So what happens with Brian Boyle, J.T. Miller, etc.?


Because it was such a big part of the discussion during the live chat (you can replay it on the thread below), and since J.T. Miller admitted he struggled in Boston, and since John Tortorella said he’s still undecided about a lineup for tomorrow night’s game against the Islanders (the Isles’ Game 7) …

What do you think will happen next?

I honestly don’t know.

As I said in my game review, I believe Boyle — when he’s playing the way he’s supposed to play — is better than four Rangers who were in the lineup in Boston, and that doesn’t mean Miller or Chris Kreider. IMO, he’s better, when he’s playing the way he’s supposed to play, than Taylor Pyatt, Arron Asham, Jeff Halpern and Darroll Powe.

I also think taking Miller or Kreider out of the lineup is dangerous, considering how slow and lacking in depth the Rangers looked before those two kids got into the lineup in the first place. If you can live with their hiccups while making the decision on either of them, at least you have three lines capable of scoring. And it doesn’t look so bad when, for example, Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik, are accomplishing nothing, as was the case in Boston.

Anybody got any suggestions?


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  1. Sorry, Doodie. That’s no excuse, by the way …

    I think the Callahan solution is obvious, but …

    Gaborik is obviously more comfortable on the right, and I don’t know if Callahan can play left; plus, you probably want Callahan playing with the kids if they are going to play together.

    So maybe it’s not so obvious.

  2. I disagree that there are 4 players that Boyle is better than. Pyatt is better than Boyle. Powe is better. Halpern is starting to become a liitle more effective and as at least on par with Boyle. Boyle lacks the “jam” Torts is looking for. Boyle has to watch guys like Lucic. He is no Lucic in the skill department, but Lucic makes opponents miserable with his size and strength. Boyle could easily do that.
    Grow a pair Brian. Torts will welcome you back once you do.

  3. As far as Miller and Krieder, I think the NYR are honest when they say they could care less about burning a year. With injuries, it is almost a certainty they will have to call on Miller again. I think Miller playing CENTER will be the only problem. If they could keep him on wing he would be able to acclimate to the NHL a lot easier. Playing against Boston in your 4th NHL game at Center is a daunting challenge. Richards looked like crap in his 800th game at center that night.

  4. It is interesting that Boyle bottomed out a couple years ago, got serious, hired a skating coach, and upped his game. I think Torts is trying to get Brian to make a similar revelation: he needs to work on his game.

  5. Pratt is head and shoulders over Boyle.. He had a bad game, better than 6 bad games. Although disagree with cow, Boyle couldn’t make Marchand miserable.

    Bring back That Ben kid.

  6. Darn work meeting kept me from partaking in the live Charp. I came up with a couple of names as possible trade targets – D Robyn Regehr from Buffalo and former Ranger buddy Vinny Prospal. Team might not have the cap space to get them both, but if the Rangers push close to the cap they c an place Mike Sauer on LTIR and free up his $1.2 million cap hit. Blueshirts would have to decide how deep into the system they want to dip (Christian Thomas?).

  7. Thanks for the *new post* after the Charp, Carl. It’s really annoying to refresh the Charp posts!

  8. I couldn’t join the charp either. Because I was working. Dammit

    Tough situation. My first reaction is- why change it? They won 3 in a row. But if Torts really wants Boyle to join the line up tomorrow, I’d say sit Halpern. And not because of his play. If they still believe, as they should imo, Boyle is a big part of this team going forward, and they want to give him a chance, then Halpern makes sense. He is not a part of this team’s future, and at his age, he can take a breather. Same position. Not the kids. The earned their right to play so far.

  9. Hmm. I love Boyle but I dont think taking out Pyatt would be the right exchange.
    Pyatt’s been good, strong on the boards and always around the puck. Maybe Halpern. Throw Boyle on the 4th line with Powe and Asham. The other lines seem to be coming together, especially Hags, Step and Nash they have been great last 2 games.
    Boyle Powe and Asham,but the gotta all bang and get the puck down low in the other guys zone wear down the defense. I think if Boyle gets back in he damn well better use that giant frame of his, it could be a key asset as it was in playoffs last year, at least before the concussion.
    I think JT and Kreids need to play. They are both big and strong and Kreider is fast as hell.
    He needs to watch Hags and do as he does, use that speed.
    I dont know, there are some options, we’ll see how it plays out.

  10. Carp, totally 100% to the millionth degree would love to see Boyle get a look instead of Pyatt. Pyatt is a 3rd line player that is currently being thrown on the 2nd line Wing while Captain America learns the youngsters on being NHL players. Get Cally up to the 2nd line Wing and get Boyle on the RW with Miller centering and Kreider at his scoring side (LW).

  11. I never ever in my wildest imagination thought that there would so much discussion about a marginal NHL player like Boyle…He doesn’t bump anyone out from last night’s line-up – unless there was an injury that no one has heard about…And maybe not even then…

  12. Don’t want Boyle in over Asham because Asham is the only guy that fights. And Boyle isn’t going to fight. Then it becomes a Boyle and Bickel over Asham and Pow! situation.

    Fine with Boyle getting a look over Pow! but I don’t want him to use all this new fired up determination he has on the 4th line. Give him 12 minutes and see what he does.

  13. LMGO @ “marginal NHL player”….Dime-a-dozen all over again. Good thing people who make real decisions think differently.

  14. good thing the people who think 4th liners are top six forwards don’t make the decisions either

  15. Brad Richards skating on his one skate only is still bigger offensive threat than Pyatt, Boyle, Halpern, and Asham combined.

  16. yes thanks for that insight; most people here didn’t realized Brad Richards is better than Arron Asham

  17. totally agree with ilb

    if boyle comes back in halpern should sit tomorrow. the kids should stay but they it doesnt mean miller has to play every game. see who the matchups are.

  18. I’d replace Cally with Pyatt on the “2nd” line, insert Boyle at center between Kreider and Miller, move Pyatt to the 4th line, and sit Asham.

    Fists are overrated, and while Asham has shown that he can play he’s the odd duck out. You can always swap Bickel into the 6th D-spot when playing a goon squad. Out of all the fights the last season how many can you honestly say actually meant anything or deterred anything. Punching Tom Tostitos probably feels great, but he’s still going to act like a Bettman no matter how many times you try to rearrange his face.

    Depending on how things are going you can rotate Cally back in with the kid line. I like the team the way it’s currently constructed as long as they are out working opponents on a nightly basis. Rolling 4 lines seems to be very beneficial lately. Barring injuries I think this works.

    I still see 1 more trade coming to try and add a little more depth.

  19. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think Boyle will be moved..his 20 plus goal season was a fluke,
    the Rangers would be glad to get 8 goals from him.

  20. Boyle should be back tomorrow. they missed him in the last 2 minutes last night. I think most forget that he was one of the guys on the ice late in games last season.

  21. onecup,
    I like Miller and Kreider as well, but, the future is now with this team. its cup or bust.

  22. Fat Guy, although it was directed to someone else, I took your suggestion and tied four sitcks of butter to my feet, but I had a meltdown, and all I got out of it was a ticket for causing cholesterol on the Bronx River ‘Parkay.’

  23. I know we are all down on Brad Richards. I get it. The guy has looked awful. But he has 9 points and 28 shots. It’s not like he isn’t playing. It’s what ilb said, Richards on half of one skate is better than most people.

  24. Ritchie Rich skated with some jam last night! He had a jar of Smucker’s Red Raspberry stuck in his j…uh,…athletic supporter.

  25. Torts outsmarted everyone last night. He knew he faced a chippie game in Boston, but sat Bickel and had his team super disciplined, including Ash. I think he was figuring in a little help from the zebras, who never accommodated.

  26. Paul in sunrise on

    Move Nash to LW with BRich and Cally. Hags with Stepan and gabby. Boyle with the two kids. Sit asham and put in Bickel as #6 D for islanders tomorrow and see how it goes. I do think asham has played well but don’t want to sit halpern or powe because they can kill penalties and the islanders power play is pretty good.

  27. We are 3-0. I don’t see anyone coming out of the game against the Islanders. Unless someone is injured or has a terrible game!

    Miller should stay and play 10-15 minutes on the 3rd line with Cally, than 20 minutes for the Whale. Tort’s is good at coaching the rookies – let him.

    I’m a fan of Boyle, and I can’t wait to see him ramp up his game. He is a totally different player when he plays the body HARD. You can’t take Powe out, his speed is needed on the penalty kill. So it’s either Pyatt or Halpren.

    I’m thinking Torts is going to leave Kreider & Miller in against the fishsticks. Maybe see Boyle play against Pruster. Now that would be something to look forward to.

  28. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My suggestion is trade for iggy now with some combo of players/picks and include a forward from the roster (no, I don’t have a suggestion as to which one) out of the bottom 6

  29. Is Pyatt breathing after that BRUTAL hit he took to negate the icing? Wow. Bickels as big as the bus they drove to Bahstan in.

  30. Looks like it’s a conditioning stint, Lloyd. It’s tough to play 6, or less, minutes a game and stay in shape I guess.

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    Hockey central at noon makes me really like Doug Maclean, but really dislike Nick Kypreos.

  32. I can’t tell their voices apart. I stink at it. But once I was in a restaurant and didn’t have my glasses on but heard Kelly Kapowski and KNEW she was there. And I was right. But these guys, I got nothing.

  33. You sit Miller or Kreider. Can’t believe I am saying this but Halpern has been better than I imagined. Did not know he had that kind of speed.

  34. Boyle/Powe/Halpern
    Dress Asham as a 13th forward in case you need him
    Gilroy sits – #6 D never plays on this team anyway
    If none of this then leave the lineup alone when youre winning.

  35. While I agree that Richards has looked pretty darn bad on the ice, he is tied for 2nd in most points on the team, 1 behind the leader (Nash). There’s probably a -2% chance that he is going to be benched.

  36. Nothing wrong with sitting Miller for a single game and replacing him with BB. What they cannot start doing, however, is reduce his icetime regularly.

    That boy needs to play so if it cannot be accomplished on the big club, down he goes.

    I think Tortorella would be foolish to tinker with the 4th line right now – IMO, after the Nash/Stepan/Hags line, they were the most effective. Lots of hard forechecking.

    Also, these past few games might be the first in Tortorella’s tenure where he consistently rolled 4 lines. Previously, he had either Brashear, Boogard or Rupp in the lineup and he simply refuses to give guys of that ilk anything more than a few minutes of icetime….

  37. Tort hates Eminger, LW. It’s obvious. He’s going to bully these players into doing what he wants. It’s not a way to success. It’s fear and intimidation at its best. Tort is a BULLY.

  38. If Halpern were playing like 2012-13 Richards we’d be amazed at how good Halpern looks. Its all relative. Richards sucks relative to Richards.

    I’ll take O’Reilly. (Is there any kid left that you’d be really upset to lose besides McIlrath? Maybe Skjei just because he’s got that shiny 1st round pin?)

  39. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    “Richards sucks relative to Richards”
    Only on this blog does that actually make sense.

    Rangers LoHud – where we make the impossible, possible

  40. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny – Tort or Torts? Make up your mind. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going with Bossonova from now on.

  41. czechthemout!!! on

    Absolute nonsense. You dont sit Miller because he hsd two tough shifts. Who cares. Miller at 19 and three Nhl games is already a better option than Boyle.

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