Tortorella explains ‘scared’ and takes some blame for the power play


Here’s the unedited version of my story from The Journal News and

By Rick Carpiniello
GREENBURGH – Those players to whom Rangers coach John Tortorella was referring when he said they’re playing scared and tentative know who they are.

The 4-5 Rangers, a day after a 3-1 loss to the Devils (which, if there is such a thing, might have been their best loss of the season) had an optional practice and a film session Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s Garden game against the Islanders.

“We’re a 4-5 hockey club,” Tortorella said after the video meeting. “Maybe scared was the wrong word; maybe it was the right word. You can say it 10 different ways. I don’t want us to test the waters. I think . . . we’re testing the waters instead of trying to make a difference. That’s what I mean about being tentative and scared and all of that. Try to make a difference.

“We just finished our tape and it’s right there. So hopefully that will help. That’s what I’m trying to do, is to try to help. But it certainly has to be brought up in a conversation.”

Those in the conversation were almost certainly Michael Del Zotto, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Brian Boyle, all of whom were woeful in New Jersey.

Ryan Callahan (shoulder) could return as early as tonight. Defenseman Dan Girardi (banged up) may not.

Tortorella also took some blame for the (3 for 35) power play, which has been bad almost annually since Wayne Gretzky retired in 1999, and for all four of Tortorella’s seasons. He was asked if he self-assesses his coaching of the power play.

“Always,” Tortorella said. “We need to take responsibility along with them. We’re doing it with them, just like we do all our concepts. So, yeah, we’re trying to find and have a constant conversation with our guys: how do we get this straightened out? Are we giving you too much? Are we not giving you enough? Are there too many options?

“Certainly I’m not putting all the onus on the players.”

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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Just play Carl on special teams!!

    Do we play the fishies tonight or tomorrow night?

  2. Then there’s the one where the new wife tells the husband she’s a hooker and he says I can correct that for you, you just need more of a neutral grip.

  3. Stanger Nation on

    Hoping Cally or even DanG do not rush back from injuries until they are ready. Team obviously needs their skill and leadership but it would be a delzaster if they were to come back too soon and aggravate or more serious injure themselves.

  4. There’s a game in Phoenix tonight. If you buy two or more tickets, they’ll start the game whatever time you get there.

  5. RickNashIsABigRash on

    I watched that “game” live last night! We pack their house! They pack the score sheet! THe one and only goal (which was a doozie) you couldn’t hear anyone cheer!

    I want a refund for my 2 tickets from that snake oil salesman they call Mr Nash!

  6. Leetch, Brian D 82 21 58 79 34 -18
    93 Nedved, Petr C 79 32 46 78 54 10
    14 Fleury, Theoren RW 62 30 44 74 122 0
    20 Dvorak, Radek RW 82 31 36 67 20 9
    11 Messier, Mark C 82 24 43 67 89 -25
    27 Hlavac, Jan LW 79 28 36 64 20 3
    13 Kamensky, Valeri LW 65 14 20 34 36 -18
    18 York, Mike C 79 14 17 31 20 1
    9 Graves, Adam LW 82 10 16 26 77 -16
    3 Johnsson, Kim D 75 5 21 26 40 -3
    10 McCarthy, Sandy RW 81 11 10 21 171 3
    8 Grosek, Michal LW 65 9 11 20 61 -10
    24 Lefebvre, Sylvain D 71 2 13 15 55 3
    6 Malhotra, Manny C 50 4 8 12 31 -10
    47 Pilon, Rich D 69 2 9 11 175 -2
    26 Taylor, Tim C 38 2 5 7 16 -6
    28 Lacroix, Eric LW 46 2 3 5 39 -6
    22 Kloucek, Tomas D 43 1 4 5 74 -3
    17 Forbes, Colin LW 19 1 4 5 15 -3
    4 Brown, Brad D 48 1 3 4 107 0
    25 Gusarov, Alexei D 26 1 3 4 6 -2
    38 Ulmer, Jeff RW 21 3 0 3 8 -6
    33 Mottau, Mike D 18 0 3 3 13 -6
    29 Witehall, Johan LW 15 0 3 3 8 -5
    25 Smrek, Peter D 14 0 3 3 12 1
    29 Toms, Jeff LW 15 1 1 2 0 -3
    5 Purinton, Dale D 42 0 2 2 180 5
    23 Malakhov, Vladimir D 3 0 2 2 4 0
    39 Smyth, Brad RW 4 1 0 1 4 0
    37 Tuzzolino, Tony RW 6 0 0 0 5 -1
    25 Doig, Jason D 3 0 0 0 0 0
    39 Bannister, Drew D 3 0 0 0 0 -1
    18 Armstrong, Derek C 3 0 0 0 0 0
    15 MacLean, John RW 2 0 0 0 0 -2
    21 Robertsson, Bert D 2 0 0 0 4 -1
    36 Wilkie, David D 1 0 0 0 2 -2




    # Goalie GPI W L T OT GAA SO
    35 Richter, Mike 45 20 21 3 – 3.28 0
    30 McLean, Kirk 23 8 10 1 – 3.49 0
    31 Hebert, Guy 13 5 7 1 – 3.43 0
    31 Yeremeyev, Vitali 4 0 4 0 – 4.52 0
    32 Holmqvist, Johan 2 0 2 0 – 5.05 0
    34 LaBarbera, Jason 1 0 0 0 – 0.00 0

  7. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Plan for Boyle:
    1. Get Boyle married
    2. Wife nags Boyle
    3. Nagging wife ticks off Boyle
    4. Boyle takes out anger on opposition
    5. Boyle = Monster

    Thank you.

  8. Favourite memory of that year was when the 300-year, 1700-game winless streak against the Devils was ended. Hebert in goal, McCarthy deking Maaaarrrtty out of his XXXL pants (he was slimmer then).

  9. RickNashIsABigRash on

    Think about it for a second.

    Sather needed a big time scorer. So he goes to the worst team in the NHL and says “gimme the best guy in this here joint” then came back and expected everyone to just twinkle our toes!

  10. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Doesn’t the article say Wednesday game vs the fishies? Or is that just my bad reading and comprehension skills?

  11. RickNashIsABigRash on

    “Jeff in South Dakota February 6th, 2013 at 5:28 pm
    Plan for Boyle:
    1. Get Boyle married
    2. Wife nags Boyle
    3. Nagging wife ticks off Boyle
    4. Boyle takes out anger on opposition
    5. Boyle = Monster

    Thank you.”

    Jeff……… You’re an idiot!

  12. Carp is going to co-author that book with Johnny Muckler….

    I still can’t read that roster without feeling nauseous.

    LMGO @ “he was slimmer then”

  13. RickNashIsABigRash on

    Boyle will be gone at trade deadline! He’s the type of guy teams crave going to post season.

    BYE BYE BOYLE!! You’re hard work and great courage will finally send you to a place we call here at Ranger Nation “Fantasy Land” where teams play to dominate the game and not the morning papers.

  14. curious to see where we go with these pp units tom night. cant wait to get back to nyc tom to watch on dvr.

    for one i would put stralman and mac d on the point of first pp.

  15. Carp – In terms of the power play, I’d love to hear you ask Tortorella why he keeps trotting out forwards onto the point when they’ve had major difficulty keeping the puck in the zone on the boards. They’re obviously not used to reading that play and it seems counterintuitve to the style they play to get the puck into the zone, dumping it and grinding it out on the boards to gain control.

  16. Have u ever thought about signing your Messier book and selling autographed copies to get filthy rich, Carl?

  17. Almost everyone plays a little tense, but the irony is that the only people who play “afraid” are ones you least expect – the goons who from the night before worry about facing the opposing goon(s), and knowing, too, that their careers depend on their performance, and if they slide, they are history, unlike skilled players who survive downslides.

  18. I remember when we use to bounce pucks off of Boyle in front of the net. What ever happened to that idea?

  19. Carp – Who get’s Prucha’d if Cally is back.

    Pretty tough to sit Kreider or Miller after the game they put in last night?

  20. he can’t seem to get there anymore. not sure why he was (seemingly) so much more fearless for one season than any other year of his career but I’ve seen no evidence of that Brian Boyle ever since.

  21. Tiki – I will be at the Fighting Sioux Winter Classic :)

    You should be able to finds on on Direct TV on Saturday night!!!

    Outdoors Sioux vs Omaha!!! If you get a chance keep an eye on #19 Grimaldi. He’s our gold medal winner. (Not going to lie, I still wish Miller was skating on his line)

  22. Good evening all! Missed the past couple of days cause of work…byfuglien…I’m sure I missed this, but just in case, congrats to our newest bonehead from the OD’s!!

    This “season” is starting to make me really thirsty.

  23. I kinda forgot how good of a year those guys had. Unfortunately Ron Low was coaching the team

  24. E3 pimp's angel on

    Not sure if this has been discussed but that Nash goal vs lightning may have been the single greatest goal ever scored in the history of hockey.

  25. Remember the Hattie nedved had in Toronto to get them three points behind the canes first week of February? Richter was hurt.. They had just beaten the hawks. They go to Carolina and lose 2-1 the night after the leaf game. Season over. Or was that 2000?

  26. NBC Sports Network showing worlds lamest fight of Price vs. Thomas to hype up the Habs vs. Bruins game.

  27. E3 pimp's angel on

    I remember nedved’s fights more than his goals. In fact, my 3 favorite ranger bad assens

    1. Nick F.
    2. Joey K
    3. Petr (less) N.

  28. just have to say that in the 75+ games I attended while Brandon Prust was a Ranger, I never sensed anywhere near the love for him in the building that I’ve seen on this forum. it’s a bit peculiar. perhaps all of the really diehard Brandon Prust fans were seated in some other part of the Garden, but I can’t say ever came across as one of the most loved players (judging by jerseys, crowd response, etc.).

  29. Mike Emrick = most overrated sports announcer

    also, he sucks and is the kind of announcer idiots love because they think really savvy people learn a lot about hockey by listening to Mike Emrick

    Madden in football is similar but latent homosexuality aside was nowhere near as excruciating as Emrick

  30. I don’t know, Lloyd, I don’t really go to many games because it’s, um….., how do I put this? Unreasonably expensive to go? Yea. That’s the way. But the few games I went to I screamed my butt off for The Prust. Guy is one of a kind. Understand why we didn’t re-sign him. I get it. I knew we had to let him go. But hell. That guy….

  31. E3 pimp's angel on

    My wife screamed for Prust right along with me as well…. But then she would ask what inning it was….

  32. Obviously a lot of the Prust love comes from a few people on here who happen to be very loud and very dedicated to posting. And sure, most of it is tongue-in-cheek and very exaggerated. But He really was one of my favorite players on that team and I really think he’s nearly impossible to replace and I think he brought a LOT more to the game than his stats.

  33. Torts is trying to fit a bunch of donkeys into fine suits … but the suits don’t fit.

    These no-talent jack-o-lanterns are mediocre (4-5) at best and will finish where they deserve: out of the playoffs.

  34. Yeah I wouldn’t know anything about dedicated posting…obviously. I don’t even own a computer or watch any hockey games…obviously.

  35. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    I have to find a video clip of my favorite nedved moment…wait one

  36. E3 pimp's angel on

    Anyone remember Nedved goading Probert into finally dropping them? Probert was terrified of Nedved but finally obliged. Nedved threw something like 200 straight punches and Probert looked as if a fly landed on him…..

  37. Really? Guess his feet are in pretty bad shape and they think Brown and Wilson can be healthy and carry the load? Or maybe they are just spiraling into a massive rebuild…

  38. Diehl seriously needs to hang em up. His position is too important to still be out there getting beat on the corner.

  39. Guy is tough as nails…I don’t think he ever played healthy…

    Boley was released yesterday. Canty too. Osi is surely gone as well….

  40. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    LOL, found it, my favorite nedved moment is at 2:15 into the clip and lasts for about 10 seconds or so.

    Also a great clip where simon chases brashear all over the ice and brashear is too scared to fight him LOL…Simon was a STUD!!

  41. Bottom line is that this team and its weaksauce PP is atrocious. These clowns are so abysmal on the man advantage situations that I’m willing to bet against then scoring with a 2-minute, 3-men advantage.

  42. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    love the way he goes flying off the pile and dives right back on the pile

  43. E3 pimp's angel on

    I remember one game Nedved threw a viscous body check….well, he tripped and landed against the opposing player.

  44. Watching the Habs and here is what I see:

    1. Brandon Prust, shorthanded, makes a Herculean effort to carry the puck up ice and to the net, draws a penalty for his team. We have NOBODY that does that anymore.

    2. MTL on PP – they move the puck around like crazy, they gain the zone and there are quick one touch passes back to the point, the points look for openings while they pass it back and forth between them, nobidy stands around waiting for the puck or stays in one place too long. They move the puck quickly, and they move their feet. The only possible reason that personnel has a single thing to do with it is if there is so little respect for the point shot that it shuts everything else down, in which case they need someone who can bomb from the point.

    3. Honestly, the more I think about it, the bigger a mistake it was to let Prust walk. Mitchell fine, and you have to make the trade for Nash. and even if you want to replace Feds with Pyatt, fine. You know who the Canadiens are? They sure look like this year’s 2011-2012 Rangers. Our team stinks right now. They have no heart. I know, I said what we all said, no way Sather could or should have given Prust what Montreal offered. Well, BS. That guy was everything this team needed for the last 20 years. If truly they were a player or two away from the Cup last year, and this is year 2 of a 3 year window, then yes, you overpay Prust by $500K a year and give him an extra year to help your team win a Stanley Cup. Maybe we should have matched and worried about the fourth year of his contract in 3 years or so.

    Sorry it has just occurred to me

  45. Hey look. It’s Roman Hamrlik. Yelling at Messier. Good thing we didn’t try to get him away from the Caps.

  46. I come back here for some new mother-in-law jokes and instead all I see is Fake Nedved Love. Sounds like the name of some Europansy acapella group

  47. Ok fine. Wicky and Peter are my favorites.

    God. How great would it be to have those guys join the lineup one night?

  48. blah blah Prust…blah blah Prust…blah blah Prust…all day everyday.


  49. So it’s just a coincidence that Prust leaves and we stink and he joins the Habs and all of a sudden they are top notch?

  50. I think that if you asked Tort he would say that the team need a lot more of what Prust brought to the table last year. Guy never took a night off.

  51. Habs are “top notch” because they are much healthier team than they were last year…they have a new coach (who i think is a secret Nazi), Markov is back as well and is playing very well…sure prust adds “the little things” but to say that he is solely responsible for Habs’ success is freaking reaching, bro…

  52. Carey Price is huge! Someone should measure his freaking equipment!

    (and by equipment i mean his hockey gear)

  53. Anyone see J.T. Miller interview the other night? He says he concentrates on keeping his feet moving. Too bad some others don’t try it. Also said he tossed his World Juniors’ Gold into his grandfather’s casket. I think he reads Poe.

  54. cooscoos, I have to say that Gaborik is very effective at stick checking. He gets a lot of takeaways that way and often disrupts play. Probably a result of his playing under Lemaire. But otherwise, I rarely see NYR puckpersons stick check.

  55. JT Miller certainly looked like he belonged up here. Love the idea of him and The Kreider being in the lineup. SO much more depth.

  56. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    I think Boyle sits initially if cally returns

  57. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    you crazy Ukrainian, how the hell are you?

  58. How’ve you been, wicky?

    And I had an excellent lunch today, CCCP. Four bags of Entenmann’s Little Bites.

  59. That’s a bold prediction there, Wicky. I was hoping it would be…….not Boyle?

    Line Combo Time!

    Capt. Callahan-Richards-Monster Nash
    Boyle-JT Miller-The Kreider
    POW!-Dr. Halpern-Asham

    Who am I missing?

  60. I had a crazy hearing (like a trial) today and only ate lunch. Still. At this hour. I only ate lunch.

    It was Paneer Makhani with Basmati Rice and Roti. I had it at about 4PM. Only food of the day suckers. GUESS WHO’S TRIM?

  61. Man…’re right. PYATT

    Capt. Callahan-Richards-Monster Nash
    Boyle-JT Miller-The Kreider
    POW!-Dr. Halpern-Pyatt

    Prucha: Asham


    This team is a lot of frills and no jam…

  62. my comment is awaiting moderation?? CARP?!

    im great! i miss prust… NOT! ;)


    Four bags of Entenmann’s Little Bites? Your but’t cheeks didnt stick together i hope ;)

  63. A lot of love for Prust. Me selling out Latona for Peter. Wicky being strong. @CCCP@ whining because we love Prust.

    and now I am playing Line Combos and no one else is playing.

  64. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    I don’t think asham is a scratch anytime soon, only potential “toughness” forward in the group

  65. While the angels, all pallid and wan,
    Uprising, unveiling, affirm
    That the play is the tragedy, “Man,”
    And its hero, the Conquering Worm.

    I think I’ve had enough of Poe for awhile.

  66. So what do we do with our lines? How do we make this squad play like their lives depend on it?

  67. Asham will get his (limited) minutes. So long as he doesn’t take stupid penalties, and takes the other guy off with him, he serves a purpose.

  68. How about some Tennyson, then?

    For through from out our bourne of Time and Place the flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar…

  69. I am not suggesting that Prust is the sole reason the Habs look a lot better this year, nor am I saying he was the only reason the Rangers were what they WERE. Hockey is tremendously tremendous. No, I had to say that, but hockey is tremendously effort-based, in that a much less talented team can outwork a much more talented team and end up winning. And in the NHL, every ounce of that effort counts, and I think that is much more true in hockey than in other sports. A diligent, hard-working team can give a much more talented team fits if the talented team is any less disciplined.

    I think Prust puts that on the table every night for a team, along with a certain level of swagger and toughness, and I think that is a major thing the Rangers are missing right now. Just the way you wouldn’t want to have to replace Girardi’s stay-at-homeness, or McDonagh’s mobility and versatility on the back line, or Gaborik’s 40 goals, you wouldn’t want to have to replace what Prust brings to the table. Much moreso than what Mitchell or Feds or Rupp brought to the table.

  70. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    I prefer kipling or dylan thomas or sassoon

  71. Latona – Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night…
    Rage, Rage against the dying of the light… (Dylan Thomas)

  72. Or…My favorite poem

    And so they say,
    “The incident dissolved”
    The love boat smashed up
    on the dreary routine
    I’m through with life.
    And we should absolve
    from mutual hurts, affections and spleen

    -Vladimir Mayakovsky, Suicide Note, April 14, 1930

  73. Did Mayakovsky write that the night he gave up the puck on the winning goal by

  74. When rites and melodies begin
    To alter modes and times,
    And timid bar-flies boast aloud
    Of uncommitted crimes,
    And leading families are proud
    To dine with their black sheep,
    What promises, what discipline,
    if any, will love Keep?

    – W.H. Auden

  75. I’ll play:

    Gaborik/Richards/Hagelin (worked well last year)
    Pyatt/Miller/Kreider (now you have 3 lines that can score and keep Miller and Kreider together)
    Powe/Boyle/Asham/Halpern (because Brian Boyle is a fourth line center and penalty killer at best in this league)

  76. Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth, a youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown. Fair Science frowned not on his humble birth, and Melancholy marked him for her own.

  77. Good lines, Peter. You found a way to get Pyatt on the third line. I did not. I really like that. I just get worried about Dr. Halpern not playing and I think POW! creates a conflict there…

  78. wowser!

    In any man who dies, there dies with him
    His first snow and kiss and fight…
    Not people die, but worlds die in them. – Yevtushenko

  79. Now we’re doing world poetry? Here’s one..

    The first day of the year: thoughts come – and there is loneliness; the autumn dusk is here.

  80. Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat,
    With a baseball bat.
    Oh yeah

    – Joey Ramone

  81. My lines:

    Asham – Boyle – Halpern

    Danny G – Delzaster – Stralman

    Staawlh – Gaborik – Bickel

    Lundqvist – Biron – McTruck

    Pie-hat – Hagelin


    B-Teeth – Callahan

    Nash (in net)

    Stepan (backup)

  82. Now I wanna sniff some glue
    Now I wanna have somethin’ to do
    All the kids wanna sniff some glue
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  84. Auden-Shakespeare-Byron
    TS Eliot-Billy Collins-Nick Fotiu

  85. The race of champions, the pace the pace
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    Want more want more
    Another dead don’t cry, another dead don’t cry
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    – Wire

  86. Dude TS Eliot would never survive on a crash line with Nicky Fotiu. Where I went to school he played on a line with Joyce and Pound, and that was the first line: Eliot, Joyce and Pound.

  87. This is quickly turning into that Monty Python sketch where the Greek Philosophers have a soccer match against the German Philosophers…

    “Well there’s no score but there is certainly no lack of excitement here! Nietszche has just been booked for a yellow card. Nietzsche has just accused Confuscious of having no free will and Confuscious say “name go in book.”

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    Signalling with a flashlight Tom Waits

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    Edith Willis Linn Forbes

  90. 3C – Tolstoi, of course, should be playing, but until the world straightens out, we need Nicky on the fourth line or the opposition will break all the pencils and steal the lunch money.

  91. All things vanished within the snowy murk – white, hoary. A candle burned on the table; a candle burned.

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  93. I trust the sanity of my vessel; and
    if it sinks, it may well be in answer
    to the reasoning of the eternal voices,
    the waves which have kept me from reaching you.

    – Frank O’Hara

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  95. Pretty impressive, folks. On Mayakovsky and Yevtushenko. Trust me, it doesn’t sound nearly as pure as it is in Russian. It’s similar to reading Byron’s poems translated by Samuel Marshak, who made his name on children’s poems and English translation, but it still isn’t the same. Mayakovsky’s 4-line suicide note is one of the most powerful thoughts written by him.

  96. So here in the bar
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  97. When I think back on all the crap
    I learned in high school.
    It’s a wonder I can think at all
    And though my lack of education hasn’t me none,
    I can read the writing on the wall.

    I think everyone can name that writer :-)

  98. Amen, ilb. I actually got to Mayakovsky from reading Frank O’Hara who wrote some “odes to Mayakovsky” and such. When I read his suicide note (known as Past 1 O’Clock)….whoah…(I really like the translation I posted above which is about the only thing I have memorized.)

    I believe the four lines you’re referring to (translated poorly)

    “Do not blame anyone for my death and please do not gossip. The deceased terribly dislike this sort of thing. Mamma, sisters and comrades, forgive me – this is not a way out (I do not recommend it to others), but I have none other. Lily – love me…Comrades of VAPP – do not think me weak-spirited. Seriously – there was nothing else I could do.” Mayakovsky

  99. I think I read somewhere that years ago in Russia, thousands came out for poetry readings by Yevtushenko and others. True?

  100. one of my favorites…

    *Dancing In Odessa*

    We lived north of the future, days opened

    letters with a child’s signature, a raspberry, a page of sky.

    My grandmother threw tomatoes

    from her balcony, she pulled imagination like a blanket

    over my head. I painted

    my mother’s face. She understood

    loneliness, hid the dead in the earth like partisans.

    The night undressed us (I counted

    its pulse) my mother danced, she filled the past

    with peaches, casseroles. At this, my doctor laughed, his granddaughter

    touched my eyelid—I kissed

    the back of her knee. The city trembled,

    a ghost-ship setting sail.

    And my classmate invented twenty names for Jew.

    He was an angel, he had no name,

    we wrestled, yes. My grandfathers fought

    the German tanks on tractors, I kept a suitcase full

    of Brodsky’s poems. The city trembled,

    a ghost-ship setting sail.

    At night, I woke to whisper: yes, we lived.

    We lived, yes, don’t say it was a dream.

    At the local factory, my father

    took a handful of snow, put it in my mouth.

    The sun began a routine narration,

    whitening their bodies: mother, father dancing, moving

    as the darkness spoke behind them.

    It was April. The sun washed the balconies, April.

    I retell the story the light etches

    into my hand: Little book, go to the city without me.

    Ilya Kaminsky

  101. The savage mutilation of the human race is set on course
    Protest and survive, protest and survive
    It’s up to us to change that course
    Protest and survive, protest and survive


  102. ilb – re your comment, years ago I was reading Jorge Luis Borges, struggling through the Spanish, and I asked a Latin colleague, who was a linguist, to translate with his more knowledgeable sensibility. The first poem was titled “El Punal,” which I translated as “The Dagger.” He responded that ‘dagger’ was literally correct, but in Borges’ particular world, “El Punal” in context with the poem, carried all kinds of subtleties, which he started to enumerate in abundance. And this was just the Title of the first poem!

  103. Manny, we are! “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Think that was Oscar Wilde.

  104. Thanks, Carp, for bearing with us. We’ll sober up soon and come to a definitive conclusion on Avery and Prust. :-)

  105. Oh, Oscar. That vain bastard also said things like…

    “It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But… it is better to be good than to be ugly.”

  106. I’m a dog, you’re a dog
    (Everybody do the dog!)
    Bet you’re gonna do the dog all day long!

    Doberman pinscher, beagle, pekingese
    Corgi, collie, bulldog, great pyrenees

    Chase a car, there you are, sleepin’ round the clock
    Waitin’ for the cable man to chase around the block


    Miniature schnauzer, sheepdog, spitz
    Lhasa apso, poodle, chihuahua, mastiff

    Labrador retriever, whippet, harrier
    Shih tzu, chow chow, fox terrier


    Scratching in the sunshine, digging in the dirt
    Begging for a doggie treat, get off the furniture


    I’m a dog, you’re (a dog
    Everybody do the dog!)
    Bet you’re gonna do the dog all day long!

    (barking and sinister laughter)

    Miniature schnauzer, sheepdog, spitz
    Lhasa apso, poodle, chihuahua, mastiff

    Doberman pinscher, beagle, pekingese
    Corgi, collie, bulldog, great pyrenees


    Porkchop & Dr. D
    “Doggie Rap”

  107. Woman at a cocktail party said to Winston Churchill, who was in his cups, “Sir, You’re drunk.” “Indeed,” replied Churchill, “and you are ugly. I, however, will be sober in the morning.”

  108. Coos- I gobbled up everything I could find by Gabriel García Márquez back in Russia. Came to US, tried to read it in English, had to put it down- not the same. Guess what, my wife (American born, parents from Colombia) is laughing at me….Apparently, according to her, I didn’t really read any of his books.

  109. Coach Carp says, first day of practice: “I got a crazy bunch this year. They’re all over the place, and half of them are wacky, but they got energy and I think we might have something here.”

  110. 100 Years of Solitude boggled my mind in the day. Only read the English translation, of course.

  111. I had a similar experience with Proust. (*NOT* a Brandon Prust reference…). I was so excited to read the master of Prose and then haflway through The Swan I realized he wrote in French so what’s the point of reading him in English. Plus the book was depressing.

  112. I see some of you are still not using “THE Kreider” … don’t insult the beast, please.

  113. If you haven’t yet, give the “Autumn of the Patriarch” a look, coos…I think it’s more powerful than 100 years, but less known. Written in 1 sentence, comma separated. Again, I read it in Russian….

  114. I hate to admit how many novels I read after I finished college that I was supposed to have read IN college. Some of them I THOUGHT I had read until I later read them and realized I never had! And I know I’m not alone. ;-)

  115. Have read most of Garcia Marquez, ilb, Latona, including the story about him being Bickeled by Vargas Llosa, something to do with Llosa’s wife.

  116. Jagr, now there’s a guy who wouldnt fit on this team. We need more Rusts and Oyles and guys that cant put a puck in da net! Da? Spasibo!

  117. Jags, he sucked for us. He wasnt a leader. He didnt try on a nightly basis, despise being mid 30s and being the only real scorer on the team. Callahan’s by far a greater leader with significantly more skill. Teammates play harder for him, which can be quantified. I’ll take Callahan over Jagr every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Yadda yadda yadda.

  118. 5 gallons yellow
    1 gallon white (trim)
    Painters tape
    deposit checks
    1 lb. sliced ham
    call Kevin

    Oh, sorry, just making a list.

  119. Love the guy, Boyle. He is a good team mate. He has a big heart. But he does not belong on this team. He’s a lumbering, stone-handed non-entity in the offensive zone, and frankly I think he has not been the same since the Ottawa’s Neal concussed him in the playoffs last year.

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