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  1. staal went for a dive on goal 2 after a really bad decsion.

    carp why am i upset. you see richards? See any improvement with mdz? boyle ever score? can any of the d men shoot a b b on goal? that is why i am upset. Oh and then you get to his handling of the young guys.. way to neuter miller and kreider…..

    they play a slow mo game with the best goalie in the nhl….gilroy never plays in the 3rd period and the guys he has out there on the PP are no bettter then him for sure…

    their supposed 2nd best forward shows up about 1/2 the games, nah all is well in rangerland..

  2. oh and there prize forward who I do not think has been as good as others think did not play today for a unannounced reason.

    he has to have a concussion but hey the nhl called the hook on marhand instead of the head bash on lucic….what a joke…

  3. Fun fact:

    The entire sequence of Montreal’s second goal was originally choreographed for the film “Slapshot!” but was cut as the director thought it would be too silly and unbelievable for the film.

  4. “What’s wrong with Nash?”

    “None of your business. Any other questions?”

    “No, not from me coach. Anyone? No, I guess that’s it, coach, thank you.”

  5. Carp

    You should use Torts’ quotes as your game review since he sums it up quite nicely.

    “But they were better than we were. “It was two bad teams playing, and we were worse than they were. “Pretty much sums it up, huh?”

  6. Even as I criticize Tortorella, I am glad to see that he is irked. It’s a start, but why do we have to start again? I mistakenly thought they previously got the message. My bad.

  7. DarrenDreger As reported on Insider Trading…at least 1 team has asked TML for permission to talk with B.Burke for a non-gm opportunity. #TSN


  8. I am absolutely disgusted with that play by Slew-bon on Gaborik right before the Strawlman goal.

    What a dirty, disgraceful play…of course, Shanahan is going to do nothing…

    PK SLEWFOOT…name is so fitting….piece of garbage…

  9. Little Richards Lament

    Oh a big conniver, nothin’ but a jiver
    I done got hip to your jive
    Slippin’ and a slidin’, peepin’ and a hidin’
    Been told a long time ago
    I been told, baby, you been bold
    I won’t be your fool no mo.

  10. JPG said it best , The Center ice has real hockey, must see for all of the rangers players.

    The Garden is too quiet to inspire the team when it needs it.

    The consistent inconsitency of the team’s play would drive any coach crazy.

  11. Just getting in from MSG and I would have to say in 20 years of going to games that might have been the worst game I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching.

    Now to the important stuff. As I’ve said all along (not only here – that’s a general statement) this is NOT a playoff calibre hockey team. People can say it’s one bad loss. It’s early. Whatever. I look at the big picture. This team has no identity. They are no longer the black and blueshirts of last season. They NEVER forecheck (other than Cally), are soft in front of Hank, don’t block shots consistently and quite honestly not the skilled team they think they now are.

    BUT, the scariest part of all is they totally lack the chemistry, mental toughness and intangibles of last season because as is always the case with the Garden they needed the new shiny over priced sports car that are constantly in the shop when the ol’ reliable mid range priced cars last 10 years.

    Last season, they were in the building process of a growing young team. Now, they are old slow and lack any system or identity.

  12. When there is a delayed penalty and a goal is scored, there should be at least a one-minute power play added.

  13. PS. before I hear the it’s easy to say after a loss stuff. I was saying the same thing Sunday night leaving the building. Thought they handled the last 4 minutes horribly then too.

  14. The winning goal is all on Stall (cuz that’s what he did). Mishandled the puck in the offensive zone and turned it over. Idioticly dove (flopped?) and missed keeping the puck in the offensive zone while taking himself out of the play. Then he takes his time getting back. Watch that sequence again from the view of the Rangers net out and tell me that goal still happens if Stall skates hard and gets to the net first.

  15. hwirth I agree with most of what you say except Nash is hardly an overpriced anything. You should get you money back for that ‘performance’ they put on tonight.

  16. I have to say this as well. It was nice to watch Prust do what he does. EVERYTHING! Hit, block shots, kill penalties, set up goals. Be a presence and factor. But of course paying $7 mil for 3 goals is more important when guys like Keith Aucoin get picked up on waivers and have more goals. Or of course John Mitchell. But who needed his scoring touch in the bottom two lines. The Rangers have so much scoring depth from Halpern, Asham and whoever plays Mashinter, Powe. Doesnt matter.

  17. we really stunk up the joint

    it is great that we have another game in two days. Nash or bust!!!!!

    I expected more offense, who am I kidding? without Nashteria this the same team as last year that couldn’t score.

    There is so much talent on this team, maybe it will take a little more time. I’ll give them two more days.

  18. Cooscoos – Not knocking Nash the player as much as the deal to get him. Gave up two core players and a 1st round pick. In order for that to make sense, he better outscore the two of them and currently he is not. They have more pts. combined than him pls. lost what could now be a lottery pick in a deep draft. Sorry but puck control and some defense isn’t good enough. He was brought here to score goals and lots of them. Just being a good player wasn’t enough to change the chemistry of the team over.

  19. And let’s be honest abt. Nash. He’s looks very talented and all but he’s NEVER lead his team anywhere. If he’s so good, then why only 1 time in 9 years was he able to lead his team to the playoffs. Doesn’t sound like a guy who makes the players around him better to me.

  20. No chemistry. No physics. Team needs a leader. Nash is quiet. Cally provides it on the ice, but is a cerebral sort (no knock.) Don’t want to canonize Prust, but he’s missed, no doubt.

  21. That MSG guy Trautwig said that Nash’s scratch sounded “ominous”, what does he know we shouldn’t?

    A concussion syndrome would be possible and not good for the club.

  22. I hope Nash’s injury isn’t serious and he doesn’t miss many games because without Nash the rangers will be in trouble to make the playoffs.

  23. hwirth,
    that was one of my points on here when everybody was going gaga to get nash. i was not thrilled because for 7.8 mil per year the guy didn’t and hasn’t made people better around him. Now that we have him it is what it is.

  24. It is what it is all right. Most talented player on the team by far. Top point producer. Who did all the points help?

  25. With all the fighting this team did last year, you would of thought that Torts would send Asham out to start something. At least it might have woken everyone from the coma they were in.

  26. tommyg

    Good isn’t good enough from Nash. He needs to be Art Ross Trophy/Hart Trophy Calibre other why would you break up a team that was 2 wins away from the Finals. Again, it annoys me to hear people say it’s the same team when it’s now.

    1. Prust 2. Artie 3. Dubi 4. Mitchell 5. Rupp 6. Tank. That’s half your forwards that have been exchanged. It’s not the same team.

  27. Hank

    It’s hollow when the team can’t back it up following the fight. It worked last year because the team reacted to the fight by playing tougher. Hasn’t gotten same reaction this year from lineup. In fact, when they have fought, they’ve let up goals and played worse.

  28. ” Now, they are old slow and lack any system or identity.”

    I completely disagree with this B.S. statement. IF you watched this team for 20 years, you would realize that they are actually building something NOW.

    So when they lose…it is “the end of the franchise.”

    When they win….”Nash = Mario Lemieux Hagelin = He-Man”

    The last time a kid that was 19 scored more than 1 goal in a game for the Rangers? You have to go back to 1992…Kovalev…21 years ago…

  29. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I thought it was kreiders best game from a physical engagement standpoint.

    Mash looked fine

    Nash was missed

    Mcdonut and Staal had some terrible shots that were blocked

    The mad bomber was terrible on the pp

    I like the way the Habs cleared the crease, wish our D did that

  30. Unfortunately, Asham fighting isn’t the same as it was with Prust fighting. Prust wasn’t brought in specifically to be an enforcer, and he was liked and respected. Asham, no fault of his own, is a hired gun and everyone knows it. He could get the fans riled up, but not so much the teammates unless he bogarts some creep that cheap- shotted one of them.

  31. They are faster than they were last year.

    They are more skilled than they were last year.

    This is the first year these guys are together as team, no training camp, short season….

    They might not be as tough or gritty as they were last season with Pruster. Shouldn’t matter…didn’t matter tonight…

    It’s a different team.

  32. Richards is the biggest problem this team has.

    Good news is that can be solved by simply writing a check…

  33. NYR – What exactly are they building? They gave up 3 main pieces of their core and got older to WIN now. Trading two home grown guys and a 1st rounder for a current star is a NOW Move not a building move. A team building to something keeps the young guys in Dubi, Artie and a 1st rounder and allows them to develop with Stepan, Hagelin, Miller, Krieder etc.

    Don’t put words in my mouth about Nash. I was very proudly one of the people chanting we don’t want you for the exact reason that’s proving true. He’s not worth the $$ to trade away as much as they did AND not have the space to re-sign Prust which will turn out to be one of Sather’s dumbest moves. Steals him from Calgary and let’s him walk to MTL.

    MTL – a team that EVERYONE said was one of the softest in the League last year and got walked over. Prust comes in – no more pushovers. UMMM!! Let me think about that one.

  34. All of the players we lost were basically role players and replaceable, (management felt) sans Prust. We will find out if they were incorrect.

  35. debated unloading my tickets until the last possible second and then was like, eh, will probably be a good game and they’re not home again for a week

    got bruises on my butt from the number of times I’ve kicked myself in the past 5 hours

  36. Montreal IS one of the league’s softest. Tonight, we were softer. I like that in pillows, little else.

  37. _So when they lose…it is “the end of the franchise.”_

    _When they win….”Nash = Mario Lemieux Hagelin = He-Man”_

    May you describe this fictional world in which you inhabit?

    You need some sleep, son.

  38. I think Dubinsky was going to get dealt, regardless. He had an abysmal season offensively..

    It’s not everyday that Rick Nash is available and he wants to be a Ranger….

    I did not want to lose Artie…or Erixon for that matter….

    People are going to think I’m nuts, but I think we miss Artie the most…

    But, when you can get Rick Nash for that price, you make that deal everytime…

  39. Dubinsky, Anisimov and the cap space to keep Prust along with a 1st round pick. If you think the big flashy winger is worth all that. Go watch the Devils and see how they go abt. their business and why they’ve 3 times and been there 2 more since 94.

  40. LOLOL ye it’s Nash’s fault. BTW The guys that last 10 years (Dubinsky and Anisimov) are both banged up and hurt. Do some research before commenting. And Dubinsky is again off to his marvelous start.

  41. Are we under the incorrect assumption once again that Rick Nash forced the Rangers not to resign Prust? Research….Common Sense…Research….

  42. _Uh, 3C….the Jets? Doh_

    Good answer but incorrect, unfortunately.

    New York Rangers became the first NHL franchise to use airplanes. In 1929 they flew to Toronto for a game against the Maple Leaves.

  43. Rick Nash is an elite NHL forward

    Dubinsky is a glorified 3rd liner

    Anisimov is pillow-soft and has hands slightly more supple than Rupp’s

    Brandon Prust is Brandon Prust: an average checker you guys overate the crap out of because Tortorella pumped him up and now he’s gone.

    in short, get over it.

  44. Everytime you make that move? And that’s why Lou wins in NJ and the Rangers don’t. Nash is a big name therefore we MUST have him. WHY? It’s about a system. It’s about a team. Less most times is more. The Devs let their stars walk and yet seem to do just fine without them. I’m sorry but the Rangers lost last year to the Devils not because of stars but because their 4th line dominated our top lines. Guess Stephen Gionta, Bernier and Ryan Carter should get paid 7 mil each.

  45. Nash is worth every bit of what they gave up for him. If you don’t think so I don’t know what games you have been watching.

  46. I guess you missed when the Devils mortgaged the next decade of their existence to sign Ilya Kovalchuk

  47. The Lou Lam comparison (in which NYR failed):

    When Ilya Kovalchuk is a free agent, you sign him to a huge contract.

  48. Having watched the Sharks game, we have the wrong Boyle…

    The PP has to get it clean and set up, no dump and chase.

    Jagr had some insights into North American coaching styles on the Czech TV interviews.

  49. HE’S ELITE!! You know he’s not even in the top 100 in goals! You know Artie has more goals than him this year. He must be elite as well. David Clarkson has twice as many? What’s he Gretzky. And PS on Dubi and Artie from last year. They combined for 26 goals together. Nash had 30. So trading them away and changing the chemistry of the team was worth an added 4 goals. PLEASE!

  50. That Lou Lam is a genius making up a roster with 3 less players just to make sure to get Ilya Kovalchuk on the team.

  51. You do realize that Anisimov now is the best player on that team, correct? Someone has to score for them…. They’re again the worst team in the league. Again, simple research. Google is available. If you really are comparing the talents and skill levels of Anisimov/Dubinsky/Prust to Nash.. I suggest choosing a different sport.

  52. _Rick Nash is an elite NHL forward_

    _Dubinsky is a glorified 3rd liner_

    _Anisimov is pillow-soft and has hands slightly more supple than Rupp’s_

    _Brandon Prust is Brandon Prust: an average checker you guys overate the crap out of because Tortorella pumped him up and now he’s gone._

    On target.

  53. But I know it’s Rangers fans. So therefore it’s always getting the next star. That’s why this team never wins. It’s not Sather’s fault. It’s not Torts fault. It’s the fans fault. Dubi and Artie are just two bums on the 3rd line because they aren’t All-Stars. Give me a break. If Clarkson was a NYR the fans would have wanted him out 2 year ago. Now he’s one of the best forwards in the NHL.

    Now who do you all want? Maybe trade Krieder for Iginla. He’s a big name and star. He’ll come in and score the goals.

  54. NYR – Back when Bavaro was a rookie, Parcells was miked-up pre-season, and he called Bavaro over and chewed him out for missing a block. When Bavaro walked away, Parcells could be heard saying to an asst. coach: “That kid scares me. I holler and holler at him and he just looks at me and says nothing.”

  55. if David Clarkson was an NHL forward, Tortorella would have run him out of New York long before the fans did.

    but your assessment that Dubinsky and Anisimov are two third line humps is spot on the first evidence of perception you’ve shown. bravo.

  56. Ummm Kovalchuk is a better player than anyone on the Rangers. His PP ability alone makes him better than a NYR. It’s amazing how NYR fans find it so easy to disrespect the Devils when I don’t know they been to the finals 5 more times than us since 94.

  57. Carp – You mean the Keenan thing? I think you’re right, Shero. But tonight, on TV. Keenan took credit for it. He changed it a little bit and plagiarized.

  58. You mean they are not real people, just the screen names ???

    !929, the year the Greyhound was temporarily renamed to Airbus, you’re wrong, CCCP !

  59. You steal from 1 person, it’s” plagiarism.” You steal from twenty people, it’s “scholarship.” :-) Lots of truth in that.

  60. OK have your stars and we can all sit back and watch the Devils go to the Finals AGAIN with THEIR team concept. You know because trading for Stars worked so well in the early 2000’s. We had ELITE talent in Lindros, Bure, Messier etc. and guess what! Each and every time they missed the playoffs.

  61. hw,

    I love what they have built so far under Torts. I actually like what Sather is doing. I like how he defers to Torts on personnel. The real genius behind it all is Gordie Clark…and Torts is a very good teacher for all these young kids…It’s a great time to be a Ranger fan…We haven’t even seen the likes of McIlrath, Thomas, Nieves, Skjei, etc…

    I hope Torts is at the helm for a long time because he needs to finish what he started…

    It’s a completely different culture under him that any other coach in my lifetime…and it needs to stay that way…

  62. hate to be the guy to say this but being a bridesmaid in this league means about as much as missing the playoffs entirely

    now go kiss your Chico 8×10

  63. anyone see the shot to the back of the head Hossa took tonight?

    Brian Engblom could be heard saying, “Walk it off, kid, you’re alright.”

  64. _ It’s amazing how NYR fans find it so easy to disrespect the Devils when I don’t know they been to the finals 5 more times than us since 94_

    The Devils are hated. Yet, they are respected. They build winning clubs. That is what sport is all about.

  65. Why would I respect the Devils? Because they do what I want as a Rangers fan! THEY WIN!

    It’s not about name players or stats or who is “elite.”

    They put together 23 guys that fit into a team concept and have roles. The Rangers only want Stars for Broadway and I thought last year we were finally through with that nonsense and then came the Nash trade.

    Don’t worry, I’m patient. In 3 years from now, you’ll be bashing the Nash contract the same way you are all now bashing the Richards contract now when he gets older and slows down.

  66. nah I hate everything about the Devils and hate Rangers fans who feel the need to give them “respect.” they’ve clutched and grabbed their way to success and have the most overrated goalie in the history of the sport. but yeah, they’re great, you’re right. go devils.

  67. The only reason we should’ve signed Prust is the jam factor. He and Dubie had it. Dubi went and Prust should’ve stayed. Where’s the jam factor?
    I saw Prust playday against the Panthers this weekend and he looked great there too. The guy’s always going 100%. Do we have anyone that still does that day in and out other than Cally, Nash and McD?

  68. _nah I hate everything about the Devils and hate Rangers fans who feel the need to give them “respect.” they’ve clutched and grabbed their way to success and have the most overrated goalie in the history of the sport. but yeah, they’re great, you’re right. go devils._

    Lose the hate, son. There is no harm in respecting your adversary. They have a winning formula.

  69. Oh because the Rangers should gloat about their history of being perennial losers! They have 1 year (which now is almost 20 years ago). Sorry, but I’m sick of the Rangers way. And google this. Go back and look at how many times the Rangers in their almost 90 year history have acquired the star and given away players that went on to win elsewhere (usually for the Habs) while the NYR did not.

  70. call me son, that’s a good way to get me to take you seriously and not just casually dismiss you as a troll.

  71. hwirth: Nash. i was not thrilled because for 7.8 mil per year the guy didn’t and hasn’t made people better around him.

    Ummmm…Please see Hagelin, Carl.

  72. _call me son, that’s a good way to get me to take you seriously and not just casually dismiss you as a troll._

    You should learn respect for elders.

  73. If Torts is such a great coach, how come we dot really have a good system? Or do we have a system that paralyzes players? I’m lost…

  74. If you only had a clue Lloyd. A troll? Now that’s funny. I have had season tix at the Garden for over 15 years and you know what, I am getting sick and tired of the losing. Last year was the 1st time (and that includes 94) where they finally were going to do it right. Go through the draft. Let the team grow up together. Build together. But NO! OF COURSE NOT IN MSG. They immediately break it up to bring in the big name. It NEVER works and of course they are no where near as good as last year. They have no identity, no team toughness, no chemistry or intangibles. All the things it takes to win.

    Truth be told. Torts but he has already given you glimpses of what he really thinks. Called them scared two weeks ago. After the Washington game, he said “Just because we get Nash, doesn’t mean we now run and gun” Tells me, he’s worried about them as well.

  75. Real Italians don’t worry about nuttin except when’s the ravioli coming and everybody in the family stands up straight!

  76. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    hwirth, you are clearly over-reacting after a loss. This is abundantly clear since Lloyd is the one talking you off the ledge. I guess 8-3-1 in their previous 12 wasn’t good enough?

  77. hwirth, if you think “Hands of stone” Dubinsky’s departure is why this team is underachieving, I have a bridge to sell you. And a crackpipe…

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – you better stop dissing e3 therefore thus for at on in out between across below

  79. for the record, the next time anyone rips on me for being too critical, I’m going to pull up these two idiots singing the Devils praises and wishing to liquidate the Rangers organization 15 games into the season.

  80. I love hockey, but I think I would choose right field for a son. So serene, safe, and better pay.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dave Maloney was not happy with the ranger’s offense tonight. He did not mince words.

  82. Well CCCP is right, under current administration anything less than 120% is not fair if you’re an Euro…., NO?

  83. “Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered weak and weary
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there cam a tapping…”

  84. Gravy –

    If I had to time to post here you’d know I’ve been saying this since Opening Night and my opinion hasn’t changed even as they played a little better. People went gaga over beating the B’s twice but forgot to mention they blew leads in both games. As Torts correctly pointed out after Sunday’s win. They were better but are still too easy to play along the boards and that was against a team that isn’t even trying.

    I am always a big picture guy. And let’s be honest they did all that winning and right now are NOT in the playoffs. But of course, they are better because they got an All-Star (who has never done a thing in his career but ok) now.

  85. I have been saying since the day I was born that something here just ain’t right. Any of you who were around then know.

  86. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    hwirth, the Nash trade for all “intensive purposes”, was cap neutral. They still had space available to sign Prust, but made a business decision not to. And considering there is a cap, almost everyone agrees it was the right one.

    and for the record, Anisimov and Dubi have 14 points combined, compared to 11 for Nash. So, it’s not like they’re tearing it up.

  87. Hey, as that big fathead goon Devil guy says on TV, a punch in the head ain’t near the heart. Strap it up.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Look son before anyone of us were born we weren’t alive on this or any other earth because

  89. Rangers have at least 8 wins if Dubinsky, Prust, Anisimov, Mitchell, Fedotenko and Rupp are on the team right now

  90. As for the Dubi and Artie hate. They have a combined 14 points to Nash’s 12. Why have two guys that were home grown and played the way this needs to do in order to win when you can have one with less points making twice as much.

  91. hwirth, you love ripping on Nash. Do you realize that Hagelin’s point streak would not contain points if not for Nash allowing Hagelin to scoop up his garbage daily? You are obv a troll with a point of view you’re not going to differentiate from, but it’s hilarious that you operate under the guise of a sincerity. Trololol!

  92. Somebody should have dropped the gloves after 3rd crosscheck on Hagelin, but no…

    Doesn’t look good crawling back to the 8th spot….

  93. Babe Ruth never made Lou Gehrig better. That’s why I don’t think Ruth was a complete player.

  94. Lloyd Braun — You are the man. Agree 100% on all. Dubi-Artie-Prust. Come on, people. And some have the brass to pine for Mitchell and Rupp! NO TEAm stands still. You can’t preserve a good team in amber. And let’s face facts — last year was a giant fluke. This NYR squad is 4-5 seed material at best. Same as last year, when we were what — five points or so from 5th seed?

  95. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Nash is putting up almost as many points as two players, and the deal opened a spot for either Pyatt (5 points), Miller (2 points), or Kreider (2 points). Not to mention Hagelin has nowhere near 9 points playing with Dubinsky or Anisimov.

  96. First off, I’ve been posting on here for a while and last year I took shots because I defended the guys like Artie and Dubi and said this was the best team they’ve had and they went to the Conf. Finals. I said that Sather did a great job staying out the way and letting this team gel and got ripped for saying something nice about Sather.

    Now those same people are ripping me for saying they gave up too much for Nash. Guess now they love Sather because he got them their big flashy shiny toy.

    See how that works.

  97. could make the case that Hagelin isn’t getting anywhere the opportunity to play he’s been getting if Dubinsky and Anisimov are on this team clogging up lines they don’t belong on

  98. Rollie Massemino, teaching a math course at Villanova said to the kid who asked Lloyd’s last question: “Uh, I dunno, kid, see me after class.”

  99. yes, I love Glenn Sather. love every god awful move he’s made. and what’s more, I love everything about John Tortorella. guy is a straight shooter and never screws anybody.

    you’ve sure got your finger on the pulse

  100. newbear

    It’s not Nash’s fault that they wouldn’t resign Prust, who would solve quite a bit of problem’s we’re having now. Or did you not watch the game tonight?

  101. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    So, I guess Columbus would have less than 4 wins if the trade never happened.

  102. Oh so now last year is a fluke and this year is where they should be (which is worse than last year) and according to everyone here that’s a good thing. Maybe last yr wasn’t a fluke. But we won’t know because they broke up 1/2 the starting forwards.

    I know one thing. Currently, they are not a 5-6 seed. They are OUT of the playoffs. And either way, if they are don’t make the Conference Finals this year than it’s a massive disappointment. Sorry, no excuses. They made the NASH trade as the final piece not some building block move.

  103. yes, they’re out of the playoffs one-third of the way into the season

    might as well fold the franchise

  104. for some reason, i showed possession with the world problems. don’t know why. perhaps because the Rangers currently have many.

  105. Nash deal was and is still a no brainer. Letting Prust walk over a few hundred grand was a silly attempt to be budget conscious. Arrogant and just plain dumb. Said so at the time and standing by it.

  106. I’m done with this conversation because I’m never seen so many people with their heads in the clouds. They made the NASH trade as the FINAL piece and if they don’t make the Finals it’s a bad trade. Right now, they are MUCH worse than last year.

  107. everything I’ve read said Prust wasn’t going to come back unless the Rangers exceeded his offer by a lot of money

    screw him

  108. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Yes, they are out of the playoffs after 15 games due to a tiebreaker, but also 6 points out of 1st in the conference, and 5 point out of 1st in the division…so, hows about we play some more hockey before we pass judgement?

  109. Thing is, last year, I think with a Gaborik having 2 functioning shoulders, we were gonna make the finals. This year with Nash, we are going to do well. Everybody, chilllllllllllllllllll

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Prust was on the GW taking a tinkle and said this water is cold – rupper right next to him said – yeah and deep too

  111. Wait ’til Gabby gets back from that shoulder injury, everything will fall into place. Oh…someone said he’s here.

  112. 2 Leetch2,
    I did watch this match while helping myself to some single malt, don’t know what to say- it’s just that a very few of us are veritable trolls, we just try to make some sense of this chaos.

  113. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Also, I’m fairly certain their record would be at best 6-8-1 if we reversed the Nash deal the past 4 or so games. Because his line had been the only consistent source of offense.

  114. newbear

    Ease off the Dewar’s and acquaint yourself with Macallan, you’ll be a lot less trollish.

  115. Forgive the repetition, but one of my favorite movie lines is Brando in ‘The Wild One’ where the sheriff asks him. “What are you rebelling against, son,” and Brando says, “Whatcha got?”

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Counting flowers on the wall playing solitaire till dawn, with a deck of 51. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain kangaroo – now don’t tell me, I’ve nothing to lose….

  117. Hey, Rich, haven’t seen you around much.”

    “Yeah, we had a game in the Garden tonight. Montreal”

    “Cool,how much you make?”

    “I figure about 150 grand, give or take.”

  118. You’re a tough customer, son, but you’ll break. You’ll break like all the rest of them did.

  119. Okay, boys, let’s step it up a notch tonight. big crowd out there

    He rode the bus 22 hours just to say that?

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I haven’t put my head in a plastic bag coated with airplane glue since before I did it.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – it’s best when you have an open wound – the sting is mightier than the stung

  122. What does it mean to be happy, anyway? You walk around with a dimwitted grin on your face all day? “The main thing is to be happy.” “I just want you to be happy…” “God, I was so happy, but not now.” “I used to be happy.” Remember when we were happy, dear?” “Those were happy times.”

  123. Coach: Boys, this is a big one coming up. I want each of you to examine your conscience.

    He rode the bus four days straight to say that?

  124. All of you seem to think that this is all one big joke. I have statistics. And I have been saying since seven months before I was born that this team…

  125. Coos coos comes up with some very pointed observations and then dampens it by bringing up the morbidity of Edgar Allen Poe….eeeeeu.

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