Somebody call Tony (or Anthony) in AZ and tell him to find me a nice, big (cheap) house on a golf course in Scottsdale, ASAP.

I have freakin’ had it with these storms, hurricanes, Nor’Easters, blizzards.

They were saying 1-3 inches of snow yesterday, and maybe another 10-15 overnight. Before nightfall, we already had about eight inches. I’m afraid what it’s going to look like when I crawl out of bed this morning. Gotta be two feet, right? Probably trees down again. Probably power out.

For crying out loud, I’ve had it.

I used to love snow, never minded the cold, enjoyed the four seasons.

Now. Not so much. I want to be where it’s warm or hot, where there are no hurricanes, no blizzards, no snow, no cold. I want to chuck my generator and my snowblower off a cliff.

Tony (Anthony) in AZ … help me!

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  1. We just got dumped on with about a foot in London Ontario as well. One of the best things about living in a condo is I never have to shovel snow. Stay warm and dry everyone… :)

  2. Yo CAAAARP!!! Looks like your in big big trouble!!! I tell ya snow is real dangerous and the way its blown you better just stay in the shelter. That what we do ’round here. Right now we have 6 foot high snow banks , Everywhere . It like Hoth out here!! But we aint in no blizzardy condition like youse guys are in right now. Stay home , I repeat stay home.

  3. Paul in sunrise on

    Sorry carp. Grew up on Staten Island moved to Florida in 91. No desire to go back. Had to crank the air conditioning last night as we get a little warmer here.

  4. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I’m with you Carp , my old bones are tired.. Don’t forget the TAXES and the Price of home heating oil. and ranger tix

  5. Fat Guy Duberstein whose back is killing him from shoveling (food down his throat) on

    Carp – Maybe the Dolans will trade you to Phoenix as a PTBNL, so you can Charp with the empty seats

  6. I’m upstate. I took care of about 4 or 5 inches last night at 10 or so. Woke up this morning and there is twice as much out there.

  7. Just a light dusting here in central PA, we got lucky. Just as cold as NY/NJ, but no comparison on the taxes.

  8. We are getting hit today in Maine, but we’re used to it. If its going to be cold, it might as well snow!

  9. Carp, does that mean I shouldn’t bother extending the invite to come tubing with us tomorrow??

  10. I’m in Brooklyn and we got….maybe 3″? Looks super weak outside. This storm is way Euröpänsy

  11. Just thought of a bright side for you Carp: You could be ME. So that after you dig out, you have to spend the day looking for wedding vendors online to which you can only smile and nod.,See? Could be worse!

  12. I think it was the wise Tony from AZ that said marriage is about 3 rings.

    The engagement RING
    The wedding RING
    The suffeRING

  13. The snow in Astoria was as strong as a Christopher Higgins (as a Ranger) slap shop. My friends in Rhode Island (nether road nor Island, but no big whoop) have lost power.

    Blockness practicing again yesterday and want to play tomorrow!

  14. Hey, CT (and others who might care) Do you know what’s up with the CT Whale? I saw some rumors that they might actually move out of CT. Is that true?

  15. No idea Manny. I think I heard some rumblings about that last year but I don’t know if that was ever resolved.

  16. According to this Hartford Courant article:

    It’s, “no secret” the Whale might leave, CT. But they are drawing record crowds (close to 14,000). I hope they stay. Not like I live there any more but it would be really depressing to see hockey leave CT twice.

  17. Anybody catch Boo Nieves last night? He’s so good he can melt snow. First of all he can skate;tremendous speed with a graceful, explosive stride. He’s huge…looks to be 6:4, at least six three. He’s physical on the walls and wins battles. He makes some brilliant passes and he’s got a terrific shot with a quick release. He had a goal and an assist last night and over the last couple of weeks he’s been one of the hottest players in college hockey. He was a second round draft pick last year and to me he could very well have been the top overall pick. He’s that good.

  18. We easily have 18in on the ground & it’s still snowing here in NH. The good news is they claim no more than 4 in by the time it ends early this afternoon. Stay warm and dry Carp.

  19. My parents are around New London, CT and they told me they have about 3 Feet. According to the Weather Channel Milford, CT has 38″. That’s a lot of powder.

  20. I live in suffolk county. I looked out the door and realized that I won’t be going anywhere for a while. I’m glad it supposed to warm up and rain monday. My car is burried in feet of snow.

  21. last night we had thunder and lighting, thunder snow and I never seen it snow so hard. Local national weather service out of brookhaven labe said it was snowing 5 inches per hour. That’s some serious snowfall.

  22. Good skiing in milford. I love the taxes in new rochelle and still no plow!! And i live on a snow emergency street. Trip to the beverage center will have to wait.

  23. weather out west is boring. always the same. enjoy the snow….

    it rains 1/2 inch in LA and people are panic stricken.

  24. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Cold morning – 37F. About 1 micrometer of frost. Hope the plows get here before it melts off….

  25. btw the weather in AZ is terrible. go there in august and tell me differently. 90 + at 10 PM….

    the scenery is also not exactly like the woods of the northeast….

  26. Stranger Nation on

    CTB – nice Fishbone lyrics – awesome song, on an awesome disc – saw them on closing night at CBGBs years ago.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    police were using snow mobiles last night to get stranded motorists on LIE. good news is Dipietro didnt get injured

  28. Carp, look how tense you are. You need to take a soak.

    I’m telling you, it’s great. I opened up all the windows… the air is cold, the tub is boiling hot… It’s like Sweden, man. Sweeeeden!

  29. Carp, if it’s gotta be winter let it snow (this from a Californian who moved to NYC area in 1983 mad never left)! But here’s a Rangers question: why the being mystery about Girardi’s injury? Calmly gets hurt and we get subluxed shoulder. One of the websites said it may be a groin problem. But why don’t they come out and say it? Is there any NHL rule that you have to disclose injuries?

  30. F***** spellcheck: should be “and never left”, “why the big mystery” and ” Cally gets injured”

  31. Carp,

    16 – 18″ here in Stamford. Thankfully I contract out the snowplowing but was out there with the snowblower and my kids to hit the parts he missed.


    What league are you playing in? I used to play at Twin Rinks, now playing at CPCT.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  32. I did the opposite, started over CPCT last summer (moved up to the area a few years ago and took me a while to get into an organized league) then went over to Twin Rinks.

  33. There’s no rule about disclosing injuries. Seem to remember there was talk about some kind of disclosure standard a few years ago, but if it’s in effect, it worthless.

    The Rangers are usually one of the better teams for telling it like it is though, so fairly unusual that they are keeping Girardi’s quiet.

  34. Just got in from the driveway AGAIN! Does it bother anyone (other than Carp, who has a mammoth plow with headlights!) that they (them!) push all the crap from the streets right back in your driveway 18 inches high and loaded with backbreaking slush that soon turns into an icy Everest? Pitchers and Catchers Tuesday!

  35. Disclosure rates are actually part of some injury tracking I do. I have it down that the Rangers had 23 separate injury occurrences last year and only had two listed as undisclosed or lower/upper body, according to TSN (2 games for Anisimov and 12 for Eminger, for some reason). Some teams are 50% or higher for their rate of non-disclosure.

  36. Corned Beef Nash on

    Here in Milford ct and I can confirm near 30 iin of snow…and I’m almost outta beer. Didn’t lose power for once.

  37. If a baseball player took a shot like Giannone, he’d be in the clubhouse two minutes later and we wouldn’t see him at work for ten days. Go, hockey! The Delta Force of sports.

  38. I live in Stamford and play hockey at Twin Rinks…Who do you guys play for and what Tier?

    I play for the Bison in Tier 3… With the bar up top, it is a great setup.

  39. Among the many places tbw and I have lived in our journey thru life, was Cape Cod where we set it up for the USAF which I joined for it was recession days and no jobs, so I re upped in the air force rather than the Corps. cause I didn’;t want a 24 hour notice that we would be hitting Timbuktu or some other God Forsaken place and landing on the beaches, and all I wanted was a job. Got sent to Radar site in Cape Cod, and rented in Provincetown, and one day my wife announced that she was ready to deliver so we drove the entire cape to Otis AFB and my son was born there. That began an odyssey from Panama to Duluth Minn, where I finished my military career, with the birth of my eldest daughter in the Duluth hospital. And winters in Duluth were exactly what you are viewing today.Everyone there owned snowshoes which they kept hanging in their foyers. AND IT WAS REAL COLD. So cheer up folks, for somewhere the sun is shining, and the ski slopes are raking in the bucks.. Eldest daughter just called and said that she and her girls are heading to the slopes in New Hampshire. Go figure.

  40. E3 pimp's angel on

    Bobby C – I am retired from hockey. Played goalie for the rangers. Later traded to Detroit. Name is Eddie Eddie Eddie.

  41. E3 pimp's angel on

    BobbyC technically I was released and the wings signed me. My number is in the rafters tho. Even now, I am prolly better than Hank

  42. So what do you think is wrong with Girardi based on that data, LW? (and Kudos for being your own statistical Elias Bureau)

  43. Carp to Torts: ‘What’s the real skinny on Girardi?”
    Torts: “You writin’ a book, Carpy?”
    Carp: “Matter of fact, yes I am.”
    Torts: “Fiction?”
    Carp: “No, fact.”
    Torts: “Then I got nothing for ya.”

  44. “When I think back to all the crap I learnt in High School,
    It’s a wonder I can think at all…”

  45. What is wrong with Girardi?

    He’s OPG, flops on the ice like a Penguin (especially on odd man rushes), can’t play with Starwall, has a terrible shot, doesn’t score 50 points like every other top pair D-man in the league does…

  46. Do you think that Tortorella, like Bill Parcells, treats different players differently, depending on their individual psyche? Like sitting Boyle and calling him out, and maybe sitting out Girardi without calling him out? Highly unlikely, but just playing the devil’s advocate.

  47. I really hope it’s not some undisclosed head injury. He got crunched maybe one or two games before this odd injury came about.

  48. Think it’s pretty clear he does, but can’t think it’s conceivable that he’s sitting Girardi for performance reasons.

  49. Avery was a public relations nightmare. No one knew what was next. If he gave Torts and Sather 50 goals, the handwriting was still on the wall. He would have been dealt again to some gullible franchise not in the East and that rarely if ever visits the Garden, one that’s covered by 1 reporter with no microphone. That said, I would still watch him, wondering what would happen next. People who had little interest in tennis watched McEnroe for that reason.

  50. Looks like the Penguins-Devils game could go ahead on schedule, after Tyler Kennedy was utilised as an emergency snow blower, clearing every street in Newark.

  51. lj, the only time they’re coy about a injury is A) concussion (I really don’t think that’s the case, since he’s been working out and skating; he wouldn’t be cleared for exercise that quickly) or B) they think it’s a relatively mild injury and he’ll be back in short order so there’s no reason to let an opponent know what it is … that said, the Rangers are really good about giving out info when one of their guys is seriously hurt, or when it’s apparent to the world that, for example, Callahan hurt his shoulder.

    stuart, I’m done with this. I’ll take 90 degrees at night (they have air conditioners, right?) … and no blizzards, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, tsunamis. Boring? Fine with me. Bore me to death.

  52. According to Chico, a period and a half in, MAF is yet to make a save. The Devils either hit him with the puck high or low. Marty, on the other hand…I have no idea how the sore is 1-0 Pens…

  53. In the mail, coos. You get 25 percent of what I get per comment. So does E3. So let me get my calculator. … … … OK, here it is. Twenty-five percent of zero = zero. Check your mailbox in the next few days.

  54. We had about two feet here … just finished blowing it, shoveling steps and walkway and, something also new in the last few years, roof-raking. Couple of years ago we had water damming. You do not want that. Trust me.

  55. Gees. The most popular site on Gannett and only a nod in recompense. I think I’d hire Scott Boras.

  56. iDoodie Machetto on

    Chico makes me sick. After moving out of my Brooklyn apartment, it was odd having to shovel. I tricked some kids who were building a fort into helping me shovel the driveway.

  57. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Money can’t buy everything that’s true, but what it can’t buy, I can’t use, so give me M O N E Y

  58. Strange, ilb. The blancmanges in the Penguins broadcast booth have the Devils lucky to be hanging on and benefiting from one-sided officiating.

  59. LOL, he just scored to tie for the Devils. What a jerk, haha. I don’t even know who I want to win this game. I would rather the arena just imploded.

  60. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    High 50’s today is expected. Carp – go west young man – freshest seafood in the world at the end of wharf 2 in Monterey.

  61. Coos-
    If you can get outside before the snowplow comes, try shoveling out an area about 3′ deep by 6′ or 7′ long before your driveway. The plow will empty in that area before it gets to your driveway and nothing will be deposited IN your driveway. It seems to work for me.

  62. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Fatso has to be the luckiest goalie in nhl hisory. Unbelievable.

  63. They just had some horrible puff piece on Crosby on the Penguins broadcast which said he is the only teenager in North American professional sports to win a scoring title.

    OK, technically true, but how many other major North American professional sports have a “scoring title”?

  64. It happened in Monterey a long time ago…
    Stars and steel guitars and luscious lips as red as wine
    Broke somebody’s heart and I’m afraid that it was mine

  65. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Me and my uncle went ridin round, south colorado, west Texas bound. We stopped over in santa Fe.

  66. Bruins-Lightning postponed. So much for the Rangers being able to benefit tomorrow from the Lightning playing back-to-back with travel problems.

  67. I wonder if the Lightning had already made their way up there. In which case travel problems might still persist.

  68. Think they are in Boston already, but not having to play tonight presumably increases their chances of getting out on time.

  69. Certain people who started Rask over Brodeur in their fantasy league annoyed that the game wasn’t postponed three hours ago…

  70. Chico admitted to being a homer in 2008 when NYR eliminated NJD at the Pebble and the Devils fans fled prior to the end of the game. The building consisted almost entirely of Rangers fans (I was there), and there was Devils gear scattered all over the arena. I think Henrik took a little skate around the ice motioning a clap with his trapper and stick, and then Chico came out with it, saying how horrible it was to behold such a sight.

  71. Again, there’s Fatso making a decent save look spectacular with the showboating and hotdoggery.

  72. You want horrible? Guess Chico never checked out his Englebert Humperdink wig in the mirror.

  73. god damn flyers canes ot game and flyers win.

    at least pens and devs ended regulation although i think the pens will run away from div

  74. F&(K Boston and the NHL for postponing tonight’s scheduled Tampa-Boston game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are listening to Chico, this is the first stage to admitting you have a problem with having a strange sexual attraction to Kermit the Frog

  75. that game will be played “at a later date”………………brilliant

    that’s right up there with “it is what it is”

    and “as well”

  76. coos, second best. Chad (hardest working man in sports) Jennings’ LoHud Yankees blog does 10-12 times the traffic we do here. But we’re No. 2 (awaiting immature comment).

    Pete Abraham and the Great Sam Weinman were way ahead of their times with these blogs.

  77. E3 pimp's angel on

    Guy : “I’m number one, I’m the greatest”

    Other guy : “yeah?, you look like number two, know what I mean?”

  78. E3 pimp's angel on

    Where is Lloyd? Doing a roid, oil can Boyd, ray Floyd, opponents I toyed…..with


  79. Carp, Scared of the Yankee blog where someone says: “When are we going to get a real shortstop?” Never read on here, “When are we going to get a competent goalie?” :-)

  80. Bah! Debbies win, slip into first place in the division…PFilthies win in OT..

    Not forming up to be a good day in Rangerville…

  81. E3 pimp's angel on

    Wearing bling on my ding-a-ling, bells I ring, songs I sing, my putter is a ping, Dave bing …..was a guard, Marty eats lard, not a shard, feathers are tarred, pucks are hard, ask Giannone, almost broke a bone, he’s not alone, on my throne…. Dropping a deuce, remember don Luce, fast and loose…..


  82. It pains me to admit this, but Fatso has been playing as well or better than he ever has. The Devils played an excellent, excellent game today. The second period was a clinic in puck possession.

    The Derbil power play looked magnificent at times. There was no tentativeness. It was get the puck to the net as quick as possible, and get bodies around to pick up rebounds/retain puck control.

    Hopefully, the Rangers were paying attention… Not likely)

  83. E3 pimp's angel on

    Serious question: if the rangers win the cup this year… Does Avery get his name inscribed?

  84. Old Monday night football, distracted cameraman settled on guy in stands giving the middle finger. Intellectual Howard Cosell was speechless. Debonnaire Frank Gifford silent. Dandy Don Meredith, who didn’t even bother to study up on the new players, saved them both by saying: “That’s right, pal, you’re number One!”

  85. And they’re doing it with a bunch of total “no-names” – it seems like every time I check out one of their games, there’s some new kid on the team that I never heard of before, and he’s scored a goal and gotten a couple of points in the game.

    Lamoriello MUST have sold his soul to Lucifer – there’s no other explanation possible..

  86. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “it may be inconclusive, but Marty is making the stops that any complimentary goal must therefore make, ie, a save”

  87. E3 pimp's angel on

    I was there that game too mc kooz – I did a guest bloggers stink guest post on that hateful day.

  88. E3 pimp's angel on

    I met Cheryl Tiegs in between periods… I shook her hand and she pointed at my jersey and she said “ooooh rangers” smart and beautiful she was

  89. ‘That fateful day the car was stalled upon the railroad track,
    I pulled you out and you were safe., but you went running back.
    Teen Angel, can you hear me?’

  90. I really don’t know why you have to bring up periods, E3! Can’t you just say, ‘during the game?’

  91. coos, two things. 1) again, please cut it out with the language, 2) we do have somebody here who thinks the goalie needs to focus better. :)

  92. Jumbo

    They are doing it with a bunch of no-names not named Kovalchcuk, Brodeur…

    And without Former Future Ranger Zach Parise….

    Henrique looks like the real deal.

  93. E3 pimp's angel on

    Poop humor is hysterical. Long time ago, as a junior engineer I’m standing at the urinal doing tinkle and the next staal over is my bosses’ bosses’ boss – real big shot…. He asks how it’s going and just as I am about to say “it’s going”, he lifts his right leg and blasts a gaseous bomb that reverberated for about 10 seconds….. I couldn’t keep it in and I practically fell on the floor rolling in laughter… He didnt see it as funny which made me laugh even more…..

  94. Carp to Chad Jennings: “Are you having trouble with foul mouthed Jackwagons who try to circumvent the filter?”

    Chad: “I spend half my life with that -crap- stuff.”

  95. Carp’s editor: “We have to cut back on in-house internet space. Too expensive. Pick two contributors and put ’em on waivers until I figure this out.”
    Uh oh.

  96. No problem, Per! I am pretty jumbo lately, unfortunately – I need a diet and a personal trainer.

    Yeah, I mean, aside from Kovy and Fatso (and Elias, who must be 90 years old by now) who else do they really have? A bunch of no-names who seem to “get it done”…amazing and annoying!

    And a nobody coach, too…very frustrating!

  97. E3 pimp's angel on

    I have to go to a 7 yr. old’s birthday party in about an hour and I cannot find any of my mind altering assistance

  98. Oh, yeah – Henrique looks very good – I call him “Alice”, because I used to work with a gal named Alice…well, you know…she was a lot better looking than he is..

  99. Hahaha! I guess we do, E3 – the fishsticks have him ready as the head coach-in-waiting on their bench. Must make Capicola uneasy having him there..

  100. I went on the drinking man’s diet and I lost…my license, my job, my wife, and my house.

  101. I like to glom as much of the gathering gloom that I can so that others can breathe deeply.

  102. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ray Lewis sliced thru the niner offense like a knife through an after Super Bowl party

  103. Avery asked Torts if he could have his name on the cup and Torts said, “You got some case.” “Gee, thanks, coach, ” said Avery, “it’s a Valextra Diplomatico, tan crocodile.”

  104. Could be worse Carp…one of my clients up on AK had 700″ of snow last winter. This time of year it’s so dark, they light bonfires instead of birthday cake candles…personally, I would rather put up with the snow and change of the the seasons, than the sprawl of the warmer climates.

  105. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp took the day off.. hey my driveway is bigger than your’s..
    I guess he’s hangin’ with Mrs. Carp

  106. Good evening all! Carp, Anthony from AZ wants bonehead help getting out of rehab…you two should talk!

    I will get killed for this perhaps, but found this from a friend.
    Alert: Sweet 16, I miss you so…

    btw, it was 74 and perfect when I was in AZ…no wonder Tony doesn’t wear pants.

  107. just got done with last radiation treatments on friday….finally getting to msg for nyi next thursday….can’t wait to see the new upper bowl and how much they’re gonna get me for a cold(?) sam adams…

  108. emike….yeesh….congrats and hope you’re doing OK…hope they win for you

    All, Tony (Anthony) from AZ says he loves you all, especially the blog father…but is also laughing at our snow and his heat :)

  109. Carp, I am on it, but, in Scottsdale today, we had 2 feet of sunshine, you better bring your sunscreen and a hat. If, there is one thing we have here, it is plenty of golf courses.
    How soon can you get here? I will pick you up at the airport, but, you must bring me a pizza.

    I am sure you are going to love Rose’s cooking.

  110. Emikeyj congrats and good health to you…beer was cold bud lite9bucks- Stella10bucks- a rangers win PRICELESS!!!

  111. Glad to hear it, emikeyj; they’re keeping that Adams cold for you. Wish I could join you. I do in spirit.

  112. Carp – I’ve played twice in Arizona, TPC Scottsdale, and both times I played in the seventies. When it gets any hotter than that, I go to the lake.

  113. Tony has definitely not lost his humor….oh, I could tell you stories about his stories :)

  114. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Toronto doing to montreal what happens to teams without a heavyweight

  115. Fran – 30 inches plus at Quinnipiac campus. When I lived in Cheshire, it took me an entire weekend to get the Corvette out to the street. My old daddy brought me up to not take taxi’s and to not employ snowplow companies. He learnt me that. So, I got that going for me, that and an aching back.

  116. Carp – i really enjoy your post game analysis. Its really good. And i assume this was just a post to get the regulars to have someone to talk to on a snow day. But this is post was basically “whaaaa. But I don’t want to. No!!!” Basically you sound like my 3 year old and it isn’t cute. Next time just let people comment on yesterday’s post because this is embarrassing.

  117. What’s embarrassing is posting under a different name every single time and hiding behind a computer screen.

  118. Lev – just to be clear, by consistently posting under the same name “lev” on a blog (which i assume is your big claim to superiority) that is not hiding behind a computer screen? I actually read carps posts all the time but I don’t comment here so take her easy. Anyone who doesn’t see that this post is extremely whiney is not being objective.

  119. Dc62- I just need to avoid fighting. Or bad attempts at fighting, and I should be fine. Of course diving head first into slap shots, which is what I have done here, should be ok

  120. Gotcha buddy …go back to beginning of this and I told carp to quit carping, pleasure having you back in the lineup though..

  121. I must have missed that and that was probably a much better way to put it than my rather abrasive comment. I don’t know. I just can’t help but try to comment with jam and be hard on the comment. I guess I miss the process these last couple games. prust saying.

  122. Bobby C – sorry for the delayed response – played in Tier 5N for the Sting when we were at Twin Rinks. Now playing D4 for the Sting at CPCT.


    Cally said that Carp’s post is whiney while he (Cally) himself is whining about supposed “whiney” post… GENIUS!

  124. Cally, err James, err Ralph, err whatever, all i heard was whine whine whine. Want some cheese? This isnt Switzerland.

    First time long time, i assume?

  125. Cally, so sorry to disappoint you. not.

    your first guess was correct. an off-day where the conversation was going to involve the weather.

    any time you don’t like the topic, just say so and i’ll show you the exit.

  126. Just had the best day with The Doctors and The Baby: Doctor in Training. I helped bathe her, I learnt how to feed her, i even gave her some deer antler spray. :) She really puts sports into the proper perspective…. until the next game.

  127. CCCP, i just think it’s a bad idea to eat pea soup in general.

    Sooo the Prustians got their asham’s handed to them tonight by the Make Believes…

  128. That’s what Prust is eating tonight. Pea soup. Lost 6 – zip and tried to pick on a defenseman, not a goon, and lost that, too. Landlord get that snowdrift shoveled yet, 3C?

  129. Orr took a run at Gionta (blindside hit attempt plus stuck out his knee) and then one punch knock down of Bourque. Then their other goon literally laughed his way through a fight with Gorges who was 1 foot shorter.

  130. I discussed this w my brother a week ago and he laughed. Learned is only an adjective used to describe someone. Example: ilb is a learned man.

    I learned how to play hockey is an incorrect use of the word learned. Learnt is the verb. I learnt how to play hockey. Yet I’ve never heard anyone, English professors included, correctly use the words learned and learnt.

  131. Holy moly. I call a post whiney and then that criticism is classified as being whiney? You guys passed third grade right? You know what a circle is?

    As carp himself acknowledged, my criticism was fair. It was a Whiney post. Probably intentionally so.

    I do think it is funny though how you guys need to jump to his defense. Like my point about his post is a personal affront to you. Must be because you all are part of a team right? A message board team for a rangers blog. Not embarrassing at all.

  132. Not for nuttin’, but ‘learnt’ is not common English usage in the USA. It just ain’t. You’re right about ‘learned man,’ but you could hardly say ‘learnt man.’ If an English Professor used ‘learnt,’ readers would focus upon the curiosity of the word rather than his thematic point. Just sayin’.

  133. Cally’s never _learnt_ the basic social skills as a child so now as a grown up he feels the need to criticize people right away to feel safe.

    Tiki, did i use the word “learn” correctly? :)

  134. Carp- well let’s see, definitely you. Definitely cccp. Definitely Lev. And me just a little bit. But you the most. Did you really want to “show me the exit” for some regular criticism?

  135. btw, all of us are in my mom’s basement right now…we’re posting from there… so we are not “randoms”… we’re sitting right next to each other.

    Carp, on you way back, can you bring some soda and ice, plz? Thanks! Oh and dont forget some funyuns! …and blunts…

  136. I just did some research. It appears that im wrong (that doesnt happen very often). Learnt is only used colloquially.

  137. Tik, it takes a big man to concede a small point. Again, you rise in my estimation. (Don’t say so what) :-)

  138. I wonder if The Doctors will let me borrow their baby for a couple weeks while I stay with another bonehead…

  139. Carp – hahaha. Come on man. Really? “Whiner”. Are you being serious or is that a really subtle homage to my 3 year old comment from earlier?

    Alright well then i didnt pick you as so sensitive. I will stop reading your site every day. Later.

  140. Carp had to cut two posters. Cally saved either me or Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. One more to go. Any volunteers? Rod?

  141. I just thought it was uncalled for, Cally. Take a chill pill. We publish every day, even non-game, non-practice days, and we don’t do posts on line combos, and sometimes I just say what the heck I’m feeling that day based on what else is going on in the world or around here. If you really are a regular here, then you know that, and you picked a helluva minuscule bone to pick today.

    and if you’re going to stop reading over that? Bye.

  142. I hadnt seen your comment when i posted that, coos. You were right. :)

    Theyve got like 2 million cameras in this house. I wonder if ilb is looking at my naked buttocks on spycam #38 and wondering how it got so hairy. LOL

  143. Carp, (and any other Westchesterites) if you can afford $35,000+ in taxes, Pelham Manor will shovel your sidewalks for you.

  144. Night! Gotta be up early to spend maximum time with the baby! Even if Im *fatigued* (being the beaten down old man that i am), i’ll be *focused* on developing *chemistry* with her.

  145. Hey! On a snowy weekend day in Paradise, with no Ranger game, having to watch NJ and NYI on TV between reading Ferlinghetti poems and sipping hot chocolate, I enjoyed this site and all the snow/hockey give and take. So, there, whoever you are.

  146. Taxes are absolutely insane here in Westchester, dc. By the way, you said something very funny earlier but I forget what it was. Meant to send a compliment, but too much going on here at that time.

  147. I haven’t had a drink since the night the lockout was over. man am I thirsty.

    I have next Monday circled on the calender.

    A buddy is coming from Valdez. they average 20 feet of snowfall every year, I think they got about 30 feet last year. talk about snow blowing your roof.

  148. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – any thought about Boyle’s issues being post concussion related? he was not the same when he came back so soon in POs by any stretch.

    realize team docs are very focused on this issue, but he doesnt seem right.

  149. no, I’ve spoken to him about it. But he might not be in the best shape … I think that actually is a factor with a number of guys not playing well throughout the league. Guys usually push themselves really had for a month up to camp. No way were they pushing that hard when there was so much uncertainty about when the season would start, or if it would ever start. Not saying that’s definitely the case with Boyle, but it could be.

  150. Every time I go into Home Depot, even in the summer I look for a roof snow rake and they’re out. Even the on line Home Depot has them listed, but out of stock. Today I read where a house pretty much collapsed in Long Island. I should have gone on-line elsewhere, but the horse is out of the barn. Hey, pretty soon the crocuses and daffodils will peek through the snow mounds. Hope I have a house for them to grow around.

  151. I just talked to my Valdez buddy and he corrected me.

    They average 30′ of snow per year and got 40′ of snow last winter .

    Ten extra feet of snow, big deal. I was close.

  152. Tomb, I have a buddy in Valdez also…the schoolls almost never close there, the kids go to school on snow machines, but last year, the snow accumulated so quickly they had to close school due to roofs caving in from the weight of snow. Besides, its so dark, as I said, they light bonfires on birthdays in lieu of birthday cake candles! I’ll take a NY winter any day of the week.

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