It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Senators


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Game 16.
Rangers at Senators.

Ya boys will be one-third of the way through this Bettmaned season after tonight’s game in beautiful downtown Kanata, Ont., just a short 55-minute, bumper-to-bumper, straight-into-the-setting sun, 3 mph ride from Canada’s capital.

This is the first meeting since the nasty seven-game series with the Senators in last spring’s playoffs, the one in which Teflon Chris Neil promised that he will catch Michael Del Zotto with his head down, after concussing Brian Boyle with an unpunished elbow to the head. Of course, some of the main combatants in that series, including Matt Carkner, Zenon Konopka and Brandon Prust are all gone.

The Rangers had gotten points (albeit one of those a Bettman Bonus Point for Losing) in five straight games before Tuesday’s loss to Montreal … … … … oh, sorry, I dozed off for a moment there just thinking about that game.

Rick Nash (undisclosed super-duper top-secret injury) did not make the trip. Arron Asham, who skipped Wednesday’s practice for maintenance (the same reason Nash and Girardi skipped practice before missing games with undisclosed injuries), skated this morning. Stu Bickel skated at forward, too.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal, which means Martin Biron, who was one of our Three Stars Tuesday, might start Saturday in Montreal … … … … … ooops. nodded off again

Craig Anderson starts in goal for the Senators, who lost Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson for the season to an unpunished Matt Cooke cheapshot, and are without injured Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek (though they were “without” both of them for most of the seven games last spring).


We will have our weekly Live Chat Friday at noon. Be there. Or else. Should be fun and lively if the Rangers don’t take two tonight.

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  1. re-post:
    No, it was in a scrum in Game 1 and Boyle threw a bunch of short rabbit punches at Karlsson. That’s why Carkner dressed and went after him in Game 2.

  2. Oh Right. I do remember Boyle doing that to Karlsson. Bet he wishes he could be treated like that now. Instead of undergoing surgery because didn’t wear a kevlar sock.

  3. double ditto: Boyle’s a large specimen. If he got totally outraged and didn’t care about being hit, he might be a problem. The real gorillas are ready to take a couple to throw a couple.

  4. I think they targeted Boyle because he was a beast in general, maybe the Rangers best player in that series…

    Certainly, the little jabs at Karlsson didn’t help him make any friends in Kanata….and, they tried to “intimidate” him with Carkner…

    It took a dirty, illegal play for them to neutralize Boyle…

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “Beast in general” ???? Do you even watch hockey? Are you stupid? Idiot? Moron?

    Get a clue – he was a beast in Colonol

  6. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS lets do this!!!!!!

    Lets go gog gog go gog gog og goggoogo!!!



  7. ARE YOUUUU ready to rumble!!!!!!!?????

    Three fast periods of Rangers hackey folks!!!! Put the kids to bed and get ready for a ring -a-ding-dong-dandyyyyy!!!!!

    lets go lets go lets go lets go RANGERSS!!!!!

  8. Something that makes me feel old…

    I watched Andre Benoit for a year playing for a terrible Kitchener Rangers team in 2000/01 (alongside Derek Roy and our very own Steven E. Minger) when he was a 16-year-old forward.

    He’s now a D-man on the Senators and scored his first NHL goal last game at the age of 29.

  9. It’s a 1895 Remington, Coos. It was really difficult to hook up. Let me tell you. Carp’s IT team had to work overtime.


  10. Wouldnt you know it, at Buffalo Wild Wings for game tonight, ask bartender for Rangers game on TV, guy next to me says “I was hoping for the Bruins game.” Of course, he looks like a child mo-mo. :)

  11. Tiki – tell him if he can name 10 players currently ON the Bruins then he wins. When he can’t….you get the Rangers game.

  12. I remember Asham getting hurt in the Montreal game … but he came back so I didn’t even write it down, and now I can’t remember what it was. Left arm?

  13. they stick the rangers on a small 27 inch tv. college basketball is on the big screen. this is disgusting.

  14. Another of our new “superstars” is injured? (Asham….hehahaha!) The “Blue Flu” continues…

  15. Carp – Forgot to post to ask a question about Tuesday. Why would the ice have been so bad at the Garden compared to any other average night? And I don’t think the zamboni liquid takes terribly long to set, or else they wouldn’t have between-periods entertainment. Maybe the one extra intermission minute is to sell two more commercials.

  16. well that sucked. I’ve already noticed Richards not back checking or hustling back to the bench for a line change… nice effort. :/

  17. blow it up the whole team is an utter disgrace and richy is the biggest piece of crap i have seen lately

  18. Fair point, Papa. That is precisely the soft goal that Hank has been giving up all year. Over the left shoulder.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    This is terrible so far. This team is missing four of their best five players including their best dman and two best forwards.

  20. can’t kill hank on that goal. The guy walked out all alone and had all the time in the world.

  21. Does MSG really, really think Rangers fans give a flying crap about the minor stuff going on with the opponent? Spend 30 seconds in pregame to tell us who’s hurt, who’s hot, whatever … then stick with the team that people tune in to see. Am I wrong?

    I mean, shouldn’t they be breaking down the mutiple breakdowns on that SHG instead of telling us about the Senators draft picks and minor leaguers?

  22. Papa Bear Wang on

    Matt – not killing him. Looking for more from him. At that angle, he needs to poke check or challenge not sit back and sit down.

  23. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    Carp – i like when pierre tells us what time some player ate breakfast in 5th grade

  24. Hank needs to make that save. Come on. He won the Vezina. He has not been that great, statistically, this year. Just like the rest of our team.

  25. finally on laptop
    did i miss much?


  26. we really don’t have much snarl. we are getting some opportunities, but I wish this team would play a little meaner.

  27. Move Boyle down to the 4th line already. Big, Humaingous 4th line. Let Halpern get more ice time with the kids on the 3rd line. He creates. He’s like Mini-Nash (way exceeded my expectations)

  28. at times like this in the past, i’d say it was time for Dubi to get into a fight. now, i don’t know who would or could and have any impact on the team as a whole. mainly i’d worry that one of these figure skaters would get hurt.

  29. Please get a humungous line on the ice to annihilate these guys. Mashinter vs. Turris and Bickel vs. Neil. Boyle can hide in the corner and cry into his glove with some PTSD flashback….

  30. i think Dave Maloney may
    put on a pair of skates
    and show these players how it’s done

    he sounds pretty
    peeved right now

  31. Kenny Albert had a “love-letter” interview with Potvin (sucks!) before the game, and Sam & Joe are having an Alfredsson love-fest…all is normal..

  32. If this was last year we would have Mashinter and Bickel on the ice for the last 15 seconds of that to rough it up a bit…

  33. I would put Halpern in Richards’ place…Halpern really has been playing with speed and can make a play…

  34. Papa Bear Wang on

    Jpg – if Maloney keeps going of the reservation he’ll be working with brother Don in exile

  35. Has “the room” tuned out on Torts…..? Everything he says that they need to do, they don’t!

  36. seriously if brad richards is this type of player we are wasting our time believing this team is any more then a 500 type team

  37. great Pp boy the Rangers. like the boyle cross ice giveaway about 1 minute into the game. besides his inability to score he is a moron…

    richards no clue late in the period he tried to get the puck back to gaborik who was being checked as he was 3 seconds earlier. if richards looked where he was passing on occassion it might help, just saying…

    girardi looked horrible on the shorty, he fell because of?????

    staal with a nice giveaway near the end also, newsflash go up the friggin wall, dope.

  38. well,
    Maloney’ll probably much less
    stressed commenting on the coyotes

    i swear it’s as if carbon monoxide is pumped
    into Rangers locker room
    and brain cells of how to play
    the game disintegrated.

  39. Yea. How does Hank not poke check that puck? I just saw the replay in slo-mo on NHL Network. Sheesh.

  40. FlaRanger, one of the best things about the video of Malik’s crazy SO goal is JD’s reaction. I love watching that thing. Classic!

  41. who is more of a waste boyle, richards, bickell, halpern??? they do almost nothing…

    boyle says all the pablam but he stinks…

  42. Definitely fair to throw Bickel in there, Stuart. Definitely pin it on him…..

    And Dr. Halpern? Have you been watching? How could anyone be upset with him?

  43. Papa Bear Wang on

    Boyle will make a good announcer.. He is oblivious to the game and the way there playing.

  44. dammmm it!!
    i was really hoping and
    going to try
    not to be so negative
    and cranky
    but a shortie
    and sens mauling us like
    it was game 2 from last spring
    just eats me up


  45. Yeah, stuart…we should be putting Newbury and Segal out there….right?

    Maybe we should trade for Erksine!??

  46. Obviously, Mr. Ed is the problem. The $6.66 million dollar problem that can be solved with a check from Jim Dolan…

  47. Great points, NYR. Segal had a GWG for the Whale the other night. Newbury (age 31) usually leads the team in goals. Give them a chance!

  48. Carp – you don’t think you would throw Halpern on the second line for a few shifts in the second? He’s been working really hard and maybe he gets something going. Why not at this point?

  49. Folks just deal with the fact we are a terrible team. We have no right making the playoffs and if we do we will be one and done. Total disgrace of a hockey team.

  50. “i swear it’s as if carbon monoxide is pumped
    into Rangers locker room”

    Best possible reason that they are playing this way!

  51. in all seriousness
    based on last year
    and some of the additions
    of last summer
    we looked like
    we’d be a top team in the league

    to be watching this chaotic mess
    is just becoming frustrating to the point
    of apathy

  52. newburry is not an option. when a guy is late 20’s or 30 + and been in the nhl a few games here and there it is for a reason. i got an idea play miller and kreider more minutes!!!crazy but what the heck.

    halpern has zero points, nada, 1 less then boyle. what do you want to do, give him a raise?????

    3rd and 4th line have to score on occassion, they do not get a pass. they are less to blame then richards or gabby for sure but they need to contribute on occassion.

    gabby, scores in very few games, when he scores it is usually multiple…he is a soft….

  53. i have seen enough of newbury to know hes useless. career minor leaguer

    just poured myself a scotch.

  54. Maybe Richie Rich is colorblind. He likes to pass and drop pass to the opposition. And how long are Micheletti and Mister Everyone is Great going to milk this Amorante thing?

  55. Yea….I was being Sarcastic about Segal and Newbury. The only guys in Hartford I want to see that I haven’t are Kyle Jean and Thomas

  56. nice on the erskine jab..

    erskine is no worse then bickell.

    erskine may have as many points as dumbo del zotto.. again i think mdz has rocks for brains…

    i did not see the alfreddsson save on mdz i was in the car but i could imagine….

  57. What kind of scotch, eric?

    Speaking of…..apparently Maker’s Mark is going to water down it’s product 6.75% because they want to sell more of it (they say they can’t keep up with Demand). I think they are at 88 Proof right now.

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    So we are playing a team with 3 rookies, 4 minor leaguers and are still losing to them. Gee, I dont know, maybe it’s time to start questioning what in the hell our style of game is? Maybe we start questioning he coaching staff and start holding them accountable for the lack of a powerplay now for four seasons? Carp?

  59. I think they added that extra minute of intermission time so I could finish watching a full episode of Wheel of Fortune during that time and have none left over.

  60. “Richards is hurt? Put him on LTIR, acquire O’Reilly! Boom!”

    Latona, we still have plently of room on the infirmary list for O’Reilly, too – that’s where he will wind up if he’s acquired by the NYR…

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards hasn’t taken a stride and has been gliding since the season began, getting hurt didn’t make a change.

  62. Yea, Doodie. I think Richards is going to say the injury that happened tonight actually happened in the off-season.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand Pitbull’s English less than I do his Spanish, and I don’t speak Spanish.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    I said 1 or 2 nothing Sens. I see nothing that suggests to me the score will be any different except the Sens might score another and then have the opportunity to get a third via empty-netter.

  65. Sounds like Anisimov was strapped to a stretcher and taken off the ice. Not good. Poor Artie…

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards is terrible. I wish Torts would grow some balls (I said balls) and bench him. Honestly, Richards < No Richards.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if I could ask Torts one question, it would be why do you continue to give Richards not only a lot of ice time, but any ice time, considering he is consistently the worst skater in every game?

  68. Czechthemout!!! on

    Play Miller at center between Kreider and Cally. Speaking of which, he hasnt done much either today.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards does not touch that puck, sorry Joe. Also, conveniently ignored the fact that the whole odd-man rush the other way was caused by Richards coughing up the puck on a boneheaded play just inside the offensive zone.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Bad physical condition this season would be worse, Carp. Because if he comes back next year in some sort of shape, then the Rangers might not use their amnesty buyout on him. But if he’s done and sucks next year, then spending 18 million to get rid of him without a cap penalty will be MIGHTY appealing.

  71. Mertonian Norm on

    Anderson has had NOTHING to do this period. Rangers finding energetic ways to not be dangerous.

  72. Right. That’s what I meant. If he’s done, then he’s a compliance buyout this summer. If he’s out of shape, then they try to get him in shape next summer and give him another shot.

    ps, agree about Hagelin and Stepan, but neither player is good enough at this stage, or maybe ever, to carry a team for very long.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you must be loving how they are playing tonight. Tomorrow’s Charp will set records.

  74. I hope Anisimov wakes up and says, ” Crazy play. He jump. Land on head. I try move. No. Skate. No. Then get off. Go locker room. Feel good. Come back. Play hard. Do good. Shoot. Score.”

  75. richards loves the friggin backhand. must have 3 giveaways a game from his backhand slow pitch pass. 1/2 blueline or out..

    gabby not quite as severe but he sucks in his own zone..

  76. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    RIR – welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends…….come inside come inside…..

  77. LMGO, LW.

    Chat will be fun tomorrow.

    I didn’t think that the start to this game was bad, then the shorthander — I don’t know who to blame other than the last three guys, Del Zotto, Girardi and Lundqvist, but there was more before that — then this team didn’t do jack after that.

    and yet, they get two goals in the third and everybody turns those frowns upside down, because this place is like that, as you know.

  78. Are they trying to make me hate hockey?! We we too spoiled by last year our one freaking year where things went right

  79. I mean that Hagelin has been the best Ranger for a number of games in a row. Not just tonight.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think physical condition or being done, either way they won’t buy him out until after next year. It will cost $24 million to buy him out this summer. Next summer it will cost them $18 million. His salary next season is $9 million. So it costs them only an extra $3 million to give him another shot next year on the slim chance (read:not a snowball’s chance in hell) that he gets it together next season.

  81. Gaborik has been scoring so many goals from around the net the past few years. Great, but where are the mid- and long-range wrist and slap shots that he scored on in his debut season?

  82. Totally agree, Carp. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. I’m just saying the kid has stepped up. He is going to make a career out of smacking home Nash’s rebounds. And that’s great. We obviously need the top guys to step up.

  83. Dallas Starts Twitter account makes me like the team:

    @DallasStars@ PP Alert: Kevin Bieksa is sent to the *sin bin* after a knee-to-knee collision with Loui Eriksson. #Stars with their first PP of the night

    Mix in that hilarious Romo stuff with the Modano tweets. Awesome.

  84. Remember when people were complaining that WE DIDN’T trade assets at the deadline a few years ago for Richards?

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards, just a suggestion: how about looking at where you are passing and using your forehand? Because your no-look backhands only end up on Senators sticks.

  86. ?@AGrossRecord@ Stu Bickel with a decent shot from above the left faceoff circle. *Just wanted to type that.*

    Good one from Gross!

  87. start the 3rd on the PP with a clean sheet. great. our studs can make this PP machine perform like clock work..


    stepan and hagelin been there best forwards for games…

  88. Czechthemout!!! on


    Its called Tom Renney hockey. Thats what Torts’ team has become. What happened to the coach that believed in safe is death? This not what I thought we were getting .

  89. i never asked the rangers to dump prospects for richards intraseason.

    i believe allmost every FA sigining is a waste any paying big $ for anyone over 30 is insane…

  90. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I don’t know Papa. Was Slatsko GM then? He must have had some real scouts back then…

  91. Holy Crap! Chara (Largest man in NHL) was just in a shoving match with Connacher (Smallest man in the NHL)

    Chara takes a roughing penalty for punching the little rugrat.

    PS – Connacher is really good.

  92. gabby plays at 70%, richards has no clue on the backhand stuff, mdz has rocks for brains, boyle does not believe in gravity and therefore he can never find the puck. i can go on and on.

    torts generates offense from forecheck only and when that is not working they have nothing..

  93. Looked flukey. Two guys going to the board and Anisimov just falls in between Quincy and White. Quincy fell elbow first right into his head. Ansimov wasn’t moving and ended up strapped to a stretcher.

    John Davidson came running down to check it out.

  94. NHL Blue Jackets ?@BlueJacketsNHL
    Per #CBJ VP of PR @ToddSharrock: Anisimov is alert, moving, never lost consciousness. He’s gone to a hospital (precaution) for evaluation.

  95. Mertonian Norm on

    Highlight of 2nd period, late on: Bickel fires one on net, at about 50 MPH, with no teammate in front. Anderson checks his cell for messages, scratches at that annoying, hard-to-reach itch just below his shoulder blade, and steers the puck to a teammate. Gives the lie to: Putting the Puck on Net is Never a Bad Idea.

    Bickel. Playing. In the NHL.

  96. maybe last year was just a dream

    before you know it teams in 6th 7th and 8th will be 6-7 pts ahead of us

  97. What the holey hell is wrong with Nash!!!???? WE NEED him , badly!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! just win baby , just win this thang!!

  98. “bill pidto freaking blows as well. everything and everyone associated with msg”

    haha…relax there, hondo.

    not a fan of pidto, but MSG has a great team.

  99. Coos or Eddie…remember that song ” oh marezdoats and bradeats oats and Sidneycrosbydivey”..sung by another Crosby :)

  100. Especially all the volunteers sitting at MSG, where the game is *not*, answering phones for the Garden of Dreams.

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Your name is ZzZz NYR ZzZz and you want the Rangers to wake up?

    Is there a disconnect here?

  102. Gordon & Chadwick were SO much better than what we have now….We could use Nicky Fotiu back here now, as well…

  103. Actually Olga its a play on words ..get it? Nawww didn’t think ya would cuz your too busy kissing ChuMpcagos azzes.

  104. This is without Nash. Torts wont get fired unless playoffs are missed this year and next. He’s not getting fired this year. Of course, there are circumstances in which he wouldnt be (Henrik injured for extended period of time)

  105. Ovechkin is drawing a lot of penalties tonight. He’s a regular Chris The Kreider out there.

  106. *Tiki* February 21st, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    This is without Nash. *Torts wont get fired* -unless playoffs are missed this year and next. He’s not getting fired this year. Of course, there are circumstances in which he wouldnt be (Henrik injured for extended period of time)-


    Just one change (in the spirit of TRUCE)

  107. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Which scented marker did Torts’ use for his pp diagram this intermission? I’m guessing asparagus.

  108. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do they HAVE real words in Saskatchewan? Because you’re not using too many.

    Don’t play with them if you don’t know how they work… Eh?

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Funny that Giannone is between the benches but whoever is broadcasting the Sens game doesn’t.

  110. “This team went soft…’

    Maybe Rammer handed out the Viagra during the intermission…?

  111. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Looks like the rangers need an offensive coordinator .. much too much D minded..

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    The Rangers PP should have set plays from behind their goal, since that’s the only guaranteed place they will control the puck on a PP.

  113. The Storm Trooper is coming in!?

    This is horrible. Not our fault. Definitely their own fault. But still awful. But that’s probably a torn MCL or whatever is around your knee and tears when you hyper extend your knee (towards your thigh).

  114. Potvin calling for Kreider to be sent off the ice for the dirty hit….oh wait…maybe his skate was pushed out from under him…..

  115. “Rhode Island Ranger February 21st, 2013 at 9:20 pm
    Which scented marker did Torts’ use for his pp diagram this intermission? I’m guessing asparagus.”

    i would guess nitrous oxide
    because the players
    look as if their brains are scrambled

  116. Torts should get thrown out over that quick whistle. Pull a Wally Backman and just start throwing every piece of equipment you can find on the ice. He needs to do something to wake them up!!

  117. “Which scented marker did Torts’ use for his pp diagram this intermission? I’m guessing asparagus.”


  118. i think i’d enjoy this game more
    if i was sniffing nitrous oxide

    can you help a drowning man?

  119. eddie eddie eddie's wang on

    too bad you can’t win a game zero to negative one….we would be in like flint

  120. maybe too many Ranger players
    hurt themselves laughing
    too hard
    at the Subscribers event
    and that’s why they’ve been
    playing softer than
    the current state of
    my belly
    (aka 1 pack)

  121. This team just doesn’t have any snarl at all. I’m not saying they are intimidated, but they seem to be incapable of bringing emotion to the game. This looks like pond/pickup hockey.

  122. Doodie….our friendship just went to insane levels. I actually worked the door at their farewell show. In Boston. We had them play two sets.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, we’ve discussed Orchid before, when you were going to Orchid shows and I thought you knew of an Orchid reunion that I did not, but you were going to see flowers.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, no, I don’t remember that time. Everybody wanted Turris, just not at his crazy contract demands.

  125. I wanted Turris.

    Haha. Really, Doodie? Jeez. We need to get on the whole e-mail thing tomorrow and talk about ridiculous Bahston haaaadcore

  126. Carp, if it were an 82 game season I’d say yes… I feel good about them bouncing back and making the playoffs, but…. I just don’t see it. This team lost all its grit/shot blocking/cycling down low abilities when they lost Anisimov, Prust, Dubi, Feds and even Mitchell.

  127. Mertonian Norm on

    Lundqvist keeping them in. Why bother? Crap, another power play. Can we score on the counter?

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, I’m going to bed. If they win, it’s because I stopped watching. You’re all welcome.

  129. “Rangers drew a penalty” mighty dangerous words this season. But it’s gotta change sometime…..right?

  130. WOW , Salty was right!!!!!!! WTG Salty!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

    Injury the goalie , then we WAKE UP!!!!!!




  132. This place is like the Waterboy. Basically Rob Schneider’s character.

    “Oh No We Suck Again!”

  133. no Carp
    they’re still playing awful
    they played a total of
    20 seconds better
    and it led to 2 goals

    kinda like 2 long bombs in football that lead to touchdowns and Tebow viewed as a great quarterback

    game not over

  134. yep
    after that “commercial break” of
    2 goals
    we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming
    of the Rangers getting outplayed, outhustled and overmatched in the d zone

  135. definitely a Halpern tip there. more appropriate score now given that the Rangers have been better all game

  136. LW – I think they do that so they can be struck in the back by flying pucks without being able to defend themselves.

  137. If that did get deflected by a Ranger, then at least Sam’s call about it being McDonagh’s first of the year will still be kind of accurate.

  138. Pretty Sure

    Callahan-Halpern-Pyatt is our second line. Can’t imagine Boyle would Centre the 2nd line.

  139. i know, jpg. … but that’s often the feeling around here, based purely on the score.

    they’ve sucked pretty much all night tonight, and last game, too.


  140. Carp, I was going to right how wacky it is that a Japanese car company is featuring US presidents in it’s commercial. What Hirohito wasn’t available?

  141. That means Richards and the kids are 3rd and my all-time favorite Humungous line is 4th.

    Now boys. Get out there and FIGHT

  142. Before the goal barrage, I was going to say that the Rangers had probably been the better team, in that they were the bald man marginally on top in the comb fighting contest.

  143. Mertonian Norm on

    That didn’t take long. Can the ‘gers steal the point from here? Sure don’t deserve one.

  144. well

    yeah a bad bounce
    not winning face off
    not retrieving puck
    not having the grit and passion of the sens
    both Hags and Step watching the 4d version of the game
    rather than bothering to pay
    attention to player
    next to him
    who ended up scoring

  145. get the damn point first and then worry about OT. this is a team we would need to beat out for a playoff spot.

  146. that goal was just so easy. Stepan losing the draw, Staal and Girardi both going to their knees. 5-on-4 with two of the four on their knees? Do the math.

  147. E3- I’m not sure how to respond to pp outside,only can say I’ve been renovating downstairs bathroom since…well,I’m not sure I remember

  148. sens playing with same passion
    that they showed against Rangers
    in last year’s playoffs


    BRING IN TONY ROBBINS ’cause this team sure look like they pee their pants when they should be putting the pedal to the metal
    which is what the sens are doing.

  149. Sam’s been missing a LOT lately….all except for his voluminous praise of players on the opposing teams…

  150. that was moment that defined this season…so far

    Girardi is standing with the puck
    thinking that there’s no way a sens player
    would dare try to check him or get the puck away for a shot
    luckily Staal was there to clean up


  151. In the next 15 minutes we’re going to know if we’re super resilient or the worst team in the NHL. I’m betting on one or the other.

  152. why the byfuglien would Richards being sending the puck back to Girardi
    when there was no one within 5 feet of him and someone near G?

    it’s just IQ effin stooooooopid!

  153. I will say…Richards and Gaborik looked like their old selves there for a second. Of course, there are less people on the ice….

  154. Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s settle this by stopping the hockey game and having a contest of some sort, unrelated to hockey.

  155. 3 total shifts for Brad. One really good chance from Richards to Gaborik and one lost faceoff in the last few seconds. Guess we miss John Mitchell in that situation….

  156. the call on boyle was going to be called with us having the multiple pp to there 1.

    as carp said blame step for losing draw clean and goal scored in 11 sec.

    the rangers are beyond awful on draws

  157. Olga Folkyerself on

    So why do the coaches have to pick the shootout players ahead of time? What purpose does it serve?

  158. Gotcha Fla. When I was down there a couple weeks ago I met this crazy Ranger fan who knew the blog. Thought it may have been you!

  159. Dave Maloney calls it.
    Gabby tries to go 5 hole all the time
    (maybe someone has the stats)
    no idea why he does that
    when his goals are usually from other spots

  160. Miller and Kreider did fine. Just did not finish. Gaborik, Richards the big stars were awful. Take the point and got to Montreal.

  161. Is it time to start wondering about this team yet?? 1/3 of the way there and out of the playoffs… And do we practice shootouts at all? I mean good God! Miller and Kreider had the best moves.

  162. some of the highlights from this Picasso.

    Boyle with a nice penalty with about 7 minutes left.

    gaborik doing the same stupid non move in the shootout and failing like he always does.

    richards with another shootout shot that si not on goal…

    staal gets more shots blocked then richards….

    another disgrace, to a ahl team. silverberg best forward on the ice by far…..

  163. I think Cally better take these firetruck ups to practice tomorrow . Shooting practice is needed .
    Like if I was a pro hockey player I’d be EMBARASSED by that . No one can hit the net and Gaborik alway , alway going 5 hole …like no one knows hes going to do that. Funny thing is he had it but shot right at the goalie instead. What a joke. Nash is the best player on this team , better than Hank . We miss him . ALOT!!

  164. Fat Guy Duberstein whose back is killing him from shoveling (food down his throat) on

    I think part of the reason I’m lukewarm on the shootout is that the Rangers suck at them…bad goals allowed and no offensive dance steps

  165. It’s the blown leads in the shootout that are really irritating. I cant even remember how many times it’s happened to Heinie.

  166. The biggest difference, IMO, between this year’s team and last year’s team, is the amount of free goals we give away. Both of Ottawa’s goals were freebies. Epic fail by Girardi on the first one, and anyone else who chose not to backcheck at all, and then wide open Zibanejad with Staal and Girardi on the ice and a clean face-off loss by Stepan after a lame penalty on Boyle.

  167. Another rough game… I don’t think Torts is getting through to some of his players.

    It’s getting hard to watch them. :(

  168. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    should have asked this much earlier, but why do teams with half the talent look so much more polished when getting the puck out of their own zone…bing bang boom change lines….will we ever get that right, or do we like the spinorama and chaseorama…agaiun like arcade bubble hockey for the last 5 minutes

  169. Callahan willed that team to a point and almost willed it to two. That kid is some competitor. He needs to kick some of these guys in their Cooke!

  170. Isles beat the Habs in OT – were trailing 2-0……

    Gee, is that the same Habs team we lost to the other night….?

  171. That would be Miller coasting back on the SHF, Latona. And the biggest difference to me is the lack of snarl, and the lack of push-back. Last year, the nastier a game got, the better the Rangers played. They don’t initiate nastiness at all, and don’t seem to do well when the opponent initiates it.

  172. when hank was great in shootouts we loved them cuz we could squeak a goal or 2 in the first rounds almost a given when we had nylander,straka, even roszival!!, and then up till recently wolski,ec and zucc

  173. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    isn’t Zibanejad the CEO of Iran or something?

    and what’s with all the stick sweeping this year? Cally on the Habs 2nd goal and Giro tonite, plus more, so many many more

  174. the rangers will make the playoffs..

    no problem….nothing gone right and in the playoffs 8 ths seed if playoffs tatrted today…

  175. They aren’t hitting.

    If I’m the other team, I’m not afraid to play aggressive / rough because even if I take a penalty, chances are they aren’t going to score on it. Yep, Callahan got one on the PP, but the PP also gave up one tonight, so net is zero.

    Let’s face it – we are an easy team to play against at the moment. Not sure what they are going to do to fix this.

  176. Czechthemout!!! on

    Three stars

    1. Boyle stellar overall play and a smart penalty with 7 minutes to go.

    2. Richards is becoming a bigger liability with each passing game. Clearly he is playing for the amnesty buyout.

    3. MdZ is clearly terrible night in night out. He does nothing for the team. Has no shot, is afraid to take a hit to make a play and cannot pass. He also makes dumb decisions 90% of the time.

  177. Definitely a huge difference there as well, Carp. Last year’s team, after grabbing the 2-1 lead, probably would have held on through a combination of both points.

  178. Carp – totally agree. There is no snarl at all. We don’t get under anyone’s skin, and no one is afraid to play us from a physical standpoint. Too soft at the moment.

  179. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    if this was a full 162 game schedule, I agree they’d have time to snowball, but with the injuries and bad habits mounting, I think time is already running short

  180. ” I don’t think Torts is getting through to some of his players”

    I think they’ve tuned him out….they’re sick of the same old carcillo, over & over again….

    Night, All!

  181. Here’s where I say something really smart …

    Goal 1: RYAN Callahan
    Goal 2: RYAN McDonagh
    Goal 3: Ry… nope, no goal 3

    Final offer to Colorado: Ryan O’Reilly for Richards + Stan Neckar autographed game worn pants (very rare)

  182. Probably wouldn’t have been skating frantically around the zone on the shift which led to the penalty either.

  183. need to figure some things out…while doing that torts cannot run girardi, staaal, and mcdonagh into the ground…

    gilroy with under 10 minutes again…

    miller and kreider doing fine; stepan and hagelin playing well. cally playing fair..

    gabby and richards bad…need to keep plugging away…

  184. What I wouldn’t give for an Adam Graves on this team. Richards took a couple of hard hits and no one even bothered to return the favor.

  185. Carp, I didnt say he did. It’s irritating when shootout leads are blown (even if the shootout is still won by the Rangers). He blew at least one lead to the Bruins this year.

  186. “Ottowa wins the draw. The Rangers don’t have enough men on the ice, Joe.”
    “I think there was a penalty, Sam, not sure.”
    Boyle’s over there in the…SCORE!”

  187. It’s just another game that last season they find a way to win. 2-1 lead late – Boyle takes the penalty and immediately puck goes. Last year, when they had team toughness, they find ways to block shots (Prust was more important to sign than trading for the star) and kill it off and win the game.

    It’s hard to have chemistry when coming off a season where you are an OT goal away from 1 game from the Finals you exchange 1/2 your forwards. This team has no identity, no intangible, and certainly no chemistry.

  188. No one bothered the Kreider because everyone in the league knows by now that St. Chris would never, never crash the net all on his own.

  189. We need the reaper NOW!!!! This team is too soft..LOADS of talent but no more snarl.

    Staalsie is acting smallsie.

    Mcdoughnut is acting like Madonna.

    Giradi is late to the party.

    Ashham wont fight, can’t fight and thinks he can score a goal…hmmmptt.

    Cally is too small to be tough.

    Hagelin weighs about 80 lbs and can’t hit or fight.

    Richard just looks like a construction worker who is trying to look busy.

    No snarl .

    New team.

  190. Czechthemout!!! on


    Funny you say that. Several of my friends and I have started to question the same thing last week. I think he is starting to lose the team. It really goes back to last game when Giannone said that during three separate times, he implored his team to play with energy aggressively and hit the Habs defense deep and they wouldn’t do it once. Maybe some trouble brewing.

  191. think of this logic; people are telling us losing dubinsky(who they hated), anisimov(ditto), prust, john mitchell, fedetenko,whoever else, that the chemistry is messed up is pure fantasia…BALONEY

    looking at that dreck they lost… they added Nash, miller, kreider regualr season, et…

    they will be fine. need to say tough and plug away….

  192. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    in the meantime, this frustrating 1/3 season is helping Carp’s blog to break all time attendance records, not too mention heightened demand for his Charps

  193. “It’s the blown leads in the shootout that are really irritating. I cant even remember how many times it’s happened to Heinie.”

    If not Lundqvist, then to whom were you referring?”

  194. Yeah, but let’s not forget Bishop gave up two in :52, had Gaborik ring a post in OT, and Kreider hit the crossbar in the BCATHGE.

  195. they have no identity, etc.. again bull.

    some of the big boys are not playing well and richards may never play well again. gaborik needs to be prodded to play hard but he still has the ability.

    miller and kreider need to be allowed to play up tempo.

    they will be fine, if this team does not make the playoffs and make a run I would be stunned…

  196. I can almost guarantee Richards gets bought out, no way will the Rangers allow him to become an albatross for 7 more years under this CBA.

  197. It’s not baloney, stuart. It’s legit. They turned over a lot of guys who would grind out games last year. I will say this one more time, and probably a lot of times the rest of the season, you make the Nash trade 100 times out of 100. But they didn’t replace any of those guys very well. Each replacement has been worse.

    That wouldn’t be so noticable if Nash, Richards, Gaborik, Callahan, and Kreider were playing better. The bottom six have been very average, if that.

  198. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I don’t car eif they’re tough or not as long as they protect the puck better and make shorter faster passes to matriculate the puck down the ice and over the little line behind where the goalie normally stands

  199. Carp – serious question. do you think Richards is worrying about the buyout and could that be affecting his play????

  200. Talking about Lundqvist. But not about losses. I’ll be as clear as possible. I hate blowing a lead in the shootout, even if we eventually win said shootout.

    Henrik blew at least one lead in the shootout against the Bruins in a game this year, a game we eventually won in the shootout.

    It’s happened countless other times in previous seasons.

    I wasn’t picking on Henrik, FWIW. I simply hate blowing shootout leads. I’m going to bed before I manage to get into trouble again.

  201. Well, I doubt he started the season thinking about a buyout. Because if he played the way he expects to play, they wouldn’t be buying him out.

    And I still think it’s beyond his wildest dreams that it could happen.

  202. How is it baloney? Does this team not win this game last year?

    Plus, I love all the hate on Dubinsky and Anisimov except of course they’ve done more winning than Nash. But that’s ok. Only stats matter right? (You know Prospal making 2.5 mil to Nash’s 8 has double the goals).

    A team that is drafted together, comes through the system together, goes through multiple training camps together grows a chemistry and bond. Look at the teams that win and how many of those guys come homegrown and build toegether.

    It matters! It’s more than just looking at the scoresheet. Hockey is a pure team sport. Will over skill wins in hockey. This is not basketball where the best player plays 43 of 48 mins and just dominates the whole game. 3rd and 4th line just as important as the top line.

  203. Im here …im always here Mr Mike!!!

    Nash will never play another game .

    He has a concussion.

    Its so bad they wont tell.

    They are scared he is done like dinner.

    Stick a fork in Nash he is done potatoes.

  204. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    are we allowed to say blowing on here? Or did the FCC ban that also? Can we get a ruling from Jackie Martling?

  205. carp i just disagree…. the only guy they miss is Prust…

    halpern tied boyle tonight for points for the season. miller has 3 points on the season, he leads boyle by 3 in scoring so far.

    the biggest culprits for the ranger situation are; richards, gabby, then mdz and boyle…. i come to this conclusion based on results, expectations, and cap hit……those 4 guys performance has been putrid overall. gabby played great 2 or 3 games.

    the guy should be great a 1/3 of the games or more….

  206. Not really blowing a lead when it’s a series of breakaways. It’s not like you can protect a shootout lead. And I don’t know that Lundqvist ever led tonight, did he?

    that’s silly stuff.

  207. Czechthemout!!! on


    They are not a grind it out team anymore. Too many skill players who cannot play that style of game. If Torts wont adapt to what his team is, than he will be gone and replaced by someone who will. They are not using the players they have correctly. Other than Cally, and maybe Boyle who and Pyatt, no one else is a grinding type of player.

  208. I heard Brian Boyle’s name three times tonight: when he coughed up the puck to trigger a partial breakaway, when he took a holding penalty that lead to the game tying goal and when he was posing for a photograph as part of the garden of dreams.

  209. Carp –

    Thank you. That’s my entire point abt the Nash trade. I am not trying to knock Nash the player. But if you are going to tell they are trading for Nash by giving up two core members of the team and replacing them with over the hill has beens like Halpern Asham Pyatt plus not giving the extra $$ to Prust. I don’t make the trade.

  210. hwirth based on your logic the cindies, and wings should never win a cup.

    the cindies are a top loaded team like many very good teams..

    skill still wins in the long run. the kings are the last plumber team to win the cup and it was a fluke…a fluke…

  211. DJK – by Adam Graves, I meant someone who was willing to get in your face and play with some snarl. If any one looked at Messier or Leetch the wrong way, Graves was all over them, and returned the favor to the opposing team. We just don’t have that hard nosed player. Nash is big but he’s more of a skill player (not knocking him, he’s been the real deal).

    I think that is why us boneheads get frustrated with Boyle. He’s a monster physically, but he just doesn’t seem to have that aggressive streak in him that we all wish he had.

  212. Carp if they don’t tell us what wrong with Nash , can we speculate?

    NASH has a concussion and is out for good LALALA Lafontaine styleeee.

  213. Kings also turned into an offensive force in the postseason which a lot of people seem to forget

  214. gabby to edmonton for the rookie d man with skill and 1 young forward!

    that would shake up the team big time..

    never happen but gabby gets a pass but he is not what he should be….

  215. For an athlete who cares and has pride ( which I would say describes Richards) it really has to be stressful when things are going so bad. He has not started hearing the boos yet, but they’re coming if he doesn’t turn it around and the team keeps playing win one lose one hockey.

  216. The Wings? You realize they drafted that team that won the Cups and kept the team together for years! Do you realize how many years guys like Draper, Mccarty, Cleary, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg all played together.

  217. let’s talk about positives: the younger guys looked pretty good tonight and the power play did generate a fair number of chances. there were plenty of opportunities where they just couldn’t finish (what else is new?) but the chances were there.

  218. Anybody care to argue with an oldtimer, after 14 shootout shots that produce only one legitimate goal (Callahan’s) and which half the guys can’t hit the net, about the skill level of todays players vs. the guys I grew up watching? Shootouts, for the most part, have become an embarrassment for NHL shooters- remember, if you miss the net in the shootout you can’t score- not even on Biron.

  219. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Would they even mention Nash being available for Saturday if he had a concussion? There was never any speculation on Sauer’s return.

  220. if richards stops the backhand passes just in the o zone I will stop ragging on him…

    forehand passes 90% of the time and no ragging on him….

    i am shocked that staal cannot get a shot thru and has not developed more on offense…..he joins the rush a ton but not much gets done with him…

  221. Heyy Carp I understand but if they don’t tell us anything , what are we to do? Not say anything untill we have some facts? Well there are NO facts cuz they aint telling us anything so all I can say is Nash is concussed .

  222. When I took about putting a team together and letting them build to something together. You realize there were 5 guys with the Wings who the CUP in 1997 and were STILL On the team 11 years later when they won in 08!

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Past few years the rangers stood up for each other, took BS from no one, and played a gritty grinding game. They cycled well and played down low better than any team in the league. This year not so much.

  224. so hwirth’s point is that the Rangers had the core of the late 90’s-early 00’s Red Wings and gave them all away

    you new to hockey, bro

  225. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    the good news is, can you imagine how expensive Rangers tickets would be if they had a long run like the Wings?

  226. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Hope I’m right about Nash too…the silence about the injury has me worried. But, it’s not like the team to estimate anything with concussions.

  227. _Heyy Carp I understand but if they don’t tell us anything , what are we to do? Not say anything untill we have some facts? Well there are NO facts cuz they aint telling us anything so all I can say is Nash is concussed ._

    They didn’t tell us what the team had for dinner so until they do, I’m assuming it was dog. Can you believe the Rangers eat dog??? If they don’t, why don’t they just say they don’t??? So sick!!!

  228. Yup.

    stuart, don’t mistake my saying that they never replaced their grinders properly … and they didn’t … for saying that’s the only reason they’ve struggled. Their top three players haven’t been good enough. Nash maybe has, but he should have more goals, and he and those guys on the PP should be much, much better. Callahan hasn’t been good enough, honestly. Stepan had a tough start. Hagelin had a rough first few games. Lundqvist hasn’t been as good as he was last year. The bottom six forwards are worse than the bottom six last year. It’s top to bottom … and they’re still over .500, have points in six of their last seven games, and they will be fine.

  229. AB – goalie equipment has made it harder on the shooters. Goalies are bigger more athletic, better than years ago.

  230. If you can make that Nash trade, you do it every time. Prust got overpaid to go to Montreal. Dubi and Artie were solid 3rd liners. I personally didn’t think Mitchell was good for anything except giving the other guys a breather.

    The problems get magnified because Richards has pretty much stunk up the joint, and he’s a table setter for the other guys.

    Compound that with the lack of a solid player who plays with snarl (i.e., Prust) and an atrocious power play (which is KILLING US), and you wind up with a team that is 8-6-2 with Bettman Bonus Points

  231. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I’m also a little concerned abou tthe performance of some of our important poster, to be honest. Top to bottom there hasn’t been a good all around Charp yet this season

  232. Czechthemout!!! on


    Eery player you just mentioned is head and shoulders above what the Rangers traded for Nash or let leave via free agency. The comparison is silly.

    Conceptually you make sense. Problem is we dont draft anywhere near as well as the Red Wings. Not even close. They also play a puck possession style of game that utilizes the talents of those players properly. We don’t draft nearly as well nor do we understand what the strengths of our players is.

  233. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, agreed they will be fine if they stay healthy. However, if Nash is out for a significant amount of time, I’m not so sure. I think he is that important right now.

  234. I’m a firm believer that special teams in hockey are woefully overrated but you’re seeing yet again why having no power play is a very definite problem

    although I did think the PP looked better tonight. Rangers easily could have scored on every PP they had.

  235. Numerous opportunities missed: posts, goal that should have counted, Ottowa scores with a shootout dribbler whiff, Hagelin loses puck with open net and etc., etc. or we come out with 2 points. The last two games we should have had 4. These teams were there to be had, even at home, We just didn’t play that well, even if we had won the last 2.

  236. Gravy – That comment is the difference between fantasy sports and the game played on the ice where guys like Matteau (who would have been bashed on here because they gave up a top scorer in Amonte for two grinders in Noonan and Matteau) scored the biggest goal of the 94 season. Is Matteau a better player than Amonte? Of course not. But that’s why the game is played on the ice and when that happens things like chemistry matter.

  237. Papa:

    He was an ok PP goal-scorer with Columbus. Has one big year where he put up 19, had a couple of 10 or 11 seasons and that’s about it. Good career PP point numbers but great.

  238. PP was better tonight … other than that hideous multiple breakdown on the SHG. My God. Del Zotto can’t keep it i n at the point (they never showed what led to that, so I won’t blame Del Zotto yet), then Girardi makes that clownish play coming across, and Miller does a Dubinsky Coast on the backcheck and Lundqvist doesn’t poke the puck.

  239. Del Zotto is a below average player at this point and I’m going to keep saying that until he shows dramatic improvement. Guy isn’t much of a defenseman, has lousy offensive sense and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with his shot.

  240. Maybe there would be a bit more on ice chemistry if we had specific lines. When somebody’s lagging, tendency is to replace him, but you do get to know your wings, their speed, their idiosyncrasies when you play with them all the time. No training camp didn’t help.

  241. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    And let’s be honest, they were a whistle away from winning this game in regulation. And a crossbar away from keeping the shootout going. A loss is a loss, but it wasn’t like they were outplayed.

  242. Excuses, ex-shmuses. Yet another game that last year’s team never, ever, never, ever would have lost. Would never have gone to a shootout. And maybe instead of counting his 200 gazillion dollars Brad Richards should have done something remotely related to being a professional athlete during the lockout so he would be in some sort of shape right about now instead of a 8 million dollar guy sitting at the end of the bench.

  243. Rangers didn’t play a complete game either, Gravy. They had some good moments on special teams (apart from the terrible SHG as Carp mentions) and were ok for a couple of minutes surrounding that first goal. Rangers were good in the first, and ok for spurts after that. Late in the game it looked like they were holding on for dear life (i.e. the shootout where Hank can bail them out). I thought they were good for about half the OT. Basically this team doesn’t play a full 60 minutes with any frequency.

  244. I actually think Del Zotto, right now, is better defensively than he is offensively. He has those offensive moments, as does Staal. But I don’t see him as an offensive defenseman at the moment.

    Papa Bear, I just found a bunch of your comments in the spam queue. I have no idea why. So please let me know if this continues to happen … drop me an email at

  245. Peter, don’t you mean an eight million dollar guy who SHOULD be sitting at the end of the bench? He’s seeing way too much ice with his current form, or lack thereof.

  246. Carp – I don’t think it’s as easy as to say “well, they will be fine” What is that based on? I can’t base it on last season. It’s not the same team with the same players. Yes, Hank is Hank. But there is nothing to go by to just make the assumption they will find a way.

    We’ve seen plenty of teams in Sports over the last few years make the big trade to bring in the Big Time Star and then falter. (Eagles, Red Sox, Lakers)

  247. and yes Brad Richards is far and away the biggest problem on this team right now. his failure is magnified by the lack of Nash but he’s been abysmal for all but maybe 2 games and he’s bringing down the players around him. guy either needs a night off or a game centering Asham and Mashinter/Bickel/Guy pulled out of the crowd.

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This team will make the playoffs. But I don’t expect a deep run. Hope is a good thing – maybe the best thing. Sadly, this team doesn’t inspire hopefulness.

  249. hwirth he’s actually got more proof that they’ll be fine than you do in saying the Rangers ruined the franchise by trading away Artem Anisimov and Brandon Dubinsky

  250. The Ottawa guy who ended the shootout was laughing; I would be too if one of the luckiest shootout goals ever won a game for my team.

  251. hwirth, I base it on my opinion that, if the top six play the way they’re supposed to play, this team is better than last year’s team personnel-wise, and as you probably know, I think last year’s team came up short because it couldn’t score. This team should score.

  252. Don’t forget about the Live Chat tomorrow … I am really looking forward to this one. I don’t think I’m going to try to talk some of you off the ledge.

  253. I never said ruined the Franchise. I said ruined the chemistry of the current team. The Franchise would include the entire organization. I actually thought the organization was doing a great job of actually building a system, drafting a type of player, having an idea of what a Ranger should be.

    My issue is simply if they made it to the Conference finals last year, why not give that same team a chance to match or beat it before removing 6 of the 12 forwards. The Devils get the OT goal make it to the finals and have replaced 2 guys on their roster Yes, no question Zach was a huge loss (but they did know their kids were getting better) and Sykora. That’s it and if you look they are right back at it. The Rangers removed 6 guys and are clearly as the Coach said again tonight are still trying to find their game.

  254. that’s speculation based on some pipe dream that Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov were instrumental to this team’s chance of winning a cup.

    and you’re making assumptions based on 16 games

  255. Carp –

    I agree the top six with adding Nash along with having Hagelin Stepan and Cally all a year older should be better. Heck, you make that Nash he better produce 30 goals (lockout pro rated to what – 20 goals) but you have been in enough locker rooms to also know what it looks like on paper doesn’t always translate to the field.

    That’s the great part of sports especially in this modern era of parity. The team with the most talent doesn’t always win.

  256. Well, thank yu, son, papabear. And don’t let them tell you any differently, I think your porridge was just right!

  257. Coos –

    I understand it’s hard to pass up on Nash but they are more examples in sports right now of teams that make the big trade that fail then succeed. That’s why Messier is so beloved in NY. Because the trade worked.

    I’ve been around this team long enough to have heard this line many times before and have watched it fail. Lots of guys they couldn’t pass up on. Bure, Lindros, Jagr, Robitaille, I’d say Esposito but they made the Finals in 79.

  258. I feel guilty getting a check every month for a myriad of posts, and now I win the 1000 post gift. Maybe I’ll donate it to Ron Duguay.

  259. hwirth, you are a large man to shrug off my catty remark, and I do respect that. I also know what you are saying and it’s hard to disagree. I greedily enjoy watching Nash more than any of the others, so I have a prejudice there.

  260. Where’s Uncle Glennie , and what does our former captain with the pizza joint in Ct think about all this ?

  261. Oh man, you folks have me really ziggin and zaggin now, with all these names that you are throwing around………..for instance, this guy John Scott. Where did he come from, or rather where is he, in the Rangers lower organization teams somewhere? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard about him before. Ah well, you can’t find em all

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