Well, that didn’t last long … Rangers recall Chris Kreider


Speculation here for the moment: Could it be that Rick Nash is injured? Nash took a maintenance day today, but that’s what Dan Girardi took before he missed a couple of games with an undisclosed injury, too.

From the NYR:


NEW YORK, February 16, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Chris Kreider from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Kreider, 21, registered one shot on goal in Connecticut’s 4-1 win last night against Portland. He returns to the Rangers where he has registered one goal and one assist for two points, along with four penalty minutes and a plus-two rating in seven games this season. Kreider tallied a point in consecutive games, including his first career regular season point with a goal on February 5 at New Jersey and his first career regular season assist on February 7 against the New York Islanders, after missing the previous five games, including four games due to injury. He made his NHL regular season debut in the season opener on January 19 at Boston.

The 6-3, 230-pounder established an NHL record for most postseason goals (five) and points (seven) by a player before skating in a regular season game during the 2012 playoffs. Kreider tied for first among NHL rookies in goals and power play goals (two), second in game-winning goals (two) and power play points (two), and ranked fourth in points during the playoffs. He also tied for third on the team in playoff goals, first in power play goals and second in game-winning goals. Kreider made his NHL debut on April 16, 2012, at Ottawa in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, becoming the first player to win an NCAA title and make his NHL debut in that year’s playoffs since 1990.

The Boxford, Massachusetts native was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 19th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. Before you even re-post that, NYR. AMEN. You have to, as a Rangers fan, believe that Stepan really is that #1 Centre we have been wanting. Guy has been averaging top 3 minutes and delivering. I love him so much I just ordered a signed #21 puck for my office.

    B E L I E V E

  2. YES, Manny


    Yeah, I’m hesitant on Getzlaf…partly because I think the Ducks will do whatever it takes to keep him…

    Perry plays a Torts style game…

    I think, as a Ranger fan, you have to start believing in Derek Stepan as your future #1 center, right?

  3. A fan just posted on twitter that Nash missed a team charity thing Friday night and that the fans were told he was sick. Girardi replaced him at the event.

  4. Getzlaf really scares me because of that horrible drought he had and people asking questions like, “Which number is less: Total goals by Getzlaf or total Hits by Mike Richards”

  5. The Kreider to Greyhound agent: Can I, uh, exchange a ticket for another ticket, or just keep this one and get another one, or…
    “Where You goin’, son?”
    Kreider: “Uh….

  6. Nash is just sick. He was supposed to be at the forum last night but he couldnt make it because of illness

  7. possible, speculation is sick … or could it be from that Lucic headshot? he took a few whacks vs. Islanders, too. Finley?

    I maintain that my maintenance day is going to be maintained, and I am not sick nor injured.

  8. Nash did get crunched by Lucic. Grardi got crunched and then ended up on the maintenance day to press box train. I don’t even like thinking about it.

    Rammer is too good to let Nash play with a head injury and Nash is too mature to pull a Colby Armstrong and try to hide it.

  9. stevezipay Torts said flat-out 2 hours ago Kreider wasn’t good enough to be in top 20. Gave no indication he was coming back. Guess he talked to Rammer

    Rammer? Sounds like it means Nash has problems…

  10. Poor Dos Nueve, gets a shutout in the show, sent back to the minors, and gets chased after 14 against his former club. Ouch.

  11. Kreider to Torts Sunday night: ‘I think I left my skates in Hartford, or on the Greyhound’

    Tortorella: “Geeses, Kreids, did they send you here to drive me totally crazy?”

  12. No idea whether Nash could be hurt or not, but I suspect they are more likely to say illness to people at the season ticket event regardless.

  13. You guys, those of you left around here on a Saturday, think that the Red Wings might actually miss the playoffs this year?

  14. Oh, sorry to upset you, Carp. I know you’re having a maintenance day. Don’t want to pile on here…

  15. Manny,

    Don’t bet on the Wings missing the post season this season.

    They’re too well coached by Mike Babcock and Ken Holland will make a move(s) to bolster his team. He’s one of the best GMs in the NHL.

  16. Oh weird, Ryan Braun’s name was found on yet another clinic list of steroid users and abusers. Who know?

  17. 5-3 Panthers…

    Lightning experimentation with gigantic goaltender not going according to plan this season.

  18. Honestly, I think of the Lightning as a more talented version of the Capitals. Their defense is horrible. They have borderline goaltending. All they have is a few tremendous offensive threats. That’s all good and well, and against other average to below average teams they put up 5-6 a game. But when a team like the Lightning plays a team like the Rangers, Bruins, Kings, etc… They are done. They can’t play against quality defensive teams. (just my opinion)

  19. You think Guy Boucher is thinking about making a phone call to the Canadiens front office right about now?

  20. Florida is far from being a defensively tight team either. Funny thing- one of them is going to make the playoffs.

  21. Not saying Florida is Defensively minded, ilb. I think the score here shows us that. It’s just that all these teams based on scoring and nothing else are just…..not good.

  22. Yeah Manny but I only really use it to check news not actually let people know my impulsive thoughts.

  23. No, no, Jimbo. I just meant, since Guy Boucher is French Canadien and it was ASSUMED that he would leave the Lightning to take over the Habs, maybe he’s rethinking that right now……

  24. CT – I am trying to understand Twitter so I’m trying to use it a bit to keep up with news. I just assumed you had a pretty good Twitter account.

  25. Cmon, I’d prefer to take a bet that the Islanders will be playing in another part of the continent, and not Brooklyn, before they see a Cup final appearance. A year or so ago, I thought their forwards were good. Now it’s obvious that they just have one. And their GM — and the history of their GMs — is worse than the Rangers’ GM. Not to mention their parade of coaches, present guy included.

  26. Are you talking to Cmonsnse guy, Carp? I think I mention the Islanders to him too. Primarily because I can bet he is an Islanders fan, from what I remember about his prior posts.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m having an allergic reaction to the medicine I was prescribed (Cipro). Rash on my arms and back and swelling of my hands and lips. I popped a couple of expired (by 3 months) CVS brand benadryls. That should take care of it, right? No need to go to the ER, right?

  28. Oh! I get you, Manny – yes, he’s probably very that he didn’t get that gig! These 2 Florida teams are not very good. I wish the NYRs could score like them, however.

  29. Very SAD that he didn’t get that gig, I meant to type – can’t even blame it on autocorrect!

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    About the reaction? I mean, I assume it’s to the medicine because I can’t think what else it would be, but I’ve been taking it for 3.5 days now, so I don’t know why it would strike all of a sudden.

    I’m not worried, though.

  31. I would take WINS too, Manny – but our team has to constantly struggle to get more than 2 goals a game, no matter how many “high scorers” the front office acquires. Frustrating as hell – when Hank isn’t standing on his head, making many game-saving stops, we’re always in a death-struggle to win..

  32. Carp, you don’t think that the Isles will eventually play in Brooklyn? Or, are you saying that they still will suck when they’re playing at the Barclay’s Center?

  33. I think they’ll stink in Brooklyn too, Jimbo. And the crowd they’ll be playing for isn’t what they’re used to in LI, if you catch my drift. They will hear it from them in a bad way.

  34. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rumor has it Nash responded to an Avery tweet and torts hates Avery! Even though torts hates kreider he has more hate for Avery. Subsequentially Nash acknowledged Avery’s existence by responding to one of his tweets so torts hates Nash now more than kreider.

    This info is all verifiably unsubstantiated.

  35. That’s an interesting thought, ilb! – You think that the folks that go to the Barclay’s Center will be mostly Ranger fans just out for a night of Fishstick-bashing? I’d do that myself, if it wasn’t so damned expensive!

    I really don’t expect too many of the folks that live out in Nassau-Suffolk (especially!) to come to Brooklyn to see their “heroes” play…I think once they leave there that they’ll be forgotten..

  36. But ya know, the Piles have a fair amount of fans here in Queens, I’m unhappy to report. Mostly old holdouts from their “Glory Days”, but some misguided kids, too…

  37. I like the bit about how “the Islanders are building with both current and prospects, a better group of defensemen than the Rangers”.

    I guess with the Islanders draft positions, they should be better off for prospects (though aren’t most of their better ones forwards?), but for “current”, outside of the decent Hamonic and average MacDonald, they have two good offensive types who are both over 35 and impending UFAs, no less than three waiver wire pickups and a bottom pair semi-goon.

  38. Alexei Yashin for Zdeno Chara and Jason Spezza. Now, that’s what you call a sharp management. And they still paying for it. Financially to Yashin, and on the ice every time they play against Boston and Ottawa.

  39. I would not be so quick to ridicule the management of the Islanders. The first two compliance buyouts under the new collective bargaining agreement were both Rangers signings, no?

  40. More importantly, anyone seen that newish hilarious YouTube video “ain’t nobody got time for that” ?

  41. Jimbo, I think they will move to Brooklyn, not survive in Brooklyn, move to Quebec or Seattle or Kansas City or someplace else, and still not get a sniff of the finals.

  42. Wonder if the Rangers had as many early first-rounders as the Islanders have had, what they might look like now? or if they might have byfuglien’d up , or jessimaned up, those picks too.

  43. Thanks, Carp – I kinda thought that by moving to Brooklyn they would have a *chance* at gaining a larger fan-base than by staying out in Nassau. The ownership and management issues won’t change though, unless Jay-Z wants to own a honky franchise…. ;-)

  44. I expected The Prust to fight with some member of the Flyers by now – so far, no pugilistic endeavors..

  45. “Wouldn’t it be something if Krieder came in and had a great game”?

    Uh,yes it would,is that a prediction?

  46. Tavares started out kinda slow in his first few years, but he’s really turning into a good player now.

  47. Geez, he just signed on for a lot more years with the Piles, ilb – if he wanted to leave, he should have told them that he wanted to test the market, no?

  48. Carp, you think the Islanders will fail in Brooklyn and ,move twice more and not get a sniff of the finals?

    Perhaps you might eat those words as well?

    Predictions are opinions,perhaps you might detail why you think so?

    Start with comparing their present roster and prospects with the Rangers?

    Oh, and please include cap dollars available for each in the immediate future. Thank you.

  49. Comnsnse, tell me what NYI players aside from Tavares make you think the future is rosy for the Isles?

    tell me for what Islanders D-man(men) the Rangers would trade any of their top four.

    Tell me for what forward other than Tavares the Rangers would trade, say, Stepan, Hagelin, Callahan, Kreider, Miller, to say nothing about Nash and Gaborik.

    Martin Biron arguably would be the Islanders’ No. 1 goalie.

    Jack Capuano compared to John Tortorella? please.

    And Glen Sather, whatever you think of him, has a whole stable of guys who would be better GMs of the Islanders than Garth Snow … one of them was in the Islanders’ organization and passed over.

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