It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens


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Game 17.
Rangers at Canadiens.

Your boys have lost two in a row, except that, in the National Lockout League, one of those losses doesn’t count as a loss even though if you win one of those stupid post-game contests it counts as a win.

Anyway, the Rangers have enough problems and tonight go into their House of Horrors, which changes names every five minutes, to play the Michel “Chloraform” Therrien’s Canadiens in a rematch of … … … … … … sorry, I dozed off again thinking about that game on Tuesday.

The Rangers go limping in, minus Rich Nash (double-super-duper secret injury), minus Arron Asham (back spasms), probably minus Michael Del Zotto (hip) and perhaps minus Marc Staal (flu).

They have recalled Christian (Stumpy Jr.) Thomas from Connecticut  (AHL), though he did not arrive in time to practice this morning.

Martin Biron starts in goal.


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    AND STILL have the caps lock on to boot
    what is wrong with the jackwagons at MSG?????????????????????????????

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Another Free Agent Bust
    (Sung to the tune of Another One Bites The Dust)

    Slats looks warily down the sheet,
    Drury’s stats are way down low
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of defeat,
    Buyout ready to go

    Are you ready,
    Are you ready for this
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
    Out of Slat’s Office the buyouts rip
    Redden hits the street

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another Free Agent Bust
    Hey, I’m gonna get rid of you
    Another Free Agent Bust

    How do you think I’m going to get along,
    Without Brad, when he’s gone?
    He took me for everything that I had,
    And played his way outta town.

    Are you happy, are you satisfied
    How long can you cash those checks?
    Once you were good but now you stink
    Who will I pick up next?

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust

    There are plenty of ways you can drop a star
    And keep cap space around
    You can beat him
    You can cheat him
    You can treat him bad and leave him
    in Hartford when he’s done
    But I’m ready, yes I’m ready to buy
    The next will be “The One”
    Out of the doorway the buyouts rip
    Repeat until the Cap is done.

  3. BB on both MSG channels, come on MSG get it together.
    NHL Network has Hockey Night in Canada with Rangers Habs talk.

  4. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, is there a chance now with the daily double of concussions in Pittsburgh, there will be come kind of new rule that prohibits head hunting?

    Oh, that’s right, there is.

  5. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    there’s some pretty darn good players getting concussed these days. And some getting undisclosed injuries from high hard hits, too.

  6. LETS GO!!!





    Three periods of bonjour , we we prollavous oui la boucheeeee!!!!!


    lets gog og gog gog go gog ogog!!!

    lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go!!!!!

  7. forget about the Ranger game
    lets watch Tenn and A&M for 100 overtimes’
    I am so excited
    wonder what the sponsors think of this

  8. GO RANGERS GO !!!!

    lets gog gog og gogog goog!!


    habs suck habs suck habs suck!!!

  9. What the hell is this college crap…dont they know their efforts are ultimately meaningless….go rangers!

  10. Only 52 seconds left. Maybe somebody will call a timeout or two and stretch this out for 10-12 more minutes. AT least a fifth OT doesn’t look likely.

  11. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Dolan:”The pre-game show was at an undisclosed location on an undisclosed network. Draw your own conclusions.”

  12. At least the college BB forced me back here and I did get an early laugh, so it’s not a total loss.

  13. This is truly amazing – Rangers, *OWNED* by Dolanvision, don’t have a pregame show to telecast, while the Piles do – what is wrong with this picture!?

  14. Rangers pre game? Exactly what the suits hope your paying attention to.

    The PR dept. BS/distraction from the product.

    Akin to Yankee fans rushing home to see Michael Kay’s interviews if the Yankees flounder……………except Yankee fans are not drinking the Kool aid as Ranger fans have done for years.

    Many unsold seats in the house that Ruth built.

    Losers deserve no audience paying top dollar for mediocrity.

  15. Although the pregame show is very predictable:

    speculate on injured players
    talk about Biron in net
    Christian Thomas clips and possibily a quote from Jim Schoenfeld
    talk about young players dominating the lineup
    How Stahll comes from a close family
    Beginnings/Garden of Dreams plug

  16. From Pro Hockey on Nash’s “probable” concussion:

    “Nash took a high, hard hit from Boston’s Milan Lucic that managed to rankle Rangers players. Lucic said ” I don’t hit dirty” and took no blame for Nash’s injury. ”

    Rankle Ranger players????? Where in the hell was the response during the play/game??????

  17. Comnsnse
    Go waste your time on the Islanders blog. Oh right, they don’t have one, nor do they have a fan base. Get lost.

  18. I do hope Thomas gets a shot on the PP

    Kid has a rocket of shot. Not sure if he can do much else, but boy our PP needs some help!

  19. Seriously, the last 52 seconds of that basketball game provided far more information on the Rangers than Ron Duguay would have. And everybody on that basketball court has been to the same number of practices as Duguay has.

  20. OK, I’ll try to watch, but I’ve already forfeited the two points. This isn’t going to be pretty. Please tell me Richards is a healthy scratch.

  21. also, with the basketball game going four OTs, it probably robbed us of the Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin updates. And that we should tweet a question to the first-period intermission guest. HASHTAGTHIS … And how great a team Montreal is.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    ComNONSENSE is here because the fish sticks have such a non-following that a blog would be inappropriate. He and the two other fans could not keep it going.

    So sorry to hear about your great signing, number one goalie, being sent down. We all knew it was a waste then and it only took Icelander management, what, 6 years to realize what the rest of the world did? Brilliant all the way around!

  23. I remember ol’ Drippy Johnson -his problem was he never stayed out of the dirty areas.


  24. Sam should tell us a few more times just how hard it is for the Rangers to win in Montreal!

    If Biron was a Quebec kid and he didn’t like the Habs, who was he a fan of, the Nordiques?

  25. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice to have a team that sells out only when the opponent is a rival that is geographically close.

    By the way, GOOD support from all three of your fans,voting down the referendum to support the team with a new arena.

  26. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    matty – maybe commonsense is a ranger fan…just unhappy with what they’re doing

  27. What, no Canadien national anthem? That was always something I looked forward to hearing in the old Forum when Roger Doucet was doing it.

  28. carp thanks for chat yesterday and answering 3 of my questions even if I can’t spell my own name

  29. I wish Christian Thomas good luck, but I always hated his father – he was always on teams that gave the Rangers fits…

  30. Stumpy wasn’t a lot bigger, Papa. He made the trip from Florida to Montreal to see junior’s debut … he works for the Lightnings. Saw him last week at MSG.

  31. Yeah, Carp – usually I don’t “fixate” on opposition players, but Thomas was one that I *always* enjoyed seeing get hit (or worse), no matter what team his team was playing.

  32. That’s such a great play that is almost never attempted … fake the dump in and shoot on goal. It will also keep Price in the net for a while longer next time.

  33. Rangers look like a totally different team from the team that played the Habs at MSG! They need to score that first goal as they are outplaying them…

  34. Speed is more than skating. It’s as much how you move the puck and check without the puck. I stand by my statement.

  35. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This seems like a better game than the one at MSG, yet the shot totals are just about the same.

  36. Not disagreeing with you. I think part of it is, they don’t trap. Another is that they never block a shot standing up. another is that their D men make the safe pass, other than Del Zotto (who gets killed here every time he tries a home-run pass). probably a few other reasons. But they have as much speed as pretty much any team in the league.

  37. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    papa – anytime you have a brad brian boyle in the lineup….you are a fast time….

  38. Too me, we had more team speed, played at a faster pace, last year. Granted we have injuries and things could change.

  39. btw
    double ugh!!
    on Girardi for
    shooting 5 feet wide
    when there were a lot of players around
    to tip or get rebound

  40. didn’t have more speed last year, unless you count Mitchell faster than Halpern. Asham’s even a faster skater than Prust.

    Full season of Hagelin, addition of Kreider and Miller, and Gaborik and McDonagh are two of the best skaters in the league.

  41. Playing fast, Turns, stops, starts, staying on your skates, being in position, as well as ability to sprint, ( not just ability to sprint) moving the puck to the open player, passing accuracy, fearlessness … All important components of a team playing fast or perhaps I should have said quick.

  42. Boyle was actually a pretty decent skater last year … he looks like Richards this year. Maybe he and Richards and the lumbering Pyatt make the Rangers look slower. Plus Gaborik hasn’t moved his feet enough most games.

  43. That is a brutal call!!! Wow!! The broadcasters should tell everyone that that is a horrible call by_________! Let everyone know the idiots name!

  44. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Maloney on radio said Richards’ head is the problem…his hands arent working…fighting the puck….and that he has always had slow feet…historically, his hands and head were his strength…this year not so much….

  45. Carp, my point is not about how fast our skaters can go. How fast a player can skate is only a part of the result, not the final result.

  46. I agree with all those things, too, Papa. I also think a key component to using that speed is what Hagelin does … uses it to get to the puck, to get on the puck carrier, to get to a spot where he can receive a pass and shoot. Most of the other guys don’t do that with their speed. Kreider needs to learn that. Gaborik needs to be reminded.

  47. that was not a penalty on staal. plekanic 2 minutes interference.

    refs are friggin blind morons…

  48. IMO, Boyle’s biggest liability is his balance not his speed. He falls down way too much and has trouble getting up when he does go down.

  49. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    jpg – he even mentioned that richards sought him out and asked what old timers did to snap out of funk….Dave said big confidence problem and that it is strange given his past success and his big secured contract…shouldnt worry…just go out and play…was first on the ice for pregame skate

  50. hagelin and stepan best ranger forwards by far par the course….

    rangers from the point are so ineffective it is a head shaker. no bobm throwers and innacurate…

  51. Carp. Hagelin is an excellent example. He is fast as the wind from point to point. But he also does all those other things well. That is why he is playing at a different level then the rest of the forwards except perhaps Callaghan , who is actually average to below average in speed but makes up for it with balance, positioning, turns, etc.

  52. Evening gang.

    Catching up on the posts… I can offer some insight on why the BB game was being shown over the pregame; MSG is (99.9 percent likely) contractually obligated to show that BB game in its entirety. There is no way they can dump out of it, even if they had gone to another OT, they would have had to stay with the BB and move the Rangers to an alternate channel. If they had dumped out of it, that would have been a breach of contact.

    Anyways.. I didn;t watch Thursdays game, but this one sounds better than they other one.

  53. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    for my Goyisha Rangers blood brothers, tonit eis a major Jewish holiday, Purim, where one of the props is a spinning noisemaker to commemorate when the Jews lost their best penalty killer 3000 years ago

  54. Mertonian Norm on

    Canadiens have to play tonight — icing the puck not an option, as at MSG. This helps the Rangers, who are most of them moving their legs tonight, few passengers.

  55. Eddie, Richards is probably in what’s akin to a slump in baseball (hopefully for us). No confidence trying to hard. Reminds me of David Wright. Maybe he cares too much.

  56. That guy with bad back ought to break up with his b*tch of a gf…poor guy has to crawl through the whole apartment to get a number to the chiropractor while she’s online sending twitter questions to John Giannone.

  57. Callahan is a good skater. maybe not great but more then average….

    Richards was decent in the first but that is only compared to how bad he has been.,

    we need some goals, henrik is not in goal tonight and the refs will screw the rangers at every chance……..

  58. Carp, not trying split hairs, no stopwatch here, just my opinion, and I am not saying that about Cally in a degrading way. He can play on my team always. He has the heart of a lion.

  59. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    dde – as you know the ratio of terms in the fibonacci sequence converges to phi, the golden ratio. Interestingly enough, any 2 starting integers and their ratios will also converge to phi….as example

    7, -3, 4, 1, 5, 6, 11, 17……….

  60. WTB??

    Rangers just killed the flat screen
    just a bunch of vertical lines
    but no picture

    would be okay if i was listening
    to Dark Side of the Moon
    or Grand Wazoo


  61. Hey Mickey – at least here in Queens, NY, MSG *HAD* a channel available to put the pre-game on (channel 197 or 198 – whichever one isn’t carrying the Islander feed), but they just didn’t do it!!

    They could have given us the pre-game, but they only used one of the 2 available “sports overflow” channels..

    Oy!! We’re down now…. :-(

  62. I’ve never tried one, C3 – but I’m having some back problems, and “normal” docs aren’t helping much, other than by giving me stomach-destroying drugs..

  63. Jimbo, they wouldn’t have moved the pregame, just the live game when it started. The live GAME is more important than the pre-game, to them at least. I know it’s not to the fans, but from the channel’s perspective, it is.

  64. Not an excuse … but I think our TV friends ignored that the Rangers had three D-men on the ice, Staal playing forward out of the box, which helped cause the scrambly play.

  65. Jimbo, talk to Staal Wart when he’s around here, I believe he’s a chiro.

    LOL @ Habs fans chanting ‘Re-Fund’.

  66. *NO* Eddie, I haven’t – we don’t have that medical MJ law here in NYC – we’re kinda backwards..

  67. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    not to beat a soon dead horse, but these Habs jave a remarkably similar vibe to our 2011-12 guys

  68. Really!? OK, Mickey, I will – I’m “old school”, and we always were told that chiropractors were…well, let’s just say, NOT real doctors..

  69. Acupuncture, eh? That doesn’t also include a cute Chinese girl walking on my back, does it?

  70. 4 points
    of course
    typical ex-Ranger play
    let me be the first to say
    Byfuglien Prust

    enought already
    take him out

  71. Why Gaborik, with his crappy puck handling ability, always goes wide with the puck in the offensive zone instead of trying to go to the middle?

  72. And yes, Jimbo, he is (I think). I have heard that too about them. But my brother had to go to one in the past year and swears by it now.

  73. Mertonian Norm on

    Rangers gripping their sticks too tight. Canadiens convert their only chance — Cole shoots at an opening rather than simply shooting. Still, good energy.

  74. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    carp – as you remember….back in the day, when Le Flower would start on the rush…there would be a collective GUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYY from the 18,000+ Hab faithful

  75. Carp, they’re unsophisticated neanderthal sons & daughters of lumberjacks up there – they have no fancy electronics to play with during the games!

  76. duckbill platypus on

    Might this duck comment on the vituperative nature of the “Monreal’ faithful(no marion)?

  77. Thanks, Mickey – I have friends who swear by them, too – none of my friends are MDs, but they report that they really do help..

  78. Descendants of lumberjacks and beaver-trappers, that’s all they are….and maple sap-tappers! ;)

  79. You don’t have to get hit in the head with puck to show you have balls as big as a house, you just have to try.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    You can stick your head up the cow’s Aasen but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.

  81. This team is so soft to play against. Best “D” man gets plasted and no one will take action. We need a heavyweight, Colton Orr type of guy.

    Nash gets nailed against Boston, no payback.

    What a difference a year makes.

  82. what the hell would Colton Orr do about that? Same thing as Brashear, Boogaard, Scott did. Nothing. You need the other guys on the ice to do something there, and the Rangers no longer have that kind of player.

  83. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    yep- the Habs look like last year’s Rangers played when THEY played an average team

  84. This team just doesn’t care about each other. Unlike last year’s and the previous year’s. It like a bunch of strangers being forced to work together and just going through the motions until it’s time to clock out.

  85. Papa
    i should have went with my original
    prediction of

    these look as if they have no clue
    whatsoever how to put the puck in
    the opponents’ net.
    all their junior/college/minor league
    coaches should be hanging their heads
    in shame right now by this (lack of)

  86. Between the “Blue Flu” and the “Luc Robitaille Syndrome”, we are doomed – all ye scorers, whither have ye gone—?

  87. duckbill platypus on

    Carpster!!! This duck rejoices in those kindred souls kind enough to remember this simple yet affable mammal.

  88. dammit!!
    i was really trying to be calm
    and not negative
    that power play goal
    followed by our powerless play
    and us looking nothing like
    the squad in the first period
    has soured me BIG TIME
    already “chased” folks out of the room

    dammit to dammit!
    i am allowed to say dammit, yes?
    if not, i’ll stop

  89. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Is this the point in the game where Montreal repeatedly ices the puck?

  90. I especially like the call on the mcdonagh penalty. the blind moron ref 10 feeet away did not call a penalty..

    then mcdonagh is bleeding the the canadiens only get 2 minutes.

    1st goal rangers never got out of there zone after killing a penalty that should not have been a penalty.

    classic nhl garbage.

    this game is over…

  91. Kenny and Dave just discussing that Mats Zuccarello was the last Ranger to score at the Bell Centre. And, how the Rangers miss him and he was good on the PP.

  92. No, don’t fire them. Just let them keep doing the same thing forever. Fair play dictates that eventually the other teams will have to start letting them score.

  93. gaborik with a penalty..

    he is so friggin soft. he plays hard 33% of the time..

    europansie I a starting to believe that word

  94. Jerry buss owned the lakers for around 30 years and they won 10 championships. . . The Dolans own two teams and have won how many? Who the fugg else would retain a GM for 10+ years that hasn’t won squat?

  95. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    it is spring training after all, and this is NYC and we are dealing with the Dolans, so I will nto be surprised if Torts has the red card hanging in his locker after the game, or some game soon

  96. wow!
    on the Gabby “penalty”
    it’s the NHL as soccer

    yeah, his stick should have been on the ice
    but nice nj devils action of
    clutch grab fall

  97. Jeff, I’m not saying they haven’t stunk coaching the power play. They have. For four years. But what do you do to hold them accountable?

  98. they folded in this game. shown no character but simply folded.

    gaborik floating par the course and Richards sucks par the course.

    boyle cannot even get a shot on goal….

    sam rosen is a schmuck.. standard sam that was a questionable call. how about that was a bad call.. moron

  99. Y don’t they just quit? This is sickening and should be embarrassing to anyone who cares.

  100. 4generations 4 cups on

    Terrible powerplay. Terrible “superstar” play. This kind of team isn’t going to win in the long run. Boyle is a shell of his 20 goal self. Richards, nothing to say. McD injured by a hit from behind and 2 minutes w/ blood on the call.

    The wheel’s are coming off the wagon. Lets hope for a regroup.

  101. Sam meeting up with Lars Eller between periods. Enough already! We get it. You think he’s a good player. Do the play by play!

  102. Yuck. Bring back the lockout. I miss having the fantasy of what this team could have been versus experiencing the reality of what they actually are.

  103. they are terrible. put a fork in them. Game over, season over!

    Let the amnesty buyouts begin!!!

  104. the house of horrors continues. this ranger team is just plain awful. there is zero finish on offense no snarl on def no pp no healthy bodies at moment. someone put me out of my misery for this year.

    now i have to worry about mac being out for extended period of time.

    i may be dead the next time we win in montreal

  105. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    we thought we had finally put the finishing touches on an award winning sand castle, and the tide rolled in early to wash it away

  106. so mcdonagh may have a concussion but the Einstein ref 15 feet away did not even see a penalty. the guys face went into the glass…..

    and sam and michelletti do not even mention the ref down low did not make a call, or the fact that mcdonagh is bleeding and the penalty should be 4 minutes and the fact paciorrety was pissed because he was checked 5 minutes before but btw that check was clean and not a penalty a small and meaningless fact………….

  107. I don’t think you actually saw blood on McDonagh, 4gen, did you? Were you in the lockerroom?

    seriously, they would have called four if he was bleeding … but that would have meant two more minutes of worthless PP. :)

  108. Carp, so what slats did as a coach all those years ago-how is that relevant now? His record as GM is kinda relevant

  109. is the exclamation point to the night

    we were byfuglien-ed the very moment
    all the pre-half season predictions
    came out and proclaimed
    that Rangers were going to win the

  110. oh and by the way last year edition of the rangers was a FLUKE.

    We are a middle of the pack team that will need to scratch and claw year in and year out to make playoffs.

    we had out shot and fatso marty and adam henrique blew it.

    back the truck up turn out the lights we freaking suck

  111. This team just plain stinks.

    They are the polar opposite of last year’s team in terms of guts.

    What an embarassment. BRING BACK THE LOCKOUT!!!!

  112. Soon enough we’ll experience what the Leafs felt when their lottery picks went to the Bruins 2 years in a row.

  113. Stuart a, As a fan, it really is difficult to have the back of this team when they don’t even have each others backs

  114. educator, which word did you not understand? I am totally agreeing with you. He’s done squat for 23 years. Last year was the only season that even remotely stood out since Messier won him the Cup in 1990. He dismantled the greatest team of all time and got nothing in return. He drafted worse in his last 10 years in Edmonton than he has here.

  115. When is the last time anyone on this team was in a fight. They are a bunch of pansies! Have some pride, Richards especially, coasting around like it’s the public skating session at Playland! Disgusting! Oh, I’m in a slump! Woah is me! What do I do Dave? How about you grit your teeth (oy) go out there play as hard as you can, hit somebody as hard as you can and limp back to the bench because you are so out of breath!!

  116. Eric, the four guys who,we’re doing snow angels when Henrique put the OT winner in blew it last year.

  117. mcdonagh sure thought he was bleeding and if the ranger announcers talked about the game instead of garden of dream non stop we may have known the truth….

    again first goal after a PP on a joke call. did the Einstein announcer really ge into that fact? nah. Big city announcers cannot sound like homers and whine about the officials.

    on the mcdonagh call you think they mention the ref who was actually watching the play from 15 feet away and did not make a call. why would he not make a call and the ref at the blueline in the middle had to make the call..why would the guy not make a call. let alone we know the name of the ref who missed the call.

    but Toronto reviewed the 2nd goal and got it right.
    I got that call right from my i while drinking a beer….

  118. Carp –

    I’m typing tonight out of pure emotion and disdain for the results of this team this season. Please do not attempt to find any sane reasoning in my rants….

    I cant understand why this Rangers team would be so… mediocre.

  119. HNIC at least interviewed Thomas between periods.

    He did say his dad was there. I don’t think the female interviewer who just said his dad wasn’t there ever caught it.

  120. Yes, fire them. It’s been four years. What else do you do? How else are coaches held accountable?

  121. Then, once they buy out Richards they will have to find a first-line center. Those are usually easy to get in a league where the salary cap is going down.

  122. I trade gaborik.. his act is old. the guy is bad in his own zone and he floats half the time. best game he ever had was the 4 or 5 goal game against you know who……..

    go up tempo, big, and simple…..any back pass or go south in the d zone and make the player sit….

    this is a disgrace….they cannot score a friggin goal………

  123. So, after 51 wins, 109 points, ECF, and the development of a very young team, you’re firing the coaches because the power play stinks? Makes perfect sense. That’s how you become the Islanders really fast.

  124. Going hard to vote for three stars this game, maybe Marty B. because its a shooting gallary?

    Can we vote for worst 3 players instead????

  125. Carp, where have I heard that the Sather reign of error for not 13 years but for the previous 10 in Edmondton were a payback for the Messier,Beukeboom deals that gifted the Rangers with the 94 Cup?

    And had that final game gone another 10 min. or so the fans might still be chanting 1940!

    Banish the Boob to Banff. Sleepy is the biggest fraud in the game but the Dolan’s only concern is the bottom line.

    The season ticket holders are the dumbest fans in pro sports save the Cubs fans.

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If they buy out Richards they only need a 3rd line center in return. Richards isn’t a first line center.

  127. OK, so we’re getting rid of Gaborik and Richards on a team that forever has lacked first-line talent, and has none in the orgization. Getting rid of a guy who has scored 40+ twice in the last three years, because we’re mad after 17 games. Yup, that makes sense too. How’s Taylor Pyatt going to look on that top line?

  128. You kinda get the feeling the organization is shell shocked, caught completely off guard by putrid effort so far. The injuries will give them excuses, but lets face it, they were not tearing it up before. Good teams recover from injuries, even to their best players.

  129. the only players torts limits minutes for consistently are the young guys.

    yep he sat Richards in 1 game and may do that for gabby here and there but limited.

    kreider or miller make a mistake the world is coming to an end……

    gaborik makes 7 mill, he never carries the team and I say again never…he is a floater who scores in a normal season 30 goals but is a tremendous defensive liability…………..

  130. Comnsnse —

    The season ticket holders are businesses, not actual people.


    It’s probably the quietest rink with over 10,000 fans in the league.

    It is, like it’s home team, an EMBARASSMENT

  131. Mertonian Norm on

    All the eggs in the Nash basket — without him, this is a toothless outfit, easy to defend.

  132. papa

    you get my point. beyond frustrated watching the same crap night in and night out.

    we are offensively challenged

  133. If they miss the playoffs? If they miss by 20 points maybe. They’re not missing the playoffs. With all the dog-carcillo play by so many important players, and all the injuries now, they’re at .500 and the eighth seed.

    They will make the playoffs.

  134. Carp, please tell Torts after the game that the paying customers waited all day to see this drek and it is on him! I don’t care how many double secret probation injuries they have. The coaches job is to get his players to compete. I am a fan of his, but he is not doing that. Somebody needs to say it to his face in a press conference. Let him blow up the big baby!!

  135. devils got kovalchuk and nice parts….they limit turnovers, and play hard ans smart.

    elias is old and slow, Henrique nice young player not incredibly talented, zajac again nice player not a star and then Clarkson who has improved year after year and that is it…

    they do have some d men who can shoot from the point but that is it. btw there goalies are 40 years old each…

    score by committee. gaborik makes me puke….Richards is just horrible…


    Gaborik will score 3 or 4 goals a game against bottom-feeders (like where the Rangers are headed) and very little else against the better teams.

    Gaborik is not a big game player.

    Nash is a great athlete, but where are his goal and assists numbers??

  137. Fish, give it a rest with the Islander nonsense. You don’t get any better by bashing the other guy, you improve your own product!

    Maybe your next slot will be the MSG promo dept. Like Frank Brown or the league office like JDP.

  138. Carp, it will be even harder yet to find a 1st line center with a shrinking salary cap if you don’t buy him out. Make sense?

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if they miss the playoffs this year – torts has 1 good year and what? 3 series won in how many years? Not arguing – just asking – if they miss the playoffs this year – what should happen? Torts goes or players need to go…. But something needs to be done cause this ain’t working.

  140. Hank, are you even watching? Do you see how Richards and Gaborik are playing? Do you see how Girardi and Staal are playing? Do you see how tough it is for the kids (who are not ready) to play in a game like this?

    Has his team not competed as hard as any Rangers team ever the last couple of years?

    I understand, you’re stomping your feet like a cranky infant. But please make sense.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, yes, they will not have a first line center if/when they buy out Richards. But they don’t have a first line center without buying out Richards either, if you catch my drift.

  142. this is fixable now.

    but torts is a stubborn mule so will it???

    sit Richards and I sit gaborik also….t

  143. Carp, also tell Torts that it is obvious that the paying customers care more about winning and losing than his players do. I am sick of watching them!

  144. Doodie, I’m freakin’ agreeing with you guys. Richards stinks. He’s done. He will be bought out. My follow up thought is then, who will play first-line center? Nobody?

    I said in July 2011 “This has Drury 2.0 written all over it.”

    But then they will have to get a No. 1 center. With no cap room.

  145. per djoos is just a clown. the guy loves to beat up on the rangers. when you are a fan of another team and you come to there blog to whine you must have a pretty pathetic life….

  146. Carp, you’re all over the place.

    One minute placing the blame accurately the next selling the same old story.

    At best this is a middle of the pack team with a salary overload and the worst owner and GM in the NHL.

    The dwarf should have promoted Don Maloney and sent the has been back west!

  147. And to think I turned off Star Trek Next Generation for this MEDIOCRITY!

    I want to be proven wrong by these clowns in blue shirts, but I just dont see it happening.


  148. I think their cringe-worthy effort in the playoffs last season said a lot more about that team than their regular season record did.

    They’re living proof that you can only get so far built on shot blocking and super human goaltending efforts. It’s been years of terrible offensive play in which a horrendous power play has played a major part.

    You said it yourself that they have plenty of talent. They certainly have enough talent to not be 30th out of 30 in the power play. So how do you hold anyone accountable if their jobs aren’t on the line? Or is this “good enough” for everyone? Maybe it is. They make lots of money. Everyone has a fun time at the Garden of Dreams thing every year. Maybe everyone’s satisified?

  149. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The reason Gaborik and Richards get benched less than the young guys is because they have actually proven they can be good players in the this league.

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m not saying you were disagreeing, I was just saying that the problem of finding a first line center will exist whether Richards is around or not. At least without Richards, they won’t pretend like he is the guy and give guys like Stepan and Miller expanded roles. Also, they will finally get him off the point on the PP. woof.

    Besides, they will have the cap room from buying out Richards and Gaborik’s expiring contract. I’m not saying they shouldn’t bring back Gaborik, but at 33 he won’t be getting paid $7.5 per again.

    The problem in finding a first line center is availability.

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    He might stink, but Gilroy has had two nightmare games in a row.

    But since McD is out, looks like both will be playing.

    Cue the long losing streak.

  152. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another Free Agent Bust”

    Thanks, Izzy. That is priceless.

  153. This is game is quite depressing.

    And even more bothersome is the ‘resurrection’ of the Montreal franchise by playing the trap and icing the puck ad nauseum.

  154. even blind torts has had enough of gaboriks routine.

    trade his ass, to phx for korpikoski and another young guy. screw it, addition by subtraction..

  155. Carp, Jeff has a good point. They have played win 1, lose 1 hockey since last years playoffs started. As Parcels says, you are what your record says you are.

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    If McDonagh is hurt, then our D will be Staal-Girardi, Bickel-Stralman, Eminger-Gilroy?

    Can we just forfeit instead?

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik not on PP but Richards still on point to get undressed by Eller.

    I love Torts, but cmon already. He sucks.

  158. The teams problem is they are soft. Last years team was nasty and hard to play against. Lucic would not have crushed Nash because he knew there would be some retribution. Pacioretty would not have taken out McDonagh because either Prust or Rupp or Feds would have by now put him out of the game in return. And Torts coaches scared. Once again I ask is a guy like Galchenyuk so defensively responsible that he can just go play? Why do all the other rookies seem to so much better in all 3 zones, or is it just that our coach is the only one who cares?

  159. It’s fact Carp. Call it what you want. Wins + 1 = losses. since the beginning of the playoffs last year.

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    Peter, what are you talking about? I loved Prust but he couldn’t hurt anybody with a body check, and Rupp and Fedotenko were far too slow to actually make contact with a big hit.

    And if you think Lucic would be deterred by anybody in the NHL, you are sorely, SORELY mistaken. I think he would actually welcome the challenge.

  161. ottoawa is winning with more injuries then the rangers.

    michelletti and rosen always whine about injuries it is a joke….

  162. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Lucic wouldn’t have crunched Nash last year because he was too busy doing it to McD.

  163. asham and powe do not count as injuries. if you whine because aron asham is out of the lineup you are pathetic….

  164. new divsion


    prob wont finish in top 4 of 8 in that div every year

  165. Carp, I’m not blaming you for their record. But geez, c’mon. I’m not counting goals and assists, I’m counting what matters, wins and losses.

  166. Actually, stuart, Powe was a nice addition to the penalty kill…

    …and while not being the biggest fan of Asham, he can skate, he has some offensive ability, and perhaps he could be an equalizer to Pacioretty’s hit on McDonagh.

    I dont think the score would be too much different if those 2 were in the lineup tonight, but at least they have a function and provide some DEPTH.

  167. Stanley Cup champs 8-8 since the playoffs. What’s Pitt’s record since the playoffs began last year? Philly’s? Fire Bylsma and Laviolette too?

  168. Stuart, back off the name calling of me. If you dont agree with what I type, feel free to read something else.

  169. what’s detroit’s records since the playoffs started last year? What’s Washington’s record since the playoffs started last year?

  170. Tortorella’s fetish of having Brad Richards on the point for the PP is more disturbing than Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish…

    Just saying.

    I got nothing to add. Last year I did everything possible to watch every game. The team always competed and played hard from first whistle to last.

    This year’s team doesn’t have nearly the compete level. Just feel like I’ve wasted a Saturday evening…

  171. Maybe the rangers just got hurt by going against the wind during that middle period, next time elect to receive

  172. asham has really no purpose. is he more skilled then john scott? yes. so am I.

    powe is better then rupp but par my comment about john scott, so what..

    they cant score..

    I do trade boyle to the west for anything. adios… gabby I look into it….his act is old…….

    Richard move him down and if he sucks after the season amnesty him.. not real complicated…

  173. Carp, really don’t care about those other teams, hardly watch them, so would rather not comment. but I do watch every minute here, and our boys are a 500% team, fair and square. Mediocre. Win 1 lose 1.

  174. Wow this has been worse then I expected. And anyone who was around earlier knew how low my expectations were coming in tonight.

  175. simple fix to the team

    richards and gaborik need to be better if not there is no hope. all it comes down to

  176. 2 games against the canadiens price has not really had to make many good saves….

    Richards in not there best choice for 1st line center carp your just wrong. move him down he get his mojo back then change back…..

    this is not 3 games this is 10 games of utter horrible hockey by Richards..

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One cup and 2 EC finals since ’86 doesn’t even come close to what the wings have done….. We have what??? 4 playoff series wins in 14 years???????

  178. Who is, stuart. Geez. I’m telling you I think he stinks, and you’re acting like I’m defending him. He stinks.

    But who is the first-line center then? Halpern?

  179. Brad Richards decline can be directly attributed to his millions and living in the big city…

    Maybe unfair to say, but he wouldn’t be the first. Got the big paycheck and forgot how to play hockey.

    Common story in Ranger land.

    Carp, I admire you for sticking with the wall during this meltdown. :-)

  180. Nice to see Miller banging his stick on the boards. Great contrast to Stepan smiling on the bench.

  181. Sam, show us that graphic again of the Rangers last five games in Montreal. That was great! Why would the MSG producers think that would be a good idea? Especially at this point in this game? Stupid!

  182. 22-3 in the last six games in this place. I went to every game in the old forum from 1991-1995. They found ridiculous ways to lose those years even the Stanley cup year (where they blew a 3-1 third period lead). But this run of futility is unfathomable.

  183. they do not have a first line center. stepan cally and hagelin are there first line..

    nash come back put him with stepan and hagelin that is there first line. not horrible…

    2nd line miller, kreider and Callahan…

  184. My goodness, we’re buying people out and sticking forks in them. It’s 16 games into a season. Decisions and playoff spots arent decided on 16 games samples

  185. That’s fair, TopJimmy. The argument was that they somehow were a win-one, lose-one team in the playoffs. As if that’s not what the playoffs are about. You win two seven-game series, and that’s not good enough?

  186. >>Is there any reason for this sudden decline of Brad Richards??

    Richard never really wowed me. I’m seeing him for what I always thought of him: overrated.

  187. Last year there would be several fights…I think this team just doesn’t have nearly as much heart as last year’s team.

    Not saying the entire team doesn’t care…but they sure do accept mediocrity alot easier than they ever did last year.

  188. Bring up Haley – if we’re going to be a circus act for the rest of the season, we might as well beat some people up…

  189. Why the HELL is Torts even risking any of those three getting hurt with less than two minutes to go in a game completely on the reach with the opposition on a 5-on-3?

  190. What next? When do the locusts come? Does Hank get third degrees burns from Swedish meatballs after this one?

  191. not a mention about bickells stupid penalty just more whining about injuries…

    rosen and michelleti are morons….

  192. Mertonian Norm on

    Torts making it about Torts again. How about using your coaching skills to get your guy going, rather than this grandstanding, benching crap. Leave him in the room if you’re not going to play him. Or, I dunno, play him.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you’re right. The Rangers would have gooned it up last year if this was happening to them.

  194. The team is at .500, yet still in playoff position. Given the recent injuries to Nash, MDZ, McD, it looks to be a very tough road ahead.

    If what we have seen so far is going to be the story of the season, and this team misses the playoffs, I would compare them to the 92-93 Rangers. The 92-93 Rangers were a team that missed the playoffs, despite having MEssier, Leetch, Richter, Gartner, Graves, Amonte, Weight, Nemchinov etc. They were sandwiched between the 91-92 squad which won the Presidents Trophy, and the 93-94 Cup team….

    Perhaps this is the 92-93 Rangers all over again?

  195. tiki

    take a look at the standings. 6th and 7th will be 6 pts clear of us so what we be in hunt with 4 other teams for 1 spot

  196. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, also, you say that Richards is the closest thing the org has to a 1st line center, but I strongly disagree. It’s Stepan, by a lot.

  197. That really may have been the dumbest decision I’ve seen by Torts since he’s been here, and I thought so before Girardi went down.

  198. Carp, mock me all you want. I call it as I see it. We don’t see it the same. I never called for Torts to get canned. But he needs to start coaching again, especially with the kids in the lineup

  199. That’s what I am trying to understand, e3. So I try to talk sense because everybody’s talking emotionally. Like the comment, this is Torts making it about Torts again. How dumb is that in a game like this? Grandstanding? Beyond belief.

  200. boyle cannot even stick up for his teammate the right way.

    moen would have beat his ass up anyway.

    the guy has no clue……

  201. Doodie Machetto on

    I expect a panic trade before Tuesday. A defenseman and a gritty forward. And we GROSSLY overpay for them.

  202. per djoos stupid comments as usual.. mdz missed 1 game. mcdonagh missed 1 period..

    injuries are not an excuse… bickell is a rock head…he tried t ogo all tough on a 5 ft 8 guy, and Halpern does his stupidity and then girardi has to play the 5 on 3 and gets hit by the puck..

    newsflash caused by bickell being a moron, chris neil knows how to get retribution, bickell not so much…

  203. stepan is better then Richards. it is not really debateable…

    call him whatever you want but at present Richards is HORRIBLE… gaborik is a quitter..

    $14 mill on those 2 guys……

  204. They are not feared. They are not the hardest working team in the league by a longshot.

    They are easy to play against. They retaliate for nothing. Why not drive guys’ heads into the boards? Nobody on the team cares anymore.

    If I did my job as badly as these guys do I’d be in deep doodoo.

  205. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers looked good tonight. Clean white jerseys, all of them sitting so politely on the bench there….

  206. they cannot have Richards on the top line unless he plays better…

    sorry they cannot if he just stunk that is 1 thing but he has to many turnovers and is soft on d……

  207. Mertonian Norm on

    Who’s emotional? I don’t think good coaches, when they’re on their game, talk down their players and show them up like this. I don’t have to have a relationship with the guy. I’m just a lower level hockey coach who doesn’t roll that way. Never appreciated coaches who make it about themselves.

  208. All I can say after watching that 2001 version of the NYR is people around still think you don’t worry about guys like Prust and Dubi (I don’t care if he never scored again – he would have jumped Pacioretty for the hit on McDonagh like he did last year in playoffs and threw the water cooler) for the Star? This is the softest team in the East (short of maybe Buffalo). 5 times in the last two weeks a key member of the team was drilled by a questionable hit (Lucic on Nash) (Neil on Richards) (Methot on Del) (Pacioretty on MCD) and (Biron ran twice) and not ONCE, ZERO times did anyone respond at all. Just took it and walked away. Team scout that stuff and combine that with no PP it’s open season on the Rangers.

  209. You know what? When I saw that the first time, I thought it was pansification but boarding nonetheless. Now that I see it again and again, that’s a dirty hit by Pacioretty. Should have been five.

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    Given how many injuries there are, especially on defense, it really may be season over. Looks like a broken ankle for Girardi.

  211. What makes it all worse is that this was an embarrassment. They shamed the sweater. I dont know, I guess in the 40 years I’ve rooted for these guys, maybe its a sweater that merits shame. But I always hated that. Stand up and at least defend the shirt on your back.

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, and it was retaliation for earlier in the game. He should have a hearing with Shanahan, but we know he won’t.

  213. The hit on McD was dirty. High hit from behind on a defenseless vulnerable player. Dirty play. Penalty all the way, should have been a major.

  214. N.Country_NYRfan on

    This team is lost…no identity whatsoever. A disgrace right now. Where is the leadership…Cally…Torts…nothing. Absolutely no snarl. I understand the injury bug has hit us hard, but where is the effort, the Jam?

  215. stepan not number one center but either richy at this point.

    ryan getzlaf anyone 4 years 24 mil says sather

  216. And I’m telling you, Mertonian, whatever you like or don’t like, it’s not Tortorella making it about Tortorella. That’s silly.

  217. jpg, Detroit doesn’t block many shots because they usually have the puck. NYR aren’t skilled enough to dominate puck possession. But they also aren’t gritty enough to grind games out like they used to. I don’t know what the heck is going on.

  218. Ralph from N.M. on

    Bench Gabby cause he takes a penalty , but keep playing Richards
    Tort’s you piece of Carcillo

  219. read my comments on the mcdonagh hit. I called it right 90 minutes ago, again gurantee you pacioretty was pissed about his hit and that was a serious boarding penalty. the ref 10 feet away
    did not even call a penalty.

    talk about gross negligence… HE DID NOT EVEN CALL A PENALTY.

  220. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    boy the way Glenn Miller played
    songs that made the hit parade
    gee our old LaSalle ran great
    those were the days

  221. i’m tired of Torts. The talent that this team has in terms of speed and sill, they should not be this bad. The powerplay is ALL on him and Sullivan. It’s sucked since he took over… and since you can’t fire the players…

  222. N.Country_NYRfan on

    I haven’t been a part of the fire Torts crowd…but if he can’t get this team to play with heart maybe it’s time to let somebody else try. So here it goes…Fire Torts!

  223. If I’m an opponent I’m licking my chops when I get to play the Rangers. I can take liberties against their players and not fear any retribution. And, by chance, if I do get called for a penalty, there’s a great chance they won’t even be able to get the puck in my zone and get a single shot. What’s not to like?

  224. A team with:

    No fight, and no real threat on the power play is a recipe for disaster.

    And this team is sadly on its way… down.

  225. Here’s the bottom too:

    1. Don’t whine about injuries. Ottawa 4-0 without Spezza, Karlsson and now Anderson. We still have 3 guys making top NHL dollars to rely on in Richards Gabby and Hank.

    2. This is why it’s more importnat to have balanced scoring than relying on top end stars. One goes
    and there is no where to turn.

    3. Torts – He took this team to the Conf Finals last year and now he can’t coach. Please! How
    about they took away the kind of players he needs to win. But hey fire him, hire another
    retread like Lindy Ruff. Replacing coaches year after has worked so well for the Oilers,
    Islanders, Toronto, Columbus. Need I go on.

    But hey, they will be fine because a different group of players were last year. Good logic. I’ve posted in after the 1st week of the year and I’m sticking to it. They will not make the playoffs.

  226. staal stralman
    gilroy bickel
    eminger ?

    that is laughable how bad is that is the d going forward.


  227. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I’m putting my spot on the parade route up for sale on Ebay..sitting here with wet feet on B’Way is no way to post on this blog anymore

  228. you know your offense sucks when Christian Thomas is the player of the game for your team..

    the taking liberties stuff is overblown. watch Detroit. the problem is the high priced guys suck…

    nash was ok when he was playing he was spectacular but only ok> oohs and ahhs do not equal goals…..less oohs and ahhs and more goals would help. gabby either has 3 points and zilch usally zilch. Richards we all know has been horrible…..

    again hagelin and stepan have been there best forwards.. they are 23 and 21 years old………..

  229. This does reek of 92-93… in 91-92 they win the president’s trophy… and then 92-93 they stink up the joint and get Roger Nielsen fired….

  230. I don’t know why people are so upset. They won 51 games last year. 109 points. I’m pretty sure that means a guaranteed birth this year.

    They also won the Cup in 1994. Did everyone forget this fact? I guess 1940 never happened for you people?

    Players? Not to blame.
    Coaches? Hey, they’re trying.
    Management? Looks great with a cigar.
    Ownership? Committed to excellence.

    The real issue with this team? Quiet fans. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

  231. N.Country_NYRfan on

    Torts has stifled all creativity on this team…just look at our PP…why does Richards still play the point? Why is that we get these highly touted offensive players and he turns them all into 3rd/4th line scrubs with changing the way they played. These kids got to where they are by playing one way then the play under Torts and have to play defense first. And we wonder why we can’t score goals.

  232. Wait, let me guess, now Torts will show up in the press conference and act like a belligerent jerk teenager as though the current debacle and injuries are Brooksie’s, Pat’s, and Carp’s fault.

  233. A disgraceful lack of guts and grit by this team – disgracing the sweater, that’s a good way of putting it. As was said earlier, if this was last year the NYRs would have gooned it up in the last few minutes of this game – as they SHOULD HAVE TONIGHT!

  234. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Queit fans are to blame. I’m gonna guilt my daughter into thinking it’s because of her lame cheering in front of the TV that they don;t scorre on the pp

  235. Maybe these players don’t retaliate because their coach is quick to bench players who he thinks take bad penalties?

    Not sure what to make of it…but the Rangers certainly don’t seem bothered with how easily they are pushed around this season.

    Ottawa has been decimated by injuries and their players and coaches have rallied.

    The Rangers? Folding like a tent.

    Pretty sad. They need a hard, long look in the mirror. Is it growing pains?

    Sather needs to scour the shelves out there…this team needs help and heart.

    And Brad Richards…just another Chris Drury. Sooner we can replace him the better. Think of how bad he’s gonna be a few years from now if he’s completely useless now.

  236. MattLear —

    Yeah, the only consolation is the hope of a great team for next year (like 93-94 after 92-93)…

    Call me short-sighted, but I still believe Tortorella is the man to get it done… unless Mike Keenan can be pried away from MSG cable TV….

  237. make some moves why not?

    gabby does not want to play hard, he has value trade him….

    boyle send out west for a 5th round pick why not? he is horrible.

    boyle and Richards have been there worse players relative on the season. Richards of course cannt be moved…

    move gabby and boyle and go from there…why not??????????????????

  238. _3. Torts – He took this team to the Conf Finals last year and now he can’t coach. Please!_

    Yeah cuz Vezina season by Hank had noting to do with any of the last years success. Please! :)

  239. Not about Torts, eh? So what, this is first year in the league? He benches a top guy, and where do the cameras go? To that guy and then the coach. And then we to hear post-game how he’s not afraid to send a message, etc. Maybe I’m old-school, but I say you send your messages in the locker room. He can do what he wants, obviously, but as you say, I don’t have to like it even if you do.

  240. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    all kidding aside, we really do need the Hansen brothers now…how Carp has never sat thru all of Slapshot is a mystery…

  241. CJP – Did you watch one second of last season? He NEVER once benched a guy for defending a teammate. He NEVER once would call that a bad penalty. He would bench guys for hooking and holding never for defending a teammate.

    People if you think this is about Torts, watch the Sabres tonight. Clearly, the new coach fired them up. They actually looked worse.

  242. I think Drury, er Richards has one more year to validate his contract before the inevitable Amnesty “Gomez/Redden” buyout.

  243. they have been losing because they cannot score not because they are not tough enough…

    that Is bull….there d cannot hit the net, and there forwards have not scored. not real complicated…they do not miss aron asham, they just do not…

  244. N.Country_NYRfan on

    I think the team last year should have made at least the cup finals but I do believe Torts was stupid playing only 3 lines and 4 dmen the whole playoffs…sorry but you have to trust your other players enough to eat some minutes and Torts doesn’t. We were a tired team playing a very tough style of hockey. No team wins the cup when a coach plays half his bench.

  245. ’92-93, No. 1 center stunk it up (quit on coach on purpose). No. 1 D-man two long-term injuries. Keenan umemployed. Hmmm.

  246. Ok Fire Torts. Hey bring back Renney. He was a nice gentlemen. It worked so well for him here and again in Edmonton. HAHA!

    You know why you guys blame the coach because in typical long time NYR fan behavior you want the star over the gritty team and then blame the coach when they are soft. I’ve seen this history before.

  247. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Carp – is this better or worse than running those insane in-game chats during those awful Yankee playoff losses last year?

  248. Carp

    I usually agree with everything you say but you are simply delusional if you think this heartless gutless sorry excuse of an hockey team is making the playoffs. They are simply terrible and the future looks bleak

  249. N.Country_NYRfan — Spot on. He does not appear to be coaching the players he’s got, looks as though he’s trying to turn them into some lunch-pail bunch that needs to grind out every goal. You sense they don’t want to get chewed out for risky passes that are part of the game. Impressionistic, to be sure, but that’s a lot of talent out there playing some pretty untalented hockey.

  250. Carp — NOW you’re talking!

    There are interesting parallel story lines between 92-93 and 12-13…

  251. E3 – Koos must be 3 sheets to the wind by now drinking those Hells Kitchens or Black Bush Neat.

  252. again make some moves. move gabby.. bring in 2 younger less skill guys who can play 2nd line.. why not…

    boyle for a 5th out west.. why not?

    make some moves……….NOW.


  253. Stuart – Team toughness creates room for those players to score. That’s how Hockey is played. I guess I missed Gillies protecting Bossy, Semenko in Edmonton. You need toughness to win and they have none.

    Hell, even Duguay, who never says anything worthwhile, admits they miss Prust.

  254. hwirth…

    I watched almost every game last year. Like I’ve watched almost every game over the past 25 years. And Torts last year wouldn’t hold it against his players if they took penalty to defend a teammate.


    I don’t mean to say Torts is the reason. I’m just asking out loud what the reason could be. Because the way they turn the other cheek reminds me of how Drury would skate around chewing his mouthpiece ignoring everything around him.

  255. Make some moves? Trade Grabby for two less skill guys that can play second line?

    Hey maybe Gabby for Artie and Dubi.

  256. hwirth you are right to a point., gabby has never played big when it matters. he does not have it in the head or heart….

    they can get toughness and skill. Gillies was a very good player and semenko’s role was totally overrated especially in the playoffs. btw the game in the 80’s was totally different then now…

    right the rangers look like a mess because Brendan prust is on a different team!!!!!NO WAY

  257. This team hasn’t even played 20 games and you people that want to fire the coach are unreal…

    Yeah, let’s keep Richards and fire Torts.

  258. let’s not rewrite history. Mitchell, fedetenko, AA, are not sticking up for anyone.

    dubinsky and prust would. scott would if he could catch the guy.

    this prust fandom is a myth…. a total myth…

  259. hwirth —

    You hit the nail on the head again!

    Gaborik is not really the problem. He is a sniper type player. He is streaky. You dont trade away Gaborik for “2nd liners”.

    I would be more concerned about the abrupt decline in play by Richards.

  260. I’m a Torts fan…I still think he’s the best coach we’ve had since Keenan.

    But some of the moves he makes are baffling. Insisting that Brad Richards can man the point on the PP when he’s shown a complete inability to do the job is one of the bigger ones this year.

    I just wish these Rangers would show the same compete level as last year.

    Ah, screw it…I always said the 1995 Devils Stanley Cup didn’t count because a half season doesn’t count.

    So….this year doesn’t count. :-)

  261. Carp, I was just trying to incite some more madness so that maybe there’d be more sanity tomorrow (wishful thinking). Even me, in my glorious ignorance of ice hockey, knew that.

  262. But Carp – It was more importnat to add the 4 more goal Nash brought in because whether or not Nash is better than Artie or Dubi. He had 30 they had 26 combined. Then, they never replaced their 26 goals.

  263. Blocking that shot was a *dopey* move by Danny G. The game’s over. You don’t have to throw yourself in front of a fuggin shot.

    Hopefully he’s alright.

    Nobody stepping up for McDonut…makes me sick. Sickening game. This team should be embarrassed for so many reasons.

  264. I will hedge my bet a little bit. If Nash, Girardi and McDonagh are long-term injuries, the Rangers are done.

    If not, they will make the playoffs. These first 17 games couldn’t have been worse for every important player, and they’re right there.

  265. Prust a myth HAHAHA!! Coming from a board where everyday people would reuse Torts’ line of “__ as big as the building” Talk about revisionist history.

  266. _This team hasn’t even played 20 games and you people that want to fire the coach are unreal…_

    Yeah this could be a valid argument of this wasn’t a SHORT SEASON!

  267. I think it was Doodie who was saying the other day that the Rangers might wait a year to buy out Richards to save money. Maybe. But…hell, when has MSG ever looked to save money?

    I say they buy out Richards in hour one of the buyout period…

  268. Danny G doesnt know how NOT to block a shot. I dont think we can blame him. He’s the real deal. And do we really want to see a player ‘mailing it in’ by not blocking shots? Aint gonna happen on a Tortorella coached team. And certainly not gonna be Danny G.

  269. Oh and that myth thing.

    Let’s see. NYR have Prust. Tough team lead conference. Allow him to walk for pennies compared to Gabby, Richards, Hanks and Nash $$$. Now are soft, ran all over and out of playoffs.

    Prust goes to MTL. Last yr, missed playoffs, considered too soft and small. Comes in and NOW they are in 1st place.

    No connection there of course.

  270. Totally ridiculous Tortorella “interview.” First he does his bogart routine, then Sam throws him a couple of softballs, and that’s it. Sickening.

  271. They absolutely miss Prust.

    Prust at $10/4 years sure doesnt look like a waste of money for Montreal, does it?

  272. Was anything about last year’s 109 points brought up in the press conference? What about the 51 wins?

  273. shanahan will not be looking at pacioretty for any additional penalty. MARK MY WORD. so a moron who almost got decapitated by Chara did not learn zilch and was pissed because he was cleanly checked 10 minutes earlier and concussed mcdonagh..

    many of the players in this sport are moron cavemen.. simply morons and btw the closer ref did not see a penalty….THE REF DID NOT SEE A PENALTY…………………

  274. again i dont blame the player in danny g i blame the coach in putting him out there when he plays 25-27 mins a night and the score is 3-0 and a 5 on 3 with under 2 mins to go

  275. Firing Torts would be unbelievably stupid. He knows the game but needs to wake up to the team he has and open it up. Maybe he doesn’t think Lundqvist is up to it, but I’d rather see the Rangers trading breaks as they did in the first period tonight (with Biron!) than trading deflections of blocked-shot attempts. If nothing else, this team has speed.

  276. If that hit on McD wasn’t at least a 5, I’m blind. AND, I think it was retaliation for McD’s legal hit on Prust.

  277. YEP THE 5 other moves make no difference it is all because of no Brendan prust. how many points he have tonight???

    hwirth probably thought the Mets were winning the world series last year 40 games into the season also….

    gabby, nash, Richards, boyle… 4 reasons they are where they are…. not because they do not have Dubinsky, prust, aa, and others…

  278. eric

    you are right. But perhaps the coach was sending a message to his team, that he too did not want to ‘mail it in’?

  279. when torts put girardi out there for the 5 on 3. what was his choice morons? mcdonagh, nope… mdz? nope… 2 minute PK have Gilroy and bickell and stralman out the whole 2 minutes????

    hindsight is 20/20 dopes….

  280. So you are blaming the coach for not quitting on a game while he’s trying to get a full 60 minutes out of them. You realize you are all contradicting yourself.

    He needs to get fired because they are not playing for him but he’s wrong for trying to compete to the end. Ok. Sure.

    Hey maybe Steve Stirling or Brad Shaw is available. You guys want it to be the Isles around here. Keep firing coaches. It leads to building such great organizational chemistry.

  281. I totally agree that was a dopey play by Girardi in a game that he was about to lose in less than 2 minutes…

  282. They dont have that energy guy. This team is filled with Pacifists. Boyle should have climbed over the ref to get after the guy that ran Biron.

    Boyle is the softest big man I’ve ever seen.

    They need a pest player who can get the guys going.

  283. Put the kids out there on the 5 on 3 PK. Give them a chance to see a goal or two up close and personal.

  284. Carp: what is it about the team’s recent play that makes you think they can make the playoffs? Everything that defined who they were last year is absent this year. They are weak on the puck, soft and their goaltending isn’t top notch. I’m very concerned that last year was an aberration. Please, explain why there should be cause for optimisml, because I don’t see it, particularly if we lose McD, Girardi and/or Nash for any significant period of time. By the way, do we have no one to stand up for McD when he gets drilled?

  285. Again – Girardi is NOT a DOPE. He plays the GAME hard, he does NOT MAIL IT IN. He earns every penny of his paycheck and has my 100% respect as a professional hockey player, unlike many of his higher payed teammates.

  286. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We could be flyer fans or pens fans……..this rough patch will pass……. Might take till next season, but ……

  287. Got bad news for ya. Star players like Gaborik skate with less fear and play when they know they will be protected. This team is scared and quite honestly right now can’t blame them. If you are Gabby and have seen Nash go down from a hit, Del Zotto go down from a hit. All of which were not responded too, i’d try to avoid contact too.

  288. lundqvist has not been great but not the issue and Callahan has ben performing close to what he is a 25 goal scorer max…

    again not 1 astute media type asked a question why the official near the mcdonagh hit did not make a call on the hit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    the closer ref thought it was a clean play……..

  289. There’s a difference between “quitting on a game” and realizing a game is over when you’re losing 3-0 with under two minutes to go and the opponent has a 5-on-3. I never said I wanted Torts fired, either. So how am I contradicting myself?

  290. Have to agree with Orr. Girardi has to understand the game situation. Game’s over, no need to take yourself out of action for any time.

  291. I said the other night that if someone didn’t do something about little Hags getting constantly cross checked and pushed around, he, too, could lose interest. To his credit, but his alone, he hasn’t.

  292. per djoos

    thats not the way to send message especially with girardi and how fragile your d is right now

  293. Girardi has become too dependent on the poke check and the ice swim. God bless him, I hope he will be okay and back soon, but it is what it is.

  294. gabby played with fear way before this season.

    more revisionist history from hwirth.. I know Richards has been bad because he is concerned he is going to get hit….I got it now…..and without Mitchell, fedetenko, and anisimov to protect him I can understand. Dubinsky beats up Richards only btw….

    there is a group of I say 25% of fans that have this whole tough idea on how hockey teams win…who was the fighter on the kings last year? Clifford. I live in la… they won because of defense and they ran 4 lines, kept the puck down low, and grinded teams to dust. not because they fought more, nope….

  295. stranger nation on

    how did the kids look?

    did Thomas get any real TOI?

    The Kreider of Just Kreider?

    bring up McIlbust!!

  296. N.Country_NYRfan on

    Torts seemed pretty mad about the hit on McDonut, but where was the reaction from the team?!?!?

  297. Nobody blamed Torts for putting top guys on the PK at the end of a game *before* the injury. But now it’s a problem?

    It’s 100% on Girardi.

    Pacioretty suspension means nothing to me. Should have gotten the crap kicked out of him. Would have been much more satisfying!

  298. It’s tough to blame a player for getting hurt on an effort play, or for that matter the coach for a playing getting injured, especially in hockey.

  299. Stu –

    I disagree. LQ has not been close to a Vezina candidate this season. He has not ‘stole” one game yet for this team.

    Callahan HAS NOT BEEN good either. He is 10th on the team in scoring (even behind Staal and Girardi) and he is -4. Only Boyle’s +/- is worse. This is unnacceptable for Callahan.

  300. Stop whining about officiating. Here’s an actual factual stat that matters. NYR led league in fighting majors last yr. 1st place team.

    Tor and Mtl were at the bottom. Tor now is at the top and have moved up in the standings. It’s not an accident.

    Oh and if you don’t think it matters, watch Wayne Simmonds week and realize Flyers are now ahead of us in the standings. 2 Gordie Howe Hat Tricks. But of course, if he played here, people would say it’s just a 3rd line nothing.

  301. Pacioretty will not get suspended. Not in this league..

    they are to worried about meaningless interference 50 feet away from the puck…

    the ref did not call a penalty…………………JOKE.

  302. You all talk big about how good other teams are this year, but did any of them get ONE HUNDRED AND NINE points last year?

    Check mate.

  303. ORR, I thought it was a mistake even before Girardi went down. I said so in my post. Was typing my initial thought about Girardi when he blocked the shot and edited it to reflect the injury.

    hwirth, please answer my question.

  304. hwirth with some cherry picking of facts….

    wayne Simmonds can play. the rangers have no 1 with gordie howe hat trick ability no 1..

    btw philly stinks they have no defense and have played 3 more games then the rangers…..

  305. stuart a —

    It wasnt a penalty. Why? Because the referee did not call it a penalty.

    Pacioretty should have been dealt with by McD’s teammates.

    He wasnt.

    I’m concerned.

  306. I have an idea. Dolan should make it mandatory that everyone coaches, players, scouts, watch the tapes of the last two games together in slow motion.

  307. NashPotatoBrains on

    Carp, at one point in this thread you say “They will make the playoffs” but then later you say “They are what their record says”, which as of now is on the outside looking in. So which one is it? Then you bail and say “I’m outta here.”. You’re just like Tortorella, great sound bites but bereft of actual content, and just like these players, palms turned up to the sky, and ultimately just giving up. The fans get the team they deserve.

  308. The sad van is all heated up and I am about to leave for Frown Town. Let me know if you want me to pick you up.

  309. What are you talking about? They had Stoll, Clifford, Colin Fraser, and Richards all with over 60 PIMs. And yes they did grind out wins. The same way we did last year. Yet, you are saying who cares about Prust, Feds, Mitchell, Dubi when they did all those little things. You are not even making remote sense at this point.

  310. Carp said that he likes their playoff chances with a healthy Nash, Girardi, and McDonaugh if the first line starts filling the net as has been the historical case.

  311. Latona – There is not a difference between quitting on a game and saying hey we are down 3 and on a 5 on 3 against so tell my best players its to sit. And I got more bad news for ya. Knowing Girardi he wouldn’t want to sit. Can’t tell a hard nose guy like him to just give up. What message does that send?

  312. MickeyM February 23rd, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    This team just doesn’t care about each other. Unlike last year’s and the previous year’s. It like a bunch of strangers being forced to work together and just going through the motions until it’s time to clock out.
    I get the same feeling, MickeyM, IMO McD may have even said as much, perhaps not so explicitly

  313. Not only does this team not need to be resting down 3 goals, but they should have been out there running people over like the Habs stole their dog in the last 5 minutes. Show some fight or courage. Instead, Jets will come in Tuesday knowing they are facing a soft team that will not fight back if challenged.

  314. so the standard is 60 penalty minutes.. now I understand Philly must have won the cup about 8 times in the last 20 years… Stoll… he is a good faceoff man 3rd line center. did not know he was an enforcer. got it..

    I live in LA, see about 60 kings games a year. colin frase, got that 1 also. next you will tell me Penner plays hard and with heart….

    a team with no toughness cannot win but the rangers have enough toughness. what is ashams role. bickells role when he plays….
    the toughnes meat head nonsense is baloney.

    the devils have barch, that is it. yes some the there guys like Clarkson, their captain, and afew others are tough chekcers but dropping the gloves nope.

    the rangers are 2nd in hockey in checks.. that is toughness…..

  315. And, sending 120 MPH slap shots into a crowd with a 5 on 3 and a minute left in a 3-0 game is bush as I see it. Now, back to my Irish Whiskey.

  316. But I thought that they were supposed to be trying to win the game? Running around just hitting people seems like they’ve already determined they’re going to lose. And this team has no one to do that anymore, hwirth. You just said so. And I thought the best players were supposed to be out at the end of the game.

  317. Injuries happen. Maybe they shouldn’t have played Girardi up 3-0 in Boston too. Right? That game looked done with about 5 minutes left right? The game was in hand 2 goals up, goalie pulled final 2 minutes. Anyone can hit an empty net. Why risk an injury?

  318. To put things into perspective, the Rangers have been pretty bad this season yet they are 1 point out of the 8 seed with 3 games in hand on Philly.

    We all knew Pittsburgh was going to win the division. I see no reason why we can’t make the playoffs as the 6th seed, beat the easy SE division opponent and if we can avoid having to playing Pittsburgh in the 2nd round I can’t see why we couldn’t make it to the EC finals again.

    Once you make it to the playoffs, it really doesn’t matter what happened in the regular season…

  319. So you’re saying there’s no difference between a 3-1 game at even strength with five minutes to go and a 3-0 with under two minutes remaining 3-on-5?

  320. Coos

    I’m on a plane at 6AM to the KEYS. mama made me promise when she went to bed around 9 that if the game started going bad, I would stay away from the Black Bush. I said of course.

    the bottle is approximately 7.5 feet away from me and it was a really bad game. If I drink it on the rocks she might wake up hearing the ice cubes dropping from the fridge as they hit the bottom of the glass……………….No problem. I’ll drink it neat.

  321. Ok i’m done. I got one guy who doesn’t know the difference between a goon and a guy that play and also fight and other who wants the coach to tell his players to quit when all he’s wanted from them all year was a 60 minute game.

    Have fun!

  322. Little league coach: “Son, I want you to go up there to the plate and lean into the pitch.”


    “You haven’t had a hit all year and we need a baserunner. Lean into the pitch.”

    “Get hit?”

    That’s correct. Take your base.” :))

  323. And I still don’t understand how sending out a different penalty-killing unit equates to Torts telling the team to quit.

  324. hwirth rangers are 2nd in the league in hits…

    so you have zero idea what you are talking about….

  325. I didn’t trust my five year old bottle of Bailey’s, so I skipped the Black Bush cocktail and went directly to the Tullamore, est. 1829.

  326. Nasty after the training staff may have screwed up with Nash, they are going to be ultra conservative with McD.

  327. I mean this in the best way possible. The season is over. Bring up Mcllrath and let all four youngsters develop at the NHL level. We can win in this system without Girardi and McDonagh

  328. Ever see the wholesale changes a baseball manager makes when he’s down 8 zip? Hockey has a tough rep, and that’s what it’s all about. And why I prefer it.

  329. Because Nash doesn’t have a concussion. I just don’t think he does. It’s all too weird.

    McDonagh has a concussion. Girardi probably has a broken ankle. Richards is broken.

    We got 99 problems but a win ain’t one.

  330. coos, my friend, I understand that. But I don’t know how sending different penalty-killers over the boards is the same thing as giving up.

  331. I don’t know what to think of this team. Maybe just play Thomas, Miller and Kreider a lot. What happens, happens. I don’t know if they’re a few players off from being a team again or if the dudes in the locker room will eventually gel and find their team game. I haven’t been able to watch enough games this season to get a sense. I need to quit my job and neglect my kids. But this season is not giving me the same warm and fuzzy affect of last year’s team. A lot like dancing only fewer punches to the face.

  332. Instead of Callahan, Staal, and Girardi, why not send out Halpern, Boyle, and Stralman? All three of those players get PK time, and it’s not uncommon to send out two forwards to defend against a 5-on-3.

  333. You guys have got to get off that Europansy single malt crap. Drink Rye or Bourbon like a man. I have a nice bottle of 18 year old George T. Stagg Bourbon. At 143 proof it’s a flight risk. Has to be transported by truck.

  334. Not only that, Latona, you would think down 3 zip with minutes to play, you would WANT forwards out there with some scoring potential. Playing Girardi is only admitting you don’t want to lose 5-0

  335. Latona: I was watching the game on Mute because I had a non-hockey loving buddy over and he, my wife and I were chatting. Anywho, when i saw Girardi go down I thought the same thing. What is he doing out there and why in the world is he blocking shots!? Then I realized, when a guy like Girardi is on the ice he’s playing with his heart and playing the only way he knows how. It’s up to Tort to protect those guys. Only issue was that Bickel was in the box. Other than that, I agree, get our moron line (Boyle, Mashinter, Halpern, etc.) out on the ice and let them goon it up for the last two minutes. I wanted more snarl. Especially after Hagelin got roughed up and McBust took a leaping elbow from that absolute jackwagon Max Patches Pacioretty.

    Well put Rangers West! Nice to have you around.

  336. Manny:

    George T. doesn’t hold a match to huffing gas. For good reasons.

    What are the odds Sather makes a crazy trade…for better or for worse? In a short season is this panic time or just a little uneasy bump?

  337. Black Bush est. 1608……

    Finished my “get over it ” starter.

    Gonna have a “get on with it” now follower.

  338. When I was on an (American) aircraft carrier, some of the southern boys had pure grain alcohol. Mixed with the coke cola from the vending machines gave you a nice quick rocket, but a terrible hangover.

  339. Huffing gas! Wow. That’s dedication, Rangers West. You are the new substance abuse sheriff in town around here….

  340. Serious “worst regular season game possible” potential depending on how the injuries play out. Our top 4 injured d-men would be better than almost every other teams’ healthy top 4.

  341. Manny, in the last 5 minutes if Torts does put out the orangutan line out and trouble starts, he gets suspended and fined. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  342. It’s more of a hobby not sure I have the dedication to be sheriff. Maybe more of a vigilant citizen willing and able to write the occasional stern letter to the editor.


  344. Been reading all of your posts…not sorry I missed the game tonite.

    If any or all of these guys are injured long term….it’s time to bring in some of the young guys and let them learn under fire.

    Haley probably needs to be brought up for protection.

    Bickel will have to play more minutes as well as Gilroy

    Right now I’d be happy with two 15 goal scorers with balls over Gaborik.

    I guess we’ll see what kind of coaching job Torts is capable of….he supposedly likes the young guys…let’s see it.

  345. Carp: Youe earlier post “So, after 51 wins, 109 points, ECF, and the development of a very young team, you’re firing the coaches because the power play stinks? Makes perfect sense. That’s how you become the Islanders really fast.” Carp Last year was sort of a perfect storm. a diiferent chemistry of a team of all hard working players who when they had troublewinning, they would mix it up a bit and makehings happen. We don’t retaliate anymore, we don’t freeken hit, we lack passion. We hadGOD as a goalie, we had about 6-9 players who would crash through brick walls. Players are traded, other players get older; chemistry can change very abruptly. THIS IS NOT NOT NEARLY THE SAME TEAM AS LAST YEAR. THAT COMPOUNDED WITH INJURIES AND YOU STILL THINK THIS TEAM IS GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Come on, how many month does this coach need to make this or his power play work He sits people to punish them and man they ccome back the better for it are you kidding. Now the one thing that hurt as more than any other team was the short season. We were a team that wore other teams out last year. We’re not the same condtioned team that we were last year. Why was Gaborik, Richards, Boyle Callahan not in proper condition when the season started. Were other teams off season conditioning programs that much better than ours. What reponsibility, not withstanding the injuries that we have had, must Tort’s and his coaching staff be accountable for. Do you think its possible with the exception of the very young guys that Tort’s is wearing very thin with our top players and slowing losing this team. When the times get tougher the tough get going. This getting to be like the Richard Harris Classic ‘McCarther Park.” We’ll never get this recipe again” What a mess!!!!!

  346. compounding injuries.. asham does not count staal has missed 2 games. guys get hurt in hockey.

    this team should not only make the playoffs they should challenge for the cup….

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