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    They are not a better team than they were last year. Not nearly as tough to play against. PK is awful without Prust. They don’t forecheck anymore. They never wear down the opposing defense like they did all last year which is why they were a great 3rd period team.

    And by the way, I’m not knocking Nash the player. He’s a great player. I’m knocking breaking up a team that was 2 wins from the Stanley Cup Finals with homegrown players that bought into a particular style of playing the game for a Star forward who can’t match all the intangibles they gave up by just scoring goals.

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    Yes, this team is just a cut above mediocre. I think (I hope) this year’s squad is a “transitional” team – the way the 92-93 team was a transitional team between the 1991-92 President’s Trophy team and the 93-94 Stanley Cup team. The 92-93 team missed the playoffs entirely I believe and was one of the worst under-acheving Ranger teams ever. Despite having Messier, Leetch, Richter, et al.

  3. I didnt blame it on Nash, Richards, or Gabby, bull dog. I said.. with that talent, there’s no excuse for failure. That’s on the coaching. And if MDZ isnt doing his job as PP QB, then either he’s not capable of succeeding in that role, or the coaches aren’t doing their jobs. Seeing as how this has gone on for seasons, it’s not the lack of talent, it’s the coaching.

  4. your right. they are not a better team than they last year, 9 games into the season. its a bit of an overreaction to say that there not a playoff team.

  5. I agree from the last post about Nash. Just because you are a great goal scorer doesn’t automatically mean you are going to lead a team to wins. And not to mention whether it’s his fault or not. 1 time out of 9 his offensive production put CBJ into the playoffs. If the 1 star is better than the 3 core players than why couldn’t he carry his team to the playoffs more than once.

    Again, give me the team of 9 very good forwards playing a system than a superstar Top Line that any coach can easily match up against with 8 par to sub par forwards finishing out the team.

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