It’s Go Time! … Canadiens at Rangers


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Game 15.
Canadiens at Rangers.

The Rangers 4-0-1* in their last five (asterisk = they lost one of those games, but it doesn’t count as a loss, even though they won of those games in the same fashion and that counts as a win — only in the Bettman Bonus Points for Losing system) close out a three-game homestand.

The big news broke a little after 5 p.m. when the Rangers announced that Rick Nash will not play tonight. Since they (read: John Tortorella) don’t discuss injuries all of a sudden, we can only guess that he has a concussion or the flu or an injury … or that he’s a healthy scratch (yeah, right).

But feel free to speculate, because that’s what they create when they don’t tell … and what they also will create is a contest among the reporters around the team to try to find out what it really is … and it will come out eventually. Or at least, in the old days, it would have.

So Chris Kreider, who originally was going to be scratched, is back in and Brandon Mashinter will make his Rangers debut in place of injured Darroll Powe (concussion). Stu Bickel will be prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Carey Price.


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Yes, that’s the Montreal Canadiens’ logo from 1910-11.


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  1. Good job, Manny.

    just going back to this point. I think Asham understands the role. And tonight is one of those nights where he has to step up and do it, because the other guy is going to be looking for it. You don’t leave that to the rookie unless circumstances force the rookie to do it.

  2. By circumstances you mean, if that rookie is Newbury, Segal or another career AHL guy that rarely gets a look in the NHL.

    Any reason why we didn’t keep Bel Biv Deveaux around as a 13th forward?


    BIG BOY PANTS. check

    MASHINTER. check

    SLEW-BAN. check

    PRUSTER. check


  4. My one funny post ever was thwarted by a conveniently slotted “It’s Go Time!” Thanks, Manny and Carp.

  5. check?—check

    cash is king.

    Nash is woozy.

    Kreider will make us forget about …….whats his name?

    Prust doesn’t sound so good.

  6. IT IS ……


    Three periods of playn the dumbazz Habsss!!!

    Time to win again folks!!!


    lets gog ogg og gog gogoo!!


    GO G G G GO!!!!!!!

  7. I think it’s funny that Bel Biv Deveaux ended up signed by the Panthers after that elbow on Fleischmann. Must be great teammates now.

  8. Kreider straight to the top line! Bench to star in ten minutes…

    @TheBroadwayHat@ RT @Mike_Rappaport: NYR lines: 20-19-24, 62-21-10, 47-22-14, 40-15-45

  9. It’s not just Mash, Lloyd. It’s Monster Mashinter. It’s a great nickname. Who doesn’t love to nickname the guys that are here for 5 or less games!?

  10. Czechthemout!!! on

    Tough break for Nash. Hope its not more than a week or so.

    Great chance for the Kreider to show he belongs. I expect him to step up.

  11. Czechthemout!!! on


    According to scouting report published earlier on Mashinter, not a good skater, not a good shooter,
    Not a good passer either. I hope he can at least drop the gloves when needed.

  12. Mashinter has been responsible for winning the last three games for the CT Whale. That’s something.

  13. Wonder what’s wrong with Nash. He’s been very durable throughout his career, so I hope it’s not too long without him.

  14. The prospect report I read on Monster Mashinter said that he was a decent player, could compete for 4th line minutes in the NHL but needed to learn to get to the middle more often. They also called him hulking:

    _”Hulking left winger Brandon Mashinter plays with physicality and grit while working the boards well down low but has to drive the front of the opposition’s net more often. The hulking winger needs improvement in his skating stride and defensive game to develop into a power forward but needs to get in the high traffic areas to score not trying to be a shooter or a sniper. He projects as a third or fourth line checking forward if he gets to the NHL.”_

  15. Not happy about Monster Nash being out of the lineup – injuries to our new “stars” always seem to happen.. :-(

  16. Nash is a healthy scratch. He is just trying to talk poor Howson off the ledge. Errrr so I hope that is all that is wrong.

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    Now Mashinter or Asham needs to go over to Emelin and smack him and than Gionta in the head.

  18. I am blacked out on NHL Gamecenter tonight. I also do not have the TV station that airs NHL games. Sh*t out of luck.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – easy to resolve a pretzel and mustard brain …simply put, as to since for at in above behind

  20. I think no one is in a position to shoot there, ORR.

    Nice slapper. Almost a lost art in this league…

  21. when they put out the “defensive” defensemen on the point, and the second unit of forwards, they always get more shots than the first unit.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    It’s funny how a no talent clown like Joe M would enjoy this type of hockey but pan end to end action with scoring chances back and forth. And what scoring chances has he seen? Schmuck!

  23. Wow. Look at Hagelin creating the play instead of finishing. Remember when he came up and it was impossible to send him down? I wish more of our youth was like that.

  24. sadly
    Rangers show
    5 on 5
    than on power play

    go to the net!
    send the puck to the net
    and let the chaos ensue!!!!
    (that should be a Game of Thrones quote if they played hockey)

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    Joe M must have had a coronary on that play by Miller. How dare he do something creative. Right Joe?

  26. Joe Mich did say Jared Cowen was out for the season. Why he was jabbering on about Ottawa during this game is beyond me, but probably the source of the confusion.

  27. My only real critique of The Kreider so far is what he just did right there on the forecheck. Stops his feet. Pulls up and just stands there. Then when the Habs move up ice with the puck he has to start from a dead stop rather than having a running start.

    Del Zaster shoving The Prust. Wish they were mic’d up for that.

  28. Eeesh…..sorry! I could have sworn I heard Joe and Sam say Powe…sorry for the fright. But I’m also sick and my brain is on fire, so forgive me……

  29. As Tom McVie used to say about games like this: “They should let everybody in for free and make them pay to get out.”

  30. Czechthemout!!! on

    This the type of Hockey that Therien coaches. The Penguin players ean him out of town after a few seasons of this bull kaka hockey. Dont expect any exciting things tonight. Just need to get points. They are playing a back to back game.

  31. Kreider
    it was something he
    was allowed to do
    at BC

    needs to break himself out of
    the habit of standing
    around and/or floating

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am glad so many kids are at the game tonight. Great way to NOT sell the game to the next generation of potential fans and customers. Why don’t we increase the size of the goalie equipment and just stay back with everyone in our own end and play for the shootout. The guy with the bigger goalie equipment wins. Good job Gary.

  33. Rumor has it Nash hurt his back trying to lift a tv that was bolted down. Torts thought he could still do it, though..

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Maybe Torts should just do what Laviolette did in Tampa last year when they pulled the same crap.

  35. Montreal once considered hiring Pepé Le Pew as a head coach but it read “Stinks on a job” in his resume so they decided to pass.

  36. I can see the Habs being sluggish tonight, but why are the NYRs playing down to their level!!? Come on, let’s get it MOVING here!!

  37. Forgot…..a belated happy coming to Anthony from AZ, who is home today from rehab and watching his first game at home in a month!

  38. I don’t remember seeing another team chase us behind the net so often

    Word must be out on our bad breakout passes

  39. Oh. It’s like Mitch Hedberg says about Bigfoot..

    “I think Bigfoot is blurry, that’s the problem. It’s not the photographer’s fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that’s extra scary to me. There’s a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside. Run, he’s fuzzy, get out of here.” – Mitch Hedberg

  40. I am glad Gaborik shot there.
    He is having a great year. Forechecking like a madman.
    scoring too.

  41. All the excitement of a Mets-Royals split-squad spring training game.

    Though, the Rangers have clearly been the better team.

  42. I wonder if Kreider was ever schooled on how to use his size, be physical, finish a check. Nice Kid, but He is much to respectful of the opponent on the ice.

  43. If Raccoon Giannone was a late scratch, would that mean Carp starts the game between the benches?

  44. So glad I didnt go to this game. My friend said he got his tickets for $150 a head. In the old 300s. And he thought that was a good price.

  45. Czechthemout!!! on

    The NHL should be embarrassed for putting such a terrible product on the ice. The bottom line is to entertain the fans who pay big money to come to the games. This is refund worthy. Disgusting!

  46. Is my brain that friend or I am only imagining a hockey game? And Prust has over shaved his beard

  47. This five minute discussion about the Pittsburgh Pirates during a hockey game brought to you by Doc Emrick Tribute Night.

  48. Sam has about a 30-40% accuracy rating on his “Good play by……….” Which he says at least 20 times a period

  49. Buy one, Fat Guy. I guess he could take one off the face like Johnny G but I doubt he wants to put himself through that.

  50. Yea, Carp. That’s part of the Garden of Dreams program that was gifted to Marc after his awful concussion.

  51. This game is truly riveting. LOL imagine trying to convince someone hockey’s the most exciting sport to watch ….. having them come over to watch the game so you can prove it to them, and they’re treated to this s**tshow?

  52. 5000 icings put you to sleep, then they have Mike Keenan on putting you further to sleep telling you that they are putting you to sleep.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Check that haircut on Graves. Last time I saw a haircut like that, they executed the guy…

  54. LOL was this the cocktail they used in the movie “inception” to make everyone dream within a dream within a dream?

  55. When I saw the final score of the last Piles game, I just assumed that DiPietro was in the nets..but he wasn’t!

  56. Who’s ready for another exciting period of icings, stoppages and Brian Boyle slowing up before hitting prust?

  57. I wish goaltenders would attempt to break up more of those cross-crease passes. Fatso does a pretty good job of that.

  58. Can *any* of our shots ever get to the friggin’ net!? If that shot isn’t blocked, there is no 2 on 1…

  59. the Duckbill Platypus on

    May this avatar speak to the moribund nature of the assailment processes of the Rangers of NY?

    Kind regards,
    the Duckbill

  60. You know how you’ve made it in this league? When Joe calls you a good looking young player…

  61. Yes, he is irrelevant to the NY Rangers. I can get you a Montreal Prust jersey and link you to a Habs blog.

  62. Papa Bear
    if you saw my earlier
    you would have read
    that i said
    that Kreider wasn’t taught much
    at BC
    he floated a lot
    so it’s gonna take some
    time to break him out of such bad habits

    (in a peeeesy mood now thanks to score and who assisted (whatta byfuglien surprise!!)

  63. the Duckbill Platypus on

    addendum… please note prior statement meant to include the phrase “sans the Rick Nash”.

  64. ya know if
    Lou was GM of the
    he would
    just have Richards
    sleep with the fishes
    not bother to buy him out

  65. It was hockey related, eddie:

    stick ice coach bench players icing hot dog beer box seat girl blue line win.

  66. This would be a disappointing loss

    If roles reversed we’d say a thrilling comeback road win

    Prust no. 1 star

  67. what a bad loss this is with mont playing last night.

    3 of 6 pts on mini 3 game home stand with /without nash not acceptable

  68. I don’t typically complain about non-calls, but Hagelin has been cross-checked several times & hit in the face once. I’m all for letting them play, but there’s a limit.

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    Is there ever a time that Torts opens up the game? This is rediculous! They are losing and he is still playing it tight. Does Torts know that we have the more talented team?

  70. Tiki, definitely not irrelevant in this game. He’s pretty much been involved all over the place. Reminds me of this guy we used to have…..He played with this intangible thing called JAM. Too bad we don’t have any tonight.

  71. Manny, they need *something* to pick up their pace – I don’t understand why the coaching staff isn’t kicking them in the aasen, telling them to get friggin’ moving!

  72. so here comes the next goal
    or it will be empty net goal

    Rangers don’t understand
    how to play offense
    let alone spell

  73. not for nothing, but if you open it up the way the Habs are playing, it’ll more likely be 4-1 than 2-2. and without Nash and Richards and Gaborik, kind of tough to open it up … oh, wait, Richards and Gaborik are playing?

  74. Thank God we don’t need any scoring from our 3 line center. Just need him to be a good guy and hit wide-open posts. Gotta love that guy

  75. in one of the most boring games i have ever seen what makes this frustrating is we are on the losing side of it.

  76. sorry eddie
    i see the exact opposite

    hope i’m absolutely wrong

    sorry i’m a negative little s.o.b.

  77. if they dont score in first 1:30 of power play and there’s a stoppage, then pull Henrik for remainder of PP

  78. We need the snowplow guy from the old NE / Dolphins playoff game to cruise onto the ice and screen Price…, we’ll miss the net anyway

  79. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    next time this first pp unit doesnt shoot they do sprints like Kurt Russell made them do in Miracle

  80. I hate when teams are down a goal with less than 5 min to go and they dont pull the goalie.

    If you are up 2 men, the other team doesnt have time to aim for the net

  81. Carp

    Coach Grump
    Why is Richards at the point?
    what does he give you when
    he’s best as a sniper down low?

  82. if i could predict
    lottery numbers
    as easily as i can pick
    Ranger eff ups
    i’d be able to buy
    my own NHL team
    and not have to watch
    this ongoing mess

  83. boxcareddiehospodar on

    any reason why strahlman is not at the point?

    Tough to score when no one is in front of the net.

    Tell Torts to get rid of the pissed off look on his face. PP is a joke!!!

  84. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts is a jack ass with stupid tight game bull crapp! Good teams dictate how a game is played. We don’t we allow a garbage team to dictate and impose their will on us. Torts should bench himself..

  85. I used to goto these games for 25 yrs much better to have this much fun at home 3 states away.

  86. Prust with the primary assist to GWG….

    If i read another praise post for Prust on this blog i am going to coat-check someone real freaking hard!

  87. So true about Gaborik always losing the puck at the blue line…so skilled but so deficient there

  88. The Center for Disease Control is taking samples of the Rangers dressing room air, uniforms and equipment to try to figure out where the players are getting the *BLUE FLU* from – every star that comes to the franchise gets sick, old, and useless as teats on a bull once they get on the team….

  89. what a train wreck. 2nd goal all on staal. totally 100% his fault. the guy thinks he is leetch, he cannot even get a shot on net.

    did gaborik play tonight??? what a overpriced piece of carcillo.

    hagelin by far the best ranger on the ice..

    mdz. what can you say. the guy has a brain the size of a peanut.. he shoots when you should pass and passes when you should shoot.. richards did zilch.

    classic boring road win. what a joke…rangers offense is pathetic… boyle as hot as ever offensively.

    mdz brain dead, he is not learning…..

  90. Wow. I don’t think there was one player who had a good game tonight. Hagelin had flashes, but overall everyone was pretty terrible.

  91. Carp, can you please get us the specific name of the linesman who called off the icing that led to the Habs goal. That incompetent’s name should be plastered all over the internet! What a joke!

  92. they lsot to a bunch of munchkins.

    rangers had maybe 2 guys in front of the net all night….

    our d cannot get the puck on net, mdz a biggest moron then richards…..

    callahan did jack also btw, did not even notice him.

    hagelin, stepan and no 1…..gaborik was awful…..

  93. Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3 Prust +3

  94. 3 of 6 pts in three game vs isles wash and mont. just pathetic

    8th place or bust.

    gabby and richy=del zaster

  95. Coaches should have loud and mean enough to strip paint off a jeep while yelling at these overpaid Bastages for their uninspired, bored looking play tonight – where’s the freaking *PASSION??*

  96. Prust on Rangers last season = first in East

    Prust on Montreal this season = first in East

    Prust sayin’

  97. Screw it all – complacency *rules* on this team…no passion, no balls….just pathetic…

  98. First time posting here, but a ranger fan for over 30 years and I play 3 times a week. For 2+ years I couldn’t figure out why the ranger power play was so bad, then I went to the game against the caps and sat behind the net and watched like a coach or scout and it became obvious and simple. Their power play is based on puck movement to open lanes, but they don’t shoot the puck off of the pass, EVER. They receive the puck, settle, aim, and the lane is gone so they have to pass, or they SHOOT like the crowd is screaming, but it’s right into a d-man or the goalie. It’s a simple fix, shoot off the pass, drive to the net for rebounds.

  99. stranger nation on

    lets hope the Nash “maintenance” is preventive and not corrective.

    B Rich is a shell of himself. Torts better be careful hitching his wagon too tight to that train.

  100. Thanks Brian, so true: “It’s a simple fix, shoot off the pass, drive to the net for rebounds.”

  101. Tonight after the Rangers game don’t miss: Brad Richards, Endings! Exclusively on the MSG Network!

  102. Good teams salivate when they see this years team on their schedule

    The bruins must still be wondering how they ever lose to us

    We have 9 fourth liners

  103. Lol @ Hank. But no, the power play is much more efficient when we make 1,000 passes and then somebody loses the puck or shoots into a defensemen

  104. i’ll say this:

    the one reason that makes
    Center Ice package
    so worth it
    is that after a mind-numbering
    pathetic loss like tonight
    i can watch another game
    and see what an NHL team looks like
    then again
    at some point
    i then get really really
    because i think

  105. Brian. Good point but I would add, they need to move around more, rotate players to set up the open shot .

  106. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, did Brian Boyle play today? I dont know. I couldnt tell.

    I cant even comment on MDZ’s ineptitude anymore. Just too tired of doing it 9 out of every ten games he plays.

    Richards needs to be benched and replaced by JT Miller at center for a game.

    Boy did Mashinter impress me tonight! Real keeper there.

    Hagelin and Stepan were stellar with their play.

    Ineffective game by MCD

    Staal was awfull! Takes forever to get his shot off.

    When will Torts get it into his stubborn head that neither Richards nor Del Zotto can play the point on the PP.

    What is our style of game? Because it is rare that we ever dictate it. What ever that style may be.

    So a third line doesn’t really need to score a goal. Is that right? I see. I guess the Habs third ine didn’t score all three of their goals did they.

    Another game, another opportunity gone. Very nice.

  107. now the excuses on the post game come and the prust love affair.

    boyle could not score if the net was unmanned.

    he sucks..

    our d cannot shoot, and have no clue on the PP…bit of a problem…lucky gilroy or mcdonagh do not see any PP time you do not want to sit down brian leetch del zotto. he is not getting it.. 4th year and still as stupid as his first year…

    hagelin, stepan, and no 1… no 1 else played…..

  108. no passion, Jimbo? You mean they dont care enough? You cant question the team’s desire and effort level on here. Rule number 382.

  109. We could not forcheck and force the issue with the SMALLEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. This team feels extra soft this year. Did we win one important faceoff today?

    This was just pathetic.

  110. czechthemout… why play guys with skill and speed we can play halpern, boyle, and some other lugs….

    staal did not need to gamble 2 minutes into the period but if you do, you need to get the shot off, and then when you do not, diving for the puck is a bad idea. 2nd goal totally staals fault for no reason….

  111. Yuck.

    I blame the Garden ice. Seemed like there were more fans by the Rangers sticks there were fans making noise.

    Not that it affected the game, but was that an overall poor job by that officiating crew? Blowing icing calls both ways, whistling faceoffs dead after it’s all ready dropped and won.

    Mets-Royals split-squad. That got a chuckle.

  112. I heard that Boyle was up in Massachusetts over the weekend. He was on the beach trying to shoot pucks into the ocean and hit a lady in the parking lot!

  113. We play a team w a small defensive corp and I can’t remember a single good forechecking shift let alone a man I’m front. Tortoise got completely out coached. Again.

  114. suggestions to help NYR win games

    1. Watch films of teams that have killer instincts

    2. Watch films of themselves when they won last year and blocked shots (Prust remembered it today)

    3. Practice PP, PK, blocking shots, using your stick to block shots, winning faceoffs,

    4. Remember when you have the lead, you try to keep the lead and it doesn’t mean you cn relax now, the game is not yet over just because you have a lead, there is most likely many minutes yet to play.

    Just a few suggestions, feel free to add more

  115. It seems almost everything they did last year, they are not doing this year, and it is not just a change of personnel, Prust remembered how to block shots and set up a goal

  116. thanks CCCP

    i loved Prust when he was a Ranger
    i’m tired of all this bullcarcillo
    as if he was Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe
    rolled into one.

    there’s no good reason that this team
    should be playing this poorly
    at this point in the season

  117. Embarrassing…a dead-tired team that played last night comes into our barn, plays a shut-it-down type game, and beats us. These guys have no stones.

  118. now the excuses start with the nash situation.

    gaborik is a dissapointemnt sounds outrageous because his #’s are not bad. He scores a bunch or he does not score. he is a turnover machine in his own zone and he is not the dynamic player i expected when they signed him…

    this team cannot score, year in and year out nothing changes…boyle with an assist on the season, you figure you get lucky on occassion…pyat coming back to earth fast…

    stepan and hagelin playing very well..richards, gaborik, mdz horrible.

    the rest of our d just cannot crank the shot at all…

  119. lots of teams lose players
    and they replace players
    that’s how it goes
    each and every year

    no reason why it should be any
    different in Rangerland
    other than we seem to find ways
    to lose
    and still are dumber than a bag of pucks
    when it comes to executing the power play

  120. Czechthemout!!! on


    How impressive was Mashinter tonight? Huh?

    Way to develop Miller playing him with two fourth line forwards.

  121. agree, bro about Prust. Have you ever noticed how ex-Rangers really pick up their game when they play NYR again?

  122. Czech, problem is we have about six to nine 4th line forwards on this team. Hard to play him with anyone but

  123. Second goal against on Callahan? He had position but then seemed to go for a stick check and tried to fly the zone, but whiffed on the stick check.

  124. Tiki, *I just did* – several times!! I think this team is lazy, complacent, soft, and has a sense of “entitlement”, and all for *no* good reason. They have but a shadow of the grit and balls that the team had last year.

  125. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    The difference between this year and last year is a training camp and 34 lost games.

  126. jpg’s sister

    Prust — bigger thing at that time besides
    the pass was that there were
    montreal players ALONE in front of Hank

    our guys avoid the front of the net
    because i’m guessing such grittiness would ruin
    their reputation in the fashion mags

  127. Jimbo, a team with Ryan Callahan as its captain cant possibly be lazy and complacent. They all follow their leader. So it’s been said!

    And of course they look complacent, the Rangers won the Cup last year. They have a Champions hangover.

  128. Let’s hope that Richards is the target for a buyout next year…he’s contributing virtually nothing and is a horrific liability on the ice.

    He truly is becoming about as useful as Chris Drury was here.

    Killer Instinct is something this team is sorely lacking…I think they read too many articles proclaiming them a Cup favorite.

  129. You know what? Even I have to take off the gloves for a sec

    We just suck so far this year

    How the b did all those preseason good vibes turn to snot so quick. We’re just lost out there with no flow or quick decisions. Scooby Dooby doo where are you?

  130. yep torts wanting to play mashinter over kreider that makes sense….they need to focus on the 4th line and those 6 minutes a game of cycling…

    kreider is not stepan he needs to be treated differently from what i read, freud torts who has the communication skills of a drill sargent is in his element with that type of work….

  131. Czechthemout!!! on

    Papa bear

    I dont know about 9 fourth line forwards. Five for sure.


  132. cristobal is partially right on the 2nd goal. cally went euro, but staal did not get his shot off, dove for the puck, etc..

    price really did not have to make many good saves at all. never saw traffic in front….

  133. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think it all falls on the GM. Sather doesn’t have it, hasn’t had it, and won’t get it back.

  134. Czechthemout!!! on

    I still maintain that the best this team looked was during the four game stretch starting with the loss to NJ and ending after the win against the Bruins.

  135. the faceoff near the end with the rangers on the PP, richards at the left point puck won by the rangers, puck laid there for about 3 seconds richards never moved…

  136. Fans are quiet because we have no players that excite you, other than Hagelin, Nash and Hank. No players that can bring you to your feet.

  137. Czechthemout!!! on

    Papa Bear

    Certainly the way he is playing.


    This Kreider will emerge when he is allowed to play offense and not defense first and always. It might happen on a different team though.

  138. Well, Tiki, the captain should have been yelling like a madman at his teammates, then – yelling so loud that even the coach couldn’t be heard over his insults – they act like all they need to do is to throw their jockstraps on the ice, and the other team will skulk away in fear. Obviously, that ain’t happening!

  139. torts got it right but he is a moron.. the american line of kreider, miller, and callahan he seperated the after 2 or 3 games for no reason..

    laugh i put kreider on the line with hagelin and stepan, he can skate and needs to be fe.

    gaborik was invisible for a change……

    mdz after the game complaining about the icing.. really i think his IQ is below avg… The guy does not get it…WOnder what he got on the iq test before the draft…

    he almost always makes a bad decision….

  140. Also, Papa Bear, because we’re all sitting on the computer talking about the game, with many of us who’d make noise being unable to attend due to outrageous ticket prices.

  141. ever notice how Ranger coaches
    always always always
    preach the defense first to
    players with natural offensive talent
    and end up screwing ’em up
    and losing game after game
    because such players
    are kept from doing what they do — score effin’ goals!!

  142. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great points by Dave Maloney.

    The garden is quite because the team isnt giving them any reason to cheer

    And Trautwig said the Habs didnt make many mistakes to which Maloney said thats because the Rangers didnt try to do anything.

  143. At this point, seriously, fire Tortorella. Get a coach who will let our offense run and gun. Especially now with Kreider and Miller as new additions, it is actually doable now. Add Hagelin and Nash, and even Stepan with his awesome passing. Dump Richards.

  144. Czechthemout!!! on


    This is what bothers me about Torts. Look at the Lightning team. What happened to safe is death?

  145. Czech, I don’t know. I think he fears that he’ll miss out on too many bitter, brooding and angry postgame loss press conferences.

  146. rangers didn’t do anything and when you have staal being over aggressive in the 3rd period in a tie game then you have made a bad decision.

    clog up the neutral zone excuse out in full tonight….

    mdz is a dope… is it insane to say trade the 22 year old d man? he does not seem to be getting it, what is management coaching this guy????he could not hold shattenkirks jock strap and we need him to be a offensive d man, the only thing offensive about hims is his decision making…

    all is well mashinter got maybe 8 minutes with golden hands asham and halpern. halpern is only 1 point behind boyle for the season so if he gets hot he can pass him………

  147. They’re STILL whining and whinging about the “missed” icing call!! What about the two soft goals let in by Hank?

  148. brian boyle is a go to guy on this team for the reporters etc.

    the guy has maybe 8 goals in 95 games or less…

    boyle is horrible, how much left on his contract.. as is stated before boyle is not as good as prust…sad to say…….

  149. One night after a loss, Tortorella will come in and no one will ask him question one. They’ll just look at each other for 30 seconds, and he’ll walk out.

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