Casino Night tickets available — Garden of Dreams benefit March 1


From the NYR:


Full Team Event on Friday March, 1 at Gotham Hall

New York –The New York Rangers announced that tickets to the team’s annual Casino Night presented by Unilever are now available for purchase. The fundraising event to benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation will take place on Friday, March 1 and will feature the entire New York Rangers team, coaching staff and select alumni for an evening of casino games at Gotham Hall hosted by MSG Networks’ Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti. The Rangers will deal cards and join guests for a buffet dinner and live and silent auctions featuring one-of-a-kind Rangers experiences and memorabilia. To purchase tickets, visit or call 1-877-MSG-GOAL.

All net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit charity that works with The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) to positively impact the lives of children facing obstacles.  Through ongoing programs that use the magic of MSG – including the Rangers, the Knicks, the Liberty, MSG Entertainment, MSG Networks and Fuse – the Foundation develops strong, long-term relationships that truly change lives.  Since its inception in September 2006, Garden of Dreams has created thousands of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that have brought joy and happiness to more than 225,000 children and their families, including those facing homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care. For more information, visit

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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Japan US relations – the category.

    Sean Connery “I’ll take Jap anus relations for 200 Alex”

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alex Trebeck: Sean its your turn
    Sean : Alex, that’s a nice jacket
    Alex: thank you. I got it downtown
    Sean: it’s looks really good, is it wool?
    Alex: yes it is
    Sean: tailor made?
    Alex: yes, yes it was
    Sean: are they I open on the weekend
    Alex: yes Sean till 5pm
    Sean: just one more question
    Alex: sure Sean, anything what?
    Sean: Do they make any for men?

  3. ilb, Miller actually gets five free games before the ELC clock starts. So, technically, it’s when he plays his sixth game. Won’t matter because whether he stays or goes down, he will play more than five games for the NYR this season. He won’t go down because of the ELC thing.

  4. Thanks, Carp. So need to decide after Thursday. I agree, they probably already decided they’ll burn his first year. He will stay until Torts decides he needs to play in AHL. And he’ll be back again later. I, honestly, didn’t think his speed would look that impressive in NHL

  5. I don’t think we spent enough time talking about the re-emergence of Islanders. Too late. They’re submerging.

  6. Columbus embarrassing San Jose at home 6-1 and Toronto routing Philly 5-1 in Toronto. Although Toronto’s starting goalie got hurt so that may be a problem…

  7. Because usually they wait for the playoffs for awful D+G to submarine their seasons? Yeah. A little.

  8. Islanders entered third period 3-2 up on Carolina. They’re now down 5-3. They had complete turnaround and improved since they played the Rangers last week. Full 360, that is.

  9. Philly being bad doesn’t surprise me. Especially not with Hartnell out. What do they have aside from a few good forwards? That never works. You can’t dress Sestito, Rinaldo and/or Shelley and think you’re going to win with those sieves in goal.

  10. Not Counting tonight he’s been good. You’re right. But all I am saying is I am not surprised they aren’t good. Maybe the precise reasons why surprise me but overall, not surprised.

    Same with the Capitals. Same dumb strategy, same unbalanced lineup, same results.

  11. watched Dubi play tonight. man he plays a lot for Columbus. also did not realize how good an offensive defensemen Vishnovsky is.

  12. Tom Hardy as Bane in TDKR was him impersonating Darrell Hammond impersonating Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy.

  13. Asham to Torts on bench: ” I think I can slow that blond kid down, coach.”

    Torts: “He’s on our team, Pancho.”

  14. Someone want to trade me a ’57 Thunderbird that needs $5,000 worth of work for my ’99 Vette hardtop, which is rare, but only 13 yrs. old. Advice?

  15. A Beetle, though very anti establishment is, ironically, a car of the people. I am not people. At least I don’t think I am. And therein lies my problem.

  16. Like the Vette, but grass is always greener in the neighbor’s yard, I guess…BTW, I had a 66 Mustang.

  17. A guy paid a migrant to paint his porch in the back of the house and he painted his 914 green with a brush. That’s why you have to say ‘Porshaaaa.”

  18. Car musical groups: The Cars, (duh), The Thunderbirds, The Beatles, The Bel Airs, REO Speedwagon, The Cadillacs, uh…

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pope clement vi moved the papacy to Avignon France in 1348 to escape the plague. Great dinner conversation factoid

  20. Some drunk is about to break in here with” “What is this, a hockey blog, or the Norton Anfology?”

  21. Read a book years ago on Pope Celestine V, (eleventh century, I think) who was a very holy man and couldn’t take the politics and the hypocrisy. Interesting that this guy is the first to resign since then.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It might have been march – the bubonic plague was all the rage… Not as many rats in France

  23. No, but I know that the Irish Christian Brothers have declared bankruptcy. Guess why? Sad times we live in.

  24. I was in a Junior Seminary in Texas from age 13-16. Only one there who didn’t know how to serve at Mass, kept it quiet, but paid other kids to take my duty. True story.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yep – indeed. I remember reading the times’ expose… But this documentary was mind boggling

  26. Ordinarily, my inquisitive mind would look up the story you refer to, but I get too angry for days when I read this stuff.

  27. When I got to San Antonio, I was looking for cowboys, but all I saw were large buildings. Wish I had that naivete back again.

  28. When I asked in the refectory for someone to pass a fork, they would all say, “say faawk again.” They thought everyone from NY carried a shiv and was in West Side Story.

  29. Wow. He knew and didn’t want to know? Seems like he pushed everything upstairs and the washed his hands of everything. Lavabo.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Other schools knew about Jerry. College park knew to keep their children far away from Jerry. Everybody knew.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Paterno cared about his legacy. Getting the most wins. He knew. The one I don’t understand is sandusky’s wife….

  32. Paterno was a living icon in Happy Valley and all over the country, if fact, and, like in a Shakespeare play, the tragic fault brings it all down in one fell swoop.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Paterno controlled every aspect of anything having to do with PSU. What meals, when to water the lawn, what size light bulbs….

  34. I know a guy who started at center at Penn State, (football) and he said twice a year they had a visit from an FBI agent to warn them about point shaving or other such nonsense. That’s why Louie Freeh and his ilk fail to impress me with all their after the fact treatises.

  35. They can’t believe it and won’t believe it. You know, in this litigious society, it’s hard to fire someone for anything other than gross and repeated, documented incompetence. The lawyers are vultures.

  36. Talk about incompetence, The FBI is still investigating the USS Cole, Yemen debacle, which happened back when Freeh was Director.

  37. I don’t know about the new Yankee Stadium, but in the old one there was a plaque in center field to honor a Cardinal. (I think it was Pius XII.)

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A mathematician – won a Nobel prize in economics for work in game theory. Russell Crowe played him in breautiful mind

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Well, while at rand, the voices were starting to get more intense. He was at a major conference maybe UCLA, don’t remember,,,,and as he is sitting there…. A guy reading the NYTimes….

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    So, this guy is reading a front page article on a trip Pope John XXIII was planning and he starts screaming at the newspaper.. .. The guy reading the paper knew John and was concerned what John, what is it? Nash says the newspaper is talking to me can’t you hear it? Silence …. Nash says its obvious. My name is John and 23 is my favorite prime number … The paper is trying to tell me someting

  41. I love genius stories where the genius walks around faculty meetings with jockey shorts and a Q-tip sticking out his ear.

  42. Saw a story about a guy at MIT, like Nash, but sane, who figured out a winning Vegas formula. He went out there on vacations and each time came home with a bundle. He took a sabbatical to gamble and won even bigger, but got tired of gambling and decided he liked the life on campus and gave up gambling. There’s a moral in there someplace.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Paul Erdos – publishing papers deep into his 80’s… Total speed addict – traveling around the would with his suitcase visiting people fir days at a time before moving to the next house

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One of my bestest colleagues is a phd from MIT – tells good stories…. Real ugly campus

  45. Love those genius eccentricity stories. Like Glenn Gould, calling up sleeping friends at 3 AM just to shoot the chit.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Berkeley has/had its share of insanity…. UC Santa Cruz is another crazy place – the primary areas are Lie Algebraists and the Hamiltonian Dynamical systems crew… Both relate well to each other … But the sides hate each other … One side conservative right wing fanatics the other liberal hippies…. And they hate each other…

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Courant school of numerical analysis at NYU is a big time program….. Go check it out by hanging out some warn spring day…

  48. Similar story with Lehman Brothers when they merged with Shearson. Investment bankers versus brokers. The in house brokers all smoked, wore sandals and drove Porsches and the bankers had Versace suits and drove 7 passenger Mercedes GL550s. They rarely talked.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Longer train ride but the Advanced institute of study at Princeton has some characters lounging around…

  50. Went to a Penn/Princeton football game out there and they had a “toast to Penn” and threw thousands of pieces of toast all over the field track.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Andrew Wiles now back at Cambridge was at Princeton’s advanced institute for study when solved Pierre de Fermat’s last theorem posed in 1660 or so… Not solved till 1994

  52. I think I read something about that, but I’d be lying if I said I knew the least little bit about it.

  53. Insiders never say they graduated from Yale, they say they “studied in New Haven.” Reverse snobbery.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Very interesting mathematics – his proof is over 200 pages – worked on itvalone 6-8 hours every day for 10 years before he nailed it…

  55. Incredible tenacity. There’s a theoretical physicist now who thoroughly disproved a Stephen Hawking theory re: Black Holes. The guy, now a PhD, of course, was once a plumber and he says plumbing was instrumental in his physics work, and noted a swirling toilet bowl as an example. Love these guys!

  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s true. The patterns that create the postulates, theorems, etc come from a tremendous amount of grinding mathematical chain gang labor….

  57. Got a wife, got a family
    Make my living with my hands
    Got a big old dog, his name is Dan
    Live in my back yard in Birmingham
    Meanest dog in Alabam.
    Get ’em, Dan!

  58. It’s great to be a professor and have a cadre of post graduates and graduate students doing all the work you assign them before you publish the things that make you famous.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My undergrad is EE and graduate degree applied mathematics – always found physicists to be too weird – not my type…

  60. Hawking, it seems, has been considerably diminished among his peers, many of whom don’t like him and think he’s been coronated by an amateur Press.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every physicist I know would look at cool funny nut so stuff weall lost and judge us to be weak people breathing air we don’t deserve to breathe

  62. I have to find and forward to you a poem I wrote on applied mathematics. Who else would read it but you?

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawking is in a chair… Robot voice….ugly as sin…. Great human interest story… The masses love a good freak show

  64. I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker years ago and there’s a guy blindfolded, smoking a pipe, wearing a tweed sportcoat with elbow patches, and there are six soldiers with rifles trained on him. The President of the University is saying to the Dean, “Around here it’s publish or perish, and he didn’t publish.”

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It can be very petty…. But the pecking order keels you in place.. A lot like how Dogs predetermine rank and file positions of hiarchy

  66. Luckily I taught some esoteric, eccentric “English” literature and creative writing, so the Dean and Chairman had no idea what in hell I was talking about and never interfered.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – one of my buddies – a renowned DNA biological researcher wanted to know what I was laughing at – it was the next day after the all night Christie jokes…. I sent him the file and he had tears coming down his cheeks he was laughing so hard – that is what I live for

  68. I posted something earlier today in your eccentric dialect and noted that since you were away from the computer for an extended period, they could at least enjoy my feeble imitation.

  69. E3 – Your point is well taken. I used to tell my students that Kafka and a few friends would sit around a couple times a month and Kafka would read to them what he was working on, and the room was in hysterics laughing. Today, he’s seen (even on campus) as some kind of eerie, gloomy madman.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I love professing and lecturing – dont get me wrong – but my serious math work ended long ago …now I am happy teaching – mostly tho – doing our gibberish here in the hope some find it funny

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ever read Frank Norris’ McTeague??? A great book – maybe best descriptive American novel ever written

  72. The French had great writers because they knew the hoi polloi, they knew the vested gentry, they knew the farmers, and they knew the peasants. As did Shakespeare. Here, today we are too often stratified. I know a RICH Investment Banker, for instance, who literally does not own a screwdriver. He has a book of workmen whom his wife calls when a picture has to be hung. I’m happy to hear of your DNA researcher with tears of laughter in his eyes. There is still hope!

  73. Next time you read Kafka (like you don’t have a thousand other obligations,) try reading him with the humorous wit he meant to offer.

  74. Didn’t Von Stroheim play the butler in … what was it? Hollywood Boulevard? I think it was his one acting gig.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have the trial and metamorphosis …. I read mostly chess books/magazines these days…

  76. Salinger was a serious dude, but there’s a lot of subtle humor in him, too. When they make you an icon early…you start to read your press instead of disregarding it and doing your own thing. I wonder if that’s why he stopped writing altogether. He would not accept phonies gladly, even if he sensed a bit in himself.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – once you start McTeague – it won’t end until u finish – amazing writing

  78. In my yute, I studied chess and horse handicapping while reading Updike and Cheever and racing cars at drag strips. I think I suffer from multiple personality syndrome.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Charlie whittingham trainer shoe the jock made me $$$$$i mid 80 at tracks….Chris mccarron Patrick Valenzuela , Corey black Eddie D….

  80. No chess no more. I get lost in the middle. I lost years ago to a black ex con who called himself Quo Vadis, which was dispiriting until I realized he had spent years in the slammer doing nothing but playing chess and lifting weights.

  81. I think 9 Stories is a masterpiece. It’s like Joyce’s short stories before Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake. Or like Picasso doing portraits before the out there stuff. Those guys could do anything and proved it.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My sister went to UoK in Lexington ( big horse town) she was a track jock….and another sister lives down the street from Belmont track on the back stretch side

  83. There was a girl jock here who married an elderly Fred Astaire. Forgot her name, but she was tough in the dangerous stretch.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My main plays were 5$ exacta boxes and 100 show bets – I never won a killing butbiwas good for 4-5oo a day but then up all night studying for the next day

  85. Belmont is still a noble track. Ever been to Saratoga? Like going back in time to an old Victorian novel.

  86. I used to spend the weekends handicapping with the racing form until I realized my life was flying by. Same thing with golf. Cut one out altogether, the other only now maybe a dozen times a summer.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I loved secretariet , Alydar ( all 3 triple crown losses to affirmed) my fave was Seattle slew

  88. Secretariat was one of a kind. So sad when he died prematurely. He used to lie down in his stall and go to sleep. Very unusual. Saw him win the Belmont by about 31 lengths over, I think, Sham and Forgo. In the stretch, Ron Turcotte kept peeking under his arm looking back in amazement at no competition. Turcotte came to a bad end, too, paralyzed I think.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes he fell broke his back – paralyzed. And secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine.

  90. I used to look for horses who had finished up the track in one of their last races, but in 24 seconds or less and moving slightly down in class (a trick that owners will use to get the odds where they want them.) Profitable. You didn’t win that time, every time, but the winners paid large, and if that horse lost, I would bet him the next time and he’d almost inevitably win.

  91. Some Trainers in NY would work out their horses quietly in Jersey so their times didn’t appear in the Racing Form, and they would collect big.

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Certain trainer/jock combos were gold. Track in so cal were fast . First time LASIX users were always good to bet on

  93. I try not to believe we’re in a dark age, but…maybe it just seems that way because of all the endless information flying around

  94. Someone said riding was the noblest sport because a horse will throw a King as quick as a beggar.

  95. You heard of this guy, I’m sure, DellaMosquito, or something who the government is now supposedly using for probability theory relative to war, etc?

  96. I think so, but he has some other esoteric name for it. He won’t divulge his methods, but they’re all math somehow.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Game theory is fascinating area….not mine… My wife’s phd is in econometrics and she has a masters in applied mathematics -,she is more familiar with this area

  98. I fouled up his name, but it’s something like that. Not sure if it’s Princeton or MIT (or Harvard, for that matter)

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Surprised CIA allowed his name to float publicly – stuff he’s working can cause not so accidental accidents to happen

  100. CIA is in a dreamworld IMHO. Got a relative who worked there. Could tell you some stories, but we’d all get arrested. Wouldn’t surprise me if they monitor hockey blogs, but the FAA renews flying licenses of dead hijackers and the CIA reads about it in the NY Times.

  101. I mentioned to Carp on here that my check hadn’t arrived for January. He said the I get the same thing as E3 – zero. He added that he’s in the same boat.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy was funny today – Latona cracks good ones – cccp makes me laugh – LW is always funny – manny rolls – Jimbo is hysterical – Matty is funny – Olga crack me up constantly…. So many funny and different senses of humor

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You and I have good rapport – NYR fan is another good roller – quick and clever…

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I dropped a jr line today that I don’t think anyone got too bad I thought it was good

  105. Sometimes I feel bad when I break up an ongoing serious hockey argument with some inanity. But it makes ME laugh.

  106. All of them. What a surprise on one blog. Carp said something the other day, like: 1. Coos, would you please cut that stuff out.
    2. Very good point you made about…

    He’s as funny as any. His story about his snowblower with the headlight had me rolling.

  107. I saw that. I think you had about five in a row, so that one got lost before it was appreciated.

  108. When you get serious, I think everyone stands back. Then, they look back at the name and read it again.

  109. I wrote a story once in the dialect of a Mississipian and he talks about the Chains of Commerce (as opposed to Chamber) and considers himself a Pillow of the Community.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There were some who felt like there were certain cliques – but even if no one ever acknowledged what I say I am ok… I make myself laugh

  111. Know what you mean. Tom Waits said, “I get along with myself so well I can hardly believe it.”

  112. Here’s a strange thing – There was a time when I though it hypocritical to be humorous only in company, so I would tell myself funny things out loud, alone, even in an elevator. It started to get out of hand, so I went back to internal.

  113. He complimented you on the Eddie thing. I think the pimp reference made him pucker his lips, but he accepted it from you.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like to crack others up but the fear they just don’t get it exits…. I make my students roll on the floor when I get on a good set of funny

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The pimp thing was in regard to Miami pimp’s cancer – I said many prayers for him and adopted him as his angel

  116. I once told a joke in class about a guy who pulls up to a gas station and he has three penguins in the back seat. Gas station guy say, what are those penguins doing in the back seat. Guy says this morning they were in my car. Gas guy says you better take those penguins to the zoo. Three days later, he comes back for gas and the three penguins are still in the back seat wearing shades and sunhats. Gas guy says, I thought you were going to take those penguins to the zoo. The guy says, “I did, but today they want to go to the beach.” Twenty two kids just stared at me. What’s happening to our youth? I was waiting for one of them to ask if it was going to be on the test.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I loathe that question. “Is this gonna be on the test” look darlin, if its important enough for me to mention it , I do declare a slight chance that your assen be seeing again and ye right soon

  118. BTW, these are college juniors and seniors. Guess that particular class was more sophisticated than I. Good results elsewhere. I guess it was one of those Don DeLillo White Noise buildings.

  119. To class: “Knowledge isn’t power until it has been applied.”

    “Is that going to be on the test, I mean like, do we have to memorize it?”

    “No, it won’t be on the test and you don’t have to memorize it, but I suggest you do.”

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What will this test cover?

    Answer – everything we discussed and some of wasn’t discussed

  121. No question that tonight is a statement game. We beat the Lightning twice, we beat the Isles. We lost to the Debbies in the middle there. We are back on the right track, but if we belong in the class of the East, and I am not sure we are there just yet, we need to beat the team that many believe will hoist the cup, or at least come out of the east, and do so in the own barn. Let’s go Rangers!

  122. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Good morning ya’ll.

    Would be pretty sweet guys if the Rangers wore their Heritage jerseys and the Bruins wore the classics with that Bear as the logo.

  123. OK, I practiced skating this morning at the 6 AM session and after an hour broke my blade clean off inside the rivets…will see what that means for the Blueshirts tonioght. I’m not superstitious…

  124. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers, but why are we watching Eva Longoria on CNBC, and what kind of world are we living in that she was asked to ring the opening bell? I mean, she’s spending her interview time talking about what kind of potato chips she likes to eat? Am I missing something?

  125. Morning Carp!

    Rangers on a roll with a younger, faster team. How do they stack up against Boston?

    Personally I can’t wait to see Kreider-Miller-Cally bang against Boston. I’m thinking the Captain America line could be the difference tonight. Unless Gaborik decides to steal the show with another hat trick!!!


  126. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, possibly weird stalkerish question: do you know if the Rangers still stay at the Ritz Carlton in Boston? That’s a block from where I work and I thought I might head down there to catch them before they go to the game tonight.

  127. Morning ‘heads. It’s a great day for Rangers hockey!!

    Fat Guy – the Charps are in my calendar too! And as far as that airhead Longoria goes stick her back on TMZ where she belongs. But if you want more of her turn on fox business news. Hopefully Stuart Varney will Carp her good.


  128. I think the Bruins are going to the finals….little early for predictions, but they are fast, tough, excellent forwards, balanced, real good D and as always if Rask plays like a playoff goalie they will be a nightmare to win 4 games from. Sorry ’bout that

  129. stranger nation on

    Fat Guy – remember the Mayans said ‘civilization’ was ending – not the world. Eva’s chips not so exciting, Selma Hayek’s melons – that is another story…

  130. StuBickel how long after his resignation do u think it’ll take @Pontifex to change his avi to a pic of him sippin margs with babes on a beach?


  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A new post would be nice. No need to keep scrolling thru last nights inane chatter between goofy and goofier.

  132. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Lev – I don’t know about @Pontifex, but it will only take me 10 seconds

    and by babes, I mean *schwing*

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hedberg – whoever gets out of the will face the undefeated hawks in the finals. The 1972 Miami Dolphin record will be broken.

  134. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    If the Hawks make the finals, I hope Jim Belushi and Vince Vaughn throw out the first puck

  135. I’d be careful pronouncing Boston a favorite to come out of the East yet. While I agree with everything hedberg said, I’m not sure their defense is mobile enough. It is tough, solid, but not mobile. They may have issues against faster teams. And after Chara, the drop off is substantial. Johny Boychuk could not cover Gaborik last time, while Chara was busy dealing with Nash. And as much as they all like Dougie Hamilton, he is still very young and prone to defensive mistakes.

  136. Anybody want Jordin TooToo anymore? He’s essentially a spare tire on the Red Wings. Playing about 8 Minutes a game and doing essentially nothing. He might be cheap.

  137. _Backes calling out his team for playing selfish._

    Rangers are very unselfish and Backes is very awesome. I think he should come play for us!

  138. I’m Awake! Sorry to all about that. I thought there would be a new POST. Hey, all you guys and dolls go to bed at 11:00 anyway on work nights. :-))) I got the horse right here.

  139. That would be “loverly” The Doctor. He can even have an “A” when he gets here. Why not. Sorry Brad!

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ahhhh McKoooz – my arch nemesis. Back for more eh? Touché – en guard – (flicks wrist really fast)

  141. Speaking of potential targets, you know who I’d really like?


    Stephen Weiss. Pending UFA, Florida pretty meh. I like that guy.

  142. As the Duke said to Brodeur and he crossed over to enter the castle, ‘Sit down, you’re rockin’ the moat.”

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rock the moat, don’t tip the moat over, rock the moat…. Great 70’s pop music

    Along with “everybody was Kung fu fighting huhhhh, those cats were fast as lightning huhhh”

  144. Eddie is sending his agent the first draft of his new book: “Confessions of a Rocket Scientist’s Hockey Blog.

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You just know that after the ice is zambonied, Marty looks out and sees a massive oval shaped popsickle.

  146. After I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and now every time a comment is added I recieve 4
    emails with the same comment. Is there a means you are able to remove me
    from that service? Thanks!

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