It’s Go Time! … Capitals at Rangers


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Game 14.
Capitals at Rangers.

First meeting of the season, the first since Game 7 of that second-round playoff series last spring, which included a triple-OT Rangers win in D.C.

Rick Nash, who has an undisclosed injury (banged up) and Chris Kreider, who was recalled from Hartford in case Nash can’t play, both skated in warmups and it will be a game-time decision on which of them plays.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. Stu Bickel is prucha’d.

J.T. Miller plays his sixth NHL game, which means the clock starts on his entry-level contract. Again, this has been a non-issue from the start.

The Capitals, who got off to a woeful 2-8-1 start, have won three in a row. They will be without D Mike Green, the QB of a potent power play, so ex-Ranger Tom Poti is expected to play in his spot.

Since people ask, John Amirante does his second straight national anthem tonight.



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  1. ZzZz GO TIME ZzZz on


    Lets go boyzzz lets make some NOISE!!!!

    LETS go gogg og gog og gog oggogo!!



    Three periods of non stop RANGER hackey!!!!!


    lets go gog gog oggogoggogo!!!

  2. ZzZz GO TIME ZzZz on

    RAAAAAAAAAANGERS let go let go lets go lets go lets go lets go!!!!

    you got it Carp!!!

    GO RANGERS , you can do this!!!!!

  3. Yeah, Mickey, I don’t mind recalling him and demoting him after a span of several games in NYC/CT, but I hope this one game up/one game down is a rarity. Don’t want to mess with his head and pull a potential Nino.

  4. Ever see a game yet on NBC where they didn’t open by saying “these teams don’t like each other?”

  5. Jpg
    Saw the who a couple of months ago,….. Surprisingly excellent especially Pete. Real good. Hank won’t get fooled again, sorry

  6. Have fun jpg!!!! Tell Pete I say hi.

    At least the No Brain Cabal is going to show Amirante! Finally !

  7. I am worried about my boy….but glad to see him out there…cheer em on and hold that note buddy! LGR!

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    And there you saw the difference between Mdz and Carlson. One has a cannon, the other a bb gun.

  9. nash needs to start scoring now. get going its been great having everything else he brings, but score some goals dude

  10. maybe Nash will get a hattie tonight. you’re right Grabby, he really needs to start finding the back of the net.

  11. lets get few more good looks on the next pp! lets make Torts happy and give him something to say about the pp in the post game! :)

  12. ?@rangersreport

    Well, at least the Rangers didn’t wait until they got the lead before they began stick-checking in front of Lundqvist.

  13. yes mama. i mean hes 7.8 mill player. hes got better linemates hes ever had. i’d love to see him break out right about now. hes a beast so go hulk out there nash!!

  14. This response from Jim Cerny made me laugh:

    same lines RT @billymack1331: Getting sick of Torts changing lines every other game.let players work it out. Over coaching is bad coaching

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    Richards is not only in effective, he is actually hurting the team with his presence on the ice.

  16. Why would Callahan and NYR bench argue there should have been a penalty? It’s a blessing that they didn’t call the trip!

  17. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not even a face wash after the chimera penalty? Show some backbone boys!!!

    We need some grit on D badly!!

  18. yea why richards? let him earn it back torts. i know hes his boy and all but cmon already. fire torts now!!

    well, at least we cant get lazy sitting on a lead.

  19. Truth about meteor in Chelyabinsk… wise guys in Chelyabinsk are real deal. A girlfriend of one of those wise Chelyabinsk guys asked for a star from the sky…so… wise guys in Chelyabinsk get things done!

  20. Juanes Nochespuentes on

    Rangers exhausted themselves last year. Maybe the defense isn’t as good, but they are more fun to watch. That said, wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make playoffs this year. Love NBC games… Anyone better than the MSG announcers.

  21. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I do not understand why gilroy is in the line up. An offensive guy who needs the flow of the game to contribute offencvely can’t get it with 5 minutes a night, might as well dress a third goalie.

  22. wicky, i think bickel sucks. and he would only get 3 minutes a game. rather have gilroy. we might get some offense out of him. no chance bickel will. i know he fights. but still.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    Embarrassing PP. stubborn mulearrella continues to do the same thing over and over again.

  24. I wish I could help, Anthony. No slingbox hooked up, and I cant get around Gamecenter blackouts on Ipad.

  25. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Bickel is not going to win the Norris or anything, but gilroy needs flow to get his offensive game going…hard to get IMHO in five minutes a game.

    I think the rangers are waiting for mcilrath and his knee to improve and gilroy and his five minutes are history hopefully

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think the guy who counts the shots on goal is drunk. There is no way the Rangers have 20 shots on goal.

  27. They did have a lot of shots. Gaborik had three in a row, Halpern and Callahan had that short-handed flurry. They got a few on the power play, though not very good ones.

    Easiest 20-shot period ever, though.

  28. Maybe we should thank Milbury a little more than we bash him. He did banish the Fishsticks into an abyss from which they have yet to escape..

  29. wick- i dont really care for gilrot myself. just think he could add some more speed and maybe(big maybe) help the pp. i think besides fighting, bickel is not an improvement over gilroy. gilroy at least took some point shots on the pp. better than watching richards and mgd back there playing with each other

  30. Czechthemout!!! on


    So you are the guy counting the shots? Got it. They had two decent flurries in the last five minutes.

  31. It’s hardly subjective cheerleading to think the Rangers had a lot of shots that period. But if it doesn’t fit into the “1-0 down, so everybody sucks” narrative…

  32. Carp, do they practice against living humans or do the five of them just get out onto the ice and pass it to each other? Because they seem to be under the impression that the defending team will not actually attempt to defend, and are shocked and confused when they do.

  33. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If gilroy plays 12 to 15 minutes then I could see gilroy being an improvement, but it’s five minutes

    Guess it doesn’t really matter tho because it is just five minutes, so if our 6th d man is our biggest problem…captain Ryan Callahan come get the Stanley cup!!!

    I would just like to see d men that play with grit and an edge and that all 6 routinely play regular shifts

  34. Say what you will about the quality of shots or whatever, but at even strengths the Rangers are outplaying the Capitals.

  35. it could happen tiki. ya never know. remember zednik got his throat sliced open? its crazy that these guys dont get hurt like that more often with the speed of the game.

  36. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m sure that is what the powe family and friends are saying right now!

    Not a very cool comment tiki

  37. You know what amazes me even more than the perception of this team based solely on the score? how certain people never, ever comment until things go completely bad.

  38. Jokes aside, I like what I see tonight from the team (except DelZaster) – offensive and play, enough passion and surprise periodical domination…regardless

  39. Hey Alex, is that a car seat in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

    Is it so Matt Cooke can’t sever his spinal cord?

  40. IBleedRangersBlue on

    BTW in case you guys missed it ovechkin is playing RW instead of LW….i dunno if theve talked about it enough for you guys to realize it

  41. Yeah like I don’t get it…why is Oates trying to reinvent Ovechkin by moving him o the right side?! How will that help him struggle less?!

    Is Oates copying the Torts?

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    The Dominator in net is intimidating the Rangers forwards. Explains the poor shot quality

  43. Miller is not good tonight. The D as a whole is very good. Richie is barely visible, Boyle is OK but it amazes me every out of town announcer loves him. I just don’t get it, watching hockey for 40 yrs. Trade him already for better value. They are playing like last yr. finally

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If they were playing like last year there would have been a scrap already

    Lmao @ car seat

    Is ovi playing a different position?

  45. Hedberg, a lot of people (self included) think he was a very valuable commodity last season — able to shut down opponents’ top lines, kill penalties, work along the wall, defend a lead, win faceoffs. Lots of teams would take him.

    And he’s part of the reason why they played last night kinda like last year.

  46. Cross Check Charlie on

    Why does it seem like Holtsby plays like a Vezina candidate against the Rangers and is bad against everybody else?

  47. I know what he does well, and i don’t hate him. Just think he is 4 th liner and good PK but. That’s it. I think he is one of the few players we can get more for than he’s worth. Weird.

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks, good point! Not sure who to root for in that tilt.

    Where did you hear that.

    I think miller plays all 3 zone better than kreider and that’s why he is here

  49. That was an amazing PP goal!! Looked like something straight out of a video game. That kind of precision should be impossible in real life!

  50. BB not a 3rd liner on the Champs(kings) last yr. Carp or the bruins, hawks or pens this yr. Teams that will contend

  51. Czechthemout!!! on

    MDZ makes one good play every four games= Norris trophy.

    Lets build an alter for him and pray to the great MDZ!

  52. Nor does Carlson scoring 2 times in 15 games make him 1000s time better than DZ. yeah he’s a better all around player but he’s their 1st pair D while DZ is at best the Rangers 4th often times 5th D.

  53. I know why B-Rich is playing like poop… i met him during the lockout at a burger joint in the city and he was buying STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE!


    so yeah… i blame the milkshake

  54. Carp agree to disagree, I’m a 90 % with u. Mostly MDZ, Torts, Gabby ect. But u know I’m right lol.

  55. I said he’s better but Carlson is hardly a huge point producer from the blueline nor is he an elite shutdown guy.

  56. “Ovechkin doesn’t have his bodyguard Semin to defend him against Staal anymore.”

    Bongo Man!!! Hahaha!

  57. Czechthemout!!! on


    Sorry,Got distracted, didn’t read the rest of your post.


    Good one. You got me. Ha ha.

  58. LOL Carp! I feel bad for Ovechkin, tho… great player but something’s def. wrong with him. Not the same player last few years. You just dont lose your talent overnight…esp. the talent Ovechkin has.

  59. Cross Check Charlie on

    One thing I noticed about Ovechkin is that he used to be in constant motion. Now he stands in one spot waiting for the pass for the one-timer.

  60. Cross Check, yup.

    When he was his best, his feet were always moving….fast…he made everyone aware he was on the ice…

  61. A team that struggled to score and lacked scoring depth would have benefited from a more offensive-oriented third line and third-liner, no?

  62. reference to Ovechkin. I think he has lost motivation, maybe he really wants to play in russia but can’t because of the contract he has with the caps.

  63. Cross Check Charlie on

    It used to be that Ovie looked like he was playing at a different speed than everyone else.

  64. Callahan diving in front of those shots is perfect example why goalies don’t need their humongous pads for protection.

  65. _Yeah, most teams have offensive checking centers._

    2011-2012 Centers
    Kings – Kopitar, Carter, Richards
    Devils – Parise, Zajac, Henrique

    2010-2011 Centers
    Bruins – Bergeron, Krejci, Horton, Seguin

    Winning teams have scoring depth at center. Corrected.

  66. Nor did Richards really light it up in LA until his buddy Carter started making the lockerroom a cancerous environment.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ryan Callahan is 1000 times better than any captain the rangers have had since messier

  68. Though not productive tonight, I think the kid is playing over the Kreider because of such a simple thing as keeping the feet moving.

  69. Winning teams have scoring depth spread throughout more than their first two lines. Re-re-re-emerging Correction.

  70. Holtby played an outstanding game, Lundquist played better! Gaborik needs a large center who can fight along the boards, like…hmmmm…Boyle!? Maybe he has not been to the ballet lately? Good team effort, and Callahan’s block of Ovi’s shot near the end was spectacular, as all have noted…nice to see the whole team hustling to pick up the puck and the man all game long. Great end to the weekend. Nash continues to be our best forward in the offensive zone and he’s darn good in the defensive zone. They won a game they should have won, which is what they were doing last year day in and day out. Great team effort. Too bad Powe was knocked for a loop (looked like he landed on his heade when he hit the ice) hope he is ok in a few days.

  71. One coach plays him 12 minutes a game
    The next coach moves him to his off side.
    If I could get the right bucks, I’d slide back to the KHL.
    Everyone forgets he’s 27 though he looks 35.

  72. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    classic cooscoos. unless the great 8 has a dream to one day be on the ATP world tour

  73. Oh, and, pleeeese…any uninitiated viewer from outside NYC would think that Trump is the most respected name in NYC. Pardon me while I B…, P…, or… you get the idea.

  74. When The Donald fires Milbury, Trump’s head will read ‘Cat’s Paw’ from the shoe assault.

  75. Has anyone figured out that hair yet? Is it a tsunami comb-over or half wig, or both? His head looks like a hood ornament on a ’37 Packard.

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