Rangers, Chase team to help refurbish Playland Ice Casino


From the New York Rangers:



New York Rangers Assist Supported by Chase will Help Restore Rinks In the Rye and Long Beach Areas

NEW YORK, NY (February 7, 2013) – The New York Rangers and Chase announced today the launch of New York Rangers Assist supported by Chase, a program designed to improve the youth hockey experience and increase opportunities and accessibility to the sport. The new community-based program will start by helping refurbishing hockey rinks in Rye and Long Beach, New York that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy and have been out of operation since the storm.

Restorations will begin immediately at The City of Long Beach Arena in Long Beach and Playland Ice Casino in Rye. The City of Long Beach Arena, which will receive a new refrigeration system for the rink, new rubber flooring and sheetrock for the entire arena, and zamboni and electrical repairs, is scheduled to reopen in March. Playland Ice Casino will also receive a new refrigeration system along with roof and structural repairs, and is expected to open its doors in fall 2013. As part of the program, the Rangers and Chase will also host a variety of free events and activities to celebrate the reopening of the rinks with appearances from Rangers alumni.

“We are proud to collaborate with Chase to restore two community rinks in New York that have a special connection to the Rangers organization and serve so many hockey fans in the area,” said Howard Jacobs, executive vice president of marketing and sales, MSG Sports. “This new program further expands the Rangers longstanding commitment to providing youth and adults with a variety of opportunities through camps, clinics and special events to have fun, learn the game of hockey and hone their skills.”

“Our partnership with the Rangers is an extension of our long standing commitment to ‘do the right thing’ in New York communities – it’s engrained in our culture and how we run our business,” said Colleen Canny, head of Chase branches in the Northeast US. “This storm impacted our employees, our customers and our communities, so it’s only right for us to be a good neighbor as we rebuild.”

Both rinks hold historical significance to the Rangers franchise, having previously served as training facilities for the team. The Blueshirts practiced at the City of Long Beach Arena in the 1970s and Playland Ice Casino from 1979 until 2002, prior to the opening of the MSG Training Center for the 2002-03 season. The two locations are also currently official community rink partners of the team.

Last season, the Rangers held over 250 community events in the tri-state area, giving more than 10,000 youth the opportunity to experience hockey through free camps, clinics, and skating events. New York Rangers Assist supported by Chase adds to the Rangers expanding list of community initiatives that focus on growing hockey throughout the tri-state.

This new community program is part of a broader commitment by Madison Square Garden and Chase to take action in the community. The New York Knicks and Chase unveiled a similar initiative in December – Basketball in the Boroughs, presented by Chase – a program that serves thousands of youth in the five boroughs through free basketball clinics, Knicks player and alumni appearances, and basketball court refurbishments.


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  1. I thought they refurbished that place when Manhattanville started practicing over there Carp? I haven’t been to that park in years..Open practices there were the best. You could literally just walk up to Graves or Kovalev right in the back where they’d park and just BS with them and get autographs…

    I remember Graves sitting there for an hour one day just leaning up against his car signing…and signing…and signing.. Like he had no where to be until everyone got a signature.

  2. was pretty much wiped out by Sandy, yes.

    the open practices ruled … and even when they weren’t open, people used to hang out outside and meet the players.

    plus, at the time, it was five minutes from my house :)

  3. Good News.

    All three teams should chip in – don’t ya think?

    Nice to see the Rangers take the lead!!!

  4. Carp – 5 minutes from the Rye Rink? What was the name of that bar years ago that burned down before the players started hanging at the Rye Grill?

  5. Pretty excited about the lines tonight.

    Nice to think any line can score at any time!

    That said what line lights it up tonight?????

  6. Isn’t it great, Sioux!? We have such a deep lineup now. Just need to inject some JAM in there.

  7. Sarah Lawrence Ice Emporium. STILL unbeaten, untied, un-scored-upon! Just kidding (except for the last part)

  8. great move by the Islanders. Gives them a legit starter for next season should he decide to play.

  9. 39-year old who has a beer gut when he’s in game shape coming off a 1-year layoff? no thanks.

  10. It’s a paper transaction. He’s never going to play, and the Islanders don’t have to pay him a nickel. But he comes off the Bruins’ salary cap and onto the Islanders. What do the Islanders get out of this? Something, for sure.

    So much for all the rules about circumventing the salary cap. What a joke.

  11. The Isles give up a conditional second-rounder if he plays. But he won’t. So eventually, somewhere somehow, the B’s will give the Islanders something in return.

  12. Carp

    I could be incorrect, but from I understand, if Thomas refuses to play this season, his contract “slides” and he will not be a UFA until 2014. With Nabakov’s contract coming off the books, Thomas could then be their starter going into next season…

  13. no, they’re above the floor already. There’s something else … a favor to the B’s. The question is, what do the Isles get out of it?

  14. Well, usually a team trading with a Boston team gets nothing out of it. That’s the point :)

    But in this case, it says on TSN “carries a $5 million salary cap hit and puts the Islanders above the cap floor.” That implies that they weren’t above the cap floor.

  15. “The move puts the Islanders above the cap floor and the team can choose to toll the contract so they can keep using the cap hit in perpetuity if Thomas doesn’t come back, or just let his contract expire at the end of the season.”

  16. The Islanders have been above the cap floor no? So that argument makes no sense unless they wish to cut more salary over the course of the season.

    The Islanders essentially give up nothing and if Thomas intends to play next season they have a “team option for 1 years 5 million”

  17. Maybe the Bruins are just thanking the Isles (*long* after the fact) for deciding not to keep Zdeno Chara in their lineup!!?

  18. And also thanking the Isles for employing Milbury, thus taking him out from under the Bruins wing?

  19. Sorry that I’m not participating in the cap floor argument – but I really don’t care about it one bit!

  20. also, being able to use Thomas’ cap hit in perpetuity if the guy never comes back is a pretty big benefit to a low-payroll team

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