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1) Let’s start with the kid. Or the kids. Please don’t go overboard with this 19-year-old, who isn’t going to score a goal a game, or two a game. But, geez, right off the bat J.T. Miller looks like he belongs, like he has the body and the ability and the puck skills to stick, seems like he has the confidence, and the belief that he belongs. He’s going to have to keep scoring or have to show that he can play in all areas when he’s not scoring in order to stay, and I know that John Tortorella will be cautious there. But I think he might make it impossible for them to do anything but keep him here. A goal on your first shift at Madison Square Garden, and then another with your mom, your grandmother and your girlfriend in the building. How cool can it get?

2) Let’s face it, this lineup had some holes and needed some depth before Miller and a healthy Chris Kreider and even Darroll Powe showed up. I really believe that when newcomers contribute like this, it’s a huge boost … and even Tortorella spoke about how Carl Hagelin’s arrival “changed” the team last season.

3) Which brings us to Kreider, because with the addition of Rick Nash, as we’ve said, it was going to be really, really important for him to play well and produce. If he plays the way he can play, uses his size and speed and shot, and isn’t terrible without the puck, then the Rangers don’t miss the guys they lost over the off-season. He and Hagelin have to fill those holes, have to play top nine minutes, and one of them, at least, has to play top six. Kreider, I thought, looked really good last night.

4) And let’s not forget Powe, who is what he is, but is better than Mike Rupp by a lot, was really strong on the PK a couple of times, has some energy, and — wearing No. 8 — makes you think, “boy, Prust is skating better … oh, wait, right.”

5) More than all of that, over the long haul, how critical is it for the Rangers to have Ryan Callahan back?

6) This was not a perfect game or anything close. The too-many-men penalty, as Tortorella said, was mind-boggling. I thought Anton Stralman handled the bigger role very well, but he and Michael Del Zotto brain locked on the too-many-men call (the Rangers’ fourth in the last four home games). Stralman also backed in on the John Tavares goal. But overall, he played just fine in Dan Girardi’s spot.

7) Gotta wonder what’s up with Girardi for him to miss two straight games.

8) How about the play Ryan McDonagh made on what probably would have been a 2-on-none by Brad Boyes  and Tavares against most other defensemen? McDonagh beat them both to the loose puck and turned it into a non-break of any kind. Then he made the touchdown pass to Miller for the 3-1 goal (at the end of the power play). Yeah, he took some penalties. Guy was a McMonster again. By the way, that roughing call=pansification. I also saw that my colleague Kevin Allen said McD was the seventh best U.S. defenseman for Olympic consideration next winter. Um, if McDonagh isn’t in the top six, I’ll take a bite out of a USA Today.

9) I really think this benching is going to be good for Brian Boyle, who has been mostly terrible, and who I know can be much better. He won’t get back into the lineup next game, and I’m not sure who comes out for him to get back in. Maybe it takes an injury, or for somebody else to slump. I think when he gets in you will see a better Boyle.

10) That first PP, with Brad Richards and Stralman on the points, again there were three Rangers by the blue line. Yup, that will work.

11) Marc Staal had a pretty big game too, and not just with the two assists, but physically, and playing big minutes with a struggling partner.

12) This Tim Thomas fiasco. It’s a paper transaction. He’s never going to play, and the Islanders don’t have to pay him a nickel. But he comes off the Bruins’ salary cap and onto the Islanders’ cap. What do the Islanders get out of this for doing Boston a huge favor? Something, for sure. Maybe future considerations. Or maybe they’re planning to move a salary and then will need to get back up to the floor, so Thomas’ non-existent money accomplishes that. The Isles give Boston a conditional second-rounder if he plays. But he won’t. So eventually, somewhere somehow, the B’s will probably give the Islanders something in return. So much for all the rules about circumventing the salary cap. What a joke.

13) Also, we haven’t really discussed this much, but the new CBA gave Brendan Shanahan some new bite. We all know how Shanahan leaps through flaming hoops to avoid suspending players. Well, at least now Shanahan can hit them in the wallet. Brandon Dubinsky was the first example. Instead of the maximum fine being $2,500, as it was in the old CBA, the new deal gives the NHL disciplinarian the ability to fine a player half a day’s pay up to $10,000 for a first-time offender, $15,000 for a second-timer. That’s not as much as a suspension, but it isn’t couch change, either. Dubinsky got tagged for 10 Gs.

14) In what kind of world does Brandon Dubinsky  make more than $20,000 a day? Just think about how long it takes you and me to make $20,000. Almost a whole week for me.

15) Last and most important, be smart, be safe in this freakin’ storm.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. J.T. Miller.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. John Giannone.

Gravy’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. J dot T dot Miller – 2 goals and has been a shot in the arm.
2. Henrik Lundqvist – some key saves when the they had one-goal leads.
3. Ryan McDonut – solid D and picked up a goal and assist.
Honorable mention: Marc Staal – 2 assists and threw his body around and Anton Strahlman – because Manny said so.

The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. J.T. Miller.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Marc Staal.
Honorable mention: Anton Stralman, Ryan Callahan.

Your poll vote Three Rangers Stars:
1. J.T. Miller (33.33 %).
2. Henrik Lundqvist (22.54 %).
3. Ryan McDonagh (17.46 %).

(A lot of agreement on the three stars this time).

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Nice effort. The youngsters sure bring energy, which was sorely needed. Stralman played his best game that I recall seeing. The 4th line was better, and the PK was a lot better. Powe is a real good addition.

  2. Giannone is one of the, if not the best Honeymooners experts I know (I think I’m pretty good at it, but not at his level.

    So, you guys who know Honeymooners lines might appreciate two texts I sent him as he was being stitched up:

    “Cover up your face, Ralph.”


    “Right through the hat.”

  3. I think (and hope) you’re right about Miller. I didn’t want to go overboard but I really thought after that game on Tuesday night when nearly the whole team came out and crapped the bed that he looked like he belonged. He has a couple of bad shifts early where he looked overwhelmed and then he quickly composed himself and became a force. That’s damn impressive, particularly when the entire time around you is completely out to lunch. Tonight looked a lot like the arrival of J.T. Miller. He’s strong on the puck, smart, fast and focused. That he acquitted himself well after the game only increases his stock in my book.

  4. And the key with “right through the hat” is your voice has to crack slightly

    holy crap, Gleason was a genius. so was Art Carney for that matter. and Audrey Meadows. all brilliant.

  5. Lloyd, in case you didn’t see my last post, the Avery/Buffalo thing is available on the net. Not the whole story, maybe. Carp probably has the inside skinny. It’ll cost you a $175 ticket to get close to him, and bring yours hearing aid.

  6. This is why I love hockey and everyone around it. Even Giannone takes a puck in the face, bleeds all over the floor, but straps on his headset and gets back to work.

  7. cooscoos:

    all I’ve read is that he brought his family into the locker room. Carp has said it was a bit more than that. I asked last night if he thought anyone other than Avery would have been thrown off the team for whatever it was that happened but I’m not sure he saw the post.

  8. I use to crack up my golf instructor good old Yaz (God rest his soul) with the address the ball line “HELLO BALL” It’s corny but he went nuts because I would waggle the club the way Art Carney did the pen.

  9. That’s about all I know, Lloyd. That and he brought his mom and another woman in. Got to be more to it than that for it to have been such a bruhaha.

  10. I didn’t see that. No, probably nobody else would have been thrown off the team. He was on his way out anyway. He was going to be scratched that night … He was up because somebody was hurt if I remember correctly, and now they were getting healthy. So he was going back down anyway, probably.

    Love the Honeymooners “voice cracking” thing. Absolutely right. Those are the things Giannone does expertly, the little stutters and inflections, not just the exact wording of every line.

    One of my favorites: “Alice, I’m going to tell you something and when I tell you I don’t want you to get nervous because there’s nothing to get nervous about. There’s two guys after me, they’re going to kill me.”

  11. Gleason, I think, lived somewhere around Pound Ridge and was a pretty good golfer. When he’d take the train from the City I was told that he made a few stops at the local watering holes before hitting the sack.

  12. great summary per the usual.

    maybe asham comes out for boyle next game.. asham skates better then rupp but not exactly a offensive threat.

    tampa does not fight a bunch so suiting up BOyle would not be a bad idea.

    Powe is a OK player but he can skate.. rangers are not a slow skating team; hagelin, kreider, mcdonut, powe, gabby, etc..

    when girardi comes back emminger sits….imagine if they had a healthy sauer….

  13. yeah, the guy coming back from injury was the immortal Mike Rupp.

    if I may read between the lines a bit, it does sound as if you believe the coach was just looking for whatever excuse to ship him back to Hartford. I remember how completely absurd it seemed when Tortorella announced that he’d scratched Avery for Christensen because Avery had flattened out and he liked what Christensen brought “to the club.” It was an odd statement because Tortorella was barely even playing him. I can recall that Avery scored a pretty nice game winning goal toward the end of his run in a game against Carolina. The next game Tortorella played him under 5:30.

  14. Carp nice recap. As for Boyle, I don’t understand why it takes a benching to wake-up a professional player. Why cant he play better without having to be benched first? Also, I think Boyles benching shook up Stepan tonight as he played with more energy and gusto than he has all year, although he is not yet close to being out of my dog house.

  15. Your write-ups are the best Carp! You have found a niche.

    You guys be careful in all that snow. I’ve heard it can be quite difficult to deal with.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, I agree with The Tomb, and others above.Great recap!! You have found your niche in life!!!

  17. Nice review, Carp! Those kids sure bring energy and a genuine scoring threat? Nice to see YOUTH making waves on the Rangers again. Is this the Rangers playing? Looking forward to the next game…Marian’s shot was amazing. Lot of new faces on this year’s team…taking time to gel, and I believe it will come through like Grecian Formula #? within a week.

  18. Have the Islanders begun construction of the Tim Thomas hovel yet? It’ll be a nice place for him to pray to his guns and mutter about “that Socialist Obummer!” to anyone unfortunate enough to come too close.

  19. When Miller missed the puck at halfway and led to the rush (on which Hank stoned the guy), i honestly thought that was the last i’d see of him for a while, first splinters and then the bus to Hartford. But kudos to Torts for sending the kid out again and a great pass from Mack truck to release him and good wheels and finish from Miller.

    I think having Cally play with the 2 rookies was a great line, he set the tone and they followed his lead.

    The PP looked terrible still, too much movement away from the net, puck movement too slow and not enough shots getting through and it allowed the Islanders PKers to close the gaps too easily. There were one or two times where the chance was there but the setup pass was wrong also.

  20. hedberg – ge got a puck right on the schnozz when Staal flipped it out of the zone, bleeding and still on cam while Rammer was treating him!

  21. Attention Potential Long Island White Out: With Tea Party Tim on the Island, he will not have the dilemma of having to skip SC victoy visit.

    Nice review. Hope JT uses his next 3 games to further his usage.

  22. stranger nation on

    GReat write up – isles looked listless outside of top line and have to give the D credit, starting with early goal and follow up with a 2-0 1st period lead will do that

    Powe and Cally were monsters on pk and Halpern played better there to – need to think about who is the on the 2nd forward pk pairing with Boyle out because Step is not a long term answer

    I watched the replay a bunch on MIller’s goal and the speed in which he kicked the puck to his stick and roofed it on was high level skill play.

    1st star of the game – Gordie Clark?

  23. “almost a whole week for me.’

    Almost spit my coffee onto the computer screen at work. good answer, carp.

  24. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Great review Carp! Wouldn’t be surprised to see Biron in net Sunday against TB again; especially with us going to Boston and another Fishsticks meeting at MSG next week.

  25. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    While Miller was great, let’s remember that Stepan had a hat trick in his first game and consistenly gets beat up in here.

  26. Question of the night: how did John Giannone NOT see that puck coming? Was he too busy texting Pierre McGuire?

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Thought Hank did much better job controlling puck and moving rebounds to corners and on one pk, clearing it out to center ice.

    one of our glaring issues was pivot speed. with Miller in/ Boyle absessed and B Rich picking it up a little last night, our team looked much faster than isles who have a ton of players who can fly.

  28. Yeah the one knock against Callahan (apart from occasion hands of stone) is that he has a history of doing less-than-intelligent things that cause him to miss time and hurt the team.

  29. Getting Callahan back = HUGE. Guy just elevated the level of play and looks to throw himself into the tough areas.

    JT Miller = Belongs. Come on. Let the kid stay and play. I am not saying 1st line minutes or the next Gretzky or Messier but the kid definitely can hang out enough to learn every minute he’s on the ice.

    Pyatt = I don’t know who you guys were watching out there (those of you that were praising Pyatt). The guy has not lived up to my hope that he would actually play his size. He has to play bigger. Especially on the backcheck.

    John Giannose = Bickels the size of the building. That was pretty great. Not Capuano levels of epic but pretty awesome nonetheless.

    And Stralman = led the team in ice time last night and did a great job on 99% of it. Really stand up guy. Can’t believe the Devils let him get away for nothing. He even has a heck of a shot.

  30. Someone mentioned Art Carney. He used to have a home down in the town of Westbrook CT,
    right on the shoreline of LI Sound, and I used to drive down for stuff at the convenience store there, when I was living in Deep River. I started into the store one morning for the paper and something else and the door opened as I was reaching for it and Art Carney walked into me. I just stammered, gee sorry Art, and he just looked up and said, “no problem” Then I remembered that someone had told me he lived there and he didn;’t want people to fuss over him just treat him like other towns folks, so that’s what I did.

    And the actress Katherine Hepburn had a home in the next little town of Old Saybrook, and I mentioned that to my son one day and he said yeah, I know she does, and ( Jeanie) his then girl friend told him that she’d see her picking the tomatoes in her uncle’s yard next door to her place, ( it was the uncle’s summer home). Just show folks you know. No celebrities.

    Any of you who recall the movie Roots, where the tribe elder held the tiny babe up to the stars and said a ritual, incantation over him. Never knew that actor’s name but he lived in Guilford CT, and was also let alone.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Pyatt is not the answer to every need and the plus 30 players are taking longer to reach their stride, but There was one player mucking behind the goal to keep puck possession on the extended shift and one player in front of he goal on that same shift when Gabby scored the GWG.

    and that was Pie-hat.

    true, not the fleetest afoot but when the game slows down in the second season and board battles and puck possession prove invaluable, he hopefully will shine.

  32. Paul in sunrise on

    On the grabner break away miller turn over play. Looked like Stralman was in position at the bench for support and climbs the boards for a change no one comes off the bench. And off his grabner. So all those too many men penalties make for a slow change and almost gets them caught. Miller cough up may not have been as glaring if change better.

  33. Let my dog out in the snow that’s already piling up. All he wants to do is bury his head in the drifts and eat. When he comes up, he looks like Torts on New Year’s Eve

  34. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I always wanted to bury my head in the snow Fat Guy, but i’d get frost bite probably.

  35. Carp,
    Great review.
    What would you do with JT Miller? I know it’s early but…
    Also, if he plays 5 games does that mean he has to stay? Or anything beyond the 5th game?

    If it were me I’d see what he brings in the next few games…I honestly don’t like this rule. Seems silly…you can’t get a good gauge on a player in 5 games…yeah occasionally you can but I’d say a 10 game stretch would be alot more telling…

  36. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    The Blackhawks have still yet to lose in regulation, but what is even more interesting is they’ve played only 2 home games and 9 away.

  37. If I were supporting the NHL by purchasing goods which they endorse, I would buy a MILLER T-Shirt or something. If it was in the Heritage colors. Sweaters are way too expensive for me.

  38. Good Morning Boys!!! Have fun in the snow!! Nothing like storm days. I could send you my igloo kit if you really want to have fun with the kids :)

    #8 Makes me laugh all the way to the bank. WOW!!! McD should be star #2 on that play alone. It is crazy how fast McMonster can get back into a play like that, and kill it before it turns into a 2 on zero.

    1-1 without Rupp. POWE WOW. I think we have our Pruster Back with speed.

    I think sending Rupper down the Road, and benching Boyle, sent a message to the whole team. Something tells me Boyle is going hit like a MAC truck if he ever gets back into the line up, and he will.

    #MillerTime – can you dream this package up any better? First goal first shift. Throwing the puck up with your right skate as you one time it to yourself and blow it past the goalie. AMAZED. Tort’s HAS to keep him up. What is he going to learn in Hartford when he can sit next to Nash & Richards in the locker room, and learn how to be a Pro. And they can’t even buy him a beer after the game :)

  39. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Well, if I was asked to describe your build, I’d say you have, uh, very well developed muscles, uh, a good bone structure, very good bone structure, fine frame… and the whole thing is covered with fat.

  40. Kenny I’m glad you asked.

    Mama’ maiden name is MILLER. When he WAS going to be a Fighting Sioux. I was going to order to and Miller on her Jersey, and TIME on mine :)

    Then he wasn’t a Sioux player :(

  41. I must say, I wasn’t impress with the over all team but the kids looked great. The rangers team needs more games together obviously because of the players leaving and the players coming in. I am confident the rangers will get better and better and since it’s a short season hopefully they peak when the playoffs begin.

  42. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    That’s rough Sioux. Nice comment about Miller not being able to get a beer. It truly would be Miller Time if he had a bar tab.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    When they drafted Miller, I panned the decision. Two games into his career, I’m happy to say it looks like I was wrong. But again, let’s remember it’s only been two games.

  44. So Yes I’m ordering her a MILLER Jersey. I was hoping Carp could get in there and ask the question for me, is he keeping 47. IF not does anyone know if I can order just the numbers if he changes it?

    I have a Blue Rangers blank, I would love to put Time and his # on the back of that :)

  45. You said it Sioux. Miller has to stay because what he can learn up here is invaluable. Hartford could be sold soon!

  46. Doodie I agree. But am I the only one waiting for Cally’s line to get back on the ice last night. Seriously, there line Captain America was the best line of the night. Yeah, we are all rooting for the rookies to entertain us. AND THEY DID. Nice to see we can attack with 3 lines now.

    Carp may put them on the line sheet as the 3rd line. But they were flying last night, and they were the best line on the ice.

    I do like having Gabby and Nash on two different lines. They both require the puck to work thier magic. Put them together on a Power Play or stack the line if we are down by a goal. I hope Torts keeps the lines like last night, and roll 3 lines, and play the Hot while they are scoring.

    Just think how LEATHAL this team will be when Gabby & Nash get their goal per game.

    Now they have to string 3-4 game winning streaks together.

    Glad we got the first 10 games out of the way. Made some changes, but they are a better team with Miller and Kreider healthy. The Captain is back, and a POWE’r ranger on the penalty kill.

    They need to validate the win on Sunday!!!

    #MillerTime – one more time :)

  47. Carp, spot on review.

    This team is right where I said they would be at 10 games. I said 5-5. I am glad to see Cally back and the spark he adds to this team. That blocked shot and clear from his back were classic captain cally. So proud to have that guy as the captain of this team. No the game wasn’t perfect, and there were stretches that we were chasing a lot in our own end, but we controlled the majority of that game. Aside from special teams against the Devils, I would say it was three pretty good efforts in a row. Are they where they need to be? No, but they are on the way. Once Nash really gets going, and he will, this team will start stringing the winning streaks away. I am confident.

  48. Just looking at the box score from last night, you can look at TOI and see how much more depth we have with these kids in the lineup. Only two guys played under 10 minutes: Mrs. Eminger and Arron AssHam

  49. There were a few stretches of exciting back and forth hockey. It was fun to watch. It is more fun to watch when you are winning, but exciting nonetheless. Hank came up very big when he needed to.

  50. Anyone going to watch the “Fighting Sioux Winter Classic” on Sunday? It will be on Fox sports!

    I’ll be in left field. What am I going to do when Grimaldi gets a hat trick and your 40 yards from the glass :(

  51. MLB Players Union leader says that it’s too soon to make snap judgments about Steroids and steroid use in baseball. (Summary)

    What a joke.

  52. Also, I said to someone yesterday that the Rangers needed to win a convincing win. This wasn’t the best that they can play, but it was definitely a convincing win. Good to see. Now they must build on it.

  53. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Giannone’s wife was at the game last night. The first time she has ever been to one….maybe the last too lol.

  54. Manny these same players say, they didn’t “knowingly” take steroids…
    Athlete’s know *everything* they put into their bodies…
    “I unknowingly let someone stick a needle in my assen”
    “I unknowingly swallowed a bunch of pills”

  55. Exactly, Staal. Athletes might be dolts but they know what happens with their bodies and what they put into it. They are much less discerning about what they put their bodies in. But they know everything that goes in them.

  56. I presume the MLB players union boss also told everyone not to be hasty about judging these “reports” about how smoking is bad for you?

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Three things

    I hope all of you stay safe in the upcoming storm!!

    I thought mcdonut getting a penalty for clearing the crease was ridiculous

    I thought the play of the game was Nash hustling on the back check on grabner’s breakaway

  58. Love McDonagh but i thought he should have given the puck to miller who was 6 feet away for the hat trick on that empty net goal. Guess no one else noticed or cared but would have been pretty special for the kid to get a hat trick in his first game at MSG.

  59. “I don’t think we should be totally on board with this concept that the Earth is not flat just because Peter Gammons says so.”

  60. I thought BOTH penalties called on McBust were ridiculous. The cross check / roughing call was absolute pansification at it’s worse.

  61. Rob in Snowtown on

    Probably stupid question, but what is the Fishsticks’ logic in trading for Tim Thomas? What do they gain from this arrangement?

    does anybody think Thomas is ever going to play again? Guy is old and Im sure he’s not practicing at an NHL level

  62. Rob in Snowtown on

    And I’ll never think he is anything other than an idiot for refusing to go to the white house to take part in a non-political ceremony, despite being one of two americans on the team

  63. they were above the floor when visnovsky came in … so there’s more to it. maybe flexibility to dump another salary. or maybe they can have him for infinity since his contract slides when he doesn’t play a year … don’t know this, but imagine being able to have a big salary cap hit to keep you above the floor year after year, and it doesn’t cost a penny of actual money?

    Good morning, Sally!

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think mcdonut saw him for the empty netter,I think miller had just come off the bench.

  65. Carp that’s just wrong on so many levels. We had a lockout for HOW LONG and they didn’t close all the loop holes for the owners to cercumvent the rules.

    Seriously. This is just wrong.

  66. I think it’s fine that McBust took the ENG. Supposedly that was his first point this year. Also, he did a ton of work to get the puck. He deserves to score too.

  67. We had a lockout a number of years ago where they didn’t close loopholes (e.g. max contract length) and that resulted in this lockout. Which will result in yet another lockout.

    Lockout 2020! It’s coming!

  68. Manny I would bet you a beer had McD seen Miller off the bench I think he would have passed it to him.

    That’s just how the Rangers Role!!!

  69. Giannone said he looked up at the scoreboard because the clock was running down, and that’s why he didn’t see it … that’s also why the puck hit him in the nose and in the forehead.

    “string of polaponies” … LMGO.

    Papa, because they’re human beings?

    Thanks for the kind words re: niche.

    Good morning, Sally!

  70. You’re probably right, Sioux. If he saw him. I just am fine with McBust scoring the ENG. I am not going to dissect it.

    Also, don’t let JT Miller have that beer!

  71. also, there were more than two minutes left when McDonagh scored into the empty net, not 20 seconds. You don’t fool around when you have an opportunity to put the game away. If he tries to set up the hat trick for Miller and it gets broken up and the Islanders score and it’s 3-2 with two minutes left, then what are you saying?

  72. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Manny – my tv picked up the actual conversation on that empty netter…this is what I heard..

    McD – yo my Brutha, I be dropping this puck back to your assen so you be gettin a Hattie

    JT – my Brutha, it’s all good – you go ahead and shoot it… My assen will get a Hattie next game, you dig?

    McD – werd up yo

  73. *Carp February 7th, 2013 at 4:39 pm
    was pretty much wiped out by Sandy, yes.

    the open practices ruled … and even when they weren’t open, people used to hang out outside and meet the players.

    plus, at the time, it was five minutes from my house :)*

    Carp, same here with the distance : D And ya know, once upon a time there was a guy that worked in the pro shop up there at the rink..Sharpened my skates like no one’s business. His name was Cas Marquez…Wonder what ever happened to him….

  74. “When they drafted Miller, I panned the decision. Two games into his career, I’m happy to say it looks like I was wrong. But again, let’s remember it’s only been two games.”

    Good man. Accountability is rare on sports message boards and blogs.

  75. Just let me ask you something. Is it February or Febuary? Because I prefer Febuary and what is this “ru”?

  76. McDonagh is a better player than Jack Johnson. How they could have 6 players above him?

    WHO are the 6 US born players above him?

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, when you consider that Torts will be involved on the coaching staff in some capacity, McD is a lock.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Giannone’s interview with Staal after the game was hilarious.

    Also, I’m sure I am not alone in cursing that this wasn’t a game when Pee-Air was between the glass.

  79. Suter, agree. He’s the real deal. He has a canon from the Blueline.

    That still leave 5 DMan out there? I would like to see that list.

  80. He didn’t just come off the bench he was the farthest ranger up the ice and when McDonagh intercepted the pass he was at center ice and looped back. I’m fine with McDonagh scoring the last goal he had a great game and deserved one also but i really want to see Miller with the hat trick. I just dont think McDonagh realized it was Miller or that he didn’t know it could have been a hat trick. Ohh well i’m sure it wont be Millers only opportunity to get a hat trick in this league. Also didn’t McDonagh have the assist on Millers break away goal so it couldn’t have been his first point prob meant first goal.

  81. Good point with the 2 minutes left and icing the game. 20 seconds would be a totally different story however watching the play a couple times there was no danger in the pass and it was a pass that would have happened in the offensive zone. Not like it would be a cross ice pass through the neutral zone or defensive zone.

  82. McBust scores that goal because you have to put the game away. The Rangers needed a W more than they needed a fun day for JT Miller. The best part was that he helped get the W.

  83. James, Cas is on the bench with the Rangers every game. He’s their equipment guy. Great guy. Works about 24 hours a day, seven days a week from September through breakup day. He’s the guy who was fixing Del Zotto’s skate on TV the other night.

    Johnny, where you been? Neither rain, nor snow … it’s the first one!

  84. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone remember when Stefan years back for Dallas tried to push the puck into the empty net and he fell and the Oilers came down the ice and Hemsky tied the game. One of the craziest moments in hockey history.

  85. True enough just wanted to see what others though. Live in florida and its so hard to find anyone to talk hockey with.

  86. REPOST:
    also, there were more than two minutes left when McDonagh scored into the empty net, not 20 seconds. You don’t fool around when you have an opportunity to put the game away. If he tries to set up the hat trick for Miller and it gets broken up and the Islanders score and it’s 3-2 with two minutes left, then what are you saying?

  87. I was over at the bizarro hockey blog “Reggie’s Report”. But I couldn’t get an egg white omelette and had to drink Sanka.

  88. Suter & Shattenkirk will put up more points. But there is NO WAY Orpik, Yandle, & Faulk are better than McDonagh. Same thing for Johnson & Johnson, plenty of time to watch them all, before team USA makes a mistake and leaves him off that list!!!

  89. This team seems so much faster than the team a week ago, subtract Rupp, Boyle & Bickel add Powe(right in the kisser), Miller & Kreider, plus Cally returning. I like Boyle but he has been dreadful, except one game, this year and I don’t think there’s anyone in the lineup last night you put him in over.

    I think Bickel should go down to CT and play 20 mins a night and learn how to be a defenseman again. Anyone else think he looked a lot better when he first came up last year? He basically turned into a designated fighter and seemed to look to fight the first chance he got especially the latter part of last season. Goons are easy to find, big tough D, not so much.

  90. Doesn’t Bickel have more value if he can be a serviceable D-man? Isn’t his long-term value diminishing in his current role?

  91. The USA group will probably be the toughest of the three for sure, Foodiesie. Norway and Switzerland aren’t pushovers, but they’re certainly a step down from Slovakia.

  92. Absolutely, CT. Just saying, if we are going to carry a non-playing forward/Defenseman that only gets put into the lineup for fighting, then, that’s Bickel.

  93. Odds our 1st game of the playoffs features no Halpern and no Asham are getting higher by the day, right?

  94. Slovakia placed fourth at the Olympics and won silver at the World Championship, LW. They have had recent relative success in tournaments both full of stars and lacking stars. They have more NHLers and more dynamic players than the Swiss do. The Swiss play well, but I don’t think they are on the same level just yet.

  95. A defenseman that is only in the lineup to fight is a waste of a D-man spot. I’d rather have a D-man that can fight he has to than one is only there to fight.

  96. and if he’s just there to fight, what difference does it make if he’s a d-man or a forward? if he’s just there to fight and he’s a “d-man” that night, they will have to have another d-man dressed. if he’s just there to fight, he’s a forward for all intents and purposes.

  97. Rexx I think Bickel should stay as the 7th DMan, for teams like Philly.

    Boyle should be ready when someone gets injured, and not before. Halpren and Powe played well together on the penalty kill last night. Boyle will get some games, but not over Miller right now!!

  98. My point is Bickel may have more potential than Haley, or someone like him, to contribute as a stay at home, big, tough, clobber guys in front of the net defenseman. Unless the Rangers don’t think he can progress to be that, then I guess it doesn’t matter. But if he can become a decent NHL defenseman they are inhibiting his progress.

  99. You know who needs to be tougher? PYATT. When he’s on the ice and there is a scrum around the net…protect your teammates you humungous baby.

    I have watched teams feel free to rough up Nash after the whistle on plays when he is hanging around the cage. Don’t like it one bit. Richards is not going to protect him enough.

  100. I agree Haley’s a clown and figured his role was to fight other clowns so actual players didn’t get hurt.

  101. Fella’s you have to cut Bickel some slack…… he’s a Gopher! They just can’t fight like the Fighting Sioux :)

  102. Hey Rexx. Nice to have you around.

    I don’t really know what the ceiling is for Bickel but, taking Mcllrath as an example, and Del Zaster, when this organization has the belief that someone can be a good, quality defenseman, they tend to let him play as much as possible in the AHL.

    Thus, my guess is that they don’t think much of Bickel aside from his ability to get punched by and punch guys like Sestito and Rinaldo…

  103. They like Bickel a lot, but I doubt they see him as much more than a seat-warmer until McIlrath gets here. and they are going to play the hell out of their top four when healthy.

  104. Also, the Olympics are played on a much bigger sheet. So maybe that should be taken into account when selecting people who can flat out SKATE.

  105. Back from Indy.

    nice win last night. god i love dvr and not knowing the score. loved play of the kids miller and kreider. also bounce back game from del zaster. Hank with some timely saves and pk was outstanding.

    as for pp its a lost cause. i got no more ideas but just say maybe my accident it will go in consistently. i for some reason dont think of miller goal as pp goal as it came on a breakaway. when will puck in for when they set up. no richy on the point

  106. Hags, McDonagh, Kreider, Miller, MDZ! I have always dreamed of having young homegrown talent make up a good part of the Ranger team. Can anyone remember a team in the last 40 years that has had this much young homegrown talent on it?

    I know he didn’t score, but I thought Kreider played an excellent game.

    Also, for an older player, Jeff Halpern can really skate.

  107. how was the travel today, eric? did Indy get this storm already?

    and, yeah, that wasn’t really a PPG. Lundqvist had just made a great save on a SH break. Then a Miller breakaway. Hard to draw that up.

  108. Great observation Yev. It’s true. Halpern can really move for his age. Heck, he can really move. Maybe not great starting speed but he’s god a good top speed.

  109. Probably not, on Dubinsky. But he fills a bottom six (three) checking role more than someone like Pominville, so I can see some logic there. Hell, they took Captain Clutch last time, so anything is possible.

  110. The Miller goal wasn’t a PP goal because McDonagh was coming out of the box to make that pass, right? So the PP was actually over.

  111. Thanks Manny. I guess if they think more of Bickel as a fighter than a defenseman then it makes sense. Not sure if they’ve had enough time watching him to determine that yet.

    Not saying he’ll be the next Beukeboom, but to me, the less he played last year and the more of a fighting role he took on, the more he became a liability on the back line when he had to act like a defenseman.

    Like to see if he could be more and that won’t happen this year in the NHL with the shortened season. Like to see what he could do in the AHL playing a lot more minutes, I’m sure he won’t forget how to fight if it turns out he is not a good defenseman.

  112. It’s amazing to see how Dubinsky and Callahan went in different directions when it seemed like they would be 2 guys that could lead this team. Callahan got better and Dubinsky, well…

  113. Yea. Pretty ridiculous, eh Latona? Surprised Raffi Torres isn’t #1. Surprised Crosby and Mike Richards aren’t on there for being a total whine-fest. Bertuzzi? I mean, if you almost kill someone you should probably make a most hated list. Bertuzzi has what? TWO Court cases based on his violent play?

  114. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rumour has it cally came back from injury so quickly because he is friends with lance armstrong.

  115. hey manny, I noticed that about Halpern, too. guy is considerably faster than I thought he was and maybe one of the fastest skaters on the team.

  116. It was tech a PP goal with about 20 seconds left on the PP. It was actually a really good play they won the face-off McDonagh went behind the net and they started up the ice and miller just blew past and split the D for a breakaway.

  117. Yea, Lloyd. Man, Halpern has been really nice surprise. Especially after his performance (or lack thereof) in the first 2-3 games.

    Can someone explain what POW! brings to the game? I am not being sarcastic or mean, I just haven’t seen any specifics from him over these two games.

  118. this is the best Rangers lineup ON PAPER i have seen in a while. have to scratch Boyle again after how they played together. keep rolling with it.

    great to see Kreider get a point too. will be interesting to see how JT handles teams meaning more business than the Ice Mets.

  119. Isn’t it interesting how speed manifests itself in so many different ways though, Lloyd? Halpern’s looked fast chasing down pucks, just like Hagelin’s, and to a lesser extent, McDonagh’s speed. Players like Gaborik and Kreider have breakaway speed. And then a guy like Rick Nash who I don’t notice as being otherwise particularly fast can suddenly just blow past a defender with a stride or two. Pretty cools tuff.

  120. I said I thought he was done in Washington. and I am still not convinced he holds up a full season, even a 48-game season.

  121. That actually is a cool observation, Latona. Maybe you should write more about it? Player by player speed analysis? I know that sounds like I’m teasing you, but I’m not. It’s true. Halpern looks really fast at a few things that other guys look SLOW at.

  122. carp

    got in late last night changed flight home.

    also this nonsense about mac being 7th best us d man. are u kidding me. suter and mac should be top pair

  123. Halpern’s playing fewer minutes than he did a year ago, and in a shortened season that should help him. There’s certainly nothing wrong with his skating right now so whether he hits a wall two months from now is anybody’s guess, but he looks good at the moment.

  124. Latona:

    Would rather have the effective speed of Nash than Hagelin’s speed any day of the week. You’re definitely right about Nash. He’s nowhere near as fast but he knows exactly when to push the button to get himself an edge. McDonagh is similar in that respect. Hagelin on the other hand is a much faster skater than both of them but doesn’t have the hockey sense of either player.

  125. It’s better to go with guys that have speed, rather than talent-less oafs that cant move or stay on their feet (Rupp, Boyle). At least the guys with speed have a skill that cant be taught or learnt.

  126. LOL @ Dubinsky in the Olympics

    I can hear Brian Burke now…”We picked Brandon Dubinsky because he’s Brandon Dubinsky”

  127. Nash reminds me of Jagr in that his acceleration isn’t great but when he gets moving he’s tough to stop.

  128. learnt is a verb, as is taught. If I said taught or learned, it would have been a verb coupled with an adjective.

  129. While I don’t think Dubinsky will represent USA, I like the concept of selecting a “team” rather than selecting the 23 (potentially 25) best players.

  130. Loved that bit of righteous anger McD showed after Hank was slashed. Haven’t seen that in a while by the D.

  131. I play words with friends and scramble with friends all the time, so I’m constantly learning new words.

  132. what’s surprised me most about Nash is just how much bigger he is than I thought he was. the last guy I remember that happening with was Vladimir Malakhov who I always thought was an average size player. then I saw him on the ice and he looked massive. Nash has a large presence, far more so than any skilled forward the Rangers have had in years and years.

  133. Nash is enormous and has the skills to go along with the size. It’s a pleasure to watch him. Eventually his pucks will start finding the net. Like Carp has mentioned numerous times, they started out poorly last season, and then got it together and never looked back. I think the same will happen here.

  134. I posted this in the previous thread last night – of course Carp started a new one about 2 minutes later. basically I wouldn’t worry too much about Nash.

    but here’s his numbers after the first 10 games for every season he’s played:

    02-03: 1 goal, 3 assists, 4 points
    03-04: 8 goals, 1 assist, 9 points
    05-06: 4 goals, 1 assist, 5 points
    06-07: 3 goals, 5 assists, 8 points
    07-08: 8 goals, 5 assists, 13 points
    08-09: 5 goals, 1 assist, 6 points
    09-10: 6 goals, 9 assists, 15 points
    10-11: 3 goals, 2 assists, 5 points
    11-12: 3 goals, 5 assists, 8 points
    12-13: 2 goals, 5 assists, 7 points

  135. Avery will not agree to come back unless his mother and her friends are allowed in the locker room whenever he goddamned feels like it.

  136. Reading the mumblings amongst Rangers fans they’re fantasizing what return they could get for Boyle + DZ. I’m all for upgrading the team is some areas but are we comfortable with having Bickel and/or Newbury as the backup forwards?

  137. I think Nash can more than protect himself, Manny. Wouldnt be surprised if he has dropped the gloves more than Pyatt actually. I really do feel like Pyatt has played a better Boyle’s game. He’s been consistently one of the best players thus far this year.

  138. Most Negative – Jason Arnott
    Best Dad – Bernie Parent
    Worst Lover – Jonathan Quick
    Least Liked – Mike Bossy
    Biggest Chris Christie Fan – Doug Weight

  139. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle & DZ for Subban – solves pp qb problem and reunites bromance of BB and Prusty

  140. Stranger Nation on

    McD quoted in paper saying he would have passed to Miller Time if he knew he was there.

  141. Stranger Nation on

    how bout The Kreider-Miller Time- Monster Nash joined by McD and strowlman – turn on the jets boys!

  142. Yea. I guess McBust didn’t pass to Miller because he was busy attempting to win the game. Sorry, kid. Maybe next time.

  143. First time an Irishman didn’t notice a 12 ounce curl. (I’m Irish, so I guess I can say that)

  144. E3 pimp's angel on

    Hmmm balmy 52 here where my assen is and I am colder than an empty plate on Chris Christie’s table

  145. E3 pimp's angel on

    Dark as midnight here… Either a storm font moving in or chris Christie stepped outside

  146. Word is Subban is not the most popular player in the locker room up there. On the other hand, neither was Ted Williams.

  147. E3 pimp's angel on

    Can you imagine aliens at a distant galaxy spying on earth with their huge telescopes – and all of a sudden Chris christie appears in their zoom? Talk about larger than life.

  148. E3 – Ray Lewis’ son yesterday signed letter of intent to Miami. Great choice, no books, and free cars.

  149. E3 pimp's angel on

    The two most observable objects on earth from deep space.,,,, the Chinese wall and you know who

  150. Ray, the noble “alumnus” will probably be given an honorary doctorate by Donna Shalala. Number of years ago, I went to a graduation at BU and Bill Russell was pronounced a “doctor.” Most of the audience thought he was Morgan Freeman when he walked up the aisle in his mortarboard and colors.

  151. mcdonagh may be the best young d man in hockey. but pierre mcguire and others are in love with petroangelo..

    the nbc crew is in love with all things penguins of course..

    and the dougi hamilton love is reaching cindy crosby levels.

  152. E3 pimp's angel on

    If Christie were to be added to Mt Rushmore – how many states would need to be included? South Dakota just ain’t that big

  153. E3 pimp's angel on

    I say McD is in the top 300 of USA D men. Prolly quite a few high players much better than McD

  154. E3 pimp's angel on

    McD brings what to the table? He’s fast, young, physical, smart, great awareness, good vision, has tremendous O upside, great team mate, good passer…… Sorry that ain’t enough

  155. Ha. Marisa Tomei was also given a doctorate on that day, despite lasting just one year at BU. If you’re not a movie star or an athlete or dump 50 million on the building fund, you actually have to work for your doctorate round these parts, I guess. At least, that’s what I learnt.

  156. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “going to school and getting eradicated, has never been immaterial to me”

  157. If he had passed up that empty netter and gave it to Miller and the puck hopped on the crappy MSG ice, and the Isles somehow scored, McD just might be back with the Whale for a week. Torts would play Bickel for spite.

  158. “Ralphie Boy, that could have KILLED you!”

    Carp, Pal o’ mine, do us a favor, ask Torts to go easy when slapping Kreider on the back. Don’t know if you saw the clip of that but it was funny.

  159. Got a knock on my door at about 245pm…And long story short I just paid Jason Arnott $25 bucks to shovel my driveway

  160. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “as a situation is determinated during a game, a player must resonance with his team mates”

  161. E3 pimp's angel on

    Best honeymooners line – Ralph and norton were trying to get rich and ordered a bunch of H two O. Ralph says you don’t pronounce the number – you call it Ho. Well, norton is pouring the Ho and it goes everywhere….Ralph screams at him – “you’re spilling the Ho like it were water”

  162. lmgo, rammer. don’t know if you saw Torts’ off-camera remark last night: “Tell Johnnie Giannone to wake the %$#@ up.”

  163. Oh Carp, I know about Cas. : D I was just joking around because very few people know of him or how he got his start, I figured you did though.
    A couple of older hockey buddies I used to skate with know him. They said that all the Rangers used to go to him for equipment stuff when he was working there and eventually he got a chance and got in with the organization. Home town boy makes good!

  164. I wish it was Pierre that took that puck to the face. Would have been satisfying to see Pierre knocked unconscious, blinded, or worse.

  165. Shake hands with your Uncle Mike, me boy,
    And here is your sister, Kate
    And there’s the girl you used to swing
    Down by the garden gate
    Shake hands with all of the neighbors
    And kiss the colleens all
    You’re as welcome as the flowers in May
    To dear old Donegal!

  166. E3 pimp's angel on

    Pierre is especially bad when the camera hits that polished chrome dome- we have to mute the button and put on shades.

  167. E3 pimp's angel on

    Carp – not complaining mind you, but you don’t have a link to rangefancentral – any reason other than most of their posters are assens?

  168. I read a triple entendre to Carp’s last comment :-) Tiki’s either off his meds or is taking the orange ones instead of the blue ones.

  169. E3 pimp's angel on

    A triple entendre? Isn’t that the dive made famous in dangerfield’s “back to school?”

  170. It’s like when three Los Mets end up at third base at the same time, and they’re all called out.

  171. E3 pimp's angel on

    Imagine chris Christie’s surprise when he sank his teeth into a dozen Dove Bars…. After realizing it was soap, not ice cream, he ate only a dozen more….

  172. Are we over valuing McBust because we watch him every night? Why does no one think he’s an elite defenseman even in a group of only American Born players?

    Could it be us? He’s the best D-Man on our team, right?

  173. Good thing Giannone’s wife was at the Garden. If he came home at midnight with two black eyes and six stitches and told her he was hit with a hockey puck, she’d say, ‘yeah, right.’

  174. Man, once Tortorella takes the leash off, if that day ever comes and McD joins the deep rush or goes end to end, we’ll all find out if we have a bigger Brian Leetch.

  175. E3 pimp's angel on

    Manny – in order from good to worse – our dmen

    1. Stall
    2. Girardi
    3. Stallman
    5. Emminger
    6. Bickel
    7. McD

  176. E3 pimp's angel on

    There are high schoolers right now all over this great country that are better than McD will ever be….

  177. Ok, but I’m serious. Is McBust our best D-Man? Staal is good. Girardi is good. Del Zaster is good offesnively. Who’s the best?

  178. I love Stuart and his Bickels. I wish the guy was a 13th forward instead of a 7th D-Man though. I wish he could handle the stick enough to not embarrass us. Then beat the crap out of people.

  179. I know you’re kidding about McDuck. But, are you really Okay with Bickel in his role? Just axin.

  180. E3 pimp's angel on

    Brain Leetch was average. Great ranger D from the past starts and ends with Johnny bednarski

  181. That’s what I was wondering, Månnu. Don’t see enough of other teams regularly to really critique all the contenders, but if the US have six or seven better than McDonagh, then they must be in good shape.

    If they have at least FIFTEEN better as Mr Boo-urnside suggests, then hand them the gold now.

  182. E3 pimp's angel on

    Me? I am biased, but I think McD is the best D man in the league. I wouldn’t trade his assen for anyone. Pursuant to Bickel, I wish he got more minutes…. I like the kid a lot!!!!

  183. I think McDuck has enough of a consistent dossier to have proven himself. Only question now is how high is the upside offensively.

  184. E3 pimp's angel on

    Rangers have some thoroughbreds – get off the Horses’ necks, sit back, and let them run. McD is faster than a speeding train – unleash him on O. Play him on the point on the pp.

  185. Mrs. Dunne, in Ireland, saw Dillon, a family friend off at the dock, he heading to America. She asked him when he got to NY to look up her son from whom when hadn’t heard in years, and who worked in a laboratory. When Dillon docked in NY and left the ship, he saw a sign that said Lavatory. Entering, he saw no one except one stall door closed. He banged on the door, and hollered, “Are You Dunne?” The startled guy replied, “Yeah, I’m done.” Dillon hollered, “Well why the hell don’t you write your mother a letter?”

  186. How is Tampa going to play in Boston tomorrow night and make it here for Sunday with 2-3 feet of snow there?

  187. Oleo, You heard of surfin’ ? They’ll be waiting for the big one in their dry suits outside Boston Harbor

  188. Speaking of Boston, my Celts have been on 5 game winning streak despite missing Rondo!

    That’s what you call a team. Doc Rivers is a great coach. True professional! Aha, aha.

  189. Surfin biiiiiiiirddddddd a wella bird bird bird! Bird is the word I said a wella bird bird bird bird is the word! Have you heard about the bird?

  190. >>John Giannone….Guy deserves big props.

    Why, for not being alert while in a dangerous area?

  191. for not skipping a beat in his job. I would have been in the hospital. and he was looking at the clock, actually doing part of his job since he was to come on as soon as the period ended.

  192. Carp February 8th, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Holy shishkebob are we getting a lot more snow than was predicted!

    kidding right? major bust here.

  193. There’s no reason for these guys to be “between the benches”. It seems that only Lou Lamoriello understands this.

  194. A guy I know that works with Sports USA Media got his foot run over by a vehicle while in London covering the Patriots game this year. He was out of commission the rest of the year, and only was cleared for full activity this past week, and immediately played 36 holes.

    If you’re going to pitifully attempt to antagonize me, NYR, at least try to get your facts straight. It’s a 6 game winning streak.

  195. no, Lev. Here at blog HQ, they were saying 1-3 this afternoon, then 10-15 tonight. We got 6-7 this afternoon. I plowed my driveway once already.

  196. I agree, JBytes. Very little payoff having guys down there, especially when you get a situation like Torts-DeBoer and Pierre won’t tell us what they were saying.

  197. Shoveled twice and snow-blew once already. My baby Toro can’t handle it if it’s over 4 inches, so I got myself a dilemma, and I’m not through yet. Should have bought a real plow. Guess I’ll never learnt. Gainnone proved himself tough as the boys. Never missed a beat.

  198. I learnt and got myself one of those big-aasen snowblowers with a headlight (my favorite part). Second best thing I ever bought next to my generator.

  199. Next trip out to the driveway, I’m going to twist-tie a flashlight to the front of the baby Toro. Sounds like fun.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, going back to your question of Suter for McDonagh trade, if you’re asking who I would want for one game and one game only, right now it’s Suter. But if you are talking about their value as NHL players, there is no way I’d trade McDonagh for Suter. The list of D-men I’d take over McDonagh straight up is incredibly short.

  201. I just meant, if you were Sather and the money didn’t matter, and they offered you Suter for McDonagh, would you do it?

  202. coos, the other thing I got (came in handy for Hurricane Sandy) was one of those flashlight things you put on your head. Look like an idiot, but it’s great for filling up a gas tank, or anything where you need two hands out in the darkness. LED light, too, so really bright.

  203. Evening gang.

    We had 6 inches when I left work, took me over an hour to get home, and nearly slid off the highway on an incline too. Can I move back to Stl now?

    Only saw the third period last night. Amazing how good a team looks when it wins, but they do seem more cohesive of a team than they have all year so far.

  204. sometimes it’s just amazing how good a team looks when the puck goes in, because that was far from a great performance. Though I have no doubt it was pretty entertaining for youse to see the kids do what they did.

  205. It’s a fine point, Carp. Because the team played pretty well (comparatively) against the Devils. But the puck didn’t go in, so they are bad.

  206. Yea, Latona. Crybaby Crosby has to be up there. Mike Richards and his whine fest should be on there as well. Bertuzzi has got to be on that list. Raffi Torres should probably be #1. I mean. Two people in the NHL have nearly killed a fellow player. Torres almost killed Hossa (Marian) and Bertuzzi almost killed Steve Moore. They have to be hated.

    I think they maybe wanted to make that list so ridiculous to just create a buzz. Hey we’re talking about it. Some news outlets are actually attempting to cover hockey. Unfortunately, they can only do it in a “People Magazine” type way.

  207. Evening, ‘heads!

    Do you guys ever work? WTB?
    It’d better be more snow than this, dammit. I spent all day at work making sure all areas are covered by docs and residents and such, almost stayed overnight too. I don’t think we’ve gotten 1/2 in yet.

  208. E3 pimp's angel on

    Mine – Eddie Eddie Eddie (with Don Murdoch, pat hickey and Steve vickers tied for second)

    And tie between Kreider and Bickel with Girard in the hunt.

  209. Ah, Boyle has been pretty good for us in the past. Rupp is useless. Maybe Boyle’s struggling because his buddy Prust is gone.

  210. I think I just saw Torts shoveling out Madison Square Park, bawling his eyes out and babbling something about work ethic and the process

  211. E3 pimp's angel on

    That sandy relief blew me away. I have watched that at least 20 times. The who love eddie vedder too. Amazing performance.

  212. E3 pimp's angel on

    Hags was there on the side boards. We’re you there? That version of comfortably numb gives me chills….

  213. Roger Waters OR Eddie Vedder? How about Roger Waters AND Eddie Vedder?

    Even though I am mostly a David Gilmour fan….

  214. E3 pimp's angel on

    David Gilmour sang the Vedder chorus on the album. I am a huge David Gilmour fan. Perhaps the prettiest guitar sound in the business especially on slide.

  215. I was ranting to my wife about how David Gilmour is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. He’s always passed over for garbage like Eric Clapton.

  216. So melodic. My dad is a huge Barney Kessel fan (and a great guitarist to boot) and he is always going on about how jazz players just don’t “play the head” in a melodic style for their solo. He loves lyrical playing. Thus, he loves Gilmour. Loves.

  217. Holy crap, eddie. Wow. All of wish you were here? I remember desperately trying to play along with that album. So awesome.

  218. E3 pimp's angel on

    Jerry Garcia had the same tone as Gilmour. Garcia’s guitar chirped and talked to you whereas Gilmour’s guitar flows with you….

  219. I actually really like the Pink Floyd album, “More” (from the film of the same name). Nile is an AWESOME song. So shocking that they can just ROCK out like that.

  220. E3 pimp's angel on

    Manny – i saw not too long ago a Gilmour solo performance ( with band and featuring Richard Wright on keyboards), from holland I think, circa 2004 -,killer

  221. Hey! Friday night blizzard. Saturday holiday. The phones here should be lighting up from the Northeast! Survey says: All are too drunk to type.

  222. LOL Carp has a big headlight on his plower, and a flashlight built into his hat. I think I have the beginnings of a Simpsons’ plot.

  223. I like Justin Bieber. He has a new Fender Stratocaster and he’s taking guitar lessons. Gilmour and Clapton are soooooo ended.

  224. Forget if I told you my Eric Burdon story (Animals). He told this on a radio interview. He was out alone in a strange city one night, choosing to be because he had recently broken up with a long time girlfriend. He was sitting in a bar a couple hours and Karaoke night broke out. He had more beers, then finally, in his cups, he gets up and does ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ He comes back to the bar, sits down, and the bartender brings him over another cold one, and says, ‘This one’s on the house. That wasn’t bad.’

  225. E3 pimp's angel on

    Eric Burdon liked to crack eggs over his girls…. Hence the nickname, the eggman. John Lennon told that story…

  226. Saw Pink June of 1973 did most of Dark Side and alot of old sruff At Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City.Should of heard Money across the back of the stadium.

  227. Jerry Butler said he was dubbed “The Iceman” not because he was cool, but because he used to help his uncle deliver ice when he was a kid. Only the Strong Survive!

  228. Speaking of Floyd. When the Berlin Wall came down ( ’89?) I naively thought that the world was finally changing for the better and a new dawn had arrived.

  229. E3 pimp's angel on

    When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, peace will guide the planets and love will rule the stars.

  230. What becomes of all the little boys who never comb their hair?
    They’re lined up all around the block
    On the nickel
    Over there. Tom Waits

  231. Stranger – I’m Goin’ Where Them Chilly Winds Don’t Blow…
    Wish I Was a Headlight
    On a Westbound Train –
    I’d shine my light on Cool Colorado Rain –
    Out where them Chilly Winds Don’t Blow”

    Thanks for reminding me of a beautiful song.

  232. I just watched the Miller after-practice interview. He is already learning how to answer stupid questions.

    Lets hope he makes it past 5 games.

    I sure like watching games more with no Boyle, Bickel or Rupp on the ice. Wins are nice too.

  233. wishing all the best to
    and all the Boneheads
    who are getting hipchecked
    and malkined
    by Nemo

    as David Letterman
    said about digging out from a snowstorm
    “Take It Easy…”

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