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  1. I thought Lindback was actually pretty good in this game; the score could easily have been about 8-1. Thought he crapped the bed a bit late, especially on that Nash goal.

    Garon just looked overwhelmed

  2. That first goal doesnt happen without Nash so Id have him higher than a 3rd star. That effort there plus the wicked shot at the end and everything in between… he was great. Hank saved our tucheses in the first. At least the breakaway wasnt for St. Louis but rather for Vinny L… Asham really isnt that bad of a player and he isnt taking stupid penalties unlike Bickel for example.

    P.S. i dont think we went this long (4 games I believe) last year without a fight. Weird.

  3. perhaps the lack of fights has something to do with Mike Rupp no longer playing the role of punching bag for the Rangers

  4. I like Asham. He goes about his business with a stoic and quiet dignity. Matter of fact, he reminds me of the Maitre’ d’ at a fine Tennis, Golf, and Shore Club that I once belonged to.

    New Posts on this blog move so fast, I don’t have time to finish my w(hine).

  5. Seriously, Asham seems to be playing within himself, very under control, better skater than thought, and smart. Torts likes him, said before signing him they asked around and every club he skated with liked him. You’d be unlikely to hear that about the L’enfant terrible, Avery. He’s not the difference maker, but he seems to have bought into his role as Tortorella dictated it.

  6. We finally got to play 4 responsible lines. It’s great. Lets not Make it more than it is. But for now, it’s great!

  7. You don’t hear Kreider’s name much, though. Guess he’s still concentrating on positioning an defense?

  8. just really hope he keeps Boyle out until they lose at least

    but I’ve got this nagging feeling he scratches Kreider to put Boyle back in

  9. Maybe they’re playing O’McDonough so many minutes in order to showcase him and trade him for a decent goalie.

  10. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lloyd – I don’t think so…. Boyle recoil, soil the foil, copper coil, dignity Doyle, toil gargoyle

  11. And Torts keeps lauding Ritchie Rich, but I just don’t see it. Not that he’s bad, but he’s a $4 million guy, tops. Maybe he’s trying vainly to justify advising to bring him in at that (gulp) salary.

  12. E3 pimp's angel on

    My boy Ritchie, he be bewitchie, Lionel richie, I be itchy, at the ritzy, brad pittsie, boil be sits-e

  13. dunno what he’s watching if he’s praising Richards. he’s been involved in maybe 2 games this year tops. the rest of the time he’s been virtually invisible.

  14. At the risk of repetition:

    Boyle’s Mom: “I think it was very nice of Mister Tortellini to give you some time off to relax a bit.” ‘Right, Ma.’

  15. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lets hope Richards pulls a maverick and begins to engage before those migs get iceman and wood

  16. hey Triple E, so let’s say he scratches Halpern

    does that mean Boyle lines up with Asham and Powe?

  17. Did you see OMcd toss that impudent fellow to the ice in front of the net and then peer at him with a sneer of disgust?

  18. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lloyd – that is where I put boil. He has hands of stone. Maybe with ash I am on his wing he will grow some courage.

  19. I’d be ok with that, coos, but I think Tortorella operates under the false assumption that Brian Boyle isn’t a 4th-liner

  20. I think Torts wants McD to join the rush more. Someone else has to take up the defensive slack at those times.

  21. E3 pimp's angel on

    What has boil done to deserve more than 4th line duty. Rather have Avery any day of the week.

  22. McDonagh should inject more offense into his game. tonight, I saw him getting beat in the neutral zone, sometimes cheating in places that where a bit odd to cheat, but it’s not like he gets caught like that frequently. Del Zotto, on the other hand, is another story entirely. Pretty sure he had his ice time cut after that bone head move he pulled early on getting himself trapped behind Garon. guy strikes me as another one with very little of substance between his ears.

  23. I think Torts sees more in Boyle than any of us do. Why? Dunno. I have a feeling, maybe ill-conceived, that when he does come back, he’ll be a lot more physical and involved. If not, he’ll be eating fatburgers at a Columbus diner after games.

  24. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lloyd – if you ever read half of MDZ’s tweets you would know that for him spelling MDZ correctly is no easy thang

  25. yeah, I dunno…maybe Tortorella just pretends to love Boyle but it sure seems like he thinks a lot higher of him than anything he does on the ice would merit. but then again, he was basically Rupp’s p.r. man for a 16 months and seemed to have no problem acting like the guy was deadweight the second Sather moved him so who knows really

  26. Triple E:

    Oh, I’ve read some of them. You may or may not recall but last season I inquired repeatedly as to whether anyone other than Michael Del Zotto actually thought the Garden was chanting “Hen-ry, Hen-ry.”

  27. There is no reason to take Halpern out of the lineup. Guy has done everything that has been asked of him as a 4th line player. You saw it with Torts pounding his back during that last PK. Boyle will just have to wait.

    We all know McD is great on D now, one of the best in the league, but im still waiting for the offense to come in. I am glad to see that he has apparently put on weight (muscle) and is taking the Sauer role on the team.

    Yea, Carp was saying that that Vinny L breakaway was more on Pyatt than on DZ because the coach wants him to go deep there. I highly highly doubt that. Not when one of the best lines in the league is on the ice.

  28. “Okay, boys, nice crowd out there, let’s go out and try to win this one!”

    “I can’t believe he rode a bus 15 hours just to say that.”

    Love that Slapshot dialogue. Ain’t too many Kissingers on pro ice skates.

  29. not a chance in hell Del Zotto was supposed to be going behind the net up 1-0 in the 1st period of a game when the opposition’s best line is on the ice.

  30. I don’t think anyone is worried about McDonagh. He’s the best defenseman on the team already and he’s barely even developed his game yet.

  31. Per Djoos (friend of Bob Sacamano on

    I still think Boyle’s ineffectiveness dates back to his injury during the playoffs. He had an excellent season, and was a force against the Senators early in the series. Then he gets injured, and was not quite as effective. I wonder if there is any correlation. Any thoughts?

  32. We got McD from Montreal, right? Does the GM still have a job up there? And Nash is the real stash. Just wish we had a Vickers or a Graves somewhere in the top lines.

  33. E3 pimp's angel on

    Boil, even last year, would disappear for games at a time…. He was their best player early in the Sens’ series so there is potential. But this year – horrid

  34. I think the reason Lundenqvistian covers so many pucks is that he’s down on the ice a lot and is vulnerable to elevated rebounds. But, what do I know.

  35. E3 pimp's angel on

    Vickers was a quiet tough – he beat some flyer assen but good…. Still some great vickers fights on youtube

  36. Aha, thanks Carp. I’m told there was a time when Montreal had their pick every year of the top prospects because the thinking was that Montreal just HAD to be powerful for the league (small as it was) to really succeed.

  37. Not saying Del Zotto is going to split the atom but they want him up ice. Was he too deep? Probably. Once he’s in deep though pyatt has to show some recognition as the high forward. That was on him.

  38. E3 pimp's angel on

    No Gomez may be the best subtraction by multiplication. The McD for Gomez possibly balances out the Middleton for ken hodge trade with the Ruins

  39. Boyle was more or less nonexistent until the last 15-20 games of the season. If you recall that was when he kept saying how he was finally finding the net again after basically not finding it at all for the entire season and how things started seeming to him like they did in 10-11. And yes, he was good for the beginning of the Senators series but got injured and then dropped off the face of the earth.

  40. E3 pimp's angel on

    MDZ is best when he plays a physical game… He has some chippiness in his game every so often

  41. I like Boyle, at least to the extent I’ve seen him in interviews. He seems like a really nice kid. Perhaps a little young for his age with the whole post-game hand-slap rituals, but a really nice kid nonetheless. Unfortunately for him, he is too physically large for his personality and mind-set. He’s not a true banger & the role people expect from him appears anathma to his make-up. That said, he had a couple of really bad games leading up to his benching and deserves to be sitting.

  42. E3 pimp's angel on

    NYR – but at 6’7 250 lbs he needs to hit the weight room and muscle up because he plays soft at times… He can bang. I think Prust protected him some… On the 4th line Asham can do the same.

  43. You know, one off season, anyone can learn to defend himself, even on skates, with the proper trainer. Not that you become a Probert, but…

  44. You’d think, coos, if every player, over the course of a, say, fifteen year career, devoted him or herself to specifically improving one area of their game (skating, faceoffs, deflecting pucks, fighting as you suggested, etc.), there would be some very well-rounded and effective players. But only the greatest players seem to continually improve and expand their repertoire. Pretty remarkable and incomprehensible to me.

    That’s right. I used eleven commas in one sentence/parenthetical aside.


  45. Also, coos…

    Boyle, are you grieving over Goldengrove unleaving? Leaves, like the things of man, you with your fresh thoughts care for, can you?

  46. I can’t help but think of how many baseball players I’ve watched come into MLB over the years with a dearth of defensive skill, (usually outfielders) who go through an entire career and retire as lousy defensive outfielders. How can this be possible?

  47. Sorry, e3. Maybe if I’d refreshed I would have noticed your Joyce comment and spat out some language about moocows and wetting the bed. I went with Hopkins instead.

    (Notice, it rhymed.)

  48. E3 pimp's angel on

    Rhyming I’m finding like ranger rewinding, notice plays, never dismays, Willie mays, bobby flays – man can cook wrote a book, gave it a look, read in my nook, then I took, trip or a hook….


  49. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Sure, Boyle has been off this year, but he will never be seen as good by people that continue to only judge players by how many goals they score.

  50. or judge players be being unable to register more than 1 point in 9 games

    what cruel s.o.bs we are, huh

  51. But GMs and coaches make those decisions, Gravy. GMs got the checkbooks from the owners and they’ll sign for what they need.

  52. E3 pimp's angel on

    Hopins – Mary poppins – Julie Andrews, read the news, sang no blues, paid her dues, rangers won’t lose – as long as the boil sits, cherry pits and the pendulum

  53. again, no one would really have much of an issue with Boyle if he

    (a) was a legitimate physical presence
    (b) played 8-10 minutes per game

    Boyle is a stat sheet physical presence and plays 16+ minutes per game

  54. E3 pimp's angel on

    Gravy – sorry but even Ash I Am has scored. A better comparison tho is that Adam Graves is tied with Boil in goals scored this year

  55. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Like I said, he’s underperformed this year, but you are devaluing what he did last season. You are only looking at the last 10-15 games as good because he scored a few goals. 3rd and 4th line players need to score a point a game to be effective?

  56. “Are you crazy with those two guys you brought in here?”

    “I got a good price on ’em and I’m told they got some upside.”

  57. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Lloyd, he plays that many minutes because he’s typically matched against opponents’ offensive lines and kills penalties.

    E3, again, it’s not only about goals.

  58. E3 pimp's angel on

    If only boil played with passion. He gets knocked off the puck way too easily for such a big boy

  59. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    So, if Boyle was 5′ 11″ and played the same game, he’d be a good 3rd line center?

  60. Gravy,

    I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said but the fact is that the guy is a 4th line player who’s been forced into roles he doesn’t belong in. Let him play the 4th line and kill penalties. But for all of his size the guy isn’t a physical presence and his offensive skill set is minimal. The team is clearly moving in a different direction this season and that’s why he’s not playing right now. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think you can win when half of your lines are purely defensive.

  61. Third and especially fourth line guys have to be tenacious forecheckers, energetic defensively, and preferably be able to handle some rough stuff, and throw the occasional puck in the net, ideally all three.

  62. At the game tonite. We in section 210 all chose Hadfield in the contest. Of couse most us older guys knew Mike Gartner never played left wing. Lunqvist stole it for us in the 1st period if he didn’t make 3 o4 great saves momnetum could have changed easily. Like the change made by Torts puuting Stephon with Hags & Nash. 4th line didn’t look all that bad. Makes it easier with this crammed season to roll four lines. Carp, what with Boyle. Do you ever think he’ll make it back in the lineup. He was very instrumental in the Ottawa playoff series. Did he come into camp different that the year before. If he makes it back Halpern will probably be th odd man out. What’s with Richards???

  63. E3 pimp's angel on

    Gravy – 5’9 players must play with passion otherwise they don’t see the NHL unless they buy a ticket to a game

  64. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The Kings had one player over 60 points and 6 double digit goal scorers last year.

  65. Westerly, Warwick, 3C. Very Nice, but Preferred Cape Anne in Mass. Those Atlantic waves are hard to swim in.

  66. E3 pimp's angel on

    Gravy – boil would play for the king’s minor league team if he was in their organization.

  67. E3 pimp's angel on

    I like the cape in the summer…been awhile. I know what you mean about those waves…almost got washed out to sea in York harbor Maine one summer

  68. E3 can be Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, or Stravinsky, depending on what kid of music you’d like and you buy a ticket.

  69. Spent some enjoyable summers in Kinnebunkport in the day. That water doesn’t even start to warm up until September!

  70. Woody Allen said he would never eat anything that crawled at him sideways. I disagree. Lobster primo.

  71. E3 pimp's angel on

    I am more of a John Lennon, Alicia Keys, and Antonio Vivaldi to be honest.. Miss the 4 seasons where I live now…

  72. Kings found another gear in the postseason and became an offensive force. if their offense played in the postseason the way it did in the regular season they wouldn’t have gone 16-4.

  73. Yeah. Multiplication is the name of the game. They use the rhythm method. Only make love when there’s a drummer in the room.

  74. Just heard that Michael DelZ failed his blood test. I think they’re going to let him make it up though.

  75. I think all the Boyles have been boiled for the evening. I got a date with Maupassant. See you on the rebound, pard.

  76. stranger nation on

    ever notice how players start scoring when they play with Nash.

    i bet Gabby does…

    is Brian boiled? Should he be absessed? more of a BB gun than a bazooka?

  77. ‘i’ Top hockey star at Boston U was failing every test, so the coach brought him to a few commiserating professors who liked hockey. First professor asked the kid, how much is 7 and 5, and the kid said 12. Coach says to prof, “Give him another chance!”

  78. E3 pimp's angel on

    I like Boyle – I really do…. I just understand how someone so big can play so small at times. You would think he would dedicate himself to become a better skater – as he started with Ms. Underhill – or that he bulked up and got stronger – he could put on another 25 lbs and skate as fast…

  79. E3 pimp's angel on

    Hockey is not a game for the timid. Those boys play rough and tumble and mean has to be in your DNA. Brian Boyle seems like a gentle soul…nothing wrong with that if you are in almost any other profession.

  80. lone, I laughed at that trivia question. Which Rangers LW holds the record for assists in a season, Hadfield, Graves or Gartner. Gartner, as you said, never played LW every. Graves had 50 goals and like four assists.

  81. It is just that Boyle is so slow. And I mean slow in every sense. He may win some faceoffs but he cannot move. In his own end he has size and wingspan and can be good, but in the other two thirds of the ice guys leave him in the dust. I have a thing about skating. For instance, as many dumb things as Del Z does, like running up ice right after Tortorella gathered the team and told them to be more responsible, the thing I find agonizing is watching him skate. He looks like he is skating uphill.

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