Canadiens 3, Rangers 0: Post-game notes


Courtesy of the NYR:

February 23, 2013 (Game 17, Away Game 7)
Bell Centre –
Montreal, QC
Canadiens 3, Rangers 0

Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 3-0, tonight at Bell Centre. New York is now 4-2-2 in their last eight contests.

–      The Blueshirts have posted a record of 8-7-2 (18 pts) overall, including a 2-4-1 mark on the road this season.

–      Five of the Rangers and Canadiens last seven meetings have been decided by three or more goals.

–      The Rangers held the Canadiens to three shots on goal in the First and Third Periods, which ties their season-low for fewest shots allowed in a period this season. New York also held Montreal to three shots on goal in the First Period of their game on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

–      The Blueshirts out-hit the Canadiens, 32-13, in the contest, including 10 players who were credited with two or more hits. Dan Girardi, Brian Boyle and Brandon Mashinter tied for the game-high with four hits apiece.

–      The Rangers won 33-59 faceoffs (56%), led by Brad Richards (9-14, 64%) and J.T. Miller (6-9, 67%).

Player Notes:

–      Christian Thomas was credited with three hits and registered two shots on goal in 12:46 of ice time while making his NHL debut. Thomas is the 10th new player to skate for the Rangers this season – Jeff Halpern, Rick Nash, Taylor Pyatt, Brandon Segal, Arron Asham, Benn Ferriero, Darroll Powe, J.T. Miller and Brandon Mashinter – and the third Ranger to make their NHL regular season debut, along with Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller.

–      Dan Girardi was credited with a game-high, eight blocked shots, registered four hits and logged 27:04 of ice time. Entering tonight’s contest, he led the team in blocked shots and time on ice, and was tied for 16th in the NHL in blocked shots.

–      Martin Biron made 15 saves and is now 1-1-1 overall, including a 1-1-0 mark on the road this season.

Team Schedule:

–      Please note the Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 24. The Rangers’ next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 25, at MSG Training Center.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), to begin a four-game homestand.



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  1. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Rangers are just too easy to play against. I’m glad I’m not the coach — I don’t know what he does to turn it around but he needs to do just that.

  2. Pretty sure both are accurate. I think a few of our players might have died also. Probably from food poisoning or a random meteor attack.

    The team better start spreading out their players so the next meteor strike doesn’t take out our whole team….

  3. Is what Papa said true? That Tort is required, by rule, to put out a legitimate line towards the end of a game? He is literally, not allowed, to put out a tough line to goon it up?

  4. Jeff in South Dakota on

    One thing is for sure, they need more grit. Emblematic of a team that’s checked out on their coach — not sticking up for their teammates. I did not see any sticking up for ‘mates tonight.

  5. Didn’t they win some games last season? Trade Nash for Dubi and Gaborik for Prust? Maybe trade Hank for Perros? I’m not sure what Torts or Sather does here but these guys were a re-enactment of the 2002-2003 NY Rangers tonight.

  6. Home team has last line change. So you send out goons (if we had any) and they send out goons. Remember the NYR/Devils last year at the drop of the opening puck? I guess it was in NY because Torts responded when he saw who the Satans sent out.

  7. don cherry is always into the toughness..

    they are losing because they are not forechecking enough and not sustaining enough offense..

  8. Someone should be very embarrassed. Goalie crashed, nothing. McD almost killed, nothing. 120 MPH slap shot into the Ranger defense with 1 minute left in a 3-0 game, 5 on 3 and an ankle is broken. Nothing.

  9. So if Del Z, Mc D and Danny G are all out against the Jets.. this is our D:
    Stralman Staal
    Eminger Bickel
    Gilroy Collins? Verance?

    Holy Cannoli that is a bleak defense.

  10. Right. That thing made sense. But if we are the road team and we put out a tough line and the Habs respond….isn’t it their coaches fault?

  11. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’m not talking about goon toughness; I’m talking about tough to play against! Good forecheck, hard on the puck, quickness, good hockey IQ, etc. The Rangers are not demonstrating any of that as a team.

  12. I don’t see how they can prove anything. You have a roster of players, all sanctioned by the NHL, and you play the guys you think give you the best advantage. Of course, in the NHL, the suits don’t have to prove anything.

  13. Manshinter, Asham and a 7th for Dubi? I’ve thought about this tonight and although I’ve joked about it in the past getting him back might be really good for these guys. Maybe not offense but a good teammate, decent speed, great board work and penalty killing. He doesn’t seem to be doing great in Columbus maybe we could get the dude back a lot less than we think. Maybe not.

  14. Jeff, How about hockey basics? Pass to the guy in the white or blue shirt, someone go to the net, cause havoc shoot in a rebound or a garbage goal

  15. Yea. It’s REALLY BAD, Jeff. We have no snarl, no jam, no toughness. Nothing. When Hagelin got roughed up I thought someone might do something. Nothing. Not one single moment of being tough or sending a message.

  16. Don Cherry loved our team last season, he said they were like one of his favorites ever that he’s seen.

    This year it’s just pathetic. Players getting injured left and right and the healthy ones not showing up either.

  17. mcdonagh hit, and crease run sure on the retribution front.

    you telling me that there should be retribution for a point shot with 50 seconds left.

    sure, subbann intentionally hit girardi in the leg.. are you drunk……..

  18. Manny , i believe there is discretion and depends on how the refs and Shanahan interpret the activity and who the determine instigated, if there was an instigator. If not both teams pay the piper.

  19. I’d take Dublowski back, too Rangers West, but I think his contract is too big. Its a worse deal than Prust’s.

  20. Jeff in South Dakota on

    jpg’s sister — you are right of course, they aren’t able to execute basic plays.

    Manny — It was BAD! It had no fire, no energy, no nothing! Are we green?

  21. We worry to much about salaries here. Do you think the players care if our employers want to overpay us?? Pay’em what they want and if it puts us over the cap, pay’em under the table.

  22. remember last year when they had a closed door team meeting, do you think that would help at all?

  23. Prust looked like he was playing through some serious pain tonight. Even me, the biggest lover of The Prust in the world, was hoping we would rock him a bit and send a message to the Habs.

    People have intentionally shot the puck at people before. Didn’t Alfredsson do it to…um…Niedermeyer?

  24. Bottom line Manny. Team has not stood up for each other all game, all season. And that is a serious problem.

  25. When will MSG ownership address the failure that is Glen Sather
    Overpaying mediocrity: Dubinsky, Boyle, Richards, HOLIK (8 years at 45 million), Gomez, Chris drury, wade redden….

    Have I missed any one?

  26. I had a relative who pitched for the Tigers. In a preseason game, the opposition hit Cecil Fielder and Sparky Anderson though it was intentional. He told my relative, who was a rookie trying to make the team that year, “Hit the first two batters.” I asked the kid what happened, and he said he hit the first batter, like Sparky told him, and would have been prepared to hit the second one, but everything emptied, benches, bullpens, everything and the party began.

  27. I would have liked to see someone -bite- hit Pacioretty in the face with a stick. He might be from my home state but god….. eff Max Pacioretty.

  28. Paul in sunrise on

    This is more like the 92-93 rangers. All the expectations and zero results. Being back mike Keenan.

  29. Cool story Coos. Can you please go tell it to our dressing room?

    Latona – that moment is epically amazing. I wonder why more guys don’t do that. It’s really a good way to get back at somebody.

  30. Interesting comparison Paul. Can we also bring back Messier, Leetch, Graves, Zubov and Buekeboom with Keenan. Otherwise we are about 5 star players short.

  31. it was a deliberate run at mcdonagh and the blind ref did not even make the call.

    this from pacioretty a guy who whined his ass off after chara cleanly destroyed him into the turnbuckle…

    no 1 is disputing pacioretty went in high on purpose it is a no brainer…

  32. stuart so you’re saying no shanny videos for paciorety hit? has there been any this year, actually?

  33. Pacioretty also whined a lot, and tweeted pictures of the evidence, and got a tetnis shot like a baby, after he bare-handed facewashed Grabovski (who is psychotic) from behind and got himself bit.

    Remember: I don’t condone biting and Grabovski should have lost a limb for behavior like that. But still…….Pacioretty is an idiot.

  34. He was only telling him to get his glove out of his mouth, and as he tried to speak the words, the incisors locked. :)

  35. Why whine about the refs missing a call on Pacioretty??

    This team just is not getting the job done, and does not stick up for one another. Forget the playoffs. It’s 92-93 all over again.

  36. Sounds somewhat silly, considering the difference between professional and youth sports, but I’ll tell you how I test my the character of my indoor soccer teams every year.

    During one practice in which they lack focus or energy, I flip out and I tell them all to go home if they don’t want to be there. Last year, my team went home and we lost in the first round of the playoffs. Two years before, they immediately shut up and gave me the best practice I’ve seen. We went on to win the championship.

    Wonder if Torts would ever try anything like that..

  37. Paul in sunrise on

    The pac hit should have been a five. The hit was also worse than hags against alfredson last year. But it was a rangers marked so just a fine is my guess.

    Mess graves leach kovy zubov. Give me a larmer and tikk while you are at it.

  38. At least 92-93 was pretty darn close to winning. I will take a season where we develop our youngsters and stink and win in a near future season. Totally fine with that!

    That’s all for me folks. ‘Night.

  39. why whine about the refs. because they are suppose to get the calls right not all the calls but the hit on mcdonagh was obvious. i called it immediately from home. if they got thsoe calls right there would be less of those hits that ruin players lives…

    some calls are close, the play is flying by and there is traffic etc.

    the mcdonagh hit was 15 feet from the guy, perfect view, etc…

  40. Paciorety yokes the kid from behind like a cowardly punk stealing your gold chain on the subway, trying to snap his neck. Graboowski responds by defending his personal safety with his teeth because his arms were being held by a third combatant. Paciorety deserved what he got. He should have got rabies.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Players are going to need motorcycle helmets pretty soon. These head injuries are getting to be too much. Malkin’s injury the exception of course…

  42. Been reading all of your posts…not sorry I missed the game tonite.

    If any or all of these guys are injured long term….it’s time to bring in some of the young guys and let them learn under fire.

    Haley probably needs to be brought up for protection.

    Bickel will have to play more minutes as well as Gilroy

    Right now I’d be happy with two 15 goal scorers with balls over Gaborik.

    I guess we’ll see what kind of coaching job Torts is capable of….he supposedly likes the young guys…let’s see it.

  43. If the officials missed the call on Pacioretty, we can only hope Shananigan will make the right call by penalizing the offending player in games and fine money.

    If not, the ‘game’ is a complete sham.

  44. We are worrying about nothing. It’s been guaranteed. We are making the playoffs. carp said it tonight after this embarrassing debacle.

  45. Callahan needs to be the team’s captain and produce better results. If the coaches are asking him to be a babysitter for younger players, the Rangers management should be severely criticized for gross misuse of personnel.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think getting rid of Boyle might be a good idea, but how do you replace his 1 pt. this season?

  47. gaborik does not try.. that is a bad reason.

    richards is just bad, he got old in 5 minutes….

    i cannot believe this team is this bad….i liked the off season moves. the top 6 scorers are back. they added nash, pyatt with size, kreider and miller, lost no defense man..sure prust was a good player but really not that good. dubi and AA nice 2.5 or 3rd liners…


  48. Our team won 3 games without Boyle. So what’s Torts do? Stick the Boyler back in there. This is absolutely not saying he’s the reason, or even a significant reason, for our recent struggles.

  49. He did, however, caveat with “if” McD, Girardi, and Stahl stay healthy. He thinks talent ebbs and flows, but numbers will usually be numbers. Hard to argue.

  50. i do think boyle should be moved. he is a 4th liner who cannot fight, really what good is he.

    ship him out west, wake up mdz…no 1 is safe. you want to play for the NYR show it and produce….

    i would look into moving gabby also, at the right price…the right price is 2 younger guys not as talented but with upside that can play 2nd or 3 line today.

    right now the rangers 1st line is stepan, hagelin, and nash….

    callahan has gotten a pass, that is true. i expect a little more from him..

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – the entire dynamic changed after “one point” Boyle went back into the lineup. That was a stupid move. Do t mess up a good thing

  52. If Kreider had risen to the occasion, and with a healthy Nash and just a decent Richie, we should have been fine this year, one would have thought.

  53. That piece of carcillo Pacioretty took out our best guy. He wouldnt dare even sniff a Bruin. I hope the next time he faces the Bruins, I hope Chara kills him this time.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is gone after this season. Trade gabby for anything… Even picks. … Send Boyle to some Forrest where when he falls down he won’t make a sound… For starters

  55. Did you hear Tort’s tonight? About one minute, unless MSG cut him off. Right away he starts to get all snarly, doing his Bobby Knight impersonation with the Press, then Sam tosses him a couple of beachballs. Who do these guys think pay all the bills?

  56. I think he still might be playing if he duct taped his mouth five years ago and breathed through his nose.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Maloney began the drumbeat on radio re: torts…. This is on him as it should be…. Can’t fire players….

  58. Gaborik is fine with a grinding, forechecking, digging line so he can float to the open ice. When he’s called upon for a complete game, he’s MIA. I think that’s just the nature of the beast within him.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have won 4 playoff series in the last 14-15 years in a league where half the teams make the playoffs….James Dolan is retarded…. No disrespecting intended.

  60. Every other team takes liberties with our players, it’s time to start showing no mercy to other teams.

  61. boyle has 1 point and leads the team at -6.

    boyle has been so bad it is hard to exagerate how lost he is… the guy probably did not work out during the lock out…..

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – and I am fine when I have a stable of babes beachfront in Maui with a cask of Maderia from 1790.

  63. eddie you are not far off.

    being a knicks and rangers fan is not easy…

    i really thought we had the foundation. young, more kill, great goalie, good young d, no 1 on d over 28…..

  64. more skill not kill. of course.

    i like the linsanity line… for a skilled guy gabby sure cannot stick handle in his own zone or in traffic but he is not soft….

  65. Boyle has been so bad at -6.

    Callahan has been -4 with only 4 more points than Boyle. Callahan may be just ahead of Richards.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart – I watched a lot of kings games last year too… And I predicted early in rd1, they were going to the finals…. 4 lines… Team togetherness and good goalie….

  67. Nash, however, amazes me with his adroit moves, anticipation, and whatnots. McD, (for a defenseman,) for the same reasons

  68. eddie you are smarter then me I did not think the Kings were going anywhere last year.

    on Cap Geek just now. Boyle gets $1.7 mill. this year and next, pyatt has a 2 year deal and so does asham btw….

    do not look at richards contract you will go into convulsions..OUCH.

    trade gabby and go plumber what the heck do I know…play 12 forwards who are fast and get the damn puck deep…

  69. Girardi is gonna have a busted hoof.

    This may be one of those seasons where they say, ” we needed to lose to learn how to win” . I really do hate that.

  70. torts plays with the lines more then other coach’s

    i did not think of since boyle has been back in the lineup the results have gone south.. is he really that horrible???

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart – once sutter came in and Richards and carter united… The kings turned into a brand new team…. Had we beaten the devils…. The kings would have swept us

  72. This team is in HUGE trouble, and not just because of the injuries. They’ve look losted from game 1 and now the coach seems bewildered.

    Enough of ‘the top guys have to be top guys’ and ‘we dropped off…’

    Ahhh…yeah dude. We can all see that – time to intervene and get your top guys to be top guys and your team to stopping dropping off.

    Isn’t it?

    Or is it ALL on the players….??

  73. He did give that boy who crashed Biron a minor piece of his mind. He should have kept it. He has little mind to waste at this point.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Even if the rangers make the playoffs….. They ain’t winning a 7 game series against anybody.

  75. If it is what it is, I say bring up McI, Haley, combine them with Ash, Mash, and Bicks, and set some records straight. ))

  76. Torts Pressers on

    Hey stay in your lane. I’m asking the questions here you idiot. Do you think we suck? Do you think I suck? How high do you think I can jump? We’re done.

  77. coming in late here, and really appreciate how hard Pacioretty (a good CT kid) has batteled to play given that really bad hit he took from Chara and other such surgeries as, say and appondectomy (sp?)

    BUT, he can suck my hairy, f-ing Mucklers for that g-darned hit on McDonagh- if you hear the feed from HNIC they even say “payback” for the hit McD put on him earlier (which IMO he slowed up on precisely so that he didn’t hurt him). Doesn’t change the outcome, doesn’t change the injury- but for g’s sake- suspend the m-f’er for precisely what our moose-loving brethern from El Norte aptly called “payback”. And if Shanny’s circus of inconsistency doesn’t do something about it:


    this team has no cojones, no fight and no offense….so at least make it physically difficult to play against us. GDAMN IT.

  78. Torts Pressers on

    You trying to embarrass me? You trying to make me look like a fool? I don’t need you for that. I can do that on my own. You jerk.

  79. Torts Pressers on

    Do you know how high I can jump? Do you? I don’t think so? I can jump pretty high. You idiot.

  80. Torts Pressers on

    You tell me. How does the power play look? What ? You don’t know what your talking about. Get a real job.

  81. true blue if you are counting on the nhl to do the right thing you will be dissapointed a 100% of the time.

    mcdonaghs hits were clean and legal, paciorettys was not…..but the canadien fans will delude themselves of some other reality….mcdonagh could have creamed pacioretty, pacioretty was on his knees at the low board, he could have really pile drived him into the boards big time.. the prust hit was clean also……

    the caveman mentallity of many is terrible….

  82. Torts Pressers on

    I’m Coach Tortorella. I said I’m Coach Totorella. Did you hear what I said. Are you stupid? Are you brain dead? Blow away you baboon.

  83. ***pardon me….last line should have read “this stuff????” way wrong if there was a bad word in there, accidental and apologies

  84. This 11:51pm post seemed to disappear on the repost. I wonder why???

    loneranger February 23rd, 2013 at 11:51 pm
    Carp: Youe earlier post “So, after 51 wins, 109 points, ECF, and the development of a very young team, you’re firing the coaches because the power play stinks? Makes perfect sense. That’s how you become the Islanders really fast.” Carp Last year was sort of a perfect storm. a diiferent chemistry of a team of all hard working players who when they had troublewinning, they would mix it up a bit and makehings happen. We don’t retaliate anymore, we don’t freeken hit, we lack passion. We hadGOD as a goalie, we had about 6-9 players who would crash through brick walls. Players are traded, other players get older; chemistry can change very abruptly. THIS IS NOT NOT NEARLY THE SAME TEAM AS LAST YEAR. THAT COMPOUNDED WITH INJURIES AND YOU STILL THINK THIS TEAM IS GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Come on, how many month does this coach need to make this or his power play work He sits people to punish them and man they ccome back the better for it are you kidding. Now the one thing that hurt as more than any other team was the short season. We were a team that wore other teams out last year. We’re not the same condtioned team that we were last year. Why was Gaborik, Richards, Boyle Callahan not in proper condition when the season started. Were other teams off season conditioning programs that much better than ours. What reponsibility, not withstanding the injuries that we have had, must Tort’s and his coaching staff be accountable for. Do you think its possible with the exception of the very young guys that Tort’s is wearing very thin with our top players and slowing losing this team. When the times get tougher the tough get going. This getting to be like the Richard Harris Classic ‘McCarther Park.” We’ll never get this recipe again” What a mess!!!!!

  85. Just finished watching this awfulness on DVR and I have now joined the “this team isn’t going far” group. If it was just bad offense, defensive breakdowns, turnovers, and injuries, I’d say this team could still right the ship. This team is plagued with a much bigger problem that is not an easy fix: they do not play as a team. They go into Montreal – which is one of the softest teams they’ll face this season – facing a slew of injuries. Pacioretty, a soft player, runs one of our better defensemen with a dirty hit that may have been with bad intentions and causes an injury that could be serious. Our response? Nothing. We don’t pick up the physical game, push and shove after whistles, talk trash, or get in a fight. Even after it was obvious we would lose the game, we did nothing. To the rest of the team, it appeared as if no one cared about the hit or the injury. And then as if to add an exclamation point on our indifference, Biron got run when the game was out of reach and aside from Boyle’s half-hearted effort, we did nothing once again. In my opinion, the team mentality will not come if it is not here by now, unfortunately. Here’s hoping I am wrong…

  86. loneranger,

    compose yourself, quit smoking and do things to yourself that most of us would not do.

    It was just a sports game, no big deal, make an appoinment with me and we will set things right.

    The charge is $125 an hour, the couch is complimentary, and the results are guaranteed.

    So, take a plunge, sir…

  87. I see E3 and coos bailed out and I am fresh in, so you take me on, friends, I beseech you, for the “Dies Irae” is coming to you for sure.

  88. I really hope that McDonagh and Girardi are OK. McDonagh didn’t look dazed after that hit. I think he might have suffered a broken jaw or something. Girardi took a hard shot, I hope he is not hurt too bad.

    Boyle for $1.7 million? I would definitely keep him on fourth line, but that Sather reclamation project I would classify as a failure. Gilroy? he doesn’t really belong here either. Maybe as a 7th defenseman but he runs around, poke checks, chicken little I call him.

    We need some good news on the injuries and we need Nash. I don’t know how you fix team toughness, but I would imagine someone running a top NHL franchise would have better ideas than I do.

  89. If Pachioretty gets suspended for that hit on McD, this league truly became soft. Between Hall getting suspended for trying to throw a legal open ice hit (and Clutterbuck not paying attention) and then McD turning his back on at the last second on someone he hit from behind minutes earlier. Yes, the hitters need to be more careful, but players who are getting hit need to be smarter.

    Even Mark messier said, back in his day, he assumed everyone would throw a hit from anywhere whenever he had the puck, so he always protected himself. Guys today seem to think they are invincible and put themselves in awful positions to be hit. This is probably the 3rd time McD has done it too and he’s just going to get himself seriously hurt.

  90. Hall threw a legal hit? that inspires a few questions:

    did you watch it?
    did you watch the Shanahan “you are a bad boy” video?
    are you from Edmonton?
    Do you play hockey?
    When did you start drinking?

  91. Well, i can see now that I just recently wrote a profanity laced post…forgive me. I just watched that travesty.

  92. Jonny D

    Retreat back under the bridge from which you came. If you need some help, John Frusciante and Anthony Keides will be glad to help.

  93. Tomb – it was a penalty on Hall and it should’ve been. But he lined up Clutterbuck for a hit expecting him to keep going forward since he played the puck. Clutterbuck decided not to and turned towards the bench, so he made contact with his leg.

    There was no intent to injure. It was just a poorly timed play where Hall guessed wrong.

    Trust me, I hate the Oilers, but the fact Hall got 2 games for guessing wrong like that and hitting Clutterbucks thigh (due to him deciding last second not to play the puck) and Jannik Hansen got 1 game for elbowing Hossa in the head is a joke.

  94. The NHL referees are the sacred cows, I really do not understand the secrecy about the rating and the accountability in the NHL refereeing in the presence of a hundreds of of video angles on an every play to be examined in HD.

    If a referee cannot tell who is interfeering with whom and calls it wrong, he/she should be suspended, upon a replay and re-examination of facts, is anyone telling us what the procedure is or isn’t??

    This is not to serve as an excuse for our team, for any team is liable to suffer an inferior refereeing damage, but all the teams are somehow prevented from a meaningful inquiry into the NHL policy regarding their Referee Program. It certainly has not been addressed in the latest agreement.

    So we are stuck with poorly trained (rule-wise) and physically unprepared referees who often interfeer with the game both physically and mentally.

    Thank you for indulging this nefarious subject. (I may repost this later, for sure.)

  95. So lets look at this roster..and take away Richards and replace them with “anything”..ok let’s see.. Ummmm ok how bout we replace them with Dubinsky and Prust? Maybe throw anisimov back in the fold I replace Krieder..
    Do you guys REALLY think this team would be better off? Don’t answer while angry or feeling the frustration of what’s been a strange season thus far..take a breath think rationally and get back to me

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