Rangers assign Steve Eminger to Connecticut for conditioning


From the NYR:


NEW YORK, February 13, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned defenseman Steve Eminger to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL) for conditioning.

Eminger, 29, has skated in four contests this season, having made his season debut on January 23 against Boston. He has not dressed in six of the Rangers last seven games. Eminger is four points shy of 100 career NHL points, having registered 19 goals and 77 assists in 457 career regular season games.

The Woodbridge, Ontario native was acquired by the Rangers from Anaheim in exchange for Aaron Voros and Ryan Hillier on July 9, 2010. He was originally selected by the Washington Capitals as a first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. I see John amirante every morning at local deli at 7am and he is awesome. He I’d back Tom for next 3 home games as he was suffering from pneumonia. Was in hospital for two weeks.
    Great guy.

  2. this isn’t a big deal. Emminger hasn’t been playing much so they sent him to play a games in the ahl to get into shape.

  3. for the record, I think Miller should play. And I don’t think he should come out for Boyle. I do think Boyle goes in for somebody though.

  4. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Two wins (though Boston got a Bettman Bonus Point in each).”

    No, Carp. It’s the Rangers that got the Bettman Bonus Point. If the game ended in a tie then each team would have gotten one point. The Rangers got the bonus point by winning the shootout.

  5. For the record I don’t think Miller should come out either and I do think he was our worst forward yesterday, so keep sitting BB please

  6. Cross Check Charlie on

    The thing you were right about was that the Rangers went into the shell too early. I knew they’d give up a goal against the extra attacker. It seems that they always do. I didn’t think they’d give up two though.

  7. Cross Check Charlie on

    Pyatt on one of the top 2 lines is ridiculous. He was brought in to be a 3rd/4th liner (or so I thought). Just because he scored a couple of goals early in the season he’s a first liner? Torts has done this nonsense before like Christensen on the first line and Mitchell on the power play. I like Torts as a coach, but some of his decisions don’t seem to make a lot of sense.

  8. CCC, there are no ties. Hence the point is awarded to the loser. That to me is the Bettman Bonus Point … a point for losing. And it’s hurt the Rangers this year that a lot of teams have piled up points for losing while the Rangers have only gotten points for winning.

  9. and they weren’t in a shell early. They were in a shell late. The first six minutes or so of the final 12 minutes were textbook.

  10. CCC, there are no ties. Hence the point is awarded to the loser. That to me is the Bettman Bonus Point … a point for losing. And it’s hurt the Rangers this year that a lot of teams have piled up points for losing while the Rangers have only gotten points for winning.


  11. Just play 4on4 then 3on3 until there is a winner. I hate ties. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. That’s life. (trying to avoid bringing politics in here right now…)

  12. Czechthemout!!! on


    Really? Miller was worse than Richards in your opinion? I curious and mean disrespect but did you watch the game? Richards was awfull yesterday. If Miller played like that last night, I would be the first one calling for him to be scratched.

  13. iDoodie Machetto on

    CTO, I’m not saying Richards played well, but Miller was really bad last night. I’m willing to give Miller a pass because he was playing in his 4th NHL game. Richards has no excuse.

  14. Really the only guy that I would be somewhat open for Boyle to go in the lineup for is Halpern. And id be very hesitant about that too because Halpern has done absolutely nothing wrong in regards to what his role is.


    Who is Conditioning, and does he have a slap shot from the point?

  16. I’m also not sure what the Rangers see in Taylor Pyatt….

    very boring hockey player from a fan’s perspective….I think he needs to be better at grinding along the wall and battling for pucks…

  17. as i stated yesterday pyatt will not be on the top 3 lines shortly. good 4th liner, possibly 3rd, that is it.he lacks quick hands, gets picked with the puck all the time and turns it over a ton..nice in front of the net and on the board with the cycle…

    if you want to get boyle in tommorrow which i am fine with i sit asham or powe…

    miller has skill and speed, the rangers before cally, kreider, and miller were like 1 great line and a bunch of slow nothings….

  18. I gave Ritchie Rich the first star because he rises in the East (Village,) warms the hearts of the fans, has the largest contract in the solar system, and is somewhat distant.

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a Boyle on my leg…. Bet it ends the season hurting me more than that other Boyle hurts an opponent.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Either we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a long time or Chris Christie broke into my house for a snack.

  21. Can you still be Irish when you’re fourth generation NY, hate Bud Lite, and fight only when called upon?

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Duguay’s hair is to die for…. I heard melrose wants to bid it if it ever goes on eBay

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    So much discussion about a border line 3 liner/ 4 liner/ depth player. Boyle seems like a good guy, good team mate and probably very popular in the locker room. As a hockey player, which is 80% of why a player is effective or not, Boyle doesn’t bring much to the table. He is a poor skater,poor passer,plays very small relative his enormous size, poor shooter and has virtually zero hockey sense. He is courages in terms of blocking shots and as I mentioned above, brings some intangibles. To me, he is not missed in the lineup at this time. I would not object to him replacing Halpern in the lineup, though Halpern doesn’t deserve to be benched. Richards is the only one in the lineup that has not played well now for the last 6-8 games. But as bad as Richards has been, scratching him in favor of Boyle is lunacy. Sorry, he may have to wait for an injury to enter the lineup.

  24. If Boyle does come back tomorrow, will we hear all night from Rosen and Mich that he has to “play his way back into game shape?”

  25. If Boyle returns tomorrow, I have a feeling he’ll play like a house on fire. Hope he doesn’t overdo it and make an ash of himself.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – will u be up late? I have a night class .. Won’t be back till 11:30 your time

  27. Accusations at Torts after Mich is spotted in shower area: “He knew! He always knew! How could he NOT know?” :-))

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Disclaimer – I am not gay, but I were, I would be gay,,,,, no offense whatsoever…. All my gay brothers and sisters…. I love you are

  29. I’m not so sure about the rest of you guys but I am eager for Boyle to return to form because it will make Rangers a more balanced team and they will be a harder team to play because of it.

    Brian Boyle was a leader on this team for over 2 seasons. His speed and work down low with Prust and Feds was made that 3rd line the face of the franchise.

    Now, if he has a head injury a la Mike Sauer, that is a problem. He is done as a hockey player in that case. But, the Rangers have made no allusion to that being the case…

    My feeling is that he is just out of shape and needs a little more fire in his belly. Sitting a few games should do the trick…

  30. Yeah, E. I got a lot of (real) writing to do elsewhere, and I’ll pour a scotch at settle in back here about 11:30 or so. As for now, as the bar brawler said to the bartender, I ain’t leavin’ unless you trow him out, too.”

  31. I was waiting for Romo to triple bogey 18 on Sunday. Also saw Reckless Phil put one in the Pacific and almost fail the cut on Fri.

  32. Eddie^3^ – That was right in your backyard, right? :)

    …a truly glorious golf course…I can’t wait to play it one day! Also want to play Spanish Bay.

    Sneds is an awesome golfer….glad he won!

  33. 20 year old scotch? An Irishman would say that the frontal lobes haven’t even completely closed yet.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bryan Boyle, Brandon Prust , Ruslan Fedetenko formed a good third line for the Rangers. Thats the point. Back then it was a good fourth line playing as a third line. Today, they would be nothing more than a fourth line which is all they were. Again , I have no problem with Boyle playing tomorrow so long it is not at the expense of Miller who already plays a more physical game and a better offensive one as well.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My bruthas – Spanish bay is even prettier than PB…..

    I have some Bowmore Islay single malt aged 17 years…… Like butta

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – agree again. The kids need to play. KREIDER could finish his checks more aggressively / he glides in and stops first…

  37. Czech….that “4th line” shut down the opposition’s top players…night after night….

    I’ll never forget that one game against the Canucks at MSG in Jan 2011. I was there. Rangers won 1-0 in a crazy tight defensive game.

    Brian Boyle was an absolute beast in that game…shutting down the Sedins and Burrows all night…He was unstopable…

  38. After examining this a bit, I only see one option, Boyle comes back and plays with Richards and Gaborik. Stupid, yes. But the consensus is that Pyatt shouldn’t be with them and i’m of that opinion also. Others have asserted that the Captain should be playing with them; maybe a good solution but I have a feeling the Coach really likes the idea of the smartest player on the team playing with the two most inexperienced guys. It’s kind of an insurance policy with having two rookies out there at the same time. I realize they were pretty invisable last night but I’d wager that they will play more like they did against the bolts and isles most nights. Obviously don’t touch the Nasher-Step-Haggy line, and get Pyatt on the 4th. Halpren: good on face offs. Pyatt: good in front of the net. Asham: doesnt mind a fight. If only they could be rolled into one. So based on the opponent pick 2 and play them with Powe. See if Boyle can go grind corners and get Gabby the puck. Might work. His season last year wasnt as good as the year before, and clearly he hasnt had a good start, but give him another shot and with the names on the roster, he might be the only option.
    Truely a pointless exercise because we all know if the team gets shut out for more than 4 periods Gaborik-Richards-Nash will be back together.
    While looking at the roster I happened to notice that Sauer is only 25…Byfuglien Shame.

  39. _His speed and work down low with Prust and Feds was made that 3rd line the face of the franchise._

    Do you know the first thing about sport, about hockey or about this club?

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nyr fan

    I remember that game and they did a decent job but that game was all Lundquist. The Canucks completely dominated that game from start to finish. They really did well on the PK in that game more so than at even strength. I recall that the Rangers spent most of that game in their own end defending and had very few scoring chances.

  41. Thom94, I like to think I do. Yet, I don’t actually watch any games. I just read Carp’s reviews and bonehead comments. However, I’ve been known to make grammatical and spelling errors.

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    NYR fan

    Speed and Bryan Boyle cannot ever be mentioned in the same sentence. The face of the franchise? Hardly.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thom94 – my Brutha NYR fan has never watched a hockey game in his life. He know a lot about roller derby tho.

  44. Ode to Aggressive Posters: ‘Don’t know much about history
    Don’t know much biology
    Don’t know much about a science book
    Don’t know much about the French I took

    But I do know that I -love- like you
    And I know that if you like me, too,
    What a wonderful world this would be…’ Sam Cook(e)in’

  45. Ok, well, I guess I’m wrong then.

    Brian Boyle is slow. He is a mediocre player, at best, defensively. He has no hands to make a play.


  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What I don’t get about Boyle is how easy he gets knocked off the puck. Jon Leclair he ain’t

  47. _Brian Boyle was an absolute beast in that game…shutting down the Sedins and Burrows all night…He was unstopable_ How did Brian Boyle shut down 3 players simultaneously?

    _Speed and Bryan Boyle cannot ever be mentioned in the same sentence. The face of the franchise? Hardly._ Check and Check.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thom94 – come over here and taste some chronic….. Boyle will look like a gold medal speed skater after breathing in E3’s finest…

  49. Waiting, ’round midnight’ (remember that one) to open a Knappogue Castle ’94 Very Special Irish Reserve Single Malt Whiskey. Only problem, it says on the back of the bottle, Imported in Manhassat, NY. Why did they have to put that on there and ruin the mood?

  50. If you throw in Stepan as well then I am on board. The only thing I like more than having a good hockey team that wins is making poorly thought out trades!

  51. Can’t drink any of this stuff for ‘real’ writing. John Cheever said he could detect the scent of alcohol on the printed page. :-))

  52. Thom94! Coming out of the wood work to comment. Great to have you around…but if I may….

    Brian Boyle was clearly a *core* player (that must be defended) since his relentless work on the puck and grinding forecheck. He was. This years team is super, duper different because we now have a pretty talented and deep team. Things are what they are.

    Brian Boyle is no slouch. Come on.

  53. Coos – behind every good import, there is a very rich American. In this case, getting rich off our addiction. Have some scotch and then you won’t care.

  54. Rupper: ‘With God’s help, I will beat the xxxx out of whoever it is tonight that He calls upon to attack me.”

  55. Thanx, Manny. Scotch and Soda, mud in your eye, baby do I feel high, oh me, oh my! My uncle gave me an old Kingston Trio album.

  56. Rupp: “The Lord has different plans for different people. He saw that I couldn’t skate, so he gave me this other idea and a million and a half a year, 150 of it which I tithe back to Him who sees all things.”

  57. Carp to E3: “You’re skatin’ on thin ice again, poddner. I know what you’re thinking. Clean it up, puleeeeese.”

  58. You didn’t say anything. Joking. Ha. Just keepin’ you honest in case you ever say something.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh poop – I have to go empty the dishwasher then off to eradicate young minds… Be back Lay Ter

  60. Czechthemout!!! on


    I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Would solve two huge issues this team has. A point man with an NHL quality slap shot and add some toughness to the back end. No way Lucic pulls that crap with Nash if Byfglien is on the ice.

  61. I think it creates another hole. I’m not sure Byfuglien can skate with this team. This team is built around speed right now. He certainly can’t skate like Del Z, can he? Does he play the game at the right tempo?

  62. Czechthemout!!! on

    NYR Fan

    I don’t know where this thing about his skating came from. He moves very well for a player his size. Don’t forget, he played forward for one season on a very fast Blackhawks team and scored 17 goals and 17 assists. He was only traded because their GM screwed up their salary cap. They traded Niemi, Bufyglien,Versteeg,Ladd,and Burrish all because of cap constraints. He is only 27 and his stats are real good. He is injured now I believe but even so, he already has 3 goals and 4 assists in 7 games. His shot is as hard as Chara’s. Don’t know if the Jets would do that deal in terms of talent, they may to dump his 5 mill per salary. They stink and are going nowhere.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yeah – got my chores done – time for a few posts before I gots to go…

    I would that byfuglien byfuglien on our team for his byfuglien name alone

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would sign Lucic faster than I can type Lucic if given the chance. That mofo is a man beast

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Allright my bruthas …. Play nice…..NYR fan, my brutha, go easy on our new brutha thom94….’member the h be silent. Know what I’m sayin?

  66. Czech

    I like Byfuglien a lot. I loved what he did to Pronger in the Finals few years ago. He is a beast.

    But, Glen isn’t trading Del Zotto and Boyle for him…That isn’t happening…

  67. Czechthemout!!! on


    Do you think its too much to give up? Or not enough?

    McD DannyG

    Staal Byfuglien

    Stralman Mcilrath

    Pretty good set of dmen, no?

  68. Byfuglien seems to be injured a lot… he missed a lot fo time last year and is missing some games this year already.

  69. don’t know how well
    ponikarovsky is playing now
    just the idea that
    devs got him for 2 lower round picks
    makes me think
    that once again
    it was
    saying to jets gm
    either his brains or his signature would be on the
    trade transaction

  70. Too much. We would need a forward in return…maybe they want to throw in KANE…now you’re talking!

    Yup. Verdict is out on McIlrath but he should develop well. Losing Boyle would be tough…I think we need him…

  71. Byfuglien looks like Chris Christie right now. The Rangers don’t seem interested in him at all. And there’s not a player on earth who can stop Lucic from doing what he does by just being out there. He did it with John Scott on the ice last year. He’s not changing no matter who is in the lineup or on the ice.

  72. Sorry I missed the charp carp…work sucks. I’m actually hoping to see Bickel get back in for Gilroy .

  73. What’s the word on Ryan O’Reilly? Are the Avs giving up on trying to sign him? He had a decent year last year.

  74. Yeah Carp – Lucic is like an amalgamation of every 90’s Devil player put together, particularly Holik McKay and/or Peluso…

  75. gee maybe
    we can trade for cooke
    and he can slice him like
    he just did karlsson

    rotten piece of cooke!

  76. btw Carp
    i wasn’t able to make the chat
    yes, i feel shame
    i mentioned this on twitter yesterday
    i really wish Torts could explain
    the approach of
    shooting the puck around the boards
    in defensive zone against bruins
    when all it did 99.99999%
    was give up the puck to the
    opponent who was waiting for
    it at the point.

    i understand that that is necessary sometimes
    but it happened waaaaaaaaaaaay
    too often
    and was a BIG reason how boston
    kept puck in the zone
    sent Rangers scrambling
    and put the puck behind Hank

  77. wow Cooke is a serious piece of cooke! That did NOT look accidental at all!

    expecting no punishment from Mr. Useless Shanny

  78. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    In the shootout, Bruins announcer Andy Brickley said that Nash reminded him of Mario Lemieux.


  79. I don’t think Cooke intended to injure his achilles, nor do I think it was a slew foot. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some sneaky, dirty, cooke-ish intent on the play.

    Oh, I forgot, he’s changed.

  80. Ottawa Senators ?@NHL_Sens
    Update on Karlsson: Erik suffered a laceration to his left achilles, which will require surgery to repair. He will be out indefinitely.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    I loved Cloutier after that. I was so upset when they traded him. Sure, he ended up being a disaster of a goaltender later on, but he had a few good years before then, right about when Richter was perpetually injured. Could have helped preserve Richter/stabilize the team during the early 2000s. Might’ve prevented the Mike Dunham trade.

  82. I think “frequent repeat offender” should play into Shanahan’s decision … but I fear his decision has already been made: No further discipline necessary. As usual.

  83. TSNBobMcKenzie Worst possible news for Senators. Karlsson suffered lacerated Achilles tendon. Surgery required.


  84. I looked at it again. Still maintain it was accidental.

    7 weeks could be a bit too optimistic. Up to 12 weeks. He could be done for this season.

  85. I don’t think it was intentional, don’t believe Cooke intentionally cut Karlsson. But the kick to the back of the legs is kinda dirty, no? Maybe not for Cooke, but for most players, that’s kinda cheap.

  86. Carp. Sorry I missed the Charp. Work does suck. Any way re: Lucic. I agree he wont stop what he does. He is a nasty mean spirited tough dirty SOB. It would be nice though, if once in a while we could respond in kind. We don’t have that player right now

  87. It was pretty much what Chris Simon did several times. Certainly more disgusting than a clean hit to a guy who foolishly played with his head down.

    I wonder if Karlsson’s skating will be affected from this.

  88. Emrick cracks me up.

    “1/4 of a minute left”

    “over a hundred seconds left”

    He can’t wait for the last few minutes of a period to say that.

  89. Evening all,

    Just saw the Cooke/Karlsson video.

    Looked like Mr. Congeniality was just trying to gain some leverage on the kid to take him off the puck. Even a piece of Clarke like Cooke wouldn’t dare do that type of damage intentionally. Or would he?

    Tough one for the Senators – especially with Spezza already on the shelf. #65 is irreplaceable.

    Gave the Rangers fits in the play-ons last year. Great player.

  90. That news SUCKS for Karlsson. He’s kind of um…..amazing?

    Anyone who thinks Lucic is going to be intimidated by anyone, Fatty Byfuglien included, is insane. He has the largest man in the game behind him. Even bigger than Lucic. He’s not going to be intimidated.

  91. I can’t see any intent to do that. It would be hard to do that on purpose. And I wouldn’t put it past Cooke to try. But I don’t see intent there.

  92. So right now the team is without anybody who can police the ice for the team. Whether it’s an enforcer or a tough player who can drop the gloves this team is without a fighter who can stand up to an Orr, Carkner, Lucic or Neil. Does this matter? Part of me thinks no. Like Carp said Lucic will do what he does no matter’s who is on the ice. Is it worth bringing somebody like Mashinter up? Are there any other options? I get the sense that McIlrather is another season or two away. No answers just questions.

  93. Nice use of double negatives Rangers West. I’m with you. No intent. It’s just a hockey play or whatever they say.

  94. Ha, Manny! Actually the double negative was not intended. After a really rough day at work I am brain dead. I do believe he tried to kick Karlsson. Part of it is I just see the worst in Cooke and don’t think I am able to cut him slack or give him the benefit of the doubt. Does this make me a bad person?

  95. I don’t think Matt Cook intentionally cut Karlsson for sure. You would have a hard time getting any Ottawa player or fan that. Although Matt Cook has been the poster boy for turning over a new leaf, that low life mentality is still in there. His rep is well deserved.

  96. At best he was probably trying for a subtle trip or something. That said, I hope Shanahan shoots him in the groin.

  97. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    regardless, sad to see a talented kid get injured like that. He was pretty good against us in the playoffs.

  98. that’s a bad injury, too. very painful, long, slow recovery and hurts for a long time after. hope he comes back quickly and can back to where he was prior.

  99. stranger nation on

    sorry, but felt it was intentional. Cooke knew what he was doing…should be kicked out of league IMO. you never see a player lift his leg off the in corner, need skates on ice for balance and leverage. maybe prior history coloring view of play, but there is a reason you almost NEVER see that play.

  100. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    With regard to the Boyle thing, I really don’t care. It can be played many ways.

    BUT, I would suit up Richards and cut his ice time dramatically, unless he somehow wakes up. It’s hard to remove a player of his caliber from the line up. But you can send him and the team a message by playing him only when you need him or for about 5 minutes.

    He has been awful and it hurts the entire team for him to play this poorly (yes, he has had some second assists because he was ‘there’). It also can’t be allowed by anyone. Period.

    What did he do in the offseason aside from negotiate?

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In the next thereafter, Cooke will spend an eternity getting punched in the face over and over again by Nicky Fotiu, brutha Domi, and smokin Joey kocur…

  102. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stranger, I agree with your assertion, not so sure he should be kicked out of the league. But, that seemed to be a kicking motion. It’s also a motion rarely seen.

    Tainted by his past? Yes.

    Sad to see an innocent potential star hurt in this way.

  103. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Lol, AH, forgot that, Eddie.

    He also worked on is website and twitter accounts.

    Busy guy.

  104. well, the only real way to get in there behind the guard is to be stepping down so if it was anybody else, I’d say it was an accident

    but something about Matt Cooke says that if he’s got an opportunity to do something, he’s going to do it. whether it be lifting his leg just a little bit higher or trying to step on the opponent when he’s in the act of doing what otherwise be a totally routine move. the guy is as big a piece of garbage as the league as ever produced and he’s attempt at being the baby face a year ago doesn’t erase that.

  105. I was reading some comments about Boyle, and I can’t disagree that he has as bad as it gets. He deserved to be benched. Manny said that Karlsson was pretty good against the Rangers in the playoff last. In that series I thought Boyle was if not the best player we had, he was close. He had a good series against Ottawa.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matt Cooke /Evander Kane …… POOOOW ……BANG……..down goes Cooke, down goes Cooke, down goes Cooke…… The world rejoices

  107. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Do you remember Cooke’s elbow to Marc Savard? He knocked him out.

    That was a similar play. That was intentional, but a similar “who, me?” look afterwards.

    This guy is a serial killer.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have watched that clip a hundred times if once…. And I NEVER fail to say “YES – hit him again”

  109. stranger nation on

    Boyle was concussed in POs last season. came back and was ineffective and has continued that substandard level this season. Even withh all the attention around these issues, Players want to play.

  110. The Pitt writers — who still think Adam Graves is Osama Bin Laden — are all tweeting how it couldn’t have been intentional because Cooke was looking the other way.

  111. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, Carpy, how much does this guys past play into this? Or is it the Lemieux/Crosby rule that nothing happens to stop them from getting to the cup finals?

    Shanahan is always talking up repeat offenders. This guy has a rap sheet as long as Torres.

  112. actually, Lemieux broke a bone in his hand and came back in the next round … but Graves was suspended. Still, they painted him to be Son of Sam, ordered to eliminate Lemieux by Roger Neilson, who was called a mobster and a sewer rat … what a disgraceful journalistic week that was.

  113. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Lloyd, that was the story. Mario did play much sooner than he would have had Gravey broken his wrist.

    Seems to be a Pittsburgh illness. Go down like shot if you get hit. Commit a crime and shrug it off while asking “who, me???”

  114. I remember the elbow to McDonagh’s head well. Another total cheap shot from a complete piece of human trash.

    I loved all the righteous indignation from guys like Tortorella about how Sean Avery embarrassed the league by using the words “sloppy seconds.” It’s a bit mystifying how that same indignation is seemingly on vacation when it comes to calling out a guy who has a history of trying to end the careers of opposing players and is completely callous and indifferent to the danger he poses. But oh, now he’s a big hero because he didn’t try to rob the livelihoods of multiple players last year. What a great guy he is.

  115. In fairness, Graves was such a dirty player always not talking trash, working hard, delivering clean hits and what not. It’s hard not to see him as more Dale Hunter than Dale Hunter.

  116. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, seems to me, even with his year and a half of being a good boy, Cooke is not changing his spots. He’s a leopard.

    The whole reason he changed his game and put the halo on is that he was told he would be jobless if he didn’t stop. He tried for over a year. Then he saw a nice unsuspecting victim, a budding star, a kid that skates better than him with a better shot…and he went after his prey.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is what needs to happen – somebody run that queen Crosby into the upper deck so that he literally, to use an overused word, poops his pants.

  118. Crosby is one hit to the head from being where Savard is right now

    That being said, icing Crosby is not the punishment Cooke deserves

  119. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, as you go for the bottle, did you see Cooke spit out a tooth as he was going to the box? That was Chris Neil justice, since the ref’s didn’t do it.

  120. stranger nation on

    remember Troy Malette slamming Mario and knocking him out of game (I think) in 91 POs.

    Troy slammed his shoulder into Mario but Super Mario came back and the refs made the Blueshirts pay for it.

  121. I really wish I believed Cooke knew what he was doing so I could join in the fun of increasing my already monumental Cooke hatred.

  122. what Neil did to Cooke tonight was a kiss on the cheek compared to what should have been done to him

  123. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, his spit it out with some blood going to the bench. Had a look on his face like he almost enjoyed it. Sick dude.

  124. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    If you watch that youtube above, there is a bit of a pattern with this guy. I’ll now agree with …was it stranger? He should be kicked out of league.

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My wife, who doesn’t know the difference between slashing and pass interference, just saw cooke’s hit and said Dirty play.

  126. dunno how many of you guys played juniors or whatever as kids but the do teach you to put your knee in like that between their legs to pin them, and looked like that’s what he was doing and his foot came up in the process.

    however it’s Matt Cooke and since he’s tried to end the careers of about two dozen different players I don’t believe anything he does is accidental

  127. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Now show her the youtube of all his other ‘hits’ that have attempted to destroy careers.

  128. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    But, I do agree with Carp, especially because of the Mario/Sydney rule. He plays for them, he’ll get away with it. No Shanny look.

  129. yes thanks for pointing that out. I did believe the Pittsburgh Penguins were a junior hockey team until reading your post.

  130. Lord, make sure I win this fight with Prust when he comes into the Garden! I promise I’ll follow the ten commandments. Thou shalt not…uh,…Lord, let me win this fight and I promise I will memorize the ten commandments!

  131. Can you imagine a bunch of 300 lb. McKenzies in kilts barreling down from the highlands at you, waving hatchets after they’d each just finished a half bottle of Royal Bracla Single Malt?

  132. I started following twitter during the lockout.

    now i just randomly post whatever comes to mind. Seems very popular.

  133. I think they should start the slow line instead of the fast line and change the guys on the slow line and put Gaboric in the corner and have Stepan move to the circle with Boyle and put Hagelin with Asham and Bickel and move Nash down to a line where he can…

  134. Are you an IDIOT? Put Gaborik in the corner? Then what do you do with Pyatt, you dimwit. Did you ever watch hockey, or any competitive sport at all?

  135. With all due respect, your line suggestions come out of your rear end. I don’t mean to offend you, but you’re about as bright as a 2 watt bulb when it comes to hockey.

  136. Oh yeah? Whose bright idea was it to put Rupp in goal and use Lundqvist on the power play? Don’t say you didn’t say it.

  137. I had Rhode Island carpeted Monday and Chris Christe came along and ate it. Now I got a carpeting bill up the wazoo and I’m in a State of Panic.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Greatest show on the tube – HBO’s Enlightend – byfuglien genius show about crazy byfuglien people.

  139. It was not my idea to put Rupp in goal, junior. Look up the old posts and you will see I said Richards. Now, how do you feel? Like a rolling stone? Brickhead!

  140. I don’t get HBO, Eddie. Funny Sopranos story told to me by Vinnie Pastore, who grew up and lived in town- Gandolfini was walking through Greenwich Village and a bum sitting against a building with a pint in a paper bag, pointed at him and said “Tony Soprano!” Gandolfini looked at him and said, “You get HBO?” True story.

  141. Same guy wrote the Sopranos as Norther Exposure. David Chase. Isn’t that odd? Anyone remember Northern Exposure?

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pictures at an exhibition – brilliant piece – I can play a tiny bit on the ivories

  143. “Pictures from an Institution,” novel by the Bat Poet, Randall Jarell, about faculty at a progressive women’s college, based on Sarah Lawrence, my alma mater.

  144. – What is it when a man talks dirty to a woman?

    – Sexual harassment.

    – What is it when a woman talks dirty to a man?

    – $3.99 a minute.

  145. Speaking of campuses, Re-reading Don DeLillo’s ‘White Noise.’ His main first person character is the Chairman of the Hitler Department. Pretty funny.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I want to write a screenplay based on the hilarity at my workplace …. I think it would be genius

  147. “I don’t want to set the world on fire
    I just want to start
    A flame in your heart”

    I think that’s from the 1920s, the roaring twenties.

  148. Ever read about Zelda? Wow. Other than Gatsby, and maybe even Gatsby, everything he wrote was really about her, and she was a looney tunes.

  149. Fitz needed money so bad (he blew through it) that he ended up selling his soul out in Hollywood.

  150. Even gruff Hemingway, who despised Fitzgerald as a Princetonian bourgeoise, admired ‘Gatsby.’ It changed his mind.

  151. Put Pyatt on the point on the PP and sit Nash. We were better off with Prust. Move Girardi to wing with the rabbit guy and send Gaborik down until he gets in condition. Tortorella doesn’t know what he’s doing and Sather keeps sending us figure skaters! Give Haley a chance with the first line and we’ll see some action! Nobody listens to me, even my mother.

  152. Agreed wholeheartedly with your evaluation of ‘Tender.’ Faculty people don’t have the nerve to say it. Glad you did.

  153. I think ‘The Sun Also Rises’ was Hemingway’s best. A lot of others (of his) I could take or leave.

  154. I appreciate how Carp understands my schedule and doesn’t start his Charps until noon. Wakin’ at the crack of noon, midnight howlin’ at the moon. Go to bed when I want to, Get up when I please. Don’t have to ask permission when I want to go out fishin’, never have to axe for the keys!

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, crane, and especially King henrik James , Fitzgerald, frank Norris, JD, from team USA

  156. I wouldn’t take any bets on it, but I would not be surprised if Lucic was from somewhere around Yugoslavia, (or at least the family is probably from that area…Serbia? who knows?) ( the Shadow
    knows). I tell you, I try not to laugh out loud about some of these posts, but now and then one gets me.
    Triple Eddie and his “getting eaten by Christi”, just undid me. ( TBW comes in and asks me why I am looking at a blank page and snickering)…perhaps she thinks I’ve found something
    pornographic that I’m afraid to let on about.

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