It’s Go Time! … Islanders at Rangers


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Game 13.
Islanders at Rangers.

The Rangers open the second quarter of the season on a three-game winning streak, and 6-2 in their last eight.

Martin Biron starts in goal, his second start of the season. Brian Boyle returns to the lineup after being scratched for three straight, replacing Chris Kreider, who will be prucha’d along with Stu Bickel.

The Islanders have lost five in a row, including a loss at the Garden a week ago. Evgeni Nabokov starts in goal. Ex-Ottawa thug Matt Carkner remains out.

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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    And happy birthday Eric’s kiddo!

    Happy valentines day to all of you!

    Oh and LGD because I’m working until midnight tonight!

  2. Re-post:

    No, much worse, because the fans who hated those guys didn’t know them, and weren’t hated back, twice as much.

    I’m also whining, e3.

  3. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Dave says no buzz in the building tonight.
    Don says Valentine’s day will suck the life out of anyone.

  4. Another stats-padding game for Gaborik… its Gaborik’s birthday today, btw… so this game couldnt come at any better time

  5. I’m someone asked Duguay if there was any buzz in the building, I reckon he’d think they were talking about some kind of popular 70s narcotic.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on


    Hedberg – you show me another dead coach that coached while dead and did it better than muckler….

  7. I know Hank is more fashionable than Biron and all but….Man. Biron’s mask is *SO* much nicer than Hank’s.

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day
    to everyone here and beyond
    (except for some…ah, hell. them too!)

    happy birthday to e3’s kiddo!

  9. IT IS TIME!!!!!

    lets go gog gog gog ogog gogog!!!


  10. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hedberg February 14th, 2013 at 7:09 pm
    Torts looks alive… N nice suit…

    *bet no one said that about Muckler*

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Where are all of those pundits who were slurping the Islanders after their fast start? As if their waiver-wire franchise would ever be able to maintain a playoff position.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Prust routinely fought guys who were out of his weight class, physically, and he used to show well.

  13. Not just pundits, Doodie. There’s always a pretty big “Look out for the emerging Islanders” faction on here every time they put two wins together.

  14. Ye umm Boulton is out of Asham’s weight class as well and he didnt even lose the fight it was a draw. Prust never won a fight.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    just to be clear……no one will be happier than me if Boils were to get a hattie and the rangers win

  16. I am more confident with a lead when Boyle is playing like this. Also, Rangers seems to always protect leads for Biron…

    We’ll see…

  17. Great plays by Boyle to hold onto the puck and shield it with his body. You cannot be serious. One-way ticket straight to the Hall of Fame, as a visitor.

  18. I’m not liking the rangers having trouble getting out of there own zone. This was a big problem in boston and it could be a big problem tonight.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “if a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, how does a stitch in time save nine?”

  20. Jerry: What’s good for goose is good for the gander.

    George: What the hell is a gander anyway?

    Jerry: I dunno. (Shoulder shrug)

  21. 1) Prust is bigger than Simmonds
    2) That wasnt nearly as lopsided as the ratings make it seem
    3) Had to go quite a while till you found that didnt you?

    Im assuming your judgment of Asham losing that fight is the fact that he lost his balance and went to the ice but then got up in 2 seconds and continued to exchange punches. Draw.

  22. Sorry, actual quote:

    Jerry: I think that’s a “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

    George: What the hell is a gander, anyway?

    Jerry (picking up the phone and dialing): It’s a goose that’s had the old
    switcheroo pulled on it.

  23. Maybe the poll is closed to prevent voting fraud before end of game :) since Biron is in goal, does Hank get first star?

  24. alright then

    happy birthday to eric’s kiddo!
    may the Terrible 2s pass by quickly
    happy belated bday to e3’s kid!

    i think i’ve got it all covered

  25. not online while watching the game
    hope i’m missed here

    nice job by Boyle to come back on
    that 3 on 2 by the isles
    Gabby/Richards/Cally line looked like
    the least one on the ice
    for first half of period
    got better

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Let me understand, you got the hen, the chicken, and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who’s having sex with the hen?

  27. I really hope Pidto actually says “question mark” at the end of every sentence he uses that is a question in every day life.

  28. Don’t really know that Biron has anything to do with a wide open man in front and two odd man rushes.

  29. wow, now we have a bad trend. Rangers better get there act together or they won’t make the playoffs.

  30. What exactly could Biron have done to prevent that? Sheesh. Maybe Prust shouldve been in net then it would be 10-0.




  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I didn’t find either shot on the 2 on 1 to be particularly good.

    Tavares’ went through a 2 inch hole between Biron’s arm and thigh, hitting Biron. He’s gotta stop that one.

    Boyes’ shot was hard and low across the goal from a bad angle and Biron was playing too deep and too close to the near post. He’s gotta stop that one.

  33. rangers playing pond hockey. They continue to play pond hockey the rangers won’t make the playoffs.

  34. As bad as this period has been, not sure a one-goal deficit against the emerging Islanders with 30 minutes left is in the insurmountable category, Eric…

  35. I agree, Doodie. But every time he loses it’s guaranteed somebody will say, I don’t understand why they played him tonight.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    That should have been delay of game on Nabokov. Absolutely. But Rangers probably benefit from no call there.

  37. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    It is amazing they actually have practiced the power play. Is there defense or a goalie during their practice?

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I just didn’t understand it based on the schedule. I thought he should get one in this stretch, just not one after two nights of rest for Lundqvist and against a division rival that plays their absolute best hockey against us.

  39. Biron is terrible. PP is terrible. We are going no where. We will struggle to make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round. To add insult to injury we have no first round pick either. So this year is a complete loss. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 3rd goal i can agree was bad. If Hank allowed that we’d be saying that was a softie. But it was obvious Isles would score they were controlling the game at that point.

  41. Thanks tortarella for playing Biron, even though the rangers as a team playing poor team defence.

  42. Henrik only got one night of rest, Doodie, and if the Islanders really played their best hockey against us last game, that wasn’t showing much.

  43. Disclosure, I don’t understand why Biron started tonight either, but I don’t really think it has had a substantial impact on the game as of yet. Sure, those saves would have been nice, but no saying Henrik would have stopped them either.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Like that they had Halpern take the Dzone faceoff instead of Stepan. Would like it better if Stepan wasn’t so bad at faceoffs that the Rangers felt compelled to do that.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, I think Lundqvist gets both of those. The first one because Lundqvist is excellent at closing all of the spaces between his body. The second because he is excellent at taking away the bottom of the goal. I think if Lundqvist lets those in, we are rolling our eyes about how he let in two softies in one game.

  46. I’ve seen enough to realize the rangers aren’t as good defencively as a team like they were last year. If the rangers don’t tighten up there team defence they will have a tough time winning games.

  47. Deep breath guys it’s the flipping ice-mets !! Not a quality game but we gotta get two points and move on…

  48. Difference on defense this year is the soft play by the forwards in their own end…imo

    Too much coasting and watching going on

  49. Richards needs to sit in the 3rd – he is hurting the team every shift he is out there tonight.

  50. couple of observations. why not take tavares on a 2 on 1 and of casikas beats you he does???

    mcdonagh should have figured that out.

    richards has been real bad.. turnovers, bad passes, wow.

    boyle has played well so far. gilroy did not see the ice after 1/2 the period he played fine..

    rangers lost every battle first 12 minutes of the 2nd bad bad effort….

  51. richy problems include (no order)

    a. slow on his skates
    b. no presence at top of pp with a shot
    c. telegraph his passes on pp
    d. gets knocked of puck too easily.
    e.wears a stupid mouthpiece

  52. lucky they have asham, powe . nad halpern in the lineup over kredier. expect a few goals in the 3rd from those 3…

    again pyatt in the d zone is not good.. when you break your stick just og to the damn bench…

  53. seeing my 2 year old blowing out his candles better not be only enjoyment i get tonight.

    5 of 6 pts needed over next three

  54. hags, boyle, and callahan only forwards playing the way they need to..

    nash is a little soft with his whiptydoo, dppty doo.. shoot the f-in puck….

  55. stralman was in full euro mode tonight…

    the fall behind the net was just the start of his stellar play….

    mdz moved up over strallman. problem with guys like stralman, gabby, and others they do not bring it night in and night out. that is the difference between great and good..night in and night out the effort….

  56. LW – Colin McDonald!? Is he one of the Fishsticks? Thanks! TSN denies his existence, and his goal!

  57. Boyle Okay, grinding. Who would believe that Hagelin would be our toughest, most aggressive wing? Embarrassing lack of beef with few exceptions. Poke check city.

  58. Biron with some inspiring goaltending. The other guys didn’t help him out, but those were two of the worst save attempts I’ve ever seen.

  59. “Bill, I think you would look even more creepy during the MSG150 if you could appear from out of shot, like a fart drifting across an empty corridor.”

  60. latona

    havent lost yet but visons of an odd man rush with richy slow to get back wouldnt be shocking

  61. the drop offr from the 1st period to the 2nd was dramatic.

    they thought the game was over and they won the cup allready.

    wow what a lack of leadership and pride… deer in headlight syndrome. montreal about 3 years ago when they blew a 4 nothing lead or so…

    they are playing in the ranger zone, clears have been very innefective….pyatt is a 4th liner…..boyle who has stunk all year has brought it tonight and that is why i am praising him.

  62. this is the first time in am really on richy but what i find mind boggling is torts dec to keep insisiting on him on point. it’s time to get him off pp right now all together

  63. Richards has honestly become Drury 2.0 in terms of contract and expectations. Except, Drury wasn’t completely useless…

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards is awful. He is Gomez 2.0. And to think, for the same money, we could’ve had Kovalchuk.

  65. You’re right Papa…that’s why the team D is so bad….miss Dubi and Artie in that respect

  66. Cooke’s was on purpose hard to prove though. The players know, trouble coming his way, not only from the Sens.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    No Richards is a step in the right direction. Swapping in Pyatt kind of negates the purpose.

  68. Doodie Machetto February 14th, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Richards is awful. He is Gomez 2.0. And to think, for the same money, we could’ve had Kovalchuk.

    Remember last year’s playoffs? The same playoffs were you described an invisible Stepan as the #1 center.

  69. LOL! Richards gets on the ice…makes a drop pass to no one in the neutral zone…Isles control….

  70. I abhor this behind-the-net view. Makes everything seem much more threatening than it actually is.

  71. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Not sure if any of you know this but Boomer Esiason’s daughter is dating Matt Martin of the Islanders. Hahahaha.

  72. Thrice Edward – after I fed my girlfriend a drowsy cold medication with our box of wine, i succinctly switched to old reliable – tito’s & soda with a lime. Enjoy your pinot!

  73. Carp – turkey was our valentine’s meal!

    Fla ranger – do you have an evil twin that hangs out at the upper deck bar in Hallandale?

  74. Have any of you or your companies bought one product or used one service just because it’s advertised along the boards or on the ice?

  75. two players the rangers have ZERO answer for every game they play vs them

    jon taveres and james neal.

  76. Yeah, the upper deck seemed like the kind of place that would eventually have to ban lots of people over time

    Lots of moonlighting strippers and extra curricular activities

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, have to think Miller is headed back to the Whale before game 6. Not that he won’t be called back at some point this year, but I think they burn the contract year just so he can struggle through games.

  78. I don’t know the name of the beach but its just beyond the overpass and soviet era low rise apt bldgs

  79. Stephan isn’t very lucky

    Every chance gets caught in his skates, bad bounces away or hops over his stick. He does always seem to be in the right place, though, at least in the O zone

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, like I said: I don’t think they have any qualms about recalling him for game 6, but his game has been lacking for three in a row. You figure he goes back down with some specific assignments from Torts for a possible recall later in the year.

  81. game was lost in 2nd period

    5 on 3 had chance to make it 3-1 dont stralman pinches at end tavers 2-2. rangers fall asleep next shift 3-2

    thats the game period

  82. got what they deserved.

    forward wise it was hagelin, boyle and very little else.

    lucky torts played miller in the 3rd, why play him when you have such talent as powe, halpern, and others…

    stralman crappy game, can mdz hit the net ever????

    so tavares is by far the best forward on the ice. he is better then nash ranger fans… he can score, is close to scoring on almost every shift.

    nash looks good, but he cannot produce…the guy gets a lot of shots blocked. richards wow, his performance made miller look like first ballot hall of famer….

    terrbiel terrible effort. when the rangers score 3 they should win every game. why use gabby on shootout, he hotts, never dekes, never goes to his backhand and i mean NEVER.

    wow, what a horrible effort…torts f-ed with the lines now comes the Miller retarded demotion for no f-in reason. halpern has played better but the guy cannot score on me and the same for powe….

  83. torts is bullheaded.. how he treats kreider and miller compared to the likes of halpern, powe, asham, pyatt, and richards to name a few is a disgrace. age and $$$$$$$$$ has nothing to do with it and i have a car to sell you.

    gaborik had 2 points but he was ok, he never dominates. what do they pay him $2 mill per year.. he plays like that….

  84. Biron has conceded 35 goals on 76 shootout attempts in his career. Still a small sample size, but its right towards the bottom of the league.

  85. did gilroy play in the 3rd?? he played fine in his limited minutes..

    again mcdonagh on the 2 on 1 worried about casikas, instead of making tavares pass the puck…bad decision making….BAD…..

  86. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Love the fact the little kid earning, what, $600k, is playing harder and producing more than the guy with the 12 year bloated contract. Buyout material?

  87. I should have stayed shopping. When I was trying on clothes, I came home it was 2-0

    Sorry guys.

    Maybe i’ll go shopping on Sunday

  88. Czechthemout!!! on

    Absolutely pathetic performance. The players, the coaches just awfull.

    Stupid coaching decision to scratch Kreider instead of Halpern or Asham. They were slower today than they have been in the last 4-5 games by alot. They also went from a four line team to a two and a half line team. Thats all on Torts.

    The power play is now the joke of the league. It is remarkable how Torts continues to do the exact same things game after game, season after season. Insanity!

    Don’t understand at all why Miller was benched. Also dont understand why you would put him on a line with Boyle and Pyatt. Nothing will happen and now Torts has his reason to send him down.

    Brad Richards was just awfull! He is killing this team with his poor play. Everything he does is wrong. He really needs to sit .

    On the flip side, Carl Hagelin was fantastic! Quick, lets trade him for a second rounder.

    Biron sucked tonight. Three crap goals and two awfull shoot out goals.

  89. Boyle looked more like the Boyle we know tonight. That is a good sign.

    The further deterioration of Richards is a problem…

    And, they were all asleep to start that 2nd period…

  90. one NYR power play goal was the difference.

    Why doesn’t Mess or Leetch work with them on the PP?

  91. _Boyle looked more like the Boyle we know tonight_

    yeah he was falling on his ass all over the ice for no particular reason. Good to see him back. :)

  92. they have speed in kreider and miller but torts loves to play plumbers. the love for powe and halpern and asham is a joke…. sure powe is better then rupp but they are both 4th liners…

    i have no idea what torts is thinking on miller nad kreider..NO IDEA…


  93. pyatt is starting to play like we expect, a nice 4th liner….

    i fear they will send down Miller, I have no idea why. It is stupid…………..

  94. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    This is the time of the night you can try to predict what Torts will say post game

    JTorts: “We played a good first 20 minutes in this one” Ba-dump-a
    JTorts: “I wasn’t benching Richards in the 3rd. He did play, didn’t he?” Ba-dump-a
    JTOrts: “No more questions” Ba-da-bing

  95. Carp – is there benching history of Richards back in the Tampa Bay day when Torts was coaching him?

  96. I’ ll say one thing
    It’s no conicidence that we lost the guys we lost and now we can’t defend with the lead and we have long stretches of flopping around in our D zone, spinning to chase and giving away hesitant clearing attempts

  97. he benched richards for 1 period whipttydoo..

    miller and gilroy do not see the ice for the 3rd period. stralman played horrible tonight watch the tape………

    asham cannot receive a pass on his stick watch the game…but they need a middleweight in the lineup to fight morons like boulton…that accomplishes nothing………..

  98. Hagelin was damn impressive and has been for quite a while now. Basically took over the game tonight and whenever he was on the ice the team (particularly his line) was substantially better.

    As for the rest of them, eh. Was glad Tortorella finally benched Richards – the dude is lost.

  99. I know there aren’t a lot of Bickel fans on here…but he can’t improve if he doesn’t play…forwards will keep their heads up when he’s out there…just need to pair with the right guy.

  100. The first English phrase learned by every NHL player at 18 months old is “F’in A boys”
    Get a little more creative you stupid puckheads

  101. a game like tonight
    is why i’m a fairly
    pessimistic person

    felt pretty calm
    and good about matter
    even after 1st isles goal
    and didn’t even feel
    too too awful when they were ahead
    by one
    escape me

  102. FatGuy:

    A lot of hockey players same the same handful of admittedly lackluster French-Canadian genes

  103. Biron had a stretch tonight where he was terrible but was plenty good enough the rest of the time.

    He got torn apart in the shootout but that’s not much of a surprise

  104. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Marty is a backup. He stopped some tough shots. He got us a point. He makes less than Richards, too.

  105. noticing a trend lately where the Rangers are out-hit and out-blocked every game they play. that could be because they are possessing the puck more or the guys who see the majority of ice time aren’t sacrificing themselves very much.

  106. Richards should take a snapshot of the hat because if he keeps this up, that’s the closest he’ll ever again come to it. And bring Buke up here to learnt these defensemen a little about how to play aggressive defense. And Boyle tonight was the first guy in a long time to come to a teammate’s defense, even verbally.

  107. Daneyko and goring…it’s embarrassing that the rangers can’t use a cup winner permanently in studio. Who better to talk about what it takes to win a cup? Is Beuk too busy?

  108. I’m already abashed, e, about the thought of us accepting the oscar for screenplay of the year and you wanging it up internationally. :-)

  109. Triple E

    can definitely do the lemons and lemonade thing here but Rangers are establishing a rather unfortunate pattern of choking away leads

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – believe me…I know. I go back to 1968 with this team… An altogether familiar pattern. The names have changed, but the song remains the same.

  111. Duguay’s ex-supermodel is 52. Isn’t it time for him to start hanging out at Charlie-0’s again scouting 23 year olds?

  112. of course, I am 26, and I only know of what you speak because I am just that smart :)

    and enough wickys…TA!

  113. Duguay still has a locker at the ghost of Charlie O’s where he keeps his good clothes to change into after the game. He says to the 23 year olds, ‘want me to sign something for you?’ And they say, ‘yeah, my check. who are you?’

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