Official word on Mashinter recall; Powe out with a concussion


The Rangers placed winger Darroll Powe on injured reserve with a concussion on Monday.

Powe was injured in an accidental open-ice collision with Washington’s Matt Hendricks during Sunday’s 2-1 Rangers win at the Garden. Powe flipped over Hendricks and appeared to land on his head. He looked to be unconscious momentarily and had to be helped off the ice.

Because of the injury to Powe, Chris Kreider – who had been recalled due to the uncertainty of whether Rick Nash (undisclosed injury) could play – remained with the team on Monday.

The Rangers also recalled 6-foot-4, 230-pound winger Brandon Mashinter from Connecticut of the AHL. He had five goals and 11 points, with 23 penalty minutes, in 14 games for the Whale.

The Rangers, who also signed minor-league goalie Cam Talbot to a contract extension Monday, finish their three-game homestand Tuesday against Montreal.


Here’s the official announcement from the NYR:


NEW YORK, February 18, 2013 –New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Brandon Mashinter from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Mashinter, 24, has tallied a point in each of the last three contests (two goals, one assist), including the game-winning goals on Friday against Portland and yesterday against Manchester. He has registered five goals and six assists for 11 points, along with 23 penalty minutes in 14 games with Connecticut. Mashinter was acquired by the Rangers from San Jose in exchange for forward Tommy Grant and a conditional pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft on January 16. He posted a four-game point streak from January 20 at Providence to January 26 against Springfield, registering two goals and four assists over the span. Mashinter has recorded seven goals and nine assists for 16 points, along with 67 penalty minutes in 44 total games with Connecticut and Worcester this season.

The 6-4, 230-pounder has skated in 250 career AHL games over four seasons with Connecticut and Worcester, registering 59 goals and 60 assists for 119 points, along with 347 penalty minutes. At the time of his trade, he ranked fourth on Worcester’s all-time goals list and seventh on the team’s all-time points list. Mashinter established AHL career-highs in games played (79), goals (22), points (37) and penalty minutes (117) as a rookie in 2009-10. He became the first player in Worcester Sharks history to record double-digits in goals and fighting majors (13) in a single season, and one of two rookies in franchise history to surpass the 20-goal mark. Mashinter tied for third among AHL rookies in goals that season.

The Bradford, Ontario native has skated in 13 career NHL contests with the San Jose Sharks, making his NHL debut on December 29, 2010, at Minnesota. Mashinter was originally signed by San Jose as an undrafted free agent on March 3, 2009.


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  1. re-post.

    so, according to butch Goring, the islanders had a long home stand and became comfortable being home with family and friends and that’s why they got the carcillo beat out of them today. What a tool.

  2. Carp, I hope you’re simply patronizing Tommy, but I can take it as well as give it.

    And when the Islanders win the Cup before the Rags will expect an apologia from you! ;)

    And btw who on the Rags will bump with Carcillo or Rinaldo the Italian tag team pray tell?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone watching the Devils game? Looks like there was some kind of dust up between Clarkson and Neil at the end of the game. Would love to know the details.

  4. devils look like there finally coming down to earth, that is 2 loses in a row even though they did get a Buttman bonus point.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    The penalty summary has Clarkson getting two and ten at 19:47, but then another ten at 20:00. How would that even be possible? After the first ten, he would have been sent to the dressing room. Did he come back out? Because that would be amazing.

  6. Actually Clarkson was the one that wanted to fight. Neil didnt want to fight, not because he was afraid, but because with 12 seconds left in the 3rd he didnt want to be tossed for the OT. Still they both got tossed.

    Elias got accidentally speared, he got mad, shoved a Sens dman into their goalie. The dman responded and that started the 10 man shoving. Elias got a good 5 or 6 punches to someone that wasnt looking.

    Sens came out with a PP. Chico proceeded to whine and say if anyone deserved an extra penalty it was Neil who didnt do anything at all.

  7. Hello, Clarkson is now a valued scorer and has been instructed by Deboer to stay on the ice. Neil is a goon…………..who of course regularly whoops a** on the Rags!

    Cooze remember you can fall off the bandwagon as well as climb on! ;)

  8. It wasnt anything dramatic Doodie. When both Clarkson and Neil heard they were being tossed after they did everything not to fight both had a few choice words for the refs. As Neil was escorted out he used his stick to knock down the Devils logo as he left the bench. Similar to Dubinsky throwing that Gatorade.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn. The penalties on the box score kept changing. Originally it had 2 and 2 for Clarkson and Neil, plus a spear for Clarkson. I was hoping they were jawing with each other and then Clarkson speared him.

  10. 2001, your premature reporting does seem a little biased,are you reassured? ;) Thank goodness Lev was watching!

    Did you get my last post on the previous thread?

  11. 2001, ‘I saw it differently Lev’……………exactly what I’ve been saying.

    You must change the shade in those glasses! ;)

  12. I did, Comnsnse…I go to Naples often, wanted to make sure I do not come across any Islanders fans…Looks like I’m safe on the West Coast :-)

  13. Lev, and that’s about all Dubinsky could ‘throw’! Both he and Boyle the moil took boxing lessons. Hahahaha!

  14. 2001, Naples, gritty sand, flat Gulf decent grub,retiree?

    There are Islander fans everywhere who remember the halcyon years and remain devoted to their revival!

    I of course am a long suffering Rags fan who refuses to drink the MSG kool aid!

  15. I also saw the Islanders losing 7-0 today. They looked like Peruvian after hours over 65 team that was about to re-emerge. Did anyone see it differently?

  16. I am personally REALLY excited about Stepan and Hagelin proving the haters wrong. Suck it, haters. Those kids are the real deal. And man are they young and cheap!

    Mashinter is also exciting. I don’t think The Kreider is up here to play 4th line minutes so I expect some decisions to still be made there. Monster Mashinter is a perfect 4th liner as he can play responsible minutes and beat the snot out of people that offend us.

  17. Comnsnse: It’s great to have you around. I would just like to point out a word to the wise, careful who you choose to pick on around here. I would pick on me (Manny) before I picked on Ilb. Just a good piece of advice.

    Islanders have re-re-re-emerged as the team we thought they were.

  18. Yeah, PAP is great. Especially his stellar defense and skating. Also, gotta love those dumb penalties he takes with his stick…

  19. Neil, spearing, head butting? Like I said a goon but every team needs one in the regular season.

    What’s that we have A sham? The league should look into Ashams xray results and retire him soon. Let’s not worry about giving the guy a two year deal,Junior is used to Slappy wasting his money.

  20. Manny, I do not “pick” on people. However please note I’ve said it’s all in fun and I revel in humorous dialogue with one and all!

    NYR Fan, but exactly why did the lance give him that contract?

    Offense or putting players in a position they’re comfortable with.

    Does Gabby play D, Richards?

  21. Manny, I’ll cop to the being a vocal leader of the Stepan ranting, and yes thank God, he has recently improved, indicating to me that he was grossly out of shape for the first seven to ten games. However, don’t recall many people here hating on Haglin, although I do recall someone (was it IManny maybe???) wishing he had a pair of hands to go with his wheels at one point. Hopefully, Stepan has realized what type of consistent effort it will take for him to remain playing on the 1st line.

  22. I think we can be in agreement on this one, Common (once a great rapper). I always wanted Mashinter or Kyle Jean or someone of that size to be up here instead of Asham.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    This is a note in Kevin Allen’s recent piece:

    “Most productive senior citizen: At 42, Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne is Anaheim’s top point producer and ranks 21st in the NHL scoring race. Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau hid Selanne’s skates recently in an attempt to get him to skip a practice. Selanne found an old pair and went onto the ice.”

    That Selanne story is awesome.

  24. “NYR Fan, but exactly why did the lance give him that contract?”

    You know what a cap floor is, right?

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR Fan, so throw that much money at Parenteau and David Jones, but then play hardball with Ryan O’Reilly to the point where they might have to get rid of him?

  26. I realize this is a bit late but I thought Engblom’s assessment that “it was a good sign” Powe was able to skate off in last night’s game was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard from a guy who gets paid to talk about hockey

  27. _You know what a cap floor is, right?_

    The salary floor for the years 2012-13 and 2013-14 is $44 million.

    When a player is signed because of a cap floor, most often the player is signed to a short-term team-favourable contract.

    The Avalanche did not sign him due to the cap floor.

  28. Islanders & Avalanche are teams that barely spend above the floor. That is their policy. If they could, they would spend less…

    So naturally, these teams look to fill top-6 roles via free-agency with players like PAP.

  29. and the Isles, that wonderful on-the-rise franchise with so much promise than Kansas City still wants it, found a way to spend above the floor without actually spending money to do so (Tea Party Thomas).

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “Engblom is so dumb, when i stand next to him I look almost look not as stupider”

  31. Chris Christie: “I look fat in that picture because the camera puts ten pounds on you”

    Alice Kramden: “Exactly how many cameras were on you?”

  32. yeah, Engblom is a renowned dummy, but that degree of stupidity is inexcusable, imo. with all that’s been said about concussions in the last number of years, and how many players have lost years (if not much more than that) due to hits, to say that a guy is ok because he didn’t drop dead on the ice exhibits, at the very least, an alarming lack of awareness. so much effort has been made to try to reduce the number of concussions in the sport and to be vigilant (and respectful) in situations where a player is dealing with head trauma. Engblom’s comment is from an age where players didn’t cop to concussions for fear of losing their spot in the lineup and literally shortened their lives in the process. if this was just a hockey problem with a few isolated incidents, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, but to act like, “he’s ok, folks…tough kid will be back in there taking hits to the head again in no time,” in light of all that’s happened throughout sports is embarrassing.

  33. “…sometimes Engblom makes Melrose and Roenick sound bright.”

    Too funny.

    Milbury is the real hero of hockey. Wherever there are old ladies and small children, you will find his fists flying! Milbury doesn’t take no lip from no little kid!

  34. yeah Milbury is cute when he tries to bully that Liam McHugh guy around. Milbury just comes across as a lifelong bully.

  35. _Islanders & Avalanche are teams that barely spend above the floor. That is their policy. If they could, they would spend less…_

    _So naturally, these teams look to fill top-6 roles via free-agency with players like PAP._

    The cap salary of the Avalanche this season is nearly $53 million. Looking ahead to 2013-14, their cap salary is already at $47 million.

    The salary cap floor is $44 million.

  36. NYR fan, and the Rags filled their bottom six with all stars?

    Of course Slappy did manage to reward the boys, Rupp 1.5mm, Halpern 700k and the Carp man of the hour, Asham at a mere 1.0mm. That’s 3.2 for 3 stiffs!

    On the other hand all pales in comparison to Boyle the moil’s deal of 1.7mm.

    Maybe we should bring up Haley @ 600k. and Newbury @ 600k as well!

  37. eddie eddie eddie on

    Money cant buy everything its true, but what it cant buy, i cant use….give me money…..that’s what i want…

  38. Thom,please don’t interrupt opinions with facts,we,lose continuity! BTW, I believe they are predicting a cap of a little over 60mm. for next year sooo…….with Ludqvist 6.9,Richards 6.7,Gabby 7.5,Nash 7.8 the Rags are pushing almost 50% of the budget on 4 players.

    Factor in Krieder @ 1.3, Cally @4.3,then add a dash of pending FA like Stepan,Hagelin,and Mcdonagh plus the 7.3 deals signed by Girardi and Staal and MDZ’s new deal.

    Pretty soon you’re talking real money.

    Did I mention McIllrath and Sauer at 1.3 each? Boyle the Beast must go!

    More importantly,is this a roster to “Cup” with?

  39. Carp, you’re trending toward the absurd but it’s late and this prognosticating is tough work!

    Have a wonderful day!

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    You made a definative comment on Mashinter. I am curious, have you ever seen him play?

  41. Czechthemout!!! on


    And if you’ve seen him than perhaps you’ve also seen Mclrath too? I haven’t seen him play in a while but I saw the highlight of him kicking the crap out of Anthony Stewart last night. Stewart is a tough dude. I welcome your opinion.

  42. More importantly,is this a roster to “Cup” with?

    ending a sentence with a preposition? Cup in quotations? coming in here ripping Sather, who, generally, is disliked by his own fanbase? using the word Rags? Concerned about the Rangers’ cap space (at least they didn’t trade for a white-sheet wearing ghost for their cap floor)?

    Sounds kinda like a Garth Snow fan.

  43. Czech, I asked around this week about McIlrath. The organizational feeling is they won’t push at all for him to make the jump this year coming off that knee injury. Not saying he couldn’t have a great few weeks or a month and not get recalled. But that’s not the forecast for him at this point.

  44. I’ve been saying for a few days now…Unless it’s one if our guys who’s trying to get our goat. But I had fun with it, though.

  45. Thomas Paine has written his last missive in here? Or soon he will have to change his name. Maybe gvmelbtyorgvmedeth.

  46. carp,
    there is no way this nonsense guy is a ranger fan. Ranger fans don’t called the rangers “rags”. He thinks he is clever but in reality he is nothing more than a clown.

  47. yes, tommy. he swore he was a Rangers fan yesterday. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But I’m sure he’s wearing his Gorton’s Fischlerman pajamas.

  48. Torts is a hockey coach and lifer. He doesn’t hate anyone, even if us geniuses don’t always get his motives or the organizations thinking. Hey- you can get a good look at a T-bone if you stick your head up a bull’s Asham, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it

  49. ending sentences in prepositions? This type of editing is the kind up with which one should not put. :-)

  50. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yeah, Torts hates everyone! Seriously, I dont get the Torts hates thing. I dont always like or agree about sending guys down or bring them up but I certainly don’t think it has to do with hate. I think it’s more about his stubbornness, but most of it has to do with what he feels a player is or isnt doing. Again, as a fan you dont’t always agree with his decisions but they are what they are.

  51. i was just joking, Czech. Some people on here were saying he hates Kreider the other day when he was assigned to CT. Or that it was predetermined. LOL.

  52. Anyone watching Habs-canes? Might as well see what’s in store for the pm. Or what the pm in store has

  53. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know you were. Thomas has also been playing really well in Hartford. Do you know anything with regards to how they currently view his chances?

  54. You just don’t see many seven goal games in the modern NHL…it was like bubble hockey in the arcade

  55. So far Habs speed is concerning. At least the game is in NY tomorrow. Although Montreal crowd is subdued. Can’t blame it on presidents days festivities nor on family day festivities Alberta Ontario and BC

  56. leafs intermission report breaking down orr vs parros fight for 10 mins. parros almost ended orr career 2 years ago. orr got best of parros tonight

  57. Why am I even here right now? If I wanted to be ignored, I could have just gone to bed with my wife

  58. Christian Thomas has been referred to as a smurf, but he’s about the same size as his old man was and he played 1200 games. I’ll take a smurf like that.

  59. I just watched Brandon “It’s only pain” Prust run over a Carolina forward in the slot, arriving at the same time as the puck.

    I’ll set the over under at 100 for mentions of his name in the pregame thread here Tuesday night.

  60. No opinions at all, Jimbo. He’s their No. 1 goalie, I think, and he’s played OK, and so they extended him? I don’t know.

  61. It’s not that I lost any respect for Prust when he signed with Montreal, Jimbo – as a professional he has a right to seek the best available contract – but I just don’t believe anything along the lines of him “wanting to stay in NY.” If he wanted to stay that badly, he very well could have.

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    the only thing I like about the Iz-land-sers is their owner’s last name……wrap your hands around that wang nonsense of in to for with

  63. Yeah, I kinda feel the same way, Latona – after all, before the Rangers got him from Calgary (I think it was?) he was a “scrub” player – he never really had a regular place on any team. Sather got him, and he became a real part of the team. I know it’s all a business, and a guy like Prust has to grab the big money contract if someone is throwing the bucks at him, but I kinda felt that he should have tried a little harder to stay with the team that “made” him.

    I guess I’m being naive…

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    i pray at the start of next season, My Bread Boyle hockey card doesnt read

    Games played 44
    goals scored 0
    assists 1

    Pts. 1

  65. It’s not that I lost any respect for Prust when he signed with Montreal, Jimbo – as a professional he has a right to seek the best available contract – but I just don’t believe anything along the lines of him “wanting to stay in NY.” If he wanted to stay that badly, he very well could have.

    That is it in a nutshell. Bottom line is the dude is gone. The minute you see him on the ice in a Montreal uniform he’s the enemy.

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – the calgary boards were seriously upset when the flames sent Prust our way….Sutter could have been lynched…..

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    Prust is like Fredo….on lake tahoe….aboard

  68. No kidding, eddie? But he wasn’t a “regular” in the Flames lineup, was he? And if you weren’t good enough to crack the Calgary team’s lineup back then, you really were nowhere..

  69. Indeed, Lev. Not like Slats forced him out or anything. He was endearing while he was here, but my fondness for him exists no more. I hope Asham throws him a real haymaker or two for good measure.

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – their fans knew what we were getting…the only player they really missed in that trade

  71. no, Prust didn’t want to stay in New York. Would have stayed, happily, but that wasn’t his goal. His goal was to go to free agency and have teams bid for him, and you can bet he loved not only the big contract, but the fact that a team wanted him so badly … a Canadian team, no less … and even better, a city like Montreal.

    If the Rangers had offered a contract in the same neighborhood but a few nickels less, he would have gone to Montreal, IMO.

  72. I dont know how much, if anything, his girlfriend being French-Canadian, had anything to do with his decision to go to Montreal. It was probably mutual interest between player and team and everything else was a bonus. Doubt his relationship with Torts or the supposed closeness he had with MDZ and Boyle for example had any influence on July 1st.

  73. Prust did what was best for Prust and his French Canadian girlfriend. I don’t blame him. I do miss hi though. If you haven’t noticed I have an affinity for the guy. Like Latona and O’Reilly.

    I didn’t know that Fat Guy

  74. That’s how you see it then, Carp? I kind of felt like he wasn’t very anxious to stay – that he wanted the chance at a big payday-type contract, because this might be his only chance to get one like the one the Habs offered him.

  75. If I was him, easy for me to say right now i understand, my relationship with the players and the coach and my role on the team, a team that just went to the ECF, would play a huge part in my decision. Especially when the other option is going to a team that finished at the bottom of the NHL. And that was before all their GM and Coach changes.

  76. Isn’t his girlfriend from Montreal too? Don’t blame him for signing his contract, certainly don’t blame the Rangers for not giving him $10M. He is wearing a different uniform at the moment, that’s as far as my loyalty goes. Done in my book.

  77. Prust pays a lot of taxes on those dollars up in Canada. More than NYC even. For example, Reyes lost $5M a year when he was sent North.

  78. Prust has ties to MYC too though: (from Wikipedia)

    Prust has an uncle who was a Broadway actor, and he also enjoys going to Broadway shows in his spare time. His other interests include golf and watching baseball.[3]

  79. It seems like he isn’t being used in the same role as he was here – so many games started out with a Prust fight last season – in the games I’ve seen him play for the Habs (not many, but a few), he isn’t fighting nearly as much as he did here in New York..

  80. No, Manny – at least in the first few weeks of the season, there were a lot MORE fights, league-wise…but not for the Rangers, and not very early in the games when there are fights.

  81. Prust isn’t even enough of a player to be considered an enemy to me. I hope he gets a cheer from the crowd for his hard work and effort with us either when he steps on the ice for the first time, but that’s it. The guy is irrelevant.

  82. Jimbo,

    Prust doesn’t fight anymore? He has 5 fighting majors (and 71 penalty minutes) in 15 games. Dude has the league lead in PIMS and is tied for 2nd in the league in fighting majors.

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Comnsnse ought to buy some vowels. It’s not “Common Sense” as you might think…

    It’s “C–e on ‘is nose”.

  84. Amused by Comnsnse’s posts. I presume there are no NYI blogs that will have him/her. I assume it’s due to his/her frequent & uncomfortably unfortunate need to use “;)” and “lol” in his/her posts. Perhaps his/her desire to try to pick a cat fight with Carp is due to some bitterness at being neglected by his/her fellow junior high school classmates. It’s the only conclusion I can draw since the only time I’ve ever seen “;)” and “lol” used was when my then 12 year old son got texts from pre-teenage girls. I hope things work out for Comnsnse in homeroom tomorrow & he/she finds some peace. Either that or he/she is just a bitter old NYI fan and can’t find peace until his/her favorite team gets out from under the DP contract, Garth Snow’s tenure and Mr Wang’s lunacy.

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hail Mary, full of grace.
    Our Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou among women,
    and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners,
    now and at the hour of our death.

  86. After Uncommonsense’s post, I will no longer use LOL. From now on it’s LVL. Laughing very little.

  87. There are so many people living in our basement, I don’t know who’s who anymore. Pass the Fritos.

  88. Salty February 18th, 2013 at 10:53 pm
    I don’t see why people need to do this here.


    Dont be so sour, salty! Sweeten up! :D

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m just glad to have power back. Two power outages over the weekend. The first one was just before the Ranger game started. Talk about Salty language…

  90. When I lived down there, the power would go off three times a day and the cistern leaked. And we had baby Iguanas clinging to the screens. Water was nice, though.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just watched all of McIlwrath’s fights…. That dude fights anybody who messes with a team mate. Across but and for.

  92. I was go walked fro my tree, and as I wente, ther cam by me a whelp, that fauned me as I stood, that hadde y-folowed, and koude no good!

  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think it was named after Bath GB. The land was originally bought by some Englishman named Pulteney, who also owned an Estate in Bath GB.

  94. Ah. Stands to reason. Live down here by a town called Mamaroneck, which in indian means ‘where the salt water meets the fresh.’ Love towns named after something meaningful.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yes, Indian names are all over the place here. We killed all the Indians and kept the names.

    Much like the various towns- they cut down all the trees and named the streets after them.

  96. Here’s a more modern one JUST for you, eddie.

    Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.

  97. Buffalo Bill’s


    who used to

    ride a watersmooth-silver


    and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat


    he was a handsome man

    and what i want to know is

    how do you like your blueeyed boy

    Mister Death

  98. coos with the Joni Mitchell! That verily outdoes Chaucer or Yeats.

    Olga, great line about the street names.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – don’t be jiving this brutha with no kings and queens English – this be what I mean:

    Yo yo, do you know, tic tac toe, weed I grow, to and fro, rain and snow, land I hoe, smokin joe, Fran and Zoe – e ….. To be, or not…. That is my question….


  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Burton Cummings – guess who he was?

    These eyes have seen a lot of love but they’ve anutha brutha or mutha like I had in you

  101. Like the word ‘verily.’ Also like the phrases, ‘as it were,’ and “and so it goes.” Vonnegut

  102. Later, Olga.

    coos, I bet reciting some poetry in the crease would overload Clarkson’s brain, causing him to evaporate. I can save the cross-checks and fisticuffs for people like Marchand.

    I should jet also. Nighters, all.

  103. Can you imagine if Fred Astaire’s name was Fred Astoop? Or Fred FireExcape?
    Wood he be today what he was? Converse.

  104. la de da, la de da. “Did you hear what they said, Max – jew eat? Not did you eat?’, but jew eat?” this tennis club is loaded with anti semites!

  105. Yeah. Michael Caine took every roll ever offered to him, and he was good in all of them. High praise, He said his secret was that he never blinked when the camera was near him. Odd.

  106. The reign of Louis XIV. He was worse than Louie the XIII. He was the worst since Louie the First.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lots of JS Bach in that movie – great scene in central park when he sees the female chris christie jogging – woody is dealing with the inevitability of death,,,, he looks at her jogging towards him and he says “look at this one, Jesus, why bother”

  108. You know someone is a prole when he tells you he has an “in-ground” swimming pool, as if there were some other kind. :-)

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Napoleon was smart – filled his cabinet not with lawyers, but mathematicians …Laplace, Fourier, Lagrange,…..

  110. “What’s this, a program from a rock concert? Tell you what, call up the guy who brought you to the rock concert and tell him to come over here and kill the spider!”

  111. Max, there are no garbage cans on the streets out here. What do they do, make TV shows out of it?

  112. “Jesus was a Caricorn, he ate organic food
    He believed in brotherhood and never wore no shoes
    Long hair, beard, and sandals, and a funky bunch of friends,
    Reckon he come down today, they’ll just nail him up again.”

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I had a German Shepherd and an Australian shepherd but never a French poodle of English bulldog

  114. Met a lady in Bronxville on the street who told me her dog was a Labradoodle, or some odd thing like that. Half and half. Later found out they were beaucoup expensive. Should have known.

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And it’s 2:15 am on the east coast… Why doesn’t someone call in just to keep me awake … National lampoon firesign theater

  116. When I hang up on this blog, I go back to my real deadline work and I fall asleep, plus all my ideas are spent. If Carp never lived, I’d be golden. Not that I would want that, but…

  117. Imagine a Russian coming over here to play in the NHL. Someone says ‘catalog’ and in his mind is a cat and a large log, and he’s trying to answer the question.

  118. Throw all the papers down the stairs and give A’s to the ones that get to the bottom, and so on, and so on.

  119. Tomb is bright, alert and ready, and I am a spent puppy. I’ll be looking for your first boooooooyeeeeee tomorrow, wot?

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I know – I was just gonna burn ’em – raking over the coals,, get it? Raking over the coals? Get it?

  121. buddy used to give me crap. At rec skate in college…..

    I would stick handle around everyone then pass it to my calculus III teacher. He would write on my tests “if you came to class you would be dangerous!”

    needless to say, I took that class over

  122. tomb, first off impressed you took calculus in college. math not my subject.

    my parents being NYR fans, and nice people, want to know how Hendricks is after collision with Powe. Does anyone know?

  123. Uncommon sense, plagiarism is so unbecoming and please congratulate your son on his comprehension skills.

    He apparently is wise enough to understand the usage of smiley faces and lol are beneficial when dealing with certain overly sensitive people. Makes things impersonal as they should be on the net.

    Get a grip,chill out and enjoy differences of opinion. None more astute or valid than others including the writer who has “decided” my allegiance to the MSG suits is in question and has jumped into the playpen.

    Perhaps he might tell us how many interviews he’s conducted with the sphinx and those difficult questions he’s asked? Unless of course there’s an access concern?

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