No news is good news, or no news is bad news?


I don’t have a clue what we’re going to hear about the Rangers injuries today, or if we’re going to hear anything at all.

Here’s my guess, though.

If we hear anything — and by we, I mean you — it will be very good news or very, very bad news.

And if we hear nothing, it will be bad news.

To clarify: If, say, Dan Girardi and/or Ryan McDonagh are going to be OK, maybe miss a couple of games, maybe day-to-day, I think the team will tell us that.

If we get a “no comment” on the injuries, start worrying. And that goes for Rick Nash too, maybe to a worse degree. If he’s not skating and there’s no update, start assuming the worst. I think that’s fair.

I also think that if it becomes apparent that a player will be on the shelf for a long time, as with Darroll Powe, the team will say that, which is why I said that if we hear anything, it still could be very, very bad news.

I suspect Michael Del Zotto (guessing: hip) and Arron Asham (back spasms) will skate today at 11.

I will be unable to attend the practice — if  I knew there will actually be news announced I might go — so keep your eyes peeled on the widget over there ————> for updates from our friends.


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Repost from last thread:

    So I missed all of the fun yesterday because Doodie Jr. was being baptized. I’m not going to go back and reread, but I imagine there was quite the bit of outrage. Not to rekindle anything, but the fact that he didn’t get a suspension is an absolute joke.

    Did anyone watch that video when Shanahan goes over the supplemental discipline process? I liked the video but he skipped over the part where he rolls a 12 sided die, throws darts at a dartboard, picks pieces of paper out of a hat, spins a carnival wheel, or plays rock, paper, scissor when deciding whether or not there should be punishment and/or how much punishment should be given.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I wasn’t raised Catholic, so I was very surprised and relieved to discover that Doodie Jr.’s godfather didn’t arrange 10 simultaneous murders to occur during the baptism.

  3. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Wow. Then Al Pacino did a phenomenal job in The Godfather, because he had me believeing all these years that the rubouts were part of the whole celebration.

  4. Doodie, that 12 sided, loaded set of dice all happened to have “no further supplementary discipline needed” on each face. What are the odds of that?

  5. The rangers season hinges on today news. If Nash is out Tom as well this could be long term. I can see girardi missing the next two and not play to Sunday. Mac who knows we pray.

  6. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I thought most of Seth MacFarlane’s schtick with Captain Kirk last night was pretty funny. Plus, Seth may have been the richest person in the room, unless Spielberg was there, so he doesn;t have to care about anyone’s feelings, especially those self important slobs

  7. I will admit that I am already worried. If Nash doesn’t skate today and doesn’t appear at practice and there’s a No Comment I might actually freak out. Way worse than be nervous or panic. Complete freak out.

    I already assume McDonagh has a concussion and won’t be on the ice and I already assume Girardi will be out a few games with some sort of awful bone bruise. Del Zaster should be back today. I feel good about that one.

  8. It’s unfortunate about the injuries and lack of reasonable punishment response by the league.

    However this should in no way obfuscate the real issues with this roster and the franchise.

    Was/is this a roster on opening day one that could legitimately compete for the Cup?

    Personally I think not and attribute the “over exuberance” of certain media types and many fans to last season’s “fairy dust” finish to this year’s expectations.

    The questions will remain to wit; is the 2013 roster built in a manner to compete with teams like the Bruins, Pens, Kings, Hawks etc. and does the org. have a legitimate stable of their own prospects as advertised?

    Again I believe not on both counts……………but then according to the writer “I’m just an Islander troll”……………….only having been a disappointed Ranger fan for 60 years!

  9. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Can you use that ina sentence please?
    What is its part of speech?
    Language(s) of origin? Complete etymology if possible, please
    Alternate pronunciations?

  10. Congrats Doodie and Doodie Junior.


    Girardi will be out 5-7 days or so

    “No comment” on Nash who is probably day-to-day with post concussive symptoms.

    MDZ also day to day

    McDonagh has a fractured nasal bone and a concussion and is out 3-4 weeks.

  11. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Torts is going to have to start bubble wrapping his kids before patting them on the behind and pushing them out onto the ice

  12. Is it really a question whether this team could/can contend for a cup? I think they were 30-1 odds as Vegas Favorites. (I don’t gamble so I don’t really get “odds” but they were favorites everywhere).

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Here is the encouraging news: who the hell is our 6th defenseman if McD, Girardi, and MDZ are out? Staal, Stralman, Eminger, Bickel, Gilroy are only five. The fact that there hasn’t been a call up signals to me that one or more of the injured three will be available tomorrow.

  14. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    First update:

    Pat Leonard ?@NYDNRangers
    Darroll Powe (concussion) is on the ice at practice today. So is Michael Del Zotto (lower-body) #NYR

  15. Holy crap. That’s all good news. Girardi is made of steel I tell you. STEEL.

    Come on NASH! Come on McBust. COME ON.

  16. @Pat Leonard@ ?@NYDNRangers@No Nash, McDonagh or Asham on ice. Everyone else practice with contact jersey #NYR

  17. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Pat Leonard ?@NYDNRangers
    No Nash, McDonagh or Asham on ice. Everyone else practice with contact jersey #NYR

  18. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    No Nash or McDonagh? No problem…the Bulls would have won all those titles even without MJ and Pippen

  19. It was intended, Fat Guy! It means that Eminger is going to step in and our Defense will be:

    Del Zaster-Strahlman

    Bickel moving back to forward is a good thing. If POWE is ready to play (which I kind of doubt) then Bickel is most like going to be scratched and Thomas will be sent down.

  20. Nash not even skating at this point is just not good. What else could it be if it’s not a concussion?

  21. To those posters with an aversion to multi syllable word usage..

    To revel in your ignorance is childish, (rhetorical), when a modest investment in a current Webster’s might relieve your infantile mindset!

    Act like adults when in the presence of the superior intellect!!! LOL

  22. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Knee, groin, or concussion. I’d assume he could skate in a non-contact jersey if it’s his shoulder.

  23. Nash, McD, and Asham not at morning skate. Everyone else, including Girardi, DelZ, and Powe are there. Thomas and Kreider in Yellow extra forward jerseys. Bickel in a normal forward jersey.

  24. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Comnsnse, I think most here could use big boy words if they chose to, but this is more like a bar than a social club.

  25. Do any of you clowns ever actually read what someone says that pertains to the larger issues?

    Or is it more important to your drab existences to display your less than humorous and banal prattle and micro managing of each and every waking moment of Ranger life?

    Do any of you have real jobs or are you all out of work aspiring comedy writers?

  26. ok relief with danny g but NO NASH IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. I thought from last week that nash will be held out until tomorrow after road trip. Now we have a problem

  27. Gravy, so your conclusion is that we must dumb down to be accepted by the masses?

    Is the most popular drink at that bar Kool Aid?

    BTW, interesting definition of “big words”, which might be interpreted as adult eh?

    Why must reasonably proper English be a detriment to discourse?

  28. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Danny G. is one tough SOB. I hope we get some kind of indication on Nash’s health status and McD’s.

  29. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    See, no one really needed to answer because we knew you’d do it for us.


  30. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    This was Comnsnse’s MO on the NYDN blog as well…instigate and incite.

    Ironic that someone who attempts to belittle others about the time they spend posting about NYR news on a NYR blog spends so much time doing so on said blog.

  31. I really can’t believe he hasn’t been banned yet. Probably only a matter of time…

    It’s true. So much of his day spent here, complaining about being here and just about “here” in general.

    Worst blog on the internets.

  32. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    If he’s really been a fan for 60+ years, then I love having him here. But when you first visit a potential new hom, you have to take off your shoes and try to learn what the house rules are. It’s like Cesar Milan bringing a new dog into his pack sanctuary. The pack re-teaches the newbie how to be a dog

  33. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I guess we should all also be a bit offended that Snse doesn’t believe we are thoughtful and insightful enough to understand and question the larger issues surrounding MSG and the Rangers’ (dis)organization. Of course we are, but it’s not stimulating or entertaining enough to sit and stew in our own disdain. What do you want me to do, protest topless outside Dolan’s front gates? Have a heart, man, it’s frikkin cold outside!

  34. We just have more pressing issues. Like, why is Nash not on the ice and why is it not being explained at all.

  35. @stevezipay@ After one line rush, Ttorts blows whistle: “shoot he bleeping puck!!!” Good advice, eh?

  36. For some reason I’m not convinced McD was concussed. Maybe because the way he looked on the bench right after, arguing with the refs and showing blood coming out of his nostril. I know the symptoms may appear later. Maybe it’s my wishful thinking, but I think it’s just a broken nasal bone and he still feels like he is breathing through the straw.

  37. Dan…..

    Although Joe Girardi got braces as an adult. So that plus Dan Girardi crying on _Beginnings_ I would say Dan Girardi tougher physically and Joe Girardi tougher emotionally.

  38. Ilb – why wasn’t that penalty a 5 minuter? He was bleeding from the nose. Blood + Boarding call = Major, no?

  39. Dan Girardi is a Hockey Player! I wish a lot more of his teammates had the heart and toughness that guy has.

  40. so in all his wisdom they still have mashinter on a line in practice with the doofass boyle..
    boyle gets a A from some for trying with moen after he ran into Biron. FOr BOyle that is an A for anyone else 6 ft 5 + 245 pounds that is an F..

    What does Boyle have to do to get taken out of the lineup?

    Good news Kreider and THomas skating with the scrubs so we can skate boyle, mashinter, and some other garbage….

    kreider kill Torts dog? expecting Boyle to be a tough guy is like expecting Boyle to score… A near impossibility……..

  41. Comnsnse – your attempt at belittling the masses who have been gathered here for some years is quite frankly plebeian, uninteresting and will be overlooked by the many and ridiculed by the few.
    Also to use a name which is clearly lacking in both vowels and adjectives in an attempt to be clever suggests you are nothing but a juvenile who is unable to form full words found in the Oxford English Dictionary and prefer to use textspeak. In which case YOYO LOL KISS

  42. Can’t wait until we have two Macs paired on our defense for years to come, hopefully. If this were to happen when McIlrath was McD’s partner, Pacioretty’s dentist would be working on a couple of root canals this morning.

  43. I will say it again: On _Behind the Bench_ Tort said that the players complained about lengthy practices at the beginning of the season because they were pretty out of shape. He said a few veterans came to him and asked him to spend more time on tape with them and less time forcing them to skate.

    Hopefully by this point that is over and these guys are ready to get bag skated daily.

  44. ilb2001, if that fantasy helps you sleep at night stay with it.

    the nhl is a joke… pacioretty got zilch..

    and we have 11 PM hockey players on this site telling us that mcdonagh exposed himself to the hit.

    i guess instead of the #’s on the back the nhl has to put stop like they do for 6 year olds……….

    good news the high powered offense has mashinter, boyle, and powe in the lineup..

    no need for kreider or thomas or anyone lese who has any skil they have richards with a backhanded drop pass ready to go and gaborik ready to float on the periphery and do his thing…

    all is well, in stupidville..

  45. i agree ilb.

    Pacioretty should have got a match penalty, or a 5-minute major followed by a beat down on his next shift and THEN a follow-up call with Shannyban where he gets at least 3 games.
    Pansification in some places and downright ignorance in others – the officials and player safety department need to do something before they lose Golden Boy Crosby to an elbow to the “shoulder area”

  46. if pacioretty checked crosby like he did mcdonagh you are looking at a 10 game suspension, the sad thing is I believe what I am typing…..

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    McDonagh is going to have a hearing today for smashing the back of his head into Pacioretty’s elbow. Then to make matters worse, he had the nerve to smash his face into the glass and get blood on it.

  48. i’d like to see at least a level of consistency from these guys, that was what they were supposed to be achieving post Colin Campbell era discipline

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    look, the call on the ice I was OK with. It was a fast play and seeing it in real time, I didn’t think it was much to see. I thought boarding minor was about right given the way the game is officiated today.

    But then seeing some of the replays and other angles, it’s ridiculous. Absolutely should have been a suspension.

  50. Isn’t Pacioretty a repeat offender? I saw that someone on Twitter was saying he was a repeat offender but you can’t always trust that Twitter device…

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, he is a repeat offender, but that only goes to the weight of punishment, not to whether a guy should be punished.

  52. Ah. So since he got nothing it doesn’t matter. Even if he was merely fined it would have been max due to his status. I would have said 3 games given the Erskine elbow to the face of Simmonds precedent. Which was as dirty as it gets. Which, of course, boggles my mind since Hagelin got 3 PLAYOFF games for an accidental elbow. Which, by that logic, if you’re supposed to control all your flailing body parts, Cooke should have been suspended for his accidental cut on Karlsson. Which brings us back to Pacioretty, who, as a injury causing, hit on a defenseless player, an elbow to the head, should have gotten 3+ games. Then his repeat offender status should bump him up to 7-10 games.

    But of course, nothing.

  53. pacioretty was suspended 3 games for hitting letang cindy’d teammate. letang btw is a dirty player also.

    ilb2001. the fantasy is on mcilrath.. when are we going to see him and he better be more then a thug…..

  54. I have watched quite a few Whale games. McIlrath is nothing special yet.

    at LEAST one year away too, I think.

  55. Torts’ message to his team: “don’t panic”

    Great, now the coach is a Coldplay fan? Definitely losing our toughness…..

  56. It also takes longer for someone who’s projected to be a physical D to develop in general. No need to rush him. Even if it takes more than a year, it’s ok.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, anything from last year is irrelevant as supplemental discipline standards were revised during the offseason.

  58. I have a bad feeling nash suffered a concussion when hit by lucic. The worse part, if true, Nash shouldn’t have played against the islanders.

  59. Yea I get that, Doodie. But I think the proper sentence is:

    [A]nything -from last year- is irrelevant, as supplemental discipline standards -were revised during the offseason- make no sense and are completely arbitrary.

  60. I know I’m a few days late with this but that Montreal game was as bad as a Ranger team has looked in years

  61. I for one,or many,would rather see kreider back out there than Boyle kids gotta lot to learn but he will if he plays through .At least there is an upside with him.

  62. Column Sensitive

    I can’t speak for any of the other assorted punks and dirtbags on here, but I don’t have an aversion to multi syllable word usage and fully understand what obfuscate means. Hence, the comment about the irony of your repeated use of the word, given I am forced to revel in my ignorance about whatever the point is in a good 85% of your contributions.

    I will buy a thesaurus (once I find the Jurassic Park gift shop) if you work on your intransigent, _laissez faire_ approach to the required diminution of your liberal punctuation!! Deal!?

  63. Doodie Machetto on


    Brouwer on Semin “It was tough to lose his scoring ability *when he wanted to play* but all in all I think we’ve been doing well without him.””

    BURN. Although given that the Caps are tied for last place in the conference and the Canes are first in their division, perhaps he should just be quiet.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Carp, perhaps you should put in a legal disclaimer about giving us permission to panic. There’s no telling what eric might do.

  65. Don’t do it on his sweater Carp. This is a tough guy, American blog. Sew it straight onto his chest.

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol @ lw…brilliant!!

    Can we use truculent? Or lack there of on this current team(truculence that is)!

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Can’t make fun of semin for that when it was our “stud” d man who had his “silly eyes scratched out” by semin.

  68. I would say even more than panicking I am just getting outright angry about the situation. I hope everything with Nash is OK and if there is something awful happening in his personal life that he needs to attend to privately then, well, that’s really bad and we are all jerks but….

    This is ridiculous. I’m actually ANGRY that I don’t know what’s going on with him. I totally don’t have the right to be angry. But I am. It will pass when I finally have some food.

  69. a couple of people mentioned some thing last night in the Pacioretty non-suspension thread that may have some merit. first was that there’s a sense that Tortorella is forcing a square peg in a round hole with this current group. I think the biggest aspect of losing the players they lost in the offseason is that with them went the best components to play the brand of board hockey Tortorella wants to play. It seems now like this isn’t the most defensively savvy group and forcing them to play against the wall is forfeiting whatever offensive upside they’ve got. I’m not convinced there’s a terrible amount of offense in this lineup without Nash anyway but the other point raised was that to make guys like Kreider and Miller play like third-line forwards may not be the best way to maximize their potential. It feels like you’ve got a lot of guys who aren’t particularly “tough” skating on egg shells because they’re not confident in their roles and are worried about upsetting the coach. Given the large number of new faces in the locker room, I do wonder how long that will fly.

  70. Except for that disappearing act last spring, which got him booted out of DC.
    As for LW, he can be our Alfie, Alfie, Alfie.

  71. who is placed on ice is of course important,but equally important is where they are placed how they are used. we will see how this all develops. But just a word about Boyle..he takes some really vicious critique on a regular basis from some of the bonesters, and a fair amount of it is a bit unfair. To say that he is not physical in his play is just incorrect…he’s demonstrated on several occasions his willingness to play the body..if there is a body within reach.
    True he’s no gazelle on the ice, but he gets there ..eventually. I think that he gets an undeserved bad rap overall, and he shows well on jams behind the nets. I say, give him a break. There are a few worse offenders on this team. I don’t like to put an evil eye on any, but they are noticeable…if you are paying attention to detail.

  72. Doodie (Scarlet A) references Nathanial Hawthorne! Hockey and literary hussies Smartest blog on the internet, wot?

  73. Carp, at some point will NYR be forced to put Nash on IR to free the roster spot? Using spare parts at this point is not working…

  74. Fran – people that criticize Boyle want him to be something he’s not. Or at least expect him to be something he is not. I think, on our new team, he’s a 4th line player with 3rd line potential if he’s skating to his ability. He doesn’t really have a great shot, he’s more of a, “create with his skates and backhand the puck in” kind of guy. But it’s rare he does that so, 4th line for him.

    We can have (At least while Nash and Co. are injured) a 3rd line of The Kreider-Miller-Thomas and a 4th line of Boyle-Halpern-Mashinter/Bickel/Asham/POW!

  75. Carp, let me get this straight. Powe falls on his head, pretty much knocked out, and suffers a concussion and he is back playing tomorrow but Nash still isn’t skating. What is wrong with this picture???????

  76. Nash is on IR, Rob C. Btw, Rick Nash had at least one concussion in his career. He missed one game in 2002 because of it.

  77. Hockey tweets : Ben Affleck: “It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, all that matters is how you got to get up.” Like he just discovered America. Surprised he didn’t also purloin “Four Score and Seven Years Ago,” and “It was the winter of our discontent.” Sheesh. These Hollywoodians make me barf.

  78. How many hits does Mashinter have thus far? To me he’s been more invisible than Kreider, Boyle and certainly Miller.

  79. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I respectfully disagree, with pedigree – I think Boyle could be a 2nd line player, and was well on his way before he got Chris Neil’ed in last year’s tournament. He seemed to have found somethgin that was working during those first 3 games, but those grooves can be so fleeting and tenuous, especially once you get lit up like Times Square by THE Chris Neil

  80. re concussions….goes without saying that no one is alike and everyone responds differently. You can be like Powe and come back soon after, or like Pronger and be done with your career. If Nahs has a concussion, let’s all pray it’s not Pronger-like severe

  81. Zubov:

    Mashinter’s been credited with 7 hits (3 in the first game he played and 4 in the Montreal game).

  82. Not for nuttin’ but McD on the bench seemed to be holding the rag to his chin rather than his nose. But, for sure, Shanahan’s schizophrenic record of fines and/or suspensions is so erratic as to make him palpably ineffectual in his position.

  83. retroactive IR, Manny. could be more of a bookkeeping thing than anything else

    and yes, Thomas was sent down. mentioned that about 10 minutes ago.

  84. Oh. Retroactively. I just saw the post and couldn’t get Twitter to load and kind of panicked.

    Thanks, Lloyd

  85. Of course Mashinter is more invisible than Brianne Boyle. Mashinter is not even a prospect. He’s organization filler.

  86. Am I the only person that thinks Mashinter has completely fit in as a fill-in, 4th line player? He even registered a few SOG. What’s the big problem with his 8 minutes?

  87. I think Mashinter’s been a non-factor, which is probably good enough considering he barely plays

  88. Oh, sorry. I thought he had two! Big deal. Mashinter being a non-factor is what he should be. I wish he would drop the gloves a bit but it seems he’s trusted slightly more than Stuart and his Bickels which is odd.

  89. Doodie,

    Did you tune out when Sean Avery was mentioned or when Scott said he didn’t have confidence in Tortorella?

    Most of what was said in that article is accurate

  90. the dumbest thing in the puck daddy article is the assertion that Sather is a miracle worker when all of his miracles are to undo the atrocious moves he made

  91. Have to admit, though, that Bickel is versatile. How many players can be shifted from wing to defense and from defense to wing and also provide muscle when called upon?

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    I didn’t tune anything out, but those are two of the larger points I would disagree with. Also, I would disagree with Callahan being the best player (not even close); with Nash being a disappointment (he’s probably been the best player); and while he has no faith in Torts, he has faith in Sather? Ugh.

  93. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Tiki is right – we should be calling Boyle “Brianne” until he starts bringing the ruckus every night!!!

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate when people refer to players as girls name. It’s sexist and completely irrational.

  95. Wicky + Manny = FRAG OUT VIBE

    But in Game of Thrones, Brianne is a really, really tough woman knight. Might be a bit too much for Big-Rig.

  96. hate to say this but Mashinter, Asham or whatever borderline NHLer they choose to play on the 4th line are not the problem right now

    that their supposed top center has looked like a healthy scratch for the majority of the season is a big problem

  97. _I hate when people refer to players as girls name. It’s sexist and completely irrational._

    Also a favoured move of Mike Milbury, not that he could ever be accused of being sexist and completely irrational.

  98. Hockey analysts are pretty much just talking about Nash as having a concussion and referring to the Rangers as an example of why organizations need to be more careful. So……That’s bad.

    Yea. Calling men by women’s names is pretty weak. Except for Mrs. Eminger (because someone posted under that name and it was funny).

  99. guessing the people up in arms about “girl’s names” haven’t played hockey very much and heard what’s actually said on the ice

  100. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I’ve been outvoted, so we’re back to *Brian* Boyle. I still reserve the right to call him out for non-ruckus bringing.

  101. You’re right, Lloyd. Nothing sexist/irrational about it. I don’t like calling him by his actual name. I started with Rian Oyle, and have since moved to Brianne. To avoid any controversy, I’ll just call him Greaseball (because of his hair) from now on. FWIW, most women are probably tougher than Greaseball.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly. Who cares about the 4th line. Let’s worry about the ones that will play more than 5 minutes.

    First of all, is there any doubt that the first line is whichever line has Stepan and Hagelin? No matter who they put at RW, be it Nash, Callahan, or if they put Gaborik there, that will still be the first line, by a lot.

    Second, is there any doubt that Brad Richards is just totally cooked? I mean, when a guy is asking DAVE MALONEY how to break out of a slump, it’s fair to say that e is just completely out of answers, right? So can we please stop pretending that he has any chance of returning to being a first or even second line center?

    Now that we’ve stopped pretending, can we please try JT Miller as the second line center for Gaborik? At least the kid will hustle and not cough up the puck every time it’s on his stick. Sure, he’ll cough it up a lot, but not 100% of the time, like Richards.

    Also, while we’re not pretending, can we please, PLEASE take Richards off the PP, especially at the point? I swear that every single player on the team, including Biron, but excluding Lundqvist, would be a better option at the point than Richards.

    Too bad that will only happen while I’m pretending.

  103. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Can we call him Olive Oil without offending anyone? I mean, that’s nto really a girl’s name since it’s just a cartoon character, right?

  104. Richards, if he has to play the power play, doesn’t belong on the point. He proved that last year (when he looked about 50 times better than he looks now). The problem with pulling him off is, assuming he’s not finished and just in a bad slump, what is your better option? I don’t really think they’ve got 6 better options at forward for the power play.

    And did he actually ask Maloney for advice or was he just screwing around?

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, just because it’s said on the ice doesn’t make it OK. Homophobic comments and girls’ names are just ignorance that needs to be left behind.

    It was OK to call black people and other minorities lots of terrible things in the past, but that didn’t make it right.

  106. And now it’s On to Irish Kevin’s for a couple of quick brewskis while the wife does a little shopping. Lordy lord.

  107. Not saying it’s ok, just saying not to get your panties in a bunch over words that very little meaning or import behind them

    anyway back to Brad Richards being terrible

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, he legitimately asked him, to the point where when Maloney was talking about it, he was like, oh boy, I can’t believe he was asking me.

    And 6 better options at forward than Richards: Hagelin, Stepan, Callahan, Gaborik, Miller, and Boyle. Yes, seriously, Boyle.

  109. only way Boyle is a better option is if Richards is finished, and I mean literally finished to the point that he can’t even put on skates anymore

    I’m not buying he’s done even if everybody wants to start talking about buy outs

  110. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    are two people that go by the monikers Fat and Doodie really that far apart on whether and how it’s OK to make fun of Brian Boyle’s non-ruckus bringing?

    I don’t want any tension here so Brian it is…this is not the Yankee LoHud site and I’d prefer to keep it that way

  111. the more I see Miller the less I think he’s ready to play at the NHL level but I’d still give him a couple of games with the handcuffs off (and the same with Kreider) to see how he does

  112. Agreed Lloyd. There was no intent behind it. Just an attempt to manufacture controversy with me. I prefer Olive Oyl anyway, it’s much more clever!

  113. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think with the lack of inclusion of kreider in most of these posts it is safe to say that miller is a better pro at this point than kreider

  114. Pacioretty and/or Lucic would not get away with what they did even at a weekend Irish Center corned beef dinner. Never mind with guys who are actually getting paid $10,000 a game (and up) to defend their buddies.

  115. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Willing to try Boyle in front of the net. Heck, even Mashinter.

    I’m not a Torts basher, but it still confuses me why a coach who has no problem benching players and juggling lines essentially sends out the same PP units game in and game out.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, then we will have to disagree.

    Let’s look at it from different angles:

    1) Physically: He has absolutely ZERO burst in his stride. It looks like he’s skating in quick sand or trying to run while he’s up to his chest in water. Just absolutely no acceleration whatsoever. Furthermore, he’s never been particularly strong on the puck, but I think Nathan Gerbe could muscle him off at this point.

    2) Skill-wise: Just absolutely terrible decision making with the puck, especially in the offensive zone. Consistently tries these stupid, no-look backhand passes that invariably end up on the opposition’s stick. Sometimes throws the puck into an area where there are only opposition players. Never makes the right decision as to when to pass or shoot.

    3) Mentally: Some overlap between 2 and 3, but he looks just completely lost out there. When you are asking the radio color guy for advice on how to break out of a slump, things aren’t going well for you.

    Torts is giving him a load of ice time to try and play himself out of it and it only is getting worse and worse. He’s cooked.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    tiki, it’s not about intent and honestly, if you think I care about creating controversy with you, then you need to get over yourself.

    It’s about changing the culture of casual sexism and casual homophobia that surrounds not only hockey but pretty much all of sports and a lot of the public discourse. It’s gotta start somewhere, and it might as well be here.

  118. True Blue Mike on

    If anyone is interested in daily fantasy games (you make a team for that day not for the entire year) come play me on Use the code: sbumsantos when you signup so that I know you are from the bonehead blog.

  119. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I still think that saying a player is done without seeing at least a full season of awful play, let alone 1/3 of 1/2 of 1/1 season, is premature.

  120. Richards has looked terrible. He’s a turnover machine, plays with zero enthusiasm and when he’s not screwing up is totally invisible. Still not prepared to say he’s finished, though, and assuming he isn’t, you have to stick with him (at least for a while longer) until he turns it around.

    But here’s a really scary though: Brad Richards, a guy who has been abysmal this season, has contributed virtually nothing and is on the road to summertime buy-out status is tied for 2nd on the team in points and is one point off the team lead. What does that tell you about the 2013 Rangers

  121. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    not saying Richards was ever as good as Glenn Anderson, but once that decline started it never stopped…he still live in NYC but I’m not sure I’d recognize him without the stache

  122. And congrats to O’McBear for posting from a bar stool while vacationing in Key West. That’s the spirit(s).

  123. True Blue Mike on

    Torts should just bench Richie and let him watch the game for a little. He is smart enough to watch and see what is going wrong and what he has to do better. Bench Richie and bench Gabby. Call up Thomas and Borque and let them play top 6 minutes for a game or two.

  124. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Yes, but for every player that ultimately declined, there are probably 10 that were just going through slumps. The guy is 32, not 40.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, it tells me that for a few games the Nash-Richards-Gaborik line was really hot.

    BTW, tomorrow’s game will officially mark one month without a goal for Richards.

  126. Still laugh every time I think of Avery’s slapping at the air routine making fun of Maxime Talbot.

  127. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    TBM, pick the game on the schedule you essentially want to give away. I mean, I get your point, but you cannot bench both of them. Even if Nash was healthy.

  128. Doodie, it is about intent. I didn’t even consider it was a woman’s name when I called him it. I came up with a play on his name, simple as that. I was in no way comparing him to a woman. Honestly, when you take issue with the casual sexism that occurs on here frequently, then I’ll entertain the notion that it wasn’t because I was the one who said it. As for right now, I have no desire to continue arguing with you, trying to end sexism and homophobia is a noble undertaking.

  129. True Blue Mike on

    The 2013 Rangers just need to start playing for each other again. They need to start playing for Hank, they need to start playing for Nash, the need to play for the team. If someone gets hit or run you drop whatever your doing and you attack. The team should be a family, if you have ever played with a family member on a sports team you know what I mean. Thats how this team will start winning. I am starting to worry they are pointing the blame on each other.

  130. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Pap Bear – Great little memorial park with the statue heads, no? I didn;t want to say “busts”

  131. True Blue Mike on

    Gravy, who says we would be giving it away. Gaborik and Richards surely aren’t winning us any games and this gives other players to step in. Hank can carry us for a game or two and without the top players the team will go into lockdown mode the way they should be playing. A good benching would do everyone some good.

  132. Met 2 cheesesteak, Eagle, Phillies fans at Irish K’s. Philadelphia, City of Terd Breath Half Wits.

  133. Richards is sitting at just about 2 shot per game this season; there’s no confidence in his game at all. A night off has been a long time coming.

  134. Yea Wicky. The Richards stuff is points 2 & 3. That kills me. If he was just physically out of shape I would be OK. The mental breakdowns are scaring me.

  135. look, bottom line is Richards is a turnover waiting to happen, has been playing like a turtle and after a pretty good start (2 goals, 4 assists in first 5 games) he’s got 5 points in the last 12 games.

  136. True Blue Mike on

    Honestly I don’t know if I will ever like McIlrath. I can’t stand the fact that the Rangers took him 10th overall when they could have taken Fowler or Tarasenko or for godsake traded up and grabbed Skinner. McIlrath a 10th overall pick… still cant believe that.

  137. Richards is a turnover machine right now. Every decision he makes seems to be the wrong one. You’d think that by accident, he might make a proper decision with the puck just once.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    tiki, get real. I didn’t even notice you had said it until you said I was saying it about you. I saw Fat Guy’s post and that’s what prompted it.

    Furthermore, your comments only go to further my point about changing the culture of casual sexism/homophobia. Just because others think it’s acceptable doesn’t make it acceptable.

    What if there was a culture of casual racism? Or casual anti-semitism? Anything goes, so long as there’s “no intent” behind it! If you are using it, there’s some intent behind it, even if you don’t think it’s malicious.

    This is all not to be confused with being an anti-dentite, which is perfectly acceptable in all situations.

  139. Well True Blue, if we had Tarasenko and/or Skinner those would just be two more guys on LTIR with concussions.

  140. Richards hasn’t played more than 20 minutes in any of the last eight games, so he’s had _some_ cut back on his TOI (if nothing drastic bar a couple of those games).

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, while I agree Richards needs to find a seat next to Carp (but not next to Andrew Gross because I think Richards would eat all of the popcorn), Torts is clearly going to let Richards play his way out of this. Let’s just hope he can, because otherwise this is going to be a very long and very painful season, shortened and condensed as it may be.

  142. True Blue Mike:

    Steve Eminger was a 12th overall pick
    Taylor Pyatt was an 8th overall pick
    Brian Boyle was a 26th overall pick

    these drafts are not an exact science

  143. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Latona – Please, you’d have to be alot more creative than just making fun of my wieght to ever offend me….

  144. True Blue Mike on

    Haha Manny I was waiting for someone to say that. We could only hope they would be safe on the Rangers but the way the 2013 Rangers police the ice that is not likely.

  145. True Blue Mike on

    IK Lloyd but honestly McIlrath at 10? He doesn’t have any skill besides beating people up. Maybe a 2nd round pick but a 1st rounder, 10th overall, that is just something else and if anyone was watching fowler in the World Juniors the year he was drafted they would be upset the Rangers passed up on him.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    McIlrath isn’t coming up this year, at all. It would take three of our current defensemen plus injuries to Mike Vernace, Logan Pyett, and possibly Blake Parlett before McIlrath gets a call up this year. And even then, it’s only long enough for them to either sign someone (how have we not signed Chris Campoli) or make a trade.

    Next year, maybe he leapfrogs some guys. But there is no way they call him up this year.

  147. Fat Guy Mallory Square is out on this trip in,,,,, no time for sightseeing. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, McIlrath over Fowler didn’t pass the eye test. Fowler looked terrific.

    People like to point out his defensive foibles, and that’s totally fair. But look at how our coaching staff has managed to develop defenders, and tell me that you don’t think Fowler wouldn’t be MUCH better defensively had he been brought along in our system.

  149. True Blue:

    Oh, I think you’re absolutely right. McIllrath was a guy they could have had far later than 10th and I will guarantee they passed up on considerably better players to get him. That said, the Rangers do a good job of developing defensemen so he’ll probably be ok.

  150. I didn’t say anything to the contrary of “Just because others think it’s acceptable doesn’t make it acceptable.” I agree with that. I’m eager to see your continued stance against sexism and homophobia on here in the future.

    Racism is, however, a bit different than changing a person’s name for fun (with no malice intended). Do we, from this point forward, end jokes about overweight people? Obesity is a very serious issue in today’s culture, it’s no laughing matter.

  151. Why is carp telling us to panic? —>

    Is there something that came out new? Or is the lack of news the reason why we should panic now?

  152. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Coos – You’re not alone. I have a feeling every one of us laughs to ourselves at least once a day without posting. We’re all just a bunch of idiots

  153. Manny the less than magnificent stop whining, and please,please let’s do prattle on about Nash’s injury.

    Honestly of all people to admonish another poster about multiple posting you are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black!

    Incite,instigate………..sure to see some adult discourse where knowledgeable fans don’t refer to the blog as the local bar scene,or post interminably lame comments every time someone in the dysfunctional Ranger family breaks wind.

    Grow up, accept differences and open whatever is left of your circuitry to being enlightened articulately! For emphasis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or be offended if someone usesd multi syllable words,”big boy” words.

  154. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fowler is waaaaayyy overrated. He is a less physical version of mdz at best. If anyone thinks he fit torts style or system I think that is just inaccurate.

  155. Manny has become what he claims to abhor……………..a serial offender!

    Duberstein please sit on his face!

  156. That had nothing to do with Fat Guy. Sure Carp, though I didn’t find you to be overweight when I met you, let alone obese.

  157. I figured. I wanted to believe we weren’t told anything because it was minor and they didn’t want other teams taking advantage of an injury, but as time rolls on the worse this looks. Thanks for the update, Carp.

  158. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Are we talking about the same Fowler who has 1 point this year? Had 29 points last year and was -28 (not that it’s an accurate indicator, but by all intensive purposes is terrible defensively)? Who is only a year younger than MDZ? Who would have been selected 10 picks higher than MDZ, who routinely gets killed on here? That Fowler?

    The grass is always greener.

  159. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Now if u want to talk about curious draft picks, I have a far greater problem with skjel over matteau than any other recent draft pick

  160. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    If we had Fowler, everyone here would already have him packaged for Slewfoot.

  161. LLoyd, on a serious hockey note, exactly what superior D have the Rangers developed?

    Their best D McDonagh was agift from Gainey because The Habs did not believe he was coming along as they hoped and the throw in for Higgins.

    Girardi was a FA signing with no impressive track record.

    Most analysts will agree that Staal was a stretch and is not a true #1 or #2.

    Del Zotto is and has been a hybrid neither a PP QB or a punishing D.

    If you refer to the past the two best of course were Park whom the idiots gifted to the Bruins and Leetch.

    As to prospects enough said about McIllrath and Skeij for all his size is not considered to be a punisher but yet another finesse D.

  162. Mr.Kermit, you’ve been summoned before this court for leapfrogging. Do you understand the charge?

  163. Alert: Avery is making amends. He bought Torts a new chair for his birthday. Sather, however, would not let him plug it in.

  164. While the some continue to talk about the “Tort”s System”, not only does this roster not have the ingredients to play that system but the better coaches in any sport adapt their system to their players not the other way around.

    Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes among others were coaching teen agers who they could intimidate not millionaires who make more than the coach…………..if not the worthless GM!

  165. I’m so confued…now I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to call myself Fat anymore. Anyone object if my new screen name is just Guy, or would “Husky Guy” be less fatist?

  166. Carp what happened to our team? I take a few days off they were 3-0 and now they haven’t won since?

    What’s up with Nash? Do you really think it is the head shot he took in Boston?

  167. Which experiment, Manny?

    Sioux, I don’t have a month to explain … you will have to go back and read the last 3,000 comments :)

    Large-boned Guy!

  168. Completely agree with Doodie on Richards. The guy is shot but what makes me more upset is torts insistence on keeping him paired with del zaster on the point of the pp. There no hope on pp with him back there.

  169. eric, the only defense for still playing Richards at all is that he might come out of it, and if he does, he’s still your No. 1 center. If he doesn’t, they’re probably toast whether he plays or doesn’t play. Agree 100 percent with getting him off the PP point. If he has to be on the PP, let him play the half boards.

  170. Latona, is that the best you can offer,woo,woo a rogue Islander fan?

    Carp, as the resident imprimatur and intrepid reporter on this site, is it too much to ask for a token comment with respect to these childish babblers infecting the blog with the DGS virus?

  171. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty, but Not Beacuse You're Heavy on

    Boy, Carp sure gives a lot of freedom on screen name length.

    I said length.

  172. “They headed down to old El Paso
    That’s where they ran into a great big hassle
    Billy Joe shot a man while robbing his castle
    Bobby Sue took the money and run.

    Billy Mac is a detective in Texas,
    Knows exactly what the facts is
    He ain’t gonna let those two escape justice
    Makes his livin’ off the peoples’ taxes.”

  173. People are seriously concluding Richards is finished after 17 games and after having one of the best seasons of his career? Wow, you guys must have front office positions

  174. Sir Carp, is double entendre allowed on a family site?

    Answer, only if there are a sufficient number of baboons muttering unintelligible sounds!

  175. Doodie how do you disagree?
    The Rangers have zero snarl, zero fight, they’ve stopped hitting. To me they don’t even resemble the same team on the ice. They were better when everyone was healthy but they still didn’t make any opponent fight for every inch of ice. They still didn’t punish the other team physically.
    How does Pacioretty get off the ice on Saturday without knowing he’s a marked man. Would never have happened last season.

  176. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    isn’t the double entendre a move made famous by SuperFly Snuka?

  177. Loved when little Tie Domi would go after Probert and then skate to the penalty box smiling and buckling his title belt.

  178. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    you know who fought everyone? Mark Janssens. Look it up – he tangled with every goon of his era, more than once. Sometimes outsized, but the fists never stopped flying

  179. Carp, aren’t you ashamed for joining the chorus of minors?

    As a graduate and distinguished scholar of the Grenada School Of Journalism I expect much more than pouting and herd attitude.

    Might I obtain a autographed photo of your graduation ceremony?

    BTW, What paese are you,it might help? I’m guessing Calabrese,it’s “Testa” thing!

  180. Large Big Boned, Husky Guy Who Is Unsure If It's OK To Call Himself Fat on

    I just removed my shirt and shaved into my chest hair, in big letters,


  181. I agree that Richards has been pretty bad.

    I never thought any of his physical attributes were world class. i.e. speed, skating, shot, etc.

    His greatest asset was his mind. not Gretzky-like but he has definite ability. I am not an expert on Richards but these are casual observations.

    I think he can come out of this slump, I don’t see huge differences from last year except in his decisions. We just need a team head shrinker.

  182. Dubi, nice bounce back,now ask how many actually saw or remember Jimmy?

    You must be an older kindred spirit! lol

  183. Coos, Granada is in Spain and regularly sung by Placido Domingo.

    I can hum a few bars if you like.

    No double entendre needed I’ve already used all of them

    Happy to see you, perhaps discourse will finally be elevated for those who can find the elevator!

  184. Coos, yes we did send an armada to free the med students from finals and Clint starred in a movie called “Heartbreak Ridge”. The med school grads are all serving the Hudson Valley constituency as we speak!

  185. Streit: Drafted 262nd overall by another team, acquired as a UFA at 31
    Visnovsky: On his 4th NHL team, traded for at 36, initially suspended for refusing to report
    Hamonic: Most analysts will agree not a true #1 or #2
    MacDonald: Neither a PP QB nor a punishing D (nor Andy McDonald)
    Carkner: One-and-a-half dimensional meathead, signed as UFA at 32
    Martinek: Presumed deceased
    Finley: Waiver wire pickup
    Strait: Waiver wire pickup
    Hickey: Waiver wire pickup

    I’m off to check the definition of the word “develop” in my dog-eared copy of “My First Big Boy Collection of Long Words”.

  186. Czechthemout!!! on

    Greetings to all from Milan, Italy. I am here to watch my daughter compete in the world junior figure skating championships!

    Heard about the bad game in Montreal, very disapointed! I was told Thomas played well, suprised he is being sent down so fast since we cannot generate any offense.

    I see zero Mashinter is still playing while Kreider, who since Torts “got a hold of him”has regressed is an extra while Brian 1 point in 13 games despite way too much ice time Boyle is still in. Torts is upset because Kreider has way too much skill to play his board hockey style. Therefore, he needs to be benched.

    Who ever said earlier that Torts is trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, BINGO!
    I was a big fan and supporter of Torts when Renney was fired. In fact, I thought we were getting the safe is death Torts. But instead what we got is just alot of talk and more Renneyade! No power play in four seasons. No offense or any clue of what offense is. The players have begun to tune him out it seems. His message, what ever it is ( dump and change,block shots,use the boards first and foremost or board hockey ) falling on deaf years. We are wasting Hanks prime years and that just wont do. Not to mention Cally,Nash,Gabby,DannyG,Staal and yes even Richards. Our prized prospects, Kreider,Miller have either regressed or are regressing. MDZ came into the league with a bang. He showed a tremendous amount of promise and poise as an offensive weapon, now he is a scared shell of his former self. Any player that comes in here with any offense is stifled. Amd that just won’t do. This is still a game where the purpose of it is to score more than the other team and not to give up less. Yes defense is extremely important but it is NOT 90% of the game. Torts acts, speaks and coaches like it is.

    Unfortunately it is for that reason that I have come to the conclusion that it is time for Torts to go. I come to this conclusion not lightly because I was a big fan of his. A fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning Torts not the Tom Renney New York rangers version of him.

    I am also calling for Lindy Ruff as his replacement. No coach has done more over the years in Buffulo with less. That team had no money and allowed or traded any player who was up for a raise to go. He also played three years here with the team so he knows what the pressure of the NYR coach is like. I know some people will rip me a new one for this post, but this is me just expessing an opionion. Cao from Italy!

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