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  1. Prust on his time being a Ranger “Oh yeah…definitely some good times here”

    really? how about being a Ranger saved your otherwise a pretty useless career! SELLOUT! :)

  2. Drat. Was hoping for an epic game from Nash. Doesn’t change my thinking on the score. 4-1 good guys

  3. yeah Torts is a genius now for knowing something we didnt and now putting Kreider in because…again…he knew something we didnt! GENIUS! :p

  4. not that I had any idea this is why Kreider stayed … because I sure didn’t … I was trying to explain early today that they have reasons for some of the stuff they do. it’s not just willy-nilly.

    but I got chastised for that. :(

  5. what I can’t kid with you anymore, Tiki. You can go off on a half-baked rant against somebody, and I can’t poke a little fun at you?

  6. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    SNY giving you credit Carp.

    The Rangers have announced, *via Carp*, that Rick Nash is out tonight and that Chris Kreider and Brandon Mashinter are both in the lineup.

  7. Jeez….

    Nasher looked fine (like a hockey god) last game

    …this really makes me think this is a “upper body injury”… if you catch my drift…

  8. stranger nation on

    interested to see how Step and Hags do playing without Nash getting all the D’s focus.

  9. Yet another example of how stupid Twitter is. I happened to cut and paste it faster than the other people in the pressroom, so I get credit. LOL.

  10. stranger nation on

    hope Nash didnt catch the flu Richards has; saps the strength and leads to blind passes to the opposition.

  11. You don’t kid with. You take shots at. I refuse to stoop down to that level any longer, I only give people what they desire when I do.

  12. OK, then I am sorry for aggravating you with that comment. So, let me add it up … you have aggravated me intentionally 1,674 times, and I have aggravated you intentionally once.

  13. stranger nation on

    dont care if Ass-ham dances with Judas Prust, but would like to see someone light him up along the boards.

    cant wait to see one of his patented non break out where he reverses puck behind the net to noone and creates an unnecessary 45 second possession

  14. If this is a concussion (game over, season over) there should be quite a few questions about why he played last game. Doubt that it is though

  15. pretty much everyone has been getting the flu this year so hopefully he’s just under the weather

  16. he’s clearly not sick. If he were sick the coach would have said so.

    My guess he is he has something nagging and it flared up again. Considering how good he was Sunday, I doubt its serious

  17. Manny, you’re entitled to value or like whomever you choose. I appreciate your loyalty to him.

    Prust, IMO, is irrelevant. He’s a replaceable player, not a trendsetter, and he’s not fooling anybody (I suspect not even himself) with that precedent setting remark. He left for the money, simple as that. Nothing wrong with it. Dont trying to sell bull carcillo about precedent setting.

  18. nagging injury that needs a “maintenance day” is better than a concussion from getting your head driven into the boards by a thug

  19. Carp,5:24 exactemundo!

    Hopefully you have a good memory. Feisty but kind,sort of like damning with faint praise eh?

  20. dunno about that Carp but the problem with post-concussion symptoms is they’re often not a factor until a few days after the concussion occurred and you could feel totally fine for two or three days and then wake up and feel like garbage.

    really hope that’s not the case here and it’s just some bone bruise or whatever

  21. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope this is the beginning of the mash era!!

    Damnit Nash, feel better whatever it is!

  22. Carp, be honest with yourself. A large percentage of the time, I don’t make it a point to intentionally aggravate anyone. I generally respond in kind. You’re not innocent of any wrongdoing, nor am I. Even our few mutual close friends recognize that. Why don’t we try to move past all that bull carcillo. There seems to be a new a-hole in town anyway, Commnsnse.

  23. Carp, would you comment on the Giant’s signing Ferris Buehler?

    Don’t throw anything! Is ;( a looking down your nose face?

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “You don’t want anybody catching whatever the hell it is Richards has.”

    Old age and a fat wallet?

  25. Tiki, no groveling please it’s unmanly! Vulnerability is a fatal flaw as is needing to be liked.

    Please spell my name correctly and no stooping” to vulgarities! Very gauche!

    Good luck with the new station in Idaho!

  26. Anthony, you’re posting on an old thread … move to the Rangers-Canadiens in review thread so everybody can see your comments. — Carp

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