Brandon Prust pre-game interview


Prust was asked if he read where John Tortorella said he is just another player in another uniform, and Prust said, “well, he’s just another coach.” He was laughing when he said it.

Brandon Prust:



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  1. stevezipay Prust said he wanted to set $$$ precedent for players in his role. Says he doesn’t always think about fighting first, but then (continued)

    what color eyes does he have? Green?

  2. What a tool this guy is. He thinks he’s a precedent setter. You’re a nobody loser, and you’ll be long forgotten in a few years. This guy will be lucky if his own family doesn’t forget him.

  3. Where is that anger coming from, Tiki? I wouldn’t say anything but yesterday you used the word “irrelevant” to describe The Prust which I think is far from the truth. I think Prust is the new standard for a “goon” in Hockey. The days of the guys that can’t play and are only here to knock heads is over. Players like Prust are going to fill that role in the future of the NHL.

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