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Game 9.
Rangers at Devils.

Rematch of the Eastern Conference finals, and the first meeting since the Devils won Game 6 in OT as the Rangers did snow angels around Henrik Lundqvist’s crease.

Both teams are 4-4, but the Devils have three Bettman Bonus Points.

Lundqvist starts in goal against Martin Brodeur for the 34th time (regular season) in their careers. Lifetime, Lundqvist is 23-6-5, 1.73, .935 and five shutouts in regular-season games against Brodeur.

Looks as if Dan Girardi will not play. He took a day off from practice Monday, and was not in warmups this evening. So Anton Stralman moves up and Matt Gilroy and Stu Bickel play on defense.

J.T. Miller, the first-round pick from 2011, and newly-acquired Darroll Powe will make their Rangers debuts. Chris Kreider  returns from an ankle injury. Steve Eminger is prucha’d.

Earlier in the day the Rangers reassigned Brandon Mashinter to Connecticut (AHL). He had been called up in the event that Powe did not arrive in time and Kreider was unavailable.


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  1. blocked a shot in the tampa game. I read he is banged up. I guess that means his ankle is really sore and can’t play.

  2. Obviously got dinged up in Tampa. He did look hurt on a couple of shots. No idea if it’s that or something else. Hasn’t been officially scratched, but not in warmup usually means scratch.

  3. I like the addition by subtraction with regard to the Rupp move and think that, by all accounts, Powe is the type of player Tortorella will like, i.e. shot blocking, puck posession forward. Also, from what I saw of JT Miller during the World Championships, he appears to be defensively responsible, which should go a long way to putting him in the coach’s good graces.

  4. ps, don’t know if this is official or not, but the Rangers “officially” use J.T. now, not JT. Maybe he can afford two dots now that he’s making NHL money.

  5. not buying into the science-fiction about Halpern, Asham and Boyle being anything but a 4th line but I guess he’ll play that card until things start deteriorating. would like to see the young guys get some ice and not be in the position to get lost entirely if the team winds up shorthanded once or twice.

  6. also, I think if that new line plays well, the third line will be the fourth line … but will get some checking assignments.

  7. Can’t wait to get a look at Miller. Powe will turn out to be a fan favorite. Fast, gritty and an excellent penalty killer. LGR’S!!

  8. they will also give Boyle and Halpern defensive assignments in a lot of games … which to me defines it as more than a fourth line. Last year getting 16-18 minutes a night (Boyle-Prust and whomever). That’s not fourth line.

    but if they don’t score goals, to some people, they suck and they’re useless.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi’s been banged up for four seasons…hope its not serious. thats why Stu is on the back line

  10. I think he’s missed two games in his career … with a ribcage injury. And he wanted to play both of those games.

  11. Manny, I think it was St. Augustine who said: “Oh, Lord, give me Chastity, but do not give it yet.” Everything, including holiness, in time, in time.

  12. Carp,

    “banged up” really Carp??? He is never out. Can you get us more info than that? He did skate this morning so I am not to concerned but still concerned.

  13. So the playoff series shaped the course of both franchises forever, eh Cangialosi? Like ensuring Parise stuck around, stuff like that, right?

  14. Quantify how “good” Boyle’s defense and penalty killing is and then proclaim how useful he is. Until then, it’s just noise.

  15. Carp’s fingers never stop typing when they get banged up. Girardi should be ashamed of himself (see what I did there).


  16. N.Country_NYRfan on

    Oh man we’re gonna have to hear JoeM go on and on about young thick legs tonight with JT in the lineup.

  17. Chico just eulogised for a good three minutes without noticing the puck ended up going past Marty and into the goal.

  18. what a bad break. I’m not liking this, rangers should be up 2-0, stepan wide open net gaffe and Nash’s goal but unfortunately nash knocks the net off the peg before the puck when in, jeez.

  19. the mooring rule

    shouldn’t be taken off scoreboard
    if it’s not player’s fault
    for net being dislodged

  20. The only asinine thing is trying to educate you on the importance of analyzing with the help of statistics instead of just with your eyeballs. Wont happen again. :)

  21. I knew that was coming. I can see this is going to be a long night. Rangers defense looks shaky.

  22. I’m not an apologist, if that’s what you mean, tiki. I’ve said the guy stunk for most of the early part of this season. The last few games, especially Saturday, he was very good in that role, after moving to wing. If you can’t see that, then go to and find the defensive stats.

  23. I almost forgot about the Aasenine “hey, you suck” chant after goals. Cause it makes sense to say your team sucks after the score a goal.

  24. I hate that, Gravy, but I suppose it’s appropriate for the team considering it was written by a convicted pedo.

  25. leetchhalloffame on

    Doesn’t seem to matter how many good players Devils lose. They just continue to be an annoying force. Hate them.

  26. Chico surmised that Lundqvist would have a psychological problem with facing the Devils even before that goal. Bet he’s a gibbering wreck now. (Lundqvist, that is. Chico is long past that stage, obviously.)

  27. Many would say the Devils consistent success over the years is due to good management and recruiting but I look at it more as proof that God doesn’t exist.

  28. i’m watching Center Ice telecast
    which once again DOES NOT
    have Rangers announcers
    laptop playing Rangers
    radio broadcast
    it’s a bit behind the play
    but i don’t care

  29. Good, it’s only Arron Asshat.

    There’s a reason he’s called Chico. It has something to do with young boys.

  30. there ya go!

    sorry to be pessimistic
    the Script
    sure seems to be playing out so far

    hope it changes SOON!!


  31. When you can’t score, the other team will. Nash has been helping the opponent often lately.

  32. puck drops right in
    front of Hank
    and he’s not ready for it

    Nash line out for
    what half the period
    and they have less
    points than clarkson


  33. 4generations 4 cups on

    This is a joke. 8 minutes of PP and seriously nothing to speak of except Lundqvist being a sieve in net.

  34. Biron in 2n period? West Coast does that a lot.

    Not all Hank’s fault

    4minute power play and no goals, really?

  35. 4generations 4 cups on

    I agree, there is definitely an issue at this point. The rangers have no ability to play consistent 60 minute hockey 9 games into the season. I havent been doubtful before this but yeah i dont know now.

  36. nice period what was better; the gaborik go backwards so they gave the puck up and henriques scored? how about the tremendous PP, the devils only got about 5 shots on the ranger PP? or nash looked in the air for the puck while it was at his feet for the 23 put in?

    nothing like putting miller right on the PP!!!!!!!!!

    disgraceful frist period, the PP is literally repulsive……

  37. Frustrating inability to pass and receive the puck. It looks like everything is a struggle for them out there…

  38. is it ok to say that MDZ got knocked off the puck, and then ended behind the net on the last goal? or we still can’t knock him. also, the power play? who QB’s that? oh yeah, same guy.

  39. gaborik does not show up halfthe time, can he win a battle on the boards?? can the rangers win a battle on the boards..

    not henriks fault, why take him out??? no chance…

    they lose every puck battle; stralman, gaborik, others…

    the devils play a simple north south game, rangers ie gabby try to be cure with the backwards in your own zone crap etc…


  40. Devils have scored all the goal they’ll need for a win. Time to go check out “Ronaldo: Tested to The Limit”.

  41. watching Marc Staal shoot a puck is very depressing.

    Every once and a while he’ll surprise you with a nice blast, but the other 9 times looks like he’s shooting the puck with a wet noodle.

  42. Why is that 2nd PP unit full of pizza faced kids so much better than the 1st unit full of “superstar” vets?? Amazing!

    Miller looked pretty good. He sure as hell should get promoted a line or two, if he hasn’t already.

  43. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty February 5th, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Reminds me of the first period against Toronto.

    no way gravy. we played a good 1st against them. yea the score was the same but they had some jam in that game

  44. FlaRanger – where in FL are you? I need a bar w/ NHL package in Fort Lauderdale area for thursday night’s game.

  45. staal if he could put any pace on his shot has a goal…

    the #1 line is the problem; gabby is a euro softie, nash has given up 3 goals at least this year on his crap.soft play in his own zone, and richards(Mr drop pass) is whatever….

    why play mcdonagh on the PP they have so many other better options!!!!!!!!!!baloney

  46. “not a hater Mister D. just calling like I see it.”

    Best part, and I swear I’m telling the truth, is I posted what I posted blind. Logged onto the site and posted that without reading anything else in this thread. Sometimes you just people you don’t even really know.

  47. Carp
    i know that you haven’t received the wrath of Torts
    ala Uncle Larry or even Gross
    you’ve gotta ask him
    he doesn’t bring in Messier or Leetch or
    SOMEONE to work with the team
    on the power play!

  48. Got home for the final 10 minutes of the 1st and what did I see…..Same-o, same-o…. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Devils plod on like a jet engine while the Rangers look like they couldn’t give a crap. Where are the character guys on this team that can also play the game?

  49. MDZ wasn’t the only one with mistakes. Gilroy, Staal, Bickel all gave up the puck. Stralman has been steady

  50. need a power play QB. MDZ may be the answer eventually, but right now he is the problem.

  51. czechthemout!!! on

    At the game tonight.

    I thought that we outplayed them despite the score. Two dumb plays and thrre you have it. Fatso made the saves, hank didn’t.

    Miller looks very good. Torts should play him on the top line and take Richards off of it. He looks awful!

    Gabby who?

    Mdz is so overrated by so many of you guys, it’s scary.

    They just dont shoot enough on the PP.

    This game is still winnable.

  52. Headzo….”Bru’s Room”…..has multiple locations around the area…. thursday you shud be able to find a corner for yourself…..they’ll set you up.

  53. don’t understand why Torts continues
    with Bickel and Gilroy
    don’t understand why Torts
    hasn’t put Gilroy as forward
    rather than Bickel
    is it in Gilroy’s contract he can’t be
    moved to forward?

  54. Not sure if anyone is watching, but Rinaldo just pulled a complete piece of ____ move on Crombeen in a fight. Crombeen off his skates, one knee on the ice and the other leg in the air and Rinaldo clocks him. Someone needs to destroy that kid.

  55. ilb, stralmans been damn good this season. not too much offensively of yet but he is steady as you say and deserves the icetime

  56. Boyle is awful. Goals not his fault, but if I have to watch him glide all over the ice all year I don’t know if I can take it. He is watching and not moving his feet. But whatever, he’s not the problem.

    DelZotto was just atrocious there, just awful. Slow, indecisive, and on the first goal, loses the puck, and then, with Staal and Richards already behind the net chasing the puck, chases the puck with them so Henrique can order a Danish with that coffee in the slot. Even my 12 year old knows enough not to leave the crease wide open and uncovered. Too bad he’s not playing for the Rangers.

    And would it be possible for “the big line” that gets paid $27 million a year between them to actually show up and play hard every game? Seems like that should be a given.

  57. Stranger……IMO, Richards is a good guy who is overmatched more than not. He is not quite big enough, strong enough, fast enough, quick enough to be a top line player. More than not, he appears to be lost in the defensive zone. His power play contribution is insignificant.

  58. dressed Bickel in case there were fights. yeah lets win the fights, screw the game. Eminger in his sleep is better than Bickel. why does this guy continue to get a uniform just to sit in the bench.

  59. >>…Why Boron is on the bench?

    Because Lundqvist has a “rivalry” with the goalie on the other end.

  60. FL – Turnberry Isle. My GF will be at a work dinner that night & need to get lost for a couple hours. Works out nicely!

  61. Just face it we are missing the playoffs. Some times teams with expectations fall flat on there face. We are witnessing it.

  62. “MDZ is going to kill McD’s +/-” So very true. MDZ mus have coughed it up atleast 4 times in this game.

    Why is Richards on the point again? And what’s the story with Gabby? Looks like he has no interest. First PP looked OK getting off many points. Then back to the same old. Don’t know why the Rangers have so many problems getting the puck in the zone and getting set up. should be academic with a man advantage. Oh well second period starting.

  63. Well, I knew the defence was going to take a hit when I heard girardi was out. Because of losing players to free agency and through the Nash trade it is going to take a while before this team gels. Unfortunately because of the shortened season this team might not get going until it’s to late. Just to many changes to this team.

  64. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ranger may never make the playoffs again…no worries…we still have the Knicks

  65. Carp
    another possible question
    after WHY NO PP COACH?

    why, after all these meetings
    with the devils, do Rangers
    continue with same strategy
    of chipping puck out of the zone
    to devils players who at the point
    waiting for the puck?

  66. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i think i will start for the flyers….might as well root for a good team

  67. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    flyer blog is great too…..accepting of typos as none of them can write or spell

  68. How about Kreider for Gionta, Bernier and Carter?? All of whom we could have signed in the summer for less than 4 million?

  69. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “ranger PP is the model all teams want to de-emulate”

  70. Doesn’t work like that, Papa Bear. Deep down, you know they would have failed miserably in NY. Just because.

  71. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    anson carter…maybe the greatest pure scorer in ranger history

  72. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    marty is gobbling up the puck tonight like it were a scone

  73. Definitely enjoying Kreider and Miller. Definitely feeding off of each other. Love the idea of throwing them with Nash.

  74. Latona, you are right…..All Devil players are programmed to fail when they cross the river to play for us. It’s in their DNA and contracts.

  75. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    camera zooming in chris christy is the definition of irony

  76. Loose puck in front Clarkson jumps on it and slams it home. Loose puck in front , Stepan looks like his having a seizure ( in slow motion) trying to find it.

  77. Thanks Fla. If the Rangers keep playing like this I may have to have the bartender turn the game off!

  78. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    papa bear – stepan score his goal for the year……get off his back

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    remember before the season when we were among the Cup favorites? let’s go back to that time and pretend the season never happened.

  80. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    look guys, getting shutout every other game is not as bad as getting shut out *every* game

  81. How come every game I hear how well the other goalie is? Maybe we just are not that good at shooting the puck?? How about that?

  82. dave maloney just said not much to complain about from rangers standpoint.

    maybe being down 2-0

  83. Richards has looked _bad_ honestly. Del Zaster is having a total mind freeze game. But hey. Good period and the 19 and 21 year old looked pretty at home. More noticeable than many (Pow!). So let’s pick it up and put the biscuit in the basket.

  84. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JT Miller playing well….rupper for JT great trade for rangers

  85. rosen and michelletti with the moral victory crap, they did out play them in the 2nd but the idea of the game is to score….

    they won battles. the einsteins even on occassion actually jsut threw the puck to the net.

    nash missed a goal for a change…gabby got his heart rate up to maybe 30. mdz may be stoned or drunk. skating and decision making tonight is horrendous….

    the PP is 3 for 41 or so under 10% for the season…

  86. No problem, Doodie.

    Devils blew a few 2-3 goal leads against NYR last season, and in the playoffs, if I’m not mistaken, so this game is far from over. As long as Hank can do what chunk style is doing, and come up with some big saves.

  87. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    jpg’s sister – as i tell my students…dont worry about the grade…just worry about learning….these rangers may lose every game…but they ARE learning

  88. watch the rangers once the debbies get it in the zone, the run around chasing the puck, stay in your area….

  89. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    richards on next episode of “beginnings” … bad it isnt “finishing”

  90. Looks like Dubinsky took a major for boarding, Richards instigated the fight and got the extra penalty for his visor-wearingness.

  91. game wouldn’t be too terrible
    Rangers actually converted
    on ONE of the four powerplays
    wasn’t 2-0
    this was pre-season
    the game didn’t count in the standings

  92. was thinking the same thing Doodie. put Nash with Kreider and Miller. they need a finisher with them. Hagelin has been awful again tonight. like Stralmans game tonight. can’t look at that Boyle, Asham, Halpern line anymore. if Torts goes to 9, those 3 must sit.

  93. Can I chime in to say that we are watching a .500 team because they look to me that they’ll end up a .500 team? Has even one needed player stepped forward so far this year? It’s getting late early and it’s time to get r dun. By that I mean bring the damn ruckus already!

  94. Do you get a penalty if you remove your visor-equipped helmet voluntarily at the outset of the fight?

  95. hagelin has been good tonight compared to the other forwards. gets the puck, forechecks.. better then gaborik…

  96. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “if the Rangers dont score in the 3rd, they will be possibly shutout”

  97. Richards is the Jason Bay of hockey. The most non factor 8 million dollar hockey player I have ever seen….

  98. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    good interview on radio between Dave Maloney and Don LeDevil Fan

  99. Well, just got home from an unavoidable appointment – but was listening on 98.7 – let’s face it, we’re cursed by Satan when it comes to this Debbies franchise – any luck we may have had against them in the past (Matteau, Matteau) is gone – it ended in the last millenium.

    Nice play as Clarkson pulled the puck out of Nash’s aasen to score the second goal….

    We are doomed. (I know, I sound like eric – but that’s how I feel!)

  100. Mike E..great comparison. Both over paid underachievers. Both loved by their teammates and the media.

  101. E3, yes, if I had tele-radio I could have seen the corpulent face of LaGreca in full-gloat mode…

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    don’t worry guys, only another 7 years of Richards after this one!

    This contract is going to make Gomez and Drury look like bargains.

  103. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    olga – i will watch it on TV…rather be there….almost went…good seats too

  104. Jimbo

    playoffs are a whole other world
    IF we make the playoffs
    and the way this team is
    that’s not even a given
    i worried about being doomed
    the moment i heard
    us being touted as Cup champions

  105. is it possible the rangers buy richards out with there remaining 2nd buy out after next year. Is it possible?

  106. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    stepan + Hags + Boyle could finish the season with a combined 2 goals.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Stepan with Nash and Gaborik now. You know, because Stepan has been such an offensive juggernaut.

  108. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    dang – i should have gone to Hawks/sharks game….this is brutal

  109. tommyG: I speculated on that before the season. I think if he doesn’t perform up to his contract next season it’s almost a given. Otherwise, they’ll be hit with a cap hit of $6,666,666 right through to the end of the 19/20 season. It’s only common business sense that unless he blows the socks off next season, he’s bought out.

  110. Gee, a guy gets in front on the powerplay and scores on a rebound. Does the Ranger coaching staff take notes?

  111. Yeah, Henrik’s been disappointing this season e3. And the Nash trade is still looking great, JRP.

    Wait, LW, Chico thinks?

  112. Jim,
    I can see it happening because of the players the rangers will have to resign after next season.

  113. JRP37 February 5th, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Everyone laughed at me when I said I would not make the Nash trade… How’s it looking now?

    still good and will look good in 15 years and in 50 and in 100. Go chill with the other poster named “kovie” unless you are the same dude.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    So when does Tortorella end up on the hot seat? And I’m not saying he should, just questioning when it would happen. But I think it’s pretty clear right now that this team is not performing to even 50% of its potential right now.

  115. This team lacks heart guts and emotion. They are a disgrace and should be embarrased. We are witnessing a epic embarrassment for a team who was actually one of the season favorites.

  116. The thing that is more alarming than the fact that the Rangers can’t score is that they can’t defend

  117. Well, The Kreider got one, anyway – at least it won’t be a Fatso-bastage shutout…

  118. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    latona – hank hasnt really had a good game yet…certainly hasnt stolen a game

  119. Tom


    didn’t you know that Torts knows EVERYTHING there is
    to a successful powerplay?
    the team was even asked last year when it sucked
    a little less than it does now
    about watching other teams’ pp’s
    and they said they don’t bother.

    what a buncha maroon type thinking!

  120. Put a fork in them. This team is just not that good.

    Give JT more ice. He looks like the real deal.

  121. Certainly not. I can’t say he’s been terrible, e3, but he hasn’t been The King by any stretch of the imagination.

  122. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    “del zotto shoots wide” – havent heard that one before

  123. yes Jim
    good thing i play a depressed character

    just gotta think about tonight
    and i’ll either be vastly depressed
    or close to road rage.
    bouncing from one emotion to the other

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Wind up a little more Richards. Maybe next time you can send a message in morse code before you shoot.

  125. Lundqvist has been just ok. He needs to step up and lead this (mediocre) team out of this quagmire. Tonight would have been a good night… Well, maybe against the Fishsticks

  126. Why is every save “SAVEEEE Brodeur!” If i wanted the Devils feed id listen to the dude with the rat on his head.

  127. Proposed Rule Change. When you intentionally impede the opposing players path to the puck on an icing the icing should be waved off.

  128. Not the kovie guy that posts on here. Just a former Whaler fan that became a Rangers fan that was in Cbus for two years and watched Nasher play out there. Maybe I just need to step back from the ledge, but I’m weary.

  129. Chico: “The Rangers are playing with fire, literally.”

    Chico is a moustache and toupee taped onto a bag of strangled parrots, literally.

  130. Lev
    why on earth and the rest of the universe
    do you have the sound on?

    turn it down, man!!
    put on some music
    and try to relax
    through the ongoing Ugly

  131. Ryan Carter just skated right into Stralman on that rush and removed him from the play. Interference?

    Not that I want a PP, just the premise..

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR Fan, that’s the half glass full version. the glass half empty version is that he has been better than 40% of the guys we had on the team prior to today.

  133. I actually don’t think they played that badly. Hank could have been better. Brodeur is the story of this game…

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    What is with these enormous windups? Maybe you can have a siren attached to your stick to let you’re about to shoot.

  135. This love affair for fatso on MSG is disgusting. Chico is getting jealous of Sammy and joey

  136. The Devils haven’t impressed me, NYR. Brodeur’s been solid, but the Rangers certainly aren’t helping by shooting into his equipment.

  137. I think the Rangers are a disgraceful stink of an embarrassment more than anyone else thinks they are embarrassingly stinking of a disgrace.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone from the Devils will go and take a spearing major after this PP is over to ice the game.

  139. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m just starting the second period and at this point gilroy belongs in the ECHL

  140. wow!!
    that was momentum killer!!

    i think a line of

    would have been better on that pp

  141. Who would’ve thought – you hire Richards and Nash in successive seasons and your power play gets WORSE!

  142. Any chance someone suggests to Tortorella that the PP (not his) may need to get looked at? Just a thought.

  143. Fatso is stealing this game –

    When will Lundqvist start stealing games this season?

    When will anyone on the rangers actually step up???

  144. you guys think this is bad? wait till we get spanked by the dynasty from long island on thursday

  145. got my entire game’s worth
    of screaming and cursing
    at the tv
    done during that “power play”

  146. Next guy up should be someone who is gonna slam Elias after he has 7 whacks at Lundquist uncontested

  147. Mr. Broadway Ed sucks on the power play QB..

    I think he’s there because Lidstrom – uh I mean Girardi is out tonight.

  148. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    if that puck hit crosby’s lips, the puck must be really swollen

  149. Make mecthe Director of Player Personnel. I’d Cut Gilroy, Pyatt, Halpern, Asham . Trade Stepan, Boyle, MDZ.

  150. i would just be happier
    if we forfeited.
    next stoppage
    just leave

    why bother?
    what a freekin’ pathetic shockingly horrible mess
    of players who don’t deserve to wear the jersey tonight!!

    i’m sorry but these are your freekin’ rivals. there’s supposedly enough
    “leaders” on this team to teach this and show this
    to any new player on the squad.
    instead, they’re still playing like these games don’t count.
    sons of

  151. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    you cannot expect to trade a major impact player like rupper and expect to win

  152. Kreider – Hagelin – Gaborik: do it. We don’t win faceoffs anyway. Then put Miller and Nash together. Hahahahaha.

  153. so i only saw last 10 mins live on computer back in hotel room

    someone anyone sum up in two three sentences what went wrong for me

  154. btw
    if we ever got clarkson
    i could bet my fingers toes
    and cojones
    that he would up
    sucking worse than
    a combo of Driver, Gomez and Holik

    just natural in Ranger World

  155. If this win one lose one things continues with no added depth is Torts risking getting on the hot seat? Two weeks ago I said it’s ridiculous, now Im not so sure.

  156. Eric, what went wrong is that you got to see the last 10 minutes. You would have been better off not getting connected at all.

  157. also halpern has no stick skills, faceoffs and PK that is all he can do.

    PP is about 6% on the year, lucky they have all that talent. gaborik, nash, richards, they are chumps.

    devils scored there PP goal in about 8 seconds what a caoncept shoot the puck look for rebounds.. that is a new concept….

  158. as negative as it all seems right now, I thought there were some good signs tonight. Miller, and Kreider for two. I think Nash is going to bust out. wish I could defend Stepan to all, but I really can’t. he has not been good enough. neither has Richards for that matter.

  159. Panic mode is ON.

    If they lose to the Fishticks, I can see them missing the playoffs. Seriously. There is no fight in this team at all.

  160. eric

    1st — you shouldn’t have bothered

    2nd — we played with less than zero cash my paycheck passion

    3rd — Clutch Grab. repeat

    4th — Hank not making saves when needed

    5th through 80th — power play SUCKS worse than last year

    81th — overpassing

    82nd-th — did i mention that the power play SUCKS?

  161. bull dog

    i’d more willing to look at the positives
    this was pre-season
    and the growing losses did not count
    if the team played with more jam and just happened to run into a hot goalie

  162. If Richards continues to disintegrate, he will get bought out….I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it if this what we will be getting from Richards going forward….

  163. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Panic on the streets of London, Panic on the streets of Birmingham, i wonder to myself

  164. Should have traded Stepan and kept the nose-picker – at least he had some grit.

    Game over.

    Season over!

  165. yep blame stepan instead of 2 goal nash. who is directly responsible for giving up 3 goals and BTW he is the highest paid player on the team..

    nah I am wrong his missed open net play tonight looked good. style points 1, goals ZIPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    nash floats, he does not play hard all the time, he should fit in great with gabby who is the master of floating…….

  166. can’t be using the team chemistry excuse
    lines 1 and 2 remained the same
    both have shown (all too brief)
    flashes of brilliance
    line 3
    should be showing just a slight blip of life
    the line 4
    Kid Line
    showed much more
    than all 3 combined
    sadly sad

  167. per djoos, seriosuly are you joking or are you this friggin stupid???

    don’t answer moron.

  168. _At least we don’t get to hear “Mike Rupp can’t play” thingy_

    yeah now we can go back on “Boyle cant play” again… ;)

  169. thanks goodness
    i have Center Ice package
    and can watch some real hockey
    played with real passion by
    28 other teams in the league
    sure as hell don’t find it
    from this one


  170. I suggested we use the 2nd compliance buyout on Richards at about game 2 of the year. However, I may want to withhold on that until Nash starts scoring goals.

  171. boyle can play if he is on the 4th line and plays about 6 minutes a game.

    bickell a blog favorite with a big 4 minutes of tremendous skill and smarts.

    yep he is better then gilroy because he can fight!!!!!!!!!!!!shrewd…..

  172. there 9 games into the season. many guys have not played well yet. I expect they will. I know there are only 48 games this season, but there still is plenty of time. depth was a concern coming into the season, but I think they may be starting to get some depth. the Powe trade was a good one. Miller played really well tonight, and we saw Kreider from the playoffs tonight. I feel better about this team than I did a couple of days ago.

  173. of all things i just got Brendan Shanahan
    to answer one of my tweets
    (he’s being a smart aasen but…)

    @NHLShannaban pls explain why #NHL allows #NJD to clutch grab every season. too obvious to NOT notice.

    Brendan Shanaban
    @johnpgatta They know how to use bribery appropriately. #NHL #MoneyTalks

    i answered

    @NHLShannaban What’s the price? Maybe 29 other owners could pony up to offset #NJD. apparently Lou know where Hoffa is buried.

  174. I didn’t see much from Gilroy suggesting he’s a big upgrade from Bickel tonight, Stuart a.

  175. 0 for 4 on pp in 1st period. what a disgrace.

    was brodeur the diff according to joe mich? or is he out of his mind.

    girardi should i panic yet.



  176. Eric

    I feel the same – this has a “miss playoffs” feel…

    Just don’t feel the “jam” coming from this group

  177. if gilroy can stand up on his skates he is a upgrade over bickell.

    mdz looked like crap.

    richards is a joke…do not let nash off the hook. he played hard 5 minuts of the game..gabby did his euro roaming routine…..

    mcdonagh and staal played well and the young guys…mcdonagh should play on the PP(80th time i mentioned it).

  178. LOL…To predict a playoff “miss” at this point is crazy…like tonight was a must win or something…ridiculous…

    We have a 19 year old kid who looked better than almost half our forwards….that’s the story I’m taking home tonight….

  179. Wow! Leaves beat the Craps tonight – Will Oates and Torts be taking a vacation soon together??

  180. will evaluate the tape went i get back to new york on thurs night from indy. first i will watch isles game on dvr without knowing score.

    i hate missing games i cant complain as much. one thing i know is no matter who runs the pp coaches players whoever the RANGERS WILL NEVER HAVE GOOD PP.

  181. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on


    Certainly was not Nash’s better game as a Ranger, he was involved in chances (at both ends). But Richards looks lost.

    Gilroy has not shown me how he is an upgrade over Bickel. Not a big Bickel fan, but Gilroy, really?

    MDZ looked like he too deliberate out there…

    and, GET RICHARDS OFF THE POWER POLAY POINT! The PP doesnt score as it is – why give the opposition a better chance for a SHG?

  182. When will torts realize he needs someone to coach the power play? He has been here four years (I think) and he has shown he cannot coach the PP. Very good moves have been made to bring in talent and still nothing.

  183. torts won’t be but OATES? maybe. I know the owner loves Ovenchkin so he isn’t going anywhere.

  184. If I was Leonsis I would be re-considering my love for Ovie – he’s looked like a dog lately…oh, and his play sucks, too!

  185. Could be, jpg – after all, he’s got the world by the nuts! I guess he can joke around all he likes!!

  186. Per Djoos,
    totall agree about getting richards. Richards is a breakaway shg away every time he handles the puck and he can’t shoot.

  187. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JPG –

    Dear hero imprisoned
    With all the new crimes that you are perfecting
    Oh, I can’t help quoting you
    Because everything that you said rings true
    And now in my cell
    (well, I followed you)
    And here’s a list of who I slew

    Reggie kray – do you know my name ?
    Oh, don’t say you don’t
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    The last of the famous
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    I never wanted to kill
    I am not naturally evil
    Such things I do
    Just to make myself
    More attractive to you
    Have I failed ?


  188. >>Dubinsky hit was mean but clean.

    I thought so too. This sport is becoming unbearable to watch.

  189. Did Gabby and MDZ look like they didn’t want to be there tonite? Man their compete level was real low. Whoever is coaching the PP should be fired. Teams with 20% of the talent the Rangers have look 100% better. Oh yeah when will the Rangers learn to clear th efront of their net. This has been a problem for ever.

    On the bright side the kids are alright.

  190. Carp, in the 3 stars voting Biron got 10 votes and Hank got 8?!?

    seriously, who the hell voted for HANK??

  191. Jimbo

    you might be confusing Shanny
    with Buttman
    now that little monster has the world by the nuts

  192. Torts is arrogant and in denial. Better team 5 on 5??? Maybe but you only scored one goal for Pete’s sake.

  193. I agree. I thought they were better 5 on 5. this is a game in a couple of weeks the are going to win.

  194. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Boy we could have used a guy like Dubinsky tonight.

    This Ranger team has taken a huge hit in the grit/toughness/jam department.


    Absolutely. The Devils when shorthanded absolutley were trying to take advantage of Richards’ defending on their rushes. If the PP doesnt score, why leave a forward at the point and make the PP a greater liabilty than it already is??

  195. papa bear,

    did you watch the game? the puck was in the devs end all night.

    the difference was that fat bastard in the net and the god-awful PP

  196. oh SONOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just noticed i’ve been duped

    curse curse curse curse cursed night!!!!!

    it got sent to NHLShanaBan with a B

    curse curse curse

    i’m outta here!!

    gotta break something!!
    eff this effin night!

  197. Scary comments coming out of Torts and Lundquist post game. Both are rationalizing that they played really well. That is a bad sign boys. A real bad sign.

  198. Papa, I would take anyone. The first step is for Torts to step up and say ” I need some help coaching the power play”….and we know that won’t happen….

  199. they needed dubi tonight since he has been great in COlumbus so far. especially his shrewd boarding penatly that will cost him 2 or 3 games..

    yep that is why they suck, no dubinsky…………

    per djoos with more pearls of wisdom…

    mdz is not a top pair d man yet. tonigh he looked slow, stupid, but tried about 10 homerun passes so that has not changed…

    sit boyle he sucks and spends more time laying on the ice then on his skates….

    gabby, nash, richards, pp and pk.. that is the whole story after 9 games. the big money underachievers and the special teams have been horrid….

  200. NYR 13. Not arguing about supposed advantage in zone time. The object is to score goals and prevent them. We lost that part of the game and thereby the 2 points ( in a 4 point contest) hands down. You can rationalize that anyway you choose. It is what it is.

  201. Story of the game: Our awful PP and Marty.

    As soon as cally is back I want to see:

    Gabby Richards Nash/Kreider
    Cally Miller Kreider/Nash
    Hags Step Pyatt
    Boyle Halpern Asham

  202. Coach criticises team after defeat: Throwing players under bus

    Coach says team played well in defeat: Arrogant and in denial

  203. torts did not say they played well. he said certain guys played well. he also said the ygave away 2 goals. 1st goal with the gabby go south instead of north then mdz f-ed up and the 2nd goal nash brain loack. nash should realize gravity tends to make the puck stay on the ice!!!!!!!!

  204. tombFebruary 5th, 2013 at 9:58 pm
    Girardi should ask for a raise

    trust me, he will after next season.

  205. Richards, Stepan, MDZ,and Boyle, have not played well. there are others who have been up and down, and Hank has been average. I don’t think all of these guys are going to continue this way. they will be in the playoffs. it may be as 6 or lower, but they will be there. and I think they will be dangerous.

  206. LW3H – it’s starting to get ugly early. Players and coaches rationalize losing. Coach singling out players just 10 days after he said he won’t single out players. Coach arrogantly refusing to discuss the obvious failings of the PP with media post game. We’ve seen this before. It’s starting to smell like one of those seasons.

  207. Two votes for DelZ???
    Hard to sit Gaborik, among others, especially when no scoring, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. He spends a lot of time in front of the wrong net.
    Ritchie Rich (rare) slick pass to #20, but not much more.
    Two votes for DelZ???

  208. Maybe it does. Guess we’ll find out. At the moment, you could just as easily say it smells like the start of last season smelled though.

  209. Haven’t posted in a while but have been reading and following from afar. You guys are missing keyword that Torts used tonight that should have Rangers season ticket holders like myself thinking I’ll be saving money in May and June.

    Would Torts have ever called last season’s team scared? Never! It’s becoming beyond obvious this team misses the grit and jam of guys like Prust (also their best penalty killing forward), Dubi (as much as I didn’t like the contract – he played tough), Artie (good two way player who could play along boards). They have no defensive integrity. It’s amazing how many goals have been score on Hank this year where the forward was all alone in front with Del Zotto struggling to get back to the net.

    They never ever forecheck. I’d say they’ve taken more off-sides already this year than all of last yr where instead of a cute play at the line the puck went to the corner. You don’t need stars forwards to win in the NHL. You could be a terrible skater ala Holmstrom and be a Hall of Famer if you are willing to stand in front of the net.

    More proof: Rick Nash 2 goals. Career AHLer Tom Sestito 2 goals.

  210. there were a lot of changes on the roster this season. even more lately. it takes time to mesh. they will get going.

  211. And put me in the camp that doesn’t agree with everything the coach says post-game but that ultimately doesn’t think it matters much at all, unless you are the media looking for a story or a fan who wants his anger at defeat validating.

  212. Let’s just chalk this game up to the fat man getting lucky.
    Cally will be back soon & the tear will begin!
    Settle down peeps!

  213. Oh and don’t forget if they do miss the playoffs which is very possible in this short season where anything can happen. They don’t have the 1st round pick. Blue Jackets have their pick, LA’s pick and their own.

    Nash at $7mil for Dubi, Artie, Not Re-Signing Prust and what could be a lottery pick.

    Almost Pierre Gauthier-like.

  214. “More proof: Rick Nash 2 goals. Career AHLer Tom Sestito 2 goals.”

    Oh my god, great stat. Even better? Henrik Lundqvist? 21 goals allowed. Mike Dunham? 0 goals allowed. Wow!

  215. I don’t think Tostitos scoring two goals proves anything other than that the Britopånsy League is an awesome breeding ground for developing latent offensive talent. -Over a minuscule sample size-

  216. Is Manny here? Manny, I trust you. Are people being decent or just ridiculous. Because any objective observer would say we outplayed them tonight and they capitalized every time whereas we didn’t. We’ve played some terrible games already this year but tonight wasn’t one.

  217. Hwrth….. GREAT POINT. hockey coach calls his players scared in post game remarks to the media. It won’t be long before players quit on coach.

  218. When Torts says “fear” is is reasonable to assume he means playing tentatively in fear of mistakes or of losing. not cowardice.

  219. there were more good signs than bad signs tonight. some deadwood will be gone soon (Halpern, Gilroy, maybe Asham). there best players will play better.

  220. I hate Brodeur and think he gets far more credit than he deserves. He was great tonight and won tonight. That’s not a bad thing to say.

  221. Bull Dog – Think about what you are saying. They made a lot of changes to the roster but they will get going?

    How do you know? It is not the same team as last year. They have now replaced 1/2 the forwards from last year’s lineup from a team that was in the final 4.

    1. Dubi 2. Artie 3. Prust 4. Tank 5. Mitchell 6. Rupp

    You can save whatever you want about them as players but they DID get the to semi-finals and are no longer on the team. To say it’s the same team is just not true. How do you know Asham, Halpern, Powe, Pyatt will just automatically develop the chemistry last year’s team clearly had.

  222. Agreed, bull dog. Halpern, I imagine, is one of those good NHL guys no one wants to see finished, but he’s finished. If he’s in our 12 at the end, things are bad.

  223. Nash puts the puck on net, crashes the net, or tries to find someone in the open ice or in front. He’s made some errors, but errors of commission, not omission. He’s been unlucky re: goals, but you can see he’s the real deal.

  224. Has to be accountability for the PP failure. You have Nash, Gaborik, and Richards. It can’t be allowed to be this bad.

  225. I love the guy but…..Gotta Bench Boyle.

    Like the guy but……gotta trade Stepan. Hope he still has value.

  226. I agree that they are not the same team, nope. Not by a long shot.

    But with Kreider and Miller…. And, a very good Hagelin and a healthy Gaborik….I think they are a quicker team today than they were last year at the beginning of the season…

  227. Absolutely. Nash is very much better than I expected, I honestly didn’t think his force-the-play stuff would translate but it has and then some.

  228. This certainly isn’t last years team. They definitely miss guys like Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Prust. Those guys were irreplaceable. The problem is Sather DIDN’T replace them. Instead he got guys like Aaron Asham and Jeff Halpern who are different players. Asham is a goon and Halpern is done. He also failed to acquire a true power play quarterback like a Shea Weber or Dan Boyle. Their PP sucks, their faceoffs suck, and their forechecking and toughness along the boards suck.

  229. Brodeur definitely stole this game.

    But also have to give credit to the Devils playing Devils hockey – sit back and take advantage of whatever chances you get… They did.

    Also, when is Hank going to step up and steal a game this season?

  230. If you want to trade Stepan, you have no idea what the rest of the league looks like. Teams would kill for a 2/3 C at his contract.

  231. Also, I would use that second compliance buyout on Brad Richards. That contract is starting to look like a disaster and will only get worse over the next few years.

  232. the semi finals. not the finals. thats the goal isn’t it? they fell short with those guys, they were not good enough. its not the same team, never said it was. if those guys were here right now, they would probably have a better record because of continuity. but they still would not be good enough to win the cup. are they a better team than last year right now? no. but I think they are built better now to win the cup.

  233. WINS are what counts – we need points. “Silver linings” won’t get us into the playoffs..

  234. Losing Dubi, AA, and Prust has hurt the overall team toughness…

    But what the eff ever happened to Boyle’s game??? Isnt he supposed to be tough as well?? Did something happen to him after he returned from injury in the playoffs last year? Because he was a beast before the injury… hmmm.

  235. Tiki,
    you left out the key to the power play failure, MDZ. he is supposed to QB the power play, and he is failing.

  236. Its easy to blame MDZ on the PP failing. I wont. I think it falls on the coach (and i’m a huge Tortorella fan).

  237. Boyle is lost without his line mates from the last 2 seasons. he better find his game soon though.

  238. Per,
    there is a lot of blame to go around on the power play. I am going to keep my blame on the ice.

  239. This team isn’t underacheiving. This is who they are. I’ve said it since July, they will be better offensively, but they’ll lose the heart and soul type attitude they had last year.

    They’ll still make the playoffs (I’ve had them 5th or 6th before the season started), but this is not the team that was 3 periods away from a Cup Finals berth last year.

    Maybe if they had a training camp, it’d be better so they could get used to playing each other, but in a shortened season, it’s no surprise that all of the top teams are ones that made minimal changes.

    And Nash isn’t a top 10 player. He never was, so I don’t know why some people are thinking that. He’s a top 30 guy overall, probably top 20-25 on natural scoring ability.

  240. _Those guys were irreplaceable. The problem is Sather DIDN’T replace them_

    Replacing irreplaceable players is always a pain in the ass.

  241. “Broadway Brad” was brought in and is paid big bucks to be a leader for this team as well as score goals and help the power play. He was also brought in to center for Marion Gaborik. I put most of the blame on him rather than Del Zotto.

    But I think the mix of players on the PP and/or their execution of whatever game plan is whats failing most. There is no reason with this talent this team should be the league’s worst PP.

  242. I didnt blame it on Nash, Richards, or Gabby, bull dog. I said.. with that talent, there’s no excuse for failure. That’s on the coaching. And if MDZ isnt doing his job as PP QB, then either he’s not capable of succeeding in that role, or the coaches aren’t doing their jobs. Seeing as how this has gone on for seasons, it’s not the lack of talent, it’s the coaching.

  243. They are not a better team than they were last year. Not nearly as tough to play against. PK is awful without Prust. They don’t forecheck anymore. They never wear down the opposing defense like they did all last year which is why they were a great 3rd period team.

    And by the way, I’m not knocking Nash the player. He’s a great player. I’m knocking breaking up a team that was 2 wins from the Stanley Cup Finals with homegrown players that bought into a particular style of playing the game for a Star forward who can’t match all the intangibles they gave up by just scoring goals.

  244. Yes, this team is just a cut above mediocre. I think (I hope) this year’s squad is a “transitional” team – the way the 92-93 team was a transitional team between the 1991-92 President’s Trophy team and the 93-94 Stanley Cup team. The 92-93 team missed the playoffs entirely I believe and was one of the worst under-acheving Ranger teams ever. Despite having Messier, Leetch, Richter, et al.

  245. DelZ’s problems tonight weren’t just on the PP. Young OK, but let’s go! And I think Asham has pretty much given them what they expected, enthusiasm, toughness, will, and more ice speed than was thought. The kids looked pretty good, and Nash, Asham, Pyatt, Cally, and McDonagh, among a couple others, shouldn’t be mentioned negatively. Plenty of other places to look.

  246. And I have to say, I always thought last years team overachieved. I don’t think the D was as good as they played, but a lot of that had to do with their system. I don’t think they are as bad as they seem to have been this year, but they aren’t getting that same help from the forwards.

    Fact is all of the teams that have won the cup recently have had depth. The Kings didn’t have any real superstars up top outside of Kopitar and they won it. The Bruins didn’t have a true superstar offensive player, they got contributions from all four lines. Even when the Hawks/Pens/Wings won, they had key contributions from their depth players like Samuelsson, Talbot, and Versteeg.

    The Rangers had that depth and they blew it up to get more offensive scoring. Maybe they’ll turn it around or maybe next year it’ll pay off, but it’s been made clear that this is not the same hard nosed team that didn’t lose 3 straight all last year until the last series.

  247. Besides a high education it is nice to have at least average thinking ability and as a minimum basic “savoir vivre”, a.k.a. manners. Saying that – what a bunch of freaken idiots…

  248. When they have starts like this, I keep looking for Sandy McCarthy, Ales Pisa, Dale Purinton and Pavel Bure on the ice. I’m sure this team will improve but it’s hard not to think back to those Rangers’ teams that refused to make the playoffs under any circumstance.

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