Rangers-Capitals in review



1) Remember last year when the Rangers were almost always the more physical team, the team that won more battles and dictated play, and often the faster team? I thought this was a game that kind of reminded me of last year more than any other this season.

2) Never mind the quick goal, which came on as scrambly a shift as they’ve had … well, one of the most scrambly. A goalpost, running around, a wide-open uncontested shot from above he right circle by a guy who can fire it. Terrible all-around.

3) But, I thought the Rangers recovered very quickly and, except for a few power-play failures, were the far better team the rest of the period, and the better team over the final 58 minutes.

4) Though the Rangers seemed to think they got some good looks on the power plays before the game-winner – and they did – I wasn’t convinced at all that things were turning. The same people kept coming over the boards with the same result, backing up, away from the net, not nearly enough movement of puck or feet, some really silly one-tap passes that you might do when your power play is on a roll, not the kind you attempt when it’s 5 for 48, 30th in the 30-team league.

5) And that said, the GWG came on a PPG that made you think, Wow. What in Holy Hell? Why can’t they do that more often? Maybe it was something the Capitals gave them. Maybe it just happened that Brad Richards won the draw and then when he circled back to the point the whole thing unfolded … Rick Nash to Richards to Michael Del Zotto for a beauty of a pass to Derek Stepan, who had moved to a scoring spot. Don’t take that last part for granted. You can have all the passes and talent in the world, but if guys don’t find open space, it won’t matter.

6) Anyway, they got it done, and once again Stepan, Carl Hagelin and Rich Nash were their best forwards all night long. Stepan’s been really good for a while now. Hagelin’s been great for even longer. Nash has been good all season – though he does seem to take some questionable penalties.

7) That boarding penalty called on Troy Brouwer, who hit Anton Stralman as he turned? Absolute pansification. That is not a penalty. This after a few nights earlier when Milan Lucic assaulted Nash, leaving his feet and launching himself at Nash’s head then driving it into the glass. Lucic’s crime was 10 times worse, and not called a penalty. But the NHL will tell you it’s cracking down on head shots. Blah, blah, blah.

8) Braden “Dryden” Holtby. Couldn’t be blamed for either goal. He faced a lot more rubber, but the guy down the other end was just as good.

9) I think that Darroll Powe was playing well enough that he’ll be missed, but this is another opportunity for Chris Kreider if Powe’s out for any length of time. And it looked pretty bad, like he was out cold, which means concussion, which means nobody knows.

10) Speaking of which, Tortorella got a little snippy when asked about the Rick Nash injury pregame. “None of your business,” he snapped. And people around the continent got ticked off about it. Why? Is this anything we really haven’t seen before? To be honest, the coach had been pretty good in his pressers to that point, and was again post-game. So he isn’t going to talk about injuries. Suddenly, writers all across North America think it’s disrecpectful? But half these clowns don’t get insulted when another team or coach gives them the “lower body injury” garbage, which is pretty much saying. “I’m lying to you.” To me, that’s worse than saying nothing, though Torts could have said it in a better way.

11) Brian Boyle was much more beastly than he’d been so far this season. Much more. Jeff Halpern played like he had something to show his former team. Those guys were really good on the PK against a very strong PP (though minus Mike Green, lower body injury lie). And that brings us to the best PKer, Ryan Callahan, who had a magnificent  game all around, then, late, with the Caps having pulled Dryden Holtby trying to tie it, who went down in front of two shots? Do I even have to say it? Big as the building, again.

12) There were a couple of execs from USA Hockey at the game and in the lockerroom talking to all the Red, White and Blue kids – the Rangers lead the league in Americans and on Hockey Day in America, or whatever it was called, one of the U.S. kids got the game-winner in NYC. I think the execs spoke to every American-born Ranger, plus coaches Mike Sullivan and I’m assuming, John Tortorella, about the 2014 Olympics … which still aren’t a done deal, by the way.

13) Alex Ovechkin played, right?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Rick Nash.
Kenny Albert Rules’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Ranger JHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan-icebag(s) please.
2. Hank Lundqvist – sweet one!
3. Derek Stepan-strong game.
Honorable mention: Brian Boyle – welcome back!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (22.42 %).
2. Derek Stepan (19.57 %).
3. Ryan Callahan (18.51 %).

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  1. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Didn’t get to watch the game as closely as I would have liked to since I was entertaining family for my daughter’s -third- 26th birthday. It did seem more like the old Rangers were back. Boyle played big, Cally did what he does, Hank was strong…and a PPG.

    And don’t look now ledge dwellers, but they’re 4-0-1 in their last 5 after starting 4-5. Awfully similar to last year after starting 3-3-3. I said last week that I felt they could possibly pick up 20-22 out of 28 points after the Boston game, which they wound up winning anyway.

  2. SufferingSince79 on

    Good game tonight. Need to win games like these. Hope Powe is ok. W/o loss to Isles (who went right out & spanked the Debs the next game) this team would be 8-2-0 in last ten. Only the Pens are hotter in the East. Now I’m as much of a buzz kill as the next NYRS fan but they’re actually playing pretty well. So…trade, bench and or demote everyone (and fire Torts).

  3. nice win, keep moving forward…..

    great PP goal what a nice suprise…

    boyle did play large tonight, can’t score but has been hitting a ton.

    miller on the ice with under 5 minutes left in the game, wow.

  4. Nice writeup, Carp, but you give the impression that the running around in their own end is an isolated case…I think they have a lot to work on in that area. My own take is that Lundquist bailed them out tonight and the score could have been much different without him. That’s why I volted him first star. Otherwise, in agreement with exception that I think Tortorella should try Boyle on the line with Gaborik. I’ll sound like a crazy saying this, but I think Gabby feels more comfortable with a large power center, even though that leaves Brad on the 3rd line, where he belongs so far this season. That would solve Boyle’s scoring problem. Overall, this win had me going to bed happy last night! And no shootout!

  5. Right on Carpie. Even I, perhaps within the space, the most vocal critic of his play, agree that Stepan had an impressive game – his best of the season. He actually showed speed, quickness and stamina which leads me to believe the kid was woefully out of shape to start the season. The audition for USA Hockey execs may have added to his jump.

  6. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    keep the reviews coming. nice job!!

    MDZ had a great pass to a wide open (yep, he got there!) Step, who FINISHED! A beauty!! MDZ sure does struggle sometimes on D, but he is a good offensive defenseman.

    Callie=sacrifice his body all the time and so smart
    Nash=adds so much to this group in so many ways
    Hags=looks like he may be a top 2 line guy for real
    Richards=looked a bit better, actually won a few key draws, still slow as a snail, average on D
    McD=not one of his more solid games
    Hank=saw the puck really well, deflected with accuracy to the corners, had a real solid game making a few key saves

    Overall, 40 shots, many from the perimeter. Lots of hits. They looked better than the Caps and could have won by more.

    Oh, where is Ovie??

  7. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    When the ‘Ovie sucks’ chants happen, he runs around like a wild boar. No direction. But he’s immature enough to be bothered by it.

    Guy next to me is from Calgary. Says there all 18000 fans stand and chant something like we do all game. He said he never plays well up there. Never.


  8. Good job Carp. It did feel like last year, but boy is the Garden different(more on that later). While talking with my son on the way home from my first trip to MSG this year, your points #1, 3, 5, 13 definitely came up. Plus my phone died in the 3rd period so I didn’t get to read your review until this morning.

    Having seen Holtby play here in Hershey, and in last year’s playoffs, he doesn’t surprise me (as Barry Melrose would say) “At Tall”. That said aboot the former Saskatoon Blade, that little OCD thing he does with his water bottle during stoppages (shooting the water into the air and watching it fall to the ice) had us wondering: When Stralman was called for what looked to us to be a phantom tripping call in the first and when Gabby blew a tire in the third (both plays about 5-10 feet to Holtby’s right). How much did the water squirting contribute to both plays?

    We were sitting 4 rows behind Holtby and he squirted more water than he drank. I’m sure it’s not his intention to slush up the already iffy Garden ice, but it had us wondering.

    We also formulated the theory that moving the blue seats and upper 200 level (former 300 level) seats farther from the ice, plus lifting the roof, plus the higher concentration of, let’s say, casual fans (blue bloods, as opposed to blue collar) in building are all contributing factors into transforming our beloved Garden into the world’s most famous mausoleum.

    But we had a blast. Let’s go Rangers!

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy 26th, Gravy’s kid!
    I’m home with my little princess today. Just the two of us.

    Great review, Carp! This is a few games now when they looked closer to last year’s team. And even though I was worried about them not being able to score the equalizer, deep inside it felt that they’ll get a W.

    Speaking of equalizer, and speaking about those US Hockey Team execs/clowns. That goal happened because of McD. That was not a shot, it was a laser pass through traffic right on Hagelin’s tape for an empty netter. The kid has a great vision, and his abilities to pass and join the rush are underrated. Number 9 on the list my foot. Idiots.

  10. I found much more right with this game than wrong. The rangers have been picking up points and that has been great.

    Although coach Tortorella and yourself think Stepan has been playing well and certainly his line has been, he still passes way to much in lieu of taking the quality shot. I want him to succeed in the worst way, but hes got to getter better on faceoffs and hes got to shoot more.

    Also it bugs me that Gaborik wasn’t on the 1st PP unit last night. Boyle had his best game since last years playoffs and if can continue to play stiff. deserves a spot. the shine is coming off Pyatt and now he is where is suppose to be not on the PP.

    I think the team is slowly getting better and lets hope by playoff time we are a juggernaut.

    If Lobster Newbury gets called up and Krieder gets sent down for the Powe injury, I’m gonna flip !

    OH BTW tonight we are doing a radio show live from my underground lair in Sbarro’s on 33rd street in NYC. Starts at 8:30 EST


  11. Back to #5 in your review Carp, it was illustrated to me last night how damn important faceoff wins are on the PP, especially in the offensive zone. When they win one clean and set up they have a chance.

    Having Richards dump it in with the hope that Gaborik will work along the boards and dig out the puck…as Bill Pidto would say “Dicey”.

  12. Mertonian Norm on

    “Some really silly one-tap passes that you might do when your power play is on a roll, not the kind you attempt when it’s 5 for 48, 30th in the 30-team league.”

    Um, to get your power play on a roll is precisely to commit to one-touch passes that move the defense and allow for easy goals such as Stephan’s, the kind of goal that hockey players live for. The notion that you should get your power-play going by lowering your ambition — that you are not yet entitled to do it right — is a bit caveman.

  13. Carp, Lundqvist is always the first star and when he’s not they lose!

    Torture-ella believes everyone can be motivated by fear………….and silence as dictated by the MSG suits.

    He must have been a big fan of rendition!

  14. Always wonder why people feel it’s necessary to present their point in a manner that offends Carp and questions his hockey knowledge. Probably the same reason that makes those people change their screen name every time they post.

  15. Boyle will hit and play big until someone engages him.

    He will then revert to his docile self. He will never be more than a bottom six guy who clogs up the roster with too many other bottom six guys.

  16. Good morning all! ilb, I envy you today…sore throat plus col weather = miserable work day for moi.

    Still, happy yo wake up the memory of a W. Now, about this meeting we have Tuesday….

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    It feels great to beat a living legend in his prime. That we even got 2 goals past Braden “The Dominator” Holtby is a Presidents Day miracle.

    Hope POWE! is ok. Scary times when a guy is motionless like that.

  18. I thought they played a much better game last night. Nash is a monster but would love to see a few more pucks go in the net for him.
    How bad is the NBC coverage? They mention all the teams that WOlski played for but not the Rangers? awful, even if he was a non impact player.

    Overall, much grittier and got to love the way Hags is playing. Lets hope Powe isnt out long but it sure didnt look good.

    The team will come together. Remember, they changed over a decent portion of the roster so without training camp it was gonna take some time for everyone to be on the right page, and it appears they are moving closer to that.

  19. Morning Carp! Thanks for the great review. I sneak away from the beach to get a cold beer and NBC doesn’t put the game on in Hawaii :(

    Nice to have the twitter widget to keep up in real time.

    What happened to Powe? Was it a hit to the head?

  20. Tortorella actually said “None of your business” when reporters asked about someone’s injury?

    That’s literally their business, John. That’s how they make their money.

  21. Miller had some good shifts early on, his penalty wasn’t great, but sometimes you can whack a guy’s stick and it’s fine other times the thing explodes. Overall he was only going to come back down to earth after his 2 goal game vs the Isles.

  22. And who among us can forget the Takko-Bell trade, (Kari for Bruce) which made cents (99). The only NHL transaction to be written up in in Nutrition Monthly.

  23. Morning all,

    CT – Miller’s 2-goal performance against the Islanders shows that he has the offensive ability to become a top-six player for the Rangers. That – and the fact that the coach had him out on the ice in the last 5 minutes of a one-goal game last night speaks volumes. You can already see that he plays pretty well in traffic and is good along the wall. He’s going to be a strong all-around player when its all said and done.

  24. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I’ve never read where a 4th line center at best; Boyle gets so much press. Between here, NY papers and MSG network everyone makes him out to be this beast. A previous post hit it on the head. Next physical game and he disappears. Sitting Kreider,miller or any other starter in favor of this guy is ridiculous.

  25. Carp, I got a copy of Nightmare on 33rd St off Amazon a couple weeks back. Finally got delivered this morning. Looking forward to the read.

  26. Good morning, Carp!

    Tony from AZ says he’s being sent home a day early (tomorrow) which is fantastic news! He’s having a party next week to celebrate and asked that invite all the Boneheads!

  27. authorben,

    Didn’t say anything about whether he has the potential to be anything other than a solid top 6 type player. But much like Kreider in the playoffs , his hype after scoring a few big goals was a little outsized compared to what he actually did for a few games immediately afterwards. He’ll be a good player but in due time and last night he showed flashes of a good forecheck. Even with the caveat that it’s only been 6 games for him, I’d say it still appears he’s got a little while to go before he’s getting 18+ mins a night.

  28. With respect to all “prospects”,let’s remember that they remain suspects until they perform over a reasonably long period. Let’s judge Miller and others with at least a full season under their belts.

    Krieder was the most recently anointed prospect and has looked less than satisfactory to date this season.

    Is McIllrath still playing hockey,or just maybe cam Fowler would have been the better choice, since we desperately need a PP QB?

  29. Ah yes, the immortal Cam Fowler, who actually had less PP points than Del Zotto (on a more efficient PP) and was one of the 5 worst D in the league for even strength goals against.

  30. Have you noticed that Ovechkin was playing on the R wing last night?

    All kidding aside, with all their blabbering about it, I have very little idea what was the reason Adam is so insistent on playing Ovechkin on the R wing.

  31. Carp, re # 10. We understand the way injuries are and aren’t disclosed and the reasons for that. Some coaches are able to deliver that message more respectfully than others. Torts needs to be mindful of the media and the job they are paid to do regardless of his personal feelings about their need to know. Respect is two way street. He should stop with the arrogant boorish responses. It’s quite immature and doesn’t play we’ll, especially in this town. Given the opportunity, the league will stick it to him every time and that will ultimately hurt the organization.

  32. ilb

    I was wondering the exact same thing last night. Why the puck is he reinventing HogVechkin? Oates is a copy cat. He’s copying Torts (Gaborik to LW)

  33. Speaking of prospects, I personally am curious as to how Christian Thomas would do, given a shot. With Powe’s uncertain status, Kreider will have at least a game or two to show he can drink Torts’ kool-aid. If not, I gotta think Thomas is the next kid up from Hartford. He’s a hard-working, two-way player with some Callahan-like qualities.

  34. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Yes carp, ovechkin played….and I think he played rw? I’m not sure though becauae the commentators only sais it 35 timea so I could be wrong

  35. Papa Bear, you do understand that the Tort’s attitude is also descriptive of the entire MSG hierarchy starting with Jimmy Guitar and Sphinx Sather?

    Coos, your humorous comments brighten the oft times mundane ramblings and too,too serious hockey musings! No Too,Too jokes, Too obvious!

  36. If Old McDonagh had a farm, does that mean that Young McDonagh can furrow the puck and seed the ice in all directions?

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If it walks like a huck, quacks like a huck, looks like a huck….. And it floats like a huck… It’s a …. Witch

  38. Just imagine for a second what would happen to Powe, who obviously sustained at least a concussion after hitting the ice with his head, if he didn’t wear the helmet.

  39. ilb, it’s said that there were much fewer high sticks, etc. pre-helmet. Though the helmet makes beaucoup sense, ironically, the more protective equipment, the more recklessness. ??

  40. That wouldn’t change what happened last night, coos….A collision, hitting his head on the ice….Concussion ( could be more ) while wearing a helmet. Could’ve been a major disaster without it…

  41. cooscoos, you’re stretching a bit! You could have said Tu Tu as in African Bishop or scanty garment occasionally worn at frat parties!

    Less Henny Youngman and more Mort Sahl! You do know these names? ;)

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thomas has scored four time in his last five games and is really starting to hit his stride. He has a great slap shot and wrost shot. There is a highlight on SNY of him scoring a goal last night where you can see that he has a big league shot. I think he may see a game or twoin the not too distant future. Can also skate well and hit.

    Mashinter scored a nice goal as well in the game. I am sure his many fans on this blog will be happy to hear that.


    Mcilrath took on and took out Anthony Stewart, no slouch in the fistacuffs department. I am really hoping his game gets better fast enough so that he can help against the Milan Lucic types. We need it.

  43. So much for the Thomas agenda, but I’m happy for Mashinter. He got Kreidered (up and back down) last time.

  44. rangers acquired Mashinter from the sharks back in January for a ranger minor leaguer named tommy grant and a conditional pick in 2014.

  45. Re: Thomas, he’s another of the smurf draftees of our crack scouting staff.

    We already have enough of this type player who usually does well with a line with some size to offset his size,Shane McCoghlan is another as is “our Bourqe”.

    Why the continued drafting of smurfs escapes me when this team needs a true power forward like early Bertuzzi. Hartnell, Lucic etc.

  46. Mort Sahl: ‘I was going to be an atheist until I discovered that they don’t get the holidays off.’

  47. Is that the same Todd Bertuzzi who was traded at 23 ( along with Bryan McCabe, no less ) by the Islanders for Trevor Linden? And since they couldn’t afford to keep Linden for more than a year, they traded him for Mezei….

  48. Sorry, my bad. They traded those two for the first round selection in 1999, and selected Mezei at #10. Mezei had a stellar NHL career playing in 240 games and scoring 24 points. One point in 10 games isn’t bad. Noe, that’s scouting!

  49. The Islanders are *alone*, JamesG….We also have a lonely Islanders troll who can’t find a blog that talks about them, so I’m trying to accommodate….

  50. Carp, one thing that’s still different from last year is that there really hasn’t been a game deserving of a review that lacked criticism. That’s not to say you’re criticizing them too much, just that it still doesn’t seem that they’ve played a 100% complete game (damn close in Boston but let it go in the third).
    I honestly don’t know if we’ll see them dominate like last year until a few other guys can turn it on but at least they’re starting to find points which is really what matters most. Especially in a short season.

  51. lol thanks for clearing that up, Ilb. Let me know if you want to converse about how well Timmy Thomas is going to play for them once he realizes how much he wants to be a part of their historic franchise and their new beginnings in Brooklyn.
    : D

  52. Agree, James, I said right from the moment last season ended that it would be more difficult to do it again (meaning the 51 wins, 109 points type of season), and then came the different makeup of the team.

    I still think they will be more of a serious contender than last year, though if A) they ever get Nash, Richards and Gaborik going at the same time and B) if Hagelin and Kreider can be legit top-9 forwards, one of them a top-6 … which Hagelin is doing right now.

  53. Do you guys think that recalling Mashinter has anything to do with mr. Prust being in town tomorrow night?

  54. I don’t think the Rangers are afraid of Prust. What they might be ‘afraid’ of is the crowd rooting for him in a tussle.

  55. No, they aren’t afraid of him. They may want to make sure he doesn’t win a fight. Even though I’m sure Asham is capable enough to handle Prust.

  56. Carp….#7 spot on

    If anything is detrimental to the game more than the Lockout Commissioner’s lockouts, it is the horrible, inconsistant officiating

  57. I think Asham has to fight Prust, simple as that. Prust is coming in and will look for a fight. Asham is supposed to replace Prust. He has to handle that. It’s just the way it is.

    I think the crowd will have a tough time with it, but will ultimately root for Asham.

    Hopefully it happens during the game, not staged, but it could happen the moment John Amirante finishes saying “… the brave!”

  58. Cant wait for Asham to land a nice one to Prust’s jaw. Hopefully that will end a lot of nonsense going on here.

    I really really really hope Powe is ok. I didnt see the game (got home and only caught the last 4 minutes), but I saw the replay of that hit. Scary stuff. Brought back memories of the Shanahan/Knuble incident.


    So happy to have that guy up to play for Powe. Like Buckel but a responsible forward.

  60. Mr. 2001 you are indeed a “Space Odyssey” or more appropriately “Spaced No See”!

    The writer who actually reads the posts before commenting knows my allegiance.

    Apparently your memory lapses account for not rememembering 4 Cups by the Islanders while dethroning perhaps the greatest pro hockey lineup ever since the 80’s.

    While our mismanaged Blueshirts have won but once in 72yrs. on gifts from the incompetent one, paid at a later date………….with zero to show for it! Maybe you and James could review this in your next session!

  61. My theory about the Devils is that yes, they are a good team, but the opposition almost ALWAYS seems to miss tons of great chances or play poorly overall. Too coincidental not to give some credit to Lulu Armadillo for evidently being pervasive enough to infiltrate enemy psyche..

  62. Do you Asham fight analysts understand this guy is punchy and should retire?

    He is and never was in the dreadnaught class,only Slappy would have signed him after his Brashear, Boogaard fiascos. You want a deterrent, keep Orr or Scott.

    Better still if you have a GM with a brain, sign Krys Barch.

    Another move by the master who has also won more cups than the MSG PR Dept.and fan analysts!

  63. iLB2001, Hope lives,perhaps the sunshine of common sense is shining through!

    Lev, why do you hate success? I guarantee if Master Lou had taken the Ranger offer years ago we would be celebrating several cups. Emulate success don’t disparage!

    Of course after the interview with the least respected owner in the NHL ,he excused himself for a head call and immediately ran to the Port Authority terminal for the first bus to NJ. As they say, the rest is history!

  64. I really could care not less about Asham fighting (or not fighting) Prust….NHL fights are so dumb these days…

    It’s not stupid….we already know they are going to fight….but why? STAGED.

    The fight last week when Toews went after Thornton was kind of entertaining, though…

  65. Well, if I’m wrong about you being an Islanders toll, comnsnse, I apologize. But for some time your posts have shown anything but allegiance to NYR. And comparing the two franchises over the last 8-9 years is not seeing it well. Whether it’s Sather’s doing or not is irrelevant.

  66. The only “staged” fights I’ve enjoyed was that opening brawl between NYR and NJD at MSG last year. THAT was cool stuff.. and I guess because it was sparked by Deboer-Tortorella it isn’t a true staging.. there was a purpose behind it..

  67. We probably would keep Orr and Scott if they had any idea how to play hockey. Burke banished ORR to the AHL and told him if he ever wants to see the NHL again to re-create his game. Not Cooke style. From what I read apparently he did. Enough to get called up and play this year. Asham has always been able to actually play on the 4th line. Has a great sneaky shot as well.

  68. 2001, your apology is accepted but you mistake my lack of cheerleading for allegiance. As for comparing any two franchise over the last 13 years,the Rangers fail in every conceivable way. As Al Smith used to say,”let’s look at the record”!

    Carp, you know who Al Smith was ,yes? Asham is appropriately named at this time in his career…….A sham!

  69. We’re talking about Barch who’s a replacement for Janssen (banished to the AHL) and Boulton (bought out) who were replacements for Peters (bought out)?

  70. Lev, Orr recently hammered the Pitt toughguy and did well in his role for us.

    The Leafs overpaid but you want to compare that to what Slappy has spent on Brsahear and Boogaard?

    Carp, please weigh in on this issue….pun intended! ;)

  71. Completely different styles of play when Orr was here and what we have now. There’s no question that Orr is one of the best fighters in the league. His knockout of Fedoruk will always have a special place in my mind. Up until 3 months ago Orr couldnt play hockey. Asham has played hockey for whatever number of years he’s been in the league. There’s your difference.

  72. 4generations 4 cups on

    There are rumors saying the Rangers are inquiring about Ryan O’reilly, COL asking for MDZ in return…

  73. CTblue shirt, and? What’s the point? Lamoriello knows that in the NHL large bodies with mean intentions are the most valuable commodities.

    Zubrus goes down in comes Ponikarovsky(spelling?).

    Same with deterrents,guarantee Lucic takes no liberties with Dev’s forwards while Ranger smurfs are systematically bounced like ten pins.

    This is why Slappy was looking to sign an over the hill Arnott….he watches what Lou does and follows suit…………just not successfully!

  74. hey, i’m no fan of asham, but i’d rather have him or Prust (or Lucic or Simmonds, obviously) than any of those clowns who can’t play — Barch, Boulton, Janssen, Scott, Brashear, Boogaard, Testito, etc., etc.

  75. MDZ for Reilly, make that deal now! Then try to move Richards for a big D and draft picks.

    Carp, can NHL teams eat $ in a trade? I know, Slappy would have needed emergency colon surgery on numerous occasions but…..could this be done with a Richards deal?

  76. And I like how you were telling us today that prospects are unproven but the other day we were underestimating the Islanders prospects because a franchise that’s managed to stunt or ruin the development of so many high end picks should be trusted to develop their latest batch of lottery picks.

  77. Tavares must be really, really good considering how the Islanders didn’t develop him at all, basically just threw him into the NHL on his own, with a terrible coach…and then he makes PAP a household name…

  78. O.K. Carp, you’re on the record. Time will tell! Clarkson would engage him as well.

    Carp,you actually believe that 1:47 post? What did you have for lunch, Asham or Prust being compared with actual power forwards who score,stand in front of the net and can drop the gloves successfully?

    Finally to CT, you mean like Redden?

  79. Or like acquiring a contract of a guy that is never going to step on the ice for your team this season (Thomas) for the purposes of being able to sell off anybody that’s making any meaningful money? Or trading off Brian Rolston to a team for a slightly less dead cap hit? Or using cap hit loopholes to get rid of Mogilny and Malakhov’s cap hits?

  80. Lucic and Simmonds are so far beyond Asham and Prust. I think Simmonds over Prust is a fairly easy choice.

  81. And speaking of Parenteau a natural scorer and underestimated by Slappy and staff.

    He is now doing quite well for the Lanche,with of course a very good center. Which btw most scoring wingers need,which is why Gabby is not scoring more as we try to find the right guy!

    I am on the record as believing the Islander prospects ar every bit as good potentially as the Ranger group. Let’s not belabor the point.

    Who is the top Ranger D prospect and when can we see him replace Bickel,Emminger,return reject and expensive Gilroy? You do remember that 2yr. 1.5 contract dished out by the Slappy disbursement committee?

  82. reading comprehension is obviously an issue here. I didn’t compare Prust or Asham to Lucic. I said I’d take Asham or Prust over Scott And Janssen and Brashear and those types of cementheads who can’t play.

    then added, that, obviously, I would prefer really good players who can also fight. The Rangers have none of those.

    Kelly Clarkson wouldn’t go near Prust or Asham. Take that to the bank.

  83. Carp, do you mean retaining a part of players cap hit/salary in a trade? I think it’s actually allowed in the new CBA. The details are sketchy still, the full CBA isn’t out yet. In Richards’ case, however, it may backfire if he decides to retire early. The Rangers may be on for the full hit.

  84. Lev you are missing the point again! The reason to have deterrents is to deter other teams from taking liberties with your talent.

    The discussion is about what constitutes an effective deterrent,not whether they’re needed as hockey players! A sham is no longer an effective deterrent in today’s NHL!

    CT, bad memory eh, I guess you mean another of Slappy’s monetary meanderings when he overpaid for Malakhov?

  85. On the day Lucic took liberties with McDonagh, I believe that Scott, Prust and Bickel were in the lineup. So, um, no deterrent. Lucic doesn’t give a crap who’s in the lineup.

  86. Carp, the stress must be getting to you since you obviously meant David Clarkson,otherwise include a smiley face! ;)

    On the other hand maybe Kelly could sing them to sleep!!!

  87. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    If you wanted to keep a deterrent that actually contributed, you NEVER get rid of Simon.

    agree with your evaluation about mcilrath. Hope he is here much sooner than later. End the gilroy fiasco.

    didn’t they recall mashinter once before? I don’t think it is a Prust deterrent. I said last night right after Powe got injured I hoped mashinter gets a look (even if he does the gate will be left open and the he skates so slow…he sucks…doesn’t contribute crowd will be out in FULL force)

    I would play him over kreider at this point. People complain boyle doesn’t use his size and kreider is 6’3 and 220lbs and uses his size less than boyle. I understand we are talking about a totally different offencive skill set between the two, but not using your size when you have it is bad regardless of your offencive skill set. I think this is one of the main reasons JT is kept over kreider right now.

    The mad bomber scares the hell out of me in his own zone…period!

    Cam Fowler…Seriously? He would NEVER make the roster in a Torts system. I’d rather keep the mad bomber on D.

  88. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    but malakhov did beat the hell out of horton!

  89. Come on Carp, please don’t suggest that if requested Scott would not willingly take on Lucic. Pure fiction unless you note the exact game situation.

    As for Prust he did do it and took the expected pounding,but he’s a middle weight.

    Bickel,hahaha, he couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag and takes a punch much better than he gives one. Wild swinger no direction on his throws,in other words the typical Ranger! LOL

  90. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    The deterrent is only effective if he is ON THE ICE at the same time as the problem causer. The coach has to make a decision to take a “regular” guy out of his spot and adjust his lines for the game against the problem causer. Playing a man down if you will on each shift the problem causer is out there so to speak. The deterrent would work more often than not in that case, but you obviously lose out on your consistent lines.
    A choice the coach has to make. I would have a deterrent out there every shift with a guy like lucic, but that is why I am getting ready to go to work and Torts is the coach.

  91. Comn, when you snap back to reality, let me know and I will then, perhaps, engage you in a hockey discussion. Until then, I’ll talk to others.

  92. Parenteau was available to the entire league when he was a FA after the 09-10 season. Nobody but the Isles took him. He didn’t get a full shot at the NHL until he was 26 with a team that’s basically a last resort/last shot to stick in the NHL for FAs. Let’s not make it seem like only the Rangers thought he was a marginal player.

  93. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Messier even said after the Horton fight with malakhov, you did not want to with malakhov a very underrated fighter!

  94. You clarified it. That was in response to your “reading comprehension” remark.

    The Bruins train will not be stopped by anyone in the East. I’d like to think the Penguins, Devils, or Rangers could knock them off in a 7 game series, but I doubt it. Injuries could derail them, there’s that possibility.

  95. Re: Kelly Clarkson – Why would he Carp? He’s a sniper now. Shouldn’t have to fight anymore ;-))

  96. Your point is very basic: if you have a big tall guy in the lineup no one will dare go touch your star players. That point is proven wrong pretty much every single day across the league. And when the guys that you mentioned are in the lineup they still will never see the ice at the same Lucic plays because Lucic can play hockey. They will only be able to fight after an incident happens, then proceed to lose the fight, and the team will still have to deal with an injured player.

  97. And I don’t doubt that the Isles top prospects probably have a higher ceiling than the Rangers, that happens when you draft in high positions because your franchise has no interest in trying to ice a competitive team. The issue is whether they’ll actually reach anything close to their ceiling simply because outside of a once in a generation talent (Tavares), the Isles have pretty much wasted several years worth of high draft picks by rushing them.

  98. Wade Redden was selected by the Islanders second overall, iirc. Never played a single game for them. I suppose they realized right away he was a bust. Wasn’t Malakhov selected by the Islanders too?

  99. Wicky, answer please succinctly. Would Fowler fill a much needed role on the Rangers today? Repeat after me,MDZ is not a PP QB and never will be and as far as Tort’s “system” the best coaches in any sport adapt their game to their personnel.

    You put players in a position to win and do not ask what they are not capable of giving!

    Torts who is a passionate fuy is also a martinet which generally wears thin sonner rather than later.

    And to repeat again, he has accomplished no more than Tom Renney who was the opposite,a teacher. I prefer the Renney method…………..with a real GM!

  100. yes, tiki. I said I would rather have Prust or Asham than the other idiots. I also would pbviously rather have guys who can play and fight, like Lucic and Simmonds, than the other idiots. And if you insist that I extrapolate ($5 word) every thought, then I would rather have Crosby and Stamkos than John Scott and Donald Brashear, too. Clear enough?

  101. comparing what Tortorella has accomplished to what Renney accomplished? Really? and you want to be taken seriously here?

  102. Alfred Emmanuel smith. Loser of the 1928 election to Herbert Hoover. Best friends with mayor jimmy “lets go rangers” walker. First Roman Catholic to get the nomination of either major party for the presidency.

  103. The re-emerging Flyers are 3-0 up on re–re-re-emerging Islanders. This is a very confusing situation.

  104. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Short answer, NO

    If guys just stand around on the pp, it doesn’t matter who the pp QB is.

    Case and point, when they do move around like last nights pp goal, within reason, it doesn’t matter who the QB is

  105. 2001, I believe Redden was traded for Bryan Berard who but for an unfortunate eye injury would have been a standout D for many years. Of course Slappy did pick him up as he does all players who have left btheir best games elsewhere.

  106. Make it 4-0. You want to lose weight- sign up to coach Islanders. They take anyone, including the guy from local grocery store.

  107. Redden was traded for Straka and the rights to Berard, correct. Except the Islanders traded Berard to Ottawa *before* his eye injury

  108. Carp, petulance is very unbecoming as is insulting what are simply observations and opinions that may not agree with yours, You’ll have to buy lunch if you expect unreserved adoration! ;)

    Please don’t say a poster must “come to his/her senses” i.e reality in order to have a reasoned discourse with you,it trivializes relationships.

    You’re ‘flagging me”? Particularly after those Clarkson comments, a 30 goaler,fearless in front of the net and will drop the gloves and whip any Ranger on this roster? Say you love me but respect me first! Be well.

  109. Did Renney teach all those kids in Edmonton how to tank so they could keep getting lottery picks?

  110. 2001, and whom did the Islanders get in return?

    Coozer, love that Capuano moment! I think the space man made an ethnic slur!!!

  111. cmon, you dismissed something I said by adding “the stress must be getting to me” … so I responded in kind. Don’t like it? that’s a shame.

    Clarkson had about 30 opportunities to fight Prust while Prust was here, and didn’t dare. couldn’t get to the bench fast enough. Would I want a Clarkson on my team? Absolutely. But the though guy thing, he just isn’t.

  112. CT,no he followed the lead of his boss there as well and was thrown under the bus by Kevin Lowe who the Rangers “Slappified with a couple of lucrative money years.

    If there is one thing Slappy is known for it’s happily distributing Jimmy’s money to his friends. PS, Edmondton became a doormat under Slappy, like a certain other franchise they should have hired Lou the master! lol

  113. Glad you asked, Cmon…..I had to look it up. They traded him for Felix Potvin, lol…..Who played 33 games for them, and won 7. He was traded too….It goes on ad on….Stellar franchise, indeed….

  114. Carp, true love occasionally has disagreements and on the net oft times something meant as humorous is misunderstood. I did say use smiley faces!

    I’m in Fla. for the season,fly down and buy lunch. Seniors are living on a rapidly diminishing income but for you we’ll go dutch!

    However,never expect obeisance , we Sicilians are anarchists at heart! ;)

  115. Further obseravations
    Carp: We’re really not the same team as lastyear and that might not be all that bad. We’re sort of a morphing of shot blocking with more talent and speed. One may slightly offset the other. I realize the caps have a xxxxx defense but we can really open up the ice against teams like the caps. We’re playing like an offensive press and when that happens you really tilt the ice and control 2/3 of the playing surface. Our problems are (3) (1) We have to startscoring given the opportunities, we’re not. On the PP we have to shoot more oftenrather than waiting for the perfect shot ie Gaborik; (2) When our top players take the nite off we’re screwed because we don’t have the depth of grit/speed ie.Prust Dubs, Atem, were getting there though & (3) Henrik needs another Sterling year. We have two things that offset what we lost off season: the skill of a highly talented player like Nash, the further development of Hags and Stephon and the addition of Miller and Kreider. Why can’t they let DZ play offense more; he’s got one freeken outlet pass. We have to lessen over-coaching; it helps some players and destroyes others. Is it true that they brough up Brandon Mashinter from the Whale. He’s 6’4 230 and was scoring over the last week or so. That’s what we need a MashMan. I’ve seen a few of this fights. Apparently, he’s a poor finisher.

  116. 2001, that Potvin? How about the other Potvin ,Bossy, Howatt, Gilles,Smith and the great Trotts? Or how about trading Middleton for a washed up Bruin forward,or trading Park?

    You can’t compare or escape the failures of the hapless Blueshirts franchise…………………..or 72&1 and the Slappy reign of error.

    Or the fact that expansion organizations have done a better job than an original six team!

    Now if you don’t stop badgering me I will no longer speak to you! ;)

  117. 5-0, Comnsnse, sorry…..

    Just kidding, it’s all good. It’s just hockey after all. Where in Florida are you now?

  118. Clark Gillies in the Hall of Fame. Holy crap.

    lone, first of all, language warning, OK? Second, I think it’s widely misunderstood: They do want offense from Del Zotto. They want him to join the play. It’s not overcoaching to tell the kid, hey, that home run pass isn’t going to work against the Devils, for example. But they are trying to coax offense out of him, as well as others, like Staal and McDonagh.

    as for the shooting thing on the PP, even as fans scream “shoot” (as if you’re supposed to shoot it through the defenseman’s chest), if you don’t A) get to open ice and B) get the puck to the man in open ice, there won’t be a shot. Occasionally they over pass it. But, really, what they should be looking for is an open shot, not just a shot.

  119. I hope JD eventually finds a place in management with NYR. St. Louis looks pretty well off and I’m sure he’ll improve Columbus.

  120. please, the islanders!!! the islanders who have been drafting in the top 5 for at least 10 years and the only good player they have was a lottery pick. Those islanders? I would think they have good prospects but seem to finish in the bottom 5 every year. The Islanders organization is a complete joke. They hired a gm that was there starting goalie the year before and than retired and wang hired him as a GM. How has that worked out.

  121. so, according to butch Goring, the islanders had a long home stand and became comfortable being home with family and friends and that’s why they got the carcillo beat out of them today. What a tool.

  122. 2001, Jupiter! Not the planet as some here including Carp might believe. There is never anything remotely personal in my posts which is why the lol or smiley face is used.

    Now if I really didn’t like someone,why would I tell them, remember my heritage! lol


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