Rangers recall Thomas; Del Zotto, Asham and now Staal questionable


Via Twitter from our friends North of the Border:

Both Michael Del Zotto and Arron Asham left the ice early after participating in the non-optional morning skate at Bell Centre, and Marc Staal was not on the ice at all, back at the hotel with the flu, though not ruled out of tonight’s game.

And of course Rick Nash is not on the trip due to his double-super-secret injury. Martin Biron starts in goal.

Christian Thomas was recalled from Connecticut (AHL) last night, but had not arrived in time for the skate.

Here’s the official announcement of the recall, from the NYR:


NEW YORK, February 23, 2013 –New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Christian Thomas from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Thomas, 20, has tallied four goals and three assists in the last six games with Connecticut, including a career-high, three-point effort on February 9 at St. John’s (one goal, two assists). He has registered 13 goals and 11 assists for 24 points, along with 13 penalty minutes in 52 games with the Whale this season. Thomas leads all Connecticut rookies in goals, points, power play goals (three) and shots on goal (104), and is tied for fifth on the team overall in points, ranks fourth in goals and shots, and is tied for third in power play goals. He has posted four multi-point performances, including multi-goal efforts on November 10 at Worcester (two goals) and February 15 against Portland (two goals).

The 5-9, 170-pounder registered one goal and one assist in five games with Connecticut last season. He made his professional debut with Connecticut on April 7, 2012, at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and recorded his first professional points with a goal and an assist on April 13, 2012, against Manchester. Thomas also skated in six postseason contests with the Whale during the 2012 Calder Cup Playoffs.

Prior to turning professional, Thomas skated in 244 career games over four seasons with the Oshawa Generals and London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), registering 137 goals and 120 assists for 257 points, along with 91 penalty minutes. He established OHL career-highs in games played (66), goals (54), assists (45), points (99), power play goals (19), penalty minutes (38) and plus/minus rating (plus-20) during the 2010-11 season. He and his father, former NHL forward Steve Thomas, became the first father-son duo to record 50+ goals in an OHL campaign. Thomas led the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) in goals over a two-year span, registering 95 goals combined over the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons.

The Toronto, Ontario native was originally selected as the Rangers’ second round choice, 40th overall, in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. Hey, 3E, I know. Some of my most, ahem, cogent comments have been washed away with one of Carp’s sudden tsunamis.

  2. O’B – in answer to your last question, yes, both. I’ve yet to see McD take a hard breath. He’s like nails.

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Like a wave rolling high
    Words erased in a heartbeat
    Time continues, a collection of moments.

  4. You are like a hurricane
    There’s calm in your eye.
    And I’m gettin’ blown away
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    where the feeling stays.
    I want to love you but
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  5. No, newbear, a buoy. It’s an ad directed at boaters written on a buoy financed by the trial lawyers’ association.

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I fell into a burning ring of fire
    Went down down down
    And the flames got higher
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  7. 4generations 4 cups on

    i think its kind of comical that Biron always starts in MTL cause Lundy gets shelled there.

  8. In a hand painted night, me and Gypsy Scotti are partners
    At the Hotel Flamingo, wearing black market shoes
    This loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon
    No one wants to be lonely, no one wants to sing the blues

  9. SufferingSince79 on

    Maybe in some way it would be better to not know what’s up, but how come there’s information available on Malkin already and nothing concrete on Nash?

  10. That opening is strong as steel. The rest of the song is pretty pedestrian, almost like 2 different people wrote it.

  11. Suffering…. Reading that on Malkin … I have to believe Nash is not concussed. Slather and team will look like complete jackwagons if Nash is and they haven’t disclosed it, because it will definitely come to light at some point – probably when Carp spies him on the trainers table with an ice pack on his noggin.

  12. SufferingSince79 on

    Papa…since he played after what most suspect was the cause, you would think there’s going to be some hell to pay.

  13. Torts to Richie Rich: “Keep tryin’ that neat little drop pass to the opposition. I think you got ’em fooled.”

  14. It’s a conspiracy. Torts and Ritchie want the buyout so hey can resurface together in Tampa with Vinny and Marty and go at another Cup on the 10th year anniversary of their first. Traitors I tell you. There are traitors within.

  15. Try to find some poetry on the Islanders’ blog. They can’t spell cat even if you give them the c and the t.

  16. NB here’s a taste to wet your beak.

    Open the curtains, light the fire, what are servants for?
    I am Mrs Ogmore Pritchard and I want another snooze.
    Dust the china, feed the canary, sweep the drawing-room floor;
    And before you let the sun in, mind he wipes his shoes.

  17. i wonder why any islander fan would spend his time here, especially if he just wants to argue. is he too young for a wife?

  18. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    slivers of dust rising above
    tattered and torn
    the abyss calls my name
    i listen closely

  19. Attention Seniors : There’s someone who calls himself Malkin on Ebay peddling pieces of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, caveat emptor !

  20. With Jeffrey Dahmer, O’McBear? He invited him mother to dinner and she told him she didn’t like his friends, so he told her to have salad.

  21. E3 . Nice of you to come with a gift. Old fashioned. These young kids nowadays, no respect, show up empty bowled.

  22. he’s probably helping an old lady cross the street while picking up a baby snail so it doesnt get run over

  23. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    newbear is fine….let’s call for a sit down with the 5 families, cccp and newbear

  24. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    kooz – good friend of mine went to Marquette at the time jeffrey dahmer was eating out….

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    fresh veggies grilled in olive oil with jasmine rice and dude……a rose champagne with asparagus soup

  26. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    grabby – upon inspection, you can almost guess what i had for dinner last night….

  27. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    great movie…”Guess whose coming to and dinner and wager what i ate last night”

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    Dahmer’s mom “jeffrey, need anything from the store?”

    jeffrey “yeah mom…bring back a couple of cashiers”

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    jeffrey’s mom – “would you like some lunch son?”

    Jeffrey – “I just ate, not hungry”

    jeffrey’s mom – ” what did you have”

    Jeffrey – “just some(one’s) liver and onions”

  30. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Jeffrey – “mom, i could eat a horse”

    jeffrey’s mom – “oh son, i am so proud of you…eating animals like normal people”

    jeffrey – “uh, no…..i am about to eat the mailman…..i could eat a horse is just an expression”

  31. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    youse meatballs better start bailing this water alot faster, or the 2013-13 season is gonna be under water real soon

  32. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Jeffrey – “I hate to eat alone”

    another dude – “May i join you”

    jeffrey smiles

  33. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Jailman – “jeffrey what would you like for your final meal?”

    Jeffrey – “hmmmm, how about some soul”

  34. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Will Carp be able to follow the game AND moderate this site all from Le Strip Clubbe?

  35. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Teacher – “jeffrey why can’t you play nicely with the other boys…..show some tenderness”

    Jeffrey – “tenderness?, sounds good”

  36. Jeffrey after having Rangers for dinner: “Michael tasted a bit Sour, but the Boil was good with bread and butter Bickles.”

  37. Duguay to Jeffrey: “Should I dress for dinner?”

    Jeffrey: “Don’t bother, I have the 1000 islands.”

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    chris christie – “what are you looking at jeffrey?”

    jeffrey – “OMG”

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    cashier – “a cheese melt?”

    jeffrey – NO!! A Cheever’s melt”

  43. Eddie,

    I’m back from the bank. Happy to report, plumbing still working.

    Good size, texture, consistency, color, leaning a little to the dry side though. Filled the bowl, courtesy flush in case I was being followed. Left the room window slightly ajar, in case mama decides to clean.

    A day with a good turd is a happy day.

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    seinfeld was on jon stewart last year and he was brutally bad…couldnt even read the cue cards….

  46. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    kooz – agreed……never thought his standup was funny at all

    “where did i park my car”

    jeez jerry…probably in the parking lot somewhere…

  47. Saw him during his recent 5 borough tour Sandy relief tour. It was like watching the show without the other players. Didn’t expect it, but he was quite hilarious.

  48. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    think i will create a show where i drive around in a car asking stupid questions…

    oh the hilarity….

  49. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    i bet i am the only person on this blog that never liked the show….call me crazy

  50. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    there are at least 30 people on this blog a million times more funny than jerry…

  51. its not that jerry seinfeld isnt funny (and he isn’t and the show wasnt! sorry, Carl) Jerry is a d-nuzzle that takes the cake in d-nuzzle competition all day every day!

  52. However, I always laughed at Jerry Stiller. I liked him better when he wasn’t hired onto every sit com in the universe.

  53. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    richard lewis – “i bent down and hurt my back,,,i couldnt stand up…the doorbell rang…i couldnt answer it….it rang again…then the phone rang…..i couldnt believe it……how could this happen….

    jesus – that’s funny?…..gouge my eyes with a fork

  54. E3

    Have you ever experienced the feeling of emptiness when you part with a deuce, kind of like you’re lost for about a half hour. Ya think its a form of separation anxiety???

  55. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    i type it funnier than he says it…dunno…..i love to laugh and enjoy making people laugh…but most of my stuff is moronic :)

  56. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    papa bear – i hold that Havana for as long as possible….but once that ship sails, i feel no loss

  57. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Carp – that was funny :) Ray lewis would murder a crowd if he were a comedian

  58. Indded. We should all be capable of couching our scatology with alternate and non offensive verbiology.

  59. I find it difficult to see why anyone would entertain any religion initiated by a science fiction writer.

  60. Carp, does this mean I’ll be spending time in spam folder again? Please I’ll clean it up, cooperate in the investigation , whatever it takes if it keeps me out of the spam folder. That’s hard time.

  61. Assimilated Jews are never funny, not for lack of trying, though.

    Try the Devils post game for laughs.

  62. Papa O’McBear – You can confuse the electronic police by dropping your new found, but becoming Irishness. :-))

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    gouge my eyes with another fork

  65. “I dreamed a dream that made me sad
    Concerning myself
    And the first few friends I had.”

    “Where we together weathered many a storm
    Laughin’ and singin’ ’til the early hours of the morn.”

  66. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    when i dance on the floor
    the band so far away
    music nears my ears
    things we said today

  67. Sounds like tryouts for the Rascal’s gig have gotten out of hand.

    Laughs on what appears to be a normal Ranger day as all wallow in despair.

  68. Um, interesting thread, indeed…

    But not more interesting than our 2nd defense pair. I was just thinking about lunch too…

  69. Christian Thomas is small but he has a deadly shot
    NHL quality
    give him some open space.

    And for goodness sakes, keep him off Brian Boyle’s line.
    a place where wingers go to die.

  70. OMcB, Erin becomes you. May you be gone three hours before the devil knows you’re dead. And the wind at your back, etc.

  71. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    jeffrey’s mom – “who should we invite for dinner”

    jeffrey – “matters not to me…I’LL eat anyone”

  72. Groovin
    Couldn’t get away too soon
    I can’t imagine anything that’s better…
    Than groovin’
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    Doin’ anything I like to do…

  73. Anudda Yoot! I love it. I like Marty in net too. They’ll inevitably get steam rolled tonight so why not!

  74. watch this bunch of amateur-hour half-wits win the game 5-1. Two goals by Richards, one by Gaborik, one by a Pyatt/Boyle/Halpern type, or something like that.

  75. “Malkin has symptoms that include a severe headache and mild disorientation, the newspaper reported, citing multiple sources” ESPN.

    We might suck in the defensive zone but at least we are good at protecting vital information. Take that Pittsburg. No leaks here.

  76. Wouldn’t surprise me, Carp.

    So the big truck came by this morning and totally broke Verizon FiOS wires. No TV, no Internet. Gamecenter blacked out. Lovely. Luckily, I have friends and strong LTE. Will be watching someone’s computer at their home tuned into MSG.

  77. Koos… Quoting Bob Dylan & Dylan Thomas on a hockey blog. We have come so far from that dark drury place we once occupied on the wire.

  78. ilb, CCCP told me last night you spoke Yiddish and I imagined an office visit”

    “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong? What’s Right?”

    “I see.”

  79. ILB… Feel your pain. We had just gotten power back 5 days after Sandy when an out of state crew came barreling down our street with there man bucket slightly raised and proceeded to take out all cable and phone lines for about 5 blocks. It took another week to have cable and phone lines restored.

  80. Babette’s Feast

    E3, have you heard the cover of your song by The Plastic People of the Universe ?

  81. “By the old wooden stove where our hats were hung
    Our words were told, our songs were sung
    Where we longed for nothin’
    And were satisfied,
    Jokin’ and talkin’ about the world outside.”

  82. Manny invited us all to lunch and then proceeded to disappear, like Houdini. He is probably trolling the Islander blog as the reverse cmsense.

  83. Instead of hiring Marvin Mitchelson, Sather’s ex wife attempts to humiliate him in the blogosphere, hoping for a revised settlement.

  84. Reading the musings of the blog bards I am transported back in time to those heady days when liberal arts majors were all the rage in musty book shops and village coffee houses where similar musings were essentially tool tools for the ladies.

    Or occasionally lip service?

  85. In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked at as something shocking…
    And poets who used to know better words now only use four letter words
    Writing prose.
    Anything goes.

  86. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Jeffrey’s mom – “is there someone at the door?”

    jeffrey – “there was…..”

  87. BTW Cooze, Cole Porter easily the most literate song writer in American history,folllowed closely by the Greshwins,Berlin and one of my faves Jerome Kern.

  88. Coos,maybe you should produce the Coos songbook,and no coal…………….just a little fossil fuel! ;)

  89. “I’m not the kind of man who tends to socialize;
    I seem to lean on old, familiar ways
    And I ain’t no fool for love songs
    That whisper in my ears
    Still crazy after all these years…”

  90. I don’t recall just when Jean became Lean ValJean in Les Miserables, but all he wanted was a sandwich. He took, the loaf and they sentenced him to Life on the Galleys ( those big floating arks and were navigated with rows of Oar men who sat on benches and no bathrooms so what went on there, there stayed there. beside they had a big rough Bosn’s mate with a long club that he bashed anybody who looked as if he was dogging it. Great job. Victor Hugo knew how
    to squeeze the pathos out of his readers ( like Hunchback of Notre Dame “Quasimodo etc.)

  91. The kids down at Penn State started a pre- St. Patrick’s day drunkfest some years back and there was so much revelry on that day that the city council this year authorized 5 grand of taxpayer money to every bar that didn’t open that day. Wonder if the kids will figure that out and postpone it to next week, duh.

  92. Those two guys have to be the most creative set of twins ever born Paul & Neil Simon. Almost as good as Peyton and Eli.

  93. If the Kids don’t figure it out, I’m sure the bar owners will. You don’t need Dt. paddy to fill up with 2 for 1 specials.

  94. As yutes, Garfunkel and Simon were sitting in a car smoking and BSing, I think in Queens, when their first song actually came on the radio. They were speechless. Simon looked at Garfunkel and said, ‘man, bet those guys aren’t sitting in a car somewhere BSing about nothing and smoking cigarettes.’ True story, told by Paul years later.

  95. I went into a shoe store near MSG and asked if they had any loafers and they said that Richie Rich would be right with me.

  96. Coos and Co., Steve Allen once said,”the majority of good music was written before 1950″. I tend to agree with only the Motown/Memphis exception.

    While this art form is both subjective and generational,what do you believe?

  97. With some notable, but comparatively scanty exceptions, (of course,) yes. I still listen with enjoyment occasionally to some old LPs handed down to me. Pennsylvania 6-5000!

  98. Denis Potvin’s voice and intonations still reminds me of listening to a gaggle of co-eds discussing fashion in the Bryn Mawr ladies’ showers.

  99. Coos, listen more frequently to harmonious sound and lyrics easily understood………………….except for the occasional “Mairzy Doats” and “Hut Sut Ralston” on the rilla rot and a braul a braul a suet”

    Are you old enough to remember those?

  100. All Torts can do now is run his shorts up the flagpole and see who salutes. He’s tried everything else. Almost.

  101. Coos, the translation is “mare’s eat oats and Does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy’.

    This could be an apt description of the Ranger roster,yes?

  102. Malkin’s injury = KARMA

    He’s not only one of the dirtiest players out there, he does it knowing full well the NHL will NEVER do anything against him.

    Yeah, I know…when it comes to superstar players being dirty we all idolize perhaps the greatest of them all – Mark Messier

    But Mess dished it all out daring you to give it back to him. Malkin and the Pens learned from the Mario Lemieux Cry-To-The-Refs-Til-They-Give-You-A-Power-Play school of hockey.

    Mario Lemieux – Never in my life have a seen such a big guy go down to the ice as if he’d been shot if you so much as sneezed at him.

    As for tonight’s game…I predict a horrific loss. Rangers have been barely holding on…tonight the floodgates open. Expect at least one Montreal goal off a Brad Richards turnover and expect Biron to give up 2-3 goals in the span of a few mins.

    Just my gut feeling. Could be wrong.

  103. I did, Coos. He’s a hoppy little bastard though. Kind of annoying me already. He also ate all the carrots Mrs. Manny bought. I might end up eating him in a delicious rabbit stew.

    These Kings throwbacks are awesome compared to their regular, hideous uniforms.

  104. Torts to Slats:

    I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean I got a bad wfeeling!…………………………………………..D’ya understand what I’m sayin’ to you?

  105. Can I ask a serious question? (Assuming you guys say yes)

    How in the heck does a professional athlete end up getting the Flu? Dozens of people a day attempt to stab me with flu vaccines. How does Marc Stall not get one?

  106. you think the Kings black/silver/whites are hideous? I think they are one of the best/cleanest modern uniforms out there, and a throwback of sorts in their own right the the Gretzky era.

    They have had some of the worst in the black and purple era…..the purple and yellow is pretty fresh though

  107. Actually, Papa. I ordered a “JT Miller Time” shirt and it arrived today, in time for the game. Sadly, the stitching is not complete so the side has a hole in it. SO SYMBOLIC of our season, right?

  108. Good question, M. A flu running around your locker room can set you back weeks, and in this shortened season, that’s a death wish. You would think they’d be mandatory unless you’re a Scientologist with a letter from your rabbi.

  109. Yesterday is over we have today and tomorrow. We can turn this thing around. Team needs some leadership.

  110. I’m sure the blog captain can answer better, but vaccines generally protect against certain strains of flu, but not all. & players do get flu shots.

  111. (Reuters) – A U.S. government analysis of this season’s flu vaccine suggests it was effective in only 56 percent of people who got the shot, and it largely failed to protect the elderly against an especially deadly strain circulating during flu season.

    Staal must be over the hill.

  112. So if almost half of the people who got the shot got the flu anyway, what if no one got the shot? Half the people in America surely don’t have, and won’t get the flu. Seems like a placebo, only worse.

  113. As he furiously licks his pencil. Hmm, maybe I should strike that. Very harmless, I assure all.

  114. Papa O’McBear to E3 at 4:00 pm

    Who’s Fran?

    Sorry Fran. I missed your earlier post. No disrespect intended.

  115. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Kooz – would need to see the data…and a very large sample….flue vaccines only are geared to the mega strains expected…

  116. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    tony – we signed Gilroy in the off season….honey boo boo is a breakfast ceral

  117. Just lounging here listening to Puccini ala Pavarotti, waiting for face off. These guys ain’t bad together.

  118. Honey boo boo is when my wife screws up the checking account. “honey, I made a boo boo”

  119. Shes as sweet as tupelo honey
    Shes an angel of the first degree
    Shes as sweet as tupelo honey
    Just like honey from the bee

  120. Just before Nuclear Power Plant explosion: “Boss, I made a slight boo boo that I think I should tell you about.

  121. Sorry, Coos, somehow you have a tree in a jar and it falls on your toe? This is really starting to make sense now…the honey is made by honey bees from the blossoms of the black tupelo tree in the late spring, you seem to have found a time warp, or you are not writing from NYC. Paging Salvador Dali.

  122. Hey anyone remember the last time Staal made a good offensive play? Or remember when his shot hit the net. I have never seen a guy miss the net or hit an opposing player on a shot as much as he does. HIs brothers got any offensive skills that he was supposed to get. The guy is so overrated i can’t stand it

  123. I am no relation to commnsnse…would he mention Salvador Dali? Hey, he’s as clone to me as Rod…

  124. cooscoos February 23rd, 2013 at 5:44 pm
    “wildplaces cloning commnsnse”

    Was it the ” starting to make sense” in his post” that did it for you?

  125. I just happen to like black tupelo trees…sorry to disappoint you. If you have seen its crimson and orange leaves in the fall or tasted its sweet purple berries in the spring you wouldn’t have maligned it that way!

  126. Wild places, Rod, Cmnsense……if you invite them over for dinner, only one place setting required.

  127. Make that Wild places, Rod, Cmnsense and Lobster………if you invite them over for dinner, only one place setting required.

  128. And thank whatever higher powers that be
    I didn’t recite Joyce Kilmer’s poem about a tree…

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brutha Rod always be showin his assen as brutha rod. The Utha bruthas from Utah muthas,,, undig?

  130. Goldilocks is an acquaintance, not a family member. Only when I serve porridge and Black Bush.

  131. Eddie, no chewing allowed. Black Bush neat, swirl it around in your mouth for a while then swallow hard. Nothing like it, especially on St Paddys day. Makes you want to dance a jig.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope brutha Rhode Island ranger be showin his assen. That is one kool and the gang brutha

  133. I just put my Black Bush bottle in a dusty corner so when I call upon it after the game, it will look seriously aged and nasty.

  134. Don’t you hate it when your working on a song, and you type “Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me,” the deus ex machina prints “Everyone is Talking To Me?”

  135. Reminds me, I had a junior editor once at Viking who changed one of my character’s words in a galley proof from “Hey, what it is?” to “Hey, What is it?”

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stymie’s mom – Stymie? Where is you?

    Stymie – I is here

    Stymie’s mom – well, u come away from where you is to ova here where I is.

  137. For those of you who dont want to consume your Black Bush neat, here is asuggested alternative called a Hells Kitchen

    1 oz Bushmills® Irish whiskey
    1 1/2 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream

    Pour both ingredients into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes. Stir well, and serve, enjoy

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stymie you want some artichoke?

    Stymie – uh uh, it may have choked Artie, but it ain’t gonna choke stymie!!

  139. If Sam and Dave go into that John Giannone hit by the puck shtick again tonight, I’m going to start drinking early.

  140. Rhode Island Ranger on

    E3 and Papa:

    I smelled an Irish whiskey reference a moment ago.

    As good as Black Bush can be (very), Redbreast and Middleton can be even better. And you can stick it to the original Evil Empire by not buying the Six-County plantation squeezins. (26+6=1)

    I fear we might need to get ecumenical tonight and use all three to kill the pain coming from Montreal.

  141. Koos 3 of those in the 1st Period and Duguay and Pidto might make sense during the 1st intermission.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If yo yellow do be mellow

    If yo brown stick around

    If yo black, please come back

    If yo white, it’s alright

  143. Koos, It be nice if we could watch the game with the radio volume instead of Sam and Joe. Not synced, the radio is always about 30 – 60 seconds ahead of the HD Broadcast. Makes for a confusing view.

  144. I’m as much for charities as anyone, but could Sam please stop with the Garden of Dreams during a two on one?

  145. However, if during the game I’m Hitting the water of life heavy, by the 3rd period it really doesn’t matter if its not synced.

  146. I knew a guy who after late golf used to watch Jeopardy in a local bar on some odd cable station, then go home and and watch it “live” and amaze his girlfriend with his acumen. She thought he was the cat’s meow but couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t balance the checkbook.

  147. I have now to see if Richie Rich is on “Beginnings” again and polish the leather on my Lazy Boy. Catch y’all on the rebound. Ciao.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RIR – no argument there. This team sorely lacks the spark Avery provided. I know we are the minority opinion on this but so be it.

  149. Nosen is the biggest shill in the MSG stable.

    This guy actually takes pleasure in doing the commercials with his nasaly,whiny voice with no volume control.

    He sucked up so obviously to JD when he did color that rumor had it JD had to slap his hand off his knee more than once.

    However, the final assault on the senses is when he stands sideways and the proboscis looks like the elephant’s trunk while the dead thing on his head occasionally moves!

  150. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Would love to hear from an insider what the dynamic in the Ranger room is really like this year. In my experience, it’s not healthy over the long term if the coach is the dominant personality in the room. The ’94 crew had Messier to trump Keenan when he had to. Is that even conceivable with this group?

    Do they have enough ruthless bastards? Do they have enough comedians to liven things up after the jamberry tirades?

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