John Tortorella pre-game interview


The coach had some pretty good insights tonight on Brian Boyle and some of his other top players, including the goaltender and, without naming names, Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards. He also spoke about replacing the middle of the lineup lost over the off-season.

John Tortorella:



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  1. Visnovsky is the contract that put them well above the floor, so they didn’t need Thomas for that purpose … maybe they’re getting rid of somebody? Probably not.

  2. So what are the Islandorks getting from the Bruins for this? Like, I mean, what are they getting FOR REAL?

  3. Visnovsky put them about $4 million above the floor. They may very well be planning to move someone so who knows. Like I said, being able to use a guy’s $5 million cap hit forever is a massive benefit to a team that doesn’t spend.

  4. by the way, the fact that the Islanders will be paying Alexei Yashin for two full seasons after this one is unbelievable

  5. nah but the good news is they’ve got Rick DiPietro locked up for another 7 years. would imagine other GMs will be salivating at the chance to get dibs on him in 2021.

  6. Why don’t they play DiPietro at Forward and try to get him hurt before he turns 35 so they can move him to LTIR?

  7. Hey Carp, do you think there could really be any truth to the rumor that guys like Chris Campoli, free agents that were there for the lockout arguments, are actually being blacklisted by owners?

  8. Gotta believe DiPietro is compliance buyout No. 1 … and then the Islanders will have all sorts of money to spend. Too bad free agents won’t go there. Maybe when they move to Brooklyn.

  9. Thanks, Carp. That’s really surprising to me. In a very depressing way. I know Campoli was an Islander at one point, but he’s a cheap veteran that could really help some teams.

    NHL = McCarthyism

  10. Does this mean the Boneheads were right about Boyle?

    Bettman should take action, but it is Jeremy Jacobs doing the circumventing. Maybe Islanders think Thomas can play well next season, tolling the contract. And they probably do want to cut someone else’s salary.

  11. I was bored so I did a little arithmetic

    Rick DiPietro has started 170 games since signing that 15-year contract in 2006. That breaks down to roughly $294,000 per start and about $3150 for every minute he’s played.

  12. I can computer that next but keep in mind that those numbers are based only one what he’s been paid so far. If we want to talk about the total dollars committed to him, that works out to $397,000 per start and $6,700 per minute.

  13. It’s the Islanders doing the circumventing really, more than the Bruins. They don’t give a damn whether Thomas is in a bunker, asleep or whatever. The Bruins would probably rather have had him active, with the choice to trade him for something more than a phantom draft pick.

  14. Richards has had good numbers against the Fishsticks as a NYR, if I recall correctly. Maybe he’ll wake up tonight.

  15. another company man who can’t stop talking about how great the reno is and hasn’t paid for a seat in decades

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