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1) Even when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, and you’re sitting there writing about what an awful game you’re watching, sometimes you hesitate. I ask myself, is it just because the crowd is dead that it seems awful? Is it just because one team is playing really well defensively? Is it because of bad ice (it was dreadfully bad, but more on that later)? Is it because I’m tired or in a bad mood or because I have a headache or have to go to the bathroom, or because with Montreal in town the pressbox is really crowded? Am I letting any of those things cloud my opinion of this game as I write how bad it is?

2) Then I talked to some out-of-town scouts between periods, and they couldn’t believe it how bad it was. Then I heard John Tortorella’s comments, which were classic (though I’m not sure he should have insulted Montreal with a rematch only a few days away). And that confirmed that, no, I wasn’t wrong. This was a bad, bad hockey game. I remember watching a game in the late 1990s in Pittsburgh, when the Rangers and Penguins both stunk, and Toronto scout Floyd Smith sat next to me, every 20 seconds going, “Jesus Christ,” and shaking his head in disgust. This game reminded me of that game. Was like watching a Mets-Royals split-squad spring training game. From now on, the Montreal coach will be known here as Michel “Chloraform” Therrien. No wonder they ran him out of Pittsburgh.

3) Or, as I wrote last night, quoting the infamous ex-Devils coach Tom McVie about games like this: “They should let everybody in for free and make them pay to get out.”

4) Did you know that was the third game in a row Montreal allowed five shots in the first period. My God.

5) So I can’t wait for that rematch on Saturday. At least I can watch that one on TV instead of suffering in person.

6) I can’t even begin to critique players in this game, because top to bottom they were pretty lousy. Put it this way, Brandon Prust and Max Pacioretty were way, way better than any Ranger (I would have bet my paycheck that Prust would have a fight). The 3-on-1 goal was all-around mayhem after Marc Staal’s cough-up and Anton Stralman slip-sliding out of the play. So was the non-icing goal that should have been icing, with Brian Boyle letting his man wide open. I can’t even say anything good about the kids, J.T. Miller, Chris Kreider or Brandon Mashinter, because they weren’t good either.

7) That said, where is the Rangers’ No. 1 center? I know one of the first-line wingers is out injured. And I know that the other one at least drew some penalties, one of which led to the delayed call that allowed Anton Stralman to go in deep and score the only goal. But these guys have to do more, a lot more, than they’ve been doing. The bottom six or nine forwards weren’t so great either, but it can’t be on them in a game like this where it’s going to be slog-city through the neutral zone.

8) And it sure didn’t help that the ice was miserable. I didn’t know this until Chico Resch said it Monday. The NHL added a minute to the intermissions for the purpose of having better ice. The point being that if the ice is allowed to set after the Zamboni finishes, it is better than if the players get on it immediately. I found out last night that the on-ice presentations, such as the little kids hockey games or human puck races, can’t take more than four minutes or something like that, then have to be off the ice. For the sake of the ice and for the quality of the game.

9) Then why, why in holy hell, do they allow on-ice stuff at all during intermission? Why not get the Zambonis out there immediately and really allow the ice to set for five or six minutes before the players return. The answer, of course, is that those idiotic presentations are all sponsored, so that means revenue for the home club, and in the National Lockout League, we all know, revenue is far more important than the quality of the game, even at a place that prints money like MSG. Anyway, it’s not an excuse, because the puck was bouncing off of sticks on both sides (Staal), but bad ice in a game like that only about triples or quadruples the ugly quotient and favors the trappers more than the trapees.

10) I’m still not sure Carl Hagelin should have gotten an assist on the Stralman goal (unless I missed something, I thought it went from Gaborik to Stepan to Stralman, but whatever). NHL.com’s Dave Lozo, king of Twitter and former Journal Newser, tweeted “Another point for Hagelin, who continues to show why his number hangs from the rafters at MSG.” The punchline is that “62” hangs from the rafters for the number of concerts sold out by Elton John. Or at least I think it’s Elton John.

11) I wonder when it’s time for you guys to really start worrying about whether Nash has a concussion, or whether he re-injured the shoulder he hurt playing in Europe? Maybe he just has the flu. I doubt it. I think they’d say he’s out with the flu if he had the flu. The top-secrecy of the whole thing kinda makes it sound worse.

12) At several points, the Habs had had five skaters on the ice with the lowest sweater number being 51 (David Desharnais). I wonder if Lars Eller wears No. 81 for Carl Eller? Or if he knows who Carl Eller was? I do know this. If the Habs ever have another dynasty and have to retire more numbers, they’re going to have to start using letters on the backs of their sweaters.

13) Congratulations to Pelham coach  Joe Ruggiero, who was named the winner of the Emile Francis Award for service to youth hockey. We will have more on that later today.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Carl Hagelin.

RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
(I should get a star for having to watch this game…)
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Brian Boyle.

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin (18.1 %).
2. Anton Stralman (16.19 %).
3, tie: Derek Stepan, Henrik Lundqvist, Martin Biron (11.43 % each).

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  1. In my infamous fight in the visiting lockerroom in Washington during the playoffs, I called the radio foof guy “son.” My claim to fame.

  2. All of you seem to think that this is all one big joke.m I have statistics, if anyone is interested. I have been saying since 7 months before I was born, and my mother can bear me out, this ranger team needs…..

  3. cmonsce: ‘I have just risen and let me say that I have been reading this old book on hockey that refutes everything that you subhumans ;) have been saying.

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Counting flowers on the wall
    That don’t bother me at all
    Playing solitare till dawn
    With a deck of 51
    Smoking cigarettes and watching
    Captain kangaroo…,
    Now don’t tell me
    I’ve nothing to do

  5. A Great Assessment of this game, Carp, I would say, an assessment noir, ’nuff said. Would I be very wrong to call for Brian Boyle’s head here?

  6. How fitting that Richards is centerstage, watching the puck sail in the net with the bewildered look of a saggy Wang.

  7. Forgive Alec Baldwin, he had a flashback of The Wall Tour in the 80’s and broke into “In The Flesh.”

  8. I want to see that “all in” moment. Haven’t seen it yet with this team.’

    like the three muskateers

  9. Nice review Carp,

    The one thing I really want to know, is with such lack of effort by Brad Richards’ backcheck on the 2nd goal (the GWG), how was Tortorella not benching him, when he would do it to anyone else if they saw them watch a 3 on 2 in front of them, and have the captain bust his butt back to make it a 3 on 2, and have your Alt. Captain, not take a single stride from the red line down to the front of the net?

  10. stranger nation on

    turn the page and get off the ledge or versa-vice…

    B Rich and Gabby Ghost have to be difference makers on the score sheet. Kreider and JT are good but young.

    beat the sens and its ‘good day sunshine’

    saw some ranting last night – that is passion, love it! but debbies comparisons – they had more firepower than us last year, it wasnt the fourth line. Kovalchoke, Alias, Gionta, emerging Clarkson.

    cant bash Nash trade after he sits and we look like poopy. i will say again..his maintenance better be preventive and not corrective or this whole popsicle stand may burn down.

  11. Hmmm…from the sound of it, glad I attended the board meeting last night. I’ve noticed the bad ice all year long. Didn’t have to be there in person, the puck bounces all over the place. I’ve wondered whether the players are swearing about it when they are exchanging words

  12. The ice did seem especially bad, but then again, so were the Rangers.

    Regarding the Nashbashing in the previous thread, I’m not sure who others have been watching but aside from one or two stupid penalties, he has been their best and most consistent forward. I think Nash has made Hagelin and Stepan better too.

    Regarding the hit by Lucic, I think the Player Safety Department needs to rethink the whole “initial point of contact” mantra. Lucic nudges Nash in the midsection and then proceeds to use his forearm/elbow to drive Nash’s head into the glass. Just like in the NFL where the players will sooner or later find ways around rule changes, you will see more this.

    So is this a game where Torts loads up the video and breaks it down to point out all the mistakes to the team (that could take a while) or do they throw this video in the trash can and write this one off?

  13. Review Reviewer on

    This is a shoddy review. Only #6 and #7 discuss the game. The remaining points are crap.

  14. Guys this is how the Hans play. They collapse,like they are the per lock out Debbie’s. get the lead and continue to pile on. Not sit back and choke.

  15. The game thread for the Caps game suggests I was two days ahead of Lozo on the Hagelin/Elton John joke (which I probably unconsciously stole from somebody else anyway).

  16. Good morning Carp. In regards to #1 I’ve learned over the years that when they’re playing like this it’s best to try to poop before the opening face off. Mainly because by the end of the game I need the bathroom for purposes of projectile vomiting.

    RE Nash, I don’t remember any player missing time in the last two years that impacted this team drastically. Because other guys always stepped up. (Althought Callahan was missed sorely in the post season against Boston). My point is that if this team’s mindset has gone from playing for one another to depending on Nash to win games or score goals there’s more trouble here than anyone realizes.

    Also, Torts has pulled quite a 180 from the gentle smiling aging Johnny T that he portrayed during the brief camp, eh?
    Foot in mouth disease with his post gamer last night. I can’t recall a trip to Montreal that was anything short of exciting and high scoring…at least for Montreal fans..Be ready to poop before this weekend’s rematch. I’ll be in my basement with a blanket.

  17. Now may I interject a bit of reality into these assessments, and say that this was not a whole lot different than the way they have been playing right along….just more noticeable because it had such stark results. You will recall that for some time now I’ve been clamoring about the Rangers stinkeroo passing game. And you will also note that I’ve been dismayed by the amount of the time that they spend in their own zone. How many of you will have noticed how many
    passes to their team mates did the passer hit his intended target receivers skates with the pass? Big deal? It is when you are under pressure and the puck is somewhere around your ankles as you look for it instead of setting up for a shot or pass.

    This was just a case of all those chickens coming home to roost. ( I just love cliches).

  18. reviewer- how bout you come down to blog headquarters and tell carp to his face? i am pretty sure he will review your suggestions, and then retaliate with his patented wrestling move the “Carpal Tunnel” wrist lock, and you dont want that. you will never be able to type again pal.

  19. LOL never knew about altercations in Washington. That was during my hiatus. You’ve been hanging out with the guys at Anthony’s deli in Mamaroneck too long, Carp. Getting all
    “WHAT IT IS, SON!!!!”

  20. lol “he’s got him in the Carpal Tunnel! he’s going for the ropes but he just can’t reach them! we’re gonna have a new champion!” **ding ding ding* “WHAT IT IS, SON!!”

  21. Mertonian Norm on

    The Canadiens took the cynical approach many teams do on the road, repeatedly icing the puck against a team that poses little danger on offensive face-offs. They are not responsible for entertaining the MSG crowd, but they will be in Montreal, which may give the Rangers a better chance on the counter.

  22. Grabby…don’t take yourself so seriously… let me congratulate you on your adroit use of the word “pal” which is straight out of a James Cagney l930’s film ( any film)…colorful interjection.

    And do you really believe that Carp is all that in disagreement with me?

  23. fran- they really needed to just dump it in and get to the puck quicker, cycle and wear the habs out. either draw some penalties or get some point shots and rebounds. habs played the night before too. our puck control is not good and agree we arent a good passing team. were a good forechecking and cycling team. you cannot beat the trap by passing through the neutral zone, you have to dump, chase, and then actually get the puck back. there are too many perimeter plays trying to be made and every shot we had we had nobody in front screening and ready for rebounds.

  24. i wasn’t being too serious fran. i along with most real fans here love carps reviews. im getting sick of certain people getting on carps case all the time lately. plus i was talking to the poster named “review reviewer’

  25. Carp, do you think the players draw off of Tort’s comments in the post game interview? He sounds like he just does not care to me. I know he is a very passionate coach and I can’t see his body language.

    Guess I missed nothing by not watching. I got what I needed here as usual.

  26. Re: #10: As I said immediately following the Stralman goal:

    *Manny* February 19th, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Shouldn’t that assist be Gaborik’s instead of Hagelin’s?

  27. Excellent column asking all the right questions.

    The problem however is how anyone ever gets an answer from the MSG suits and Ranger management when writers are not allowed to ask the tough questions, since this problem and the attendant cavalier attitude has been obvious for many years.

    Another question I have asked many times is, “how does MSG get away with essentially silencing it’s GM’s of both the hockey and hoops teams”?

    While there may be no formal obligation to speak to the media every other pro sport’s league encourages it.

    Where is the commissioner’s office in this regard and frankly where are the local papers who apparently are unwilling to confront the Dolan empire?

    At the end of the day only the fans both ticket holders and MSG viewers to do something.

    Perhaps for one game all attendees could get up and leave after the anthems!

  28. Funny that the best player on the ice was referred to as “irrelevant” before the game. And I know everybody is going to get all over me and scream, “He’s gone! Get over it” blah blah blah. But you misinterpret my love for what the guy brought to our team as love for the guy (which there is only a smidgen of). What Prust brought to this team is irreplaceable. As I said last night, he’s not irrelevant, in fact, he’s what the future of a “goon” in hockey looks like. Not the most skilled but will agitate, rough people up and flat out play above his level 100% of the time. We don’t have it anymore.

    Is it any wonder that the guy was on the ice for all 3 goals against us? Not only on the ice but completely involved on the forecheck, backcheck, stealing the puck, making a hard play around the net or just doing something (whereas our team was busy doing nothing).

    I know some of you are going to tell me to “knock it off” again. But facts are facts. I am not saying I would have spent what the Habs spent. Because I wouldn’t. And still won’t. But it’s something we lost that cannot be regained.

  29. Cross Check Charlie on

    It never fails. I have my hopes up for the season (or half-season in this case) and instead of the team looking like a Cup contender they’re mired in mediocrity.

    They haven’t fixed their power play problems. They still have a tough time scoring unless they’re playing against one of the bottom feeders. The defense seems to have regressed.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with this team, but they’d better figure it out pretty quickly or else the team many picked to win it all might not make the playoffs.

    If that happens then they should fire everybody and trade everybody.

  30. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    just woke up from my bender that started at last night’s final buzzer. have we really dropped from the best Original 6 team to the worst in just 6 months? I guess that has to be worth something

    Hey, we took 2 points from a team that was missing Mike Green, and we lost two points, in part because we were missing Nash…so we’re Even Steven

    The problem is that 1993 called, they want their underachievement back, at least I hope they’r eonly underachieving. At this rate, we’ll have to settle for the wild card

    Only insiders would know whether the effort was there – but the results made it look like we thought it was an 11pm start for the over-40 beer league. Torts was an excellent war time consigliere for last year’s squad, but maybe this year’s collection of guys needs him to be a better peace time consigliere, if he can. Maybe some of these guys really would blossom offensively in another system.

  31. Last year’s #8 is just that: Last year. He is not irreplaceable, nor is he irrelevant. He is a good hockey player on another team now.

    The Rangers have played some pretty good games this year without him and, believe it or not, the played some stinkers the last two years with him in the line up.

    I do have a question: Are NHL teams required to notify the league if a player has a concussion?

  32. What is up with Richards? I imagine that whatever is wrong with Nash, he’s still a better option than Richards. Richards tries to hit people and just falls down. He isn’t strong on the puck. He is throwing the puck into the stands on our PP. He’s making Del Zasterous passes. I really can’t understand why it’s happening.

    Did hear something really interesting on Behind the Bench last night. Tort said that the players were *out of shape* and he’s been disappointed that they can only skate hard in practice for *30-45 minutes.* He was trying to make them work harder but they actually came to him as a committee and said they needed to scale back the endurance training because they weren’t there yet. Some of the veteran players wanted to spend more time watching tape and less time skating. If that’s true, well, I guess our guys need to get off their butts and work harder.

  33. I don’t know about the NHL, Romeo but I bet they have to notify their insurance carrier or whoever insures the contract of the potentially concussed player.

  34. Good morning, boneheads!

    That’s what it was, good review, Carp. Montreal was able to impose the type of the game they wanted to, and the Rangers obliged. I mean, Prust was in town and there was not even a hint of a fight? Emotionless describes it well. Move on.

  35. I don’t buy the argument that the Rangers are lost without Nash. That’s silly. As I was watching the game last night, I thought to myself that I don’t even think Nash could’ve broke through that defense. Montreal stuck to their game plan perfectly, and it worked. What can ya do? We’ll get another crack at them Saturday in “Montreal Typical!”. Cheer up boneheads. Happy Wednesday.

  36. Manny, I think Richards is a key component to this team’s success or lack there of. When he was at his best last year this team steam rolled most opponents. He gets his linemates going. He hasn’t added much of anything to the on ice product thus far in ’13. I highly doubt it’s because he doesn’t care or that he can’t, but he needs to keep fighting through this until he looks like the guy we had last season.

    I’m sure a big part of that for a guy like him (not old by any standard in life but still an oldER NHL player at this point) Is the lack of training camp. How long it will take Idk. Maybe until late March maybe until next season..but it’s no secret they’ll need more from him to have a #1 centerman

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Moreover, has anyone noticed we haven’t been to a cup final since Avery left? Coincidence? I think not.

  38. Some of the comments last night were really up there in dumbness. It must be really bad if Lloyd is trying to take people off the ledge and adding some positive comments, eh? Scary thing is, I was agreeing with him more often than not. I just realized I missed my yearly check up :-).

  39. I know one thing for sure, this team as constructed won’t be winning any stanely cups in the near future but as a 40+ year ranger fan I’m used to it.

  40. Again, the only reason they’re lost without Nash is because they aren’t getting enough from their other top forwards. Why that is Idk. Conditioning, slumps, lack of motivation- we can speculate forever. The fact of the matter is that this is a team sport and last season when they played as a team they were pretty damn ok.

    Maybe Torts and Sully need to have bull whips out during practice and start lashing guys who’s feet stop moving while they’re on the ice. Like Grabby said before- last season they dumped and cycled better than any Rangers team in a long time and I think that’s part of what made it a miserable experience for other teams to play them.
    Maybe it IS a conditioning issue. It would certainly explain the lack of jump or “jam” this season..

  41. Well, on the positive side, I see we have some new commentors … I just hope they’re not old commentors hiding behind new names.

    E3, classic “Nothing to do” reference. Captain Kangaroo. LOL.

    Good morning, Sally!

  42. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Can someone tell these D-men to stop sliding to block pass attempts? We’ve allowed a full season’s worth of odd man rushes already this year, and I’d guess not many were broken up by sliding…again, if Larry Robinson preaches that guys stay on their feet, they by Krom, that’s what we oughts to be doin’.

  43. Are some of you guys Yankees fans? Is it just me or does this sort of remind you of the first year Giambi took over first base for Martinez and they started transitioning from a faster run manufacturing dynasty to a bunch of old broken down power hitters that couldn’t manufacture cheese with a bucket full of old milk? Granted Nash isn’t old, has been their best player at times and I happen to love cheese…but it’s funny how one guy and the departure of a few others can change the dynamic so drastically at times.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is one mighty man who walks among us that stands tall in the face uncertainty – His name is still spelled the same. Sean Avery on for since among behind

  45. Chopper, probably the last thing I’d say about Tortorella is that he doesn’t care. Before I said that I’d say he’s shy, introverted, polite, tall, easy-going, laid-back, wishy-washy, non-judgmental, pale and BFF with Sean Avery and Peter DeBoer. After that, I might say he doesn’t care.

  46. the King won’t play the next game, Nash has a season-ending concussion, Gaborik is a pansy, Boyle is a brick, Richards a non-entity, and the kids stunk too. Have a great offseason NY Rangers

  47. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    If by “Tortorella”, you mean Bossonova, I’d also add that he is a good dancer…and he loves his feather boas that he picked up at Carnival

  48. Bad ice aside, I really don’t think this game was as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

    The Canadiens happened to score on two of the very few breakdowns we had defensively.

    I thought we controlled the puck most of the game, and we had some chances that just didn’t connect. The Hagelin to Gaborik pass was a tap in if Gaborik didn’t alligator arm it as he was crashing the net. There were a couple of other plays where we were in the right position, in the slot, and the puck hopped over a stick. Price made a couple of good glove saves as well (the Krieder shot comes to mind)

    How long does Torts allow Richards to play his way out of this funk/ lineup? I know Richy is “his guy”, but other than the benching last game, he seems to give him an awful lot of leash to hang himself with as opposed to other guys on the team.

    Also, I don’t hate MDZ on the power play. I think playing stralman / girardi on there wouldn’t hurt either. The PP is going to be the death of this team if they even make it to the playoffs. It has got to be fixed!!!

  49. Don’t be afraid to agree with Lloyd Braun guys. There is a reason he has such a funny Name on here in the first place. I find myself agreeing with him and being happy and blissful and then a few minutes later I am losing it in anger at him. That’s the enigma that is Lloyd Braun. He’s playing the role. Tort would be proud.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AP New York

    Reports filtered in early this morning that a search and rescue operation is underway in the Hudson River. Coast Guard officials are closed lip and refused comment but Former Ranger great and First ballot hall of famer Sean Avery looked to be in charge at the scene. Sean was wearing a powder blue sailor suit andVera Wang matching tights. More as the story develops.

  51. iDoodie Machetto on

    That 3 on 1 goal I’m putting on brad Gomez’s feet. He handcuffed Staal on an absolutely brainless play. God I can’t stand him. I was never a fan of his signing, both for the dollars, the term, and honestly, the player. Get rid of this bum.

  52. Yes,yes, Richards has not played well,then again he didn’t play well for the first half last year. Does a possible long term injury to Nash create accelerated disaster,or Gaborik’s streaky play essentially being one dimensional?

    Or, is it possible all this money spent on other teams stars is simply the wrong philosophy?

    Don’ blame the coach he plays the hand he’s dealt and may be the next coach thrown under the bus as those before him.

    Carp, perhaps a column devoted to this organization’s hype and contradictory overall middle of the pack status would be in order?

    This fish rots from the head!

  53. Joe Micheletti actually said late in the first period it was a good game. Jeez! What was he watching? It was a complete snooze fest. Rangers are still have trouble generating offense this year.

    As for Nash, I think it is a concussion. When will the Rangers comment?

  54. Re-emerging? DP is finally in the net….He hasn’t really played yet, but, hey, baby steps….

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    I couldn’t watch the game but by the voting it looks like Biron played well in the losing effort, so that’s a positive takeaway.

    Is there really any evidence Nash has a long term injury? I just might have a Wednesday morning panic attack if that turns out to be true…

  56. iDoodie Machetto on

    Good write up, Carp. I agree with you on the ice. When I got to my seat at 6:25, it was so warm in the garden that I actually had to take off my button down shirt that I was wearing under my jersey (don’t worry, I still had an undershirt). But I knew immediately the ice would be absolute garbage.

    As for the volume level in the Garden, it was very quiet, but was just such a boring game that it was hard to get excited. I will say, however, that it got surprisingly loud in the 5 minutes after Montreal’s second goal. Good reaction from the crowd to try and get the team going once it was down.

  57. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    With Biron in net, Ottawa just has to play for the tie and take their (good) chances in the skillz competition at Rucker Park

  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, I cant believe it is a concussion. He played the rest of the game. He played the next game.

    They wouldn’t do that, in this day and age, with any player, let alone their best player.

  59. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Fat Guy, if you replay the SO goals Biron let in last game, he didn’t even move. His 5 hole is the largest in hockey for the SO. Actually for the whole game, but he does close it during the game.

    Ottowa, with a wretched lineup played the Devils tough. They are not a cake walk. No team is.

  60. Definitely with you in Anger Quotient, Doodie.

    Agreed, Matty. It cannot be a concussion. No way they let him play afterwards. Then say they are going to scratch him but let him play. Maybe he has something embarrassing like VD?

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Are we sure Biron is playing in Ottawa? I thought Biron would start in Montreal so Hank wouldn’t get his GAA inflated too much

  62. Convoluted rhetorical question with big words referring to Sather/Dolan?

    Convoluted rhetorical question with big words referring to Carp?

    Convoluted rhetorical question with big words referring to the Islanders?

    Faux-humorous, garbled conclusion with multiple exclamation points!! LOL

  63. From last night: Carp – NYRSince, if they had a power play, it would be a worthy complaint.

    Fair point. Same with the icings. If we could win a face-off and control the puck in the offensive zone … If. If.

  64. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    VD – hilarious

    Maybe he has bedbugs in his uni and can’t play again until he’s de-loused. He’ll take next game’s faceoff wearing a haz-mat suit!

  65. To Doodies point(s), Richards made some really odd choices with the puck. So he seems out of shape and out of mind. What’s going on there?

  66. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    After watching him in Game 1, it was obvious he wasn’t a star at this point. Richards. He was then and is now, slow on foot and his hand speed isn’t there. His decisions, therefore have been askew and he is a non-impact player.

    The other guys on the team have to see what the average fan can see. It must be demoralizing to know this guy is getting heaps of dollars for years and sucks.

    Bench the guy. Send him to a fat farm. Do whatever, but don’t let him kill morale.

  67. Matty, what if … if he says he feels fine and passes the tests then has flu-like symptoms, they could just think it’s the flu. then — this is all speculation, of course — he plays a game and has the symptoms again the next day. Now maybe they think it’s a concussion and hold him out as a precaution?

    Not saying it is or isn’t. I’m saying it certainly is possible.

    I’m not a doc (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express in Ottawa during the playoffs), but I don’t think there’s a black and white, concussion/no-concussion indicator that covers all head injuries.

  68. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Either way, Richards wins. That’s why I HATE these long contracts. He is pleasantly plump for life and, unless he begins to care, he doesn’t need to. As such, we have dead weight.

    Bench him, and perhaps he wakes up. Bench him and he may go have a Whopper and smile. Bench him and he gets embarrassed. Bench him and he still gets his paycheck.

    Absolutely despicable that he makes what he does and he comes to camp not ready to play. In the private world, people get fired for that.

  69. Brad Richards is so not a #1 center. Nice front loaded deal Sather. In like 2 years his cap hit will be about 6.6 million. Good luck with that.

  70. Carp great recap.

    3. So true. What a classic line, free in / charge out.

    7. I’ve been saying it for several weeks, this teams Achilles Heel is in the middle. Maybe there #1 center is playing on another team?????

    8. Bad Ice is bad for both teams. The Rangers should have an advantage actually because they play on it regularly! Bad Ice definitely results in boring sloppy games

    *Observation on Gaborik:* When he is forced to carry the puck through the neutral zone over the blue line, he is rendered useless and usually loses possession. He is a terrible passer on the fly. He needs a center who can carry the mail and gain the offensive blue line.

  71. At least we have Stepan and Hagelin. Without those two guys……..Man. It would be bad. Maybe put Richards on their line instead of Gaborik. Let Richards try his luck at Wing. Then he can aimlessly skate around with his head in the clouds with two guys that actually produce.

  72. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, it’s possible. It is not an easy diagnosis. They do have better testing, some of which is better than in the past.

    They do baselines pre-season, even in high school sports. So, while not an art yet, they can test for concussions after any hit/game. It’s more of a science than it was. But, sure, someone could ‘slip through the cracks’.

  73. That’s why those SI swimsuit models were at the game, Eddie. Thank God we had ORR around to point it out to us. That way we were able to put 2 and 2 together.

  74. Isn’t it funny how a few months ago we were all praising Richards for all he did off-ice post-Sandy, and now we want him out of town for his on ice play (or lack there of)? I do agree, Torts needs to shorten the leash a little bit. The fact that he STILL plays on the PP is beyond me!

  75. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Like the NFL, the skill level on most NHL teams is roughly the same….whether the current coaches get the most out of them is the question. Right now, we are in the stands watching the champions of the Westminster Dog show while our own lovable beautiful German Shepherd is humping the pretzel vendor and dropping chunks in the aisle like Marmaduke.

  76. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, are you suggesting we now get Richard some ‘wings’?

    May I point out to you, I believe he has been eating and perhaps drinking enough. Time to play hockey!!

  77. I guess that’s just how hockey (and this comment thread) goes. One day you have Stepan at the whipping post, and the next, he’s the best player on your team.

    Serenity now… insanity later!

  78. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yergs, he is pathetic, just PATHETIC, on the point. Maybe Torts used him in 2004?? Maybe Torts is thinking back to that??

    If you go to MSG and watch him his decisions are awful, he passes the puck away a third of the time, he has trouble keeping it in and he rarely uses a slap shot. Why is he there????

  79. not to pile on the alternate captain, but in addition to (maybe) not working very hard during the lockout … If I’m not mistaken he got a big fat paycheck in July, most of his money for this year. So he didn’t even lose $$ like most of his union brethren during the stoppage.

    can anybody verify that for me?

  80. Yea. Richards on the PP is kind of a head scratcher. Even Gaborik on the PP is beyond me. Because he never gets the puck in a shooting position. But Richards on the PP and on the Point no less. Sheesh.

    That last PP we got with perfect timing to tie the game was pathetic. Del Zaster and Richards managed to mishandle the puck enough to give us 0 opportunities to get a quality shot.

  81. by the way, James, the timing of me asking you to email me and the Italian comment are completely unrelated. I actually thought it was funny, what with me being one of those pale Italians.

  82. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The only saving grace with Richards is that last year, too, he got better with the season. He is getting older and it may take more time. That is the hope.

    Truly, this year, and after what the Kings and Devils did last year (8th and 6th to the Cup), there is lots of time. Just make the playoffs, then dance.

    I am just a little disappointed that a supposed team leader shows up like he has. Step and other guys have played out of it. Some of the guys are playing ok. Richards should be a leader, not a detractor. That’s what he was last year for us and other years for other teams. So far this year, he’s nothing.

  83. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Carp – Being melanin-challenged doesn’t make you any less of a proud Italian-American

  84. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Not to digress, but how ridiculous was it when DZ lost the puck out of the zone on the late PP? He’s the Mush from A Bronx Tale

  85. I think the only saving grace is that the rangers have a 2nd buyout clauss and I hope they use it on Richards.

  86. “Richards should be a leader, not a detractor. That’s what he was last year for us and other years for other teams. So far this year, he’s nothing.”

    Agreed Matty. I also agree that this year is all about making the playoffs for us. I, personally, could care less where we are in the standings. It’s going to be as bunched up in April as it is now anyway. It’s funny how the only difference between 1st and NYR is, what, 7 points?

  87. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I agree, Carpy. Too bad the game was close to the end. He could use them more and sit the ‘stars’.

    I was wondering, if this goes on for much longer, if Torts just picks a game and says ‘screw it, we’ll lose but I’m sending a message’. And he plays the kids more than the ‘stars’ and benches guys that have been lousy, like Richards and to a lesser degree, Gabby.

    I will never forget Kovalev, who used to stay on for longer than necessary shifts, one time Keenan kept him on the ice for over 3 minutes, let others change but kept on telling him to stay on. Kovalev got the message. His shifts got shorter.

  88. following up, yes, Richards is to make $12M this year, of that, $8M signing bonus was paid in July. So he only lost part of the $4M during the lockout. In other words, he didn’t get hurt at all compared to most of the NHLPA members.

  89. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Carpy, does that ‘fatten’ you up and diminish your desire to play hard? All that money??

  90. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Hey, the playoffs would be great, but without a real turnaround, this team isn’t taking 4-of-7 fromt he Devs, Pens, Bruins or maybe even the Prusts now that they lead the conference.

  91. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    They were pretty good vs. Washington. One game like last night is a blooper. They do have the talent, and even in a short season, there is time.

    Nash healthy? Sky’s the limit. He’s the real deal.

  92. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    come on, Washington without Semin and Green? I’ll take the two points any way we can get them, but we really did only beat their B team

  93. Sadly I don’t see how this team can go very far without Richards. I think we, not unlike Torts, need to just pray he plays his way through this atrocious stretch of whatever you want to call it.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Well those first two years of $12 million are going to be what makes buying him out so easy. If they buy him out after this season it’s $24 million, but if they choose to wait until after next season it’s only $18 million.

    There’s no way he is on the team past next season. $18 million amnesty buyout, write it down.

  95. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Based on last night’s performance, Prust was knighted by the Queen of England. When her sceptre touched his shoulder, he whacked her with his stick across her shins

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Money can’t buy everything it’s true, what it don’t buy, I can’t use – especially VD

  97. Who spends more time sprawled across the ice during play, Staal, Richards or Boyle???

    Staal dives more, Boyles falls anytime he is involved in contact, but Richards takes the longest time to get back on his feet.

  98. Of all the things I thought I might see here today, a VD epidemic was definitely in the realm of possibility.

  99. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Of course papa bear had it – everyone who was ever with Goldilocks in the woods caught it

  100. big picture we gain 3 of 6 pts at home against the isles wash and montreal. that is not good enough and acceptable. im sorry yes i am always negative and being a fan of this team for over 30 years you feel like you should be allowed to be but what I see this year is the same inconsistent nonsense that has gone on for years.

    as for last year it was a dream that had a bad ending. this team now is much closer to the mediocity we have seen from years past not the team we were last year. i know manny agree with me.

    the fact that prust imposed his will on the game last night and the fact that we had to see through this awful hockey game makes today frustraing.

    once it was 1-1 after 2. i KNEW for sure we lose because we have seen this team this year be inconsistent.

    7th 8th 9th or 10th place take your pick.

  101. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Even a healthy Ovie couldn’t carry the Caps past an offensively punchless Rangers team last year. I think a cronky Nash will have a similar problem this year if we make the tournament, unless we face the Rangers.

  102. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I once looked behind the curtain at an early ’80s WWF event…Big John Studd was playing cards with Andre the Giant at a tiny bridge table. I wonder if Asham, Mash and Prust played hearts between periods last night?

  103. the NHL has become a boring regular season league. games are almost unwatchable. I put the blame squarely on the coaches. the NHL has become an over coached league. clog up the neutral zone, collapse down in front of the net, manage the puck! what the hell does that mean! I miss when they used to go out and play, and skill players got to use there skill. its a league full of checkers now, and the guys with skill, the coaches try to make checkers.

  104. The notion that we aren’t bashing our 3rd-4th liners today, and not blaming Hank for soft goals is a good indication the team really didn’t play well last night,

    Carp, to be precise, Richard will keep $10.36M out of his $12M this year. I think he’ll be ok though…

  105. Oh man. We can face the Rangers, fat guy!? We can totally beat them. Especially if we can be last years Rangers.

  106. I’ll bash Hank, ilb. I guess Tiki was right. Having a daughter really affected his *focus* because he has let in some soft goals and he knows it. You can tell by his disgusted reaction.

  107. He played a solid game out there, even making excellent passes. Still replaceable and therefore, irrelevant. Our team didnt lose last night because of his absence.

  108. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I saw one snapshot of Montreal’s 2nd goal last night where it was Hank sprawled and the only other guys in the frame were the two Habs, sticks down, standing calmly in the crease. It looked like me dominating my kid in the arcade’s bubble hockey. Sauer would have picked up the split on that one – two guys down hard at once. Phaneuf’s hit is the gift that keep on giving

  109. _I’ll bash Hank, ilb. I guess Tiki was right. Having a daughter really affected his focus because he has let in some soft goals and he knows it. You can tell by his disgusted reaction._

    “I like my daughter. She’s so cute and fun. I miss her. I wonder what she’s doing ri… OH NO, ANOTHER GOAL!”

  110. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Eruzione auctioning all of his game-worn 1980 Olympic gear?

    Let’s pitch in and buy something for Carp.

  111. Precisely the problem, The Doctor. I call it the “Whatever Hank’s Daughter’s name is” disorder!

  112. Also, that’s a joke. I am sure Hank’s daughter has nothing to do with his lack of success.

    Tiki – I feel like you’re not understanding the word Irrelevant and thus not using it properly. Maybe you’re attempting to use it in relation to something? If you’re saying he’s no longer relevant to our team, then yes, that would be correct except when he’s playing against us.

  113. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    make a Muckler frankenstein monster and throw a jersey on it for our PP

    it’ll be like Weekend at Bernie’s, with a slapshot

  114. I thought there were tests they could do. Doesn’t the NFL require that players pass certain tests before they return to action? Couldn’t they give those kind of tests to Nash now, if they have not already?

  115. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    maybe Nash just can’t take the pressure of playing in the Patrick Division, and he started asking out from certain games

  116. They do require testing jdon. For example, Staal passed his concussion tests after the hit from his brother. I think Cindy Cross-Bee passed them as well and then went back out there and then missed time thus destroying the NHL and leading to a lockout.

    So they have them. But they aren’t perfect.

  117. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I don;t know about the N*H*L, but the concussion test for N*F*L players is whether they can keep track of their own bills at Scores…and if they can remember how many bullets are left in their clips

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Kreider’s struggles concern me. I remember when they drafted him, he was the third highest guy left on my board, so I wasn’t thrilled with the pick, but I wasn’t disappointed either. But what I’m seeing on the ice this season is what I saw from him last year in the few BC games I saw and the 2011 WJC and world championship: Incredible physical gifts, but a little lacking in skill and lacking a bit more in hockey IQ. At this level you cannot be lacking in hockey IQ or you cannot be playing. It’s that simple. He needs to get his head on straight, ASAP.

    For the sake of transparency, the two guys I had above him haven’t exactly lit it up, either (Jordan Caron and Carter Ashton). I have since changed my philosophy about the draft. I wanted the Rangers to draft for a need, specifically large forwards, preferably on the wing (Kreider fell a bit on my board because he was listed as a center in the draft). Now I’m all about best available. Which is why I absolutely hate the McIlrath pick from the next year.

  119. @NYRangers@ Arron Asham also not skating this afternoon…



    At least Bickel will get to play on a line with Mashinter and completely be the biggest people ever. With little guy Halpern in the middle.

  120. Hey, Rich, haven’t seen you around much.”

    “Yeah, we had a game in the Garden tonight. Montreal”

    “Cool,how much you make?”

    “I figure about 150 grand, give or take.”

  121. Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Refresh BABY!

  122. Producer: ‘I have an idea. Next time we have a 10 below forecast with a wind advisory, let’s put that doinker Milbury on remote from outside Wollman’s rink so his lips stick together.

  123. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Even with last night’s emotionally charged debacle, it’s much more pleasant in here this afternoon than it was yesterday. I’m glad Carp opened the windows and cleared things out a little.

    Fear Carp’s Cone of Silence….just fear it, don’t ask why

  124. Mostly agree, Doodie, except when a guy fills a need and is likely to be a fast mover. You gain a little extra value by not having to wait another year or two.

    (And, its tough to shake the logic that “best available” is so much more subjective than “need”. To cross sports, imagine if the Rays had drafted Posey to fill their need at C rather than the concensus BPA in Beckham.)

  125. Anthony in Arizona – good to see you back. Keep it up. it only gets better.

    so tell us, whats the deal with Nash?

  126. “Whatcha hit him with?”
    “Hit whom?”
    “Whom? Whom? Well, you a northern boy. What’s a northern boy doin’ all the way down here?”

  127. Manny, there are x number of players that can provide a similar skill set that Prust does, at a fraction of the cost. His skill set is replaceable, and at cheaper cost. Because he’s replaceable, he’s insignificant (a synonym for irrelevant). It’s opportunity cost.

    There are more than 2 camps (those that love Prust, and those that despise Prust). There’s the camp that’s in between. I like Prust as a person and as a player; I’d love it if he was with the Rangers at a reasonable price.

  128. I don’t like anything about this Nash situation, including that Lucic wasn’t even given 2 minutes for it. all of this secrecy feels more like an organization trying to cover its ass than protecting a player. really hope he’s just got the flu or some other injury but it’s sure looking like something else.

  129. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    maybe Nash just forgot Valentine’s Day and he’s ducking the guy trying to serve him his wife’s divorce papers

  130. _Hey, you guys know who’s been bad this season (The Doctor?)…….Stephen Weiss. Is he hurt?_

    I’m sure you figured this out already, but he’s quite obviously tanking so his future team can withhold more talent in the inevitable trade. Also, his groin.

  131. Fred Shero: “Identify the puck carrier, and arrive in ill humor.”

    Brodeur: “Identify the Good Humor truck and attack.”

  132. Still not happy with what PK Slewfoot did to Gaborik last night…

    Still waiting for the league to come down against that play….(Not holding my breath)

    By the way, does anybody really think that Hansen tried to knockout Hossa?

  133. Slewban slewfooted another one of our guys last night? I missed the 2nd period, did he get penalized?

  134. _By the way, does anybody really think that Hansen tried to knockout Hossa?_

    Nope. Trying to forearm the puck really hard out of the air and Hossa just happened to have been in between the entire time. Incidental. No fine.

  135. Doodie,
    was thinking something similar about Kreider. does not seem to have much in the way of hockey instincts. he reminds me of a player the Rangers traded for in the mid 80’s, Mike Blaisedel. his nickname was the scarecrow, because he skated around the ice without a brain. Kreider does not seem to have any purpose about what he doing on the ice, or where he is going on the ice. skill he has. how to use it? no clue.

  136. Try Kreider on the PP point. If he can learn to keep the puck in, he might have our best slapper.

  137. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    #NYR say Nash is not traveling to Ottawa, could join team in Montreal

    News is not getting any better.

  138. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I say we start an easy-to-find Prust replacement on the PK and hope for some shorties

  139. great, Nash isn’t traveling to Ottawa. Why did our great trainer, Rammer, allow Nash to play two games after Lucic drove his head into the boards. Even LArry Brooks knew Nash wasn’t right. This is just wonderful

  140. well, it’s asinine to blame Rammer if you don’t know it’s a head injury. If we find out it is, then it’s fair. Until then …

  141. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Our two biggest guys are now both out indefinitely with juggled brain syndrome.

    What’s the point of being big if you end up first with a target on your back and then knocked out ?

  142. don’t disagree, tiki (that’s rare, right?) but they haven’t replaced that player yet.

    Lloyd, I agree (not so rare lately). It’s disturbing that Lucic could commit an assault like that and not even get two minutes, when indeed it probably warrants a suspension.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, but there was no injury on the play, so the NHL Department of Limiting Liability didn’t have to suspend anyone.

  144. If King Gabs with Nasher while Cally Staals the MacTruck, and Zotts Ashes the Boiler, will Rich take Steps to Sauer Mash?

  145. Prob won’t see Nash for two weeks.
    The rangers Are a freaking mess. Nash hurt powe hurt kreider lost Richards useless.

    Our last win I believe in Montreal was super bowl Sunday 5 yrs ago when giants beat 18-0 patriots.

    Just like two Years ago on final day of season the rangers will need to beat devils to get in. Hey drury scored that game so maybe there is hope for drury 2.0 in Richards.

  146. Its still really, really tough to pin blame on Ramsay. Concussions aren’t yes/no, they can come on late, they can fade in and out, they can be covered up by someone who doesn’t want to have one. If he followed protocol, what else can really be done, even if Nash does have one?

  147. I hope you’re right about Weiss, The Doctor. I would love for him to tank the season and take a much reduced contract with us.

  148. Woah! My eyes must be deceiving me. I’m also inclined to agree with you, that they haven’t replaced him yet. Maybe this agreement is a prelude to many more agreements in the future.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Einstein had it wrong. Insanity isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Insanity is the NHL supplemental discipline process where the same thing is done over and over with completely different results every time.

  150. Russian Factor? Is it real?

    Thanks to his play at the Five Nations tournament in Sweden, Russian left winger Valery Nichushkin has become all the rage in the prospect world this week. The 6-foot-4, 196-pound power forward bulled his way to 11 points in four games, playing against very good competition. He has worked his way up from junior to the farm team to the Kontinental League this year and is contributing. He sunk Canada at the world juniors with an incredible overtime goal to seize the bronze medal.

    But he is Russian.

    With the rise of the KHL as a viable alternative for top talent in the past few years, the ‘Russian Factor’ has become a very real thing when it comes to the NHL draft. But the glowing reports I’m hearing from NHL scouts and execs about Nichushkin seem to indicate that his stock won’t drop very far when all the 2013 hopefuls are picked in New Jersey this summer.

    “As far as talent, he’s top three,” said one scout.

    “After watching him, you throw the Russian Factor out the window,” said another.

    Read more: http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/50124-How-the-Russian-Factor-impacts-the-NHL-draft.html

  151. And, Tiki. I don’t entirely disagree that Prust is a replaceable commodity but this team has yet to replace that commodity, at any price.

    It is just obvious to me that The Rangers lost him, and some others, and totally changed their identity. An Identity that Montreal now has.

    I disagree that he’s an insignificant player. Especially since he was quite significant, if not the most significant player on the ice last night.

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, it absolutely is a real thing, and getting worse every year. Guys like Radulov only make it worse.

  153. I would at this point send both Miller, and Kreider back down. neither are helping. maybe bring up Haley to add a spark. maybe bring up Jean to see what he is about, or even Thomas, who is now up to 13 goals and playing well.

  154. No disciplinary action for Lou Cheech doesn’t surprise me one bit. Shanahan has shown to have the decision making skills of a 6th grader. Great player, probably a great locker room leader, but has a high school education. Seems like a moron.

  155. From Hockey’s Future:

    Kyle Jean, C, 22 [6’4″, 203lbs]

    Following an excellent development camp performance in late June 2012, the Rangers signed Jean to an entry-level contract. He had just completed his second season as a forward at Lake Superior State University, and at camp, showed he had a nose for the net and played well in traffic. He had an excellent start of the 2012-13 season, and then suddenly stopped producing. He had been logging very high minutes per game, and the adjustment was just too much for him. After posting at least one point in his first seven games, Jean has registered only 10 points since the end of October. His play has improved recently, and with good size and grit, expect Jean to be an integral part of the Whale’s playoff drive in the coming months.

  156. Manny, I agree with your first paragraph. Subjectively, I agree with your second paragraph. Objectively though, you can’t translate “identity” to wins and losses; it can’t be quantified. Your third paragraph, I agree he had a significant impact on the outcome of last night’s game. However, one impactful performance doesnt prove that he’s not insignificant.

  157. This Ryan O’Reilly situation in Colorado SUCKS. I don’t want this kid on our team. He’s born to be a cancer.

  158. Then we agree that we slightly, somehow, kind of agree on some points and not others, *Tiki*.

    Let the day of Agreement continue!

  159. May the day continue!! Nobody will agree with this, but Im ok with losing to the Habs; I preferred if we’d gotten 1 point out of it though

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    leetch, they did kick the tires on O’Reilly and were told the asking price is MDZ and one of Kreider or Miller. Sather is still probably laughing at that one.

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s basically what Howson was asking for Nash at the deadline. Those two, Dubinsky to make the dollars work, and a 1st.

    We gave up Dubi, Anisimov, Erixon, and a 1st for RICK NASH. Avs think they will get MDZ and Kreider for O’Reilly? Get real.

  162. I heard something similar, Doodie. Not from my sources but from Hockey podcasts. I heard they wanted MDZ and Stepan. Which is an absolute joke. Nope.

    He will end up on the Phlyers or something stupid like the Make Believes.

  163. After their performance last night, anyone who thinks Montreal is going anyplace needs to have his Habs examined.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    PS, we all know the player that CBJ drafts with our 1st will be a superstar. Inevitable.

  165. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Plus, being BORN a cancer must be especially tough. I mean, where do you go from there? What kind of kindergarten would accept you?

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I agree on making decisions about O’Reilly’s character, but that asking price is insane.

  167. Well Ryan O’Reilly’s dad is a cancer. His letter to the media is insanity. The kid demands the “C” and now demands an insane contract. All at the age of 20? That’s not the hockey way. Earn that son.

  168. How long will it take a player that currently isn’t playing anywhere plus hasn’t played an NHL game for 10 months to get up to speed?

  169. _The kid demands the “C” and now demands an insane contract. All at the age of 20? That’s not the hockey way. Earn that son._

    Counterpoint: He’s 22 going into his 4th year and the captaincy was given to a 2nd year 20 year old. I can see that being a bit annoying.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather, we need to make another Gomez for no Gomez trade. Make it happen. Richards for No Richards.

  171. Richards to Colorado for O’Reilly, Stastny and the ability to change history so that they didn’t match the offer sheet to Sakic. If Sather doesn’t do this, he’s an idiot.

  172. How bout Slats takes the early buyout on retirement and manages Jimmy D’s blues/rock band *Jimmy D and the Wangers*

  173. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    as long as we can now go back in time, let’s go back a bit further and tell Mikko to not whiff on that softball down the middle

  174. I will say this, thinking you deserve the “C” is not the way a Captain acts. A Captain earns the “C”. The idea that it should go to the highest point total on the team is crap. It’s like Ovehckin wearing a “C” in Washington. It’s a joke.

  175. Carper, in the event you’re still drowsy I apparently need remind you of our “arrangement”.

    To wit; we treat each other respectfully or………….I verbally slap you silly.
    And you being the weenie you are ban me!

    Your choice sir.

    Perhaps at some point when you deduce you ain’t going to make as a comic,you might discuss the team you cover in a macro sense and stop with the piddling nonsense of the micro view.

  176. Manny I’m with you on Prust and all he brings, but then I don’t see how it can be said he isn’t worth the money. Seems inconsistent.

  177. again, Prust was going to want more money from the Rangers than he got from Montreal. for as much as you guys love him, if you think it’s a good idea to have a 15-point forward who is pushing a $3 million cap hit, I sincerely hope you don’t run businesses.

  178. HAHA. Salary dump.

    That’s interesting Matteau! I guess it’s more the length that scared me. If Prust took 2 years at $2.5M that’s fine. But the 4 year thing. Man. I just question his durability. But now whenever I hear a hockey commentator mention the Habs they mention Brandon Prust and how he changes their identity.

  179. I can’t justify signing him for that much money and for that long. That’s what Del Zaster makes…

  180. Papa Bear love Rangers…..

    Papa Bear love Hockey……

    Papa Bear no love Rangers Hockey.

    (I love referring to self in 3rd person.. Makes Papa Bear feel like high paid athlete).

  181. What do you think you would have to tell McD’s and Stepan’s agents when they are up for new contracts if you are paying Brendan Prust $10M?

  182. Let me put it differently- what do you think you would hear from their agents if you are willing to spend $10M on Brendan Prust?

  183. Lloyd actually I do run a business, fairly successful one. And I know when to invest in human resource assets. You have an employee like Prust you don’t let him go unless he is being unrealistic in his demands. The market spoke and he was not unrealistic in wanting more. It is incontrovertible that the team misses him. He is an example for your other employees, you keep him. And i dont know where you get he wanted more from NY, that has never been reported. Seems you feel a need to make things uis cause you were wrong then are are wrong now.

  184. _What do you think you would have to tell McD’s and Stepan’s agents when they are up for new contracts if you are paying Brendan Prust $10M?_

    Over 4 years. What do you tell them when Richards is making more than that in a season? UFAs and RFAs are different, I think the players understand that.

  185. unless Derek Stepan’s season improves dramatically, he’s not going to command big money.

    McDonagh is a guy you basically pay as much as he wants for as long as he wants

  186. I don’t think this is really about Prust, even though there’s been a lot of debate about him the last two days. It’s more about this team’s loss of identity via the collective loss of Prust, Dubi, Artie, Fedotenko, Mitchell, and to a lesser extent Rupp. Last year’s team was a tough, hard forechecking, shot blocking, defensively sound one, with great goaltending. They managed to consistently win games they had no business winning by being excellent in those areas. Right now, I can’t think of anything that they’re excellent at. They’re mediocre at best at all of the aforementioned aspects of the game, as well as the aspects that they were supposed to improve on with their offseason acquisitions. Now they lose or nearly lose games they should win. I keep hearing that this team is “better” with Nash, but I’m not sure what “better” means when it doesn’t manifest itself in anything tangible like wins, goals, etc.

  187. Matteau,

    If you’re not going to bother paying attention and want to believe Brandon Prust would have taken the same or less money from the Rangers, perhaps you should have leveraged some of the capital from your fairly successful business to help keep him in New York.

  188. Like to McMonster step it up in the offense. He has the skills. it’s all about confidence & coaching.

  189. Point to a single report that said Prust wanted more than Mtl to stay. And you do realize Sather had ability to lock him up before he hit market. Common sense please.

  190. Prust had no interest in signing with the Rangers before July 1. He wanted teams to bid for him.

  191. I wonder if this team performed exactly they way it’s been now with Prust in the lineup, how many would be asking for his head/buy out right about now.

  192. Ilb said Brendan Prust twice! Hilarious! I agree Manny, i wouldve taken him back for 2 years $2.5M.

    It’s good to see Didier back in the CL. Ive always been a fan of Droggies.

  193. Good point, The Doctor about those guys being RFA’s.

    I agree with you Matteau and Tiki (who was agreeing with me and thus I agree with him for the sake of agreeing) but I just don’t see 4 years at that much money. It’s a TON.

    But I miss Prust and the team misses him, etc.

  194. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Papa – they have me fooled for sure, because I definitely don;t think they’re a threat

  195. I’m sure we’ll never know if its true, but there were plenty of rumors that he wanted a 3 year deal pre-UFA and Sather wouldn’t budge.

  196. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    in 4.5 months, we’ll either be talking about the greatest turnaround in Rangers histroy, or look at 2011-2012 as the greatest overachieving season in the history of sports P.P.I.M. (pre Prust in Montreal)

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    If we are going back in time, let’s go back to 1963 and change our drafts thusly:

    1963: Walt McKechnie
    1964: Ken Dryden, Syl Apps
    1965: Pierre Bouchard
    1966: Don’t trade Brad Park
    1969: Bobby Clarke, Butch Goring
    1970: Bill Clemente, Bob Kelly, Yvan Lambert, Billy Smith, Gilles Meloche
    1971: Larry Robinson, Bill Hajt
    1972: George Fergusin, Bill Russell, Bob Nystrom, Al MacAdam, Peter McNab
    1973: Don’t trade Rick Middleton
    1974: Brian Trottier, Bob Murray
    1975: Dennis Maruk, Dave Taylor
    1976: Bernie Federko, Randy Carlisle, Kent Nilsson
    1977: Mike Bossy, Mike Bossy the 2nd time they passed over him, Rod Langway
    1978: Tony McKegney, Anton Stastny, Viecheslav Fetisov
    1979: Michel Goulet, Mark Messier, Anton Stastny (again), Thomas Steen,
    1980: Brent Sutter, Jarri Kurri, Bernie Nichols, Walt Pddubny, Steve Larmer, Hakan Loob
    1981: Al MacInnis, Chris Chelios, Mike Vernon
    1982: Dave Andreychuk, Pat Verbeek, Ulf Samuelsson, Doug Gilmour
    1983: Bob Probert, Marc Bergevin, Esa Tikkanen, Rick Tocchet
    1984: Kevin Hatcher, Patrick Roy, Brett Hull, Cliff Ronning, Luc Robitaille, Gary Suter
    1985: Joe Nieuwendyk, Igor Larionov
    1987: Joe Sakic, John Leclair, Theo Fleury
    1988: Tie Domi, Mark Recchi, Tony Amonte (don’t trade him, win Cup with all other good players so you don’t need Noonan or Matteau), Rob Blake, Alexander Mogilny
    1989: Adam Foote, Nick Lidstrom, Sergei Fedorov, Pavel Bure, Vlad Konstantinov
    1990: Martin Brodeur, Don’t Trade Doug Weight (since we already drafted Tik), Don’t trade Sergei Zubov, Robert Lang, Petr Bondra

    OK, I’m officially too depressed to continue.

  198. “You’ll catch your death of cold, Clouseau.”

    “Yes, yes, I probably will, but it’s all part of life’s rich pageantry, you kneau…

  199. noremry, that would be Tiki’s worst nightmare, me traded to Boston. On the other hand, I would get preferential treatment there, right Tiki?

    I agree with NYR_FAN, Prust wanted to hit the market, and didn’t mind leaving NY at all.

  200. also agree with Ted Sheckler. The makeup of this team is different, without a doubt. I said it on July 1, and thereafter. However, I believe that if Richards, Gaborik, Hagelin, Stepan and Kreider play the way they’re supposed to play around Nash, this team is better than last year’s team. Or should be better. And, over the short season and into the playoffs, ought to be better. Maybe not record-wise, but a tougher playoff out (if they get in).

    as for nnsnse, tell it to Jack Capuano or one of your political blogs. I’m ignoring you until you do something stupid enough for me to ban you. It won’t be long.

  201. Lindy Ruff would be the best coach they’ve had since Al Arbour. Heck, Laviolette is the best coach they’ve had since Al Arbour. And outside of Laviolette, Muckler would be the best coach they’ve had since Al Arbour.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think Nolan was a better coach than he got credit for. They gave him worse than garbage as a lineup and he got them into the playoffs.

  203. I think that was the first time I told him I am ignoring him, Papa. But by telling you that, and by telling him that, I’m not ignoring him. So now I’m going back to ignoring him. But don’t tell him. Or anybody else.

  204. I left my Air Jordans up in my mud room in Toronto. You wouldn’t mind driving up there and retrieving them for me, would you?

  205. Hah. Not only was Nolan better than Muckler, but it was Muckler who got him blackballed (and probably got Neil Smith blackballed too).

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not shocked that Ruff is out, just that Regier is still in. Pegula should fire him now so he can start getting a replacement.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    Neil Smith, who coincidentally was hired by Wang at the same time as Nolan. The only guy who would hire the blacklisted guys.

  208. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    at this point in life, would you rather be
    Neil Smith – Ex-Cup winning GM
    Neil Smith – SuperBowl winning ex-sack champion DE?

  209. Doodie, I was actually doing a countdown until somebody said, “Carp said …” but I thought the other two would beat you to it.

  210. I don’t think another beat writer would allow me the leeway that he has allowed me, so it wouldnt be in my best interest if the real Carp got traded to the Sawx. However, you would get preferential treatment and you’d get to work with PeteAbe (who’s lost a lot of weight). I think he’s trying to lose enough weight to hook up with Amelie Benjamin.

  211. The Sabres need a lot more than a coaching change. And they should give us Thomas Vanek while they are doing that rebuild. As a kindly neighbor gift.

  212. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    if I got paid per post today, I’d be well off
    if I got paid per meaningful post today, not so much

  213. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, I like halfaasening one day, then doubleaasening the next over giving two, one aasen days.

  214. Seeing as today is all about Mike Blaisdell references (like any other day)…he actually ended up being a successful player then coach in the Britopånsyland Ice Hockey Pånsyleague.

    As did about 95% of Sather’s Oiler draft picks of the mid to late 80s.

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