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1) I spent the night talking to a bunch of youse and trying to talk some sense about what we’re seeing with this Rangers team, and I just want to be clear. I am not defending what they’re doing on the ice, or their makeup. I wondered all along whether they lost too much of their identity, guys who would make it a difficult night for the opponent game after game. This team doesn’t. Again, I make the Nash deal 100 times out of 100. But they took five forwards off their team and didn’t sufficiently replace them. Now you throw in that the top three or four guys haven’t done much at all, one of them looks like he’s headed for a compliance buyout, one of them hurt (and if it’s a concussion, who knows when or if he comes back) and one of them was benched in the third period of a game that wasn’t lopsided (pretty much waving the white flag, IMO). Do that math.

2) That all said, I am going to hedge a bet here. I thought, for absolutely certain, that this Rangers team would still make the playoffs, and I still do … unless the injuries to Rick Nash, Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh are long term. If so, they’re toast. If not, they will make the playoffs.  I would have even ventured that the Rangers would eventually overtake Montreal before it’s all said and done. Again, the injuries and the fact that we’re more than a third of the way through the Bettmaned season, make me now doubt they will do that. But look at where they are, despite the way their key guys have played, and look at some of the teams ahead of them: Toronto, Ottawa, Carolina. I don’t expect any of those to be in the top eight at the end of April.

3) The thing about the guys they lost … that team last year would never have had a game like this, where they didn’t at least push back, pay back, stir the pot, give the opponent something to think about. That team would never have gone so peacefully and lamely. These Rangers haven’t been nasty at all. There is no reaction when a teammate gets drilled. They’ve had, what, two legit fights that weren’t those stupid staged fiascos? They are easy to play against. That has to change.

4) Let’s see how Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Jumping Through Hoops to Not Suspend  Players handle this Max Pacioretty leaping, driving of McDonagh’s head into the glass, from behind. Because I’m guessing that after Evgeni Malkin chopped Marc Staal on top of the helmet with his stick, and after Milan Lucic drove Nash’s head into the glass, that Pacioretty will have a phone-call hearing and be fined. How about doing another video about how the NHL is going to cut down on dangerous head-shot injuries … blah, blah, blah.

5) Make the playoffs or not, and I think they will (again, depending on the health of those three injured players), here’s the scary part for the Rangers, who have plenty of young players with high ceilings currently on the roster: Brad Richards might be at the end here. He will probably be the next buyout. Marian Gaborik, benched again last night and not scoring, not skating, is headed for another contract (elsewhere) in a couple of years. This is a team that never had legit first-line players for the longest time. Now it has three, and two of them might be going out the door, and how in holy hell do you replace them with the cap going down next year? Especially after emptying some of the cupboard for Nash? There’s not another No. 1 NHL center in the organization.

6) Hate to say this, but I thought Richards and Gaborik looked pretty decent in the first period. Then, poof, they were gone.

7) The Rangers can say injuries aren’t an excuse. That’s commendable. But they are a reason.

8) And more than one of us here, self included, started thinking this week, could this be 1992-93? The year after a great year when Brian Leetch kept getting hurt and the No. 1 center played awfully? Because if it is, I don’t see 1993-94 following this time.

9) That was such a good play by Derek Stepan early, when he caught goalie Carey Price cheating, faked the dump-in and shot the puck. You used to see it all the time, but now it is almost never attempted. Even if it doesn’t work, it will also keep the goalie in the net for a while longer next time. Wonder if the game would have been any different if Stepan scored there.

10) That first penalty on Marc Staal=Pansification. Originally, I didn’t think Pacioretty’s hit on McDonagh was so bad, but I thought, well, they call that boarding every night in the National Lockout League. But McDonagh was bloodied, so it has to be four minutes minimum. And, again, after seeing the replays, it should have been five, and probably a suspension. Again, I doubt Shanahan  has the guts to do the right thing..

11) That first  goal, after the Montreal power play ended, was partly due to the fact that, with Staal coming out of the box, the Rangers had three D-men on the ice, and thus got scrambly.

12) Wow, what a bad play by a flat-footed Richards on the second goal.

13) It will probably take me seeing it 100 more times before i get sick of that Honda Presidents’ Day Sale commercial. I hope the sale goes on for a while more.

14) Seems like most of the fans in Montreal pay attention to the game and cheer. That’s an interesting phenomenon.

15) House of Horrors, never mind the injuries: In six straight losses at Molson, er, whatever it’s called this month, Centre, the Habs have outscored the Rangers 22-3 with four shutouts. These are the Canadiens who have pretty much stunk for all of those seasons.

16) It really is time to figure out the power play, which has been somewhat better lately, but has cost so many games this year already. Maybe bring in Leetch? Or somebody? A basketball coach? Seriously. Something.

17) This talk about Girardi shouldn’t have still been in the game? Nonsense. So it might have been Staal? Or somebody else. You don’t have a second-string in hockey. You need to play the guys in the lineup. You can’t decide which one might get hurt. Granted, Girardi might have been better off doing a flamingo there, but that’s not in his DNA. And if he hadn’t turned, maybe he doesn’t even get hurt. It’s just bad luck.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Kenny Albert Rules!’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Matt Gilroy.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (19.54 %).
2. Carl Hagelin (13.79 %).
3. Derek Stepan (10.34 %).

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  1. Interesting review, Carp – Don Cherry had a lot to say about this year’s Ranger team also, don’t know if you got to see that.

    That photo shows Pacioretty’s both skates about 6-8 inches off the ice when he’s smashing McD’s face into the glass – if Shanny can suspend Hagelin for the hit on Alfredsson last year, e can suspend Pacioretty for this hit, but the closest ref didn’t even call it a penalty – HOW CAN THAT BE!?

    I think they will have to be SO MUCH better for their remaining games to make the playoffs in this ridiculously shortened season – and the way they’re playing now, I don’t think they will make it.

  2. 2nd. i was right when it occured on th mcdonagh play. the ref down low did not even call a penalty…on the video replay they said mcdonaghs bloody lip.

    the killer is the girardi injury..i now doubt nash has a concussion because of how the medai jumped on the mcdonagh concussion immediately.

    again they replaced prust, mitchell, feds,rupp, dubi, and aa with; nash, pyatt, ahsam, powe, and some young guys. do not seee why that would be a downgrade….they still have on the roster top 6 scorers from last year.

    gabby is a problem… i say trade him 1.5 years on his deal. he has been absent to often get a oreilly and another guy back why not. 2 pretty good players for 1 high end player.

    nash will be our kovalchuk…surround him with speed and youth and roll the dice…richards if this keeps up for 20 more games will have to be amnestyed the rangers will have no choice…..

  3. Carp – maybe I have to see another replay, but it seemed like McD turned last second before Pacioretty hit him.

    Not to mention McD hit him from behind before an shook him up. He should’ve protected himself better there. Should definitely get a talking to from Shanny, but McD has to know the situation there. Like I said in the previous post, a lot of these guys need to assume that they are always fair game (like Messier did) and protect themselves better.

  4. If I’m the Ranger coach, I have a picture of Pacioretty in the locker room with him in the center of a target – I’d put a price on his head – and screw the league if they get word of it. Rules are not enforced evenly and fairly in this league.

  5. mcdonaghs face is right into the glass and the lead official called nothing..

    the staal penalty was a joke. Plekanic interfered with him and held him.. the 1st goal happened because staal was on the ice with 2 other d men.

    boyle wow what do you see there? i see a guy who probably did not work out during the lock out. i see a guy they need to move. to say he is giving them nothing is about accurate…how can he be so bad? he is 28 years old……

  6. Jonny, look at the picture above, and Pacioretty’s skates! He’s flying through the air like he’s on a zip-line!

  7. No matter *when* McD turned, he’s not supposed to be hit with a flying check – this isn’t pro wrestling!

  8. johny d.. how can a d man protect himself on that play. 2 hands on the stick.

    you think these guys are superman. i say mcdonagh could have plastered 67 a ton worse then he did ealrier, i say his hit was clean….for sure he did not try to hurt him.

    pacioretty is a jackwagon….after all he has been thru he hit a guy from behind, high, and with shoulder or elbow, seemed premeditated also…they were all alone behind the goal…..

  9. If you’ve ever skated on ice before, you know that you have to put in some significant effort to jump that high. If you are in fact, high; you may disagree.

  10. I’d rather watch the video. Pics can be taken and look much different than the actual play. From what I remember, Pacioretty was only airborne after the contact (from the actual hit itself), but as I said, I need to watch the replay.

    I still stand that McD needs to protect himself there, especially knowing he just ran Pacioretty from behind and hurt him minutes before. Not that it shouldn’t be a fine, but as the player getting hit you have to be smarter there too.

  11. another tough night in Montreal

    McD didnt look like had glazed eyes or went out after that hit. I was guessing something like a broken jaw. Yes I learned to diagnose concussions via video at night in correspondence school.

    Girardi, please get well soon.

    we need Nash to dress for every remaining game.

  12. trade gabby for o’reilly and something else. colorado gets a sniper. they trade a guy who they hate and does not want to be there. rangers get a 1.5 center, who is young will make 1/2 of what gabby makes etc…

    i am on the phone first thing..rangers need centers, they can manage the wing with what they have or what is coming…

  13. And Stuart, Nash isn’t even on the same planet as Kovalchuk. Definitely very talented and our best player, but Kovalchuk is so much better.

  14. Jimbo – when you have the puck as a D man, you play it around the boards (like McD did) and stand up tall and put your body against the boards so if you do get hit, you don’t get smashed face first.

    That’s how they teach it to you from day one. I’ve seen McD do that plenty of times where he turns his back to the player coming in and almost bends down when he plays the puck. He definitely shouldn’t get hit like that, but he puts himself in a horrible position to get potentially injured.

  15. jonny d i agree kovalchuk is better then nash and that is fine. nash is a big guy that makes the d focus on him and he can score. the other devils players are not that talented. the rangers groups of; stepan, cally, miller, kreider, hagelin, and others will be fine.nash is 28, plays hard, wants to be here…..

    gabby is not giving effort trade him for oreilly and another guy.

    the avs get a big name offensive player when oreilly is not even playing. rangers get a 22 year old pretty good player a zajazc type player…

  16. There are missing the Prust element. The other team has to keep an eye on a guy on that. It can have its effect. A fight or even a series of hard checks can change the climate of a time. But they don’t the personnel this year for that. Maybe it’s time to see what McIlrath can bring to the team.

  17. the girardi injury may be much lnger then the mcdonagh injury. broken ankle is 2 months if true…

    there d was the backbone of this team.. mcdonagh is a very good young player… he is worth gold…

  18. my only retort to the team is not tough enough is they are 2nd in the league in hits…

    i thought hits make the d men give up the puck early or turn it over or make the forwards get nervous(watch gabby as an example). is it physical play or is it fights?

    I think they are physical enough already….

  19. Leetch – how am I trolling? I’m trying to give a valid hockey opinion and discussing with everyone else, just like I’ve done here for the last 3 years.

    You seem to enjoy trolling me, so continue to have fun with that. And for the record, I’ve played hockey for over 20 years at a high level, so you might be surprised by this but I know what it takes for somebody to be propelled that high in the air. It’s either a jump or a player throwing a hit on someone who is lower than them and they get pushed up.

    As I said, it’s definitely possible his jumped in the air, I’d just have to watch it again to confirm that since I don’t remember seeing it.

  20. if gabby hates torts trade him, problem solved….oreilly, stepan, hagelin, richards, nash, callahan, miller, kreider, and the rest is not horrible……

    trade boyle for a 5th round pick and really open up a permanet spot for kreider/miller….

    why the hell not????gabby is a floater, he is not the type of player they need. his performance tonight is the final straw..

    he did not play a 2nd in the 3rd period, he knew why in a game the rangers may have lost 2 of there 3 best d men without there #1ffensive player already not in the lineup and gabby did not show up..

    ottawa gabby did not score but played well, hard, and ws noticeable tonight nada……

    they change the lines to try to get gabby going….what does he do, not much

  21. Prole – McIlrath is nowhere near NHL ready after his injury from the summer. Plus as a D-man, I’d rather not throw him into this fire and let him develop in Connecticut.

    Plus he’s not saving this team. Once they get healthy, they’ll be a bit better, but this year is going to be a step back from last (which I expected, don’t see them getting past the Pens in the second round). Give them a full training camp together and they’ll be much improved.

  22. Jonny, even if McDonagh was wearing a suit of armor, and if he didn’t turn into the boards, the guy that hit him was elevated 6-8 inches off the ice – the camera caught it, even if the closest ref did not. That is definitely against the rules, *especially* if the player that is hit is close tothe boards.

  23. jonny d what level did you play hockey at? these guys play at such an elite level it is a whole other world. D men are totally vulnerable. no way mcdonagh exposed himself on purpose…no way

    mcdonagh is a hard nosed honest player, no way he intentionally cheap shots anyone NO WAY

  24. Jonny, look at the picture! You could not possibly see the play on video better than that low camera angle shot could! He is airborne!

  25. last year teams knew they were in for a fight when they faced the Rangers and many players said so.

    “Teams no longer fear the New York Rangers”, Don Cherry said tonight.

    This team is playing like they do not care. Every game I hear the same b.s. in the locker room and on the quotes page of the team website.

    “We need to be harder to play against”, “more consistent” blah, blah, blah. One season is all it took.

  26. Jonny D

    I read your post and the explanation of your hockey experience was very impressive. However, after you missed an opportunity to place a comma, I lost all of the respect that retort had instilled in me, and then some.

    It’s pretty obvious, Paccioretty has rocket skates. Not his fault. He’s been chillin’ with Toejam N’ Earl.

  27. Jimbo – looking at that pic though, if McD stands up straight there, Pacioretty’s elbow/shoulder hits his back, not his head. Prevents a concussion, still draws a hit from behind penalty and gets them a power play too, and his risk of significant injury is lowered dramatically.

    I’m just saying back in pee-wees when they taught us how to throw and take a hit, that was the main thing they taught us. Other d-man tries to slow the forechecker down, and if he got through, play the puck down the boards and stand up tall to brace for the hit so at the very least your shoulder makes impact first. Can still get injured, but it protects your head.

  28. so a team that had 51 wins last year was a fluke……

    this is who they should be? nash is a problem not a solution….

    i just do not believe it. oh and mcdonagh being all of 23 and same for stepan and hagelin means they actually met there performance peak and this team should not make the playoffs because john mitchell, brandon dubinsky, artem anisimov, and the great brandon prust are no longer on the team and the chemistry is all messed up.

    they have the same 6 d men and goalie from last years gret defensive team but hey this is a 10th seed in the east team…

    i just do not buy it………this is not the old ranger train wreck of over the hill fading players on there last stop. look at the ages on the roster…stepan in his 3rd year, mcdonagh 2.5, stall 5, cally 5, they should be on the way up not the way down.


  29. With the way Gaborik has been playing this year, who would take him – and for what in return?

  30. Trade Gabby and he sticks 5 goals up our rear the first time we see him again. We then trade Nash to reacquire, then he leaves via free agency anyway.

  31. Leetch – sorry, I tried to please everyone, but couldn’t haha

    Stuart – I played Midget AAA and Juniors. If you want to talk about players having little respect for your opponent, it was pretty bad there. Guys would purposely jump high with hands extended trying to hit your head. Crazy stuff.

    And McD didn’t cheap shot Pacioretty, he even slowed up on his hit. And like I said, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen him turn his back like that. It just scares me that he might do that and get himself concussed since he is the franchise d-man. DZ actually does a great job of it, which is why you rarely see him in a position where he takes a hit like that. Staal too, they both play the puck and stand up tall, sometimes even trying to spin out of the way. Hopefully McD learns that from them.

  32. jonny d i did not play the game like you so obviosuly i am not the epert but if mcdonagh just released the puck 1. no way he would be standing straight up and 2. he skates and braces himself by bending his knees..

    it is telling the attacked that they were wrong because they were attacked..

    just do not believe there is any validity to your comments…i saw it at home, immediately said cheap shot. before the 2nd ref even called a penalty. i watch a lot of games, i am usually right on these things. i said the staal penaalty was bogus immediately and torts agreed because it was…

    pacioretty was pissed and he did not use his brain. most of these guys are not exactly PHD candidates.. If a ranger did what pacioretty did I would be saying the same thing…

    watch when mcdonagh skates normally he is much less upright then the other d men…..

  33. gabby will get you return. he has been horrible and has 7 goals.

    trade him out west you see him next year max twice…

    gabby has not bought in, he hasnt we like him because he is talented..

    nash has tried to buy in. you can say the system is stupid having stars block shots is crazy and you may be right but gabby has not bought in… look what girardi does and gabby sits for lack of effort and you do not see how that can negatively affect the team???

  34. Stuart – his stride is really unorthodox. He’s got a wide stance and somehow is one of the fastest skaters on the team. He always has some sort of weird injury from it too (his goal against the Caps last year and it partially caused his injury from the terrible hit by Ference last year).

    So I definitely get that, and I’m not even saying Pacioretty shouldn’t have received a penalty, because he should have. I’m just saying that McD saw him coming, so he should’ve tried to play it quick and immediately push himself up against the boards (he had time to do it). Then if Pacioretty goes for the hit, great because its still a check from behind penalty, but McD walks away with nothing except maybe the wind knocked out of him at the very worst.

    Funny you pointed out his skating stride though because I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices how weird it is. It doesn’t make sense how fast he is considering how awkward his stride can be.

  35. i do not know the avalanche roster. who is good and bad and who is tradeable or not but o”reilly and someone for Gabby why not?

    rangers get a top 6 center man, avs get a big time scorer with 1 year left on his deal…

  36. again i watch alot and do not think mcdonagh had a chance to diminish the outcome of the check

    you should know better then me, how damn fast the play is…they have fractions ofseconds to make decisions.

    i absolutely recognize that mcdonagh is very low with his legs wide when he skates. to be honest i think that helps him with his initial burst….

    again my prediction pacioretty gets nada. or a slap on the hand. read the comments on tsn, thsi sport is 1 step up from the roman gladiators. too bad.. i like watching the red wings because of ther skill and disdain for the crazyness. yes they have tootoo for obvious reason but they prefer not to play caveman hockey…

  37. Holy crap, last year we leaned on Gabby for goals. Now all of a sudden with Nash out we can’t score for shat and have simultaneously caught the Ottawa bug. Awesome!

  38. Good review as usual, Carp. You keep saying they’ll make the playoffs (which I think is more likely than not, unless, as you said, these injuries are long-term), and I know anything is possible once you’re in…but do you really think this team is going to go further than one or two rounds? I sadly don’t.

  39. Gabby sucks every other season. Just be happy his off- season is a lockout shortened one. The team looked great until Montreal’s first goal. The team pretty much decided not to play after that. The refereeing was horrendous last night for both teams, but noticeably worse for the Rangers.
    This team’s got me thinking about wearing my Panthers jersey when the Rangers come to play down here. They’ve got to REALLY suck if I’ve even thought about doing that. Either way I have a feeling I’ll be comfortable booing them, if only just to be able to finally do it in person.

  40. stuart a: please learn how to speak english.

    2leetch2: team already confimed McD is concussed, as if it wasnt obvious through Tort’s media appearance.

  41. salty you a english teacher? i am typing in the dark and assume someone as astute as you would get the point….

  42. Stuart – I don’t see the Avs wanting Gaborik. Helps them fill cap space (and gives them scoring), but with a limites budget, they still need to sign Duchene, and Landeskog along with Stastny. Although I guess Gaby will be off the books this year.

    Colorado does have Parenteau, someone who has posted better numbers than Nash the last two years and who we got rid of because Torts didn’t think he was a good enough skater…(not saying we should’ve kept him, I just find it funny he’d be the second best scorer on the Rangers for the last two years and he was cheap too).

  43. Jonny D

    We actually agree on something. I always liked Parenteau and wondered why the Rangers gave other wastes a chance instead of him. I guess we had to watch him torch us with the Isles first to see he could actually play.

  44. gabby is under contract next year.

    i am not interested in paranteau.. o’reilly yes paranteau no

    gabby is still a top 30 goal scorer if he wants to play…had 76 points last year..

  45. See Leetch, I’m not such a bad guy. I think they viewed PA as a Jason Krog type player, a small creative scorer who was built for the AHL. But he got top minutes on the Isles and now Colorado and is lighting it up.

    Stuart – yeah I meant next year. Most of Colorado’s important FAs are 2014. The Avs are in no rush to move O’Reilly. He’s an RFA so he has little bargaining power. They aren’t going to give up a top prospect/player for a 30 year old coming off shoulder surgery who is going to be gone soon anyway, let alone trade is more players.

    They freed up a ton of cap space to keep their young guns after the cap goes down. O’Reilly will be playing for the Avs once next year comes around.

  46. I don’t think the pacioretty hit was that terrible but he should have held up and stayed on the ice, there was an injury, and their earlier incident makes the hit seem more intentional than reckless. I think he should get a game or two, but will probably not even get a fine knowing the NHL. Regardless, this was a hit that deserved a response from the Rangers and they failed miserably in that department.

    Also, these players should be forced to wear better and tighter chin straps…McD’s helmet popped up on impact and didn’t protect him like it should have. No reason for that.

  47. Also Stuart – the apparent asking price from the Rangers for O’Reilly is DZ and either Kreider or Miller (according to the Denver Post reporters). Gaborik wasn’t even mentioned.

    That’s a stay away any day of the week.

  48. Leetch – they didn’t give Parenteau a chance because of Sean Avery. If I remember correctly they hated each other. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    I am depressed. This is brutal.

  49. How ironic that everyone who laments lost identity, still stick to “I’d pull a trigger on that Nash deal 100% of time” mantra, the very desl that depleted the very identity. Logic, gentlemen, logic…

  50. BroadwayRoe

    Yea, I remember that. Excuse me all, while I hang myself. Hey, best part of all of this is, I was off all of last week, expecting thorough Nash domination, day in and day out. Jokes on me!!!

  51. Interesting comments by all, but one thing is lacking here. The Tortorella gambit. Do not be surprised if this winds up being the beginning of the end of Tortorella as Ranger Coach. In my opinion ( note the qualifier here), I have never been much impressed by the moves he has made as bench coach. I also don’t believe he has full appreciation of the skills ( and short comings) of many of his players. They cannot keep doing the things they did last night and call themselves a well coached team. Take the situation for instance of that scrambly action early on when he had Gilroy on the ice for a few moments and all he did was bash someone. Then on the bench for an extended seat at the end row. Yet it seemed like only moments later that he was back on the ice but over on the left side and diddling there while the right point was manned by Richards, of all people. Richards fired his “cannon” on goal, and Gilroy was still trying to disentangle himself from a cluster screw up on the left, and able to accomplish zilch.

    They got beaten thoroughly by a better team, and they will continue to do so. Just wait for the looming embarrassment coming their way when the face the Blackhawks, who are arguably the fastest team in the league, and also can dish up the muscle when they need it
    and have a very impressive goaltender in Emery. Biron looked totally lost for most of the night.

  52. Well, hey won’t be facing the Black Hawks THIS year, unless they make the playoffs and get out of the Eastern Division – two rather long-shots at this particular moment..

  53. I think Torts is still coaching like this is last years team. I think he’s a great coach, but he doesn’t have “his” team, which he had last year. That said, he pushed for the Nash trade big time it seemed.

    Last year he had reasons why they weren’t playing well (even when they played great). This year he just seems kind of annoyed with the fact that the players aren’t performing as expected at times. He’ll have to make a few adjustments, but he probably won’t since he has expectations of his team that this years team can’t provide.

  54. The Rangers played their best hockey of the season while Boyle sat upstairs. They have stunk from the moment he was readmitted into the lineup. Coincidence?

  55. And to think that we got completely embarrassed tonight by that team of gutless Smurfs (aside from that one player that they added in the off-season) up in Montreal. Totally unacceptable!

    If this wasn’t a “hockey is an afterthought” city with a team ownership group that really wanted to have a championship hockey (and not idiotic basketball) team, Sather AND Torts would be *fired* after this past week’s series of crappy performances.

  56. Mertonian Norm on

    Is only in New York or only on this blog where you rip your best player and propose trading him for a goon? Carp is right about no identity, and I think the coach is wrong to try to force last year’s model on this year’s players. Exaggerating to make the point, I get the feeling Torts would welcome Gretz (in his prime) with instructions to work on his in-zone play discipline, be tougher along the boards and dump the puck in any chance he gets. Any dumb penalties, Wayne, and you’re benched. What does it say to your team when they look down the bench, and there’s Gaborik, sitting, your best hope for a goal in any circumstances. It says: I Guess We’re Giving Up.

  57. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp.

    Adversity. Not playing well, not standing up for each other, multiple injuries to main players. That happens to every team, more or less. Important thing is how they respond as a group. We will see.

    What they need to figure out is why after pretty solid first period they came out and got outplayed, out worked and out hit.
    Carp, I have no idea how you keep your composure and try to take people of the ledge. But you have that ability to find the middle ground.
    I still have no Internet, and I have a busy day ahead. But I read the comments last night. And I’ll tell you what. Some of the comments are embarassing. I understand, and share the frustration, but a good amount of people have simply given up in their team and are asking to blow it up, fire the coach etc. After what we’ve endured over the last decade? And after what we’ve seen this team is capable last year? Try to look at a bigger picture, folks.

  58. With the luck we’ve had this season you know the injuries to Girardi and McBust are going to be serious.

    If the season is over due to injuries then by all means trade Gaborik, as Stuart suggested, and get everything you can for him before he just walks away.

  59. It’s incredible: change the GM, buy out Gomer, add Prust, change the coach, start trapping a la Lemaire, and presto! You have a top seed in the conference!

  60. Call in the dogs and turn out the lights!

    If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100 times. During the regular season and given the officiating latitude and league’s idiocy re:penalties.

    Every team especially lightweights like the Rangers, MUST HAVE A DETERRENT!

    Sather is a gross incompetent ,is responsible for the mess and must be held accountable.

    Junior, stop picking your strings and your nose and act like you care!

  61. Sorry in advance for typos. Darn iPhone :-)

    Hwerth- if you’re around this is a response to your posts. I was with you on “stay the course” last year. Exactly like you, I was saying they shouldn’t make significant changes and should see how far they can go with their homegrown youth. But they went into the playoffs with their grit and heart and faced Ottawa who matched their physicality. And instead of being first seed against eight seed it turned out to be a nail biter. Ditto Washington. Both series could’ve gone either way. They simply couldn’t score enough. And they couldn’t score enough to go through NJ. They had to give up two young players to bring them to the next level, players like Nash don’t come around too often. And he hasn’t disappointed. Homegrown players? Guess what, they replaced AA and Dubinsky with two another homegrown players- JT and Kreider. I tend to think those two have a much higher ceiling than Dubinsky and Anisimov. They didn’t replace some other complimentary players, but that is much easier to do than find a goal scorer going forward. If not this year, then next. Look at the big picture.

  62. Lots of good, vaild stuff in the review as well as in the comments.

    Regarding McDonagh, maybe he should be preparing himself for impact better, but maybe his first instinct is still to make the smart defensive play, remember the age of some of these guys.

    Regarding the penalty call on Staal: IMO it was just a horrible call using the pansification mindset. Should have been interference on the Montreal player.

    Regarding Girardi: I don’t buy the “He should not have been out there” comments. The only way to not get your best players hurt is to not dress them.

    And regarding Torts: I have been a big supporter of his and his record speaks for itself. You can sense his frustration, having a team last year that was 90% where he wanted it to be and came very close. Coach and players were on the same page, word for word. This year it looks like they’re reading different books. I just get the feeling he doesn’t know what to do with this group this year. He needs to figure out what buttons to push and get this team an identity before time runs out.

    Tortorella did last close to seven seasons in Tampa. And it’s been said that coaches(dictators) of his type have a short shelf life. At some point that style and mantra jump the shark. It sure looks like that group we saw the last night is incapable of playing what they like to call “Rangers hockey” The players are saying all the right things, but it’s not working its way to the ice. I don’t see a firing coming but this team does not make the playoffs, that seat should and will get very hot.

    I’m not saying it’s there yet or near it. But it does sure seem like the approach or tactics he’s employing are not getting the same results out of some players who’s skills couldn’t have diminished as much as they appear to in less than a year.

    Maybe some of these guys do have enough skill to flip the switch when the playoffs start (Richards) but some of them clearly do not have enough skill and need to give more effort than they have been (Boyle).

    If this level of “effort” continues, coupled with injuries, this team will not make the playoffs.

    I’m hoping they can use this upcoming stretch of teams that have been struggling to get their collective acts together before it’s too late.

  63. The rangers are softer than baby poop. Thier best d-man gets hammered and nobody even gets in Pacioretty’s face? WTF? In fact, nobody seems to get in anybody’s face. Ever. The team looks really passive to me and thats on the coach. I like Torts as a coach, but maybe his schtick is getting old. Plus, the power play has been non-existent for a looooong time, they still can’t score even strength and Tort’s “signature” of the team, that they are hard to play against is gone. Sather has got to at least start thinking about a coaching move.

  64. And in terms of making the playoffs. If their main guys come back soon enough, no brainer. EC is much more divided this year than any because of 48-game season. The Rangers are only 1 game over .500 and they’re right there, having some games in hand. 3 game winning streak changes everything.

  65. stranger nation on

    hockey is a game where effort can neutralize skill but skill plus effort cannot be neutralized

    the capts went to Torts and asked him to take it easy on them in practice, bad omen…

    road record not so good, road record against teams above them very bad. home record good.

    assume Nash was hurt in Boston game and then Boyle reinserted as well, what is their record since?

    for the fatalists who are blaming the Nash trade, that is a move you do then AND now!

    for those watching from afar, just be happy you didnt lay out bank to watch this live.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This team as compsed just might miss the playoffs. Even if they sneak in the 7th or 8th spot, I can’t see them doing much and will lose in 5. Sadly, we took 3 steps forward last year only to take 7 steps backwards this year.

    Have the players tuned their coach out? Is Sather planning on doing anything? Has James Dolan stopped eating crayons and paste?

    The next 2 weeks will be telling. By mid march we will know.

  67. I have to agree with a lot of what was said in the last four comments from ilb, stranger, Eddie and diggler

  68. @ilb-you are correct sir-Couldn’t beat jersey cuz they couldn’t score-I think they miss Prust but the rest of the people that are gone? When miller and kreider start scoring nobody’s gonna pine for Dubi and AA

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One thing is for sure. This team doesn’t inspire hope. When the get down by 2 goals, they tip their king over and stop the clocks. In chess, it’s called resign. Who is their spark plug? Who is playing hard nosed hockey? Who on this team would pull a Clowe and jump the board to pound an opponent that ran his team mate. Dave Maloney is saying this team needs better effort and better coaching.

  70. once the rangers finally say nash is concussed and now mcdonagh has one as well and girardi has a broken ankle we finally move on from this del zaster of a year because if all those are true


    92-93 all over again. will torts get the axe like roger nielson did. the answer NO SHOT IN HELL.

    we wake up today in 9th and it seems like 15th. girardi and mac are out long term 15th will be the spot.


  71. ILb – Just read your post. Don’t have much time to hang around today but I get what you are saying about the playoff run. However, I think they could have added the needed scoring depth without giving away two core players and a 1st rounder while adding payroll when the salary cap is going down next year. Because right now you have almost $30 mil of cap space locked into 4 players with a cap going down to like $60 mil with young players to sign.

    After this year they owe raises to Hagelin, Stepan and McDonagh who are all RFA’s. The next year they have to sign Cally, Girardi and Hank and that’s with letting Gabby and his production go.

    At that point Nash is right back where he was in Columbus being asked to do everything. Teams that set their rosters like that usually don’t win. They will need much more balance to win.

  72. last year was a pipe dream. if you think we are getting back to ECF with this team constructed and a declining richy your mistaken.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I really don’t understand what happened. After last year, and the Nash trade, I really thought we had a legit shot at the cup. I imagined Prust getting a 3 year 5 million dollar deal….. Rupp’s knee healing, Boyle progressing as a skater, hitting the weight room hard, and becoming more imposing…… But none of that happened. I tend to wear rose colored glasses but right now my lens are cracked.

  74. stranger nation on

    Kings have $27M ties up in top 4 players, as with most teams in most leagues so the problem is production per dollar not total $$ in top players

    Rangers needed Kreider and his paltry salary to make it to final 4 last season

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Swap Boyle and Pyatt for a Lucic and Evander Kane ( of course this is fantasyland) and we win the cup….. We need a couple of man beasts on this team. And we dont have anybody like that. We are back to 1980’s smurf rangers.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider was better last year. He played instinctive hockey. Torts has messed him up or something has messed him up. He ain’t the same….

  77. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Understandably, lots of frustration and emotion on the blog this morning. I still think a healthy team would be just fine the rest of the way, but I guess we may not find out since everyone is concussed or broken in some way.

    Doesn’t help that they had to figure out almost half a new roster on the fly, then Cally got hurt, Kreider, Hags, Stepan were inconsistent. Then, when things started to come together, Nash got hurt, now everyone is hurt. Like Carp said, the players won’t use injuries as an excuse, but it cannot help a team that had no training camp, then no lineup consistency due to injuries.

    Can only hope that McD has a Boyle-like concussion and not a Sauer-like one.

  78. The knee jerk would be to make some quick trades, give away some youth, trade Gaborik, buy out Richards right away. I believe they’ll give Brad another year to show what he has before they buy him out after 2014. Anything else- they won’t be doing. I think they are looking at a bigger picture. Even if they have main defensemen out for prolonged time and have to miss the PO, they won’t do it. So I hope.

    I have a big day as my little princess is having her christening. It’ll be fun with my Jewish family participating. Only in US. A couple of boneheads are in attendance too. They better behave :-)
    So for the rest of you, and I’m not talking about trolls, cmnshmk, and people who come out of their holes after this team losses. I’m talking about real boneheads- don’t give up on your team. Keep the faith. They’ll be fine!

  79. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Unfair to say Torts has messed up Kreider when he’s played about 25 games. And let’s not forget, while he did score some timely goals in the post season, he also wasn’t close to a perfect player.

  80. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, my brutha, don’t be so down. We fight to the end here. This is the Rangers……

    Two things come to mind for me:

    1. injuries. If they’re out long term, we are screwed no matter what Torts or our GM does.
    If Nash and all but one of our d-men comes back, we’ll make the playoffs. Not sure what, then.

    2. The lack of depth and readiness of our young players was/is never more blaring than now. It is NOW that a team like Ottowa, with great selection, processing, and training of their young players has not missed a beat with major injuries. Our much touted, but much weaker than the fans believe, young players are not all that good. A GM has to draft well. Ours doesn’t. I’ve said it here time and time again. And he sugar coats his teams with some high price hopeful FA’s, but he is a know nothing and lost the edge with poor planning that we had last year.

    Carpy has hit it on the head. Teams have to be nasty and have snarl. Thats what players like Prust, especially, and Dubie, Miller, gave us. Girardi, Staal, MDZ, Step, Hags….it goes on and on…they’re nice guys. They are not hard to play against. A good GM, especially one so ‘experienced’ knows this. Amazing Slather has no clue.

  81. Gaborik did this two season ago and everyone said his shot was gone and he’s washed up then he rebounded last year. Difference is two years ago the rest of the team was this bad.

    No ones made much of that shoulder surgery either. I guarantee it would be a topic of conversation had the season started on time w him on the shelf til November. Dunno if that’s caused some issue for him but season to season he’s been Jekyll and Hyde in NY. Those 5 goals in 2 games back in January were just a tease

  82. Cross Check Charlie on

    I thought last year that Torts got more from the team than their collective talents. I really thought that he knew what his players were capable of and maximized their effectiveness.

    This year seems totally different. He replaced grit with some youth and speed like Kreider and Miller, yet he still wants the team to play the same as last year’s team.

    Whatever happened to “safe is death?” Wouldn’t this team, as constructed, be more likely to flourish playing an offensive game than the defensive-first game they did last year?

    When you have players like Gaborik, Richards and Nash along with the kids, why are they the lowest scoring team in the East? Is it players or scheme? I don’t know. Remember that Richards was supposed to be a power play QB when he got here. Nash, for all of his great talents, wasn’t exactly lighting it up before the injury. Kreider looks like he doesn’t even belong in the NHL most of the time. After a couple of games, Miller’s effectiveness diminished.

    I know it’s easy to say fire the coach (a simple solution to a complex problem), but I think Torts needs to look at the makeup of this team and maybe change the scheme to fit the personnel. What is going on now isn’t working.

  83. Carp, thanks for the review. Your unbiased analysis of the games are the equivalent of counting to 10. Breathe in, breathe out!

  84. Wow this blog (and team) are approaching turmoil status.

    ILB- congratulations and enjoy your day. God bless.

  85. Say what you want about the Ranger woes, but the sanctioned thuggery (e.g. unpunished dangerous hits on Nash andMcDonagh) and, hey, punshied hits by Hagelin that were not intentional injury, I’ve tuned out hockey since the first period of last night’s game. I will not be participating in this blog, nor watching hockey until the game (and refereeing) is cleaned up. Oviously mob rule in Montreal a la les vieille Habitants. Those refs seemed pretty chummy with the Canadiens players last night. I say suspend any player who makes a head shot (this one obviously intended for McDonagh due to the publicity Montreal received for the bad trade) the length of time that the opposing player is out, no ifs, ands or buts. Short of that, I’ll be watching figure skating this year. Adieu mes amis.

  86. I haven’t seen that many games this season, I locked out the National Lockout League for the first month.. But for all of you saying we should fire the coach, trade the 40 goal scorer and buyout Drury: Calm down.

    I do believe some change is needed, and with all these young guys in the linup, what I really question is the leadership group in the dressing room. Get some character guys in who can play but most important can relay the coach’s message and tell some of the over-paid pansy players to grow a pair and do what their paid for.

    Feels like we lost some characters and leadership in the off-season…

  87. Per The twitter feed – Max Pacioretty’s hearing with NHL for his hit on Ryan McDonagh last night is scheduled for 4 pm today.

  88. I think that I have to make a few explanations of some of what I posted earlier, because I think that some are drawing the wrong impression of what I was attempting to bring out.

    I didn’t mean to say, or even imply, that Tortorella SHOULD be dismissed, merely that this circumstance has brought about on numerous occasions the dismissal of a coach.

    I also did not mean that I dislike the coach, but only submitted my personal observation that I
    don’t understand some of the bench moves that he makes ( or fails to make) in critical
    circumstances. He’s probably a fairly decent coach, but seems to fumble at times. And I gave some examples of moments like that in the game last night. He totally misused Gilroy the first time he was with them, by stashing him on the left D, on a sporadic basis not a regular shift, and lost the advantage of his right hand shot. In that final game against
    Washington several years ago, he dominated that game with his bursts of speed, and scoring ability, when he had the opportunity. Used right he is a very good player. At least he had the
    wit to place him in his rightful side on right D, this time around. And he has a very good shot from the point. But that’s just one example. I was impressed by his team that won the cup for
    Tampa a few years back, that was a terrific victory, and with some of the present players as
    members. Didn’t mean to cast aspersions against anyone, and hope that I was not taken that way.

  89. Papa O'McBear - Key West Version on

    Carp. President’s Day is over. So, unfortunately may be the season for our Blueshirts.

  90. This team didn’t overachieveast season.
    Gaborik ad Richards were right on Par with what they’ve done in their careers and did what they were supposed to. Step and Callahan were about on point although Cally had his beat offensive season. Girardi was an anchor as usual but they were without Staal til January and even after he returned wasn’t playing well.
    Dubinsky had his worst offensive season an wound up being a third liner most the year but was an important pk guy.
    That’s 5 of their top 6 forwards and their top two dmen. Nothin needs to be said about Lundqvist.

    None of that says overachieving to me. Poo- poor hockey out of that same bunch with some roster turn over and injuries in a shortened season seems much much more like a fluke to me but then again I’m rarely hit with a piece of falling sky

  91. TSNBobMcKenzie X-rays on NYR Dan Girardi (blocked shot) are negative. Good news, although some bone bruises can be as painful/debilitating as a fracture.

  92. Papa O'McBear - Key West Version on

    Ranger/Swede I for one am happy you believe some change is needed. I also think your lockout should continue, it might be healthier for you.

  93. You guys are pointing fingers everywhere and I understand it. But the fact is this team was picked by many to go to the Cup Finals, and this team when healthy is not at all lacking in the talent department. They really are not a team that needs to be better than the sum of their parts. But what separates a team like the one we are watching from the one we saw last year is the way they play. Teams hated to play the Rangers, now they don’t. That is on the guys in the room. Yes, they lost Prust and Dubinsky and Fedotenko in the grit department (sorry but Anisimov and Mitchell were not gritty players), and their replacements were thought to be Pyatt, Asham and now Powe, and maybe some of the youth in Miller and Kreider. But maybe none of those players have the kind of grit they truly need. And maybe the only upgrade they needed was Nash and they should have kept the rest. But it really is an issue of many of the same guys not approaching the game the way they did last year. They are not willing to sacrifice for one another, not at all, and that is more infectious than what a Brandon Prust brought to the table in the opposite way, or what Avery brought years ago.

    Hockey is about 50 percent talent and skill and 50 percent heart, at least. That is why much less talented teams beat much more talented teams all the time. When the players in that room decide they care and are willing to sacrifice, well, the sacrfices they make in the small battles (bumps, bruises and welts) will far outweigh the wars they lose (McDonagh and Nash out with concussions). They can pay now, or they can pay later as they go.

  94. And FWIW, Brian Boyle’s 20-goal year 2 years ago was a total anomaly. That guy needs to go back to working with Barb Underhill on his skating because it is no longer at all where it needs to be and if he doesn’t do that he is exactly what he was when the Rangers acquired him – a big first round draft choice from 2003 with an upside of a fourth line center and PKer. Which is fine but the Rangers expect him to be much more than that.

  95. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    ilb, congrats! I did the opposite…brought my Catholic family in for a bris and baby naming.

  96. Question for those of you on the ledge.

    If I showed up at your house with a box and said push this button and it will automatically trade Richards Gaborik and Krieder for Anisimov Dubinsky and Prust would you do it?

    On a related note, if you were a hotdog and you were starving to death…would you eat yourself?

  97. Cross Check Charlie on

    The injury excuse is just an excuse until last night. What were the big injuries other than Nash? Asham and Powe? A couple of fourth liners? Oh, and Del Zotto stinks until he gets injured, then his absence makes a big difference, I suppose.

    Now, of course, going forward without Girardi and McDonaugh for who knows how long there will be a big it’s-the-injuries excuse. But, the team was mired in mediocrity before that happened.

  98. _On a related note, if you were a hotdog and you were starving to death…would you eat yourself?_

    it depends… is there mustard?

  99. Carp- as far as new first line players go, you gotta believe Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are in the plans this offseason to replace Richards and Gaborik.

  100. And let’s not forget, the Rangers have no 1st pick this June; they finish out of the POs and just watch them win the newly CBA inspired draft lottery (all teams out of the POs get at least one ball in the machine when deciding who gets the 1st overall selection).

    Then we can all lament what could have been as the BJs pick one of Seth Jones or Nate MacKinnon first overall.

    For me that’ll be of the top (bottom?) worse moments in Ranger history (and I’ve been a fan for nearly 50 years so there’s many MANY of those…..

  101. Anyone know the cap penalty that’s in the new CBA if a player retires with lots left on his contract??

  102. Just watched the hit a few more times. I don’t know. McDonagh fakes forehand then plays the puck backhand and in doing so does turn right into it. Had he played the puck forehanded pacioretty either misses or hits his shoulder. Also he did get right up and skate over to the bench. He actually may not have been concussed, but we will see. The only way to diagnose a concussion from seeing it is 1. the person is out cold or close to it (see:Darroll Powe), or 2. If you can actually talk to them or observe them looking a bit punch-drunk, which McD doesn’t. Beyond that he has to be examined and it needs to be determined whethere there was any real alteration in his mentation at the time of the injury ie does he remember everything, does he know where he is and whats going on? Then beyond that there are possible post-concussion symptoms.

    I will say that I think the way these medical staffs operate is pretty suspect sometimes. If you were watching 24/7 Pens/Caps, then you knew immediately that Crosby had suffered his first concussion in that game and should not have been allowed to play in the game 3 days later when he was given a second one that cost him about a year of playing. And honestly, the same goes for Nash. After the Lucic hit, yeah, he is awake, and he is trying to engage Lucic by hooking at him and takes a penalty, but watch the tape. He looks punch-drunk and like he is actually hooking Lucic to hang on for dear life. So for him I think he probably did suffer a concussion.

  103. we make the playoffs…richards goes on scoring all the clutch goals… nyr fans love richards again and forget about buyout!

    it can happen…

  104. Wow!!!! Okay so 2nd day in a row posting, cause the teams is bad (at least now) and this blog is getting bad. Number One Johnny D I’m sorry your an idiot. (enough said) Number 2 I made mention yesterday that some of this falls right in Tort’s lap, but got no response. Last year (plz guys back me up on this) Tort’s would have gotten thrown out after the hit on McD not getting called. Number 3 I perfer not to think this (and forgot who did) but the ref’s were IN FACT pretty chummy with a lot of the Montreal players. Could the fact that Canada’s national past time is taking a beating up north that the NHL is letting things go?? I hope not. If Paciorcetty is not suspended the NYR need to stand up for themselves. Not sure if it means Dolan opens his very large mouth, but something needs to be done there. Clearly intent to injure esepecially because they were mixing it up before that, if I recall right. Lastly for all you guys who want to BE with Brandon Prust, it wasn’t just him. We didn’t replace the whole group properly and with his play in Montreal it just burns us up. It wasn’t just him last year it was the team concept, which appears to be a problem this year.
    Some things I think need to happen, is Tort’s needs to take responsibility for the PP, and eith er bring someone in, or step up and work on it constantly. Even thou injuries are plagueing this team, they are still short of some “HEART”!!! Nash has heart and they play better when he plays. Otherwise they need to juggle some things. Not sure if that means bring up some different players or go out and make that big deal for a center, I’m just not sure.
    Side note I liked the way Thomas played last night!!!
    Thanks for listening,
    Cynar (Steve)

  105. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Any thoughts on the proposed realignment? I’m not torn either way on 4 “conferences” or 6 divisions, but not sure about going back to the old playoff format. Didn’t they get away from the last time to balance the teams that made it in each conference?

    I think a better idea would be to have to top two “conference” teams make it, then have the next 4 determined by overall points. Have to figure the top 2 in each conference would make it anyway.

    Also, not crazy about the uneven teams in the East/West. I’d rather see them contract Florida and Columbus (though that won’t happen) than add another two.

  106. Great recap Carp. Think you hit on all the right points related to this team. This is not the same team as last year and Torts can not coach them the same way. Having said that, Thay are much easier to play against this year. With the exception of a few players there is no grit,. They just don’t seem to have the same hard nosed attitude that made them what they were. They certainly lack the toughness of last years team. Had Mcd gotten hit like that last year there would have been a price to pay. Just don’t see this team as a contender right now. Horseteeth and Gaborik look like they are just going through the motions. That second goal was a pathetic effort by Richards. Not sure why Torts benched Gabby and not Horesteeth???

  107. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Well GOOD teams learn how to juggle the roster when they lose players , just ask Lou lamoriello, the Devils have done it for years when they lose a star to FA.

    Evidently sather hasn’t the skills.

    If Pitts can trade a Staal why can’t the rangers ?

    The point is many rangers seem to become untradeable because of fan popularity , the last big trades were Brad park and ratelle .. Leetch, Richter became fat cats in NY, they should have been dealt prior to diminishing skills and career ending injuries.(I know leetch was traded)

    And winning begins from the TOP ownership on down.. ask the devils, yankees, NY Giants and other winning franchises. Jerry Jones (ha ha)

  108. Great comment: “Well GOOD teams learn how to juggle the roster when they lose players , just ask Lou lamoriello, the Devils have done it for years when they lose a star to FA.”

    Just look at the penguins last year and the Senators of this year. Both teams stepped it up considerably getting contributions from players up and down the roster. Like I said earlier this yeam does not appear to have the heart or compete level of last years team and Torts does not seem to be able to change his coaching philosophy to fit the make up this team.

  109. We will juggle the roster. I am sure Mcllrath will now get his shot. Bring up Kyle Jean. Let most of the CT Whale play in the NHL and find out who’s got it and who doesn’t. Develop with an eye on next season. But guys, all of us complained about how thin the team was at the beginning of the season. Injuries to a number of our best players won’t make us better or different.

    The only thing we can do is make stupid trades that hurt us in the long run.

  110. its time for the Rangers to call up Michael Haley, and take the leash off of him. its time for the Rangers to have that guy running around smashing the other teams star players face first into the boards. with the instigator rule the chickenbleep players run around and do there thing. its time for the Rangers to call up there chickebleep player, and let him run around hurting people.

  111. Carp, apart from anything else, those are some great pictures. As for the squad … can’t disagree on your points.

  112. they do not have a first round pick this year but they have plenty of good youth in the system. besides guys on the club today they have ; nieves at michigan, fasth and lindberg in sweden, and other options..

    this team has talent, and the organization has talent..if they are missing something or not meshing make some moves. traded gaborik if he is not all in is not crazy get back 2 guys of lesser talent but legit players , save money and fliexibilty and move on….

    this team should be better…their young D core is best in hockey and if they had a healthy sauer that would absolutely be true….

  113. And another thing: Richards — Remember Mike Rogers? I loved the guy; he had 109 points in 81-82 (back when hockey didn’t resemble slippery soccer). Then another great half-season. Then? INSTANTLY sucked, like someone flipped a switch and slowed him by a second. Maybe this is Richards.

  114. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yeah, if all these guys are really out for a few games, bring up Hartford, bench Gabby and Richards, use Biron, and just rest the good players. A couple of losses BUT some rest may help out a lot.

    I know it sound stupid…..but, why not? Given what we have seen of the kids, either they are not well skilled or schooled or don’t play well with our ‘veterans’. Either way, it’s more than likely the results will be the same with the same lineup.

    Fuggedaboutit. Rest our veterans and play all the kids. Who cares?

    We can still make the playoffs!

  115. I wonder if Gaborik is also “banged up”. I know he takes alot of heat around here, but the guy scores goals when he’s healthy. Unfortunately he seems to go MIA whenever he’s dealing with any kind of problem

  116. gents, Torts was successful last year as a coach because Lundqvist had a fairy dust season and players sacrificed their bodies to block shots.

    The idea that this dynamic would continue to be successful without a commensurate improvement in the talent level was/is absurd.

    Redundant but necessary, who here is convinced that Sather did this?

    This coach as any can only coach the product he’s given.

    Ask Renney,Low, Muckler and the boob in chief who after seeing the talent level when he installed himself as coach,quickly retreated to his cigars and privacy a la the rest of the MSG suits!

    The fault lies not in our stars( except for all the free agent overpaid who obviously were not the answer) nor our coach ,but in our incompetent GM and owner!

    That’s the big picture which needs to be addressed not the micro issues that obstruct real and long term solutions!

  117. want to stop stuff like what pacioretty did, he cannot play until mcdonagh comes back + 2 games….

    the chances of that type of punishment are as low as the chance that Boyle scores a hatty….

    if pacioretty got 2 games i would be shocked. the hearing is to appease the fans of the 2nd most popular team in hockey……canadiens think they are smarter then us silly americans and what do we know about the sport.. pacioretty a local boy who has been on the other side of these hits still did it.


  118. Bull God- normally i would disagree with that but I really think this team just needs some clown like Haley just out there being a clown/goon.

    I’m fine with getting more of Hartford up here. Why not? It’s better than cleaning house through some stupid trade.

  119. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stuart A, ever think our ‘talent’ may be over-hyped?

    I’ll take the Boston’s, St. louis’, Montreal’s, Flyers’, and Ottowa’s prospects and draft picks over ours, for starters. I especially like what’s been done in St. Louis.

    Heck, we even passed on Matteau and it seems he may be the kind of player we needed. Big, some agility and good hands. If nothing else, he has a mean streak and will defend his teammates.

  120. exactly Manny,
    if you can do it we can do it. enough is enough. Max friggin Patchorety. are you kidding me! let Haley come up and smash a few people. its the only thing the other clowns understand.

  121. Tomfoolery, Gaby would score 40 goals annually with a team where his talents are utilized properly and where he can do only what he does best,score creatively.

    Put him on the Pens or Bruins and watch the magic return.

    If there’s one philosophy in all sports that is proven time and again, you don’t ask someone to do something they are not capable of doing.

    You utilize what they do best and build the system around it whether it’s a scorer,checker, defensive stud or thug! Unlike this Gm who apparently believes you just throw someone’s stars in a line up and watch!

  122. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m surprised there is a hearing. I will not be surprised if this hit goes unpunished. As Carp says, there is favoritism in this league. Hagelin’s hit of Alfie Alfie Alfie was similar AND in the playoffs.

    No suspension to Pacioretti says a lot. A real lot.

  123. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Bring up Haley. Use Mashinter…..uh…oh….this guys the slowest thing since…..Mike Rupp. Another great pick!! He can’t catch up to guys enough to hit them!!

  124. I do not make any big trades based on what is happening this season. it could be just one of those years. this team can be real good, they are just not playing well. even if they don’t make the playoffs, I would still come back with the same team next season.

  125. Great review, Carp.

    Without Rick Nash, this team, currently, is not intimidating any other team’s defense…

    There is no “zip” on Gaborik’s shot….But, I see him skating very, very well….It seems he goes into o-zone at full speed, then stops, tries to make a pass…what’s that all about?

    Kreider supposedly has a “great” shot but he rarely gets a chance to use it because he glides around the perimeter…Kid has to commit and get himself into dirty areas….

    Richards is terrible. Just terrible….

    I have a suggestion that will help the Rangers, especially if Nash is going to be out for a while. Bring back Zuccarello. Low risk. High reward. He said he would come back if he a got a chance and his current contract allows for it. He is one the few Rangers over the last few years that knows how to make a pass and make a play. Of course, he can help in the BCATHE. He also is the last Ranger to score a goal in Montreal…

  126. Actually when you read many of the micro comments in today’s blog you must get the sense that Ranger mgmt. understands they can obfuscate the real problems of the organization,by simply seeing what many fans focus on.

    Micro babble!

  127. Comnsense,
    over coaching Gabby. he is being tied up by his own coach. this team can’t score goals, and Torts is worried about making Gabby a better Checker!

  128. They should show Kreider film of Ovechkin in the first 12 games and then film of his skating/positioning in yesterdays game where he had a hat trick. You’re right. It’s all about where he’s skating and the cycling along the boards crap has got to end. And when he doesn’t skate in cycles he just stops in the O-Zone and doesn’t have enough speed to get back on defense.

  129. Because of “Nash’s absence the Ranger’s are not intimidating other teams defense”?

    The guy had 3 goals playing on the top line!

    And the Rangers have one of the lowest “goals for” average in the league to date!

    Nash’s not being in the line up accounts for all the scoring problems?

  130. For what it’s worth, I thought that was the best Bickle has looked all season(I know, not saying much). Looks like he worked on his skating.

  131. Manny, the Ranger “kids” must be given a chance to see if they are what the org. has led fans to believe or if the system needs to be blown up for a year or two with new mgmt. as has happened in other cities.

    Anyone think the suits will do it when the “loyal”fan base continues to pay good money to see mediocrity?

    The only thing a profit making enterprise understands is when the customer stops paying the tab without tangible changes they understand!

    Think that will happen?

  132. on gabby if the way the rangers play does not utilize his talent then trade him.

    i think he is healthy. on shootouts he never adjsuts par for the course since he does not adjust during the game either.

    on the rangers talent may be overrated front. they won 51 games last year, they are mostly a homegrown team, they are young. they have other talented players belwo the AHL. i have seen nieves play 3 tiems in college. he has been the best player on his team all 3 times. they have multiple good prospects on there team also..

    if torts cannot mold the team and they have discussed what needs to be done then maybe it is time to think about making a move. i rather continue i nthis directio nand trade gabby, trade boyle for a bag of pucks and continue to move forward. lamiorello would be doing something. nj got ponikorsovsky and laktionev allready during the season and if the orchestra did not sound good he would add more pieces to the band or fire the conductor in a haert beat…….

  133. Did anyone watch Galchenyuk last night?

    That kid is going to be a star. Why? Because he isn’t afraid to get in front of the net or go to the net hard.

  134. Gaborik and Richards have NTCs, they aren’t going anywhere unless it’s a compliance buyout in which case Richards make more sense due to the term remaining on his deal. But buyouts have to happen before the UFA period meaning all these fantasies of signing Getzlaf and Perry after getting rid of high priced guys hinges on those two actually hitting the market.

  135. Getting rid of Gaborik is just kind of ….. stupid? I mean, how many other 40-50+ goal scorers are out there?

    Richards has a NMC, right?

  136. CT,
    if the player wants to leave, a NTC means nothing. it is obvious the Gabby and Torts do not see eye to eye. maybe Gabby is ready to go if asked? I like Gabby, and would not trade him. but you never know what both sides are thinking.

  137. I think getting rid of Gaborik is a bad idea. I also think the Rangers should try to keep him when he hits free agency. Unless you know of other 35+ goal scorers available? I don’t.

    I think Gaby has a pretty good resume as a Ranger. Also, does Gaborik’s “3OT-overtime-playing-with-1-shoulder” goal last year mean anything? I guess not to some people.

    Richards is not who NYR should be cap wasting space on. He is becoming useless… It seems he is playing for the compliance buyout THIS summer…

  138. Ideally the “Rangers Kids” should be in the AHL as it’s fairly obvious they aren’t ready yet. While Kreider doesn’t have the motor you want to see in a young player the 5 goals in the playoffs last year shows what he’s capable of.

    If nastiness is what the Rangers lack, Michael Haley can provide it. He’s also got 20 points so he’s been somewhat productive as a player too…

    I know Carp is not a fan, but he’ll stick up for the players and provide energy even if he is a bit dirty…

  139. gabby never adjusts. never goes backhand in shootout and always shoots with little movement…

    that is why he is horrible in the shootout. they do not rush him off the ice after practice maybe in between Lattes he can take some extra practice.gabby is the 2nd most talented player on the rangers he is a shooter only.. he almost never dominates a game, he is suppose to be elite. he can be much better…i trade him. not a fire sale but for some quality back and move on….call me crazy…i hate the way he plays. i do not expect him to hit like callahan or others but i expect him to take a hit to get the puck out of danger….or take a hit to have a prime scoring chance in the key areas.

    pacioretty has previously been suspended 3 games for a letang head shot. so the shanahan nhl brain trust(joke) says in dealing out penalties they take into affect history and severity of injury. i say pacioretty gets 3 shifts in the enxt game…the penalty will be some minimal show nonsense that will not cause any player to think twice before copying. btw the next player who will do a similar act will happen within 2 weeks since there is no deterent to stopping the head shots….

  140. By the way, Jack Johnson is on IR. So my joke that Ryan McDonagh is the best concussed American born Defenseman may not even be true…..

  141. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I guess I’m a repeat offender also, because I’ll be watching the Winnipeg game. Great jerseys and I have an old friend who hails from there…exact parts unknow, and weight unknow, but could have been the Intercontinental Champion

  142. Pacioretty should have gotten pummeled into the ice last night for what he did. But, I’m not sure even Prust would have did anything (if he was a Ranger now), in fear of getting suspended himself…

  143. get rid of the instigator rule, make these chickenbleep players have to answer for there cowardly actions. short of that happening, you need to have your own chickenbleep player on your team. it is the only way to answer now. have a Rinaldo, or Tooto, or Haley on your team.

  144. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    for what supposed to the only honorable sport left, well, at least moreso the the National Felon League, National Babymamadrama Association and Major Lie Baseball,

    the NHL sure has a bunch of thugs who never learn their lesson. How do Pacio’s own teammates even look him in the eye after yet another instance of thuggery…especially Prust, who deep down knows he would have kiiled Paccio if we rolled back the clock one year to the day

  145. Love it, bull dog. LOVE IT. I am sure Wicky does as well. You have to get rid of that stupid system.


  146. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    in the picture, you can see fans int he stands. Above McD’s head is a blonde. Just up and to the right of the blond is an older broad with glasses. Is she giving the international symbol for Rosie O’Donnell?

  147. Good morning, Sally!

    Congrats, ilb!

    As for everybody, including those two (LOL), the language is trending downward and more and more comments are getting blocked for language. So let’s all clean it up. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it in front of your daughter, don’t bring it here either.

    That is the warning. You are all on strike 2. Next one, you’re out.


  148. mcdonagh is a much better player then jack johnson already not even close……

    honorable sport hockey, dont make me laugh. torres and cooke and others…

    honor. they are as big of thugs as football, just mostly whiteguys who are polite

  149. Stuart a…. if Gaborik plays the way he does in your dreams the same way he does on the ice he’d be a 100 goal scorer, not 40+.

    Don’t use the Bettman Bonus Point as a barometer. You are so clueless. He’s a shooter and skater. He’s not going to “grind it out” — he’s scored tons of goals without that hackneyed strategy.

  150. bull dog,

    Not sure I’d agree with Torts and Gabby not seeing eye to eye. Because he benched him last night? He’s done that before and I’m sure he’ll do it again. Other than the Feb 7th game vs the Islanders where he got about 20 seconds under 15 mins of ice time, last night was the first time all season he was used for significantly less than 15 mins.

    I wouldn’t take anything away from last night other than how Torts treated him last night was par for the course over their overlapping tenure in NY.

  151. Though it’s a false choice, if Gaborik and Torts don’t see eye to eye, I know who I’d get rid of. Can’t remember the last time Torts scored. He needs to put his players in positions where they can succeed rather than let his ego force them into a system he happens to prefer. Other teams need to start worrying about what players like Gaborik and Hagelin can do to them.

    Can you imagine how relieved the Canadiens were to see Gaborik benched, having barely survived the first period? NY gave them, a team above them in the standings, a work- and stress-free 20 minutes. On the theory that a proven professional needs a public chastising to, what, respond against the Jets? That the young players will, what, play a more dangerous game and score more goals when they see what happens to an offensive star who gets a penalty? It’s Gaborik’s penalties that are killing his team? Let’s hope there was a better reason than those.

  152. as for retribution … if it’s real, if that’s really what your team is about, if there really is going to be an all-for-one attitude as there was last year, then somebody’s got to get in Pacioretty’s mug right then and there. And if that’s not enough, he’s got to be hounded and challenged the rest of the night. And then you run over their star player or goalie.

    You don’t do it with goons. John Scott was in the lineup when Milan Lucic mugged McDonagh last year. Where was the deterrent? There is no deterrent. But the team, the teammates, have to react. When it happens. Like last year. And last year, when something like that happened, the Rangers suddenly played better. Happened dozens of times. They thrived when things got nasty.

    Micheal Haley? What’s he going to do?

  153. hartford whalerpack we just disagree..

    my analogy on gabby on the bettman point was just he does not adjust . he knows what he knows and does not try to change ever.

    i do not think he should score a 100 goals. 40 while playing good defense in a season would be great.

    watch him in there own zone he is horrible…there is a cost to that. he does not make anyone better also.

  154. CT,
    I am pretty sure it is known they don’t see eye to eye. its not just one benching by the way. there have been many. he has a very short leash on Gabby.
    and just to answer before the comments come. I do not want Torts fired, I think he is a great coach. he is having as bad a year as his players though. some decisions have been of the head scratching kind.

  155. To repeat:

    the language is trending downward and more and more comments are getting blocked for language. So let’s all clean it up. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it in front of your daughter, don’t bring it here either.

    That is the warning. You are all on strike 2. Next one, you’re out.


  156. I think you are missing my point on Haley, Carp.
    I am not looking for him to go fight the coward on MTL after something happens. I am looking for him to be the guy that made something happen. the Rangers have taken this crap all season, its time they gave it. let Haley run a few star players on the other team. let them chase him around. let them complain about Haley after the game. it time for the Rangers to be on the giving end, instead of the receiving end.

  157. bull dog,

    Yeah he’s benched him before, I acknowledged that. He’s also made some comments about Gabby needing to step up more in big games and there some disappointing comments about his play in the playoffs last year before he knew about the shoulder injury.

    But he’s never scratched him for a game when he’s healthy, he’s consistently one of the top forwards in ice time and even though you’re never going to necessarily see Gabby laying out to block shots like Callahan, as Carp as said when Gabby’s not scoring he often doesn’t look that great out there. I think Torts has challenged him to become a better player when he’s not scoring and last night was simply Torts re-issuing that challenge.

  158. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny – yes, now I see she IS also holding her beer while trying to signal Rosie O’Donnell. Is that like the Bat Signal?

  159. Michael haley is going to take 17 PIMs per game. That’s what he is going to do.

    I am just at a loss for why this team rolls over so easily.

  160. I don’t just mean roll over when someone gets hurt. I mean roll over constantly. Once this team gets scored on they don’t seem to have the ferocity to come back and take over the game and win. they just seem to roll over until another goal is scored and then another.

    And we are back to the same crap where two guys are behind the goal and the only guy in any sort of shooting position is on his backhand and can’t get any sort of shot off.

  161. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    is Pacio’s hearing on PArk Avnue? If yes, then I’m hopping in my car right now to meet him there. Let’s see how he likes a BundyBomb up against the Park Avenue window displays

  162. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    we’re all just going round and round in circles and none of us feel any better about things. We’re all a bit shellshocked and are repeaedly expressing the same things in different ways. What a depressing turn of events this has been. I was as high as a kite after the Nash trade…no one could have seen this stuff coming. One year wonders, maybe, but it was a great year.

  163. “…if that’s really what your team is about, if there really is going to be an all-for-one attitude as there was last year…”

    Carp, it seems this year the Rangers let the opposition dictate the pace…its a complete 180 from last year.

    Remember when Ryan Callahan would take those kind of mean penalties last year and the Rangers would quickly kill them off? That was setting the pace. I think the Rangers have to set the tone physically and they haven’t at all this season. They must consistently make the opposition aware that no inch of ice will go unchallenged…

    …this season they play each game differently….

  164. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Girardi’s faking the injury just to buy his agent time to figure out how to get over to the KHL

  165. the league is not going to protect the Rangers, they have to do it themselves. the coward on MTL may get a game, but more than likely, the league will fall all over themselves coming up with an excuse not to suspend him. lets bring Haley up, and lets have him have a few hearings.

  166. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I already know the score, but haven’t watched the game yet. Judging from carp’s recap should I watch it?

    And how severely injured were the D guys?

  167. Last night was a perfect example of exactly how much the Rangers miss Prust… Very few enforcers have the skating ability to play against the opponents top lines, like prust does. Now let me ask you this, does Pacioretty make that kind of a hit on McD if Prust is a Ranger and Pacioretty knows he will have to face Prust man to man at some point later on during the game? Does Pacioretty even make that kind of check on McD is Prust isn’t on the team watching his back? Would Boyle look as scard as he does most time after checking someone because Prust no longer protecting him? Enforcers like Mashinter and Bickel etc are only good for staged fights against the other teams 4th line enforcers to keep them in check. Whenever they come on the ice, they are matched by 4th liners. Only enforcers like Prust, whom could play against the other teams top lines, are truly able to enforce the game.

  168. If the Rangers top guys were scoring like they should be I don’t think we’re having as many conversations about missing Prust. Since their little hot streak of scoring about 4 goals a game they’ve scored 5 goals in 4 games.

  169. As I predicted this year, last year, for the past decade … this “team” of atrocious, no-talent clowns is folding like a cheap suit.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bull Dog – I agree about getting nasty when one of ours is smacked around. Since there are no players willing to do this work – see last several games – then it’s time to call in the calvary.

    Mr. Haley, your time as come.

    Let’s get ready to rumble.

  171. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Not sure if I an longing or outright yearning, but the Kelly Kisio days don’t look so bad right now

  172. Gee.. now Clowe is a player I’d like to have around here too.

    Evander Kane! Dougie Murray! Ryan O’Reilly! Ryan Clowe!

  173. Carp, Capeesh, or anything that sounds like it, is fine. Kapeesh just as good.

    Italians, apparently, would say “capisci” and pronounce it differently (kapeeshee) or “capisce” in a more formal setting (kapeeshay).

    So if you’re writing in spoken American slang, you can spell it how you like, though you risk offending Italian-Americans, perhaps.

    If you’re following me, say, “capisco”

    From the Pedant Farm.

  174. You got it, Wick.

    Evander Kane please. That guy can do it all!

    I still think O’Reilly is a bit of a gamble, but with all of our injuries, and with the Rangers being listed as one of the three teams interested….maybe we make it happen.

    And can we PLEASE get Zenon Konopka from the Wild!?

  175. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    it least now that the pressure is off this year, we can sit back and enjoy the little things, not the least of which is looking for the kids to make some good plays, to fool us about the future of the team

  176. I am into getting Clowe (don’t know how we could or why the Sharks would consider it) but I don’t like that he spells his name Ryane. That “e” is awful.

  177. bull dog, that’s fine and all. But Haley, IMO, is a guy who isn’t effective in a role like that. He’s more a guy who will take stupid penalties, be a sideshow, fight the other team’s tough guy. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it would be good to have a bulldog in the lineup (which, I kinda thought, Asham is supposed to be).

  178. Man, Wick. Did you see how many times last night The Prust was slammed into the wall and apparently injured (probably whatever made him a game time decision in the first place) and he just got up, shook it off and kept on grinding and putting up points on the Assists.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby is a latter day Nedved except that Nedved would go with anyone. Probably the last great tough guy the rangers have had…

  180. Metro, “Capisce?” means “Understand?” … It’s kind of slang. There’s a longer sentence, and Capiscio or something like that, for the literal translation of “Do you understand?”

    And in my family, and many others I’m sure, it’s sort of pronounced Ka-beesh? Like capicolla is kabagool. :)

  181. I agree that Haley is a side show. But what other option do we have? Can we do as Wicky suggested and re-sign Chris Simon?

  182. Carp

    for a team (and a garden crowd) that looks like it’s just going through the motions, is a “sideshow” such a bad thing?

  183. Oh, right, Wick. Well watch the first period and then just FF through all of our players getting hurt.

  184. and Nedved was an 18-goal scorer as a Ranger, or something like that. (Now I’m sure somebody will go to HockeyReference.com an find he was more than that; but he was always a disappointment except when he played with Jagr in Pitt).

  185. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Did Willie Huber (may he rest in peace) have better stats have better offensive stats than Sixth Plague Boyle?

  186. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Simon won 1 cup with the avs I think and went to the finals with the flames and caps I think as well

    Penultimate enforcer IMHO

  187. Manny, I think the fact that Prust is so banged up — and he is — this early in the season, while leading the NHL in fights and PIMs, is why the Rangers didn’t want to give him four years. He’s never going to make it through four years playing that way. I agree with their decision to let him walk. But they were wrong thinking Asham would replace what he brought.

  188. Ryan O’Reilly, Latona? Do you mean the guy on The Colorado Avalanche or Ryan “Mayhem” O’Reilly formerly on HBO’s “Oz” and now playing the role of “Mayhem” that insurance has to protect you from? Because the latter might be more of what the Rangers need right now?

  189. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This team is too much “potential” offence and not enough actual grit in its forwards and too much play-doh on D and not enough malicious intentions.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – exactly re: Nedved. He could it all. Score, pass, skate, play the physical game, and could drop the gloves with anyone.

    One tough mutha

  191. If Clowe gets the 10 he deserves, than McLellan also gets two automatically, I believe. But I doubt they throw the actual book at him, even though it’s pretty black-and-white.

  192. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    A Nedved Hat Trick –
    1. get knocked down in front of the net
    2. glide along the boards in your own end
    3. get booed by the crowd

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Several weeks ago, Wicky posted YouTube clips of some of Nedved’s bad assen moments.

  194. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    If someone was to ask me to describe the Torterella coached Rangers ,
    I would have to say :
    Shot blockers..

    Even his philosophy translates to : “no block no play . ” hardly an inspirational to carry a team to the Cup..

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “the most feared player during my career – petr Nedved”

    Who said JR was dimwitted?

  196. You’re darn right, Carp. Prust being constantly hurt is a great reason to not sign him for 4 flipping years. That was my main problem. Contract Length.

  197. Carp

    The Rangers just don’t have that excitement they had last season and part of it I feel is the “antics” we saw from Dubi, Prust and even Anisimov.

    The trash talking and arrogance are gone and while that doesn’t directly impact the score, it changes the flow of the game.

    They need their swagger back and if that means bringing up a guy with limited skill who agitates the opponent and helps bring them off their game while energizing the crowd and his teammates, then we need to try.

    Better than using an overmatched kid, no?

  198. Mertonian Norm on

    Please don’t say “Nedved” in polite company. Talk about a word I’d never say in front of my daughter. Raises blood pressures, calls to mind the beginning of that long, downward slide, trading first Zubov, then Kovalev… Oy.

    Whatisname to Zubov to Leetch, was there ever a better goal in Rangers history? Those guys are retired, right? Do I digress?

  199. Wasn’t Asham supposed to be our guy with limited skill that agitates the opponent? That’s where I am confused. He hasn’t lived up to that role. So unless he came into camp with an injury……before this injury I don’t know why he didn’t fill that role.

  200. Yeah but for all that, Nedved did get married (eventually divorced from) a smoking hot czech bikini model…so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

  201. I wish that us boneheads could purchase season tickets for an entire section at MSG and really enhance the atmosphere there. We could come up with some great terrace chants.. maybe even some songs..

  202. The Coliseum’s falling down, falling down, falling down, the Coliseum’s falling down, poor old Fishsticks…

  203. A few things: First, I was against the Nash trade (which I’m sure most know) and wanted them to get Semin as an FA instead. He has put up similar numbers as Nash, for a bit cheaper too. But Nash has been solid so far. Still not happy about the trade, but he’s produced so far.

    Second, Brad Richards will be better. He didn’t play overseas and didn’t have a training camp. He’s struggling to find his legs but has still put up decent numbers, so I think he’ll turn it around.

    Third, Gaby and Richards seem to feed off each other too because last year they had great success at the end and came up huge for this team.

    Lastly, this team needs to focus less on grinding and grit and more on puck possession. They have the skill to get pucks from the endboards to the slot (which they’ve shown signs of), something last years team could rarely do. Last year they kept it cycling behind the net and would try to pass high and score on a screen, tip, or rebound. This year they don’t have to do that, however they keep chasin the puck instead of playing positionally and forcing turnovers.

  204. PK Slewfoot kicks out Gaborik’s legs last week and Pacioretty crunches McDonut’s head …there should have been a brawl last night…

    Not this year’s Rangers…Micheal Haley isn’t going to do anything. He isn’t going to inspire the other guys to stick up for their teammates…

  205. It is true that despite being one of the most successful teams in the league last season, the Rangers made a lot of changes to the roster. But keep in mind that coming into this season all of you guys were in favor of this team, GM, and coach. Take some responsibility.

  206. I thought the rangers started to look like a team when they got powe and boyle sat. Than Boyle comes back, Powe suffers a concussion, than Nash gets a mysterious injury that hurt them ofensively. I know Nash wasn’t scoring but he was creating allot of the rangers offense with hagelin. The rangers struggle with Nash out of the lineup to score and than Delzotto gets injured and now girardi and McDonaugh. When it rains it pours. The injuries is the reason why the rangers are where there at and it’s only going to get worse.

  207. Don’t worry guys. Sather and Torts will be fired. Messier will be the GM and Gretzky will be the coach. We’ll definitely win a cup then…

  208. Olga Folkyerself on

    Not all of us were in favor of the GM. Remember “FIRE SATHER”? I remember saying that a couple times…

  209. How am I supposed to take responsibility for something I have no control over? I can’t even take responsibility for the things I do control!

  210. unfortunately Sather isn’t going anywhere until he is ready to call it a career and retire. We all as ranger fans can only hope it’s not much longer.

  211. is the season still going on or are we officially dead yet. been away from computer for a few hours.

  212. latona

    any bonehead who would love to sit next to me is welcome. unfortunately i will have to ask you to pay for your ticket.

  213. Thanks very kindly, eric, but I’m not going to MSG or spending any money on the NHL unless NYR makes the playoffs.

    Olga, can I donate an aardvark?

  214. *Latona* February 24th, 2013 at 1:28 pm
    I wish that us boneheads could purchase season tickets for an entire section at MSG and really enhance the atmosphere there. We could come up with some great terrace chants.. maybe even some songs..


    This is an epic, awesome and must-do idea. If they only had bleacher seats!

  215. Oh. *Question*

    Since we stole all the players from the CT Whale. Where do they their replacements from?

  216. They were all bred in the former Yugoslavia, Olga, and from what I hear, the Serbs are fanatic about their aardvarks.

  217. Gretzky as coach is a hysterical idea. How would he coach? Just tell everyone to be great? “Hey guys go out there and get the puck and then fly into the zone, pull up real fast and rip it past the goalie. Ok?”

    I could see Messier coaching before Gretzky. He would at least inspire fear. Maybe throw Mess back there as the “Inspirational Team-Togetherness Coach”. I think we have an open Asst. Coaching slot……

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – sorry mate, but as a regular reader here… I have never seen you post “fire sather” –

  219. I’m actually serious…

    *Manny* February 24th, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Oh. Question

    Since we stole all the players from the CT Whale. Where do they their replacements from?

  220. as the one here on the blog always talking about must in big game etc i have to say and i think most would agree the next 5 of 6 games could be our season

    at isles

    9 of 12 pts min 4-1-1 or better required

    5 of 6 at home after that we have 4 game road trip which is part of the 16 of 25 to end season on road.

  221. I do not think Torts is the problem here. I have said this before and I will say it again. The team, like every other team, had a short camp and no pre season. When you look at the teams at the top, they are teams with very little turnover from last year. We have our core for the most part, but a lot of new faces as well. It takes time to gel, and you can spin that any way you want to, but it is the plain and simple truth. Now, yes, Dubi and Prust and Feds were guys who added JAM to this team, and we replaced them. This team needs to go through the ups and downs of a TEAM to build up that camaraderie. It is a shortened season and we’d all like to see that gelling happen much quicker, but it is taking some time, lumped in are some injuries. We can use Ottawa as a theory that my is a load of BS, but that is one example. As long as these injuries are not lengthy, I fully expect we will get out of this funk and turn it around starting with this homestand. Even if we were on a run like Chicago is, I would have bet money that we were going to lost in MTL last night. It is just one of those things. You don’t like that excuse, so be it, but it is what it is. Nobody is happy about the way the team is playing, and it isn’t nearly good enough, but we aren’t being blown out and honestly, if we win that game in Ottawa the other night and have even one more win earlier in the season, things don’t seem as bad today. Games at hand don’t mean anything if you don’t win them, but we still have at least a game or two on a lot of teams. We have to just turn it around, and we well. Have some faith.

  222. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I had no idea how darned expensive aardvarks are. $2200 for an aardvark. Can you believe this?
    Now that I got him home, gotta teach him how to fly.

    C’mon Aarty, FLY….FLY…FLY!!!!

  223. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Lordy, Lordy.

    Thank you…..My favorite team, America’s team is on NBC SN AGAIN!!!! Woohoo!!!! Tonight they’re on again!!!

    Unreal, isn’t it?

  224. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    NBC SN = BTN SN (Bettman Sports Network)
    = APATP SN (All Pittsburgh All-The-Time)
    = SE SN (Syndy-Evelyn Sports Network)
    = NOTBP SN (No Other Teams But Pittsburgh Sports Network)

  225. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nasty, I agree. The first question is the injuries. Nothing long lasting, no problem. Lose a few games and get back on track, they still are talented enough to finish 8th. And from there, well…….even this year’s version…I wouldn’t want to play them….a tough out.

    However, the lack of team toughness knocks them out of a deep run, I believe.

  226. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I know it sounds crazy, but I wonder what the effect of losing Prust had on Boyle. I know it shouldn’t, but I believe it did. Those guys were ‘soul mate like’. And, Boyle was protected. He’s not a protector.

    There was a chemistry there that Boyle may never again see in his career. Unless he’s traded to Montreal.

  227. If the injuries are quick, and we have our guys back this week, or at least two of them, I think we can do better than 8th. I can honestly see us finishing 4,5,6. I think Boston will win the East.

  228. Cerny reported that both Girardi and McD traveled home with team. If they flew, which I am assuming they did, maybe McD doesn’t actually have a concussion.

  229. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with carp 100% in his paragraph earlier about retribution.

    But I also think guys like John Scott are a useful deterrent/retaliator IF used properly. He isn’t a deterrent if he is glued to the bench or in the press box, he has to see the ice. The coach has to make a choice if you are playing Boston and put Scott on the ice when things get chippy or when lucic is on. Now it is an obvious difference in skill set and you lose some offensive and defensive ability in the match up, but you control the situation a lot better.

    Clearly torts didn’t want to do that so you have the mcdonut incident.

    I will say this even if lucic does that to mcdonut and then John Scott pummels him after the fact and even if it doesn’t keep lucic from doing that again next time (and with lucic it may not), I guarantee you that some dirtball in the league took notice and my not try something against the rangers in the future.

    Just my opinion though

  230. After that hit, McDonut could have gotten a lift home from all the birdies circling his head – he didn’t need a plane..

  231. I reluctantly agree with Wicky above – sometimes a guy just needs a beating. Can Haley get it done vs Lucic? Who knows? I don’t think Lucic would skate away from a challenge.

  232. Feel bad for seeming to only post when things are going poorly – been following today’s discussion from my parents house (Sunday italian dinner! Meatballs and penne! Yumm!)…

    I’d like to make a couple of points:
    1. How do they fix the lack of snarl problem? The players they have on this team, outside of asham and bickel (who are strictly 4th liners), don’t seem to have that in your face aggressiveness. Even Callahan seems to have backed off a bit (not that he ever chased guys around the ice in anger…). What are their options in the minors? I’ve seen mention of Haley, but they need a more everyday player.

    I was watching highlights last night of the Sharks game. I know Joe thorton ticked everyone off last year, but there is a guy who can play and is willing to stand up and mix it up for his teammates. Understanding that guys like that don’t grow on trees… but wish we had someone like that on this team.

    2. I’m gonna get KILLED for saying this, but would Avery really look all that bad on this team? He had good legs, wasn’t afraid to hit, play chippy, etc… when there is a guy like that on the ice, the other team tends to have to speed up the decision process a little bit more instead of taking their sweet time making a play. It’s all a moot point since he is retired, but this team has no emotion right now.

    3. I think losing Powe has affected us quite a bit, as he was starting to eat up minutes, he hit, etc. Not sure if Kreider threw his weight around at BC. but I did notice a couple of times last night that he was getting some stick work in on opposing players. I wish that kid would hit a little more.

    4. Said this is last night’s thread, but this really reminds me of 92-93… where Messier pretty much quit (as did the whole team) on Roger Nielsen. Nielsen wanted to play a defense first style and even though it worked the prior year, he wasn’t having any of that. Also, I believe right around xmas of 92, the Rangers traded Tie Domi and Kris King for Edzo. Kris King provided some toughness and decent play, and we all know what Domi gave us.
    Here’s an article by Mike Smith, who was the Jets GM at the time:
    I’m not equating King to Prust, but we did trade away toughness that year, and it backfired. From the Jets perspective:
    “We lost that night, the first game Domi and King played for us, but there were no boos in Winnipeg. The Jets went the next 14 games without a loss. This trade made the Jets a much more competitive team.
    Later, several GMs told me when they first heard of the trade they thought I had lost my mind. I was asked, “what made you take the risk on such a trade?” I answered, “toughness, real toughness on a team, was a skill every bit as important as scoring goals or having speed.”
    The Jets had the traditional hockey skills. What we needed was team toughness and we needed our opponents to know we had it.”

    Hoping things get better here in Rangers land!!!

  233. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Get rid of the instigator rule immediately!!

    The NHL also needs to allow some clutching and grabbing, the game is too fast now.

    Get rid of the stupid shootout!!

  234. avery is not coming back unless vogue fires him..

    not happening not even in the realm of possibilities….

    kreider is 21 always be the scorer guys like him often do not know how to do the rough stuff even though he is big and strong…

    get mdz back for next game with nash and they will stabilize.. powe is another guy, sham slightly less then powe….i assume no way mcdonagh or girardi play on tuesday….

    need the beloved stars to play better the great gabby and richards….good luck on that 1.

  235. I am absolutely certain that this Rangers team, if it finishes in the 8th position or better during the shortened regular season will make the playoffs *UNLESS* they finish with a lower point total than 8th seed than, they will not make the playoffs. *TAKE IT TO THE BANK*

  236. Olga Folkyerself on

    This flying aardvark thing is tougher than I thought. My first attempt was throwing them off a four story building. Now technically, it wasn’t flying, but one of them went about 50 feet before slamming into the sidewalk. But the pile of dead ones just under my window is a “dead” giveaway. I had to move out.

    So, I got smart and took my remaining few aardvarks down to the regional airport. The first one sat in the pilot’s seat, and actually survived the takeoff before landing the plane upside down in the Chemung River.

    I finally got the last one to fly by putting him in the back of an old two-seater and piloting it myself. We took off from the Bath International Airport and the aardvark actually flew! Straight down. For about 500 feet. I guess I shouldn’t have attempted that victory barrel roll over the airport.

    And before I get sued by the Society for the Protection of Aardvarks, all you lawyers better just step off. It seems that I had made one more misstep in my quest. Turns out they all were just pigs with long plastic snouts glued on their faces.

    I will have to speak to my supplier. He should have known that pigs can’t fly.

  237. I want to see a platypus fly – it would confuse the hell out of any ducks and geese in the area…

  238. Wow. MattL, that’s a great comparison. The entire identity of that team changed with the Domi-King trade, and those guys were everything Prust was and more. King played on the checking line, Domi was a (short) heavyweight who could play top-nine minutes. They got very soft after that … of course, that Leetch hurt his neck then broke his ankle, and that Messier quit playing, were most responsible. Neilson said it felt like “they cut our heart out” when they traded King.

  239. Kris King was underrated…he was pretty good for us.

    But in the end, did Winnipeg win anything? They made the playoffs once or twice, but always an early exit – a trade that helped neither team, much like the Nash trade, so far…( I was in favor of getting Nash – I didn’t think it was going to destroy the team..)

  240. Carp,

    Did I not say that I wasn’t specifically comparing King to Prust?

    I was actually more focused on the Jets side of things, where they traded away some offensive talent to get team toughness!

    The trade for edzo didn’t help things from our perspective. You have to have some team toughness. And yes, I agree with you (And even mentioned) that Messier quit on the team.

  241. Carp, other than in Canadian cities, do NHL Hockey get better media coverage than it does in New York? I mean, hockey is treated like pro wrestling or roller derby by the New York media – the “big guys” won’t even deign to talk about it, and if they do, it is generally with ridicule and dismissal.

    Is it like this in Pittsburgh? Detroit? Boston, Philly?

  242. at the time Tie Domi was a Ranger, he could not play top 20 minutes, let alone top 9. King was a valuable player, similar to prust.
    on your earlier comment about having to kill more penalties if Haley were here. do you think MTL minded killing that penalty on the coward? he sat for 2 minutes, but McD was done for game. Mtl will take that trade off every time.

  243. Messier did not quit on the team. he saw that the style they were playing was not good enough to win the cup, and said so. Neilson disagreed. I like the guy with the cups opinion better. and a year later he was proven right.

  244. MTL didn’t mind killing that penalty at all – they *know* the Rangers have a toothless PP…

  245. The Rangers’ intimidation factor is zero. No team is afraid to take liberties because they don’t have to fear retaliation. This caused by drafting and trading for soft players, and it will take years to turn it around, assuming they want to.

  246. Last season, 1992-93, 1994, 2006, who cares??? It really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

    This is now, this is the team of 2013. Our success or failure will be determined by these players. If they begin to play better maybe we have a chance, if they play like they have recently, we probably don’t.

    The players, the coaches, management are in pre-crisis mode, starting to question whether or not they can pull this thing together and win. Once the train starts wobble, it becomes more and more difficult to prevent the derailment. Maybe players returning to the lineup from injury can help restore confidence and calm. Hopefully.

  247. “RealKyper Confirmed no discipline for #Canadiens Max Pacioretty after his hearing with the #NHL.”

    Anyone else figure Shanahan just called him on his cell phone and asked him how his weekend was going?

  248. Lloyd just texted me, he thinks Shanahan was ready to dish out a 5 game suspension but the Rangers wouldn’t confirm to the league it was a head injury.

  249. WOW! nothing for Pacioretty…amazing, talk about turning a blind eye. Did the Rangers not pay Shanahan for the last year of his contract or something?

  250. found this interesting tidbit on the Kris King trade…
    Neilson liked King’s presence in the locker room, where he was deeply respected by the players.
    “Kris King was a very loyal player and a leader,” Neilson said. “He always came up big in the playoffs. I think I took this one tougher than Kris.” The Times Are Changing
    But Neilson, known in the past for his desire to field a physical lineup, agreed that the time had come to rethink past philosophies. ”

    Of course the Rangers did have Jay Wells, Joey Kocur, Adam Graves, and Jeff Beukeboom still on the roster.

    However, it did help the Jets… I think after an initial loss, they had a point streak in 14 straight games.

  251. the NHL is not going to protect the Rangers. they can stand there and take the shots, or they can bring somebody in to deliver some shots of there own. BRING UP HALEY!

  252. Shanahan dropped the ball, as did the players on the ice in not taking matters into their own hands. But what really bugs me is that Torts plays tough guy with the media and complained about the hit in postgame, but did nothing in game to address it. I have no doubt he could have addressed it with the players and gotten some kind of response (I have to think Mashinter and Bickel would have jumped at the opportunity to earn more games in the lineup) but Torts is just a bully with the media and a wimp in the rink.

  253. papa bear – you are right, it doesn’t really matter – this is 2013.

    Ok, back to the present …

    1. We do have some important guys banged up
    2. Our powerplay stinks
    3. Not much scrap in the forwards that play top 9 minutes
    4. We have lots of kids in the lineup
    5. We have some important guys who aren’t really doing much
    6. Coach doesn’t seem to want to adapt to players he has… I really don’t think Sather made these decisions in a vacuum. (i.e., these are the players that were given to the coach without input)

  254. That is a travesty. This is truly a miscarriage of justice, not only for Ryan McDonough, but for every hockey player at every.level who risks their health and long term well being on every shift. What will it take. When will they learn? Will they ever learn?

  255. Evening all,

    So the NHL in its infinite wisdom has decided that no supplemental discipline was deemed necessary in the Pacioretty pummeling of Ryan McDonagh. While this did nothing but further prove the league’s ineptitude and protection of the wrong side of the law – it should also serve as a wakeup call for the Rangers that they must protect their own. They must look within the room (or via trade) for players who will stand up to this type of thuggery – and make the perpetrators pay immediately. Soft is death, to paraphrase the coach.

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