Senators 3, Rangers 2 (SHO): Post-game notes


Courtesy of the NYR:

February 21, 2013 (Game 16, Away Game 6)

Scotiabank Place –
Ottawa, ON
Senators 3, Rangers 2 (shootout)

Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Ottawa Senators, 3-2, in the shootout tonight at Scotiabank Place. New York has now recorded a point in 10 of their last 14 games (8-4-2 over the span), including points in six of the last seven games (4-1-2), after dropping their first two games of the season.

–      The Blueshirts have posted a record of 8-6-2 (18 pts) overall, including a 2-3-1 mark on the road this season.

–      New York tallied two goals in a 51-second span of the third period, at 10:44 and 11:35 of the final frame.

–      The Rangers have registered at least one point in 11 of their last 16 games against the Senators, posting a record of 8-5-3 over the span.

–      The Blueshirts’ penalty kill was 1-2 (2:11) in the contest, and are now 18-19 (94.7%) in their last seven games.

–      The Rangers’ power play was 1-4 (6:55) in the game, and have now tallied a power play goal in three of the last four games (3-15, 20.0% over the span).

Player Notes:

–      Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 35 of 37 shots through regulation and overtime, and stopped five of seven in the shootout. He is now 7-6-1 overall, including a 1-3-1 mark on the road this season. Lundqvist has appeared in 27 of the Rangers’ last 28 meetings with Ottawa, dating back to Dec. 26, 2005.

–      Ryan Callahan notched a power play goal, converted his shootout attempt, and was credited with four hits in 24:52 of ice time. He now ranks third on the team with four goals on the season.

–      Ryan McDonagh tallied a goal, three shots on goal, four hits and posted a plus-one rating in 22:51 of ice time. He has now registered five points (two goals, three assists) in the last seven games.

–      J.T. Miller recorded his first career assist with the primary helper on McDonagh’s third period goal, and was credited with two hits in 9:42 of ice time.

–      Marc Staal tallied a power play assist, tied for the game-high with six blocked shots, was credited with three hits, and led all skaters with 27:57 of ice time. He has now recorded six assists in the last nine contests.

–      Jeff Halpern registered his first point as a Ranger with an assist, was credited with three hits and won 5-8 faceoffs (63%) in 14:50 of ice time.

–      Derek Stepan recorded a power play assist and led all forwards with a career-high, 26:21 of ice time. He has now tallied a point in four of the last five games (two goals, two assists over the span), including a point in each of the last three games (one goal, two assists over the span).

–      Dan Girardi tied for the game-high with six blocked shots, registered four shots on goal and logged 27:21 of ice time. He now leads the team with 37 blocked shots on the season.

Team Schedule:

–      Please note the Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 22.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday, Feb. 23, at Bell Centre (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), in their second meeting in four days.




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  1. “Lots of guys they couldn’t pass up on. Bure, Lindros, Jagr, Robitaille, I’d say Esposito but they made the Finals in 79.”

    If the Rangers didn’t have the worst hockey luck in the universe, I’d have to agree that they SHOULDN’T have traded for all of the names mentioned above. Are you serious?

  2. Re-post from dead blog: re-hwirth, you are a large man to shrug off my catty remark, and I do respect that. I also know what you are saying and it’s hard to disagree. I greedily enjoy watching Nash more than any of the others, so I have a prejudice there.

  3. Re-post from dead blog: Papa Bear, Hagelin looks like he might fit the Goldilocks role. Keep your eye on him with the porridge. :-)

  4. You know a team’s in trouble when the loss of a single player can make such a difference. The Rangers can’t win without Callahan or without Nash.
    I don’t get to see Torts’ post-game interviews down here in Fla. It’s he as passive there as he is behind the bench this season? I don’t think I’ve seen him get bat-spit crazy on the bench even a single time yet.
    Also last year’s Torts would’ve already sent Richards to hang out with the black aces.

  5. How anyone can evaluate the trade after sixteen games preceded by several months of nothingness, a limited training camp, and no exhibition games is beyond me.

  6. Other than saying it was a necessary, no doubt about it trade, both in terms of acquiring the franchise’s primary need and in terms of the asking price.

  7. Cooscoos – I don’t disagree with you about that with Nash. Because he’s in the West, I’ve only seen him live what 5 – 6 times at most at MSG and there’s no question watching him live consistently he does some special things with the puck. That’s why I keep saying this is not a knock on Nash the player but on the decision and risk to break up a team that had developed a chemistry and was clearly going to fight for one another.

  8. The worrying thing about that, Lloyd, is that I’m a pretty huge moron, and even I can comprehend that.

  9. I know it’s easy to blame the coach…

    But, put things in perspective. You have to look at the the players who are paid the big bucks….

    Your best two offensive players right now are Hagelin and Stepan. This is a team that has approximately $22m in salary cap tied up in three offensive players who are supposedly “elite”. They aren’t producing in the numbers that are expected of them. Many experts expected the Rangers to win the Cup this year. Tough to see that as a sure-fire prediction when Richards has regressed into a giveaway machine a la Sean Avery…

    You have no one on the back end that can fire a hard low slapshot.

  10. Sometimes a coach or a manager starts to go easier on his team when he realizes they are working hard, but can’t get it done. Could this be Tortorella’s secret admission? He sure wouldn’t tell US. He needs Nash, and even then, he needs 100% from the rest. There is no 110%, so barring a move, it is what it is and it MIGHT be good enough year end. (Idle Speculation)

  11. Ben Bishop. Cripes. Glad I was on an airplane so I could not watch. What, Mike Brodeur was unavailable?

  12. Latona – I understand your point but I am not going on the 16 games. I’ve been saying this since last Feb. Let’s not forget the majority of fans both on here and at MSG were chanting “We dont want you.”

    I’d also be saying this if their record was better. I didn’t like the trade at the time and therefore won’t just change my opinion because he’s a Ranger now. It’s very possible I’ll be proven wrong (which is great! means the Rangers are winning) but I am not act like he’s great just because he has the uniform on when the entire building and most real fans hated the idea of the deal a year ago.

  13. so you’re not only going by 16 games but going by games that weren’t played

    crawl back under your rock until the next loss

  14. I didn’t like the idea of the deal when players like Stepan and Kreider were rumored to be involved, hwirth. The deal as it happened was excellent, IMO. And I don’t think the chant was anything more than Garden fooldiggery. However, I respect your outlook.

  15. That was very odd, that chant. I think it had more to do with the big bucks his agent was demanding, the perception fans had of his supposed ego, and the way the whole thing dragged out plus the fact that he was at that time, the enemy. His “low maintenance” un- Hollywood demeanor here has changed all that.

  16. Latona – Normally I’d agree with you abt. not taking stuff at MSG seriously. But that chant was coming from the 400’s from people that are there every single game and are very passionate about the team.

    As for the proposed trade. It’s why I still wouldn’t have done the deal. I would have liked to have seen the team toughness they clearly had last year with a one year older Stepan and a full season of Krieder along with Miller before taking any of the kids away from the group.

  17. When the Mets traded Nolan Ryan, we received back a very serviceable third baseman who filled that hole nicely, not.

  18. Cooscoos – I was just going to post that and I hit refresh and saw you said it first. Totally agree with that. He’s a good guy and has said and done all the right things but I’d rather he get a little angry. I think that will come with time because the idea that he’s supposed to come here and be another guy at 8 mil dollars is ridiculous.

    It’s his team whether he likes it or not. He was brought here to be the Final piece that everyone around the League said would put them over the top and so far he’s a very talented guy no question but he needs to add the leadership part of this deal.

  19. You make that deal 100 times out of 100 like Carp said.

    If Stepan had to be in that deal, it would have been a dealbreaker for me…

  20. Man, the look on JD’s face when he saw Artie go down… really depressing..

    Glad Artie is responsive and all that…hope he’s going to be alright…

  21. A million to one
    That’s what the folks think
    About this team of ours;
    A million to one
    They say our team will fade
    Like yesterday’s flowers

  22. How can a guy with two 91 point seasons under his belt play like this. Oh yea, he’s a Ranger now. Dope!

  23. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I think, if the Rangers were able to make the exact Nash deal at the trade deadline (which they couldn’t), they would have had a better shot at the Cup than they have of not winning the Cup this year.

    Clear as mud?

    hwirth, the reason the trades don’t work out (most of the time) is because there is a 1 in 30 shot of winning it all. Or 1 in 29 if you count out the Islanders.

    And you used the argument of getting Matteau and Noonan in ’94, but they broke up about 25% of the team at the *deadline* and still won the Cup.

  24. I’ve been wrong before, but I don’t see Richie ever playing up to his past, even if he does somewhat improve from what we’re seeing.

  25. “Who is your founding, father?”
    “I have built this church upon a rock, my son”
    “I’m not talking about a foundation for chrissake.”

  26. The Sens have lost 3 of their best players (Michalek, Spezza, and Karlsson), 2 of which are more important than anyone on the Rangers, and they’ve been winning. So losing Nash or Callahan shouldn’t be an excuse as to why this team isn’t playing well.

    Fact is they aren’t very deep and this year might end up being a wash (92-93 anyone?). Next year with a full training camp will help them out since they had so many moving pieces this past offseason and little time to put it together.

  27. coos, here’s my favorite line of Emily Bronte’s. From Wuthering Heights, Nelly to Cathy..

    “Good words, but deeds must prove it also. And after he (Edgar) is well, remember you don’t forget resolutions formed in the hour of fear.”

    This quote can certainly apply to NYR in their present state, can it not?

  28. In Cyrano, he is in a rowdy barroom in the wee hours and someone warns him that there are ten brigands ready to take advantage of his drunkenness and ambush him when he leaves. Cyrano replies indignantly, “They send only Ten!”

  29. Not one of the more striking or evident ones from the novel, but it’s always stuck with me for its simple profoundness.

  30. Lloyd, I didn’t mean that Torts isn’t chewing out his own players, I meant his interaction with the refs, linesmen and opposing players and coaches. Whenever the camera pans to Torts’ reaction to things he’s almost always smiling with a sarcastic “everything that can go wrong always seems to go wrong for us” look.
    Also, for those who didn’t have the “benefit” of watching the Ottawa feed on Left Of Center Ice, Dennis Potvin can give Cheapo Retched a run for his money. He was whining about how Kreider not getting called for a penalty from the Anderson takeout play was a “Travesty!” Even after seeing the replay that clearly showed that Kteider was tripped, he.barely backed down.
    I really miss the days when he did the Florida Panthers games and I got to do the “Potvin Sucks” chant while he was always in the building.

  31. Everyone except Potvin knows, unfortunately, that Kreider doesn’t do things like that unless he’s pushed/tripped.

  32. Listening to Potvin talk is like listening in to conversations at the ladies locker room at Bryn Mawr.

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