find the back of the net with consistency.

  113. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp, yesterday you welcomed Sean to the blog with a little background on the Boneheads. I know you said its a long story but I’m intrigued. I’ve been “following” about a year now. Does someone have some cliff-notes we can read? When did this insanity officially start? Is there a Bonehead roster somewhere with player profiles? Nothing too revealing but would love to know a little more about our esteemed authors.

  114. Agreed with karma remark.I would love to see a collaborative you tube video of the lack of fair penalties in this league regarding suspensions it really has been laughable

  115. Lucic has put up 60+ points for two seasons in a row (at least 30 of them goals). That’s better than the majority of what we have. I definitely think throwing Lucic on the RW (that’s right, a right-handed shot) with Hagelin on the left and Nash in the middle.


  116. Not sure when it happened, but not long after the blog torch was passed to me from the Great Sam Weinman. Some jackwagon with another blog kept coming on here begging people to come to his blog where, he claimed, “You get all the hockey information without the boneheaded comments.”

    I replied, “but I like the boneheads.”

    and on cue, people started commenting, “I’m a bonehead.” “I’m a bonehead.” and thus the Boneheads were born.

    so I guess it really wasn’t that long a story … then ilb and Sally (not sure if I’m leaving anybody out) made up Boneheads T-shirts, and well, it was a phenomenon.

  117. The latest: Clowe only got two games, instead of the automatic 10 for leaving the bench to start/join an altercation. Shocker.

    And I think what that clown on Tampa did last year, after Anisimov’s rifle incident, was worse than what Clowe did. He got nothing. But his GM was Shanahan’s teammate and buddy.

    also, that was ANOTHER situation in which Dubinsky stood up for a teammate. Wonder who would do that this year.

  118. But Clowe left the bench during a kind of messy line change. I assume that played into their reasoning for not giving out the suspension they claim they will give out in that situation.


  119. Thanks carp…I too was wondering. I definitely have major memory loss cause it wasn’t til this past week when I finally remembered that it was you who wrote the mess book in my closet. Yes I am sloooow…also been slow to get a bookcase.

  120. I actually do remember. The whole story. Maybe after my Internet is back, or after my daughter growth out of diapers, whichever comes first. I’ll tell the whole story.

  121. Shanahan has become a disgrace. He should resign. And, the NHL needs to figure out an alternative way to deal with the crisis facing the game…

  122. I’ll take Lucic in NY any day too. But after I have enough 40 goal scorers. And I’d pray he doesn’t turn into Chris Simon. Does anyone remember his 29 goals in Washington. I actually liked him. Until he tried to decapitate Hollweg. Who is a totally different story…

  123. Hate to defend Shanahan, but he has a ridiculously written set of rules with which to work. Like the Neil-Boyle thing. Neil went after Boyle’s head, targeted Boyle’s head and hit Boyle’s head. But the head was not the initial point of impact. By rule, that’s not a suspension. How asinine?

  124. Sorry, Carp. But if someone is going to be interpreting poorly written rules that person should be an Attorney and not an ex-player wearing a slim fit suit and unbuttoned silk dress shirt. Seriously. I would recommend a panel of three people headed by an attorney. Write decisions and make actual case-by-case precedents for different forms of behavior. Then, in a few years, you will have a system that makes sense because it’s based on a consistent history.

  125. The initial point of contact in that set of rules is a very nebulous term. Is someone’s neck a part of the head? Because anatomically, it isn’t.

  126. I agree, Carp. That’s why I think Shanahan should resign. He’s becoming the poster boy for those rules.

    The think locking the players out was a higher priority for the league than really tackling the headshots issues and rules about penalties and suspensions…

  127. Let’s get a doctor on that panel too, Manny. That way attorneys will learn that a neck isn’t a part of a head, and an elbow isn’t a part of MZA :-)

  128. Don’t give me Jimbo style emoticons, Carp. :-)

    I just think that if you’re going to develop some sort of legal type system that functions as such and you’re going to hold “hearings” and have “judgments” made at those hearings the person that is in charge should be incredibly impartial. Like not an ex-player. Someone who looks at facts and makes conclusions and recommends changes in rules based on inconsistencies in the ability to enforce those rules. Most administrative bodies, and commercial entities, have some form of it. Outside of Government Administration it’s called Compliance and the NHL could really use an office full of people who make sure that the NHL is complying with its own rules and regulations.

    Sorry. I think I just blacked out from a concussion…

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, decapitation would have been an improvement for Hollweg. At least then he would be less likely to take boarding majors.

  130. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    They need to slow the game down. Not enough clutching and grabbing and too many injuries resulting from too much speed gained up the ice

  131. That’s totally fine, ilb. Have a Doctor and an ex-player both mediated and lead by an Attorney or ex-attorney Judge Type.

    A three person panel beats a guy in a gucci suit and fashionable hair.

  132. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think a deal for the O’s from the avs might not be a bad one, just not sure what goes the other way.

  133. Atta boy, Wicky. Here is my “few” step plan to reduce injuries:

    1. Bring back the two-line pass;
    2. Get one of the Zebras off the ice to make more room;
    3. Reduce the amount of padding that players are allowed to wear below their necks;
    4. Definitely get the instigator penalty out of the game; and
    5. Allow a lot more clutching and grabbing along the wall.

    My other plan is to just make the ice a few feet wider.

  134. Speaking of karma. I gave my tickets to my son so he can take his girlfriend to the game tomorrow. Unless Verizon gets their act together, I’ll be watching the game on his slingbox again.

  135. They should also get rid of the majority of the “delay of game” penalties because they are just so stupid.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    1) You can’t bring the two line pass back. It ruined the game.
    2) One less ref isn’t going to change the ice that dramatically. Also, one could argue that more room would allow for more speed and therefore larger collisions.
    3) Reducing the padding guys wear will only reduce the number of head injuries. In other words, it would just change the type of injuries from concussions to shoulders, backs, legs, wrists, ribs, abdominal, etc. It won’t reduce the total number of injuries, in fact, it may end up increasing it.
    4) If they got rid of the instigator, every game would just be a mess. Honestly, John Scott would just jump Marian Gaborik, because why not?
    5) Giving the refs discretion as to how much clutching and grabbing is ok and where that clutching and grabbing is happening is just inviting controversial call after controversial call.

    NHL players are the fastest and most physically gifted hockey athletes in the world. If you think they won’t be able to cover a few more feet of ice with just as much force, you are mistaken.

    For example, Olympic-size ice didn’t stop Jarrkko Ruutu from headshotting Jagr.

  137. I have been thinking more about it lately and I now think that Nash DOES have a concussion. I mean, it would not compromise his injury if the team were to announce that he is not suffering from a concussion but they do not want to disclose the nature of the injury? This makes me think he does have one, and they do not want to admit it, for fear he will be targeted when he gets back.

  138. I really think they have to wear less padding. We understand most orthopedic injuries and can fix them. Head injuries are a mess and we should probably focus on reducing them. I assume an incredibly hard piece of plastic slamming into you is a lot worse than a soft shoulder.

    There are WAY too many Zebra’s on the ice when the puck hits them you end up with a mess because players are expecting one thing and everything just changes in an instant because some moron is totally in the way. Get one off. (Like it used to be).

    Say what you want about the two-line pass but man would it slow the game down. Open ice collisions are hella scary.

    I highly doubt losing the instigator penalty would result in pandemonium. I thought hockey was supposed to be a sport that was about respect and honorable sportsmanship. Why can’t we trust the game to police itself?

    Yes – giving full discretion to the refs is a problem. It would have to be in a strategic and organized manner.

  139. SufferingSince79 on

    Putting the little NYRS fans to bed so I’m a little behind. Thanks Carp. The onion is peeling.

  140. SufferingSince79 on

    You know what’s funny about the “I’m a Bonehead” admission? Sounds like the way you start an AA meeting.

  141. Doctor-patient vibe!? That’s one Confidential Vibe!

    That’s awesome. A huge bonus for the “Vibin'” library.

  142. I actually feel really good about this start to the season, aside from the injuries to our guys. It’s difficult to sustain the mental focus throughout entire seasons and sometimes, teams like last year’s Rangers peak too early. Let’s hope things get back on track, we make a playoff push, and peak when it counts the most.

  143. SufferingSince79 on

    You’ll never get better unless you admit you have a problem. Thanks Manny & ilb. All this Bonehead therapy is a nice distraction from the last two days of speculation and misery. Back to reality on Tuesday. I’m thinking a win tomorrow would ease the pain a bit.

  144. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You can swing by here and watch the game tomorrow night if you want. Bring the fam.

    Allow “interference”/clutching and grabbing in the defencive zone only.

    Get rid of the instigator, hold people accountable.

  145. SufferingSince79 on headline story…”Player Safety video examines goalie interference”. That & other video gems…”Tripping/Slew-Footing” and the always enlightening “Evolution of a Suspension”. Did I miss the “Crushing Headshots To The Glass” installment or does that one come after “Pre-game Warm-up Groin Pulls”? You know player safety is their # 1 priority.

  146. late to this but i think Carp
    or others of Italian heritage
    can back me up on this

    media talking about Girardi made of kryptonite
    because he was back at practice today

    i think it’s more likely an outcome of being Italian
    and probably having his dad’s voice in his head
    saying, “C’mon! Walk it off. You’ll be fine. Just walk it off…”

  147. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – you are spot on – no 2 line passes = far less collisions at high rates of speed. It’s simple physics.

  148. From a blog:

    Lars Eller had a great response to John Tortorella’s claim that Tuesday’s game against the Canadiens was a boring one between two bad teams, with the Rangers being worse. Eller told a couple of reporters after Saturday’s game, and quite candidly: “We love to piss that guy off.”

    “It’s not a coincidence after two games like that. They were bad because we made them look bad,” said Eller who was quite pleased with his personal contribution to that result.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if you want to play the stats game – everything is in play – if Ilb wants to talk about how many goals gabby has averaged in his career fine – 2 years ago he didnt get 40 – but, wait, he was injured – so? Herb Score would have won 300 games had he not been beaned in the head. Gale Sayers was the greatest RB I ever saw,,,, but he tore his knee up….Bottom line – the only stat that matters are wins.

    More to the point, if you win 82 games 1-0, you only need 21 players scoring 4 goals in a season.

    Give me Lucic type players any day of week…

  150. Vasya From Brighton Beach Living Under The Boardwalk on

    Heering roomers about trade. Gaborik and Del Zatto to Sun Jose for Pavelski.

    sorree…bad cunecsion heere under boardwalk

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Steve Vickers opened his career with 3 30+ goal seasons. Not a 40 + average true. But I would rather have his net crashing, sloppy rebound goals, and his hard checking physical play than Gabby the floater who tends to completely disappear for games at a time… me stupid, call me crazy, but he is not the type of player I want if I am a GM. Far too soft and injury prone for my tastes….he is a ranger and as such I want him to do well…. However, if the *RIGHT* trade could be had…. He is gone if I am GM….

  152. Carp any chance of meeting up with a “silent bonehead” tomorrow night? Also does any one know how section 223 is for viewing the game?

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – last point on this Gabby discussion… mentioned he was stuck on a line with Erik Christensen – totally true!!!! Whose fault was that? Not mine that’s for sure! Fair to blame the coach for that assembly??

  154. Ria, I’m hoping to meet Manny on the staircase above the entrance in Section 110 for warmups at 6:30. Please come by and say Hi.

  155. Such a terrible bummer if Nash is done. He was really a pleasure to watch so far this season; the first time since Jagr came along when a guy touching the puck made think something unexpectedly awesome might happen at any moment.

  156. Hi e3 i’ve been better my daughter felt the need to do something nice for me so she insisted on treating me to a game tomorrow night & shes not even a hockey fan but she felt I needed a distraction at this time. How is all with you? You & coos have helped with your musing get me through a rough few days made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry so thanks to you both. :))

  157. good article Manny

    Charlie Kronschnabel! He played his college days up here in Alaska. Can’t forget that name.

  158. Steve Vickers was one of the guys that stood around watching Dale Rolfe get his face pounded by Schultz. From that day on, he and Brad Park were dead to me. As we saw the other night with McD…..that tradition has carried on to the current Rangers.

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is it fair to say that in the history of sporting upper management, Slats ranks in the bottom 10? Id add Mike Milbury and Matt Millen as well off the top of my head….

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    TYM – granted that was horrid. But Vickers had at least 3 huge fights that series and Park had several as well…. Hadfield was the big disappointment that series. He was capable but didnt go once I don’t think

    Ria – that is so sweet. I am glad, as is kooz I am sure, that you get a chuckle from our moronic humor :) —- what has you down my dear? Feel free to email me and I will be happy to listen… Ricardo has my email if you don’t….

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – park was for sure as they were a pair…. I thought stemkowski’s line was on at the time….it’s prolly on youtube…

  162. Vasya From Brighton Beach Living Under The Boardwalk on

    Glen Sader is grate GM! He brought Alesha Kovalev back second time and Valerka Kamenski! two great Russian boy! Main pruhblem heere is no Russki playar here no more. Its no good. This why wee lose.

  163. just posted it e3.

    wasn’t vickers. Ratelle looked like he carcilloed his trunks. and what a piece of cooke Schultz was. Not bad enough that he found a guy who couldn’t fight, but he also grabbed a fistful of his hair.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The defense, and there really isn’t one, is that it was game 7 and at the time the score was 1-0 I think….. Afraid of 3rd man in = tossed…… No excuse however… Rolfe was a good team mate and not a brawler….

  165. Vasya From Brighton Beach Living Under The Boardwalk on

    It no matter Carl! As wee say in motherland – ne vazhno! Glen Sader is legend! He smoke cigar long time!

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – that series is why I hate that byfuglien team with every cell in my body. I hate the flyers 1000 times more than tiki hates Boston.

    That series was incredible. There must have been 5 fights every game… Ronnie Harris wanted Schultz in game 4 ( I think) but Schultz wanted Gilbert……rod came off Harris came on …. And the big hammer talked but wouldn’t go….

  167. Vasya From Brighton Beach Living Under The Boardwalk on

    I want to go to game tomorrow but i dont have any rubles to buy ticket. Msg take coupons for bread? I have many.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hmmmm, i must be losing my mind then……you are prolly right- then byfuglien Hadfield who should have jumped him

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I will check that link out…….. Were you at any of those games or slightly before your time?

  170. so I’m pretty convinced that all of this silence surrounding what is almost guaranteed to be a Nash concussion is to cover the butts of the Rangers doctors/trainer/coach who decided to let Nash play even though he began experiencing post-concussion syndrome

  171. Hi, Ria, what a nice thing to hear. I hope we win one for you tonight.

    As to Rolfe, yeah, Hatfield, Ratelle, Gilbert. No Vickers. And, yes there was a third man penalty rule in effect. Emile Francis admitted he got rid of Hatfield for his “lack of participation.”

  172. Ria, as much as I appreciate the offer and the gesture, giving Dolan $5 or whatever for water with bubbles in it doesn’t really sit right. So no need to do that. Thank you.

  173. concussion was (likely) suffered on Tuesday

    symptoms began the following Sunday

    not difficult to follow, I hope

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – so there was a 3rd man rule in effect???? I thought so….now I am losing my mind

  175. is your point that you have information as to exactly when Nash was concussed and aren’t disclosing it or you’re deliberately splitting hairs about words rather than acknowledging that Tortorella and co. are covering their backsides

  176. Plus, E3, everyone was dancing or tied up with someone, not like they were staring at Rolfe. Third man in was a big thing then. Schultz later years admitted that if the Rangers got by Philly, he thought they would win the whole thing. Rolfe, too, had ample opportunity to slug Shultz, but chose instead to just grab his left jersey. Rolfe stayed in the game.

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After watching Carp’s link – I watched Clark Gilles beat the poop out of Schultz – what a tool – the hammer—- piece of Carcillo

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wikipedia says 3rd man est. 1977.

    I sure thought it was in effect at that time too….call me crazy

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Surprised that eddie Eddie Eddie didnt take a chop at Schultz with his stick…. Looks like he wanted to…..

  180. Schultz also said (am I the only one who reads these arcane, musty hockey books written by orangutans?) that after the fight with Gillies, these guys were getting too big and strong for him, and he knew his era was winding down.

  181. someone on the Daily News website pointed out a Tortorella quote given after the 2nd game of the season in response to a question about Orpik laying out Kreider: “That is a big problem with the club. Maybe we need to get whacked around a little bit to wake us up. It’s a clean hit.” While I don’t think he was actually inviting opposing players to lay out his team, it’s a rather strange thing to say and seems like the kind of thing you wouldn’t say when your m.o. is protecting your players. Regardless, it sure seems like the rest of the league noticed and given the lack of retaliation from the Rangers whenever one of their guys gets hit, it sure seems like opposition has everyone’s permission to take out as many guys as possible.

  182. e 3 you gave me your e-mail a while back just can’t find it right now. Carp i’ll smuggle one in for you LOL!

  183. 1922 – The NHL introduced Rule 56 to formally regulate fighting. Players who engaged in “fisticuffs”, as it was called in the official rulebook, were given a five minute major penalty. This differed greatly from amateur and collegiate leagues, where players were ejected from the game if they fought.

    1971 – The NHL created the “Third Man In” rule in an attempt to cut down on the number of bench clearing brawls. Under the rule, the first player who joins a fight already in progress is ejected from the game.

    1972 – The Philadelphia Flyers evolve from being a losing expansion team into the intimidating Broad Street Bullies. The team fought its way to the Stanley Cup playoffs, winning the Cup in 1974 and 1975.

  184. 1875 – Legend has it that the first organized indoor hockey game ended in a fight between the players and a group of figure skaters who wanted to take over the ice. Wonder who came out on top in that one?

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – wiki is accurate on mathematics…. I thought 3rd man in was in play at the time too…

  186. stranger nation on

    Remember Rick Nash – he was good – where did he go?

    Last seen playing bongos for JD and the Straight Shots

  187. a few nuggets ,so realignment is as fais a anything else the nhl does. eastern conferences will ahve 16 teams and the western conf will have 12, anything wrong with that???

    of course there is a higher chance of making the playoffs in the west because less competition for the 8 spots.

    mcdonagh was getting treatment at newburgh today but nash no where to be seen. what is wrong with that situation???

  188. Carp, I think Michael Haley can have a Brandon Prust type of effect on the team. Why not give the kid another shot in the league? We already know what he can do to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Your thoughts?

  189. Probably too late but Grabby @7:47 very weak response.

    Lame humor to cover bad spelling ( and thinking) only confirms your synaptic function is experiencing issues.

    Call your local media provider for a reconnect. Thank me a future date!

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