It’s Go Time!


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Game 12.
Rangers at Bruins.

Ya boys hit the quarter-pole of this Bettman-shortened season with their third meeting (already) of the season against the team I think has been the most impressive in the East so far.

The Rangers  have not won three in a row yet this season.

The Rangers go with the same lineup, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal, Brian Boyle, Stu Bickel and Steve Eminger are prucha’d.

To repeat: J.T. Miller gets two more games before his entry-level contract begins, but it is a complete non-issue with the team, which has determined (obviously) that the decision to keep or demote him will be entirely based on his performance and what’s best for his development. The entry-level contract is going to kick in this season regardless because Miller would be the first forward recalled from Connecticut … if he does ever get sent back to the Whale.

(yes, that’s the original Bruins logo on the right).

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  1. It’s Miller time!!!

    Let’s do it!!!

    Nash – take out the trash
    Girardi – it’s a party
    Kreider – the goal igniter!!!
    Carp – looking sharp!

    Eddie – cocktail of choice tonight?

  2. Jack Edwards would be livid if he knew how level-headed the pregame guys were when analyzing the Rangers now versus early on and Lundqvist in particular. They said they’d take Lundqvist over Rask!!! Treason!!!

  3. carp, does it mean that Boyle is Extremely in the doghouse if he isn’t playing in his home town of Boston or is Torts go ingwith lines that are working?

  4. jpg’s sis … I don’t think he’s in any deeper than he was … but who comes out after two decent wins?

    Good evening, Sally!

  5. You’d think Duguay might be able to pronounce one of the best players in the game … on the other hand, the play-by-play guys both radio and TV can’t pronounce Brodeur correctly.

  6. Blues got off to a 25’1 quarter, which means they should have plenty left for the grandstand stretch.

  7. It took a few games for me to really get into this season but I’m finally there! Let’s go Rangers!

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    Future hall of famer and current Norris Trophy front runner MDZ gets my vote as the number on star, no matter how he plays tonight. He is that good!

  9. lets gog ogg go gog gog og gog go ogogo!!!!




    lets go gogg oggog goggo!!!!

  10. LGR !! We gotta show some grit tonight boys! As for BB…I hope he PLAYS pissed off when he comes unglued from the bench


    Are you readyyyyy for 3 periods on non stop Hackey action!!!!??

    NASH is in the house!!


    NASH is in the house!!!

  12. Czechthemout!!! on


    Personally, I have nothing against him. He seems like a very nice kid. And candidly, I would love for him to be worthy of some of the loyalty and praise that some people on here give him. I just happen to believe that he is very overrated and is hesitant to take hit to make a play. But hey, I hope to eat my words and change my mind. We will see.

  13. That’s a lot better than rooting against a player on your team just because you don’t like him, as some people do, Czech.

  14. A little bit of that, Headzo. When he said there were four guys playing tentative/scared (they were Boyle, Del Zotto, Richards and Gaborik) he had to take one of them out. He noted that the other guys had at least contributed in some way. Boyle hadn’t. So he was the obvious scapegoat, and well deserved.

  15. Evening gang.

    Pierre and Strader for me. At least there won’t be anything Edzo’s.

    What grown man wants to be called Dougie, by the way? Ugh, sounds like a 5 year old.

  16. Enjoy the game CTB. I hope you get out of there alive tonight. You never know with those criminals!

  17. I hope we can get out of this game without any season-jeopardizing injuries… and maybe one of our guys “Lucic” Rask. Just drop the hammer on him. You want to win the East, take out your chief opposition.

  18. doubt you’ve ever been there, Tiki, but it’s one of the most well-behaved, low-key, quiet buildings in the league. Too bad.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Horrible giveaway by Pyatt,, right at his own blue line. So far, we are not at all as sharp as on Sunday. Not even close.

  20. I appreciate that Tort moved Pie-Hat down to the 3rd line (where he belongs) and brought Callahan up to give the Gaborik-Richards line a chance. It really shows how much he’s trusting The Kreider and JT Miller to let them fly without the Captain.

  21. Hey, why doesn’t Boston put their own “between the benches” guy? It’s not crowded enough in there.

  22. Gaborik usually loves to compete against him, though, Mickey. They’re homies, and Gaborik’s had a lot of success against the B’s. I think three OT goals in the last two seasons alone.

  23. YEAH~!!~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Nash got tripped too, what a play!

  24. That’s what I just said, Carp. You and Kenny just one upping the CRAP out of me here! (It’s good though. I go for quantity. You guys are on the quality)

  25. Oh, I know they are homies Carp. I just thought it was funny seeing the size difference on the ice (not that other players don’t look like kids next to Chara…)

  26. My dad got his tires slashed in New London, CT for having a Yankees Player parking lot pass on his windshield. In the faculty parking lot of a university.

  27. Mike Krushelnyski once scored 40 goals on wayne gretzkys line-maybe thats what will happen to Hags, via Nash

  28. Oh fine, NYR. Choose to vibe with Carp instead of me. Would could have had a Menage-a-vibe (which made me throw up a little typing)

  29. Ok, funny? As Nash was making the damn good pass, his former team fired their GM.

    (I still dislike the trade, but whatevers, I’m allowed to have my own opinion :P )

  30. Great point, Czech. I noticed that when the faceoff is over he tends to float to Centre positions. I wonder why he doesn’t just play it. He is the definition of a playmaker.

  31. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    This is going to be a game until the 3rd period reaches 0:00 that Torts uses 3 lines

  32. Another all around fantastic play by McBust to pinch down, keep the play alive, and then get back to his position in time to break up the rush the other way.

  33. No, I dont remember that Carp. But I do remember my family being berated a few weeks after 9/11 in Fenway Field at an Orioles game for wearing Yankees regalia. Berated with taunts such as New York got what they deserved.

    Can we drop this, Carp?

  34. Wow. Howser was let go? He has like $17M in cap space. Somebody is bout to have a lot of fun with that money.

    1-1 (Hurricanes tie it up)

  35. I see the rangers tried that set play where delz passes it to the center at center ice right to the wing along the boards. The same play that worked with Richards, gabby and nash.

  36. did you Dougie’s mom was on the high school track team? i think she set a couple records.

    His dad invented fire.

  37. Carp-couldve been a fire hydrant out there with Mario and Wayne! Young had 40 with Mario and 32 the rest of his career

  38. That PP did stink, but I like the umbrella formation a lot better than the garbage they have used most of this season. I still wouldn’t want Richards at the point, but at the half boards.

  39. Why does Hagelin wear a chin strap or a visor for that matter.
    The visor is over his forehead

  40. Well played first period. No real scoring chances in the final 16 minutes for the Bruins. Henrik played well. Keep it going.

  41. exactly my point, Educator. Bossy and Penmanship, er, I mean Trottier, got Gillies into the Hall of Fame. Mario made Kevin Stevens a rich man.

  42. not bad period.

    i said it earlier today this is a game where miller and kreider will struggle. the size of bruins may be bit much for them especially miller in the middle

  43. Czechthemout!!! on


    Trottier wrote that “Brilliant” dissertation on hockey that blew Sather away. Nice memory.

  44. The Rangers have not had an impact player the likes of Rick Nash, since…dare I say it, Mark Messier and Brian Leetch.

  45. Me personally…I’ll take tortorella to coach any team I root for the guy is all about it…plus he’s in tents

  46. Good thing JD fired Howson before that play by Nash. He would’ve shot him instead after that goal.

  47. How about Duguay, trying to claim that Nash lacked confidence, that’s why he hasn’t scored a lot. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  48. Nice little kick play by Asham there. His skills are better than I thought. Not good. Just better than i thought.

  49. Nash + Henrik = Goal by Stepan. Don’t forget what Nash did to create that play with his defensive prowess and laying out.

  50. STEPANWOLF! damn mediocre center.

    Carp, did Staahl just break up that 4 man rush by falling to his knees?! lol annnnnnnd now he takes a penalty..

  51. Rewound DVR – Stralman should have gone on bench instead of touching puck, then it would not have been a too many men penalty. Whether that is his fault or the player who was replacing him…

  52. Can’t blame the guys on the ice, Manbearpig. Definitely the fault of the guy waiting to jump on the ice.

  53. Manny February 12th, 2013 at 8:51 pm
    Remember when everybody hated Stepan and Hagelin?

    Manny that was a long long time ago…. like 72 maybe 73 hours ago..

  54. The state of the union is this, Kenny: The planet is melting, little kids are getting shot, people are dying and we have no money. Sounds depressing. I am not watching that.

  55. Haha, James. The blog really needs some sort of measurement like, “Business Days.” That way we can be like, “hating Stepan? That is so 3 game days ago!”

  56. “The state of the union is this, Kenny: The planet is melting, little kids are getting shot, people are dying and we have no money. Sounds depressing. I am not watching that.”


  57. Thornton is an idiot. He probably still has massive brain damage from that absolute back of the head thrumping he got from Scott Johnston and he wants to fight again. First game back.

  58. Asham’s IQ is higher than I thought as well. Guy is impressing me all around.

    Bruins are really trying to pick a fight here. Bickel?

  59. Good idea to walk away from a fight at 2-0. If it starts to get to 3-0 or 4-0, somebody might have to stand up.

    And I agree, Asham’s been darn good lately. Smart, too.

  60. Miller is just getting used to this physical, all out play that the Bruins (and other NHL teams) bring.

  61. Haha. Our toughness has disappeared but our intelligence is sky high. Lucic trying to get McBust to drop em. Ridiculous.

  62. didn’t Lucic mug McDonagh at the end of a game at the Garden? And didn’t Ference cheap-shot him that gave the Rangers the GW PPG in Boston once?

  63. “He’s got that edge to him, he’s tough, he can score.” He’s a dirty player that can score.

    HENRIK!!!!! 5 on 3!!!!!

  64. Win or lose, Hank has been a star. As has Nash. Sorry to Hagelin or Stepan (whichever doesn’t get the third)

  65. this pp is just brutal to watch.

    thank god for hank.

    5 on 3 for for min to start can we just get one off a skate or something

  66. I actually like Danny at the point. It sort of like saying I like French wine right after they wouldn’t let us fly thru their air space. Not popular but true

  67. Lucic should have gotten at least 2 penalties on hi hoodlum act. initial crosscheck at mcdonaghs face could have been f and then the spear to the stomach could have been 2 more.

    theking is playing well tonight and that is the difference…

    stepan still suck????the guy will be 23 after the season ends…..

  68. State of the union” we’re in the pits boys but with marchand and Bergeron’s noses I believe we can dig our way out”

  69. Can’t say Boston is having a bad game. Hank and the rest of the team frustrated them. And, as opposed to last year, they showed much more dangerous offense. That’s what we were hoping for.

  70. If the rangers have dangerous offense than they should be able to score 5 on 3. If they can’t the only thing offensive is watching the rangers power play.

  71. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    I think I saw Chuck Schumer posting something here…something about how insane our team would be with Lucic

  72. have no complaints about the D tonight. all hanging tough. looking like they may have found a number 1 line.

  73. this 5 on 3 we better not look back at end of game to this key moment.

    this is an opportunity to put the dagger in

  74. I know this sounds odd, but, It’s really great to see Simmonds back on the ice after that absolute, scumbag cheapshot by Erskine.

  75. lw- forget brushing his nose against someone, if he just breathes in a little too hard near poor little hagelin, he’ll get sucked in like a vacuum

  76. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    Anyone counting our giveaways on clearing attempts tonight? Stop with the finesse and just get the thing out

  77. Some people just hate Stepan for no good reason. Probably the same people that love Avery for no good reason.

  78. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  79. Wow, Stralman seems to have gotten better this year from last year. I guess he has finally gotten comfortable with the system. I also notice he can shoot the puck. Tortarella should have him on the point for the power plays.

  80. It looks to me like boston is leaving their doors open longer than needed when there are rangers in the area…no?

  81. If we win this game, thank God we dont have any black players that the Bruins well-behaved fans can racially abuse via twitter like they did Joel Ward.

  82. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    Lord forbid we score again to go up by four, Tortsy will release the Asham kraken

  83. JT keeps winning battles like he did against Boychuk there, he’ll forget which state Hartford is in

  84. We do have an answer, Papa. His name is Bickel and he’s on the bench. He’s also not good enough to play as many minutes as Lucic (or more than 5). So I doubt Lucic would take himself off the ice in a fight against Bickel.

    Lucic is pretty fantastic. I would take him any day of the week. He pushes the envelope but he’s nearly unmatched in hockey.

  85. Thanks, Mickey. I hung a sweet autographed picture of THE PRUST in my office today. Might be a bit sensitive.

  86. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    This game is the only thing today that has interrupted my continuous hours long daydream about Alice Eve

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – my brutha… I was way on step case for a solid week. But he has been great since. Scroll way back.. Or ask kooz…. But I called his first goal.. There is one serious vibing between Nash step and hags…. I be liken it

  88. Corey Perry is tougher than Lucic and can score more goals…

    I’ll take Perry over Lucic….just sayin’

    (Pssst….Slats…he’s a free agent in the summer, so please buy-out horse teeth)

  89. I dont know how that went int. Henrik was there and his left arm was on the ice. Just bad luck. Come on guys, let’s finish this.

  90. Question – why don’t tired players killing a penalty, when they are defending the zone nearest their bench, hustle over to the bench and get replaced by fresh legs? I understand it leaves some ice open, but only for a few seconds.

  91. Perry is awesome. Did you see her assets at the Grammy’s the other night? Eddie knows what I’m talking about…

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    You can disagree all you want but he has had at least 3 bad turnovers in his own end and has done zero on offense.

  93. Katy Perry looked like one of Robin Hood’s minions at the grammy’s. Freaking Sherwood Forest over there.

  94. These referees are letting Boston get away with a lot of cheap stuff. I thought hitting on icing was no longer accepted?

  95. Hey, did you guys know that Ray Bourque (Boston legend) has a son who plays for the Bruins now? Chris Bourque…

  96. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    Rangers climbing in the standings like Rick Vaughn’s Major League Indians

  97. Czechthemout!!! on


    Has nothing to do with goals. This last rush by him was his best play of the game.

  98. I’m sure Gaborik was targeted on the pre-game white board since he, ya know, hung a hattie on Boston last time they met. They probably want to take his space away.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Headzo – those were 2 nice rum bottles on Katy perry at Grammys – detached retina for sure

  100. JBytes, if the Rangers were to face the bruins in a playoff series, expect much more one-sided refereeing than what we’re seeing tonight. I’d go as far as to say that tonight’s refereeing has been pretty fair.

  101. Gaborik’s here four seasons now. We have all seen that sometimes you don’t notice him, don’t notice him, don’t notice him … then all of a sudden he’s got two goals. That’s how a lot of goal scorers are. Robitaille was like that. Larouche. Doesn’t necessarily mean they stink when they’re not scoring.

  102. Grabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Czechthemout!!! on


    You dispute what I said all you want. Doesnt change the fact that he has given up the three times in his own end and has been poor on the PP and in the offensive zone.

  104. When Easy Kreider learns to finish his checks like a man…… Watch out! Until then…..potential.

  105. I would be afraid too, eric. Not because of his skills, but because of his wretched countenance and wonky, disturbing personality.

  106. Richards couldn’t play hockey. He was busy SAVING HOCKEY so we could have a season (as was Halpern and Chris Campoli and Sidney Crosby and a ton of other Rangers players). The other guys (not blacklisted) look OK.

  107. Great to have you back, Grabby. And of course, you appear with a hilarious comment. As Sterling Archer would say….Classic you.

  108. Well, that’s just sickening. Up 3-0 with 11 minutes left, Henrik playing at the top of his game for the past 5 periods, and now this.

  109. well what do u guys expect we all sing haPPY SONGS THAT WE JUST BLEW A 3 GOAL 3RD PERIOD LEAD??? OK FLOWER HEADS CHEER US UP

  110. geeze even if they win kinda hard to swallow this one.

    That Nash penalty was a real bad one, but still no excuse for giving up 2 goals with their goalie pulled…

  111. The second goal was crap. Third was lucky.

    If I told you guys we would split the points against Boston this season (in 3 games and assuming that Ties still existed like they should) I bet you would all be happy.

  112. I’m now on mute. If they score and I hear Edwards pull his finishing up routine, I’ll break my television.

  113. Richards has had a soft game…I get that you have to give the guy BoTDoubt OT mins…but SOFT game otherwise

  114. _If I told you guys we would split the points against Boston this season (in 3 games and assuming that Ties still existed like they should) I bet you would all be happy._

    Did you tell us 18:30 into tonight’s 3rd period or back around MLK Day?

  115. we still can win this guys. shootouts we got hank in net.


    moral loss any way you slice this one

  116. _Just like Tom Renney said after the great 5-0 collapse in MTL. “We still got a point.”_

    Was absolutely just thinking about that game. Last time I remember getting that pissed off that many times in such a short window.

  117. well, karma bit us. remember the last game we came back from 3-0 and duby ties it. but that 5-0 game in montreal i almost had a stroke

  118. Sorry, Carp. You’re right.


    and in case of a sudden death tie..

    JOKKINEN (Olli)

  119. Not in my fantasy land, but you’re in your own fantasy land, one in which Bickel is a good player.

    It’s possible I misheard, no need for you to make it personal.

  120. Told you I was worried about Richards going last.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Maybe it will actually help them in the long run. They kept their composure and pulled it off.

    Nah, who am I kidding.

  122. Nice job Cally. Still feel bad about allowing them a point.

    Maybe these fantasy land well-behaved, quiet fans can find someone on the Rangers to racially abuse via twitter.

  123. Wow man what a move by the dangle-bot Rick Nash – real deal for sure.

    And Cally delivers to save the day. Would have been a tough loss.

  124. But that finish did make me just about crap my pants… Hence why hockey is the best game on the planet.

  125. What a freakin’ joke the shootout is. Yeah, it’s for the fans, right commissioner? Why don’t you ask those Boston fans who would have had an all-timer of a tie how they like walking out of the building with a loss because of a stupid contest that has nothing to do with hockey?

  126. Lets set up some blog arm wrestling matches. Carp vs Tiki can be the main event. I’ll take Lloyd with the honor of the Brandons on the line. Doodie can take JT Miller. Manny can take someone with more than 300 sq ft of living space. Who else?

  127. rangers should have won in regulation.

    our goalie was much better then there goalie and the rangers won.

    nash with a bad penalty led to the implosion…either drop the gloves or don’t hooking crap does nothing….

    richards and gaborik looking 5 hole on shootout, why even waste the play……….

  128. Nash can Really, really skate.

    But that was still a tie and that stupid shootout crap is an absolute joke.

  129. thank god good night all in gassed.

    by the way mont blows 3-0 lead in tampa

    fla blows 2 goal lead late


  130. I know its not popular, but I’ve had nothing but great interactions with real, actual Bruins fans. Not the playoff jumpers on twitter, but the people I know around here and have met during games at bars. Best fans in New England, which I imagine isn’t much.

  131. or maybe they can go slash tires like those Yankees fans after the greatest post-season choke in baseball history by a PED-aided team.

  132. Can we just take a minute and realize how unbelievably good HANK is? It’s kind of amazing what we get to watch night after night.

  133. Carp and Sturat complaining about the Nash penalty…. Watch the play again… As Nash got called for a really weak penalty, Lucic was slashing Girardi across the back with a two hander. Wrong call…weak call by gutless homer refs.

  134. I’m assuming all you folks who constantly chirp about the SO turn the games off once the 3rd period ends when there’s a tie.



  135. Nice to have you on board, Papa.

    OLD TIME HOCKEY (or whatever those sings say that the old guys hold up)

  136. this was a lucky two points

    hope Boyle’s got his skates sharp because he’ll be back in on Thursday

  137. henrik was great tonight he played good enough for a shutout.

    not sure what happened in the 3rd… could not clear the puck a bunch of times and that led to


    i will take the win but Rangers played a rope a dope and if Tuuka plays well the game has a different outcome….

  138. I have one question…..when will Horseteeth be a healthy scratch….can’t win a faceoff…can’t defend…can’t score in the shootout….can’t forecheck….the $9M man???

  139. _or maybe they can go slash tires like those Yankees fans after the greatest post-season choke in baseball history by a PED-aided team._

    Against a PED aided team. Don’t do this Carp. I want to be on your side.

  140. Not shadding up about this joke of a gimmick of an amateur-hour clown show to decide hard-fought hockey games, dreamed up by an asshat who has presided over three lockouts.

  141. Gaborik fails in the shootout because he has too much time to contemplate and also to skate. When there’s someone pursuing him, he plays instinctively. Definitely overthinks the shootouts.

  142. Atta boy, Papa. A man after my own -heart- Liver. I’m more a box of wine guy (since the wife cut off my Rye obsession, including bourbon and islay malts)

    We can start that train as well!

  143. Manny,

    I dunno probably either Halpern or Kreider. I’ve just got this feeling that he’s itching to scratch Kreider, don’t ask me why

    and that this game ended in a shootout is both a joke and a gift for the Rangers who weren’t winning a 10-minute OT.

  144. Carp n Stuart REALLY REALLY you want Nash to drop the gloves….. 1. He is bad at it. 2. He might get hurt 3. Nash is having his best game 4. He is our best player. Carp take it back now!

  145. No, I don’t want him dropping the gloves with Lucic. I like that he stood up to him. But you can’t take that lazy hooking penalty there. If you want to yap, then yap. If you want to get in his face, god bless. But that was a silly penalty.

  146. I laugh at someone that compares racially abusing someone to slashing tires. Then again, I ought to consider the source.

  147. Manny…. In the words of my all time favorite… *”Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, it’s alright”*

  148. I’m going to say that Nash is the best Ranger forward by a pretty wide margin. He’s strong on the puck and is actually able to maintain puck possession while navigating forward; they’ve got basically no one else who can do that with consistency.

    Brad Richards has not been good this year and I defended the guy to the death last year. I think he’s looked aimless and disinterested for 9 or 10 of the 12 games.

  149. Lloyd – I concur about benching The Kreider. Definitely think there is an itch there. I’m personally fine with it.

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp and Tiki. C’mon, It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Give each other your valentine cards…

  151. *Tiki* – Pretend I am ilb and I am suggesting that you take a deep breath and count to 10. Remember how much time you spend around here and how great it is. Then remember that Carp provides that atmosphere for you. Then come back and be the guy you are capable of being. The non petty one.

  152. Manny:

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels it…I don’t think he’s been much of a factor the last couple of games and that just makes it easier for Tortorella to justify giving him a seat. There does seem to be a couple of pretty huge anti-Tortorella aspects to Kreider’s game. One is his tendency to stand around a lot, looking like he’s waiting for a bus. There is inability to stop himself from jumping or lifting his leg when a shot comes at him. You combine those things are you basically begging Tortorella to scratch you.

  153. What a freakin’ joke the shootout is. Yeah, it’s for the fans, right commissioner? Why don’t you ask those Boston fans who would have had an all-timer of a tie how they like walking out of the building with a loss because of a stupid contest that has nothing to do with hockey?

    stop whining Carp/

  154. One guy I would not want to see Nash drop the gloves with would be Lucic. Nash has only had 8 fights in his career, last one in 2010 against ….wait for it……..Malkin.

  155. there is also his inability…

    typing fast, agitated, thanking Tukka Rask for not showing up tonight

  156. Yea, Lloyd. The Kreider usually comes in and makes a big splash and then slowly fades away over a few games. Then bench him…then he reacts. He’s a Gaborik in the making. Which is a big compliment. Kid is going to be a scorer. Just not day in and day out.

  157. Lloyd, the racial abuse that Bruins fans perpetrated on Joel Ward via twitter following the Bruins ousting last year. The one that Carp fantasizes never happened.

    Thanks, Manny aka ilb.

  158. yes i think miller had an awesome debut. needs work for sure though. plus they can call him up again anyway right?

  159. Yes! Compared to your hero! That’s huge for me, Tiki. Big night for Manny!

    That goal that was just scored in Edmonton is literally ridiculous. How is that even possible?

  160. Manny, could just be inexperience and that there’s not oodles of talent around him so you notice his “tuning out” a bit more than if he were on a deeper team. But he just seems like the most obvious non-4th-liner to take a seat on Thursday.

    Also, I don’t think Brian Boyle makes a damn bit of difference to tonight’s game

    If only they’d have played Bickel!!

  161. Duh, Papa. As my wife once said to me, in the middle of a two hour road trio, “Your [singing] voice enhances NOTHING. Please stop”

  162. Lloyd – I just saw The Kreider play himself from the 3rd line to less time on the 3rd line to the 4th line tonight. Can’t bode well for him….

  163. Both are quality names, Alicia Keys, but I think I like Wade Richards the best. That’s just me though.

  164. Fat Guy slapping da bass mon on

    This couldn’t have been a real game. It must have been an episode of Scare Tactics. I think I saw Tracy Morgan between the benches with PeePee and the Raccoon

  165. Sure, Lloyd. Sign me up. But knowing Tort (and I really, really love him) he might just bench JT Miller to send a message to The Kreider.

  166. Has anyone notice that Devan Dubnyk (who looks A LOT like Paul Dano) is quietly becoming a very solid goalie in Edmonton?

  167. I thought Kreider had a few strong shifts late in the 3rd when he was on the ice. I’m either really biased or really dumb.

  168. look, there’s a part of me that thinks he just pulls names out of a hat like when he puts together his line combinations

  169. Am I the only one who thinks Kreider played ok tonight, not great but ok? Way better than Miller, who was just floating

  170. Send a message to whole team….bench Horseteeth…

    “No one’s job is safe”…..Bill Parcells

  171. don’t look now but the Rangers collapsed in two games against the Bruins (tonight was a total failure) and are about as lucky to get 4 points as a team can be

    everybody knows without the nonsense shootout there’s no way they win tonight

  172. FlaRanger:

    Honestly, he’s the guy I would bench and for exactly the reason you mentioned. I don’t necessarily think Boyle offers any significant upgrade over who’s in there now, but Richards thinks the CBA still hasn’t been ironed out.

  173. I thought Kreider was just OK. Thought Miller had some really bad moments, some decent moments. Together they couldn’t be trusted with the lead in the third. I don’t know if either comes out. But it won’t be personal if one does, and it won’t be to send a message. Tortorella doesn’t send messages.

  174. Richards=Brutal. Not just slow and probably out of shape, but just bad decision after bad decision. And soft. Not a good combination.

  175. Actually, Lloyd…. Miller played 12:24 tonight and The Kreider played 9:40. Guess Tort trusts Miller more (especially on the PP). Also, Gilroy got 4:16. That’s Bickel Minutes. If Gilroy was going to play 4:16 I would have preferred Bickel pound on someone for 4:16 and be in the box for 17 Minutes.

  176. Carp

    I was just gonna ask you whether you think Miller gets sent down with Boyle getting back into the lineup…

  177. We have watched Torts for 4 years… Whether Kreider, Miller or anyone else gets benched… It all depends on whether or not Torts is satisfied that Boyle understands what it’s going to take for him to be contribute to this team in a positive way

  178. No idea. I don’t think he’s done enough bad to be sent down, don’t think he looks quite like he belongs enough to be kept for good. But IMO he should stay up for a while and be given a shot. Of course, my opinion counts for zippo, fortunately for all involved.

  179. The game did not turn on Nash’s bad penalty. It turned on the Lucic hit on Nash that Nash retaliated for. And after that I thought Boston raised their level of nasty to a place where the Rangers can’t, and even if they didnt wind up blowing the 3-0 lead I would still be concerned about this. Our team has more skill than Boston – in fact I think our team has more skill than just about everyone. But that nastiness is missing. They need someone who will come up high on Lucic and put him out of the game. They need someone who will run Marchand through the boards.

    I definitely worry about that and I think it cost us tonight.

  180. Richards on that shootout attempt was his season in a nutshell: half-assed, thoughtless and unsuccessful.

    I think if there was any more confidence in Miller right now, you let him center the top line and drop Richards down until he gets his act together.

    Also, just realized that Richards has had his ice time diminished in the past three games. Perhaps I didn’t notice because I didn’t notice Brad Richards in games where he skated for 22 minutes.

  181. It’s a good point, Peter. The Bruins were dying to get someone to take a stupid penalty all night. And, of all people, Nash obliged.

  182. But may I give you my bottom line? The tying goal was a combination of some scrambly play, but it was also an extremely lucky carom off Callahan’s skate to the only guy who could have scored there. And if that doesn’t happen, the Rangers win 3-2 and you are all talking about the parade route today.

  183. You’re right, Lloyd. Richards was 19:19 while Derek Stepan played 25:14 to lead all forward by …. um…. Just about 5 minutes (Nash in 2nd)

  184. that last goal is on Lundqvist. thought he was really good tonight overall – certainly better than Rusk.

  185. Listen, I know I’m harping and I’m far from a Richards guy, but if you throw Richards in the box while keeping Halpern in the lineup, you’re not doing your best to win. Halpern over Boyle is bad enough.

  186. Carp… Agree with assessment on Miller. From a TV PERSPECTIVE, He spent more time than not watching the play tonight in the neutral zone and more so in the defensive zone. *HE’s 19*

  187. Manny, that’s just the thing. Bickel would get into a fight with someone and the *momentum* could easily have switched earlier in the game. I thought Asham did a great job not getting into a fight when the Bruins tried to challenge him.

    I think it is time for Boyle to come back. Will see if he learned anything.

  188. Also, you would think Girardi at 28:46 would lead the team re: TOI. BUt no, McBust, the 9th+ best American born defenseman led with *29:39* which I will go ahead and round up to half the actual game. And sadly, in all that time, he wasn’t on the ice for the last minute.

  189. Brad Richards ice time this season in reverse chronological order:


  190. But Halpern only played 12:17. You can’t ask Halpern to fill in for Richards. We need to ask a guy like JT Miller to step up and centre the 2nd line. Because he has the theoretical ability to do so. And hey, maybe it works?

  191. Yes we’ll need a LOT more grit in the playoffs- I’m all for benching horseteeth………he was terrible tonight and worse last game

  192. look it may very well be cutting off your nose to spite your face by scratching Richards but you know better than I do that he’s been abysmal this season. that he somehow has 9 points gives the illusion that he’s been a factor in maybe 3 games at most.

  193. Peter…. IMO, a very good assessment. Watching tonight’s game, I felt like….*WE NEED MORE JAM. WE NEED MORE JAM. WE NEED MORE JAM*.

  194. Sure, but a better team is Miller playing Richards minutes and Richards playing Halpern minutes. Halpern playing minutes at all while Richards or Boyle or Miller sits is self defeating.

  195. Our Defenseman (Tonight):

    Ryan McDonagh 29:39
    Dan Girardi 28:46
    Marc Staal 26:58
    Anton Strahlman 17:56
    Michael Del Zaster 15:30
    Matt Gilroy 4:17

  196. Yeah, I don’t think that scratching him gives you the best chance to win, but abysmal is a good word for it … unless you were J.R., then it would be adismal.

  197. He played himself there tonight, Carp. If he buries that goal in the third (which would have been our 4th and our GWG) then he’s up to 5th. But situation being as it is….9th is a really generous give.

  198. Lloyd: He also sends messages to Brad Richards – that is, it’s okay if you’re invisible, you and I have a special bond so you’re gonna play no matter what.

    Must drive BB nuts…

  199. Brian Boyle is *not* Brad Richards. Has anyone on this squad (aside from Richards and Tort) actually won a Cup?

  200. anyone noticed that when Michael Del Zotto doesn’t get power play he’s virtually invisible – which is not all bad, but worth a thought when you’re discussing a supposedly offensive defenseman.

  201. Richards has been terrible and terrible Richards is still a lot better than old Halpern. I love the idea of taking away ice time. I don’t like the idea of intentionally playing 1/5 of the game with an inferior player just to prove some sort of point.

  202. Maybe it lights some kind of fire under Richards if he sits out a game….sends a message to the rest of the team as well. Not performing=not playing…no matter who you are.

  203. The Doctor, hockey is all about making points. Each season is like defending your doctoral thesis. You have to make points and back them up.

  204. Czechthemout!!! on

    Total BS. Miller and Kreider got regular shifts late in the game and were not on the ice when the Bruins score their two late goals. Neither one did anything tonight to warrent a benching. Boyle is a border line third line center who plays small. He is a lousy passer, weak and fairly slow skater, and has no shot or real good hockey sense. On this team, he is a fourth liner. If he comes in, it should be at Halpern’s expense. His line was on the ice for one of the late Bruin goals. That said, Halpern has been playing much better and also does not deserve to come out.

  205. I would say that, Jeff Halpern has played above expectations proportionally more than Brad Richards. Make sense?

  206. You’re not going to anything better out of Richards. It’s time to buy him out in the summer so we can go after a center like PERRY.

    Richards will come up big. Score key goals. Make great passes. But, if you’re expecting consistent play out of him at this stage of his career…I think it’s a stretch…

  207. Carp: We should agree to call them both!!! Cuz sending messages are in fact, also decisions (ie I decided to send BB a message that he needs to play better so I pressboxed him).

  208. Carp……Unfortunately for Richards…he is judged based on the contract that was foolishly awarded him by management. Otherwise, I would say he is definitely an effort guy who cares, who take s pride inlaying for our team. Conversely, we have been witness to high paid guys who could give two …… Like Kamensky and others.

  209. The best part about Miller’s game was his physical play. The rest of his game was subpar and he looked overmatched many times when the puck was on his stick.

  210. And that, Mr. Stephen Weiss, is precisely why Halpern is on this team. It’s amazing when someone does exactly what they are paid to do. He also Kills penalties really well. It’s like a reverse Christmas Bonus.

  211. And the good news, perhaps lost in all this bickering, is that the Rangers won and now have a 3 game winning streak.

    Judging by the negativity in here, you’d think they’d lost their 3rd in a row….

  212. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Late to the party, but a few thoughts:

    1) Any team would be lucky to have Lucic. Guy is a monster, plays mean, and can score. I hate the Byfuglien guy, but would love him on the Rangers.

    2) Weird third period, obviously. More weird that they actually had the game under control for almost 10 minutes after the Bruins made it 3-1. Got a little scrambly, and Boston got bodies in front of the net.

    3) I think it was Maloney, when I was listening on the radio after the 1st, that said they got Nash for these close games because he is a difference maker.

    4) Does anyone on Boston have a nose that isn’t twice the normal size for their face.

    5) Two points is two points…especially on the road, especially in Boston. Last year, there were plenty of games where the Rangers picked up the extra point when they needed to. More important that they got the 2 than giving Boston the 1.

  213. If he wins a Conn Smythe that means *WE* win the Cup. I am fine with the rest of Ricahrds’ contract being years of misery and sadness if we GET A CUP.

  214. Czechthemout!!! on


    He had a few tough shifts. I wouldn’t call it struggling. Certainly not worthy of a benching. Miller is by far a better option at center on the third line than Boyle. Several players had some tough shifts. So what. He will be fine. Do you think Boyle is a better option to play with Cally and Kreider than Miller?

  215. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, imagine a Charp tomorrow if they lost the shootout? At least you can thank Bettman for that ;)

  216. Cleanest sport as far as PEDs is hockey. Why is that????? Anyone have an answer? Is it because they are all clean Canadian boys or is it because the NHL has poor testing programs? Just wondering…..

  217. Being a 2 when you’re expected to be a 1 isn’t better than being a 4 when you’re expected to be an 8.

  218. The officials were abysmal. If certain teams were in Boston tonight, teams less disciplined than the Torts team, they would have had a hemoglobin bath on their hands. Chippy play, after whistle hits, taunting, poking, roughing, high sticks, on and on. All by Boston. They knew what they were doing, and it almost worked. Nash, a heady player, fell for it late out of frustration. Torts knew what he was doing, too, but NY got worn down late by all the nonsense.

  219. Carp, why is Torts keeping Pyatt with Richards and Gaborik? I like the player but Callahan just seems like a much better fit to me, would help get a lot more out of those 2 also

  220. Is the NHL clean, Papa? Do we have any proof? If the NHL had a testing policy then maybe…but…..I mean…….God I love hockey.

  221. All I am hearing in your post, CoosCoos, is….I MISS THE PRUST. We don’t have “chippy after the whistle” anymore. And boy, do we miss it.

  222. And, good as they (relatively) played, the D has to stop with all the poke checking in front of the net and level someone every now and again. Especially Staal.

  223. All I can say to that is, you’re right, Manny. I -hate- dislike that Lucic rather a lot. I can only imagine that Torts thought he would outsmart everyone by playing a quick college game and sitting Bickel, anticipating penalties from the over-aggressive Bruins, penalties that never came. I almost wish he gave Asham a shoot out try. (Almost)

  224. pyatt gives up the puck in his own zone to many times…

    i predict he will be on the 4th line by game 32…..

    gilroy played less then 8 minutes tonight, torts is going to kill girardi, staal, and mcdonagh..

  225. yeah that 6th defenseman almost seems like a waste of a lineup spot when the candidates are Eminger, Bickel, Gilroy, Woywitka, etc., etc.

  226. Cooscoos, you’re our own Jack Edwards. “Hitting guys is so tough and the tougher my team is, the tougher I feel and just … just friggin’ slam someone you know … there it is, cross check, no big deal … oh man, they’re sooo intimidated to play against us and … uhhhhhhh!!!”

    Its dumb. You’re just advocating for roughing penalties at this point.

  227. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Blockness and McMonster are 19th and 20th in average TOI, so they’re not getting “killed” anymore than any other team’s top D-men.

  228. going to go out on a limb and say the Rangers wouldn’t be any better with Brandon Prust and his 67 penalty minutes on the team right now

  229. Yup. That’s right, CoosCoos. I can’t use the actual term around here so let’s just say I “HateLove” Lucic. Would LOVE him on my team

  230. If I had any clue as to what you are babbling about, “Mister D,” I would have been happy to respond.

  231. stranger nation on

    sit B Rich, play Nash at center – he is the best play maker…half kidding

    seriously, richards needs to sit and start with a couple of andro cycles. looks like gumby out there

  232. Because you’re not familiar with Jack Edwards’ schtick or because you are but don’t see how your 11:29 comment ties in?

  233. kreider and miller played fine not a unbelievable game but fine.

    hagelin and stepan have played very good the last few games…

    if these 4 can produce at a decent level this team is going places….

    boyle can play for asham or powe that is it.

    kreider and miller stay in the lineup, kreiders speed is a huge benefit for the team…..

  234. yep sit brad richards to put brian boyle in the lineup.

    maybe you should apply for the blue jacket gm job with that astute analysis…..

    brad richards is not elite but he is not a bum……………….

  235. Blackhawks in a shootout. Could lose to Viktor Fasth here! (Announcing team comparing Fasth to Lundqvist)

    Blackhawsk are about to go down.

  236. Ritchie Ritch is worth every dollar he is paid. *EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR, ALL TWELVE MILLION OF THEM* I’ll go along with that. Not.

  237. They need to be nastier. Someone needs to step up on that little gnat Marchand, someone needs to hit Lucic hard so it hurts. I did not mean the game turned because Nash took a bad retaliatory penalty. The game turned because Boston realized they could play as nasty as they wanted and the Rangers weren’t gonna retaliate. This is why you pay Prust his money. This is what they miss about a guy like Dubi, who may not win the fight but guess what? Most NHL players DON”T want to fight, and so if a little jerk like Marchand knows he will have to fight Dubi, whether he thinks he will win or not, he’d rather not do it and it will be reflected in how he plays.

    No you don’t need an orchestrated goon squad with pre-arranged fights. But you need cops, and you need an army, so to speak. And right now we dont have one.

  238. I’ll say one thing for this team – they are all trying. Some of them are a bit more trying than others. We won, but I don’t like to be pushed around. Just me.

  239. Uh Oh. The Lightning, via Future Ranger Steven Stamkos, called their loss the the Rangers EMBARRASSING! Wake up call. It’s last years Jumbo Shrimp Joe Thornton….

  240. If Richards is only worth $2MM, he’s still providing value over Halpern. That’s the only point. You play guys who provide value relative to their replacements, not relative to your expectations of them.

    (I hate defending Richards right now, as backhanded of a defense as it may be. I think that means its bed time.)

  241. Kreider is such a frustrating player. He has all the tools to be an perennial all star, but I’ve always had the sense something was missing.

    I know he’s a very low key guy, but he just seems so emotionless out there just wandering around until the puck finds him.

    He’ll obviously get better, but I just have some reservations on how high his ceiling will be…

  242. Stuart…. How do you feel when Easy Kreider has a chance to crunch an opposing player and instead pulls up or passively turns away. Do you have concerns about that style of play???? Especially for a player who is 6’2″ and 225 lbs?

  243. I get where you’re coming from, The Doctor. It’s Brad flipping Richards. Guy won a Conn Smythe. And a Cup. Only guy on the team that can say that.

  244. Yup, stranger. Mosnter Nash will be the one guy that lives up to his contract. I assume. The guy is shocking. So effing good. I can’t wait to see him skate in person (as I have not yet had that pleasure).

  245. Jeff Halpern never won the triple crown. He’s never going to. Because he’s Jeff Halpern and he’s almost 40 now.

  246. That’s my main gripe, Thom. If you can call it a gripe. Even that too many men on the ice was a shaky call.

  247. (Triple crown, for these purposes, defined as “goals, assists and values relative to cap hit relative to Brad Richards”.)

  248. stranger nation on

    The Rangers are bigger size wise but not tougher

    Dubi at $4mil to intmidate The nose is not a good use of salary cap.

    Good news is Nash imakes everyone he plays with better.

    Bad news is Richards is looking like hose carcillo.

    move Gabby to Step and Hags to get him going and put Nash with Richards and The Kreider to get them going. really believe Nash can play with anyone

  249. Mister D, I’m not trying to compare Halpern to anyone. I respectfully think we’re caught somehow on different wavelengths.

  250. Not excusing the lackadaisical play in the final five minutes, but, the second Bruins goal sure looked like it came off the hand of Lucic in front..

  251. kreider has played 7 or so regular season games. the jusry is out. the guy is 21…..

    he needs to take the next step, will he ??we will see over time. he has always been the biggest and fastest player but now he is with the big boys…

    i think miller will help Kreider, supposively Miller is on the other end of the psychological spectrum then Kreider in aggresiveness etc..Kreider has the ability to be a mega star we will see, not in 10 games but in 2 years…

  252. I think that’s very possible and I don’t think you’re comparing Halpern to Richards, per se. But if you advocate press boxing Richards, in effect, you sort of are comparing him to Halpern (or your 12th F of choice). I’m not a Richards fan and called / called for his buyout seconds after his deal was announced, but he’s still a top 9 F on this team, even playing his Bad Richards game. Line demotion or taking away ice time is fine. Sitting is not.

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