Pacioretty not punished for McDonagh assault (of course he wasn’t)


The poorly-named NHL Department of Player Safety released Max Pacioretty scott-free after his leaping, from-behind, driving of Ryan McDonagh’s head into the glass Saturday night (see photo in previous thread).

I guess they were looking out for Pacioretty’s safety.

I can only say that I am flabbergasted at Brendan Shanahan, and/or the ridiculous set of rules with which he has to work. And that I can only imagine what that decision might have looked like had McDonagh’s jersey said “Crosby” on the back.

The NHL has this absurd set of rules regarding head shots … the head must be the initial point of contact. So you could, technically I guess, ride your elbow up somebody’s shoulder and have a complete free shot to then unload on his head. No wonder guys like Matt Cooke and Chris Neil run around maiming people.

The NHL has a concussion epidemic, and the NHL deserves it. Perhaps I have been unfair to Shanahan in calling him gutless or whatever … perhaps the real problem is the laughable set of rules the league’s Player Safety people have given him — that if the head isn’t the initial point of contact, you can’t suspend anybody.

Complete joke.

So maybe you really do need to have a fourth line loaded with thugs in this neanderthal sport.


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  1. bull dog, you can say he didn’t quit, but he stopped playing within the system in order to get the coach fired. I’m not saying Messier was wrong about the style of play and the deployment of personnel — he wanted to play head-to-head against Lemieux, not have the checking line do it — and I’ve always had a very good relationship with Messier. but whatever. He purposely got the coach fired. Quit or whatever you want to call it.

  2. That is a travesty. This is truly a miscarriage of justice, not only for Ryan McDonough, but for every hockey player at every.level who risks their health and long term well being on every shift. What will it take. When will they learn? Will they ever learn?

  3. You get the feeling Shanahan looks at these hits and thinks “if I punish every dangerous hit, I’m going to be suspending a guy every night” and that’s just too daunting for him to do. Much better to see players missing weeks and months at a time with concussions I guess.

  4. A repost, since I got Carp’d:

    Shanahan dropped the ball, as did the players on the ice in not taking matters into their own hands. But what really bugs me is that Torts plays tough guy with the media and complained about the hit in postgame, but did nothing in game to address it. I have no doubt he could have addressed it with the players and gotten some kind of response (I have to think Mashinter and Bickel would have jumped at the opportunity to earn more games in the lineup) but Torts is just a bully with the media and a wimp in the rink.

  5. And Carp, a team does need at least one person in the lineup that serves as a deterrent… Waiting for the league to punish dirty hits will leave teams with injuries.

  6. star players have done that in the past Carp, and they have been mostly right. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and others have all gotten the coach fired. quit is a strong word Carp. I remember that season well, as well as the season before when Neilson was badly out coached. at the end of game 5 against Pitt, he had Randy Gilhen on the ice with the net empty trying to tie the game. Neilson was a coach who only got you so far. a builder if you will. someone else was needed to finish the job.

  7. Carp, serious question here…

    I was thinking about Scotty Bowman, who is obviously a hall of fame coach.

    Did Bowman’s teams all play the same style, or did Bowman adapt to the talent he had?

    I know it’s not that black and white, but I am seriously wondering if Torts is trying to square peg – round hole some of these guys?

    I didn’t watch much of Tampa when Torts was the coach, but did they play a similar style to the current Rangers team?

  8. I wonder if Richards got really mad and insisted his line, not Boyle’s, should face the other team’s #1 every night last year.

  9. Matt,
    Tampa played safe is death style when Torts was there. Torts must believe that this is the way to play now.

  10. read all my posts last night TOLD YOU THAT WOULD HAPPEN.

    Crosby hit Pacioretty out for weeks. This is why torres and the COokes of the world do thwt they do.

    I love hockey fans who say there is a code and a culture. this is football, with less tatoos, the players are lighter skined. No difference. animals and pacioretty has received a hit like that before…

    they need to pulverize him next time they play, not a fake fight but pulverize him..

    shanahan with his fancy videos etc is a clown.. 10 minutes in the room with him and his legalize blather and i would verbally destroy the meat head. he definitely has been concussed to often to have a clue..


  11. Apologies for the multiple posts, but one more point: a fee weeks ago Toronto, one of the league’s toughest teams led by former Ranger Colton Orr, ran wild against Montreal. I guarantee that next time they play Toronto Montreal will be better behaved than they will be next time they play the Rangers. The way Moen drove the net in a blowout and Therien was laughing shows they are not scared of us one bit. It may seem Neanderthal, but the threat of retaliation does have an effect.

  12. bull dog – with respect to the Penguins Rangers series in 91-92, I think the call and suspension on Adam Graves (for the slash on Lemieux) seriously hurt the Rangers.

    I believe the Rangers were up in that series 2-1, then Graves gets a big suspension, Lemiuex is on his death bed, and then magically he’s not as badly hurt and plays later on in the series.

  13. Shanahan – what a freakin’ joke – only language restrictions keep me from saying what I really think.

    Didn’t someone confront him in the street during the playoffs last year and his basic answer was “Take off your Ranger goggles”? I think he really has some gripe with the team – or, since he played for them, he goes out of his way NOT to rule in their favor – EVER!

  14. Stuart,
    the Cookes, Torres, Rinaldo, and others are what the NHL is about now. not Goons. you don’t have to fight, just run around and hurt people. the Rangers need one of there own.

  15. jay reimenschneider on

    The team stinks, Torts has done a terrible job with a lousier team then what he had last year, and the league continues to do everything it can to destroy the ounce of credibility it has yet it continues to keep plugging along without any actual conflict. I’m starting to wonder if the reason for all this is that the coaches, management, players and officials—all who probably played a lot of hockey at some point—aren’t suffering the long term effects of being themselves concussed a few hundred times each.

  16. Matt,
    I believe Mario missed the rest of that series. the turning point was Francis’s 60 ft goal. Graves slash was nasty.

  17. Carp regarding and in fairness Messier……..

    I for one would like to hear him tell his side of the story ( maybe he has, but I am not aware of it). Interesting that this guy was often referred to by former players and the media alike as one of the all-time greatest teammates, leaders and Captains in the game. It’s contradictory that the same media would, at the time of Neilson’s firing imply, opine and insinuate that it was Messier who stuck the knife in Neilsons back by quitting? . Did Neilsson lack culpability for the events which ultimately led to his demise – not making the playoffs?

  18. bulldog line you may be right…

    i would never pay to see zach rinaldo or matt cooke play. NEVER…

    the days of probert dropping the gloves and fighting man to man are gone, now it is contrived fights and headhunting…..

  19. But, when Rangers had the kind of players that would go around and look for trouble, the officials would penalize them, almost BEFORE THE FACT – how many times did a Ranger with a “reputation” get sent to the penalty box right after skating out on the ice?

    I think the league wants certain teams to be patsies – jokes – and we’re their biggest joke franchise. The Washington Generals of the NHL…

  20. you see the tweet from the Canuck jagwagon?

    Renaud Lavoie @RenLavoieRDS

    No suspension or fine for Max Pacioretty. Hearing that Marc Bergevin did a great job to protect his player.

    here’s to hoping that pacioretty meets chara or lucic in a nasty way again and watch this same game get all “i do declare!! the NHL is just too rough allowing these mean nasty bruins to injure my poor poor vulnerable canadien boys.”

  21. Mashinter and Bickel had more than a few shifts after that hit on McDonagh. We had personnel in that game who could have inflicted some retribution.

    It is a team-wide problem.

    p.s. – I looked again at that picture, if McDonagh had his chinstrap securely fastened, he might not have looked as cool yesterday, but his face would feel much better today.

  22. How on earth did Hagelin ever get 3 games. And this deserves 0. I dont know, but this leauge doesnt deserve its fans. And the fans deserve a better leauge.

  23. And our team management and ownership *doesn’t care!* As long as the shekels keep coming in, way over-and-above what they’re forced to pay the trained bears that actually go out on the ice and skate..

    All they care about is “How are The Knicks Doing?”

  24. Carp: I’ve been saying it for years: The NHL owners are terrified that if they police the nastiness out the game, they’ll lose a significant portion of their American fanbase.

    It’s a ludricrous notion of course and is insulting to the US fans – they are, I maintain, smarter about their hockey than that.

    Equally to blame (if not moreso because it’s each other they are maiming) is the NHLPA – strong enough to help ensure hockey the players are paid handsomely, yet loudly silent through all of this.

    Shame on them. Shame on Shanahan. Shame on the NHL in general.

    And you know what else I’ve been saying? It’s gonna take someone being paralyzed or worse, to die before these collective idiots wake-up.

    I am still hoping the Moore civil suit lands the plaintiff millions upon millions. Hit these nearsighted fools where it counts (the pocketbook) and perhaps someone will take notice???

  25. The NHL should take note of the class action lawsuit by former NFL players against the league for failing to protect them from health and injury related disabilities. Also, Fehr and his group need to decide who they are protecting as well? This one has me on the ledge more than the Rangers fall from grace. Unbelievable!

  26. jim you are right on..
    then you see blowhards like don cherry who has won zero saying look at the crowd on its feet to see benn and thornton go at it.

    they relate a clean fight, to a boarding and concussion creating hit…

    they do not have the mental capacity to seperate the 2…

  27. I hope the Rangers are as angry about this as we are. the next time they play the coward it should be a bloodbath.

  28. bulldog, you are right. Mario did miss the rest of that series. he played in the conf finals starting in game 2. I stand corrected.

  29. WOW the Rangers need to change everything DOn Friggin Chery says they are not tough enough..

    What a shocker from a thug himself.

    how many titles you win in boston with gary doak, milbury, and the gang DOnnie Boy????

    Zilch…. you friggin clown, get a new suit also………

  30. Mashinter and Bickel did have a few shifts after, but (and this is speculation on my part) they saw Boyle and Gabby get benched after taking penalties and as fringe players on this team they may have felt pressure not to take penalties unless they know Torts has their backs. Who knows. I blame the whole team, as everyone should have been up in arms after seeing another core player go down.

  31. MattLear

    i still have on video
    Kevin Stevens basically defending
    the slash as something that’s done
    all the time but happen to
    catch mario just right.
    of course
    like you said
    after that bone-destroying slash
    he “somehow” played in the next series

  32. the crazy thing is you watch mcdonagh will be out for weeks and pacioretty cant get at least a game.

    shanahan you a a complete disgrace of a human being. you and buttman deserve to have your heads driven into the glass.

  33. by the way what is point of mashinter if he doesnt go after anyone. at his size he should have taken a run at someone

  34. of course it is a neanderthal league else what purpose on a team do; krys barch, john scott, jordon tootoo, george parros, and about 25 other guys have???

    shocking, shocking. hockey is a spoet of caveman with a supposed CODE….. I love when the old timers and know it alls tell us they have a code….Can someone decrypt that code??

    Is the code that guys like cindy get treated differently then others? Is that the code..Is the code that a guy like rafi torres or matt cooke keep their jobs for 10 + years while hurting players over and over…

    some code…sure all you einsteins want your sons to play this sport.. gary buttman what a ivy league smug jack wagon………disgraceful…

  35. Nessier – you may be right, but last year it happened and I don’t remember Torts “punishing” anyone. The differnce is definitely there. Why?

    One can speculate, but I expect changes are coming.

  36. mashinter should go down.. it is true at a minumum he should have tried to stir things up down 2 with the canadiens doing what they did to mcdonagh.

    send him down. he is probably not even as good as dale weise….

    mashinter and asham are our candidates for there is really no reason they are in the league axcept to honor the code aspect of the nhl..

    i am sure you all go to games to seek; cooke, tootoo, parros, john scott, brashear when heplayed, etc….if you want to see a fight watch boxing or MMA. They have even more brutal fights…

  37. I’m really surprised by the stat that we are 3rd in the league in hits. I never see this team hit. Do they count the number of times you take a hit? Do hits in any zone count (i.e., when we hit a guy in our own zone to try and reclaim the puck)?

    I’m not advocating fighting for the sake of fighting. I hate those staged fights. I want bad-blood fights, fights that occur after a dirty play or as payback for something illegal.

    I mentioned last night – I wasn’t impressed with Boyle’s effor to protect Biron. He’s gotta go after Moen a little more than what he did… letting the ref step in between and then jaw at the guy. Lame.

    Does Gaborik sit next game? When does Richards get a view from the pressbox?

  38. jpg – I found the video on youtube a short while ago of the Graves slash. He definitely two handed him, but I don’t think he was attempting to INJURE Lemieux.

    I still remember David Shaw getting that big suspension for retaliating when Lemiuex tried to cheap shot him.

  39. ThisYearsModel on

    I agree with CARP. messier tanked it as he worked behind the scenes to get Roger Neilson fired. Want proof? He did the same thing to Renney when he left for Vancouver.

    As for the NHL……there is no commitment to player safety on head shots. Neanderthals like Brian Burke worked hard to neuter Shanahan. My kid got a penalty for boarding last week….a 2 and a 10. Far less violent that the Pacioretty hit. He asked me this morning……….how come the penalty in the NHL is so much less than in his CA HS league.

    For the Rangers sticking up for themselves……….not going to happen with this coach, who calls retaliation bad penalties and benches players every game.

  40. I’m sure I’m being extremely naive to ask, but if Lavoie’s tweet about Bergevin “protecting” his player is correct, as well as being a crass way of portraying Pacioretty as the victim, why is the GM of either team allowed any contact at all, let alone input, into the disciplinary process?

  41. I know guys get away with things all the time… and this is surely unfair, but the last time I remember a Ranger player getting away with something that was 100% suspendable was when Messier gave Doug Gilmour that crosscheck to the head.

  42. Why is everyone so shocked? Shanahan has proven that he will not discipline “top” players because the NHL has dictated they want the players on the ice. It also doesn’t help that our coach’s mouth annoys the hell out of the league.

    Hopefully next time they play Montreal somebody takes a cheap shot at him or one of his teammates even if it means getting suspended/penalized themselves.

    And maybe they’ll play balls out next game and the next time someone takes a run at one of the players, they’re teammate will risk taking the instigator…

  43. Tomb I agree that a statement could have been made, just like it was made last year. The difference between last year and this year (or one difference, at least) is that last year the two people most likely to address this were Prust and Rupp, who Torts loved and who had a regular spot in the lineup. Last night the two most likely players were Mashinter and Bickel, who are not regulars. Playing under a dominant kind of coach like Torts who clearly plays favorites may have made them a little gun shy. Not an excuse and in my mind they share the blame for the embarrassment last night, but Torts also shares the blame too for not reading his boys the riot act about team unity and being men.

  44. I agree with tomb, someone needed to do something there. When McDonagh was hit, Stralman, Gaborik, Richards and Pyatt were on the ice. Not exactly guys who would normally do that sort of thing. But Torts should have put someone on the ice next time Pacioretty was on.

    I remember that MattLear, Game two of the Devils series in 1996 or 97? not sure of the year. Messier sort of skated past the Devils bench after that one too.

  45. Evening all,

    So the NHL in its infinite wisdom has decided that no supplemental discipline was deemed necessary in the Pacioretty pummeling of Ryan McDonagh. While this did nothing but further prove the league’s ineptitude and protection of the wrong side of the law – it should also serve as a wakeup call for the Rangers that they must protect their own. They must look within the room (or via trade) for players who will stand up to this type of thuggery – and make the perpetrators pay immediately. Soft is death, to paraphrase the coach.

  46. Shannahan should quit if these are the rules – Making him lose his legacy. he doesn’t need the $ (or at least he shouldn’t!)

  47. It’s also important to note that a guy like Mashinter who could be sent down any day now is going to be reluctant to take a 17 minute penalty and risk a suspension when (1) he barely knows McDonagh and (2) he might never get a shot at the NHL again.

    Completely understand why he would not be willing to. Same goes for a guy like Bickel who is trying to avoid being Prucha’d going forward and sees a change to establish himself now that other guys are injured.

    Another reason why Haley should be called up. His only ticket to the NHL is being a pest…

  48. Papabear, when you get back from happy hour, it was pretty clear that Messier wanted Neilson out, and got it done. Neilson wasn’t a failure as a coach at all. He won the team’s first division title since 1942 in, I think, ’89, then with Messier, he won the Presidents’ Trophy in ’91-92, and by the middle of ’92-93 he was out, even though he was without Brian Leetch most of that first half with a neck injury.

    Messier didn’t believe that team could win playing that style. He was probably right. Give him the benefit of knowing what it took, since he had five rings to that point. And then he did win another playing the way he wanted to play.

    That doesn’t change that he quit on his coach and was behind the scenes lobbying against him, and eventually got him fired. They’ve all done it at some point, sadly. Lemieux, Jagr, Gretzky all had a coach fired, intentionally.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last night, Craig Button blamed McD for turning into the boards when Pax came in for the hit…

    He is a tool and his hair has more oil in it than an offshore rig.

  50. Not only Prust and Rupp did and would stand up for teammates, but so would Dubinsky … remember him going after Crosby? Fighting Ovechkin? Being thrown out of the playoff game for jumping on Carkner after he assaulted Boyle? Fighting Tostitos while sticking up for a teammate? Fighting Carter of the Devils and losing badly.

    Didn’t matter. The kid showed up.

    Nobody had to fight Moen there. It was pretty incidental, that contact with Biron. But they had to react and Boyle did to a degree. Nobody flinched after the McDonagh injury.

  51. Everyone seems to be ignoring the bigger problem. The five other Rangers on the ice (including Biron) simply watched their teammate get boarded and did nothing. As Carp has mentioned this team has no fight, glorified men’s league hockey. Much like how Ottawa’s Neil & Konopka single handed nearly won the series. Personally, maybe because I’m school but John Scott and Stu Bickle should have been dispatched to take care of the Senators.

  52. I wouldn’t exactly call Haley a pest, more of a fighter. And he is a damn good fighter for his size, 29 fights in 42 NHL games. When I think of pest I think of Tikk or Claude Lemieux.

  53. Who is a deterrent in today’s game?

    Who would have stopped that play from happening? Who would have stopped Lucic?

    answer: Nobody.

    The Rangers had the biggest baddest guy on the planet three different times recently: Brashear, Boogaard and Scott. None of them did squat as a deterrent.

  54. all the makings this ranger team of 92-93 all over again. could only i will be there leading the boos with two 3 home games left

  55. The Canadian media (on HNIC last night in the late game) basically was ridiculing Torts for his not-so-oblique complaints about the hit to McDonough’s head – you could tell from that point on that Pacs was not going to get anything in terms of punishment.

    They (NHL Brass) have NO respect for our team, our franchise, our ownership and our fans – if we complain, we are “whiners” – if we don’t, there was no offense against us in the first place.

    If Super Mario owned the Rangers, do you think that if his coach complained about a hit on a member of his team that it would be ignored and ridiculed by HNIC and the league office?

  56. Eric, our team is a JOKE to the league – and to it’s own owner. He doesn’t give a carcillo what happens to the players, as long as the seats are filled.

  57. I think the deterrent has to come in the form of a team mindset. This team collectively needs to get un-soft in a hurry.

    Pyatt, Richards or Gaborik could have done more for the team psyche by immediately going after Pacioretty than scoring a goal would have. Taking two for roughing might have negated a power play but we all know why that isn’t an issue. Imagine the respect they would have garnered from sticking up for McDonagh.

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    A deterrent cannot be a deterrent if he is glued to the bench unless he goes Goddard on someone. It’s just a fact.

    If you are worried about lucic doing something you have to have your deterrent on the ice when lucic is.

    Like I said before even if he pummels lucic after the fact, it will be a deterrent to some possible event in the future.

  59. The only thing consistent with this league,it’s officials and the nincompoop Commissioner is ineptitude!

    However…………….let’s never forget that neither Sather nor Dolan have endeared themselves or the organization to the league mainly due to their profligate ways!

  60. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Com-NONSENSE…..I seem to see your name and not look at your posts. I would encourage my fellow bloggers to do same.

  61. yep rangers fault the team makes to much money. the yshould ship money to the franchise that should be relocated……

    dolan is a dope but blaming him for shanahan and buttman is laughable….

    let’s move on…..

    watching the red wings right now. wow they can do all that with tootoo the only guy on the team that drops the gloves and he is a midget…i forgot you need multiple thugs on the team to stop the other team from taking libertys on your players..btw they got 3 PP goals.. newsflash, take liberty’s at the ranger players will stop if the rangers could score a PP goal ever…..

    make them pay…

  62. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think a deal has to be made to ad grit to this team. Gritty skilled guys are hard to find like Simmonds, but I think clowe, evander Kane, burrows, perry are some examples

    That matteau kid would fit the bill, but we picked a Rico fata d man instead.

  63. wicky,
    Haley is somebody who would go after Lucic before the fact. the Rangers are always criticized for not reacting after something happens. well maybe its time for them to be the team that makes something happen. don’t wait for Lucic to do something, do something to him.

  64. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    MORE NONSENSE… a parent and their multiple children, the league officials and administration should look at all the same. A parent should love his children the same. The league should look at the owners the same.

    The fact that a non-Ranger fan can even see the bias is startling.

  65. also, Matteau does not dress regular for the Devs, and they are again putting a team with two 4th lines on the ice. I have a feeling there is big Devils collapse coming.

  66. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, back to Hag’s 3 game suspension in the playoffs, we heard from Shanahahahahan that he was suspended because:

    1. he left his feet
    2. he had intent to injure
    3. he injured Alfie — and the severity of the injury was discussed openly as being part
    of the sentence.
    4. he was not a repeat offender
    5. he hit beloved Canadian lore player, Alfie

    Applying Paccioretti’s hit to MacD to the same logic:

    1. he left his feet
    2. he had intent to injure
    5. he only hit MacD (and it’s ok, because that’s retribution for an earlier hit and , of course, the Rangers ‘played’ the Canadien brass by getting him, so it’s ok)

    Something really SMELLS here………….

  67. Maybe the injuries, the non-suspension and their toughness being questioned lights a fire under this team. Who knows

  68. Haley might be able to go after some players (despite him being a clown) but Lucic would not be put off by him for a second.

  69. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Is there a list of Shanahan’s decisions somewhere? I’d seriously like to see the stats.

    Things like what percentage affirmative decisions are made for Canadian teams? What percentage affirmative are made when a star on a ‘league favorite’ team is hit? What percentage is affirmative when a star is hit? What percentage is affirmative when the offender leaps? What percentage affirmative is made for a repeat offender? What percentage is affirmative for a repeat offender against a ‘league favorite team’? What percentage is affirmative for a repeat offender against a ‘non-league favorite team’?

  70. So whats the point of having a hearing??? you can not have a hearing and decide there will be no punishment. I think I am done with the NHL this year. I love this game but the so called experts who run it do not. Take care all. I hope for all your sakes the Rangers come back and play better. I just cannot justify a league who has no soul. They screwed us for months they come back and they are still screwing us. Sorry I cannot do it any longer. Good luck! You do a great job Carp! Thanks for everything.

  71. not the point. don’t care if Haley fights or not. just want him to put teams on there heels, make them play with there heads up. and if he has a few hearings along the way, so be it.

  72. Total BS. Can’t believe no punishment for that hit. He clearly had intent to injure on his mind. Just look at the pictures. He is about 8 inches off the ground with his elbow clearing driving Mcdonaghs head into the boards. Furthermore I can’t belive the team did not stick up for one of it’s own. Oh wait this is a new Ranger team. Kinder and gentlier. Is Torts losing his edge. He seems to be taking this all in stride rather then let it rip. Is the only people he intimates now the press. Most are afraid to ask the “TOUGH” questions to Torts. Unbelievable !!!

  73. Lucic would probably very much enjoy beating the snot out of Haley. Then he’d take another run at Nash.

    dore, you won’t leave. it’s in your blood. but thanks for the kind words.

    Al, what in holy hell would Brian McGrattan have done?

  74. why would he go after Lucic, again not the point. go after Seguin, Bergeron, Kreici. then let Lucic chase him around. you guys are looking at all wrong. I don’t want Haley here to fight the tough guys, or even go after them. I want him to go after the star player, like they do the Rangers.

  75. Not saying he would, bull dog. Was more reacting to your previous comment of “Haley is somebody who would go after Lucic before the fact”…

  76. Wasn’t it kneeing that got Hall suspended for 2 games? Did his knee make contact with Clutterbuck’s head first?

  77. If other teams are going to have free reign given to them by the officials and league to hurt our players, the Rangers must take matters into their own hands. Forget about #therightway and dole out justice.

  78. I was using Lucic as an example of my point. be the team that causes the hearing, not cries about it after the fact. smash some of the other team best players head first into the boards. right now this is the way the game is being played, and won.

  79. Paul in sunrise on

    It’s funny. I can handle the lock out. I am a lawyer. I get it. But it’s this carcillo that I as a fan cannot take. No suspension for Pac is he kind of thing that will allow me to walk away. It’s not worth it. The investment make as a fan only to see that one hit or series of plays that are clearly punishable are ignored just does not sit right. while the season may not be shaking out as intended I can live with injuries. It is part of the game but the fact that there is no punishment. That lucic or pac get to run around without fear of suspension just makes it unbearable. I have no faith that the league cares at all about the fans. If they did them proper suspensions should have been handed out. Both were more worthy of the Hagelin hit. Just over it. This is the reason the league will lose fans.

  80. I was surprised to learn that Paccioretty ( or however it’s spelled) hails from the Darien CT area, and that is a pretty exspensive locale. I shudder to think of the going price for homes in that community….and the taxes on them.

  81. As for Brian Leech being traded….some years back I believe that he was “loaned” to the Leafs for a playoff series and acquitted himself quite well,the Rangers having been out of the playoffs.

    This may well be subject to correction, but as I recall it it ran something like this,

  82. In this day and age, I doubt a coach is going to tell a player to go out and hurt someone, and only because of the potential personal liability involved. One day, a pitcher will be told to throw at a batter in retaliation for something or other, the batter will die from a head injury, and the hundred million dollar law suits will erupt. “Did you tell him to throw at the batter?” etc., etc. No time to go into all the grizzly ramifications here, but the Rangers’ problem might be lack of communication from the boss man. The kids don’t know if they will sit, or be sent down, or praised for retaliation and are disinclined, except in the heat of battle, to make a decision.

  83. except that every time a player responded in the right way, defending a teammate, he was praised by the coach last year.

  84. Sad to say, but maybe this is te spark the Rangers need to wake the team up. Guys are playing sloppy, and not bringing their usual A game which leads to break downs, and guys chasing pucks, and these injuries…just a chain reaction of events. I’m not saying they’re not putting in effort, they just haven’t shown that extra step, extra snarl in their game. This adversity may just do that. Maybe these injuries will awaken the beast we know they can be.

  85. fran, the only part of that deal that worked was the draft pick the Rangers used to get Michael Sauer … and now he’s gone, too.

  86. If you’re going to play kids you’re going to need someone to protect them .if you have superstars you need somebody to protect your superstars. Torts Has to realize that you needed nuclear weapons on the bench at all times The Smurfs had a nuclear weapon Nicky FotiuRangers had Joey Kocur on the bench, why not us

  87. poor McDonagh….

    He was just trying to play hockey, the rest of the line thought they were making a Harlem Shake video.

  88. Good point, Smalls. Maybe telling yourself you need to be a harder team for opponents to play doesn’t sink in until you have a game like that where you prove to yourself you need to be a harder team to play.

    adversity usually turned into good things last year. though this team is very different.

  89. I get what you are saying Carp, but that fight was a bad example. Finley pushed Eller, not a big hit. a needless reaction by Prust.

  90. doesn’t work that way anymore Al. Men were men those days. If Joey Kocur challenged you, you answered. Now they hide behind the instigator, pick their spots — if they fight at all — and never have to answer.

    those nuclear weapons only fight each other and accomplish nothing.

  91. But, it’s easy for the coach to say that after the fact when no one is hurt or dead. :) What you’re saying, I think, is that there is a tacit message sent by that praise, If you keep telling a team to be disciplined and then sit your top player an entire period for being not disciplined…these guys understand, but they are not Aristotles or even good mind readers, and retain only what is hammered into them, especially guys like Mash who doesn’t even know what’s going on yeet. IMHO

  92. coos

    Marc Crawford is named in Steve Moore’s lawsuit against Bertuzzi and the Canucks for allegedly doing just that, right?

  93. Then you have to have a guy like Darcy Tucker on your team .For good or for bad Darcy Tucker took care of certain problems. Then bring up Michael Haley

  94. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    soft teams go quietly into the night,,
    Carp -isn’t it “Tu si capecse “?

  95. I don’t think it was Brophy I think it was the coach of the LA Kings that ordered Mulvy to
    fight during the brawl and Mulvy did not fight at all and the next day was sent down to new haven knight hawks

  96. The officials and the league are supposed to deter players from dirty, injurious hits. If they’re not going to deter players from those hits against the Rangers, the Rangers should take matters into their own hands and send a clear message to the league.

    Next time we face Crosby, have an unimportant player like Mashinter go after Crosby with intent to injure. Scramble his brains to the point he cant remember his own name. I don’t mean hitting a guy with a stick across the head or anything that’s not a hockey play. I mean hurting someone on a hockey play, like drilling a guy head first into the boards a la McDonagh. A coach or player might face suspension, but not any legitimate legal action.

  97. So let me see if I understand, Carp—-you are saying that Brendan Shanahan is NOT dog puke, right?

  98. I would like to say the similarity is that one drank hemlock, and the other should, LW, but that was Socrates. Four goals in two years, and only one goal before that, playing 60 games for the Adirondack Phantoms. :)

  99. right, Grant Mulvey. Told him to go out there and “don’t just dance” or something like that. If not Brophy, I can’t remember the name.

    LMGO, chapeau de derriere!!!

    jdon, I’m not sure I didn’t say that.

  100. Two more NHL concussions without league action and I can imagine all the mothers hollering at their husbands and kids to stay out of hockey, just like some do already about football. Public perceptions rule, in the end. The sooner the league office recognizes that, the sooner they will be on a more cogent path.

  101. needless reaction better than no reaction when you need one.

    ^^ should be written on the wall of their locker room…

    No respect left for Shanahan. And it takes a LOT for me to say that but enough is enough. People have taken liberties with this team for a decade now. Bulldogs right-They didn’t see the need to keep Prust because of the money and before that they didn’t see the need to keep Orr because of the money. so what else is left to do? it’s time to have someone on this team that will make these other idiots think twice. You take out our #1 dman then your captain is getting dropped. You run over the rookie on our team we’re gonna open up yours..I hate saying that but the only other solution attempts have been 1- do nothing and 2- get a 30 something goon who’s washed up to fight a staged fight at the faceofff.

  102. Carp – thanks for the post and a place for us to RANT!

    I am just shocked – just in shock.

    I want to know, as a coach, what part of that hit do i want to congratulate my players on? How is that something that should be a ‘finishing your check’ scenario – I am just flabbergasted!!

    How will we protect our D men – how? I am disgusted with my own sport – the premier flagship for our sport should perhaps switch from NHL to International play – this is BS

  103. Pathetic.
    I’m almost ready to give up on this ridiculous league and the morons who run it.
    I’m sick of seeing players get hurt… On my favorite team or any other. I can’t stand watching these guys getting there heads plastered all the time.
    It almost time for me to stop watching hockey, I gave it up when I went to chiropractic school.
    Gave it up when I couldn’t afford cable, I can give it up again…no problem.

  104. Carp

    That was Don Perry who told his player to go out and don;t dance, during the brief period that {Perry coached the blackhawks……I( forget who the player was, but I believe that he is coaching or scouting or something now.somewhere now.

  105. Grant played on the Chicago Blackhawks about 6 foot five at that time probably around 240 I believe he was a left winger he also went to the Devils I believe the second or third season of the Devils in the waiver draft

  106. Prosecutor: “Mr. X, it’s well known that you have limited hockey skills, yet you are retained by the word’s premier hockey league and by the New York Rangers. Would you agree with that assessment?:

    “Uh, I can skate and last year I scored a goal.”

    “And you pummeled an opponent to death in performance of your duties?”

    “The coach told me to do it.”

    “Do you know the penalty in this State for Manslaughter?”

    “I HAD to do it.”

    “I see. Your honor, I would now like to call to the stand…

  107. Does Shammy produce a video when he doesn’t suspend someone.
    I’d like to see how he explains it was a violation of a rule, there was an injury and Pacioretty has a history of being a dirt bag, but there’s no suspension.

  108. Bob Errey just spent a good couple of minutes, lets say…complaining…that Gudbranson pushed Malkin into the boards when he was defenceless (debatable) and should’ve got two, maybe five minutes for it. Then has the self-awareness to say that nobody on the Penguins, nor he, was complaining about it.

  109. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Does anyone know what the extent of the injury to MacD?? What was it??

    If there is one out for Shana-hahahaha-an it’s that, perhaps, MacD was not concussed and was only out for the game. It’s a weak one, because he has stated before that suspensions match the injury, so then, even if MacD is back next game, it should have been a one gamer, but perhaps this could mean that MacD is not seriously injured??

  110. yesterday the Rangers blew up the flat screen TV here … literally. During the game, no more picture so couldn’t watch the game in HD, aw

  111. The Rangers’ lack of grit is the reason they’re losing. Marek vs. Wysh podcast discussed this the other day as it related to the Oilers and Mike Keenan had some choice words for them, but the same is holding true for the Rangers. There is no doubt the Rangers have skill, but right now, that’s all they have. No grit, no abrasiveness, no nastiness. If the Rangers skill can be stopped, they lose. They can’t grind out wins like they did last year.

    It sucks that Pacioretty didn’t get any supplemental discipline, but it should have been dealt with immediately. Next time the Habs and Rangers face off, Boyle or Asham should Chris Neil him. Cost of doing business

  112. I think Shanahan has on occasion talked about non-suspension decisions in interviews (if only on NHL Network, who obviously give him a real grilling…) but not as routine. Agree he should do for every incident that requires a hearing though.

    Maybe they could publish a transcript of Marc Bergevin’s contribution to the decision too?

  113. Shanahan to Rangers: “What is the extent of McDonaugh’s injury?”

    Management: “Can’t tell you or everyone will know.”

  114. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, your tape of Prust going right after Foster is EXACTLY what he did while here. What is that worth? Why can’t some of our guys do just that? Why does it need to be Prust??

    Pyatt? Halpern? Mash? Boyle? It’s like these guys are sleep walking and don’t want the bother. It must be tough to go after other team’s players, but it keeps them honest. As you said, and I agree, that’s the missing ingredient on this team. It’s not the PP. LA won the cup with a below average PP.
    Guys like Gabby, Richards, Hags, Staal (because of his concussion), MDZ, goalies, they HAVE to be feeling vulnerable. It has to shake confidence.

    I have a very hard time believing that a good GM can’t see this. I know Lou does. His teams can always defend themselves. What is it about our GM that he botched this end of his team up so badly?

  115. I Tell The Truth on

    Marc Bergevin: “Shanny, mon bon ami, I have a château up north that’s yours for 2 weeks. Whatever your pleasure….

    Shana-hahahaha-an:” Avec plaisir, mon ami!”

  116. boyle is going to chris neil him. where have you been for over 3 years?? I have never seen Boyle land a punch let alone win a fight. actually has he had a fight which at the end he was not on the ice…

    jsut saw the mcdonagh hit again at halftime of the Knick game, how that is not a suspension is literally mind numbing…

    and you get the 40 yr old 11 pm hockey guys telling us mcdonagh should have done this and that and was in a vulnerable position, they are friggin insane. the guy was moving a puck on the boards out from behind his net…..

    watch it……….

  117. Loved shanny as a player …remember him going at it with brashear to stand up for his team the rangers but these decisions are an utter disgrace. What a travesty for ALL hockey fans injury is a part of hockey injury due to intentional assault should not be ..

  118. milbury is so thoughtful why would you waste your time.. he went to the DOn Cherry school of hockey. You know the code guys……

    the secret code on how all this is done……

    watch the 2 second before the hit and the hit, he should have gotten 10 games….

  119. Sather: “John, we just solved your toughness problem. We just signed this young kid who’s called ‘The Incredible, Mystifying, Horror of the Ozarks.’ He’s beaten up people from West Virginia all through the midwest and out to the northern west coast, never lost.”

    “Can he play?”

    “Didn’t get a chance to ask him yet.”

  120. I don’t get it. The photo shows Pacioretty clearly 4″+ off the ice! He’s jumping. He’s hitting the head (or maybe the “upper neck” area). It resulted in a CONCUSSION.

    Shanahan is a moron. I blame him because he is putting his stamp on the crappy system.

  121. i was at the game shanny went at it with brashear. rangers had like a 7 game losing streak before that game.

    i live in LA so when I go to a game at the garden I remember.

    shanahan is a Buttman stooge. Buttman is a small market, shister own stooge.
    Dolan is to worried about stopping unions from getting involved with Cablevision and reducing his income from $75 mill per year to $73 mill.

    Dolan does not even know what is going on he gets the down low from his staff.

  122. Look, there used to be an EAL league some years back, that was a tough dirty and fast skating league with some real old Yeti types. The movie slap Shot hinted at that, but the New Haven Blades were in a Championship game with Clinton (NY) Comets, and Don Perry played for the Blades. He went out on defense that final last and overtime period without coming off the ice, and when Yvan Chasle a bullet on skates broke away for the winning goal, and Perry just collapsed on his back at center ice. Another huge player in the game,named Ray Crew who had played for another team in the league but he and Perry became friends. Now this is how my sainted cousin Jack, who just retired after 30 years with Central Scouting, was with the bunch of players but they all went out to a diner after with Perry, his wife, and Ray Crew and Jack and
    went to a booth in the rear. It seems that a guy at the counter who took a shine to Mrs Perry came over and asked her to dance, or something,m and Perry got incensed and warned the guy to get lost. Seems the guy was already well oiled, and he stayed insistent, so Don got up and pasted the guy, Cops were called, the first Cop came in with drawn revolver, and big Crew took the gun away from the Cop and just stood on it. All hell was breaking loose and Jack tried to hide under the table, more cops came and the three of them, Crew Perry and
    the stranger, (and I forgot to mention that he said that Perry’s wife also tried to slug the guy with her purse, so the cops took her too. Apparently it all got settled, and I doubt much more was made of it. (John Brophy also played in that league and he was best known as a stick fighter he’d go stick to stick with anyone and usually hurt someone, or so the word was that you always had to watch out for his stick. It was wild blood and guts hockey, but really, a lot of fun.

  123. LOL Stuart: “The forty year old 11 PM hockey guys…” I resemble that remark. (But I do pretty much agree with the rest of your post.)

  124. Don’t worry guys. I’m hitting up NHL Player Safety and Shanahan on Twitter. They will all sleep very poorly tonight. Right….

  125. Only saw it briefly, but I’m surprised more wasn’t made of the hit that concussed Tarasenko a few days ago. No suspension there either.

  126. cooscoos touche…

    you get my point. the speed of the nhl is so incredible it is a whole different game…

  127. is isles hold on to lead anyone know last time the isles were ahead of rangers this late in season with 31 games left

  128. no, he’s already more upset than he could possibly be … probably can’t wait to see me in person at a game … yikes.

  129. canes isles has ot written all over it. dont want to see both teams get pts who trail us by a point

  130. Mr shanahan please put the integrity of the league and ALL players safety first and foremost in your decision making and stop kowtowing to Mr Buttman thanks

  131. NYP_Brooksie If the Islanders make the playoffs, Tavares has to be leading contender for Hart.

    If Tavares played in Chicago or Detroit or Boston or MSG or anywhere in Canada he would be a leading contender for Hart. Oh wait, if he played in MSG, he would be on the IR with a mystery ailment.


    Bel Biv Deveaux. Please.

    If anyone is going to stand up for Girardi it’s going to be his boyhood best friend.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel needs to be on ice as D and he will be naturally engaged with winger like PAC.

    Last year we had a grinder checking 3rd line and a mish mash 4th line.

    This year we have a grinder 4th line and a young offensively focused 3rd line.

    The only way that works is if you possess the puck and put pressure with 3rd line which hasn’t happened.

  134. I’m sure you’re kidding, but F Deveaux. In like 3 games in the league he committed the exact type of flagrant offense that should get you banned for weeks.

  135. Just pointing out, as Latona said, he was the next Leetch. Just getting his first NHL goal now. Plus I like typing Fishsticks.

  136. it’s really probably very minor, but what do you suppose the thinking was in not signing Mitchell and signing Halpern?

  137. “I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them, and stick out your head and yell, “I’M Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!”

  138. Carp, I think NYR probably would have resigned him, but he wasn’t at the very top of their priority list, July 1st rolled around, he got an offer from Colorado, and took it. Might explain why Halpern was signed over a week later.

  139. stranger nation on

    losing powe and ass-ham hurts in the toughness dept. you have Gilly and Strawlmon playing more with mdz out and you are weaker on back line. mdz may frustrate many but he played MUCH better in he D zone last yr

    not for nothing but would like to see some fire out of pie-hat. like the ways he scrapes boards and goes to cage but needs to play nastier out there, couple of face washes, after the whistle jostling, and use his size.

    Rumor is Boyle was working at Club Med during lockout

  140. mitchell sucked and played in Game 6 of the ECF. Halpern, about 10 years older, sucked and was scratched by Washington in the series before. Again, it’s minor. But poorly planned by the organization.

  141. Halpern was going to fix our faceoff issues. Just like Richards was going to fix the powerplay

  142. stranger nation on

    if J Mitch was still on team, he would be 4th line center getting his 6 mins per game. must be gettin OReilly’s TOI.

    if the frmr AD outscores King Richard this season, now THAT would be Funny!

  143. Look, we have said for years Shanny and that whole department is a joke. No surprises here. Last year we never worried about this stuff becaue it never happened to our guys. Pacioretty knew that if he did something like that, Prust and Fedotenko and Rupp would smack him around and it wouldnt be worth it. Now we obviously have to worry about it.

    Carp said it over the summer and he was right. They let walk away too much of what this team was made of and now they are nowhere near what they were.

    And lets face it if the league wanted to get rid of head shots they could do it. It’s not difficult. You just say that if anyone gets hit in the head in that fashion whether they turned into it or not, the person that hit them gets 5 games, and when they dont get 5 games THAT is the exception. You watch how quickly the garbage disappears from the game. Zero tolerance and it is gone.

  144. So with two more goals, Mitchell will have as many goals as Halpern has shots. Halpern is a waste. He’s basically around to maybe not do anything bad while not having the upside to do anything good. He’s the vanilla ice cream when you walk into a 30 flavor ice cream shop where the 29th best flavor is vanilla and the 30th is poop.

  145. C Mitchell (age 28) 2 years, 1.1 per
    C Halpern (36) 1 year 700K

    LW Fedetenko (34) 1 year 1.75
    LW Pyatt (31) 2 year 1.55 per

    Pyatt & Halpern: 2.25 year one, 1.55 year two
    Mitchell & Fedetenko: 2.85 year one, 1.1 year two

    Hindsight is 20/20, but was it worth it to save 600k this year?

  146. I don’t know what’s more disappointing, the NHL safety board or the lack of sticking up fr teammates by the NYR

  147. NBC still hasn’t figured it out.

    “Tampa SCOOOORESSS!!!!!” yells Doc. then they show 3 replays. none of them show the goal.

  148. Carp, have you been able to spend any time with Shanahan over the years? If so, does he come across as an intelligent guy? As you know, many of these players leave to play junior hockey at an early age and don’t get a lot of formal education. Is he just a moron that does not process information well? Seems that way!

  149. guys were talking about 3rd/4th liners now. cmon. theyre not the reason were doing bad. they suck thats why theyre 4th liners. yes, a goal here and there would help, but they barely get on the ice with torts anyway

  150. I loved getting Pyatt to replace Fedo. I won’t go back on that one. Halpern, healthy scratch for a team we knocked out of the playoffs, I was not happy with. Not because I liked Mitchell all that much, but I really didn’t and don’t like Halpern.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – are you crazy? Bench Brianne? He has zero goals and 1 assist!!! How do you replace that kind of productivity??

  152. Real simple question to the entire Rangers team:

    How could you sit there and watch someone do that to your friend and not do a thing about it?

  153. 3rd/4th liners make up 1/3 of the time played per game at a minimum. Them being worse matters 33% of forwards mattering.

  154. they aren’t the ONLY reason weare losing. but part of it.

    when you get shut out, your leading scorer is out, your other leading scorer is benched and yout other leading scorer already sucks….

    we have to gripe about something. It is our nature.

  155. _Tiki – are you crazy? Bench Brianne? He has zero goals and 1 assist!!! How do you replace that kind of productivity??_

    Clone Halpern but make sure he shoots less and blocks less shots and hits less? That would do it.

  156. Shanahan sold his soul to the Bettman. He has gone over to the Dark Side of the Lockout.

    But seriously, when Shanahan took this position it was widely hailed as a move in the right direction. Someone to act as advocate for the players. What the ____ happened?

  157. stranger nation on

    Pie-hat is a 2nd/3rd liner who gets 15 mins TOI, that is not a limited role.

    What is up with Nasher injury? This team is turning into the Mets…

  158. its like what happens when you elect a teacher to the school board.

    they know how to teach, not run a business

  159. mitchell had 5 goals for the rangers for the season. btw his 6th goal tonight was a bad goal. hiller should have had it.

    hindsight is 20/20.

    i liked all the moves…sure would have liked konopka but I assume he got more $$$ in Minny or more years then we were interesting in giving….

  160. Latona: Well, well said (as always my e-friend). It’s all about Organizational priorities. We spent a LOT of time on the Na$h deal and a lot of other, tertiary signings suffered. The problem is that this team was entirely made out of tertiary players. Those are the guys we let go and those are the guys we lose. Mitchell was a HECK of a player (who already took a puck in the face this season). And he won the faceoff that led to a legendary playoff moment for us. What can you do? As fans, nothing but complain.

    Honestly, I think Halpern was a good, solid signing and he has been even better than I thought. But Mitchell was good. I could believe we let Fedotenko walk. It just goes on and on….

  161. Konopa was a *MUST* for this organization, Stuart. A Must. He cost what, $900K? He’s a perfect, perfect fit.

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – realize this about Brianne – he has 1 point more than the combined total of the GAG line: Hadfield/Ratelle/Gilbert.

  163. I didn’t think Boyle would get back in the lineup the way we were playing without him and the way he was playing. Shows what I know.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – John Mitchell, the former attorney general under Richard Nixon, the highest ranking law enforcement officer in this country, was a crook.

  165. Peter, you’re right about the head shot thing … but the Pacioretty hit was not a head shot …

    grabby, email me and I can tell you ( Not a big deal, honest.

    Again, if they kept Fedotenko, Prust, Mitchell, and if they had gotten Konopka and if Boyle hadn’t sucked all season, or whatever, they’d still be in a ton of trouble with Richards, Gaborik and Nash playing the way they have. But they might be grinding games out a little better.

  166. You’re right, Carp. They would still be awful without those guys. I just want a team that has toughness. Even if our guys are scoring, other teams will target the big guys and you have to protect them. We need those JAM guys to be there for grinding and protecting.

    Fedotenko was cheap. Letting him go is just odd to me. Especially to Philly.

  167. Tampa-Pitt pretty good game. Man, did they both whip it around and score easily on the 5-on-3.

    how about Pitt with all that top-line talent, now a 19-year-old kid playing on the first PP, and a third line that goes Dupuis-Sutter-Cooke. Plus a legit PP QB in Letang, and two mean and rugged guys on D. Looks a little better and nastier than NYR.

  168. carp enough with the logic. the people who whin about mitchell, dubi, aa, and others now love them…

    the big 3 are the reason for the issues, no doubt about it…nash has not been bad but not = to the oohs and aahs…

    richards has been horrible and gaborik has been spotty and inconsistent….

  169. nash is way better than I thought he was, but he hasn’t scored enough and he’s made about three enormous mistakes that helped lose games.

  170. carp I do not think Pitt is as good as you think.

    If the rangers trun inot the rangers I still like this team a lot…….

    call me delusional.. assume mdz back net game he skated in the morning yesterday and gets 2.5 more days off…nash who knows with the double secret but i hope for the best.

    mcdonagh and girardi that can be a HUGE ISSUE..

  171. agree on Nash.. the puck in his skates in the slot and a few other big booboos that i forget alreay….

    the guy is 28, i make that trade any day of the week…..

  172. NYR can’t have more than one major injury, though, stuart. not deep enough. unless Kreider, Miller, Thomas suddenly get a lot better.

  173. _carp enough with the logic. the people who whin about mitchell, dubi, aa, and others now love them…_

    What about those of us that loved 2 of those 3 guys? Are we allowed to whine?

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby doesn’t score enough to justify how much he floats….He isn’t worth his salary.

  175. stephen weiss and robyn regher fla and buff will be sellers and these are both ufa at end of year. the rangers are only trading for a ufa

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would let Thomas / miller / Kreider play a ton – warts and all – gotta learn – mistakes will happen – so be it.

  177. Pittsburgh is as bad defensively as the Rangers are offensively. Boston is balanced and I still think they will be the 1 seed. I don’t think Montreal can keep that level of play all season.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I hear you – but too many of those goals come when the score is 5-1. His clutch goal in 3 OT against Washington is the exception rather than the rule. He disappears more often than not.

  179. stranger nation on

    nash lost 3 games for them? Let me guess, he was playing on Richards’ line? or is the Lucic hook in the last of game losing plays?

    the guy is all over the stat sheet, hasnt lit the lamp like we would hope but has been their best player hands down in the games he played.

    imagine if he had a #1 center to play with………….

  180. I Tell The Truth on

    Carpy, your comments of the last 20 or so minutes are SO spot on, not to say others are not. Thank you for clarifying for us all what is reality.

    I must say I have been saying for my time here that we need a big, tough defenseman, a PP point man (no, Richards is NOT that), grit (I wanted Prust to stay and be offered a deal a year in advance to keep him at a lower number), Nash (to be fair), and REAL, not over-hyped draft picks that are well-trained, big, with good hands that can step in like Derbil and Boston picks do.

    Your comments crystalize the logic. Our GM has been a fairly big failure in my eyes for way too long and he will avoid any fallout, slithery soul that he is.

  181. Gaborik is the echelon immediately below the most elite players in hockey. We now have one in Rick Nash. But Gaborik is right below that group. He’s irreplaceable.

  182. I Tell The Truth on

    Eddie @ 10:19, right on. Let the kids play (I’m not sold on smurfy Thomas, yet). If they make mistakes, so be it. They have to play. But they have to be taught how to take the body and play some d. What are they being taught down below??? These guys are not as ready as other teams players are, for sure. WHY???

  183. i trade gabby for weiss and mattias.

    florida gets some star appeal.

    rangers and more bodies all is well….mattias has a chance to be real good….

  184. gaby is not irreplaceable..

    trade him for weiss and mattias and all of a sudden you ahve another big fast forward. can sit 1 more plumber abd add grit. sure you lose a big time goal scorer, but create $$ felxibility and gabby does not play the way the rest of the team plays…

  185. cccp.

    cbj would not do that deal but if they would I would trade boyle for prospal in a second…..

  186. e3, how about the hat trick against Boston?
    Do you remember that Gaborik scored GWGs in with seconds left in OT twice last year? I don’t buy that his goals are all garbage-time. Not at all. 40 is 40.

    I Tell, I don’t buy for a second when people say “play the kids” that they will be willing to suffer the losses with the kids. Not for a second.

  187. Ha. So Gaborik is only replaceable by multiple people. You guys realize that for someone to be irreplaceable there has to be another singular person that can replace them.

    Replacing one guy with two people is not replacing one guy.

  188. There is no talking sense into people Carp. If you don’t score goals you aren’t good and if you score goals but don’t win then you’re not good. Gaborik is in a lose-lose situation.

  189. Sure, Nash is a better all-around player. But comparing the 2 bodies of work, Gaborik’s career production speaks for itself. You can’t say Nash is elite and Gaborik is in the echelon just below that.

  190. Rick Nash is better than Gaborik. Nash is so good defensively I am shocked. He’s the real deal, upper echelon level of elite player in the NHL. Gaborik is right below that as an elite, elite scorer.

  191. So, so many scorers like Gaborik are never appreciated. They are what they are. They don’t do all the other stuff. If they did, they’d be superstars like Malkin and (in his prime) Iginla. I don’t think Stamkos is a lot better overall player than Gaborik. But he scores more.

  192. stranger nation on

    in the limited sample size of games this season watching Nash and Gabby play, I would say Nash is the better player. Most would agree.

    over their careers who is better? dont know, dont care

  193. Why, Tiki? Nash looks like a guy that can carry his team to a cup. Gaborik is not that guy. Gaborik is an elite scorer but Nash can bowl over a team and force one home when he has to. It’s just a tad bit better because of the all around on-ice work.

  194. Gaborik’s production compared to the rest of the NHL makes him elite. He is irreplaceable. Rick Nash is a very, very good 2-way player. But if you’re calling Nash elite, then Gaborik is as well.

    That’s similar to saying Rick Nash is elite, and Jaromir Jagr is in the echelon below Nash because he only plays 1 way.

  195. Welcome, Sean!

    The clowns here, well, most of them, are known as Boneheads. It’s another long story. … they’re all 26 years old. Some of them are completely nuts. Some run to the ledge every time an opponent scores. But we sure have some fun here … as long as we keep the language somewhat clean. Here’s the rule of thumb I had to lay down today because some of our regulars were, understandably, a tad upset last night and crossed the line: If you wouldn’t say it in front of your daughter, then don’t say it here. Otherwise, have at it.

  196. No, Carp. I wasnt talking to you. I took your first line “Nash is a better all-around player” which was accurate and then continued with a response to Manny.

  197. If by elite, we’re talking in the Crosby-Malkin-Stamkos-Datsyuk class, then neither one of those guys is elite. I hate that word by the way, because of the stupidity caused when Eli Manning was asked if he considered himself elite, a stupidity that has still not stopped running.

    but Nash and Gaborik are not among the superstars of the game. They’re a rung or two down.

  198. When Gaborik’s going, I think he’s a much more effective all-around player and is much more defensively responsible and active than some will give him credit for. He’s very effective with his stick, and while he may not initiate too much contact, he can handle it decently. The lack of response and toughness reverberates through the room in many ways. I think that when Gaborik sees Cabbage Patch run McDonagh and also sees nobody respond, it contributes to his tentativeness. Who’s to say it won’t happen to him the next shift?

    Not condoning that type of attitude at all, but that’s who he is.

  199. Happy Hour Bear on

    Regarding Messier From a 45 year Ranger Fan:

    Messier= superstar captain who delivered cup

    Messier = worth every second, every penny, every honor he has received from Ranger franchise and fans

    Messier = without him we would be going into our 73rd year without the cup.

    Those who Question Messier contribution to Ranger franchise = Those who forgets the curse and how difficult it was for us fans to constantly hear those 1940 chants coming from Nassau Coliseum during the hated Islanders 4 year Cup Run

    Messier = 6 Stanley Cup Championships

    Messier = if we had you last year playing like you did in 1994, we would have won the cup.

    Messier = player with the heart of a lion and courage to fight for what he believed in

    Messier = player who gave Bryan Leetch the support and confidence he needed to become a superstar

    Messier >>>>>>>>>>>>>> than coach killer brand placed on him by those who forget.

    Number 11 … The Captain…. The greatest player and leader ever to wear the Ranger jersey.

    Of course all previous statements are made IMHO. ;)

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – it’s 40 every other year. He is injury prone and plays soft. Not looking to argue whatsoever. His delicate style of play isn’t to my tastes. Gabby cannot take over a game, doesnt crash the net, isn’t good in the corners, and cannot create much on his own. I prefer a team of Lucic type of guys – win or lose – I want guys with big hearts and big balls that are trying their assens off and play with passion.

    Torts’ quote was very telling at the start of this season “in the past gabby didnt seem to want to be on the ice….”

    That kind of player isn’t for me.

  201. Happy Hour Bear on

    Gaborik = anti-Messier. Player who in forth year with franchise has proven, he just isn’t capable of delivering when it’s needed most.

  202. Fair enough. I was one of the people calling for Torts before they hired him, and he has been very good. I do worry that his persona, particularly in the pressers is becoming less “Torts being Torts” , and more “this guy is just a jerk”. That stuff flies when the wins are coming, (see Rex), but his act is growing tiresome, and I hope the players are still listening, and not just hearing what he preaches. I am not in the room, but I hope he is more positive than he lets on.

  203. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    ayers than Nash, but when you watch him play, he is more complete than Gabby. I’d like to have both.

    Richards? Not when he’s playing like this.

  204. Happy Hour, I agree with you 100 percent on Messier, and nobody respects or admires him more than I do … Honestly. I was just stating fact. He got Roger Neilson fired. I am not saying he was wrong, not saying he shouldn’t have done it, maybe saying he could have done it in a better way. But mostly just stating the fact that he did it.

    doesn’t change the way anybody feels about him.

    by the way, here’s the two parts of that episode that I hated. That year they won the Presidents’ Trophy, Messier won the MVP, Leetch the Norris, Roger was up for coach of the year. At the awards, Messier thanked everybody but Roger. Then, after he got him fired, the team played Florida for the first time with Roger as coach. Every player walked past him and shook his hand, except Messier. I thought that was pretty low. Honestly, there could not have been a nicer person than Roger Neilson (well, maybe Adam Graves).

  205. I may stand alone, but from what I have seen, Nash is definitely going to be in that class. Blue Jackets certainly paid him like he was and I have seen nothing to deny that assertion.

  206. We’ll see what he is next year, in a full season, Manny. Given health and a better team around him, I could see him becoming elite. Right now, he’s not.

    Matty, more complete, I agree. But one could argue he’s a more complete player than Jaromir Jagr was. Let’s face it, Jaromir didn’t play an ounce of defense. Jaromir Jagr is a Hall of Famer.

  207. Roger Neilson acquainted himself nicely with the rule book, also. Wish more coaches would study it and exploit it for their benefit, as cynical it may sound. Some of his exploits were as brilliant as they were hilarious (putting a defenseman on to stop a penalty shot, for example).

  208. Happy Hour Bear on

    The Gabby Dilemma:

    I am tired of watching this guy float 50% of the time. However, I also realize that he may be a critical piece if we are to make the playoffs this year. Knowing this, if I’m the GM, here is what I do.

    Hold onto to Gabby until the deadline. If things are continuing going south as we approach the deadline, I would put the word out to all, Gabby is available if you are willing to meet my price.

    Here is my price. In return I want:

    1) a “cant miss” already drafted prospect who scouts project as a 1st line forward or 1st pair defenseman plus two draft picks; a 2nd & 3rd rounder. My option when to use the picks in either of the next two amateur drafts. I’ll also try to grab a second tier prospect as a “throw in” by sweetening the pot with Boyle or someone similar.

    Or I’ll also take:

    2) an already drafted prospect who scouts believe to be a 2nd line or 2nd pair Defensman PLUS two draft picks; a 1st and 2nd rounder. My option when to use the picks in either of the the next two amateur drafts. As before, I’ll also try to grab a third tier prospect as well by sweetening the pot with Boyle or someone similar.

    I believe there will be a team willing to pay that price especially if they can take a run at the cup.

    The key though, if I do trade him, I really need to do my homework and identify teams with already drafted prospects I must have in return.

    Sandy Alderson did this with Beltran and Dickie and it appears he received some really top notch prospects in return.

  209. Game margin at the time of Gaborik’s goals this year: 0, +1, 0, 0, +2, +1, +1

    Which I’d say indicates two things. One, they aren’t all garbage time. Two, he might have / perceive himself to have a lot more freedom in games where they’re not down.

  210. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’ll definitely grant you that about Jagr/Gabby. I do believe that JJ was a more ‘elite’ scorer than Gabby, though.

    I’d still rather have Nash. And, I totally believe, barring injuries, he will deliver points in every way. He can grind, pass, and score. He can control the boards. He can do it all. He just has to learn his new role on a team with more talent as well as understand the players he’s in with. System, too.

    When you go to the games, Tiki, and can see the whole ice (not just a tv view) you realize how good he is. He could be one of the better players we have ever had. Could be.

    Of course, as Happy Hour says, good is one thing. Delivering the cup is another. Only one guy did that around here and I agree.

  211. As much as the lack of snarl is killing us, the powerplay has lost us several games as well. Not only are teams not afraid to play us due to the lack of our physicality, but they also are not afraid to play cheap because our PP flat out sucks.

  212. Totally with you Matty. I take Nash. The guys has endless potential. His size and skating is so far beyond what I even knew.

  213. I’d take Nash, given a choice between the two. His production, size, body control. That doesnt take away from the original point that you can’t call Nash in a class above Gaborik. They’re different players. Gaborik is a pure goal scorer. There are a handful in the NHL better at scoring than he.

  214. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The other thing that is evident is that Richards used to create. Gabby needs someone to create for him. Nash seems like he will be able to create play in time (like that amazing play, I think in Boston, through 2 defensemen and Hags had a gimme?). Time will tell. But Nash’s size is a huge positive.

    The game has gone big. Richards is not looking like he fits, currently not in good shape, slow, and below average size. Perhaps the game has gone by him since he and Torts were together in 2004. Players are much bigger now, even on our team (except for smurfThomas).

  215. You can absolutely ignore type of player when talking about all around best players.

    Who was better: Messier of Gretzky?

    It sucks, but it happens.


  216. Here’s an article from the NY Time in July 1992, after the Rangers had won the president’s trophy under Neilson but got bounced by PItt in the playoffs that spring. Messier clearly was not a fan of him due to his defensive reactive style.

    In the article, Messier mentions that they have the skaters to play more up tempo, and if you have the puck 75% of the time, they are going to win.

  217. Yes, Matty. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Talking about how good Nash is makes me so excited for Hockey. If only he was able to play….

  218. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Despite Richards and where he is right now, I believe, as long as the injuries are not season ending AND not long-term to Nash, we make the playoffs. But without the grit/snarl, we won’t proceed too far. If we can be better in that area, PP or not, we’ll be a tough out.

    Hank has also not been ‘Hank’. He has not won more than one game on his own. That should change, too, hopefully.

  219. Happy Hour Bear on

    Carp, I respect the fact that you have insight into the behind the scenes details that perhaps don’t really matter much to the consumer, the fan, to me. We are invested in this common endeavor at different levels, me as a silly fan and you as a knowledgeable insider. Frankly, I have no right or authority to question your loyalty to the team and franchise, or to question your objective and intelligent interpretation of events as you recall. However, I admit freely, my Irish blood does boil when a shot is taken at my Ranger hero, my Ranger savior. I know you, of all people, understand clearly the contribution he made. Pardon my “heart on the sleeve, high school, knee jerk” reaction.

  220. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, I think it’s his lure, how good he is, that has MSG selling out this year so far (I believe that to be the case, tell me if I’m wrong). People want to see him play. And, oh yes, his team, too.

    The shifts he’s on the ice, he’s noticeable. Very noticeable.

  221. Gretzky was better. He was maligned throughout his career for poor defense.

    I just disagree. No harm in that. #Truce

  222. Cool article, Matty. I guess those things are the reason that Messier should not be influencing our youngsters and the same reasons he should be influencing our youngsters (if that makes sense).

    Matty – that is the point that Mrs. Manny will make if you dare tell her Gretzky is better than Mess. (Which I would not adivse)

  223. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The one time I had the chance to talk to an NHL player was a couple of years ago over dinner for a few hours with Gravey. You could mention anyone else and he would say positive if they deserved it. For Mess, he just said he was the best leader ever. Ever. Period. The best captain.

    That kind of said it all for me.

  224. from adrian dater:

    “Scouts from the following NHL Eastern teams were at the Avs-Anaheim game tonight…

    New York Rangers, Sabres, Hurricanes, Philly, Tampa Bay, Montreal, Boston and Winnipeg.

    Keep in mind no Eastern teams play Western ones this year”

  225. Yea. Mess is really dreamy in a bro-to-bro kind of way. I really wish he was behind the bench as a second assistant leading these men to victory.

  226. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Latona, last year there were some games with some sections/seats open. Not so much so far, this year, for the games I have been to.

    Last weekend, could have been a special day/date/team vs. Washington? I was asked about 10 times from 3 blocks in if I had extra tickets. Total sell out.

    Perhaps I am wrong. I have also had more people this year ask to by my ticks than ever before. Is it the lockout and people just crave the sport? Could be? Is it the team was hyper-hyped? Maybe. I think some of it is the new guy. (not Halpern or Pyatt)

  227. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    A winner he was. A winning smile he has. A leader on and off the ice he is.

    Little thing…but, when, I think it was Kovalev, came here he had few nice clothes. Mess bought him 2 nice suits. INsisted he wear them and that everyone came to the locker room dressed smartly.

    Lead by example.

  228. Matty- Mess may have done that for Kovalev, but I KNOW I remember reading he did it for one of my favorites, Darren Langdon.

  229. If you’re going by that, Mario Lepieux never won without Jaromir. But you’ll never hear anyone say Jaromir is better than Lepieux.

  230. SufferingSince79 on

    Trying to catch up after the “lack of disciplinary hearing” today. Geez you guys have been busy. Not sure what to comment about. Nothing but disgust over the decision today but is anyone remotely surprised? I keep thinking about this years team failing to stick up for each other. 2 yrs ago, Carcillo pummels Gabby and Girardi just stands there. Last years team, watch what happens after the Kopecky cheap shot. I miss Dubi, Prust & Rupp now more than ever. Won’t regret the Nash trade unless Dubi & AA somehow become superstars. But letting so many players go who posess the don’t “F” with my teammate gene…maybe there’s some smoke there.

  231. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Right, Latona. The ridiculous way the NHL fakes fan interest. Seasons are sold, but seats can be empty and still count…..right.

    However, my point is that last year, blocks of seats at certain times were empty, not typical for MSG. THis year, it isn’t happening. Could be lockout or team expectations. I think Nash has something to do with it. He gets on the ice and ‘ya never know’. It’s special.

  232. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Suffering, right on!!!! I was thinking about that Carcillo today. That was one of the worst scenes in our history.

  233. Happy Hour Bear on

    Having fawned over Messier like a high school girl in heat during previous post…I will go on record as saying to my grave, the man I respect over all others, is Adam Graves. I’ll never forgive them for trading him to San Jose for Mikael Samuelson.

  234. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And that scene is happening, now, almost on a daily basis with our other players. Even in Ottowa, one of our ‘stars’, Richards was a target. No one defended him.

    We have regressed.

  235. no need to apologize Happy Bear. I try to play it down the middle. Again, I have always, always gotten along great with Messier, I could tell you way, way, way more good stories than bad about him.

    Remind me tomorrow or another day when I have a few minutes, to tell you one personal story about training camp, and an even more personal story about June 14, 1994. Or, actually, it was June 15, because it was way past midnight.

  236. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I am in agreement, Happy Hour. A very special person that happened to be a darn good hockey player.

  237. Messier was one of the greatest leaders in world history. I’d follow that man into battle and take bullets for him.

  238. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    And here I bet everyone thought my handle screen name was about the brown stuff you put on meat.

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And the Oscar for the best impersonation of an NHL player goes to….

    Brian Boyle.

    Mr. Boyle is not here to accept his Oscar as he is on set doing the play Baby Huey

  240. Happy Hour Bear on

    Thanks Carp. I’d love to hear those stories. I have a few a him and some of the Ranger players down at ground zero. I tear up to this day.

  241. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I do, too, Happy. That was some month. The toughest award to win in sports. And given the ghosts, only a great leader could have delivered. Once in a life time.

  242. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Longest show ever. Can’t this be shorter? But it was a great crop of movies this year, for sure.

  243. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, you need to get a life, my brutha!!

    Seriously, for me, too. It was prophetic for that one guy to have the hand held sign saying :”Now I can Die in Peace” ….and Sam saying “this one will last a lifetime”.

    Tense to the last MacTavish face-off. Never forget Messier jumping like a kid.

  244. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – my grandfather told me in 1968 that while he saw the rangers win the cup in 1940, I would never see it happen…. I nearly believed him

  245. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice speech by Ben. Really good movie, too.

    Interesting twist having the first lady there…

  246. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Wow. Pretty cool, E3. There were some ‘ledge’ years for sure.

    The pressure that was on the ’94 team seemed so insurmountable. Only a great leader could deliver that. From the GM bringing in all the help from Edmonton (gee, that could be the only cup Slather helps us win here), to the players, to the role Keenan had….to being favorites for the entire season to win…to chants of ‘1994. 1994’ wherever they went.


  247. Yeah, Now I can die in Peace, This One Will Last a Lifetime … selling the organization’s soul to the Devil to hire Keenan and make those trades at the deadline; and then kicking Messier out the door.

    Talk about cursing a franchise.

    Not to mention the post-Cup sale of the team to the current ownership, the hiring of the current GM, the kicking out the door of Graves and Leetch.


  248. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The series vs. the Derbils was amazing, great.

    Then we lose game 5 vs. Vancouver with “Garden Party” on the Post back page in the morning.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  249. Happy Hour Bear on

    Ben Afleck. ” It’s not that you get knocked down, it’s how you get up that really matters” ….So true…….Torts, put it on the bulletin board.

  250. another story … they pick select writers to vote for the Conn Smythe. Mostly national guys from around the country and Canada, only a few of the local guys. So there were actually people who were going to give the Conn Smythe to Messier for Game 6 ECF … then there were other people trying to convince those clowns that there was only one MVP in the playoffs, as great as Messier and Richter were …that it was a slam dunk. Enough of them were convinced, thank goodness. No slight to Mess, but Leetch was clearly the MVP.

  251. Good evening all! Too much to catch up on so I’ll be brief

    Donut = Afleck = screwed

    But Ben won in the end, and so will our boys!!! LGR!!!

  252. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Leetch went round the net threw the pass up the boards to Messier, who dished to Zubov who then hit Leetch at the circle….. That net looked as big as the ocean – I jumped out of my chair as he held it with Kirk M out of position…. And SCOOOOOORRRRRRRE

  253. Happy Hour Bear on

    Matty, Game 6 in Jersey.. Kovalev was a beast. Started the comeback with that right wing laser slap shot late in the 2nd. Man, I thought that guy was gonna be the man for this franchise for years to come.

  254. i’ve been avoiding this all day
    but here’s my 2 cents

    as far as who we lost.
    so many people on this board couldn’t wait to be rid of
    Feds, Mitchell, Rupp
    and as far as Carp said
    the Nash trade just had to happen
    and with it went
    who drove everyone nuts with his lack of offense last season
    Artie, who ran hot and cold, very cold
    Erixon who was back and forth anyway
    oh yea
    and a 1st rounder (which we usually screw up anyway)
    and, again, the contract for Prust was just too out of this world to be matched.

    in the end
    the whole thing still looked good on paper
    we got Nash, the high talent, high draft selection talent we’ve been seeking
    maybe i’m totally wrong here but i thought Halpern did pretty good against
    us during playoffs and was good with faceoffs, so that seemed like an upgrade for
    a 4th line
    Asham was gonna fight, inject energy, maybe score a goal or two

    everyone thought that Cally, Gabby and Richards would be playing as legit 1st, 2nd line players
    with stats to match
    thought Hank would be back to his Vezina Trophy self fairly quickly
    we all thought Step and Hags would improve (and they have but it’s taken them awhile!)
    Boyle, we thought the time off would do him good and he’d be back to his pre-concussion self
    i even thought Rupp may be a little better than last year after all the healing time

    i thought there’d be a bump or two in the road but at the very least thought he’d be a bit of an offensive contributor. instead, with the shackles of learning how to play D (a regular Ranger affliction put upon offensive talent), he’s been a mess but coming out of the darkness.

    everyone wanted Miller up. we got him and now he’s been an offensive non-dynamo thanks to the overall confused effort and concentration on trying to playing board hockey rather than let ’em get the job done in the offensive zone.

    let ’em rush the damn puck and make play!!!! rather than play board hockey, which they’re not capable of doing very well.

    it’s almost time for a Messier speech
    or at the very least sneak in Anthony Robbins or some life coach
    for cryin’ out loud that would fix their fragile mental state

    didn’t think we’d be undefeated but i really really really didn’t think we’d be such a byfuglien mess right now.

  255. Happy Hour Bear on

    Carp, Messier was beaming with pride when they gave the CS to Leetch. You would have thought it was his son or little Brutha who won the awarded. It was genuine!

  256. SufferingSince79 on

    Ah, game 6. Still got the original tape of the game. Can’t remember exact time in game but Rangers down 2-0. Bernie Nichols & Messier mixing it up behind the net. Turn up the volume and you clearly hear Mess say to him as he stares into his face…”I will _ _ _ _ ing kill you.” I think Bernie Carcilloed his pants. We all know the rest.

  257. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Down 2-0 in game 6, I was worried but not depressed…. At 2-1…. I relaxed and knew it was just a matter of time…

  258. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is nothing so un-sacred as the language uttered in a hockey scrum….. Absolutely hysterical the potty mouths on NHL players

  259. SufferingSince79 on

    I’d settle for not going down without putting up a better fight for starters. Circle your calendars…last chance outside of playoffs (I know, I know) to talk to Max, March 30th in Montreal. I wonder if we’ll score a goal.

  260. “It’s not time to make a change
    Just relax, take it easy
    You’re still young, not your fault
    There’s so much you have to know
    Find a team, settle down,
    If you want, you can worry.
    Look at me, I am bold, but I’m happy.”

  261. gabby is not close to the player Jagr was. the #’s tell it. Jagr carried the rangers on his back into the playoffs at 33 + years old.. with straka and nylander on his line…

    jagr weh nhe was younger in pittsburgh was a highlight reel a game…

    i assume jagr has over 240 more goals then gabby. and gabby will not come within 150 goals of jagr no way…

    jagr held onto the puck in the o zone for 15 seconds a shift, how does that help your defense!!!if they do not have the puck they cannot score…..

  262. Just a couple of thoughts/ things to keep in mind.

    Gaborik is coming off a very tough shoulder injury. An injury that would have seen him miss the 1st three months of an uninterrupted season. It takes time. You can see the shot come back sometimes, but with him and others on the team, there was no formal conditioning. The fact that you can see that amazing release and lightning fast shot means that it is still there, and as strength comes back into that shoulder it will be there more often, especially as he grows more confident with the shot.

    I think the league still holds a gripe against the rangers for dying the NHL over the right to run their own website.

    I think Shannahan still holds a gripe against the rangers after professing to wanting to end his career there, and not being asked back for that final year.

    If you remember last year, the rangers were in this same muck when they played the sharks, and Joe Thorton called them “soft”. Perhaps this can be the turning point again. That Zenophobic idiot , Don Cherry, called us soft last night. Maybe it’s the kick in the but from a different boot than tortarella’s tha gets them going. This is a talented team. I prefer this be our lengthy slump this season. Last year’s slump started in The playoff series with Ottawa.

    This is a crazy shortened season. The Rangers now know for sure that every team and the league is against them and that it will be up to them to do something about it.

    Let’s give them sometime, and see what they can do with it. LGR!!!

  263. Great. Not that 1994 wasn’t amazing, but it was nearly two decades ago. Guess that’s what we’re back to just as MSG would have us doing. “Hey everyone, never mind how lousy what’s going on in front of you right now is, let’s celebrate 1994 all over again!”

  264. If Shanahan and co have to work from a defined set of rules then what is the point of having an ex-player do the job? I though the whole point of having guys like Shanny, Schneider etc involved was they could see from an ex-players point of view about infractions like that one?

    As for the gutless hit on Mack Truck, how can that not be a 2-3 game suspension as a minimum? Stick #87 on his back and Pacioretty would’ve been suspended 10 games automatically
    We also have to put up with terrible calls like the Staal interference one, 2 guys jostling for a puck which was 6 feet away and the other player skates directly in front of Staal to block him off?

    I need to find something soft to throw at my iPad for calls like those. Anyone got a Bettman stress toy? or even a Crosby one?

  265. G,marnin all, I had a wondrous post yesterday, and it dealt with things gone by and some things that only folks who have lived with minor league hockey would really appreciate. It all got lost in the brambles of what happens to deathless posts;

    Any how, it relates to the mention someone had made about a coach who told his player to go out and fight but couched it in the phrase, “and don’t dance.” And I am quite sure that the player (whose name I cannot recall,) but I know I’ve seen him from time to time in broadcast booths discussing the game.

    And I recall that as one by a former veteran minor leaguer from the old Eastern League, by the name of Don Perry, who for some reason did a stint with the Blackhawks as Manager. They also mentioned a player named John Brophy, the famous old Stick Fighter. He never dropped the gloves he swung the stick and didn’t care if his opponent was armed likewise or not. I believe he played for a team called the Long Island Ducks but he had already been around the horn for some time.

    But Perry deserves a commentary all to himself….I’ll get to it….anon…..and it is an interesting incident.

  266. stranger nation on

    put Bickel and McIbust as 3rd pair and lets start pounding skulls. bring up Haley, Noberries, Segal as the 4th line and get nasty!

    how bout them Debbies slip sliding…

  267. I think McIlrath is going to be arriving from Conneticut some time very soon. 24 games, 79 PIM and 1 A.
    A D-Corps of Staal, DZ, Emu, Stralman, Bickel and McWrath is not going to win us a cup but the big boys will add some much needed nastiness right now.

  268. Good morning, boneheads!
    Aghh….For some reason I had no doubt the NHL wouldn’t do anything about that hit. Well, they deserve to see the amount of concussions they have now. Regardless, what should’ve happened didn’t. The referees should’ve been busy trying to peel every single Rangers’ player off Max Pacioretty next time he was on the ice.

  269. Interesting discussion last night about Gaborik. I still do not understand why people think he should be traded. Considering the goal of this game is to score goals, anyone who is capable of scoring over 40 goals per season should be sought after and retained if possible. And before someone mentions he’s been inconsistent, this is his fourth year of 5 year contract. He produced 221 points in 237 games in NY ( that’s .93 ppg), 112 of those points are goals.

  270. Doodie Machetto on

    So I missed all of the fun yesterday because Doodie Jr. was being baptized. I’m not going to go back and reread, but I imagine there was quite the bit of outrage. Not to rekindle anything, but the fact that he didn’t get a suspension is an absolute joke.

    Did anyone watch that video when Shanahan goes over the supplemental discipline process? I liked the video but he skipped over the part where he rolls a 12 sided die, throws darts at a dartboard, picks pieces of paper out of a hat, spins a carnival wheel, or plays rock, paper, scissor when deciding whether or not there should be punishment and/or how much punishment should be given.

  271. Anyone read any Canadian blogs?? They are laughing, and thinking it was good hit or pay back and he deserved it!!! WTG Shanahan!!!! Ranger should sign Tie Domi for 1 game next time they play the Canadians!!

  272. Eric Rosenbaum on

    The concussion epidemic should have the league and the players scared out of their minds. Hard to understand how they would put their product/thselves at risk by letting sickening cheap shots go unpunished.

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